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Brittany received a suspicious call. Kevin faced 'Terrible Tom.' Jack told Victoria that she would not get the position of CEO at Jabot because of Victor. Tom met Ashley at the hospital. Michael agreed to meet with Tom.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 25, 2005 on Y&R
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Monday, April 25, 2005

Victor tells Katherine that he is sure Jack is up to something. He thinks that Jack wants Victoria to head Jabot instead of Jill. Katherine is upset that again Jack didn't mention his plans for her company. Victor and Katherine agree to work together to stop Jack.

Jack thinks Victoria is playing games with him. He wants to be sure that she really wants to work for Jabot. He doesn't want her working for Jabot just to get back at the Newman family. Victoria tells Jack she has no plans to work at Newman; she wants to work for Jabot. She wants to know Jack's decision for CEO by midnight tonight or she will go back to Florence.

Jack goes to talk to Jill. She wonders why Jack seems to be stalling to get the boards approval to name her CEO. Jack tells her he has decided to take the company in a different direction. He doesn't think Jill is the right person for the job anymore. Jill is heartbroken. Katherine has been listening by the door and comes in. She tells Jack that he'd better reconsider his decision. If Jack fires Jill; Katherine will terminate Jack.

Nick and Sharon talk about lessoning up their punishment on Cassie. Sharon mentions her good grades and improved attitude since she showed her how to wear makeup. They decide to let her off being grounded; but when Cassie returns from having taken the four-wheeler out for a drive without their permission they tell her they haven't decided yet if she will still be grounded.

Brittany receives a phone call from a man claiming to be from the hospital. He says that their payments haven't been received and may soon go to a collection agency. Brittany is upset and tells Bobby she didn't know that they were in such serious financial trouble. Bobby receives a phone call from the same man, an old buddy from Bobby's past. The man asks if Bobby is still looking for an easy way to make some money. If he does he should meet him at his old office in half an hour.

J.T. tells Robin that he doesn't want to go to a club after all. Robin suggests going back to her place. J.T. explains that he would rather go home to Mac because he feels bad about burning her and then leaving her all alone. Robin is upset and says Mac must be lucky to have someone who cares about her so much. When J.T. returns to the loft, he is upset to find that Mac isn't home.

The Baldwin/Fisher family are having a wonderful dinner together as new millionaires. Michael says that he will be making a donation in the name of Kevin Fisher towards Tsunami relief. He also will be giving Kevin half of his winnings, but will hold on to them to make sure Kevin spends his money wisely. For Gloria, she will have a new home if she needs one. Mac, Kevin, Lauren, Michael and Gloria all toast to their new happiness. Kevin takes Mac home and J.T. is waiting for Mac. He wonders what she is doing with Kevin. She tells him about the dinner. J.T. wants to tell Mac how he feels but can't bring himself to do it.

When Kevin returns home, he is cleaning up after the dinner party. Terrible Tom is standing in the hallway.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Katherine, Jack and Jill are still engaged in their heated discussion about Jabot's CEO position. Jack asks Katherine to wait outside while he talks to Jill alone. She refuses and tells Jack if he's going to fire her daughter he will have to do it in front of her. Katherine emphatically informs Jack that Jill will either remain CEO of Jabot or she will give Jill his job as CEO of Chancellor Industries. She tells him she knows that he wants to replace Jill with Victoria Newman. Upon hearing this, Jill becomes furious. Jack claims that Victoria was always his first choice which hurts Jill even more. Katherine urges her daughter not to listen to him, but Jack further states that he only rescinded his offer to Jill when he found out Victoria was in town. Katherine gives Jack another warning about making unilateral decisions and reminds him that he still must report to her. "Understand me" Katherine warns, "Jill is still CEO." She intends to watch him carefully. She leaves. Jack and Jill coldly glare at each other. Jack stabbed her in the back....she warns him that he better be looking over his shoulder. After she's gone, Jack mutters under his breath that "Newman will pay for this."

Victor is telling Nicholas that he wants to talk to him about Victoria....yet again. Victor informs his son that Victoria is now seeking other opportunities since he has decided to lock her out of the company....that she has received an offer from Jack to become CEO of Jabot. Nick and Victor go back and forth about manipulation, etc. Victor's bottom line is for Nick to find his sister a place at Newman Enterprises, meaning Dru's present position. Before leaving, Victor gives his son a warning, to mark his words, that Nicholas is embarking on a path that will one day destroy him.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Victoria approaches Brad who is surprised to see her back in town. Victoria informs him that she may be sticking around. While on the treadmill, Victoria tells Brad that she's been in Florence, Italy. They reminisce a little about Italy, as Brad has spent some time there too. Victoria says she hates running in one place on a treadmill so she then invites Brad to go out for an actual run with her. During their run, Brad informs Victoria that he quit his job at Jabot because Jack passed him over for the CEO position. Victoria then asks Brad how Abby is doing, and he informs her that he and Ashley have separated. Brad asks Victoria about the men in her life, possibly back in Italy, and Victoria replies there is no one significant. Victoria then challenges Brad to a race back to the club.

While Brittany is busy putting dinner on the table, Bobby is deep in thought about his last discussion with Vinny. Bobby is surprised Brittany made such a nice dinner. She confesses she didn't actually make was some that Gina gave her which was left over. Bobby instantly becomes angry and accuses Brit of accepting handouts. This quickly develops into a loud argument between the two of them. In a fit of rage, Bobby then turns over the entire table onto the floor, ruining the entire dinner; Bobby leaves.

Michael has brought Gloria home to John's house, but there is no one else there. Michael again emphasizes to his mother that she has a right to be here. Gloria seems to be in better spirits and is happy about the nice family dinner they all shared....ending about how grateful she is that they never have to see Tom again, but at the same time, raking herself over the coals about her past life when she was with Tom. She informs Michael that she will stay there at the Abbotts, believing that when two people love each other, they can get past anything, obviously hoping this will be the case for her and John. She lets Michael know how happy she is that he now has Lauren in his life and that Kevin has some friends and trusts people. Gloria tells her son that she loves him, but Michael can't bring himself to say it back. He begins to leave, hesitates at the door, seemingly wanting to say something, but only tells Gloria goodnight.

Meanwhile, Tom has gotten into Michael's apartment and is presently terrorizing Kevin. Kevin is trying very hard to stand up to Tom, telling him that he can't be pushed around anymore and calls Tom a coward and a thug. Sadly, Kevin begins to break down as Tom calls him a scared little cockroach. Tom now gets to the point of him coming back into their lives. Evidently, he's come onto hard times, needs money, and knows about the lottery win. Tom says that he's still Kevin's father, he's family, and family always looks out for each other. Alas, he has come for his share of the lottery money.

Bobby is having a meeting with Vinny about holding the diamonds. Bobby stresses that this is a one-time deal only and that he wants his money up front. Vinny resists this but then reluctantly agrees and hands Bobby an envelope filled with money.

Brittany hears a knock at the door....Bobby has come back home and begs her to open the door; says he sorry he acted badly and has flowers for her. She's still cleaning up the mess. Brit reminds Bobby that lots of people tried to convince her that he wasn't the one for her and is now wondering if they were right. Bobby promises it won't happen again. She forgives him and wants to forget about it. Bobby promises to take care of her and assures her he will give her the best.

When Michael returns home, he finds a terrified and frozen Kevin sitting in the living room. Michael knows something is wrong because Kevin's normal behavior has suddenly turned bizarre, but what could have happened.....

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Cassie talked to a friend on the phone about the possibility that her parents would un-ground her and she could go to a big party that night. She wanted to see Daniel, who'd complimented her on her new makeup. Later, over breakfast with her parents and Noah, Cassie was all sweetness and light. Again she asked if they could take her off grounding, since there was no school the next day. She wanted to go to dinner and a movie with some friends. Nick and Sharon agreed to talk about it and let her know later.

After the kids left for school, Nick finally persuaded Sharon to agree that Cassie could have one night with her friends. Sharon wasn't sure they were sending the right message, but Nick reminded her that if he'd gotten grounded for all the things he never got caught doing, he'd still be in a Newman jail cell. Sharon then asked Nick what he and Victor had talked about. Nick said it was the same old thing about Victoria. He'd told his father that he and Victoria couldn't work together at Newman. Victor had said Nick was breaking his heart and would regret this decision. When Sharon pointed out that his father was just concerned that he was making a mistake, Nick said it was his mistake to make, and he'd bear the consequences.

Victoria was excited when she went to the Abbott house to talk to Jack. She was ready to hit the ground running as Jabot's new CEO and wanted a briefing from Jack. He had to tell her the truth, that Katherine had interceded and Jill was now going to remain CEO. It had made his position untenable, as he'd now be working with a CEO who knew she was his second choice. Plus Katherine had come down hard on him. But he still wanted Victoria there; would she consider the position of CFO? Victoria declined, saying she couldn't work for Jill when Jill knew Victoria wanted the CEO job. She wondered how Katherine had gotten wind of it, and Jack told her he thought Victor had intervened. Upset, Victoria said that was typical Victor Newman. Always interfering. Not only would she not be working as Jabot's CEO, she probably couldn't take a similar position with any company on this side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Nikki was ready to have a pleasant breakfast with Victor, but Victor was still brooding about Nick's decision. Nikki said maybe it was for the best; their children were the best judges of whether or not they could work together. She then told Victor that she had some news she wanted him to hear from her first. She felt certain that Jack had offered the CEO position to Victoria. Victor told her that he not only already knew, but he'd kept it from happening. Jack was just using their daughter. Nikki was stunned and said that while that might be true, he'd just denied Victoria a great opportunity. How would their daughter feel when she found out that Victor had gone to Katherine and thwarted Jack? At that point, Victoria walked in and said that she already knew. She said that Victor had obviously learned nothing from his past mistakes. She couldn't believe he'd prevented her from taking the offer of a lifetime.

Mac ran into Robin at the athletic club and found out how J.T. had cut his date short with Robin to check on Mac. When J.T. got there, Robin walked out without speaking to him. Mac tried to get J.T. to confess, but he evaded her questions. Finally he asked what she wanted. She said that it would have been nice to hear that Robin was right. J.T. had cut short his date because he'd rather spend time with Mac than anyone else. Because the truth was, she'd rather have spent her evening with him, too. Before J.T. could respond, Mac walked out.

Lily complained to her father about how bad the situation with Daniel was making her feel. Neil tried to cheer her up, promising her that her future experiences with guys wouldn't always be like this. He then left to go to Crimson Lights to get her a coffee drink. He didn't see Devon there, but Devon saw Phyllis and Daniel. Later, Devon went home with coffee and a pastry for Lily. He talked her into going to the party with him that night, saying he'd even dance with her.

Phyllis and Daniel argued about his plans for the night. Since he didn't have school, he wanted to hang out with his friends. Phyllis wondered if his friends included Lily. Daniel got mad at her and said that he knew he couldn't be around Lily. Phyllis had made that clear; didn't she trust him? Phyllis finally agreed to let him go. As Daniel was leaving the coffee shop, another friend stopped him and asked if he'd be at the party that night with Lily. Daniel said no; they had been dating, but no longer were. His only companion that night would be in a bottle or a can. After his friend left, Sierra approached Daniel and asked why he was acting this way about Lily. Daniel told her to stay out of it, and to tell Lily to stay away from him, then he walked out.

Neil went to Crimson Lights to get Lily's coffee and met the new barista, Dylan. Then he approached Phyllis, wanting to know exactly what the relationship was between Daniel and Kevin. Phyllis told him it was nothing for him to worry about; he should just let it alone. Neil refused, saying he thought something was up and he was going to get to the bottom of it.

When Lauren came over to Michael's, Michael told her that something was wrong with Kevin. Although he'd seemed fine the night before at their family celebration, Kevin had been totally different when Michael came back from dropping Gloria off. Lauren suggested that maybe Kevin and Mac might have had a little spat. Michael said he wasn't sure; it seemed a little darker than that. But he wasn't going to jump to the conclusion that Kevin had done something wrong. While they were talking, Kevin came in. He was moody and distracted, then got defensive when Lauren and Michael questioned him. He tried to leave, but Michael stopped him. Kevin flinched as if Michael was going to hit him, and realization dawned on Michael's face. He asked Kevin if he'd heard from Tom.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Kevin is so shaken up that Michael knows Kevin has heard from Terrible Tom. Kevin admits that Tom was in the house when he returned home. Kevin is upset with himself because he didn't stand up to his father. He feels like he is a coward. Michael is in shock. Kevin says that Tom knows where they live because he saw the news article about Kevin winning the lottery. Michael is proud to hear that Kevin stuck up for him and didn't tell Tom it was actually Michael who won the lottery. Michael tells Kevin to never call himself a coward again. He will stand by him and together they will go against Terrible Tom. Terrible Tom calls Michael. Michael tells him to meet him in his office.

Terrible Tom watches Gloria at the hospital. She has a weird premonition that someone is watching her, but when she turns around, no one is there. When Ashley comes out of John's room, Tom purposefully runs into her and tries to talk to her. He offers her water and finds out she's there to see her father. When she leaves, he smiles and says he is going to get what he wants.

Jack and Ashley tell their dad that he is looking great. They ask him if he would like to see Gloria. John decides to see her to set the ground rules for when he returns home. When Gloria comes in she tells John that she wants to take care of him. John says that she doesn't have to take care of him anymore. Gloria asks that if John ever needs her, he will go to her. He doesn't say yes or no.

J.T. wonders why Mac is still so upset with him. She tells him he's not worth the trouble for her to explain it to him.

Brittany and Bobby have breakfast at the coffeehouse. When she asks Bobby about money issues, Bobby tells her that he has taken care of it. He's looking at new baby toys online and in a catalog. Brittany is impressed with Bobby's enthusiasm for the baby. J.T. interrupts them and asks to speak to Brittany. He is upset that Mac is angry with him. Brittany can tell that J.T. may be falling for Mac. She still doesn't think they are a good couple, but suggests that if J.T. doesn't want to lose her, he will do something romantic for her.

Victoria is angry with Victor for taking her opportunity away. Victor says it was something he had to do. Victoria says now she's going to go back to Florence. Nikki is upset and when Nick comes in to see them, he pulls Victoria aside. He says that he doesn't want her to leave because it will hurt their mom. Victoria says Nick is selfish and only wants things that are best for him. Sharon and Cassie come in to find them arguing. Cassie is upset to hear that Victoria is going back to Florence. Victoria says seeing Cassie was the best part of her trip.

Cassie begs her mom to let her off being grounded to go to the movies. She says that she got an A- on her test. Sharon agrees to let her go with her friends only if the friend's mom who picks her up calls her first. Cassie promises.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Sharon told Nick that she wasn't sure she'd made the right decision by letting Cassie go to a movie and dinner with friends. She didn't entirely trust Cassie's change of attitude from sullen teen to cheerful cooperation. Maybe she was conning them. Nick assured her that Cassie had a good head on her shoulders and a good example to follow. Sharon tried to stifle her misgivings about Cassie as Nick led her upstairs for a romantic evening.

At Crimson Lights, Cassie told her friend the lie she'd told her parents to get out for the night. The girl's mother was supposed to call Sharon later, but Cassie would just get an older teen to pretend to be the mother. Her friend knew that Cassie was doing all this to see Daniel at the party and reminded her that not only was Daniel older, but he liked Lily. Cassie said he and Lily were having problems, and after tonight, Daniel was no longer going to think of Cassie as a kid.

Also at Crimson Lights, Sierra was trying to talk Lily out of going to the party, where she was sure to run into Daniel. Lily said she couldn't spend her life avoiding him. When Devon came in, he, too, tried to talk them into going somewhere else for the night. When Daniel showed up after having gotten an older friend to buy him a six pack of beer, Lily approached him at the counter and asked if he was going to spend the night avoiding her. Daniel said it didn't matter whether or not Lily was there. He patted his backpack and said he had six friends to hang out with. Lily said that if he was going to be drinking, then maybe he was right. She didn't want to be around him anyway.

Nikki overheard Victoria making plans to fly to Florence and begged her daughter to reconsider. Victoria said it had been a mistake to think she could come back. Nick wouldn't offer her what she wanted at Newman, and her father had stopped her from being able to accept Jack's offer at Jabot. Nikki understood. As much as she wanted her daughter to live near her, she wouldn't stop Victoria from going somewhere that she could be really happy. The two women tearfully embraced, and Victoria told Nikki how much she loved her. She then left to go pack.

Jack went to see Phyllis to express his anger at how she'd interfered in the Victoria situation. No doubt she knew that Victor had gone to Katherine and enlisted her help in thwarting Jack's plans to hire Victoria. Phyllis denied it but said that Jack shouldn't be surprised. There was no way Victor was going to allow it to happen. Victor showed up, having seen Jack's car outside the tack house. He told Jack that his offer to Victoria had been nothing more than a way to get at Victor himself. Jack denied it, saying it was a win/win situation for everyone. Nick and Victoria wouldn't have been at odds. Victoria would have had a job deserving of her talents. And Jabot would have had the benefit of Victoria's talent. Plus Victor's daughter would have been in town, which was what her family wanted. Jack said the real truth was that Victor was the one who'd cheated them all for the sole reason of getting back at Jack. But Victor shouldn't think it was over. Jack intended to hire Victoria one way or another. Victoria came in while the two men were arguing and told Jack it was no use. She intended to go back to Italy; there was no reason for her to stay in Genoa City.

While Tom eavesdropped, Gloria and Ashley argued in the hospital waiting room about Gloria's plan to help John recover from his surgery. Ashley told Gloria that they'd hired a physical therapist and a nurse to take care of John; Gloria's assistance wasn't needed. Furthermore, Gloria's fantasy about being forgiven wasn't going to happen. No one in the family would forget that Gloria had lied to John about her sons because if she'd told the truth, John wouldn't have married her. Gloria said that he had married her though, so she wasn't going anywhere. She was staying by his side. After Gloria left, Tom approached Ashley, saying he'd overheard a little of her argument; was that her mother? Ashley vehemently said no, it was her stepmother, and she was sorry he'd had to hear their fight. She then left the waiting room, saying that she had to get to work.

Kevin wanted to go with Victor to meet Tom, but Michael told him no. He wasn't going to let Tom hurt Kevin anymore. Kevin went to the club to work out, and Mac showed up there, having gotten a frantic call from him. Kevin told her that Tom was in town and expressed his shame over the way he'd reacted to his father. Mac told him that no one blamed him. This man had abused him horribly. Kevin vowed that the next time they came face to face, things would be different; instead of backing down, Kevin would vent all his years of anger and hurt. Mac urged Kevin to remember that violence hadn't accomplished anything for him in the past. He should let Michael handle Tom.

Lauren tried to get Michael to open up about his feelings about Tom. She knew that Kevin hadn't been the only child in that house who'd been hurt by Kevin's father. Michael said he believed some things should be left buried, including the deep guilt he felt over having left Kevin behind. Until he looked into Tom's terrible eyes, however, he wouldn't know exactly how he felt. Lauren said she'd be there for him afterward, and Michael said maybe she shouldn't be. Maybe they should be apart for a while. Hurt, Lauren said that Michael needed her now more than ever; she didn't want him to shut her out. Michael finally left to meet Tom. He sat behind the desk in his dark office and waited, not realizing that Tom was already in the office watching him.

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