The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 18, 2005 on Y&R

Jack realized that Gloria loved John. Kevin and Mac shared a kiss. Michael cashed in his winning lottery ticket. Victoria asked Jack for a job. 'Terrible Tom' eavesdropped on Kevin inviting Mac to a family dinner at Michael's place.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 18, 2005 on Y&R
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Monday, April 18, 2005

Nikki thinks that the evening with the entire Newman family went well. Victor wishes he could share her optimism. He says that he felt the tension between Nick and Victoria the entire time. Victor has decided that Victoria will work at Newman no matter what. Nikki says that decision will create a war with the Newman family. Nick and Victoria show up and wonder what they are arguing about. Victor says that he wants Victoria to have her old position back. Victoria turns it down.

Michael can tell that Kevin is upset and offers to order up some pizza. Kevin says that he has to talk to John about Gloria. Michael doesn't think that's such a great idea. He says that it wasn't just that her sons were Michael and Kevin, it was the fact that she lied to him. Kevin sneaks away anyway, determined to talk to John.

Michael goes to Jack and asks that he understands that Kevin wants to talk to John about Gloria.

John is shocked to hear that Kevin saved his life. He worries that he will be a burden now on Ashley and Jack. Ashley tells John not to worry; she has hired a live-in nurse and will get him started on physical therapy. A nurse comes in to tell them that John has another visitor-Kevin Fisher. Ashley goes out to tell Kevin it's not the right time to be speaking to John right now. Kevin sneaks into John's room anyway. John is extremely upset to find Kevin in his room. He tells him that he appreciates that he saved his life, yet he will never forget him for the past. Kevin says that he just wants John to forgive his mother. Ashley and security take Kevin away.

Victoria goes to Jack and asks if the offer is still on the table. Jack admits that it is not, but offers her another potential position.

Dru rushes home to tell Neil that she has a new great idea for Newman Enterprises. They have a special evening together.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Due to CBS News live coverage of the announcement of Pope Benedict XVI, The Young and the Restless was not shown. This episode will air tomorrow in its regular timeslot so there will be no "lost" episodes.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Jill called Jack first thing in the morning and asked how John was doing. She then told him that she'd heard Victoria was in town. She wondered if he knew about it and what it meant. Jack brushed her off when Ashley came through the door. Ashley had spent the night at the hospital with John and told Jack about Kevin going into John's room after he'd been ordered not to. She then questioned whether or not Jack had made a decision about the CEO. Before he could answer, Gloria came in and said she was going to the hospital to visit John. Ashley told her not to and questioned why she hadn't kept her son from disturbing John. Gloria said that Kevin wouldn't bother John again, although she was angry that Ashley had him forcibly removed by security. However, she had no intention of being deterred from visiting her husband. Jack had to break up the ensuring argument, and Ashley finally agreed to call John and ask him what he wanted. John said he didn't want Gloria to visit, and Ashley relayed the news to Gloria.

After Gloria left, Jack urged his sister to lighten up on Gloria. He said that she seemed to genuinely care about John and had been very upset after seeing John's blood on the floor. Ashley told him to go to work; she needed to take a shower and change, then go by Jabot before returning to the hospital. Brad came in with Abby. Brad refused to speak to Jack, who left. Ashley told Abby that her grandfather was in the hospital but would be fine. After Abby went upstairs to make a get well card for John, Ashley asked Brad to lighten up a little around Jack. Brad explained that Jack had given the CEO position to Jill after Katherine changed her mind about letting Jill work at Jabot. Ashley was disappointed and said that Brad deserved the job. The two had a heartfelt conversation before Abby came back downstairs.

Drucilla asked Nick to come by her apartment before beginning his tightly scheduled work day. He told her that Victoria was back in town but assured her that this was not going to threaten Dru's job. Drucilla then outlined a new product line she'd envisioned, which Nick loved. He told her to take her concept to R&D and to tell them it was top secret. He warned her not to tell anyone else what their new line would be.

Phyllis was surprised to see Victoria unpacking instead of packing. Victoria said she'd decided to stay in Genoa City for a while. Phyllis wondered if she was going to fight Nick for control of Newman, and Victoria said no. She warned Phyllis that her agenda was showing. Phyllis admitted that she'd much rather work for Victoria than Drucilla. Victoria said she wasn't exactly giving up, but she wasn't going to share her intentions or plans with Phyllis. While they were talking, Jack came over to see Phyllis and was startled to see Victoria there. Victoria left, and Jack began to question Phyllis about how long Victoria had been in town. He thought they'd agreed not to keep secrets from each other.

Kevin wasn't in a good mood, and Michael again warned him to stay away from the Abbotts. Everything Kevin attempted to do to plead his mother's case was only giving Jack and Ashley more ammunition. Kevin said he couldn't stand by and do nothing while their mother was treated unfairly. Michael pointed out how things were from the Abbotts' point of view and told Kevin to find something else to occupy him. Kevin cheered up and left, promising that he wasn't going anywhere near the Abbotts. Later, Gloria came to visit Michael, who urged her to start thinking about her future and a divorce settlement. Gloria said she wasn't interested in a settlement; she just wanted to be with her husband. Michael finally talked her into spending the day doing something fun with him. Their relationship showed definite signs of improvement, which made both of them happy.

Mac and J.T. joked a while about their little flirting session from the night before. J.T. said that he didn't have a girlfriend, but he hoped to have one someday--if she was just as interested in him. Before Mac could follow up on that comment, Kevin showed up at the loft. J.T. reluctantly left, disgusted that Mac was willing to spend time with Kevin. Kevin talked Mac into letting him make breakfast for her while she studied. As they were eating, Kevin talked about the kind of guy Mac deserved. For the first time, Mac talked a little about Billy and how he was the love of her life. For her, something like that just had to happen. It couldn't be forced. Kevin impulsively leaned over and kissed her before he began cleaning up their breakfast dishes. Mac looked like he'd given her a lot to think about.

Ashley was surprised when she got to the lab to find Victoria there. She didn't think it was a good idea for anyone connected to Newman to be in Jabot's lab. Victoria told her to relax. She wasn't there looking for information for her father and brother. Although their conversation was tense at first, Victoria apologized to Ashley for their strained relationship in the past. She remembered that Ashley had helped her through some of the most difficult times in her life. Touched, Ashley told Victoria that she had a lot of respect for her. Victoria wondered why Ashley hadn't been made CEO after the Chancellor buyout. Before Ashley could answer, Jill stepped in and announced that she was CEO and she wanted Victoria to leave the building at once.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Jack is furious with Phyllis when he finds out that she knew Victoria was in town. He is disappointed that they are still lying to each other. Phyllis explains that she did the same thing Jack did and, after all, they work for competing companies. She wonders if Jack wants to hire Victoria at Jabot. Victor shows up and wonders if Jack told Phyllis that he wants to hire Victoria.

Victoria congratulates Jill on becoming the new CEO for Jabot. Jill asks Victoria to leave. Victoria tells her that she is not working for Newman, she just stopped by to say hello. Jill wonders why Ashley didn't send Victoria out.

Nick asks Cassie to take off some of her makeup. Cassie tries to act like her makeup is not such a big deal. Cassie asks Nick if he will teach her to drive. Nick asks Cassie about the boy who has been taking her home from school. Sharon is disappointed to come home and hear Cassie bad-mouthing her again. She asks Nick what she should do. Nick suggests Sharon show Cassie how to wear makeup.

Gloria and Michael see J.T. at the Athletic Club. Michael says that Jeffrey Todd is the man that ruined Gloria's life. J.T. feels bad about this and tells Mac. Mac tries to make J.T. feel better by making him some tea. He accidentally spills it all over her.

Michael tries to make Gloria feel better by taking her with him to cash in his lottery winnings.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Victor pressed Phyllis for details about what Jack was up to. He was sure Jack had offered the CEO position to Victoria. Phyllis told him that Jack had hired Jill to fill the position, but Victor didn't let up. Phyllis finally admitted that Jack had offered the job to Victoria first, but she turned it down. He'd made a promise to Jill, so Victor had nothing to worry about. Victor told Phyllis that Jack's promises meant nothing and left.

Jack went to talk to Ashley about the Jill/Victoria situation. Ashley warned him that Victoria was manipulating him to strike back at Victor and Nick. In time, she'd end up back at Newman, and Jabot would end up without a CEO or any good people because they all would have quit. As they were talking, Jill came in and infuriated Jack by telling him she'd asked his assistant to schedule a meeting with the Chancellor board so her new job could be formalized. Jack told her to reverse her plans.

Nikki went to Phyllis's and asked if she'd seen Victoria; she was worried that her daughter might have left town again. Phyllis pointed out all Victoria's clothes and said she was obviously still in town. After Phyllis left, Victoria came in. Nikki told her she was glad she'd decided to stay in Genoa City; it was going to mean so much to Victor to have his two children working together at Newman. Victoria said she hadn't changed her mind about working there. But what would her mother think of the two of them working together at Jabot? Nikki was appalled and guessed that this had been Jack's idea. She said that Jack was obviously once again manipulating people to strike out at Victor. Victoria disagreed, saying it was just business.

Victor met with Katherine and again warned her that he thought she'd made a mistake by appointing Jack CEO of Chancellor. He also wondered why she'd relented and let Jack hire Jill. Katherine said she'd done it out of exasperation; she was tired of being badgered by Jill. Victor then told her that Victoria was back in town and he suspected that Jack had offered Jabot's CEO position to Victoria. Katherine looked more intrigued than shocked.

Nick and Sharon talked about the possibility of Victoria remaining in Genoa City. Sharon assured him that Victor's desire for Victoria and Nick to work together at Newman was more about family than business. Nick wasn't buying it. He knew that if Victoria came back to Newman, ultimately she'd edge him out, but the end result would be that his father was calling the shots again. He wasn't going to let that happen. He was going to run Newman successfully, not only to prove something to everyone else, but to prove something to himself.

At Walnut Grove, Cassie ran into Daniel, who told her she looked better with less makeup. Cassie overheard him talking to other students about a party the next night. When she went home, she followed her father's suggestion and asked Sharon to help her learn how to put on makeup. As Sharon gave her a more subtle look, Cassie remembered Daniel saying how much better she looked and smiled. She thanked her mother for her help then asked if she could be ungrounded. Sharon promised to discuss it with Nick, happy that she and Cassie had shared a bonding moment.

Daniel asked Sierra how Lily was doing, but wouldn't give her any details about what was going on with them. Later, Sierra talked to Lily, who told her that Daniel had caved in to their mothers and decided to stop seeing her. She felt like she had nothing but horrible luck with guys. Sierra told her that Daniel was crazy about her; there had to be more to it than that. Later, Daniel looked frustrated as Lily walked by him on her way to the library to study.

J.T. took Mac to the emergency room after accidentally making her spill boiling water on her leg. Olivia treated her for her burns and told her she could go home; everything would be fine. J.T. took her home, and once again the two were on the verge of sharing a kiss when someone knocked on the door. It was Robin, who J.T. had made a date with. When J.T. told her about his afternoon and tried to cancel, Mac told him and Robin to go ahead. She'd be fine. But after J.T. left, it was obvious that she was hurt and disappointed.

Kevin had another therapy session and told his doctor everything that had been going on with the Abbotts and with Mac. The doctor told him that he needed to walk away from relationships that were frustrating to him and nurture the ones that made him feel positive about himself. Later, when Kevin left her office, he stopped in her waiting room and made a call to Mac. He invited her to Michael's special family dinner that night. After first saying no, Mac agreed to meet him at Michael's place. Kevin happily closed his cell phone and left. A man sitting in the waiting room lowered his paper and turned out to be Tom, who was very interested to hear that Michael, Kevin, and Gloria would all be at Michael's place that night.

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