One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 18, 2005 on OLTL

Jessica decided to get back together with Antonio, while Tess vowed to ruin him. Natalie made a play for John, but it backfired, and he turned to Evangeline. Kevin and Duke prepared to take over Buchanan Enterprises. Daniel was haunted with visions of Paul. Bo continued to investigate Paul's murder.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 18, 2005 on OLTL
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Monday, April 18, 2005

John regrets telling his brother that it bothers him to see Natalie with Ron Walsh and asks him not to repeat it (of course, Natalie overhears and is very pleased). Michael tells him that he won't be able to get serious with Evangeline until he faces his feelings for Natalie, but promises not to say anything.

Roxy brings a reluctant Nigel to the police station to file assault charges against Todd for attacking him. Bo calls Todd and asks him to come down to the station, but Todd hangs up on him.

Todd reassures Starr, who is worried that Blair is having a nervous breakdown. The Commissioner arrives at Todd's penthouse to arrest him. Todd explains that he was only trying to get information. Bo warns him to stay away from Nigel and to back off the searches for Asa and Margaret. The commissioner leaves without making an arrest.

Jess tells Antonio that her new therapist helped her figure out what is wrong with her - she's in denial about wanting him back. They reconcile and make love.

Dorian demands an explanation for David's presence in Viki's carriage house with Kelly and demands that Kelly kick him out. Then she rants about Kelly staying in Viki's carriage house and orders David to pack his bags and put them in her car. She is startled when he says "who do you think you are, my mother?" They argue, and Dorian gives him an ultimatum - come home now or it's over. He calls her bluff and the situation backfires on both of them.

R.J. walks into Foxy Roxy's and harangues Evangeline, who is waiting to get her hair done. Lindsay arrives and Van asks her how she, a parent, can defend R.J.'s efforts to take a child away from her father. Defensive, Lindsay retorts that John is stringing Evangeline along while he deals with his feelings for Natalie - just as Nat arrives. Roxy arrives, but Van cancels her appointment and leaves. Once she's alone with her "mother", Nat excitedly tells Roxy that John is jealous of Ron, and asks for advice on what to do next. Roxy tells her she needs to decide who she wants most - John or Ron. What would the old Nat done?" Natalie wonders. "She'd take this jealousy thing and run with it!" challenges Roxy.

Van stops by the station to say hello to John on the way to court and he tells her there's something they need to talk about, but Natalie interrupts them when she delivers some files. After she leaves, John is distracted and puts off the discussion with Evangeline.

Lindsay vows to R.J. that she's on his side and they kiss.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Nora and Daniel prepare to return home from Paris. Nora has bought so many presents for Matthew that she can't fit them into her suitcase. Daniel encourages her to buy the expensive carryon bag she was eyeing the night before. She goes to do so, and Daniel takes advantage of the time to make a call to his lover. When Nora returns and catches him on the phone, Daniel covers by saying that he was talking to Riley. He opens up briefly to Nora about the fact that he wasn't there for Riley when he was growing up, but that he wants to be a better stepfather to Matthew.

Blair encourages Todd to stop pursuing Asa and risking the happiness of their family. Todd reminds her that Asa and Margaret pose a threat and that he is not about to stand by and let his family be destroyed by them. Blair receives a call informing her that Addie has been admitted to the hospital with stomach pains; immediately, Blair assumes that Margaret has somehow poisoned Addie. Todd and Blair rush to the hospital, where Paige informs them that there is no reason to suspect poisoning; they will know more when the tests have been run. Blair continues to worry until Paige informs them that Addie has an appendicitis. Blair wonders how long she will continue to be paranoid.

Kelly and Adriana stumble upon a drunken David, nursing his sorrows on the couch in the carriage house. The girls try talking some sense into him, reminding him that Dorian tried to apologize on her own weird terms; therefore, the ball is now in David's court. David insists that he will not back down and that Dorian owes him a full apology. Exasperated, the girls leave him to his bottle.

Meanwhile, Dorian barges into Llanfair and demands that Viki kick David out of the carriage house. Viki explains that she didn't even know he was staying there, a fact which Dorian refuses to believe. Dorian thinks that Viki is helping David in order to humiliate her. Reaching her saturation point, Viki lets Dorian have it: she tells her that David loves her and is totally within his rights to ask for some space. Viki also says that Dorian needs to trust her girls, because they are complex, intelligent women much like Dorian. Viki seems to finally break through to Dorian when she brings up Ben; she says that if all she had to do to have him back was walk to the carriage house and apologize, she would do it in an instant. Dorian heads for the carriage house, but is still doubtful.

Bo and Kevin are relieved to find that the body discovered by the fisherman is not Asa's. They join Duke and Matthew at the Palace for a Buchanan family meeting. Kevin decides that he will willingly resign as lieutenant governor in order to run the overseas division of Buchanan Enterprises. He asks Duke if he will take a job upon graduation. Kelly and Adriana show up, and Kevin and Kelly apologize to one another for the way their "romantic" plans imploded the other night.

Jessica and Antonio rejoice in the aftermath of their lovemaking. Jessica believes that her blackouts and sleepwalking will cease now that she has admitted that she still loves Antonio. The two fall asleep, and Jessica dreams of Tess's voice, telling her that she can help her get away from Antonio. Tess wakes up and vows to get rid of Antonio for good.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Nat flirts with John but her plan goes awry when her suggestions of relaxation convince him to get in touch with Evangeline.

Nora and Daniel fly home though he confesses he'd love to stay in Paris. When Nora heads for the lavatory, Daniel is shocked to see Paul Cramer sit down next to him! ."..long time no see..." he greets Colson. Daniel admits that he never meant to kill Paul and that Nora will never find out the secrets he was paying Paul to keep quiet about. Nora returns to find Daniel speaking and upon her questioning, he admits to talking to Paul. She's worried that he's too stressed. Paul continues to taunt Daniel throughout the flight, as Nora assures her new spouse that he can tell her anything. Paul insinuates rather strongly that Daniel has only married Nora for his ticket to the governor's mansion while Daniel professes his love for her.

Viki returns to the Banner, where she has her first visitor, Rex. He has a great idea to catch Paul's killer and get Jen off the hook but he wants Viki's help. He figures the Banner can run a front page article and mention that there's new evidence, which will help to rope the killer in. Viki refuses to believe he's working undercover for Bo, though after a call to him is placed, she learns that he's not beneath getting aid from a ."..con artist, low life, sleaze...." She will not print lies or the only general description of the killer that he has from his contact. They get on the subject of Natalie and agree that they both have her best interests in common, however when Rex mentions that she's going after John, they are interrupted by Nat's herself. She overhears them and quickly disputes Rex's statement. Later, she admits it's really true, much to Viki's displeasure. John and Evangeline seem to be happy together and John is just being protective of her when she goes out with other guys, Viki suggests. Natalie doesn't want to wait around to see if the couple works out though.

When Michael runs into Hayes at the diner, they hurl accusations at each other. They both think that Marcie deserves better but Michael orders Hayes to stay away from her. Hayes suggests that Marcie is having a nervous breakdown and could be the killer but then he also suggests that perhaps it's Michael. Afterward, Hayes calls Viki and breaking the news that the killings in town are related to Marcie's book, offers to have excerpts from the book printed in the newspaper to help catch the killer. Viki declines as Hayes moves on to make a deal with the Sun. Natalie shows up at the diner and confronts Michael about the conversation she overheard between him and John. Much to Michael's annoyance because it was a private conversation, he relates that he was just giving his brother a difficult time, same as he always has. Just because John was jealous of her being with Ron does not in any way mean that he has feelings for Natalie, Michael tries to tell her. He suggests that she not bother John at all, that he's very happy and that Evangeline is good for him. I'm not? Natalie asks. No, he responds. Furthermore, he wants her to "reconsider" going after John but you just can't reconsider feelings, she retorts.

John shows up at Evangeline's office for a break, expressing how he really needed to see and feel her. They make love in the office but Evangeline receives a disturbing phone call from her mother. Her great aunt has died and she needs to head home for the funeral. John quickly decides to make the trip with her.

Marcie pays Jen a visit but has a difficult time trying to shed her guard. He can just hang out with Jen's guard, the girls decide. Jen is convinced that the man watching her is there to keep an eye on her rather than to protect her. Marcie admits she's a wreck. Riley shows up, escorted in by the pair of guards; he really missed Jen and had to see her. They end up in an argument though because of his doubt of her innocence and his siding with his father. As if to prove her point, he receives a phone call from his homeward bound dad who apologizes for hurting Riley and his mom and tells him that he loves him. Riley is worried that something is wrong. Jen tells Riley that he can't love both her and his father. As if on cue, Rex is hustled in by the guards; he's there to check on Jen. Riley is immediately defensive and assures Rex that Jen is just fine. But I'm not, Jen states, Daniel is on the way home. Attacking Riley, Rex sneers that at least he's trying to help.

Viki calls Bo to let him know that Hayes is leaking details of the killings to the newspapers.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

John and Evangeline prepare to leave town for Vangie's great-aunt's funeral. Evangeline is touched when John puts off looking into new murder evidence in order to get ready for their trip. Meanwhile, Natalie and Michael debate Nat's feelings for John. Michael tells her not to interfere with John and Van's happiness, and Nat expresses her annoyance that everyone thinks Van is perfect for John. Deciding not to heed any of Michael's advice, Nat heads across town to confront John. Meanwhile, Van shows up at the diner to pick up dinner, and Michael tries to warn her about Nat's plans to interfere with she and John. Van claims that Natalie is the last thing she needs to worry about.

Natalie tells John they need to talk, but he informs her that he's heading out to a funeral with Evangeline. Natalie helps him pack, indulging in minor flirtatiousness. She agrees to wait until a better time to discuss her feelings and leaves him alone. John is confused.

Todd is stunned when Hazel Smalls shows up at the penthouse bearing flowers and gifts for Blair and the kids. He cannot believe how much she resembles Mrs. Bigelow! The two of them have a nice chat, and Hazel tells him she can see how devoted he and Blair are to one another. She also advises him that keeping a secret is never the best decision when it comes to a loved one, and that she has a fair share of secrets and regrets in her own past. Before leaving, she meets Starr, who is impressed with the Bigelow look alike. With her parting words, Hazel tries to convince Todd that his love for Blair should win out over secrecy.

Kelly is set to attend a benefit when Dorian arrives. Kelly begs her to take David back so that Kelly can be free of his sloppiness. Dorian refuses and accuses Kelly of taking Kevin to the benefit as her date. She is even more enraged when Kelly's real date shows up: it's Duke! Dorian verbally attacks him, demanding to know what he plans to do with Adriana. Duke says that he simply wants to continue seeing Adriana as long as she wants to see him. Dorian insists that he wants nothing but to seduce her daughter and eventually leave her behind for "greener pastures." Kelly has had it with Dorian's constant attacks on the Buchanans. She decides to attend the benefit alone and sends Duke on his way. Then she gives Dorian a piece of her mind, once again berating her for not trusting the girls and trying to control their lives. She reminds Dorian that the girls all gave her the benefit of the doubt concerning David, and that she should extend them the same courtesy.

Ginger stops by the diner and meets Adriana. Antonio comes in, fresh from a chat with Viki in which he asked her to be a character witness at the custody hearing. Ginger meets Antonio and realizes that he's the same "jerk" Tess was describing to her. She is confused, because he seems so nice. At that moment, Ginger receives a call from Tess, who is on her way out of Llanview, possibly for good. When Ginger tells Tess that she's just met Antonio, Tess panics and demands that Ginger not mention a word about her to Antonio. Ginger is puzzled, but agrees. Tess decides now isn't the best time to leave Llanview, and she promises to call Ginger the next day. As the limo turns back towards Llanview, Tess vows to use R.J. to help her bring down Antonio.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Nora and Matthew share a happy reunion. Daniel loses his temper when he learns Bo is off investigating another suspect in Paul's murder. An angry Daniel walks out on Nora. Riley is worried for Jen, who ends things with him. Lindsay and R.J. convince Jen not to go on the run. John meets Evangeline's family and the situation grows tense. Kelly reaches out to Todd. Michael and Natalie bury the hatchet. Michael is concerned about Marcie. The Killing Club killer plans to strike again.

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