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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 25, 2005 on GH
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Monday, April 25, 2005

Jason and AJ wrestle over the control of a gun at the top of the stairs of the Quartermaine mansion. As the struggle, the gun goes off and both men end up crashing through the banister and plummeting to the ground below. Jason lands on top of AJ and seems unhurt after momentarily being stunned by the fall. AJ doesn't fare as well. Pandemonium breaks out. Monica, Sonny and Sam rush toward the injured men, Reese calls for an ambulance and Michael, who is stunned by what has unfolded, runs out the door with Carly giving chase as soon as she notices him leave. Elsewhere, Emily is screaming for help between giving an unconscious Alan mouth to mouth resuscitation but to no avail.

Moments later, paramedics arrive at the scene. Monica is shocked when they tell her that they are answering a 911 call for a man in his 50's suffering a gun shot wound. She leaves AJ's side immediately to lead them down to the basement. The paramedics immediately take over, deciding to use the paddles to start Alan's heart. Monica and Emily are greatly relieved when they announce that they were successful in reviving Alan's heart. Upstairs, AJ is in tremendous pain from the fall. Reese cautions him not to move, per Monica's instruction who fears he may have broken his back. Jason meanwhile stumbles to nearby stairs while Sam checks on him. Sonny, upon seeing Jason alive goes to find Carly and Michael. While Reese tries to commend Jason for rescuing Michael from his kidnapper, Jason watches a prone AJ on the floor. Ignoring Reese, Jason walks over to AJ and bends down to look him in the eye. He tells AJ that his is nothing. Later, Skye arrives and is shocked to discover what has unfolded. She walks over to AJ who is now being read his rights by Reese while paramedics load him onto a gurney. She blasts AJ for shooting Alan and brainwashing Michael. AJ responds with his own anger and indignation over what he seems to see as her defection.

Sonny and Carly find Michael hiding near the boathouse. When they try to talk to them, a distraught Michael accuses Sonny of ordering Jason to kill his father. Sonny denies the accusation. Michael doesn't believe him. Instead he goes on to accuse Sonny of hanging AJ on a meathook and forcing him to give up his rights to Michael. Sonny tells him that there is more to the story than that but Michael doesn't seem to want to have any part with his explanation. Reese joins them and is able to calm Michael down by informing him of whom she is and letting him know how AJ is doing. When Michael demands to see AJ, Reese offers to drive Michael to the hospital. Michael accepts wanting nothing more than to put some distance between himself and Sonny and Carly. Sonny and Carly can do no more than watch. When they arrive at the hospital, Dr. O'Donnell, a pediatric physician, checks out a somewhat reluctant Michael. While he does, Reese explains to Ric that Michael is suffering from Stockholm syndrome. By this time Sonny and Carly have joined them. She explains to both of them that Michael is going to need some time and space from them.

Courtney and Jax arrive at the hospital after receiving a call from Ric. He immediately informs them about the latest developments with AJ and the news that Michael is alive.

Alan is brought into the hospital. He keeps asking for AJ. When AJ arrives a short time later, he begs to speak with his father. He is finally able to convince an orderly to wheel him next to his father who is awaiting treatment. AJ tells his father he's sorry for shooting him, trying to explain that it wasn't intentional but a reflexive action born of desperation which he deeply regrets. He then begs Alan to continue helping him by telling the police that Jason was the one who had shot him, not AJ. He explains it would buy him some much needed time to get things arranged for him and Michael to get out of town. Alan is deeply disappointed with AJ and tells AJ that he will no longer help him. He feels that it's time AJ faced the consequences of his actions. In another part of the hospital Courtney is livid and determined to see AJ despite Jax's efforts to convince her otherwise.

Dr. O'Donnell updates Sonny and Carly on Michael's condition. He explains that he is physically fine but that he's in shock. He cautions them that Michael will need time.

Reese sits alone with Michael in a private room at the hospital. She tells Michael what they've discovered in the course of their investigation, gives him an outline of AJ's lies and shows him the tape that AJ used to convince Michael that Sonny did not want him. She plays the tape for him and then gently breaks it to him that AJ had manipulated the tape to make it appear as if Michael had been talking to Sonny. Michael seems overwhelmed with what he's being told and appears to shut down. Carly is frustrated as she and Sonny are forced to watch the proceedings from the hallway. She feels that they should be the ones talking to Michael. Just then Liz walks up and informs Ric that AJ has survived the fall and is conscious much to Sonny's regret. Later, as Reese exits the room and talks to Carly who is waiting, Michael makes a point of listening in on their conversation. He hears Carly rant about how much she despises AJ and the things that he has done. Reese cautions her against going into the room to talk to Michael, fearing he's not ready to face Carly.

Sam is worried about Jason and angry that no one seems to be attending him. Jason convinces her that he's fine and tries to calm her down. Courtney walks up to check on them. Just then Steven joins them to give them an update on AJ's condition. While he suffered a fractured back, it appears he will make a full recovery without any lasting injuries. Courtney is less than pleased at the news. She goes into AJ's room to confront him. After calling him a loser, telling him that he is going to pull through only to face a long prison time, informing him that she obtained a divorce in the Dominican Republic and will be marrying Jax, the man of her dreams, AJ fires back. He vows that as long as he is alive she will never be free of him. That he will ensure that she pays for betraying him with his brother. After Courtney leaves, Ric walks in. AJ sticks to his story that Sonny no longer wanted Michael. He goes on to deny having any involvement with Faith. Ric doesn't believe any of it. As AJ continues to talks about the events leading up to his hospitalization, Ric realizes that AJ plans to go with an insanity defense. After leaving AJ's room he lets Sonny, Sam and Jason know what AJ is doing. When it's suggested that Michael might have to testify against AJ, Sonny puts his foot down. He refuses to consider letting Michael go through such a thing.

Courtney joins Carly outside of Michael's room. She encourages Carly to go into the room and talk to Michael, claiming that Carly has the best maternal instincts that she has ever seen. Carly needs no further encouragement. She goes into the room but things don't go well. Michael keeps his back to her, refusing to even look at her, much less talk to her. Sonny soon joins them. He too attempts to get through to Michael but to no avail. He reassures Michael that they both love him and when he's ready to talk that both he and Carly will be there for him.

Sonny walks into AJ's room. Expecting him, AJ wastes no time taunting Sonny. He makes a point of telling Sonny over and over that Michael is his son not Sonny's and that Michael no longer loves or believes anything that Sonny says. He asks him how it feels to have his son turned against him. AJ then dares Sonny to kill him, assuring him that if he does it will result in pushing Michael further away. The entire time, Sonny's face remains neutral, revealing nothing of his turbulent thoughts. When AJ is finished, Sonny quietly promises on his mother's soul that AJ will never see Michael again.

Monica sits down next to Jason. She is distraught and emotional as she shares with him the realization that she made about AJ. That he came back to Port Charles to kill Jason. She apologizes to him for being a failure as a parent and then tells Jason that despite everything, she loves both of her sons. After leaving Jason's side, Monica makes her way into AJ's room where she once again declares her love for both of her sons. A short while later, AJ is taken to a private room. As Monica goes to the desk to sign some paperwork, Emily approaches AJ's gurney. She holds nothing back as she yells at him for shooting Alan and kidnapping Michael. When she finishes yelling at AJ, she tells him that she wishes he were dead. Jason and Monica pull her away and comfort her while AJ is taken to his room. When he is brought in, Rachel is waiting for him. AJ is initially happy to see her, thinking Rachel could help him. When she refuses, AJ threatens to tell the police that she was his accomplice if she does not tell them that she help to fake his death to circumvent Sonny not as some elaborate plan to deflect suspicion of the kidnapping. Rachel wants nothing to do with AJ's plans and goes to leave but AJ grasps her wrist. Just then Steven walks in. Seeing AJ's movement, Steven decides that AJ should be tied to the bed in order to keep him immobile so that he won't further aggravate his injury which may risk paralysis. AJ is adamant that Steven not do so but Steven insists that it's for AJ's own good. Carly walks into AJ's room a short while later. She is happy that AJ didn't die of the fall because it gives her the opportunity to kill him herself. AJ isn't intimidated. He reminds Carly that Michael is his son and that he has every intention of taking her to court to get custody of him. Carly accuses him of being a child abuser and refuses to acknowledge him as AJ's son. She claims that the only man who is Michael's father is Sonny. Just then Liz walks in. AJ makes certain that Liz knows Carly has threatened his life. Carly counters, claiming she was just there to thank AJ for changing his mind and returning Michael home. Liz seems to have no interest in being a part of their games. She informs Carly that she has to leave because it was time to give AJ a tranquilizer. AJ is alarmed. He orders Liz not to give him a tranquilizer. She explains that she has no choice, its doctor's orders. Carly exits the room with a smile on her face.

Jason goes into Alan's room. Alan apologizes to him about his role in helping AJ and then begs Jason to please not kill AJ.

Liz leaves AJ's room to find Emily seated in the waiting room. She lets Emily know that she had just sedated AJ who was resting. Just then Liz is paged and called away.

When Jax suggests that he and Courtney go home, Courtney is reluctant. She insists on staying with Michael and walks away.

Sam returns to Jason's side to give him an update on Michael's condition. Jason asks her to get him a glass of water. Sam is reluctant but Jason is persistent.

Sonny and Reese discuss Michael. She assures Sonny that they will put AJ away for what he has done despite his insanity defense. Sonny seems preoccupied. He lets her know he's grateful for her help as he walks away.

AJ is lying in his bed. Someone enters his room. AJ smiles when he sees who has walked in as says "I've got something I want to say," just as the person raises a pillow over AJ's face.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Carly explains to Liz that she has no intention of killing AJ that she was merely in his room to thank him. Liz asks her to leave as she is about to give AJ a sedative. AJ objects but Liz tells him that its doctor's orders. Carly walks out of the door, but waits around the corner until she sees Liz exits the room.

A montage of what everyone is doing is shown. Monica leaves Alan's room as he sleeps. Emily is seen walking quickly along a corridor with a determined expression. Jason looks over his shoulder as he goes around a corner. Sonny abandons his post by Michael's room. Courtney enters the elevator. Elsewhere, Durant is shown exiting an elevator. Carly stops mid-stride and decides to turn back around.

AJ opens his eyes as someone enters his room. He smiles and says, "I've got something I want to say" just as the person lifts the pillow to smother him.

Sam returns to the waiting area to find Jason missing. She checks an exam room, but to no avail. She finally spots him after asking someone at the nurse's station if they had seen him. She asks him if he went to see AJ. Jason admits that he thought about it but had changed his mind then tells her that he no longer wishes to speak of AJ.

Monica re-enters Alan's room. He is still asleep. After she tells him that it's better that he doesn't know she had been gone, Emily walks in. She seems spooked and confides to Monica that she had been worried about Alan after experiencing a feeling that something bad had happened. Monica makes an excuse to leave the room, leaving Emily alone with Alan. Left alone with Alan, Emily reminisces about her childhood after coming to live with the Quartermaines. She lets him know that she thinks he's a wonderful father.

Ric goes to question AJ but Liz stops him, telling him that AJ is unable to be questioned because she had just given him a sedative. Ric confides to her that he really wants to make certain AJ pays for everything that he did in part because of how it affected both Alexis and Kristina.

Carly pulls the pillow away from AJ's face. In what appears to be a state of shock, Carly turns and flees the room, dropping the pillow. Durant, who comes around a corner sees Carly leave AJ's room and rush down another corridor. He walks to AJ's room and stands in the doorway looking at AJ who is lying still on his bed.

Sonny returns to Michael's room. Before he can enter, Reese sees him. She comments that she was rather surprised that he had left Michael's side. Sonny explains his brief absence, claiming he needed a moment alone to clear his head. As Sonny and Reese are talking, Carly approaches. Clearly in no mood to talk, Carly exchanges the briefest of words and enters Michael's room. Sonny seems to sense that Carly is spooked.

Steven starts to close AJ's door when he sees AJ. Seeming somewhat puzzled, he goes to check on AJ, taking his pulse. He immediately calls a Code Blue and begins chest compressions as a medical team wheels in equipment and charge the paddles. As Liz and Ric, who noticed the commotion, stand in AJ's doorway, Steven begins using the paddles.

Monica rejoins Emily and Alan. Emily tells her that there is no change in Alan when she is paged. She looks and tells Emily that it's regarding AJ. They both leave the room but stop off at Jason's room where Sam is helping him to get dressed after having been examined. Monica tells them that AJ has taken a turn for the worse. After Emily and Monica leave, Sam notes that Jason doesn't seem the least surprised and offers to provide him with an alibi.

Monica joins the people gathered at AJ's room. She asks Steven, who is still working on AJ, what measures had been used to resuscitate him. When Steven tells her, Monica realizes that there is no choice but to stop. Resigned, she orders Steven to call AJ's time of death. Ric notes that there is a pillow lying on the floor near AJ's bed.

Emily goes to tell Jason that AJ has died. He comforts him as she weeps over the loss of her older brother and then leaves to sit at Alan's bedside. Jason admits to Sam that he often felt sorry for AJ because he always seems to come out the looser but after what he did to Michael he is not the least bit sorry that AJ is dead. Meanwhile, left alone with AJ's body, Monica begins to weep as she bids AJ a tearful goodbye. She gently unties his restraints while she tells him how much she loved him and how she wished she could go back in time to give him the reassurance he always seemed to need that his family loved him. She lovingly kisses her son as she holds his hands tearfully talking to him of her regret. He tells him that she hopes he has finally found peace as she straightens the front of his gown. Just then Steven enters to inform her that it was time they took AJ's body down for an autopsy. Monica is insistent that an autopsy not be performed, claiming that her son was brutalized enough in life, she didn't want him mutilated in death when he has finally found peace. Both Ric and Steve explain to her that under the circumstances, an autopsy is mandatory. AJ was on the mend and expected to make a full recovery. Given his unexplained death, the law required an autopsy be performed.

Courtney exits the elevator and runs into Jax who questions her about where she's been. She explains that she went to get some candy but the machine was out of order so she had to go to another floor. Later, after she learns of AJ's death, Courtney confesses that she's glad that AJ is dead. She goes on to fill him in on the details of her last encounter with AJ and how venomous he was toward her. When Jax suggests that she talk to Jason, Courtney is appreciative. She finds Jason a short while later and they discuss AJ. Courtney makes a point of thanking Jason several times for rescuing her from her marriage to AJ.

Ric finds Sonny and Reese in the hallway outside of Michael's room and lets them know that AJ has died. Sonny feels it's justice. When Carly learns of the death, she isn't brokenhearted either. However both Sonny and Carly are surprised that an autopsy has been ordered. They feel that it doesn't matter given the kind of man AJ was. Upset at the news Carly leaves, claiming she needs to see Bobbie. She ends up in the hospital chapel where Durant finds her. He flashes back to seeing her leaving AJ's room earlier then joins her in the pew. He tells her that he suspects that she finally needs his help. Carly declines the offer, feeling it comes with too high a price. She leaves the chapel in search of Jason whom she finds with Sam about to leave the hospital. She demands to have a private word with Jason much to Sam's annoyance. Jason isn't happy with the way Carly has behaved and tells her as much. She ignores him, instead reluctantly admitting that he's not going to be happy with her once he learns of what she's done. Jason listens as Carly recounts her meeting with AJ in his room and leaving when Liz entered to give him a sedative. Sensing there is more, Jason asks her if she returned to AJ's room. Carly admits that yes, she did.

Sonny breaks the news of AJ's death to Michael who is still catatonic. As Sonny is talking about AJ and his death, Michael slowly begins to quietly cry. Deciding to leave Michael alone for a bit, Sonny steps out into the hallway. He is frustrated that Michael is still rejecting him. Reese tries to comfort Sonny, explaining that Michael needs time and constant reassurance that he's loved and wanted. When she tries to explain to him what Michael endured psychologically, Sonny interrupts her. He shares with her the abuse he endured at the hands of his stepfather, Deke. He is happy that AJ is dead. Just then Reese is paged with the update that AJ's autopsy results are ready.

Ric talks to Liz who seems upset. When he asks her, Liz admits that she's worried that AJ might have suffered an allergic reaction to the sedative that she gave to him. Ric reassures her that she gave him the sedative under doctors' orders so she is not responsible for what happened. He goes on to point out that they don't yet know what killed AJ. It might not have been the sedative at all. Liz is relieved and changes the subject by asking how Alexis and Kristina are doing. Ric tells her that they are out of town. He then steps away and calls her hotel on his cell phone. He tells the clerk that he doesn't know her room number but knows that she is scheduled to check in. He's puzzled when he's told that Alexis has not yet checked in.

Alan wakes up slowly to find Emily sitting at his bedside. He asks after AJ. Emily starts to tell him about AJ but Alan misunderstands and suggests that they fly in specialists to oversee AJ's recovery. Emily is finally able to get the words out that AJ is gone. Alan is devastated and filled with regret as he breaks down in tears. Monica comes in and immediately realizes that Alan already knows that their son is dead. She gives Alan the heartbreaking news that AJ died alone but seems to have asleep. She then gives him an emotional recounting of her final time with AJ and how she had kissed him. She comforts him with the knowledge that for the first time that she can remember, AJ's face seemed wholly at peace.

As everyone gathers in the reception area, Steven hands Monica a copy of the autopsy report. He shares with her the findings; AJ did not die of natural causes. He was murdered. Upon hearing the news, Sonny immediately walks away while everyone else stands in a state of suspicious disbelief looking at each other.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

At the Quartermaine Mansion, Tracy informs Skye that AJ was murdered during the night and blames Skye for getting Faith out of prison and setting off the Mob Queen's kidnapping rampage. Unbeknownst to Skye and Tracy, Luke has returned to town, slipped into the Mansion and is eavesdropping on their argument. Tracy tries to con Skye into telling Tracy where AJ hid the stolen Quartermaine fortune. Skye smugly informs Tracy that AJ quadrupled the money he grabbed from his family but Skye refuses to tell Tracy WHAT Skye knows about the money -- if anything! After Tracy storms away, Luke materializes before Skye and reports that he is close to running Helena to ground and needs Skye's help. However, Skye reluctantly turns down Luke's offer for a new adventure. Later, as Tracy returns to the Mansion and begins calling in favors from contacts in an attempt to track down the missing Quartermaine fortune, Luke suddenly appears and offers the frazzled Tracy a drink. After Tracy gratefully takes a sip, she suddenly collapses. Luke gleefully bundles Tracy into a waiting wheelchair and hustles Tracy out of the Mansion.

At the Hospital, Steven somberly reports to Monica, Emily, Ric, Durant, Reese, Samantha, Rachel, Jax, Courtney and Sonny that AJ was murdered. Before Steven divulges the rest of the details of the autopsy report, Sonny quietly slips away. Afterward, Steven reports that AJ was smothered with a pillow. At the same time, elsewhere in the Hospital, Carly reports to Jason that she went to AJ's room with the intention of getting rid of Michael's father permanently. However, Carly explains that AFTER she picked up the pillow on the floor, Carly realized that AJ was ALREADY dead! Jason hustles Carly out of the Hospital right away. Later, Jason delivers Carly to Sonny's estate and warns Carly that IF she left behind ANY evidence in AJ's room, Carly will almost surely become a prime suspect in her ex-husband's death. Jason becomes alarmed when Carly ADMITS that Carly threatened AJ while they were alone together and that AJ later reported Carly's threats to Liz when Liz arrived to give AJ a sedative, just as Carly was leaving. Carly asks Jason if JASON was the one who killed AJ Jason evades her question but admits that Carly has laid down the kind of track that COULD make it impossible for Jason to protect Carly from prosecution this time!

Following Steven's report, Jax and Courtney visit Michael's room. Later, Courtney confides that she is NOT sorry that AJ is dead. Jax warns his future bride NOT to let anyone else know how much she loathed AJ or that AJ had threatened to continue his campaign to make Courtney's life miserable once AJ had recovered from his fall. As Courtney continues to fume about AJ's misdeeds, Jax reminds Courtney that it is important to conceal her loathing for her ex-husband if she wants to avoid becoming a suspect in AJ's death. At the same time, Ric runs into Reese at AJ's room and suggests that Sonny needs to cooperate with the investigation. Reese counters by pointing out that Ric ALSO had ample motive for getting rid of AJ Ric points out that it sounds as if Reese is ALREADY trying to build a defense for SONNY! Reese suddenly switches from accusing Ric of AJ's murder to quizzing Ric about his wife's whereabouts at the moment. Ric evades the questions and, after Reese leaves, Ric tries, unsuccessfully, to reach Alexis by phone. Elsewhere in the Hospital, Steven reminds Rachel that RACHEL had motives for getting rid of AJ but Rachel insists that she had NOTHING to do with AJ's death. As Monica and Emily make plans to go together to break the sad news to Alan, Durant smugly reminds Monica that JASON is surely the prime suspect in his brother's death. As Monica and Emily try to discourage Durant from openly accusing Jason of murder, Sam steps up and claims that Jason was with SAM the ENTIRE time -- in the Emergency Room! Durant coldly reminds Sam that it would be necessary for the ER personnel to back up any sweeping claim like that! Later, when Sam goes looking for Jason to report her conversation with Durant, Sam is shocked to discover that Jason is NO longer at the Hospital! Elsewhere in the Hospital, Liz confides to Ric that AJ had warned Liz that Carly had JUST threatened his life and that AJ did NOT want the sedative which Liz brought to his room. However, Liz gave the sedative to AJ IN SPITE OF the patient's protests! Liz also admits that Liz could understand why ALL of the parents of the kidnapped children could be angry enough with AJ to want AJ permanently gone. At the same time, Jax and Courtney return to Jax's apartment and discover that the Metro Court has sent over a selection of wines and champagne for the couple to decide WHICH refreshments they want to serve at their wedding. When Jax presumes that they might need to postpone their wedding because of the on-going investigation into AJ's death, Courtney suddenly declares that she refuses to allow A.,J. to dampen the happiest day of her life and insists that the couple make NO changes in their wedding plans!

Later, Reese visits a silent Michael in his room and talks to Michael about some of her memories of her own son. Jason suddenly appears outside Michael's room. When Reese goes outside and informs Jason about the circumstances of his brother's death, Reese notes that Jason does NOT seem very surprised to learn that AJ was murdered. When Reese asks if Jason knows who killed AJ, Jason denies any knowledge about the murder. Reese sadly warns Jason that IF Michael were to learn that someone whom Michael cares about snuffed out the life of Michael's father, the news COULD have a permanently negative effect on Michael! At the same time, Emily and Monica arrive in Alan's room and inform Alan that AJ was murdered. Accusing Emily and Monica of having NEVER loved A,J., an emotional Alan orders Monica and Emily out of the room. As soon as they leave, Alan calls Mac and demands to see the Police Commissioner immediately! As soon as Mac arrives, Alan reports that, in the Emergency Room, Alan had pleaded with Jason NOT to kill his brother, but Jason had turned away from Alan without making any kind of reply. Alan confides his fear that Jason IS the one who murdered AJ! While Mac and Alan are talking, Monica returns and blasts Mac for interrogating a patient who has just been wheeled out of surgery! When Alan announces that Mac is there at Alan's request, Monica blasts Alan for accusing their only remaining son of murdering his brother! After Mac leaves, Alan accuses Monica of trying to cover up for Jason. Monica angrily retaliates by declaring that she wants a divorce from Alan!

When Reese returns to Michael's room, she is surprised to see that the boy is missing and even more surprised when one of the nurses declares that Michael's family checked the little boy out of the Hospital! Reese tracks Ric down at the Nurses' station and informs the District Attorney that Michael has been checked out of the Hospital. Ric confides that Liz had reported that AJ informed Liz that Carly had threatened to kill AJ shortly before AJ died. Ric theorizes that Sonny disappeared because Sonny intends to get Carly, Michael and Morgan out of the country while AJ's murder is being investigated. After Reese leaves, Ric makes another unsuccessful attempt to contact Alexis! At the same time, Jason delivers a silent Michael to Carly. Sam arrives shortly afterward. When Sam gets Jason alone, Sam reports that Sam told Durant that Jason WAS with Sam ALL the time, in the E.R. When Jason urges Sam to go ahead and admit that Jason went missing if anyone questions Sam again, Sam suddenly guesses that CARLY killed AJ and Jason plans to take the rap for Carly! Meanwhile, when Ric contacts Mac for a copy of the investigative report on AJ's death, Ric is stunned when Mac informs Ric that RIC is a suspect and, therefore, the District Attorney may NOT have access to any of the investigative files! Later, Steven reports to Mac that DNA evidence was recovered from the pillow used to smother AJ Mac orders Steven to request DNA samples from Ric, Alexis, Courtney, Jason, Monica, Rachel, Sonny and CARLY. At the same time, in hiding, Carly tries to get an unresponsive Michael to speak to her or to Morgan. Meanwhile, Reese has discovered Carly with Michael and Morgan and watches them through the window. Outside, Jason informs a skeptical Samantha that Jason believes that Carly is INNOCENT of A,J,'s murder and that Jason intends to PROTECT Carly from any and all attempts to pin the crime on Carly.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Monica is on her way to work at G.H. but Skye is at the Quartermaine Mansion and wants to speak to her first. Skye tells her that she is sorry for the loss of AJ Monica tells her that she knows that Skye loved AJ and believes she feels the loss too. Monica mentions the fact that Skye was the first person that AJ contacted when he returned home. Skye thinks Monica is accusing her of helping AJ with his plot. Skye quickly tells her that when she found out about what AJ did she had to tell Jason what he was up and hopes Monica isn't upset with her for turning AJ in to Jason. Monica tells her she doesn't blame her for calling Jason and helping him since AJ brought this tragedy on himself for keeping Michael away from the family that loved him and making them think he was dead. Skye mentions to Monica that the money he stole from the family was quadrupled and that the family could inherit the money back. Monica tells her that the money is little comfort to her now that AJ is gone. Meanwhile, Emily visits Alan at the hospital. Alan tells Emily that this is the worst week of his life. He tells her that Monica asked him for a divorce just because they disagreed about AJ and Jason again. Emily tells him that she doesn't think Monica will go through with the divorce and thinks she is just stressed out about what has happened lately and has been acting strangely, even before finding out AJ and Michael were alive. Monica shows up and asks him why he called Mac and accused Jason of killing AJ Alan thinks Jason is a cold-blooded killer and would have no problem even killing his own brother. Emily immediately defends Jason and insists he didn't kill AJ She tells Alan she doesn't blame Monica for wanting to divorce him after what he just said. Emily storms off. Alan accuses Monica of turning their daughter against him and of also being glad AJ is dead. Monica tells Alan that he was a bad father to AJ and is willing to condone what AJ did just because he feels guilty for not supporting AJ in the past. Alan tells Monica she wasn't a very good mother to A.J either. She agrees with him about that. She comes back later to tell him that she doesn't see the need to have another memorial service for AJ again since they just had one for him not long ago. Alan agrees with her. Monica tells him they will cremate AJ and place his ashes in the Quartermaine tomb. Monica leaves Alan alone. Later, Monica shows up and finds Skye visiting with Alan. Monica thinks Skye is going to try to stop her from divorcing Alan. Skye tells her she is there to inform them both that the Federal government has frozen AJ's assets and are saying that his money came from illegal means and that the family can't access it.

Luke arrives at the casino to find that Tracy is awake. He takes her gag off but not the ties around her arms to keep her in the wheelchair. She insists that she doesn't know the whereabouts of Helena and would have told him if she had so she wouldn't have had to sleep in the wheelchair for the whole night. Tracy tells him that if it is money he wants, her family will pay whatever he wants for her safe return. Luke laughs at her and tells her the Quartermaines would probably pay him a lot of money to keep her away from them. Luke agrees to untie her hands but she tries to escape and he puts them back in place. She tells him she didn't think he cared whether Nikolas rotted in prison for Helena's "murder" or not. Luke tells her he doesn't really care about that but he does care about the fact that Helena shot his son and almost killed him and hasn't paid for it. He leaves Tracy tied up in the wheelchair. Later, Dillon and Georgie show up at the casino to find Tracy tied up. Tracy seems happy to see Dillon and asks him to untie her since Luke tied her up and left her there all night to sleep in the uncomfortable chair. Dillon almost unties her but stops and asks her why Luke kidnapped her. Tracy tells him that Luke has it in his head that she knows something about where Helena is. Dillon thinks Luke must have a good reason to keep her tied up there and refuses to untie her. Skye shows up and almost unties Tracy. Tracy starts to run her mouth and Skye decides to keep her tied up. Dillon shuts Tracy up by putting the gag in her mouth again. Meanwhile, Luke goes to Kelly's and sees Emily as she is on her way in to Kelly's. Luke tells her that he has plans to trap Helena into coming back to Port Charles. Emily realizes that if his plan works, Nikolas will be let out of prison finally. Lucky walks out of Kelly's and has a warm reunion with Luke. He surprises Luke more when he tells him he missed him a lot. Emily decides to leave them alone to talk. Luke thinks Lucky is the one who managed to siphon money from Helena's various bank accounts. Lucky denies having anything to do with that at all. Luke comes up with an idea and takes off. Lucky sits with Emily in Kelly's. He tells her about Luke's plans to trap Helena into making an appearance in Port Charles. Emily doesn't seem too thrilled at the prospect that Nikolas could be freed from prison very soon. Lucky picks up on her lack of emotion and calls her on it. He tells her that she is reluctant for him to come home to her because that would mean that she would have to tell him about Connor raping her. Luke returns to the casino to find Tracy gagged up again. He takes the gag off of her. Luke tells her he brought her some food to eat. He takes out a hamburger for her from Kelly's but she refuses to eat anything that came from Kelly's. He tells her he knew that so he takes out a jar of caviar and some bonbons for her. He tells her that he rigged it so that Helena will think Tracy has been the one who stole money from her accounts and will come out of hiding to take care of it. Meanwhile, Helena makes a phone call complaining that more money has been taken out of her accounts again and she wants to know who did it.

Carly makes up a tray of snacks for Michael up in his room. Sonny stops her from going upstairs. She tells him she has some snacks on the tray Michael bought for Sonny for his birthday. She hopes Michael will recognize the tray and make a connection to the past when he felt loved by Sonny. Sonny likes the idea but thinks she has more to worry about and suggests she leave the country since she is going to end up being a prime suspect in AJ's murder. Carly tells him she didn't kill AJ and Sonny believes her. Jason goes up to see Michael and brings a toy ball with him to give to Michael to play with. He tells Michael that he loves him and will give him the space he needs right now. He leaves the ball on the floor next to Michael and leaves the room. When he comes downstairs and tells Carly that Michael is still withdrawn, Carly starts to lose patience with giving him space and wants to go up and try to reach him. Sonny and Jason think it is a bad idea right now and ask her to give Michael his space and try to talk her into leaving the country before the police show up and arrest her. Carly refuses to leave the country when Michael needs her. Sonny gets angry when she won't listen to him. He tells her that she isn't going to do Michael any good if she ends up arrested and put in prison. Carly insists on going upstairs with the tray of food. She brings the food up for Michael. Michael throws the tray of food across the floor in anger but doesn't talk to her. Carly comes back downstairs and tells them what happened. Carly decides to bring Morgan upstairs to play with Michael. Jason thinks bringing Morgan up to see Michael is a good idea but doesn't think she should bring Morgan up herself. Sam shows up and offers to bring Morgan upstairs to see Michael since Michael won't be as threatened by her presence than he would be if he saw Carly, Sonny, or Jason. Carly reluctantly hands Morgan over to Sam. Sam brings him upstairs. Michael doesn't pay any attention to Sam but smiles at Morgan and rolls the ball to him to play. Morgan rolls the ball back to Michael and stops fussing. Meanwhile, Lucky notices Liz has something on her mind at Kelly's while they are having breakfast. Liz is hesitant about telling the police what she saw since she doesn't blame Carly for what she may have done. Lucky persuades her to tell the cops the truth. At the hospital, Ric and Reese question Liz about what she saw. Liz tells them she saw Carly leave A.J's room not long after she gave him a sedative. Meanwhile, Mac touches base with Steven at the hospital and asks him if the DNA on the pillow has come back. Steven tells him that the DNA shows that Carly had her hands on the pillow that suffocated and killed AJ Mac gets enough evidence to get an arrest warrant for Carly. Reese and Ric run into Durant, who accuses them of covering up evidence to protect Sonny. They tell him he has just as strong a motive to kill AJ and that he was hanging around AJ's hospital room right after his murder. Durant tells them he was looking for Steven and wanted to discuss Rachel with him. Reese and Ric tell Mac what they found out from Liz. Mac tells Ric he is officially back on the case again now that Carly is their prime suspect. Reese shows up at Sonny's to warn him the police are on their way to arrest Carly. Sonny asks her what they have on Carly to be able to arrest her. Reese tells him that Liz testified that she saw Carly threaten AJ and then saw her come out of A.J's room not long afterwards. She tells them that they also found DNA evidence that proves Carly touched the pillow that was used to kill AJ Jason and Sonny don't like that evidence. Jason goes upstairs where Carly is trying to reach out to Michael. Jason tells her she needs to leave the country right now. Carly refuses to leave Michael's side. The cops show up and Mac hands Sonny the warrant for Carly's arrest. Reese tells Mac that Carly isn't there. Mac and Ric don't believe her since Sonny is trying to stop them from searching upstairs for her. Sonny tries to stop Mac and the cops from going upstairs and arresting Carly since Michael is in the same room. Mac tells one of the officers to hold Sonny off while he goes upstairs. Sonny asks Mac not to do this since his son is upstairs and is in no condition to see his mother arrested. Mac doesn't believe that is the real reason and heads upstairs. Sonny calls out to Ric, in a warning not to do this. Ric is torn about doing his job and about how Michael may react. Jason tries again to get Carly to go with him right now since he knows the cops are on their way up to arrest her. Carly refuses to leave Michael to go out of the country.

Friday, May 29, 2005

Jason won't be manipulated by Carly. Carly insists to Jason she needs to be with Michael and Sam agrees. Sonny refuses to cooperate with Ric. Through Liz, Ric gets a possible lead on where Alexis is. Michael says his first words when he sees Carly in jeopardy. Luke's latest plan is a success. Skye makes a deal with Alcazar.

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