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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 2, 2005 on GL
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Monday, May 2, 2005

Harley turns on the charm with Mallet. She hopes that by seducing him she'll be able to convince him to let her out of prison for a day to find Gus and help him. But, Mallet knows her way too well to fall for her trap. She confesses what she wants and receives a cryptic response. Later, Harley asks Mallet to at least get a note to Alan, asking him to find Gus. Mallet promises to deliver it but once Harley leaves, he throws away the note.

Meanwhile, Gus remains locked in a room in the Spaulding basement, looking for a way out and failing, miserably. A vision of Harley inspires him not to give up. The mysterious voice is heard again, asking him to give up his search for Phillip's real killer. Gus tricks his captor into opening a panel in the wall. He grabs hold of his captor's ankle, unaware it's Olivia! She manages to break free of his hold but is left shaken.

At Laurel Falls, Michelle is attempting to say goodbye to Tony when Rick and Bill arrive. She breaks down and confesses she's tired of causing pain for the people she loves. Later, Danny and Fr. Ray find her. Fr. Ray recites a blessing in his brother's honor. When he leaves to make burial arrangements, Michelle stuns Danny by announcing she will be leaving Springfield for a little while to visit her father. She plans to take Robbie with her. Danny tries to change her mind but she argues it will be best for everyone if she leaves. She heads to the airport. Marina, having heard all, appears and surprises Danny when she suggests he go see Michelle off at the airport for a proper goodbye. He leaves Marina and shares an emotional goodbye with Michelle as she boards a plane, leaving both Danny and Springfield behind for a while.

Tuesday, May 3, 2005

When Coop drops by Elizabeth & Company for a letter of recommendation, he finds Lizzie setting up a party for "her friends." But nobody shows! Coop feels sorry for her and when he leaves the restaurant he tries to enlist the help of Josh, Blake and Sebastian. He asks them to try to round up some people Lizzie's age to go to the party. But Josh isn't interested. Blake and Sebastian think it might be a way to get in "good" with Alan, but Coop goes on by himself when they get into a conversation with Josh. They also want Josh's help, but they need him to help bring Alan down. Josh is all for that, but he isn't interested in working with these two because he doesn't think anybody can bring Alan the justice he deserves.

Coop has found some kids to join Lizzie's party. As they come in, she tells Coop he was wrong, she does have friends after all, even if she has never actually met any of them before... But when one of the guys thanks Coop for inviting him, Lizzie realizes he asked them all to come. She angrily tells everyone to leave. Lizzie is very angry at Coop, but he calms her down. As she gives him his letter of recommendation, she tells him she doesn't want him to stop working at her restaurant.

Cassie is in an absolute panic as she believes Alonso has called and is demanding that Will be returned to Saint Cristobel in two weeks. Edmund revels in her attention as she thanks him for being there. They are both a little surprised when Dinah walks in - especially Edmund. He believes she suspects something. When Alonso calls yet again, Edmund puts on quite a display of telling him that Will is staying with Cassie and him. While he puts on this little show, Dinah is listening on the telephone in the next room. When Cassie leaves the room with Will, Edmund stops shouting into the phone, hits the hold button and apologizes to Alonso for having him on hold for so long. He thanks Alonso for putting the pressure on Cassie; it is working. Dinah, of course, has heard this.

Reva has come home from her vacation in Aspen with all sorts of energetic ideas for her television show. But when she meets with the station's director, Reva is fired! Although the director tries to tell her they are going in a "different direction," Reva suspects it is because she is old and they are hiring someone younger. She immediately calls Jonathan and convinces him to join her at a bar where she proceeds to get very drunk!

Tammy has tricked Sandy into joining her for a picnic. He is very happy at the idea of spending a romantic day with her, but she admits the picnic was a lure to get him to help with a school project. She pulls out a video camera and starts to ask him questions about his past. He dodges every question. No matter how hard she tries, he will not talk about his past. They end up going to the same bar where Reva and Jonathan are partying. By the time they arrive, both Reva and Jonathan are very drunk. Jonathan asks Reva for some money to buy more drinks and when he looks in her purse, he finds a severance check. When Jonathan confronts her about the check, Reva tells him the station actually did her a favor - now she can go and enjoy her life! She leaves to go "smell the flowers." Jonathan seems to have a bad feeling about her being alone. While Sandy goes to pay their tab, Tammy talks with Jonathan. She says she doesn't want Reva to get hurt. Jonathan tells her it may be too late already.

Outside in the dark parking lot, Reva finds what she calls her "old car, her old friend." She sees her reflection in the side mirror and grabs a tire iron from the back of the car. She bashes the mirror with the tire iron just in time for Josh to see her. "Reva, what are you doing?"

Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Furious at being fired, Reva breaks the mirror on her van. She covers with a little white lie to Josh. She goes on to a bigger lie - that she quit her job at the station. Josh senses there's more going on but Reva insists she's fine. Alone, Reva heads back to the bar. There she receives a drink and a room key from a secret admirer. Assuming it's Josh trying to romance her, she goes up to the room only to find herself with a very handsome and charming stranger, Nate. Meanwhile, Josh discovers Reva's severance check and realizes she lied about being fired. Olivia and Bill continue to work towards repairing their relationship but Olivia is plagued by her secret about holding Gus captive. Later, Olivia is feeling overwhelmingly guilty as she talks to Gus with a disguised voice, unaware that Bill is about to discover her secret. Dinah realizes that Edmund is playing both sides by vowing to help Cassie keep her son, while encouraging Prince Alonzo to keep fighting for Will. Edmund won't apologize for his actions and tells Dinah he's not going to waste this opportunity he's been given. Meanwhile, Jeffrey has overcome his initial reluctance to get involved in Cassie's problem and arrives with news from Washington about Alonzo's plan. Although things are awkward, both Edmund and Jeffrey work together to put Cassie and her son before everything else.

Thursday, May 5, 2005

Josh angrily confronts Alan about firing Reva. Josh decides joins forces with Sebastian to bring down Spaulding Enterprises from the inside.

Nate and a naked Reva share drinks and laughs in his hotel room. She thanks him for helping her through a lousy day. Reva leaves and finds Josh who doesn't believe her story about Nate. She shoves him when he offers her a job at Lewis. Josh struggles to understand her mood swings and begs her to tell him what she wants. Reva storms off.

Bill finds Olivia crying outside the room where she's holding Gus captive. He gets on the intercom and unknowingly talks to Gus. Olivia lies to get Bill out of there. After they make love, he tries to get her to trust him and tell him the truth.

Desperate to escape, Gus sets his coat on fire. Alan rescues Gus and puts out the fire. Gus pushes him away and accuses him of orchestrating the kidnapping. Gus rejects Alan's pleas of innocence and locks him in the room where he was held captive.

Harley begs Mallet to call Alan so they can find Gus. He refuses, telling her he's only worried about her. Harley dreams about being with Gus.

After Mallet fires the guard Alan bribed, the guard and a female guard assault Harley. Mallet comes to her rescue. For the guards' benefit, he loudly accuses her of trying to make trouble and takes away her privileges. When the guards leave, Mallet tries to help Harley who collapses. Harley awakens and tells Mallet she will never doubt him again.

Friday, May 6, 2005

While Edmund and Cassie are at the farm discussing Alonzo's demand that Will be schooled in San Cristobel , Jeffrey comes to tell Cassie that Alonzo's plane arrived in Washington, DC but due to a heavy storm, he's stranded. When Jeffrey offers to drive Cassie to DC to see Alonso, Edmund objects and tries to convince them that he's more qualified to speak to Alonso. Neither Jeffrey nor Cassie agree. However, she does suggest that Edmund come along with them as well. Dinah, who's overheard everything, invites herself along by pointing out to Edmund that her parents could come along when she's alone and whisk her away to Europe. Later, on the way to DC, Jeffrey's car breaks down and the group is stranded. Edmund tells Dinah that he plans to take advantage of this situation by going with Cassie for help. However, Dinah warns Edmund that her being alone with Jeffrey might not be such a good idea since she might accidentally let his dealings with Alonzo slip. While Edmund and Dinah are discussing this, Jeffrey decides to go for help and Cassie tags along with them.

Gus staggers into Company telling Buzz that Harley's in trouble. Buzz, who's shocked to finally see Gus, tries to get him to go to the hospital, but Gus refuses. Gus tells Buzz (within earshot of Lizzie) that Alan locked him in the basement of the mansion, but he turned the tables and has Alan locked away now. Gus keeps telling Buzz that he has to go in and see Harley, but Buzz can't see a way for that to happen. Suddenly, as if by fate, a drunken prison guard staggers into the place. While Buzz serves the already inebriated guard a beer, Gus makes plans to knock him over the head. However, before he has a chance, Buzz is able to trick the guard into stripping off his clothes. Armed with the guard's clothes, Gus has the perfect means to get into the prison.

Straight from hearing about Alan locking up Gus, Lizzie hurries out of Company and grabs Coop to help her get Alan out. They go to the basement and after a while end up finding the room where Alan is. However, when Alan pleads to be let out, Lizzie asks if what Gus said true.. Did Alan lock him up? Alan claims his innocent, but Lizzie doesn't believe him and is reluctant to let him out. Coop, who's freaking out because Alan is, accuses Lizzie of being cruel and demands that she unlock the door. Lizzie maintains that she's scared because of what Alan did to Gus. She's afraid because it's something her father would have done near the end. Lizzie then surprises Coop by suggesting that Gus could be right about Harley--she could be innocent and Lizzie is upset because Alan doesn't even seem to care about who really killed Phillip, he just wants someone to pay. Finally, Lizzie agrees to let Alan out. When Alan sees Coop, he goes ballistic and attacks him, forcing Lizzie to threaten to lock him back in there if he doesn't stop. Shocked at what she just said, Alan demands to know why she didn't open the door for him right away. Alan blames Coop and Lizzie admits that it was, because Coop opened her eyes to what her family was. Lizzie defiantly tells Alan that she doesn't want to end up like him or her father and leaves. Later, outside Company, Lizzie reveals her fear to Coop that she'll end up being like the rest of her family. Coop assures her that she doesn't have to and gives her a hug. In the meantime, Alan's on the phone telling someone that it's time--Harley Cooper has to disappear.

Mallet is trying to keep Harley awake in his office since she's suffering from a concussion from the beating the fired guards gave her. Harley, who initially called Mallet "Gus", keeps maintaining that she's fine and wants to go back to her cell, but she's extremely wobbly and Mallet won't let her leave the office. He wants her to spend the night in the infirmary, but then learns there are no beds there tonight; she's stuck in his office. In order to keep Harley from falling asleep, Mallet takes her to the balcony for some fresh air while he reminisces about the time they were in the root cellar during the Weatherill case. Mallet asks Harley if she ever thinks about them, but she says no. Harley starts to get a little angry and tells Mallet he's a jerk, just like he was when they first met at the Academy and he was so hard on her. Mallet admits that the reason he was hard on her was because he was in love with her. When Mallet asks if talking about the past makes her uncomfortable, she states that it makes her angry. He suggests that she's angry because it still hurts. Harley doesn't admit it and asks Mallet why he's here now. He doesn't give her an answer. While a tired Harley rests her eyes, with her head on his lap, Gus enters the office.

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