All My Children Recaps: The week of April 25, 2005 on AMC

Zach gave Kendall an engagement ring. Greenlee learned that Ryan was not interested in having children. Tad blackmailed a prison warden to protect Krystal. Adam was suspicious of Di.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of April 25, 2005 on AMC
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Monday, April 25, 2005

Di said she'd explain how she is the answer to JR's prayers if he'd invite her in. Adam was not amused to see her and realize that Tad knew her. He demanded to know what she wanted and she said she was there to join his family. She introduced herself as Diana Cole and said she was there to apply for the job of nanny. Di asked if the stories were true and if he was so hard to work for. Adam was suspicious but JR wanted to interview her. Adam and Tad fought but Adam denied being vicious enough to pretend Dixie was still alive, no matter how much it would hurt Tad because it would also hurt JR. Di gave JR a fake resume and told a story about the boys she used to take care of, a story very similar to JR's childhood with Dixie. JR introduced her to little Adam. Tad finally believed Adam and began to wonder if Dixie really could be alive. Adam refused to believe it, but JR overheard Tad say there was a good chance Dixie was alive.

Greenlee accosted Zach about how his games have cost everyone too much. Kendall joined in, but Zach defended himself as he gave her a huge ring. Kendall said Ethan's ring was better, so Zach offered to buy her any ring she wanted. Greenlee saw it and blew up but Zach only said Kendall would make whatever choice is right for her. Kendall kept her focused on Ryan and Greenlee suddenly knew where Ryan must be but didn't want to push him by chasing him. Kendall explained she understands Ryan and how it feels to fear inheriting a monster gene and offered to talk to him.

Ethan told a stunned Maria about Zach's proposal to Kendall. Maria didn't believe it. Ethan explained how Zach has turned on her too. Maria stayed in denial until Zach showed up and admitted it and said it was time to move on. Maria tearfully asked if he could say he doesn't love her anymore. Zach only wanted them to stop hurting each other. Maria wished him happiness and he said that wasn't an option for him.

Ryan showed up at the scene of the explosion and was told they could not recover any bodies. Ryan saw Jonathan who asked if he was happy now that Braden and he were dust. Jonathan took glee in seeing Ryan appear to lose his mind and continued to blame Ryan for how he turned out. As Ryan lashed out, he realized Sam was there. Sam thanked him for killing the guy who killed Edmund and said he didn't blame Ryan. After Sam left, Jonathan returned to Ryan and blamed him for everything and intentionally killing his own brother. Kendall and Greenlee found Ryan shouting "shut up" alone in the woods. He told them Jonathan is still out there and he had to come back to say goodbye. He resisted Greenlee's advice and apologized to Kendall. Kendall waxed poetic about his future, with kids, and Ryan turned on Greenlee. He insisted he won't change his mind about kids.

At the high school, the kids turned on Lily and made fun of her, blaming her for all the deaths because she didn't come forward sooner. Sam showed up and saw the sign calling Lily "The Autistic Terminator" and defended her against the others. When one of the girls touched Lily, she lashed out and hit her. There was a huge scene and Sam defended Lily to the principal, to no avail. They chatted and continued to bond while sitting outside the principal's office.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Tad told J.R. that the clues about Dixie are out there but it was still a pretty far-fetched idea that she was still alive. Tad told him what the doctor from Switzerland said and that no body was found in the wrecked car and a Jane Doe showed up at a doctor's clinic. J.R. accused Tad of pulling the scam about Dixie to get between he and Adam. Di told J.R. that she wished his mother could be there to share in little Adam's life. J.R. told Di that she reminded him of his mother. Di said that she shouldn't be his son's nanny and shouldn't be in his house. Di explained that if she reminded him of his mother that it would be too hard for him to be around her. J.R. told her that although she and Dixie looked alike it would still work out. She accepted the nanny position. Adam told J.R. that something about that woman bothered him. Di, having pangs of guilt, told David that Tad and J.R. love Dixie so much that his scheme could do real damage.

Krystal told David not to tell babe about the "blanket" party in prison. Krystal suggested to David that they pretend to be in love so Tad will move on with his life and Brooke will write her article in Tempo about prison abuse. Krystal told David she thought that she would be attacked again. David promised to get her out of prison.

Kendall and Greenlee argued about how to help Ryan. Kendall told Greenlee she should be more subtle with Ryan. Greenlee told her to keep her nuggets of insanity to herself. Simone asked Kendall to go to the roof to get her book knowing that Ethan was up there waiting on Kendall. Ethan admitted to Kendall that he didn't tell her the whole truth because he didn't trust her. He asked her if she hated him so much that she would marry his father. He begged her not to throw it all away and still wanted another chance. Kendall told Ethan that he deserved to get hurt. Kendall showed Ethan the ring that Zach gave her and told him that Zach had been completely honest with her. Ethan kissed her and told her that although he lied about what he saw in the stables at Wildwind, he never lied about how much he loved her. He told her he would do anything to make her happy. She told him she would marry him that night if he signed over Cambias to his father.

Aidan, still furious with Ryan told him that he wouldn't help find his sister. Aidan blamed Ryan for Steve's death. He told him that if he had not run off from him and Tad, maybe things would have been different. Ryan told Aidan that he didn't think, he just reacted. Aidan asked Ryan when the last time he talked to Erin was and he told him it had been a while. Aidan told Ryan that maybe Jonathan had been talking to her, but Ryan told him he didn't know if that was the case and he wanted to make sure she was alright. Aidan said, "You mean alive, right?" Ryan told Aidan to shut-up but Aidan asked him if he thought that Jonathan killed her too. Ryan attacked Aidan but Tad came in a broke up the fight. Aidan explained what happened to Tad and told him that he would not be a part in helping Ryan. Tad told Aidan to put his best people in Europe on the trail of "Jane Doe."

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Ryan comes home and Greenlee tells him that his timing is perfect. She has jazz playing and his favorite meal, from a local restaurant, warming in the kitchen. He is pleased when she tells him that the plan is to relax that evening. She says that she wants to ask him something and hands him some maps, suggesting a road trip. He ponders the idea while she gets dinner ready. While they eat, he starts to relax and they joke about where to visit on their trip. He tells her that he loves her. They start to kiss and she gets up to pull him into the bedroom. He hesitates and asks if she wants to make love...or make a baby. She tells him that she wants to be with him and misses him. He says that he wants the same, but not a baby. She agrees that they are on the same page. He gets up and grabs an appointment book that she left on a nearby table. He looks up that day and she has it marked as her ovulation period. She tells him that she marked it months ago. He asks if that is true and she confesses that it's not. She reminds him that he wanted this as badly as she did until he found out that he was a full-blooded Lavery and his brother was crazy. She asks him if he ever thought that Bianca should not of had Miranda because she would turn out like Michael Cambias. She tells him that he would be a wonderful father and they would be so lucky to have a family. She goes to say that he wanted this once, he'll want it again and she'll wait. He firmly says that there will be no baby...ever. He tells her that he won't be responsible for bringing a child into this world and if she wants things to be o.k., she won't mention this again. She asks since when does he run her life and their marriage and tells him that she wants to have a baby. He says that it's a deal-breaker and he means it. She asks if he is implying that he'll end their marriage over it. He says nothing and grabs his coat and leaves. She sits down in disbelief.

Kendall tells Ethan that she'll marry him of he signs over Cambias Industries to Zach. He is relieved that she still loves him. She replies that she does, but wants the man that loves her more than money or his hatred for his father. He asks if his only option is that Zach gets either Cambias or her. She tells him not to think about it, just go with his gut...will it be "Here Comes the Bride" or "There She Goes"? He says that he had nothing and now he is Cambias and wants to be able to treat her like a princess. She says that she doesn't like who he is, lately, and reminds him how he stopped development on the Miranda Center...along with bribing a witness, lying to the police and framing his father. Ethan tells her that he explained the situation with the Miranda Center and that it would be finished by the fall. He asks her again if she'll marry him. She tells him that he is the man that Zach warned him he'd become. She reminds him that he made her promise to not let him become that man and she is trying to keep that promise now. She wants to know if it has worked before she gives him an answer. He reminds her that she was the one to push him into claiming what was rightfully his. She tells him that she was wrong and that selling your soul is hard the first time, but gets easier after that. She goes on to say that if he hates his father that much, let him have Cambias and the curse that goes with it. He asks her if she wants Zach to win. She says that if he wants to win her, he has to let Zach win Cambias. He thinks that Zach has manipulated her into doing his dirty work for him. She says that he can save her from Zach by giving Cambias up. He tells her that by saying she wants the old Ethan, she is implying that he's changed. She replies that he has. He tells her that she thinks he is crossing over to the dark-side, but it's Zach's words that are convincing her of that. She says that Zach can't hurt them if they are together, but he needs to cut Cambias loose in order for them to move on. He asks how they are supposed to live. She reminds him that she fell in love with him when he had no money and she wants that Ethan back. He replies that that was Ethan Ramsey, who was kept from his parents and didn't belong, and he hoped to never see that Ethan again. She says that she doesn't care what he calls himself, she just wants him to give her back that man. He tells her that she doesn't want him the way he is and, to beat him, she'll go to Zach if she can't have him the way that she wants. He goes on to say that he loves her more than anything, but that isn't enough. She wants more than he can give her and he can't do it. He sadly tells her that he is sorry as he leaves her crying on the rooftop.

At the Valley Inn, Erica argues with the manager about her wedding arrangements. Zach walks up to their table and says that he can help. She dismisses the manager and asks how he can help. He offers to let her use his casino. She reminds him that it as been shut down. He tells her that Kendall has dumped Ethan. Erica is elated. Zach then tells her that he has asked Kendall to marry him. They move over to the bar. She tells him that Kendall will never love him. He agrees and says that is why he asked her and why she'll say yes. He explains how Kendall's share will secure Bianca and Miranda's future. Erica grabs a knife off the bar and calmly threatens that if he marries her daughter, his blood will be shed all over the altar. She then stabs a lime and walks out. He is approached by Anita, who asks if they can talk. She apologizes for accusing him of murdering Edmund. She admits that she overheard his conversation with Erica and wonders why he would propose to Kendall when he still loves Maria. She blames herself for pushing Maria to stay with Edmund, even though she didn't know what everybody felt or wanted in the situation. Zach replies that they ruined themselves and she is not to blame. She tells him that Maria still loves him and it's not too late. He says that Maria will always be the most compelling person to him, but this is where it ends. She makes an analogy about Maria being high-stakes poker and if he takes a risk, there could be a big pay-off.

Jackson and Lily arrive home from school with Maria and Sam. Jackson asks Lily what Autumn said to upset her. She says that Autumn was right, she is the Autistic Terminator and it's her fault that people died. She tells him that she incorrectly identified the killer and they couldn't understand her. He tries to explain that she did great and it was his fault that he didn't understand. He tells her that he is proud of her and she says the same to him. Jackson asks Sam to take Lily out for ice cream. After they are gone, he loses his composure and vents to Maria about his anger at Ryan for dragging Greenlee, Lily and Kendall into danger. Maria warns him that he'll push Greenlee away if he tries to come between her and Ryan. She uses herself as an example and says that she didn't listen to Edmund's demands to stay away from Zach. She wonders out loud about how things could have been different and starts to get upset. Jackson comforts her with a hug. Erica walks in and asks Jackson to take his hands off of her because she is to blame for all of this. She goes on to explain how Zach has proposed to Kendall. Erica realizes that Maria isn't surprise about the news and already knew. She asks her why she didn't talk some sense into Zach. Maria replies that he and Kendall are adults. Erica starts to explain the situation to Jackson, but asks him if they can do it in private. Maria takes the hint and leaves. Erica tells him that they need to form a united front to convince Kendall that this is a huge mistake. He agrees to help her if she will help him with Greenlee. Erica tells him that she is on Greenlee's side in the matter and doesn't think she should leave Ryan. They start to argue about it. Jackson tells her that if she doesn't help him with Greenlee, she is on her own with Kendall. Erica leaves.

Sam and Lily are eating ice cream in the park. He asks her if she is o.k. She explains that she is good at math, mysteries and puzzles...but not people. She tries to study their tone, expressions and body language, but she still gets it wrong sometimes. She says that she doesn't understand people and they don't understand her. Sam tells her that he has the same problem...especially with his mother. He asks her why she got so upset when Autumn touched her. She explains how she is uncomfortable with being touched. She goes on to say that she can be touched by people like her father, Bianca and her boyfriend. Sam seems disappointed and asks if her boyfriend goes to their school. He's surprised when she mentions Aidan's name. She tells him that Aidan didn't have the flutters for her, like she had for him, but he probably gets them for Anita. She says that she wants to get over him and that Greenlee and Kendall are helping her to do so. Sam smiles and thinks that it a good idea. Later, Maria is walking through the park and smiles when she see them talking.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Unbeknownst to Greenlee, Ryan took his bike out riding all night to clear his head. She is in the midst of making panicked phone calls to hospitals when her husband walks in. She quickly gets off the phone and rushes to him, exclaiming how worried she was. Ryan acts as if it's no big deal, and says when he does it again, he'll call. She is flabbergasted that a repeat performance is even an option. After a moment, Greenlee apologizes again for trying to make a baby with him, without his consent. She then tells him that taking off without letting her know and making her worry is not a fair tradeoff. After being met with silence, she asks if they can go back to the good part before she messed up. Still offering up no answers, Greenlee gives up and starts to walk away, frustrated. Ryan calls out to her and apologizes, saying it wasn't his intent to try to get her back. Her temper tamed slightly, she turns around and tells him that the therapist called while he was gone. Ryan, agitated because the doctor wasn't able to help Jonathan, tells her to throw the message out. Greenlee reminds him that Jonathan fooled everyone, and that it might not be such a great idea to close the door on therapy. Ryan flips out and he demands that Greenlee stop trying to fix him. Greenlee reminds him that he once said that he needed help to work through his problems, but Ryan insists that he changed his mind. Still unwilling to abandon the idea, Greenlee tells him that he needs to deal with what happened, and she says that she knows she can help him. Ryan then suggests that it's her that has the problem, and that her mission to save him is a way to avoid focusing on her own issues. Greenlee admits that she is still hurting over everything that went down, but she refuses to let Ryan turn everything around and lay it all on her shoulders. Ryan tells her, with a note of finality, that if she doesn't have a problem, then they don't have one as a couple.

Shortly thereafter, Greenlee storms back into the living room with a tray and starts to clean up the food from the night before. Ryan interrupts her to apologize, saying that riding around on his bike for hours does so much more for him than lying on a couch in a doctor's office. Greenlee apologizes again, saying that she just doesn't want their conflicting ways of dealing with tragedy to break them up. Ryan swears that they will be fine - they just need to accept that they are going to make different choices to make it to the same goal. Just then, Greenlee notices the bruise on his face and his scratched up hands. She asks what happened and Ryan immediately goes on the defense again, backing away from her and not allowing her to examine him. Again, Greenlee tells him that she just wants to help, and again Ryan shuts her out by saying he needs space, not someone smothering him, or a shrink or a baby.

Greenlee reenters the living room and finds Ryan staring thoughtfully out the sliding glass doors. She attempts to be helpful and asks if she can get Ryan something to eat. Still exceedingly touchy, he tells Greenlee that he needs space and sleep. Taken aback, she tells him she won't stop him from getting what he needs. He asks her to stay in the living room while he sleeps in the bedroom, and she agrees. After he storms off, Greenlee decides to give Ryan a taste of his own medicine, and takes off without a word.

Brooke shows up at Wildwind, much to Maria's dismay. She has some new papers for the estate that she needs to drop off. Upon seeing how she is dressed, Brooke asks if Maria plans on attending the ceremony that evening, where Edmund will be posthumously given a humanitarian award. Maria admits that she had forgotten about it, mainly because the event will be extolling Edmund's virtues. Maria forces a cheerful tone into her voice as she talks about how great the evening will be, and how much she looks forward to choking out a speech filled with gratitude for her lying, vengeful husband. Just then, Maddie enters the room. She regards her mother with disdain and then brightly greets Brooke with a smile and a hug. Maddie then starts to ask Brooke about buying something with money from her share of the estate. With Maria looking on, Brooke tells the youngest Grey that even though she is the trustee, approval is still needed from her mother. The doorbell rings, and Maria announces that Maddie is well aware of the rules, and then goes to answer the door. With her mother gone, Maddie pleads her case for a new computer. She says that the one she has is old and that it doesn't have the components needed for her schoolwork. She also says that she spends a lot of time at her friends' houses because they have more state of the art machines. Brooke is taken in, and says that she will look into the details. As Maria rejoins them in the living room, Maddie flounces out, announcing that Brooke has agreed to buy her a new computer. With her daughter gone, Maria's temper starts to boil to the surface. She informs Brooke that she bought Maddie a new computer last month, and that what the teenager really wants is something that will burn DVDs. Brooke tries to explain that she wasn't aware of that information, but Maria doesn't want to hear it. She demands that Brooke leave and stay away from her kids. Brooke acknowledges Maria's anger, but informs her that she will not be held accountable for Edmund's actions and decisions before he died. Despite Maria's surly remarks, Brooke tells her that it hurt her just as much as it hurt Maria to watch someone she loved turn into someone unrecognizable. Unmoved by her passionate speech, Maria slings a few more disparaging remarks her way. Frustrated, Brooke put the paperwork on the table and says that if Maria can't make the ceremony, she can find someone to accept the award for Edmund. Maria tells her that she thinks she can make it, as well as think of some nice things to say.

Before Brooke can leave, Maria brings Maddie down to the living room so that they can all talk. Brooke informs Maddie that she knows the truth about why she wants a new computer, and that she doesn't like being played for a fool. She tells Maddie she won't be getting a new computer and Maddie is furious. She sarcastically thanks her mother and storms back upstairs. After they are alone again, Maria asks that all future estate business be handled by fax or messenger - anything to keep Brooke away from the house and the family. Brooke responds that she will comply with Maria's wishes as much as possible, but that if her duties as trustee require her presence, Maria will just have to deal with it.

Tad visits Krystal at the prison, and she warns him that he can't talk to the warden about providing better protection. Tad brushes her concerns off, determined to change the situation. Just as she starts to launch into another speech as to why his plan is a bad one, the warden comes in. She is none too pleased at being summoned and gives him two minutes of her time, with the stipulation that it not involve Krystal's case. Tad quickly drops two keywords, and knows that their meaning will give him all the time he wants. Tad offers to discuss what he knows in the warden's office, but she doesn't crack that easily and swears she has nothing to hide. Initially, Tad mentions a mail order company that hires ex-convicts, but she explains that away as legal easily enough. This is something Tad knows, but he also knows that she has managed to procure a convertible, a condo in Costa Rica and a secret bank account in the Grand Cayman. He then tells her that while he doesn't blame her for skimming money off the top, she should be concerned that "someone" will call the newspapers and the IRS and expose her. Defeated, the warden sits and asks what Tad wants from her. He tells her that he wants Krystal outfitted with more protection while she is a prisoner. The warden is unsure of how to do that, but Tad tells her he has already put the wheels in motion. In an hour's time he'll make a phone call, and a friend of his on the prison board will fax a letter that Tad drafted to her office. The letter contains some suggestions as to how she can comply with his wishes. With nothing left to say, the warden takes her leave and Tad rejoins Krystal at her table. She starts to inquire as to what he'd just done, but Tad tells her that she would be better off not knowing. Further, he assures her that all of her problems are taken care of. He tells her that there will be extra guards watching out for her and she thanks him with a hug. Almost immediately, she tries to nudge him out the door, under the guise of not keeping him from his life outside or any woman that might be waiting for him. Tad assures her that he is fine where he is, but before he can completely convince her, David walks in. He strides over to Krystal and lays a lingering kiss on her. When she finally manages to break it off, she asks David to step away for a moment so that she can say her goodbyes to Tad. Once he does, she apologizes to Tad for making him witness that. She tries to convince him that through all that has happened, she and David have started to grow closer and fall for one another. Tad doesn't believe her because he knows that when she is nervous or lying, she chews on her lip - and she did just that through the story. Krystal immediately confesses and says that her greatest worry is that he will miss out on the love of a lifetime because he is carrying a torch for her. Not swayed from his emotions, Tad just takes his leave before he is hurt anymore. Krystal stops him briefly to thank him, and then watches him walk out.

Upset at how things ended with Tad, Krystal starts to lash out at David. He stops her, reminding her that they are on the same side. She apologizes, blaming it on a bad day. She informs David that Tad didn't believe a word that she said. David tells her that there is only one thing left to do. Krystal thinks he means that they should bag the whole act, but David tells her that they should stop acting and make it real. Krystal doesn't think it could work, but David thinks it will do her good to have something else to think about besides Babe and dodging attacks on the inside. This reminds David that he has a former patient who has the power to influence the prison board. He believes that he can lean on this person to get things to change. Krystal takes the opportunity to tell him that Tad already took care of everything. Slightly amused, David quips that Tad is amazing and that he'd probably bring someone back from the dead for his next trick. Suspicious, Krystal asks what that is supposed to mean, and David dismisses it.

Di wanders into the study at the Chandler mansion, picks up something on the floor, and spots a photo album as she places the item on the table. She sits down with the album so that she can get a better look, but is interrupted by Adam shortly thereafter. He demands to know why she is in the study snooping, and who she really is. Adam bans her from entering the study again, and then explains that he doesn't think snooping is one her duties as nanny. Di insists that he read the situation wrong - and that she only wanted to see what JR's mother looked like. Adam tells her that he doesn't trust her, and Di fires back, citing that it is ludicrous to come to such a conclusion just because she was looking at pictures. Adam clarifies and says that she has been entrusted with a family treasure, and he would feel more comfortable if he knew more about her. Understanding as much, Di tells him to feel free to look at her references, and notes that JR seems to be pleased by them. She then asks if it is really her that Adam doesn't trust, or if it's JR. Miffed, Adam runs down a brief list of what is expected of her in the capacity of nanny to his grandson, and what is not. Di apologizes for being so confrontational, but she says that she takes her job very seriously and she tends to lose it when her integrity is questioned. Adam is unconvinced that she has any integrity, and Di feels the need to explain what kind of information she can glean from pictures that will help her do a better job. Adam tells her that all of the extraneous things she thinks she can help out with are none of her concern - that all matters concerning the emotional well-being of JR and his son would be handled solely by Adam. Taking her turn at being offended, Di points out what a wonderful job he has done to this point.

Jamie is working on a motorcycle at the shop when JR comes in and tips it over on his brother. Then, leaning part of his weight on top of the bike, he demands that Jamie make Tad stop spreading lies about Dixie. Completely in the dark about what has been going on, Jamie tells his brother as much. Just then, Babe comes into the shop and demands that JR let Jamie up. She backs up her menacing tone by grabbing a metal tool and threatening to beat him over the head with it. JR dares her to do it, telling her that he might have to climb over the bike to get out of the way. Babe doesn't back down and says that she will make good on her threat and call it self defense, because he was attempting to kill Jamie. She then tells him that after she does that, she'll take that information to the courts and regain custody of their son. Briefly considering that possibility, JR gives one more slight push down on the bike and then releases it completely. Jamie slides out from underneath the bike and starts to go at JR. Barely containing himself, he announces that since JR couldn't kill him in Florida, perhaps he was going for another ambush today. He invites JR to bring it if he still wants in on the fight. Jamie pulls him arm back, with every intention of knocking his brother out, but Babe stops him. She tells her fiancé that if he follows through, JR will find a way to use it against her with Child Services. Jamie backs off and tells JR he has 30 seconds to leave the premises. JR shoots back that Jamie has just about as much time to call his dad off from spreading lies. Making a threat of his own, JR promises that if Tad isn't stopped, JR will come back and knock his brother's brains out. After he leaves and Babe is sure that Jamie is okay, she verbalizes her fears about JR's mental state. Jamie tells her that this outburst is different because it is fueled somehow by his mother.

A short time later, Adam goes after Di again, suggesting that perhaps she is a reporter looking for the latest inside scoop on the Chandler family - or perhaps a deranged fan who followed the custody battle in the papers and forced her way in to get closer to the family. Di insists she is just a hard working woman, trying to do her job and trying to fit in as best she can. Adam tells her that he has a problem with the hired help being so confrontational, but before he can move in to try to draw blood again, JR enters the study. He mocks his father by asking if his problem with Di is that she didn't immediately click her heels and say "Yes sir." Adam tries to win his son over to his side by telling him Di was snooping. Di immediately comes to her own defense and reveals that she was looking at a photo album. JR gives Di permission to look at whatever she wants, precisely because he wants her to get to know the family. Adam, perturbed by his son's flippant attitude, asks to speak with him privately, but JR feels there is nothing to discuss. He announces that he is happy with Di in her current position and notes that, more importantly, his son is happy with her. He gives his father the option of dealing with Di as the new nanny, or taking his frustrations elsewhere.

With Adam gone, JR and DI look over the photo album together. She asks a few questions, and then JR apologizes for his father's behavior, noting that Adam hates it when he's not in control. Di lets it all go, having come to that conclusion already. She apologizes for rocking the boat, but JR assures her that it's not a problem - he likes that she wants to get to know the family. He then regales with a story from his youth, and Di notes that she sees a lot of Dixie in JR.

Tad returns to the headquarters of the PI agency and finds his son reading the file he started on Dixie. He admonishes his son for violating the confidentiality of the files, but Jamie pays little attention, opting instead to ask why his father didn't tell him what was going on. After Jamie explains the events of the day, Tad apologizes for JR. Jamie isn't worried about it, feeling that he can handle anything his brother can dish out. He simply wants to know everything that is going on, and Tad tells him that everything to know is in the file Jamie just read. Jamie tells his father that JR believes Tad is responsible, and Tad tells Jamie that he believed Adam was behind it all. Knowing now that neither scenario is true, Jamie wants to know if Tad thinks there is any truth to the story. Tad tells Jamie that after the Jane Doe met with the doctor, the trail goes cold. He also tells his son not to jump to conclusions because it's still a long shot to think that Dixie is still alive - but Jamie knows that Tad has been considering the possibility. He also knows that if Dixie is alive - everything will change.

Stuart is gardening out on the patio when Babe calls to him from the bushes. She tells him that she had to make sure that Little Adam was okay, and then tells him about the incident between JR and Jamie at the shop. Stuart assures her that JR would never do anything to hurt his son, but Babe is still worried. She asks if Stuart could check on the baby, just to ease her mind. Stuart happily agrees but as he turns around to do so, they see Adam at the door. He tells Babe that she has just a few seconds to explain why she is on his property - or he will call Child Services to have her visitation revoked. Stuart tries to defend Babe, saying that she loves her son and shouldn't be punished. Adam tells his brother that by staying, he is making things worse, and Adam is getting angrier. Wanting to avoid that situation, Stuart goes into the living room. When they are alone, Adam asks again for an explanation. Babe relates the day's events to him as well, and Adam is skeptical - thinking it just another way for her to try to get custody. Just then, JR joins them on the patio, demanding to know why Babe is there. She tells her ex-husband that after the stunt he pulled, she was worried about the safety of their son. JR tells her that Little Adam is just fine, and that he loves his new nanny. Babe wants to know who was hired just as Di walks out to join them. Babe immediately recognizes her and can't believe her eyes. The Chandler men are curious as to how they know each other, and initially Di says they traded a few words at a bus stop recently. Unable to believe that she would make light of what really happened, Babe volunteers the rest of the story - she tells Adam and JR that someone is trying to kill Di.

Maria arrives at the ceremony, and immediately grabs a glass of champagne. She sees a poster of Edmund's face and mutters unkind things about the man she once loved.

Friday, May30, 2005

Di tells Babe, Adam and JR that the car missed her by a mile and was not intentionally trying to run her over. Babe thinks otherwise, saying that she saw the man behind the wheel hit the gas pedal and stare directly at Di. When Babe tries to go get little Adam away from Di, JR quickly stands in her way. Di says that it was just a kid playing a prank and excuses herself to go get the baby, but Babe yells that Di is not going anywhere near her son. Adam tells JR that he is no fool for Babe's stories, but perhaps, it might be worth looking into what she saw. JR says that Babe is just trying to get custody of little Adam, also why she said Adam's health was unstable. JR warns Babe that she can go to the judge and plea her case, but no one will believe her and threatens that her visitation will get revoked. Adam and JR leave, which gives Di a chance to meet Stuart outside. After they introduce themselves, Di starts asking questions about Babe. Stuart tells her that she has made some bad choices, but she has learned from them and is overall, a good person who just loves her son.

Tad tells Jamie that it is not possible Dixie's car ran off the cliff, she managed to survive, escape the car then find herself a doctor. Jamie agrees that it is a wild story, but knows that his father is hoping it could be true. Tad disagrees with Jamie, citing Dixie is dead, but Jamie encourages him not to give up hope. The telephone rings and Tad picks it up. He says that Aidan could not confirm if the Jane Doe was pregnant, but that she did undergo facial surgery because of extensive face injuries. Tad confirms that the woman was an American but taken to a hospital in Germany after the surgery. Tad still tries to think the woman is not Dixie. Babe comes in and tells them about the new nanny and that she wants her gone. Tad wonders if Babe will ever like any of little Adam's nannies. Babe says that it is not personal, but that she is worried about her son's safety. Tad says he may not have his private investigator license, but that he can still check Di out for them. Babe and Jamie thank him before leaving.

Olivia pays Zach a visit at his office and tells him that if they go to court, there is a strong chance he could take Cambias Industries away from Ethan. Zach tells her he is ready to pursue it, which delights Olivia, joking that if she wins, they could both get a bit richer. Olivia warns him the trial could get ugly, but Zach does not care. She asks him if he wished he hadn't gone so far, if he could start over and simply rewrite the past. Zach replies that he can't afford to think that way. Olivia, not wanting the answer she got, tells Zach she will let him know his court date then leaves. Zach sits in his office and ponders about what Olivia said, as far as taking mistakes back and starting over.

Pine Valley residents start waltzing into the Valley Inn Restaurant before the ceremony begins to honor Edmund. Maria begins her own party and starts consuming as many wineglasses as she can get. She sits down and starts thinking about Zach accusing Ethan of lying and vice versa and Zach saying that her husband could walk. When she gets up to go outside on the terrace, she runs into Brooke, who states that Palmer, president of the Pine Valley Commerce Club, has asked her to present the Humanitarian Award to Edmund, but if she was not comfortable with that, other arrangements could be made. Maria, already feeling the kick of the wine, tells Brooke she doesn't care and sees it as a chance for Brooke to "stick it to her."

Jackson finds Erica and tells her that he tried to call her to confirm he was going to pick her up, but she never answered. Erica asks if her personal assistant called him to tell him she would not need him to pick her. Jackson says yes, but he would have preferred to hear it from her. Erica retorts that sometimes, people can't always have what they want. Jackson asks her if they can put aside their differences for the night, but Erica says she has no differences with him, except of course, that he won't help her save Kendall from Zach's claws. She leaves Jackson astounded and follows Kendall into the ladies bathroom. Kendall immediately spills out that her mother was right about Ethan, but has found the perfect way to get her revenge. Erica sees her bare hand and assumes Zach has not given her a ring and she has not accepted his proposal. Kendall says there is a ring, but she has not accepted anything yet. Erica warns her that Zach is using her to get revenge on Ethan, but Kendall disagrees. Kendall says Zach has been more open and honest with her than any other man and if she marries him, it will be for her own selfish reasons. Maria walks in and Erica begins to apologize for what she heard, but Maria stops her. Kendall begins the catfight, calling Maria a bitch for her recent choices. Maria takes it all in stride, even when Kendall gloats about her possible engagement to Zach. After Kendall leaves, Erica tries to reach out and help Maria with her hurt, but Maria wants nothing from her. Erica reminds her that when she began hooked to pills, she never got a chance to thank Maria for saving her. She notes that when you are in that kind of pain, sometimes you will find anything to heal it, or take the edge off. Maria sees she is talking about her alcohol intake and snaps that she does not have a problem. Erica offers to help her anyway she can then leaves.

Simone runs into Ethan at the banquet and apologizes for their plan to lure Kendall to him not working. She tells him that if he had been honest with Kendall in the first place, she would not have left him. Ethan asks Simone to convince Kendall to come back to him and although Simone says it won't do any good, she agrees to help. She sees Kendall come back from the restroom and apologizes for tricking her at Fusion. Kendall says Simone is not sorry and would do it again in a heartbeat. When Simone asks her if she is mad at her, Kendall says no and even offers Ethan as some type of door prize.

Kendall visits Palmer, who warns to leave Zach alone, but Kendall smiles, telling Palmer perhaps he should keep Mary out of his bed. JR arrives at the banquet, tracks down Kendall and admits that he was scheming with Ethan, but still cares about her. Kendall tells him she might marry Zach, causing JR to angrily ask her how many times she is going to pick the wrong man. Kendall walks away and calls Zach to talk about his proposal.

Ethan goes over to Jackson, citing that they may their differences, but they both wants Zach to go down. Jackson agrees to help, but warns him that he will be watching him very closely to make sure Bianca and Miranda are not robbed of what is theirs. Mary comes over to Jackson, acting absolutely mortified that no one told her about Greenlee's kidnapping and scolding Jackson for not telling her because parents are supposed to protect their children. Jackson agrees, quoting, "Where were you?" Jackson finds Erica and informs her that he is going to help Ethan because Bianca told him that she does not want Kendall to marry Zach and lose Cambias Industries. Erica sarcastically thanks him for "keeping her in the loop" and walks off. Opal and Erica run into each other and make up after Opal tipped the press off about Lily witnessing Edmund's murder.

Simone tells Ethan their plan did not work and Kendall said that she could have him now. Ethan tells Simone that she is sweet, but not the one for him.

Palmer starts the evening by introducing Brooke just as Zach walks in. Brooke says that Edmund wrote the way he lived, with bravery and heart. He would say he was not a hero, but Brooke disagrees, citing he loved his family and his children with all he had. Brooke hands the award to Maria and everyone starts clapping. Maria does not take the award from Brooke and tells her keep the award because her husband left her everything anyways.



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