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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of April 25, 2005 on DAYS
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Monday, April 25, 2005

At Salem Hospital, Chloe told Nancy that she ran into Brady at the church, but that he didn't know it was her. Chloe felt strange overhearing Brady talk about how if Chloe were alive they would be together, married with children. Nicole, dressed as an OR nurse, listened nearby, swearing to stop the surgery. The on call nurse attempted to introduce Nicole to Chloe as the nurse for her surgery, but a quick thinking Nicole kept her face covered, blaming allergies. As the nurse told Chloe that Dr. Weiss was the best surgeon for her injuries, she also warned that bad imaging test results might cancel the surgery. Chloe headed off for bed as an eager Nicole attempted to switch Chloe's test results and halt the surgery. Unfortunately, Nicole was surprised by Nancy who yelled, "What are you doing?!"

Down the hallway, Abby woke up after her surgery to learn from Jennifer that Chelsea was still critical and that her parents were dead. Mother and daughter solemnly wished Jack could be there with them for Abby's birthday.

Also at Salem Hospital, Bo and Billie discovered a luggage tag with a nearby address in Ogden. Billie immediately wanted to rush off and follow the lead, but Bo demanded they wait for the DNA test results on the bloody Georgia sweater. When the tech came back with a DNA match, Bo agreed to check out the address with Billie. Bo attempted to contact Hope, but Jennifer stopped by with Hope's forgotten cell phone. Jennifer tried to stop them from running off, but an angry Billie said after what Hope did that night, she didn't deserve to know. Bo and Billie left a speechless Jennifer behind.

At the airport, Kate, Mimi, Belle, and John were too late to stop the Titan jet carrying the boys off on their rescue mission. Kate accidentally let slip that she knew of Shawn's plan and a furious Belle blamed her for not speaking up before two more of her sons got involved. Belle and Mimi both blamed Kate for the boys running off, and Belle went so far as to tell Kate she hated her and hoped John was not involved with her. A calm John explained he was moving on in his life with Kate and that they were moving in together. Belle could not understand how John could get over Marlena, but John stated that he and Kate shared a common pain. Frustrated, Belle and Mimi left for home.

After Belle and Mimi stormed off, John told Kate he did not want to call off their plans to move in together because of what his kids thought. A slightly emotional John insisted he wanted Kate in his life not only because he needed her but because he had fallen in love with her. The two agreed to talk about their future after they tracked down their sons, and right on cue, an officer informed John that a jet had requested permission to land, although it was not the Titan jet. Kate posited, "Let's hope it is our loved ones coming back to us."

Back at Rex's apartment, Mimi opened his computer in order to find out information on their rescue plans. Instead, Mimi found a video from Rex espousing her virtues and promising to come home to marry her and start a family. At first Mimi wanted to blow town again, but Belle told her it would make her look guilty when she is not. A self-pitying Mimi wondered that if Rex doesn't come home, if it would be a punishment from God. Belle told her not to be ridiculous, but instead pray for the safe return of the boys.

On an ISA jet, an excited Roman, Marlena, and Jack anticipated landing in Salem. Jack dreamed of surprising his wife and children on Abby's 17th birthday. Meanwhile, Marlena and Roman debated what to tell Kate and John about their time together and what they saw. Roman urged Marlena not to tell John anything but instead focus on going home. When the plane began to land, Jack, Marlena, and Roman giddily prepared to meet their long separated loved ones.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

John and Kate are waiting to see if the plane arriving is one carrying Shawn, Rex, Brady and Lucas. It is not and they are both very worried about their sons. John and Kate talk about love and Kate admits to John that she loves him -- John proposes to Kate and she accepts!

Roman, Marlena, Jack and Cassie have begun their descent into Salem. Roman and Marlena talk about their cloudy future with John and Kate and both admit it is not going to be easy. The plane lands and Jack and Cassie take off quickly; Jack to find Jennifer and Cassie to see Grandpa Shawn. Marlena and Roman wait to clear everyone through immigration. They enter the airport unaware that a newly engaged John and Kate are just a few feet away.

Jennifer and Abby talk about losing Jack. Chelsea awakens and asks about her folks. Before Jennifer can tell her anything, she drifts back to sleep. Abby says as horrible as it is that she lost her parents, it is even more horrible that she never got to see her father's body to have any sort of closure. Jack returns to his house and finds Mickey there. He sends Jack to the hospital.

Bo and Billie search for Georgia but Bo is worried how Hope will react. Angry Billie lays into him and he agrees to continue on their latest mission despite Hope's warning.

Nancy catches Nicole with Chloe's file but Nicole covers; she thinks she's gotten away with her plan, but it all goes up in smoke when the desk nurse takes Chloe's file away. All is not lost, however, as Nancy gives Nicole the perfect idea of how to get rid of Chloe once and for all.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Jack arrives at the hospital.

Roman and Marlena, though anxious to get home to John and Kate, are forced to remain at the airport to wait for a call from Shane Donovan. They go to the lounge where John and Kate have also stopped before going home. John remembers romantic times here with Marlena and Roman reminds Marlena he brought her here once back when he was guarding her. We see the bond Marlena has with both John and Roman. John and Kate celebrate their engagement and begin to plan their future.

At the clinic, Nancy tries to talk Chloe out of having the operation but Chloe refuses; she has to look exactly as she did before or she won't reveal herself to Brady. Nancy warns her of the risks but Chloe doesn't care. Chloe has a dream of reuniting with Brady.

Nicole manages to get herself assigned to Chloe's surgery but begins to have second thoughts about deliberately botching the operation. Nicole overhears Chloe in her sleep talking about Brady and this convinces her to go ahead with her plan to permanently scar and disfigure Chloe.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Roman and Marlena manage to miss seeing John and Kate at the airport lounge. They return to the gate area and Roman goes to take the call from Shane. John comes in to get his forgotten cane and sees Marlena! They run into each other's arms. Kate returns and is shocked to see Marlena, but not so shocked as she is when Roman comes up to see her. John and Kate are filled with questions. Roman and Marlena say they have a lot to tell them, and they are sure John and Kate have a lot to tell them, too.

Belle and Mimi are in Shawn's loft, worried about the men they love going off with Brady and Lucas to try to rescue Philip. Belle is also furious at Kate's insensitivity and selfishness and can't believe her dad is getting closer to her. Mimi is worried about what Kate would do if she found out about her abortion.

Hope and Patrick return to the hospital. Hope is looking for Bo but she can't find him anywhere. Jennifer finally comes out of Abby's room and tells Hope that Bo took off with Billie again.

Jack reunites with Jennifer and Abby. They celebrate Abby's birthday and Jack fills them in a bit. After Jennifer leaves and runs into Hope outside, Abby tells Jack she's so happy he's home. She believes Jennifer wasn't really going to go after Patrick. As Jennifer is about to tell Hope about Bo and Billie, Jack, furious, comes bursting out of Abby's room and physically attacks Patrick.

Friday, April 29, 2005

John and Kate reunite with Marlena and Roman. Roman is convinced there is no way Tony could have survived the fire. They all decide to return home to the penthouse together.

Hope and Jennifer stop Jack from attacking Patrick. Jack is convinced Patrick is still working for the DiMeras. He tells them about his earlier escape, faux Jennifer and being re-captured by Tony and Bart. He is convinced Patrick had to be part of the set-up but Patrick denies. Hope and Jennifer believe him; Jack has no proof and is forced to back off. Jack does not trust Patrick. Hope learns about the bloody sweater and that Bo and Billie have taken off again to an undisclosed location. She is determined to find them and vows that if anything happens to Bo, Billie will pay!

Billie comes to in the pit and Bo is determined to rescue her. He constructs a makeshift rope and as he's pulling her up to safety, a second trap door opens and he too, falls into the pit.

Sami/Stan arrives at the bunker where Philip is being held. The guards have stopped giving him water so he is very weak and dehydrated. The guards don't know who Stan is, had no idea he was coming and don't trust him. They assume he is a spy and therefore, imprison him with Philip. Stan and Philip are fearful that they are going to be executed.

Shawn, Brady, Lucas and Rex fly to the desert. They are wistful about the women they've left behind, although everyone thinks Shawn is rescuing Philip just to get back together with Belle. The pilot informs them he can't land without their mission being compromised so they are forced to parachute behind enemy lines. Brady takes off on reconnaissance and the others load their weapons as they prepare to rescue Philip.

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