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Monday, March 26, 2012

At the cliff house, Hope stared at the website with the tabloid article on it. Putting her laptop aside, Liam reminded her that nothing had changed, and nothing could get to them -- just as they'd already vowed the previous night. Hope recalled herself desperately downing pills, but didn't reveal that detail to Liam. He said a kiss gone viral was no big deal. Hope feared that Steffy might see the article, but Liam figured that the news wouldn't reach Steffy at the retreat.

At the Forrester mansion, Brooke gleefully checked the preparations for the anniversary party that day. Hugging her, Ridge said the place looked incredible, and his parents would appreciate her effort.

Later, Eric and Stephanie stared at all the family photos on their mantel. They shared a flashback of a troubling time during a Christmas past. At that time, the younger couple hadn't known how they'd survive their problems, but Eric had told Stephanie that their love would be their only salvation. After the flashback, Eric said that he'd been right, because they were still standing. "Barely," Stephanie said with a chuckle.

Ridge and Brooke entered and welcomed the guests of honor. Taylor and Thorne followed them. Rick and Thomas also arrived, and Marcus entered with Dayzee. Soon after, Liam and Hope made their entrance. Brooke toasted Eric and Stephanie and hoped that they would have their best year ever. Brooke then unveiled a brilliant painting of Eric and Stephanie, and Stephanie smiled in approval.

Afterward, two surprise guests arrived, the first of which was Felicia. As Stephanie greeted her daughter, Pam slinked into the house. Brooke assured Pam that her presence was fine, but Pam was afraid to be around Stephanie after the design theft revelation.

Stephanie stopped short at seeing Pam, who blurted out that her presence had been Brooke's idea. "She isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, but maybe this will be the exception," Stephanie said about Brooke. To Pam's surprise, Stephanie added, "Honey, we are too old to carry on with grudges."

Pam began blabbering about how sorry she was and how desperately she'd wanted to call Stephanie. With her fingers, Stephanie buttoned Pam's lips shut. Stephanie said they'd had enough loss, and they couldn't lose each other. The sisters hugged.

Taylor and Ridge, who'd gotten a video call from Steffy, handed the phone to Stephanie. On the call, Stephanie said it wasn't a hip party without her granddaughter. Steffy stated that she'd been inspired by her grandmother to hold on to her marriage. "Just like you and granddad, right?" Steffy said. Steffy ended the call, and Stephanie cast a dark gaze on the lovey-dovey Liam and Hope.

With Brooke, Ridge relived the moment that Brooke had galloped in on horseback at their beach and sandcastle wedding. He said she'd been a vision then, and she was still a vision.

Thomas and Rick called everyone together to toast the only couple that could have a wedding one week and an anniversary party the next week. Eric turned to Stephanie and said that all the joy they had in their lives was in the room that day. He toasted to Stephanie, the foundation of the family.

Stephanie guessed she should speak, too. She told Eric that they'd raised a "bold and beautiful" family. She hoped they'd live to see their children and grandchildren happy and content with their lives. She called Eric the love of her life, and the two kissed.

As the party continued, Brooke and Stephanie met by the mantel of photos. A Big Bear photo became animated with a flashback of Ridge, Brooke, Stephanie, and Eric's visit to the cabin. In the scene, Brooke told Stephanie, "I know you love me," and kissed her cheek. The flashback ended and Stephanie said, "Okay, you were right." Brooke replied that she'd known Stephanie would "come around." Brooke kissed Stephanie's cheek, and Stephanie grimaced and left.

Ridge returned to the mantel with Brooke. He saw a picture of the party Brooke had been catering when they'd met. A flashback played of the young Ridge tapping the shoulder of who he'd thought had been Caroline Spencer. "I've been waiting for you, darling," he'd said. When Brooke had turned around, she and Ridge had become transfixed on each other. Brooke had then stated that he'd been mistaken, and grinning, he'd agreed. "And the rest is history," Brooke said after the flashback.

In private, Liam took a video call from Steffy, who said things were sad without him in Aspen. She guessed it would have been easier to give him an annulment. She asked him not to forget her, and she clicked off. Liam seemed on the verge of tears after the call.

The family gathered around the piano, where Eric played and sang a song called, "The Folks Who Live on the Hill." At the end, Eric wished Stephanie a happy anniversary, and as the couple hugged, Stephanie winked at the viewing audience.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

by Pam

At Doctor Barton's office, Hope shouted that she needed more antianxiety medication. Hope told Dr. Barton that she needed the meds to tune out the craziness in the media and focus on her life with Liam. Hope apologized for raising her voice. At one point, Hope called Liam her husband, but she caught herself. Hope demanded the medication because Liam was waiting for her.

The doctor said that she couldn't give Hope another prescription because Hope was using the meds rather than finding a successful coping mechanism. Hope disagreed. She said she needed medication to block out the temporary media situation. Dr. Barton quizzed Hope about why she felt she had to be perfect.

The doctor also asked Hope why she hadn't shared her problems with Liam -- someone she loved so much. Dr. Barton told Hope that Liam could help Hope cope with all her problems if she let him. Dr. Barton told Hope that she needed to stop hiding her problems from Liam. Hope insisted that she wanted to keep it private until all her problems with Steffy and the tabloids had disappeared. Hope said that she wanted to relax and enjoy a wonderful evening with the man she loved.

At Forrester, Ridge, Brooke, Rick, Thomas, Oliver, and Marcus met about the crisis with the photo of Hope kissing Liam and how it was affecting her line. Madison entered and said that paparazzi were at the gates. Ridge said that no one knew where Hope was. He figured that if the Forresters couldn't find her, the paparazzi wouldn't either.

Rick suggested that Hope might need to tell the truth about what had happened with Liam. Rick thought the public wanted honesty. Ridge said that he wasn't sure it would do anything but feed the media frenzy. Brooke blamed Steffy because she had not signed the annulment papers. Brooke said that if Steffy had signed them, nothing would have happened.

Ridge said that even if Steffy signed the papers immediately, it wouldn't change the situation. The news that Hope had not stayed true to her media message had already broken. Brooke worried about Hope and Liam's relationship. Ridge agreed that their relationship would have to withstand a lot of scrutiny, and he wasn't sure they could handle it.

At Liam's, Bill showed up and quizzed Liam about his relationship with Hope. Bill worried that Hope was unable to cope with being called a hypocrite. Bill added that Hope was going to be a head case when she was called a home wrecker -- the next thing that would happen when Liam divorced Steffy. Liam begged Bill to stop.

Bill told Liam that he loved him, and he understood that Liam cared about two women. Bill said that no one knew where Hope was, and she wasn't responding to any of Liam's calls. Bill suggested that Liam call Steffy because Steffy would pick up on the first ring.

Liam angrily told his father that Hope was dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety. Liam refused to play games with two women. He told Bill that he and Hope would deal with Hope's problems when she arrived home.

After Bill left, Hope showed up and said that the paparazzi were at the gates. Liam noticed that Hope was shaking, and he hugged her. Liam said he would increase security. Hope apologized for leaving the party, but she said she was tired of dealing with the publicity.

Hope worried that she had disappointed a lot of people. She worried that she had disappointed Liam. He disagreed. "Who knows you better than I do," Liam asked. Hope said she felt like a fraud.

Liam reminded Hope that every decision in her life didn't have to reflect her brand. He didn't care if people approved of them. Liam promised to be there for her for every decision. Liam said he refused to let her feel guilty.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

by Pam

At Forrester, Brooke hugged Ridge and acknowledged that they were both worried about the Hope for the Future line. They discussed that other lines needed attention, as well. Ridge said that the Intimates line was on hold because Steffy had taken off for Aspen. That left Rick with more time to focus on his own line.

Brooke and Ridge worried that Rick was still working with Amber. They agreed that Amber was trouble. Brooke noted that they needed to find someone to replace Amber. Brooke said that she had been looking at designers and had found a very talented female. Brooke showed Ridge the designs.

Ridge admired the designs, and Brooke said that the designer was Caroline Spencer. Ridge looked surprised, and Brooke said that it was Karen's daughter. Brooke and Ridge studied more of her designs online, and Ridge agreed she was very talented. Brooke said Caroline was the perfect girl for Rick.

On a private Spencer jet, Karen Spencer and her daughter, Caroline, talked. Caroline accused her mother of lying because they were clearly not on their way to Paris. Karen agreed. She announced that someone at one of the top Los Angeles fashion houses had seen Caroline's sketches and wanted to interview her. Caroline guessed that it was Forrester Creations, and she was excited. Karen added that Los Angeles could become Caroline's new home.

Karen called Bill to tell him about Caroline's meeting with Brooke. Still in bed, Bill answered Karen's call and wondered if he had missed a planned business meeting. Karen explained that Brooke had contacted Karen about Caroline's designs. Bill said that he would see her later for dinner and hung up. Katie entered, and they got romantic.

Bill told Katie that they had dinner plans with Karen and her daughter Caroline Spencer. Katie shared that Brooke had been looking for a new designer and had been very impressed with Caroline's work. Bill guessed that more was going on. Katie explained that Brooke wanted Caroline to work specifically on Rick's line.

Bill worried that he would have to keep his eye on Caroline while she was in Los Angeles, and he was less than thrilled. Katie said that Caroline seemed very responsible. Bill changed his tune and added that it would be good for Liam to know his cousin. Bill recalled that he had not known any of his relatives while he was growing up. Katie started to dress for work, but Bill pulled her back into bed in a passionate embrace.

Outside at Forrester, Rick sneaked around to meet with Amber. When they met, Amber told Rick that she wanted to celebrate their designs with a quiet dinner. Rick agreed, and they kissed. Rick saw Marcus, Oliver, and Thomas approaching. Amber hid.

Rick talked to Thomas, Marcus and Oliver about his upcoming showing of his designs. Thomas needled Rick about using Amber to do his sketches. Rick defended Amber, and they got into a heated discussion as Thomas resented that he couldn't have a show, but Rick was having a show even though he couldn't draw. Marcus told them to stop arguing because Rick was no longer using Amber to handle his designs. Marcus and Thomas left.

Amber reappeared from her hiding space, and she thanked Rick. Ridge and Brooke interrupted and told Amber she was not supposed to be on Forrester grounds. Rick defended Amber, but Ridge insisted that Rick needed to cut ties with Amber. Rick argued, and Amber said that she had been a help to Forrester.

Brooke told Amber that they had replaced her. Amber accused Brooke of behaving like Stephanie. Amber and Rick added that they were a good design team, and they planned to celebrate their success at dinner.

Brooke told Amber that Rick would be busy because he had to show Caroline around. Amber said that no one could replace her. A limo pulled up, and Caroline stepped out of the car. Rick, Marcus, and Thomas drooled as Caroline confidently walked toward Brooke and Ridge. Caroline introduced herself to an immediately smitten Rick. Caroline greeted Brooke, Ridge, and Thomas, as well.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

On the rooftop, the bare-chested Thomas and Marcus worked out in the gym area. Thomas joked that Marcus was working out to get in shape for the wedding, and Marcus guessed that an interest in Caroline Spencer had gotten Thomas motivated. Thomas admitted that Caroline was a woman he'd like to get to know. Marcus wondered what had happened to Thomas' feelings for Hope. Thomas concluded it was time to get a clue and move on. He just wished Steffy would, too.

Marcus suggested that Thomas get at least a date before Caroline returned to New York. Thomas didn't think Caroline would go back to New York, because Brooke was obviously on a mission to weed out Amber. Thomas figured that Rick wouldn't let Amber go, which would leave the door open for Caroline to work with Thomas instead.

In Rick's office, Amber reeled from the revelation that Brooke planned to replace Amber. Rick chuckled, remarking that Caroline was beautiful, and the appalled Amber accused Rick of liking Caroline, just as Brooke wanted. Rick saw no reason for Amber to worry, because he had a say in things, and he wouldn't show his gratitude to her by dumping her. Amber instructed him to go tell his mother that, so he and Amber could celebrate as if Caroline didn't exist. Rick left, and Amber anxiously pouted.

In Ridge's office, Brooke and Ridge met with Karen and Caroline, who were flattered that Forrester Creations was interested in Caroline. Brooke readily announced that Forrester was prepared to make Caroline an offer to join their design team -- on a short-term basis. Caroline was shocked that she'd be designing, not interning. The offer sounded suspicious to Karen, who sensed that it contained a hidden agenda. "Maybe yours, Brooke?" Karen concluded.

Ridge and Brooke explained that Rick had returned from Paris with an eye for designing; however, he needed someone to translate his ideas to paper and fabric. Karen doubted her daughter would delight in being Rick's sketch artist, but Brooke called it a collaborative beginning of a new, edgy design team. Caroline asked if anyone had bothered to get Rick's opinion about it.

"Not really," Rick said upon entering the room. Rick explained that, though Caroline was probably talented, she'd happened in on Brooke's big power-play to rid herself of the collaborator he already had. Brooke defended her cause for concern about Amber, a woman prone to sabotage them before they'd even recovered from her previous sabotage.

Karen wondered what would happen to Caroline once Brooke had successfully ousted Amber. Brooke said Caroline would be hired based upon her merit, which would be advantageous for everyone. "Except Amber," Rick grumbled.

Brooke suggested that they throw a party for Caroline and invite the family. At the party, Caroline could meet her family and the Forresters and then gauge her feelings about the position. Ridge suggested that they hold it at Stephanie's house, which had been very special to Caroline's aunt. Caroline agreed to the party, and Brooke tailed Rick to his office to talk.

Alone with Karen and Caroline, Ridge explained that Amber had been a nuisance ever since she'd been the teenaged Rick's babysitter -- "for lack of a better word," Ridge added. He revealed that Amber had swept Rick up in lies, betrayal, and seduction. Ridge was sure Rick had feelings for Amber, but Ridge wouldn't call any of them healthy. Scowling at the raunchy sound of it, Karen suddenly understood why Brooke disliked Amber as a choice for Rick.

Noting that Ridge seemed happy with Brooke, Karen said she was glad her sister had picked the best woman for him. Ridge remarked that Caroline reminded him of her namesake, who'd carried herself with dignity and grace, and it was refreshing to have another Caroline around.

Later, Ridge went to the rooftop, where he used his computer tablet to pull up the young Caroline Spencer's webpage. He flashbacked back to the time the original Caroline had asked him to leave her alone, but in turn, he'd asked her to marry him. Ridge stared at the webpage again and sighed.

Back in Rick's office, Amber ducked behind a changing screen as Brooke and Rick entered. Rick was exasperated with the Amber debate, but Brooke insisted that she wouldn't have an untrustworthy person around. Losing her patience, Amber popped from behind the screen and told Brooke not to let personal feelings influence business. Brooke quipped that a lecture from Amber on professionalism was rich.

As Rick tried to work, Brooke urged him to make an informed decision by at least giving Caroline some consideration. Rick decided that his mother was right, because it was the hospitable thing to do for someone who'd flown across the country for a meeting. "Just like I raised you to be," Brooke replied. Amber gasped and asked to talk to Brooke alone.

Rick left, and Amber implored Brooke to give her a chance to make up for the mistakes she'd made. Amber claimed motherhood had changed her, and she wanted to be a role model for her daughter. Brooke agreed that motherhood shifted one's perspective. Deeming herself Rick's protective mother, Brooke declared that she was tired of speeches from the "changed" Amber. Brooke figured she couldn't keep Amber out of Rick's private life, but she could definitely ban Amber from the building and divert Rick's attention elsewhere.

Amber asked if Brooke would actually allow her hatred for Amber to destroy Rick's line. Brooke said she knew that Rick needed someone to help him fulfill his vision, but even if that person wasn't Caroline, it definitely wouldn't be Amber. Brooke vowed that Amber wouldn't deceive Brooke's family or hurt her son ever again. "So why don't you go back to Furnace Creek, or Timbuktu, or wherever the heck it is that you come from! Just stay out of Los Angeles!" Brooke seethed.

Back in Ridge's office, Rick returned to talk to Caroline. She asked why she suspected that she and Rick were being set up. "Because we are -- and I kind of like it," Rick responded. He warned that his mother was a hopeless romantic, but also determined. He figured that it was best for Caroline to give in, because even if they didn't work together, there were plenty of lines at Forrester for Caroline to work in. He offered to take a look at her portfolio, and she coquettishly replied that she'd love to show it to him.

Friday, March 30, 2012

In Bill's office, Liam wondered how Hope was coping. Hope said things were fine as long as she didn't view the Internet, go out in public, or answer her phone. Liam wondered what had happened to Hope's former command of the situation. She silently flashed back to her frenzied pill-popping incidents, but then dodged the subject by persuading him to tell her something happy.

Katie entered with Caroline, Karen, and Bill. During quick introductions, Caroline assumed that Hope was Liam's fiancée, but Bill quickly corrected that she wasn't. Caroline praised Hope's campaign, but Bill deemed it fraught with controversy. Caroline shrugged off the statement, and Liam asked to change the subject. Bill persisted in discussing Hope's mistakes until Hope forced a topic switch.

Caroline revealed that Brooke had asked her to work with Rick, and the Forresters planned to throw her a party. Katie doubted Amber would attend it. Bill shared the news of Amber's misdeeds against Liam, but Caroline, who'd already known about the paternity issue, was more interested in the depth of Amber and Rick's relationship. Katie guessed that Rick had made an impression on Caroline.

Bill was surprised that Caroline hadn't wanted to work at Spencer, but Karen replied that her daughter was a designer, not a journalist, and Bill didn't have the handsome Rick Forrester in his employ. Hope took off for work, and once she'd gone, Caroline noted that Liam was worried about Hope. Bill quipped that it was Hope's own fault, and Caroline asked to hear more about Rick.

Later, Caroline took off for Forrester, and Katie returned the discussion to Liam's concern for Hope. Bill said the simple solution was to move Hope out and move Steffy back in. Liam replied that he didn't want that to happen, and he was proud of how Hope was handling the scandal. "Does the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest mean anything to you?" Bill quipped.

At Forrester, Brooke stormed into Rick's office and demanded to know why Amber was still on the property. Rick said not to micromanage him, but Brooke was adamant that he was not to let Amber ruin his life again. Amber begged for a chance, but Brooke was only willing to offer a recommendation for Amber to try to impress another design house, because Amber didn't belong at Forrester.

Holding up a copy of Caroline's work, Brooke said, "This is Forrester. You are not." In Brooke's view, Caroline was a natural and would represent Forrester beautifully. Amber implored Rick not to let Brooke's personal vendetta destroy what they'd built.

In the corridor, Erica, a reporter who had slipped into the building, ambushed the arriving Hope. Erica demanded to know if Hope was living with and sleeping with Liam. Hearing loud voices, Brooke, Rick, and Amber strode into the hallway and saw Erica upsetting Hope. Brooke took Hope into Rick's office, and Rick hustled Erica across the hall to Ridge's office for a talk.

Leaning on Ridge's desk, Erica asked why Rick hadn't just tossed her out of the building. Caroline entered, and Rick asked her to stay in the room, because he wouldn't be long. Erica glanced at some sketches on the table and wondered if they were his. Rick offered to give Erica an exclusive on his collaborative efforts at Forrester -- as long as he didn't read about Hope in her publication.

Happy with the deal, Erica sauntered out. Rick said that Caroline's work had caused quite a buzz. He was excited about their arrangement, but Caroline hoped he wasn't just caving in to his mother's pressure. Rick replied that he did what he wanted to do, and Caroline said that phrase seemed to fit his reputation. Grinning, he asked to hear more about that reputation, so he could live up to it.

Back in the corridor, Amber listened at the door to Rick's office as Brooke tried to calm Hope down. Hope found that impossible to do, since she was plastered all over the Internet. Brooke suggested that Hope call Dr. Barton while Brooke dealt with security. Amber ducked away from the door as Brooke left, but then returned to eavesdropping on Hope, who had just called Dr. Barton.

Hope asked for more anxiety pills, but Dr. Barton wouldn't prescribe any medication without a doctor's visit. Upon hearing that the first available appointment would be the following week, Hope implored the doctor to make an exception. Dr. Barton would not, so Hope agreed to wait for the appointment. Once the call ended, Hope was mortified upon seeing Amber in the doorway.

Hope guessed that Amber had been eavesdropping, but Amber didn't see the big deal in overhearing something -- or in needing anxiety pills. Amber guessed Liam didn't know about the pills or the therapist. Hope didn't want to discuss it, but Amber empathized with being under pressure and in love. Hope stated that Amber was only working with Rick, which was nothing like what Hope and Liam had. Hope also cited that Amber had done a lot of damage to Rick, Liam, the Forresters, and Hope.

Amber agreed that she had, but said she'd been a different person, one she didn't even know anymore. Amber figured that she and Hope both stood to lose someone important in their lives. Hope disagreed, but Amber said Liam detested secrets, which was the reason he'd left Steffy. Amber asserted that she didn't want to lose Rick, and she didn't want Hope to lose Liam, either. "Help me, Hope, and I'll help you," Amber humbly asked.

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