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Monday, April 2, 2012

In Ridge's office, Rick advised Caroline to lower the neckline on one of her designs, but she preferred subtly. He urged her to turn up the heat, and she agreed to lower it by half an inch. Ridge and Brooke entered. Delighted to see Rick and Caroline's teamwork in progress, Brooke announced that Stephanie and Eric had agreed to the party. Brooke was sure Caroline would be well received by all because she was nothing like Amber, who didn't belong in the company -- or with Rick.

Brooke and Ridge exited, and Caroline said she'd done her homework on Forrester and on Amber, too. Rick showed Caroline the showstopper from the Ambrosia line and said people still requested it. Though he understood his mother's views, he was proud of the work he'd done with Amber, and he felt that he got Amber like no one else did. "But you... you're something else. I'm glad my mom brought you here," Rick pensively uttered. Caroline said she was glad, too.

In Rick's office, Amber alluded to helping Hope with the pills, if Hope helped Amber with Rick. Hope chucked her pill bottle into the trash and advised Amber to forget Hope's call to Dr. Barton. Amber tried to convince Hope that Amber loved Rick, but Hope wordlessly left. Alone, Amber wondered how to win Hope over. Retrieving the bottle from the trash, Amber grinned.

Amber made several calls to online pharmacies, but had no luck in getting Hope's medication. Undaunted, she continued until she found a pharmacy willing to messenger over the prescription. Amber paid via credit card and erased her browsing history from the laptop. Looking at a magazine featuring Hope on the cover, Amber said that help was on the way.

Later, Jake arrived with a white bag for Amber. He complained about her receiving deliveries at Forrester, and she lied that it was for Rosey. Noting that Amber was acting weirder than normal, Jake left. Alone, Amber altered Hope's pill bottle to read 12 pills and then she dropped a dozen pills into it. She kept the remaining pills she'd ordered and forged a note from Dr. Barton to accompany the new pills. Amber deposited Hope's pill bottle and the note into a white bag labeled "For Hope Logan," and she sneaked across the hall to leave the bag on Ridge's desk.

On the rooftop, Ridge and Brooke saw Hope, who was worrying about the press. Ridge strode off to call Jason, Erica's boss, to complain about how out of line Erica had been. Brooke asked if Hope had contacted Dr. Barton, and Hope revealed that Amber had overheard her doing so.

Hope was upset because she hadn't wanted anyone to know about the pills and therapy. Brooke said it was nothing to be ashamed of. Hope wished she didn't need pills to deal with her problems, and she figured that Dr. Barton had been right to withhold them. Hope wished she'd waited to have sex, so that her and Liam's intimacy wouldn't be marred with controversy.

Brooke noted that Hope had reacted to pressure from Steffy's refusal to annul the marriage. Brooke said Liam wanted Hope, and the vacationing Steffy wouldn't interfere.

In Steffy's office, Steffy, who'd just returned from her Aspen trip, was surprised to see Liam when she entered. She wondered if he'd missed her as much as she'd missed him. Liam said he was glad that she was back. She assumed he knew what she was wishing for at the moment. "Cha-cha-cha," she whispered and nibbled his ear.

Noticing that Steffy looked great, Liam revealed his concern that the Aspen trip wouldn't be good for her. She showed him that she still wore her ring, but he sighed. She said there were a few months left until their divorce, and she was still Mrs. William Spencer III. She hoped to always be.

Steffy figured that the press had made Hope a basket case. Liam said Hope could become unhinged at times, but then she'd somehow bounce back. Steffy called the mood swings unstable. She predicted that the press would increase the pressure, which would damage Hope's line, the only thing Hope cared about. Liam said he loved Hope, and they belonged together. "We'll, see," Steffy replied.

Steffy knew that it had been hard on Liam, even if he wouldn't admit it. She said it was hard on her, too. Hugging him, she uttered that she missed him and their marriage.

Just then, Ridge cracked the door open and grimaced upon seeing the embrace. He closed the door, and Steffy received a call. After the call, she apologetically left Liam alone in the office. A stone-faced Ridge entered and said that he'd witnessed the moment between Steffy and Liam earlier.

Later, Hope went to Ridge's office, where she received a call from a reporter, who'd somehow gotten her cell phone number. She refused to take the call. Upon seeing tabloid photos of her on the desk's laptop, she began to quake. On the desk, she discovered a white bag with her name on it. Inside it, she found a note from "Dr. Barton," which said to take as needed for anxiety. Hope popped a pill into her mouth and heard Steffy say, "What are you doing? What are you taking?"

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

by Pam

Outside at Forrester, Brooke pressured Rick to break up with Amber for good. Brooke said that Amber had been destructive to everyone in the family. Brooke suggested that Rick needed to get to know Caroline Spencer. Rick defended Amber and her designs. Brooke warned that Amber would stab Rick in the back. Rick refused to dump Amber because of Brooke's insecurities.

In Steffy's office, Ridge advised Liam to take his time before he made a permanent decision about who to spend his life with. Ridge said that he knew Liam still loved Steffy. Liam said that he would always have feelings for Steffy. Liam added that he wanted to build a life with Hope because they deserved a chance at a life together.

Ridge said that he considered both girls as his daughters. Ridge warned that if Liam chose one woman while he still loved the other, he would end up hurting both of them. Ridge said that he spoke from experience.

In Hope's office, Steffy interrupted and watched Hope take medication. Steffy wondered what Hope was taking. Hope pretended to have allergies and explained that she had allergy medication that helped get her through the day. Steffy congratulated Hope on how she had coped with all the negative publicity. Steffy complimented Hope for not freaking out. Steffy admitted that she and Liam were both impressed by the way Hope had handled everything.

Steffy added that Liam had said that Hope was all over the place emotionally. Hope assured Steffy that she was fine. Steffy said that she had no intention of giving up on her marriage. Hope warned that Steffy was wasting her time. Liam interrupted.

Hope told Steffy that she didn't care if Steffy ever signed the annulment papers, because in a few months she and Liam would be married and the waiting would be over. Hope got a phone call, and Steffy exited with Liam following. Liam said it was good to have her back. Steffy cozied up to Liam, nibbled on his ear, and told him that he knew where to find her. In her office, Hope got lightheaded.

In Rick's office, Amber remembered how she had managed to sneak pills into Hope's prescription pill bottle. Amber made it appear that Dr. Barton had refilled Hope's antianxiety medication. Dayzee entered and saw Amber hide some pill evidence in her purse. Dayzee quizzed Amber about what Amber was hiding. Amber lied that it was a design she had scribbled.

Amber changed the subject to Dayzee's engagement ring. Then they talked about wedding plans. Amber pressured Dayzee to invite Amber to the wedding. Dayzee tried to be respectful, but clearly did not intend to invite Amber to the wedding.

Amber dished that she might have a Forrester wedding of her own to Rick. Dayzee was shocked, but Amber explained that she and Rick had been married before. Dayzee reminded Amber that things had not ended well the last time that Amber had been married to Rick. Amber said that she had an Aly in Hope.

Dayzee was surprised again and reminded Amber that Amber had tricked Hope and Liam. Amber said that she and Hope had talked, and Amber was being a friend to Hope when Hope really needed someone. Amber claimed that she had changed. Amber said that she and Dayzee had a lot in common, but Dayzee totally disagreed.

Brooke entered and overheard the conversation. Brooke asked for a few minutes alone with Amber. Brooke told Amber to give up her desire to become a Forrester because Amber would never be a part of the Forrester family. Amber argued that she had given birth to a Forrester baby. Brooke reminded Amber that Amber had made life miserable for Hope and Liam in her efforts to get rich quick on a baby. Amber tried to blame her mother, but Brooke warned Amber to stay away from Rick and Hope.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

by Pam

At the Forrester mansion, Ridge, Brooke, Eric, and Stephanie prepared for a party for Caroline. The all discussed that Carline's mother, Karen, had to return to New York. The Forresters regretted that Karen would miss the party. Caroline entered with Bill and Katie.

Brooke introduced Caroline to Eric and Stephanie. Caroline said that she felt at home. She added that she knew that her aunt had lived in the house. Brooke took Caroline around for a tour of the house.

Stephanie commented to Ridge and Eric that she could feel something. "It's almost as if we have Caroline back," Stephanie said. Thorne, Taylor, Liam, Hope, Thomas, and Rick arrived. Discussion turned to the fact that Steffy had not attended the party. Taylor said that it was too soon.

Stephanie added that it was too difficult for Steffy to attend a party where her husband was with another woman. Brooke noted that Hope and Liam were a cute couple, and Caroline agreed. Caroline said that she had not left any lost loves in New York and added that Hope and Liam were clearly in love. Liam exited to talk to his dad.

Brooke offered Caroline a glass of champagne, and Brooke encouraged Rick to get it for her. Caroline and Hope discussed Hope's media circus. Hope said that it had been difficult being called a fraud and a hypocrite. Hope and Caroline talked, and Hope apologized for Brooke's matchmaking with Rick. Caroline said that Brooke clearly knew how happy Hope was and wanted the same happiness for Rick.

Marcus and Dayzee showed up, and they met Caroline. Amber burst into the party, carrying Rosie. Amber dumped Rosie on Marcus and hugged Caroline. Amber welcomed Caroline into the family. Everyone was shocked.

Later, Brooke apologized for Amber's behavior, but Caroline said that Amber had been very kind. Stephanie made a speech to welcome Caroline. Brooke toasted Caroline and said that it was time for the Forresters to pass the torch to the younger generation at Forrester. Amber interrupted and rudely added that she wanted to welcome Caroline. Rick tried to whisper that Amber needed to be quiet, but Amber chattered on about how Caroline had a lot to learn. Amber said that she and Rick would be happy to teach Caroline about designing at Forrester.

Caroline thanked everyone. She complimented Katie and said that she regretted that she and Liam had not grown up together. Caroline lamented that she had never met her namesake and aunt, Caroline, but she felt her presence in Los Angeles. Bill announced that Caroline was on the board of the Caroline Spencer Cancer Foundation.

Everyone was unaware that a foundation existed. Caroline said that most of the events had been in New York. Stephanie offered the entire family's involvement. Caroline showed a video that memorialized her late aunt and discussed the foundation's efforts.

Later, Brooke begged Rick to dump Amber and get to know Caroline personally and professionally. Rick refused to kick Amber to the curb. Ridge showed up and agreed with Brooke. Rick wanted Amber on the payroll, and Ridge refused. He told Rick that he would have to pay Amber out of his trust fund because there were other people at Forrester who could help Rick with designs.

Rick, Liam, and Caroline started a conversation, but Hope started to shake and needed to get outside. She went outside and took a pill. She returned.

Brooke pulled Rick aside and begged him again to consider that Caroline was a wonderful woman while Amber had been a con artist her entire life. Brooke reminded Rick that Amber had crashed the party by using her baby -- typical Amber. Rick gazed at Amber talking to Marcus and then at Caroline talking to Liam about her foundation.

Taylor spoke to Thomas and said that he was clearly admiring Caroline. Thomas admitted it. Ridge interrupted. Thomas asked Ridge why Rick had his own line when Rick was not even a designer. Thomas said that he knew he had made a mistake, and he had paid for it. Ridge agreed that Thomas should start designing again. Thomas asked to work with Caroline.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

At the Forrester mansion, the party was underway, and Brooke urged Rick to drop Amber for the more suitable Caroline Spencer. Brooke figured that he didn't owe Amber anything. "Except maybe a kidney," Rick quipped with a shrug. As Amber approached, Brooke reminded Rick of what Amber had done to Hope and Liam. Amber said she regretted her actions, and she wondered why it wasn't acceptable for her and Rick to make a great team.

Brooke asserted that she'd been onto Amber's act since day one. Amber decided that she had bigger priorities, like Rosey, to contend with. Amber sauntered away to check on her daughter, and Brooke asked if Rick preferred to have a life-long con artist or a charity founder in his life.

Rick sighted Caroline on the terrace, and he joined her there to admire the Los Angeles view. Caroline missed New York's great pizza, and so Rick offered to show her around L.A. to prove that it had good pizza, too. Inside the house, Amber spotted Caroline and Rick alone together and frowned.

Caroline went to get herself some coffee, and Amber slid up beside her to make small talk about the hot guys in the city. Amber warned Caroline that it was a different, more open, dating scene around there. Citing Rick as an example, Amber claimed that he had girlfriends across the globe, and whenever he was in L.A., Amber would be "one of them." Caroline looked shocked and disheartened; however, Amber said she understood Rick's lifestyle, and that made them a good fit for each other.

Outside on the porch, the jittery Hope wondered to herself why she needed the pills when Steffy wasn't even at the party. Hope returned inside, and Liam said he'd been looking for her. Marcus and Dayzee approached, and Dayzee expressed amazement at Hope's ability to keep her composure. Dayzee joked that she'd freak out over a broken coffee cup, and Hope erupted into boisterous laughter.

Later, Hope lackadaisically draped herself on Liam's shoulder and flipped her hair as the couple talked to Bill and Katie. Bill saw Caroline with Amber and figured it was best that Caroline learn about the seedy side of L.A. Hope drawled that Amber wasn't so bad. Hope described Amber as an annoying gnat that one should just swat away. "You just wanna swat ‘em away from you. Get ‘em out," Hope said, pressing her hand against Liam's cheek and shoving his face to the right. Liam looked bewildered as Hope continued swatting the air.

Across the room, Stephanie told Amber that Rosey was crying. Amber said she'd just checked on Rosey, but at Stephanie's knowing gaze, Amber excused herself from Caroline and went upstairs. Advising Caroline to steer clear of Amber, Stephanie claimed that she loved Amber, but Amber didn't always make good choices.

Ridge approached to compliment Caroline on her video. He revealed that his mother had survived cancer, and Stephanie added that Felicia had, too. Caroline mentioned that she desired to know her aunt better, and Ridge asked her to follow him outside.

When Amber returned downstairs, Hope swooped in from nowhere to ask about Rosey, who was still sleeping. Hope warned that she might have to awaken the child with kisses, and Amber noted Hope's conspicuously giddy mood. Amber offered to be a good friend to Hope if Hope ever needed it.

Nearby, Stephanie and Brooke bantered about who'd say something to Amber, and Dayzee hoped everyone wouldn't act that way about Amber at the wedding. Stephanie and Brooke were shocked that Dayzee had invited Amber, but Dayzee replied that Amber, who was Rosey's mother after all, had kind of invited herself. "It's your day. Keep her out of it," Brooke sternly advised.

Hope erupted in laughter again, and Brooke walked over to check on her daughter. Hope couldn't keep still and was dancing without music. Brooke asked if her daughter had drunk too much champagne. Hope claimed she hadn't had a drop, and she flounced off to talk to Katie.

Amber remarked that at least someone had enjoyed talking to her. Figuring that Amber was trying to butter up Hope, Brooke warned Amber to just stay away. Amber had hoped that Brooke would understand, because Brooke had been a caterer's daughter who'd dreamed of becoming a Forrester. Rick approached, and Brooke ordered him to make Amber leave. Amber asserted that she was a member of the family, and she wouldn't go anywhere.

Elsewhere on the grounds, Ridge took Caroline to the guest house, where he and her aunt had lived when they'd been married. It had also been where Caroline had died. The young Caroline felt fortunate to be with the great love of her aunt's life. Ridge said it was hard for him to talk about that time in his life, but he'd do it for Caroline's niece.

Ridge explained that when the original Caroline had learned about the cancer, she hadn't wanted anyone to know about it. He'd given her a bracelet to add charms to each time they had an anniversary. Once he'd found about the illness, he'd given her all the charms to fill the bracelet at once. A flashback of the entire sequence played on screen, and Ridge said he'd given the original Caroline a charm for every moment that they'd never had together.

Ridge fought back tears, but Caroline's niece shed them freely for her aunt. Ridge advised the young Caroline to never waste a moment of life. Ridge called the original Caroline the most amazing soul he'd ever known, and he said that the young Caroline was very much like her aunt. Caroline pushed her hair aside to show Ridge her tattoo. He sobbed upon seeing a cancer ribbon drawn on the nape of her neck. "I got it for her," Caroline said. Ridge hugged the niece and sobbed uncontrollably.

Friday, April 6, 2012

At the Forrester mansion, Stephanie encountered Caroline in the living room, and the two discussed Caroline's aunt. Caroline felt that she was walking in the footsteps of her namesake. Stephanie noted that Caroline had caused a stir among the young men around there. Caroline guessed Stephanie was referring to Rick; however, Thomas was the man that Stephanie had in mind.

Caroline went out by the pool, where she talked on the phone with Rick about how amazing it was that Eric and Stephanie had invited her stay at their house. Sure that she needed someone to rub suntan lotion on her back, Rick said he'd be right over.

At the office, Rick was bolting out the door when Ridge and Brooke entered. Rick told them that he was headed to see Caroline, but Ridge cited that he hadn't approved the collaboration yet. Rick said that if he played his cards right, he and Caroline wouldn't be discussing work at all.

Rick left, and Thomas entered. Thomas claimed to be looking for something, and Ridge figured he knew exactly what Thomas sought. "You mean Caroline?" Thomas bashfully replied. Brooke guessed Thomas was looking for Hope, who Brooke claimed was improving due to a love for Liam and a desire for happiness. Thomas and Ridge were glad to hear that Hope was better.

Brooke exited, and Ridge and Thomas discussed which designer would use a luxurious fabric that Thorne had procured. Thomas didn't think Rick deserved a line, let alone the fabric. Ridge replied that it hadn't been his call, but Thomas thought Eric shouldn't have unilaterally made Rick a designer. Ridge doubted he could change it, since Rick's designs were selling so well. Thomas asserted that the numbers were fixed, because Rick couldn't possibly be outselling Ridge.

Stephanie entered, and Ridge pretended that they were discussing Caroline. Thomas grumbled that Brooke was pushing Rick on Caroline, and Ridge added that Rick and Caroline had a meeting that day. Stephanie doubted that, since she'd just seen Caroline headed for the Forrester pool. Ridge turned to speak to Thomas, but Thomas had already vanished. "That's my boy," Ridge said with a grin.

Stephanie mentioned the time that Ridge had spent with Caroline in the guesthouse during the party, and Ridge replied that it had been nice to share the forgotten stories, and he'd almost felt his Caroline's presence. Ridge and Stephanie found it ironic that Karen and her daughter knew the original Caroline so well, even though the pair had never met Caroline in the flesh.

Stephanie said that Caroline was a lot like her aunt, and her presence might benefit Hope. Ridge quipped that Hope was used to setting examples, not following them. He figured that Brooke wanted something to click with Rick and Caroline, but Ridge thought Thomas was more Caroline's type. Stephanie was sure that Caroline would be good for Thomas, just as Caroline's aunt had been for Ridge.

At Dr. Barton's office, Hope arrived to thank Stacey for what she'd done with the pills. Stacey was confused, because she'd had reservations about giving Hope more pills. Hope claimed she understood Stacey's concerns, but in the end, Stacey had really helped. Stacy said she'd been concerned about addiction, but apparently, she didn't have to worry about that with Hope.

Hope was sorry about lashing out at Stacey during their last appointment. Hope claimed that she was usually a happy person, and she had a great life, family, and career. Stacey Barton noted that those things had caused Hope's stress, but Hope claimed to be coping better. Stacey asked if Hope needed another prescription; however, Hope claimed that she didn't at the moment.

Brooke interrupted the visit when she arrived to alert Stacey of Hope's progress. Hope said she was in a better place, thanks to Stacey Barton and Brooke. Dr. Barton still wanted to set up another appointment for Hope, but Brooke cooed about how relaxed Hope had been. Stacey looked troubled.

Hope left, and Brooke wondered if it had been a good idea for her to be there to talk about her daughter. Stacey and Brooke agreed that Hope was making progress. Brooke mentioned that she'd been a little concerned about the pills, but Stacey said it had been a temporary measure. Stacey cited that she'd given Hope two pills, and that was it. Brooke thanked Stacey for her help, but Stacey, who'd only seen Hope a couple times, guessed Hope had found a way to cope on her own.

At the Forrester Pool, Rick arrived in his swim trunks, and Caroline guessed he wasn't dressed for work. They playfully bantered about what California had to offer, and Rick wondered if her boyfriends had gotten her out of the house back in New York. Caroline said she hadn't had time for men, but he insisted that had to change. Caroline sheepishly grinned.

Thomas showed up, but to his chagrin, Rick was lounging with Thomas' "favorite New Yorker." Thomas hoped that Rick was about to leave. "Hardly," Rick quipped, adding he was too busy watching Thomas strut around like a peacock. Caroline told the men to simmer down, and Thomas stated that they each just wanted alone time with her. Dialing Hope's number, Caroline replied that it wouldn't happen any time soon, because they were about to have a party.

Later, Hope was boarding an elevator when Caroline called to invite her to the pool party at Stephanie's. Hope agreed to show up, and after she ended the call, she noticed that her hand was quaking. Hope looked at her pill bottle and then put it away.

When Hope arrived at the pool, Rick, Thomas, and Caroline were having wine. Hope thanked Caroline for inviting her, because she'd really needed the break. Rick was surprised that Ridge had let Hope off work, but the jittery Hope said she'd been at an appointment, not work. Hope went to change in the pool house, and Rick and Thomas exchanged concerned gazes.

In the pool house, Hope put on her bathing suit and noticed that it was unusually bright outside. She grabbed her sunglasses and again noticed her quivering hand. She sighed and picked up her pill bottle again.

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