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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 26, 2012 on DAYS
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Monday, March 26, 2012

by Mike

At the Brady Pub, Daniel told Billie about his earlier encounter with Kate. Billie admitted that Kate had a talent for blowing things out of proportion. Daniel guessed that Kate was just trying to protect Billie, but Billie insisted that she could take care of herself.

Daniel excused himself so that he could order a drink. After Daniel left, Billie received a phone call from one of the ISA agents, Spencer, who was lurking outside the pub. Spencer asked to meet with Billie right away.

Billie waited until Daniel was gone, then she greeted Spencer. Billie recalled that Spencer had been working on a different case, and she wondered why he had returned to Salem. "Well, things change. The agency's chomping at the bit for your take on the Stefano situation -- everything you've found out since you got back to Salem. They want to put him away for good," Spencer explained.

Spencer quickly told Billie about what had happened in Alamainia. Spencer assured Billie that he was still trying to get John and Hope out of the country. "In the meantime, we need to keep pressing our case against Stefano. Even if DiMera didn't frame John for the embezzlement charges, I still believe he had something to do with it," Spencer added. Billie was certain that E.J. had been involved in the scheme, too.

Spencer reminded Billie that they were going to need concrete evidence. "It's time for you, Agent Reed, to up your game," Spencer said. Spencer announced that he wanted Billie to move into the DiMera mansion, so that she would be able to gather more evidence. "Wait -- you want me to move in with my mother? I will need hazard pay for that," Billie said with a sigh.

In Nicole's hotel room, Rafe greeted Nicole, and he explained that he had lost his wallet earlier. Nicole found the wallet, and Rafe started to leave. Nicole stopped Rafe, and she observed that he seemed upset. Nicole guessed that something had happened with Sami.

Rafe confirmed Nicole's suspicion, then he announced that he had decided to file for divorce. Rafe sighed heavily, and he admitted that he had never expected to say those words. Nicole assured Rafe that everything would be all right. Rafe wondered how Nicole had managed to stay positive. Nicole said that she couldn't give up, because her baby needed her.

Nicole said that she understood why Rafe was upset. "But I know Sami, and...listen, a part of you is gonna be relieved to have that cup of crazy out of your life," Nicole added. Nicole wondered how Sami had taken the news. Rafe admitted that Sami had convinced herself that their separation would only be temporary. Nicole said that Sami was insane, and that she would get over it.

Nicole predicted that Sami would quickly move on to a new guy. Nicole wondered if Rafe was ready to move on. Rafe tried to change the subject, but Nicole pointed out that he was available. Nicole recalled that Rafe had told her that he wanted to find someone who wouldn't lie to him. Nicole noted that Rafe had already found that person, and she wondered what he was waiting for.

Rafe realized that Nicole was right. Rafe said that there was no reason for him and Carrie to continue to deny their feelings for each other, because they were each getting a divorce. Nicole seemed slightly disappointed, but Rafe didn't notice. Rafe thanked Nicole for her advice, then he rushed off to find Carrie.

Later, Daniel arrived to check on Nicole. Nicole assured Daniel that she was feeling fine, and she happily reported that her morning sickness had subsided. Nicole added that Rafe had taken her to the Brady Pub earlier, and Daniel was happy to hear that she had gotten some fresh air. Nicole admitted that she was lucky to have Daniel and Rafe's support, because they were both great guys.

In Carrie and Rafe's office, Austin asked Carrie if it was too late to save their marriage. Carrie said that things would have been different if Abigail hadn't lied about sleeping with Austin. Carrie wondered why Austin had originally tried to hide everything from her. Austin admitted that he had been worried about losing Carrie. Austin said that he couldn't imagine that possibility, and he begged Carrie to say that she felt the same way.

Meanwhile, Rafe approached the office door, which was slightly ajar, and he started to eavesdrop on Carrie and Austin's conversation. Carrie told Austin that she had felt betrayed, and that she had been ready to end their marriage. "Everything that I was feeling was based on a lie, and it's all different now," Carrie added. Austin hugged Carrie, and he suggested that it was time for them to start over.

Rafe sighed, then he quietly walked away. Carrie pulled away from Austin, and she informed him that it wasn't going to be that simple to fix their marriage. Carrie said that she still had some unresolved feelings that she needed to deal with, because they weren't going to go away on their own. "I don't know what the future holds for us," Carrie tearfully added, then she abruptly exited the room.

In Alamainia, John and Hope watched helplessly as one of Stefano's goons stalked Marlena. The man followed Marlena into a secluded part of the Horton Town Square, then he retrieved a gun and pointed it at her back. John sighed defeatedly, and he agreed to help Stefano. After a few tense seconds, the thug quietly walked away, and Stefano's image appeared on the television monitor.

John reiterated that he would help Stefano, but he added that he had two conditions. John said that he wanted Stefano to stay away from Marlena, and that he wanted Hope to return to Salem immediately. Stefano agreed to grant John's first request, but he refused to honor the second request. Stefano explained that he needed John and Hope's help. Hope assured John that she would be fine, and she agreed to help.

"Years ago, when Hope was Princess Gina, and you, John, were a worthy pawn, I gave the two of you an assignment to steal a particular item of great value, and bring it to me. You succeeded in stealing this item, but you never delivered it to me -- you kept it for yourselves, and you hid it. Where it is has yet to be found," Stefano explained. Hope wondered what she and John had allegedly stolen.

"Well, see, I have a collection of priceless Anastasia eggs. Individually, each one is worth at least...well, a great deal, but as a set, the value soars. Now, I am one piece short of completing the set, because the two of you decided to go rogue. You owe me," Stefano said. Stefano showed Hope and John a photograph of an ornate egg. John and Hope huddled together and started to whisper.

John announced that he and Hope would not be able to help Stefano. Stefano was furious, and he wondered if he needed to send his goon after Marlena again. John clarified that he and Hope were not reneging on their deal. "It's just that your plan's not gonna work, because we have no memory whatsoever of your priceless egg, and we don't remember stealing it, so therefore, we can't remember where we might have hid it," John explained.

Stefano said that he had hoped that the photograph would have triggered a memory. Hope assured Stefano that the photograph hadn't helped at all. Stefano admitted that he had considered that possibility, and he revealed that he had prepared a backup plan.

"I was not sure whether you would retain any memory of that phase in your lives, so I retained an expert who can help. Shouldn't be all that difficult to transform you into the people that you were when you stole my priceless objet d'art," Stefano said. Hope said that Stefano was completely insane. Stefano shrugged, and he wondered if John and Hope had a better solution.

At Common Grounds, Kate assured Will that he didn't need to feel embarrassed about anything. "I mean, I think I've known this about you for ages," Kate added. Will feigned ignorance, and Kate promised that she wasn't trying to put him on the spot. Kate explained that she had overhead Lucas and Will's earlier conversation, and she observed that Will had seemed uncomfortable.

Will started to say something, but Kate stopped him. "Will, I know what it's like to have a secret that you feel like you have to keep hidden from everyone, so I just want you to know that I love matter what, and I don't give a damn what your sexual orientation is," Kate bluntly stated. Kate added that she had picked up on Will's sexuality because she was around gay men all the time in the fashion industry.

Will listened in stunned silence as Kate continued. Kate said that she was just trying to make Will feel comfortable. Kate said that Will deserved to know that he had someone in his life who understood, and who would never judge him. Kate assured Will that he could talk to her about anything. Will continued to pretend that he didn't know what Kate was talking about.

Kate decided to try a different approach, and she suggested that she and Will could continue their discussion in a private location. " I want to, but I gotta -- I gotta go, 'cause I actually have a girl I need to meet, so...but I'll -- I'll, uh, see you later," Will said. Kate sighed as she watched Will exit the coffeehouse.

Later, Lucas entered the coffeehouse, and he demanded to talk to Kate. Kate groaned, and she guessed that Lucas wanted to talk about Sami. Lucas wondered why Kate couldn't just fire Sami. Kate reminded Lucas that Sami had committed serious crimes. Kate wondered why Lucas wasn't on her side. Kate recalled that Lucas hadn't even blinked when she had told him that Sami was the mole.

Lucas admitted that he had learned the truth earlier. Kate wondered why Lucas hadn't warned her. Lucas said that Sami had promised to stop sabotaging Countess Wilhelmina, and that he had believed her. Lucas wondered how Kate had learned the truth. Kate deflected, and she claimed that the more important issue was that Lucas was taking Sami's side.

Lucas warned Kate to back off, and he said that Sami had already been punished enough. "Actually, her punishment hasn't even begun, 'cause, you know, before you came barging in here on her behalf, I wasn't sure if I was gonna press charges against her; I wasn't sure I was gonna go for custody. But now, I've made a decision -- I am, because it's the only way I can keep that bitch's claws out of you," Kate said.

Later, at the DiMera mansion, Kate tried to contact Stefano, but he wasn't answering his phone. One of Stefano's henchmen rang the doorbell, and he handed Kate a package. The man explained that Stefano had asked him to deliver the package to the mansion. Kate wondered when the man had talked to Stefano, but the man ignored Kate's question, and he abruptly excused himself.

Kate placed the package on Stefano's desk, then she started to walk away. Kate tried to ignore the package, but her curiosity made it difficult to focus on anything else. Kate grabbed the box, and she muttered that she was only snooping because Stefano wasn't answering her calls.

Inside the box, there was a small stack of documents and photographs. Kate flipped through the pages. "He's tracking her every move," Kate muttered, as she looked at a glossy photograph that had been taken in the town square earlier that day. In the photograph, Marlena appeared to be accepting a flower from an unseen man.

At the Horton Town Square, Marlena greeted Will. Will was preoccupied, and he didn't notice Marlena at first, but she eventually managed to get his attention. Will said that Marlena looked really nice, and she explained that she was dressed up for a party later that night. Marlena said that she was extremely early for the event, and she suggested that Will could keep her company for a while.

Will declined, and he started to stammer out an excuse. Marlena could tell that something was bothering Will, but Will assured her that he would be okay. Marlena nodded, and she wondered why Will seemed spooked.

"Do I have a sign on my back? Seriously. I was at Sonny's coffee shop, and my dad was weirded out because I was just goofing off with him, and other grandma, Kate, said that she's known about me for a long time," Will said with a nervous laugh. Will wondered if Marlena had said anything to anyone. Marlena assured Will that she would never do that, and that their conversations were always confidential.

"Yeah, I know, um...and she just said she just knew, you know? And I couldn't even tell what my dad was thinking. You know, if he thought that -- that I -- that -- you know," Will stammered. Marlena urged Will to elaborate. Will looked around nervously, and he suggested that he and Marlena could talk later. Marlena assured Will that it would help for him to talk about his feelings.

Will insisted that he couldn't do that, and he started to pace nervously. Marlena assured Will that it was okay for him to talk about his feelings. Marlena noted that Will seemed like he wanted to run away. Will admitted that a part of him did want to escape. "The other part of me says if I don't get it out now, I'll explode, you know? And I don't know, because I think it's gonna make it worse," Will said.

"How do I know now's the right time? Right now, you know? And how do I know any time is the right time? Seriously, how -- how does anybody know that?" Will wondered. Marlena admitted that she didn't have the answer for that question. "You know...feelings suck, Grandma. You know, you try to ignore them, and you try to push them away...but it's not working for me," Will said. Will took a deep breath.

"I think I might be gay," Will admitted.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

At the Brady Pub, E.J. dropped by to see his kids and found Sami drinking at the bar. Sami explained that her business trip had been cancelled. When E.J. asked Sami what was wrong, Sami urged E.J. to see the kids. After E.J. said goodnight to his children, he returned downstairs to talk to Sami. Concerned, Kayla interrupted to ask Sami if everything was okay. Sami nodded, and E.J. ordered a bottle of wine.

E.J. explained that Kate had been on edge because she believed there was a spy in her company, and he suggested that Sami score points with Kate by catching the culprit. When Sami looked at E.J., he started to laugh when he realized that Sami was the spy. Sami confided that the spy plan had been Madison's idea and that she had quit working for Mad World. Shaking his head, E.J. noted that the facts could be disputed.

Desperate, Sami asked E.J. for legal advice. E.J. advised Sami to remain calm. When Sami asked E.J. for the name of a criminal attorney, E.J. sighed and remarked that he knew of one named Elvis. Sami was suspicious of E.J.'s offer for help and asked whether he was planning to work with Kate to take Sami's children away. E.J. assured Sami that he would not hurt the children by taking them away from their mother again.

"Samantha, if you were not the mother of my children you could disappear and never come back for all I care. But you, are and they love you. And so for their sakes I'm going to keep you from making an even bigger mess of your life than you already have," E.J. said. Sami lashed out at E.J. and blamed him for her losing Rafe. In the heat of the moment, Sami admitted that Rafe had asked for a divorce.

When Sami blamed Carrie, she admitted that Carrie was enjoying paying her back for all the hurt she had caused Carrie when they were younger. Sami asked E.J. about Nicole, and he admitted that he had signed divorce papers for Nicole. Sami lamented the fact that her and E.J.'s reaction to their grief over Johnny had been to have sex rather than "react like normal people."

Smiling, E.J. reasoned aloud that both he and Sami believed they were the centers of their universes. "Maybe that's what made the sex so good," Sami mumbled to herself. As Sami glanced at E.J., the two chuckled. Sami asked E.J. if he had been happy with Nicole. When E.J. admitted that he had been happy, Sami wondered aloud how they could have torpedoed their lives.

E.J. assured Sami that she was not alone. When Sami asked E.J. if he was referring to the kids, E.J. smiled coyly and nodded. E.J. promised to help Sami and the kids. Leaning forward, Sami whispered that she had chosen to stay at Countess W because she had been proud of her job. Sami confided that she had lost the job and the man that she loved. E.J. assured Sami that they would overcome her obstacles together. "You just keep being you, okay? You'll be fine," E.J. said reassuringly.

At the coffeehouse, a teenage girl fawned over Chad as the guy from the magazine ad, and she asked him to sign her t-shirt. Melanie and Gabi chuckled over Chad's newfound fame as they walked out of the coffeehouse. As Chad followed the ladies, he wondered aloud where Will was.

Kate was wandering around the town square, thinking about the package that had been addressed to Stefano that she had opened. As Kate thought about the photos of Marlena that had been inside the package, Kate shivered. Kate called Stefano and left him a voicemail begging him to call her back.

Outside the town square, Will quietly admitted to Marlena, "I think I might be gay." Marlena nodded and told Will that she believed he should not be ashamed of how he felt. "It's a cause for celebration," Marlena said with a smile. Backpedaling, Will noted that he was not sure that he was gay. Concerned for Will, Marlena pulled out her phone and noted that she was going to cancel her plans. Will urged Marlena to head to dinner, since he was late to pick up his friends.

Across the square, Madison arrived for a dinner with Ian. Ian informed Madison that he had invited representatives from Titan subsidiaries to the dinner with the fashion editors. When Madison turned around to see the first guest, she was dismayed to see Brady walking over to the table. Brady noted that the two fashion editors had invited him to dinner, and Madison confirmed that she had received the same invitation. As Brady stared at Madison and Ian, Kate sauntered over to the table and announced that she had been invited to the dinner.

As Ian announced that his dinner plan was to promote businesses in Salem, Marlena walked over to the table and greeted everyone. Ian went to get drinks for a toast, and Kate took Marlena aside and asked her why she was late. Marlena explained that she had stopped to talk to Will.

When Gabi, Chad, and Melanie arrived for drinks before the dinner, Kate introduced Gabi and Chad to fashion editors Alicia and Serge. Alicia complimented the chemistry between Gabi and Chad in their ad campaign, and Serge asked them how long they had been dating. Grinning nervously, Chad explained that he was not dating Gabi and introduced Melanie.

In the corner, Kate stared at Marlena and muttered under her breath, "We'll see who is Queen of the Night." Marlena sidled up next to Brady as he stewed in another corner, staring at Madison. Brady asked Marlena if Madison looked like a woman in love. When Marlena looked at Madison, Ian pulled Madison close to him and she cringed. Smiling, Marlena noted that Madison looked like a woman in love with someone other than Ian. Marlena noted that Madison had her reasons to stay with Ian and that Brady could not change Madison's reasons.

After Gabi, Chad, and Melanie left, everyone else sat down to dinner. Brady picked up Madison's napkin from the floor and delicately placed it on her lap. Unnerved, Madison smiled awkwardly. Ian thanked everyone for attending the dinner and wished them well. "Here's to attaining your heart's desire," Ian toasted. Ian continued the toast by complimenting Madison. With a sly smile, Ian announced that a portion of the proceeds from every sale of Mad World cosmetics would be donated to a foundation in Madison's name for women in underprivileged areas.

As everyone clapped when Ian sat down, a tipsy Brady stood up and announced that he had something to say about Madison. Brady noted that Ian did not create Madison but that Madison was her own person. As Brady ordered Ian to leave town, Madison stood up and yelled at Brady to stop talking.

Brady walked away, and Marlena rushed after him. Outside the square, Brady argued that someone needed to put Ian in his place. Concerned, Marlena noted that Brady's performance at the dinner might have put Basic Black in jeopardy. With a sigh, Brady sat on the bench and promised to fix things.

After everyone left the dinner but Kate, Ian, and Madison, a furious Madison argued that Ian had planned the dinner in order to torture Brady. "I'm not gonna help you do that anymore," Madison said, then stormed off. Kate urged Ian to accept that fact that his wife loved someone else. With a smirk, Kate admitted she had done the same thing with her husband. "I found out that Stefano is still obsessed with Marlena," Kate confided.

When Kate wondered aloud why she had told Ian about Stefano's obsession, Ian smirked. "Because in your heart of hearts, you know that I care about you in a way Stefano never will," Ian said. Ian sat Kate down at the table and poured her another glass of champagne. "I came her for you," Ian said. Kate argued that she did not believe Ian because he had forbidden her to use the evidence she had against Madison to destroy her.

When Ian noted that Madison did not compare to Kate's beauty, Kate reminded Ian that he had chosen Madison over her once. Kate added that she preferred Stefano to Ian. "Even if he prefers Marlena?" Ian countered. Narrowing her eyes, Kate noted that she would fix her problem with Stefano. With a grin, Ian assured Kate that he would wait for her. Overwhelmed, Kate pulled her hand away from Ian's and walked away, breathless.

Madison found Brady and Marlena talking outside the square. "Thank God. I thought you were in your car somewhere," Madison said as she placed a hand on Brady's shoulder. Marlena urged Madison and Brady to talk, then she left them alone. Madison warned Brady not to let Ian push his buttons.

Shaking his head, Brady noted that he could not have left town without Madison and then he grabbed her and kissed her passionately. Madison struggled to break free of Brady's grip, but then she gave in to the kiss. When Madison did break free of Brady's hold, she warned Brady that if he pursued her that he would lose Basic Black.

After talking to the fashion editors Alicia and Serge at the dinner party, Gabi, Chad, and Melanie returned to the coffeehouse. Gabi pointed out Will across the room, and they walked over to tell him about their drinks with the fashion editors. Gabi suggested they go out to a club, but Chad countered that he and Melanie were going to go back to his apartment instead. Gabi thought about when she had planted her earring in Chad's bed, then cheerfully said goodnight to Chad and Melanie.

Back at Chad's apartment, Chad set up a romantic, candlelit dinner. Melanie admitted that she was jealous that women were approaching Chad and that people kept pointing out the chemistry between Chad and Gabi. Grinning, Chad noted that he and Gabi were paid to look like they were attracted to one another. Shaking her head, Melanie argued that Gabi looked like she was genuinely interested in dating Chad. Chad countered that he did not care what Gabi wanted because he was madly in love with Melanie.

Chad kissed Melanie and began to undress her. As Chad and Melanie tumbled back onto the bed, Melanie snagged her hand on something sharp in the folds of the comforter. As Melanie pulled back the comforter to investigate, she found an earring. Chad did not know where the earring was from, but upset, Melanie announced that she was leaving. Chad argued that Melanie had the wrong idea. "For the future, when you set up a little seduction scene, change your sheets," Melanie quipped before she left the apartment.

Outside the Brady Pub, Will asked Gabi what was going on between Gabi and Chad. Avoiding the subject, Gabi asked Will why E.J. paid for Will's apartment. Will shrugged and commented that the apartment was a perk of his job. When Gabi asked Will whether he liked to work for E.J., Will grinned widely and admitted that he enjoyed working for E.J. Gabi offered Will a deal. In exchange for Will's help in teaching Gabi how to bend the rules, she would offer her services.

When Will asked Gabi what she wanted, Marlena interrupted their conversation to say hello. Marlena suggested that they go inside the pub and have some coffee, but Will declined the offer and noted that he and Gabi had plans. Will took Gabi by the elbow and guided her away from the pub.

In Stefano's prison, John and Hope lamented agreeing to Stefano's plan to revert to their old personas and steal for him. Hope was concerned that Stefano wanted to mess with their minds, but John noted that they did not have a choice. "We are keeping the people we love alive," John reminded Hope. Unsure, Hope was worried that she would forget Bo. Hope screamed out to Stefano, and she demanded that Stefano show her proof that Bo was alive.

When there was no response, John pulled Hope away from the bars and sat her down on the cot. John reminded Hope that the video of Marlena proved that Bo was alive. John explained that if Bo had died, then Marlena's demeanor in the video would have been different.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

At the police station, Abe was surprised to learn that Lexie had paid his bail. Abe expressed his gratitude to his wife, especially after everything he'd put her through, but Lexie noted that she couldn't let the father of her child stay in jail any longer than necessary. Abe admitted that he missed Theo and Lexie, and he couldn't believe he had allowed trying to win the election to cause him to lose sight of what mattered most: his family.

With a rueful sigh, Lexie confessed that she'd missed Abe, as well -- and she owed him a huge apology for shutting him out when she should have tried to forgive him. She acknowledged that she had hardly lived a completely virtuous life, either, and it had taken Abe's arrest to make her realize how wrong she'd been to judge him so harshly. Lexie begged for Abe's forgiveness, but he reassured her that there was nothing to forgive.

Abe then wondered what he was going to do for a living, since he was no longer mayor and he couldn't rejoin the police force with criminal charges pending against him. Lexie said that what he should do next was to move back home -- where he belonged.

Back in their bedroom later, Lexie helped Abe unpack. He confessed that imagining he was in that bed with her had been the only way he could fall asleep at night in jail. Lexie said that Theo would be thrilled to see that his daddy was back home. "This bed was such a lonely place without you," Lexie admitted.

After Abe and Lexie made love, the happily reunited duo cuddled in bed together. "Now I really know you're back!" Lexie said, beaming. As she raised up from his chest to look in his eyes, suddenly she winced in pain. Squeezing her eyes shut, she explained that a headache had just hit her out of the blue. As Abe got up to fetch some aspirin, a grateful Lexie place a hand to her throbbing temple and moaned.

When Billie met Kate at the coffeehouse, Kate noted that Billie had been spending too much time at the hospital. Billie believed that it was good for the comatose Bo to hear the voices of familiar people around him. Billie then expressed her worry that no one had been able to reach Hope or John since they'd left for Alamainia, and she blamed Stefano. That presumption infuriated Kate, who insisted that Stefano's business trip had nothing to do with John and Hope.

Billie guessed that Stefano was still obsessed with Marlena, because he'd obviously gone to a great deal of trouble to make sure that Marlena was vulnerable and alone and that John was thousands of miles away. Kate maintained that Stefano was not involved with whatever was going on with John and Hope. Kate added that she didn't appreciate Billie denigrating Kate's marriage and happiness. Billie was stunned to realize that Kate truly did love Stefano, and declared, "You're in an even bigger mess than I thought!" Fed up, Kate stormed off.

Billie apologized, and admitted that she was having a hard time accepting that her mother was married to Stefano DiMera. Billie suggested that she move into the mansion to look out for Kate. Kate argued that she didn't need watching over, so Billie "confessed" that she was lonely and just wanted to be closer to her mom. Kate was so happy, she almost started crying as she dug a spare key out of her purse. Billie excitedly announced that she would like to move in right away, and a thrilled Kate embraced her daughter.

As soon as Kate was out of earshot, Billie phoned Agent Spencer to inform him that she was moving into the DiMera mansion that day. Spencer wanted to make sure that Billie knew what to do once she was there. "Prove that the DiMeras framed John, and that they stole pensions," Billie explained, and assured Spencer that she would look for any sort of evidence she could get her hands on.

Just outside Horton Square, Marlena sat on a bench as she left a worried but loving message for John. Will soon joined his grandmother, and reassured her that he didn't really think that he was gay, after all. He explained that he'd merely overreacted, because his dad had overreacted to seeing Sonny and Will goofing around. Will added that just because he had gay friends, it didn't mean he was gay. Marlena noted that Will was obviously upset at the thought of his family and other people thinking he was gay, and reassured him that she loved him no matter what.

Will was grateful for Marlena's unconditional support, but he wondered how his parents would feel -- if Will were actually gay. "I think your family would need time to rethink their assumptions about you. But I'm a little more worried about you... If you can't accept who you are, you'll be in for a very unhappy life," Marlena asserted. As if he could decide it on the spot, Will declared, "No I'm not, because I'm not gay. I won't be gay. I just won't." Marlena asked if Will thought there was something wrong with being gay.

Will replied that he didn't think that, but he wanted a family -- and a normal life. Marlena pointed out that gay people had spouses and children, as well. She urged Will, "I want you to go for it. Because that's what we do: we take what we are given. And most of the time, what we're given is better than what we ever could've imagined for ourselves." Will confided that he felt like he fit in when he was hanging out with Sonny and his gay friends. Marlena declared that Will had been through so much, yet he seemed to keep getting stronger. She commended him for his strength and honesty, and affirmed that she was "unspeakably proud" of him.

Will and Marlena then went inside the square for some breakfast. Kate arrived just as Will was leaving for class. As she watched Will go, Kate asked if he had just been confiding in Marlena. Marlena politely refused to discuss it with Kate, who then revealed, "I know he's gay, and I know he's upset about it." Marlena gently noted that she never asked Will about his conversations with Kate, so perhaps Kate could show Marlena the same courtesy. She added, "When Will chooses to speak to you, he will."

Kate reacted with defensive sarcasm, and then warned Marlena, "You try to come between me and my grandson, [and] you'll be a very sorry woman." Kate added, "Will is strong. Will doesn't need to be coddled. Will is going to accept the truth." Marlena agreed, but asserted that Will would do so on his own schedule. Kate snapped, "Just stay out of my relationship with Will. As a matter of fact, stay out of all my relationships." She accusingly asserted that something was going on between Marlena and Stefano, but Marlena burst out laughing at the mere idea.

A frustrated Sami was searching for an apartment from the Brady Pub when Carrie entered. Sami tried to bury her head in her laptop to avoid her sister, but Carrie pushed the lid closed, and forced Sami to talk to her, so they could try to talk things out. Sami refused, declaring that she would never forgive Carrie. Carrie was annoyed that Sami couldn't even try to be civil. "You stole my husband, and you expect me to be civil?" Sami replied icily.

Carrie insisted she'd done no such thing, but Sami revealed that Rafe had asked her for a divorce. Carrie tried to express her sympathy, but Sami spat that Carrie had done everything she could to take Rafe away from Sami. Pointing out that Sami had slept with E.J., Carrie demanded that Sami stop blaming everyone else and learn to take responsibility for her own actions. Sami openly acknowledged that she had made a huge mistake, but added, "At least I'm not a husband-stealing hypocrite."

Carrie reiterated that she hadn't gone after Rafe, but Sami pointed out that Austin had overheard Carrie admitting that she hadn't been able to help herself from falling in love with Rafe. "No wonder [Austin] cheated on you," Sami said wryly. Carrie divulged that Abigail had lied about having sex with Austin, so Austin hadn't cheated. Sami wondered what Carrie was going to do next, since she knew how much Carrie enjoyed stringing two men along at the same time -- especially since Sami had no one.

Carrie whined, "That is not fair." Sami hissed, "What's not fair is you waltzing back into Salem, ruining my marriage, and now you get to go back to your husband as if nothing happened. Or you get to be with Rafe. Either way, you win. That's what's not fair -- and I hate you for it." Sami grabbed her things and stomped out.

Rafe was walking dejectedly through Horton Square when Nicole stopped him. She correctly guessed that Carrie was the reason for his gloomy mood, and Rafe explained that he'd overheard Carrie and Austin talking about how they were going to work things out. Rafe added that he didn't really want to talk any more about it, so Nicole just thanked him for keeping her pregnancy a secret, especially since his involvement in her "mess" had caused E.J. to believe that she and Rafe had slept together.

E.J. walked up just then, and snidely greeted "Salem's latest lovers." He ridiculed Nicole for ending up with a man she'd once derided as an arrogant jerk. Nicole retorted pointedly that at least she'd finally figured out who the real jerk was. Rafe offered to take Nicole somewhere else, but she said she wanted to stay and talk with E.J. about a few things. She reassured Rafe that she would be all right, so he left.

E.J. then chided Nicole for flaunting her new relationship with Rafe in public and embarrassing E.J. Nicole pointed out that E.J. had already done plenty to sully his own reputation. E.J. reminded her that she was his wife, but Nicole informed him that she had filed the divorce papers she'd asked him to sign a while back -- and she could not wait for their divorce to be final. Although obviously devastated, E.J. lashed out. "So your tacky little affair with Hernandez isn't enough; now you have to hurt me," he said.

An incredulous Nicole pointed out that E.J. was in no place to lecture anyone about fidelity. She acknowledged that self-respect was not exactly her strong suit, but at least she had enough of it to know that she was never going to take E.J. back. E.J. admitted that it killed him to see her with Rafe, not because he was jealous, but because he knew he'd driven her to it. He quietly implored her to believe him when he told her that she was the only girl he'd ever loved.

Taking Nicole's hands, E.J. desperately tried to convince her that they could get past his mistakes, but she slapped him away furiously. She reiterated how much she looked forward to not being tied to him any longer. "Have a nice life, E.J.," she declared, but as she moved away, she turned back to correct herself: "Actually, have a lousy life."

After Nicole stormed off, E.J. sank onto a bench, and put his head in his hands. Sami arrived just then, and remarked that she felt the same way he apparently did. E.J. dragged Sami to a bench outside where they would have more privacy, and grumbled that Nicole was filing for divorce to be with someone else. Sami couldn't believe that Nicole was already "hooking up" with another guy.

E.J. informed Sami that he'd found Rafe in Nicole's hotel room the night before, and it had been clear to E.J. from their half-undressed state that they were sleeping together. Sami refused to believe it, but E.J. said that he'd also seen Nicole and Rafe in the square together just then -- and they'd been very close. Deeply hurt, Sami wondered why Rafe would be with the one woman Sami hated more than anyone else in the world -- before they were even divorced.

Rafe found Carrie sitting alone in the pub, and she invited him to join her so she could tell him what had happened. She quickly filled Rafe in about Abigail's lies. Rafe immediately assumed that meant that Austin and Carrie were going to try to work things out. "I'm happy for you," he declared a bit unconvincingly.

Carrie was trying to tell Rafe the rest of the story when Sami burst through the front door. "Unbelievable! Really? Rafe, how many women are you stringing along at the same time?" Sami asked incredulously. Rafe asked what Sami was talking about. "Oh, don't play dumb. I know what you did. You had sex with Nicole!" Sami spat furiously.

As Billie wheeled her suitcase into the living room of the DiMera mansion, she called out to see who else was home. When no one answered, she quickly stepped over to the desk, and opened a file folder. Just then, E.J. returned home. "What the hell do you think you're doing in my house?" E.J. demanded.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

by Mike

At the Horton Town Square, Kate demanded to know what was going on between Marlena and Stefano. Marlena laughed, and she insisted that she despised Stefano.

Marlena reminded Kate that they had once been friends, and she asked if that had changed. Marlena wondered if Kate had decided that she didn't need her friends, since she was happily married to Stefano. Kate replied that she and Stefano had been happily married, until Marlena had returned to Salem.

"I thought that my husband was over you a long time ago, but now I believe he's still obsessed with his Queen of the Night," Kate said. Marlena said that Stefano was still obsessed with destroying her life. Marlena wondered if that made Kate jealous. "It revolts me that he refers to me as the Queen of the Night. He knows that; that's why he does it, just to aggravate me," Marlena explained.

Kate conceded that Marlena might be right, but she added that Stefano had also made that reference in front of Kate, in their own home. Marlena was surprised to hear that, and she wondered how Kate had responded. Kate said that she had tried to ignore Stefano's comment, but she admitted that she had been thinking about it a lot lately.

Kate added that Stefano had also mentioned that Sami was her mother's daughter, and she said that Stefano had meant it as a hymn of praise. Marlena realized that Kate was starting to believe that Marlena was a threat to her marriage. Marlena guessed that something else was going on. Kate silently recalled the photographs of Marlena that she had seen earlier.

Kate laughed, and she admitted that she was being ridiculous. Kate claimed that she was happier, and more certain of Stefano's love, than she had ever been. Kate started to excuse herself, but Marlena stopped her. Marlena demanded to know what Stefano had done to John and Hope. Kate insisted that she didn't know, but Marlena wasn't convinced.

Marlena explained that she had been trying to contact John, and that he hadn't returned any of her calls. Marlena wondered where Stefano was, and when he would be returning to Salem. Kate didn't respond, and Marlena realized that Kate didn't know where Stefano was. Marlena wondered if that was why Kate was feeling insecure about her marriage.

Kate said that Stefano's itinerary was none of Marlena's business. Kate added that Marlena didn't have any proof that Stefano had done anything to John or Hope. Kate suggested that Marlena's intense hatred for Stefano was causing her to jump to conclusions. Marlena pointed out that she had plenty of good reasons to hate Stefano.

Kate insisted that Stefano had changed, and that he only cared about making her happy. Marlena wondered if that meant that Kate knew exactly where Stefano was, and exactly what he was doing. Kate said that she had wasted enough time talking to Marlena, and she abruptly excused herself. After Kate left, Stefano's henchman started to follow Marlena again.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. demanded to know why Billie was going through Stefano's private files. Billie claimed that she had been looking for a Countess Wilhelmina contract, then she noted that E.J. had not always been that paranoid. E.J. said that he was just looking out for Stefano's best interests. Billie announced that she was moving into the DiMera mansion so that she could look out for Kate's best interests.

Later, E.J. told Billie that he needed to talk to Kate. "Well, let me guess what about -- everyone's favorite guttersnipe, Samantha Brady?" Kate asked, as she entered the mansion. Billie excused herself so that Kate and E.J. could have some privacy, but she secretly lurked in the foyer so that she could eavesdrop.

E.J. said that he wanted to talk about Kate's absurd vendetta against Sami. E.J. reminded Kate that he was the father of two of Sami's kids. Kate replied that she was the grandmother of Sami's other two kids. "Well, now that we've established the bloodlines...I need you to drop this custody idea of yours. The children are better off with Samantha, and that is where I would like them to stay," E.J. said.

E.J. informed Kate that Rafe had asked Sami for a divorce. Kate was impressed, and she admitted that she had underestimated Rafe. E.J. insisted that Sami was a good mother. Kate reminded E.J. that Sami was the reason that he had lost Nicole. Kate said that she had assumed that she and E.J. would be working together to destroy Sami's life.

"Listen, Kate...if she goes to prison because of something that you do, you will have to answer to me," E.J. warned Kate, then he abruptly exited the mansion. After E.J. left, Billie returned, and she joked that the DiMeras were one big, happy family. Kate said that E.J. never would have talked to her like that if Stefano had been around. Kate added that it was going to be nice to have Billie as an ally.

Billie realized that Kate really missed Stefano, and she said that she was glad that Kate was happy. Billie apologized for her earlier comments about Stefano and Marlena. Billie wondered why Kate hadn't heard from Stefano yet. Kate claimed that she wasn't worried, and she suggested that Stefano was probably in the middle of some sort of juicy business deal.

Kate quickly changed the subject, and she explained that she had left her scarf at the coffeehouse earlier. Kate excused herself so that she could retrieve the scarf, and she abruptly exited the mansion. After Kate left, Billie started to rummage through Stefano's desk again. Billie found a locked drawer, and she used a letter opener to pick the lock.

Inside the drawer, Billie found a folder that was filled with documents about guns. "A million dollars in weapons? Oh, Stefano, you have been a busy, busy boy," Billie muttered, as she grabbed her phone so that she could take pictures of the documents.

At Common Grounds, Kate looked at the photographs of Marlena again. Kate tried to call Stefano, but the call went straight to voicemail. "Hello, my darling -- it's me again. I hope you got my message from last night. I know that you have five minutes to pick up the phone and call me. This isn't like you, and I need to talk. Bye," Kate said with a sigh.

At the Brady Pub, Rafe assured Sami that there was nothing going on between him and Nicole. Sami wasn't convinced, and she theorized that Rafe was sleeping with Nicole so that he could punish Sami. Sami told Rafe that he could keep the apartment, because she didn't want to live there anymore. Sami suggested that Rafe could live in the apartment with Nicole or Carrie -- or both of them.

"Looking at you both right now, it's unbelievable to me that I am the bad seed of this family. I have lived with these lies my entire life, and I believed them. I mean, I didn't just love Rafe -- I looked up to him. I thought he was the most upstanding, honorable, decent man I had ever met. Turns out you're down for some dirty revenge sex with E.J.'s trashy wife," Sami snapped. Rafe suggested that Sami needed to leave.

"This is my family's pub. I get to stay for as long as I like. You don't get to air my dirty laundry, and then cover yours up," Sami said. Rafe reiterated that he wasn't sleeping with Nicole. Rafe guessed that E.J. had talked to Sami, and he insisted that E.J. had blown the entire situation out of proportion. "You had your shirt off for Nicole. Why? Was she gonna wax your chest at midnight?" Sami wondered.

Rafe sarcastically confirmed Sami's suspicion. Rafe suggested that Sami was desperate to think the worst about him, and he incredulously noted that she had resorted to taking E.J.'s word over his. Sami acknowledged that E.J. had a lot of flaws, but she added that he definitely wasn't stupid. Rafe tried to get Sami to calm down.

"Why should I calm down? I lost my husband, my job, the love of my son, I might even end up in prison,, I'm not calming down," Sami replied. Carrie wondered what Sami was talking about, but Sami refused to explain. Sami changed the subject, and she asked if Carrie was going to forgive Austin, since he had never actually cheated on her.

"Obviously not, since I found you here with Rafe...again. Obviously, you're dumb enough to believe his story, and that's fine, but he cheated on me, so he's obviously cheating on you now. He doesn't care about you any more than he cared about me. If I were you, I would go back to my husband, while you still have the chance," Sami suggested, then she stormed out of the pub. Carrie started to excuse herself, but Rafe stopped her.

Rafe assured Carrie that he and Nicole were not having an affair. Rafe apologetically explained that he couldn't tell Carrie the whole story, because he didn't want to betray Nicole's confidence. Carrie said that she knew that Rafe was a good man, and that she believed him. Rafe started to ask Carrie about Austin, but Carrie abruptly excused herself.

Outside the pub, Caroline comforted Sami. Sami said that she was glad that Caroline hadn't witnessed her earlier outburst. Caroline wondered if there was anything that she could do to help. "Grandma, I think you can do anything, but...this is something I have to do for myself," Sami said.

After Caroline left, Sami struggled to contain her emotions. E.J. approached Sami, and he offered her a handkerchief. E.J. asked Sami to trust him, then he told her to follow him. E.J. cryptically explained that he had something that might make Sami feel better.

In Alamainia, John wondered how he and Hope could be sure that Stefano would restore their true personalities after they had recovered the Anastasia egg. Stefano grinned mischievously, and he said that John and Hope were just going to have to trust him. Stefano wondered if John and Hope were ready to begin, and they reluctantly agreed.

Stefano claimed that the procedure was painless. A tall, bald-headed man entered the room, and John jokingly asked if the man was Rolf's brother. Stefano refused to tell John and Hope the man's name, but he explained that the man was a famous hypnotist.

"What he is going to do is put you in a receptive state, hmm? And then with, uh, medically safe, what it's gonna do is, it's gonna knock you out just a little bit, but what it's gonna -- it's gonna open your mind to both Princess Gina and the Pawn, see? So that they can come back," Stefano explained. John skeptically wondered if it was really going to be that simple.

"Actually, yes. Bear in mind, you've already spent a good deal of time living these alternate lives. Your subconscious still retains all you've done and been through. They just need a bit of jogging to bring these old personalities to the surface. The key to our success today will be your willingness to become the people you once were," the hypnotist explained, revealing a slight accent. Stefano added that he was going to use a trigger.

John reminded Stefano that Marlena had erased all of the verbal triggers that Stefano had implanted in John's brain. Stefano said that there was one thing that Marlena had missed. Stefano pulled out a silver compact that was engraved with the letter G. Stefano wondered if Hope and John recognized it. Hope eyed the compact apprehensively. Stefano explained that it was an exact replica of Princess Gina's compact.

Stefano said that he was pleased to be able to give Hope the compact. Hope snapped that she didn't want Stefano's gifts. The hypnotist observed that John and Hope did not seem ready and willing to proceed, but Stefano insisted that they were.

A short time later, John and Hope were sitting on the floor with their backs against the wall, and they each seemed slightly dazed. Stefano wondered if John and Hope had been hypnotized yet. "Well, apparently not, because I despise you now more than ever," John dryly stated. Meanwhile, Hope quietly urged Bo to hold on, and she promised that she would be back in Salem soon.

Stefano wondered why the procedure wasn't working. The hypnotist explained that John and Hope were each exhibiting strong signs of resistance. The hypnotist said that he could administer more gas, but he warned that it might be dangerous to do so. "I don't give a damn -- do it!" Stefano growled.

Later, the hypnotist announced that he had given John and Hope the maximum amount of gas that he could safely administer. Stefano wondered if Hope and John could hear him. The hypnotist nodded, and he explained that John and Hope were more susceptible than they had ever been before. The hypnotist exited the room, and Stefano started to talk to Hope and John in a manner that suggested that they were at a public gathering.

"What a beautiful night it is! And Princess Gina, you are absolutely ravishing tonight, and, you know, it's so good to see this lovely gentleman sitting right next to you. You are a striking couple; the minute you walk into a room, all eyes are upon you. What is that? What is that I hear, huh? Music. Ah, yes, music -- it's beautiful. It's the kind of music that you can dance to...and if I remember correctly, you two -- you love to dance," Stefano said, as Hope and John started to recall memories of their lives as Princess Gina and the Pawn.

Hope opened her eyes. "Ah, la principessa. Ah, such a delight to see you again. You know, it's been far, far too long. Look, you've had such a tough journey. Maybe you're tired; would you like to get a little rest at the hotel?" Stefano asked. Hope started to exit the room, but Stefano reminded her that she had forgotten her compact.

"Thank you. You do know how I hate going anywhere without it. And Steffy, time certainly has stood still for you -- you are as dapper as ever," Princess Gina said, as she kissed Stefano on the cheek. Gina started to leave, but Stefano stopped her again. "Oh, Principessa, you have forgotten something else -- or should I say someone else," Stefano said, as he gestured to John.

Gina and John recognized each other, and Stefano gleefully watched as his creations shared a passionate kiss.

Friday, March 30, 2012

In Alamainia, Stefano interrupted a passionate kiss between Hope and John to welcome back "Princess Gina" and "the Pawn." Stefano's creations wanted to know where they had been, and why Stefano had wanted them back. Stefano informed them that it was 2012, and they were in Alamainia. Gina and John seemed taken aback that so much time had passed. Stefano then announced that he needed a rather large favor from Gina and the Pawn. John and Gina wanted to know if there were something in it for them.

Stefano explained that Gina and John had stolen -- and hidden -- a one-of-a-kind egg from czarist Russia that was supposed to have completed Stefano's collection. John and Gina noted that if they had stolen it, they would be sipping champagne on a beach somewhere. Stefano threatened to make them both disappear again if they did not do as he commanded. John pointed out, "If you wipe out our memories, you're never going to get your egg, because you won't know where we hid it."

Stefano pointedly warned his captives, "If you don't do what I say, the last time you were together will be the last time you were together." Gina and John proposed a compromise: they would retrieve the egg, and then they would tell "Steffy" what they wanted in return. Stefano reluctantly agreed. He advised Gina and John that a car would take them to the hotel, where there were clothes for them, and cash to complete their job -- which they had 48 hours to carry out.

As Gina and the Pawn entered their hotel room a bit later, Stefano watched via hidden camera. On the phone, Stefano made certain that all traces of John Black and Hope Brady had been removed from their room. Gina and John complained that the hotel was a dump, but, thrilled to finally be alone, they began kissing passionately. Soon, John pulled away, and suggested, "Let's go to work." He began searching the room for hidden cameras, while Gina smoked meditatively, using a long cigarette holder.

John spotted a camera behind a mirror, and yanked it out of the wall. "My pawn is clever, but not as smart as his king," Stefano remarked to himself as he switched the video feed to a different camera. Gina soon found a bug attached to the bottom of a lamp, and dropped it into a vase of flowers, shaking it to make sure the bug went into the water. Knowing that Stefano likely had backup video equipment, John began searching again.

Astute Gina knew right away where to find the last camera: hidden behind the painting of the famous Russian egg they were to retrieve. She smiled mischievously and blew smoke into the tiny camera, then pulled it out of the wall. Cursing, Stefano slammed down the remote. He quickly called his henchman, Martin, and ordered him not to let Gina or John out of his sight.

A little later, John and Hope's transformation into their Stefano-controlled alter egos was evidently complete, as John had donned a tuxedo, and Gina wore a pale lavender ball gown, complete with jeweled tiara in her blond-streaked hair. After they admired one another, Gina kissed John, and declared, "It's so much easier when you are not pretending to be Father John, and I do not have to keep my hands off you." She then suggested, "We lose Stefano's goons and retrieve the egg, yes?" John countered that they should let Stefano stew for a bit while they had some fun.

Martin later reported to Stefano in person that they had lost John and Gina. "You find them, or all kinds of hell is going to break loose!" Stefano ordered vehemently. "I am not going to lose," Stefano vowed to himself after Martin had gone.

When Gabi and Chad ordered only water and coffee at the Brady Pub, Caroline joked that they were already eating like supermodels. Once Chad and Gabi were alone, he confided, "Melanie thinks I'm cheating on her." He explained about the earring that Melanie had found in his bed. Gabi believed Chad when he said that he had no idea how it had gotten there, but wondered, "If [Melanie] didn't believe you about the earring, then what makes you think that she loves you as much as you think she does?" Gabi asked if she could see the earring, and then feigned surprise when Chad removed it from his pocket. "Oh, my God! Chad, this is my earring," Gabi exclaimed.

At the coffeehouse, Abigail confided to Melanie that Austin had learned the truth that he had never had sex with Abigail. Abigail lamented that she had been humiliated, because her parents had overheard her confessing that she'd lied, "And Carrie slapped me clear into next year." Melanie pointed out that at least everything was out in the open. Melanie then confessed that she thought Chad was cheating on her. Shocked, Abigail noted that Chad had never been anything but honorable, even about his relationship with Melanie after he and Abigail had broken up.

Melanie revealed that she had found another woman's earring in Chad's bed, and that information shocked and angered Abigail. When Chad called Melanie, she didn't want to answer, but Abigail thought Melanie should give him a chance to explain. When Melanie picked up, Chad said that he wanted to talk. He asked her to stay where she was, and he would be right there. After she hung up, Melanie expressed her doubts that anything Chad could say would appease her.

Soon Chad and Gabi arrived, and Chad announced that Gabi had something to say about the earring. Gabi informed Melanie, "The earring is mine." An incredulous Melanie accused Chad of having sex with Gabi. Chad reassured Melanie that he and Gabi were not "hooking up," because he loved Melanie. Gabi "helpfully" assured Melanie, "I've been with Chad many times where he could cheat, but he would never do that because he loves you more than all the sex he could be having -- and trust me; that is a lot."

Melanie winced, and demanded an explanation for how Gabi's earring had ended up in Chad's bed. Gabi stated that she and Chad had been sitting on the bed to look at their Countess Wilhelmina ad, and the earring had to have fallen off then. Although skeptical, Melanie seemed to accept that, and apologized to Chad. He said he was sorry, too, and Gabi chimed in her regrets. Gabi then added, "Any girl would want to be with Chad. Just be glad he still wants to be with you." Melanie looked at her with disbelief.

Chad offered to take Melanie out to lunch right then, followed by dinner and a movie, to try to make it up to her. Gabi reminded Chad that they had a fitting that day for a photo shoot later in the week. Chad said that Melanie was more important, so he would reschedule his fitting. Grinning, Melanie accepted, and she and Chad left together.

A suspicious Abigail immediately turned to Gabi and demanded, "So, Gabi, why don't you tell me how your earring really ended up in Chad's bed?" Gabi insisted that she had told the truth, but Abigail didn't buy it. She accused Gabi of causing problems for Chad and Melanie. Gabi countered that Abigail had done the same thing, but at least Gabi had fixed things for Chad and Melanie. Gabi announced that she was going to her fitting, and flounced out.

E.J. led Sami into a beautifully appointed apartment, and asked if she liked it. Sami agreed that the place was "great," and asked whose apartment it was. E.J. informed her that the fully furnished flat was hers -- rent-free, utilities included -- and she could move in to as soon as she moved out of Rafe's loft. He added that it had plenty of amenities, including state-of-the-art security -- and he owned the building.

Although grateful, Sami politely declined. E.J. pointed out that she had few other options, besides letting her exes take their respective children. Sami concluded that the apartment was all part of Kate's plot to put Sami in prison and take away her kids. E.J. reassured her that he had told Kate not to press charges against Sami -- plus he believed that Sami was a wonderful mother, despite her many faults.

Sami guessed that E.J. had something on Kate, and demanded to know what it was. E.J. calmly insisted that wasn't the case -- and he didn't want anything in return from Samantha. Sami accepted E.J.'s offer on the condition that she would pay him back as soon as she could. "I don't want to owe anybody anything, especially you," Sami said.

At the Brady Pub, Lucas fretted to Caroline and Kayla that Sami wasn't answering either her landline or her cell phone. Caroline divulged that she'd seen Sami leaving with E.J. earlier. Sensing Caroline's anxiety, Lucas claimed that Sami had gone to a parent-teacher conference at the kids' school. As soon as Caroline disappeared into the kitchen, Kayla called Lucas out on his lie.

Lucas pointed out that Sami had never learned from her mistakes. "And if E.J.'s involved, look out," Lucas added. Kayla remarked that Lucas seemed to care a lot about Sami, and wondered if he still had feelings for his ex. Lucas insisted that he and Sami were just friends for the kids' sake, and he was eager to return to Hong Kong and start a new life with Autumn.

Sami and E.J. arrived then, and Sami apologized for making Lucas wait. Lucas immediately began berating E.J., but Sami intervened. E.J. volunteered to leave, but first he thanked Sami for accepting his offer. As soon as E.J. was gone, Lucas demanded to know what E.J. had meant. Sami explained about the apartment, and Lucas hit the roof. He angrily admonished Sami that if she'd needed help, she should have asked anyone else but E.J.

Sami mumbled that she'd been too embarrassed and ashamed to ask for help. "You should be ashamed, because now you're under his thumb! That's what you should be ashamed of, Sami," Lucas scolded. Sami insisted that E.J. had only offered to help for the kids' sake, because she was going through a divorce and had just lost her job -- and E.J.'s offer was exactly what she and her family needed at that moment. Lucas made Sami promise to let him know if anything even remotely "sketchy" happened, and she agreed.

Sami then asked what Lucas had wanted to talk to her about. Lucas said that he'd talked to his mom, and he didn't think she was going to press charges against Sami. Sami admitted that E.J. had done the same thing. Lucas surmised that E.J. was lying about everything because he wanted something from Sami. Sami inferred that Lucas meant sex, and she assured him that it was absolutely out of the question, plus E.J. was still in love with Nicole. Lucas admitted that the history between Sami and E.J. always made him worry about her.

"I know you do, and it's sweet. And that's why a part of me will always love you," Sami said affectionately. Lucas admitted he felt the same way, and he would always be there when she needed him. Sami thanked Lucas for everything he'd done for her. Lucas then got a phone call from Autumn, so he stepped outside to take it. When Lucas returned, he informed Sami that Autumn wanted him to return to Hong Kong. "Lucas, you can't! You can't leave me," Sami exclaimed.

A worried Rafe met Nicole in Horton Square at her behest, and asked why she had called him. Nicole replied that she wanted to leave town, but she needed Rafe's help. Rafe admonished Nicole that she should be relaxing and taking it easy, not moving out of town. Nicole argued that she had to go somewhere that E.J. would never find her, because once he learned that she was pregnant, he'd do everything in his power to take the baby from her. Rafe wanted to know why she needed his help.

Nicole reminded Rafe that his FBI background meant that he knew how to get people into Witness Protection, and implored him to help her. Rafe pointed out that if Nicole disappeared, E.J. would search the world until he found her -- and living on the run would not be a good life for her or her kid. Nicole knew Rafe was right, but she had no idea what to do instead. "I just feel like a sitting duck who's about to lay an egg," Nicole admitted.

Rafe reiterated that Nicole should relax and avoid stress, but she fretted that, one way or another, she was going to lose her baby. Rafe promised that everything would be okay, because he was going to help her through her pregnancy and protect her from E.J. Relieved but obviously still frightened, Nicole divulged that because she'd miscarried her last pregnancy and no one had thought she could get pregnant again, Daniel wanted her to see a specialist on high-risk pregnancies. Nicole was verging on hysteria, so Rafe urged her to relax -- and do something for him.

Soon Rafe and Nicole were having lunch at the café. "I don't know what I've done to deserve you, but you've been great... Thank you," Nicole said, taking Rafe's hand across the table. As she polished off her food, Nicole joked that her obituary would read, "The condemned woman ate a hearty meal." Rafe asserted that things weren't that bad. "That's easy for you to say. You're not the one who's pregnant," Nicole quipped. E.J. appeared just then and overheard. "You're pregnant? We're having a baby?" a dumbfounded E.J. asked.

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