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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 26, 2012 on GH
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Monday, March 26, 2012

After completing a condolence call from Brenda, Patrick answered his door and took delivery of Robin's ashes. Emma overheard him say that Robin's remains were in the box. Emma wondered how Robin could be in heaven and in the box. Patrick explained that Robin could not take all her things with her to heaven, and that what she had left behind was in the box. Emma was satisfied with his explanation but wanted to look in the box. Patrick diverted her by telling her to prepare for a tea party. When Emma left the room, Patrick called Liz for help.

Liz was at General Hospital with Ewen Keenan. She told him about Maxie's confession. Liz said that Spinelli had asked her to think back to the night of the ill-fated boat cruise and search her memory for anything that might help clear Maxie. Liz said that she did not remember the evening clearly and that everyone thought that she had made up the mystery man who had rescued her. Ewen admitted that he had been the one who had plucked her out of the water.

Ewen explained that he had not admitted it sooner because he had been treating Cassandra on Spoon Island and had not wanted to get involved; the longer he had waited to say anything, the more awkward the situation had gotten. Liz was glad to know who her rescuer was and said that she could not be mad at the man who had saved her life. Liz's phone rang. It was Patrick asking for her help with Emma. Ewen left for rounds, and Liz left to see Patrick and Emma.

At Crimson, Kate yelled for Maxie and was nonplussed to find a tube of Connie's lipstick, which she hurriedly hid under some papers. When she called for Maxie again, Carly entered and reminded Kate that Maxie had been jailed on murder charges. Carly then demanded that Kate explain why she had shown up at Johnny's apartment earlier. Kate denied that she had gone to Johnny's.

Carly accused Kate of lying and said that she had been there when Kate had barged in. Kate had a flashback to a conversation with Ewen and his explanation about an alternate personality. Kate asked Carly why it concerned her. Carly gloated when she said that she had told Sonny that Kate had been at Johnny's apartment and went on to tell Kate that Sonny and Jason were both sticklers for the truth. Carly told Kate to ask Sam how well lying had worked out for her.

Kate said that Carly did not care anything about Sonny. Carly said that Kate was interfering with Carly's relationship to Johnny and that Kate was making it seem like Sonny's girlfriend had to fight Sonny's battles for him. Carly told Kate that if Sonny seemed weak, he was weak. Kate responded that Carly did not know anything. Carly said that she knew that Johnny had not planted a gun in Kate's office. Kate told Carly to get out. Carly said she would as soon as Kate signed a renovation contract. Kate signed, and Carly sarcastically said, "It's been a pleasure doing business with you, partner," as she left Kate's office.

Kate immediately called Ewen. She told him that she needed to see him urgently. He told her to meet him at GH where he was making rounds. Kate grabbed her purse and rushed out of the office. As the elevator doors closed, Carly stepped out of hiding. She took out a set of keys, opened Kate's office, and started searching it. She found Ewen's business card, but nothing else of note.

At the penthouse, Sam answered John McBain's knock. Jason bounded down the stairs and wanted to know what was going on. John said that he was a policeman from Llanview and wanted to ask Jason some questions. Sam cautioned Jason not to answer John's questions without an attorney.

Jason asked John what he wanted. John said that he was close to the victims that Sonny was accused of killing. Jason said John was out of his jurisdiction. John replied that he wanted justice. Jason said that he had been in the hospital when the shots were fired.

John acknowledged that but said that he had heard that Jason was Sonny's troubleshooter and asked if Sonny had mentioned John to Jason. John added that if Sonny had sent Jason after John, John was suggesting that Jason stay out of it. John said that Sonny had a lot to answer for and that it would be a mistake for Jason to get involved. John said that Jason had a good thing going, and he did not want to see Jason dragged down with Sonny. Jason asked if John was threatening him.

John turned to Sam and asked her if what he had said sounded like a threat. Jason told John not to talk to Jason's wife. John smiled and asked if Jason did Sonny's dirty work. John mentioned that he knew that Jason had gone to prison to be with Michael and wondered what Sonny had done to inspire such loyalty. Sam interjected that John had told her that he was not after Jason. Jason wanted to know how Sam and John knew each other. Sam said that it had been a chance encounter.

Jason told John that Sonny was not guilty of the shooting and subsequent deaths and that John should look for someone else with a motive to kill Anthony. Jason said that using the deaths of Hope and Cole as a motive to get revenge on Sonny was a big mistake. John thanked Jason for the advice and then congratulated Jason and Sam on the baby, which he said would change their lives. He turned to Sam and told her that it was nice seeing her again.

After leaving the apartment, John made a phone call. He asked about Liam, said that he missed Liam and the person on the other end of the call, but that he would be staying in Port Charles longer that he had originally anticipated. Back in the penthouse, Jason asked if Sam were okay. She said that she was, but Jason said that she did not look okay. Jason wanted to know if John had threatened Sam in any way and how she had met him.

Sam explained that she had been crying after Jason had stormed out of the church and that when she had felt a hand on her shoulder, she had thought that Jason had returned. Sam said that she had let all her feeling pour out. Sam said that she had shut up as soon as she had found out that John was a cop. Jason understood, but cautioned Sam to call him if John approached Sam again. Sam said she would, but did not think it would be a problem since she would be in New York City, checking up on the information that Spinelli had found about Franco.

Jason did not want Sam to go, but she said that she had to know so that Franco could not hurt them or their baby. She said that Jason had to stay in Port Charles to help Sonny. Jason said that he would not let Sam go alone if he were not sure that Franco was dead. Sam said that she would be fine and that she only intended to check records. Jason told her to take it easy. Sam laughed and said that was funny coming from Jason. Jason said he was serious and made Sam promise to take care of the baby and herself.

When Liz arrived at Patrick's place, he told her that he did not know what to do. He told her what he had said to Emma about Robin's ashes. Liz assured him that his explanation had been a good one. Patrick said that Emma had not been sleeping, and he did not feel comfortable keeping Robin's ashes around in case Emma asked more questions. Liz said that it was best not to tell Emma more than she asked. When Patrick wondered what to do with Robin's ashes, Liz asked if Robin and Patrick had a special place. Patrick said they did.

Liz stayed with Emma, and they had a tea party together. Liz told Emma that Robin had left behind two people who loved Robin. Liz said that Robin would always be with Emma. When Emma asked about Patrick, Liz said that Emma would always be the best reminder of Robin's love for Patrick.

Patrick took Robin's ashes to the country site where Robin and Patrick had planned to build their dream house. Patrick was crying as he talked to Robin and told her that he had not known what to do, so he had decided to take her home. Patrick said that he still could not believe that Robin was really gone, and he wanted her remains to be in the place that represented the culmination of all their hopes and dreams.

In a hospital room in an undisclosed location, a comatose, but apparently alive, Robin lay in a hospital bed.

Sonny steamed into Johnny's apartment and demanded to know what Kate had been doing there. Before Johnny could get in a word, Sonny ordered him to stay away from Kate. Sonny said that he knew that Kate had been there because Carly had told him. Johnny could not resist taunting Sonny and said that women enjoyed his company because they found him sympathetic. Sonny said it was fine for Carly and Johnny to play games, but insisted that Johnny leave Kate out of the games.

Sonny assumed that Kate had gone to Johnny's because she suspected Johnny of shooting Anthony's tires and framing Sonny. Johnny said that he had been in his apartment all night and that Carly was his alibi. Sonny said that Johnny should not involve Kate in his schemes. Johnny accused Sonny of planting the gun in Kate's office. Sonny told Johnny to stay away from Kate. Johnny said that Sonny was very protective but that Sonny did not know his lady as well as he thought he did. Sonny said that all Kate wanted was for Johnny to stop setting Sonny up and planting guns in her office.

Johnny poked at Sonny when he asked if Kate was buying Sonny's story. Sonny said that Kate believed him when he said that he was not guilty of shooting out Anthony's tires. Johnny said that he did not believe Sonny, but that was not the reason that Kate had been at his apartment. Johnny said that Kate had been there to have sex with Johnny. Johnny said that Kate had been there two weeks before, the day after Sonny had been shot. Johnny said that it had been hard to turn down such a beautiful woman, but that he had been a gentleman and done the honorable thing.

Sonny scoffed and said that Kate would never sleep with low-life garbage like Johnny. Johnny said that Carly did not have a problem with him. Sonny said that he did not care which loser Carly crawled in bed with. Sonny said that Carly was her own worst enemy and that Johnny was just one more in a long line of bad choices for Carly. Johnny agreed and said that being married four times to Sonny was the epitome of self-destructive. Johnny added that Carly had turned to Johnny because she was ready for a real man, and maybe Kate was too.

Sonny told Johnny that he was nothing and that Johnny's own mother would not acknowledge him. Johnny got hot and told Sonny to shut up. Sonny said that the truth hurt and asked what Johnny saw when he looked in the mirror: whether it was Anthony's puppet or Claudia's bastard son. Johnny was furious and said to leave Claudia out of it. Sonny said to leave Kate out of it. Sonny accused Johnny of making up stories and planting guns. Sonny then asked what was next. Johnny said that Sonny had no idea of what Johnny could do.

Sonny said that Johnny had framed him, but Johnny would fail at that like he did at everything else. Johnny told Sonny to keep talking because it would make revenge sweeter. Sonny told Johnny to stay away from Kate and then stormed out of the apartment. Johnny picked up his phone and made a call.

At the Port Charles Police Station, Dante interrogated Anthony. Anthony said that the car wreck had been no accident. Anthony said that he did not remember how many shots had been fired or what had actually happened because everything had happened so fast. Anthony told Dante that it had been a miracle that he had walked away. Anthony said that he wanted police protection from Sonny. Dante asked if Anthony had any proof that it was Sonny who had fired the shots, because there was no evidence linking the gun they had found to Sonny. Dante said that the evidence was circumstantial and that it could be a setup.

Anthony dropped his kindly old man act and said that Sonny had threatened him with a gun, and Tracy could verify that. Anthony said that Sonny had followed him to the airport. Anthony said that he had proof that Sonny had been after him because Anthony had seen Sonny pull the gun and shoot out his tires. Dante said it did not add up and questioned how Anthony could have seen Sonny on a pitch-black night with bright headlights in his eyes. Anthony said that he had good eyesight.

Dante asked Anthony for his whereabouts on September 23rd when Dante had been shot in Sonny's warehouse. Dante said there were other cases to be solved, including who had shot Sonny in the MetroCourt parking lot. Dante said that Johnny had pointed Dante in Anthony's direction. Anthony showed his mean streak and said that if there were any proof against him, Dante would arrest him. Dante asked what Anthony would do if Dante said he had seen Anthony shoot at Sonny, just like Anthony had said that he had seen Sonny.

Anthony sputtered that he was not taking any more and that if Dante would not help him, he would find someone who would. Dante said that Anthony was not going anywhere. Anthony insisted that there was no proof and that attempted murder charges never stuck. Dante said that perhaps they did not, but that murder charges did. When Anthony asked what murder, Dante said that Maxie Jones had implicated Anthony in the murders that she had confessed to committing. Dante cuffed Anthony.

Kate caught up with Ewen at GH. He took her into a private office. She told him that the blackouts were getting worse, and she was having conversations that she did not remember. Kate told about her encounters with Johnny and Carly, the text message that she did not recall sending to Sonny, and the gun found in her office. Kate was in tears as she confessed that someone else was living her life and wondered what else she had done.

Ewen said that there was someone who did remember, and that person was Connie. He added that he needed to talk to Connie. Kate was surprised that Ewen was talking about Connie like she was a separate entity. Ewen said that Connie was a separate person. As Ewen explained to Kate that Connie had been left behind when Kate emerged, Carly sat at Kate's desk and found Connie's lipstick. Carly had a flash of Johnny's shirt with the lipstick on it, but instantly rejected the notion that Johnny had been kissing Kate. Carly continued looking and murmured, "Bingo," when she found a locked drawer.

John McBain caught Carly as she tried to pry the drawer open and said that it would be easier if she jiggled the drawer as she worked on it. John told Carly that he was looking for Kate. John recognized Carly from the courthouse, and she recognized him as the man who had stopped Todd from shooting Sonny. She introduced herself as Carly Jacks and asked what he was doing there. John said he could ask the same. Carly said that she owned the hotel. John responded that it was not Carly's office. John said that he could tell Kate about Carly's break-in or Carly could tell John what he wanted to know.

Ewen explained the process of clinical hypnosis to Kate. He understood that she would be worried because she would not have control. Ewen assured Kate that he would record the sessions so that she would know everything that had been said. Ewen added that Kate's need for control might explain Connie, who probably functioned as a safety valve for Kate.

Kate was fearful, but said that she had to go through with the hypnosis to force Connie out because the blackouts were hurting her life and her relationship with Sonny. As Ewen started the process of hypnotizing Kate, she got a message on her phone. It was Johnny. He told Kate that he was ready to take her up on her offer to sleep with her and hurt Sonny.

As Ewen started counting backwards to one, he told Connie that when she opened her eyes it would be safe to emerge. When Connie/Kate's eyes opened, Ewen told Connie that Kate was in a hypnotic state. Connie smiled and greeted Ewen.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

At Crimson, John McBain tried to question Carly about Sonny's possible involvement in the accident that had led to Cole and Hope's deaths, but Carly refused to cooperate. John threatened to tell Kate that Carly had broken into Kate's office, but Carly wasn't intimidated. John decided to get the local police involved, so Carly called his bluff, because she owned the building. Carly realized that John had a grudge against Sonny, but Sonny entered the office before John could reply. Sonny wondered what John and Carly were doing in Kate's office, so Carly claimed that she had needed Kate's signature on some paperwork. John opted for the truth by admitting that he was there to question Kate about the gun that had been found in the office.

Sonny immediately blamed Johnny Zacchara for planting the gun. Carly rolled her eyes, and then started to object, but Sonny revealed that Johnny hated Anthony, and was desperate to frame Sonny. John explained that he still needed to talk to Kate, so Carly smugly announced that Kate was spending time with her new boyfriend, Ewen Keenan. Sonny ignored Carly, as he advised John to leave town. Sonny admitted that he might not regret what happened to John, but Sonny was confident that John would. After Sonny left, Carly remarked that Sonny clearly had a grudge against John.

Carly tried to find out more about John and Sonny's history, but John insisted that he simply wanted to see that justice was served. Carly refused to help John until he told her about the bad blood between him and Sonny. John refused to enlighten Carly, so he switched gears by admitting that he had noticed Carly's reaction when Sonny had accused Johnny of framing Sonny. Carly explained that Johnny had been with her at the time of the crash, so Johnny couldn't have shot out Anthony's tires. However, she revealed that Sonny's son, Dante, had been shot prior to the crash, so Sonny had gone after Anthony to confront Anthony about the shooting. John suspected that Carly was intimately involved with Johnny.

Carly was curious if John had good instincts. John admitted that, about some things, he did, so she suggested that he listen to them, because she had told the truth about Johnny. "He's a lucky guy," John commented. "And Sonny?" John wondered. Carly pointed out that Sonny had denied causing the crash, so John was curious if she believed Sonny. Instead of responding, Carly asked John to lock up the office, and then left. Afterwards, Blair called John to tell him that Starr was missing.

At the hospital, Ewen was able to draw out Connie under hypnosis. Connie was curious what Ewen wanted with her, so he asked what Connie wanted with Kate. Connie insisted that she wanted nothing to do with Kate, because Kate was ashamed of Connie. Ewen suggested that there had to be a reason why Kate had an alter personality, so he wondered what it was. Connie insisted that she was the "real one," not Kate. According to Connie, Kate had been the fabrication with a phony past.

Ewen decided to play along, as Connie ranted about how Kate had tried to throw away her past life "like yesterday's garbage." Connie vowed to make Kate remember what had happened, so that the past wouldn't repeat itself. Ewen was curious what she meant by that, so Connie told Ewen about Kate's shooting on her wedding day. Connie resented Kate almost getting them killed, so Ewen wondered if the shooting had been the first time that Connie had manifested. "No," Connie replied. Ewen reminded Connie that Kate appeared to have a genuine bond with Sonny, but Connie argued that Kate had lost her street smarts. Ewen then pointed out that Connie had once dated Sonny, so Connie admitted that she and Sonny had had fun, but Sonny had been too dangerous for a long-term relationship.

Connie insisted that being around Sonny opened a person up to threats, kidnappings, and shootings, so she refused to let Kate endanger them any longer. Connie revealed that she intended to force Sonny to break things off with Kate. Ewen tried to find out how Connie planned to achieve that goal, but Connie refused to share any details, because she suspected that Ewen would tell Kate. Connie was delighted when she glanced at the cell phone and saw that Johnny had called her. Meanwhile, Ewen pushed for details about her plans, but Connie remained tightlipped. Connie then began to flirt with Ewen, so Ewen decided to question Connie about the gun that had been found in Kate's office.

Connie claimed that she had no idea how the gun had ended up in Kate's office, so Ewen revealed that the police suspected that Sonny had hidden it there. Connie wasn't surprised, since she doubted that Kate owned a gun. Connie's temper flared when Ewen suggested that perhaps someone had planted it. Connie resented Ewen trying to make excuses for Sonny, because it was what Kate always did. Ewen wondered if Connie were concerned about Kate being hurt if Sonny were to leave Kate. Connie acknowledged that Kate might cry for a bit, but she was confident that Kate would bounce back quickly, because Sonny would go back to Carly, whom Sonny deserved.

Connie insisted that she just wanted to be safe from Sonny. Ewen returned to the topic of the gun, but Connie grew increasingly agitated. Moments later, Sonny entered the office. Sonny wanted to know what was going on, so Ewen explained that Kate had been in the middle of a session. Kate swayed for a minute, prompting Sonny to ask if she were okay. Kate quickly assured Sonny that she was fine, and then asked him to wait in the hallway.

After Sonny left, Kate demanded to know what had happened. Ewen admitted that he'd had a long conversation with Connie, and that Connie was concerned about the danger that Sonny presented, so Connie was determined to protect Kate. Ewen revealed that Connie had a plan to make certain that Sonny broke things off with Kate, so Kate was curious how Connie had seemed. "Confident, brassy, overtly sexual," Ewen admitted. Kate wasn't surprised; it was what Connie had been like in Bensonhurst. Kate wanted to know how they could get rid of Connie, but Ewen confessed that he wasn't sure.

Frustrated, Kate reminded Ewen that it was his job, so Ewen explained that they would need more sessions. Kate insisted that he email her a transcript of their session, so that she knew exactly what Connie had said. Ewen agreed, but he continued to push for more sessions. Kate refused to discuss, because she needed to tell Sonny what was going on. Kate gathered her things, and then fled the office.

Moments later, Kate ran into Sonny's arms. Sonny wondered if she were okay, so she smiled brightly, and then assured him that she was. However, she was curious how he had managed to find her. Sonny told Kate about his encounter with John and Carly in Kate's office. Kate was furious that people had been in her office, snooping around, so she decided to call security to have the locks changed.

Johnny was disappointed when he returned to his penthouse from a run, and realized that Connie hadn't called. Johnny thought about his recent conversation with Sonny, when Sonny had warned Johnny to stay away from Kate. Moments later, someone knocked on the door. Johnny assumed that it was Connie, so he opened the door. "Let's hit the sheets," Johnny suggested with a smile, but it quickly died when he realized that Delores stood on his doorstep. Delores ignored the remark, as she entered Johnny's penthouse, and then reminded him of his offer to help her find her sister's killer.

Delores wondered if the deal were still on the table. Johnny assured her that it was, so Delores wanted to know what she would have to do in return. Johnny explained that he wanted to know all of the details about the case that the police were building against Sonny, including witnesses, and anything else that might help the prosecution. Delores agreed, and then promised to be in touch. Later, Carly knocked on the door. She immediately sensed that Johnny had been expecting someone else, but Johnny assured Carly that she was exactly whom he needed to see; he proved his point by kissing her.

At the police station, Lulu greeted her husband, so Dante wondered how things were going with Maxie. Lulu admitted that Maxie hadn't changed her story. Lulu theorized that Maxie wanted to be punished for accidentally causing Robin's death, so Maxie had decided to confess to killing Lisa. Dante conceded that there had been a lot of unanswered questions surrounding Lisa's death, so he suspected that Maxie knew more about that fateful night than Maxie had let on. Dante was certain that was why Maxie had been able to spin things to make it appear that she had killed Lisa. Lulu was curious how they could prove that Maxie was lying.

Dante insisted that they would need evidence that wouldn't end up disappearing like the pictures that he had taken of the crime scene where Delores had been attacked. Lulu confessed that she hoped that she had been wrong about Delores deleting them, and then asked if Dante thought that Delores could have tampered with evidence. Ronnie overheard Lulu's question, so he wondered what they had been talking about. Dante quickly filled Ronnie in about the missing pictures, and Lulu's theory that Delores had deleted them. Ronnie admitted that he'd always had a feeling that Delores had been holding something back.

Ronnie suggested that perhaps Delores had been protecting her "deadbeat husband." Ronnie wondered if Lulu or Dante had ever met Eddie, so Lulu admitted that Eddie had cancelled plans with them at the last minute on the night that Delores had been attacked. Dante suggested that perhaps Eddie had roughed up Delores during an argument in the alley, which had prompted Delores to delete the pictures. Ronnie admitted that he'd seen it before in domestic violence cases, but Lulu doubted that Delores would cover up for an abusive husband. Ronnie wondered if perhaps Eddie had been responsible for the attacks on the dancers, so he decided to check into Eddie's background.

After Ronnie left, Lulu wondered if it were possible that Eddie had attacked the strippers. Dante admitted that he didn't know, because he had never met Delores' husband. Moments later, Delores entered the squad room. Dante and Lulu immediately sensed that Delores was troubled; Delores was in a surly mood, but denied it, and then went about her work.

Anna stopped by the Drake residence to see Patrick, so Liz explained that Patrick had gone to scatter Robin's ashes. Liz wondered how Anna was holding up, so Anna admitted that she had trouble finding the meaning in life without her daughter. Liz empathized, because there was no way to describe how it felt to lose a child. Anna revealed that Luke had told her about what had happened to Jake, so she was curious if things ever got easier. "No," Liz replied. Liz confessed that she didn't wish that kind of pain on anyone.

Anna thought that Liz had been generous towards Luke at the Floating Rib. Liz explained that she had been known to go to the bar with her friends, but after Jake had died, it had been painful for Liz to drive past the bar, because the neon sign had been a painful reminder of the son that she had lost. Liz added that everything had reminded her of Jake, including the rooms in her house, and even the daycare center at the hospital. Anna was curious how Liz managed to get through the days. Liz admitted that the first month had been easier, because people had always stopped by to check on her. However, as their mourning period had faded, and the visits became less frequent, Liz had learned to carry on for the sake of her sons, Cam and Aiden.

Anna confided that Emma did that for her, but Anna wished that Robert were around. Liz suggested that perhaps Robin's death had been too difficult for Robert to deal with. Anna agreed, but she didn't understand why Robert blamed himself for Robin's death, because Anna had been in the hospital at the time of the explosion, but hadn't been able to save Robin. Liz reminded Anna that it had been a random accident. Anna confessed that it would be easier if Robin had been locked away in a room somewhere, because then Anna would be able to break down the door and rescue her daughter. Anna then began to talk about her strained relationship with Robert, which Robin had helped to mend.

Liz admitted that people tended to think that the loss of a child drew parents together, when it often had the opposite effect. Anna revealed that she had heard that Lucky had moved to Ireland. Liz explained that Lucky was happier there, but it had taken her awhile to accept that. Liz then confided that she had finally allowed herself to open up to new possibilities. Anna was curious if there were anyone special that Liz had met. Liz chuckled, and then told Anna about Matt and another co-worker asking her out.

Anna thought that it sounded encouraging, but Liz reminded Anna that Matt was involved with Maxie, and that the other man might just be a friend, because he hadn't shown up for their date. Anna sensed that Liz might still be interested in the mystery man. Liz confessed that she found herself thinking of him when she had least expected it, so Anna was curious what the man's name was. "Ewen Keenan," Liz revealed.

Patrick stood on the property where he and Robin had planned to build their dream home. He held the urn of ashes in his hand, as he tearfully confessed that it didn't feel as if Robin were dead. Patrick sensed that he would see Robin again. Patrick's thoughts then drifted to the last time that he and Robin had visited the lot, and how peaceful Robin had found it. Patrick returned to the present, as he cried that it felt as if Robin were still with him. Patrick then thought about the plans that he and Robin had made for their new home. According to Patrick, he felt as if he could reach out, and touch Robin.

Patrick stretched out his hand, as if to touch Robin, but then dropped it. Patrick slowly opened the urn, and then began to scatter the ashes. He explained that he had decided to sprinkle Robin's ashes on the property, so that she would always be a part of the place, like she would always be a part of his and Emma's lives. Patrick admitted that they would need Robin, so he asked her to keep on loving him, and to help him to go on without her. Patrick vowed that he would always love Robin, wherever she was.

Anna was waiting when Patrick arrived home. Anna confessed that Liz had told her that he had gone to scatter Robin's ashes, so Anna was curious how it had been. Patrick told Anna where he had sprinkled the ashes, so she assured him that it had been a good choice. Moments later, Liz entered the living room, and then announced that she had to leave. Liz told Patrick that she had left some food in the refrigerator for him and Emma, and then left. Anna decided to spend some time with Emma, so Patrick sat down to watch the Christmas video that he and Robin had made.

Patrick's eyes filled with unshed tears as he watched Robin. Moments later, he turned it off. "I still feel you. You'll always be with me," Patrick told Robin.

In an undisclosed medical facility, Robin's eyes snapped open. "What's going on?" she wondered, as she slowly looked around the small hospital room. "Where am I?" she asked. Moments later, Robin weakly reached out, as if to touch Patrick, while she softly whispered his name. Robin realized that something wasn't right, so she sat up in bed, and then tried to go to the door. Her legs gave out after a few steps, so she crawled the rest of the way.

Robin began to pound on the door when she discovered that the door was locked. Moments later, a nurse entered the room, and then told Robin that Robin should be in bed resting. Robin didn't recognize the nurse, so she demanded to know where Patrick and Emma were. The nurse ignored Robin's question, as she helped Robin back into the bed. Robin realized that she wasn't at General Hospital, but the nurse refused to tell Robin where Robin was. Robin had flashbacks of her final moments in the lab.

"Did they get me out before the explosion?" Robin wondered. The nurse assured Robin that there was nothing to worry about, and then promised that everything would be fine. Robin became increasingly agitated, so the nurse injected Robin with a sedative. After Robin fell asleep, someone else entered the room. The nurse assured the mystery person that she hadn't told Robin anything, so Robin had no idea who was responsible for Robin being there.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Michael was asleep on the sofa, dreaming about finding Starr on the side of the road after the car accident. In the dream, Starr had pleaded with him to save Hope and Cole. Moments later, the car, with Hope and Cole in it, plunged over the side of the cliff. Michael was startled awake when Sonny knocked on the door. Sonny noticed that Michael didn't look well, so Michael blamed it on exams. Sonny offered to hire a tutor, but Michael declined.

Michael was curious why Sonny was there, so Sonny revealed that the trial had been scheduled to begin in a few days. Sonny wanted Michael to break off all contact with Starr, because Sonny feared that Michael might be considered "a person of interest," since Michael had been at the scene of the accident. Sonny asked Michael to remove Starr's phone number from Michael's contact list. Sonny had compassion for Starr's situation, but Sonny insisted that he was not to blame for what had happened to Hope and Cole. Sonny then requested that Michael let him know if Starr reached out to Michael. Michael agreed, so Sonny left.

At the penthouse, Sam looked at a picture of Jason, shortly after Jason's birth, which showed the hospital's identification bracelet. Jason walked up behind his wife, and then wrapped his arms around her. He began to nuzzle her neck, so Sam warned him that she would miss her flight if he didn't stop. Jason confessed that he could think of worse things to happen. Sam was curious why Jason didn't want her to go to the hospital where he had been born, for answers. Jason confessed that he didn't think that there was anything to be gained by digging into the past, and that he had thought that she had wanted to put Franco behind them. Sam explained that she couldn't find closure until she knew why Franco had left the DVD, and what Franco was trying to tell them.

Sam assured Jason that she realized that Franco could no longer hurt them, but she needed to do it. Jason insisted that the hospital wasn't going anywhere, so he wanted her to wait until he had a chance to sort things out for Sonny regarding the car crash. Sam was curious if Jason believed that Sonny was innocent. Jason explained that Sonny would have confessed if Sonny had caused the death of a child, but Sam pointed out that innocent people had been caught in the crossfire in the past. She reminded Jason of what had happened to Jax, and of the time that Sonny had fired a gun in Robin's home.

Jason continued to defend Sonny. Sam realized that Jason was loyal to Sonny, but she feared that Sonny was using that against Jason. Jason insisted that Sonny would take responsibility for a little girl's death. "No, you would admit it. You and Sonny aren't the same," Sam argued. Sam accused Sonny of not always thinking things through, so Jason suggested that Sam look at the facts.

Jason reminded Sam that Sonny had been shot in the left arm earlier in the evening, so Sonny couldn't have been driving down the road, and shooting out Anthony's tires with an injured arm. Sam agreed that it wouldn't be easy, but she insisted that it wasn't impossible. "To hit the rear wheels of a moving car?" Jason asked. Jason argued that Sonny wasn't that good of a shot. Sam remained unconvinced, because Sonny had been extremely emotional on the night of the accident, which meant that Sonny hadn't been thinking clearly. Jason wondered why Sam seemed to want Sonny to be guilty.

Sam admitted that, with the baby on the way, she had wondered what things might be like if Sonny were sent away. Sam pointed out that Jason would be free. "We'd be free," Sam quietly added. Jason was stunned. Sam explained that it would be safer, and more stable, if Jason were no longer in the mob. Jason reminded Sam that she had known what she was getting into. He was curious if perhaps that had been the reason that she had been talking to John McBain.

Sam promised Jason that John had nothing to do with it. She insisted that she just wanted to provide the best, and the safest, life for their baby. Moments later, someone knocked. Jason realized that it was Sonny. Sam quickly apologized for making an issue of Jason's role in Sonny's organization before she left for her trip. Jason assured Sam that he loved her, and then asked her to call when she landed. Sam agreed, kissed her husband, gathered her things, and then sailed out of the door without acknowledging Sonny.

Sonny immediately realized that something was wrong, so Jason explained that Sam had been running late for a flight. Sonny was certain that there was more to Sam's odd behavior, so Jason admitted that Sam needed time to get over the scare of nearly losing Jason. Jason then conceded that Sam had started to question the kind of life that she and Jason would provide for their baby. Sonny was curious why Sam suddenly had questions about Jason's line of work. Jason blamed it on Sam talking to the wrong people. "How wrong?" Sonny asked.

"John McBain," Jason answered. Jason filled Sonny in on how Sam had met John at the church when John had gone looking for Sonny. Sonny was concerned that Sam might have revealed too much about Sonny's organization to John, but Jason assured Sonny that Sam had shut down when she had realized that John was a cop. Sonny suspected that Jason had more concerns about Sam, so Jason confided that it seemed like John had gotten under Sam's skin, even though John and Sam had just met. Sonny wondered if John had convinced Sam that Sonny had been responsible for shooting out Anthony's car tires. Jason insisted that Sam was simply confused, and that she would realize that she had been wrong when they identified the real shooter.

Jason handed a thick file to Sonny, and then explained that Bernie had called in some favors to compile a complete dossier on John. Jason admitted that, from what he had seen in the file, John might be a big problem. Sonny was curious where John was most vulnerable, so Jason held up a picture of John's wife, Natalie, and son, Liam. "Same as you. His family," Jason replied.

At the airport, John was on the phone with Blair. He assured Blair that everything was okay, and then reminded her that Starr was no longer a child. Moments later, John spotted Starr, so he quickly ended the call, and then approached his target. John was curious where Starr was going. Starr was surprised to see John at the airport, so she wondered what he was doing there. John explained that Blair had been concerned when Starr had disappeared, so Blair had called him.

Starr mulishly insisted that she was fine, but John didn't believe her, because she had just lost Hope and Cole. John urged Starr to return to Llanview, so that Starr's loved ones could help Starr through the grief of losing her daughter and first love, but Starr was determined to testify at Sonny's trial. Starr intended to make certain that the jury knew what "the old man" had told her about Sonny being responsible for the accident. John explained that the prosecution would contact her if they needed her. He was certain that Starr hadn't heard from the prosecutor, so he suspected that Starr was in town was to hurt Sonny. Starr scoffed at the idea that she could hurt Sonny Corinthos by herself, so John admitted that was exactly what concerned him.

Starr angrily confessed that she resented the whispers and worried glances from everyone. John vowed to make certain that the person responsible for Hope and Cole's deaths paid for what had happened, so he promised not to let Starr down. He once again advised her to return to Llanview, to give herself time to heal. Starr tearfully confessed that she desperately missed Hope and Cole, so John admitted that he thought about them every day. Starr explained that everything that she had wanted in life had died in the car with Hope and Cole. John tried to physically comfort Starr, but she pulled out of his arms, and then fled the airport.

John tried to follow Starr, but he bumped into Sam. John quickly apologized, and then realized whom he had walked into. Sam was curious if John had been following her, but John chuckled, as he pointed out that he would have been doing a poor job of it if he had been. Sam wondered if John were headed out of town, so John clarified that he intended to remain in Port Charles until Sonny paid for the crimes that Sonny had committed. Sam couldn't understand why John was at the airport, so John revealed that he had been meeting someone. Sam appeared leery of the explanation, so John told her that, despite his penchant for dark clothes, he was one of the good guys.

"So is Jason," Sam replied. "That right? What about Sonny?" John asked. Sam ignored the question, as she warned John to stay away from Jason. John thought that it was sweet how Sam looked out for her husband, so Sam admitted that she was also looking out for John. John appreciated Sam's concern, but he assured her that he could hold his own. Sam warned John that he clearly didn't know Jason and Sonny very well.

John pointed out that Sam didn't know John. Moments later, Sam's flight was ready to board. John wished her a safe journey, and then watched her leave. Afterwards, Blair called John to get an update on Starr. John apologized for not calling Blair sooner, but he assured her that he had seen Starr. He admitted that Starr had given him the slip, but he was certain that he knew where Starr had gone.

Michael was deleting Starr's name from his cell phone's contact list when someone knocked on the door. Michael was surprised to see Starr standing on his doorstep. "I didn't know where else to go," Starr confessed.

In Luke's hotel suite, Luke admitted that he was surprised to see Tracy. He held up his newspaper, as he gloated that he had been reading about her "homicidal" husband's arrest. Tracy pointed out that she had dealt with worse, but Luke insisted that his crimes paled in comparison to Anthony's. Luke wondered if the allegations against Anthony were true. Tracy denied any knowledge of the accident, so Luke shifted gears to ask why she wasn't busy baking Anthony a cake with a file in it, instead of cozying up to Luke. Tracy assured Luke that she was handling her relationship with her husband just fine, but Luke, on the other hand, needed help.

Luke wasn't sure what Tracy had heard, but he promised her that he had been flying solo. Tracy revealed that she had seen Luke at Jake's with Anna. "The Floating Rib," Luke corrected Tracy. Luke explained that he had paid Coleman to change the name of the bar. Tracy realized why Luke had done it, so Luke confessed that the bar's sign had been a painful reminder to several people, including Liz.

Tracy refused to be distracted, so she demanded to know how Luke could take advantage of a grief-stricken mother like Anna. Luke denied that anything was going on between him and Anna. As if on cue, Anna entered the suite, with a suitcase in hand. "Really?" Tracy asked. Tracy was disgusted with Luke, while Anna was curious why Luke and Tracy were in her room. Luke explained that it was his room, so Anna glanced at the number on the door, and then realized that she was in the wrong room.

Tracy seized the opportunity to extend her condolences to Anna. Meanwhile, Luke decided to invite Anna to be his roommate. Tracy was stunned. According to Tracy, Anna was going through a difficult time, so Luke shouldn't take advantage of Anna's vulnerability. Tracy tried to persuade Luke and Anna not to consider it, but Anna admitted that it was tempting. Luke turned on the charm by offering to order breakfast for everyone, but Tracy grumpily declined.

Tracy insisted that Anna needed time alone, but Anna disagreed. Luke accused Tracy of being cynical since her last marriage. He was curious how many husbands Tracy had had, so Tracy dryly replied, "Two too many." Meanwhile, Anna wondered if Luke were serious about his offer to let her stay with him. Luke assured Anna that he was, so Anna accepted the invitation. Disgusted, Tracy decided to leave.

"Don't ever say I didn't warn you," Tracy told Anna, and then stormed out. Anna confessed that it was sweet how Luke and Tracy bickered like an old married couple. Luke reminded Anna that he and Tracy were divorced, so Anna was curious if he had been trying to hurt his ex-wife. Luke admitted that he loved Tracy, but Tracy enjoyed a challenge. Anna warned Luke that she and Luke would likely get on each other's nerves. Luke agreed, but he was certain that it would keep things interesting and fun.

At the police station, Alexis warned Mac, Spinelli, and Matt that Maxie would soon be past the point of no return if Maxie didn't retract the false confession. Mac was concerned about Maxie, because he knew that things would only get worse for Maxie if something weren't done. Matt and Spinelli realized that someone close to Maxie needed to make her see reason, so each volunteered to talk to Maxie. Spinelli explained that he had the best hope of getting through to Maxie, because he was the closest to her. However, Matt argued that he was Maxie's boyfriend, and therefore, intimate with her, so Matt was closer to Maxie than Spinelli was. Mac was not pleased when Spinelli reminded Matt that Spinelli had also been intimate with Maxie.

The argument between Matt and Spinelli quickly escalated. Mac was forced to pull the men apart when things turned violent. Mac spotted an officer, so he asked for an update on Maxie. The officer revealed that Dante had arrested Anthony, and that Anthony had been placed in the cell across from Maxie. Everyone was immediately concerned, so Mac decided to check on Maxie. After Mac left, Alexis warned Matt and Spinelli to pull themselves together for Maxie's sake, or they would have to leave.

In the holding cell, Maxie made it clear that she had nothing to say to Anthony, but Anthony resented Maxie suddenly clamming up after he had been hauled in for murder. Maxie reminded Anthony that he was far from innocent, but Anthony wasn't moved. Maxie argued that Briggs was dead because of Anthony, so Anthony pointed out that Maxie had been the one to ask Anthony to cover up Lisa's murder. Maxie confessed that she hadn't meant to drag Anthony into her mess, but she had flipped out. Anthony wondered if that included her killing Lisa. "Yes," Maxie admitted.

Anthony suggested Maxie say it again, but with feeling, so that it would be more believable. Anthony wanted to know what was really going on, so Maxie explained that it was about justice. Anthony pointed out that he knew Maxie hadn't killed Lisa, because Maxie had been desperate to cover up the crime in case one of Maxie's loved ones had murdered the doctor. Maxie argued that she was guilty, so she needed Anthony to tell the police that she had asked him to cover up the crime, or to admit that he had seen Maxie kill the doctor. Anthony pointed out that it would make him an accessory to the crime, so he refused to do it. Maxie insisted that she needed to pay for what she had done, so if they refused to put her away for killing Robin, then she would make certain she went to jail for killing Lisa.

Anthony agreed to help Maxie, if were truly determined to go to jail, but he insisted that they do it his way. If she didn't cooperate then prison would seem like a vacation for what he had in store for her. Anthony told her to pay attention, and then added, "This is how we switch it up." Later, Anthony wondered if she knew what she had to do. "Yes," Maxie quietly answered. Anthony wanted more verbal assurance, but Mac arrived to check on Maxie.

Maxie told Mac that she had been doing a lot of thinking, so Mac decided that Maxie should talk to Alexis. Mac released Maxie from her jail cell, and then led her to the squad room. In the squad room, Maxie admitted that she had lied to everyone. Alexis, Mac, Matt, and Spinelli appeared relieved, until Maxie clarified that she had not asked Anthony to help cover up Lisa's murder. Maxie added that she could prove that she had killed the homicidal doctor, and the first mate, Officer Briggs.

Meanwhile, Tracy paid her husband a visit in jail. Anthony was delighted that Tracy had decided to bail him out, but Tracy warned Anthony that there was one condition: he had to sign divorce papers. Anthony refused. He was confident that he would be back out on the streets very soon.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

After Johnny and Carly made love in Johnny's bedroom, Johnny wondered if Carly were convinced that she was the only one for him. Carly wondered about the lipstick that she had seen on his shirt collar, which she had noticed had been a shade that Kate had favored. Johnny suggested that it was a popular color of lipstick, but Carly doubted that the girls at Vaughn's used it, or that they made a habit of nuzzling Johnny's neck. Johnny explained that he had given one of his dancers the week off, with pay, so she had been grateful. Carly decided to let it drop, and then admitted that it had been a bit silly to suspect that he might have had something going on with Kate. Johnny chuckled, as he assured Carly that Kate wasn't his type; however, he admitted that it would have been tempting to seduce Kate just to see the look on Sonny's face.

Carly was not amused by Johnny's remark. She suggested that living well was the best kind of revenge. Johnny kissed Carly, but she quickly pulled away, and then explained that she had to get home to Josslyn. Carly darted out of bed, and then dashed to the bathroom. Johnny lounged in bed, while Carly showered. He was surprised when Connie called to tell him that she had received his message.

Johnny told Connie that he had been pissed when he had left the message, so things had changed. Connie proposed that they get together in Kate's office to discuss it. Johnny was noncommittal, as he heard the water in his bathroom turn off. Johnny quickly ended the call, but not before Carly entered the bedroom. Carly was curious whom Johnny had been talking to, so Johnny told her that it had been about business, and that he had to go. Johnny gave Carly a quick kiss, and then left.

At Crimson, Kate was rattled as she listened to a voicemail message from Johnny about giving Sonny what Sonny deserved. Moments later, Ewen entered her office. Kate explained that she had called him, so that he could hear Johnny's message. Kate explained that it was clear that Connie had struck a deal with Johnny. She then confessed that she had been shaken when she had listened to the recording of Ewen's session with her, because Connie had sounded like a completely different person.

Ewen reminded Kate that she had dissociative identity disorder, but Kate only wanted to know how they could get rid of Connie. Ewen explained that they had to determine the originating cause of the disorder before they could discuss the integration. Kate argued that Connie's plan might put Sonny at risk, so they had more pressing problems to deal with. Ewen suspected that Kate was trying to delay treatment, but Kate insisted that Johnny was a dangerous man who had tried to kill Anthony and then frame Sonny for it. Kate was determined to find out what Connie's plans were, so she decided to call Johnny, pretending to be Connie.

After Kate ended the call with Johnny, Ewen asked, "What the hell are you doing?" Kate explained that she would do what she saw fit, but Ewen insisted that they needed to focus on finding out why Connie existed and why Connie kept surfacing. Kate argued that she refused to let Sonny get hurt, but Ewen realized that Kate feared that Sonny would reject her if Sonny learned about Connie. Kate conceded that she had a difficult time wrapping her mind around "this bitch from Bensonhurst who is trying to tear down everything I built," so she couldn't expect Sonny to understand. Ewen appreciated that Kate was angry with Connie, but he insisted that it was all the more reason to deal with Connie, and to be honest with Sonny about what was going on.

Exasperated, Kate admitted that she had no idea what she was doing. Johnny entered the office in time to hear Kate's last words, so he apologized for interrupting. Kate quickly recovered, explained that Dr. Keenan was leaving. After Ewen left, Kate resumed her act as Connie, in an effort to find out what Johnny and Connie were planning to do to Sonny. Johnny seemed skeptical about whom he was dealing with, so he moved closer to caress Kate's face. Kate stood firm, until Johnny seemed to accept that she was Connie.

Johnny was curious what she had told Dr. Keenan. Kate assured him that she had pretended to be Kate, and that neither Ewen nor Kate suspected anything about Connie's existence. Johnny wasn't convinced, so he decided to take a pass on her offer. Kate tried to change Johnny's mind by arguing that Sonny needed to go down. Johnny assured "Connie" that Sonny would pay for the deaths of the little girl, and the little girl's father, who had been killed in the accident, but Kate warned Johnny that Sonny's attorneys would be able to successfully avoid a conviction.

Kate insisted that they needed to get Sonny "right where he lives," but Johnny wanted nothing to do with Connie's "crazy" plan. Shortly after Johnny left, Ewen returned to Kate's office. He explained that he had been uncomfortable leaving Kate alone with someone like Johnny, so he had stayed nearby. Kate revealed that the good news was that Johnny wasn't interested in Connie's plan, but the bad news was that Kate had no idea what Connie had in store for Kate and Sonny.

At Jason's penthouse, Sonny claimed that John McBain was using the car accident as an excuse to keep gunning for Sonny, so Sonny wanted to know where John was most vulnerable. Jason handed Sonny a picture of John's wife and son, as he explained that John's family was John's weakness. "Cute kid" Sonny remarked, and then reminded Jason that they did not target women and children. Jason argued that others might. Sonny realized that his enemies were aware that John was trying to go after Sonny, which might present a problem. Sonny was also concerned that the person who had tried to frame Sonny would attempt to do it again.

However, Sonny made it clear that he didn't want anything to happen to John's family. Jason pointed out that they couldn't warn John, because it would sound like a threat. Sonny's temper flared, as he explained that John needed to be dealt with. Sonny realized that even if he were able to prove that he had not caused the accident, John would find another way to get to Sonny. Jason was curious why John hated Sonny so much, so Sonny warned Jason that it wasn't a pretty story. Jason insisted on knowing what was going on, so Sonny revealed that years earlier, when Sonny had been a mid-level mobster, Sonny had outmaneuvered an FBI agent.

According to Sonny, John had been a rising star at the FBI, so John had decided to boost his career by taking down Sonny. Sonny claimed that John had failed, but Jason sensed that there was more to the story. Sonny admitted that it had gotten very personal between Sonny and John, but Sonny refused to elaborate. Moments later, Carly knocked on the door. Sonny didn't want to deal with Carly, but Jason explained that he couldn't ignore Carly. Carly continued to knock on the door, demanding to be let in, so Jason opened the door.

Carly was not pleased that she had been left waiting because of Sonny. Carly immediately began to rant at Sonny for trying to put Jason back to work when Jason was still recovering from life-saving brain surgery. Sonny was curious where Carly's concern for Jason's health had been when she had rushed to Jason's side to tell Jason about Robin's death. Carly insisted that Jason had had a right to know. "Yeah, eventually," Sonny argued. Sonny suspected that Carly had been motivated by the need to be the first one to tell Jason about the horrific tragedy.

Carly denied it, and then suggested that Sonny could turn to Max or Milo for help, so that Jason could recuperate in peace. Jason ordered Carly and Sonny to stop arguing, because they needed to find out who had framed Sonny for shooting out Anthony's tires. Carly continued to complain about Sonny's lack of compassion for Jason's delicate condition, until Jason demanded that she focus. Meanwhile, Sonny accused Carly of sleeping with the enemy. Carly informed Sonny that he didn't have a right to comment about her private life, so Sonny clarified that he didn't care whom she spent her time with, but he didn't want Johnny to use her against Sonny. Carly denied that Johnny was doing that, so Sonny wondered if perhaps John McBain were.

Carly insisted that she had only met John McBain twice. Jason defended Carly by assuring Sonny that Carly would never give Sonny up to a cop. Sonny explained that he had found Carly and John McBain in Kate's office. Sonny revealed that Jason didn't have any doubts about Sonny's innocence, but Sonny was curious if Carly did. Carly conceded that Sonny was capable of shooting out Anthony's tires, and then covering it up. However, she would never have believed it possible for Sonny to cover up his role in the death of a child until she had seen how Sonny had relentlessly pursued Jax, and then had fired a gun in Robin's home.

Carly wanted to believe that Sonny was innocent, but she couldn't trust him. Sonny resented Carly's lack of faith in his honor, and intelligence. Sonny insisted that he would never have hidden incriminating evidence, like a gun, in Kate's office. Carly was forced to admit that he had a point, but she was adamant that Johnny hadn't shot out Anthony's tires. Sonny wasn't surprised that Carly suddenly trusted Johnny, but Carly explained that Johnny couldn't have planted the gun in Kate's office, because it would mean that Johnny had attempted to kill Anthony. "Like I said, sleeping with the enemy," Sonny grumbled, and then left.

At the police station, Spinelli tried to persuade Maxie to retract her false confession, but Maxie refused. Maxie insisted that she was perfectly capable of committing murder and covering it up. Alexis, Mac, Matt, and Spinelli each took turns trying to get through to Maxie, but she stubbornly stuck to her story. Mac was curious what Maxie and Anthony had talked about while they had been in lockup. Mac reminded her that prior to Anthony's arrest, Maxie had been claiming that she had enlisted Anthony's help to cover up the crime. Maxie continued to confess to murdering Lisa Niles and Officer Briggs, so Alexis decided that Maxie should be returned to her jail cell, because Maxie was too distraught and was clearly suffering from posttraumatic stress.

Alexis started to leave, but Mac quickly reminded Alexis that they were on the same side. Alexis disagreed, and then wondered if Mac wanted her to pursue a defense for Maxie, because Maxie clearly had inside information about Anthony. Alexis needed to find out what it was, before Maxie ended up deeper in trouble. Mac reminded Alexis that people gave false confessions all the time, but Alexis feared that Mac would end up making things worse for Maxie, because Mac was the police commissioner, and therefore, required to uphold the law. Mac assured Alexis that he would not lose Maxie, especially since he had already lost Georgie and Robin.

Maxie insisted that Georgie and Robin had been good people, but Maxie was not. Maxie argued that she was a murderer who deserved to be punished. Alexis suggested that Maxie think about what she was doing to Mac; Alexis was curious if Maxie were prepared to put Mac through the ordeal of a trial. Maxie explained that it wouldn't be necessary, because Maxie intended to confess. Maxie reminded them that she could prove her guilt with a single phone call. Matt and Spinelli refused to believe that Maxie was a serial killer.

Spinelli revealed that Anthony had taken steps to assign a guard to watch over Maxie, so clearly Anthony was involved in what had transpired on the boat. Maxie explained that Anthony had only been concerned about the welfare of his wedding planner, who lived in a dangerous neighborhood. Alexis speculated that it was far more likely that Anthony had killed Lisa, and then had arranged for the confession and murder of an innocent person to cover up the crime. Maxie insisted that she'd had a motive for killing Lisa; Lisa had terrorized Robin and had shot Spinelli right in front of Maxie. Maxie gave Mac the phone number, and then urged him to call it to confirm her story.

Meanwhile, Tracy tried to get Anthony to sign the divorce papers. Anthony refused, because he was confident that the police would soon release him from custody. However, Anthony asked to use Tracy's cell phone, so that he could make a phone call. Tracy agreed, if Anthony signed the divorce papers. Anthony insisted that he wasn't interested in a quickie divorce, but he didn't dismiss the possibility of divorcing Tracy after he was released from jail. Tracy handed Anthony the phone.

Moments later, a police officer caught Anthony with the cell phone, so Tracy snatched it out of Anthony's hand. The police officer hauled Anthony out of the jail cell, and then escorted Anthony to the squad room.

Mac returned to the squad room with Officer Briggs's suicide note, in which she had confessed to murdering Lisa Niles. Moments later, a man named Archie Boles arrived in police custody. At the same time, Anthony was marched into the squad room. Mac demanded to know if Archie had forged the suicide note. Archie confirmed that he had, and then revealed that Maxie had paid him for it. Anthony smiled victoriously, and then demanded to be released. After Anthony strolled out of the police station, Mac was forced to formally place Maxie under arrest for the murders of Lisa Niles and Officer Briggs.

At the airport, John spoke to Natalie on the phone. He promised that he would be home as soon as he caught up to Starr. Natalie put their son, Liam, on the phone, so John told his son that he loved him.

Michael was surprised to see Starr standing on his doorstep. He was curious how Starr had known where he lived, so Starr admitted that it hadn't been difficult. Starr wondered if he intended to invite her in, so Michael revealed that it wasn't a good idea, because Sonny had asked Michael to keep his distance from Starr. Michael told her about Sonny's impending trial, and then assured her that Sonny denied that he'd had anything to do with the accident. "What else is he going to say?" Starr wondered. Starr started to leave, but Michael called out to her.

Michael was curious why she was at his apartment, so Starr explained that she had received his text message, asking if she were okay. Starr admitted that she was doing terrible. Michael suspected that wasn't the reason that she had sought him out. Starr confided that she couldn't talk to anyone, because she was having a difficult time accepting that Hope was gone. According to Starr, it was easier to do that in Port Charles. Michael invited Starr into his apartment.

Starr glanced at his cell phone, while Michael fetched a bottle of water. She quickly put the cell phone back down when he entered the living room, but Michael knew what she had been looking at. He explained that his father had asked him to delete her number from his contact list. Starr accepted the bottle of water, and then revealed that the only person who would listen to her without judgment was her father, but Todd was busy with his own murder trial. She confessed that it was difficult to be around Blair, because Blair was desperately trying to help Starr get past the grief of losing Hope. Starr then revealed that her well-intentioned grandmother, Addie, had wanted to release balloons, but Starr couldn't do it, because balloons represented something happy, which Starr didn't feel.

Michael empathized with Starr's grief. Starr noticed the décor of the apartment, so she realized that Michael had lived there with his girlfriend. She was curious when Abby had passed away, so Michael told Starr about Abby's accident. Moments later, John McBain knocked on the door, demanding to talk to Michael. Starr feared that John would force her to return to Llanview, so she asked Michael to cover for her, and then quickly ducked out of sight. Michael answered the door and then invited John inside.

John explained that he was looking for Starr, so he wondered if Michael intended to make John search the apartment for her. Michael denied that Starr was there, and then explained that he hadn't seen her since the courthouse. John insisted that Starr should be at home with her family, not with the son of the man who had killed Hope and Cole. Michael reminded John that Sonny was innocent until proven guilty, but John argued that they had an eyewitness. Michael warned John that Anthony was a liar, so he wasn't a reliable witness. John switched tactics by threatening to press charges if John learned that Michael had been trying to influence Starr's testimony.

"Leave him alone, John," Starr said, as she entered the living room. John tried to get Starr to leave with him, but Starr made it clear that she intended to remain in Port Charles until after the trial. John decided to stick around town so that he could keep an eye on Starr. John reminded her that she could call him if she needed him, and then he left. Afterwards, Starr apologized to Michael for the threats that John had made. Michael assured Starr that he had nothing to hide and that he wanted to find the truth about the events that had led to Hope and Cole's deaths.

Starr believed that Michael wanted to help her, but she insisted that she needed to fight her own battles.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Sam met with an administrator at the hospital where Jason had been born. Sam used her pregnancy as the reason she was researching Jason's medical history. The woman reported that there was nothing remarkable about Jason's birth, but Sam noticed that a page was missing from the medical record. The clerk told her that there was no way to recover the information that had been on the missing page.

Sam wondered whether there would have been a record of Susan's birth coach. The administrator did a search and found the information Sam needed: Heather Webber, had been Susan's Lamaze partner. Sam left the clerk's office and made a phone call to Steve. "I know this is going to sound really strange," she prefaced. "Is there any way you can tell me where your mother is?" she asked.

Carly defended Johnny to Jason, who accused her of sleeping with the enemy. Carly deflected attention by prodding Jason to tell her about Sam. Carly was shocked to learn that Jason hadn't kicked Sam to the curb, after she'd lied to him about Robin's death. Carly was angry that Jason had forgiven Sam.

Jason demanded that Carly stop stalling. "What's really going on between you and Johnny Zacchara?" he pointedly asked. She recounted the night at the hospital benefit, when Sonny had publicly humiliated Johnny. She finally admitted that she'd spent that night with Johnny. Jason forbade Carly from continuing to sleep with Johnny. Jason said she was putting her children in danger. Carly admitted that she was falling for Johnny, but she led Jason to believe she'd call things off with Johnny.

Johnny was surprised when he returned home and found his grandfather lounging. Anthony stated that Dante was using his position to get Sonny cleared of his involvement in Anthony's car crash. Anthony noted that, since Anthony was no longer sought by the police no longer sought Anthony, Olivia no longer had anything to hold over Johnny's head.

Anthony suggested that Johnny bed Kate, and Sonny would lose interest in pursuing Anthony. Johnny refused and pointed out that he was developing real feelings for Carly. To change the subject, Johnny told his grandfather that there was a Port Charles Police Department detective on the Zacchara payroll, be but he told Anthony to stay out of it and demanded the man leave.

Anthony warned his grandson not to let romantic feelings get in the way of what needed to be done. Johnny made it clear that he wanted Anthony to move out.

A very amorous Olivia met a recently returned Steve at the nurses' station. Liz noted that it was odd Steve had been summoned to Memphis for administrative bureaucracy. Privately, Steve explained to Olivia that the board had grilled him, but that they'd seemed satisfied.

Steve worried that Johnny would still blackmail him, but Olivia assured Steve she had it covered. She explained that she'd discovered Johnny had been harboring Anthony. Steve wasn't happy that she'd intervened but thanked her anyhow. As he showed his appreciation with a kiss, Johnny arrived.

Johnny let Steve and Olivia know that, since Anthony had turned himself in and had already been released, Olivia's threat had become meaningless. Johnny reminded Steve that he was at Johnny's beck and call. After Johnny left, Olivia asked what Johnny had been expecting of Steve, but Steve replied that he'd find a way to deal with Johnny.

Lulu distracted Delores, while Dante and Ronnie consulted with Ewen to get a psychological profile on the person who'd been attacking the strippers. Ewen suggested that the attacker might have had military or police experience. "Could he have gotten this background in law enforcement from his wife?" Dante asked. Ewen suggested that it was a possibility and that the man might feel emasculated by his wife's position.

Delores eluded Lulu and caught wind of the discussion Ronnie and Dante were having after Ewen had left. The men convinced Delores that they'd hit a dead- end, and Delores walked away. Ronnie offered to keep the file, because, as he put it, things had a habit of disappearing from Dante's desk.

After Ronnie went back to his cubicle, Dante shared with Lulu that he didn't believe Delores would cover for her husband if she knew he'd been responsible for the attacks. Delores returned and mentioned that Dante was in a tough position, having evidence against his own father and having to testify against the man. She noted that Dante seemed anxious to clear Sonny, but Dante replied that he wanted the truth.

Donnie Ronnie walked by as Delores walked away, and he said he had a bad feeling about her. When Dante and Lulu were alone, he told Lulu that the case against Sonny was all circumstantial, and that Sonny was not careless enough to have made so many mistakes, had he been covering his tracks.

Lulu switched gears and asked if Dante thought Delores was covering for her husband. Dante hatched a plan to set up an undercover operation to find out. By herself, Delores photographed Sonny's file and sent the data to Johnny via text message.

Johnny received the message. "Good girl, Delores," he said to himself, wearing a smirk. Later, at his Johnny's penthouse, Carly arrived and told him Jason didn't want her to see Johnny any more. "Jason won't take my advice about Sam," she said as she pushed Johnny back toward the bedroom. "So I'll be damned if I'm going to take his advice about you," she concluded.

Sonny arrived at Kate's office to findand found a locksmith changing the locks. Sonny was angry that Carly had been defending Johnny, whom Sonny was convinced was framing him. Kate asked if anything was going on between Carly and Johnny, but Sonny said he was more concerned about what was between Kate and Johnny.

Sonny asked Kate why she'd gone to see Johnny after Sonny had been shot. Sonny assumed she'd gone to confront Johnny, to blame him for having planted the gun that incriminated Sonny in her office. Though Kate knew better, she allowed Sonny to believe it. She promised she wouldn't see Johnny again but asked, "What if Johnny didn't plant the gun?" "Well, if he didn't, who did?" queried Sonny. Sonny excused himself, because he received a call from Alexis.

Ewen returned to the hospital where Liz greeted him with the news that Alexis had been looking for him. As Alexis was representing Maxie, Liz wondered if Ewen was having any success getting through to Maxie. Though they were not friends, Liz couldn't believe Maxie was capable of murder.

Alexis got through to Ewen and let him know that Cassandra had been killed. Ewen was overcome with emotion and blamed himself. Liz comforted him, letting him know she'd be there for him.

As she Liz gave Ewen a pep talk, Kate called Ewen. She asked if Connie might have planted the gun to frame Kate. He told her that Connie had been deliberately evasive on that subject. After the call, Ewen apologized to Liz for having stood her up the night of the hospital benefit. He asked her out to dinner, and she accepted.

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