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Carter surprised Zoe with the key to his new loft. Thomas was annoyed when Hope asked Zende to be her designer. Liam blamed Finn for Steffy's addiction and pitched a fit when Finn reunited Steffy with Kelly. Hope asked Liam to consider that he might be jealous.
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Liam blamed Finn for Steffy's addiction
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Bill questions Liam's overprotectiveness of Steffy

Bill questions Liam's overprotectiveness of Steffy

Monday, October 12, 2020

At the rehab clinic, Liam visited Steffy. She'd seen Ridge "the other day," and Liam assumed that meant she knew that Brooke and Ridge had reunited. Steffy knew and was fine with it. She didn't always see eye to eye with Brooke; however, Brooke was family, and Ridge loved her. Liam and Steffy agreed that Quinn had serious damage control to do with Eric.

Liam gazed admiringly at Steffy. She asked what the matter was. He said it seemed as if she was almost back. She figured that she had no other choice because she had to get back to their little girl. Liam showed Steffy videos of Kelly. Steffy cooed and expressed how much she missed the child. Liam hoped that Steffy wasn't worried about Kelly.

Steffy stated her confidence that Hope and he were taking care of Kelly. Liam added that Douglas and Beth loved having Kelly around. Chuckling at the video, Steffy said they were all cute. Liam told Steffy that she'd be back soon, and she'd be more "kick-ass" than ever.

"See? Liam and I can agree," Finn stated, entering the room. Finn greeted Liam and asked if Steffy was amazing. Liam affirmed it. Finn thought the results from Steffy's hard work to recover were just stunning. Liam blinked and smiled awkwardly.

Steffy stated that she hadn't done it alone; Finn had really been there and had helped her. Liam noted that Finn was going the extra mile and giving Steffy more personal attention than an average doctor. Finn stated that he technically was no longer her doctor. "I'm her..." he started to say. Steffy chimed in, saying that he was her "advocate," and she was very grateful.

Liam was grateful, too. Stammering, he said he was glad Steffy was getting the care, support, and attention she needed. Liam reasoned that it wasn't like it had been before when Steffy had been addicted to pain pills, and Finn hadn't seen it. "Not to single you out, obviously. None of us saw it. I mean, I kind of saw it, but then I'm not her doctor. So, there's that," Liam stated.

In Finn and Steffy's silence, Liam stated that recovery was a long road, and the process might never end. He believed that Steffy was a strong fighter and said that when Steffy crossed the finish line, he and Kelly would be waiting for Steffy. "Don't worry, Liam. I'll make sure Steffy gets home to Kelly soon," Finn responded.

Later, Finn and Steffy were alone, and he admitted he'd thought Liam would never leave. Steffy gave Finn a look, and he said he knew Liam was a permanent part of her life. "Father of my daughter," she responded. Finn was getting the feeling that she wasn't easy to get over. He hoped he wouldn't have to try. He wanted to believe they'd be together for a long time, despite her "guard dog."

Steffy told Finn that she was looking forward to spending real quality time with him once she was out of there. He warned her that she might like him. "Like a lot," he emphasized.

It seemed to Steffy that something was on Finn's mind. "Liam's attachment to you," Finn responded. She made a face. He claimed to get their history and that they shared a child. Steffy said they'd always care about each other and be connected through Kelly. Finn replied that it was a lot of baggage. He cracked a smile, and Steffy laughed, saying that he was so bad.

Finn was glad that he'd gotten to see Steffy smile, which lit up the universe. She called it an overstatement, but he claimed an overstatement would be telling her that he could bathe in the glow of her smile. Becoming serious, he complimented her on the love she radiated. He'd only known her a short while, but she meant more to him each day. He couldn't wait for her to go back to her amazing life, and he hoped to be a part of it. He was excited to see where it went.

In his office with Justin and Wyatt, Bill said he wouldn't have pegged Steffy to develop a drug addiction. Justin agreed but said opioid use was a slippery slope, and it was easy to cross the line. Wyatt figured that if it had happened to her, it could happen to anyone.

"Well, she had help from me," Bill mumbled. Wyatt said not to do that, but Bill believed that it wouldn't have happened if he hadn't run into her. Wyatt attempted to get Bill to see that things were getting better for Steffy. Wyatt wanted Bill to give himself a break because he hadn't caused the addiction. Justin agreed.

Bill said he didn't usually indulge in guilt, but with Steffy, it was different. Bill wanted to help her and see her recover. Wyatt stated that Steffy had a ton of support, including Liam.

Later, Bill was alone when Liam arrived from his visit with Steffy. He seemed frustrated, and Bill asked what that was all about. "It's this doctor," Liam said. Liam didn't get how he was supposed to trust Finn when Liam didn't think Finn was any good at his job. Liam didn't know how Finn hadn't seen the same signs of the growing dependency that Liam had seen.

Liam asserted that it hadn't been like Finn hadn't been trying to spend every moment he could with Steffy. Bill hated to break it to Liam, but it wasn't about Liam trusting Finn; it was about Steffy trusting him. Bill felt that Steffy needed all the support she could get to recover from the situation he'd put her in. Liam asked if Bill was torturing himself over something no one blamed him for.

Bill couldn't help it. He thought about Steffy all the time and wondered how she was doing. Liam guessed he wasn't being clear. He said that Steffy's recovery was going fine, but she was still vulnerable. Liam asked Bill to keep that in mind. Bill asked what that was supposed to mean. Liam said her priority should be kicking the addiction and going home to Kelly.

Bill asked what Liam's point was. Liam got Bill's concern, but "when you start saying 'I'm thinking about Steffy all the time,' I'm sorry, but alarm bells start going off in my head." Liam stated that the one thing Steffy needed was to not be pressured by him, by Bill, or by anyone else. Liam said she needed space to get back on her feet.

"Sounds like from you most of all," Bill assessed about Steffy's need for space. He said he was going to ask his son a question. Bill wanted to know if Liam was that protective of Steffy with everyone or just Bill. Bill wanted to be very clear about Liam's message. "Are you telling me to stay away from Steffy?" Bill asked.

At Forrester, Hope met with Zende and Zoe in the CEO's office. Hope figured that Zende didn't want to talk about his breakup with Nicole. Zende affirmed that he'd rather not. Respecting that, Hope said she was sorry it hadn't worked out, but it was kind of good for HFTF, which would use Zende. He was happy to throw himself into work. HFTF's message had impressed him already.

Zoe said Zende had impressive designs, and he replied that she was only saying that because it was true. Hope stated that Zende and Zoe would be working together a lot. He asked Zoe if she could handle it. Zoe said it would be a challenge, but she was up for it.

Zende wondered if Hope had a vision locked in or if she was still open to suggestions. Hope welcomed any ideas from her team. Zende offered to sketch out some thoughts. Looking at Zoe, he said that because they were a team, he might call upon her for input.

Zende inquired if Hope knew anything about Steffy. Hope said Liam had been visiting Steffy a lot, and Steffy was making progress. Entering the office, Thomas said Steffy shouldn't have to be making progress in a facility and shouldn't have gotten hooked on pain meds in the first place.

Later, Thomas wondered how long Zende would be staying in town, but Zende was evasive about his time frame. Thomas asked if Nicole would be around, and Zende bit out that they were not together. Thomas wondered if he should congratulate Zende or be sorry about it. "'Sorry' works," Zende responded.

Zoe asked why Thomas was there. Thomas had arrived to rectify some things. He said he'd done things, and his family had frozen him out of the company. He felt he'd deserved what he'd gotten, but since then, he'd been working on himself with his mother. He was ready to get back to work. He'd been working on ideas for Hope's next collection, and he wanted to go over them with her. "Actually, I have decided to work with Zende primarily," Hope replied.

Later, Zoe faced the door and Zende as she worked at the table. Zende sketched, facing Zoe and the CEO's desk. Hope tapped away on a laptop at the CEO's desk. Next to her, Thomas sketched at the drafting table. Thomas kept glancing over at Zende, but when Thomas wasn't looking, Zende stole glances at Thomas. Finally, Thomas spoke, breaking the silence.

Thomas had kept up with Zende's career in Paris and stated that Zende had really grown a lot faster than Thomas had expected. Zende wondered what Thomas had to say for himself. Thomas asked what that meant. Tossing his pencil aside, Zende said he'd kept up with Thomas, too, and all the crazy stuff that had gone down with Hope, Beth, and Zoe.

Thomas admitted that he'd made mistakes and serious errors in judgment. He'd been duly punished and was better. Zende replied that he wasn't judging. "Well, it sounds like you were," Thomas quipped. Zende, as a member of the family, claimed he'd wanted to hear what Thomas had to say and that he'd recognized how wrong and out of line he'd been.

Thomas said he'd never stop apologizing to Hope and Zoe. He knew he'd hurt people and had made horrible mistakes, but he wanted the chance to prove that he was better than that. He didn't expect immediate forgiveness, but he wanted back into the family and Forrester. He said that if they opened the doors, he'd show them how sincere he really was.

Later, Hope and Thomas were alone in the office, and Thomas admitted that he hadn't been surprised by Zende's return. Thomas had already heard that things had been going south between Nicole and Zende. Thomas didn't know the specifics and asked if Hope had details.

Hope replied that Zende hadn't wanted to talk about it. Thomas thought it was ironic that no one knew the role Zende had played in ending his relationship, but Zende could sit there and pass judgment on Thomas. Hope doubted Zende had been doing that. Backing down, Thomas figured that he might be a little defensive.

Hope asked why Thomas had wanted to talk to her alone. Thomas said he understood Hope's hesitancy to work with him, but he wondered if he'd ever disappointed her professionally. Hope said he hadn't, and he'd always been a wonderful designer.

Thomas stated that he was "damn good" at what he did. He had the experience, the talent, and the pedigree. He was Thomas Forrester, the heir to Forrester Creations. He said he and Hope worked well together, and she should be working with him, not Zende Dominguez.

In the design office later, Zoe thanked Zende for calling out Thomas for his treatment of Hope and Zoe. Zende asked if she was buying Thomas' apology. Shrugging, Zoe asked if Zende did. Zende stated that he'd be keeping an eye on Thomas.

Steffy takes a significant step in her recovery

Steffy takes a significant step in her recovery

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

In the design office, Zende said he'd keep an eye on Thomas. He knew that Thomas was his cousin, "but after all he's done?" Zende reasoned. Zoe's face darkened, and she figured that Zende probably also questioned how she could go along with what Reese had done to Hope.

Zoe explained that she'd kept Hope from her baby, too, but it had been to protect Zoe's dad. She said Zende was free to ask questions or unleash on her -- unless he was willing to listen. If he was, she really wanted the chance to explain.

Later, Zoe had just explained to Zende why her father had taken Beth. Goons had been threatening Zoe's life. Zoe felt stupid for allowing herself to get sucked into it. She didn't expect him to understand, but she hoped he saw that she was working to make up for it. He saw it, and he thanked her for trusting him and opening up about that painful time.

Relieved, Zoe said she'd thought Zende would hate her. Zende conveyed that he'd known about the Beth scandal already, but upon learning that the Forresters had rehired Zoe, he figured that there had to be more to the story. It meant a lot to Zoe that the family and everyone at Forrester had given her a second chance. "Especially Carter?" Zende asked.

Zoe said that Carter was very sweet. She assumed that he and Zende had been friends for a long time. "How do you think I got these arms?" Zende asked. He considered her lucky because Carter was a great guy. She replied that Zende didn't have to tell her. In her view, Carter was intelligent, handsome, successful, and kind. "Lucky, lucky me," she reticently concluded.

At Spencer, Bill asked if Liam was telling him to stay away from Steffy. "No, I'm not, but Dad..." Liam said, sighing. Liam apologized and said Bill was right. He knew that Bill was concerned about Steffy, but there was a lot going on. Liam claimed that Bill could be "a little you," and Liam was concerned enough about Steffy as it was.

Bill asked if the concern was about Steffy, and Liam stated that it was about her doctor. Bill was surprised that Finn was still her doctor. In a self-righteous tone, Liam replied that Finn had gone on to call himself Steffy's advocate. Liam felt that it represented the same problem if Finn and Steffy were involved.

Liam claimed he got that it was none of his business whom Steffy dated. "But in this case," Liam added and stated that it was his business because Steffy's health was on the line and because Steffy was the mother of his child. Liam insisted that if Finn had kept it professional, he would have seen the signs that Steffy had been in trouble sooner. Liam asserted that Finn's lack of objectivity had helped her become addicted in the first place.

Bill said Liam would always have an instinct to protect Steffy; it was a good quality, but Liam had to be careful. Liam asked if Bill got where Liam was coming from -- that he shared a child with Steffy. Bill understood completely, maybe even better than Liam. Liam asked what that meant. Bill said Liam would always want to protect Steffy because a part of him would always love her.

In the CEO's office at Forrester, Thomas pitched himself as HFTF's designer. He said Zende was good and could help out, but Hope should have a designer experienced with her line. He noted that they were helping Douglas thrive together and could help HFTF thrive, as well.

Hope was grateful for Thomas' talent and contributions to her line. "But?" he asked. Hope replied that for many reasons, it was time for her to work with someone else. She liked what she'd seen with Zende and wanted to give him a chance to be her lead designer.

Thomas seemed gut-punched inside, but on the surface, he said he respected Hope's decision. Hope said Thomas was more experienced. He replied that it wasn't about skill; it was about the person with whom she was more comfortable. He realized that he hadn't proven to her that he wasn't the same man. Hope said he didn't have to prove anything to her, but he insisted upon it.

Liam arrived, and Hope expressed glee. Thomas went to the drafting table, and Hope noticed that Liam was upset. Liam murmured that he was trying not to look that way. Thomas offered to leave, but Liam claimed not to care if Thomas stayed or went. Thomas stayed and listened.

Hope asked if Liam had seen Steffy. Liam griped that the more he saw Steffy, the more he'd have to see the doctor responsible for her addiction. Liam admitted that he was upset and said he'd stay that way until he figured out what to do about Finn.

Hope gave Thomas a side glance as he sketched. Liam launched into a discussion of how he'd been having a nice visit with Steffy, talking about her recovery, and then Dr. Feelgood had shown up. Interrupting him, Hope said it wasn't surprising. After all, Finn had gotten Steffy into the clinic and had made it clear that he wanted to be a part of Steffy's life, even after he'd stopped being her physician. Hope said Steffy wanted that.

Liam asked which thing -- for Finn to stop being Steffy's physician or start being a part of her life. Liam cited that Finn had crossed a line by getting involved with a patient. "But that just means he's the type of guy willing to cross lines," Liam reasoned. Shaking her head dismissively, Hope said it was unorthodox, "but -- " Interrupting, Liam called it unethical, and he didn't know how he would feel about having that around his daughter if it came down to it.

To Hope, Finn seemed like a decent guy who really did care about Steffy. Hope asked if Thomas agreed. Thomas said he didn't know Finn, but he did seem good for Steffy. Hope admired that Liam wanted to protect Steffy, but she said he had to let Steffy live her life.

At the clinic, Steffy and Finn talked about her recovery and Liam. She said Liam didn't mean any harm. Finn understood that Liam wanted what was best for her. Steffy felt that she was getting the best out of her recovery. Finn told her that he and her case manager had a surprise for her. He wanted to show her something. He said it was time for her to acknowledge how far she'd gotten and where she'd go from there.

Michael arrived. He was glad to see that Finn was there and wondered if Finn had explained. Finn said he'd been about to. Steffy asked what was going on. Michael explained to Steffy that other people had been in her position. They'd had some of her struggles and successes. He and Finn wanted her to take a look at a powerful story of another person.

Michael handed Steffy a tablet. On it, a video confessional played of a man who'd become addicted to opioids after several knee surgeries. By the end of his second or third prescription, he'd known he'd been in trouble. He'd lost interest in the things he'd loved about life.

The man in the video had been present in life, but not there. Eventually, his life had unraveled. He'd taken an insane amount of pills a day, and he'd needed help. One of his employees had suggested he go to a facility. He said it had seemed insurmountable, but there was a beginning, middle, and end to it. No one had to do it alone, and if one was willing to do the work, they'd get rewards from life.

The video moved Steffy to tears. She imagined how brave one would have to be to put himself out there like that. She felt inspired. Finn asked if she was inspired enough to do one herself. Steffy seemed taken aback. Finn asked her to imagine the effect her story could have on those who followed her online, who might be going through the same thing. It might just be one person, but maybe if that one person heard from her that he could get through it, it would help.

Steffy seemed nervous at first, but she decided that she'd do it. Michael thought it would be an important step in her recovery and said she could do it whenever she felt comfortable. Steffy decided to do it right then. She turned the tablet to record and gave it a go.

In the camera, Steffy introduced herself. She figured that her viewers knew about her and her fashion family, but she wanted to talk about what they didn't know about her. She revealed that she'd been in an accident. A car had slammed into her when she'd been riding her motorcycle. She'd been in tremendous pain, and she'd been thankful that she'd been prescribed medication. She hadn't been able to function, and she'd needed it.

"And then I needed more, and I needed more, and I needed more, and the next thing I knew, I was addicted," Steffy stated. She'd thought she could fight it, but she hadn't been able to stop. It had changed her. She'd started lying to the people she cared about most, and the pills had become the most important thing to her. She admitted that if it had gone on longer, she could have lost her daughter. She didn't know what she would have done.

Steffy was thankful for the people in her life who'd made her face the truth of her addiction. She urged anyone in that predicament to reach out for help. It was hard, but it was worth it. She'd gotten treatment and was ready to live her life again. She offered to be the person to give that push if whomever was watching had no one. She asserted that she was proof that they could get through it. Although she had to end the video, she said it wasn't the end of the conversation. She was there, and she was rooting for them.

Michael complimented Steffy on how well she'd done, and said that with her name, it would reach and help many. He noted that it had already helped her. Steffy beamed about the wonders it had done for her, even though she'd been nervous about it. Michael believed that Steffy had made good progress, and he asked Dr. Finnegan what he thought about it. He asked if Finn thought Steffy was ready. Finn did.

Steffy asked what she was ready for. Finn said he'd taken off work because he'd wanted to see her face when she heard the news. Steffy asked what news. Finn announced that she was going home. She asked when, and Michael said there was no time like the present.

Steffy was ecstatic. Michael left to get discharge papers. She told Finn that she couldn't have done it without him. He shied away from the compliment, but she insisted that he'd helped her find her strength again. She realized that she would get to see her baby girl again.

The show ended with Jacqueline MacInnes Wood giving a PSA and phone number to people struggling with addiction. Call 800-662-HELP or go to

Carter has a life-changing opportunity for Zoe

Carter has a life-changing opportunity for Zoe

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

At Forrester, Thomas presented Hope with several designs for her to review. Hope said Thomas' interest was brought on by Zende being back in town. Thomas admitted Hope was more comfortable working with Zende, but Thomas insisted he loved the Hope for the Future line more. Thomas tried to enlist Liam's support, but Liam sat on the sofa, staring down at the ground, unaware of what was going on around him. Liam said he could not give Finn a pass because the doctor was still inserting himself into Steffy's life -- and thereby also into Liam's daughter's life.

Thomas questioned how Finn was interjecting himself into Kelly's life, since Kelly always seemed to be with Liam and Hope. Liam struggled to define exactly what bothered him, but he commented that when Steffy returned home, Finn would still be around. Amelia phoned Liam to tell him that she'd taken Kelly over to Steffy's. Liam was surprised that Steffy was home -- and he also learned that Finn was with Steffy.

When Liam got off the phone, he was furious that Finn was spending time with Kelly and that Finn hadn't said a word about it to him. "Who does this guy think he is?" Liam fumed. Hope agreed that Finn should have given Liam a heads-up, but Hope reminded Liam of the positive: Steffy had successfully completed her stint in rehab and was being reunited with her daughter. An angry Liam continued to rant about Finn as he stormed out of the office and slammed the door behind him.

Later, Thomas again tried to talk himself up to Hope in order to work on the Hope for the Future line. He talked for several moments before realizing that Hope was not listening. He quickly realized that Hope was thinking about Liam, Steffy, and Finn. Surprisingly, Thomas sided with Liam. He said that he understood why Liam might be concerned about Steffy bringing another man into Kelly's life. Hope commented that Finn was "easy on the eyes" and seemed like a good catch -- and not just because he was a doctor. "I really think Steffy's found a winner here, and I just wish that Liam could see that, too," she sighed.

At the cliff house, Finn helped Steffy settle in at home. Steffy proclaimed how happy she was to be back home and thanked Finn for helping make her return home possible. Steffy was excited to smother her little girl with hugs and kisses. Finn told Steffy to check out the nursery. Steffy scurried off excitedly.

While Steffy was gone, Finn stared at the photo of Liam and Steffy on the wall. Steffy returned and thanked Finn for helping to reunite her and her daughter. "Every day when I was in rehab, this is all I could think about. Just being home with my little girl," Steffy shared. Steffy explained that Kelly was the motivation for her wanting to get healthy.

Steffy checked in on Kelly every few minutes, hoping that the child would wake up so that Steffy could hold her. Steffy reflected on the tumultuous few months she'd endured. Finn told Steffy that he would always be there for her. As they talked, Liam suddenly appeared in the room. Liam told Steffy that she looked "good as new" and praised her as "the example of courage and strength." Steffy smiled warmly. When she looked over to Finn, she noticed that he seemed uncomfortable.

Steffy indicated that she felt that her pill addiction in some way meant that she wasn't a good parent. Liam rejected that idea and told Steffy that her resilience and determination to get better proved just the opposite. A mumble sounded on the baby monitor, and Steffy realized that Kelly had woken up. She leaped from the sofa and raced into the baby's room. When she opened the door, Kelly could be heard saying, "Momma."

Back in the living room, Finn said that he "wouldn't miss this for the world." Liam agreed. He then turned to Finn and said, "Although, I almost did." Liam said that he would not have known about Steffy being home or Kelly's whereabouts had Amelia not called him. Liam then lashed out at Finn, saying that the doctor's romantic interest in Steffy might have been the cause of Steffy's opioid addiction. "Maybe you could have spared her all that time in rehab -- being separated from the daughter that she loves more than life itself -- if you had just stepped back like a doctor is supposed to," Liam said calmly but forcefully. Liam said he would always be a part of Steffy's life and suggested that if Finn had a problem with that, he should "find another patient to date."

Zoe and Zende were in her office at Forrester, looking at designs. "Sensual" and "provocative" were words they used, and Zoe said there was a difference. Carter entered and announced that he'd found just the person he'd been looking for. "I'm flattered," Zende deadpanned. Carter laughed at Zende's "wise guy" remark before turning his attention to Zoe. Carter announced that he had a surprise for her. Zende again chimed in, saying that he, too, loved surprises. Carter wondered if he'd interrupted something. Zoe and Zende exchanged glances, their eyes meeting for more than just a moment.

Carter received a phone call and told the person on the other end that he would be out of the office for the remainder of the day. "Are you going somewhere?" Zoe asked curiously. Carter replied, "We are." Without missing a beat, Zende asked, "The three of us?" Carter and Zoe laughed, and eventually, Zende laughed along with them. Zoe asked if Carter had been promoted from COO to CEO and wanted to celebrate. Carter said that he had not been promoted yet, but he remarked that he had "upgraded in another area." Carter told Zoe that he wanted to show her and asked her to leave with him. As Zoe and Carter left, Zende was visibly unhappy.

Zoe opened the door to a loft and asked where they were. Carter held up and jingled a set of keys. Carter said that he'd lived in a bachelor pad since he'd arrived in Los Angeles, but he thought it was time that he upgraded. He told Zoe that he'd bought the loft from Ridge, who had lived there awhile back. Zoe scanned the loft and praised Carter's taste. Carter chuckled and explained that the unit came furnished -- and everything in it had belonged to Ridge. Carter noted that it was important that Zoe liked his new digs because he planned on her spending a lot of time there.

"Playing board games?" Zoe asked wryly. "I think we can do better than that," Carter replied. Zoe shifted somewhat uneasily and commented that she felt like she should have brought along a housewarming gift. When she learned that Carter had a cappuccino machine, Zoe joked that she would definitely be by on a daily basis. Carter produced a key and said, "Then, this will come in handy." Carter admitted that he and Zoe hadn't been together long, but he said that their relationship felt right. He then asked Zoe to move in with him.

Liam questions Steffy's decision to date Finn

Liam questions Steffy's decision to date Finn

Thursday, October 15, 2020

At Carter's new place, Carter said it had once been Ridge's bachelor pad, but Carter was done with the single lifestyle. He'd purchased the place with Zoe in mind and had even gotten her a key of her own. Taken aback, Zoe asked if he was really asking her to move in with him.

Carter knew that it might seem fast. They hadn't been together that long, but the year had taught him not to wait or put things off, especially when it was about something that brought him joy. In his view, Zoe made him happy, and the place would be a home if she lived there, too.

Zoe was flattered by the sweet things Carter had said. He hoped he wasn't pressuring her. Zoe stated that it made her feel wanted. She was just surprised by it because they hadn't even spent the night together. "Well, I'm ready when you are," he responded. She asked who'd said she wasn't ready. "What are we waiting for?" he asked.

Laughing it off, Zoe called Carter a romantic. She asked if he knew he was allowing her to come and go as she wanted. Nodding, he hoped she'd decide she'd never leave. "Maybe," Zoe replied. He asked her to just see where it went. He asked how people could get to know each other better than by sharing the bathroom sink.

Carter thought he and Zoe should enjoy themselves and their successes. He was Forrester's new COO, and she had new responsibilities with Hope's line. He also had a new place with a rooftop deck. Zoe said it was the coolest neighborhood by the beach. Carter replied that, of all the good in his life, she was what made him smile. He wanted to watch movies with her on the couch and make her eggs in the kitchen.

Carter revealed that when his engagement with Maya had ended, he'd focused on work. He'd been guarded, too, waiting for the right moment or person. "Then I met you," he said. He wanted to make a home with Zoe and offered to let her redecorate. He didn't care if she put flowers everywhere. He just wanted her there. "Move in with me," he said.

Carter claimed that he wouldn't have asked if he hadn't thought he and Zoe were ready. He remarked that they'd talked about being exclusive, and he wasn't interested in anyone else. Zoe inquired about all the models who flirted with him. He asked if other models existed besides her. He didn't notice other people when he was with her, and he sensed she felt the same way.

Zoe nervously looked away. Carter said that as she'd been putting the stuff with Thomas behind her, Carter hadn't been looking at other women. He wondered why he would when he got to see her every day. He wanted to start a fresh new future together in the loft.

Zoe said that Carter was good for her. He asked her to consider how on time she'd be for work each day if she lived with him. She'd never be late for anything again. She replied that he was making it hard to pass up. He advised her not to and to instead accept the key.

At Forrester, Thomas was still trying to pitch himself as the HFTF designer, but Hope was still preoccupied with why Liam was obsessing over Steffy's relationship with Finn. Thomas saw Liam as being protective of the child. Hope knew that Liam would always look out for "them." She expected nothing less from him.

Thomas asked why Hope was upset that Liam had rushed over to Steffy's house. Hope replied that it was Steffy's private life, and Steffy got to decide with whom she spent time. Thomas tried to say a man in Steffy's life was a man in Kelly's life, too, but interrupting, Hope said she understood that. In her view, Finn seemed like a good choice and complete package.

Thomas noted that Finn had impressed Hope, who'd even said Finn was handsome. Hope quipped that being married didn't make her blind. Thomas asked if she could see the good-looking guy in front of her who was smiling with dimples.

Hope averted her eyes from Thomas and said she understood Steffy's attraction to Finn. Hope wanted to let Steffy have some excitement in her life after the last few rough months. Thomas was proud of his sister for getting help. Hope believed that Steffy wanted a partner in life. He said Steffy wouldn't admit it. Hope felt that was because Steffy didn't need a man to validate her, but there was nothing wrong with Steffy needing love.

Thomas didn't think it had gotten that far. Hope sensed it was headed that way. He added that it would whether Liam liked it or not. Hope thought it was good that Steffy had Finn in her life and wished Liam could see also see that it was good.

Zende poked his head through the door and asked if he was interrupting. Thomas said he and Hope were in the middle of something, but Hope invited Zende inside. Zende had some concept sketches for HFTF. As Thomas looked on, Hope complimented Zende's ideas and detailed work. She asked what Thomas thought. Thomas claimed it was great. Zende glared at Thomas.

Hope surmised that Zende had given her exactly what she was looking for, and he should keep doing whatever he was doing. She asked him to meet with Zoe about the concepts.

Zende left, and as Hope checked her phone, Thomas wondered if she'd heard from Liam. Hope guessed that Liam was still at Steffy's house. He hoped Liam wasn't being hard on her. Hope said it was Steffy's first day home, and Liam didn't need to be stressing her out. She wondered why Liam couldn't let Steffy move on with her life, especially with someone like Finn.

At Steffy's house, Liam viewed the baby monitor as Steffy played with Kelly in the nursery. He said Steffy had really missed their daughter. Finn replied that it was why he'd arranged for Kelly to be there when Steffy returned home. Liam reasoned that Steffy wouldn't have been away from Kelly if Steffy hadn't gotten addicted to the medication that Finn had "kept" prescribing.

"Unfortunately, it happens," Finn replied. It happened more than people realized, especially with pain from an accident like Steffy's. Liam complained that the dependency had happened on Finn's watch, and Finn was the medical professional. Liam insisted that the whole thing could have been avoided if Finn had kept it professional and not pursued a relationship with Steffy.

Finn stated that he wasn't some random man in Steffy's life. He planned to be around for a while. Though Finn understood that Liam would always care for Steffy and was Kelly's father, none of it gave Liam the right to make dangerous accusations about Finn, like he'd crossed ethical lines as her doctor. Finn didn't feel he had to defend himself against Liam. He said he hadn't chased Steffy. She wanted the relationship as much as Finn did, and Liam had to accept it.

Liam said Steffy was vulnerable and had just gotten out of rehab. Liam figured that Finn, as a doctor, should know not to push a relationship on her. Finn denied pushing anything. Liam contended that Finn was there and had gotten Liam's daughter there without even asking. Finn insisted that he wasn't pressuring Steffy, but Liam claimed it wasn't Steffy's job to see it. It was Finn's job to see that she needed space and time.

Finn believed that Liam had the wrong impression of Finn. Finn explained that "awhile ago," he'd tried to end his professional relationship with Steffy due to his feelings for her; however, she hadn't wanted to lose him as her doctor or for him to walk out the door.

Steffy exited Kelly's room, saying the girl had fallen asleep while they'd been reading together. Sensing tension, she asked if everything was okay. The guys pretended they were fine. Liam remarked that they'd heard Steffy and Kelly chatting through the monitor.

Steffy felt good to be back with her daughter and didn't want Kelly to feel abandoned again. Finn said Steffy had done the right thing, but Steffy was worried that Kelly was too young to understand why her mother had been gone. Liam was sure Kelly would understand later and would admire Steffy for it.

Steffy said she would do anything it took to be there for Kelly and stay on track. It seemed as if Kelly had grown three inches since Steffy had been gone. Liam said Kelly was gaining on Douglas. Steffy had been comforted by knowing Kelly had been with family, and Steffy was thankful that he and Hope had watched Kelly. Liam replied that he was Kelly's father.

Steffy thanked Finn for surprising her and having Amelia bring Kelly home. Steffy said he'd known exactly what she'd needed. Liam rolled his eyes. He asked if Finn would understand that Liam wanted a moment with Steffy since she'd been reunited with their daughter. Finn agreed and said he'd be back later. Steffy replied that she'd like that.

Finn left, and Liam said it was good to see Steffy with Kelly. Steffy thanked him again for watching Kelly. He responded that he'd always be there for Steffy. Steffy said he looked disturbed. She figured it had to do with Finn.

Immediately Liam recognized that he was married to Hope and had no right to dictate her love life; however, he was Kelly's father and would care about Steffy for the rest of his life. It was hard for him to say nothing when he saw trouble. "Trouble? With Finn?" Steffy asked.

Liam claimed to know that Steffy liked the guy and why, but in Liam's mind, Finn had overstepped a boundary. Steffy disagreed that Finn had done anything inappropriate. Liam told Steffy his theory that Finn should have seen the signs of her addiction instead of prescribing more pills, but Finn hadn't because he'd been too busy trying to date her.

Steffy said she was the one who'd lied, not Finn. It was part of the disease, and Finn hadn't known she'd been sneaking pills. Liam insisted that Finn's job was to have an idea. Steffy rolled her eyes.

Persisting, Liam said that things luckily hadn't gone horribly wrong, but the way Finn had crossed the line was telling about his character. Liam wondered what Steffy really knew about the man. Steffy said Liam's name. Liam noted that Steffy was a great woman. She was hot and could have any man she wanted. "Why does it gotta be the guy who put your life in danger?" he asked.

Hope asks Liam to honestly evaluate his feelings for Finn

Hope asks Liam to honestly evaluate his feelings for Finn

Friday, October 16, 2020

At Steffy's house, Steffy figured that Liam didn't mind if she dated; he just didn't want her dating Finn. "Basically, yeah," Liam replied, but he wanted her to understand why. Liam said she'd just worked her butt off in treatment, and getting in deeper with a guy who'd already cost her time with her daughter wasn't the healthiest thing she could be doing.

Figuring he was coming off badly, Liam said he wasn't trying to dictate her life. Steffy snapped that she wouldn't allow it. He was proud of her progress and didn't want it thwarted. He wanted her to ask herself if getting involved with Finn was the best thing for her and Kelly at that time.

"Don't do that. Don't mess with Steffy's head like that," Finn said, returning inside the house. Finn had been afraid Liam would do something like that. Liam told Steffy that "this" was what he'd been talking about, and he asked why Finn was even back there. Finn had left his phone, and he guessed it was a good thing that he had.

Finn told Steffy that Liam was trying to make her doubt her judgment, her decisions, and their feelings for each other. He asked her to think about where all this "concern" of Liam's was stemming from. Steffy glared expectantly at Liam. Finn said that if Steffy wanted to stop seeing him, it was Steffy's choice, not Liam's.

Liam told Finn that Liam and Steffy were having a private conversation. "Yeah, about me," Finn replied. Steffy appreciated the concern, but she said she'd just spent the last few weeks relearning how to take care of herself. Liam claimed he wasn't trying to stop her from doing that, and Finn contended that Liam was trying to stop her from seeing Finn.

Steffy thanked Liam for his concern and being a wonderful father, but she felt she could make her own decisions in her personal life. Finn grinned. She added that she and Finn were getting to know each other. It was all pretty new. Liam began to mutter that it was kind of his point. Steffy insisted that she wouldn't have a man in Kelly's life that she didn't think could be a good influence on Kelly.

Kelly stirred, and Steffy wondered if the men were okay enough for her to check on the child. They claimed to be, and Steffy went to Kelly's room. Finn found his phone on a chair, and Liam repeated that he and Steffy shared a child together. Liam felt he had every right to voice concerns. Finn agreed and understood.

Finn said that if he were in Liam's shoes, he would be overprotective, too, after all Steffy had been through. Finn believed that he and Liam wanted the same thing -- for Steffy to be home and happy with Kelly. Finn wasn't there to upset Liam or take his place. Finn didn't owe Liam any promises, but Finn assured Liam that Finn wanted what was best for Steffy and Kelly.

Sighing, Liam stated that Finn was saying all the right things. Liam wanted to believe that they wanted the same thing, but he couldn't. Liam felt that his gut had a good track record, and there was something about Finn that Liam didn't trust.

Later, Steffy returned and was surprised that Liam had left. Finn said Liam hadn't known how long Steffy would be with Kelly. Steffy had gotten Kelly back to sleep but wished the child would wake up. Finn said Steffy and Kelly would have a lifetime together. Steffy liked the sound of that. Finn replied that he'd liked what Steffy had said about him being a good influence. It had made him feel almost as good as seeing her smile, and he'd make sure her smile was there to stay.

Finn stated that Steffy could have stayed in the room with Kelly. Steffy was sure Kelly would be up soon, and in the meantime, Steffy was enjoying the company she had. Finn noted that she hadn't had a moment of privacy in the clinic. As a single mom, Steffy didn't know what privacy was anymore. Finn conveyed that his house was big and empty. He'd always wanted to fill it with children, but work had come first.

Steffy thought Finn would be an amazing father. She thought he was caring and funny, and he was overqualified to handle skinned knees and bruises. Finn figured he'd be the dad who wouldn't let his kid do anything dangerous. When Finn looked at Kelly, he could see why Liam was protective. Finn wasn't angry with Liam and saw no reason for them to be at odds. He wanted to do what was best for Steffy and Kelly and to make sure Steffy knew how special she was. Steffy said that he was doing a very good job, and she passionately kissed him.

At Carter's new place, Carter anxiously awaited Zoe's answer about moving in with him. Though the offer was tempting, Zoe couldn't accept it. It meant a lot to her that he wanted her there with him, but it was really sudden. Carter said he'd made his feelings pretty clear. He wondered if he'd misunderstood hers. Zoe replied that it wasn't that, and he was amazing.

Zoe was leery of rushing into anything after all she'd gone through that year. She said one would have thought she'd gotten used to abandonment because of her father. When Reese had returned, she'd believed she'd had him back in life, but then he'd gone again. She'd thought she'd had Xander, but he'd left, too. As for Thomas, she'd thought he had been helping her and showing her what love was.

Zoe concluded that she cared about Carter, but she needed more time. Carter figured that it wasn't a no or a yes, and he asked her to promise that she'd think about it. Zoe replied that it would be hard to think about anything else.

At Forrester, Hope turned her attention to Thomas, who'd been about to show her some designs. He figured she had her mind on something else. She said Liam would contact her when he was done at Steffy's. Thomas asked if Hope thought Liam was still over there. Wishing he hadn't gone in the first place, she said he didn't need to be ranting to Steffy about Finn.

Zende entered and expressed that he'd been unable to find Zoe to set up the meeting. He'd thought she'd be back by then. Thomas suggested that Zende ask Pam. His gaze narrowing on Thomas, Zende closed the door and wondered what was going on. He said Hope could tell him.

Hope shared her frustration that Liam was taking his feelings about Steffy and her doctor too far. To Zende, it seemed that Hope was okay with Steffy dating her doctor. Hope noted that it was a former doctor, and Thomas said it hadn't gotten to the dating stage yet. Hope concluded that Steffy had someone who was there for only her. It baffled Hope that Liam had a problem with it.

Zende guessed it was because Steffy had just gotten out of rehab. Thomas revealed that Liam had a problem with Finn dating his patient and was acting out of concern for Kelly. Hope said it might not be ideal for Steffy to start a relationship at that time, but Finn seemed to be a man whom she deserved. "Liam doesn't seem to agree," Zende contended.

Thomas divulged that Liam wanted input on any man coming into Kelly's life. Zende asked how Steffy felt about it. Thomas guessed time would tell. "And you?" Zende asked Hope. Hope said Liam was looking out for his daughter, but she wondered if the overprotectiveness was due to Liam's inability to see Steffy move on with another man.

Hope said she really hadn't meant to get into all that about Liam and Steffy. Zende blamed it on himself and noted that Hope had seemed stressed. Thomas suggested that Zende could go off and find Zoe. Hope asked Zende to ask Zoe to check a mock-up gown of Zende's because Zoe knew what Hope had wanted for the alterations. Zende was surprised Hope didn't want more design changes. Hope didn't need changes and wanted it in production as soon as possible.

Thomas wondered what the rush was. He worried that HFTF, a line with a message, might have its message lost in the excitement of a new designer's debut. Zende felt that he was hardly a newcomer. He'd been designing in Paris for a while. Thomas agreed but said Hope's vision was too important, and he didn't want it to get lost.

Hope said that HFTF was about amplifying a range of voices. Thomas stated that working with more than one designer was a great way to showcase that aspect of the collection. Thomas received a phone alert and hurried to the door. He had to go and said they could talk more later.

In the corridor, Thomas dropped his phone, and it tumbled beneath Pam's desk. As he retrieved it, he bumped his head on the desk and seemed to become disoriented. Zoe approached, asking if he was okay. He said he was and had to get to a meeting.

Back in the CEO's office, Zende said that Thomas hadn't been subtle about wanting to work with Hope. Hope preferred not to because of their history and said she had a brand-new designer that she was excited about. Entering, Zoe said she couldn't agree more, and having Zende there could take things in a whole new direction.

Later, Hope was alone when Liam arrived. She asked about the reunion and noted that he'd been gone for a while. She hoped he hadn't been nervous about leaving Kelly with Steffy. Liam replied that he hadn't been. He'd just needed to talk to Steffy, which meant waiting for Finn to leave. Hope asked if she'd chased Finn off. Liam mumbled that they hadn't gotten into it.

Hope pressed her hands to her face in frustration. Liam claimed that it was hard to stay quiet when Finn's recklessness had almost taken Kelly's mother from her. Hope asked if Liam was really blaming Steffy's addiction on Finn.

Liam insisted that Finn should have seen that something had been wrong. Hope contended that none of them had seen it until Liam had found Steffy passed out. Liam said Finn had been the doctor; Finn had prescribed the pills, and Finn had known what could go wrong. He asked how he'd seen the signs before Finn had.

Hope said Finn had stopped prescribing the medication, and Steffy had still managed to find a way to get the pills. She added that Finn had gotten Steffy into treatment. Liam said the damage had been done, and Steffy had been relying on Finn's objectivity. Liam wondered what other lines Finn was willing to cross if Finn was willing to cross the line with his patient.

Hope understood why Liam was stressed that a new man was in the life of his daughter's mother, but Hope disbelieved that Finn was a threat. She advised him to get to know Finn and see that Finn was responsible and compassionate, and was taking good care of Steffy. Liam guessed Hope supported it. Hope said she was letting Steffy make up her own mind.

With a nervous chuckle, Liam began theorizing the problems that could arise if Finn had convinced Steffy that he was the key to her recovery, but Hope told him to stop. She said that he needed to let Steffy live her life and figured that his overreaction wasn't helping her. Hope understood that he was trying to be protective, but it was making her wonder if there could be more to it. Liam asked what that meant.

Hope posited that Steffy hadn't had a serious relationship since Liam's marriage to her had ended. It was new territory for all of them, and it might take getting used to. Hope asked Liam to consider that his attitude toward Finn might stem from the fact that Liam was jealous.

In the design office, Zoe and Zende discussed the design that Hope wanted to put into production. Zoe was impressed with it, and Zende teasingly asked if it was sensual. She thought it was, but she said that if he thought it was off, he should trust his instincts. He wasn't sure that anything was off, but he wondered if the design had been fully realized.

Zende said Hope wanted them to go over the alterations. He didn't think it would take long to book a model. Zoe stated that she was free, and it helped to have a model that was also working on the line. She said she was ready when he was.

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