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Jack presented Dina with the Teardrop of Love. Dina made loving statements to her family before succumbing to her illness. Sharon and Rey got engaged. Sharon found out her surgery had been successful. Summer bailed on Kyle before their wedding and secretly spied on him.
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Dina made loving statements to her family before succumbing to her illness
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Rey receives a surprise proposal

Rey receives a surprise proposal

Monday, October 12, 2020

At Adam and Chelsea's penthouse, a frustrated Adam was stubbornly reluctant to discuss Chelsea's suggestion to leave town for a while to regroup and get their priorities in order. Chelsea remained supportive, nonetheless, and inquired about Adam's plans to deal with Victor and Billy. Adam replied, "I'm not going to let them think that they won." Chelsea explained that family was more important than winning, and she suggested they just walk away from the battle. Adam, defiant, replied, "Wow, that didn't take long for you to turn on me, too."

Chelsea was stunned by Adam's accusation and insisted she hadn't turned on him. Adam cried that Billy was waiting to take yet another public swipe at him, so nothing had changed. Chelsea tried to convince Adam that he'd changed and should remove himself from negativity and spend time with their son. Adam claimed he should instead fight for justice and vindication for himself and for Chelsea and Connor. Chelsea pleaded with Adam to show the world he wasn't the monster that Billy had made him out to be. Adam couldn't move past his anger at having been wronged.

Chelsea again asked Adam to think things through, but Adam insisted he had to act before Billy published a sequel to the exposť. Chelsea grew frustrated and asked Adam if he intended to turn off the power in every building in Genoa City. Adam frowned at Chelsea when she reminded him how she'd ended up in the hospital as a result. Chelsea cried that she'd never seen Adam more on edge, and it was frightening to watch him spinning out of control. Adam reminded Chelsea that she'd claimed she'd loved him unconditionally. Chelsea replied, "I do, but --" Adam cut her off and said the "but" made her claim conditional. As Adam headed toward the door, Chelsea begged him to stay, but he walked out.

At Sharon's ranch house, Rey sat on the sofa, waiting for Sharon to join him to watch a favorite home-renovation show. Sharon instead pulled on her coat and told Rey she wanted to get out of the house. Rey offered to tag along. Sharon said she'd rather step out alone and make a stop at Crimson Lights. Rey didn't protest and requested Sharon bring him a brownie. Rey picked up the television remote as Sharon stood in the doorway and turned to look at him, smiling before continuing on her way.

At Crimson Lights, Jack joined Lauren after she'd summoned him. Jack excitedly inquired about what Lauren had discovered concerning Dina's necklace. Lauren first shared other exciting news. Lauren, holding her phone, said, "I'm about to text you something more precious than any emerald." Jack peered at his phone and said, "Congratulations, Auntie Lauren." Jack smiled as he gazed at a photo of a sleeping newborn boy with an upsweep of dark hair and a slight grin.

Lauren told Jack she'd gone through her father's paperwork, had discovered that he owned a safe-deposit box in London, and expressed hope the necklace might be in it. Jack was intrigued after Lauren told him she was having the contents of the box sent to Genoa City. Lauren said she hoped she might help give Dina her last moments of happiness. Jack was nearly overcome with emotion until Lauren noted that the necklace, according to legend, was supposed to bring love to the owner. Jack grinned. Lauren said, "I'm going to say it, Jack. You've been alone too long."

Lauren asked Jack if it hadn't crossed his mind to continue the tradition begun by his father to give the necklace to the woman he chose to live his life with. Jack said he hadn't thought of that and hastily turned down Lauren's matchmaking services. Jack explained that his mother needed his attention, so he had no desire to chase love. Lauren agreed and said she often thought of questions she wished she'd asked her father. Jack admitted he'd lived most of his life being angry at his mother, yet he was determined to give her a flicker of peace.

At the Chancellor estate, Kevin lightly snoozed beside a baby carrier where his newborn son slumbered. Chloe praised Kevin for doing an amazing job caring for their new baby. Chloe recalled the different circumstances between Bella's birth and their son's arrival. Chloe admitted she'd robbed Kevin of Bella's first moments, including the honor of helping choose a name. Kevin said it was okay because Bella was the perfect name for their daughter. Chloe told Kevin she was stepping back to allow him to name their precious baby boy. Kevin's eyes lit up, and he replied, "I promise I'll do our son proud."

Chelsea stopped by to meet baby Fisher. Chloe recalled her painful labor and was adamant she'd not have selective memory and forget her misery like some moms did when deciding to have another baby. Chelsea remained fixated on the innocent babe slumbering in the carrier. Chloe rambled on, heaping praise about Bella's reaction to the baby, explaining that her daughter had taken on the role of a princess while tolerating her little brother. Chloe paused and noted she'd been yammering. Chloe asked Chelsea what had been going on in her life. Chelsea's emotions swept over her, and she broke down in tears.

Chelsea explained to Chloe that Adam had been pushing her away since the fallout from the exposť. Chelsea told Chloe she'd have to close down the clothing line. Chloe smiled and said she wasn't ready to accept defeat and promised Chelsea they'd find a way. Chelsea sadly announced that she'd had to send Connor away to boarding school because the son she'd protected was no longer safe with her. Chloe admitted she hadn't read the article and was sorry Chelsea was in so much pain. Chloe urged Chelsea to focus on herself and Connor and move forward without Adam. Chelsea's mood improved when she cradled the baby and cooed at him.

After Chelsea left, Kevin returned and told Chloe he'd chosen a name. Kevin recalled a former neighbor who'd been his beacon of light during his childhood years of abuse. Kevin remembered how the kind neighbor had often provided him a place to hide whenever Tom had threatened to lock him in a closet. Kevin said the neighbor had been a hero when he'd most needed one. Chloe agreed it would be a beautiful tribute to name their son after the man who'd befriended Kevin. Kevin said his hero's name was Miles. Chloe admired the babe in her arms and said, "It's perfect. Welcome to the world, Miles Mitchell Fisher."

Adam rushed through the patio door at Crimson Lights and stopped in his tracks when he spotted Sharon sitting alone at a table, seemingly lost in thought. The door closing behind Adam roused Sharon. She caught Adam's gaze just as the coffeehouse's speaker system was playing a song with the lyrics "nobody knows us like you and I do." Adam told Sharon she was looking well, and he asked about her surgery. Sharon explained that she hadn't yet received definitive results, though she was trying to remain hopeful. Sharon told Adam he looked to be in worse pain than she was. Adam weakly replied, "Oh, I am fine."

Sharon told Adam he underestimated her because she knew the article was taking a toll on him. Adam acknowledged he'd been trying not to let it push him to the edge and consume him, though he admitted he was feeling increasingly desperate and feared everything he cared about was being taken away. Adam cried, "I was right when I said I would have nothing left and nobody to stand by me. Except you. I mean, every time I'm at my lowest point, here you are again -- always." Sharon interrupted, but Adam continued and said he and Sharon always ended up standing up in front of each other when it counted. Sharon noted it wasn't fate just because they ran into each other at the coffeehouse. Adam took a seat close to Sharon and said, "It's not a coincidence. It's a sign that the woman who knows me better than anybody knows my heart."

Sharon reminded Adam about his history with Chelsea. Adam recalled that he and Sharon had had a lifetime of history before he'd met Chelsea. Adam told Sharon they were meant to be and that she'd never love Rey the way she loved him. Sharon replied, "You have got to accept that you and I are not going to get back together." When pressed, Sharon admitted she'd never love Rey the way she loved Adam, though it didn't mean that her love for Rey wasn't strong. Sharon explained that Rey held her up and gave her strength, whereas a relationship with Adam was complicated.

Adam appeared defeated when Sharon explained that she'd looked at their past with new eyes after having to explain to Faith what had transpired after Faith's birth. Adam once again begged for a chance to redeem himself. Sharon replied, "Chelsea can help you through this because I can't. I can't. I just survived my second cancer surgery." Sharon insisted she wanted her new life to be spent with Rey. Adam replied, "You don't mean that." Sharon said goodbye and left. Adam looked forlorn after Sharon walked away. He later went home, but instead of returning to his penthouse, he reentered the elevator.

After Sharon returned home, Rey asked her if she was okay. Sharon said, "I feel like you should ask me to marry you." Sharon assured Rey she was serious about them getting married. Rey suggested they talk about it first. Sharon replied, "What's there to talk about? I love you. You love me. I mean, what is left to say?" Rey mentioned Faith.

Sharon assured Rey that Faith loved him. Sharon added that she didn't know what her future held and couldn't wait for a perfect time that might never come. Sharon cried that she could die, and if she did, she wanted to die as Mrs. Rosales. Rey assured Sharon that she would live a long and healthy life. Rey told Sharon she'd made him believe in love and loyalty again and that he would be honored to be her husband. Rey bent down on one knee and asked Sharon to marry him. Sharon looked into Rey's eyes and said, "Yes."

Chelsea stopped by Billy's office at Chancellor Communications. Billy asked about her head injury after making sarcastic remarks about her having planted listening devices in the past. After Chelsea said she was fine, Billy asked her if Adam had confessed to having turned off the power, adding that she might have left him realizing his actions had led to her injury. Chelsea lamented that she'd had to send her son off to boarding school, thanks to Billy. Chelsea told Billy she'd like to spend some time with Johnny. Chelsea explained that she'd just visited Chloe and Kevin's baby, adding that holding the baby had given her comfort while Connor was so far away. Chelsea reminded Billy that Johnny was her biological son. Billy said it was a crazy idea, and he adamantly refused. Chloe vowed to not give up.

At the Grand Phoenix, Phyllis spotted Kyle exit the elevator and called out his name repeatedly before he responded. Phyllis asked Kyle why he looked like a disheveled Clark Kent. Kyle seemed unaware of his unkempt appearance and hadn't gotten a chance to respond when Phyllis asked, "Where's your blushing bride?" Kyle said he didn't know where Summer was, explaining that the wedding had never happened. Kyle cried, "I woke up on what was supposed to be our wedding day to an empty bed and a goodbye note." Phyllis recalled how determined Summer had been, despite her parents' objections, so it didn't make sense.

Kyle appeared distraught when Phyllis asked, "Hey, what did you do to scare her off?" Kyle defended himself and said he hadn't done anything to Summer except profess his love. Phyllis asked about the note. Kyle said Summer had written that she couldn't go through with the wedding until she figured things out. Kyle expressed fear that Summer didn't really love him. Phyllis reminded Kyle that Summer had loved him since she'd been a teenager, so he had to have done something. Frustrated, Kyle replied, "If you figure it out, let me know."

After Kyle walked out the lobby door, Phyllis phoned Summer and left a message begging her to call back. Jack showed up to talk to Phyllis after she'd summoned him. Phyllis asked Jack if he'd spoken to Kyle. Jack said he assumed Kyle and Summer were on their honeymoon. Phyllis explained that Kyle had returned home after Summer had called off the elopement. Jack said, "Kyle has got to be devastated."

Phyllis insisted to Jack that Summer was the one who likely felt devastated because Kyle had obviously done something to scare her away. Phyllis claimed Kyle had cheated, and she threatened to kill him if he'd done something to hurt Summer. Jack suggested that Summer might have caved in to her parents' pressure. Phyllis received a text message from Summer requesting to be left alone so she could figure things out. Jack noted that it didn't sound as if Summer was blaming Kyle. Jack expressed relief that their kids weren't rushing into another marriage.

At Society, Mariah and Tessa joined Lola to lift her spirits. Lola sipped her drink and said, "A few cocktails and some dancing is exactly what I needed tonight, so thank you for putting this together." Tessa teasingly asked what kind of guy they should be on the lookout for. Lola said she just wanted to have fun and focus on things that flourished and people that appreciated them. Tessa, having already knocked back a few cocktails, replied, "It sounds like the perfect way to deal with the insanity of Kyle's wedding." Lola was taken aback and asked if Kyle and Summer had gotten married. Tessa immediately apologized and noted that she shouldn't drink.

Mariah calmly explained to Lola that she'd heard from Nick that Kyle and Summer had eloped. Lola remained composed and noted that Kyle could do whatever he wanted. After Lola went to get her purse, Mariah expressed regret for having told Tessa a secret. Tessa admitted she felt awful. Mariah said it was perhaps best that Lola had heard the news from them. Lola returned and assured her friends that they need not worry. Lola said she'd had a lot of time to process her divorce and Kyle and Summer's relationship because it had been ongoing since the day she and Kyle had met.

In an upbeat voice, Mariah proclaimed, "No more talking about Kyle, but lots more cocktails and dancing." Tessa hooted and hollered in agreement just as she noticed that Kyle had entered. Lola's expression changed when she spotted Kyle standing before her. Lola told Kyle she already knew about his wedding, so he should resume his honeymoon. Lola gloated that she and her friends were celebrating her freedom. Kyle said he hadn't meant to crash and would leave. After Kyle left, Mariah asked Lola if Kyle had seemed off to her because he hadn't acted like a guy with a bride at home. Lola said she didn't care and just wanted to dance.

Kyle returned to the Grand Phoenix and encountered Billy at the bar. Billy said, "What are you doing here? Jack said you were supposed to be out of town." Kyle said he had been, but he wasn't anymore. Billy said he recognized the glum look and asked if it was due to love or money. Kyle replied, "Love sucks." Billy told Kyle he was finally right about something. When Billy turned to look at Kyle, Kyle was gone. After Billy entered the elevator, an eavesdropping Summer, seated in the corner of the lounge, lowered a fashion magazine covering her face and peered over the top.

Nate and Elena consider telling Devon the truth

Nate and Elena consider telling Devon the truth

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Abby faced three bassinets with crying babies. She begged the children to go to sleep, and she called Chance to request his help with the triplets because she had a lot of work to get done. She asked when he would be home, and she panicked when she learned he would be on a stakeout that night. Abby yelled that she couldn't hear Chance over the crying, and she turned and saw that there were suddenly five bassinets. She screamed for the babies to stop, and she awakened with a start.

At Society, Abby thanked Ashley for meeting her, and Ashley mentioned that Abby had sounded mysterious on the phone. Abby confided that she was thinking about starting a family after Chance had thrown the idea of having kids out there. Ashley assumed that the couple had become very serious, and Abby confirmed that they'd pledged their love and that Chance had said he could see a future -- including kids -- with her. Abby admitted that she'd been hesitant at first. Ashley empathized that Abby's miscarriage had been hard on her.

Abby relayed her dream about the babies crying, but she'd found it oddly reassuring to realize that nothing in life would ever be that out of control. Abby felt like she'd been holding back with Chance purely out of fear, and she questioned whether she was ready to be a mother. Ashley recognized that her daughter had been a little wild in her youth, but she'd watched Abby grow into a strong, intelligent woman. Ashley observed that Abby talked about Chance with no hesitation at all, and Abby confirmed that she had none. Ashley advised Abby to trust her instincts.

At the cottage, Rey asked if Sharon wanted to go ring shopping or if she preferred that he surprise her. She swore that whatever he wanted to do would be perfect. He couldn't wait to tell everyone they were engaged, but he recognized that he had to wait. Sharon planned to let Faith and Mariah know while he was at work, and she figured they could share the news with everyone else later. Rey pledged his love, and Sharon replied that she loved him, too. He gushed that all he wanted to do was kiss her, but she clucked that he'd never leave if they got started, and there would be plenty of time for kisses later. He headed out, and she looked uneasy.

Faith was surprised when Mariah dropped by, and Sharon indicated that she wanted to talk to her daughters together. Sharon announced that she had wonderful news, and she wanted them to be the first to know. Faith excitedly guessed that Sharon's cancer was gone. Sharon clarified that she didn't have her lab results yet, but they still had reason to celebrate because she and Rey had decided to make things official by getting married.

Faith chirped that it was great, and Mariah wiped away tears of joy. Mariah hoped Sharon was as overjoyed as she was, and Sharon claimed that she and Rey couldn't be more delighted. Mariah questioned why Sharon wasn't wearing an engagement ring, since she would have expected Rey to have a detailed proposal plan. Sharon recounted that it had been spontaneous, so Rey intended to take her ring shopping. Sharon headed upstairs to get ready to take Faith to the stables.

Mariah suspected that Faith couldn't stop thinking about Sharon's cancer. Faith groaned that it was a huge weight on her every second of every day, but Mariah brightly pointed out that planning a wedding meant Sharon was thinking positive thoughts and planning for the future. Mariah proposed that they follow Sharon's lead and be optimistic about getting the good news they'd all been hoping for. Faith speculated that Sharon had already received the results but hadn't wanted to scare them. Mariah argued that a blissed-out Sharon had hardly looked like someone who'd just gotten bad news.

Mariah understood that it was a painful time for Faith, between Sharon's surgery and the embarrassing exposť. Mariah pointed out that she'd been taken from Sharon as a baby, too, and while she'd accepted it, she wouldn't want it put on display. Faith whimpered that the article was also about all the horrible things her grandfather had done, and Mariah offered to help any way she could. Faith insisted that she was okay, and she knew their mom wouldn't hide such big news from them. She added that the engagement was a relief, and she thanked Mariah for calming her down.

Later, Sharon was surprised to see Mariah was still at the cottage. Mariah questioned whether Sharon had received the results from the biopsy and chosen not to share them. Sharon swore that she hadn't, but she understood Mariah couldn't help but worry. Sharon figured that she'd always be a little scared, since the cancer could show up again even if she was cleared that time. Sharon pledged to treat every moment she had on earth like it was a gift, and she explained that it was why she was making a commitment to Rey. Mariah exclaimed that she was psyched for them, and Sharon hoped Faith felt the same way. Mariah insisted that both she and Faith wanted their mom to be happy.

Chance met Paul at Crimson Lights and noted that the exposť on Adam had thrown them both a curve. Paul appreciated that Chance had disclosed that he'd been the unnamed federal agent in the article. Chance wondered whether he'd be able to join the police force or if Paul was rescinding his offer. Paul explained that the Nevada authorities were investigating the accusations in the article, but there was no evidence that tied Adam to any crime or that Chance had been involved in any cover-up. Chance promised that Paul wouldn't regret hiring him because he'd never cross the line.

Paul confirmed that he knew what kind of man Chance was, and he wanted to see Chance back on the force again, pending the outcome of an official inquiry into Chance's actions in Las Vegas. Paul warned that it would be grueling, and Chance readily offered to answer any questions. Rey joined them, and Paul introduced him to Chance. Paul revealed that Chance might be rejoining the GCPD as a fellow detective, and he thought it would be a good idea for the men to get to know one another. Chance thanked Paul for the opportunity, and Paul departed.

Rey referred to the online article about Adam, and he was certain that Chance had been the unnamed agent. Chance surmised that Rey had a problem with anyone associated with Adam. Rey admitted that he had a problem with Adam, but he refused to let it color his impression of Chance. Rey cited Chance's military service, training, and other work, and he respected Paul's opinion that Chance was worthy of being on the force. Rey added that Paul had given him a second chance when he'd needed one, so he wasn't one to judge.

Rey looked forward to working with Chance, especially since Rey could use a reliable partner after he'd cut back on his hours. Chance disclosed that Abby had told him about Sharon's illness, and he asked how Sharon was doing. Rey stated that her latest procedure had gone well, but they were waiting on the results. Rey mused that he and Sharon had learned to cherish every moment together, and he planned to spend the rest of his life with her. Chance pointedly replied that when one found the right woman, one had to hold onto her.

After Chance left, Sharon joined Rey at the coffeehouse. Rey shared the news of their engagement with Celeste over the phone, while Sharon told Noah on a separate call. Rey mentioned that he'd left messages for Lola and Arturo, and he couldn't wait to tell the whole world that Sharon would be his wife. He promised to refrain from announcing it from the rooftops until she was ready, and she opted to savor the moment a while longer. She stood up to leave, but he thought she had things to do at the coffeehouse. She purred that all she could think about was taking him home, and they headed out.

Abby met Chance in the park and voiced confidence that Paul had given him the job. Chance informed her that he first had to go through a rigorous inquiry about what had happened in Vegas. He was sorry he'd ever agreed to conceal what had happened, but Abby urged him not to dwell on it and to instead focus on the future. Chance expected that she would soon be dating the newest member of Genoa City's detective squad, and Abby declared that she knew of a very special way to celebrate.

After they had sex in a hotel suite, Chance watched Abby brush her hair and murmured that he'd never get tired of seeing her do that. He applauded her for keeping her word about celebrating with something special, but she informed him that she hadn't just been talking about sex. She gushed that she felt like everything in her life was finally going as planned, between her career and being with someone she was madly in love with. She continued that it felt right, and she wanted what he wanted -- to have a family together.

Elena sat despondently at the clinic. Amanda entered and asked if Nate was there, but Elena indicated that he wouldn't be in until later. Amanda muttered that it hadn't been like him not to call her when he'd said he would, and she inquired whether Elena had any idea why it seemed like Nate was pulling away. Elena theorized that Nate was giving Amanda space to deal with the news about Hilary, but Amanda doubted it. Elena pointed out that they'd been slammed at the clinic, and she revealed that Jared had overdosed the other night.

Elena recounted that Jared had been taken to the hospital and checked into rehab, but the experience had taken a toll on her and Nate. Amanda understood the pressure Nate was under, but the way he was acting felt personal. She sensed that something was weighing on him that he wasn't ready to share. Elena insisted that Nate had spoken of Amanda with admiration and affection, and it was clear he wanted to see where their relationship went. Amanda hoped so because she really liked him, and Elena assured her the feeling was mutual. Amanda thanked her and headed out.

Nate stopped by Devon's penthouse and remarked that Devon's summons had sounded important. Devon shared that something was going on with Elena, and he wondered if Nate knew what it was. Devon acknowledged that his spending time with Amanda had been tough on Elena, and Nate countered that it had also been tough on Devon. Nate offered to listen if Devon needed to talk, but Devon stressed that his concern was about Elena. Devon recalled that he'd tried to reassure her that there was nothing to worry about, but he'd seen a change in her that he couldn't put his finger on.

Devon reported that Elena had been distant and short with him, and she'd been spending more time at the clinic than normal. Devon thought maybe she'd opened up to Nate, but Nate pointed out that even if she had, he wouldn't break her confidence any more than he'd break Devon's. Devon sensed that Elena didn't trust him as much as she once had, and he was sure she was wondering if his connection with Hilary was really gone or if Amanda had changed it all. Nate questioned whether Devon felt more drawn to Amanda because of it, noting that it was what Elena was most afraid of.

Devon cut his meeting with Nate short because he had to take care of some business. Nate surmised that Devon preferred not to discuss what was going on between Devon and Amanda, but Devon denied that anything was happening with them. Devon admitted that the whole thing had stirred up old memories and feelings, but he knew Amanda wasn't Hilary, and he'd seen how different the women were. Nate imagined that Devon still felt a bond with Amanda, but Devon insisted that he only saw her as a friend.

Nate inquired whether Devon intended to keep reminiscing with Amanda. Devon recounted that Nate had suggested Devon help her. Nate encouraged Devon to be honest with himself and set Elena free if he was tempted to see where his newfound friendship with Amanda went. Devon adamantly stated that he loved Elena, and he'd do whatever it took to prove that she was the one he wanted to be with. Devon added that he respected that Nate was with Amanda, and he would never do anything to interfere with their relationship.

Nate asserted that he and Amanda were still figuring out where things were going. Devon assumed that Nate was scared he'd fall for her but that she wouldn't feel the same way. Nate stressed that he didn't want anyone's heart to get broken. Devon knew it was difficult to let someone get close, but he considered himself living proof that people could find love again.

At Chancellor Communications, Amanda asked if Lily had reviewed her emails yet. Lily responded that she hadn't, and Amanda politely said to let her know when she had. Lily stopped her from leaving and asked if Amanda was avoiding her. Lily recognized that she was the reason Amanda would never get to meet her sister, and she hoped they could have a conversation without making things awkward between them.

Lily recalled that she'd apologized many times to many people for being the cause of Hilary's death, and she knew there was nothing she could say to make up for the fact that she was the reason Amanda had lost the chance to know her sister. Lily reiterated how sorry and ashamed she was for what she'd done, and she pledged to honor Hilary's memory by being the best person she could be. Amanda stammered that she was in a little shock while processing everything. Lily understood if Amanda might not be able to have a professional relationship with her -- or have anything to do with her at all.

Amanda honestly stated that she hadn't decided whether she wanted to continue working with Lily, but she didn't place all the blame on Lily. Amanda reasoned that someone had taken her away from her twin long before the accident, and she and Hilary had spent decades without knowing they'd been two halves of a whole. Amanda wondered if she was crazy to feel that way, but Lily cited the intense bond that her own twins shared, and she was sorry Amanda had been deprived of it. Amanda recognized that Lily had done her time, and she liked Lily and liked working there. Amanda suggested that they take it one step at a time, and she smiled and headed out.

Amanda stopped outside of Society and sat down to collect her thoughts. Devon exited the restaurant and asked how it was going, and she replied that she was having a "hell of a day." She mentioned that she'd had an intense conversation with Lily about Hilary, and it had been a lot to unpack. Amanda added that the discussion had helped her decide something -- she was going to hire a private investigator to find out the whole story behind her birth. Devon declared his support.

Nate arrived at the clinic and found Elena in an exam room. She bemoaned that things had gotten worse since they'd exchanged text messages the prior evening, and she informed him that Amanda had stopped by with questions about why he'd been distant lately. Elena shared that she'd covered, but she'd felt awful. Nate revealed that he was late because Devon had been sharing his concerns about Elena.

Nate relayed that Devon thought Elena was insecure about Devon bonding with Amanda over Hilary, and Elena pointed out that it was what had led to her and Nate being reckless in the first place. Elena whined that she was trying to be normal, but the secret was haunting her, and she couldn't even look Devon in the eyes without bawling. She admitted that she'd almost told him the truth, and she contemplated whether to confess everything.

Nate confided that he'd also considered telling Devon, but he'd thought about what unburdening himself would do to his cousin. Nate recounted how Devon had spun out when Hilary and the baby had passed, followed by Neil's sudden death. Nate pondered how much was too much, and he grappled with whether it would be fair to turn Devon's world upside down over one night that Elena had immediately called a mistake. Elena maintained that it never should have happened.

Nate preferred to keep his and Elena's indiscretion to themselves, but he urged Elena to do what she believed was right. Elena envisioned Devon going back to a dark place, and she couldn't let it happen because she loved him too much. She also decided that she couldn't work with Nate every day and then go home to Devon.

Nate offered to leave the clinic if Elena felt uncomfortable working with him, but she thought it would seem suspicious. She fretted that she couldn't think straight, and she told him to forget she'd said anything. She pledged to figure out how to cope with it herself. Elena apologized for being all over the place, and she left to clear her head before she saw Devon. She paused outside the clinic with a pained look on her face before taking off.

Sharon awaits important news about her health

Sharon awaits important news about her health

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

by Nel

At home, Sharon called out to Faith. As soon as Faith arrived, she noticed that Sharon had winced in pain from her surgery. Mariah arrived and said she'd received Sharon's text message. Sharon told Faith and Mariah that she wanted their help in planning her wedding. Faith looked less than enthusiastic.

Mariah asked about Rey's proposal. Sharon said that she'd originally proposed, but Rey had gotten down on one knee and proposed to her. She gushed that Rey had been very sweet and loving, and she'd been swept away. She asked Faith and Mariah to be her bridesmaids. Mariah was excited, but when she noticed that Faith didn't look happy, she called Faith out.

Faith admitted to Mariah and Sharon that she was concerned about Sharon's results, but Sharon told Faith that no matter what, she was happy and was going to marry a wonderful man. Sharon wanted them to discuss color schemes for the dresses. Faith's mood didn't change.

Later and alone, Sharon had been looking through bridal magazines when she received a call informing her that her results were in. Sharon froze.

At his penthouse, Adam recalled Billy's comment that Adam was mad because Billy had ripped off Adam's bandage from that festering wound and had forced Adam to look at what was his life. Adam also recalled Chelsea asking what better way than to prove to the Newmans that they were wrong. She had said he could show the world that he wasn't the monster Billy had made him out to be, and his response had been that Chelsea didn't only want him to prove to the world he wasn't a monster; she wanted him to prove it to her.

At ChancComm, Billy was on the phone with someone, discussing Adam. Billy said that if, hypothetically, that person could bring him proof that Adam had been involved in the scam -- and he used the word "proof" loosely -- he reassured that person they wouldn't be implicated. Billy said they were talking about an eleven-year-old boy who had killed another person. Lily had heard enough. She interrupted Billy and told him to end the call.

Lily told Billy that Victor had warned her about Billy and had advised that she needed to push him out of the company. She said Billy was making a good case for it. She asked if Billy recalled their conversation about being partners and being on the same team. She told Billy he was being "an ass" because the future of the company was on the line, and if he published another hatchet job about Adam, they would wind up with another lawsuit. Victor and Adam would win, and Victor would reacquire the Newman Media division.

Billy defended himself by reminding Lily that the original story hadn't been a hatchet job but had been good journalism; however, he said he understood, and he would drop the idea and move on. Lily didn't believe him. Billy said he'd wanted to rattle Adam, but he appreciated Lily calling him out on it. Lily stated that Billy got to behave recklessly, and her job was to rein him in. He reminded Lily that she'd known that he was an adrenaline junkie. Lily reminded him that he'd told her how important the job was to him because it had saved his life. He said he loved his job, and it meant everything to him.

Lily told Billy that he'd gotten what he'd wanted. He'd shown Adam's true colors. She said Adam was alone, his son was in boarding school, and no one knew if Chelsea would stay with. Billy had completely wrecked Adam's life, and it was time for Billy to show some compassion for Adam. Billy he said he couldn't. He wasn't as forgiving as Lily. Lily said she'd been on the receiving end of forgiveness herself, and so had Billy. She pointed out that if only Billy could get rid of all that anger and resentment, he would see how many people had given him a second and third chance -- because if they hadn't, Billy wouldn't be at ChancComm.

Billy asked if Lily's new job was to be the angel on his shoulder. Lily said that if it kept Billy from creating a catastrophe, she accepted the job.

Lola was happy to see Rey when he arrived at Society. Rey wanted to share good news with her, but Lola jumped in and congratulated him on his upcoming nuptials. She said she was very happy for him. Exasperated, Rey knew that Celeste had already told her. Rey worried that he didn't want to rub his happiness into her face, since her divorce was so fresh, but Lola said she'd moved on. She told Rey that Kyle and Summer had eloped. Angry, Rey said that Kyle hadn't deserved Lola. Lola assured Rey that she was okay with Kyle and Summer's marriage, and she was happy and free.

At Jabot, Kyle walked into the boardroom and gave Jack some contracts that needed his signature. Kyle continued to discuss business. Jack, filled with compassion, said he wished he could stop Kyle from hurting and asked Kyle what had happened. Kyle said that Phyllis had accused him of doing something to Summer, but he denied having done anything.

Kyle told Jack that Summer hadn't wanted a big wedding, and that had been the reason they'd eloped. When he had woken up on their wedding day, Summer had disappeared, and she'd left a note stating she needed to figure out some things. Jack said that Summer had sent him a text message earlier that day, asking for a leave of absence. Chagrinned, Kyle stated he had to find a new head of marketing immediately, and replacing Summer wouldn't be difficult.

At Devon's, Elena asked what Devon was smiling about. He said he'd received an email from his father, Tucker McCall, about Devon's mentorship program at Hamilton-Winters, the funding program for black entrepreneurs, and his investment into the medical clinic as well as his other investments. Devon said that someone had had the crazy idea of giving him a Business Person of the Year Award. Elena said that was awesome, and she was very proud of him.

Devon said he had Elena to thank for it because when he'd been at his lowest point, she'd lifted him up, and he'd been able to accomplish many things. Elena said it warmed her heart that other people appreciated what he'd done. Devon said he loved her, and he was happy she was in his corner. He told Elena he had a meeting with Amanda to discuss the scholarship program. Elena promised she wouldn't freak out every time he saw Amanda, but he didn't want to keep anything from her.

Nate had been jogging through the park when he stopped and recalled the night he and Elena had had sex, and later, Elena had wept. He was so deep in thought, he didn't hear Amanda call him. Amanda shouted and brought him back to reality. She said she liked him, but things had changed between them. Nate agreed. Amanda asked if her connection to Hilary was too messy and too complicated. Nate said they had to end things. He felt that Amanda being Hilary's sister had turned out to be very complicated, and it had brought up a lot of memories and feelings about Hilary. Hilary had been his patient, and he hadn't been able to save her or the baby. He felt disloyal to Devon.

Amanda said she appreciated Nate's honesty. She wished him nothing but the best and left abruptly.

Rey bumped into Nick at Crimson Lights. Rey told Nick that he'd asked Sharon to marry him. Nick was really happy for them, and he congratulated Rey. Rey said he hadn't seen Sharon so happy in a long time, and he thanked Nick for his support. Nick wondered why they were getting married at that particular time, since there was so much going on. He asked if Rey was giving Sharon a boost because she'd received a negative test result. Rey assured Nick that the results hadn't come in yet and that he and Sharon were getting married because they loved each other. Rey said they chose happiness for however long they had, and he hoped it would be for a lifetime. Rey promised to look after Faith as if she was his own.

Nick was shocked when Rey asked Nick to be his best man. He said that Nick had stepped up for Sharon and him, and they believed that Nick was their best choice. Nick happily accepted. Neither of them had noticed that Adam had been standing in the doorway and heard their conversation.

Kyle was on the patio of Crimson Lights when Theo arrived. Theo commented that it appeared to have been the shortest honeymoon in history. He teased that Kyle's face didn't depict a happy groom. Lola arrived as Kyle informed Theo that he and Summer hadn't married. Theo chose that moment to use his squeaky voice and cackled that it had to have been Summer who'd bailed because she was the smart one in that relationship. Lola told Theo to grow up and leave. Theo had to make one more snide remark about the coincidence of Lola and Kyle being there together.

After Theo left, Lola stated that when Kyle had arrived at her restaurant, he hadn't been the happy groom. She asked why he'd shown up at her restaurant when there were so many other restaurants he could have gone to. She asked if he'd been looking for sympathy, mercy, or pity sex. She said she was sorry things hadn't worked out for him and Summer, but she asked him to stop showing up at her restaurant whenever he felt down. She told him the kitchen was closed.

Kyle asked why Lola was going off on him. Lola said it was wrong for him to show up in her restaurant after he'd trashed their relationship and Summer had trashed their engagement. She told him to put himself in her place and think about her feelings. She left.

Alone and feeling down, Kyle called someone named Jen and said that she'd been on his mind lately. He said he would be heading to New York very soon, and seeing her would make his trip more interesting.

In the meantime, Summer, wearing sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat, had tried to hear the conversation between Kyle and Lola. Faith saw her and said the look wasn't Summer's style.

Summer and Faith went to the park. Faith said she'd thought that Summer and Kyle had eloped. Summer said that she and Kyle had known each other all their lives, and they'd believed the time had been right for them to get married and live happily ever after. However, she felt that Kyle wasn't ready to commit to her yet. Summer said she had to take a step back to see if they could go the distance.

Summer asked Faith about Sharon. Faith told her that Sharon and Rey were getting married, and everyone had faked their excitement. Faith said she was worried because Sharon's test results weren't in yet. Summer asked Faith not to let Kyle know she was in town. Faith said that sometimes she wished she could hide, as well. Faith received a text message from her friend Jordan. She lied to Summer and said she had to run because her ride was there. Summer told Faith to call her if Faith ever needed to talk.

Back at home, Adam held an old newspaper clipping of a photo of Sharon and Rey with the headline "Crimson Lights Continues Holiday Tradition." It showed Sharon and Rey standing together, ready to serve Thanksgiving dinner to the homeless. He picked up a lighter and set fire to it. Adam called someone to put a tail on Rey Rosales. He told them to be careful because Rey was a cop. Adam wanted to know where Rey went and who he saw.

At the Grand Phoenix, Devon told Mariah he had a meeting with Amanda to go over the scholarship program. Mariah told him that Sharon and Rey were getting married, and she wanted to book a girls' day to celebrate the engagement. Mariah asked if it was weird being around Amanda. Devon said he was getting used to it, as was Lily, but he didn't know what was going on with Nate. He said there was something about the way he talked about Amanda; the words were there, but the emotion wasn't.

Moments later, Amanda told Devon she'd hired a detective because she wanted to solve the mystery about her past. Devon told her he'd found out that his father was Tucker McCall through his grandmother Katherine. Amanda asked how it had been for him growing up with so little and then having so much. Devon said he'd never felt bitter because he'd been able to spend time with his grandmother, he'd known his mother, and Dru and Neil had adopted him.

Amanda told Devon she hadn't had anyone, but she wanted to start a new life. He asked if she was okay with ending her relationship with Nate. Amanda said she'd been embarrassed at first, but she assured him she was fine. Devon stated there was something going on with Nate.

At the clinic, Elena told Nate that Devon would be receiving an award for his humanitarian work. She said that when she'd congratulated him, she'd felt shame and guilt, and it had weighed heavily on her. Nate claimed he felt the same way. Elena received a text message, and as she walked away, Nate was right behind her, but he stopped. Unbeknownst to either one of them, Amanda had been watching them through the window.

When Rey arrived at home, he found Sharon at her desk, crying. He rushed to her side, and through happy tears, she told him that her results were clear. She was on her way to being cancer free.

Victor realizes that Adam is lost to him

Victor realizes that Adam is lost to him

Thursday, October 15, 2020

by Nel

Victoria arrived at the Grand Phoenix. She wanted to talk to Nick and talk about Adam, and she felt that the family needed to sit down and plan a strategy for Adam's next move. Nick wasn't happy with Victoria discussing family unity when she'd gone after Phyllis in a cold-blooded manner. Victoria wanted them to talk like brother and sister. Nick said not after "the crap" Victoria had pulled on Phyllis. She said Phyllis had nothing to do with what Adam had planned. She said Nick knew who Adam was and what he was capable of, and the family needed to discuss how to stop Adam.

Nick told Victoria that Phyllis was part of the family, and Victoria should have worried about what the headpiece about Adam would do before she'd begun working with Billy. She hadn't stopped to think how it would affect the family. Victoria said she'd had no idea that Billy would print anything about Faith. Nick claimed she'd been too focused on Adam, and she had since zeroed in on Phyllis. Victoria stated that she wouldn't apologize. She insisted Phyllis had lied to the Newman partners.

Nick told Victoria that her actions were typical Victor Newman. He said the situation was all Victor, and Adam was going to do what he wanted, no matter how many family meetings they had. Victoria said that it had been Billy's intention to publish the exposť, no matter what she said or did. Nick accused of her giving Billy all the ammunition he'd needed. Nick claimed that she was the new enemy. He said that Victoria wanted him to have her back, but she'd gone after Phyllis -- and that was a problem for him. Victoria left.

Phyllis arrived at Jabot. Kyle told Phyllis that Summer wasn't there. Phyllis wanted answers to a few questions. She claimed she wasn't angry, but as a mother, she was worried about her daughter. She had no idea where Summer was. She raised her voice and demanded to know what Kyle had done to chase Summer out of town. She asked if he'd called out Lola's name in his sleep.

Kyle raised his voice and told Phyllis that he'd loved Summer in every way, but she'd left him; he was heartbroken, and he was done with it. Phyllis claimed that Summer wouldn't have left town without a good reason. She accused Kyle of not telling her everything. He said that if Phyllis wanted answers, she needed to track Summer down and ask her.

After her encounter with Kyle, Phyllis arrived at the Grand Phoenix and walked by Victoria. She asked Nick what had happened with Victoria. Nick said he'd been defending Phyllis. He asked if Phyllis had heard from Summer. Phyllis informed him she'd been to see Kyle, who had claimed he hadn't heard from Summer and that he hadn't done anything to Summer. She said Kyle had looked heartbroken.

Phyllis said that she and Nick might have to accept that Summer had ended that relationship. Nick claimed that Summer wouldn't do that without good reason, even if she'd realized that Kyle wasn't the man for her. He added that Summer should have told Kyle face to face. Nick said he wouldn't be happy until Summer returned home.

Nick told Phyllis that Devon would be receiving the Business Person of the Year Award, and it was good news for Phyllis. He informed her that the Chamber of Commerce venue had fallen through for the award ceremony, and because he'd done work with them through New Hope, they had agreed to change the venue to the Grand Phoenix. Phyllis was ecstatic and told Nick to tell Victoria. Nick said Victoria had been petty and vindictive. Nick assured her that Victoria wouldn't make him choose between Phyllis and the family.

After Nick left, Victoria approached Phyllis and said she had a solution for their situation. She wanted Phyllis to sell her 25% share in the hotel to Victoria for fair market value. She said it was only a matter of time before Phyllis self-destructed and lost the rest of the hotel. Phyllis claimed she'd gotten rid of one sister and could do the same with Victoria. Victoria countered that Phyllis didn't have any leverage, and only owning 25% of the hotel meant that Phyllis worked for her. Phyllis wondered what Nick would think of that. Victoria asked if Phyllis really wanted to force Nick to choose between them.

Phyllis told Victoria not to push because things wouldn't go Victoria's way. Victoria said that when things got serious, Nick would always put family first, but Phyllis disagreed. She said Nick had walked away from the family when Victor had tried to control him, and unlike Victoria, Nick had pride and integrity. Victoria snickered and said that Nick might have walked away, but he returned. She said Adam was planning something, and Nick had committed to work with the family to head Adam off. Phyllis looked surprised.

Smugly, Victoria asked Phyllis if Nick hadn't told her, but Victoria wasn't surprised because Phyllis wasn't family, even if Nick liked to pretend that she was. She suggested that Phyllis not overplay her hand because, no matter how much Nick claimed how upset he was with Victor, the Newmans always came first. Adam arrived. Victoria said that despite his name, Adam wasn't one of them, and neither was Phyllis. Victoria stated that Phyllis would never be part of the family, and no matter how Phyllis clung to Nick, he wouldn't bail her out.

Phyllis told Victoria she wasn't looking for Nick to bail her out. Victoria said it would prove that Phyllis couldn't hack it on her own and that she was the colossal loser everyone said she was. Phyllis told Victoria to hold off on redecorating the hotel, but Victoria said her offer had a time limit, and she warned Phyllis not to let pride get in the way. Victoria left.

Adam sat down at the bar. Phyllis commented that he looked like hell. Adam told her to go away. She said she wanted to turn his frown into a smile and help him. He smirked. Phyllis claimed that Adam didn't give her credit, and even after he'd screwed her over at Dark Horse, she'd become a winner. She said that Adam looked like he'd fallen into a dark hole and couldn't find his way out. He needed a friend, and she offered to be that for him. Adam said it would never happen.

Phyllis proposed that she and Adam form an alliance and get back at everyone that had screwed them over, including Victor, who needed to pay for what he'd done to Adam. She wanted him to help her wipe the smug look off Victoria's face, as well. She said it would be fun. Adam asked if Phyllis wanted him to inflict pain on someone in exchange for her friendship. She said yes. Disgusted, he paid for his drink and left.

In her disguise and at the park, Summer made a call to someone and said she could pay, but she wanted them to watch for any interaction between Kyle and Lola and provide her with what she needed. Summer then sent a text message to Phyllis that read, "Just letting you know I'm still sorting things out. Don't known how much longer I'll need, but please don't worry. I'm fine."

Kyle arrived at Society, and as soon as he saw Lola, he explained that he was meeting with a client. Lola assured him that he could eat and drink there anytime and she apologized for her earlier actions and that he'd caught her in a bad moment. Kyle informed her that he'd been mercilessly slammed on social media, and he was either a devious cad or the world's biggest loser. They both knew that Theo had started that ball rolling. Kyle said he was moving on with his life, and he would be fine.

A short distance away, a waiter had been videotaping Kyle and Lola.

After Kyle's meeting ended, he went to the bar for a drink. Lola asked him about Dina. He said he'd been to see her earlier that day. He said Dina was under hospice care and that she wouldn't be with them much longer. He said her eyes had been blank, and he wasn't sure that she'd been aware of his presence. Lola said that deep inside, Dina had known he'd been there and that he loved her. He thanked Lola for not treating him like a total loser. Lola asked him to give her best to Dina and the family. He smiled and left.

Still in the park, Summer received a video from her spy at Society. As she began to watch it, Faith arrived and startled her. Summer asked if Faith had told anyone she was in town. Faith assured Summer she hadn't. Summer understood why Faith hadn't wanted to go home, because of what she'd been going through.

Faith said she didn't know Sharon's diagnosis, didn't want to plan a wedding, didn't want to discuss bridesmaid dresses, and wasn't up to faking excitement. Faith said that Summer was a fugitive from her own wedding. She suggested that Summer talk to her, or she would continue believing that Summer was a stalker. Summer claimed she'd been doing some research, but Faith knew better and asked if Kyle was still in love with Lola. Summer denied it.

Faith asked Summer if it had been a coincidence that she'd been lurking at Crimson Lights when Kyle and Lola had been talking. Summer explained that she'd been desperate to believed that it was over between Kyle and Lola, but sometimes things cropped up when one least expected them to. Summer confessed she didn't want to make another mistake because she'd made too many of them already. Faith asked why someone would go through that, but Summer assured her it was worth it.

Summer told Faith that when someone couldn't imagine life without a certain person, that was when that someone knew what love really was. She wanted that for Faith. She wanted Faith to experience that ride and not allow anyone to scare her away.

After Faith left, Summer watched the video of Kyle and Lola. She heard Kyle say he was moving on and that he would be fine.

Adam was about to leave the penthouse, but when he opened the door, he was surprised to see Victor at his door. He asked why Victor was there. Victor said he wanted to talk to Adam, but Adam sneered and said that Victor and his clan were the enemy; Adam was the monster Victor had created. Victor simply stated he was there as a father concerned about his son.

Victor told Adam that he'd made many trips to Kansas and that he'd loved Adam. He'd known that Adam had loved living on the farm. Adam told Victor not to bother if he was about to apologize because both his parents had allowed him to live a lie, and an apology wouldn't cut it. Victor said he'd convinced Hope to keep the secret, and they had both hoped they could have willed it away. Adam stated that it had worked for a while -- until Victor had decided to control the outcome and had told Adam everything.

Victor admitted to Adam that he'd made a huge mistake. He also apologized for the strained relationship Adam had with his siblings. Adam claimed his siblings had grown to hate him on their own. Victor said that when he'd asked Adam to work for him, he'd known Adam was smart. He'd handed Adam the keys to his kingdom. He said he'd always bailed Adam out of any trouble because he'd felt guilty about not being there for him as a child, and that had pissed off his siblings. Adam asked if he should feel bad, but Victor said he only wanted for Adam to understand where he was coming from; he wanted to rectify things between them.

Adam said that in Victor's eyes, there was nothing worse than someone who didn't measure up, and that was the way Victor saw him. Adam stated that he'd had a good life with his mother, and when he'd worked on Wall Street, he'd made money and friends. However, it had all gotten sucked away when he'd fallen into Victor's orbit. He said that Victor had arrived to right all his wrongs. Victor agreed. Adam claimed it was bull. He said that when Nick had fallen out of grace, Victor had turned to him, but Victor had wanted Adam to be broken and, most of all, controllable. Since then, Adam thought Victor had wanted to help him.

Adam told Victor he wished he'd never learned that Victor was his father. Victor had seduced him to move to that godforsaken town, but Victor couldn't control him anymore. Adam said he had nothing to lose, and that made him dangerous. He told Victor to get out. Victor got up to leave, but he stopped and said that he and Adam had something in common: they'd both been abandoned. Adam had been abandoned by Victor, and Victor had been abandoned by both his parents. Victor said he'd grown up in an orphanage, and he had learned early how to defend himself. Angry, Victor warned Adam never to threaten him, and he left.

Nick met Faith at Crimson Lights. Faith stated that Nick appeared to be everyone's go-to person, and it seemed scary for him to be so strong. Nick said he was the parent, and it was his job to look out for her. She offered him an ear if ever he needed to talk.

Nick told Faith that he saw her as a smart and confident young woman, and he had to remind himself that she was still the same little girl who'd asked him to push her higher on the swings. Unfortunately, she kept growing up, and he would have to let her go. He said he was very proud to be her dad and proud of how she'd handled the situation with Sharon, and Adam. He said he loved her very much. Faith said she loved him too.

At Jabot, Kyle looked at a photo of Summer on his phone.

Faith arrived at home, and she called out to Sharon. When there was no response, Faith sat on the couch and wept.

Phyllis arrived in her suite, where Nick had been waiting for her. He gave her flowers and treats and said there wouldn't be any talk about work or family for the rest of the day. Phyllis said she was lucky to have him.

At Newman, Victoria told someone on the phone not to move yet but to get the legal team prepared because something was coming.

At home, Adam poured himself a drink, but he put the glass down and walked to the window.

In the park, Nikki asked Victor if he'd gone to see Adam. She'd known things wouldn't go well. Victor stated that Adam was lost to him.

Dina imparts a final message to her family

Dina imparts a final message to her family

Friday, October 16, 2020

Victor greeted Ashley in Chancellor Park, and she observed that he looked happy. He proudly stated that he'd just seen Christian score two goals in a soccer game, and it had changed his lousy mood into a wonderful one. He noted that she looked like she needed a diversion, and she thanked him for looking past his animosity to help Jack search for the Teardrop of Love. Victor clarified that he'd done it for Ashley and Dina. Ashley declared that they'd both be grateful if the necklace was found, but she considered it a long shot.

Victor called the necklace a "hell of a gift," and Ashley expected it to be Jack's last great gesture to give their mother some peace and closure. Ashley felt the search had been good for Jack while the rest of the family had been standing by on the sidelines, watching Dina decline. Victor figured that Jack had needed one goal or another. Ashley was sure Victor had a goal of his own.

Ashley bet that Billy's exposť had infuriated Victor, but she warned that getting revenge wouldn't begin to resolve the issues addressed in the article. Victor preferred not to talk about it. Ashley's phone pinged with a reminder that it was her turn to sit with Dina, who Ashley reported wasn't doing well. Victor offered to go with her, noting that he and Dina had once been good friends. Ashley doubted that Dina would remember him, but Victor wanted the chance to say goodbye.

Jack snoozed on the couch at the Abbott mansion. He dreamed about a young, pregnant Dina entering the room and taking John's hand. "I will love you until the end of time," Dina mused. Dina and John swayed to some music in one another's arms. Dina stepped back and touched the emerald necklace around her neck. Suddenly, Dina panicked that her necklace was gone, and she demanded to know why Jack had taken it away. Jack swore that he hadn't taken it, but it had been stolen. Dina morphed to her present age and begged him to find it. Jack awakened and called out for his mother.

After checking on Dina, a stricken Jack called Lauren, who was at Jabot with Michael. Jack hoped she had news about the Teardrop of Love, since Dina didn't have much more time. Lauren announced that she'd received a shipment from London, and she had the necklace with her. Jack told Lauren that he'd be right there. Ashley and Victor arrived at the mansion. Jack voiced surprise to see Victor and apologized for not having time to chat. Jack mentioned that Dina was sleeping, but he had something urgent to deal with. He rushed out.

After Victor visited with Dina, Ashley recognized that her mother might not have heard what he'd said, but his words had meant everything to Ashley. Ashley admitted that she was scared she might suffer the same fate as Dina, since Alzheimer's ran in families. Victor assured her that it was DNA and not destiny. Ashley was determined to take care of the things she had to do because she didn't know what would happen later.

Ashley figured it was why she'd moved to Paris and why she was back to spend time with Dina. Ashley guessed that it was also part of the reason Victor had retired, but she couldn't imagine him staying out of the CEO chair. She pointed out that the exposť had dredged up all the horrible things Adam had done to many people, including both of them. Ashley wondered what Victor's plans were where Adam was concerned.

Ashley reflected back on how devastated she and Victor had been when they'd found out the truth about their baby. Victor huffed that there had been no need to garishly publicize the story, but Billy had. Ashley was amazed at Victor's ability to move past the unforgivable things Adam had done to the people Victor loved, and she inquired whether Victor was any closer to washing his hands of Adam forever. Victor questioned whether she would turn her back on Abby if Abby were deemed to be a lost cause.

Ashley protested that Abby wasn't capable of the incredible cruelty Adam had demonstrated. Victor explained that to him, Adam was still a lonely boy on a farm in Kansas, and he wouldn't be a good father if he turned his back on his son. Ashley countered that Victor would be a wise father to do so after the years of Adam's treachery and betrayal. Victor cited Ashley's troubled relationship with Dina and how Ashley was still there to protect her mother.

In the Jabot conference room, Lauren anxiously tapped the jewelry box. Michael requested that she stop fidgeting because it was driving him nuts, and she cooed that she was just distracted by how handsome he was after letting his hair go white. He admitted that he'd been nervous about making the change, but he'd received compliments at the office, and he probably should have done it years earlier. Lauren asserted that he'd done it when the time had been right.

Michael doubted that Lauren had really been thinking about his hair, and she confirmed that she was preoccupied with the necklace. He commented that it was a fascinating object with many legends around it, and possessing it seemed to be either a blessing or a curse. He hoped the jewel was in a non-cursed phase, and she assured him that nothing would get in the way of their happiness. Lauren anticipated that the only outcome would be Jack giving his mother one last, precious gift. Michael credited Lauren with making that moment possible.

Kyle entered the conference room and, when he saw Michael and Lauren, worried that he'd forgotten about a meeting. Lauren informed Kyle that they were waiting for his dad, and Michael congratulated Kyle on his marriage. Kyle vaguely stated that things hadn't gone as planned, and he quickly turned the topic to the jewelry box. Jack arrived and hoped it contained what he'd been searching for. Jack opened the box, revealing a brilliant emerald necklace. He called it magnificent.

Kyle recognized the necklace as the one Dina had been wearing in the video. Jack hoped it sparked a reaction or flash of memory for Dina, the same way a song had triggered something when Kyle and Summer had visited the house. Jack quickly clammed up, but Kyle insisted that it was okay to mention Summer's name. Kyle informed Lauren and Michael that the elopement hadn't happened, because Summer had left him on what should have been their wedding day. Kyle stressed that the necklace was more important at that moment. Jack envisioned the sight of it restoring a light in Dina's eyes -- if only for a second. Jack wanted to make it a very special moment.

At Crimson Lights, Abby bemoaned to Traci that she felt guilty for being there when they could have made coffee at home and stayed with Dina. Traci pointed out that the previous 24 hours had been very tough on Dina, and they'd needed a real break. Traci anticipated that the next few days wouldn't be any easier, and she inquired whether Abby had gotten any sleep at all. Abby recounted that she'd dozed off while she'd been reading to Dina, and she'd woken up to the sound of her grandmother gasping for air.

Abby recognized that the doctors had said difficulty breathing and swallowing were part of the end stages of Alzheimer's, and Traci was glad Abby had called the medical team when she'd seen Dina in distress. Abby understood that Dina was in palliative care and had requested no intervention, but she hadn't been able to sit there and watch Dina struggle. Traci assured Abby that she'd done the right thing, since the oxygen had helped Dina to go to sleep by morning. Abby took comfort in knowing Dina wasn't in any pain, but she felt things had taken a turn for the worse. Traci accepted that Dina was failing fast, and they had to prepare themselves for the inevitable.

Abby shared how horrible it had been to see her poor grandmother fighting to breathe. Traci promised that Dina wouldn't be alone when the end arrived, and she believed it would make a difference, even if Dina didn't recognize who was with her. Traci lauded Abby for the beautiful things she'd done, like holding Dina's hand and reading Dina's favorite book. Traci was sure Dina had felt the love and comfort of a family connection, and those were the things that would help them get through when Dina finally left them. Traci sobbed that Dina Abbott Mergeron had lived a huge, full, amazing life, and they had to get some peace from that.

Traci noticed that Abby's face lit up when she talked about Chance. Abby gushed that the two of them fit together, but she regretted that she'd never gotten to introduce him to Dina. Traci imagined that Dina would have put Chance on the hot seat and grilled him until she'd been convinced that he was good enough for Abby. Abby recalled that she'd felt like she'd been on a job interview the first time she'd met Dina. Traci remembered that her mother had started every day of her adult life, impeccably dressed and ready to take on the world.

Abby hoped she had a different set of priorities when she became a mother. Traci was confident that Abby would be an amazing mother if and when she decided to have kids. Abby confided that the decision had already been made, but she quickly shot down Traci's suspicion that she was pregnant. Abby explained that she and Chance had been talking about having a baby together, and she wished Dina could hold on long enough to meet her first great-grandchild. Traci intended to make sure her great-niece or great-nephew knew all about Dina.

Traci and Abby simultaneously received text messages, and Traci worried it was bad news. Traci checked her phone and gasped with excitement. Meanwhile, Victor asked Ashley to keep him posted about Dina's condition and to give his best to Jack. Ashley was taken aback, and Victor pointed out that he and Jack were both men who loved their families with all their hearts and souls. Ashley recalled a time when Victor had thought Jack didn't have a soul. "Times change," Victor mused. Ashley received a text message and exclaimed that Jack had found the necklace.

Lauren prayed that the Teardrop of Love worked its magic in the most beautiful way possible. Jack promised to take the best care of the necklace, and Lauren invited him to keep it as long as he needed. Lauren urged Jack to focus on himself and his family, and Michael said they'd be keeping good thoughts. The Baldwins headed out.

Jack checked his phone and reported that Traci and Abby were on their way to the house and that Ashley was already there. He wanted everyone together for the big reveal, but he worried that he was pinning too many hopes on it because Dina might not react. Kyle reasoned that there was only one way to find out, and they left.

The Abbotts congregated at home. Jack acknowledged that Dina was in serious decline, and he warned that they had to prepare themselves for it. He braced himself for the possibility that Dina might not react to the necklace or even the presence of her family, but he knew she didn't have much time left. Abby admitted that she'd been hoping Dina would rally somehow, and Traci remarked that sometimes miracles happened. Ashley lamented that she'd never seen Dina that weak and frail.

Jack displayed the piece of jewelry that meant the world to his mother. Traci enthused that it was more impressive than it had been on film, and Jack joked that only Dina would have a necklace with a name. He marveled that the necklace had made a trip around the world and been stored for decades, only to find its way back home. Abby couldn't imagine Dina not reacting to it, but Ashley insisted that they let Dina rest peacefully after the rough night she'd had. Jack implored everyone to stay so they could all be together for the big unveiling. Kyle declared that he wouldn't miss it.

Later, Jack told Abby about his vivid dream of Dina and John, with Dina pleading for Jack to find the necklace. Jack understood that it might have just been his subconscious projecting what he wanted to hear -- that he could give his mother some comfort. Abby speculated that Dina had gone to Jack in a dream because it was the only way she could reach him.

Across the living room, Traci recalled that when Dina had left her children behind without warning, it had hit them like a sledgehammer, and they hadn't been able to understand why it had happened. Ashley thought the shock had made it that much more painful. Traci pointed out that they could prepare themselves for Dina leaving them that time around. Ashley imagined it would be a relief when they knew their mother wasn't in pain anymore, but saying goodbye to her forever would make it a lot harder.

Kyle checked his phone, and Jack asked if he was hoping to hear from Summer. Kyle confided that part of him thought she would return and tell him that she'd made a huge mistake, but he was losing faith that would happen. Jack encouraged him not to give up hope because life was full of surprises, like how the necklace had found its way back to Dina decades after being stolen, sold, and locked away. Jack recognized that things changed, and people made mistakes. He added that he had a lot of regrets in his life, and not finding the right woman to love forever was one of the biggest. Jack urged Kyle to find Summer and put things back together.

Ashley approached Jack and cited Victor's presence there earlier. Jack accepted that Dina had liked Victor, and he was happy Victor had visited her. Ashley relayed that Victor had said they were all in his thoughts during that difficult time -- even Jack. Jack figured that even "the Moustache" stepped up sometimes.

Abby called Chance to tell him that she was going to stay at the mansion that night. Traci smiled as she overheard Abby profess her love and thank Chance for being supportive.

Traci told Jack that he'd done a wonderful thing by persevering until he'd found the necklace. Jack wasn't convinced yet, but Traci gushed that she was proud of him for what he'd done for their mother, and she was sure their dad would have been, too. A weak and haggard Dina suddenly appeared in the doorway.

Ashley helped Dina get settled into a chair, and Traci chirped that it was good to see Dina out of bed. Dina appeared distant, and Jack called to her and said he had something to show her from the past. He opened the jewelry box, set the necklace on the table in front of her, and remarked that she'd been missing it for a long time. A look of recognition crossed Dina's face, and she gasped as she reached for the necklace with trembling hands. She picked it up and pressed it to her lips. "Thank you," she cried.

Dina declared that she needed everyone to listen. She acknowledged that she'd run away from her life, but she'd always been with them in her heart, and she would be with them forever. "Don't you make my mistakes," she advised, and she addressed her darling Traci. Dina swore that Traci would never be forgotten, and she blew her youngest daughter a kiss.

Dina faced Ashley and said she was sorry. Dina firmly stated that Ashley knew who she was -- an Abbott, and no one could take that away from her. "Oh, my dear Jackie," Dina continued, and Jack's eyes welled with tears. "This is your family now. Keep them safe," she instructed. He promised he would. Dina visibly weakened, and Ashley and Jack said they loved her. "Godspeed, Mother," Traci added.

Dina struggled to keep her eyes open. "I love you all," she murmured with a smile, and she took her last breath. Dina's ghost headed to the front door, the emerald necklace draped around her neck. She opened the door and stepped into a bright light. A male voice called her name, and she lovingly responded, "Oh, John!" Meanwhile, the Abbotts tearfully stared at Dina's lifeless body. "Goodbye, Mother," Jack whispered. Dina still clutched the necklace in her hand.

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