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Chad offered Jake a job, but Jake wanted more. Gwen convinced Abigail to throw a party for Jack and Jennifer. Eli convinced Kristen to confess to attempted murder. Brady agreed not to tell Lani that Eli had pressured Kristen. Nicole told Lucas about Allie's rape. Allie told John about her rape, and John attacked Tripp. Kayla suggested a DNA test. Steve gave Kayla a DNA sample from Tripp without Tripp's knowledge. Philip talked to someone about laundering money through Titan. A forensics report supported Vincent's story about Ciara's death. Ben stole Vincent's gun from evidence.
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A forensics report supported Vincent's story about Ciara's death
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Gwen gets to know Jack and Jennifer better

Gwen gets to know Jack and Jennifer better

Monday, October 12, 2020

by Mike

At the DiMera mansion, Jennifer and Jack raved to each other about an article that had just been posted on the Spectator website -- the first article Abigail had written since returning to work. "She really captures the emotion [of] this story -- a woman who lost her child [and] a woman who thought she lost her child... I mean, [she] really makes you feel for Melinda and Kristen -- and, honestly, I think they both are victims in this whole thing," Jennifer mused. "She nailed it," Jack agreed.

"I'm totally proud," Jack stressed. "I'm proud of her, too -- [especially because], in the midst of all of her struggles, she has been so resilient and so strong," Jennifer declared. "Well, that is a load of malarkey," Gwen, who was carrying a basket of laundry, insisted while joining Jack and Jennifer in the study. "Do you have a problem with our daughter?" Jack challenged Gwen. "What? Did you not just hear me go on [recently] about how much I adore Abigail and what a wonderful person I think she is?" Gwen coolly reminded Jack.

Gwen claimed that the "load of malarkey" was Jennifer's assertion that both Trask and Kristen were victims. "The only one who lost a child is the D.A.," Gwen pointed out. "[But Kristen] thought that she had lost her child --" Jennifer tried to reiterate, assuming that Gwen hadn't arrived in time to hear the reasoning behind the assertion that Kristen, like Trask, was a victim. "[Well, we can agree on one thing, at least] -- two people got hurt, [so] two people wanted revenge...[and] who can't relate to that..." Gwen summarized with a scowl.

"Sounds like you've been there..." Jack observed. "Jake -- the bastard cheated on me [with Gabi], and then he dumped me -- [he] said I was 'toxic'..." Gwen explained. "[So] want revenge?" Jennifer assumed. "Well, the prat basically got his ass handed to him when Gabi ditched him, know, maybe he already actually got his [payback]," Gwen conceded. "Karma's a bitch..." Gwen added, scowling again. "[Anyway], I don't want you thinking that I'm the 'hell hath no fury' kind of woman -- that wouldn't be a good look for a nanny, now, would it?" Gwen concluded, drawing awkward laughs from Jennifer and Jack.

"You're enjoying the job?" Jennifer assumed. "I am!" Gwen replied. "It's really very generous of you to look after [the kids]," Jack acknowledged. "Yeah... Well, I saw how very excited Abigail was to go [back to work]..." Gwen explained. "How very cool that you all get to work together... [Tell me], was that planned?" Gwen continued. "No -- [Abigail just] decided [to] pitch in when Jennifer was in a coma --" Jack started to clarify. "A coma?" Gwen repeated. "Yes -- uh, for an entire year..." Jennifer elaborated. "Bloody hell!" Gwen exclaimed. "My sentiments exactly... [But] I had [Abigail] holding my hand every step of the way..." Jack summarized. "How wonderful that is -- to be so close to your daughter... Not everyone's so lucky..." Gwen mused, forcing a smile.

Meanwhile, Abigail woke up and groggily greeted Chad, who was fiddling with a tablet computer. "Better not be work," Abigail teasingly admonished Chad. "No, it is not work -- it's actually a brilliant article about, uh, the trial of one Kristen DiMera, written by the hottest journalist in Salem," Chad clarified, surprising Abigail, who hadn't expected Jack to showcase the article as the lead story on the Spectator website. "[It's] right where it deserves to be," Chad assured Abigail.

"Let's just hope, uh, Belle's defense is as strong as your article -- my sister could use a break," Chad declared. "You know...I think your brother could use a break, too," Abigail countered. "When did you start sticking up for Jake?" Chad wondered, prompting Abigail to explain what had happened the previous day. "Jake's a DiMera, just like you, and he wants to be a part of this family...[and] it would actually benefit everybody in this entire house if the two of you got along -- including Charlotte and Thomas; [you know], Jake's their uncle, [and] they're very curious about him, as he is about [them, so] would it not be nice if he could be a part of their lives?" Abigail challenged Chad, who responded with a scoff of outrage. "I want him nowhere near our children -- [he's] coarse and ill-mannered...[and] those are his good qualities!" Chad complained to Abigail.

"[Let's be honest -- the real reason] you're not willing to give him a chance [is] because of me...[and] that's why I feel very responsible for all of this and why I'm trying to persuade you to try to work it out [with him]," Abigail countered. "Kate does think that when I look at Jake..." Chad conceded. "Is she right?" Abigail wondered. "Jake's resemblance to Stefan doesn't help... [Actually, forget calling it a] 'resemblance' -- they could be the exact same person; [they have] the exact same DNA, which means whatever Stefan is capable of, Jake is, too," Chad replied. "I disagree -- I mean, uh, I don't think Stefan [was] the way he [was] because of his genes; I think [it was] because of his upbringing. And he's dead, [in any case, so] is it fair for us to just blame Jake for Stefan's sins?" Abigail argued. "In my head, I know that it isn't..." Chad admitted.

"But every time I look at him, [I'm reminded of] walking in on you and Stefan...and it kills me all over again. [You know], I thought I'd gotten over what Stefan did to you, but then Jake showed up, [and now] it's just in my face every day [all over again]. I don't want to feel this way, [but] every time I look at him, it's like a kick in the gut," Chad revealed. "Understandable...but, you know, you have no reason to feel threatened by Jake [or] Stefan [or] anyone [else]. Nobody [is] ever gonna come between the two of us ever again," Abigail stressed.

Gwen was still with Jack and Jennifer in the study of the DiMera mansion when Abigail entered it with Chad. Jack and Jennifer were quick to shower Abigail with glowing feedback about the article, and Gwen fumed throughout the exchange.

Later, while alone with Abigail in the study, Gwen observed that Jack and Jennifer seemed like great parents. "I definitely got lucky," Abigail admitted. "My 'parent department' was a lot more like lots of rows and yelling and screaming and then divorce, [so]..." Gwen grumbled before changing the subject, musing that it seemed like Jack and Jennifer had the kind of fairytale marriage that could survive anything, including a year-long coma. "Not exactly -- [their marriage has actually had] a lot of drama -- [but they] were able to stick it through [the] good times and bad times," Abigail summarized. "Well, I'm glad that you appreciate that, 'cause so many families just crash and burn during those bad times..." Gwen mused. "In two weeks, it's the anniversary of [my mom] waking up [from the coma]," Abigail suddenly realized. "We have to celebrate!" Gwen insisted. "I've got the best idea..." Gwen quickly added.

Kate went to the DiMera garage to see Jake, who was in the process of repairing a carburetor. "I need some help --" Kate began to explain. "Did, uh, Harold mix up our dry cleaning again?" Jake wondered. "No -- Abigail told me that, um, you did a repair on her car, [and] I was wondering if you could fix [mine, too]," Kate clarified.

Jake stepped outside to take a look at Kate's vehicle then returned and reported that there were a number of things that could be wrong with it. "So, I had a tow truck take it to the shop [so they can] run some diagnostics [to] figure out what the problem is...[and that] could take a while," Jake concluded. "Can I wait here?" Kate requested. "Sure," Jake replied.

"I guess if you give up working at DiMera, you can always get your old job back..." Kate mused. "I don't give up on things that I want," Jake stressed. "I'm just waiting for the right opportunity -- [you know], one where my ass of a brother gives me the shot I deserve in our family company," Jake added. "I don't think [it's] you; [it's] more the fact that you're a dead ringer for your twin brother," Kate explained. "Yeah, yeah -- I got the same talk from Abigail," Jake grumbled. "I have Stefan's face, [but that] doesn't mean I'm Stefan," Jake insisted. "Okay, well, that's understood...but do you know that Chad actually walked in on his naked wife in his naked brother's arms? [So], I think [that] every time you walk into a room, you're a reminder of that moment [for him]," Kate clarified. "I knew it was bad, but I had no idea it was that..." Jake admitted with a shake of the head.

"What Stefan did was monstrous...but I'm no monster, [and] it's not fair --" Jake complained. "Oh, poor baby -- why don't you tell me when life is fair?" Kate countered. "[That] my brother hates me because I look like Stefan, [and] Gabi couldn't find a way to love me because I'm not Stefan!" Jake concluded. "Gabi's out of the picture now, so you can go trotting back to Gwen," Kate suggested. "We're no good together," Jake insisted. "But that's what makes it so irresistible, isn't it?" Kate argued. "Instead of you grilling me about my love life, why don't you tell me about yours? [You know], I would be willing to put money on the fact that [it's] a hell of a lot more interesting than mine ever was," Jake challenged Kate. "It probably has been," Kate conceded.

"Have you ever been in love?" Jake wondered. "I was in love -- with your father," Kate confirmed. "Our marriage actually started as, uh, a business arrangement...but we fell in love, and it was volatile, and it was tender, and it was strong..." Kate elaborated. "You think you'll ever find love like that again?" Jake asked. "I think you ask way too many questions," Kate replied. "You've given up," Jake translated. "On love? Oh, no -- I just...prefer to think of it as not oversharing," Kate clarified. "Oh... Well, hopefully this doesn't fall under the heading of 'oversharing,' but...[well], I, uh...wasn't unhappy [about] seeing you in your robe the other day..." Jake admitted with a grin. "Coming from a guy who sleeps with trashy women, [including] a gorgon who would sleep with absolutely anyone to get ahead..." Kate summarized.

"Oh, I'm sorry -- do you even know what [a gorgon] is? No, of course you don't," Kate added. "You don't take compliments well," Jake decided. "Have I heard one yet?" Kate countered. "I was only trying to say --" Jake started to clarify -- just as Chad entered the garage. "Am I interrupting something?" Chad wondered.

Trask went to the Salem Inn to see Kristen and Brady, armed with a bag of fresh pastries. "I just wanted to make sure that your girlfriend savored her last meal...because after I'm through with her, she won't have any appetite left," Trask explained to Brady while glaring at Kristen. "Get the hell out of here!" Brady ordered Trask. "No good deed..." Trask mused with a smirk while placing the bag on the desk. "'Good deed,' my ass -- you're trying to get into her head because you don't have one single shred of evidence to convict her, and you know it," Brady countered before throwing the bag out of the hotel room. "Be sure to kiss your daughter goodbye when you leave [for court today] -- thanks to you, I didn't get that chance," Trask spat at Kristen before exiting the hotel room, picking up the bag, and walking away with it.

"Don't let Trask scare you," Brady advised Kristen. "She scares the hell out of me because she is exactly the way I used to be -- angry, vindictive, [and] willing to win at any cost," Kristen admitted to Brady. "[But] at least [I know that] if I do go to prison, you and Rachel will be taken care of..." Kristen added before telling Brady about the deal that had been made with Marlena the previous day. "That was the reason for the hug," Brady realized, and Kristen nodded in response while fighting back tears. "[Look, Trask] can yell and scream and try to pull any stunt that she wants, but the bottom line is [that she] doesn't have the evidence against you, [so] you are gonna be acquitted, [and] you are going to be the only mother in the world that is ever gonna raise little Rachel Isabella," Brady assured Kristen.

At the Price-Grant apartment, Eli awoke with a start after a nightmare in which Lani had stumbled upon the recording of Kristen's confession and had made it clear that their relationship would be over for good if the recording ever fell into Trask's hands. Lani was already awake -- and was holding Eli's cell phone. "It's Trask -- she wants to talk to you," Lani explained while handing the device to Eli, who breathed a sigh of relief then greeted Trask. "Tell me you got a recording of Kristen's confession -- unless you want me to have Lani arrested immediately," Trask challenged Eli. "I got you the information on Vincent Belman," Eli assured Trask.

After Eli ended the call, Lani admitted that it was surprising that Trask was thinking about Ciara's case on the day that Kristen's trial was set to begin. Eli squirmed as Lani added that it was nice to have a husband who could be trusted to stand up to Trask in support of Kristen.

After Lani rushed off to the courthouse, Eli called Trask back and more clearly confirmed that a recording of Kristen's confession had been secured. "I want a signed agreement saying that you're not gonna go after Lani -- that's the only way you're getting this recording," Eli stressed. "Fine -- I'll draw something up right now. Just get over here and give me that bitch's confession [so I can] play it at the trial today," Trask replied before ending the call. "If I give Trask [this recording], you'll hate me... If I don't, you'll go to prison..." Eli fretted while staring at a framed photograph of Lani.

While passing through the town square, Jack and Jennifer ran into Brady and Rachel, the latter of whom was about to be dropped off at the Evans-Black townhouse for the day. Jack and Jennifer each offered words of support to Brady, knowing that the trial was about to begin. Brady admitted that Trask had already started pulling stunts to get under Kristen's skin -- and seemed to be succeeding.

Trask was surprised when Lani, not Eli, showed up at the police station -- and Kristen was equally surprised when Eli showed up at the Salem Inn for a chat about the recording.

Lani pleads with Trask for compassion

Lani pleads with Trask for compassion

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

In the DiMera living room, Abigail told Gwen about Jennifer's coma. When Abigail mentioned that the anniversary of when Jennifer had woken from her coma was in two weeks, Gwen suggested a party for Jennifer.

"The day of my mom's accident was also the day of her and my father's wedding day, so it would be nice to throw them the reception they never had," Abigail said. When Abigail worried aloud about the time needed to plan a party, Gwen offered to help. Gwen explained that she did not have any friends, and she hoped she could make friends at the party.

"That is assuming I'm invited," Gwen said. Abigail laughed. "Of course, you would be, but I can't let a virtual stranger plan my parents' party," Abigail said. Gwen reminded Abigail that she was an employee. When Abigail was still unsure, Gwen said she wanted to repay Abigail "for everything you've done." Gwen suggested Julie's Place as the venue. Abigail confided that she had not returned to the restaurant since she had been drugged there. Gwen thought about when she had drugged Abigail's Champagne.

"[That] someone would do something as horrible as that to someone as nice as you," Gwen purred. Abigail noted that Gabi had considered her a threat. Gwen complimented Abigail and said that it was understandable because Abigail was loved by all, unlike Gabi. Abigail laughed and thanked Gwen. Gwen noted that Gabi was gone and could not hurt Abigail ever again.

"Never say never. Not with Gabi, anyway. Even from a distance, I think she'll probably find ways to torment people. Especially Chad and me," Abigail said. "You really think so?" Gwen asked. With a shrug, Abigail said yes, but she added that Gabi was less bothersome at a distance. Abigail told Gwen that she loved having Gwen around. "That is certainly music to my ears," Gwen said. Gwen added that she felt like an intruder, but Abigail assured Gwen that she was not.

"I'm so grateful for our friendship," Gwen said. Gwen changed the subject back to the venue, and Abigail said she was open to Julie's Place. "Gabi's gone, and so are the bad memories," Abigail said. "That's a relief, isn't it? To know that that person is completely out of the picture," Gwen said as she stared at Abigail. After a moment, Gwen asked if the party was on.

"If you're sure you don't mind helping me?" Abigail asked. "Are you sure you can keep an open mind and an open bar?" Gwen countered. Abigail smiled and agreed to have a party. Gwen asked for a guest list. With a nod, Abigail said she needed to leave for work, but she would send details to Gwen. Abigail hugged Gwen.

At the garage, Chad interrupted Jake as he talked to Kate. Kate said she was there to ask Jake for help with her car. With a furrowed brow, Chad noted that Jake had helped Abigail with her car. Jake asked if there was a problem. "There is a problem. Between you and me. And my wife," Chad said. Jake quietly asked Chad to tell him if Chad did not want Jake to help Abigail with her car.

"That's not it. I actually just came here to thank you," Chad said. Chad explained that Abigail had shown him that he had been unfair to Jake. Jake admitted that Chad had plenty of reason to hate Stefan. "I don't want to make any trouble. All I want is my share of the DiMera pie. That's it. Just what I feel like I'm entitled to. Same as you. I don't think that is too much to ask," Jake said.

Chad agreed that Jake was entitled to a part of the company. Excited, Jake suggested that he and Chad should be co-CEOs like Xander and Philip. "I heard that wasn't going too smoothly," Kate chimed in. "Are you out of your mind?" Chad asked. Frustrated, Jake asked Chad to explain if he wanted him to be a part of the company or not.

"As an employee. Not the CEO," Chad said. Upset, Jake asked if Chad wanted him to work as security or a parking lot attendant. Chad suggested that Jake take part in the executive training program. "And what? Work in the mail room like some kid fresh out of college?" Jake asked. "You didn't go to college," Chad countered. Jake asked Chad if he had gone to college, and Chad admitted he had not.

"But I have years of experience running this business," Chad added. Chad argued that Jake's only experience was one messy meal with a client. "I think you're threatened because I closed that Collins deal when you couldn't," Jake yelled. When Chad yelled that he was the CEO, Jake countered that he was older than Chad.

"That makes me the heir and you the spare, pal!" Jake shouted. Annoyed, Chad noted that he was done. Kate reminded Chad that Abigail wanted Chad to make amends with Jake. "Abby wants peace. She doesn't care about Jake any more than I do," Chad said. "So much for brotherly love," Jake said. With a groan, Chad said that his hatred for Stefan carried over to Jake. Jake got in Chad's face. When Chad asked if Jake wanted to fight, Kate intervened. Chad walked out, and Kate chased after him.

When Kate caught up with Chad at Julie's Place, he was still angry. "What the hell are you doing telling Jake Stefan's history with Abigail?" Chad demanded. Kate reminded Chad that he had asked her to gauge Jake's interest in the company. Kate argued that her conversation with Jake had been going well before Chad had arrived at the garage. Chad apologized for snapping at Kate.

"[Jake] bothers me," Chad said. Kate rolled her eyes. Chad said he could not work with Jake. With a sigh, Kate told Chad that Jake was not going to go away. "I don't want him anywhere near my company. Or my wife," Chad said.

In the square, Brady told Jack and Jennifer that Trask was intent on destroying Kristen. "Well I'm not surprised. She blames Kristen for the death of her daughter," Jennifer said. Jennifer asked Brady if Trask had a strong case against Kristen. Brady shrugged. "[Trask] claims that she dug up some evidence that proves Kristen stabbed Victor," Brady said. Jack asked for details, but Brady said he did not know. Brady stressed that there was no evidence to prove Kristen's guilt.

Jennifer hugged Brady and asked him to wish Kristen luck. Jack explained that they would not be in court because they had sent an impartial reporter to cover the case instead. "You and Kristen. You go way back," Brady said. "And I still consider her a good friend," Jennifer admitted. With a nod, Brady asked Jennifer if she had mixed feelings because Haley had been J.J.'s fiancée.

"Yeah. I ache for J.J.'s loss, but this isn't going to make anything better because everyone that is involved is suffering so much," Jennifer said. Jennifer added that she had prayed that Kristen would not be separated from Rachel. Jennifer told Brady that there was public sentiment in Kristen's favor.

"People are in our corner?" Brady asked. Jennifer said the paper had received positive feedback from Abigail's article. Brady complimented Abigail's work, and Jennifer said she was grateful that Abigail was home and getting better.

As Jennifer fussed over Rachel in her stroller, Brady answered his phone. It was Marlena. After Brady ended his call, he told Jack and Jennifer that a specialist had flown in to see John and that Marlena would not be able to babysit Rachel. Jennifer offered to watch the baby. Brady asked Jennifer to administer Rachel's anti-rejection medication, and Jennifer agreed.

"It's been a long time since Abigail had her bone marrow transplant, but I'm an old pro," Jennifer said. With a sigh of relief, Brady thanked Jack and Jennifer, and he left for the courthouse. Jack and Jennifer sat with Rachel in the café, and Jennifer fed Rachel. With a chuckle, Jennifer asked Jack if he remembered when Abigail had been little and had liked to hide her face under her blanket.

"No. I don't because I wasn't there," Jack said. Jennifer apologized for not thinking, but Jack said he was the one that had abandoned his family. "But what matters is you came back," Jennifer said. "Till I left again," Jack countered. With a sigh, Jennifer said that Jack had returned, and she had forgiven him. "More importantly, you have to forgive yourself," Jennifer said. "It's an ongoing process," Jack admitted. Jennifer said it was enough that Jack was there.

Abigail walked through the square and stopped to say hello to her parents. Jack explained that they were watching Kristen's daughter while Kristen and Brady were in court. With a grin, Abigail asked Jack and Jennifer to clear time for her, too, because she wanted to throw a party to celebrate the anniversary of Jennifer's recovery from her coma. Concerned, Jennifer told Abigail that she did not want Abigail to worry about planning a party. "It's fine. Gwen is going to help me. Actually, it was her idea," Abigail said.

In the DiMera living room, Gwen talked to Stefano's portrait. "I hear you have quite the flair for the dramatic. If that's so, then I'm sorry you're going to miss the big party. It is going to be a night that everyone will remember," Gwen said. As Gwen walked out of the room, Jake poked his head in from the other doorway, and he watched Gwen leave. Jake looked concerned.

At the Salem Inn, Eli visited Kristen, and he told her that he had recorded their conversation. "I have your full confession right here," Eli said as he held up his phone. "That's not possible," Kristen said. Eli played the audio of Kristen's confession. Hurt, Kristen said, "I confided in you as a friend." Eli stressed that he did not have a choice because Trask had threatened to jail Lani in retaliation if Eli did not provide evidence of Kristen's guilt.

"[Trask] wanted a confession. I got her one," Eli said. "So, you tricked me into confessing on tape because Melinda blackmailed you?" Kristen asked. When Eli nodded yes, Kristen asked him why he had gone to Kristen with the confession instead of Trask. Eli explained that he had been forced to protect his wife, but he also knew that giving Trask the confession would mean that Lani would never forgive him. Eli added that if he deleted the recording, Trask would send both Lani and Kristen to prison.

"I realized that there is a third option. That's why I'm here," Eli said. After Eli told Kristen his idea, she complained, "How can you ask me to do that?" Eli argued that his plan was the best option. "I love Lani, but I am not going to lose my little girl," Kristen said. "You may not have a choice," Eli said. Kristen disagreed. Kristen said she refused to choose and would instead leave town. Eli told Kristen that he would not let her leave.

"You are the one that went behind Lani's back to arrest me. It's your fault!" Kristen barked. Eli argued that he was attempting to help Kristen. Kristen disagreed. "What about Lani? Would you do it to save Lani?" Eli asked. Eli reminded Kristen that Lani had repeatedly put her life on the line for Kristen. "As much as you don't want to lose your little girl, you want Lani to lose her unborn babies?" Eli asked. Kristen shook her head no. Eli said that Trask would punish Lani if Kristen left town.

"You were willing to take the rap for Brady when his freedom was on the line. You won't do that for your best friend?" Eli asked. Eli told Kristen that Lani had told him that Kristen would never abandon her. "Was [Lani] right? Or did she risk everything for someone who wouldn't do the same for her?" Eli asked. Eli asked Kristen to be the person that Lani believed Kristen to be. Eli offered to beg on his knees. As Eli kneeled, Kristen said she was not Gabi. "I don't want you to debase yourself for me," Kristen said. Kristen agreed to Eli's plan.

While Trask worked in the interrogation room at the police station and waited for Eli, she was surprised when Lani walked in instead. Trask thought about her conversation with Eli when she had warned him to get evidence against Kristen or else Lani would be prosecuted. Trask asked Lani why Eli was not there yet. Lani explained that she had left home before Eli. When Lani mentioned that Eli had said he had a meeting with Trask to talk about the Belman case, Trask smirked.

"Did he?" Trask said. Lani announced that she wanted to talk to Trask about her friend Kristen. "I don't know how the hell that woman has any friends. And if you're here to beg me to let her off the hook for her criminal acts, then you can just save it," Trask said.

"I lived with Kristen after Haley died, and I can tell you that what happened to your daughter, it haunts [Kristen] every day," Lani said. "Good. I hope it haunts her to the day she dies," Trask said. Trask argued that Haley's death had not just been an accident. "With all due respect, you do not know what was going on in Kristen's head. How disconnected from reality she felt in that moment," Lani argued. Lani explained that the same thing had happened to her.

Lani told Trask about her stillborn son, David. "There's nothing worse in the world than losing a child," Trask agreed. "I would never diminish what you felt after losing your daughter, but imagine experiencing that grief while being pumped up with pregnancy hormones and going through hours of labor, only to go home empty-handed," Lani said. With tears in her eyes, Trask said she did know what that felt like. Trask reminded Lani that she had been forced to give up Haley after she'd been born and pretend she was not Haley's mother.

"[Haley] thought I was ashamed of her. I was ashamed of myself," Trask said. With tears in her eyes, Trask said that as angry as she had been at the world, no one had suffered more than Haley. "Because [Haley] didn't have a mother," Trask said. Lani reminded Trask that if she sent Kristen to prison, Rachel would grow up without her mother.

"You will be separating a mother from her child," Lani said. Trask thought about her demand from Eli to provide a confession from Kristen or else watch the twins grow up without Lani. Trask shook off the memory. "Do you want to keep continuing with this cycle of pain, or do you want to be the one that ends it?" Lani asked. Lani encouraged Trask to drop the charges.

"Think of Haley. What she would consider a true act of justice," Lani said. Choking back tears, Trask said, "She was a really decent person." As Trask broke down, Lani rushed over to hug and comfort her. Brady walked in. "What's going on here?" Brady asked.

In the park, Eli played Kristen's confession on his phone. Eli deleted the voice recording. "Thank you, Kristen," Eli said. At the police station, Lani told Brady that Trask had something to say. As Trask rose to her feet, Kristen walked in. "I want to confess to the attempted murder of Victor Kiriakis," Kristen said.

Ciara's loved ones receive disturbing news

Ciara's loved ones receive disturbing news

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

by Mike

At the police station, Brady, Lani, and Trask listened in shock as Kristen not only confessed to stabbing Victor but also offered to immediately enter a guilty plea to save everyone the trouble of a trial.

"Don't listen to her -- she doesn't know what she's saying right now --" Brady said to Trask. "Yes, I do," Kristen insisted. "[And] once her lawyer gets here, we're gonna walk all this back --" Brady said to Trask. "I'm not walking it back," Kristen insisted.

"I was just talking to Melinda, and she was about to --" Lani said to Kristen. "Obviously, Ms. DiMera feels very strongly about this, so our conversation is no longer relevant," Trask said to Lani. "You don't want to separate a mother from her child! How is sending Kristen to prison true justice?" Lani said to Trask. "If this is what she wants to do, then..." Trask reasoned with a shrug before rushing off to tell the judge about the unexpected development.

"Why in the hell did you do that?" Brady challenged Kristen. "I did it for you," Kristen explained to Lani. "You have stuck your neck out for me so many times -- you've risked [your] career, your marriage, [and] your freedom -- [but] you're so close to having these babies [now, so] you have to put yourself first --" Kristen elaborated. "I am fine, Kristen -- [but] you --" Lani countered. "I am so tired of fighting, Lani -- [and] I'm sick of running, [and] I am sick of dragging everyone I care about into my mess, [and]... Honestly, I want all of this to be over," Kristen admitted. "You don't understand -- [Trask] was thisclose to dropping the charges!" Lani stressed. "I have made up my mind," Kristen declared.

Lani sighed then stepped outside so Brady could have a few minutes alone with Kristen. "Two days ago, you were ready to jump bail, [and] I was the one that had to convince you to stay and fight...[and] now you just want to give your confession up on a silver platter? That is not you!" Brady challenged Kristen. "I've changed," Kristen explained. "There's more to this -- there's something else to this [that] you're not telling me," Brady countered. "Okay," Kristen conceded before telling Brady everything.

"I cannot believe that Eli would do this to you!" Brady grumbled after Kristen finished the tale. "I was upset at first, too...[but] he was in an impossible situation," Kristen explained to Brady. "[Look], I weighed all the options, and this just seemed to be the best one --" Kristen reasoned. "It's not --" Brady insisted. "[And since] I have admitted what I did, [and] Trask has softened a bit...[well], maybe they'll give me a reduced sentence --" Kristen suggested. "Or maybe she'll lock you up for the rest of your life because she thinks you murdered her daughter --" Brady countered. "[But] I did make up my mind [already], and it's final," Kristen concluded.

While passing through the park, Abe overheard Eli expressing relief that Kristen had decided to confess to stabbing Victor. "Why are you sitting here, talking to yourself?" Abe wondered. "Just doing what I have to do to protect Lani," Eli summarized before offering a more detailed explanation.

"You think I'm a horrible person," Eli assumed when Abe didn't immediately respond after hearing the whole story. "[No], I completely understand what you did -- [I'm just] furious with Melinda for forcing your hand [by] going after my daughter...[especially since], just yesterday, I expressed my concern [that Melinda was] using her job to pursue this vendetta against Kristen, and she promised me that she would be ethical and professional," Abe clarified for Eli. "I should have fired her when Lani asked me to," Abe decided. "There's no point in looking back -- all we can do is look ahead," Eli advised.

"And what's ahead is Kristen losing her freedom...because of me," Eli fretted. "Your secret's safe with me," Abe promised. "What's going on?" Lani, who had just arrived, demanded to know as Abe and Eli embraced. "I'm just happy that the two of you have worked things out," Abe claimed while pulling away from Eli. "Feels like there's something else going on..." Lani mused. "Nothing else is going on," Eli claimed. "[Well, then]...I'm glad someone is happy..." Lani grumbled. "What's wrong?" Abe wondered. "Kristen just changed her plea to guilty, and I still don't know why," Lani clarified, prompting Abe and Eli to exchange nervous glances.

At Titan, Philip began a phone conversation with someone. "We have a problem -- my dad just hired Xander back," Philip whispered. "I can't believe it, either!" Philip whispered. "How the hell am I supposed to move ahead with our plans with that ape in my face 24/7?" Philip whispered. "I don't know what to do...except maybe kill him..." Philip whispered -- before suddenly sensing someone's presence.

Philip quickly ended the call then innocently greeted Belle. "What brings you by?" Philip wondered. "I'm here about your case," Belle explained.

"Did you forget you're facing assault charges?" Belle asked. "Oh, no -- I'm fully aware that lunatic Jan Spears took one comment I made and blew it completely out of proportion," Philip replied. "And did you not learn anything from that?" Belle wondered. "That she's crazier than I thought?" Philip offered. "That you should watch your mouth," Belle clarified.

"Anyone could have walked in here and heard what you just said [then] used it against you!" Belle pointed out. "Good thing it was you [who did, then] -- my incredibly talented and extremely discreet lawyer," Philip reasoned. "Hmm. Well, how do you expect me to use those 'talents' to defend you when you're in here, talking about murdering someone? You need to stop talking like a hit man!" Belle countered. "What you heard was [just] me venting," Philip stressed before telling Belle about what Victor had done. "Maybe [Xander] knows where the bodies are buried," Philip suggested with a shrug, unable to think of another explanation for Victor's change of heart. "Sorry -- another figure of speech," Philip backpedaled after realizing that Belle wasn't amused.

"The point is [that] I wasn't really talking about literally killing someone," Philip summarized. "Well, you still need to be more careful about what you say -- you see where [a] 'figure of speech' got you with Jan," Belle maintained. "Duly noted," Philip conceded before changing the subject, ready to hear more about the reason for Belle's visit. "[Please tell me that Jan] consulted her shadow and some little green men [then] finally realized she didn't have a chance in hell of making these charges stick," Philip begged. "On the contrary -- I just spoke to the A.D.A., and Jan is definitely not letting this go," Belle clarified.

"Damn it, Belle -- this is all Shawn's fault!" Philip grumbled. "Shawn is an officer of the law, [and] he swore an oath, [so] he had no choice --" Belle explained. "This isn't about Shawn 'doing his job'; this is about the same thing it's always been about with [the three of] us, [which is] our affair [and the fact that] Shawn is obviously still not over it!" Philip countered. "That is absurd -- not to mention totally insulting to Shawn!" Belle protested. "He's thrilled at the opportunity to take me down!" Philip maintained.

"I think that you should find another lawyer," Belle decided. "You're only angry because of what I said about Shawn," Philip summarized. "You're damn right I am! [But] that's not the only reason you need to find a new attorney, okay? My hands are really full right now -- I'm due in court any minute, and I have no idea how long Kristen's trial is gonna take," Belle clarified.

"Hire Justin --" Belle advised. "I want you!" Philip begged. "No one knows how Jan Spears operates better than you do -- if I have to get a new attorney, [Jan] could actually win this thing!" Philip fretted. "[And] Jan's already approached Claire twice, so...please, don't abandon me on this -- for your sake [and] your daughter's sake, [if not] mine," Philip stressed. "Ugh... Fine," Belle decided after some thought.

"[But] do us both a favor and don't threaten to kill anyone else!" Belle warned before rushing off, leaving Philip free to resume the earlier phone conversation. "I'm as upset Xander's still around as you are -- how the hell am I supposed to launder money through Titan with that weasel looking over my shoulder? We have to find some way to get rid of him!" Philip whispered.

Claire went to the Salem Inn to offer condolences to Ben and share plans for Ciara's memorial service. "I don't give a damn what Vincent said [about shooting Ciara] -- Vincent hates me and would say anything to torture me! [So], until we know -- for sure -- that Ciara is dead...[well], there isn't gonna be any funeral -- or 'memorial,' or whatever the hell you want to call it, Claire!" Ben insisted.

Shawn went to Hope's house so they could review a report together. "In conclusion, the melted metal fragment recovered at the scene..." Hope read aloud before choking on the next word in the report. "Is consistent with the casing from the bullets found in the weapon registered to Vincent Belman," Hope managed to conclude before breaking down in Shawn's arms.

Hope eventually recovered and dialed Ben's cell phone number. "Any news on Ciara?" Ben asked after greeting Hope, who ended the call without saying anything. "I can't tell him over the phone," Hope explained to Shawn before starting to rush off to the Salem Inn. "You're not in [any] shape to do that," Shawn protested before offering to go in Hope's place. "Will you come back? I need to know that..." Hope begged. "I'm coming back," Shawn promised. After Shawn rushed off, Hope picked up a framed photograph of Ciara then sank to the floor and broke down again while hugging the item tightly.

Shawn arrived at the Salem Inn just in time to stop Ben from rushing off in search of Hope. "Forensics has confirmed that...well, that the evidence that was found at the scene was indeed a bullet casing -- and it's from Vincent's gun," Shawn explained to Ben before comforting Claire with a hug.

"I don't want to believe it, but I think we have to now," Claire decided. "No, we don't!" Ben insisted. "Ben, I've been praying that my sister beat the odds, too...[but] with this new evidence --" Shawn argued. "I know how it looks...but we still don't know -- for sure -- that Ciara's gone!" Ben countered. "I hear you, Ben...[so] if you don't want me to go ahead with the memorial, [then] I'll cancel the whole thing --" Claire offered. "You do whatever you think is best. All the people who love Ciara -- I'm sure they'll want the chance to mourn her," Ben numbly conceded. "I think that you need that chance, too --" Claire suggested. "Right now, I just want to be alone," Ben stressed.

After Shawn and Claire left, Ben picked up Ciara's wedding rings and clutched them tightly while fighting back tears -- then eventually put them back on the desk and rushed off with a look of determination, grabbing a backpack on the way out of the hotel room. Later, Ben returned to the hotel room and removed something from the backpack -- Vincent's gun.

Allie's loved ones rally around her

Allie's loved ones rally around her

Thursday, October 15, 2020

by Mike

At the hospital, John broke down while fiddling with a tablet computer -- and the tears were still flowing when Marlena arrived a short time later. "What's wrong?" Marlena wondered. "Just reading this article that Abigail wrote about Kristen's arrest... My God, Doc -- Brady could lose the woman he loves, and that little girl is gonna lose her mother..." John explained between sobs.

"Belle is doing everything she can to make sure that Kristen does not go to prison," Marlena stressed, but that only drew more sobs from John. "What a good little sister -- she's helping out her big brother; she's such a nice woman!" John managed to choke out before suddenly recovering. "I don't know why I am getting so damn emotional over this -- it must be another one of those mood swings...right?" John said to Marlena, who confirmed the suspicion. "Ugh -- I'm such a wreck!" John grumbled. "Well...[on the bright's the day] I can take you home," Marlena revealed.

At the police station, Kristen begged Brady to keep quiet about Eli's role in what had happened earlier -- and, just then, Belle joined them in the conference room they were using. "I just talked to Trask -- you're changing your plea to guilty? [Look], I have been busting my butt, preparing your defense, so you better explain this sudden turnaround -- right now!" Belle snapped at Kristen. "Kristen, um...Kristen changed her [plea] because she feels like she's caused enough trouble for everyone...[and] she wants to take responsibility for what she did so her daughter can be proud of her one day," Brady explained for Kristen, who gave Belle a nod as a way of backing up the story. "Well, that's, uh...that's very admirable..." Belle conceded.

"But I wish you would have let me fight for you -- [I mean], now that you've confessed to Trask, you could be going away for a really long time!" Belle stressed. "Do you think, since I changed my plea to guilty, [that] Melinda would be willing to cut me some slack -- [you know], maybe recommend a reduced sentence?" Kristen asked hopefully. "Uh...have you met Melinda Trask?" Belle incredulously replied. "If there is anything you can do to get me a lighter sentence --" Kristen begged. "You [have kind of] tied my hands [here...but] I will see what I can do," Belle promised.

After Belle left, Kristen thanked Brady for having left Eli out of the matter. "I still hate the idea that [he] strong-armed you into [confessing] -- I'm not okay with that!" Brady stressed. "I know, [but] he had no choice," Kristen reiterated. "If Belle [knew] what Melinda pulled, she could use that to your advantage -- don't you understand that? I mean, what [Melinda] did was unethical at best!" Brady argued. "You cannot tell anyone!" Kristen maintained. "[So], Eli and Lani get their happy ending...[but] what about us? What am I supposed to do -- what is Rachel supposed to do -- without you?" Brady fretted. "Maybe someone like me doesn't deserve a happy ending," Kristen admitted. "Don't say that," Brady protested.

Belle soon returned and reported that the judge was in the process of deciding how to handle Kristen's sudden change of heart. "She didn't seem too optimistic," Kristen noted after Belle left again, and Brady nodded in agreement. "Remember when, uh, you wanted to jump bail, and I convinced you to stay and fight? [Well], I think that was a big mistake," Brady admitted. "You want to run now?" Kristen translated. "We are out of options. [Look], you are technically still out on bail, [so] we can leave the station -- they can't keep you here. This is our chance to be together as a family -- [and] it's the only chance we got!" Brady reasoned. "[But] if I disappear now, then there's nothing that will stop Melinda from going after Lani -- [and besides], I am guilty, [so] maybe I need to pay for what I did; [maybe that] will balance the scales," Kristen countered.

"[But] someday -- and I hope it's soon -- I will be reunited with you and Rachel, and I can finally be the mother that she deserves..." Kristen assured Brady, who released a sigh of defeat then suggested one last family outing with Rachel. "You can't do that," Belle, who had just returned again, apologetically informed Brady and Kristen. "While we await the judge's final sentencing, they're taking you into custody -- [I mean], there's a guard coming right now," Belle elaborated, stunning Brady and Kristen.

At the Walker-Brady apartment, Nicole teasingly greeted Allie, who had been holed up in one of the bedrooms all day. "Sorry -- I just wanted to be alone," Allie explained. "It's okay -- you're entitled," Nicole stressed. "Did you hear from Detective Price yet? Did they arrest Tripp?" Allie asked hopefully. "I spoke to Lani this morning, and I told her Tripp came here yesterday...but it didn't seem to make a difference -- [I mean], I guess they're still trying to figure out what they can legally do about this case," Nicole apologetically replied. "Great -- so, [then, in the meantime], he can just 'visit' whenever he wants..." Allie grumbled.

Nicole gave Allie a shrug of uncertainty then changed the subject, announcing that it was time for Henry's next feeding. "I should get going -- [I want to visit] Grandpa John -- so...I'll see you later," Allie said before starting to rush off. "Wait --" Nicole called out, but Allie just kept walking at the same brisk pace -- even after bumping into Lucas outside the apartment. "What was that all about?" Lucas asked Nicole.

At the Brady-Johnson townhouse, Steve ended a phone call then informed Kayla that Justin hadn't seen or heard from Tripp since their conversation at the police station the previous day. "He's not answering his phone, he's not responding to any texts..." Steve grumbled. "I hate to ask this question, you think maybe he took off because he wants to avoid being arrested?" Kayla suggested. "No, he wouldn't do that -- he swore to Justin he's innocent, [so] he wouldn't run from Allie's accusations; he [wants] to clear his name!" Steve insisted. "Okay..." Kayla muttered.

Steve started to rush off in search of Tripp -- who entered the townhouse just then. "Oh, man -- am I glad to see you!" Steve stressed while giving Tripp a hug. "We were really worried about you," Kayla explained to Tripp. "I'm sorry -- I didn't mean to freak you guys out," Tripp said while pulling away from Steve. "Where were you?" Steve asked. "Sitting out by the lake," Tripp replied. "All night?" Steve wondered. "Guess I just lost track of time," Tripp explained. "Why didn't you answer any of my texts?" Steve challenged Tripp, who responded with an apologetic shrug.

"Justin told me about Allie's accusations," Steve revealed. "She's saying that I raped her!" Tripp summarized. "[But] you didn't even have sex with her...right?" Steve recalled. "No, I didn't -- I swear! [Look], I don't know why she's accusing me [of this, but] she's either confused or she's lying!" Tripp insisted. "I talked to Nicole -- [apparently], Allie remembers you on top of her, holding her down...and [Allie also remembers] that she said 'no' --" Kayla interjected. "I know that's what [Allie's] saying -- I talked to [her about this] yesterday, [right] after I left the station," Tripp admitted, surprising Steve and Kayla, who were both quick to point out that, in that case, Tripp had actually not been at the lake all night. "You need to be honest with us!" Kayla stressed. "I am!" Tripp countered.

"[Going to see Allie] was a really bad move -- I mean, if this goes to court, they could say that you were trying to intimidate her!" Steve warned. "That is not what I was trying to do -- I just wanted to talk to her and find out why she's doing this!" Tripp clarified. "Well, what did she say?" Kayla asked. "She insisted that she's telling the truth...but she's not!" Tripp replied. "I just don't understand why she would be making it up..." Kayla argued. "I don't, either, Kayla...[but] I swear I am innocent, okay? I didn't rape her -- I would never do something like that!" Tripp maintained.

" Please, have to believe me!" Tripp begged. "I want to believe you...but this is a very complicated situation --" Kayla explained. "[Because] Allie's your niece -- [yeah], I know [that]. But I swear I'm telling the truth!" Tripp countered -- just as Kayla received a text message from someone at the hospital. "I need to get to work," Kayla summarized before rushing off.

"She doesn't believe me -- I can see it in her eyes," Tripp fretted. "[And] I ran into Claire yesterday, and she attacked me -- she wouldn't [even] let me tell her my side of the story... [You know], everyone is gonna take Allie's side over mine...and if I were them, I probably would, too," Tripp admitted. "Hey -- I'm on your side, buddy...and when it comes down to it, Kayla will be, too," Steve stressed.

"[Speaking of] your side of the story...I think maybe we should go over that again --" Steve suggested. "Why? Are you starting to doubt me, too?" Tripp wondered. "Course not -- I just think it might help us to get a really clear picture of what happened that night, especially after you and Allie got back to her apartment," Steve clarified. "Fine..." Tripp agreed after some thought.

"Like I told you [before], she was completely wasted at [that] point, so I brought her home to put her to bed, but she still wanted to dance, [so] she put on some music --" Tripp began to reiterate. "And that's when she kissed you," Steve recalled. "Yeah," Tripp confirmed. "And you kissed her back?" Steve assumed. "At first...but then she could barely stand up, so I put a stop to it," Tripp insisted. "Did that upset her?" Steve wondered. "She was too out of it to even care," Tripp reported. "So, what'd you do next?" Steve asked. "I helped her into bed," Tripp replied. "She fall asleep in her clothes?" Steve guessed. "Well...not exactly..." Tripp admitted after several seconds of silence. "Did you take her clothes off?" Steve wondered. "No! She unzipped her own dress, [so] I turned my back until she got into bed -- [in] just her underwear," Tripp clarified.

"The first time you told me this story, you left out [that] part, [so]...why did you do that?" Steve challenged Tripp. "I didn't think it was important -- and I certainly had no idea I was gonna get accused of rape!" Tripp explained. "I mean...I mean...this is insane!" Tripp insisted. "It sure is..." Steve agreed. "Dad, still believe me, though...don't you?" Tripp asked hopefully. "Of course I believe you, Tripp," Steve immediately replied. "You're acting like you're suspicious --" Tripp argued. "No -- it's just that I need to know everything," Steve clarified.

"From now on, it's important that you don't hold anything back -- in my line of work, I've realized that every detail is important," Steve elaborated. "I get that," Tripp conceded. "Okay -- then you have to be clear and consistent from now on. [You know], this part about Allie getting undressed -- that could be important, [because] if she woke up in her underwear, it might have led her to believe that you two had sex --" Steve reasoned. "That's not what happened!" Tripp maintained. "I know that, but do you see how a thing like that could be misconstrued?" Steve countered, and Tripp nodded in response.

"[Okay, so]...why didn't you just leave [at that point]? Why'd you hang around there?" Steve wondered. "She was a mess -- I wanted to make sure she wasn't gonna get sick. [But] after she fell asleep, I scribbled a note -- you know, just telling her to call me in the morning -- and then I left," Tripp clarified. "[And] is there anything else you might have left out?" Steve asked. "I don't think so," Tripp replied.

Steve grabbed a notepad and a pen then handed both items to Tripp. "Write everything down -- [it] might trigger some more memories," Steve advised. "I know how this is gonna go -- if I get even the smallest detail wrong, people will think I'm lying...[including] Kayla," Tripp fretted. "Tripp, you have to understand, this is a sensitive subject for Kayla --" Steve explained. "[Because] Uncle Jack raped her a long time ago -- [yeah], I know that," Tripp countered. "[Then] you see how she would be more inclined to believe Allie," Steve assumed. "I just hate that she thinks I could be capable of this," Tripp admitted. "I'll talk to Kayla, okay? You're my son -- [and that means] you're her stepson, [so] at the end of the day, she'll be in your corner," Steve promised.

At the hospital, John complained to Marlena that the staff always took too long to get things done. "I'm sure [you'll be discharged] very soon," Marlena predicted -- just as Allie entered John's room, carrying a bouquet of flowers. "Oh, I've missed you!" John said to Allie while starting to sob again. "I'm so sorry I didn't come sooner," Allie stressed. "It's okay -- you got your hands full with that little baby," John acknowledged. "Yeah..." Allie muttered. "I know that you've had some reservations about raising Henry, but I got a feeling you're not gonna be able to resist [him] for long," John warned. "I want to love Henry, [but]'s just harder now that I know..." Allie stammered before taking a deep breath then finishing the explanation.

"Does your mother know?" Marlena asked. "Not yet," Allie replied. "That little bastard needs to be in prison!" John declared, startling Allie, who apologized then rushed off, feeling responsible for the outburst. "Calm down," Marlena begged John before chasing after Allie, who was already boarding the nearest elevator. "It's okay -- he'll be fine," Marlena assured Allie after stopping the elevator doors from shutting.

"Why don't we go somewhere and talk about [this] privately?" Marlena suggested. "I don't want to talk about it anymore, Grandma -- I really just want to try and forget that it ever happened, 'cause every time I look at Henry, I remember what Tripp did," Allie admitted. "I can't even hold my own son without thinking about how his father raped me!" Allie continued -- just as Kayla approached.

"I talked to Tripp -- I know what's going on --" Kayla began. "If you're here to defend him, I really don't want to hear it," Allie stressed. "No -- I just...I just want to tell you I'm sorry that you're going through this; I know firsthand what it's like," Kayla clarified. "If you need anything at all, please don't hesitate to ask --" Kayla continued. "Well, for starters, you can get Tripp to stop lying and admit what he did to me," Allie suggested. "What did Tripp say to you?" Marlena asked Kayla. "He's maintaining his innocence," Kayla replied. "Right -- and I'm guessing that you and Uncle Steve believe him. I should have known you'd be on his side..." Allie grumbled. "No, that is not true -- we are just trying to understand what happened --" Kayla insisted. "What 'happened' is Tripp raped me -- that's all you need to know!" Allie snapped before storming off.

"[This] must be so hard for you -- I mean, knowing both people involved..." Marlena said to Kayla. "I'm really trying to keep an open mind, but..." Kayla replied.

At the Walker-Brady apartment, Nicole finished telling Lucas about what was going on with Allie. "I'm gonna find Tripp [and] kill him with my bare hands -- and then I'm gonna find my daughter [and] make sure she's okay!" Lucas announced before starting to storm off. "I think you should wait here until Allie gets back," Nicole advised. "You're right..." Lucas conceded after some thought. "I don't often hear you say that -- to me, anyway..." Nicole acknowledged. "Well, here's something else you're not used to hearing -- thank you," Lucas replied. "You don't have to thank me," Nicole insisted.

"[Look], I'm sorry [that], of all people, [I was] the one who [had] to tell you this, [but] I think maybe [it] will make it easier on Allie...[and] I thought at least one parent should be informed, [but] I don't want Sami finding out and going all...Sami..." Nicole explained to Lucas -- just as Allie entered the apartment. "Dad... [Nicole] told you," Allie realized at once. "I'm sorry I didn't ask you first, but you really do need your dad right now, [and] I thought this would be easier -- you know, [if] you didn't have to break the news yourself..." Nicole reasoned. "It's okay -- I'm not mad," Allie stressed.

Nicole stepped into another room so Lucas could have a few minutes alone with Allie, who immediately broke down and started apologizing for the stress of the situation. "It's not your fault," Lucas insisted while comforting Allie with a hug. "What do you need from me?" Lucas asked after pulling away from Allie. "All I need from you right now is to know that you believe me," Allie replied. "Of course I believe you," Lucas confirmed.

At the hospital, Marlena and Kayla realized that John was missing. Meanwhile, at the Brady-Johnson townhouse, Steve greeted John -- who stormed inside and punched Tripp.

Kayla suggests a DNA test

Kayla suggests a DNA test

Friday, October 16, 2020

As Sarah prepared a romantic dinner at the Kiriakis mansion for her and Xander, she heard the front door slam. "Finally! Now get your sexy butt in here to let me show you how much I missed you!" Sarah yelled toward the foyer. "Sounds like fun," Philip said as he walked into the living room. Philip told Sarah that Xander was at the office "trying to prove that he is a better employee."

Philip apologized for asking Maggie to convince Victor to fire Xander. Philip asked Sarah why she had forgiven Xander after his part in the baby switch. As Sarah stared at Philip, he shared that he understood her pain because he had believed that Claire had been his daughter for the first year of her life. Philip argued that what Xander had done was worse because he had hidden the truth about the death of Sarah's child.

"How do you forgive someone for hurting you like that?" Philip asked. "Xander switched the babies because he was trying to protect me," Sarah said. Sarah argued that Xander had done what he had thought had been the right thing. "Like when he encouraged Jan to sic the cops on me because it was the right thing to do?" Philip countered. Sarah told Philip that Xander had asked Jan to drop the charges.

"My attorney says [Jan] refuses to do so," Philip said. Sarah shrugged. "For the record, I didn't like that Xander tried to use Jan as a weapon against you in this weird battle you two are having over Titan. And I told him that," Sarah said. With a grin, Philip noted that Sarah's displeasure was why Xander had called Jan. Sarah argued that Xander had called off Jan because he had realized that he did not need to stoop to his old dirty tricks.

"The man that I fell in love with is better than that," Sarah said. "My father seems to think so," Philip muttered. Sarah asked Philip to attempt to get along with Xander. Philip agreed. "It's what's best for the company," Philip said. Sarah's phone beeped with a text from Xander stating he was stuck at work.

"Bummer. And I made all this food," Sarah lamented. Sarah invited Philip to join her, and he agreed. After dinner, Philip and Sarah returned to the living room to chat. "This is, without a doubt, one of the nicest evenings I've had since I've come back to town," Philip said. When Philip said he preferred dinner with a beautiful woman, Sarah asked Philip about his love life.

"I'm a bit lonely," Philip admitted. Philip said that Belle was firmly in his past, and his relationship with Chloe in New York had fizzled out. Sarah told Philip to be patient. As Philip poured more wine in Sarah's cup, he confided that he had used his corporate war with Xander as a distraction from his loneliness.

"Any woman would be very, very lucky to have you," Sarah said. As Sarah put her hand on Philip's arm, Xander walked in. Xander asked what he had interrupted. "We had dinner," Philip said. Angry, Xander pulled Philip to his feet by his collar, causing Philip to spill his wine on Sarah. Xander warned Philip to stop hitting on his girlfriend.

"[Philip] was just keeping me company," Sarah yelled. Xander glowered at Philip. Sarah ordered Xander to apologize to Philip, but he refused. Annoyed, Sarah went upstairs to clean her dress. Xander chased after her. "Worked like a charm," Philip whispered with a smile.

Philip called his contact and told them about his argument with Xander. "One little poke, and [Xander] lost his mind. I just know I have to keep poking, and he will eventually do something really stupid. And then father will fire him once and for all," Philip said.

Upstairs, Sarah frantically blotted at the wine stain on her dress as Xander caught up with her in the bedroom. "I'm sorry," Xander started. "What were you thinking, attacking Philip like that? Especially when you're already on thin ice with Victor?" Sarah asked. Xander complained that Philip had been all over Sarah, but she corrected Xander and noted that she and Philip had only been talking. "That guy has an agenda behind everything he does. I don't trust him," Xander said.

In John's room at the hospital, Marlena and Kayla were surprised to learn that John was not there. Marlena saw that John's clothes were missing from his bag. "I got a bad feeling about this," Marlena said.

At Kayla and Steve's place, a frustrated Tripp lamented to Steve that he was worried about a rape allegation instead of concentrating on his transfer to the local medical school. There was a knock at the door. It was John. When John saw Tripp in the living room, he rushed past Steve and punched Tripp. "What the hell are you doing?" Steve asked as he attempted to pull John away from Tripp. John yelled that he wanted to give Tripp a little of what he deserved for hurting John's granddaughter.

Steve intervened and stopped John from charging at Tripp again. "They told me what this douchebag did to [Allie], and I've come to set him straight," John growled. Steve pushed John back, and John screamed at Steve to get out of his way. When Steve told John that his brain had made him overly angry, John argued that he was acting rationally.

"This is my granddaughter's life, and your son has completely ruined it!" John yelled. "No, I didn't. I swear I didn't," Tripp protested. John called Tripp a coward. "Steve told John that he was wrong. "Are you defending him?" John asked. Steve told John that Tripp was innocent.

"Are you calling my granddaughter a liar now?" John asked. John took a swing at Steve, but Steve easily avoided the punch. Marlena and Kayla walked in as Steve restrained John in a chokehold. Steve released John once he had calmed, and he told Marlena and Kayla that John had hit Tripp. "What are you thinking?" Marlena asked John. "That scum raped our granddaughter, and Steve is defending him," John argued. John asked Kayla how she could tolerate a rapist living under her roof after what she had been through.

Shocked, Marlena pushed John out the front door. "I'm not letting this go!" John shouted as Marlena pushed him into the hallway. Once the door was closed, Tripp apologized to Steve. "It's not your fault. You didn't do anything wrong," Steve said. Kayla looked away. Tripp said that although he had not done anything wrong, he felt bad for angering John when he was sick. Steve assured Tripp that John's anger was part of his illness.

"Allie has the rest of this town thinking [I hurt her]," Tripp said. "You know, there is a really easy way you can solve all this," Kayla said. Kayla suggested a DNA test. When Tripp stressed that he had not slept with Allie, Kayla said that the test would prove it. "So, in other words, you don't believe me?" Tripp asked.

"A DNA test would be a simple way to put everybody's questions to rest. And if you're telling the truth, then you shouldn't have a problem with it," Kayla said. Tripp's eyes went wide. "If I'm telling the truth?" Tripp asked. Kayla argued that the test would prevent further confrontations. "You wouldn't have to live under this cloud of suspicion," Kayla added. When Kayla offered to retrieve a test kit from her medical bag, Tripp said, "I'll pass." Tripp walked out.

"Why did Tripp react the way he did? Or should I say overreact?" Kayla said. "[Tripp] already thought that you didn't believe him, so then you suggest he take a DNA test, I think he is just hurt," Steve said. "Or maybe he has something to hide," Kayla countered. Kayla noted that it was suspicious that Tripp had run from the one thing that could prove his innocence.

Steve retrieved Tripp's toothbrush from the bathroom, and he placed it in a bag. "You wanted a DNA sample -- here it is. All you have to do is get some DNA from the baby, and you can run your test," Steve said. Kayla reminded Steve that Tripp had made it clear that he did not want the test. "I want you to do it," Steve said. Steve argued the test was the only way to get everyone to believe Tripp.

Charlie approached the Brady Pub and groaned when he saw the closed sign. "Charlie?" Claire said as she walked up. Charlie noted that he had escaped from work on a break. Claire offered to get Charlie a sandwich from inside. With a shrug, Charlie said he'd really only wanted to get out of the office. Claire suggested that they sit on the bench and talk instead.

Charlie asked about Claire's day, and she told him she had spent the day finalizing the plans for Ciara's memorial. "That's why the pub is closed. They're setting up for tomorrow," Claire explained. Claire told Charlie that she could not believe that Ciara was gone. "I'm so sorry," Charlie said. Claire told Charlie a little about her relationship with Ciara.

"I did some things I'm not really proud of," Claire said. "We've all been there," Charlie said. "This was pretty extreme. And ultimately, Ciara forgave me," Claire said. Claire told Charlie that she had missed her chance to make things up to Ciara. Charlie told Claire that she had shown that she was a good friend to Ciara when she had planned a memorial for Ciara's friends and family to gather and mourn their loss.

"I'm really glad I ran into you," Charlie said. "And that I didn't spill smoothie all over your shirt?" Claire joked. With a chuckle, Charlie said he had been unsure that he would see Claire again. "You have a lot going on. Not just the memorial, but I remember you mentioning that you heard something really disturbing about your ex-boyfriend," Charlie said. Claire told Charlie about Allie's accusation.

Claire told Charlie that she had hoped to reconcile with Tripp when she had first run into him in Salem, but that was clearly not an option anymore. "Selfishly, I'm glad. It means that maybe I still have a shot," Charlie said. As Claire smiled, Tripp called out to her. "I have nothing to say to you," Claire said coldly.

"Well, I have something to say to you," Tripp said. Tripp started to say that he had never slept with Allie, but Charlie jumped to his feet. "Back off!" Charlie barked at Tripp. Charlie noted that Claire was already upset about the loss of someone she loved. "I happened to be close to that person, too," Tripp countered. Claire told Tripp to stay away from the memorial because no one wanted him there.

"And stay away from Claire. She made it pretty clear that she wants nothing to do with you," Charlie said. Tripp told Charlie that the situation was none of his business. Tripp made a plea for Claire to listen, but she refused. "Fine. Forget it," Tripp said. After Tripp walked away, Claire told Charlie that she was certain that Tripp was lying.

At the hospital, Marlena sat with John in his room and told him that she had secured his release. "I probably shouldn't have taken off like that, but after Allie told us what Tripp did to her, I just exploded," John said. John said his intent had been to tell Steve that his son was disgusting, but when he had seen Tripp in the apartment, he had lost his temper.

"I had to hurt him for Allie," John said. As Marlena heaved a deep sigh, John assured Marlena that his anger was not part of the emotional side effects of his aneurysm. John argued that his anger that time was different than the others. "I knew exactly what I was doing. I have zero regrets," John said. "Fighting doesn't solve anything," Marlena said. John countered that Tripp did not deserve to get away with what he had done to Allie.

"I'm very concerned about Allie, but I'm also concerned about you. Honey, you and Steve have been friends and partners for so many years," Marlena said. Marlena worried aloud that the situation could tear John and Steve apart. "All I'm worried about is getting Steve to see that his son is nothing but a liar," John said. John argued that Tripp was Ava's bad seed and had previously proven he was violent.

"Kayla just wants to keep an open mind until all the facts are in," Marlena said. John countered that the only fact that mattered was that Tripp had assaulted Allie. Marlena reminded John that he had defended Brady when he had been falsely accused of serious crimes. "[Brady] never raped anyone," John growled. Marlena advised John to get control of his anger because it was not healthy, but John vowed to make Tripp pay for his crime.

"I want justice as much as you do, but I don't want it to cost you your friendship with Steve," Marlena said. "As far as I'm concerned, that's gonna be up to him," John countered.

When Tripp returned home, Steve was waiting for him in the living room. Tripp asked about Kayla. "She had to go out," Steve said. "So she didn't have to be under the same roof as a rapist?" Tripp said. Steve shook his head. "It's obvious what Kayla thinks of me. It's obvious what this whole town thinks of me. Except you," Tripp said. Tripp went to his room. With a sigh, Steve took the bagged toothbrush out of his pocket and looked at it.

In Nicole's living room, Nicole told Allie that she was proud of Allie for telling John and Marlena what had happened in London. "Pretty much all of Salem knows by now," Allie said. Henry's cries echoed on the baby monitor. Allie asked Nicole if she minded checking on Henry. "Are you avoiding your son?" Nicole asked. Allie grew defensive, so Nicole left to check on Henry.

When Nicole returned, Allie argued that Nicole was reading too much into the situation. "If I'm wrong, I'm wrong," Nicole said. With a sigh, Allie told Nicole that she was not wrong. "It's really hard for me to be around Henry right now, and I've been having thoughts," Allie said. Nicole pressed for details.

Allie admitted that she had not had anyone to confide in about the rape, and she had ignored the early warning signs of her pregnancy until it had been too late to get an abortion. "Did you ever see a doctor?" Nicole asked. Allie confessed that she had been too ashamed to admit to anyone about the night of Henry's conception.

"Do you think it's possible that maybe some part of you wanted to have this baby?" Nicole asked. Allie said she was unsure, but she had been certain that she would not be able to raise her son. "Well, it worked out," Nicole said. With tears in her eyes, Allie admitted that since she had regained her memories, she had trouble looking at Henry.

"Henry is an innocent baby, I mean, none of this is his fault," Allie said. "Henry is a constant reminder of the worst thing that ever happened to you, and right now, your brain can't separate him from how he came to be," Nicole counseled Allie. Nicole told Allie that it would take time for her to heal and that Nicole would be there for Allie.

Allie noted that it was time to feed Henry. Nicole offered to feed the baby, but with a nod, Allie said she would do it. While Allie was in the bedroom, Kayla stopped by the apartment to ask for a sample of Henry's DNA. "I'm shocked that Tripp would agree to this," Allie said when she rejoined Nicole. "Steve thinks it will clear him," Kayla said. When Allie asked what Kayla believed, Kayla said she wanted the truth to come out as soon as possible. Allie agreed.

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