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Franco and Scott proceeded with their blackmail scheme. Dev took steps to deceive Cameron about Josslyn. Brook Lynn was caught lip-syncing. Maxie and Peter decided to get married. Nina took charge of Nelle's funeral arrangements. Brando infiltrated Cyrus' organization.
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Franco and Scott's blackmail scheme took a shocking turn
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Dante's return home isn't what he expects

Dante's return home isn't what he expects

Monday, October 12, 2020

Elizabeth entered a conference room at the hospital and joined Franco and Scott. Scott told Elizabeth that it was payday, but she was uneasy about the fact that they were committing extortion. She reminded Franco that they could go to prison, but he talked about the financial security they could have. Scott chimed in that he'd done the "dirty work," so the couple was "in the clear." Elizabeth suggested telling Nikolas the truth about their scheme and hoping that it would wake him up. Franco remembered her being all-in on the plan, so he wondered what had changed. She replied that it was a plan that had been based on anger, and it had turned them into blackmailers.

Franco reminded Elizabeth of how Nikolas and Ava had disrespected them and their relationship, so their plan was really a balancing of the scales. Elizabeth feared losing the "loving and stable home" they'd built in an instant, but Scott refused to let that happen. Franco dreamily talked about all the things they could do with the money, but Elizabeth still wasn't convinced.

Nikolas arrived at the hospital and asked someone at the nurses' station where Kevin was. Britt turned around and answered that it was a step in the right direction for Nikolas to be looking into psychiatric care, as anyone who would let his son believe he was dead for three years had "real issues." Nikolas criticized her decision to work with the drug lord Cyrus, but she reminded him that no one had cared when Sonny had donated a wing to the hospital. "He's nothing like Cyrus," Nikolas replied. Britt related that she ignored the accusation so she could focus on saving lives.

Britt told Nikolas that she hadn't heard from Spencer in a while, but the last time he'd contacted her, he'd pleaded with her to save Nikolas from himself -- or from his marriage. Nikolas answered that he and Spencer had patched things up. Britt made a crack about Nikolas' "loveless con" of a marriage, and Nikolas thought back to his night with Ava. He told Britt that things with Ava were complicated, and she scoffed that he had developed feelings for Ava. She informed him that people close to Ava had "a habit of dying." She advised him to divorce Ava immediately, before he appeared on Ryan's radar.

Nikolas saw Scott behind Britt as Scott got off the elevator. He tapped on his watch and kept walking. Nikolas excused himself and left. Britt turned and saw Scott, and she approached him. "Aren't you Ava's flunky?" Britt asked. She asked him to use his influence to get Ava to divorce Nikolas, as she was looking out for Spencer. Scott told her not to worry, as he predicted that the couple would soon be divorced. "Why do you say that?" she wondered.

Ava sat with Julian at Charlie's, and she wondered how he'd gotten himself on Cyrus' radar. He told her that Cyrus had wanted to buy the bar, but Julian had turned down the offer. Changing the subject, he wanted to know what had happened with Ryan. Ava informed her brother that Ryan had Nelle's letter about all of Julian's misdeeds involving Wiley, but Julian thought that she should call Ryan's bluff. In exchange, she explained that Ryan had only wanted her to visit once a week until Nikolas had burst into the room. After that, Ryan had demanded that the couple divorce, so Julian told her to "start filing."

Ava balked at the idea of a divorce, and she told Julian that there was no guarantee Ryan would even honor his end of the bargain. Julian thought that she should still divorce Nikolas in order to buy time until Julian could figure out a "more permanent solution." Just then, Nikolas arrived, wanting to talk to Ava, but Julian rudely said that he and Ava were busy. Ava insisted that she could spare a couple minutes and walked off with Nikolas.

Ava said that she hadn't needed Nikolas to rescue her from Ryan, but he wanted to know why she'd rushed to Pentonville as soon as she'd heard from Ryan. Ava disclosed that Ryan had something she wanted. "Does it matter more than what you have?" he asked. "With you?" she clarified in disbelief. Nikolas told her that, even if their marriage ended that day, he didn't want to watch her get involved with Ryan again. She had to go, and Nikolas begged her not to go see Ryan. He promised that she could tell him what was going on, and he could fix it. She was tempted until she saw Julian behind Nikolas motioning for her to get moving. "Sorry, I have to," she said, and she left.

Lulu was shocked to open the front door to Dante. "Hey, Lulu, I'm back. Can I come in?" he asked. A shirtless Dustin entered to see who was at the door, and he immediately put a shirt on when he realized who it was. Dante apologized for the intrusion and turned to go, but Lulu begged him to stay. Dante finally entered the house, and Dustin introduced himself to Dante. Dante grabbed his hand and used it to twist Dustin's arm around and hold him there. Dante took out his gun and aimed it at Dustin amid Lulu's screams for Dante to stop. He cocked the gun and pulled the trigger.

Dante snapped himself out of his daydream and shook Dustin's hand. Dante asked to wash up, and Lulu wondered if anyone knew he was there. Dante informed her that he'd been released, and she could call the field office if she didn't believe him, as she was still listed as his next of kin. He walked out of the room and took out a bottle of his pills. Dustin promised to check in soon, and he left the house. Dante returned a few minutes later and assured her that she hadn't had to send Dustin away. She answered that Dustin knew that she and Dante had a lot to talk about. "Where do we start?" Dante asked.

Lulu asked how Dante was doing, and he replied that he'd worked hard to get better. He wondered if she wished he hadn't returned, and she went off. She told him that she was happy that he was back, and she reminded him that she hadn't been the one to ask to end the marriage. She questioned if he knew what he'd done to her and the family, and she related that she'd done what he'd asked and let him go. She'd always wanted him home, and she dared him to walk into the house he'd abandoned and ask her otherwise. She cried that she'd told him that she would wait forever, and had she known it would only be a year and a half, she would have been waiting.

Dante apologized for hurting Lulu, and she knew that he'd done what he'd thought he'd had to do at the time. Lulu hadn't realized how angry she'd been, but she didn't want to be angry at him. Dante replied that he wouldn't blame her for being angry. She continued that the life she'd built for herself suddenly looked totally different. Dante asked if it was a good life, and she tearfully nodded.

"I'm truly happy for you," Dante assured Lulu. "He's not you, but he's a good person. He's kind, generous, sweet, and he loves the kids, and me," she said of Dustin. "How could he not?" Dante replied. Dante had to go find a place to stay, and Lulu was surprised that he was staying in town. Dante vowed to never leave his family again. He left, and she ran to the closed door. The two sadly leaned on opposite sides of the door.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Ned walked onto the terrace and found Olivia talking to Alexis. Olivia wanted details about how he'd apparently helped Alexis the night before. Alexis claimed that Ned had listened to her at the Floating Rib when she'd been upset about Neil's memorial service. Olivia wasn't surprised, as she believed that her husband was a good person. Ned related that Alexis had helped him, too, by assuring him not to worry about Olivia. Ned and Alexis thought back to their night together. Olivia was glad that they had each other for support, and she excused herself to check on the staff.

Ned made sure that Alexis wouldn't say anything about their night together, as he could see that she was going through a rough patch. An offended Alexis insisted that he had nothing to worry about. Olivia returned, and Alexis excused herself to get another drink. Olivia confided in Ned that she'd seen Alexis spike her drink, and she guessed that Ned had found Alexis drinking the night before. "Something like that," he replied. She was proud of him for helping Alexis, and she said that she wouldn't know what to do if she lost him. "You never will," he promised, and he hugged her.

Carly offered to book Gladys a room, but Gladys maintained that Brando deserved a role in Sonny's business. Sam informed Gladys that there was no place for Brando in Sonny's coffee business. Carly added that Sonny had set Brando up in a garage, which was what Brando had wanted. Gladys thought he deserved better, and she urged Carly to think about all he'd done for the family. "That's enough!" Carly exclaimed. She reminded Gladys that they were mourning Mike, and Gladys was too busy being greedy. Gladys responded that she'd seen all that Sam and Jason had and just wanted the same for Brando.

Sam shot back that she and Jason had earned everything they had, including Sonny's trust. Gladys stated that she and Brando were family, unlike Sam and Jason. Sam didn't think that Gladys knew what family meant for someone who talked about it all the time. Carly put her foot down on the conversation and said that they would discuss Gladys' greed another time. Gladys thought that Mike would be ashamed of how they were treating family. "The ATM is closed. Do we understand each other?" Carly yelled.

Cyrus arrived at the Metro Court restaurant. Jason informed him that it was closed for a private event, and Cyrus hadn't been invited. Sonny approached and demanded to know why Cyrus was there. Cyrus wanted to pay his respects, even thought he'd never met Mike. Sonny reminded Cyrus of the "representative" who'd greeted Mike in New York. Brando joined the group, and Cyrus hoped that he and Brando could start fresh, since Cyrus' offending men were in jail. Jordan arrived and offered her condolences to Sonny, especially since she knew how much Mike and Stella had loved each other.

Jordan was also there on official business, and she asked Brando to accompany her to the police station to answer some questions about Jason's accident. Gladys approached, curious what was going on. Brando told her about the accident and how the police were trying to pin the blame on him. Sam and Carly joined the group as Jordan disclosed that they'd proven that the part put onto Jason's motorcycle had been tampered with. Brando insisted that he hadn't done it, and Gladys told Sonny to do something, since he was the head of the family. Sonny advised Brando not to talk without a lawyer present, and Gladys reminded Sonny that Brando couldn't afford a lawyer. Brando promised to go to the station the next day with a lawyer, and he stormed off.

Gladys was horrified that Sonny wouldn't get a lawyer for Brando after all he'd done for Sonny. She insisted that she was done with the family after seeing how they treated their own, and she walked off in a huff. Jordan apologized for disrupting the memorial, but Sonny understood that she had a job to do. Jordan asked to talk to Carly alone, so they walked away. Jordan revealed that the detective in the jurisdiction where Nelle's body had been found had some questions for Carly to "fill in the blanks," since the autopsy report had been finished.

Olivia and Ned walked over to Sonny, who was sitting at the bar. Olivia told Sonny that some of their friends from Bensonhurst wanted to do something to honor Mike, and she was happy to spearhead it. Sonny thought back to talking to Dante. He thought it would be nice to see everyone. She promised to be in touch, and she and Ned left just as a tipsy Alexis walked by.

Sam took Jason aside and wondered what was going on. She wanted to be kept in the loop, but Sonny sauntered over and told her that it was business. Alexis approached and observed that the group seemed tense. Sonny needed to talk to Jason, so the two walked away. "Was it something I said?" Alexis said with a chuckle. She put her glass down and stumbled over to the elevator. A suspicious Sam picked up Alexis' glass and smelled the contents.

Outside of the restaurant, Sonny informed Jason that Brando could have caused a big problem. Brando appeared and insisted that he'd found his way into Cyrus' organization. He clarified that he'd created a "public rift," and Sonny had played along. Sonny answered that he'd had no choice. Jason thought that if Cyrus had been convinced, he would make Brando another offer. If he hadn't been convinced, there would be trouble. Brando was sure that it would work. "Are you willing to bet your life on it?" Sonny questioned.

As Gladys approached Charlie's, Cyrus called out to her. She recognized him from Mike's memorial, and the two introduced themselves. He said that she had an impressive son, which she agreed with, but she lamented that his family didn't seem to care. Cyrus figured that the family was just grieving. He handed Gladys his business card and urged her or Brando to call if they needed a friend, and she took the card and smiled at him.

Maxie has a question for Peter

Maxie has a question for Peter

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Sitting in Dr. Navarro's office, Maxie and Peter were quiet. He admitted that he was nervous about the results of the genetic tests, and she agreed. Peter suggested that she thought about the Deception meeting going on. Maxie related that Lucy had a lot to prove, since she was the one who'd allowed Cyrus to take control of the hospital. "Poor Cyrus, everyone is so down on him," Britt said from the doorway. "You're not Dr. Navarro," Maxie spat. Peter excitedly got up and hugged his sister.

Britt sat down at the desk and saw that Maxie and Peter were there for genetic counseling. According to the tests, she revealed that nothing suggested that the baby would inherit anything bad from either of them. She did see markers in Peter for rheumatoid arthritis, and she suggested that he see a doctor about it. Maxie was glad the appointment was over, but Peter didn't know how he could live without fear of Faison. Maxie assured him that Faison was gone, and the two embraced.

Peter thanked Maxie for loving him and believing in him, and she thanked him for helping put her back together after Nathan's death. He couldn't imagine his life without her. She replied that he didn't have to, and she asked him to marry her. A stunned Peter admitted that he'd always imagined himself doing the proposing. A crying Britt grabbed a tissue and told them to pretend that she wasn't there. "Answer the woman!" she added.

Peter got down on one knee and told Maxie that nothing would make him happier than marrying her. Peter got up and kissed Maxie as Britt squealed. Britt thanked them for letting her share in the moment, and she left to give them some privacy. Maxie had thought she'd never be that happy again, and Peter had never thought that he'd be happy at all. "What do we do now?" he asked. "Plan the rest of our lives together," she replied happily.

Anna stood staring into space with a bridal magazine in her hands. Finn entered the room and asked if she was all right, startling her out of her daze. She said that she had something to tell him about Alex. She admitted that the meeting in Berlin had been an ambush, and Alex had tried to have her killed. "Why now?" Finn wondered, and Anna guessed that it had something to do with Peter. She continued that she and Valentin were going to try to lure Alex to Port Charles, but Finn informed her that that would put everyone in danger. He suggested that she just tell Peter the truth so that Alex no longer had a hold on Anna.

Anna refused to tell Peter that Alex could be his mother, as she didn't want to turn his happy world upside down. She also thought that he'd be more susceptible to Alex's manipulations, and she was just as lethal as Faison. She ran upstairs as he took a phone call. A few minutes later, she returned downstairs, and he told her that he had an emergency to attend to at the hospital. He assured her that no one doubted her love for Peter, and he left. When he was gone, Anna called Peter and asked to see him, as there was something he needed to know.

Chase met up with Jackie at the Floating Rib, and she wondered when she was going to meet Willow. Chase covered that Willow was busy, but Jackie sensed that he was hiding something. He admitted that they'd broken up, and she wondered what had happened. He disclosed that he'd cheated on Willow, and Jackie was surprised. She wondered if there was a way to make it right, as he'd seemed so happy with Willow. He answered that Willow had moved on with someone else, and he couldn't take back everything he'd said. Jackie thought that Willow might give him a second chance if he apologized and followed up with action.

Chase continued that he'd rather not have Willow at all than to risk hurting her again. Jackie commented that the "martyr complex" was from his father's side. Speaking of his father, Chase wondered if Jackie would help him fix things between his father and Finn. Jackie advised Chase to put himself in Finn's shoes, but Chase thought it was time for Finn to get over it, especially since Violet wanted to meet her grandparents. Jackie warned Chase to stay out of it, as he would be liable to get "hit with friendly fire."

Ava arrived at Pentonville to find that Ryan was waiting for her in the visitors' room. He demanded to know what had taken her so long, and she told him that she was there with something better than a divorce. She had a counteroffer that she thought he would find "very appealing." She explained the terms of her and Nikolas' marriage, and she offered to cut him in on the money. Ryan laughed that he had no use for the money, and he could tell that the two cared about each other.

Ava reminded Ryan that he'd taken her daughter, and he was about to take her brother. He replied that he didn't want to, as he would go to "great extremes" to make her happy. He added that he also wanted to make sure that she wasn't happy with anyone else. Ava insisted that she wasn't happy with Nikolas, and she thought that Ryan would appreciate her desire for revenge. He told her that she would get Nelle's letter when she showed him the signed divorce papers, and he stormed out.

Jax joined Nina at Charlie's, and she told him about how she'd been researching Phyllis Caulfield. She related that there were many, and she hadn't yet found "my" Phyllis. She admitted that she'd been frequently thinking about Nelle, and Jax reminded her that Nelle had gotten under Nina's skin by being a "pathological manipulator." Nina had empathy for Nelle, as she knew what it was like to be desperate. Jax believed that Nelle only cared about revenge, and while he hadn't wished her dead, he wasn't unhappy about her death.

At the bar at Charlie's, Nikolas asked Julian how they could keep Ava from seeing Ryan. "How about you stop caring for my sister?" Julian suggested. Nikolas was surprised at the coldness of the question. However, Julian clarified that, considering how much Ava had been hurt in past relationships, it would be better and safer for everyone if the marriage remained a business transaction.

Martin arrived at the bar and asked to talk to Julian in private. Julian assured Martin that he could say anything in front of Nikolas, so Martin informed him that Nelle's body was being released from the morgue. Julian was Nelle's next of kin, so her burial arrangements would be his responsibility. He muttered that all she deserved was an unmarked grave in a field. Martin asked Julian to sign the paperwork so that Nelle's body could be delivered to whatever field Julian wanted. Nina overheard the conversation and thought that Nelle deserved better. "Not from me," Julian said. "I'll do it," Nina stated, and she vowed to make sure that Nelle got a decent burial. Martin followed Nina over to her table.

Ava arrived, and she was surprised to see that Nikolas was still at Charlie's. "I was just on my way out," he said coldly. She asked if she would see him at home later, and he replied, "I don't know," and left. Ava was shocked and confused at the encounter, which Julian shrugged off. He asked if she'd made a deal with Ryan, and she revealed that she'd figured out a way to get what she wanted without having to divorce Nikolas.

At Nina's table, Martin finished up the paperwork for Nelle's transport. He promised to be in touch and left. Jax didn't agree with Nina's actions, but she thought that no one else would give Nelle a proper burial. Jax understood that Nina saw herself in Nelle, but he insisted that the two women were nothing alike. He hoped that, once Nelle's burial was done, Nina would be able to stop thinking about her.

Amy was touching up her makeup at the Metro Court when Brook Lynn arrived. Brook Lynn demanded to know why Amy was there, and Amy replied that she wanted to see Lucy's reaction when her track was played. Brook Lynn reminded Amy that it was Brook Lynn's track, and Amy would only be heard, not seen. Valentin arrived as Amy left, and Brook Lynn glared after her. Valentin suspiciously asked Brook Lynn how her recording session had gone. She insisted that everything was fine.

Sasha arrived in the Metro Court ballroom, looking terrible. Lucy organized the tables of samples and went on about how excited she was for the meeting. She turned and gasped when she saw Sasha. "What happened to you?" she questioned. A few minutes later, Lucy finished doing Sasha's makeup, and Sasha asked to postpone the meeting to when she was feeling better. Lucy refused, and Sasha asked where Maxie was. Lucy replied that Maxie was at an appointment concerning her pregnancy, and she'd promised not to let Maxie down.

Valentin and Brook Lynn entered, and Lucy wondered what Valentin was doing there. He answered that he wanted to "ensure a profitable return on my investment," and he promised to stay out of the way. Brook Lynn handed a flash drive with her song on it to Lucy, and Lucy was excited to "make the deal of a lifetime." A woman that Lucy recognized as the buyer entered, and Lucy introduced herself and her team.

A short while later, Sasha misspoke through an explanation about Deception's lipstick selection, and she knocked them all over. She went to put one on to showcase the color, but her hands shook so badly that she smeared the lipstick. Lucy proposed a break, and the buyer, Ms. Madigan, walked away. Valentin intercepted the woman and thanked her for looking at Deception. He insisted that he never would have invested in the team if he didn't believe that they had something "new and fresh." Ms. Madigan replied that she didn't want to waste her time on an "inferior presentation."

Brook Lynn demanded to know what was wrong with Sasha, as the company was an investment in all of their futures. Sasha apologized to Ms. Madigan for her earlier presentation, and she promised to impress the buyer if she gave Sasha another chance. Brook Lynn chimed in that Sasha was just suffering from nerves. Sasha continued that the team at Deception cared about their products and put their heart and soul into them. Sasha acknowledged her mistakes and covered that Deception's products would make the imperfect woman look perfect. Ms. Madigan observed that the meeting was different from any other she'd been to, and it was unprofessional but charming.

Lucy mentioned that Brook Lynn was the voice of Deception, and she'd made a special recording just for the meeting. Amy peeked into the room as Lucy tried to get the track playing on her computer. Ms. Madigan no longer wanted to wait and suggested that they revisit the pitch another time. Lucy realized that, since Brook Lynn was there, she could just give a live performance. "Excellent idea!" Valentin chimed in.

Deception's presentation ends in failure

Deception's presentation ends in failure

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Jordan met with Cyrus in the hospital parking garage after receiving his request via text message. He asked if she had something for him, and Jordan handed him a flash drive containing the police files on the specified case. She reminded him that the case was old and mostly redacted, but Cyrus declared that he had no problem with that.

Cyrus asked about Jordan's investigation into Brando's role in sabotaging Jason's motorcycle, but she stated that she had merely been asking Brando about the parts involved in the bike's repair. Cyrus ordered Jordan to "kill" the investigation right away. Jordan retorted that she wouldn't cross lines for Cyrus, but he felt that she didn't really believe that Brando had been responsible for the accident, anyway.

Jordan flashed back to a prior conversation with Curtis when she'd told him to ignore Cyrus' baiting, and she agreed with Cyrus' assessment. She wondered why Cyrus wanted to protect Brando. Cyrus suggested that Brando was innocent, and he didn't want to see Brando suffer the same injustice that Cyrus had.

After Peter and Maxie's meeting with Britt to discuss genetics at General Hospital, and the marriage proposal, Peter informed Maxie that Anna wanted to see him. Maxie decided to meet with Felicia and Mac at the Floating Rib. She hoped Anna didn't have any bad news. The couple talked about how happy they were.

Chase stopped into Finn's office and suggested a real family dinner with his mother. Finn joked that he would revoke Chase's "best man title" because he was not interested in seeing Jackie. Chase tried to plead his case, but Finn was adamant that his relationship with Jackie was not the same as Chase's. He added that he wasn't even sure that his wedding would happen.

When Chase pressed for more information, Finn claimed to be "talking nonsense." He informed Chase that Anna's sister had been "acting up," and it was possible that Alex would show up in Port Charles. Chase recalled that Alex was "on the run" so he was confused as to why she would show herself. Finn claimed to have no idea, but Chase received a phone call from Valentin who urged him to get to Metro Court. Valentin thought that Sasha needed a friend.

Curtis bumped into Portia in the hallway at the hospital and explained that he was there to see T.J. before heading out to dinner. He and Jordan hadn't seen the young man very often lately. Portia offered to wait with him and explained that T.J. could be tied up for a while. She laughed about her chaperoning at the homecoming dance and suffering from ringing ears. Curtis asked how Trina had fared.

Curtis was hopeful that Trina would still be able to enjoy life, and Portia agreed that her daughter had mostly enjoyed herself at the dance. Portia thought that Curtis was considerate to ask about Trina, but Curtis explained that he was a grown man who could take Trina's anger. Portia thought her daughter's anger was misdirected, as Curtis had been the one to save Trina's life. Portia would never be able to repay him.

Jordan arrived and saw Chase. She informed her detective that she no longer needed him to investigate Jason's crash. She thought she could use him on more pressing cases instead. Chase began to argue with her and pointed out the possibility that Cyrus had used Brando to tamper with Jason's bike.

Jordan stressed that there was no way to prove anything, and they continued to argue as Curtis and Portia arrived. Jordan advised Chase that they would discuss it further the following day, and Chase agreed. He left, and Jordan apologized to the others for the scene. Portia wasn't happy to see Taggert's killer get away with a crime with the case being dropped. She thought that without any evidence tying Cyrus to Taggert, a new investigation could send Cyrus back to prison.

Jordan retorted that she didn't have to explain her decisions to anyone, and there was no evidence that tied Cyrus to Jason's accident. "Well there certainly won't be any now that you're shelving the investigation," Portia snapped. She called Jordan a coward, and Jordan lost her temper. She made it clear that Portia had no idea what Jordan had gone through, and she didn't answer to Portia.

"Okay, well then, why don't you answer to Taggert?" Portia asked. She accused Jordan of dragging Portia's former husband's name through the mud. Curtis tried to stop the argument and noted that they all had suffered pain. He reminded the women that Cyrus was the enemy, not any of them. Jordan sighed, and Portia agreed that Curtis was right. She hated that Cyrus was walking around in the place where Taggert had died, but she assumed that Jordan had been doing her best.

Jordan agreed that she had been doing her best, but she wouldn't just "off" Cyrus and look like a ghost. Portia and Curtis looked at Jordan strangely, and she clarified that it had all been stressful. She missed Taggert, too. She announced that she no longer wanted to meet T.J. for dinner and was going home.

After Jordan had gone, Portia said that she was sorry to have upset Jordan, but she thought that Jordan's actions regarding Cyrus had been suspicious. She didn't think she had been the only one to notice.

Cyrus stopped at Finn's office and knocked on the door to announce that he and Finn had lots to discuss. Finn was sitting behind his desk and disagreed. He pointed out that he normally didn't chat with the board chairman. Cyrus sat down. He recalled that Finn had dealt with the board chairman when he'd been suspended for drug use.

Finn noted that the meds had kept him alive, but he was against those who made money from drugs. Cyrus noted that he'd been deemed innocent, but Finn laughed. He suggested that Cyrus fire him; he would gladly leave. Cyrus maintained that that fell into Britt's jurisdiction, and he was looking forward to a long relationship with the talented doctor. Finn announced that he had patients to tend to, and he walked out of his office.

Anna waited at home for Peter to arrive. She thought back to a conversation with Finn when they had discussed telling Peter the truth. When Peter showed up, he announced that he had news to tell Anna first, and he revealed that he and Maxie would be getting married. Anna was thrilled, and Peter told her about the turn of events at the hospital. He noted that Maxie had gone on ahead to the Floating Rib.

Peter admitted that it was scary to finally get everything that he had ever wanted, but that meant he had everything to lose. Anna suggested that her son try very hard to be worthy of it all, and Peter promised that he would. He disclosed that genetics testing did not show him to be a carrier for Huntington's disease, but he had shown a marker for rheumatoid arthritis that he assumed was through Anna.

Anna was certain that the arthritis marker was not from her, as she'd had complete testing previously. Peter had been sure it wasn't through Faison's side, although he decided he could have been mistaken. Peter wanted to meet with Maxie, but he remembered that Anna had something to tell him. Anna told him it could wait, and Peter left. Anna rushed to her laptop.

At the Floating Rib, Jackie sat at a table and chatted with Mac. Robert arrived, and Jackie exclaimed about how great the establishment was. The trio exchanged banter, and Mac wondered how his brother had let Jackie get away. "Good question!" Jackie proclaimed.

Maxie arrived, and she recognized Jackie and introduced herself. She was disappointed to learn that Felicia wasn't there, but she couldn't wait to share her news. She announced that she and Peter were getting married. Mac was excited, but Robert was the complete opposite. Jackie extended her congratulations, and Robert asked Maxie if she was sure about it.

Maxie divulged that she had been the one to propose to Peter. Robert and Jackie headed to the bar for some cider, and Brando wandered over after overhearing the news. He congratulated Maxie, and Maxie shared that things were finally going her way.

At the bar, Jackie expressed her disbelief that the lead singer from Riff Raff had a daughter who had turned out to be a "cosmetics mogul." Robert told her that Frisco had grown up. Jackie wanted to know what Robert had against Maxie's fiancÚ and accused him of having a "tepid" response to Maxie's news. Robert admitted that he didn't trust Peter, and Jackie revealed that she would be working with Peter at the Invader.

Robert didn't want Jackie to work with Peter, but she reminded him that she hadn't asked his opinion. Robert deemed Peter to be dangerous and up to no good. He suggested they pool their resources, but Jackie told him he'd have to read her eventual article for any information. She suggested that Robert not risk losing his family.

Peter joined Maxie and told her that he'd given their news to Anna. Maxie confessed that she had told Mac. Peter was happy as Mac extended his congratulations. Robert returned and awkwardly stuttered his congratulations, too. Maxie confirmed that it was meant for both her and Peter; Robert agreed that it was. Mac dragged Robert back to the bar and asked him what his problem was with Peter. Mac reminded his brother that Liesl had been the one guilty of the crimes, not Peter. He wanted Robert to accept Peter because Maxie loved him.

Mac was certain that Maxie had noticed Robert's behavior, and Robert agreed that Mac was right. Robert thought that Mac and Maxie had believed that Peter had changed. Robert made it clear that if anything happened to Maxie or any of their friends and Peter was implicated, he would do something bad to Peter. Mac replied that Robert wouldn't be on his own. They clinked their glasses.

Maxie wandered to the bar and wondered what Robert and Mac had been talking about so seriously. Mac replied that they'd discussed how much they loved Maxie. "And how we take your happiness really seriously," Robert said. He glared at Peter, who sat and talked to Jackie about his paper.

Brando received a phone call from Cyrus, who told Brando that he'd made sure the investigation into Brando was over. Brando remained silent. "Aren't you pleased?" Cyrus asked. Brando admitted that he was, but he wondered what Cyrus wanted in return.

At Deception's failing presentation at Metro Court, Lucy suggested that Brook Lynn sing as the company voice in order to attempt to save the day. Ms. Madigan, the cosmetic buyer, didn't think it would help, but she agreed to stay. Brook Lynn tried her best to avoid the performance, citing the lack of a track or preparation. Lucy announced that she had the track on her computer.

Sasha led Ms. Madigan to the spread as Brook Lynn maintained that she needed to warm up. Lucy pleaded with Brook Lynn, and Valentin urged Brook Lynn not to allow Nelle to steal her voice. An anxious Amy waited in the wings. Lucy wanted Brook Lynn to find a way to save their presentation.

In the meantime, Lucy encountered Sasha and demanded to know what had happened to her. Sasha claimed to have had a bad day, but Lucy berated her. Lucy believed that there was something not right with Sasha, who replied that Lucy's message had been received. At the spread, Valentin chatted up Ms. Madigan and told her that Brook Lynn needed to warm up. "I respect people who take pride in their work," the cosmetics buyer said.

Brook Lynn got hold of Amy and insisted that they could make things work. She thought that Amy could sync up her microphone with Brook Lynn's Bluetooth. Brook Lynn would be able to mouth the words as Amy sang out of sight. Amy agreed. Brook Lynn insisted she couldn't let anyone down.

Lucy assured Ms. Madigan she was in for a treat, and she was happy that things were looking up. Sasha received a text message from Chase, who asked if she was okay. Amy gave Brook Lynn a thumbs-up. Sasha left the meeting, but Chase arrived and spotted Amy as she sang and Brook Lynn pretended to perform in front of the others. Chase startled Amy, and she dropped her mic. The others could hear Amy and Chase talking. Chase picked up the mic and offered his help as Amy tried to stop him.

Ms. Madigan was unhappy and called the Voice of Deception a fraud as Amy and Chase made their way out of the back. Ms. Madigan recognized Amy from the Nurses Ball. Valentin noted that something had seemed off to him, and Lucy continued to try to cover up. Ms. Madigan declared that she would not do business with Deception and reminded all present of Sasha's "flailing" earlier. She added that the company couldn't even handle a simple presentation.

Lucy was beside herself and took it out on Brook Lynn. She accused her of putting the company's future in jeopardy, and she never wanted to hear or see her again. She called Brook Lynn "absolutely pathetic" and fired her.

Sasha stood outside and searched her purse until she found her packet of drugs.

Brook Lynn sat at the bar with Amy while Chase fetched her a glass of water. Brook Lynn promised to smooth things over for Amy and lamented the situation not working out. Amy left, and Brook Lynn whined about nothing ever working out for her. She thought she would be heading straight to hell after making a deal with the devil. She eyed Valentin as he walked in.

Finn returned home and found Anna on her laptop. She admitted that while she had not told Peter what she had planned to tell him, she thought she'd found a way to prove whether she was his mother or not.

Cyrus makes Brando another job offer

Cyrus makes Brando another job offer

Thursday, October 15, 2020

At the Floating Rib, Maxie asked Robert if his conversation with Mac had had anything to do with Peter. Robert brushed it off as him being overprotective, but Maxie insisted that she didn't need protection from Peter. She continued that Peter was as unlike his father as Maxie was unlike her father. She urged him to stop worrying, but he reasoned that worrying about loved ones was natural and made them humans. She shot back that sharing in joy was also human, and she walked away.

Across the restaurant, Brando took a phone call from Cyrus. He told Cyrus that he was grateful for the help in getting the cops off his back, but he wondered what the cost was. Cyrus replied that he'd like to meet up with Brando. Spinelli arrived when Brando was off the phone, and Brando checked up on Spinelli's van. Maxie approached, and he was surprised that Maxie and Spinelli knew each other. He had to go, so he congratulated Maxie and left.

Spinelli was puzzled then realized that Maxie and Peter were probably getting married. He babbled on about how he'd thought the two would wait, but Maxie was livid that he couldn't be happy for her. She insisted that she wouldn't be marrying Peter if she had any doubts about him. She decided that she didn't need Spinelli at the wedding if he wasn't going to be happy for her, so she only asked that he not influence Georgie's opinion of Peter. She decided that if Spinelli refused to cooperate with her, she would no longer consider him a friend, and she stormed off.

Robert walked over to Spinelli and wondered if Maxie had convinced him to drop their investigation into Peter, but Spinelli answered that he couldn't. Robert instructed Spinelli that he would lie to Maxie and convince her to trust him again. He advised Spinelli to stay close, as Maxie would need someone when Peter went down, which Robert vowed to make happen.

Peter sat with Jackie at a table and admitted that he'd had doubts that Jackie would want to work with the Invader. Jackie replied that she was fond of Port Charles and had family there. She continued that an investigation of Cyrus would be risky, difficult, and costly, as he'd done a good job of covering his tracks if he was guilty. Peter was happy to pay for the investigation, but Jackie admitted that he was holding her back. She said that the best publishers kept out of the limelight, but he had the "bad habit of becoming the story." She challenged him to pitch himself to her, but he turned her down.

Peter recognized that Robert's vendetta had gotten to Jackie. Because everything at the Invader was looking up, he suggested that she take a leap of faith. He told her that he'd heard about her being difficult to work with, but he was working with her despite her reputation. Jackie replied that she had some conditions. She demanded that she and Lulu would only report directly to him without a middleman and that she and Lulu would get the final editorial approval. He agreed and thought it was the start of a "beautiful working relationship." He excused himself and got up to go sit with a dejected Maxie.

Peter asked Maxie about Spinelli's reaction to their engagement, and Maxie said she knew that Spinelli thought it would be a disaster. She told him about her ultimatum for Spinelli, but she added that she'd wanted to take it back as soon as she'd said it. Peter hated that their relationship was at odds with her friendship with Spinelli, but she assured Peter that she would always choose him. She wished that Spinelli could recognize when it was time to compromise.

Spinelli approached Maxie and Spinelli, and he apologized to Maxie for his lukewarm reaction. He offered the couple heartfelt congratulations. Maxie questioned why he'd changed his mind, and he claimed that he'd "reassessed" his priorities, not wanting to ruin their friendship. He hoped that he could regain Maxie's trust and earn Peter's pardon. Peter insisted that it was already behind them, and he added that all he ever wanted was a chance to prove himself. Maxie asked if Spinelli would be at the wedding, and he told her that he wouldn't miss it.

Jackie joined Robert at the bar, and he wondered if she'd had a good time "cozying up to Peter." She informed him that she'd decided to work with Peter and not Robert. She advised him to "dig for dirt" on his own time. "When you find something, and you will," Robert said, she would know why it was important for her to work with him. "You met my niece, so you know what's at stake," he told her.

Brando met up with Cyrus, and he wondered how Cyrus had gotten the cops to back off. Cyrus cryptically answered that he had a voice with the PCPD. "Why me?" Brando asked. Cyrus answered that he'd wanted to make amends for the misunderstanding that had put Brando in the hospital. He added that someone had to step up for Brando, as it was clear that Sonny wasn't going to. Cyrus mentioned his job offer to Brando as "a driver and other things." "What other things?" Brando questioned.

Cyrus wanted Brando on his team, and Brando figured it didn't hurt that he was close to Sonny. He thought it would be wrong to work for Cyrus, as he didn't want to go against Sonny, who'd done a lot for him. Cyrus reminded Brando of the truce, and he said that Brando would be more like a liaison between the two camps. Cyrus thought that Sonny would appreciate anything that helped to keep the peace. "Come work for me, and it will be to everyone's benefit," Cyrus offered.

Someone peeked into the Floating Rib through the kitchen door and then backed out of the restaurant. Dante exited the building and told himself that there were too many people in there, so Peter would have to wait.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Olivia left Ned a voicemail saying she wanted to talk to him about Brook Lynn. She hung up and said that Ned didn't know how lucky he was to have his child around. Just then, the doorbell rang, and she was shocked to open the door to Dante. She threw her arms around him and cried. She invited him in and observed that he looked good except for his scraggly beard. He answered that he felt good. She wondered what his being there meant, and he answered, "I'm home, Ma, and it's all because of you."

Dante continued that when he'd heard Olivia outside his door, he'd decided to do everything in his power to get home. He admitted that he'd worried that she'd given up on him, but she said that she'd known that she would see him healthy, happy, and whole again. She wanted to call Sonny and Lulu, but he stopped her. He told her about missing the funeral but finding Sonny at the church, and he told her about going to Lulu's and finding Dustin there. "He doesn't hold a candle to you," she scoffed, and he chuckled at her bias. She insisted that he stay there, as she'd waited too long for their reunion. She tearfully hugged him and said that everything would be all right.

Carly and Sonny were going through Mike's things when Carly stumbled upon an envelope full of pictures. She marveled over the pictures of a young Sonny, but he didn't remember any of them. He wondered how early Mike had realized he'd been having memory issues. Carly thought that Sonny was making a huge leap from not remembering pictures taken when he'd been young to potentially having Alzheimer's. He'd been wondering if the disease had been passed on to him, and he thought about getting tested for the markers.

Carly assured Sonny that genetics weren't the only factor. Sonny added that his kids might want to get tested one day, but Carly wondered what good that would do. Sonny told her about Dante's return home, and she related that Sonny could give Dante all of the relevant information to stay healthy. She reminded Sonny that there was no medication for Alzheimer's, so all he could do was live as healthily as possible, which he already did. She said that it was his choice to be tested; however, she personally wouldn't do it, and there was no rush to decide about it, anyway. He asked her to tell him if he ever started to slip like Mike, and she promised to be by his side the entire way.

The doorbell rang, and Sonny got up to answer it. He let Brando in as Carly joined them in the foyer. Brando revealed that he'd met with Cyrus, who wanted to recruit him. "Good," Sonny muttered.

At the Metro Court, Brook Lynn thought it was a good thing that she'd been fired, as she could tell Valentin what she really thought. Chase warned her not to, but she went on about how she should have warned Ned about Valentin, and her life was terrible, which was what she got for trusting him. Valentin thought that she only had herself to blame for her life, but he did have sympathy for her. He told her that he could have made other arrangements for her if she'd just been honest about her voice, but she always thought that she could fix everything on her own.

Valentin continued that he and Brook Lynn weren't so different, as they'd both been cast out of their respective powerful families. "I'm nothing like you," she growled. "Methinks the lady doth protest too much," Valentin replied. Brook Lynn knew she was selfish, but his selfishness was worse, as he convinced himself that his actions were about being selfless. Valentin admired that she still had a spark in her, and he left.

Chase admitted to Brook Lynn that he had some more bad news for her, and he told her that he needed his couch back. He wanted to help her get back on her feet, and he believed that she could stand on her own while still including her family. He warned her that the longer she let the family feud fester, the more it would take on a life of its own.

Anna asked Finn about epigenetics and how likely it was for identical twins to have different genes. She revealed that that was how she would prove who Peter's mother was. She told him about the markers for rheumatoid arthritis that Peter had, and she disclosed that she didn't have them. She thought that it was possible for Alex to have acquired the gene, but far more likely for the gene to have originated from Faison. "Or you could tell Peter the truth," Finn suggested. Finn warned Anna that family secrets were devastating, and they were always revealed. He thought that Peter should hear the news from Anna.

A short while later, Finn was gone, and Anna let Valentin into the house. Anna revealed that she'd decided how to handle Alex. However, Valentin told her that his solution was to kill Alex before she killed Anna. Valentin wanted the situation handled before Alex figured out that he was involved, as it could put Charlotte in danger. Anna informed him that Alex's problem revolved around Peter, and Valentin asked her to let him in on the secret. She confided that Alex could be Peter's mother.

Valentin was shocked, but he was ecstatic that it meant Anna had never slept with Faison, and Valentin had never betrayed her. He insisted that he'd known that it had to have been Alex from the beginning. Anna reminded him that it was just a theory, and she needed to run tests to prove who Peter's mother was. She told him that she didn't need to involve Valentin anymore, as it was her problem.

Finn returned downstairs and was surprised to see Valentin. Valentin said that he was just there for a quick word with Anna, but Finn revealed that he knew about the plan to ambush Alex. Anna told Valentin that she would be dealing with Alex in her own time. Valentin believed that Alex would visit Port Charles to set her unfinished business with Anna right. When Valentin was gone, Anna asked Finn for his help in exhausting every option. Finn didn't know what she planned to do, as Alex was a fugitive, and Faison was dead. "But not gone," Anna said.

Dev adds a page to Josslyn's journal

Dev adds a page to Josslyn's journal

Friday, October 16, 2020

Carly invited Jason into the Corinthos house and told him that a detective wanted to question her about Nelle. Jason stated that they would talk about it, and he went to the living room to see Brando and Sonny. Brando disclosed that Cyrus wanted to hire him, and Sonny agreed that Brando should take the job. He wanted Brando to convince Cyrus that he wasn't spying for Sonny.

Brando stated that Cyrus would keep the "lines of communication" open. Sonny was certain that Cyrus would be testing Brando, and Sonny would see to it that neither he nor Jason would react to any information. Cyrus would believe that Brando was loyal to him because he was an "arrogant bastard" who tried to exploit everyone's weaknesses, but that was Cyrus' weakness. Sonny swore that would be Cyrus' downfall, and Cyrus would be taken down.

Sonny wanted to be kept abreast of everything, and Jason noted that Cyrus had also been trying to recruit Julian. Sonny vowed to make sure that Julian turned Cyrus down.

Josslyn stood out on the terrace in the dark and thought about her kiss with Cameron at the dance. Dev showed up and, after a brief chat, invited her to go to the lake to watch the stars. Josslyn thought it would be fun and wanted to text Trina and Cameron to join them. "No offense, Joss, but can't you see you're crowding them?" Dev asked.

At the hospital, Franco and Elizabeth met up and talked about Scott meeting with Ava and Nikolas to obtain their blackmail money. Elizabeth lamented that she had gone along with it, although Franco considered it to be self-defense. Elizabeth asked if he felt bad knowing the photographers had been watching them, but Franco said he could live with it. Elizabeth replied that she couldn't.

Franco reminded Elizabeth that technically, Scott was the blackmailer, but Elizabeth felt that two wrongs didn't make a right, and she didn't think it was the right attitude to project to her family. They were interrupted when Cameron stepped off the elevator with his hand bleeding and wrapped in a towel. He revealed that he'd been distracted at work while he'd been cleaning a knife.

Elizabeth insisted she couldn't help and ran to fetch a doctor. As Cameron begged his mother to look at his hand, Franco assured him that "resistance was futile" when talking to Elizabeth. As they waited for a doctor, Cameron admitted to Franco that he and Josslyn had kissed at the dance. He also disclosed that he liked both Josslyn and Trina, although things had gotten weird with Josslyn, unless it was in his head. He liked Trina more every day.

Cameron admitted he'd been hiding, but Franco told him there was a greater risk for catastrophe by doing so. Cameron received a text message from Dev asking to see him. Cameron confirmed how long his visit would be at the hospital before returning a message.

Nikolas met with Scott in a back alley in order to exchange money for photos. Nikolas demanded that Scott give him all forms of the damaging photos, and Scott urged Nikolas to "pay up" as he handed over a brown envelope. Nikolas removed the flash drive from the envelope, and Scott assured him it was all there. Nikolas vowed to go to the cops or to Ava if Scott asked for more money. Scott was not thrilled to receive a check instead of cash but he grabbed it out of Nikolas' hand. He muttered that Nikolas was turning out like his Uncle Stefan.

At Charlie's Pub, Ava suggested that she tell Nikolas that Ryan had something on Julian without being specific and that she would have to get a divorce. She thought that Nikolas had begun to care about her. Julian reminded her that Nikolas had driven her to a mental breakdown, but Ava confessed that Nikolas had followed her to Sonny's cabin, and there had been a "sign of change" in their relationship.

Ava admitted that she and Nikolas had slept together. Julian thought that Ava had been trying to trap Nikolas by "starving him for sex" in order to have Nikolas break the fidelity clause. "Plans change," Ava said as she grimaced.

Alexis' phone began to ring as she looked around her house for it. She finally found it under a magazine, saw it was Ned, and declined the call. She tossed the phone onto the sofa and drank the remaining vodka in an almost empty bottle.

Shortly after, the doorbell rang as Alexis poured some vodka from a newly opened bottle into a glass. She quickly hid the drink and answered the door. It was Nikolas, and he declared that he needed Alexis' help. She invited him in and reminded him that she was no longer practicing law. He asked if she had any leverage against Scott. Alexis stated that while it was known that Scott always "cut corners," there was no proof.

As Nikolas headed to the door, Alexis stopped him. She wanted an explanation for Nikolas' request. Nikolas told her that he was involved in a mess that involved Alexis' ex, and she made it clear that she wanted nothing to do with Julian. Nikolas explained that his marriage to Ava was complicated, but he was no longer upset, and it made no sense. Julian only played a minor role.

Nikolas went on to say that Ava had been kinder and less defensive. She was intelligent, and he didn't mind her on his arm. He didn't dread seeing her anymore and didn't want a divorce. Alexis couldn't believe what she'd heard; Nikolas wanted to stay married to Ava. Nikolas insisted it wasn't about the money. He thought that he and Ava had both changed.

Nikolas also believed that he and Ava were getting close to trusting each other. Alexis replied that she was "all for it" if Nikolas was happy. Nikolas didn't know if Ava returned his feelings, though, and Alexis suggested he ask her. "I might," Nikolas replied. He thanked Alexis for her advice, and she told him her wisdom was available at any time. Once Nikolas was gone, Alexis retrieved her vodka and took a drink.

At the Quartermaine house, Ned unsuccessfully attempted to call Alexis. He left her a message that he was concerned because Olivia had mentioned seeing her on the terrace at Metro Court. At the same time, Monica opened the front door to admit Brook Lynn and confessed that she had lured Brook Lynn because of urgency. Ned wandered over to the foyer and said hello. Monica announced it was "make-up time."

Monica admitted that she had time on her hands to help to work things out and added that Tracy had threatened to fly home. Ned admitted he'd overreacted by tossing Brook Lynn out, but she had sold her stock. "Enough!" Monica shouted. She declared that Ned's daughter was more important. Brook Lynn proclaimed that she hadn't known that Linc had been a front for Valentin.

Ned wanted to know why Brook Lynn hadn't warned him after she'd found out about Linc. She stated that Valentin had offered to "jump-start" her career by making her the Voice of Deception, and she'd thought the deal would be good for Ned, too. She noted how Ned had been stressed from so much work, and there had been tension between Ned and Olivia.

As Ned stood and started to comment, Monica shut him up and made him sit back down. Brook Lynn continued that she'd done her research, and Valentin had turned Cassadine Industries around after he'd taken it over. She had thought he would make ELQ more profitable, too. She had been na´ve but not a traitor.

Ned agreed he'd been wrong to kick Brook Lynn out and should have apologized. He loved her and wanted to take care of her. He knew they'd get the company back somehow, and he knew that Brook Lynn had learned her lesson to put family first. Monica exclaimed that Ned sounded like Edward, and he was turning out to be just like him.

Brook Lynn stated that she had been desperate to be a singer, but Ned thought she'd been more impatient and should take responsibility for her actions before she continued to keep making the same mistakes. Brook Lynn was angry and announced that she would not return to the house. She left, and Ned told Monica that he wasn't sure what she and Tracy had hoped to accomplish.

Monica accused Ned of blowing up the family and thought he was being unreasonable. She began to list his recent issues with ELQ, his daughter, and Olivia. Ned was fuming and noted that Olivia was the best thing, and he knew it. "Does she?" Monica asked. Ned insisted he did everything for Olivia to know it, but Monica reminded him of how he'd acted when Olivia had gone to see Dante. She added that his behavior hadn't screamed "happy marriage."

Monica thought that Ned should get out of his own way because Oliva was "head over heels" for Ned. He would have to do something awful in order to make Olivia leave him. "Like finding out I cheated on her with Alexis?" Ned asked.

After Brook Lynn walked out of the house, she realized she had forgotten something. She quietly walked into the house again and overheard the conversation between Ned and Monica.

Sonny showed up at the pub and noted the fact that there were no customers inside. Julian offered him a drink and his condolences for Mike. The men spoke of the old photos that Julian had sent along for Mike to see. Sonny thought that Julian would attract more customers by offering Corinthos coffee, but Julian called the quiet a "lull." Sonny thought that Julian needed Sonny's name affiliated with the pub.

Sonny noted that he'd heard about Cyrus attempting negotiations, and Julian made it clear that he'd turned down Cyrus' offer to buy the place. He would also not sell Corinthos coffee. Sonny didn't think that Julian had the luxury of turning him down and was making obstacles for himself. He listed all of Julian's recent misdeeds. Sonny clarified that he had looked the other way for Ava and Avery's sakes, but one day, no one would be around to save Julian.

Out on the terrace at the Corinthos house, Dev received a text from Cameron that stated he was at the hospital and would see Dev in 30 minutes. Dev turned to Josslyn and lied that Cameron was busy and probably with Trina because they needed the space to be alone. Josslyn declared that she was no longer in the mood to go out but would go for a jog instead.

Inside the house, Carly descended the stairs and found Jason standing in front of the fireplace. He told her that Sonny had gone to see Julian, but Jason was worried about Carly. She couldn't believe that Nelle was still causing her trouble, and she related the turn of events on the cliff again. Jason thought it best that Carly stick to her original story. "I promise you, it's better this way," he said.

Jason was glad that Carly hadn't killed Nelle because killing someone changed a person. He thought that Nelle had needed to die, but it had been no one's fault. Carly spotted Josslyn on the terrace and asked Jason to reschedule a meeting with Diane. She went outside and asked Josslyn if she was okay. After hearing that Josslyn had gone for a jog, Carly noted that Josslyn normally didn't run so late.

Josslyn recalled the kiss with Cameron and stated that maybe it had been an accident, and Cameron hadn't meant it because he was really into Trina. Carly noted that they'd all been friends for a long time, and Josslyn should trust their friendship. She said that if Cameron really had feelings, it hadn't been an accident, and if Trina and Cameron wanted to be together, they would tell Josslyn.

At the hospital, Elizabeth saw that Cameron had gone, and she hoped he was with Trina. "It's payday!" Scott proclaimed as he arrived. He showed Elizabeth and Franco the check from Nikolas. He received a text, announced it was "buyer number two," and left.

Franco kissed the check, but Elizabeth said that she hated it. Franco cited "emotional duress" as the cause for payment and admitted he'd gotten the term from Scott. He said that another name for it would be fair compensation.

Ava arrived at the hospital and flashed back to her conversation with Nikolas at the cabin. He'd told her about seeing value in things when it was too late. She met with Scott, who showed her a brown envelope containing the photos. He would show it to Nikolas if she didn't pay him. Ava asked him as a friend not to do it but handed him a check as Scott declined.

"Another check?" Scott asked incredulously. He stuttered and confirmed that he preferred cash or the new Venmo, although he got the name incorrect. Ava looked at him curiously. She revealed that she had sold her penthouse, which had already been in progress. Scott was sure she'd be happily married on her island. Ava vowed to retaliate if Scott asked for more money. She added that it would be in ways that he wouldn't enjoy.

"Mission accomplished," Scott announced when he returned to Elizabeth and Franco, who accepted the check. Scott urged his son to cash the checks and give Scott his fair share. "This is what we wanted, right?" Elizabeth asked. Scott talked it up as Elizabeth and Franco proceeded to rip up both checks into small pieces and toss them onto the floor. They headed for home.

Scott couldn't believe it and began to pick up all of the pieces. He went off as Ava walked by. She spotted one forgotten piece and picked it up. It was the portion of the check that contained Nikolas' signature.

Cameron met with Dev, who handed him Josslyn's journal. He pointed to a page that he wanted Cameron to read. While Cameron started it, Dev finished it after Cameron grew upset. Josslyn had written that she'd wished the kiss hadn't happened, and it had been sloppy and clumsy. She had only wanted to be friends with Cameron.

Cameron accused Dev of stealing the journal, while Dev insisted that he hadn't because Josslyn had thrown it away. Dev declared that Cameron could lose Josslyn as a friend. Cameron stormed off, and Dev recalled the time that he'd spent practicing Josslyn's handwriting and writing the entry into the journal himself. He smiled and tossed the journal into the trash.

Jason returned to Carly after phoning Diane. He stated that the detective was anxious to speak to Carly, and it would be that evening or she would be subpoenaed later in Pennsylvania. Carly was eager to prepare, but Jason insisted she would look like she had something to hide if she stalled. He urged her to stick to the story, and Diane would support her.

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