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Taylor implored Thomas to avoid making the mistakes she had in love. Finn suggested Hope was only attracted to Thomas due to his devotion. Sheila and Deacon sprang their engagement on Finn. Eric coughed up blood but pretended to be fine. Luna’s mystery caller was identified.
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Sheila and Deacon sprung their engagement on Finn. Eric coughed up blood. Luna's connection to the Forresters was revealed.
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Taylor worries Thomas and Hope aren't on the same page

Taylor worries Thomas and Hope aren't on the same page

Monday, October 2, 2023

At Il Giardino, Deacon kneeled before Sheila with a rose in his hand. Proclaiming that reason was overrated, he said life was too short, and he wouldn't live it without her. Confused, Sheila stood up, saying they'd just agreed not to see each other. Deacon didn't really want that, and he doubted she did, either. He assured her that his proposal was as real as it was impulsive.

Sheila asked Deacon to stand up, and he gratefully did so, murmuring about his old dojo injuries. She said his proposal had shocked her. Shocked, too, he said he still had to get a ring. Sheila told him that she loved him too much to marry him; she couldn't let him jeopardize Hope or all that he'd worked for at the restaurant. She refused to let him throw it away for her.

Deacon surmised that Sheila was trying to protect him, but he didn't need protection. He needed her next to him, willing to stand up for him. Sheila uttered that she was bad -- deep down. He replied that he saw something different, and she guessed his eyes were closed. Deacon insisted that his eyes were wide open, and she could turn her life around like he had. He told her that it would start with just one little word: yes.

Sheila wanted to say it, "but..." Deacon told her to forget the negative and stay in the moment, stay with the feeling of acceptance. Sheila wished she could. She wanted so badly to see the future he saw. He urged her to take a leap of faith. He said they had just one life, and they had to make the most of it. "What if I'm not worth it? What if I'm beyond hope? What if I am beyond redemption?" Sheila asked. Deacon refused to believe that.

Sheila urged Deacon to think of what he'd lose, but he told her to let him worry about that. He believed that he'd met his match, a woman who didn't sum him up as a product of his mistakes. He asked her to let him stand up for her the way she did for him. He promised to love and cherish Sheila until his dying day. She asked about him losing Hope. Deacon didn't want to, but he refused to live without Sheila. Deacon asked her again to marry him.

Quietly, Sheila said yes. Deacon pretended he hadn't heard her. She said it louder and louder, affirming that she would be his wife. Deacon spun her around and kissed her.

In Eric's office, Hope was growing increasingly cynical about Taylor's newfound knowledge of Hope and Thomas. Ridge and Brooke explained that Taylor had already known about the kiss, and they had just been updating her. Hope growled, wondering if they'd told Taylor to interrupt them by storming into the design office. "Interrupt you in the design office? Interesting," Ridge quipped.

Ridge asked if Hope understood why Taylor would think the relationship wasn't healthy. Brooke refused to let Taylor blame Hope. Ridge replied that Taylor wasn't blame-casting; she was concerned about Thomas' history with Hope. Brooke stated that Taylor would call Hope the aggressor and not put any of the responsibility on Thomas.

Hope said Taylor hadn't been happy to see Hope and Thomas together. "None of us are happy about that, honey," responded Ridge. Brooke feared Taylor would try to control the situation, but Brooke refused to let Taylor blame Hope, " -- like you're leading him on or something."

Ridge asked if Hope was doing that. Brooke asserted that Hope wasn't, but Brooke did want to know what was going on. Hope claimed no one was leading anyone on, and she and Thomas were on the same page. She said they were consenting adults, and she liked being with Thomas, being with someone who put her first. "And there are no expectations, so you don't have to worry," Hope concluded.

In the design office, Thomas insisted that he could make decisions about his life on his own. Because Hope was Brooke's daughter, Taylor was concerned Hope was targeting him. Thomas said genetics didn't play a role in attraction, but Taylor said she was talking about power. Taylor insisted that Brooke had targeted Ridge from the moment she'd met him.

Taylor reasoned that her son's relationship with Hope had always been challenging, and he'd had an unhealthy relationship with her. "Now that's never going to die, is it?" Thomas asked. He claimed that he was a completely different person and had changed. Taylor corrected him, saying that he was "changing," and it was a process. She loved the person he was becoming, and Thomas said it felt like his life was finally falling into place.

Taylor assumed that was because Hope was a part of it. Thomas asked how he could say Hope wasn't a part of it, and he asserted that he did love her. Taylor said that she knew what pain that love had caused him, and she asked if Hope felt the same way about him as he felt about her. He replied that he and Hope were choosing their steps. He believed they had a future together.

"Oh, because she told you that?" Taylor asked. Thomas replied that Hope had left Liam, and it kind of seemed inevitable. "What if it's not?" Taylor wondered. He intended to cross that bridge when he came to it and reminded her that she had said that in the past. Taylor snapped that she'd been using "bridge" ironically. Thomas asked Taylor to just be happy for him.

Thomas claimed he had to make a conference call. He said he was glad Taylor had checked on him. He wished she could do it more but understood that Steffy and her family needed it more. Thomas left the office, and as Taylor stared off worriedly, Hope arrived, wondering where he was.

Taylor said Thomas was going to make a conference call for Hope's line. Hope claimed the call had slipped her mind. Taylor asked if Hope's complicated relationship with Thomas had slipped her mind. Hope didn't get what Taylor meant. Sure that Hope did get it, Taylor said Hope knew that Thomas was in love with her, "but you also know he's expecting a future with you?"

Hope looked confused, and Taylor accepted that Hope didn't know it. Taylor wondered if it was some kind of late-blooming, rebellious phase for Hope, who needed the bad boy right then, or if Hope would commit to Thomas. Taylor said that if Hope didn't plan on it, she should tell him because it wouldn't be fair to have him expecting a life with Hope if Hope didn't want it.

Hope claimed to get Taylor's concern. Taylor was surprised because she didn't think anyone got it. She stated that Hope believed Steffy had impacted Hope's marriage, and Taylor wondered if Hope was just waiting to see if Finn and Steffy stayed together. Hope replied that Thomas knew where he stood, and she'd be as honest with his mother as she had been with him. "Right now, at this period in my life, it is about finding out who I am and what I want," Hope said.

Hope added that she might be a little insecure about Steffy and Liam, but it wasn't the reason for the end of her marriage. She claimed she and Liam had had equal parts in that. She added that she took issue with Liam having feelings for two different women and being in love with two different women. Hope was sure Taylor could relate to that.

Hope stated that she was enjoying being with a man who only had eyes for her, but she'd been very clear with Thomas about where she stood and how she felt. She claimed there were no expectations, they were enjoying their time together, and they were on the same page. Hope stated that Taylor would be wrong to accuse Hope of leading Thomas on, but if Taylor wanted to accuse Hope of becoming more like Brooke, then Taylor might be right.

Hope left, and Brooke arrived, looking for her daughter. Taylor said she and Hope had had an interesting conversation. "Your daughter thinks that she might be turning into the younger version of you," Taylor stated.

Eric braces himself as his doctor arrives with a diagnosis

Eric braces himself as his doctor arrives with a diagnosis

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

At Eric's office, Brooke ended a call with an Italian reporter. She picked up an Eye on Fashion magazine that had Thomas and Hope on the cover. Taylor arrived, noting that they hadn't finished their conversation from the previous evening. Brooke said it was because Taylor had hightailed it out of there so quickly, and Brooke had needed to go home because she'd had plans with Ridge. Taylor assumed Brooke was trying to send Taylor a message.

Brooke quizzically stared, and Taylor said the message was that Ridge and Brooke were back together. Denying it, Brooke said she was trying to say that she and Ridge had had plans, so they'd gone home. Brooke stated that she didn't want to fight, and she felt that they were on the same page about Thomas and Hope. Nodding, Taylor replied that she hadn't wanted to fight, either, but she was there to see Ridge.

Just then, Ridge arrived. He joked that he'd been with his trainer. "Your trainer, huh? I thought you looked a know..." Taylor replied with a flirty shimmy. Brooke seemed strained to stay patient. Taylor claimed to be there to update him more on Steffy and the kids.

Later, Brooke listened behind her magazine as Ridge and Taylor wrapped up their talk about their kids. Ridge thanked Taylor for helping Steffy and said he'd keep an eye on Thomas. Taylor looked worried, but Ridge insisted that their son wasn't backsliding and had a "world-renowned psychiatrist" in his corner. Ridge said Steffy was the one they needed to worry about, and he promised to let Taylor know if there was something to worry about with Thomas.

After Taylor had gone, Brooke remarked that she hadn't expected to see Taylor in town. Ridge hadn't, either, and he'd called Steffy to make sure things were okay and to inquire about whether he needed to fly out there. Steffy had told him to stay and concentrate on the design competition. Ridge said he'd hold down the fort, but he didn't want to be at odds with Eric.

Ridge quizzed Brooke on gowns worn at the Met and in Cannes the previous year. Eric had designed them, even having three dresses at the same event. Ridge said they hadn't had to ask the women to wear the gowns; the women had worn them because Eric Forrester's name had been woven into society. Ridge stated that walls fell, but Eric's gowns stood the test of time. Ridge didn't know what Eric had to prove and why he was drowning the company instead of collaborating with his son. Ridge was confused and wanted Brooke's thoughts.

In the design office, Eric worked with R.J. and Luna. Eric flipped through swatches of Parisian lace, noting how each one was individual and told a story. His hand began to tremble, and before anyone could notice, he slapped the swatch book closed, deciding that none of them would do. He asked Luna to get Sophie to rush the supplies to the house before it was too late.

Luna handed Eric some paperwork that Carter wanted Eric to sign. Eric joked that Carter always wanted him to sign something, but when Eric couldn't hold the pen steady, he shoved the clipboard back at Luna, saying he didn't need to sign anything because he was Eric Forrester. Eric left the office in a huff, and Luna stared after him quizzically.

R.J. apologized, saying his grandfather wasn't himself. R.J. decided to confide in Luna but said she had to keep it a secret. She agreed to do so, and R.J. revealed that Eric had been compromised, but only R.J., Donna, and Eric knew about it. Luna asked why R.J. had told her.

Shrugging, R.J. concluded that Luna was caring, trustworthy, and part of the team. Luna cheered for Team Eric and asked what was going on. R.J. replied that Eric had said arthritis and then he'd said carpel tunnel. R.J. didn't even really know, but it was why he was sketching for Eric. R.J. said he could see Eric's hands becoming shakier, and R.J. believed the condition had worsened. R.J. was sure his father would understand and give Eric his office back. R.J. was sure his parents would want to know, but he said Eric had made R.J. promise not to reveal it.

R.J. decided to reveal another secret. He said he hadn't wanted to work in the family business or be a designer, but it had been hard for Eric, who didn't even go to work because he felt that the CEO's office was his; however, Ridge was in there all the time. R.J. said he'd been at Eric's home with Eric, helping him. Luna believed Eric appreciated it, and she said R.J. was genuine. She'd known it from following him on social media. She felt that he was a special guy.

At Eric's house, Katie joked that she shouldn't be in the secret design studio. Donna said it was the house of Katie's sister, and Brooke had already ruined the surprise when she'd arrived at the house, unannounced. Katie marveled at Eric's sketches but wondered if they would be enough to be rich. Donna said that the collection was so important to Eric, it was as if his life depended on it. "That's a little dramatic, don't you think?" Katie replied. Donna said every artist deserved an encore, but to Katie, it sounded more like a curtain call for the vibrant man.

Eric arrived as Katie was saying she didn't know why he was insisting that it be his last collection. He asserted that it would be the last, and it would be on his terms. Seeing Eric's trembling hand, Donna grasped it and tenderly touched his face.

Eric slipped his hand into his pocket as he talked to Katie, saying that Ridge and Brooke thought Eric should step aside for the younger generation. Katie said she'd never insinuate that he should retire; it was his decision, but she assured him that he should be proud of Ridge, Steffy, and Thomas. Eric was proud of them, but he was also determined to do the line on his terms. Katie promised to keep the sneak peek she'd gotten top secret.

After Katie had gone, Donna noted that Eric's tremors had stopped. She advised him to rest it and asked what was wrong with him. Eric figured Luna would think he was an ogre. He explained what had happened with Luna when he'd been unable to sign the paperwork. He said he hqd been angry and yelled at Luna. He felt terrible.

Donna said Eric's doctor would be there soon, and they'd get answers. Eric said they'd find out what was really going on with him. Donna stated that it was nothing they couldn't face. She told him that his positivity was contagious, and he had generations who wanted to continue his legacy. Everyone loved Eric, but none more than she. Donna felt that he'd given her the best years of her life, and she could never thank him enough for loving her the way he did. She vowed that they'd get through that little hiccup together.

The doctor knocked on the front door. Donna told Eric that they could do it. She let Dr. Colby in, and Eric thanked the doctor for his discretion. Eric asked what his test results had revealed.

A frightened Donna urges Eric to talk to his family

A frightened Donna urges Eric to talk to his family

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

At Eric's house, Eric and Donna thanked Dr. Colby for visiting their home in private. Reminding the doctor that he desired discretion, Eric asked the doctor to reveal what was wrong with Eric. The doctor said the testing had ruled out essential tremors, and he reminded Eric about their other concerns, cerebral vascular disease and TIAs. Donna gasped, and Eric slipped his trembling hand beneath his thigh.

Donna asked if Eric had already known about it. Affirming it, Eric replied that at least some scarier things had been eliminated from the list. She asked what was scarier than cerebral vascular disease. Dr. Colby said he didn't have an official diagnosis. He needed to run more tests. Donna hoped it was just arthritis or carpal tunnel.

Eric admitted that the tremors were getting worse, and he couldn't hold a pen to sign a contract. Donna suggested proceeding with testing. Dr. Colby said it was a process, but his office would be in contact for the next set of tests. Eric thanked Dr. Colby, who left. Donna hugged Eric.

Donna asked why Eric had hidden things from her. He said he hadn't wanted to worry her. Insisting that she was a big girl, she stated that they were partners and lovers. She needed to know what was going on, so she could help. He asked if she could help him play the piano or draw. Donna replied that she could love him, hold him, and let him know that he wasn't alone. She said she wanted those things from him, and she'd thought he'd wanted them from her, too.

Eric apologized, but Donna didn't want his apologies. She wanted him to open up to her and to realize that she was his person. She insisted that they'd fight it together, and there would be no more secrets. Upset, Donna said it was a crime to have his talent taken away. She was ready to rage war with the best therapy and medicine. She refused to let her honey bear lose who he was. "I won't," she said and hugged him.

Donna stated that Eric was strong and proud, but she honestly had to tell him that she was getting scared. She felt it was time to tell Ridge. "Please...the whole family," she said.

Eric didn't want to get into it, but Donna said Eric needed all the love and support he could get. Eric determined that it was the last thing he wanted. He wanted to do things his way and prove himself to be the best designer in the end. Donna said she'd gone along with it at first, but it was time to end the "stupid competition." She felt that he was playing games with his son. Eric asserted that it wasn't a game. He was in a serious competition, winner take all. It would be Eric's final line.

Donna replied that it might be just that, and Eric said it was all the more reason to do it. He insisted that she not tell her sisters or anyone. Eric wanted to do it his way. He stated that he'd built the company with his two hands, and he could take Forrester back. He would run Forrester from that desk, and Ridge would see who'd get the most orders. "There's only one master, and it's me. It's Eric's Forrester," he proclaimed. Donna agreed and hugged him.

When Donna left to make some tea, Eric began sketching. A coughing fit overcame him. He covered his mouth with a handkerchief and was stunned to see he'd coughed blood onto it.

In Eric's office, Brooke was enamored by one of Ridge's designs. Kenzie, the model wearing it, said Ridge had been inspired since his reunion with Brooke. Holding Brooke, Ridge said he'd always been inspired by her. Carter arrived as the model was leaving. Complimenting the gown, Carter said Eric had to bring his A game to compete with Ridge. Brooke and Ridge exchanged troubled glances.

Carter figured it was hard on Ridge. Ridge said he was worried about Eric and the stress of a new line on him. Ridge figured something was going on with Eric and pushing Eric to create the entire line by himself.

Alone with Ridge later, Brooke sensed the weight upon him and decided that they should play hooky. She suggested they go to the beach and have lunch on the pier. Ridge turned it down and scrunched his nose at a trip to the Oja spa. She said she had keys to an empty house with a big bed. Ridge decided that she'd started to make some sense, but he still couldn't shake his concern about his father.

Ridge said he didn't know what his dad needed from him, but he knew that Eric wanted that competition. Ridge decided that he'd just have to beat Eric, and that would be the end of it. Ridge stared gravely ahead of him.

In the design office, Luna promised not to tell anyone about Eric's tremors, and R.J. replied that he was trusting her. She asked if he really wanted to keep the secret from his father. R.J. replied that he'd promised his grandfather, but if it was up to R.J., he'd tell Ridge. Luna, who'd observed a loving relationship between R.J. and his grandfather, said she hadn't had that with hers.

Deciding Luna was getting to know him too well, R.J. turned the focus to her and asked to know a juicy Luna secret. Luna suggested they get back to Eric's house. R.J. said Eric had a meeting, and R.J. wanted to know about the mysterious Luna.

Luna revealed that she'd grown up in North California in the Bay area. Her mother had had her when she'd been really young, and she and her mom were artistic, free spirits. Her grandfather and aunt were driven and very different from her and her mother, who were hippies, saving money for art shows and pop-up restaurants. Luna said they hadn't had much, but her mother always made sure she was loved. Luna figured her life was boring, but R.J. replied that she was even more fascinating.

Luna thanked R.J. for letting her into the inner circle. She claimed she'd been able to tell how special he was by following him online, but he was much more in person. She felt that Ridge would respect R.J. even more for telling the truth. R.J. seemed bashful, but she insisted that he was kind, charming, and handsome.

Hope breaks down with Finn

Hope breaks down with Finn

Thursday, October 5, 2023

At Eric's house, Eric played the piano until his wobbling hand gave out. He played the song from his phone and allowed his fingers to hover over his keyboard as if he was playing. He flashed back to coughing up blood. Donna arrived and realized that Eric hadn't been playing. Shutting off the music, Eric said he'd tried, but his hands wouldn't cooperate. Donna replied that there was more time for her to do "that," and she kissed his hand.

Donna asked if there had been word from the doctor. She figured that if they were dealing with cerebrovascular disease or TIAs, they needed answers fast. Eric held his head as if a pain had struck him, but he insisted that he was fine when she inquired about it. She asked if there was something she should know, but he denied it.

R.J. arrived and sensed Eric and Donna's sad mood. R.J. wondered what was going on and if Eric was okay. Despite Eric's assurances, R.J. still seemed worried. Eric stated that he was okay; he had R.J., whose help meant everything to Eric. Eric valued R.J.'s loyalty, too, and insisted that R.J. keep the secret from everyone, especially Ridge.

Later, Eric discussed the opulence he wanted the collection to exude. He decided diamonds would adorn the bodice of one of the gowns. R.J. noted that it was expensive, but Eric asked whose side R.J. was on. Eric asserted that he'd learned one couldn't cut corners or sacrifice quality for speed or cost. "And always use the company credit card," Eric added.

Eric decided to do diamonds on all the designs. Chuckling, he said he'd love to see the look on Carter and Ridge's faces when they got the bill. Eric proclaimed that he'd take back the company and put his final stamp on the fashion house he'd created, Forrester Creations. His hand wobbled and Donna looked sad.

Later, Eric had gone up to get his medications for his tremors. R.J. asked Donna to speak frankly just between the two of them. He insisted that something was off with his grandfather. R.J. felt as if he didn't know everything that was going on. Donna swore R.J. to secrecy and revealed that the doctor had said Eric might be suffering from cerebrovascular disease, and he could be suffering mini strokes. Donna was worried that if Eric suffered a blood clot, he could die, and that was why Eric had been behaving as if he were running out of time. It was why Eric felt the urgency to complete the collection.

Upstairs, Eric took his medicine, and he thought about his possible diagnosis. He began to cough and was relieved when he saw nothing in his handkerchief.

At the cliff house, Hope arrived with a sequined pillow Kelly had been looking for. Steffy had text-messaged Hope to request that it be added to the package Finn was shipping off to Europe for her. Finn said Hope hadn't had to bring it all the way there, but she said she'd been up most of the morning. She shared that she had been having a hard time sleeping. Finn noted that they didn't get to talk much, but he'd heard about the interaction with Thomas in Rome, and Finn had just wanted to tell her that she was better than Thomas.

Finn decided that he probably shouldn't say anything, especially since he was talking poorly of his brother-in-law. Hope said he sounded like her mom, brother, and father. Finn suggested that she listen to them and noted that there had always been a Svengali quality to Thomas. Finn said he'd always thought highly of her and just wanted what was best for her.

Over coffee, Finn asked how Hope was doing. He shared that he was going crazy without Steffy, and he could only imagine what it was like for Hope. Hope revealed that it wasn't easy to adjust to the new normal, as her marriage was falling apart. She sometimes got sad, thinking of all those years and Liam's divided heart.

Hope claimed that the kiss in Rome had been a catalyst for her to address some deep-seated issues with Liam and herself. She'd never doubted Liam's love for her -- or his love for Steffy. Apologizing, Hope said she hadn't meant anything by it.

Finn said it wasn't a problem. He just wanted his wife and kids back. Hope called his devotion to Steffy a strength and said Steffy was lucky to have him. Finn felt for what Hope was going through with Liam, but from what Finn gleaned from the situation, he said she was drawn to Thomas because he was totally focused on her and only her.

Fin apologized, not desiring to make Hope uncomfortable. Hope chuckled, saying talking to someone other than her family members was probably the healthy thing to do. Finn stated that he knew about Thomas' history and obsession, but Thomas' family thought he had changed. Hope added her consensus to it. Finn noted that it had to have been a huge difference for Hope going from Liam's divided heart to Thomas' total devotion laser-focused on her and only her.

Finn figured it had to feel good. He likened it to how Steffy had to feel after years with Liam. Hope was sure Finn would get Steffy back there and said his devotion was admirable. Finn offered his insight, saying Hope seemed to have always been chasing devotion. She'd gotten it from Thomas, but Finn wondered if she really wanted to be with Thomas, given all the history.

Hope replied that she believed in second, third, fourth, and fifth chances. She believed people could change, and knowing Thomas was loyal to her was a big change from the indecisiveness and heartache that would sometimes go along with Liam. Tearfully, Hope said it wasn't until the weight had been lifted that she'd realized how ground down she'd been.

Hope stated that watching Brooke in pain from Ridge's divided heart, Hope had sworn she'd never be that way; however, there she'd been, perpetuating the same cycle with a man with a divided heart. Sobbing, she asked if it was too much to ask to have a man love only her. Finn reached out to hug Hope. She apologized, saying it was embarrassing, but he took the crying Hope into his arms.

At Deacon's place, Deacon and Sheila canoodled on the couch. He insisted that he needed to get her a ring, but she didn't care about a ring. He said she deserved it and all that life had to offer, including a second chance. She joked that he should talk to Finn for her. Deacon said he needed to find out how to tell Hope about it. Sheila wondered how Finn would react.

Sheila suggested they keep it on the down-low until they figured it out. Deacon was fine to keep it their little secret that no one could mess with. Deacon said he was crazy about Sheila, but she hoped it wasn't at the expense of his relationship with Hope. He said Brooke and Hope would be disappointed, but he had to believe he'd get through to them. Sheila wished it would happen for Deacon and that Finn would be rid of Steffy, so that Sheila could have another chance.

Deacon asked if he'd heard Sheila right. She said she was no threat to Steffy. She just wanted a place in her son's life. Deacon replied that he'd just been checking, and he believed in Sheila.

The identity of Luna's secret caller is revealed

The identity of Luna's secret caller is revealed

Friday, October 6, 2023

At the beach house, Hope apologized to Finn for "getting emotional." Hope shared that it had been increasingly difficult for her to keep her head above water. Finn said that he understood what Hope was going through because Steffy had gone through the same thing. He noted that Hope had been enticed by the idea of a man being totally committed to her. That said, Finn repeated his belief that "an incredible person" like Hope could do much better than Thomas.

Hope appreciated the reality check. She then turned things around to give Finn some advice. "Steffy's smart, and she is insightful, and I cannot imagine her taking your love and your commitment for granted," she said.

At Forrester Creations, Ridge and Carter went over some of the terms for Ridge and Eric's fashion competition. Ridge suggested that they invite only a few fashion buyers and not tell anyone that the show was a competition. "Whoever sells the most wins, and that line goes into production -- easy peasy," Ridge said with a shrug.

Moments later, Eric and Donna entered the executive suite as Ridge was grumbling about "the diamonds" that Eric had ordered for his line. Ridge suggested that Eric was going overboard, but Eric believed that Ridge was having doubts about his own designs. Eric confidently said that when Ridge lost the competition, he would learn that "nothing and no one can hold back Eric Forrester."

Eric and Ridge continued some friendly trash-talking involving Ridge's use of jewel tones and Eric's fixation with French lace. Carter and Donna exchanged amused glances. Eric noticed his hand was trembling and quickly put it in his pocket. When Donna realized what was going on, Donna suggested that she and Eric head home to get ready for his meeting.

Later, Ridge admitted that his worrying about Eric might have been misplaced. "He's at the top of his game!" Ridge chirped.

In the apartment above Il Giardino, Sheila and Deacon popped a bottle of Champagne to celebrate their engagement. Sheila told Deacon that it meant a lot to her that Deacon believed that she was a changed woman. She said that she hoped Finn would see that one day, too. "As your fiancé, I vow to do everything I can to make that happen," Deacon replied with a smile.

Later at Il Giardino, Finn showed up for a meeting that Deacon had requested. Deacon said that he wanted to talk to Finn about Steffy. Finn announced that he wanted and needed to get his wife back and asked if Deacon knew something about Sheila that might help with that goal. "What if I told you that I could ensure that Sheila would never be an issue, not for you, not for Steffy," Deacon asked. Deacon shared a bit about his own "checkered past" with Finn. Finn didn't know what that had to do with Steffy.

Sheila stepped from the shadows and walked up to Finn. She told Deacon's hand. Finn asked what was going on. "I've finally found that someone who loves me, [and] I'm happy, so happy," Sheila said with a smile. An indignant Finn pursed his lips and shook his head from side to side.

Back at the Forrester mansion, Donna helped Eric open his pill bottles. Eric began to cough, and Donna immediately became concerned. Eric assured her that he was fine and pulled her in for an embrace. His hands behind her back, Eric looked down and noticed blood in his right palm.

Later, Donna chuckled as she commented on the back-and-forth banter that Eric and Ridge had engaged in at Forrester. She was, however, worried about some of the dark humor that Eric had been spewing. "Donna, I'm gonna live 'til I die," Eric replied. Eric told Donna that her love was what kept him going.

In the design studio at Forrester, Luna noticed that R.J. appeared distracted. R.J. explained that he had learned that the situation with Eric was worse than first thought and might be the result of mini strokes. R.J. admitted to doing an online search about Eric's condition -- something he'd immediately regretted. Luna urged R.J. to "stay positive." Luna embraced R.J. and said that Eric was very lucky to have R.J. in his life.

Luna shared that she knew what it was like to have to keep a secret. R.J. jokingly asked her if she was working for the CIA. Luna laughed off R.J.'s joke and simply said that she could not believe that she had landed her dream job of working for Forrester Creations. R.J. was called away to sign for some items in the Receiving department.

Shortly after R.J. left, Luna received a phone call from the same woman who had called her previously. When Luna said that it wasn't a good time for her to talk, the woman remarked that it never seemed to be a good time to talk. "I'm busy, Mom," Luna said curtly.

Luna's mom said that she knew what Luna was doing and urged her to leave Los Angeles immediately. Luna tried to deny that she was at Forrester Creations, but her mother noted that Luna's face was on the Forrester web site. "You get why you can't do this. How my sister will react? With Finn? You know your Aunt Li will let you have it," Luna's mother said somewhat frantically.

Luna insisted that she was following her dreams. Her mother, however, said that it would only be a matter of time before Luna was found out and everything came to "a crashing halt." Luna started to cry and hung up the phone. R.J. returned to the office and asked Luna what was wrong.

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