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Stefan forced Dimitri to sign over his DiMera shares. Belle learned of Shawn's affair, and they fought. Leo blamed Gwen for Dimitri's shooting. Marlena confronted Talia about her affair with Shawn. Harris rescued everyone from Edmund Crumb. Alex ousted Maggie from Titan. E.J. sent an assassin for Xander but stopped the hit when Susan returned home. Sarah asked for a divorce. Alex ousted Maggie from Titan. Gabi ratted out Vivian to the police. Vivian and Gwen both left Salem. Jada arrested Dimitri.
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Belle learned of Shawn's affair. Alex ousted Maggie from Titan. Alex ousted Maggie from Titan. Vivian and Gwen both left Salem.
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Belle overhears life-altering news about Shawn

Belle overhears life-altering news about Shawn

Monday, October 2, 2023

In Marlena's office, Talia surprised Marlena when she said she thought it was best to find a new therapist. Marlena tried to dissuade Talia, who agreed to continue her therapy sessions with Marlena. Talia told Marlena about her breakup with Chanel, including how she had gone to the Brady Pub after the breakup. Talia recalled that she had "gotten wasted" at the pub and that she had slept with a married man.

Marlena, not knowing that the married man was Shawn, tried to assure Talia that Talia wasn't a bad person. Talia told Marlena bits and pieces about Shawn, without mentioning his name. Just then, Belle entered. Talia received a page from work, and she said that the hospital needed her.

After Talia left, Marlena asked Belle about Shawn. Belle said that she hoped that she and Shawn had patched things up after their fight a few nights earlier. Belle recalled that Shawn had disappeared and had been drunk before spending the night in Jada's room at the Brady Pub. Marlena's eyes widened as she flashed back to Talia's description of how she had ended up in bed with a married man.

Marlena stayed mum about her realization that Shawn had slept with Talia. Belle said that she was encouraged that Shawn wanted to continue his sessions with Marlena. Belle added that she thought that she and Shawn had turned a corner and that the worst was behind them.

At Shawn's desk at the Salem Police Station, Jada told Shawn that the two of them needed to clear the air. Shawn asked why. "The fact that you slept with my sister," Jada said. Jada shared that she had learned about Shawn's one-night stand with Talia on her own. Jada told Shawn that he was hurting himself, as well as Belle, Talia, and the Salem Police Department.

Jada asked if Shawn would tell Belle. Shawn said he didn't know what he would do if he lost Belle. Jada received a notification about a shooting at the DiMera mansion, and she reluctantly agreed to allow Shawn to tag along with her.

In Leo's room at the Salem Inn, Gwen confronted Leo for his affair with Dimitri. Gwen revealed that she had first seen Leo and Dimitri having sex in Iceland during Gwen's honeymoon. Leo admitted that it was true. Gwen punched Leo in the face.

Gwen scoffed at the thought of forgiving Leo, who admitted that Dimitri was genuinely attracted to Leo. "Well, it worked, didn't it? Because he screwed you, and then he screwed me," Gwen said morosely.

Gwen said that Leo had stabbed her in the back, and she added that she was angry at herself for confiding her feelings for Dimitri to Leo. "You threw away our friendship... for Dimitri and his magic penis!" Gwen chortled. Leo said that his feelings for Dimitri were about more than sex. "I love him. I know you're used to me being ironic and often wildly funny, but this is me being real with you," Leo swore.

Gwen told Leo that she was planning revenge against Leo and Dimitri with Kristen. Gwen revealed that she had gone to the bank earlier that day, and she produced a certified check for a large sum, which she then flashed in front of Leo.

Gwen told Leo that Kristin had initially planned to kill Dimitri so that Gwen could become Dimitri's sole heir. Leo called the plan "pure evil," but Gwen insisted that she had convinced Kristen not to go through with it. Leo's phone rang, and Gwen goaded Leo to take a call from his lover. When Leo answered a call from Dimitri's phone, he was stunned to learn that Dimitri had been shot.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefan and Gabi were stunned to realize that the gunshot sound they had heard hadn't been intended for them, but rather for Dimitri -- and that the shot had been fired by Vivian. "In situations like this, I like to act first and then ask questions later," Vivian said confidently.

Vivian hugged Stefan, and she quipped that she had always had perfect timing. Vivian and Gabi threatened to let Dimitri bleed out if he didn't sign over his shares of DiMera Enterprises. Dimitri, on the floor and wallowing in pain from the gunshot wound, signed over his shares.

Stefan agreed to call for help for Dimitri. A short while later, an ambulance escorted Dimitri's body to the hospital. Gabi wanted to tell the police what had really happened, but Vivian said that it was the last thing they should do.

Vivian suggested that the three have Gabi say that Gabi had shot Dimitri, given that Vivian had just been released from prison and was still on parole. Vivian asked Stefan to protect her. Just then, Jada and Shawn appeared.

Jada demanded that someone tell her and Shawn what had happened. Stefan claimed that he and Gabi had found Dimitri already shot when they had entered the living room from upstairs. Stefan said that neither he nor Gabi had seen anyone leaving. Stefan joked that whoever had shot Dimitri had to have "left the gun and taken the cannoli."

After Shawn and Jada left, Vivian thanked Stefan and Gabi for covering for her. Vivian told Stefan that she hadn't inherited Victor's fortune. "So, I have nothing, except a son that takes care of his adoring mother," Vivian pleaded to Stefan.

At the hospital, Leo learned from Talia that Dimitri had been taken into surgery after losing a lot of blood. Talia promised to keep Leo updated. Gwen appeared, and an angry Leo accused her of having had Dimitri shot. Gwen swore that she hadn't, and she added that Kristen had given word that Kristen wouldn't shoot Dimitri.

Leo said that he wouldn't allow Gwen near Dimitri. Gwen reminded Leo that she was Dimitri's wife. When Leo said that he was the person Dimitri loved, Gwen realized that Leo and Dimitri were truly in love.

Leo said that he should have been honest with Gwen from the beginning. "You were supposed to be my best friend, Matty. You were the one person in this whole world who I thought had my back. Yeah, we've done some... underhanded things to one another in the past, but this is just beyond the pale," Gwen said.

Leo showed remorse, and he pleaded with Gwen to allow him to make things right. Gwen said that her and Leo's friendship was over. Talia approached, and she said that Dimitri was out of surgery. Leo looked at Gwen, who told Leo to visit Dimitri. Gwen added that she and Leo had nothing left to say to one another.

In Dimitri's room at the hospital, Leo ran his hand over Dimitri's, and he said that he loved Dimitri more than he had ever loved anyone. Leo said that he wasn't leaving Dimitri's side and that Dimitri was all he had left in the world.

Back in Marlena's office, Talia returned after Marlena had asked to see her. Marlena said that Talia hadn't been completely honest with her earlier. "You didn't tell me that the man you slept with... is my son-in-law," Marlena said.

Back at the Salem Police Station, Shawn and Jada finished their official report on Dimitri's shooting. Shawn asked if he and Jada were "good." Jada told Shawn to focus on getting his act together before she would give him a firm answer.

Shawn agreed, but he said he had something to ask Jada. Jada stopped Shawn before he could continue. "Don't worry. I'm not going to tell anyone that you slept with my sister," Jada said with her back facing the door. Unbeknownst to Shawn and Jada, Belle had appeared in the doorway and had overheard Jada's remarks.

Belle and Shawn fight about his affair

Belle and Shawn fight about his affair

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

In Marlena's office, she confronted Talia about whether Talia had slept with Shawn. Talia confirmed that she had. "How did you find out?" Talia asked. Marlena explained that Belle had told her that Shawn had spent the night at the pub on the same night that Talia had slept with a married man.

"I'm so sorry," Talia said. "So am I," Marlena muttered. Talia said that she felt horrible about the situation. "I feel very ashamed right now. You've been so good to me. And your daughter, she's the reason I'm not in prison. I hope you agree that she doesn't need to know about this. It was just one time. I promise you that it is never going to happen again," Talia said. Marlena admitted that she was bound by doctor-patient confidentiality. Marlena warned Talia that secrets tended to get out. Talia asked if the issue would affect their work environment.

"I can behave professionally. Can you do that?" Marlena asked. Talia said yes. Marlena agreed with Talia's request for a new therapist. As Talia rose to leave, she told Marlena that she was sorry that she had let Marlena down.

In the interrogation room of the police precinct, Jada promised Shawn that she would not tell anyone that he had slept with Talia. Unfortunately, Belle was entering the room and overheard the conversation. "You just did," Belle said. "What are you doing here?" Shawn stammered. Belle explained that she had wanted to take him to lunch.

"You know, I was just telling my mom that you and I had turned a corner in our marriage and that the worst was behind us," Belle said. "I am so sorry that you found out this way," Jada said. Belle told Jada that she was glad she had found out. "Because you were never going to tell me, were you, [Shawn]?" Belle yelled. Belle asked if she was the last one to know. Jada stressed that no one else knew about the affair.

"My sister didn't want anyone to know because she knew how much it would hurt you. Again, I am so sorry for all of it," Jada said. Jada grabbed the evidence bag from the shooting at the DiMera mansion, and she left. Shawn told Belle that he was sorry. "I will do anything," Shawn said. Belle slapped him across the face. Shawn admitted that he had deserved it.

"That is the least of what you deserve," Belle growled. Shawn told Belle that she should not feel humiliated because he was the one that had done everything wrong. "Please spare me the whole sad-ass victim routine. You don't have any idea what I feel," Belle said. Belle reminded Shawn that he had spent the previous few weeks dredging up her past indiscretions.

"And all the while, you were sleeping with Talia!" Belle yelled. "I was not! I wasn't. It happened one time," Shawn stressed. Belle said that it did not matter how many times because unlike her previous affairs, she and Shawn were married and together when Shawn had slept with Talia.

"But we were married when you decided to go off and sleep with your professor back in Maine," Shawn countered. "So, we're keeping score now?" Belle said. Shawn argued that Belle was the one keeping score. "Just stop it!" Belle screamed. Belle told Shawn that she knew that he had been going through hell, and she had attempted to be supportive and understanding throughout. Belle rattled off all the things that Shawn had done since Bo's shooting that she had forgiven.

"I knew the truth would hurt you worse than the lie," Shawn said. "Of course, it hurt me. It hurt me worse than you could possibly know because I thought this was the one thing that you would never do to me. Or to us. And now I know I'm living a lie," Belle said through tears. "I've always loved you, and I always will. And nothing, nothing is going to change that," Shawn said. Shawn explained that he had slept with Talia because he had been drunk and not because he had desired Talia.

"And you and I had just gotten in this terrible fight, and then, I don't know. She was just there," Shawn said. "So, you just jumped into bed with a woman you barely know who'd just been through hell herself? Did it make you feel better?" Belle asked. Shawn said no. Shawn asked Belle not to blame Talia for what had happened.

"I don't blame her for this. I blame you, only you, because this was your way of getting back at me, right?" Belle asked. Shawn said he did not understand. "You have just been dying for a reason to hurt me the way I hurt you," Belle said. Shawn said no. "There is nothing that justifies this. I know that," Shawn stressed. After a moment, Shawn sighed.

"If I'm going to be truthful here, I guess your past, it did in some way, it justified what happened, you know? Because you know what? I think that if I were to forgive you for everything that you did, I would think that you would be able to understand and forgive me," Shawn argued. "Well, I don't understand, Shawn. And I don't forgive you, either," Belle said. Shawn pleaded that he would do anything to fix the situation.

"There's nothing you can do. Nothing," Belle said. Belle announced that she wanted to leave. When Shawn suggested they go home, Belle refused. "I don't want to be anywhere near you," Belle growled. "What is it you're saying? Where are we supposed to go from here?" Shawn asked. With a shake of her head, Belle said she wanted him to leave her alone.

At the hospital, an emotional Talia stared off into space as Jada exited the elevator. "What are you doing here?" Talia asked. Jada warned Talia that Belle knew about Talia's night with Shawn. "Why would you talk to Shawn about it?" Talia asked. With a shrug, Jada said that when she had seen Shawn at the precinct, she had been unable to stop herself from yelling at him about the affair.

"You were vulnerable, and he took advantage of that," Jada said. "He was vulnerable, too, okay? He didn't force me to do anything," Talia argued. Talia said that she was just as responsible for what had happened as Shawn was. "You cannot let what happened interfere with your work relationship. Shawn is a good guy, okay? He went through hell, and he made a huge mistake," Talia said. Talia said she hoped that Jada did not look at her differently.

"I love you, okay? I am not judging you at all," Jada stressed. Talia thanked her sister for her support. After Jada left, Talia thought about when she and Shawn had woken up next to one another after their night together. Talia then thought about when she had run into Belle in the square that morning. As Talia shook off the memory, she turned and saw Belle approach.

"Mrs. Brady. I'm so sorry," Talia said. "You slept with my husband, Talia. Go to hell," Belle said. Belle walked away and went to her mother's office. "What's wrong?" Marlena asked. "Shawn cheated on me," Belle whispered. Marlena hugged Belle and let Belle cry on her shoulder.

Rafe called Jada from Ava's London hotel room and left her a voicemail to update her on the search. As the doorknob rattled, Rafe pulled out his gun. "Don't shoot!" Tripp yelled as he entered the hotel room. "What the hell are you doing here?" Rafe asked. Tripp explained that he was worried about his mother. Rafe grumbled about Tripp attempting to tip off Ava.

"Can't you understand why I'd want to help her?" Tripp asked. "Did you know she was staying here all along?" Rafe asked. Tripp said no, but he had tracked them down by the names on the fake passports. Rafe asked about the room key, and Tripp said he had told the front desk that he was Ava's son. Tripp explained that he had not knocked on the door because he did not think Ava would have wanted him there.

"Where is she?" Tripp asked. "Damned if I know! Her and Harris left their passports here yesterday. They haven't been back since," Rafe grumbled. Rafe said he hoped that Ava and Harris had not gotten into trouble in their search for Susan. Worried, Tripp asked Rafe what he planned to do other than sit in a room and wait. Rafe explained that he had the equivalent of an APB out on Harris and Ava in the London area.

"Why did I have to trick you into telling me that Ava thought that Susan Banks was alive? Did you not realize that that information could have potentially exonerated your mother?" Rafe argued. "If it's true," Tripp said. When Tripp argued that Rafe did not want to exonerate Ava, Rafe yelled that he wanted to return Ava to Bayview so that she could get the help she needed. Rafe's phone rang with a lead, but he refused to give Tripp any information.

"Either you leave willingly, or I'm going to handcuff you to the wall for obstructing a police investigation," Rafe said. Tripp argued that he could help Rafe track down Ava. Reluctantly, Rafe agreed to let Tripp tag along.

When Rafe and Tripp arrived at the restaurant that Harris and Ava had dined at, the waiter identified them in a photo. "[Harris] used his phone to look something up," Rafe said. Rafe explained that he had checked the search history, and Harris and Ava had looked up a man named Edmund P. Crumb.

At the precinct, Shawn looked at his wedding photo, and he thought about when he and Belle had struggled to reconnect after their separation. Jada returned from the hospital, and she apologized again to Shawn. "Thank you, but Belle was going to find out one way or another," Shawn said. Jada changed the subject to the shooting, and she said that Dimitri's doctor had confirmed that Dimitri would likely make a full recovery. Jada added that Rafe had left her a voicemail about a lead on Ava and Harris.

In a locked London bedroom, Harris and Ava stirred awake after having been drugged. "It was Crumb. He poisoned our tea," Harris said. "Am I imagining things, or did he say that he had Susan locked up in a back bedroom somewhere?" Ava asked. Ava looked down and noticed that she and Harris were chained to the wall. "What in the world?" Ava said. Susan walked into the room with a chain around her own ankle.

"Well. You found me," Susan said. "I wasn't hallucinating. You are alive," Ava said. "No thanks to you!" Susan yelped as she rubbed her head. Ava explained that she had not been in her right mind when she had driven their car off the cliff. "But I am so relieved to see that you made it out alive!" Ava said. Susan asked Harris who he was and why he was staring at her. Harris introduced himself.

"I'm sorry for staring, but the resemblance between you and your brother, it's uncanny," Harris said. "And how do you know Thomas?" Susan asked. Harris told Susan that she did not want to know the story. With a sigh, Susan told Ava that she was glad Ava had received Susan's signals.

"Some rescue mission this turned out to be," Susan said. "It could be worse. I mean, Harris here is an ex-Navy SEAL," Ava countered. Ava asked why Susan had psychically reached out to her. Susan explained that anyone else would have believed that she was communicating from "the great beyond." "And I thought you would be highly motivated to find me," Susan added.

"And maybe when your son E.J. realizes that you're not dead, he'll call off his hit he has on Ava," Harris said. Ava explained that E.J. had sent an assassin to kill Ava. "My Elvis did that for me? Oh, my goodness, it's so touching," Susan said with a giggle. When Susan saw the blank looks on Harris and Ava's faces, she promised to slap E.J. when she saw him. Harris argued that E.J. was the least of their worries, and he asked Susan for information about their captor.

Before Susan could speak, Edmund Crumb entered the room with food. "Look who's finally awake," Edmund said. Edmund slid the food across the rug, but Harris kicked the tray back. "Not a fan of being poisoned," Harris said. Harris asked why Edmund wanted to keep them captive.

"Susan hasn't told you?" Edmund asked. "Well, I can't explain what I still don't understand," Susan complained. Edmund explained that he had been bereft when Susan had disappeared from his life without warning. When Edmund had seen a news report about Susan's death in Salem, he had been devastated until he had received a phone call. "What do you mean Susan's alive?" Edmund had said. Edmund explained that two men had delivered a half-dead Susan to him.

"For months, I nursed her back to health," Edmund said. "Who were these men? Who else knows that Susan is alive?" Harris asked. Edmund said he had not known who the men were, but they had told him that Susan was in danger. "And this is your idea of keeping her safe?" Harris asked. Susan explained that when she had woken up in the room, Edmund had been in bed beside her.

"Where's my Roger?" Susan had said. Jealous, Edmund had asked about Roger. When Susan had confirmed that Roger was her husband, Edmund's mouth had gaped. "After all I've done for you? I've fed you and bathed you. This is the thanks I get? You want your Roger?" Edmund had said. Susan had told Edmund that she had appreciated all that he had done for her, but that she loved her husband. Susan explained that that was when Edmund had chained her up.

When Susan asked if Edmund planned to keep Harris and Ava chained up, too, Edmund gasped. "Your name is Ava? Ava Vitali, the woman that tried to kill my Susan?" Edmund asked. Susan groaned. Edmund claimed that he had not wanted to hurt innocent people, but Ava was not innocent. "I'm going to have to do something to take care of you," Edmund said before he left in a huff.

Worried, Ava asked Susan what Edmund planned to do. "Does he have a history of violence?" Harris asked. Susan shrugged. Ava argued that Edmund would have killed them already if he had planned on it. "But he didn't know who you were until just now," Susan noted. When Harris pushed Susan to evaluate the situation, Susan admitted that Edmund had "killed before." Susan explained that Edmund had killed her sister Penelope when he had believed that Penelope had been Kristen.

"I think he's capable of killing again," Susan confessed. Ava argued that they needed to escape. "I've been in much worse spots than this," Harris assured Ava. Harris promised to protect Ava from Edmund.

In the living room, Edmund's doorbell rang as he loaded a gun. Edmund hid the gun in his bathrobe pocket, and he opened the door and saw Rafe and Tripp. Rafe held up his badge, and he brushed past Edmund and walked into his apartment with Tripp in tow. "Salem? That's where my late wife used to live. And where she died, so I heard," Edmund said. Rafe showed Edmund a photo of Ava and Harris. Edmund pointed at the photo of Ava, and he blamed her for the death of his beloved Susan.

"I thought she was in a mental institution," Edmund said. "She escaped," Rafe said. Edmund argued that Ava did not deserve to be alive. "The people we are looking for are under the impression that Susan Banks is still alive," Rafe said. Edmund argued that it was impossible. "[We believe that they came] here to your apartment," Rafe said. Edmund scoffed at the idea.

"If they turn up, I'll let you know," Edmund said. Rafe asked to look around the apartment. Edmund pulled the gun out of his robe, and he pointed it at Rafe.

E.J. orders a new hit, then is startled by a revelation

E.J. orders a new hit, then is startled by a revelation

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

At the Brady Pub, Rex told Philip that Xander didn't intend to stay away from Sarah or the baby. Philip said that he understood Sarah's decision to keep Xander away from Victoria. Rex recalled that Xander had terrorized Susan, and he said there was no way that Sarah would let Xander back into her life. "Unless he's found out a way to resurrect Susan Banks from the dead," Rex quipped.

Philip shared that Chloe had admitted that she still had feelings for him. Rex said that he had always believed that Philip and Chloe belonged together. Rex admitted that he had lost his way and that he had done terrible things to Chloe, Brady, and others because of the obsession he had developed.

After Philip vowed that he was a changed man, Rex asked what was next for Philip and Chloe. Philip said that Chloe knew how he felt and that it was up to Chloe to determine who she wanted to be with. Rex chuckled as he noted the irony that both of the women he and Philip loved could choose to be with them "or that thug Xander." Philip said he liked his and Rex's chances, and the brothers toasted.

At Xander and Chloe's apartment, Xander told Chloe that he needed her help to fight Sarah for custody of Victoria. Xander said that he loved Chloe. "I'm sorry, Xander. I don't think I feel the same way anymore. I don't want to be with you," Chloe said to Xander's surprise as her voice started to break.

Chloe recalled that Philip had stopped by and that Philip had said he had never stopped loving Chloe. Chloe said that she had realized she still had unresolved feelings for Philip. Xander asked when Chloe had realized her feelings for Philip. "Always, I guess. I thought he was dead, and it didn't matter. And then, when I saw him, I had all these feelings come rushing back," Chloe said.

Xander asked if Chloe wanted to be with Philip. Chloe said that she didn't know, but she said that she needed time to figure things out. Xander said he understood. Chloe said that she loved Xander and that she had loved being with him.

Chloe admitted that she wasn't over Philip, and she added that once Xander's anger subsided, he would realize he wasn't truly over Sarah, either. "So, what now?" Xander asked softly. "I guess now... I spend one last night here in my old room. And tomorrow, I will pack my things, and I'll go," Chloe said. With tears in her eyes, Chloe kissed Xander, who seemed to be fighting back tears of his own.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. met with Bronson, the man he had hired to keep an eye on Joyce, the contract killer E.J. had hired to kill Ava. E.J. surprised Bronson when he said he had a new job for him. "I want you to find and kill Ava Vitali," E.J. said.

Bronson agreed to kill Ava. E.J. said that he would let Bronson know Ava's whereabouts as soon as he knew where she was hiding. "But until that happens, there is another sitting duck waiting for you -- right here in Salem, in fact... Ava's accomplice, Xander Cook," E.J. stated.

E.J. recalled that Xander had kidnapped and terrorized Susan months earlier. Bronson warned that E.J. was already under suspicion for the shooting at Bayview, and he added that there would be blowback on E.J. if Xander were to be shot. "That's why you're going to frame someone else for his murder... someone who hates Xander Cook just as much as I do: Rex Brady," E.J. told Bronson.

At Edmund's flat in London, Ava and Harris told Susan to send a telepathic signal for help. Susan then had a vision of Edmund pulling a gun on Rafe and Tripp in the living quarters of the flat. Susan told Ava and Harris about her vision. Ava pleaded with Harris to help her rescue Tripp. Harris vowed not to let Edmund hurt Tripp.

Ava wanted Harris to find a way to break the chains that had him bound to the room. Susan offered to pray. Ava scoffed, but she agreed to pray with Susan. As Susan and Ava prayed, Harris broke free of the chains. Nearby, in the living quarters of the flat, Edmund threatened to kill Tripp. Rafe tried to stall Edmund, who rambled about his love for Susan. As Edmund prepared to fire at Tripp, Harris burst through the door.

Harris wrestled Edmund for the gun. Moments later, Ava and Susan heard the sound of a gunshot. Ava screamed as Susan wrapped her arms around Ava in an attempt to comfort her. Back in the living quarters, Harris told Rafe and Tripp that the gun had been pointed at the ground when the shot had been fired.

Harris subdued Edmund, and he said that he would take Tripp to see Ava. Harris assured Rafe that he and Ava were through with running from the authorities. Rafe phoned Scotland Yard for backup, and he said that Edmund was under arrest. Back in the adjacent room, Ava was awash in relief when Tripp followed Harris through the door. Ava and Tripp shared a warm embrace.

Moments later, Tripp and Rafe were amazed that Susan was alive. Rafe asked how Susan had ended up in London. Harris said that Edmund had received a call from someone who had known that Susan had survived the crash and that someone had appeared at Edmund's flat with an injured Susan.

Edmund claimed that he didn't know the man that had appeared with Susan. Susan said that she had no recollection of who had grabbed her, but she admitted that it scared her that the person was still at large.

The following day in Salem, E.J. stared at a photo of Susan that he had placed on the mantel above the fireplace at the DiMera mansion. E.J. then called Bronson, who revealed that he would send a text to Rex to bait him into going to Xander's apartment. E.J. told Bronson to call him when everything was finished.

At the Brady Pub, Kate told Rex that it was a mistake for Rex to go through with his marriage to Sarah. Kate said that Xander would never allow Rex to be the father of Sarah's child. Rex said that he wasn't afraid of Xander.

Rex received a text from an unknown sender who claimed to be Xander. Posing as Xander, Bronson wrote that he needed to see Rex at Xander's apartment to discuss Victoria. Despite Kate's pleas for Rex not to confront Xander, Rex ignored Kate before he left the pub. Rex vowed to "set that bastard straight."

At Xander's apartment, Chloe had finished packing as she prepared to say goodbye to Xander. Chloe hugged Xander tightly, and she kissed him with tears in her eyes. Chloe and Xander told one another to take care, and they shared an emotional goodbye.

Back at the DiMera mansion, E.J. raised a glass to the portrait of Stefano above the fireplace. E.J. said that justice would be meted out against Xander. "And as soon as Ava Vitali crawls out from whatever rock she's under, she's next," E.J. vowed.

Just then, E.J. was startled by the sight of Ava, who smirked at E.J. as she strode toward him. Ava confronted E.J. for having sent Joyce to murder her at Bayview. "And that's why I'm here. I'm going to end this now," Ava said. E.J. asked how Ava would end things. "See for yourself," Ava said. E.J. turned, and he was stunned to see that Susan was alive.

In the park, Chloe thanked Philip for having agreed to meet her. Chloe said that she had something she needed to tell Philip. "I'm leaving Salem," Chloe said.

Back at Xander's apartment, Bronson posed as an employee of the gas company. Bronson claimed there had been a report of a gas leak and that he needed to step inside to take a look. Xander reluctantly agreed to allow Bronson inside. No sooner had Xander closed the door than he heard a knock. Rex appeared. Nearby, Bronson finished loading the gun that he intended to use to kill Xander.

Chloe has a proposal for Philip

Chloe has a proposal for Philip

Thursday, October 5, 2023

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. was overwhelmed with joy as he and Susan shared a warm reunion in one another's arms. E.J. tearfully said that he had missed Susan. Nearby, Harris whispered to Ava that E.J.'s guard was down. Harris revealed that he was wearing a wire, and he said that he and Ava needed to get E.J. to confess that he had tried to have Ava killed.

On cue from Harris, Ava asked if Susan could repay her by asking E.J. to apologize for having sent a contract killer to Bayview to have Ava murdered. Susan turned to E.J., and she ordered him to beg Ava for forgiveness. E.J. flashed back to having ordered Bronson to kill Xander. E.J. panicked, and he rushed out of the room after saying that he had a business matter to attend to that was "life or death."

Afterwards, Ava said that she had something to say to Susan. "When I was in that car, I was in a very, very dark place, and I was hurt, I was angry, and I wasn't thinking straight. And the issues I had, they were with E.J. They were not with you. I never should have dragged you into it. And for that, I was wrong, and I am truly sorry," Ava told Susan. Susan quoted scripture as she said that she forgave Ava.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Kate confronted Sarah for having dragged Rex into Sarah's drama with Xander. Kate referred to Xander as a "homicidal maniac," and she said that Sarah had used Rex as a human shield. Sarah scoffed at Kate's questions, but Kate continued to scold Sarah for trying to pass Rex off as Victoria's father.

Sarah surprised Kate when she said that it had been Rex's idea to perpetuate the lie that he was Victoria's father. Kate said that Sarah had taken advantage of Rex's feelings for Sarah, and she added that Rex's feelings for Sarah would only deepen the longer Rex and Sarah stayed married.

Sarah apologized to Kate, and she said that she had had to put Victoria first. "Well, I'm not sorry. I need to put my son first. So, you are greatly mistaken if you think I am gonna stand by and let him take a bullet for you," Kate declared. Kate called Sarah a "calculating, predatory woman," and she added that she was worried that Sarah would hurt Rex. "And if you do, you'll answer to me," Kate said before leaving.

In the park, Chloe told Philip that she and Xander were over and that there was nothing to keep her in Salem. Chloe mentioned that she planned to join Craig and Nancy in New York. Philip thanked Chloe for telling him her plans.

Chloe said that she was proud of Philip for having turned his life around, and she added that reconnecting with Philip had been wonderful. Later, as Philip started to walk away, Chloe asked if Philip would want to join her in New York.

Philip was surprised, but Chloe said that she thought a change in scenery would benefit them. Philip asked if Chloe was sure that she would be okay with Philip accompanying her to New York. "I would be more than okay," Chloe said. "Then, yes, I will come with you to New York," Philip said.

Chloe noted that there were people in Salem that she needed to say goodbye to. Philip said that he had to do the same, and he left the park. Afterwards, Chloe called Nicole to ask her to lunch. At the same time, Philip told Kate at the Brady Pub that the two of them wouldn't be having as much time together as Kate would like.

At Xander's apartment, Xander demanded that Rex forfeit any claim to Victoria, and he ordered Rex to divorce Sarah. As they argued, Bronson lurked in the background with a loaded pistol. Rex ordered Xander to stay out of Sarah and Victoria's life. "And if I don't? What are you gonna do, Rex? Are you gonna kill me?" Xander asked.

With his back turned to Rex, Xander was stunned when he turned and saw that Bronson had knocked Rex to the floor. Bronson pointed his gun at Xander. "He's not going to kill you. That's my job," Bronson said as Xander tried to process things.

Bronson taunted that he was going to shoot Xander and put the gun in Rex's hand. Xander tried to talk Bronson out of shooting him., but Bronson gloated that he loved his job. Xander deduced that someone had hired Bronson to kill him, and he said that he could guess who the person was. Just then, E.J. burst through the door. "And here he is, eh, E.J.? Come to make sure the job's done right?" Xander asked E.J.

E.J. told Bronson to put the gun down. Bronson was reluctant, but he agreed and left. Afterwards, Xander asked why E.J. had called off the hit. E.J. said that circumstances had changed. Xander was stunned when E.J. said that Susan was alive. Xander said that he was grateful to E.J. for stopping Bronson from carrying out the hit.

Xander surprised E.J. when he gloated that he was calling Rafe to say that E.J. had tried to have Xander murdered. E.J. said that Xander didn't want to go through with the call, and he added that Rafe would relish the opportunity to put Xander behind bars. Xander asked what reason Rafe would have to lock Xander up.

"The only reason you're not in prison for kidnapping is that Rafe couldn't find a witness to implicate you. Bonnie Kiriakis never saw your face, but my mother did. And given the sheer hell that you put Susan through, I have no doubt that she'll want to press charges against you. Unless... I could talk to her, convince her to let it all go. As her one and only son, she'll listen to me," E.J. offered.

E.J. added that if he were to be incarcerated because Xander "ratted" him out, Susan would testify before a jury that Xander had kidnapped her. E.J. noted that Xander was a father. "Do you really want to get to know your daughter in the visiting room at Statesville? That is, if Sarah and her new husband will even allow it?" E.J. asked.

Xander sighed, and he surrendered to E.J.'s school of thought. E.J. and Xander agreed to back up one another's stories for why Bronson had gone to Xander's apartment. After E.J. left, Rex awoke. Xander claimed that he and Rex had argued and that Rex had grown "overemotional" and had hit his head fainting.

Rex disagreed with Xander, and he issued a warning. "I know you did this, because this is what you do. You hurt people. You kidnap them. You kill them. So, I'll tell you what. Biology or not, you will never be Victoria's father. So, do her and yourself a favor and stay the hell away from my family," Rex said adamantly before he left.

Afterwards, Xander phoned someone to say that he had learned that Susan was alive. Xander added that the news changed things. "All of a sudden, I'm a much more suitable parent. So... I want to sue for full custody of my daughter," Xander said.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Rex said that Sarah would never believe what had just happened to him. Sarah said that she had something she needed to tell Rex first. Sarah grew quiet before Rex pleaded with her to say whatever was on her mind. "I want a divorce," Sarah said, on the verge of tears.

At the Salem Police Station, Ava and Harris had gone to meet with Rafe when Ava walked into the interrogation room. Ava saw Harris shirtless, and she smirked. Harris asked Ava to help him rip the wire he'd been wearing off his back. Ava agreed, as she held a twinkle in her eye.

Harris said that the worst the police could do was to send Ava back to Bayview. Harris added that he would join Ava at Bayview. Ava said she thought that Marlena would agree to release Harris from her care and from Bayview if Harris asked. "Maybe I don't want to ask her," Harris replied.

Harris recalled that Ava had been through a lot, and he noted that there were a lot of dangerous people in the world. Harris jokingly asked who would watch his back if Ava was in Bayview alone. Ava smiled, and she quipped that Harris had a "nice back." "Hey, I'm crazy. I'm not blind," Ava added. Harris and Ava smiled at one another.

In Marlena's office, Marlena was stunned when she looked up from her desk and saw Susan. Marlena was overjoyed, and she and Susan hugged. Susan told Marlena that she had been held hostage until Ava and Harris had rescued her in London.

Marlena and Susan both said that they had missed one another. Marlena asked who had found Susan and delivered her to Edmund after the explosion. Susan said that she didn't know. Marlena said that it didn't matter, and she and Susan hugged again.

Later, back at the DiMera mansion, E.J. called out for Susan. Susan appeared, and she told E.J. about having visited Marlena. E.J. told Susan that he had left to "take care of some business." Susan asked if E.J. had behaved himself when Susan had been away. E.J. played coy, but Susan wrapped her arms around him, anyway. E.J. and Susan said that they loved one another. E.J. laughed nervously.

Gwen threatens Dimitri's manhood

Gwen threatens Dimitri's manhood

Friday, October 6, 2023

In Marlena's office, Kate interrupted Marlena's phone call. "Sorry to barge in like this," Kate said. Kate explained that she needed to talk about Philip and his plans to leave town with Chloe. "Chloe and Philip are back together?" Marlena asked. "I hope not," Kate said.

Kate explained that Philip's mental health had improved, but it had been his obsession with Chloe that had originally pushed Philip over the edge. "What if that happens again?" Kate asked. "Philip is a grown man. And Chloe must have believed that he's changed, or she never would have agreed to go to New York with him," Marlena advised. Kate nodded in agreement. With a sigh, Kate confessed that she was hurt that Philip had decided to move away.

Vivian burst into Gabi's bedroom. When Gabi argued that she did not have time to talk because she was due in a meeting, Vivian told her that she would attend the meeting instead. "Now that Maggie kicked me out of Titan, the only place for me to be is by my son's side," Vivian said.

"You are not going to take my job," Gabi said. Vivian barely hid her disgust when she called Gabi her daughter-in-law. "Don't underestimate me," Vivian said. "I'm quaking in my boots," Gabi countered. Vivian told Gabi that she refused to leave the house. "I'm staying here. And if you get in my way, you'll regret it," Vivian said.

Stefan was in the DiMera living room when Jada walked in. "Why did you lie to me?" Jada asked. Stefan reiterated his previous statement when he had claimed that he had not seen the shooter. Jada informed Stefan that Dimitri's fingerprints had been on the gun.

"We also found your sister Kristen's prints on them, too," Jada said. "Great. Mystery solved. It must have been Kristen who shot him," Stefan said. Jada noted that the bullet removed from Dimitri's body had been from another gun. "So, Dimitri was shot with another gun?" Stefan said. Jada smirked.

"If you know anything about what really happened to Dimitri and you're trying to hide it from me, believe me, I will get to the bottom of this. And I will not hesitate to lock you up," Jada said. Gabi entered the room, and she pleaded with Jada not to arrest Stefan. Gabi told Jada that Vivian had shot Dimitri, she held up a plastic bag that contained Vivian's gun.

"What the hell are you doing?" Stefan asked. "I am telling the truth. Look, I know. I know you want to protect your mother, but you are my husband. If I have to choose between you and her, I'm going to choose you every single time. I am not going to let you go down for your out-of-control, gun-toting lunatic of a mother," Gabi argued. "That is not fair!" Stefan said. Stefan argued that Vivian was not "gun-toting."

"Has anybody seen my gun?" Vivian asked as she entered the living room. Gabi threw up her hands, and Stefan groaned. Gabi handed the gun to Jada. "You can't give that to her! It's my property!" Vivian yelped. "You are not helping your case," Stefan warned his mother. Vivian explained that Dimitri had threatened to kill Stefan.

"I went through that once before. I couldn't endure it again," Vivian explained. Vivian added that it was not illegal to shoot someone in self-defense. "Yes, Dimitri was trying to kill me and Gabi. And he likely would have, and we wouldn't be standing here right now had my mother not intervened," Stefan explained. Stefan said he had been reluctant to implicate his mother.

"We also want to press charges against Dimitri Von Leuschner," Gabi added. Stefan agreed. "This might mitigate your attempted murder charge. However, you lied to the police. And possessing a gun is in violation of your parole," Jada said. After Jada walked out, Vivian stared daggers at Gabi.

"Why would you give my mother up to the cops?" Stefan asked Gabi. "Jada was accusing you. I told you, it's either her or you," Gabi argued. Vivian laughed ruefully. "You brought it on yourself, lady," Gabi muttered. Vivian asked Stefan if he planned to stand by and let his wife throw his mother under the bus.

"Mother, I'm afraid there's nothing we can do about it now. Jada knows you violated your parole," Stefan said. "I don't suppose there is anything I can do other than leave town," Vivian said with a shrug. "Hallelujah!" Gabi shouted. Stefan scowled at Gabi. Vivian told Stefan that she did not want to leave him, but she had no choice.

"I think I'll go back to Alamainia. It's our home. Don't worry about me. Whatever life throws Vivian Alamain's way, I will always rise like a phoenix from the ashes," Vivian said as she glanced at Stefano's portrait. After Vivian said her tearful goodbye to her son, she left. Gabi argued that if the law had not been in pursuit of Vivian, she never would have moved out.

"I know she's impossible, but she's my mother, and I feel bad for her," Stefan said. "That's because you have a good heart. But that woman, your mother, misery follows her wherever she goes. I mean, you may not see it right now, but trust me, I did you a huge favor," Gabi said.

At Titan, Maggie threw Vivian's nameplate into the garbage then placed her own on the desk. "Aunt Maggie, what are you doing here?" Alex asked as he walked into the CEO office. Maggie told Alex that she had removed Vivian from the house and the company.

"And [I'm] taking the job of CEO back," Maggie said. "Right. Well, I'm glad to hear that Vivian is out of the picture, and I wish I could have been there to watch you kick her to the curb. But Victor, my father, he left me in charge of Titan," Alex said. Maggie was surprised to hear the news. Alex explained that Victor had stipulated in the will that Alex should be in charge.

"Victor didn't name a CEO in his will," Maggie said. Alex pointed out that the will stipulated that Victor's son had controlling interest in the company. "Victor may not have specifically named me CEO in this, but he clearly spelled out his wishes," Alex said. "But Alex, he spelled out his wishes when he was alive. He gave me the job. He could have given you the job, but he didn't. I mean, don't you think if he would have wanted you to be CEO after his death that he would have mentioned it?" Maggie said. Alex shrugged.

"I have considered my options very carefully. I want the job," Alex said. Maggie told Alex that she understood that his world had been turned upside down. "But that doesn't change the fact that Titan is my birthright," Alex said. Alex reminded Maggie that Victor had once told him that he had been cut out for the job.

"I know what I'm entitled to," Alex said. Maggie asked if it was payback. "Of course not. Yes, it's true that I didn't agree with some of the things you were doing to run this place, but that's not why I'm taking the job. I'm not trying to act out of retaliation. I'm taking the job because Victor was my father. And this is clearly what he wanted," Alex said. Maggie smiled.

"When I found out that you were Victor's son, as upsetting as it was to you and Justin, it honestly did warm my heart. Because I thought that now that Victor is gone, I can be there for you. Because I know that's what he would want," Maggie said. Alex asked Maggie what she meant.

"You're important to me. You always have been. But now seeing my husband in you, it makes me feel even closer to you," Maggie explained. Maggie added that she also believed that if Victor had wanted Alex to be CEO, he would have named Alex as CEO. "Maybe he wants the two of us to work together," Maggie suggested. Alex told Maggie that he did not think that he and Maggie should work together.

"So, you'd rather take my job?" Maggie asked. "Like I said. I don't see it that way. But obviously, you do," Alex said. Alex told Maggie that if she did not willingly step down, he would call a board meeting and have her removed with his controlling shares. With a shaky voice, Maggie noted that it would not be necessary.

"I'll go. But I must say, I'm very disappointed that I didn't get through to you at all. I knew you were a womanizer and that you tended to be grandiose and somewhat full of yourself. But I didn't think that you were so callous that you wouldn't respond to what I said, which came from my heart, about seeing Victor in you, how it moved me," Maggie said. Alex told Maggie that there was a role for her at the company. Maggie shook her head no.

"You're right. Something tells me that you and I teaming up would work out about as well as it did the last time," Maggie said. Maggie grabbed her nameplate, and she left the office. Alex stared at the photo of Victor on the desk. "Dad, I really hope you're not mad about Maggie. But I don't think you would have dangled this opportunity in front of me if you didn't want me to grab the brass ring," Alex said. Alex placed his own nameplate on the desk.

When Maggie returned home, she caressed her wedding photo with Victor. Maggie placed her nameplate on the mantel in front of the photo.

At the hospital, Leo complained at the empty nurses' station about the lack of attention for Dimitri. Kristen exited the elevator and said hello. "Oh, no. Don't you hello at me. I know what you did," Leo growled. "Excuse me?" Kristen said. Leo explained that Gwen had told him about Kristen's plan to kill Dimitri.

"And you went through with it, even after Gwen promised me you'd called it off!" Leo added. "I did call it off!" Kristen protested. Leo said he did not believe Kristen. Kristen admitted that she did not know who was to blame. "You are hardly in a position to judge anyone [after what you did to Gwen]," Kristen argued. Leo rolled his eyes.

"We both know you don't care about Gwen. Only your share of Dimitri's inheritance, which you blackmailed him out of, by the way. So, spare me the concerned gal pal act," Leo said. Leo left in a huff.

In Dimitri's hospital room, he stirred awake. Gwen stared down at him. "Oh, thank God. You're finally awake. I could kill you for worrying me like that. You bastard," Gwen said. "What happened?" Dimitri asked. Gwen told Dimitri that someone had shot him. When Gwen called Dimitri a dirtbag, a puzzled look crossed Dimitri's face.

"You lied to me. And you got me to marry you so that you could inherit the Von Leuschner fortune, all the while having an affair with my best friend," Gwen said. "And that was a despicable thing to do. Gwen, I'm so sorry," Dimitri whispered weakly. Gwen smirked. "Sorry just isn't going to cut it," Gwen said. Gwen pulled a scalpel out of her boot.

"But this will," Gwen whispered. Dimitri asked what Gwen intended to do to him. Gwen gently poked the scalpel at Dimitri's leg through the blanket, and she explained that Leo had not shut up about Dimitri's magic penis. "So, I thought, perhaps, I could work a little bit of magic on my own. And make it disappear," Gwen said. Dimitri stammered a plea for mercy.

As Gwen used the scalpel to pull the covers away from Dimitri, he began to whimper as he struggled to reach the call button for the nurse. Gwen noted that in addition to the title and money, Leo had likely fallen for Dimitri because of his magic penis. "I wonder how lovable he would find you [without it]?" Gwen said as she nodded at Dimitri's crotch. Dimitri cried out for help. Gwen reached under the covers.

"Gwen? What are you doing?" Leo shouted as he returned to the room. Leo rushed over to Dimitri's bedside, and he pushed Gwen away. "Put down the scalpel!" Leo yelled. Leo apologized for having hurt Gwen. "But I can't let you hurt him," Leo added. Gwen laughed nervously. Leo warned Gwen that if she hurt Dimitri, she would not be able to live with herself.

"Gwennie, you are not a violent person. I know that you have had a hard life. And like me, you have gone to extremes at times to get what you thought you needed or to get revenge against people who have hurt you. But this? This is cruel. And this is out of character for you," Leo said calmly. Gwen teared up. Leo said, "It's like you are not the person I know and love. It is breaking my heart."

"You have no heart," Gwen said. "You know that isn't true," Leo countered. Leo told Gwen that he had made a mistake, and he was miserable. "You're just trying to make me feel sorry for you," Gwen whispered. "No! I'm just trying to make you see that I never meant to hurt you, ever. It's my desperate need for love that caused me to betray you. You want to get back at somebody? Get back at me because I hurt you more than Dimitri did," Leo said. Gwen sniffled back tears.

"You got that right. You're supposed to be my best friend. And Dimitri, well, yes, I'm used to romances falling apart, but you, we were supposed to be forever. I thought we were going to grow old together," Gwen said.

"I felt like I had finally found love, found a way to be happy, and that made me horribly selfish. So, I sabotaged the only friendship that has ever meant anything to me," Leo said. Leo told Gwen that he wished that he had been honest with her from the start.

"I guess I was just hoping, stupidly, so stupidly, that there was just some way that we could all get what we wanted out of this," Leo said. Gwen's eyes darkened again. Leo told Gwen that he loved her. "I would be willing to do whatever I had to do to make it up for you," Leo concluded. "I hope you rot in hell. Both of you," Gwen whispered before she stormed out of the room.

As Gwen marched down the hospital hallway, Kristen ran up to her and swore that she had not shot Dimitri. "Then who the hell did?" Gwen asked. "Vivian Alamain," Jada said as she walked over. Confused, Gwen asked why Vivian would shoot Dimitri. "Apparently, she walked in just as Dimitri was about to kill Stefan and Gabi," Jada explained. When Jada announced that she was there to arrest Dimitri, Kristen and Gwen smiled at one another.

After Jada left to arrest Dimitri, Kristen told Gwen that if Dimitri went to prison, Gwen would take control of the whole fortune. "You really think that would work?" Gwen asked. Kristen argued that Gwen and Dimitri had fulfilled the conditions of the codicil.

"I'm not sure the Von Leuschners would see it that way," Gwen grumbled. "Then we will have to persuade them," Kristen said. With a shrug, Gwen admitted that there was nothing left for her in Salem. "I have the Spectator of course, but that's all tangled up with Xander. And honestly, that's not a road I want to go down again," Gwen said. "Well, you always got me," Kristen offered. "Maybe it's time that I see what else is out there for me," Gwen said.

In Dimitri's hospital room, Leo asked Dimitri if he was okay. "She came a little close for comfort, but she didn't draw any blood," Dimitri said. Leo asked Dimitri what had happened. Dimitri explained that he had pointed a gun at Gabi and Stefan, when he realized that someone had shot him in the back. "Wait a minute. You had a gun on Gabi and Stefan? You promised me you were not going to do that," Leo said. "I know. And I meant it," Dimitri said. Dimitri explained that he had planned to give the shares to Stefan, but he had run into Kristen first.

Dimitri told Leo that he had taken the gun from Kristen, and then Gabi and Stefan had entered the room. "So, you aimed the gun at them?" Leo asked. "It was an impulse move. And then Vivian walked in and shot me," Dimitri said. Confused, Leo asked Dimitri how he had known that Vivian had shot him, since his back had been turned to her. Dimitri said he had heard talking after the shooting.

"Can we focus on the part that I nearly just died?" Dimitri asked. "I'm trying not to focus on that part," Leo said. Leo kissed Dimitri, and he said that he was happy Dimitri was alive. "And now that the truth is out, we have nothing to worry about," Leo said. Jada cleared her throat.

"Detective Hunter. What can we do for you?" Leo asked. "Well, Mr. Stark. For once, this doesn't concern you," Jada said. Jada explained that she was there to arrest Dimitri for attempted murder.

At the airport, a disguised Vivian boarded a plane. At the nearby counter, Gwen checked into her flight. "I promise you, [Salem], it might be goodbye for now, but you haven't seen the last of this girl," Gwen said.

After Gwen boarded her plane, Brady exited another plane nearby. "Theresa! Would you hurry up already, please?" Brady yelled. Theresa exited the aircraft, and she looked remarkably like Gwen in a blonde wig.

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