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Montague was arrested. Sonny ran Gladys out of town. Sonny and Nina made plans to fly to the island and elope. Valentin told Anna that he needed to focus on Charlotte. The details of Victor's letter to Charlotte were revealed. Chase learned that Gregory had ALS.
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Sonny ran Gladys out of town. The details of Victor's letter to Charlotte were revealed. Chase learned Gregory had ALS.
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Sonny confronts Gladys

Sonny confronts Gladys

Monday, October 2, 2023

At Perks Coffee, Anna told Sonny by phone that she appreciated the security detail he had provided her. Sonny told Anna to call him if she needed anything. Anna said that she doubted she was the only person Sonny was looking out for. Sonny acknowledged that Anna was right.

Jordan joined Anna for coffee, and she noted the security detail that was posted outside. Anna told Jordan that the guard was part of Sonny's team. Jordan asked when Anna had decided to seek Sonny's help. Anna said that whoever had been terrorizing her was trying to dismantle her life -- and to drive her insane.

Jordan mentioned Valentin. Anna said that she didn't know what secrets Valentin was keeping from her, but it was time for her to find out.

At their hotel room in Switzerland, Kevin told Laura that he believed Nikolas didn't want to be found. Laura said that she didn't believe Nikolas was in his right mind. Kevin surmised that Nikolas was running away from potential criminal charges in Port Charles, as well as his responsibilities as a father.

Laura said that she felt she could offer Nikolas redemption, and she added that she still loved Nikolas the same. "And I'm going to love him and support him until he gets his damned head on straight," Laura vowed.

Laura blamed herself for having abandoned Nikolas many years earlier when she had left him in the Cassadines' hands. Laura said that she was grateful that Stefan Cassadine had been there for Nikolas as a child. Kevin sympathized with Laura, but he said that Nikolas had abandoned Spencer twice. Laura shared that she believed that Nikolas felt his children would simply be better off without him.

Kevin said that if anyone could get someone to listen to their "inner angel," it was Laura. Kevin asked where Laura wanted to search for Nikolas next. Laura said she wanted to search for Nikolas in London. Kevin made a phone call, and he told Laura that he had booked two plane tickets for them to fly to London.

Laura thanked Kevin for his support, and she noted that he had put his life on hold for her in her quest to find Nikolas. Kevin said that he knew how important Laura's children were to her, and he added that there was nothing he wouldn't do for her. Laura said that she loved Kevin with all her heart, and they kissed.

As they prepared to leave their hotel room, Laura received a call from Valentin, who asked if Laura could return to Port Charles. "It's Charlotte. I think your granddaughter is in some serious trouble," Valentin admitted. Laura vowed to take the first flight to Port Charles.

At Valentin and Charlotte's house, Valentin asked Martin for his help with Charlotte. Valentin told Martin that Charlotte had let herself into Anna's hotel suite, as well as having left the cryptic message that had been written in Anna's bathroom.

Martin said he doubted that any court would consider Charlotte's actions anything except a cry for help. "You may be right, but I think she'd face a stiffer sentence if the court knew that she set fire to Anna's house," Valentin told a stunned Martin.

Valentin explained that he thought that Charlotte had had the means, motive, and opportunity to burn down Anna's home. Martin was skeptical, and he wondered how a teenage girl would be able to set a fire that appeared to be the work of an arsonist. Valentin suggested that Charlotte could have learned by using the Internet, and he said he wanted Martin's help in protecting Charlotte from herself.

Valentin said that he had shared his beliefs about Charlotte terrorizing Anna with Nina and that he and Nina had seen security footage of Charlotte entering Anna's room. Valentin noted that he hadn't said anything to Anna yet, and he asked Martin to be ready to defend Charlotte in the event of an arson charge.

Martin agreed. Valentin said that he had been so obsessed with bringing down Victor that he had neglected Charlotte, and he vowed to help her. After Martin left, Valentin pulled out his phone, and he was staring at Nina's contact information when Anna entered. "Oh. So, this is where you've been hiding out?" Anna asked Valentin.

In the reception area at Ferncliff, Dr. Montague told Nurse Janice that he was removing himself from Sasha's case. Montague said that Janice wouldn't be seeing him again at Ferncliff, and he said that he was leaving the facility. "I'm sure you'll see me around town again," Montague said smugly.

A short while later, Janice received a call from Montague, who claimed that he was pulling into his driveway and realized that he had left a file at Ferncliff. Janice agreed when Montague asked her to look for the file. After Janice left the nurses' station, Montague slipped back inside and past the nurses' station. Montague headed for Sasha's room, where he appeared with a syringe a short while later.

Inside Sasha's room, Montague gloated that no one would save Sasha. Sasha tried to escape, and she threw a chair at Montague. Montague grabbed Sasha, and he physically threw her onto the bed. As Montague tried to inject Sasha, someone opened the door to Sasha's room. Montague froze when he saw whoever had opened the door.

At Sasha's apartment, Gladys made plans to leave Port Charles for Costa Rica. Gladys heard a knock at the door before Sam picked the lock and entered. Gladys threatened to call the police on Sam, who asked how Brando would feel if he knew that Gladys was prepared to go on a trip, knowing that Sasha wasn't well.

Sam added that Gladys had taken advantage of Sasha. Gladys continued to try to blame Sasha's troubles on Cody, but Sam resisted. "How do you think your son would feel about that? How do you think your son would feel knowing that you stole from Sasha? Not to mention you undermined her sobriety and her sanity," Sam said.

Gladys said that she didn't have to listen to Sam, and she ordered Sam to leave. When Gladys opened the door, she saw Sonny, who glared menacingly at her. Gladys tried to dismiss Sonny, who extended his hand and forced his way inside and past Gladys. Desperate, Gladys suggested that the reason Sam was defending Cody was because Sam was sleeping with Cody.

Sonny was unmoved by Gladys' attempts to cover for herself. Sonny allowed Gladys to ramble before he said that what had happened to Sasha was "downright criminal." Sonny noted Gladys' luggage, and he said that it looked as if Gladys was headed someplace. Gladys stuttered that she was preparing to find a quiet spot to "get away."

Gladys weakly claimed that she couldn't bear to watch the "disaster" that Sasha' life had turned into. Sonny said that Gladys' plan sounded reasonable to him. Sam pleaded with Sonny not to believe Gladys. Sonny asked how Gladys planned to pay for her trip. "Because I already know that you stole Sasha's money to pay back your gambling debt to Selina Wu," Sonny revealed.

Gladys tried to protest, but Sonny ordered Gladys to stop talking. "Shut up! I'm done with your lies, and I'm going to make sure that you don't lie again," Sonny vowed.

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air due to coverage of the MLB Playoffs

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air due to coverage of the MLB Playoffs

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Due to coverage of the MLB American League Wild Card series, General Hospital did not air. This was a planned preemption, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of programming change.

Regular programming resumed on Thursday, October 5, and picked up where the Monday, October 2, episode concluded.

If you need a GH fix, here is what was happening this week in General Hospital history. Simply click a link to be transported back in time via Soap Central's General Hospital Recaps Archive.

2003: "Lily" warned Sonny that Carly and her unborn baby are in danger -- and that it is all his fault. Jason discovered "Lily's" footprints, leading him to believe that she's not a ghost, after all. Zander learned that Nikolas filed for divorce. Ric forced Scott to name him Assistant District Attorney. In France, Courtney accepted Jason's marriage proposal.

2013: Tracy confronted Jerry with a gun. Robert emerged from the coma and told Anna that Robin was alive. Britt confessed to Nikolas that Faison was her father. Obrecht wore an Anna mask to gain access to her jailed lover. Robin found Jerry's cell phone.

2018: Laura returned from Paris. DNA tests confirmed that Sasha Gilmore was Nina's daughter. Oscar broke up with Josslyn. Mike revealed that he had tossed the gun used to kill Margaux's father into the river. Valerie was promoted to detective.

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air due to coverage of the MLB Playoffs

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air due to coverage of the MLB Playoffs

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Due to coverage of the MLB American League Wild Card series, General Hospital did not air. This was a planned preemption, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of programming change.

Regular programming resumed on Thursday, October 5, and picked up where the Monday, October 2, episode concluded.

If you need a GH fix, here is what was happening this week in General Hospital history. Simply click a link to be transported back in time via Soap Central's General Hospital Recaps Archive.

1997: Luke returned. Sarah and Nikolas kissed. Stefan humiliated Katherine in public. Katherine and Bobbie found some common ground. Carly managed to lie her way out of a tricky situation.

2015: Carly offered Jake proof that he was Jason. Lulu was devastated when she learned about Dante's infidelity, and she moved out with Rocco. Paul advised Ava to exploit Sonny's weaknesses.

2020: Mike Corbin was laid to rest. Sonny and Dante shared an emotional reunion. Jackie Templeton returned to Port Charles. Dustin and Lulu decided to move in together. Ryan blackmailed Ava. Ned and Alexis agreed not to tell anyone about their one-night stand.

A desperate Montague takes drastic measures to escape

A desperate Montague takes drastic measures to escape

Thursday, October 5, 2023

Valentin was considering calling Nina when Anna entered the house, surprised to see where he'd been hiding. Charlotte entered, clearly unhappy to see Anna. She asked to go meet Jake at the park, and Valentin allowed her to go. When she was gone, Valentin apologized to Anna for keeping the house a secret, but he'd wanted to make sure it didn't fall through first. Charlotte listened in as Valentin explained that he'd bought the house for them after the fire, and he acknowledged that he should have talked to her about it.

Unseen, Charlotte thought back to when she'd received the tarot cards and the letter from Victor. The letter expressed Victor's concern for Valentin, as he'd believed Valentin had forgotten about the importance of family since he'd been with Anna. Victor had gone on to claim that Anna was manipulating Valentin, and that she wasn't who she seemed. He'd urged Charlotte to never trust Anna, as Charlotte was the only one who could "save" Valentin from Anna. He'd told her to use the tarot cards wisely and signed off as her "ally and loving grandfather."

Back in the present, Charlotte heard Valentin apologize to Anna about his circumstances changing. He revealed that Charlotte needed his undivided attention, so it wasn't the right time to ask Anna to move in. Anna understood, and she appreciated the love he had for his daughter. He promised that they could live together as soon as everything was right. Charlotte looked on as Anna and Valentin shared a kiss, and she thought about Victor's letter.

Spencer and Trina arrived back in their hotel room after having a great time at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. As they kissed and made their way to the bed, Spencer insisted that he would do anything for her. After making love, they lamented having to leave New York that day. Trina raved about their private tour at the Met and how she'd learned to see art through the artists' eyes. Spencer said he had loved watching her in her element and told her that she'd "completed parts of me I never knew needed completing."

Spencer continued that it had been nice to have time away from Port Charles, as it had helped him see even clearer how much he loved Trina. He proposed one last meal before they left. She preferred to eat in bed, and they kissed passionately. "Room service it is," Spencer agreed. A short while later, there was a knock on the door with their food. Later, the two were dressed and packed. "Goodbye, room. Thank you," Trina said wistfully, and they left.

Gregory entered Alexis' office and asked if she'd seen his latest piece. She promised to read it as soon as she had time, but he handed her a hard copy, anyway. He left, and she accidentally knocked the pile of papers on the floor. When she went to pick them up, she found an extra piece of paper with a list entitled "Bucket List." She read through it but quickly hid it when she heard Gregory approaching. She handed the papers back to him when he entered and promised to read his piece on her phone. He dropped the papers, which was when he realized that his bucket list was mixed in.

Alexis admitted that it was an "impressive and diverse list," and she wondered which thing they would do next. "Skydiving," he said, but she refused to help with that one. A short while later, they were sweating it out at a hot yoga class, checking that one off his list. When the class was over, she confessed that it had been better than she'd thought it would be. He thanked her for going with him, and he wondered if she would go again. "No," she said point-blank, and she asked which item on the bucket list was next. Gregory figured that he would decide after he finally talked to Chase.

In an exam room, Finn soaked Chase's eyes and joked about "pepper spray safety." When he was done, he advised Chase that he would meet his brother in the lounge. As Finn left Chase's room, Tracy emerged from the elevator and informed him that she'd been reinstated on the hospital board. He cracked that he would get back to pretending to work, since she was technically his boss.

A short while later, Tracy was ending a call with Monica when Chase sat down in the lounge with his still-red eyes. Tracy made a beeline over and asked if something had happened to Brook Lynn or Gregory. He revealed that it was just pepper spray, and he demanded to know what she knew that he didn't. After a lot of needling on Chase's part, Tracy informed Chase that Gregory had ALS, just as Finn approached.

Finn tried to calm Chase down, but Chase was livid to learn that no one had told him about Gregory's diagnosis for such a long time. Tracy apologized, as she'd thought he'd known, and he stormed out. Finn went to an exam room for privacy, but Tracy followed him, profusely apologizing. Finn knew that he and Gregory had taken too long to tell Chase, and Tracy assured him that there was no good way to handle a situation like that. "I handled it wrong," Finn stated. Outside, Chase slid to the floor and cried.

At Sasha's, Sonny revealed that he knew about Gladys stealing Sasha's money to pay for her gambling debt. He vowed to make sure that she stopped lying, and it was time to pay for her lies. "It's worse than that," Sam chimed in, and she explained who Montague was and what he'd done to Sasha at Gladys' behest. A horrified Sonny informed Gladys that she could have gone to Sonny for help, but she was just a user. He asked Sam to leave. Gladys begged her not to go. Sam glared and said that Sonny would do exactly what needed to be done, and she left.

Sonny took his coat off and demanded that Gladys sit. He thought it was always best for someone to get everything off their chest without whining or excuses. Gladys tearfully and matter-of-factly admitted everything she'd done regarding Sasha. Sonny called Frank into the apartment. He informed Gladys that Frank would be taking her back to her old life in Bridgeport. Sonny told Gladys that if she were to leave Bridgeport, tell anyone that he and she were related, or even "put a quarter in a slot machine," he would know about it. He made it clear to her that if she did any of those things, Frank would take her on another ride, and it would be her "last ride." She went to grab her luggage, but Sonny ordered her to leave it, as Sasha had paid for it. "Get out of my sight," he said, and Frank escorted her out.

At the PCPD, Mac asked an officer to retrieve Cody from his holding cell and take him to the interrogation room. A short while later, Mac was waiting in the interrogation room when the officer entered and advised him that Cody wasn't there. He explained that Cody had been let out in Dante's custody for a return to Ferncliff. "Oh, boy, let's go," Mac told the officer.

At Ferncliff, Montague threw Sasha on the bed and turned the syringe on her. Just then, the door burst open, and Cody demanded that Montague drop the syringe and let Sasha go. Montague grabbed Sasha and held the syringe close to her, demanding that Cody get out of their way. Cody finally moved away from the door, but Janice appeared in the doorway. Cody advised her to call security, as Montague had been drugging Sasha since before she'd arrived at Ferncliff. Montague ordered Janice to make sure every door was open for him and Sasha, but he would kill Sasha if any alarms went off. He added that Cody needed to stay there and not follow, or Sasha would die.

Just then, Sasha elbowed Montague, and Cody pinned a startled Montague against the wall, knocking the syringe out of his hand. Dante arrived with his gun out, and Cody let Montague go. Mac arrived with an officer, and Montague attempted to play the victim. Janice countered Montague's story and told the cops exactly what had happened. The officer cuffed Montague, and Dante read Montague his rights as they went back into the patient room. "It's finally over," Cody said. Sasha thanked Cody and hugged him. Janice apologized to Sasha, but Sasha assured her that Montague had fooled a lot of people.

Inside the patient room, Dante explained to Mac that, when Montague had left Ferncliff, Cody had wanted to follow, but Dante had made him stay so that Dante could follow. He continued that, instead of leaving, Montague had turned down a dirt road near the entrance to Ferncliff and ditched his car to return. He added that Cody had done a good job, and Montague would go away for a long time.

Sasha thanked Cody for believing in her, and she admitted that she'd been afraid that Montague would get away with it. Cody assured her that Gladys wouldn't get away with it, either. Dante emerged from the room, and Sasha expressed how thankful she was for Dante and Sam's help, too.

Cody took the opportunity to go back into the room and taunt Montague. The doctor replied that his lawyers would get him out of it. Cody didn't agree, but "just in case," Cody punched him in the stomach. Dante and Mac returned to the room, and Montague knew they'd seen Cody assault him again. "I saw nothing," Dante replied, and Mac agreed. Mac asked the officer to get Montague ready for his transport back to the PCPD "for attempted murder, among other things." Cody and Dante returned to Sasha, and Cody asked if she was ready to go. "We can go?" she asked. "Absolutely," Dante replied, and Sasha and Cody made their way out of Ferncliff.

Sonny makes plans ahead of his wedding to Nina

Sonny makes plans ahead of his wedding to Nina

Friday, October 6, 2023

Sonny visited Michael, Anna, Alexis, and Kristina at different locales across Port Charles to share the news about his wedding to Nina.

Afterwards, at Carly's mansion, Sonny told Carly that he and Nina were eloping and that they would be married on his private island. Sonny said that he would love for Donna to attend the wedding. Carly agreed that Donna should attend.

Sonny revealed that he had told Alexis to look into why Judge Kim had sentenced Drew to three years in Pentonville for Drew having committed insider trading. Carly thanked Sonny for everything he was doing for Drew.

Carly asked if Sonny had learned who Austin had visited at Pentonville. Sonny said that he still didn't know who was pulling Austin's strings. Carly encouraged Sonny to focus on his wedding, and she asked him to share plenty of photos of Donna.

Carly claimed that she had had a "painful couple of years" since 2021, but she said that she wanted Sonny to be happy. Sonny and Carly locked eyes, and he said that he felt the same way. After Sonny left, Carly sighed.

At Valentin and Charlotte's house, Nina visited Valentin and surmised that something was wrong. Valentin reiterated his worries about Charlotte, and he said that Nina understood him better than anyone -- perhaps even Anna. Nina promised that she and Valentin would figure things out together regarding Charlotte.

Valentin wondered why Charlotte was misbehaving, and he asked if he was solely responsible. Nina said that Valentin wasn't to blame, and she vowed that they would get Charlotte the help she needed. Nina said she thought that Charlotte's actions were a cry for help. Valentin said that Charlotte was terrorizing the woman he loved in Anna, and he asked if he was doing the wrong thing by not telling Anna.

Nina said that she would always care about Valentin and Charlotte. Valentin said he didn't know what he would do without Nina's help. "Yeah, about that. Um... you're gonna have to deal with this on your own. That's what I came by to tell you: I'm leaving town," Nina said. Nina told Valentin about her plans to elope.

Valentin said that he was happy for Nina, and he added that he wouldn't bother Nina or interrupt her during her wedding. Charlotte entered, and she was thrilled to see Nina. Charlotte and Nina hugged. When Nina mentioned her plans to elope, Charlotte said that she wanted to take a trip somewhere with Valentin.

As Nina prepared to leave, Charlotte wrapped her arms around Nina. Charlotte said that she missed Nina. Nina promised to visit Charlotte after she returned to Port Charles. Outside, Valentin thanked Nina for stopping by. Nina and Valentin hugged. Inside the house, Charlotte watched with a look of seeming approval.

At Metro Court, Anna told Robert that she needed his help. Robert said that he would always do whatever Anna asked. Anna shared that she believed whoever was targeting her was someone inside the WSB.

Robert noted that Frisco Jones had been replaced as WSB director. Robert added that any influence he might have with the new director would be limited at best. Anna asked Robert to find out whatever he could about who was targeting her.

In Alexis' office at the Invader, Alexis told Gregory about Carly's belief that Judge Kim's sentencing of Drew had been unnecessarily harsh. Alexis and Gregory read through several of Judge Kim's past rulings.

Alexis said that Judge Kim was trying to "climb the ladder" by setting unprecedented sentences. Alexis suggested that she flatter Judge Kim with an exclusive interview -- and then hit him with a tough line of questioning regarding Drew's sentence.

At the hospital, Michael waited to visit Willow. During a series of flashbacks, it was revealed that Sonny had told Michael about his plans to elope. Sonny had said that nothing would mean more to him and Nina than for Willow and Michael to attend the wedding. Willow appeared, and Michael shared the news of Sonny and Nina's plans. The couple was undecided on whether to attend the wedding.

At Charlie's Pub, Kristina was surprised when Dante said that he wouldn't attend the wedding. Dante reasoned that his home and work lives were too hectic. Kristina said that nothing could keep her from the wedding, and she noted that Sonny had asked Michael to attend. Dante was surprised that Sonny had invited Michael.

Blaze entered, and she and Dante chatted before Kristina told Blaze about Sonny's plans. Dante said that he thought it would have been "trouble" if Sonny and Nina had decided to wed in Port Charles. Kristina stared quizzically at Dante.

Back outside Valentin and Charlotte's house, Nina answered a call from Sonny. Sonny told Nina to pack for their wedding. "We're getting married," Sonny said with a chuckle. "Yes, we are," Nina happily agreed.

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