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After a heated showdown with Sasha, Gladys betrayed her once again. Sonny and Nina decided to elope. It was revealed that Victor had sent Charlotte the tarot cards. Drew was expected to make a full recovery. Spencer and Trina consummated their love. Laura received proof that Nikolas was alive. Mason abducted Ava.
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Spencer and Trina consummated their love. Gladys betrayed Sasha again. Mason abducted Ava.
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Carly receives an update on Drew's condition

Carly receives an update on Drew's condition

Monday, September 25, 2023

At the hospital, Portia stopped Anna so they could clear the air between them after Anna had visited Curtis. Portia said that Anna hadn't deserved all of Portia's anger over Curtis' shooting. Portia apologized for some of the things she had said to Anna. Anna said that Portia didn't owe her an apology.

Portia said that Curtis had told her how Anna had saved Valentin's life in Greenland. Portia walked away after telling Anna that she was glad that Anna and Valentin were closer than ever. After Portia left, Anna flashed back to Valentin having lied to her about his whereabouts on the night of the fire at Anna's home -- as well as Valentin's claim that the security footage from outside her suite had been missing.

At Nina's penthouse, Charlotte awoke from a bad dream in which Anna had taunted that Valentin no longer had time for Charlotte. Nina assured Charlotte that it had only been a dream. Valentin entered, and Charlotte rushed to put her arms around him. Nina told Valentin that Charlotte had had a bad dream.

Charlotte claimed that she couldn't remember what the dream had been about. Valentin proposed that he and Charlotte do something together. Charlotte readily agreed, and she left to retrieve her jacket. Valentin whispered to Nina that he had a plan and that he hoped it would help him and Charlotte move past things.

A short while later, Valentin surprised Charlotte when he opened the door to a new home. Nina, who had accompanied Valentin and Charlotte, received a call. Nina stepped outside, and she learned from Dex that Sonny was at the hospital because Drew had been beaten at Pentonville. Nina seemed concerned.

Back inside the house, Valentin told Charlotte that the home was on a property of more than two acres and that it was less than half a mile from the Winding Roads Stables, where Charlotte liked to ride horses. Charlotte was thrilled when Valentin told her that he had purchased the property. Valentin and Charlotte hugged as they celebrated their new home. Nina was happy for Valentin and Charlotte.

At the hospital, Molly told T.J. and Curtis that Andrea was pregnant. Curtis said that he had never seen T.J. so happy. T.J. said it was because he was going to be a father. Portia joined Curtis, Molly, and T.J. to celebrate the news.

At Charlie's Pub, Brook Lynn told Blaze that she wanted to be Blaze's new business manager. Brook Lynn was startled when she read an unflattering story about her in the Invader from Blaze's phone. Blaze said that the story had been a "hit piece," and she tried to assure Brook Lynn that it wasn't a big deal. Brook Lynn thanked Blaze for her support. Brook Lynn admitted that having her music career "taken away" so suddenly had been hard to deal with, but Chase had helped her see that she could use her talents elsewhere. Blaze could see that Brook Lynn hadn't lost her love of music. "It's in my blood," Brook Lynn beamed as she explained that her dad was a musician and her mom had been a music manager. Blaze smiled and suggested that Lois might want to meet her daughter's first client. Brook Lynn and Blaze enthusiastically shook hands as Blaze accepted Brook Lynn's offer.

Also at Charlie's Pub, Alexis told Kristina that Molly and T.J. were having a baby. Kristina was happy for Molly, but she admitted that it hurt her that Molly hadn't wanted to share the news with Kristina directly. Kristina deduced that Alexis had only told Kristina about Molly's pregnancy over Molly's objections.

Kristina noted that Molly was her sister, and she asked why Molly no longer wanted to have a relationship with Kristina. Alexis told Kristina to give Molly and T.J. "space." Alexis mentioned Kristina's LGBTQIA+ youth center. Kristina said that she might have a good idea for how to raise funds for the center.

Kristina walked Alexis to the door, and she thanked Alexis for having given her an idea about fundraising for the youth center. Alexis wasn't sure what idea she had given Kristina, but the two hugged before Alexis left. Afterwards, Kristina stared in through the window at Blaze and Brook Lynn.

In Sonny's office at Pozzulo's, Dex rushed in to tell Sonny that Drew had been attacked at Pentonville. Sonny was furious, and he vowed to make whoever had been responsible pay for the attack. Sonny and Dex left for the hospital.

At the hospital, Elizabeth conferred with a doctor about the injuries that Drew had sustained at Pentonville. Jake stepped off the elevator, and he told Elizabeth that he needed to speak with her about Charlotte. Elizabeth told Jake that it wasn't a good time to talk, and she asked him to wait nearby.

Carly appeared, and she asked Elizabeth for an update on Drew. Elizabeth told Carly that Drew hadn't regained consciousness. Carly pleaded with Elizabeth to assure her that Drew would be okay. Carly was restless as Elizabeth tried to encourage her to be patient. Elizabeth said that she needed to check on Jake, but she vowed to let Carly know when she had an update on Drew.

Nearby, Elizabeth asked Jake what he wanted to talk to her about. Jake said that he had been with Charlotte the previous night. Elizabeth was surprised when Jake said that he had been "embarrassed" to tell her that he was seeing Charlotte again instead of a friend.

Elizabeth surmised that Jake was attracted to Charlotte, and she asked him to tell her what he liked about Charlotte. Jake said that he liked "everything" about Charlotte. "Plus... she likes me," Jake said, causing Elizabeth to smile.

Elizabeth said she was glad that Jake had told her about Charlotte. Elizabeth said that she had to return to work. Jake spotted Carly, and he noted that it had been a long time since he and Drew had spent time together. Unaware that Drew had been hospitalized, Jake started to approach Carly. "Wait. There's something that I need to tell you... about your Uncle Drew," Elizabeth told Jake.

Jake grew upset after Elizabeth told him about Drew. Jake pleaded with Elizabeth to let him stay so that he could be present whenever there was news about Drew.

Nearby, Sonny and Dex had stepped off the elevator. Sonny spotted Carly, who lashed out at Sonny for not having done enough to protect Drew in Pentonville. Sonny tried to assure Carly that Drew was tough, and he asked her not to think about the worst-case scenario. Carly said that it was wrong that Drew might die because someone had turned Drew and Carly in to the SEC for having committed insider trading.

Carly walked away from Sonny, and she paced the floors of the waiting area, worrying about Drew. Carly flashed back to having told Ava that Sonny and Carly had gone to Pentonville to ask Drew to spy on Austin. Carly used her phone to call Ava, and she demanded that Ava leave for the hospital right away.

Just then, Nina stepped off the elevator. Carly asked why Nina had gone to the hospital. Nina said that she had heard about the attack on Drew. Elizabeth approached, and she told Carly that the hospital would soon take Drew in for emergency surgery. Elizabeth added that she didn't have any details, but she said a doctor would confer with Carly soon. "Please let him be okay," Carly said with worry.

Elizabeth, Jake, and Nina listened as a doctor named Reyes told Carly that a shard from one of Drew's broken ribs was threatening his aorta. Reyes said that Drew was being prepped for surgery and that the operation would likely take several hours. After Reyes left, Elizabeth comforted Jake, Carly sighed, and Nina seemed frozen.

At the same time, in the hospital chapel, Sonny had discovered Anna alone in a pew. Anna quipped that she and Sonny seemed to end up in the strangest places together. Sonny recalled Anna having asked him if the life he had chosen for himself had been worth it. "I'm beginning to wonder," Sonny admitted.

Back at Valentin and Charlotte's new house, Valentin received a call from a landscaper. After Valentin stepped away, Charlotte flashed back to having been alone in her bedroom. Charlotte was shown to have received a package that had been addressed to her from an address in Switzerland. Charlotte was revealed to have opened the box to find a letter addressed to her, along with a set of tarot cards.

Just then, Valentin returned, interrupting Charlotte's flashback. Valentin asked Charlotte if everything was all right. "Everything's going to be perfect," Charlotte said with a slight grin.

A trap is set for Gladys

A trap is set for Gladys

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

At Valentine and Charlotte's new home, Charlotte told Valentin that she loved her room. Valentin mentioned Anna. Charlotte asked if Anna would live with her and Valentin. Charlotte looked away when Valentin noted that Anna's house had burned.

Valentin said that he would have never forgiven himself if Charlotte had been at Anna's on the night of the fire. Valentin received a call from Martin, and he stepped out of the room. Charlotte flashed back to the package she had received from Switzerland. Charlotte was revealed to have received a letter from someone warning that Anna Devane could not be trusted.

After Valentin returned, Charlotte said that she thought often of Lulu. Charlotte said that she felt that Lulu would love the new house. Valentin asked how Charlotte would feel if Anna were to move in with them. Charlotte said that she needed to know if Anna moving in would make Valentin happy "for the reading."

Valentin asked what Charlotte had meant by a "reading." Charlotte unzipped her backpack, and she produced the set of tarot cards she had received. Valentin asked where Charlotte had gotten the tarot cards. Charlotte claimed that a camp mate from Lila's Kids had given them to her and showed her how to use them.

Charlotte had another flashback of being alone in her room, and it was revealed that the letter Charlotte had received had been written by Victor. Victor's voice spoke as Charlotte read the letter: "To guide you, I'm giving you these very special tarot cards. They are powerful tools, Charlotte. You'll find them helpful," Victor's voice said.

Valentin watched silently as Charlotte proceeded to place three tarot cards on a table in front of her.

In the hospital chapel, Sonny told Anna about the attack on Drew at Pentonville. Sonny said that he regretted having asked Drew to get information for Sonny. Sonny noted that Drew had been under his protection at Pentonville. Anna remarked that someone had defied Sonny's orders.

Sonny said that no one would have defied his orders in the past. Anna said she felt the same way and that things had started to impact her more than they once had. Sonny shared that he felt things were getting "out of control," and he said that in the past, he had been able to keep things under control. "What are you going to do? What do we do? Throw in the towel" Anna asked. "Never," Sonny said.

Sonny vowed to find out who had been responsible for the attack on Drew. Anna encouraged Sonny to check on Carly, and she added that she would light a candle for Drew. Sonny and Anna bade each other farewell as Sonny left. As Anna lit a candle for Drew, she flashed back to Dante having asked if Valentin could be working for Pikeman. "What else do I not know about you?" Anna said to herself.

By the nurses' station at the hospital, Elizabeth assured Carly that the surgeon who had been assigned to operate on Drew was the best in the area. Elizabeth explained that a piece of Drew's rib was lodged near one of Drew's main arteries and that it would need to be removed.

Nearby, Ava had stepped off the elevator. Ava spotted Nina, and she asked why Nina thought that Carly had wanted Ava to go to the hospital. Nina told Ava about the beating that Drew had suffered in Pentonville. Carly seethed at Ava as she sat across from Elizabeth. When Carly approached Ava, Ava tried to offer her sympathies to Carly concerning Drew. Carly yelled at Ava, and she called Ava a liar.

Carly grew hysterical as she accused Ava of having conspired with Austin to plan the attack on Drew. Ava swore that she had had nothing to do with the hit on Drew. Carly said she didn't believe Ava, and she continued to claim that Drew shouldn't be in prison for having committed insider trading.

Sonny stepped off the elevator, and he asked Carly to stop yelling. Carly rambled to Sonny that Ava was responsible for Drew's attack. Sonny said that Carly was wrong, and he added that he knew for a fact that Ava hadn't been behind the attack. Exasperated, Carly said that she didn't know what to believe anymore.

Sonny tried to encourage Carly to focus on Drew, and he said that Drew would get through surgery. Sonny tried to comfort Carly, who asked if she could be alone. Sonny stood up to give Carly space. Nearby, Ava and Nina said that they were grateful that Sonny had shown up when he had.

Sonny defended Carly for having lashed out, given the emotions involved. Dr. Reyes approached Carly, and he said that the surgeon wanted to speak to her. Sonny, Ava, and Nina stood nearby. Sonny returned to Carly, and he put his arm around her.

A short while later, Ava and Nina approached Sonny and Carly. Sonny shared that Drew had made it through surgery and would be okay. Nina and Ava were relieved. Ava said she was sorry that Carly had gone through the emotions of Drew's surgery. Carly apologized to Ava, and she said that she shouldn't have baselessly attacked Ava.

Ava said that she would have thought the same thing, had she been in Carly's shoes. Carly asked Sonny if she could talk to him alone for a moment. Sonny nodded his head. After Ava and Nina stood up, Carly said that she wanted to thank Sonny. "For what?" Sonny asked. "For being here," Carly said.

Nearby, Nina quipped that Carly had "really gone after" Ava earlier. Ava said that it was nothing compared to what Carly would do if Carly learned that Nina had tipped off the authorities for Carly and Drew having committed insider trading.

In Finn's office at the hospital, Jake had been worried about Drew. Jake mentioned that he had cried after hearing that Drew was fighting for his life. Finn told Jake that there was no shame in crying. Elizabeth approached, and she overheard Finn claim that Jake could always talk to him.

Elizabeth listened as Jake recalled that Franco had died and that Cameron had left for Stanford months earlier. Finn said that, while Franco had died and Cameron had left, Finn was still there, and he wasn't going anywhere. Elizabeth entered to ask if Jake was okay. Elizabeth said she had an idea that might make Jake feel better.

A short while later, Elizabeth and Jake sat in the hospital chapel. Elizabeth watched as Jake lit a candle for Drew. Elizabeth encouraged Jake that they needed to focus their most positive thoughts on Drew's recovery. Jake folded his hands in prayer. Elizabeth seemed to do the same as she closed her eyes.

Not long afterwards, Elizabeth's phone chimed, and she smiled as she told Jake that Drew was out of surgery and that Drew would make a full recovery. Awash in relief, Elizabeth put her arms around Jake, and the two hugged. Finn stood outside the chapel, and he shared the news of Drew's surgery with Anna. Anna and Finn were relieved that Drew would be okay.

At the cabin in the woods, Sam joined Sasha outdoors for some fresh air. Sasha and Sam noted that the leaves had started to change colors and that summer in Port Charles was beginning to fade into autumn. Sam said that Dante and Cody would prove that Dr. Montague had been conspiring with Gladys to drug Sasha.

Sasha said she didn't feel "worthy" of Cody's help. Sam told Sasha that she was "worthy" of Cody's help. Sam said that helping Sasha was the right thing. Sasha asked if doing the right thing was why Sam had fallen in love with Dante. Sasha said she thought Sam and Dante were a good match. Sam agreed, and she thanked Sasha.

At the Port Charles Police Station, Cody loudly told Dante and Chase that he had gone to surrender to the authorities. Chase was in the dark about Cody's plans with Dante, Sam, and Sasha and about the real reason why Cody had decided to turn himself in.

After Cody had been booked for arrest, Dante told Chase that he didn't need Chase to sit in with Dante and Cody in the interrogation room. As Chase stood alone in the lobby, Gladys rushed in to say that she had received a call that Cody was in police custody. Dante and Cody eavesdropped as Gladys demanded to speak to Cody.

Gladys huffed at Chase, and she accused him of protecting Cody. Gladys feigned concern for Sasha's safety and whereabouts, and she claimed that Cody had kidnapped Sasha. As Dante and Cody eavesdropped on Gladys' conversation with Chase, Dante asked Cody to stay calm. Dante added that the police still needed proof that Gladys and Montague had conspired to hurt Sasha.

Back in the lobby, Gladys received a phony phone call from Sam, who disguised her voice to pretend to be a woman named Ms. Vargas from the Port Charles Savings and Loan. As Vargas, Sam claimed that the bank had received a subpoena from Robert's office, asking for banking statements for all of Sasha's accounts. Gladys grew panicked when she heard that the records would have to be turned over to Robert's office. Back at the cabin, Sam crossed her fingers after she had hung up on Gladys.

Not long afterwards, Chase entered the interrogation room to ask if Dante had made any progress with interrogating Cody. Dante said that he shouldn't need much more time with Cody. After Chase left, Dante and Cody stared at one another.

At the same time, at Sasha's apartment, Gladys had started to frantically pack a suitcase of her belongings. As Gladys prepared to leave, she heard a knock at the door. Gladys thought the person at the door was a driver she had called, and she yelled that she was almost ready to leave. Gladys opened door, and she was stunned when she saw Sasha staring at her.

Sasha has a showdown with Gladys

Sasha has a showdown with Gladys

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

At the police station, Chase popped his head into the interrogation room to ask if Dante had gotten anything out of Cody. Dante assured Chase that it shouldn't be much longer. After Chase left, Sam arrived and asked for Dante. Chase told her that Dante was with Cody, so Sam decided to text message Dante to let him know that she was there. Chase insisted on taking Sam to Dante.

After Chase and Sam entered the interrogation room, Chase demanded to know what was going on because it was clear that Dante, Sam, and Cody were hiding something. Chase was stunned when Dante filled him in about Gladys' crimes. Chase recalled the phone call that Gladys had received earlier, so Dante and Sam revealed that it had been a setup to make Gladys believe that she was being investigated for embezzlement.

Chase was shocked that Gladys had betrayed Sasha, but he was grateful that Cody had figured things out. Chase offered his help take down Gladys, but Cody explained that Cody's part was done. "What happens next is up to Sasha," Cody said.

In the Savoy's back room, Marshall checked in with "Eddie Maine" and the band to make sure that they had everything they needed. "Eddie" admitted that he had been skeptical about performing at the nightclub, but Marshall bragged that Curtis had drawn in a large crowd for the night. After Marshall stepped away to have a word with N'neka, "Eddie's" expression turned troubled. However, when Marshall returned, "Eddie" expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to perform.

Marshall knew -- as a musician -- what it meant for "Eddie" to showcase his music, and Marshall admitted that he looked forward to hearing "Eddie's" new song. After Marshall left, "Eddie" informed his band that he had changed the night's lineup of songs, and he gave them a revised list.

In the bar, Olivia and Brook Lynn looked at the stage, which had been set up for the evening's performance. Olivia confessed that she had gotten caught up in "Eddie's" excitement, but Brook Lynn was curious why Olivia had made it sound like a bad thing. She suspected that it was because Olivia held out hope that Ned would remember who they were halfway through the song that "Eddie" had been writing. "Not who we are, who he is," Olivia clarified. Olivia explained that she had seen something in "Eddie" when he had played the unfinished song.

"Like Ned was underneath, wanting to climb out," Olivia said. She admitted that she believed the song was Ned's way back to them and that "Eddie" had seemed on the verge of remembering something during the recording session. Brook Lynn reminded Olivia that "Eddie" had grown to accept them and was getting to know them in a new way, but Olivia explained that she feared that "Eddie" wouldn't feel the same about his family as Ned had. Moments later, Blaze arrived and greeted her new manager.

After Olivia walked away, Blaze asked Brook Lynn about "Eddie," so Brook Lynn admitted that his music was a little before their time. Blaze was stunned when Brook Lynn revealed that Eddie Maine was her father's stage name.

A short time later, Brook Lynn entered the back room just as "Eddie's" bandmates left to grab a beer before the gig. Brook Lynn told her father that she was certain that he would do great, but she wished that her mother could be there. Brook Lynn explained that she had grown up hearing stories about "Eddie's" performances, and she had listened to his CDs. She admitted that she looked forward to a live performance, and she told her father to break a leg.

Meanwhile, Olivia congratulated Blaze on being Brook Lynn's first client. Blaze noticed that Olivia seemed anxious, so Olivia explained that they were all on edge because it had been quite a while since "Eddie" had last performed. When Brook Lynn walked up, Olivia asked how "Eddie" was doing. Brook Lynn reported that her father didn't seem nervous. Olivia wondered if "Eddie" had finished the song, but Brook Lynn had no idea.

After Olivia excused herself to thank Marshall and Curtis for booking "Eddie," Blaze acknowledged that it had to be strange for Brook Lynn to be around "Eddie." Brook Lynn explained that she missed her father, but everyone -- except for Tracy -- had grown to like "Eddie."

Elsewhere, Curtis greeted T.J. and Molly. T.J. and Molly were in high spirits and were eager to celebrate their good news. After the couple stepped away to fetch drinks, Portia approached Curtis and remarked about the packed house. Curtis explained that Marshall had asked him to pull out all the stops to make the evening a success. Portia was impressed, but she was disappointed that Trina wasn't there to see it.

When T.J. and Molly returned from the bar, Portia greeted them with a hug and gushed about the baby news. T.J. explained that they had hoped to share the news with Jordan, but his mother had canceled at the last minute. T.J. admitted that he wanted the whole family to be in the loop, so Portia quipped that he should tell Aunt Stella. Everyone chuckled.

A short time later, Marshall stopped to have a private word with his son. Marshall insisted that the patrons had filled the club because of Curtis, but Curtis reminded his father that they had already discussed the matter. Marshall argued that the Savoy was Curtis, and Curtis was the Savoy. Curtis warned his father that they would talk about it later, but Curtis conceded that it had felt good to be back in the mix. Marshall smiled, and he pointed out that it had been a good decision for Curtis not to sell the club to "that woman." Curtis admitted that he hadn't made a decision about Selina's offer, but before Marshall could reply, Olivia walked over.

After thanking both Marshall and Curtis for supporting "Eddie," Olivia decided to check on "Eddie." She stopped outside the room when she heard "Eddie" working on his song. When she heard him get stuck with the lyrics, she entered the room. "Eddie" greeted her with a smile, and she realized that he wasn't nervous. "Eddie" reminded her that performing was in his blood, so Olivia surprised him with a bandana embroidered with dinosaurs. Olivia explained that it was good luck gift from Leo. "Eddie" was touched and took the bandana, but the mood shifted as they stood close together and gazed into each other's eyes.

"Eddie" leaned close, but instead of kissing Olivia, he hugged her. Olivia pulled away and nervously began to ramble as she wished "Eddie" good luck. She told him that she hoped that he figured out who the "siren" in his song was. Afterwards, she fled the room.

In the nightclub, Chase arrived and joined Brook Lynn and Blaze. He applauded Blaze for giving Brook Lynn a chance, and he was confident that their partnership would be great. Olivia returned and asked for a word with Brook Lynn. Concerned, Brook Lynn followed Olivia to a quiet corner and asked what was wrong. Olivia claimed that she had made a fool out of herself because she had misread "Eddie's" intentions when he had leaned in for a hug rather than a kiss. Brook Lynn didn't see the problem, so Olivia explained that she had felt guilty for wanting to kiss "Eddie" because it had been like cheating on Ned.

Meanwhile, Kristina, Michael, and Willow arrived together, and Kristina chastised her brother by insisting that he lighten up. Kristina reminded him that the doctors had cleared Willow, and Willow had returned to work. Michael argued that it didn't mean that Willow had to charge in like a bull, and he admitted that he'd assumed that Willow would want to relax after her first day back at work. Willow assured her husband that a night out would reduce her stress, and the exposure to people would be good for her immune system. "And vodka does wonders to keep things sterile," Kristina said. Willow clarified that she would only drink sparkling water.

Kristina's smile faded when she spotted her sister across the room. Michael was curious what was going on between Kristina and Molly. "See for yourself," Kristina said. Michael and Willow watched as Kristina walked over to Molly and T.J.

At the bar, Molly warned T.J. that Kristina was approaching, and he turned just as Kristina stopped. Kristina congratulated T.J. and Molly on their good news, and she assured them that she was genuinely happy for both. T.J. and Molly smiled politely, but they remained silent. Defeated, Kristina walked away.

Seconds later, Kristina bumped into Blaze. Both were happy to see each other, and they both agreed that they each felt like a third wheel with their companions, so they decided to stick together.

At a nearby table, Willow assured Michael that she was fine. Michael admitted that he couldn't take his eyes off of her because she was beautiful. Just then, he saw Tracy enter the bar. Moments later, Marshall took the stage and credited Curtis for making the night possible. After he introduced "Eddie," the band rocked the house with several songs. At one point, "Eddie" dedicated one of his classic hits to Olivia. Marshall yelled out to "Eddie" to perform the new song, but "Eddie" admitted that he hadn't finished it. "Eddie" sang, and Tracy smiled. Michael walked over to his aunt to greet her, but she gave him a frosty reception.

At Laura's place, Esme hovered in the background as Spencer called to confirm concierge service for a flight to New York City. After the call, Esme approached and handed him a tablet that he had left in the kitchen. A short time later, Spencer decided to go over a few things with Esme before he left for his trip. "Spencer, you can't go," Esme told him.

In Trina and Josslyn's dorm, Trina was packing, but it was clear to Josslyn that Trina was nervous. Trina blamed it on Spencer for making her late. Later, Trina was packed and ready to go, but Spencer hadn't arrived. Josslyn assured her friend that Spencer would be there soon because he wouldn't miss the trip with Trina for anything. "Aren't you excited?" Josslyn asked. Trina explained that she was a little nervous -- but in a good way, because she and Spencer were ready for the next step, and she looked forward to exploring the city with him.

Moments later, Spencer called Trina and told her that the trip was canceled because Ace's daycare had reported that Ace had been exposed to chicken pox. After the call, Trina told Josslyn that it couldn't be helped, but Josslyn reminded Trina that Trina could still be disappointed. "Even pissed off?" Trina asked. Josslyn walked over and gave her friend a hug.

At Laura's place, Esme watched as Spencer carried his suitcase to his bedroom, but he stopped on the stairs to let Esme know that they should take shifts watching Ace. Esme admitted that Ace hadn't shown any signs of a fever, and the baby was asleep. Just then, Esme's phone pinged with a text message from the daycare.

Later, Trina answered a knock at her door. She assumed that Josslyn had forgotten her key, but it was Spencer. Spencer announced that the trip was back on because the daycare had reported that the child in question had been diagnosed with poison oak. Spencer swooped a delighted Trina up into his arms.

At the police station, Dante was in the squad room on the phone, requesting a records check on Damon Montague. Scott walked in and demanded to see Cody. Dante was surprised that Cody had called Scott, but Scott admitted that he had heard about the arrest and had been concerned that his client hadn't called him. Dante decided to let Scott talk to Cody.

In the interrogation room, Cody asked Sam about Sasha. Sam assured him that Sasha was strong and determined to handle things on her own, but Cody remained uneasy because Gladys was dangerous and had a history of manipulating Sasha. The conversation was cut short when Scott and Dante entered. Scott immediately began to craft a defense for Cody by blaming Sasha for everything, since Sasha had attacked Cody in the past, but Cody made it clear that Sasha hadn't done anything wrong.

After Dante and Sam excused themselves, Dante admitted that he didn't wish Scott on anyone, including Cody. Sam was certain that Cody could handle himself, but she confessed that she was worried about Sasha handling Gladys.

At Sasha's apartment, Gladys was stunned to see Sasha. Sasha said little as Gladys hugged her and thanked God that Sasha was safe. Sasha entered the apartment and pointed to the suitcase. "Were you going somewhere?" Sasha asked. Gladys claimed that she'd been packing to go in search of Sasha. "I would go to the ends of the earth for you," Gladys said.

Unmoved, Sasha asked where Gladys had intended to start the search, so Gladys revealed that she had planned to go to the Finger Lakes region, where Cody had been picked up, in the hopes of finding Cody's possible accomplice. "Cody did not have an accomplice, but you did," Sasha said in an accusatory tone. Gladys feigned ignorance, but Sasha angrily confronted Gladys about plotting with Montague.

"You used your position as my guardian to drain my bank accounts," Sasha yelled. Sasha accused Gladys of selling Brando's garage behind Sasha's back to settle Gladys' debts, but Gladys tried to defend the decision. Furious, Sasha told Gladys to stop talking. "Everything that has happened to me is because you were worried that you would lose your meal ticket," Sasha shouted. Sasha made it clear that she knew that Gladys had enlisted Montague's help to stop Sasha from ending the guardianship.

"You drove me to insanity. You made my life a nightmare," Sasha cried. Sasha admitted that the worst part was that she had thought that Gladys had loved her. Sasha demanded to know how Gladys could betray her at Sasha's lowest point when Sasha had trusted Gladys with her life. Gladys insisted that Sasha was wrong, and she accused Cody of twisting things around and filling Sasha's head with lies. "How many times did you remind me to take those pills Dr. Montague gave me?" Sasha asked. Sasha wondered if there had ever been a moment of remorse, especially when Sasha had started to spiral, or if it had been a relief.

"It was never a relief," Gladys claimed. Sasha didn't believe Gladys, and she told Gladys how Montague had injected Sasha with drugs to keep her delusional, barely conscious, and unable to fight back. Sasha also revealed that Cody had found a bottle of pills in Montague's jacket pocket, suggesting that Montague had hoped to stage an overdose. "Did you know that, Gladys? Did you know that he was going to kill me?" Sasha asked.

Gladys denied everything, and she insisted that she'd had no idea what Montague had given Sasha, but she had tried everything in her power to stop him. Sasha saw through the lies, but she was deeply hurt because Gladys had been family. She reminded Gladys that Gladys had driven Brando and Sasha home after their son had died. Gladys apologized, and she explained that she'd had a gambling problem that had gotten out of control.

Gladys promised that she had always planned to pay Sasha back. According to Gladys, she had gotten desperate because she was afraid that Sasha would find out and hate her for what she had done. Gladys conceded that she had known that Montague had given Sasha pills, but she had never asked what they would do to Sasha. "I'm so, so sorry," Gladys said. "Then prove it. Confess," Sasha said.

Sasha told Gladys to go to the police station, make a full confession, and testify against Montague so that he could never hurt another person like he had hurt Sasha.

This episode was dedicated in memory of ABC photographer Craig Sjodin.

Gladys betrays Sasha

Gladys betrays Sasha

Thursday, September 28, 2023

At Pentonville, a guard escorted Cyrus to the visiting room. He sat down and picked up the phone, and he asked Mason for news about Drew. Mason replied that, last he'd heard, Drew was in surgery, and it wasn't looking good. Cyrus asked for news on his other ventures, and Mason answered that he believed that Betty, not Ava, had been the problem. Cyrus didn't believe that Betty would turn on him, as she had no reason to. He vowed that Ava would "face divine retribution." He screamed at Mason to get it done, slammed down the phone, and left.

Jordan and Warden Garten arrived at the hospital to check on Drew. The warden called the attack a major fail, and she wanted to see if Drew could provide any information. Jordan believed that the timing and duration of the attack suggested coordination between prisoners and guards, and she wanted a list of everyone on duty that night.

Carly sat by an unconscious Drew's bedside and held his hand. She vowed to get him out of Pentonville. Deanna entered and advised Carly that Drew would likely be unconscious through the night. Carly asked how he was really doing. "Pretty good," a raspy voice said, and the women were shocked to find that Drew had awoken. Deanna advised him not to exert himself, and she left to alert a doctor. Carly talked about how hard it had been to see him that way, as he was only in prison because of her.

Jordan and Warden Garten entered the room, and Carly ripped into the warden for the attack. The warden informed Carly that she was there to help with the case of getting Drew out of prison, as he didn't belong there. Jordan promised that they were doing all they could with Diane's help. Carly wondered if Drew could get a medical exemption, so he didn't have to go back, and Jordan replied that they were looking into it. The warden promised to do everything she could to make sure it didn't happen again, and she and Jordan left. Drew called attention to the fact that they were alone together, and Carly climbed into bed next to Drew.

Jordan and Warden Garten hoped for a retrial and justice for Drew. The warden promised to help in any way she could, and she left.

At Carly's, Josslyn, Avery, and Donna were playing with water guns in the kitchen. Just then, Ava entered and got sprayed right in the face. Josslyn handed Ava a towel and instructed the girls to go upstairs and wash up for dinner. Ava said that she was just visiting to say goodnight to Avery. She asked for news on Drew, but there was nothing. She continued that Drew didn't deserve what had happened, especially after all he'd done to help rescue Trina in Greenland. Josslyn thought that Trina was lucky to have Ava, and she went upstairs to check on the girls.

Spencer and Trina arrived in their New York City hotel room and shared a kiss. He revealed that he had to go pick up their show tickets and check on a couple other things he had in store for them. He kissed her and left. Trina left a voicemail for Portia, letting her know that they'd made it there safely. A short while later, she emerged from the bathroom in a comfortable robe. She decided to video call Josslyn, who took the call outside. Trina showed Josslyn the room, and she gushed about the flight. "He's got game," Josslyn admitted. She made sure that Trina was feeling all right, and Trina confirmed that she and Spencer were in a great place. She promised to talk to Josslyn later and hung up.

Just then, Spencer returned, and he informed Trina that everything was on schedule for them. There was a knock on the door, and a few minutes later, there was a spread of Champagne, candles, flowers, and a charcuterie board on a table in front of them. He poured the Champagne and talked about how happy he was that she was able to accompany him. He wanted to make a "proper toast," and he raised his glass to "the woman I love." "To us," she said, and they drank their Champagne. They shared another kiss, but he realized that he had to shower before their dinner reservation.

Later, Spencer was in a suit when Trina emerged from the bathroom in a pink cocktail dress. He called her "breathtaking," and he offered to help with her necklace. "Necklace?" she asked, and he pulled out a jewelry box. He put the necklace on her and explained that he'd wanted her to have something permanent to remember their weekend together. They shared a kiss and left their room.

Josslyn returned to the kitchen after her phone call with Trina, and she invited Ava to stay for dinner. Ava happily accepted. After dinner, Josslyn was on the phone with Dex, talking about Drew, when Ava returned to the kitchen. Josslyn got off the phone, and Ava reported that the girls were ready for the bedtime story Josslyn had promised them. Ava wondered about Drew, and Josslyn revealed that he had woken up. Josslyn also thanked Ava for being there, and Ava replied that she'd wanted to make things more normal for the girls.

Ava admitted that she'd heard Josslyn on the phone with Dex, and she wondered how it was having a boyfriend who worked for Sonny. Aside from having experience with a parent who didn't work inside the law, she was concerned about what could affect Trina. She added that she and Josslyn probably had more in common than Josslyn thought. She wanted to make sure that Josslyn was taking care of herself, and she left. Once outside, Ava left a message for Nina that Drew had woken up, so Nina wouldn't have his death on her conscience.

Sasha pleaded with Gladys to confess and testify against Dr. Montague, but Gladys replied that Sonny would literally kill her. Sasha reminded Gladys a few more times of all the horrible things she'd done to Sasha, and Gladys finally agreed to do whatever Sasha wanted. Sasha advised Gladys to confess to the police and not let anyone know that she'd seen Sasha. Gladys left the apartment and took out her phone. She told someone that she had information on an escaped fugitive. Later, there was a knock on the door, and Sasha opened it to find two officers to escort her back to Ferncliff. She screamed that she couldn't go back and demanded to know why Gladys had turned her in.

At the PCPD, Dante escorted Dr. Montague into the interrogation room for a statement. Just then, Cody was led out, and he peeked into the interrogation room. Mac arrived, and Dante started recording the interview. Montague talked about how he'd found Cody in the room of a vulnerable patient, and Cody had knocked him out and taken his clothes. Dante retrieved an evidence bag with the bottle of pills and wondered what they were. Montague figured that Cody had been the one supplying Sasha with drugs. Dante thanked him for his cooperation and let him out of the room.

"You're letting him go?" Cody bellowed, and he jumped at Montague. Dante and another officer pulled Cody off of the doctor, and Mac instructed the officer to take Cody to a cell. Just then, Sasha arrived, followed by Gladys, and Cody demanded to know what Gladys had done. Dante wanted to get Sasha back to Ferncliff, and she and Cody both screamed that she couldn't go back. Dante assured Cody that it was just until they could sort everything out. Cody promised to get her out somehow, and she was escorted out by Dante and the officers who'd taken her in.

Mac thanked Gladys for calling, and she replied that she was just trying to help her "poor daughter-in-law." Cody yelled at Mac not to trust Gladys, as she was behind it all. He advised Mac to look into what Gladys was doing. Mac assured Cody that it was just for a little while until they could get Sasha out through the proper channels.

Gladys sat down in the interrogation room, and Montague followed her in. She expressed her anger at him for what he'd done to Sasha. He promised to see to it personally that Sasha was taken care of in Ferncliff, and he left.

An orderly escorted Sasha to her room at Ferncliff, followed by Dante, who promised to get her out. Sasha yelled about how she didn't belong there, as the orderly started to put restraints on her. Dante wondered if that was necessary, but the orderly stated that it was on Sasha's intake orders. The orderly pushed Dante out of the room and slammed the door, and he continued to restrain her. A short while later, she cried alone on her bed. Montague looked in at her through the window on her door, and she became terrified when she spotted him.

Spencer and Trina make love for the first time

Spencer and Trina make love for the first time

Friday, September 29, 2023

In New York City, Spencer and Trina sat down to a candlelit dinner at a restaurant with a view of the city skyline. Trina gushed about seeing Moulin Rouge with Spencer. Trina said that she didn't think she was as exciting as the characters from the play, but Spencer said that he hadn't been able to take his eyes away from Trina.

Spencer and Trina admitted that they were starving, and they shared looks of love as they prepared to order dinner. After they had finished dinner, Spencer and Trina sipped Champagne. Trina said that she knew it had been difficult for Spencer to get away from Port Charles because of Ace. "And I just want to let you know how grateful I am that you made time for us," Trina said affectionately.

Spencer smiled at Trina. "I love us," Spencer said. "Me, too. And... I love you, Spencer Cassadine. So very much," Trina told Spencer as the two of them stared into each other's eyes. Spencer asked why Trina hadn't said anything earlier when he had professed his love to her in their hotel room.

Trina said that she had learned from Stella that good things happened to those who waited. Spencer said that he would have waited "an eternity" to hear Trina say that she loved him. Trina asked what Spencer was thinking about. Spencer told Trina that he was the "luckiest guy in the world." "I've loved you for so very long, Trina. Since the day that I met you," Spencer admitted as he and Trina held hands.

Trina said that it had seemed like a long time since she and Spencer had first met. A series of flashbacks appeared on-screen as Spencer and Trina recalled important memories of their time together -- from the couple's first kiss to Trina jumping into Spencer's arms in Greenland, as well as Trina gifting Spencer one of the turtle doves.

As they held hands over the dinner table, Spencer assured Trina. "The best is yet to come," Spencer said, and he kissed Trina's hand as the backdrop of the New York City skyline shined down over the couple.

A waiter asked if Spencer and Trina wanted to see a dessert menu. Spencer deferred to Trina, who said confidently that the couple had to be going. Spencer asked for the check, and he and Trina left after gazing at one another.

Back in their hotel room, Trina was in awe to find red rose petals spread across her and Spencer's bed. Trina and Spencer stared longingly at each other before they began to kiss. The two began to slowly undress one another before Spencer lifted Trina's body and carried her to their bed.

As music played in the background, Spencer and Trina made love for the first time next to a window that looked out upon the stars over New York City. After making love, Spencer and Trina held one another in bed. Trina and Spencer kissed before she rested her head against his shoulder.

As they lay in bed together, Spencer assured Trina. "You know when I'm the happiest? When I'm with you. I mean it," Spencer said before he and Trina pulled one another closer together. Spencer and Trina kissed again.

At Sonny's penthouse, Nina awoke in bed when she heard Sonny enter. Sonny apologized that he had awoken Nina. As Sonny undressed, Nina said that she loved waking up to Sonny. Sonny joined Nina in bed. Nina told Sonny that Charlotte had been "acting out." Sonny said that family was the most important thing in the world.

With Sonny's words fresh on her mind, Nina said that she and Sonny needed to talk about Gladys. Nina told Sonny about Gladys having lost a lot of money to gambling in Selina's poker games at the Savoy. Sonny was furious at Gladys, and he said that Gladys should have known better, given what gambling had done to Mike years earlier. "I hate to tell you this, but it gets worse," Nina said.

Nina explained how Gladys had siphoned Sasha's funds, in addition to how Gladys and Dr. Montague had conspired for Sasha to be held against Sasha's will at Ferncliff. Sonny grew even angrier when he spoke of Gladys. "Gladys is family. I've put up with this way too long. That's on me. Gladys will be dealt with," Sonny said with finality.

Nina noted that it was late, and she encouraged Sonny to go to bed. Sonny spotted a slew of papers that pertained to the wedding that Olivia was planning for Sonny and Nina. Sonny said that Nina had too much on her plate.

Nina admitted that she felt overworked. but she said the only thing that mattered was planning her and Sonny's wedding. Sonny surprised Nina when he said he had an idea. "Why don't we elope?" Sonny asked.

Nina initially expressed hesitation, but Sonny proposed that he and Nina fly to Sonny's private island the following day to be married. "What do you say?" Sonny whispered. "I say... yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!" Nina shouted as she flung the stack of papers she'd been looking at into the air. Sonny and Nina were happy.

At the hospital, Willow visited Drew. Willow told Drew that she and Nina had grown closer. Drew was happy for Willow, and he asked if Michael had softened toward Nina. Willow said that Michael was stubborn. Drew said that life was short and that people shouldn't waste their time holding grudges.

Drew thanked Willow for having visited him. After she left Drew's room, Willow envisioned that she was seeing Harmony. In the vision, Harmony said that she had a warning for Willow. Harmony appeared to mouth the words, "your dad" and "I'm warning you, Willow: do not trust him."

In the gatehouse at the Quartermaine estate, Carly told Michael that Judge Kim had used Drew to advance Kim's career. Carly and Michael claimed that Carly and Drew were the victims of Drew and Carly having committed insider trading. Michael and Carly strategized on how to work on Drew's public image.

Carly wanted to use Alexis to run a series of damaging articles on Judge Kim. Michael shared that he might have a lead on who had tipped off the SEC, and he vowed to find out who had turned Drew and Carly in for having committed insider trading. Carly left to visit Drew at the hospital.

A short while later, Willow met Michael at the gatehouse. Michael surmised that something was wrong with Willow. Willow shared that she had nodded off in the hospital lounge after she had visited Drew. Willow said that she had had a dream about Harmony. "But it was only a dream," Willow insisted.

Also at the hospital, Elizabeth and Finn had bidden one another goodnight, but a short while later, Elizabeth discovered Finn alone in the hospital's shower room. A fully dressed Elizabeth stepped into the shower with Finn.

Elizabeth and Finn kissed for several moments, but Elizabeth remained in her scrubs before eventually leaving. On her way out, Elizabeth used to a towel to wipe off her mouth. Later, Elizabeth spotted Amy at the nurses' station. Amy rambled before Finn appeared. Amy noted that both Elizabeth and Finn had wet hair. Finn smirked.

At Wyndemere, Ava entered the mansion after having been caught in a pouring rainstorm. Ava noted that the storm had only affected Spoon Island. Giles, the house butler, said that there had been power outages as a result of the storm.

Ava stood in front of the fireplace in the living room as the power flickered. Giles handed Ava an envelope that contained images of Wyndemere from a real estate agency that Ava had hired to sell Spoon Island. Ava stared at the photos as she sipped a martini. "I cannot wait to move off this island," Ava said to herself.

Ava toasted to "the end of the Wyndemere era," and she flashed back to her argument with Nikolas when she had knocked him unconscious months earlier. A short while later, after the lights had gone out, Ava slowly found her way around the living room in the dark. When the lights returned, Ava spotted someone, and she screamed as she dropped her martini glass.

Ava was surprised to discover that Mason had slipped into the mansion. Ava wondered how Mason had entered, and she ordered him to leave. Mason stunned Ava when he said that someone else had gone to the island with him. Backed against the fireplace, Ava searched for something to defend herself with. "You ratted us out, Ava. Wasn't smart," Mason said as he approached Ava.

At a bank in Geneva, Switzerland, Laura and Kevin met with a banker named Hans Muller. Laura asked Hans to help her find Nikolas. Hans asked why Laura felt that Nikolas was in Geneva. "Because his money is here," Laura said.

Hans told Laura and Kevin that there had been several recent withdrawals from Nikolas' bank. Hans added that the withdrawals had been made by Nikolas in person, confirming for Laura that Nikolas was still alive. Hans left to allow Laura and Kevin some time to study the withdrawal sheets. Thrilled by the news that Nikolas was alive, Laura hugged Kevin.

Laura noted a large withdrawal in the records, and she wondered if Nikolas had used it to hide his plans and whereabouts. Kevin said that he and Laura couldn't be certain, and he suggested that they head back to their hotel room to celebrate that Nikolas was alive. Laura agreed, and she and Kevin left.

Not long afterwards, a man was seen entering Hans's office from behind. The man was revealed to be Nikolas, who said that he needed to make another withdrawal. Hans said that Nikolas had just missed Laura and Kevin. Hans encouraged Nikolas to "be a good son" and to do the right thing. "I plan to," Nikolas said with a smirk and a sinister tone to his voice.

At the same time as Nikolas spoke to Hans, the living room at Wyndemere, where Ava had been with Mason, appeared to be empty.

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