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Sally confessed to Nick that Adam had kissed her. Nick questioned Sally's feelings for Adam. Sally told Nick she was falling in love with him. Tucker declared himself Adam's enemy. Mamie announced her investment in Chancellor-Winters to her family but later provided an unseen party with an update.
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Sally confessed to Nick that Adam had kissed her. Mamie announced her investment in Chancellor-Winters. Nikki hired Claire as her new assistant.
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Nikki hires an eager new assistant named Claire Grace

Nikki hires an eager new assistant named Claire Grace

Monday, October 2, 2023

Adam met with Nate in the dining room at the Athletic Club. Adam, greeting Nate as "boss," said he awaited Nate's commands as Nate's new assistant. Nate was not amused by Adam's pretentious efforts to act as a submissive personal servant. Nate told Adam they should set ground rules to avoid misunderstandings. Adam chuckled, asserting that Nate was likely thrilled to wield power over him.

Adam, acknowledging that his remarks sounded snide, admitted he had asked his father to allow him to start over at the bottom, promising that he would do things differently. Nate, noting that Adam was far more capable, stressed that he would rather not have Adam working under him, nor was he buying Adam's fake humility for one second. Adam insisted he wanted a chance to stay with Newman Enterprises instead of seeking a position at another company. Nate explained that he agreed with Victoria that allowing Adam access to pertinent, confidential information was a foolish mistake on Victor's part.

Nate informed Adam that Adam would handle menial office tasks while another, more trusted assistant would be charged with managing sensitive information. Adam warned Nate that Victor would shoot down such a plan. Nate recalled that disruption was Adam's forte. Adam reminded Nate that Nate had attempted to blackmail his own family and former workplace to suit his needs. Adam admitted that after his own schemes had failed, he had experienced a wake-up call and was ready to handle his new job as Nate's assistant. Nate was not convinced and told Adam he had lost confidence in Adam after Adam had attempted to blackmail Audra. Nate expressed doubt that Adam could change his very nature. Nate acknowledged that despite everything, Victor would always hold out hope that Adam could turn things around.

Adam declared that he would prove to everyone that he could stand by his word. Victor, Nate maintained, had assigned him to act as a safeguard, knowing Adam would use his job to inflict damage on Newman Enterprises. Nate declared that he would take his job very seriously. Adam replied, "Is that a warning, Nate?" Nate replied that he was merely stating the facts and anticipated a final chance to open Victor's eyes and show him that Adam was incapable of becoming a good, decent man.

Adam insisted he had changed and would never fall for Nate's scheme to undermine him. Adam declared, "You can't touch me, Nate." Nate reminded Adam that he had a unique ability to ruin things himself. Adam declared that he would work hard, pay his dues, and never give Nate the satisfaction of thinking he could break Adam.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria knocked on the door of her former office and asked Victor for permission to enter. Victoria, sounding contrite, wished her father a good morning and told him he seemed content sitting in his big chair. Victor replied, "This all sounds very pleasant. Should I be getting ready for another attack or what?" Victoria cried that she was tired of fighting and wanted to make peace.

Victor admitted he was surprised, given how upset Victoria had been after he had demoted her. Victoria, admitting that her father had a right to be frustrated and disappointed by her attitude, announced that she had, after much contemplation, seen the wisdom of his actions and had accepted his decisions. Victor revealed that Nick had told him that his sister had questioned her father's ability to run the company. Victoria recalled that her father had made erratic decisions lately.

Victor asked his daughter what had happened to change her view. Victoria replied that she had realized Victor's aim was to unite a fractured work environment caused by the acquisition of Newman Media from Ashland Locke and later McCall Unlimited, which had also torn apart the family. Victor noted that Ashland Locke had caused a lot of problems. Victoria, however, blamed Adam as the one recurring factor in all their disputes.

Victor, displeased that Victoria had once again used Adam as a scapegoat, cried that Adam had never once been given the benefit of the doubt. Victor defiantly declared that he would no longer discuss Adam with her, Nikki, or Nick. Victoria laughed and insisted that Adam's decision to become Nate's assistant was clearly a ploy, though she would abide by her father's wishes and support Adam. Victor admitted he was surprised by Victoria's abrupt turnaround. Victoria explained that she had put aside her anger and was ready to let go of the feelings she had harbored against Adam, knowing that the company could survive anything.

Victor expressed relief, explaining that he had feared that their relationship was becoming untenable. Victoria asked her father what he would have done had that been the case. Victor replied, "I would have fired you. And should it get to that point again, I still might. Have I made myself clear?" Victoria recalled that it was not the first time Victor had threatened to fire her, nor would it likely be the last.

After Sally and Nick made love, she fell asleep. Nick ordered breakfast from room service. Before Sally awoke, she dreamed that Nick had confronted her in the hallway when Adam had kissed her. After Sally awoke, Nick served her a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice, noting that he wanted to spoil her and spend time with her. Nick suggested he and Sally give up all their business pursuits and spend time spoiling each other rotten. Sally replied that neither of them would last a week without having a sense of purpose.

Nick told Sally that he had missed her while he had been away. Nick reminded Sally that before he had departed on his trip, he had told her he had fallen in love with her. Nick repeated that he was in love with Sally. Sally replied, "I don't know what to say." Nick suggested Sally tell him she had fallen in love with him, too. Sally explained that due to the emotional and romantic turmoil she had endured, it was difficult for her to fall in love.

Sally cried, "You're amazing. Honestly, I mean, how could I not love you?" Nick kissed Sally and promised not to pressure her. Sally asked Nick about his plans for the day. Nick listed a number of tasks, ending with a lunch meeting with Victor. Nick explained that his father would waste his time by pressuring Nick to return to Newman Enterprises. Sally invited Nick to join her in the park for lunch. Nick phoned Victor and canceled their lunch date.

After Nick hung up, he told Sally it was not his problem if Victor was not pleased about the canceled lunch plans. Sally asked Nick if he still loved his father despite everything going on with the business. Nick admitted he had a difficult time reconciling the personal and business relationships between himself and his father. Sally advised Nick to show his father that he still loved Victor. Nick phoned Victor back and invited him to have drinks at the end of the day. Victor accepted, saying he would like to very much.

At Chancellor Park, Sally set down her picnic basket and sat on a bench. Lost in thought, Sally recalled Adam kissing her outside her suite. Sally envisioned Nick suddenly appearing, shouting her name, and ordering Adam to get his hands off her. Sally imagined Nick accusing her of having an affair behind his back, and Adam replying that he and Sally were having an affair because she loved him, not Nick. Sally envisioned Nick demanding to know why she had used him while carrying on with Adam. Nick arrived at the park and snapped Sally out of her daydream when he called out to her. Nick asked Sally if she was okay. Sally immediately replied, "Adam kissed me."

At Society, Nikki and Audra met with Claire Grace and interviewed the Chicago resident for the position as Nikki's assistant at Newman Media. Claire turned on the charm, claiming she had started her own cleaning business at age twelve, had a passion for music as a flutist, and had earned marketing and business degrees. Audra asked Claire about her experiences at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Claire replied that her professors had pushed her to believe in herself. Nikki praised Claire's educational background and called attention to her lack of corporate experience. Claire explained that she had juggled many temporary jobs while struggling to pay her bills during college. Claire expressed awe for Newman Media having quickly ascended to become a powerhouse by focusing on content in different mediums.

Audra asked Claire if she had an interest in one of Newman Media's particular projects. Claire complimented Audra on closing the deal with Crawford Pictures. Mentioning Tucker McCall's company, Claire said she was excited about seeing how Newman Enterprises would mesh the company's assets. Nikki acknowledged that Newman Media had gone through a number of regime changes since its inception. Claire said that Nikki's capable presence would reassure employees and the business community.

Audra asked Claire what had drawn her to Genoa City. Claire explained that she was originally from a small town in Oregon and preferred a place that was "a little more real and honest." Claire said her college friend, Sophia Carmichael, had hailed from Genoa City. Nikki said she knew the Carmichael family, though she had never met their daughter. Claire revealed that after her parents had died in a car accident when she'd been very young, she had been raised by her great-aunt. Nikki praised the great-aunt for having done a good job raising Claire.

After Nikki and Audra spoke in private, Nikki informed Claire that the job was hers. Claire promised she would not let them down, adding that she could not wait to get started. Audra told Claire to let her know if she needed anything. After Claire left, Audra noted that Nikki seemed to enjoy mentoring young people. Nikki said she did, as long as the person impressed her, though she would not tolerate a protégé who got in her way or slowed her down. Audra replied, "I assume you're not just talking about Claire?" Nikki said, "You assume correctly." After Nikki got up to leave, Audra rolled her eyes and sighed.

Nate and Adam joined Victoria and Victor at Newman Enterprises. Adam said he and Nate had decided to pop in after having breakfast together. Victor asked Adam if he had accepted the position as Nate's assistant. Adam said he had, and he thanked his father. Adam added that he and Nate had discussed their working relationship and had come to an understanding. Victor asked Nate how he felt about the arrangement. Nate replied, "I have no reason to think otherwise at the moment." Victoria, stone-faced, did not react.

Victor, addressing Adam, said, "Your sister's come around, you've gotten in line, and I am where I belong." Adam smiled at Victoria, but she glared back at him. After Adam and Victoria stepped out, Victor asked Nate about his discussion with Adam. Nate said he was cautiously optimistic that Adam was sincere. Victor replied, "I'm less so. They're all falling into line too easily."

In the hallway, Victoria told Adam she did not know why he had his own office instead of a cubicle with the other assistants, adding that if it was up to her, he would not be employed at Newman Enterprises at all. Adam replied, "Well, it's not up to you, not anymore. You lost your seat in the big chair yet again. I mean, that must sting to be dethroned and defeated." Victoria told Adam she was not buying his "turnaround thing." Adam declared that he would prove himself to Victor, even better than Victoria ever had.

Victoria warned Adam that when he showed his true colors, Nate would bust him. Adam said, "Right, because Nate has never broken a rule in his life. And for the record, I'm not buying your act, either. There is no way you've accepted losing your job to our father." Victoria told Adam that no one cared what he thought. Adam told Victoria she was the one Victor should worry about, warning that he would nail her to the wall when she showed her true colors. Victoria refused to share an elevator ride with Adam and grimaced after he smiled and waved as the doors were closing.

Nick questions whether Sally still has feelings for Adam

Nick questions whether Sally still has feelings for Adam

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

At Jabot, Billy asked Jack how the marketing meeting had gone, but Jack was more interested in hearing Billy's update about Tucker. Billy reported that he'd told Tucker that they knew about the cover-up involving the singer and that they wouldn't hesitate to use the information if Tucker didn't back off. Billy continued that Tucker had seemed nonchalant, as usual, but he suspected Tucker had really been in a total panic.

Jack recounted that he'd read Phyllis the riot act for teaming up with Tucker to go after Jabot, and while she hadn't admitted to anything, he knew she'd been covering. Jack relayed that he'd told her it would go a long way toward redeeming herself if she figured out what Tucker was planning, and it was clear to him she was desperate to have the people she cared about trust her again. Jack anticipated that Phyllis was willing to do anything she could for redemption. Jack hoped Billy's warning had dissuaded Tucker from going after them, but he anticipated that Phyllis might be the weapon they needed if Tucker did.

Diane entered the Abbott mansion, and Kyle noted that she was home early. She informed him that she'd decided to finish her workday there, and she looked forward to playing with Harrison outside before dark. Diane asked if Kyle had been keeping busy by networking and polishing his résumé, since she hadn't seen much of him lately. She wondered if he'd had any exciting job leads, but he indicated that he had none.

Diane reminded Kyle that she and Jack were hoping he would return to Jabot, but she knew he was only interested in retaking the co-CEO position. Kyle recalled that his dad had said it wasn't outside the realm of possibility. Diane shared that Jack had seemed ready to get rid of Billy, but Billy had managed to talk his way into getting Jack to let him stay. She clucked that she'd told Jack it wasn't a good idea for the brothers to work so closely together, but Kyle told her she didn't have to push so hard. Kyle added that he didn't want Jack to give him his old job back because Diane had badgered him into it.

Diane promised she wouldn't pressure Jack on Kyle's behalf, and she reiterated that Kyle knew Jack wanted him back at the company. She urged Kyle to reconsider another executive spot, like the ones he'd been offered when he'd left Marchetti. Kyle clarified that Jack had essentially fired him, but Diane was confident Kyle could find an interim position he would enjoy until Billy was out again. Diane added that she expected it to happen soon, since history had a way of repeating itself. Kyle hoped she was right, since he was worried about the harm Billy could cause Jabot.

Diane resolved to find a position for Kyle that suited his talents, and she contended that returning to Jabot would show that he wanted to be part of the family business and was ready to step back in when Billy screwed up. Kyle agreed that it sounded good in theory, but he wondered what would happen if Jack didn't want to replace Billy. Diane reasoned that Kyle would still have a good job instead of spending his days doing whatever he'd been doing. Kyle grumbled that he couldn't go backward after already proving himself as a leader. He preferred to hang out with Harrison every day rather than be stuck in the middle with nowhere to go, forever in his father's shadow. Jack and Billy entered the foyer.

Billy told Kyle he was sorry to hear about Newman Media, and he inquired about Kyle's plans. Kyle mentioned that he'd just been discussing his options with his mom. Jack reiterated that they'd be happy if Kyle returned to Jabot. Kyle vaguely replied that they'd see, and he headed out. Jack asked Diane if Kyle was okay.

Billy requested that Jack keep him updated about Phyllis, and he departed. Diane asked why Jack was the one dealing with Phyllis, but he turned the topic to whether they should be concerned about Kyle. Diane lamented that their son had lost his purpose, and she relayed that Kyle was afraid he was always going to be stuck in his father's shadow. Diane insisted that they help Kyle, but Jack didn't know what else to do, noting that he'd already repeatedly asked Kyle to return to Jabot. Kyle eavesdropped from the top of the stairs as Diane asserted that Kyle needed to know they valued him not just as a son but also as an important part of the company.

At the Athletic Club, Victoria asked Nate what had happened between him and Victor after she'd left the office. Nate indicated that Victor seemed wary of Adam's alleged turnaround. Victoria expressed relief, since she'd almost thought Victor had been buying into it, based on the way he'd been acting. Nate observed that Victor had been very positive about the situation, and Victoria considered it another reason to believe something was off, since her father wasn't much of a cheerleader.

Nate cautioned that Adam wasn't the only one Victor doubted. Nate referred to Victoria's sudden acceptance of the recent changes at the top and willingness to give Adam a chance. Nate recalled that she'd been very angry just a few days earlier, so it wasn't surprising Victor was suspicious. Nate asked if she was really okay with her father's plans for Newman Enterprises and where they left her. Victoria stated that she was going along with her father's wishes -- at least for then.

Victoria pointedly asked if Nate really wanted to become Adam's best friend. Nate contended that he was treating Adam as his assistant and not giving him anything beyond menial tasks, and both he and Adam knew Adam would never earn Nate's trust. Victoria wondered if Victor had asked Nate to find out what her true feelings were and report them back to him. Nate stressed that Victor wanted him to focus on Adam, but Victoria suspected Victor was trying to enlist Nate as an ally in case she decided to rebel. Nate swore that he would always be on Victoria's side, and the only reason he was supporting her father was to protect her.

Nate pressed again to know if Victoria was playing games or if she'd meant it when she'd said she'd accepted her demotion without a fight. She insisted that she'd meant it. Nate assured Victoria that he believed her, and he thought it was for the best if she was on good terms with Victor. Victoria groaned that she'd told her father over and over that his return to Newman would be a colossal mistake, but it was in her best interests to keep the peace until he was ready to hear it.

Victoria cited Victor allowing Adam to return to the company as more proof her father was making serious errors in judgment, but Nate figured there was nothing they could do about it. Victoria said both she and Nate had put Adam on notice and were keeping a close eye on him, so they'd be on top of Adam in a heartbeat if he tried anything. Victoria anticipated that Adam would eventually try to make a move that would benefit him and be detrimental for the company -- and it might be what it took to get Victor to a breaking point.

At Society, Nikki and Audra wrapped up their business lunch, and they agreed that Claire would be a good addition to the team. Tucker approached and demanded to speak to Audra in private, but she replied that she couldn't talk right then. Audra headed out, and Nikki followed. Tucker sat down at the bar and sent a text message to Adam: "You will regret this." Adam read the message and smirked.

At Newman Enterprises, Adam opened the door to Victor's office and greeted "Pops." Adam indicated that he was there to follow up on something for his new boss, but he suspected that his father's jovial attitude when Victor had said everything was falling into place with the family had been "all BS." Victor asked if Adam had ever known him to say anything he didn't mean. Adam was sure Victor thought Adam couldn't be trusted, especially with Victoria. Adam questioned when Victor would see Adam wasn't the one Victor needed to worry about.

Victor assumed Adam was implying Victor should be worried about Victoria. Adam recalled that she'd put on quite an act to seem pleasant and rational with no issues at all, but he hoped Victor had seen through it. Victor asserted that he wasn't worried about anything -- not Adam, Victoria, or Nate. Adam warned that his father wasn't looking closely enough. "I run this damn place!" Victor bellowed, adding that he'd excise any problem that raised its ugly head. Victor made a cutting gesture across his neck to indicate what would happen if anyone was disloyal to him or to the company.

After Adam left, Victor flashed back to Victoria claiming that she had put aside her anger over her demotion and was willing to let go of her feelings about Adam. Victor had warned that he'd still fire her if his relationship with her became untenable. Nikki greeted Victor, and they hugged and kissed. She announced that she'd just hired a new assistant, and she inquired whether he'd talked to Victoria. Victor shared that Victoria had had a change of heart and was going to try working within the new corporate structure. Nikki asked if Victor had believed their daughter. "I'd say hope springs eternal," he replied.

Nikki expressed doubt about Victoria working with Adam, but Victor wondered if Nikki's main concern was about him resuming full-time work. Nikki wondered if it would make any difference if she said yes. Smiling, Victor insisted that Newman was the best place for him to be right then. Nikki worried that the long hours and stress would take a toll on him. She recalled that he'd shot down her suggestion for them to take a relaxing trip before he jumped back into the fray, and she lectured that neither of them should be taking on unnecessary stress. She was determined to take care of him the way he'd taken care of her over the years.

Victor and Nikki embraced, and he recognized that she'd always taken care of him. Nikki declared that she wanted him to be with her for a very long time. Victor responded that he wanted her to be with him for the rest of their lives, but he felt good there and loved the stress of the place. He added that he'd see more of his children at work than if he were "sitting on my ass at the ranch as a man of leisure." Nikki predicted that he'd be watching his children go at one another's throats daily.

Victor proclaimed that the infighting would stop as of then, since he intended to remind his children of why they were there and what they were working for -- the family empire he'd built for them. Victoria hovered outside the office as Victor crowed that he would whip his children and the company into shape to the point where Nick would want to rejoin Newman.

Meanwhile, Tucker sipped his drink at Society and flashed back to when he'd confronted Audra about how Adam had obtained the incriminating emails. His thoughts shifted to Audra assuring him that the threat had been neutralized, followed by Adam later implying that he still had the ability to let the evidence slip out. Tucker then remembered Billy's warning that he'd use the emails to crush Tucker unless Tucker backed off. Adam joined Tucker and wondered what he was going to regret.

Tucker growled that Adam was supposed to have destroyed the evidence of a certain problem at McCall, but Adam had instead sold it to the highest bidder. Adam claimed he had no idea what Tucker was talking about, and he speculated that perhaps Audra had made copies. Tucker flatly accused Adam of leaking the information, and Adam asked who the highest bidder had been. Tucker named Billy. Adam reasoned that it didn't make sense for Billy to use the singer's misdeeds as leverage, and he contemplated what Tucker had that Billy wanted so badly.

Tucker hissed that he'd been perfectly content to forget about Adam's attempts to blackmail him and let Adam live his life, even after Adam had used Phyllis to undercut Tucker's plans. Adam feigned ignorance. Tucker noted that it had been a long time since he and Adam had been friends, and Adam had since made Tucker his enemy. Tucker hoped Adam understood what a monumental mistake it had been, and he stalked off.

Tucker stopped by Audra's suite, hoping she'd blown him off earlier solely for Nikki's sake. Audra figured it was better that her boss think she was heeding Nikki's warning about him rather than being defiant. Tucker shared that they had a bigger problem, and he needed Audra's help to solve it. He mentioned the incriminating emails about the singer, and she recalled that Adam had destroyed them. Tucker informed her that Adam had decided to go a different route by selling the evidence to the Abbotts. Audra realized that Adam had ruined Tucker's plans to go after Jabot, and she asked what Tucker was going to do next.

In Chancellor Park, Nick was appalled when Sally informed him that Adam had kissed her. Nick threatened to rip Adam's head off if he'd taken advantage of her. Sally swore she hadn't meant to blurt it out like that, since it hadn't been a big deal. She explained how she and Adam had shared a spontaneous, friendly dinner to celebrate their recent new beginnings, and she had agreed to let him walk her up to her suite after they'd had a little too much to drink. Sally confirmed that Adam had kissed her goodnight, but he'd instantly regretted it and apologized.

Nick doubted his brother regretted anything, and he surmised that Adam had taken advantage of the fact that Nick had been gone to try to seduce Sally and convince her to dump Nick. Nick groused that it was how Adam operated, but Sally maintained that Adam had truly seemed to feel bad afterward. Nick inquired whether Adam had said anything else after the kiss, like he still loved her or thought they belonged together. She remained silent.

Sally pleaded with Nick not to make too much out of it, but Nick barked that the kiss had meant everything to Adam. Nick asked how Sally had felt after it had happened, and she flashed back to the kiss. Nick swore he wasn't mad and wouldn't judge her, but he needed to know everything. Nick felt it was obvious that Adam would never let it go, no matter what Adam said. Sally admitted that she'd had a mixed reaction, and she didn't know how she felt.

Sally recognized that the kiss had been out of line, but she believed Adam had been sincere when he'd said he was sorry. Sally added that it had been hard to see how much pain Adam was in to still be in love with her, knowing she was with Nick. Nick wondered if a part of her was still in love with Adam. Sally protested that it wasn't black and white, and she compared her relationship with Adam to Nick's with Sharon. Sally figured that just because things were over didn't mean the feelings just disappeared, but Nick argued that it wasn't the same thing.

Nick surmised that Sally still had feelings for Adam, and it was why she hadn't been able to take the next emotional step with Nick and completely let Adam go. Sally swore that she'd cut emotional ties with Adam and that they were just friends. Nick wished it was true, but he suspected that Adam still had a hold on her and maybe always would.

Sally cried that she and Nick were in "such a good place," and she loved what they had together. She wailed that she didn't want to feel confused, and she would straighten out her jumbled-up emotions if she could. Sally explained that she was just trying to tell Nick where she was at, but it didn't mean she cared about him any less. She begged him to tell her she hadn't screwed things up, and he pulled her into his arms. Adam spotted them.

Sally pulled away from Nick when she saw Adam approaching them. Adam remarked that the couple's new ventures had to be doing well if they had time for a romantic picnic in the park in the middle of a workday. Nick ordered Adam to walk away, since Nick didn't want to hear a word from him. Adam wished Nick would let go of what had happened with McCall and Kirsten, but Nick snarled that he wasn't willing to let go of anything Adam had done.

Adam said he'd thought he and Nick had put their failed partnership behind them, since Nick was moving on by working with Sharon, and Adam was humbling himself at Newman. Nick huffed that it wasn't about that, and Adam knew it. Nick ranted that Adam was trouble to everything and everyone, and he demanded that Adam stay away from everyone Nick cared about from then on. Sally gently requested that Adam just go. "You told him, didn't you?" Adam asked.

Mamie confirms her stake in Chancellor-Winters

Mamie confirms her stake in Chancellor-Winters

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

by Nel

At Crimson Lights, Sharon asked what was going on with Nick because she could see he was agitated. Nick refused to get into it, but Sharon reminded him they'd been married, had kids, and still remained friends. Nick told Sharon that while he'd been away, Adam and Sally had run into each other, and they'd had dinner together. He said after dinner, Adam had walked Sally to her room, and he'd kissed her. Nick said Adam was determined to get back what he'd lost any way he could, and Nick was sick of it.

Sharon said she hoped Nick wasn't going to confront Adam. Nick said he wouldn't because he didn't want to do something he would regret. Nick said that was why he wanted to focus on business with Sharon -- otherwise, he would be focused on how much he wanted "that son of a bitch" gone for good and out of everyone's life.

Sharon said Nick had been right to not confront Adam. She said she didn't condone what Adam had done, but love couldn't be turned off. Nick claimed Adam didn't love Sally; she was just a trophy to him. He said Adam didn't love; he coveted, and Adam's whole life had been based on greed, jealousy, and self-pity. Sharon agreed there was nothing healthy about Adam's behavior.

Sharon told Nick that Adam was capable of love because it had taken Adam a long time to get over Sally. She said the only way that kiss mattered was if it had emotionally affected Sally. Nick said the kiss had affected Sally more than Sally was willing to admit. Nick thanked Sharon for being the rational person in the room.

Sally walked into the Athletic Club. Adam was right behind her. He claimed he needed to know what had happened in the park. Sally said she didn't care what he needed, and she wanted him to leave it alone. Adam said he wanted to know why Nick had almost ripped his head off. Sally told him to give Nick space to cool off. Adam asked if Sally had told Nick that Adam had kissed her. Sally asked what difference it made because Adam had apologized. Adam claimed he needed to know where he and Nick stood because he was trying to rectify his relationship with Nick and the rest of his family. Sally called that a complete lie.

Sally said despite what Adam had done or said in the past few months, he'd proven he couldn't change because he couldn't let her go -- or Newman Media, or his anger at Victor and the rest of his family for not treating him as if he deserved the world. She said Adam kept repeating that he wanted to change, but they were just words. She said Adam's actions mattered, and he refused to stop blowing things up.

Adam said he'd thought he and Sally were in a better place. Sally admitted her heart had been broken when they'd lost their baby. She said she'd been filled with grief and rage directed at Adam. She said they were in a better place from that; they'd been friends, but Adam had ruined that by kissing her. Adam said he'd apologized for that.

Sally reminded Adam that he'd claimed it had been a mistake he didn't regret, and he still didn't. He said it had been an impulsive moment. Sally claimed it had been a lot more than that. She said she'd been getting her world back in order, but thanks to his impulsive moment, her world was all teetering again. Adam realized she was talking about her reaction to the kiss, not Nick's.

Sally said Adam claimed he wanted to rebuild relationships, but he didn't; he just wanted to make them what he wanted them to be. She said if the truth didn't work for him, he rearranged it. She said Adam only thought about what he wanted, but there was no "us." She told Adam to stay away from her and Nick. She admitted to telling Nick about the kiss and that it had affected her. Adam claimed it had been more than the kiss that had upset Nick. Sally stated that Adam had crossed the line with Nick. Adam claimed she would only be that upset if it had triggered some emotional response in her. Incensed, Sally told him not to try to make it into more than it had been. She told Adam to stay out of her life and out of her head. Sally stormed off.

At the Chancellor home, Devon told Abby that Mamie had invited them for drinks at the jazz lounge. Devon said perhaps Mamie would tell them she was the new investor at Chancellor-Winters.

At the penthouse, Lily told Daniel that Mamie had invited her to the club, and she wanted Daniel to be her date. Daniel said he had a meeting with his creative team, and he couldn't cancel it again. He suggested they get together with Mamie in the future and show her how happy they were. Lily agreed.

At Newman, Nate told Victoria that they were off to the jazz lounge for cocktails with Mamie for a family get-together. Victoria said she didn't think it was a good idea for her to attend a family gathering because Devon and Lily still blamed her for what Nate had tried to do at Chancellor-Winters. She said it would look like she and Nate were trying to rub it in their faces. Nate said it was a great opportunity for him to try to mend fences with Devon and Lily. Victoria was still reluctant but agreed to attend.

At the jazz lounge, Jack asked Mamie to fill him in on what she was up to. Mamie said she was the luckiest woman in the world because she had two families, and one of them was the Abbotts, a bond she would cherish forever. She said she had to build a relationship with Nate, Lily, and Devon.

Frustrated, Jack told Mamie she was driving him crazy with the mystery. Mamie relented and said she'd bought out a private investor -- and she had a major stake in Chancellor-Winters. She said if everything worked out, it would be just the beginning. Jack called that enormous news, and he was impressed with how she'd made the most of her investments. Mamie said being around John Abbott for decades hadn't hurt, since he'd been a brilliant businessman. Mamie said she'd always planned to take care of family until they could stand on their own two feet, and then she would start her new life as an entrepreneur.

Mamie told Jack that when she'd gotten the idea of being in business with Lily and Devon, she'd wanted to move heaven and earth to make that happen. Jack was overjoyed for all of them, but he hoped Mamie was prepared for the roadblock she was up against with Jill. Jack asked how anyone prepared for Jill. He said Jill didn't like to be tricked, and the animosity between Jill and Mamie went back decades.

Mamie told Jack to wait and see how Jill reacted when she discovered just how successful Mamie had been since Jill had paid her off to leave Genoa City. Mamie said it was going to take Jill over the top, but Jack chirped that it would only be half as much as finding out Mamie was Jill's new mystery investor. Mamie claimed she was merely replacing an investor.

When Lily arrived, Mamie greeted her, and Jack said he had to get home to finish planning the wedding celebration with Diane. Mamie was happy Jack had found real love and happiness. She admitted she'd been worried when Diane had moved back into the Abbott home, but she agreed that Diane had turned her life around. Jack left as Nate and Victoria arrived.

Lily looked at Nate and Victoria with disdain. She had a sudden flashback to a conversation she'd had with Nate. Lily asked Nate if he was enamored with Victoria or if it was that she could she be useful to him. Nate told Lily his feelings for Victoria were real. He said Lily didn't have to like Victoria, but she needed to respect his decision, otherwise there was no point in them talking about being a family. Lily asked how Nate didn't realize that dating Victoria threw everything they'd done to her and Devon in their faces.

Nate asked if Lily had forgotten that Devon had tried to take her to court or that Abby and Devon had been caught red-handed cheating on Amanda and Chance, yet Abby and Devon were treated like the happy new couple in town. He said all anyone saw in him was how he'd betrayed his family with Victoria's help. Nate said he'd admitted he'd crossed the line and that he'd hurt Elena, but he'd never been more comfortable in his skin than he was at that moment with Victoria. Lily said Elena had been his conscience, and Victoria couldn't give him that because she was constantly pushing Nate to be bigger and better, collateral damage be damned. Nate left.

In real time, Mamie thanked everyone for coming, and she commented that the jazz lounge was wonderful, like her brilliant nephew-in-law, Neil, and her beautiful family, whom she'd missed terribly. She admitted she'd kept tabs on them, and she was aware of the anger and animosity between them. She said it had broken her heart, as it would have broken Olivia, Katherine, Dru, and Neil's hearts. Mamie said she'd returned to town to make the family the powerhouse it had once been and would be again.

Mamie told them she'd had no illusions about being able to unify their family from a distance, and that was why she intended to do that work from the inside. She announced that she had purchased a substantial investment in Chancellor-Winters from a very influential and cooperative secret investor. Devon said they all knew it had been Victor. Mamie hoped they were all as excited as she was that they would all be connected to the future that Lily and Devon were building in memory or their two most extraordinary family members, Katherine Chancellor and Neil Winters. They all raised their glasses.

Mamie addressed Nate and said it would give her great pleasure to lure him away from Newman Enterprises to rejoin "us" at Chancellor-Winters. Lily asked Mamie to clarify "rejoin us." Mamie said Nate had left Chancellor-Winters under less-than-ideal circumstances, but she was hoping they would leave the anger and betrayal in the past, where it belonged. She wanted Nate to be invited to rejoin the family company. Lily said she didn't think that was possible, and the word "us" was confusing her. Lily said Mamie had bought interest in the company, but she made it sound like she would be an integral part of it. Lily asked what Mamie's intentions were. Surprising everyone, Jill appeared and said she was very curious about that herself.

In her suite, Sally recalled what Nick had said after she'd told him Adam had kissed her. Nick claimed Adam had a hold on Sally, and perhaps he always would. Sally said she didn't want to feel confused, and if she could straighten out her jumbled-up emotions immediately, she would. She said it didn't mean she cared less about Nick. She asked Nick to tell her she hadn't screwed things up, because she loved what they had together.

At the coffeehouse, Nick received a call from Sally. Sally commented that she knew Nick wasn't okay by the sound of his voice. Nick said he was working, and Sharon was good at grounding him when he needed it. Sally said she'd steered things in the wrong direction earlier. Nick agreed, and he said Adam showing up hadn't helped. Nick admitted they needed to talk. He said he was on his way.

Nick entered the Athletic Club and saw Adam at the bar. Nick recalled his earlier conversation with Sally in the park. Sally told Nick not to make too much out of the kiss because it hadn't meant anything to her, but Nick retorted angrily that it had meant everything to Adam. Nick said he needed to know how Sally felt after the kiss, because Adam wouldn't let go of it, no matter what he said. Sally admitted she'd had a mixed reaction, and she didn't know how she felt. She said the kiss had been out of line, and she felt Adam had been sincerely sorry. She said it was hard not to see the pain Adam was in, still in love with her, and knowing she was with Nick. Nick claimed part of her was still in love with Adam.

In reality, Nick approached Adam and told him to leave Sally alone, for her and Nick's benefit -- and definitely for Adam's. Nick stated his patience had a limit. Adam agreed and apologized for crossing the line. Adam admitted that what he'd done had been wrong on every level, and he wanted to apologize sincerely to Nick and Sally.

Moments later, Nick entered Sally's suite, and he told her he'd seen Adam downstairs. Nick admitted he hadn't raised his voice to or touched Adam, but he'd warned Adam to leave Sally alone because Nick had run out of patience with Adam. Nick said Adam had admitted he'd screwed up, and he'd apologized to both of them. Sally said it was a relief, but Nick claimed it was another Adam mind game, Nick said he was at his breaking point with Adam. He claimed there was "no way in hell" Adam would leave her alone. Nick said Adam was just waiting for Nick to let his guard down.

Sally told Nick that Adam was going to do what Adam wanted, and they could deal with it at that time. Sally said the only thing she cared about was if they were okay. Nick said he didn't know; it depended on Sally and what was in her heart. Nick said he wanted to know the truth, no matter what it was. In tears, Sally told Nick she was falling in love with him.

At the coffeehouse, Adam told Sharon he'd seen the lights were still on, and he'd decided to stop in and say hi. Sharon asked why Adam felt the need to mess things up for everyone he believed harmed him. Adam guessed she'd spoken to Nick, and he admitted he was guilty. He also admitted he'd crossed the line, and Nick had every reason to be upset with him.

Sharon told Adam she felt bad for Nick. Adam claimed he did, too. Sharon said she doubted it, but Adam claimed he really meant it, because what had become clear to Adam was that Sally was in love with him, not Nick.

Jill insists that Mamie has a hidden agenda

Jill insists that Mamie has a hidden agenda

Thursday, October 5, 2023

by Nel

At Society, Jack told Diane he'd asked Abby to close Society for a party of two. Jack asked Diane how she felt about having someone officiate at the beginning of the celebration for a vow renewal in front of their family and friends. Jack said they would share their love with everyone at their celebration and show everyone they were for keeps. Diane said the people who didn't support them might never be convinced, but she loved his idea.

Diane asked if Kyle would stand up for Jack as his best man, since he'd been a no-show at their civil ceremony. Jack said at that time, Kyle had been blindsided by being asked to be Jack's best man while Jack and Diane had been on their way to the courthouse. Jack said Kyle had struggled with the concept then, he'd been heartbroken about Summer, and he'd blamed Jack for ousting him from Marchetti. Diane said she and Jack were making up for some past hurts, and she asked if they could do the same with Kyle. Jack asked if it was about healing Kyle's heart or giving him back his old job. Diane said they couldn't heal Kyle's heart.

Jack told Diane he couldn't cut Billy loose to put Kyle in Billy's place because it would be mending one relationship while destroying another. Diane claimed she wasn't asking Jack to choose between Kyle and Billy. Jack said he wanted Kyle involved in every aspect as a third generation Abbott, but Billy was also part of the family legacy, and it would be a big mistake to cut him loose for personal reasons. She said Billy had done some questionable things behind Jack's back that had compromised the integrity of Jabot and the family as a whole.

Jack told Diane that Billy had admitted he'd been tempted by Tucker's offer to run Jabot on his own, but Billy hadn't crossed that line. Jack admitted Billy had made mistakes in the past, but in the present, Billy wasn't to blame. Diane said Jack was loyal to Billy, but she asked how strong Billy's loyalty to Jack was. Jack said if he cut Billy loose, there would be serious ramifications, not just inside Jabot and the family, but from the outside world. He said the upheaval in the C Suite and the appearance that their leadership was unsteady would impact Jabot. Jack said he'd worked hard in his relationship with Billy, and it had been good for them as brothers, good for Billy and his self-image, and good for Billy's stability.

Jack told Diane when Billy felt isolated and abandoned, he went to some very dark places. Jack didn't want Billy thinking that Jack had lost faith in him. Diane asked about how much Kyle needed Jack's faith in him. Jack said he knew how much his approval meant to Kyle, but he had used all the values and principles that John had instilled in all of them to keep the family legacy alive. He said Jabot had already had too many captains steering the ship, like Jill and Victor. Diane commented that Jill had had a colorful past with the family and Jabot. Jack said with Mamie back in town, the past was all too present. Jack hoped Jill and Mamie could let things go.

In the jazz lounge, Lily asked Mamie what her intentions were at Chancellor-Winters. Everyone was surprised when they heard Jill say she was also curious. Jill said she'd had to come see if Mamie had bought into Jill's company -- and why. Mamie said when the investment had come to her attention, she hadn't been able to refuse.

Mamie asked Jill if it hadn't been a good idea to support a successful business, reconnect with her family, and be a strong presence for her family. Lily told Jill they knew Jill and Mamie hadn't gotten along, but they had all missed Mamie "so much." Mamie said she wanted to be with her family to watch them grow. Jill claimed that was "such a crock" because there was something else going on, and she wanted to know "what the hell" it was.

Jill told Mamie they hadn't been looking for investors; therefore, there was no opportunity to invest in Chancellor-Winters. Jill claimed it had been a back-alley deal and something they should have been made aware of beforehand. Jill said Victor had been a silent minority partner who'd had no desire to sell his stake, so she wondered why he would put his stake up for grabs. Jill asked if Victoria had been involved in the sale. Victoria denied it. Jill pointed to Abby, but Abby claimed she was completely out of the loop regarding Newman.

Jill asked Mamie the reason behind all the secrecy. Mamie claimed Jill was making something out of nothing, and she stated there hadn't been a back-alley deal. Lily asked why Mamie hadn't told them she'd been interested in Chancellor-Winters when she'd been at the bicentennial gala. Mamie said she'd wanted to spend her time with them, but Devon said Mamie didn't have to invest in their company to spend time with them.

Nate told Mamie that it was a warming gesture that Mamie wanted to make the family close again, since they'd all been through a lot during the past year. Devon agreed and said Nate spoke for himself, not for Devon or Lily because Nate wasn't part of Chancellor-Winters.

Lily agreed and said that because of Nate, they were very wary of family making secret moves regarding the company. Mamie claimed she was there to put all the animosity behind them, because love and family mattered above all else, and she wanted to help them remember that. Mamie said she was doing business with her family, and where Jill only saw the bottom line, Mamie saw togetherness.

Jill said she found it difficult not to doubt Mamie's motives. Mamie claimed she didn't have to invest in Chancellor-Winters to spend time with the people she cared about, but she might as well take advantage of a good business move at the same time. Jill said Mamie knew how to take advantage, but Mamie warned that Jill didn't want to go down that road. Mamie said she'd stood by John for many years while he'd built his business empire, and she'd taken good care of the Abbott children.

Jill stated it hadn't been Mamie who'd stood alongside John, but Mamie claimed they'd all moved on. She further stated that John, Katherine, and Billy would want them to have peace. Mamie asked what Victoria thought. Victoria said the element of surprise might be unsettling, but ultimately, Mamie was part of the Winters family and Chancellor-Winters. Jill claimed Victoria had no skin in the game, but Jill had had a lifetime. Mamie asked if Jill wanted to spend the rest of their lives bickering. Jill said some things never changed, and Jill's feelings weren't the only ones that counted.

Mamie told Jill that when she'd been in town for the gala, she'd seen that Lily and Devon's relationship had been frayed, and she wanted to help them by being the elder they needed and doing what John would have done to help them build the family legacy. Jill asked why Mamie kept bringing up John. Jill said it wasn't about John or Jill. Raising her voice, Jill told Mamie to start telling the truth and tell them why she'd taken over Victor's investment in Chancellor-Winters.

Mamie told Jill that many months previously, Victor had told her about the threat of the company going public, and she hadn't wanted to see that happen, particularly with the family so disconnected. Lily said they appreciated that, but the recent development had caught them off guard. Mamie said it didn't matter who had approached whom, but Jill said, "The hell it doesn't." Jill shouted that Mamie had gone to Victor, and it meant Mamie was playing an angle with a goal in mind. Jill asked how much it would take to buy Mamie out.

Mamie told Jill her stake wasn't for sale because it was a sound investment. She said she had faith that Lily and Devon could take Chancellor-Winters to the next level. Mamie said she only wanted to support their efforts, and if that included Jill, so be it. Jill shouted that she was the Chancellor in Chancellor-Winters. Mamie said she wanted to stop talking business. Abby agreed.

Mamie declared that the evening was supposed to be a reunion in a room that had meaning for all of them. Lily agreed. Mamie raised a glass and toasted to family, friends, and togetherness. Mamie told Jill she was welcome to stay, but Jill had to stop going on about Mamie's intentions. Lily asked Jill to stay because they had so much to be thankful for. Jill claimed none of them knew what was going on. Devon said he was happy they were still a private company and not answering to Wall Street and shareholders. Lily said she was happy they could all be together in person, especially with everything going on. Jill said she would stay because they'd only heard part of Mamie's story.

At the bar, Jill asked Devon and Lily what they thought about Mamie's claim. She said if they knew Mamie like she did, they would be suspicious, too. Devon said it was hard for him to have an opinion because he didn't really know Mamie, and he didn't understand why Mamie was being so secretive. Lily said they should be happy they were all together, and they needed to focus on the company that was strong and growing. Devon agreed, as long as they weren't at risk for an IPO.

Jill told Devon there were other issues. Lily asked Jill to let Mamie feel like she was part of something bigger with her family, and not a threat. Lily said Mamie was successful and back with her family, and she wasn't backing down. Jill reiterated that Lily didn't know Mamie, but Jill agreed to hold her tongue unless Mamie came after her.

At a table, Mamie said she was pleased to see Victoria and Nate working together. Mamie told Nate that was a brilliant mind sitting next to him. Victoria said Nate was an impressive man. Mamie said it took a lot of grit starting in medicine then branching out. Mamie said she was proud of him, and even though Nate wasn't Neil's son, Mamie saw a lot of Neil in Nate. Victoria said Victor had adored Neil, who'd been a fixture at the ranch and Newman Enterprises. Victoria left to take a call. Mamie said she could see Nate had more than a working relationship with his boss. Abby left so Mamie and Nate could chat.

Mamie asked Nate what had happened to Elena. She said she'd had good vibes from Elena. Nate said it hadn't worked out because they'd been growing in different directions. Mamie asked if Victoria had been the reason he and Elena had broken up. Nate said that was a story for another day. He said having Mamie in town was significant and meaningful to him, because he didn't see his mom often. Nate asked Mamie not to pry into their personal lives or cast judgment on any of them. Mamie claimed she just wanted to make sure they were all happy. Nate said he hadn't been that happy in a very long time.

Elsewhere, Devon told Abby he didn't understand why Mamie was being so secretive about everything. He said all Mamie had to do was call them to get the family together. He claimed Mamie could have just said that was what she wanted to do and asked their opinion. Abby said Mamie had done that in her own way that evening.

Jill approached Mamie and said Mamie had come a long way from the Abbott house. Jill said she knew Mamie was up to something, but she'd decided to put her reservations aside and offer Mamie congratulations. Jill said it took some real smarts for Mamie to pull that off without any of them seeing it coming. Mamie said she'd always been very smart and capable, but Jill had never liked her, so Jill hadn't seen it. Jill asked what Mamie ultimately wanted. Mamie said one should never show one's hand until it was time. Mamie walked away.

Nate told Victoria he was worried that Jill and Mamie wouldn't find common ground, and Mamie seemed intent on sticking around and getting involved. Victoria said she was worried about Nate. She asked if he was tempted to return to Chancellor-Winters. Nate stated not for a second. He said he was where he belonged, and Devon and Lily would never agree to that. They kissed.

At home, Lily told Daniel she was happy that Mamie had found a new phase in her life, but she wanted to know what had led Mamie to that point. Daniel asked if Lily was worried that Mamie had a hidden agenda. Lily said the rivalry between Jill and Mamie went far back. Lily explained that she was in the middle because Mamie was family, but she worked for Jill. Daniel asked if Lily thought there was a secret hostile takeover, but to him it seemed like a minor financial investment.

At home, Diane thanked Jack for a wonderful evening, and she couldn't wait for their next chapter. Jack claimed he could never love anyone as much as he loved Diane. They kissed, went upstairs, and made love.

When Jill, Abby, and Devon arrived home, Abby went to check on Dominic, and Jill told Devon she was happy he and Abby had settled in. She said she was relieved the mansion was in such good hands. Devon said he was happy Dominic got to grow up in such a cool place.

Jill looked at the portrait of Katherine and said she really felt Katherine's presence whenever she was there. Devon asked what was really on Jill's mind. Jill said that seeing Mamie had opened up a lot of her wounds with the Abbotts, and she'd felt things she'd thought had gone away. Devon commented that a lot of Jill's family and her career had centered around the Abbotts. Jill admitted she'd had some wonderful memories of John, but not so much about Mamie.

Devon understood Jill's skepticism about Mamie. Jill asked Devon's honest take on the whole Mamie thing. Devon said he'd been surprised, and he wished Mamie would have said something beforehand instead of making it a mystery game. Devon said he didn't know Mamie very well, and maybe Mamie got a kick out of that sort of thing. Jill asked how Mamie couldn't have an ulterior motive, and Jill knew there would be a surprise behind the surprise.

In her suite, Mamie took off her shoes and poured some Champagne. She toasted herself and the perfect evening. Mamie received a phone call. She told the caller the evening had gone off without a hitch; no one had a clue, but they were all "curious as hell." She said it had gone perfectly.

Jack and Diane's vow renewal celebration begins

Jack and Diane's vow renewal celebration begins

Friday, October 6, 2023

by Nel

At the Athletic Club, Billy told Tucker he was surprised Tucker hadn't left town, since Billy had the evidence that Tucker and Audra had covered up a statutory rape. Billy also said it hadn't looked good when Tucker had tried to make it look like Billy had embezzled money from his family company -- money he'd returned to Jabot. Tucker reminded Billy that he had a son and grandson in town, and he wasn't about to leave them again.

Tucker told Billy he wouldn't exact vengeance on Jabot because Billy was holding a bomb over his head, forcing him to back off. Billy claimed that backing off wasn't the same as abandoning. Tucker said he stood corrected. Tucker said he was done with the Abbotts and their "precious little company." Billy told Tucker to leave Genoa City for good and never return.

Tucker said Billy might be more mercenary that he'd thought. Tucker said they both knew Billy would have thrown Jack to the wolves if it had meant taking over Jabot himself, but Billy was working with Jack to drive Tucker out of town instead. Billy said he only had one objective, and that was to protect his family and his father's legacy. Tucker claimed Billy sounded just like Ashley, and he wondered if the Abbotts were a family -- or a cult.

As Billy was about to leave, he warned Tucker not to think about crashing the festivities later. Billy said he would be on the lookout for Tucker, and he would be watching the skies for any helicopters. Billy said Tucker thought he was smarter than everyone on the planet, but only a fool would think that. Billy left.

Alone at the bar, Tucker recalled a conversation he'd had with Audra about the coverup. Tucker told Audra he was referring to the emails about the singer and the PR team's coverup -- emails Adam had gotten his hands on. Audra said Adam had said he would destroy those incriminating emails. Tucker said Adam had decided to go a different route, and he'd sold the emails to the Abbotts. Audra remarked that Adam had ruined Tucker's plans to go after Jabot. She asked what he was going to do.

In the present, Tucker sent a test message to Audra: "Need you to reignite the fire with Kyle Abbott."

At the Abbotts', Diane was agitated as she entered the living room. Jack asked her what was wrong. Diane complained that her dress hadn't arrived. Jack promised the dress would be there because no one was more responsible than Lauren. Traci was surprised Diane had purchased her dress from Lauren, not Marchetti. Diane said when she'd seen the dress, she'd fallen in love with it. She said she hadn't thought about Phyllis being Lauren's best friend when she'd purchased the dress. Traci asked if Diane was afraid Phyllis would sabotage their wedding celebration.

Traci told Diane they all knew Phyllis was on probation, so one false move, and Phyllis would be behind bars. Traci assured Diane that Phyllis wouldn't sabotage anything. Diane was sure Phyllis would find a way to ruin things without breaking any laws. Traci told Diane that Lauren wouldn't let that happen. Traci promised Diane's dress would arrive at any moment, and it would be perfect.

Kyle joined his parents and Traci. He asked if he could bring a date. Diane asked if Kyle was thinking of inviting Audra. Kyle said things had cooled off between them. Diane remarked that she and Jack had hoped Kyle would attend with Summer, for Harrison's sake. Diane said they could pretend to get along. Kyle said they didn't have to pretend because they got along just fine. Diane claimed it was a good first step. Kyle stated there was no first step but the only step. He said he and Summer wouldn't reunite.

At Crimson Lights, Lauren held Diane's dress while she ordered coffee. Phyllis arrived and recalled a recent conversation she'd had with Lauren in the park. Phyllis said Lauren had been there for her, supported her, and never given up, even when Phyllis had put Lauren through a lot. Lauren said she loved Phyllis more than she could ever be mad at her. Phyllis stated that Lauren was an incredible friend who'd stood by her when she'd thought she would never get out of that mess. Phyllis said Lauren and Michael were the best friends in every sense of the word. Lauren said they always would be friends.

In reality, when Lauren saw Phyllis, she looked uncomfortable. Phyllis noticed that the tag on the garment bag read D. Abbott. Lauren admitted it was Diane's dress for Diane and Jack's wedding reception. Phyllis asked Lauren to just stick a knife in Phyllis' back.

Lauren told Phyllis that Jack had called her for a favor. Lauren asked what she was supposed to have done. Lauren suggested Phyllis let go of the Jack and Diane thing. Phyllis said there was no chance of letting go of Diane. Lauren reminded Phyllis that Jack wanted to be with Diane. Phyllis said everyone thought she was a horrible person, but that didn't make Diane any less horrible. She said Lauren was cheering Jack and Diane on by dressing Diane. Lauren said Phyllis didn't know how difficult that had been for her. Phyllis said Jack and Diane shouldn't have gotten married at all.

Lauren asked if Phyllis was planning to blow up Jack and Diane's reception. Phyllis said she couldn't blow up Jack's party when she wouldn't be there. Lauren hoped Phyllis meant it because Lauren had to leave for Chicago on an emergency business trip, and she wouldn't be able to supervise Phyllis. Lauren said she was waiting for Chloe to arrive to deliver the dress to Diane.

Lauren asked when Phyllis would start working with Daniel. Phyllis said it hadn't been finalized. Lauren asked if Phyllis still hoped to work with Nick and Sharon. Phyllis said yes because she would be under a microscope at Omega Sphere, working for Daniel. Lauren reminded Phyllis she had a long way to go with Daniel. Phyllis claimed Daniel offering her the job was a pity gesture. Lauren countered that Daniel had thrown Phyllis a life raft, and Phyllis should be grateful he'd thrown her one at all after everything she'd put him and Summer through.

Chloe arrived. Lauren said she had a plane to catch. She told Chloe to keep the dress away from Phyllis, and she asked Phyllis not to cause trouble. Lauren left, and so did Chloe.

Phyllis walked into the jazz lounge. When she saw Danny playing the piano, she sat down to listen. When Danny saw her, he said he needed to take a break, Phyllis asked if she could buy Danny a drink. Danny refused a drink because he would be meeting Daniel for a late lunch. Phyllis asked Danny how much Daniel hated her. Danny said Daniel would always love her; he just didn't trust her, and he was disappointed. She asked if Daniel knew how hard she was working to turn things around. Danny admitted that he was struggling with being civil with Phyllis because of what she'd put Daniel and Summer through. He said it saddened him and Daniel.

Phyllis told Danny that what made her sad was how much she was judged and hated by the people in town, people who'd claimed they'd loved her. She said everyone in town had made mistakes, but for some reason, no one was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. She said everyone saw her as the "she-devil" who chewed men up and spat them out. Danny asked if she had any idea how many people would love to trust her and give her the benefit of the doubt. He said they could have walked away, but they were still there and pulling for her, even him.

Phyllis asked Danny if that was true even after everything she'd done to him -- the lies, seduction, drugs, and sex. Danny reminded her that no one had given up on her. He said all everyone needed was some proof they could trust her rather than taking her word for it and then finding out they'd been wrong. Phyllis cried that she didn't know where to start. Danny suggested she present a positive attitude instead of the "woe is me" attitude she'd been carrying around for as long as he'd known her. He told her that making her happy was her job, and happiness came from within.

Phyllis asked Danny if it was that simple, and all she needed to do was find a silver lining. Danny said that was how it worked. She said that sounded exhausting. Danny said Phyllis said things like that because it was clever and witty, but it distracted from what was really going on with her. He said Phyllis scoffed at any suggestion anyone made that might help her turn things around. Phyllis asked if she should go through life and pretend that everything was great and that she could take on any challenge because she was Phyllis Summers and if she should chose her own happiness.

Danny told Phyllis he didn't want her to pretend; he wanted her to feel it and do it for herself. He told her to stop looking for someone to fix it and start believing in herself. He said she would be amazed how many people would start believing in her, too. Phyllis asked if Danny was going to finish that song. Danny asked Phyllis to sit at the piano with him. Phyllis watched him as he played. Phyllis thought the tune was amazing. Danny thanked her for being his inspiration. Phyllis thanked Danny for being sympathetic and compassionate with her. Danny claimed one didn't kick someone who was down; one offered them a hand. Danny offered his hand, and Phyllis took it.

Diane told Kyle she wouldn't bother him about his personal life anymore. She said she wanted him to be happy. She wanted him to wake up with a sense of purpose and have a reason to get out of bed each morning. Jack asked who Kyle had hoped to bring as his date, but Kyle told Jack to forget it because it was too early to introduce Harrison to someone new. Jack and Diane asked if Kyle would officiate at their vow renewal. Kyle said he was honored to be asked.

Chloe arrived with Diane's dress and explained that Lauren had had an emergency and had needed to fly to Chicago, so she wouldn't make the celebration. Diane checked to make sure it was the right dress, and she told Chloe it was generous of Lauren, of all people, to allow her to wear one of her designs. Chloe questioned the "of all people" comment. Diane explained that since Lauren and Phyllis were so close, Diane was sure she wasn't at the top of Lauren's "let's be friends list." Chloe happily announced that Jack was at the top of Lauren's list because Jack was one of her most favorite people in the world, and she wouldn't pass up a chance to make his day extra special.

Jack told Diane that Lauren knew Diane made him happy, and she would always be supportive of them being a family again.

When Billy arrived, Jack assumed Billy's brunch with the new head of R&D had gone well. Billy confirmed it had and that she would be a great asset for them. Billy said he'd also run into Tucker, and Tucker had made it clear he wasn't going anywhere. Billy told Jack he was forwarding an email to Jack, confirming Billy had returned all the money he'd supposedly embezzled from Jabot. Jack said he didn't need to see that because he trusted Billy.

Jack told Billy it had been a typical Tucker move, and he was surprised they hadn't seen it. He said Phyllis had been vulnerable, and Tucker had pulled her into his scheme. He noted that it couldn't have been too much of a challenge. Jack said he'd never doubted Billy for a second when the funds had disappeared. Billy said the funds had gone into his personal account, and it would only be natural to assume he'd had something to do with it. Jack said not anymore. They shook hands, followed by a brotherly hug.

Billy told Jack that Tucker had said he would back off, and Billy had made it clear that backing off was not the same as abandoning. Jack stated that he still didn't trust Tucker. Jack asked why Tucker was staying in town. Billy replied that Tucker had said he didn't want to turn his back on Dominic and Devon. Jack stated they had to keep Tucker from blowing up their celebration.

Billy told Jack he would keep his eye out for Tucker. Jack said he wanted Billy to enjoy the celebration, not watch out for Tucker, but Billy claimed he would enjoy keeping Tucker on the outside. Jack said to let Tucker be the security team's problem because he was sick and tired of Tucker and his drama invading Jack's thoughts and his family life. Jack stated that the day was about love, romance, and celebrating together. He saw Diane descending the stairs. He smiled and said she looked like an angel. They kissed. Billy rolled his eyes and looked away.

A little later, Jack and Diane's wedding celebration began in the Abbotts' backyard. Kyle asked Summer if Harrison had settled down. She said no, and the nanny would take Harrison to the park because he was a little overexcited. Kyle thanked Summer for checking in on him. Summer saw Chance arrive and smiled, but the smile wavered when she saw Sharon slip her arm through Chance's. She recovered quickly, but Kyle had seen Summer's reaction to seeing Chance. He appeared jealous. Summer excused herself, and she left to get a glass of Champagne.

Jack addressed the guests and thanked everyone for being part of their celebration of love, family, and friends. He said as a sign for any naysayers among them, he and his bride wanted the doubters to look into Jack and Diane's eyes and see for themselves how genuine, strong, and powerful their love story was. Jack and Diane kissed, and everyone applauded.

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