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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of February 23, 2009 on DAYS
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Monday, February 23, 2009

Philip overheard Brady and Nicole talking about keeping something from E.J. Brady had to leave, but Philip rang the doorbell and told Nicole she knew they were keeping a secret from E.J. Philip asked what she and Brady were hiding, but Nicole said they were just friends. Philip suggested maybe her baby might be Brady's, but she said that she was pregnant long before Brady came back to Salem and that she and Brady were just friends. Philip didn't give up, and he tried to guess what their secret could be.

Philip asked if Nicole was willing to let him leave without making a deal. Nicole decided to play along, but she pointed out that she wouldn't risk losing everything to have an affair with Brady before marrying E.J. Philip realized she had a point, but he wondered what Brady meant when he said he was never going to tell E.J. Nicole lied and said she made Brady promise not to tell E.J. what she did to Brady and Chloe. Philip didn't buy Nicole's lie, because E.J. already knew Nicole's "bitch side." Philip guessed that whatever she was hiding was "life-altering."

Nicole said Philip had nothing on her, but Philip said that if he told E.J. that there was a secret that Brady knew and E.J. didn't, E.J. wouldn't stop until he found out what it was. Nicole said E.J. trusted her and wouldn't believe Philip, so Philip decided to call her bluff. He tried to call E.J. on the phone, but she wrestled the phone out of his hands. Nicole asked him if he was looking for money, and she said she didn't have any and wouldn't have any until after she married E.J. Philip said he didn't want money, but there was something he wanted, and he wanted Nicole to help him.

Nicole didn't think she would be able to help Philip, and she didn't know much about E.J.'s business. Nicole refused to betray E.J., and Philip said he could tell that Nicole had already betrayed E.J. Philip told Nicole to convince E.J. to back off the alternative fuels project, or else Philip planned to tell E.J. everything he saw and heard when Brady and Nicole were talking about their secret. She said she would do her best, but Philip said she had better be successful or she'd lose everything.

Stephanie slapped Melanie when Melanie opened the door thinking that Philip had come back. Stephanie teased Melanie about Philip trying to sleep with Melanie right on the table and treating Melanie like a tramp. Melanie grabbed Stephanie and twisted her arm behind her back, but E.J., who had shown up at Maggie's place, convinced Melanie to let Stephanie go. E.J. suggested Stephanie leave, because he had business to conduct with Melanie.

E.J. warned Melanie that she needed to stop being reckless or she might find herself the subject of a lawsuit. He had some contracts for Melanie to sign if she wanted to get the rest of her money from the alternative fuels project. At first Melanie told him it wasn't a good time, and then she objected to E.J.'s tone, but E.J. was insistent that Melanie sign the papers. Then, Melanie said she needed time to think about it. E.J. warned her not to play games with him.

E.J. reminded Melanie that she had a verbal agreement with Stefano, whether she signed the papers or not. E.J. wondered what she would do with the money from her partnership with DiMera Enterprises. E.J. predicted that Philip would be upset when he heard about Melanie's deal with the DiMeras. Melanie said she was afraid of Philip, and E.J. said as long as she cooperated, his family would protect her, but if she didn't cooperate, they planned on forcefully reminding her of their agreement.

Melanie gave E.J. the other half of the formula, and Melanie demanded the rest of her money. Melanie counted it and explained that she didn't want him to think she wasn't careful about her money. Melanie said E.J. threatened her into doing what he wanted, and E.J. told her that Philip would be angry when he found out that she signed the project over to the DiMeras, and E.J. didn't want anything happening to her. Melanie compared the way men controlled women to prostitution, and she said she learned that from her father at an early age.

Maggie went to the hospital to ask Daniel if he'd seen Lucas, but Daniel didn't know what she was talking about. Maggie told Daniel she broke the news to Lucas about Daniel and Chloe's affair. Then they both realized that Lucas probably went to Daniel's apartment to confront him. Daniel tried to call Chloe on the phone, but she wasn't picking up, so he decided to go home to check on things.

Lucas had gone to Daniel's apartment to confront Daniel about his affair with Chloe, but only Chloe was there. She went to open the door, and an explosion knocked her to the ground. When she woke up, she realized that Lucas was unconscious in the hallway. Chloe tried to call for help, but the phone in Daniel's apartment was dead, and she wasn't able to find her cell phone, so she began CPR on Lucas.

Chloe ran back into the apartment and found her cell phone and called for help. Lucas was badly burned and had no pulse, so Chloe prayed that God would bring Lucas back. Chloe cried to God not to punish Lucas, and she promised that if God brought Lucas back to life, she would be the wife that Lucas wanted and the mother that Allie needed-and she would give up Daniel. As she cried, Lucas got up and stumbled into the apartment and called her name.

Lucas didn't know what had happened, so Chloe said she prayed, and God must have heard her. Lucas almost collapsed and then apologized to Chloe, but she told him not to be sorry. Daniel showed up at the apartment and wondered what had happened. Chloe said there was an explosion, and she thought Lucas was dead. She asked Daniel to make sure Lucas was okay. The paramedics showed up and took Lucas to the hospital, and Daniel stayed behind to talk to Chloe. She started to leave, but Daniel didn't think she should go to the hospital.

Daniel told her that Lucas knew about their affair, but she already knew that, because Lucas was screaming about it when he came to the door. Daniel promised to deal with all of the fallout, including telling Kate about them, because Chloe had been through enough. Chloe thought she made Lucas start drinking again, but Daniel wouldn't let her blame herself. Daniel told her that he loved her and their life together. Then, he kissed her and left. Chloe pledged not to hide anymore.

Brady found Stephanie in the park crying, so he asked what was wrong. She lied and said it was nothing. Brady called her a "bad liar," and he asked if she was crying over Philip. She said no, but Brady knew she was lying again. Brady told her that Philip had been under a lot of pressure lately. Stephanie told him that she and Melanie had a fight and that Philip said he didn't want Stephanie. Brady agreed that Philip was a jerk, and Stephanie said she thought she knew the real Philip. Brady said Stephanie might have known the real Philip, and it scared Philip. Stephanie thought maybe Philip was just a jerk. After she left, Brady realized that Philip messed up "big time."

As E.J. was leaving Maggie's house, Brady showed up, and each wondered what the other was doing there. E.J. told Brady that Nicole had enough to handle without Brady reminding her of her troubled past. Brady asked again what E.J. was doing there, and E.J. said it was none of Brady's business, and he left. Brady told Melanie he stopped by to talk to her about the fuels project, and he said he knew what happened with Philip and wanted to know why it happened. Melanie told Brady to ask Philip, because Philip was messing with people's heads, and Philip would pay for it.

At the Brady Pub, Melanie told Stephanie that nothing had happened between her and Philip. Stephanie didn't believe her at first, because she saw them through the window kissing. Melanie said nothing happened between Melanie and Philip after Stephanie left. Melanie said she lied about it, because she was mad at Stephanie. Stephanie wondered why Melanie was telling her, and Melanie said it was because she saw how upset Stephanie was. Stephanie made a sarcastic remark about Melanie having a heart. Stephanie said she was glad she had Melanie's permission to hate her, and Stephanie stormed out.

At the hospital, Daniel accompanied the paramedics as they wheeled Lucas in. Maggie asked what happened. She thought at first that Daniel beat Lucas up, but he explained that there had been an explosion. Chloe walked in, and Daniel told her that he thought they agreed that she would stay at home, but Chloe refused to leave. Daniel went to check on Lucas. Maggie asked Chloe what happened, and Chloe told Maggie how Lucas wasn't breathing at first and she had made a promise. Chloe said that he couldn't hold her to the promise, and Maggie wondered whom she was talking about.

Chloe tried to explain, but a nurse interrupted them and told Maggie that Lucas wanted to see her. Maggie suggested Chloe see a doctor for her injuries. Chloe wondered to herself if God saved Lucas because of her prayer. Daniel told Chloe that Lucas had alcohol poisoning plus cuts and bruises, but they examined Lucas, and it was as if the explosion never happened. It was as close to a miracle as Daniel had ever seen. Then, Daniel got called away. Chloe realized she had her answer, and she knew what she had to do.

When E.J. walked in, Nicole was talking to Sydney about how she planned to convince E.J. to give up on the alternative fuels project. Nicole explained that she was telling Sydney how awful men were and that they were not like E.J. He said he could relate, because he had a run-in with Melanie, and it made him terrified of Sydney growing up. E.J. confided in Nicole that he pulled one over on the Kiriakises, but Nicole told him not to cross the Kiriakis family. E.J. was confused, and Nicole asked E.J. to let Titan win the fuels project. E.J. asked why it was any of Nicole's business, and she said she wasn't trying to interfere - she was just trying to protect her family. Nicole said if E.J. crossed the Kiriakises, they would retaliate, and they could destroy Nicole and E.J.'s family.

Stephanie was waiting for Philip at the Kiriakis mansion, while he was trying to reach her by phone. He walked in and saw her sitting in the living room. Stephanie said she had seen Melanie. Philip tried to discredit Melanie, and Stephanie said Melanie filled her in on how Philip was just lying to get the fuels project from her. Philip said he didn't love Melanie, and he wasn't choosing her over Stephanie. Philip tried to explain, but Stephanie said she was there to tell him goodbye. Stephanie explained that she was turned off that Philip could so casually sell his soul for a business deal. She said she couldn't be with someone who could do that. Philip told her he loved her, and she said she knew and that was what made it so sad.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hope took Ciara to the park to meet Bo, who was thrilled to see his little girl. When Bo told Ciara how much he'd missed her, she asked, "Daddy, when can I come home?" Hope reminded Ciara that she could visit her daddy any time, and then asked Bo to drop Ciara off at the pub later. Though Hope didn't think it was a good idea, Bo wanted to talk privately with his wife. He sent Ciara to the playground a few yards away, and as she scampered off, a Bo asked Hope if they could ever work things out.

Hope pointed out that all the problems in their marriage had been because Bo didn't trust her. She added that they always swore never to lie or withhold information from each other, yet he had—again—and she didn't think things would ever change. Bo refused to let her walk away from a lifetime together because of a few mistakes, and asked what he could do to make things right. Hope replied that she just needed some space to figure things out. Bo insisted that she could figure things out at home, with their family. As their argument escalated, Ciara returned, and pleaded, "Stop fighting, please!"

Bo and Hope knelt down and apologized to their daughter, promising not to fight any more. Hope then gently announced that it was nearly bedtime, so Bo hugged and kissed Ciara goodbye. Hope took her little girl by the hand and the two of them walked away, leaving a forlorn Bo alone in the park.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole worriedly told E.J. that the Kiriakises would retaliate if E.J. crossed them, and would destroy E.J. and Nicole's family. E.J. asked what had happened to frighten her so badly. Although Nicole recalled Philip blackmailing her, she claimed only that she knew first-hand what the Kiriakis family was capable of. E.J. angrily declared that he could tell when she was hiding something, and demanded that she tell him what was really going on.

Nicole reluctantly replied that she'd run into Brady, who'd told her how Melanie was playing games with the fuels project's development, and pitting the Kiriakises against the DiMeras. E.J. declared that the games were over, because the deal was done. Nicole shakily stated that Brady had cautioned her that Victor would do anything not to lose that project. A furious E.J. violently flung his whiskey glass across the room, shouting, "That son of a bitch!" He was incensed, not at Victor, he said, but because Brady had threatened Nicole. Nicole insisted that Brady had only been trying to warn her, and begged E.J. to let the project go before Victor hurt their family.

When E.J. refused, Nicole couldn't believe he wouldn't try to protect their child. E.J. argued that the fuels project was a business deal, and that neither her safety nor Sydney's was in danger. He refused to discuss the matter further. Nicole became almost hysterical, insisting that the threat was real. E.J. was livid that Brady had gotten her so worked up, and demanded that Nicole stay out of his business dealings.

Nicole said that she couldn't be with a man who didn't care about her life or their child's life. She declared that if E.J. didn't stop the war with the Kiriakises, the wedding was off. E.J. coldly declared that the wedding would go on as planned, and ordered her never to threaten to take their child away again. "Do you understand me?" he bellowed at the top of his lungs. Terrified, Nicole whispered, "Yes," and went to check on Sydney, whom E.J.'s shouting had awakened.

E.J. asked again what had happened to upset Nicole so much, not believing that it was only a warning from Brady. E.J. got a phone call just then, interrupting them. When he hung up, he informed Nicole that the FBI had just determined that Mayor Marino's killer had been working alone, and that it was safe for Sami to come home. In a much gentler, but no less frosty, tone of voice, E.J. then asked Nicole if she understood that he would always put the baby's safety—and Nicole's—before business, and that she must never interfere in his business dealings again. When Nicole softly replied that she did, E.J. stipulated further that she must have no more contact with Brady Black.

At the convent, Rafe informed Sami that the FBI had caught the man who had been feeding information to the mayor's killer, and had confirmed that the killer had been working alone. Sami was thrilled that she could go home to her kids, but dreaded having to leave Grace behind. She remarked that Rafe didn't seem happy to be leaving, either. He teased her that he wasn't going to know what to do on his new assignment, without hearing her whine all the time. With mock indignation, Sami denied ever whining. Rafe admitted that he would miss her feistiness, and a lot of other things about her. She playfully declared that she wouldn't miss being forced to watch sports with him, so he countered that she'd become a Bears fan because of him.

Sami asked how soon Rafe had to leave. He replied that he was taking off right away, then abruptly said goodbye and began to walk out. Sami stopped him, insisting that he couldn't leave without saying goodbye to Grace. As Rafe stood over the crib, Sami asked if she would ever see him again. "Uh, doubtful," he stammered. "This is probably it." He then presented Sami with a Chicago cap, and placed it on her head. Sami laughed, apologizing that she didn't have anything to give Rafe. They shared a long goodbye hug, and then Rafe left.

Brady turned on the light in the living room of the Kiriakis mansion, and found Philip there, drinking alone in the dark. Brady was angry because he believed that Philip had just lost billions of dollars for Titan. Philip irritably tried to get Brady to butt out. Brady related how he'd gone to visit Melanie, because he and Victor had been worried that Philip was allowing his personal life to get in the way of Titan business. Brady continued that when he'd arrived, E.J. DiMera was just leaving, and he'd gotten the feeling from both E.J. and Melanie that she'd taken the fuels project to the DiMeras. Philip insisted he had things under control. Brady declared that if Philip couldn't keep company business out of the bedroom, he would personally see to it that Philip was history. Philip countered that Brady should worry about his own life—such as what was going on between Brady and Nicole.

At the hospital, a worried Kate rushed up to Daniel, who assured her that Lucas would be fine. Kate was relieved, but puzzled when she learned that Lucas sustained his injuries in a gas explosion outside Daniel's apartment.

Chloe gazed through the window at a sleeping Lucas, and declared to herself that she had to keep her promise. Maggie arrived, thrilled that Lucas was going to be all right, and apologetically informed Chloe that she had told a drunk Lucas about Chloe's affair with Daniel. She assured Chloe that no one was to blame for Lucas' accident, and that his recovery meant that all of them had a second chance to make things right. Chloe agreed, and stated that she had to be completely honest with Lucas.

A little later, Kate thanked Maggie for calling her. Maggie then reluctantly informed Kate that Lucas had fallen off the wagon. Kate was devastated, and asked what else, beyond his breakup with Chloe, could have pushed her son over the edge after so many years of sobriety. Maggie suggested that Kate ask Daniel, who was listening from the nurses' station. Kate asked again why Lucas had been in Daniel's building. Daniel pretended not to know, offering with a feeble chuckle, "People do strange things when they're drunk. I know I do." Kate conceded that perhaps she was looking for answers where there were none.

Chloe sat at Lucas' bedside and took his hand. Though he still slept, she tearfully apologized for all she'd done to hurt him, and vowed to make it right. As she kissed his hand, he awoke, and groggily asked why he was in the hospital. Chloe informed him that he'd been in a gas explosion, and was surprised when he said he couldn't remember anything after having a drink at the pub. Lucas wanted to know what he'd been doing at Daniel's apartment. Just as Chloe began to explain, a nurse arrived to draw some blood from Lucas.

Chloe stepped into the hall, and asked aloud, "Dear God, what are you trying to tell me now?" When Maggie joined Chloe, she was stunned to hear that Lucas didn't remember anything after being at the pub—including finding out about Chloe's affair. Maggie urged Chloe to tell Lucas everything that had happened. Chloe assured Maggie that she would do the right thing.

Chloe returned to Lucas' bedside. She apologized for breaking off their engagement, and asked if he could ever forgive her—and take her back. Lucas thought it was because he'd gotten drunk and she felt guilty, but Chloe swore it wasn't. She declared that she'd made a horrible mistake, but God had given her another chance to do what was right. When Lucas began to drift off to sleep again, Chloe softly assured him that she would always love him.

As Chloe was leaving Lucas' room, she nearly ran into Kate, who was irked to find her there. Daniel escorted Chloe out, and cautioned her Chloe that Kate was starting to figure things out, so they needed to come clean about their relationship. Chloe declared that their relationship was over.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

As their argument in the DiMera living room grew more heated, Nicole declared that E.J. must be jealous if he didn't want her to see Brady again. Though E.J. conceded that he disliked Brady, he maintained that it was only because Brady worked for Titan. Nicole at last grudgingly agreed not to contact Brady anymore. E.J. acknowledged that he was being a bit of a tyrant, and, kissing her tenderly, promised to love and cherish Nicole for the rest of her life. He then took baby Sydney upstairs to give her a bottle.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady vehemently denied to Philip that he was having an affair with Nicole. After Brady had gone, Nicole called Philip and explained that she hadn't been able to get E.J. to back off of the alternative-fuel project. Philip repeated his vow to tell E.J. there was something going on between her and Brady, but Nicole insisted that E.J. had been adamant, and there was nothing more she could do. After declaring that he never made idle threats, Philip hung up.

Philip immediately dialed E.J., and announced that he had something to tell E.J. Though E.J. wasn't the least bit interested, Philip pressed on, crowing that his news had to do with Brady. Before he could divulge anything, Henderson interrupted to tell Philip that Kate had been trying to reach him, because Lucas had been in a terrible accident. Philip immediately hung up on E.J., grabbed his coat, and ran out.

Nicole declared to herself that she couldn't let Philip talk to E.J. As she was rushing out the front door, she was startled to find Sami on the doorstep. "What the hell are you doing here?" Nicole demanded. Sami pushed past her into the living room, and announced that she was there to get Johnny. Nicole retorted that Grandma Caroline had taken Johnny out for the day, so Sami should wait for them at the pub. Sami asked Nicole about the baby, and Nicole curtly replied that Sydney was perfect in every way. The two women continued to exchange barbs, and Nicole finally declared in exasperation that Sami couldn't come by unannounced again to see Johnny.

Nicole then crowed about how much better her life was than Sami's, and how much E.J. loved her. Sami wasn't convinced that E.J. loved Nicole, much less that he would ever marry her. As they were sniping at each other, E.J. returned, and seemed pleasantly surprised to find Samantha there. Nicole complained that Sami hadn't called before she'd come over, and E.J. somewhat reluctantly agreed that she should in the future. Ignoring them, Sami remarked that she'd been surprised to learn that E.J. was "really going to marry the bitch."

Nicole was furious, and E.J. had to intervene before the argument became physical. He asked if they could please try to get along for Johnny's sake. Just then, Sydney began crying upstairs, and Sami whirled around in amazement toward the baby monitor. "That's your baby?" she asked incredulously. E.J. confirmed that it was, and volunteered to go up and check on Sydney.

Nicole and Sami began bickering again as soon as E.J. had gone. Sami cautioned Nicole to hold on tight to Sydney, because the DiMeras had absolute control over everything that belonged to them-including that little girl. Nicole pointed out that she was about to become a DiMera. An annoyed Sami started to leave, but stopped as E.J. returned with the baby. Clearly moved, Sami smiled as E.J. introduced his daughter, and reached out to touch Sydney. E.J. offered to let Sami hold her, but Nicole startled them both by shrieking, "No!"

When Kate visited Lucas in his hospital room, he declared that he deserved all the pain he was in, because he'd gotten drunk. Kate gently insisted that the accident wasn't his fault, but Lucas couldn't believe he had been about to throw his life away over Chloe. Kate then announced that she'd just learned she was in full remission, and her first order of business was to help Lucas get his life back together. She asked if Lucas knew why he'd gone to Daniel's apartment, or why Chloe had been there-or why he had started drinking.

Lucas tried to remember, but couldn't recall anything beyond being devastated after Chloe had broken up with him. He added that he'd just wanted to be numb, so everything he'd learned in AA had gone out the window-but it hadn't worked, because he was still in pain. Kate seemed surprised when Lucas told her that Chloe wanted to get back together. When he asked Kate what she thought, she told him that Chloe's selflessness during Kate's illness had proven how caring and compassionate she was. She urged him not to walk away from a chance at love.

In the hallway, Chloe tried to convince Daniel that their relationship was over, but he wasn't about to give up so easily. He wanted more of an explanation, and asked her to go to the park with him so they could talk in private.

When Philip arrived at the hospital, he ran into Stephanie, who was there to take Kayla home. Although Stephanie didn't want to talk to him beyond pleasantries, Philip asked her to hear him out. He apologized for being a jerk, and for lying to her, because he'd realized that she was more important to him than business. He asked her if she'd give him another chance. Stephanie fought back tears as she admitted that she still loved Philip, but what she'd felt for him had died because of the way he'd treated her. She hurried away.

Philip then went into Lucas' room, and was overjoyed to hear that Kate was in remission. "That's a lot better than hearing that my brother got drunk and blew himself up!" Philip teased when he saw that Lucas would be all right. Lucas told Philip to hold off on the lectures, because he was never going to drink again-and he was going back to AA. When Kate told Lucas that she had to go, he suggested that she show Daniel how grateful she was to be in remission. She laughed and said she just might, but reminded her sons that she was also grateful to Chloe.

Philip wanted to know how Lucas had answered when Chloe wanted to get back together. Lucas replied that he hadn't said anything because he'd been pretty out of it. He added that although he was scared to open himself up again, he loved Chloe and wanted to find a way to make it work. From the hallway, Stephanie overheard as Philip was observing that no matter how much money or power you had, it was worthless if you couldn't spend your life with the person you loved.

In the park, Chloe explained to Daniel that Lucas' heart hadn't been beating when she'd found him after the explosion. She'd begged God to save Lucas, promising that if Lucas came back to life, she would give Daniel up. Daniel tried to get Chloe to understand that Lucas' drunken state had only made it seem like he was dead, and that the test results indicated that his heart had never stopped. Chloe insisted that she didn't care about logic or science; she intended to keep her promise to God, because everything that had happened to Lucas was her fault. Daniel maintained that Lucas was responsible for his own actions, and that guilt was the worst possible reason to be with someone-and would ruin her life.

Chloe said that she didn't know how she'd ever stop loving Daniel, but it was the way things had to be. Daniel disagreed, and declared that he was going to tell Lucas everything. Chloe begged him not to, insisting she wouldn't go back to Daniel if Lucas rejected her. Daniel tried to get her to see that they had a chance at real happiness, something that most people never got, and refused to let their relationship end. "It already has," Chloe replied sadly. She apologized for hurting him, but stated again that they were over. She gave him a quick kiss goodbye, but he grabbed her and kissed her more passionately. They put their arms around each other, and Chloe kissed him back-just as Kate arrived at the park.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Daniel tried to convince Chloe to give them another chance, but she was adamant about her decision to stay with Lucas and marry him. Daniel said he could never accept her decision to be with Lucas and he refused to let their relationship go. Chloe tried to stick to her guns and even kissed Daniel goodbye.

At the hospital, Philip asked Lucas where Chloe was, and Lucas said she would be there nursing him back to health once Lucas told her that he decided to give their relationship another chance.

Kate saw Daniel and Chloe in the park kissing, so she rushed to the hospital to tell Lucas about the two of them. Lucas told Kate that he had decided to take her advice and give Chloe another chance, but Kate was dead set against it. Lucas was confused, because Kate had just been saying he should think about giving Chloe another chance. Lucas demanded to know why Kate was all of a sudden against him and Chloe, and he accused her of butting into his personal life.

Kate tried to explain further what had been going on with Chloe and Daniel behind his back, but Lucas insisted that Chloe was the most important person to him. While they were arguing, Lucas' blood pressure spiked, and a nurse ordered Kate out of the room. After the doctor got Lucas' his pressure under control, she explained to Kate that Lucas was still in serious condition and could not get agitated.

When Kate went back into Lucas' room, she told him she was just trying to protect him. Lucas didn't need her protection, he said. Kate asked if Lucas would prefer that she sit back and let him get hurt. Lucas demanded to know what exactly happened to change Kate's mind so quickly. Kate said it wasn't important, and that Lucas getting better and getting his sobriety back was most was important thing to her. Kate promised to respect Lucas' decisions and didn't want to jeopardize their relationship by forcing him to do something he didn't want to do.

Daniel pulled Chloe into another kiss, and he tried to convince her that what happened to Lucas was not an act of God. Daniel said when Chloe realized that she was deluding herself, he planned to be there waiting for her. Chloe argued with Daniel for saying he accepted her decision and then saying she was deluded about Lucas. Then Philip approached them and asked if he was interrupting anything, and Chloe and Daniel covered by saying they were talking about Lucas' recovery.

Daniel decided to leave, and Philip thanked him for helping his mother beat cancer. After Daniel left, Philip turned his attention to Chloe. He told her that Lucas talked about her and planned to take her back. Philip said Lucas appeared determined to make their relationship work and warned Chloe not to mess it up.

Kate promised Lucas he would stay out of his relationship with Chloe. Meanwhile, Daniel purposely ran into Chloe at the hospital before she went to visit Lucas so that Daniel could tell her that he would always love her. Later, Daniel walked into the hospital chapel, teary-eyed, and said to God, "You win." Outside Lucas' room, Kate told Chloe they needed to talk before Chloe went in to see Lucas.

At the convent, Rafe visited Grace, the baby Sami thought she gave birth to. Sister Theresa told him that Sami would be happy to know that he was there, but Rafe didn't want Sami to know, saying it would be better for both of them that way.

At the DiMera mansion, E.J. introduced Sami to Sydney and even offered to let Sami hold the baby, but Nicole objected. Sami told Nicole she wasn't going to steal the baby, and Nicole said she knew that, but she didn't want her baby held by a lot of strangers. Even E.J. spoke up in Sami's defense and explained that Sami wasn't a stranger - that she was the mother of Sydney's brother. Nicole agreed to let Sami hold Sydney, but Nicole hovered, and after a few seconds of letting Sami hold the baby, Nicole decided to take Sydney upstairs to give her a bottle.

Sami started crying, and E.J. noticed how emotional she was and wondered what was wrong. Sami lied and said that it was because she missed her kids. Meanwhile, Nicole worried that Sami sensed Sydney was really her biological daughter. Sami told E.J. that the whole time she was in protective custody, she worried about the kind of influence Nicole might have on Johnny.

E.J. said Nicole was not any threat to Johnny, and Sami said although Nicole wasn't a physical threat, she was an ethical threat. Sami called Nicole a "money-grubbing whore," and E.J. told her never to talk about Nicole that way. While they were arguing, Johnny ran in and gave Sami a big hug. She noticed that Johnny was carrying the penguin that Sami had bought for him for Christmas. E.J. explained that their son wouldn't go to sleep without the stuffed animal, and Sami thanked E.J.

E.J. sent Johnny off to pack his bags so he could visit with Sami, and when Johnny was out of the room, Sami confided in E.J. that she worried that her kids would forget about her while she was away. E.J. told her how E.J. showed Johnny her picture before he went to bed at night and Johnny eventually wouldn't go to sleep without seeing Sami's picture. Nicole overheard them talking, and when E.J. took a call, Sami told Nicole that Nicole had a hard time putting Sydney to bed because Nicole didn't have a nurturing bone in her body.

Sydney started crying, and Sami offered to go upstairs with Nicole and show her the proper way to put a baby to sleep, but Nicole warned Sami that if she went anywhere near Sydney, Nicole would scratch Sami's "beady little eyes out." E.J. offered to check on the baby, and Sami offered Nicole some more maternal advice. Nicole defended her mothering skills and warned Sami never to insinuate that Nicole was not a good mother. E.J. came in and interrupted the melee to tell Nicole that he couldn't put the baby down and so Nicole had to do it instead.

Sami insisted that Nicole tend to Sydney instead of making a fool of herself. Sami called Nicole a "nutjob" under her breath, and E.J. heard her. E.J. accused Sami of provoking the argument between Nicole and Sami, and he said Sami's hatred for Nicole needed to stop. Sami said their rivalry would never stop as long as her child's welfare was at stake.

Johnny came in, packed and ready, and Sami told E.J. that Marlena had allowed her to stay in her townhouse. E.J. took Johnny to the bathroom, and Sami heard Sydney on the baby monitor, which reminded her of Grace. Sami tried to discreetly call the convent to check on Grace. Sister Theresa told Sami that she had nothing to worry about, because Grace was getting good care.

Sami said told Sister Theresa that she had frozen more breast milk and was going to have it sent to the convent, and she promised to stop by the convent soon. Nicole overheard Sami's phone call and hurried upstairs just when Sami hung up. E.J. came back in, and Sami told him she would pick up Allie the next day. E.J. told her that Allie was with Maggie because Lucas had been in an accident. Sami decided to go see Lucas at the hospital.

When Sami left, Nicole came downstairs and chewed E.J. out for telling Sami how he tried to keep Sami's memory alive for Johnny while she was in protective custody. Nicole wondered why E.J. would say all that unless he was still in love with Sami. E.J. couldn't believe that Nicole was accusing E.J. of being in love with Sami even after E.J. declared his love to Nicole and proposed to her.

Nicole said she could tell by the way E.J. was acting around Sami that he was still in love with her, but E.J. said what Nicole saw was him being civil and cordial. He accused Nicole of not being in her right mind. Nicole told E.J. to go be with Sami if he wanted her, and she threatened to take Sydney with her when she left him.

Rafe thanked Sister Theresa for not telling Sami that he was at the convent visiting Grace. Sister Theresa told him that she could tell he and Sami cared for each other more than they wanted to admit, and she thought he and Sami would make a good match. Sister Theresa gave him a picture she had taken of Sami and Grace before Sami left the convent.

Sami went to the hospital to see Lucas, and he couldn't believe she was back from protective custody. He asked if she was back for good and then asked where her baby was.

When Philip got back to the Kiriakis mansion, Victor demanded to know where he had been. Philip said he was at the hospital visiting Lucas, who had been in an explosion. Victor said he had heard about Lucas, but he was worried about the alternative fuels project. Philip said he had the situation under control, but Victor wanted to know why Melanie met with E.J.

Philip realized that Brady snitched on him, and Victor wondered if Philip made another mess that Brady would have to clean up. Philip blamed the deal on the breakup of his relationship with Stephanie. At first Victor thought Philip was referring to Melanie, but Philip said Victor's assumption showed how well he knew Philip.

Victor didn't like seeing Philip unhappy, Philip believed he sold his soul to take over the reins of Titan, and he was okay with it. Victor accused Philip of being in worse shape than Victor thought. Philip thought Victor was being phony, but Victor said he would be there for Philip if Philip needed Victor. Philip called Stephanie and left a message, saying he didn't think they were done yet.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Sami rushed into Lucas' room at Salem Hospital, worried about his injuries. Lucas was surprised to learn that Sami had returned home, and he asked her where the baby was. Dismissing his question, Sami began to ask Lucas about his accident. When Lucas explained that he had been hurt in a gas explosion at Daniel's apartment, Sami asked why he was visiting Daniel. Lucas admitted that he did not remember why he was at Daniel's place, since he was drunk at the time. Shocked that Lucas had fallen off the wagon after so many years of sobriety, Sami questioned whether Chloe had caused his drinking. Lucas defended Chloe, and then changed the subject back to Sami's baby.

Teary-eyed, Sami admitted that she had given birth to a daughter, but that she had not told E.J. Turning away, Sami lied that it was a good thing she had not told E.J., because her child was stillborn. Lucas reached out to console Sami, but she declined to discuss the baby any more. Lucas offered to call Maggie and ask her to get Allie ready to see Sami. Wiping away her tears, Sami begged Lucas to promise not to tell anyone about her pregnancy. Lucas agreed, but reminded her that secrets had a way of coming out.

Angry that Lucas was still pressuring her to tell E.J. about the baby, Sami lashed out at Lucas and told him to watch over his own messy life. When Sami blamed Chloe for Lucas' drinking, Lucas argued that he first became a drunk because of Sami. As the two began to yell louder about their past, and in particular their son, Will, the door to the room opened. "Oh my, God. Are you two still fighting over me?" said a bewildered Will from the doorway.

Philip sat in an armchair of the Kiriakis living room and left a voicemail on Stephanie's cell phone. "I don't think that we're done yet. Not by a long shot," Philip said. As Victor entered the room, he overheard Philip and advised his son not to beg. Victor cautioned Philip that if he ever wanted to be happy with a woman, he needed to find someone who accepted him for who he was. Knitting his brown, Victor advised Philip to dump Stephanie. Philip noted Victor's failed romantic relationships and argued that he did not want to take Victor's advice. Unfazed, Victor warned Philip that if he changed who he was for Stephanie, she would lose all respect for him. Victor concluded that Philip needed to retain the upper hand in any romantic relationship.

At the Brady Pub, Philip walked up to Stephanie as she was picking up dinner for her family. Stephanie admitted that she had heard Philip's message but that she had been too busy to call back, since it was her mother's first night home from the hospital. Philip asked Stephanie to send his regards to Kayla and then walked away. Stephanie ran after Philip and asked whether he believed they could overcome their differences. Philip turned and, staring her in the eyes, he said, "No." Confused, Stephanie asked why he had left her the voicemail. Philip argued that Stephanie was the one who was quitting because she refused to fight for him.

"You knew what I was before we got involved," Philip said with a sneer. Philip explained that he could reform if he were given a reason to do so. Unsure, Stephanie argued that Philip was "playing her," and he reasoned that she was doing the same with him. Leaning in close, Philip told Stephanie that she did not want him any other way than who he was. When Stephanie said she did not understand, Philip kissed her and then told her to think about it and give him a call.

In the hallway outside Lucas' hospital room, Kate stopped Chloe and asked about her and Daniel. Confused, Chloe asked what Kate wanted to know. After Kate thought about seeing Daniel and Chloe kissing in the park earlier, Kate smiled devilishly at Chloe. "I am never going to forget what you and Daniel did. It's seared into my memory," Kate said, grinning. Not letting on that she knew about Chloe's affair with Daniel, Kate inquired as to whether Chloe and Lucas were getting back together. Beaming, Chloe admitted that Philip told her Lucas was interested.

Kate questioned whether Chloe's relationship with Lucas could work after the setback to his sobriety, but Chloe was confident that the issue would not recur. "I love Lucas more than anything, and I know that now," Chloe stated. Kate questioned why Chloe wanted Lucas back so suddenly, and Chloe explained that in coming so close to losing him, she realized that she really did love him. With her eyebrow raised, Kate asked whether that meant that Chloe did not love Lucas when she broke up with him. Chloe clarified that she always loved Lucas but "things happened and I didn't want to hurt him."

Sensing an opportunity, Kate urged Chloe to confide in her, but Chloe declined and said that she just wanted to live her life with Lucas if he wanted her back. "Why were you at Daniel's apartment?" Kate asked innocently. Stammering, Chloe lied and said that she saw Lucas stumble into the apartment building and followed him inside. "I'm very confident about your future with Lucas now," Kate said with a smile on her face and darkness in her eyes. Chloe started to enter Lucas' room, but Kate stopped her, explaining that Lucas needed to rest. Chloe agreed and announced that she was going to pick up Allie instead.

As Kate studied Chloe's face, she inquired why Chloe had decided to donate her bone marrow. Shaking her head, Chloe reiterated that she wanted to return the favor to someone after previously being a donee herself. "I'm going to take so much pleasure in paying you back for everything you've done on my behalf and on Lucas'," Kate said. Kate pulled Chloe into a hug, but the icy look on her face betrayed her true feelings about Chloe.

At the Brady Pub, Kate stirred her martini absentmindedly as Victor walked in. Victor congratulated Kate on the news of her cancer going into remission, but, seeing the sour look on her face, he knew something was wrong. Victor questioned Kate's mood and she explained that Lucas and Chloe were getting back together. Victor reminded Kate that she had been Chloe's biggest cheerleader, and Kate admitted that she was wrong about Chloe. Victor offered to help Kate get revenge on Chloe, and Kate countered, "Revenge is a dish best served cold."

At the police station, Hope stopped by to drop off a report for a case she had been working on before her suspension. Suspicious, Bo theorized that the paperwork was just an excuse to visit him because Hope missed him. At first Hope denied it, but soon admitted that she desperately missed Bo. "I needed to be on my own. That doesn't mean I stopped loving you," Hope cried out. Bo explained that he was also feeling guilt, sympathy, and loneliness, but the difference was that he was not the one that needed to be alone. Hurt, Bo asked Hope to have sympathy for his feelings and get out of his sight if she did not want to be with him.

Both tired, Bo and Hope apologized to one another, and, looking relieved, Hope asked Bo to hold her. Bo scooped Hope into his arms and she admitted that she was ready to come home. Cautious, Bo asked why the sudden change of heart. Hope explained that she had seen the light and wanted to deal with her issues in the company of her family. Hope then asked Bo to promise to tell her if he had any more visions. Relieved, Bo readily agreed to Hope's terms. Hope headed off to Alice's to pack, leaving Bo alone in his office. After Hope left, Bo had a vision of Hope lying in bed and he stared into space, worried about his latest vision.

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole told E.J. that if he loved Sami, he should go after her, but that if he did, he would never see Sydney again. Angry over Nicole's threat, E.J. yelled at her "If you feel so unloved and unwanted then here's the door, get out!" Hurt by E.J.'s suggestion, Nicole noted that his reaction proved that he did not care about her. E.J. countered that he only said that because Nicole had made a threat, but he loved her and wanted her to stay.

Nicole explained that her paranoia stemmed from her insecurities and the feeling that she needed to prove herself worthy of E.J. As evidence, Nicole reminded E.J. that he had not fallen in love with her until after they conceived a child and after he had loved Sami. E.J. countered that what he had with Sami had amounted to nothing, but upset, Nicole noted that Johnny was not nothing. E.J. dismissed the notion that Johnny was relevant to the argument, and expressed his concern over Nicole's recent mood. E.J. cautioned that he was losing his patience with her paranoia.

Sensing an opening, Nicole explained that her paranoia came from her fear of the Kiriakis family, and the feeling that E.J. would fight for Sami, but would not fight for Nicole and Sydney. At his wit's end, E.J. exclaimed that he would bring her proof of his love. E.J. returned moments later with a sheet of paper and explained that it contained the formula for the fuel project. E.J. lifted the paper up to her face and tore it to pieces.

At the park, Nicole sat huddled on a bench in the cold. Philip rushed down the sidewalk toward her and Nicole ordered him to hold out his hands. When Philip obliged, Nicole dropped the remains of the paper into them. Philip promised not to say anything to E.J. about Brady and Nicole's secret.

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