General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 30, 2014 on GH

Patrick admitted that he would likely divorce Robin. Ava invited Delia to move in. Alice collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. Rafe made a shocking confession before he and Molly crashed into a police roadblock.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 30, 2014 on GH
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Monday, June 30, 2014

Carly assured Sonny that he didn't have to worry about Franco telling Michael that Sonny shot A.J. She explained that, while Franco hated Sonny, he loved Carly and wouldn't do anything to risk their relationship.

Rafe sat on a bench in the park. A man walked up to him and told Rafe that he'd been surprised to hear from Rafe "so soon." "Can I owe you?" Rafe asked the man, who was obviously a drug dealer, after looking into his empty wallet. The dealer reminded Rafe that he'd been cutting Rafe some slack on payments for weeks. He instructed Rafe to pay his tab. "Until then, you're cut off," he said and left.

Kiki and Morgan worked on one of the brownstone houses for ELQ's revitalization project. After having a little trouble, Kiki jokingly wondered what Michael had gotten her into. "I'd like to know the same thing," Levi said as he strode into the house. He added that he'd read about the project, and he intended to shut it down. He believed that the project would ruin Port Charles, and he and Maxie were there to protest it.

Levi sat on the floor and argued that the project, which would make rent "skyrocket," would make "the rich richer and the poor poorer." Kiki explained that the project would provide affordable housing to low-income families. Maxie liked the sound of that, but Levi refused to believe it. Morgan questioned Maxie's choice in friends. Maxie knelt down next to Levi and wondered what he was doing. "A sit-in," he replied.

Levi explained to Maxie that change started with one person. She reluctantly sat down next to Levin in support. Levi cited Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi for their peaceful protests. Kiki tried to tell him that they'd been protesting governments, but Morgan compared talking to Levi to talking to a wall. She advised him to take his protest to ELQ because she and Morgan had no power over the project. Levi demanded that they get someone to the house that did have power. He and Maxie began chanting, "Shame on you, ELQ!"

There was a knock on Michael's office door, and he was shocked to see Franco standing in the doorway. Franco told Michael that he needed a minute of Michael's time, but Michael wondered why he would be interested in anything Franco had to say. Franco divulged that there was something Michael needed to know but wouldn't like. Michael showed Franco to the door but stopped when Franco said that what he knew was about Sonny.

Just then, Carly arrived at Michael's office, clearly surprised to see Franco. Michael informed Carly that Franco apparently had something to say about Sonny. Before anything else could be said, Michael's phone rang. He answered it to Morgan, who shouted over Levi and Maxie's chanting that Michael needed get back to the brownstone. Michael hung up the phone and made sure that his conversation with Franco and Carly could wait. Carly assured him that it could, and Michael left.

Carly closed the door to the office and angrily pushed Franco. "You S.O.B.!" she yelled, furious at him for almost telling Michael that Sonny had shot A.J. Franco thought that Michael deserved to know, but Carly thought Franco just wanted to retaliate against Sonny. Carly informed Franco that, if Michael found out that Carly had been covering for Sonny, her relationship with her son would be destroyed.

Carly couldn't believe that Franco would risk their relationship just to get back at Sonny, especially after she had just convinced Sonny that Franco would keep his mouth shut. Franco was frustrated about walking in on a "moment" between Sonny and Carly. She promised that the encounter had been accidental and innocent. She continued that, if Franco couldn't accept that Sonny would always be in her life, she couldn't be with him anymore.

Franco immediately apologized and begged for another chance. Carly needed to know that any secrets she shared with him wouldn't be used against her after a fight in the future, "like you almost did tonight." He promised that he wouldn't do it again and implored her for a chance to prove how trustworthy he could be. He told her that she was the best thing that had ever happened to him and that he never wanted to be given an ultimatum again. She agreed and hugged him. He swore that she wouldn't regret her choice.

Michael entered the brownstone house. "You're to blame for all of this," Levi said, pointing at Michael. Michael explained that ELQ's project was replacing abandoned buildings with parks, condos, and stores. Levi countered that the buildings weren't abandoned because there were homeless squatters living there. Michael sarcastically talked about how safe it was to live in a rickety old building with no amenities. Morgan added that there were homeless shelters in Port Charles, and Michael informed Levi that ELQ and Corinthos Coffee contributed large amounts of money to the shelters.

Levi wondered how the homeowners and renters would fare with increasing prices. Michael told Levi that the rates wouldn't increase for people who already lived there, and the housing was required by law to be for low-income families. Levi addressed Kiki and Morgan, who were staying at the brownstone for free while working on it, and figured that they would live in cardboard boxes outside when they were done. "Well, I'm his girlfriend," Kiki countered, referring to Michael. "And I'm his brother, so probably not," Morgan added.

Michael respected Levi's opinion but told him that his arguments were baseless. Levi refused to leave until he'd changed Michael's mind. Michael appealed to Maxie and informed her that her unreasonable boyfriend was also trespassing. He warned that if they didn't leave, he'd have to call the cops. "I've been arrested plenty of times," Levi said, laughing. "I'm not surprised," Kiki muttered.

Morgan told Levi that Maxie was related to the last police commissioner and the current one. He still didn't think that Anna would overlook the charges on Maxie. "Are you with me?" Levi asked Maxie. She promised to be on his side, so she stayed there. Michael took out his phone. He called the police about trespassers on his property.

Ava was thinking about her situation when the doorbell rang. She hopped off the couch to answer it, drawing warnings from one of Sonny's guards. "Thank God you're here," Ava said, smiling when she opened the door.

A short while later, Sonny returned home. The guard informed Sonny that Ava had "a friend" over. Sonny entered the room, and Ava introduced him to her mother, Delia. Delia introduced herself and expressed her excitement at meeting the man behind Corinthos Coffee, which was the only brand of coffee she served at her bar. He wondered why she was there. She replied that she'd driven straight to Sonny's as soon as Ava had told her that Sonny had "knocked her up." Delia promised not to judge, since she'd had Ava out of wedlock.

Sonny hadn't thought that Ava and Delia were close. Delia answered that they hadn't been, "until now." She'd been suspicious when Ava had called her because "Ava always has an ulterior motive, just like her mother!" However, she believed that Ava only wanted to be near family so that she, Ava, Sonny, and the baby could connect. Sonny questioned how long Delia would be there. "I'm moving in!" she answered enthusiastically.

Delia continued that she knew about Ava's "difficult pregnancy" and therefore inability to leave the house. Sonny promised that he and his guards had things under control, but Delia insisted on staying. Ava asked her mother for some tea and some time to talk things over with Sonny. Delia walked off to find the kitchen. "I know what you're up to, and it ain't gonna work," Sonny said to Ava once Delia was gone.

Sonny knew that Ava had invited Delia to move in so that Delia would drive Sonny crazy. He taunted her that, "unlike you, I can leave the house." He looked forward to watching Delia "mother you to death." Delia returned, and Sonny excused himself. He expressed his happiness that Delia was staying with them, and he left the house. Ava threw a piece of bread at the door after him.

Delia hoped that Ava and Sonny hadn't been fighting about her. Ava insisted that she and Sonny were always at each other's throats and that it had nothing to do with Delia. Delia wondered why her daughter was mad at Sonny and took a sip of her tea. "He's trying to kill me," Ava blurted out, and Delia spit out her tea.

Silas wheeled Nina through the hospital to her physical therapy appointment. They found Rosalie and Nina's new physical therapist, Travis. Nina insisted that Silas didn't have to stay for her appointment and eventually succeeded in convincing him. He requested a full report after the appointment, and he left. Travis wheeled Nina into the room and tried to look at her legs. She immediately slapped him and said, "Keep your hands off of me."

Travis apologized for any discomfort and assured her that many patients were reluctant to start physical therapy. He said that, according to Rosalie and Nina's charts, Nina had been in a coma for a long time and needed the therapy. Nina responded to an open-mouthed Travis by getting up out of her wheelchair and kicking it across the room.

Travis wondered why Nina was there if she could already walk. She replied that she was putting on a show for her husband. She grabbed a pen and checkbook out of Rosalie's hand and scribbled out a large check. Travis looked longingly at the check. Nina promised more money if he agreed to play along. He wondered where Nina would be if not at her sessions. "Good question," Rosalie chimed in.

Nina thought that she would be "screwed" if Silas showed up to an appointment unexpected, so she decided that Rosalie would go to every appointment. She thought that, between Rosalie and Travis, they could think up some good excuses. Nina asked Travis if they had a deal. Citing his student loans, he accepted. He observed that Nina seemed not to care much for Silas. "You have no idea," she uttered.

Sam looked at the mechanic's computer screen. "Oh, my God," she murmured, "I know the owner." She finally divulged that Silas was the owner of the car who had run Patrick off the road. She knew that Silas couldn't have done it, but Patrick stormed out of the shop to get answers from Silas.

Sam stopped Patrick outside of the shop. Even though she didn't think Silas was to blame for the accident, she promised to follow the truth no matter where it led. She advised Patrick to keep a cool head and an open mind, but he walked away.

Rafe went to see Silas at the hospital and asked how things with Nina were going. Silas knew things were awkward, but he was sure that everything would work out. He asked why Rafe was there. Rafe told his uncle that he needed to borrow money. Silas agreed until Rafe admitted that he needed four hundred dollars.

Rafe lied to a suspicious Silas that some friends from school were going on a camping trip, and he wanted to go too. Still suspicious, Silas apologized for not being around as much as he would have liked. He admitted that he'd been busy and "dropped the ball." Wanting another chance to do better, he made dinner plans with Rafe for when Silas' shift was over. He told Rafe that he loved him, and Silas sent Rafe to his office to wait.

Just as Rafe was gone, Sam and Patrick exited an elevator at the hospital and found Silas. He asked if Sam had had any luck on the investigation. She began to beat around the bush, but Patrick cut right to the chase: "We have, and it leads straight to you."

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

At the brownstone, Michael threatened to call the police to report Levi and Maxie for trespassing if Levi and Maxie didn't immediately leave. Maxie appeared to waver, but Levi refused to budge, so Michael held true to his word. Levi smiled with satisfaction because Levi hoped that the media coverage resulting from the arrest would shine a spotlight on his and Maxie's efforts to stick up for those who would be forced out of the community due to the rising housing costs resulting from the waterfront revitalization project. Kiki, Michael, and Morgan tried to reason with Maxie and Levi, to no avail.

Kiki realized that she and Morgan would not get any work done until Levi and Maxie were removed from the premises, so she decided to track down Silas to let her father know that she was concerned about Rafe. Michael was curious what was going on, but Kiki was in a rush, so Morgan offered to fill Michael in. Kiki thanked Morgan then admitted that she was glad that they had talked. Morgan smiled as he assured Kiki that he would always be there for her.

Michael frowned as Kiki left, but Morgan didn't notice as he quickly told Michael about Kiki's fear that Rafe was in trouble. Meanwhile, Levi and Maxie began to chant about ELQ's corporate greed. Maxie paused to quietly ask Levi if she would be expected to go on a hunger strike because she doubted that she could do it. Michael approached Maxie to give her and Levi a chance to leave before the police arrived, but Levi insisted that nothing would dissuade Levi and Maxie from their cause.

Moments later, Nathan, flanked by several police officers, arrived. Levi didn't hesitate to push Nathan's buttons by asking if Nathan was there to trample on Maxie and Levi's civil rights. Nathan ignored Levi's continued taunts to explain to Michael that Nathan had answered the call because Nathan had seen Maxie's name on the report and had hoped to defuse situation before anyone got into trouble. Maxie argued that the trouble had been there before she and Levi had arrived, but Morgan quickly clarified that Morgan and Kiki had merely been renovating the brownstone. Levi added that the revitalization project was unfair and needed to be stopped.

Michael calmly explained that Levi was under the illusion that Levi was Che Guevara. Levi insisted that he and Maxie wanted to help the people on the waterfront, but Morgan challenged Levi to name a single resident from the waterfront area that Levi had a personal connection to. Levi quickly switched tactics by claiming that the protest was a much-needed distraction for Maxie because Nathan had sabotaged Maxie's bid for visitation with her daughter, but Nathan was adamant that Levi was the one to blame for what had happened in court.

"This again," Levi snorted as he looked at Maxie, but Maxie quickly interjected that her custody issues had nothing to do with the protest. Michael calmly assured Maxie that it wasn't too late for her and Levi to leave peacefully, but Levi refused to consider it. Michael reminded Levi that Levi and Maxie were on private property, but Levi argued that Levi and Maxie had squatter's rights. Nathan informed Levi that Levi and Maxie couldn't claim squatter's rights because both Maxie and Levi lived at another residence with Nathan.

Levi refused to back down, so Nathan threatened to arrest him. Levi appeared pleased with the prospect and goaded Nathan until Nathan finally slapped a pair of handcuffs on Levi. Two police officers stepped forward to haul Levi away as Maxie demanded that Levi be released. Nathan held Maxie back as Levi was dragged out of the brownstone. Infuriated, she shoved Nathan away from her, so Morgan warned Maxie that it had been a mistake to "assault" the detective in front of witnesses.

Michael stepped away to take a phone call as Maxie berated Nathan for ordering her and Levi around as if Nathan had had the right. Nathan reminded Maxie that it was his job as a police officer, but Maxie accused Nathan of being a bully. She vowed to stay right where she was, so Nathan was forced to take action by pulling out another set of handcuffs. Maxie immediately appealed to Morgan for help as Nathan secured one of her wrists. Morgan took pity on Maxie as Maxie fought to keep Nathan from handcuffing her other wrist.

Maxie suddenly froze when she heard a loud click then realized that during the struggle, the handcuff had closed around Nathan's wrist.

At ELQ, Tracy was on the phone with Luke to report that Michael was in way over his head with the waterfront revitalization project. Tracy explained that her father, Edward, had tried to make the project happen years before but had faced strong opposition from local politicians. She was confident that Michael wouldn't be able to accomplish what Edward had failed to do.

Tracy then switched gears to ask when Luke would return home because she missed him. She was disappointed when Luke reminded her that they couldn't afford to risk being caught, so she assured him that she had been working as fast as she could to force Michael out in order to reclaim control of ELQ. Tracy was startled when Alice suddenly appeared in the doorway and blew a whistle. Tracy quickly ended the call to ask what Alice was doing at ELQ.

Alice confessed that the children at Lila's Kids day camp had worn her out, so Tracy suggested that Alice get into shape by hitting the gym. Alice admitted that she wasn't up to working out because of stomach trouble. However, Alice had stopped by to give Michael a few gifts that the children had made for him to thank Michael for funding the day camp. Alice proceeded to show Tracy various sock puppets that the children had made, including one of Michael wearing a royal crown. Tracy was not amused when Alice pulled out a green sock puppet with fangs from the bag and explained that it was Tracy.

Tracy demanded to know what the purpose of the craft project had been. Alice explained that she had intended for the children to tell a story about a family pulling together in adversity, but Alice realized that it should have been a story of betrayal. Tracy tensed when Alice informed Tracy that Alice had heard Tracy plotting to oust Michael from ELQ. Tracy insisted that Alice had been hearing things, but Alice saw through the lie and decided that Michael had a right to know what Tracy was up to.

Tracy argued that Michael had stolen ELQ away from Tracy, but Alice was unmoved and argued that Michael had been doing good things for the community. Moments later, Michael answered his phone, so Alice told him that she had something important to tell him. Tracy sputtered with outrage, but Alice ignored her.

At Corinthos Coffee, Shawn entered Sonny's office after returning from a trip. The two men chatted for a few minutes until Sonny revealed that Sonny had moved Ava into Greystone Manor. Shocked, Shawn was curious what had prompted Sonny to make such an unexpected decision. Sonny retrieved the audio recording that A.J. had made from a wall safe and invited Shawn to listen to it.

After Shawn listened to the damaging recording, Shawn asked why Ava was still alive. Sonny assured Shawn that it had been Sonny's intention to kill Ava until Ava had revealed that she was pregnant with either Sonny or Morgan's child. Sonny explained that he had been forced to move Ava in to keep a close eye on her until the baby was born. However, Sonny vowed to kill Ava as soon as the baby was safely delivered. Shawn warned Sonny that it would be a long and difficult nine months, but Sonny wasn't concerned because Sonny was ready for whatever tricks Ava might have up her sleeve. Sonny revealed that Ava had already moved in her mother, Delia, in the hope of driving Sonny crazy.

Sonny grinned because Ava hadn't realized that Sonny would be free to leave the house whenever he liked, while Ava would be stuck with her aggravating mother. Shawn suspected that Ava might have had another reason for reaching out to her mother. Sonny agreed but admitted that he had no idea what Ava and Delia were up to.

At Greystone Manor, Delia was stunned when Ava explained that Sonny intended to kill Ava after the baby was born and then added that Morgan might be the baby's father. Delia couldn't blame Sonny for being furious, but she sensed that her daughter was holding something back. Ava explained that it would be safer for Delia not to know, but Delia demanded an answer. Ava refused to discuss it, so Delia suggested that Ava call the police.

Ava confessed that contacting the police wasn't an option, so Delia suggested that Ava turn to Julian for help. Ava admitted that she had burned that bridge and that she couldn't reach out to Kiki for help because she didn't want to endanger her daughter. Delia was hurt that Ava would risk Delia's life, but Ava refused to apologize because she had hoped that Delia would have the same motherly instinct to protect Ava as Ava had for Kiki. Ava assured Delia that Sonny fully intended to kill Ava and then keep the baby from knowing its grandmother. Delia reminded Ava that Ava had done the same thing with Kiki.

Ava promised not to repeat the mistake, but she desperately needed Delia's help. Delia was curious what Ava had in mind, so Ava explained that she needed to get her hands on an audio recording that Sonny had stashed away. Ava conceded there was something damaging to Ava on the recording but quickly added that there was also something damaging to Sonny. Ava wanted Delia to help locate the recording because it would provide Ava with the leverage that Ava needed to keep Sonny from carrying out his threat. Delia was curious where the recording was.

Ava explained that she had managed to covertly search the house but hadn't located the recording. Ava couldn't leave the premises without Sonny's bodyguards watching her every move. However, Delia would be free to leave, since Sonny believed that Delia was only there to annoy Sonny. Delia was hurt when she realized that Ava had asked for Delia's help in part because Ava believed that Delia was an annoying person and would aggravate Sonny, so Ava implored Delia not to abandon Ava in Ava's time of need.

Sonny appeared in the doorway and smiled as he picked up on the tension between mother and daughter. He asked if the family reunion had hit the skids but didn't wait for an answer as he made his way to the stairs. Sonny turned on the charm as he assured Delia that Delia was welcome to stay. After Sonny left, Ava warned Delia not to be fooled by Sonny's demeanor. Delia conceded that she and Ava had never had a strong relationship, but Delia refused to allow Sonny to kill Ava, so Delia agreed to help.

At the hospital, Dante and Olivia waited for word about Lulu's procedure. Dante feared that the procedure would confirm that Lulu wouldn't be able to carry a child to term, but Olivia was certain that Dante and Lulu would receive good news. The conversation then drifted to Sonny as Dante revealed that he had confronted Sonny about moving Ava into Sonny's home. Olivia made it clear that she didn't want her rocky relationship with Sonny to impact Dante and Sonny's relationship, but Dante refused to ignore how Sonny had hurt Olivia.

Dante admitted that Sonny had blamed Sonny's betrayal with Ava on Connie. Dante explained that Carly had arrived in time to explain that Sonny had become self-destructive out of a sense of guilt for not mourning Connie's death longer than he had before moving on with Olivia. Olivia insisted that Carly had been wrong because Sonny and Olivia had gone out of their way to be respectful of Connie. "This excuse stinks like last week's fish fry," Olivia added.

Later, Dante and Olivia stood next to Lulu's bed as Lulu slowly opened her eyes. Dante assured his wife that the procedure had gone well, but Lulu wanted to know if she could carry a baby to term. Olivia explained that they were waiting for Dr. Chu. Dante smiled as he confessed that Lulu was his hero for everything that she had endured to provide them with a family.

Moments later, Dr. Chu entered the hospital room. According to Dr. Chu everything had been as they had hoped; Lulu's issue had been a septate uterus not a bicornuate uterus, so Lulu should be able to carry the frozen embryo to term after a suitable recovery period. Dante, Lulu, and Olivia were elated with the news. After Dr. Chu left, Olivia beamed as she thought about Lulu giving her another "grandbaby." However, Olivia suddenly sobered as she her thoughts strayed to Sonny.

Lulu quietly assured Olivia that Sonny would be equally happy about the news. Olivia agreed then confessed that she had been about to suggest that they call Sonny, but Olivia suspected that he had enough to think about with the arrival of Ava's baby. After Dante walked his mother to the elevator, he returned to his wife's bedside. He assured Lulu that there wasn't a rush for her to take the next step. Lulu smiled because she was grateful that they had that option.

At the hospital, Silas explained that he had to stop by his office to drop something off before he and Rafe went to dinner. Silas handed Rafe the car keys and promised to catch up with Rafe. After Rafe walked away, Sam and Patrick exited the elevator. They spotted Silas at the nurses' station, so they approached him.

Rafe lurked around the corner as Silas asked Sam and Patrick if there had been any luck on the investigation into the crash. Sam confirmed that there had been, so Patrick quickly added that the trail had led them straight to Silas. Confused, Silas asked what Patrick was talking about. Sam quickly filled Silas in about what they had uncovered and how they had determined that Silas' car had been the car that had caused Patrick's car accident.

Silas denied that he had driven Patrick off of the road, but Patrick didn't believe Silas. Silas insisted that he had discovered the damage on the passenger side of his car one morning on his way to work, so Silas had assumed that someone in the apartment building's garage had sideswiped the car. Patrick's temper flared because he was certain that Silas was lying. Silas turned to Sam for help by asking if she believed that he was the type of person who would run Patrick's car off the road and then leave. Sam shook her head but pointed out that the evidence was damaging.

Sam was curious if anyone else might have driven the car on the night in question. Silas tensed as he looked up and saw Kiki. Kiki approached her father, so Patrick seized the opportunity to question Kiki. Kiki admitted that she had picked up her father's car, but she explained that she had driven it to their apartment and then had ridden with Morgan to A.J.'s funeral. Kiki invited Patrick to talk to Morgan and Michael because Michael had taken Kiki home later that night. Sam was curious were the keys to the car had been, so Kiki admitted that she had left them in the apartment.

Sam suddenly realized that Rafe might have taken the car out, but Silas insisted that Sam was wrong because Rafe only had a learner's permit. Patrick pointed out that driving without a license would be all the more reason for Rafe to flee the scene of an accident and not report it. Sam wondered if Kiki might be able to shed any light on things, so Kiki confessed that she had stopped by to talk to Silas about Rafe.

Kiki revealed that she was concerned about Rafe because Rafe had recently admitted to stealing money from Sam. Silas immediately asked if Sam had been missing any money, so Sam nodded and then explained that she had thought that she had left the money in another purse. Sam groaned when she suddenly recalled that it hadn't been the first time that Rafe had stolen money. She told Silas about the incident on Danny's birthday when Rafe had been caught by the police, stealing money from someone in the park, and then Rafe's reaction when Sam had told Rafe about Gabriel's passing. Silas demanded to know why Sam hadn't mentioned anything sooner, so Sam admitted that it had slipped her mind because of everything that had happened with Nina.

Patrick insisted that they find Rafe to question him about the accident. Meanwhile, Rafe appeared shaken as he realized that he was the prime suspect in the death of Patrick's son.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ned warmly greeted Alexis when she met him in the park. Alexis apologized for running late, but Ned insisted that it wasn't necessary because she had been worth the wait. Alexis smiled because she knew that Ned's compliment indicated that he had something serious to discuss with her, but Ned assured her that it wasn't more important than what she had been going through because of Ric's death. He offered his condolences then asked how Alexis and Molly had been holding up. Alexis admitted that it had been difficult especially when she'd had to take Ric's personal effects to Molly.

Alexis explained that Molly had temporarily moved in with Sam because Molly blamed Julian for Ric's death. However, she quickly assured Ned that she and Molly would work things out and then changed the subject to ask Ned about the legal documents that he had mentioned when he had asked to meet her. Ned handed Tracy's annulment papers to Alexis as he filled Alexis in about Tracy's decision to end the marriage because Luke had cheated on Tracy during their honeymoon. Alexis questioned Tracy's determination to end the marriage.

Alexis conceded that Luke was an "acquired taste," but Ned argued that haggis was an acquired taste, whereas Luke had been caught cavorting with two masseuses. He explained that Luke's infidelity had opened Tracy's eyes to Luke's true nature, so Tracy had apologized to both Michael and Kiki and then had asked Michael for a job. Ned acknowledged that Michael had a tendency to be too forgiving, but Michael was a Quartermaine and had requested proof. Alexis nodded in understanding as she realized that the annulment papers had been Tracy's attempt to assure Michael of Tracy's sincerity.

Ned explained that both he and Michael wanted to make certain that the documents were on the up and up, but Alexis feared that Tracy had pulled a fast one on Michael and Ned by concocting the story about Luke to get a foot into ELQ's door. Ned admitted that it wasn't outside the realm of possibility, so Alexis explained that the only way to make certain that Tracy had followed through with the annulment was to confirm that the paperwork had been filed. Alexis warned him that it would take a little time, but she promised to look into it.

At ELQ, Tracy warned Alice to put the phone down without saying another word, but Alice ignored the warning and told Michael that there was something going on at ELQ that he needed to know about. Alice added that it involved Tracy, but Alice suddenly doubled over with pain and then collapsed before she could elaborate. Tracy watched in stunned disbelief until she realized that Alice was unconscious. Frantic, Tracy called 9-1-1 and then begged Alice to hang on.

At the brownstone, Maxie was furious when she realized that she and Nathan were handcuffed to each other. Nathan blamed Maxie for their predicament, but Maxie argued that it wouldn't have happened if Nathan hadn't tried to arrest her in the first place. Nathan countered that Maxie had been flailing her arms in an attempt to resist arrest, but Maxie denied it. Morgan walked away as Nathan and Maxie continued to bicker and blame each other.

Nearby, Michael became concerned when his phone call with Alice abruptly disconnected. Morgan wondered if everything was okay, so Michael told him about the phone call. Both Michael and Morgan decided to go to ELQ to check on Alice, but Michael stopped to ask if Nathan needed help. Nathan assured Michael that everything was under control, but Maxie accused Nathan of holding her hostage. Nathan explained to Maxie that he had a key to unlock the handcuffs.

Maxie was shocked when she realized that Nathan intended to carry out his threat to arrest her for trespassing, so she appealed to Michael to drop the charges. Michael refused because he had given Maxie sufficient opportunity to avoid the arrest. Maxie sputtered with outrage as Michael and Morgan left. She was furious that Michael hadn't helped her after everything she had done for Michael. Maxie started to talk about an incident years before, involving Michael and a koi pond, but changed her mind about sharing the story with Nathan.

Meanwhile, Nathan retrieved the key to the handcuffs from his pocket and started to unlock them. Impatient, Maxie squirmed and then demanded that Nathan give her the key, so she could do it herself. Nathan refused, prompting Maxie to reach for it. During the struggle, the key went flying across the room. Maxie immediately blamed Nathan and started to pull him in the direction that she thought the key had landed. Nathan was certain that the key was in the opposite direction and suggested that they check there, but Maxie refused.

Eventually, Nathan grew weary of arguing with Maxie, so he suggested that they try to work together to locate the key. Maxie agreed then tugged Nathan toward the area that she had wanted to check earlier.

Later, Nathan and Maxie returned to where they had been standing when the key had been lost. Their search hadn't yielded the key, so Nathan suspected that the key had slid into a grate or under a loose floorboard. Maxie began to complain, but Nathan assured her that there were plenty of spare keys at the police station. Maxie urged Nathan to call someone to drop off one of the keys, but Nathan refused because he didn't want anyone to know that he had ended up handcuffed to a "perp." Maxie resented being labeled a common criminal.

Nathan chuckled because he had seen Maxie's rap sheet. Maxie was furious that he had snooped, so she decided to call the police station. She started to fetch her purse, but Nathan sat down and refused to move. Maxie smiled as she stretched out her leg to drag the purse close to her, but her efforts were in vain because she quickly discovered that she had left her cell phone at home. She promptly blamed Nathan because she had left the apartment in a hurry when Nathan had upset her by falsely accusing Levi of notifying the judge.

Maxie demanded that Nathan hand his phone over to her, but Nathan refused. Maxie decided to take matters into her own hands by wrestling Nathan to the ground to retrieve the phone from his pocket. However, she and Nathan tensed when Maxie landed on top of Nathan during the brief struggle. After she quickly pulled away, Nathan explained that he had a spare key at the apartment, which he would have revealed earlier if Maxie had cooperated.

At ELQ, Michael and Morgan arrived before the paramedics. Morgan immediately checked Alice for a pulse but didn't find one, so he began CPR. Meanwhile, Michael demanded an explanation from Tracy, but Tracy claimed that she had found Alice unconscious on the floor when Tracy had entered the office. Moments later, the paramedics arrived. Michael, Morgan, and Tracy watched with concern as the paramedics used a defibrillator to start Alice's heart and then whisked her to the hospital. Morgan followed the paramedics, but Michael stopped Tracy to ask if Tracy had any idea why Alice had wanted to talk to him about a situation at ELQ, involving Tracy.

In the park, T.J. arrived to meet Molly for the fireworks show. As they spread out a blanket on the ground, T.J. asked how Molly's new living arrangements had been working out. Molly admitted that she was relieved that Sam had assured Molly that Molly could stay as long as needed. T.J. was happy for Molly, so she revealed that things were also better with Alexis. Molly told T.J. about Alexis' visit to drop off Ric's personal effects and the letter that Ric had written. Molly confided that the letter had been a great comfort and that Alexis' support had helped Molly tremendously.

Molly suddenly realized that she had forgotten to pack food for their evening. T.J. pretended to be upset until he surprised her with vegetarian BLT sandwiches from Kelly's. Delighted, Molly kissed him. Afterwards, they sat down as Molly told T.J. about Rafe's visit and apology. T.J. insisted that it had been too little, too late, but Molly assured T.J. that Rafe had been sincere and had confessed to acting out of jealousy. She was confident that Rafe had accepted that Molly had moved on and could only offer Rafe friendship.

T.J. was skeptical because of a run-in that he'd had with Rafe in the park. Molly was stunned when T.J. told her about the violent encounter when Rafe had punched T.J. after T.J. had caught Rafe snorting cocaine. T.J. added that Rafe had suggested that Jordan was far worse than Rafe because Rafe had only used drugs, while T.J.'s mother had sold them. Molly wondered why T.J. hadn't mentioned anything sooner, so T.J. admitted that he hadn't wanted to add to Molly's burden while she had been grieving the loss of her father.

Molly appreciated T.J.'s consideration, but she insisted that Rafe needed help. She pointed out that Rafe wouldn't have turned to drugs if something hadn't been deeply troubling Rafe. Molly decided to let Silas know that Rafe was in crisis despite T.J.'s objections, but her phone calls to Silas went unanswered.

T.J. suggested that it could wait another day, but Molly insisted that Silas needed to know right away. T.J. was not pleased when Molly decided to track Silas down. She promised T.J. that she would return before the fireworks, so she asked him to save their spot and then left.

At the hospital, Rafe lurked around a corner as he listened with growing despair as Sam told Silas, Patrick, and Kiki about Rafe's reaction to hearing about Gabriel's death. Sam realized that Rafe likely had been the one driving Silas' car when Patrick's car had been forced off of the road. Patrick demanded to know where Rafe was, so Silas reluctantly admitted that Rafe was at the hospital. Patrick insisted on tracking down Rafe to question Rafe about the accident, so Silas and Patrick left.

Kiki started to follow, but Sam thought it would be best if Kiki remained behind and allowed Sam to deal with the mounting tension between Silas and Patrick. Kiki reluctantly agreed, so Sam rushed to catch up with Silas and Patrick. Meanwhile, Rafe fled the hospital.

Moments later, Rosalie navigated Nina's wheelchair toward Kiki, so Nina could ask why Silas and Sam had seemed in a hurry. Kiki explained that Rafe was in trouble. Nina felt terrible for Rafe, so she asked if Kiki had known Stephen. Kiki confessed that she hadn't, but Rosalie spoke up to reveal that she had read about Stephen in the newspapers. According to Rosalie, Stephen had claimed to be a vampire when he had mysteriously vanished from a locked room in a mental institution between midnight and 1:00 a.m.

Nina warned Rosalie that they had gotten off topic, so Nina asked Kiki what kind of trouble Rafe was in. Kiki explained that Rafe might have been responsible for the accident that had resulted in the death of Patrick's premature son. Nina recalled that Rafe wasn't a licensed driver, so she was curious where Rafe had gotten the car. Kiki admitted that Rafe had been driving Silas' car at the time of the accident and then added that Silas and Sam had left to find Rafe. Rosalie made a snarky remark about Silas once again abandoning his wife, but Nina scolded Rosalie because Silas had left to attend to a family emergency. "Silas' nephew comes first," Rosalie grumbled.

Later, Rosalie and Nina arrived at the apartment. Nina immediately jumped out of the wheelchair despite Rosalie's warning that they might not be alone. Nina reminded Rosalie that Kiki, Silas, and Sam were out looking for Silas' "cokehead" nephew and then began to complain about the "pervy" physical therapist who had probed and prodded Nina. Rosalie pointed out that the man had only touched Nina for a nanosecond before Nina had backhanded the man. Nina smiled because she had been able to bribe the physical therapist by paying off his student loans.

Rosalie bristled when Nina made a caustic remark about the high cost of student loans. "Why do you think I put up with you?" Rosalie asked. Nina suggested that it was because Rosalie liked Nina, but Rosalie clarified that she sympathized with Nina's cause and liked the money that Nina paid her. "That's good enough," Nina replied with a bright smile.

However, Nina's good humor quickly vanished as she complained that her plans to spend some quiet time with Silas, reminiscing about the old times, had been ruined by the search for Rafe. Rosalie didn't think it was a big deal to shift the plans to the following day, but Nina resented Rosalie's attitude because Rosalie had no idea what it was like to paste on a smile, while her husband walked out the door to see his "trailer trash" mistress. Nina was certain that her plan to break up Silas and Sam had been succeeding, but Silas' "cokehead" nephew's troubles had ruined all the headway that Nina had made.

Nina and Rosalie were startled when Rafe suddenly stepped into the living room. Nina immediately feigned weakness in her legs as Rosalie tried to explain why Nina had been standing rather than sitting in the wheelchair. Rosalie claimed that Nina had been working hard on Nina's physical therapy in the hopes of surprising Silas with the news that Nina could finally stand unassisted. Rosalie helped Nina into the wheelchair, but Rafe wasn't fooled and revealed that he had overheard everything that Nina had said, including Nina's plans to break up Silas and Sam. Rafe couldn't wait to see how Nina intended to explain that to Silas.

Nina jumped up then leaped across the furniture to get into Rafe's face and inform him that she had no intention of explaining anything to Silas. "What do you have to say about it, baby killer?" Nina asked. Nina's mercurial mood quickly shifted from menacing to gentle as she assured Rafe that she wasn't trying to cause trouble for him. Nina reminded Rafe that she hadn't told anyone about the time that she had caught Rafe with cocaine all over his face, so she offered to help him by giving him $500 to leave town in exchange for his promise not to say anything to Silas.

Rafe admitted that he was tempted to turn himself in to the police, but Nina warned Rafe that it would end badly for Rafe because Rafe would be sent to jail for the rest of his life. Nina urged Rafe to accept her offer, so Rafe took the money.

At the hospital, Patrick was frustrated that Patrick, Sam, and Silas had failed to find Rafe. Patrick accused Silas of hiding Rafe, so Sam reminded Patrick that Silas had been cooperating. Patrick decided that the police should be notified, but Silas objected. The issue became moot when Dante and Olivia walked up. Patrick explained that he needed Dante's help, but Dante revealed that he was at the hospital because Lulu was recuperating from surgery. Olivia assured her son that she would stay with Lulu and then left.

Patrick revealed that they had found the driver who had forced Patrick off the road, but Silas quickly clarified that the person was only a potential suspect. Dante was curious who the person was, so Sam told Dante about what she and Patrick had uncovered. Dante questioned Silas about Rafe's usual mode of transportation, prompting Silas to recall that Silas had given Silas' set of keys to Rafe, which had included keys to Silas' car. Dante decided to issue and APB on Rafe, so he asked for the make and model of Silas' car. Sam gave Dante the information.

Meanwhile, Patrick demanded to know how much of a head start Rafe had had. Patrick was furious when Silas admitted that Rafe had last been seen thirty minutes earlier, so Patrick urged Dante to contact the bus depots and train stations. Silas objected because his nephew wasn't a criminal like Dillinger, but Sam reminded Silas that Rafe had experience living on the run because of Rafe's mother, Alison. Dante suspected that Rafe might have gone home to collect a few things, so Patrick insisted that they head to Silas' apartment.

Moments later, Patrick received a text message from Emma asking where her father was. Dante made it clear that Patrick could not accompany them to Silas' apartment, so he urged Patrick to go to Emma. Patrick reluctantly agreed and then left.

A short time later, Dante, Silas, and Sam arrived at Silas' apartment. Dante explained that he would need to kick in the door and then enter with his gun drawn. Silas balked, but Dante assured Silas that it was necessary. Dante promised to make certain that everyone was safe, so Silas reluctantly stepped back. Moments later, Dante kicked in the door and entered the apartment with Silas and Sam right behind him.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

At the hospital, Elizabeth thanked Britt for everything that Britt had done to persuade Liesl to rehire Elizabeth. Britt admitted that it had been completely unfair of her mother to fire Elizabeth when Elizabeth had been grieving the loss of Elizabeth's boyfriend, Ric. Moments later, Spencer ran up to greet Britt. Britt smiled as she complimented Spencer's festive Fourth of July hat then asked what his plans were.

Nikolas rounded the corner in time to reveal that Nikolas and Spencer were there to pick Elizabeth up for the fireworks show in the park. Britt pasted on a bright smile as she told them to have a wonderful time then fled to a nearby exam room to call her mother.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth asked if Nikolas would mind stopping off to pick up Cameron on the way to the park because Cameron wanted to spend time with Emma. Spencer was not pleased, but a text message from Britt asking Spencer to meet her in the exam room without letting Nikolas know had Spencer asking permission to grab something from the vending machine. After Spencer walked away, a nurse called Elizabeth over to the nurses' station.

In the exam room, Britt asked Spencer if he really wanted to watch the fireworks with Elizabeth and Cam. She reminded him that Cam had stolen Emma away from Spencer then warned Spencer that Cam might end up being Spencer's brother if Nikolas and Elizabeth continued to see each other. Spencer was horrified by the idea because he insisted that Britt, Nikolas, Ben, and Spencer were meant to be a family. Britt assured Spencer that she regretted what she had done because she missed both Spencer and Nikolas.

Britt suggested that perhaps she and Spencer could work together to figure out a way to get what they both wanted, but she warned him that he would have to be careful not to let Nikolas know what they were up to because Nikolas would be furious. Spencer assured her that he would take their scheming secret to the grave, so Britt smiled and shook Spencer's hand to seal their deal.

At the nurses' station, Elizabeth explained that she had to work because someone had called in sick. Nikolas was disappointed, but Elizabeth couldn't afford to refuse to work after recently getting her job back. Spencer returned as Nikolas offered to take Cam to the park, but Elizabeth declined because she was certain that Cam would have fun with Aiden and her grandmother, Audrey.

After Elizabeth walked away, Nikolas and Spencer made their way to the elevator, where Spencer spotted Britt as Britt was about to leave. Spencer immediately called out to Britt and asked what she had planned for the Fourth of July. Britt claimed that she had been headed home to Brad's apartment then shifted gears to ask where Elizabeth was. Nikolas explained that Elizabeth had been asked to work because someone had called in sick, so Spencer insisted that Britt couldn't go home without celebrating the Fourth of July.

Britt admitted that she'd had plans with her brother, Nathan, but he had canceled at the last minute. Spencer seized the opportunity to invite Britt to watch the fireworks in the park with him and Nikolas. Nikolas looked uncomfortable, while Britt feigned embarrassment. Spencer continued to pressure Nikolas to include Britt in their plans until Nikolas relented. Nikolas conceded that he owed Britt for getting Elizabeth reinstated at the hospital.

Britt and Spencer smiled then bumped fists as Nikolas led the way into the elevator. Meanwhile, Elizabeth rounded the corner in time to see Nikolas, Spencer, and Britt leave together.

Later, Nikolas and Britt sat on a blanket in the park as Britt urged Spencer not to give up on what Spencer's heart wanted. After Spencer left to find Emma, Nikolas handed Britt a glass of wine. Britt sipped on the wine as she recalled first meeting Nikolas in the park the previous Fourth of July. She credited Nikolas for saving her life because she had been depressed and lonely when they had met. Nikolas confessed that he had felt alone as well, so Britt revealed that she had thought that she could become an honest and good person because of Nikolas.

Britt assured Nikolas that she deeply regretted lying about the baby and that she woke up every day, wishing that she'd had the strength to be the person that she had dreamed of being when she had met Nikolas.

Elsewhere in the park, Emma found the perfect spot for her and Patrick to watch the fireworks, so Patrick spread out their blanket. His thoughts drifted to earlier that day when he had learned that Rafe had been responsible for the car accident. Emma noticed that her father seemed distracted, so she asked if he had been thinking about Gabriel. Patrick quietly admitted that he had been. Emma confessed that she wished that her brother were there to enjoy the evening with them. She was curious if Patrick and Sam had found the person responsible for the crash that had claimed Gabriel's life, so Patrick assured her that they should have news about the driver soon.

Satisfied, Emma looked up at the stars as she wondered aloud if her mother was gazing at the same stars at that very moment. Patrick was confident that Robin was, so Emma quietly asked if Patrick and Robin intended to get a divorce. Patrick was startled by the question, but Emma pointed out that he hadn't spoken to her mother since Robin had left. Patrick admitted that he hadn't wanted Robin to leave and that it had upset him that she hadn't returned when Gabriel had died, but Emma reminded her father that Robin had been helping sick people.

Patrick agreed, but he explained that Robin had never told him when she would return. Emma's eyes filled with tears as she asked again if Patrick and Robin intended to divorce. Patrick gently nodded his head as he admitted that it was likely. However, he rushed to assure Emma that both Patrick and Robin would always love Emma. Emma was curious if Patrick and Sabrina planned to get back together, but Patrick admitted that even though he and Sabrina would always share a connection because of Gabriel, they would not be reconciling.

Emma confessed that she didn't want her father to be alone, so Patrick smiled as he reminded Emma that he wasn't alone because he had her. A short time later, Emma spotted Spencer. After the children greeted each other, Spencer asked if Emma wanted to share his popcorn. Emma nodded as she and Spencer ran off to play.

Later, Sam called to update Patrick on the search for Rafe. After Patrick ended the call, Emma returned. She sat on her father's lap as the fireworks show began.

Meanwhile, Spencer joined Nikolas and Britt on the blanket. Britt made a show of shivering, so Spencer suggested that Nikolas warm Britt by putting Nikolas' arm around her. Nikolas tried to silently scold Spencer, but Spencer persisted until Nikolas reluctantly wrapped his arm around Britt. She smiled as she looked up to watch the lightshow in the sky.

Elsewhere, Maxie complained about her aching feet as she and Nathan made their way through the park. Nathan noticed that she had been limping for several blocks, so Maxie sat down in the grass to rest her feet. Nathan was forced to sit beside her because they remained handcuffed to each other. Maxie couldn't understand why her sandals, which she had bought in Thailand with the understanding that they would be comfortable for walking once they were broken in, still hurt her feet. Nathan was curious why she continued to wear them if they bothered her, so Maxie explained that she had put them on because she had thought that she and Levi would be meditating in the park rather than protesting near the waterfront, getting arrested, handcuffed, and then walking home.

"So, these are shoes you keep in the closet for when you don't plan to walk?" Nathan asked. Maxie ignored the question, so Nathan suggested that they get home, where he had a spare key to unlock the handcuffs. Maxie was frustrated that Nathan had managed to get stuck on her right side rather than her left because it meant that they had to walk several more miles. Nathan pointed out that it wasn't his fault that she had no idea how to drive a stick-shift car.

Offended, Maxie wondered who still drove stick-shift cars. "I do. I happen to like the control a stick gives me," Nathan answered. Maxie accused Nathan of being a control freak, but he argued that Levi, not Nathan, was the controlling type. Maxie objected when Nathan tried to blame Levi for their predicament, so Nathan conceded that she was right then apologized. She immediately softened and admitted that she was partially to blame because she had been intentionally squirming when Nathan had tried to handcuff her.

Maxie suggested that they call someone at the police station to ask for a spare key, but Nathan objected because he didn't want to deal with the ridicule that he would face from his fellow police officers. Nathan explained that he was young for a detective then started to reveal why he had been recently promoted, but quickly changed his mind. Maxie suspected that Nathan had done something brave to earn it, but she appreciated why Nathan didn't want to turn to another police officer for help.

Maxie pointed out that she and Nathan had each taken responsibility for their actions, so she was curious if Nathan could stop blaming Levi for everything. She reminded Nathan that Levi was stuck in jail until the following day, but Nathan didn't have any sympathy for Levi because Levi had staged the protest with the intention of getting arrested. He reminded her that Levi had been given ample opportunity to walk away without going to jail. Maxie claimed that Levi had merely been standing by his convictions, so Nathan was curious if Maxie genuinely believed that Michael intended to be a slumlord.

Maxie explained that Michael was misguided because the waterfront revitalization project would hurt the poor people in the community. Nathan argued that Levi had manipulated Maxie, who had simply been a loyal girlfriend by blindly following Levi. Insulted, Maxie informed Nathan that she believed in the cause, but Nathan was skeptical because he was certain that she had initially liked the idea of enjoying tapas by the water and shopping for clothes like the top that she had on. Maxie became defensive as she asked what was wrong with her shirt.

Nathan surprised her by assuring her that the color of the top as was beautiful as her eyes. Nathan quickly changed the subject by asking if she had truly been opposed to the waterfront project from the beginning. Maxie confessed that she hadn't been at first, but Levi had explained to her how the poor people of the area would be hurt. Nathan was curious if she had looked into the facts herself, so Maxie started to share what Levi had told her, but Nathan cut her off because he was tired of hearing what Levi had said. Nathan insisted that Levi had too tight of a grip on Maxie and then stood up to leave.

Maxie complained that Nathan was the one who had a tight grip on her but Nathan quickly clarified that the difference was that Nathan and Maxie had a grip on each other. Maxie appeared taken aback by the remark. As they continued their trek home, Nathan suddenly stopped to ask what they were doing. "Fighting," Maxie answered and then grumbled about her sore feet. Nathan asked Maxie to look up, so she did. She smiled when she saw the fireworks lighting up the sky and admitted that they were beautiful. Nathan watched her closely as he agreed.

Elsewhere, Alexis bumped into T.J. in the park, so she looked around and asked if he was alone. T.J. explained that he was waiting for Molly to return. Alexis was curious where her daughter was, so T.J. revealed that Molly had left to talk to Silas. Alexis assumed that it was regarding Sam, but T.J. revealed that it was about Rafe.

Alexis began to question T.J. when she realized that he was hiding something. Eventually, T.J. confessed that Rafe had been using drugs, so Molly had insisted on letting Silas know right away. Alexis decided to wait for Molly to return because she wanted to let her daughter know that she was proud of Molly for doing the right thing. She began to nibble on the fries that T.J. had packed with the vegetarian BLTs and then tried to find out in a roundabout way if T.J. and Molly had had sex. T.J. quickly figured out what Alexis wanted to know, so he assured her that he and Molly hadn't been intimate because they had each been dealing with a lot of turmoil since their evening at Metro Court.

Later, T.J. appeared disappointed when Molly hadn't returned in time to watch the fireworks show with him.

In the parking garage, Rosalie walked Rafe to the car as she reminded him that he was expected to leave town and keep quiet about Nina being able to walk in exchange for the money that Nina had given him. Rafe admitted that he didn't like what Nina and Rosalie were doing to his uncle because it wasn't right. Rosalie argued that causing the death of an innocent baby had been far worse then twisted the knife by suggesting that the baby might have survived if Rafe had stopped to help. Rafe assured her that he was fully aware of that, but he continued to waver about going on the run.

Rosalie insisted that Rafe would be more trouble to Silas by remaining in town because Silas would be forced to shoulder the financial responsibility for Rafe's legal defense. Rafe was curious why Nina hated Silas so much when all Silas wanted to do was help, but Rosalie ignored the question as she pushed Rafe to leave town and never look back while he still had the opportunity. Rafe finally agreed and then threw his bag into the trunk of the car. Satisfied, Rosalie left.

After Rosalie disappeared, Molly passed through the parking garage on her way to Silas' apartment but stopped when she spotted Rafe. She immediately approached to talk to him, but Rafe explained that he had to leave. Undaunted, Molly revealed that she knew about his drug use. She explained that she wanted to help him, but Rafe insisted that he had to go then climbed behind the wheel of the car. Molly remained determined to talk to Rafe, so she quickly slid into the front passenger seat.

Meanwhile, Dante kicked in the front door to Silas' apartment and discovered Nina on the ground. Silas and Sam rushed into the apartment to help Nina, who sported a bloody cut on her cheek. Silas settled Nina into her wheelchair as she claimed that Rafe had attacked her. Dante and Sam quickly searched the apartment but determined that Rafe was gone. Silas demanded to know why Nina wasn't at physical therapy, so Nina explained that she had finished early because the first appointment had been an assessment.

Nina revealed that she and Rosalie had bumped into Kiki at the hospital and that Kiki had told them about Rafe. According to Nina, she and Rosalie had arrived home just as Rafe had been about to leave, so they had surprised him. Nina claimed that Rafe had turned violent by shoving Nina and tipping her wheelchair over. Nina explained that Rosalie had given chase when Rafe had fled. Dante quickly called the police station to report the update.

Moments later, Rosalie returned and confessed that she hadn't been able to catch up with Rafe. Dante and Sam left to track Rafe down, while Silas remained with Nina and Rosalie. Nina relaxed when Rosalie pointedly commented that Rafe was long gone. Rosalie noticed the blood on Nina's cheek, prompting Silas to check the injury. Nina recalled asking Rosalie to punch her after Rafe had left the apartment.

"Thought you'd never ask," Rosalie had said with a smile as she'd curled her hand into a tight fist. Nina returned to the present as she claimed that Rafe had punched her but quickly added that she was certain that he hadn't meant to. Rosalie slipped into the kitchen to grab a bag of ice, while Silas called Sam for an update. He left a voicemail message as Rosalie returned to Nina's side. Nina quietly explained that she wanted Rosalie to leave.

Silas walked up, so Nina provided Rosalie with an excuse by explaining that Rosalie had wanted to watch the fireworks. Nina wondered if Silas would mind staying with her because it wasn't fair to ask Rosalie to work on a holiday. Silas pointed out that he had nowhere to go, so Rosalie handed the ice pack to Silas and left. Silas sat down and gently applied the ice to Nina's injured cheek. Nina covered his hand with her own, so Silas dropped his hand to allow her to keep the ice pack pressed to her cheek.

Nina told Silas that she was sorry about Rafe, but Silas felt guilty for not paying more attention to his nephew. Nina insisted that Rafe was a good kid then softly added, "It's not your fault, baby."

Later, Silas called Sam, but the call went to voicemail. Nina carefully hid her annoyance as she waited for Silas to return. She assured him that Sam would call when there was news then shifted gears to reminisce about a previous Fourth of July in the Hamptons a year after they had gotten married. She recalled Silas having to stay in the city because he had been busy studying, so she had watched the lightshow on the beach alone, wishing that Silas could be with her.

Nina smiled as she remembered suddenly feeling Silas' arms wrap around her from behind. "You were my dream come true," Nina confessed. Silas smiled awkwardly then tried to check in with Sam. The call went unanswered as the fireworks lit up the skyline. Nina was awed, so Silas opened the blinds all the way and pushed Nina's wheelchair to the window. He sat down beside her to watch the fireworks and held her hand when she admitted that fireworks were more beautiful than she had remembered. Nina rested her head on Silas' shoulder.

In the parking garage, Molly wanted to know why Rafe was desperate to leave. Rafe ignored the question as Dante and Sam ran up and ordered Rafe to get out of the car. Molly assured Rafe that Sam could help him, but Rafe insisted that no one could. Sam demanded that Molly get out of the car but Molly refused. Rafe panicked when Sam and Dante closed in on the car, so he hit the accelerator and sped off.

Confused, Molly asked why Dante and Sam were after Rafe. He confessed that he had killed Patrick's son. Stunned, Molly listened as Rafe talked about how Gabriel's premature birth and subsequent death had haunted him. Rafe explained that he had felt alone, but Molly insisted that he could have talked to her. She warned him that running away would only make things worse, so she urged him to do the right thing. Moments later, Rafe heard blaring sirens and saw flashing lights in the rearview mirror as Dante and Sam pursued them in Dante's car.

In Dante's car, Dante told Sam that the police were setting up a roadblock near the interstate to stop Rafe. Sam glanced at her phone and noticed that Silas had called but she decided not to return it. Dante noticed Sam flinch when the fireworks began. Sam admitted that she was on edge, but Dante sensed that something else was troubling her.

Meanwhile, Molly tried to persuade Rafe to make things right by turning himself in. She promised him that the police would understand that it had been an accident. Rafe confessed that she was wrong; it hadn't been an accident. Molly asked if he had been high on drugs. Rafe denied it but revealed that someone had forced him to cause the accident. However, before she could question him about who had been behind the accident, she saw the roadblock and called out a warning. Rafe slammed on the brakes, but it was too late.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Due to the Fourth of July holiday, General Hospital did not air a new episode today. This programming change was anticipated, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, July 7, and pick up where the Thursday, July 3 episode concluded.

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