General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 10, 2021 on GH

Sasha revealed that she was pregnant. Peter arranged for the nurse that Maxie hired to report to him. Trina and Josslyn made plans for their future. Nina went on a date with Elijah. "Mike" made a rookie error. Nikolas decided to buy Pentonville. Shawn told Alexis about his case. Maxie received unexpected medical advice.
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Dante rejoined the PCPD, Peter hired a nurse to keep tabs on Maxie, and Nina was caught poking around Elijah's office
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Peter puts Maxie's new nurse in place

Peter puts Maxie's new nurse in place

Monday, May 10, 2021

Nina showed up at the Tan-O while it was closed and helped herself to some coffee after "Mike" told her he'd made a fresh pot. He apologized for making her feel uncomfortable earlier, but Nina assured him he hadn't. He mentioned that he'd seen Elijah talking to one of the gunmen from the dance and that Elijah had actually paid the man's bail. "Mike" declared that Elijah was bad news, and he didn't want Nina to go out with him.

Just then, "Mike" and Nina turned as the door opened, and Elijah walked in. They looked at him innocently as Elijah announced that he had some leads on residences for Nina to look at. Nina suggested that they not wait until after she moved to celebrate. She was ready to accept Elijah's invitation to dinner. Elijah told her he'd be in touch, and he left.

"Mike" was irritated because he'd just told Nina to stay away from Elijah, and she'd done the opposite. When "Mike" finally allowed Nina to talk, she told him that she agreed that something was "off" about Elijah, and she wanted to pursue it further. She wanted to play "good cop" in order to get more out of Elijah, because "Mike's" method hadn't worked. She knew that Elijah liked her, and she would use that to her advantage.

"Mike" didn't like it, but Nina insisted that they couldn't allow Elijah to take further advantage of Phyllis and Lenny. Nina extended her hand, and "Mike" shook it. "Do I have a choice?" he asked.

At the Quartermaines', Brook Lynn assured Maxie on the phone that she wouldn't take any risks and would protect the baby. Maxie admitted that she was all alone, and Brook Lynn was the only person she trusted. Ned waited until Brook Lynn finished. "Hello, daughter!" he called out as Brook Lynn ended the call. Ned assumed that she had been talking to Valentin, and Brook Lynn went along with it.

Ned expressed how proud he was that Brook Lynn seemed to be doing her best for the baby, and he thought that motherhood was starting to look good on her. Ned admitted that he'd stopped by to apologize to her. He picked up his guitar and told her how excited he was about his new grandchild. He recalled singing to Brook Lynn in utero, and he wanted to do the same for her baby. He wanted to continue the tradition and be a "stand-in" until Brook Lynn's own voice was better.

Ned began to sing and strum the guitar. As Brook Lynn began to wipe away tears, Olivia was drawn to the sound. Her eyes were also filled with tears. Ned handed Brook Lynn a small MP3 player filled with some music that he'd recorded for the baby to listen to. Olivia asked him to join her in the kitchen to help prepare lunch.

Later, Brook Lynn listened in as she heard Ned and Olivia talking. Ned thanked Olivia for being a good influence on his daughter. He'd thought Brook Lynn's maternal instinct had kicked in. Olivia thought the music was the perfect gift, and Ned replied that he was excited about a new chapter. "Maybe it is," Olivia said when he left. Brook Lynn looked ashamed.

Cyrus sat next to Peter at the Metro Court bar. Peter asked how far Cyrus thought that Jason could go in his condition. "Probably further than you want him to," Cyrus replied. Peter noted that he'd heard about the struggle in Britt's office, but he wasn't concerned. Britt had been disloyal to him, and he wouldn't care if she disappeared permanently. He wondered why Cyrus seemed so tense and reminded him that things had been going their way because they'd put in the work.

"You idiot! Do you not realize you most likely have about a week to live?" Cyrus asked incredulously. He clarified that Jason had been on the loose and was an expert killer. They didn't know how injured Jason was, but Cyrus hoped that Peter had increased his security as Cyrus had. He concluded that Sonny had been able to stay in business because of Jason, and he warned Peter not to drop his guard.

As a woman entered the bar, Peter informed Cyrus that he had business to tend to. Peter greeted the nurse, Chloe Jennings, and thanked her for attending his pre-interview before meeting with Maxie. He asked her if they could continue their meeting somewhere private due to the sensitive nature of their discussion. The nurse agreed.

Sam arrived at Maxie's apartment after being summoned, and Maxie ordered her to get Jason to send Britt home immediately because she needed her doctor. Sam reminded her that she and Jason were no longer together, but Maxie suggested that she lie to Jason about the kids in order to get him home. Sam refused to lie, but she grew concerned about Maxie's condition.

Maxie proclaimed that the baby's father was her problem, and Britt had been running interference for her. She needed Peter to believe that stress-free time was of the utmost importance. Sam exclaimed that they both knew that Jason wasn't a kidnapper, and Britt was with him by her own choice. Maxie maintained that she needed all the help she could get, especially with an additional person to watch in the form of a nurse that Peter had insisted on.

Sam suggested that Dante, who was one of Maxie's best friends, could also be a big help, and he needed a purpose. Maxie spoke of all the people who had warned her about Peter, and that included Dante, who had seen through Peter right away. Maxie couldn't ask Dante for help. Sam wanted to phone him right away, but Maxie stopped her from making the call.

Maxie asked Sam to leave in order for her to focus on the nurse's visit. Sam wanted to stay for the interview, but Maxie refused. "If there's anything I'm skilled at, it's judging complete strangers," Maxie declared. She agreed to allow Sam to help her with Peter. Soon after, Maxie opened the door to Nurse Jennings. The woman was not the same person who had met with Peter at Metro Court.

In an alley, Peter looked at Nurse Jennings' driver's license and placed it back into her wallet. He tossed the wallet into a Dumpster and slowly removed his black gloves.

Britt woke up in a barn and saw Jason keeping watch. She was angry and told him that he needed sleep. She reminded him that he was her patient. "No, we're fugitives," he said. He asked about their location, and Britt explained that Nikolas owned the barn, which was on a nature preserve. She doubted that it was in use any longer, but Jason pointed out that the hay was fresh. There was probably a caretaker around.

Jason stated that he and Britt should sleep in shifts, and she had fallen asleep. Britt guessed that she made a "crappy fugitive," and Jason was surprised, given her history. Britt informed him that she and her father had slept in five-star hotels while they'd been on the run.

Josslyn hobbled into the house and told Carly that Jax hadn't wanted to come inside. Carly apologized for not being around and began to question Josslyn. She guessed that Josslyn had been hiding from her problems, and she pointed out that Josslyn had abandoned her teammates. She assumed that Josslyn had been disappointed about her ankle and being waitlisted.

Josslyn admitted that she'd always thought of herself as a team player, but apparently, she'd only cared about herself. Carly disagreed and told her daughter that she would be better for her struggles. Josslyn told her that things had been scary and out of control. Just then, Carly received a call on her burner phone from Jason, and she asked Josslyn to check on Donna.

Jason insisted that he was safe and doing okay and had to keep moving because Dante was on the case. He believed that Dante felt he was doing the right thing "just like the rest of us." Carly told him her news: the Five Families had backed her in front of Cyrus. Jason warned her not to do anything else. Carly was sorry that her plan hadn't worked, but she also didn't want Jason to be with Britt.

Jason thanked Carly for donating her blood, and he refused her offer of coming to get him and Britt. He figured that Carly was being watched, and he was at his limit. He wouldn't be able to help Carly if she got into trouble. He ended the call.

"Damn it! How could I be so stupid?" Carly snapped as she slammed the phone on the kitchen counter. Josslyn asked what was wrong. Carly replied that nothing was wrong, and Jason was doing okay. Everything that had happened was her fault. Josslyn disagreed and pointed out that Jason had made the business choices, and the escape was on Jason. "I made him," Carly exclaimed.

Carly explained how she'd first met Jason when she hadn't been much older than Josslyn. She had only cared about herself, but she'd finally found a friend. She had continued to create messes, and Jason would always fix them. She'd taken advantage of him and had forced him to go along with her plan.

Josslyn took charge and confirmed that Jason had always done what he'd thought was right, never cared what others thought, and lived by his own code. She declared that no one could make Jason do what they wanted. Carly thought that she could, and she had still been abusing that power. She had tried to be clear about what she had been doing, but it had been for her and not for Jason. She was close to tears. She couldn't lose Jason.

Josslyn admitted that she'd been unfair to Jason when Oscar had been dying, and he had taken it. She thought that if Jason had done something that was important to Carly, then it had been important to him. He wouldn't have done it otherwise. She urged Carly not to lose faith. Carly thought that she was the one who should be imparting wisdom to Josslyn, not the opposite. They hugged each other and expressed their love.

"So how goes it in mob-land?" Britt asked Jason after he finished his phone call. He was sorry that Britt had gotten drawn into the action, but she didn't want his apology. She had known all about Cyrus' drug after her own investigations, and it was her fault that Cyrus' people were after them. She began to shout because Jason wouldn't listen to her, they were stuck, and she needed coffee. She stormed out.

Soon after, Britt returned with coffees and handed one to Jason. She yelled at him again for continuing to move around when he should have been resting. Jason commented that he hadn't been sure if she would return or if she would leave him to himself. Britt reminded him of his phone tie to Carly, and she guessed that he had really known that Britt would return. Jason confessed that he had.

Britt stated that she wasn't a fan of Carly's, but she wondered why Carly wasn't coming to get them. Jason informed her of Dante's involvement, which had been a "walking conflict of interest." He thought that Carly could be implicated if she tried to help them. Jason was in pain, and Britt was worried that her work wouldn't hold up.

Jason suggested that if he collapsed, Britt should go to the police and tell them she'd been a hostage. Britt told him to catch some sleep, and she'd drink her coffee and keep watch. She helped a groaning Jason down onto the ground, and she promised to wake him if she heard anything.

Portia, Jordan, and Trina express their anger

Portia, Jordan, and Trina express their anger

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Jordan ferociously beat the punching bag at the gym and thought back to the standoff she'd had with Cameron. Portia found her deep in thought and asked if everything was okay. Jordan said she'd been thinking about the incident in the hospital garage. Portia stuttered that she hadn't been at the hospital, but she had heard all about it. Jordan admitted that while she'd had similar encounters in the past, the suspects hadn't looked like Cameron. Portia suspected they had looked more like Trina or T.J.

Portia was glad that things hadn't ended differently, and Jordan agreed that it could have if Cameron had been a different color. Neither woman could believe that there was still so much hate and bigotry in the world. Portia admitted to having hope when she had been younger, and while things had changed some, they were back to a "new reality." She called it the "most hateful bait and switch ever."

Portia and Jordan spoke of the problems they still had, and Jordan noted how she had had to warn T.J. on how to just go about his daily life. Jordan had been angry when Elizabeth had told her off, but Jordan had wanted Elizabeth to know that Cameron had been lucky. Jordan had just taken Elizabeth's anger and had remained quiet. She had understood it as a mother, but it was different as a police commissioner. Jordan and Portia agreed that "Black Girl Magic" was exhausting.

Portia noted that "the talk" of her youth had been to be better, but the current talk was about the police. Their kids had been forced to proclaim that their lives mattered. She had considered it tough to do well as a doctor but to see those less qualified get promotions. She had a right to be angry. Jordan noted that Mac and Anna hadn't had to bow to a higher standard as she had. Portia declared that it was time for change, and they agreed that speaking the truth was healing. They planned on future talk sessions. After Jordan left, Portia looked at a recent photo of herself with Curtis and his new bartender.

Cameron and Trina met up at the Bistro, and Cameron admitted that he knew that Jason hadn't killed Franco. He admitted to having done something stupid, and he told Trina all about the incident in the hospital parking garage. Trina thought that Cameron was lucky to be alive, and Cameron thought that she seemed angry. She replied that she was, and she thanked God that Cameron was who he was.

Cameron didn't understand, and Trina explained how she had been terrified when she, Cameron, and Josslyn had been stopped by a cop the previous summer. Cameron had questioned the cop, and she spoke of how things would have been different if it had been just her. Cameron admitted to not having a clue at how upset Trina had been at the time, and he was sorry for not understanding. Trina thought he should realize how lucky he was.

Willow and Michael picked up Wiley's toys at the Quartermaine mansion and began to kiss after not having spent any recent time together. Willow ended it abruptly, and they agreed that they couldn't be close while Chase was still vulnerable. Willow thought they should only spend time with Wiley; they agreed it was risky to do otherwise.

Dante ran into Brook Lynn in the foyer and asked her why she had been calling Britt so much. Brook Lynn replied that she wanted Britt to deliver her baby, but Dante told her it wouldn't happen with Britt off with Jason. Dante thought that Britt was okay and doing her thing, but Brook Lynn didn't think he sounded very objective in his opinions of Britt due to his previous experiences with her. They argued, and Dante asked why Brook Lynn seemed to be defending Britt "so hard."

Michael and Willow walked out of the living room, and Michael asked Dante if he had any updates on Jason. "You tell me," Dante replied. Dante thought it was best for Jason to turn himself in, but he guessed that Michael didn't agree. Michael thought that there had been no other choice for Jason but to escape, and Dante noted that Jason had dragged Britt with him.

Brook Lynn asked Willow about her nursing classes and made a point of saying that she thought that Willow would be able to deliver a baby on her own. Willow assumed that Brook Lynn was asking about it because she was scared to give birth.

Peter got into his car and tested out his microphone with faux-Nurse Chloe Jennings. As she knocked on Maxie's door, Peter told the woman to do as he said. Maxie and the nurse sat on the couch as Maxie explained what she needed from a nurse and how she valued discretion. As she questioned "Nurse Jennings," Peter fed the nurse the answers. Maxie gave Chloe the job, and Chloe announced that she would do what was best for Maxie's daughter. "Wait, how did you know I'm having a girl?" Maxie asked. Chloe replied that she could tell by the way that Maxie was carrying the baby.

Peter was glad that his nurse had come through, and when they spoke soon after, he told her, "Nice save." "Chloe" made it clear that she knew what she was doing, and Peter ordered her to observe Maxie and report to him. She looked at her phone and announced that she had received Peter's payment. He told her she'd done well, and she promised to be all he wanted.

At the Corinthos house, Sam told Carly that she'd wanted to check up on everyone, but she also wanted to know why Carly had been having her followed. She'd recognized one of Carly's security men. Carly told her it was a precaution and protection from Cyrus. Sam asked about Jason, and Carly related that she only knew that Jason was safe and okay. "Is that all you know, or is that all you're willing to tell me?" Sam asked.

Carly insisted that she didn't know where Jason was, and Sam asked if he was still with Britt. Sam guessed that Britt had been helping Jason and wasn't a hostage. Carly couldn't help Sam, and she made it clear that Sam was no longer part of the business. Sam had separated herself and had stepped away when she'd decided that she preferred to protect her family.

The women argued, and Carly told Sam that she was out based on her earlier decision. Sam asked if Carly didn't trust her, but Carly reminded Sam that it had been Sam's choice. Carly was honoring the choice just as Jason had. Sam told Carly to tell Jason she wished him luck, and she slammed the door on her way out.

In the barn, Britt felt good about the job she'd done on Jason, and he thanked her for changing his bandages. They joked around, and Jason announced that he wanted to change their location shortly. Britt disagreed, and they proceeded to argue back and forth. Jason told her he was following the "ten-hour rule," and Britt couldn't believe that fugitives had rules.

Jason explained why there was a need to move, but Britt insisted that his body needed time to heal. Jason wondered who would find them first, and Britt thought that Peter would shoot her at first sight because he needed to shut her up. She informed Jason that she could link Peter to Franco's leaked medical records, and Peter enjoyed tying up loose ends. She went on to say that Peter hated her for being Nathan's sister, although she had been nothing like Nathan.

Jason thought that Britt had shown her generous self to the kids at the hospital on Valentine's Day, and she had been generous to him. Britt beamed. They attempted to compromise on moving, and Jason noticed that Britt's hand was shaking. She claimed to be nervous as she grabbed it to hold it still. Jason asked her to tell him what she'd been hiding.

At the hospital, Chase told Finn that he wanted to go home. Anna stopped by and asked to talk to Finn, and he stepped into the corridor. Finn told her that Chase had no idea that he'd been poisoned, and he was frustrated that he couldn't help Chase. Anna had no news because the scientist she'd been trying to locate had died, and Finn had been unable to recreate the antidote. He needed a breakthrough, or they would be at Peter's mercy.

Anna stopped by to say goodbye to Chase and promised to bring him cookies. Chase told her that Willow was on the way because she would be taking him home. He was rambling and seemed out of it, and Anna felt his head. He was burning up, and she called out for Finn. The doctor rushed in and took Chase's temperature. It was 105 degrees, and he urged Anna to make the call for another dose of the antidote. He told Chase that Willow was with her son.

Anna placed a call to Peter, who was rude and told her he was busy. He would see what he could do. He hung up and placed a call to someone and told them they had to do something else. Anna informed Finn that she thought Peter was on the way, but she didn't want Peter to see her and Finn together. She'd made up a story to Peter about what she'd said to Finn about the previous dose. She warned Finn not to do anything stupid. Finn wasn't sure how much more Chase could take.

Peter showed up, and Anna held her hand out for the vial. Peter wanted her to say the "magic word," and she said, "please." They continued to bicker as Peter taunted her, and she asked what was wrong with him. He wanted to be spoken to properly. Finn pulled Chase's blankets up, and Chase mumbled that something wasn't right. He asked for Willow, and he thought they had a son.

At the Quartermaines', Willow received a call from Finn and announced that she had to get to the hospital. Michael offered to drive her. Dante left for the police station, and Brook Lynn received a call from Maxie. Maxie revealed that she'd hired a great nurse who could prove to be an ally.

Maxie thought the nurse would be useful in future dealings with Peter, and she had a Plan C. She explained the plan to Brook Lynn and told her they could meet at a house she'd rented in Beechers Corners. Brook Lynn told her that Dante believed that Britt had been helping Jason and would be in big trouble. Maxie disclosed that she'd thought of someone else who would be able to help to deliver the baby: Bobbie Spencer.

Willow and Michael arrived at the hospital, and Willow rushed into Chase's room. "Hey, did you bring our son?" Chase asked. Finn told Willow that Chase was disoriented, and he told her he had to check on something. Willow said that she was okay to stay alone, as Michael peered through the window. Willow told Chase that he had to fight, and Chase vowed to never leave her. Willow turned and looked at Michael. Anna was out of breath as she ran through the corridor to hand Finn the vial.

In an unknown spot, "Nurse Jennings" opened a safe and stored a tray of vials.

Dante received a phone call and learned there was a lead on Britt.

Finn announced that Chase was doing better, and Willow, accompanied by Michael, returned to Chase's room. Willow thanked Michael for the ride before he left, and she turned back to Chase. "Did I think we had a son?" Chase asked. He was sorry. He also didn't think that Finn was telling him everything.

Anna told Finn that she'd put a tracker on Peter's car, and she was hoping it would lead them to the supply of antidote.

Dante officially returns to the police force

Dante officially returns to the police force

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Dante lathered and rinsed, stepped out of the shower, dried off, and wiped down the fogged-up mirror. He was clean-shaven, and his hair had been cut.

"Welcome back, detective!" Jordan said as she greeted Dante in her office. She handed him his shield, and he pinned it to his waistband. He admitted that he had missed it, and Mac had been right in his belief that Dante would return to the force. Jordan went over the incident in the hospital parking garage, and they looked at the security footage on Jordan's laptop. They were surprised to see that Jason had gotten safely to the garage but had turned around and gone back inside the hospital.

Dante stated that Britt's office had shown signs of a fight, and Jordan suspected that Jason had interrupted an attack on Britt. Dante wondered how Jason had known about it. Jordan revealed that Britt had also made several unsuccessful attempts to log into the hospital lab database, and they deduced that Cyrus had been behind the lockout. They also agreed that Jason had not kidnapped Britt but had rescued her.

Dante noted that from the looks of the safe house, Britt had saved Jason's life in return. Dante figured that Jason would want to stay away until he was healed, but Britt had been spotted at a gas station. He planned to investigate.

Ava and Nikolas sat at a table in Metro Court and cemented their plans. Nikolas declared that it was time for Cyrus to be the one looking over his shoulder. Ava didn't want her husband to underestimate Cyrus, but Nikolas exclaimed that Cyrus was about to meet Nikolas' side of the family.

Portia met up with Trina, but she spotted Curtis sitting at the bar and asked Trina to grab their table while she said hello. Trina tried to dissuade her mother, but she was unsuccessful. "What's all this?" Portia asked Curtis as she took a seat beside him. Curtis had been looking at some booklets, and he explained that he had been discussing strategy for opening night at his club. Olivia had put him in touch with the hotel's P.R. person.

Portia confirmed that she was on the list of attendees for opening night, while Trina sat at the table and stewed as she watched her mother. Curtis wouldn't reveal any of his plans for opening night, and Portia remarked how good he looked being happy. She recalled the night they had first met, and the couple reminisced and joked about old times. Portia noted that she'd thought of Curtis as being "sober and sexy."

Curtis was still unsettled about the choice he'd made to change careers, but Portia reassured him and told him he'd still be able to help people. Portia mentioned the incident with Cameron and Jordan and how lucky Cameron had been for Jordan's presence. She also mentioned that Trina had been accepted at PCU, and they were there to celebrate.

Ava sat down beside Trina and asked her why she looked so upset while she observed Portia. Trina admitted that she partly blamed herself for Curtis' divorce, and she thought that Portia had been part of the problem, too. Ava assured Trina that it wasn't her fault. Trina confessed that she had finally understood why Jordan and Taggert had lied to her, but then she'd seen her mother at the nightclub with Curtis. Ava told her they were friends, and Portia was an adult. Portia returned to the table and asked what Ava and Trina had been discussing.

Alexis was working in the library at Pentonville. Shawn was sitting at a table, and he told her of his observation that she had still been playing a lawyer with her cellmate. Alexis replied that Maggie had deserved it, and she wondered about Shawn's own upcoming parole hearing. Shawn confessed that he wouldn't be attending. Alexis sat down and asked why, since he had been innocent of the charges.

Shawn guessed that Alexis would help him, whether he wanted her to or not. He admitted that one of the requirements at a parole hearing was to show remorse, and he couldn't do that for a crime he hadn't committed in the first place. He had been told to take a deal, which would have involved him testifying against Sonny, or do the time. He had chosen the time.

Alexis noted that Sonny was dead, and Shawn no longer had to lie to protect him. She wanted to work on his parole strategy. Shawn retorted that it didn't concern Alexis, but Alexis insisted that it did if they were family via Molly and T.J. Alexis promised that she was going to take a look at the case. She was surprised when Nikolas walked in.

Jax stopped by the Corinthos compound, and Josslyn admitted that she hadn't been looking forward to their upcoming discussion. They walked into the living room, and Carly greeted Jax. She declared that it was time to try to convince Josslyn to stop putting her life on hold. Jax stated that there were three schools with volleyball programs besides Southern Coastal, and Carly urged Josslyn to make her choice.

Josslyn had believed that Southern Coastal would still choose her if they'd seen her play, but she'd messed things up. Jax told her she could always transfer later, but Josslyn would still be moving forward, no matter what choice she made. Carly received a phone call and excused herself to take it in another room. She gave directions to the caller regarding an incoming shipment and returned to her family members. "Where were we?" she asked.

Josslyn didn't want to discuss it, but Jax convinced her that others were dependent on Josslyn's choice. Finally, she decided to go with PCU. Carly received a text message, and Jax grew annoyed. Carly told him it was business, and he wondered if it was hotel, coffee, or other business. Carly insisted there was no other business, and she went on to say that maybe Josslyn could room with Trina.

Josslyn thought that her life had stopped being normal, and her future could wait. "Our present is a disaster area!" she said. She made it clear that she had made her decision, and she thought that was enough for the time being. She went upstairs to phone Trina. Carly mentioned a deposit for school, and she asked Jax why Josslyn had been so upset.

Jax suggested that it was because Carly had been more concerned with business than with her daughter. Carly denied it, but Jax pressed and asked what had been so important. He thought that Josslyn might not be comfortable with her mother running an "organized mob enterprise from the living room." Carly argued that she'd had one text and one call that had needed decisions to be made. Jax wasn't sure he could trust Carly, and he asked if it involved breaking the law.

Carly maintained that she was protecting Josslyn, but Jax argued that it was the things that Carly was involved with that put their daughter in harm's way. He added that Carly wasn't the only one capable of protecting Josslyn, and he was going to ask Josslyn to move in with him until she went to college. Carly shouted that the compound was the safest place, but Jax replied that it shouldn't be needed, and he asked who was at fault. He said that Sonny was gone.

Jax went off on Carly and declared that he had always wanted Josslyn to be like Carly, but not any longer. He hated who Carly had become.

Sam sat in her car and spoke to Spinelli on the phone. She told him that she suspected that Britt and Jason could be hiding at the nature preserve on Nikolas' property. She was confident she could help Jason to get away. She drove up to a gas station and watched as Dante got out of his car to show a man a photo of Britt and ask questions. The man claimed not to know anything.

Sam stepped out of her car and called out to Dante. He guessed that he was on the right track if Sam was there, and he told her to leave before he arrested her. Sam asked about the grounds, and Dante suggested her interference with a police investigation. They began to bicker, and Sam suggested they work together. Dante said no because he didn't trust her, and they argued again.

Sam made it clear that she wouldn't tell Jason to turn himself in because he was innocent. She suggested that she get Jason somewhere safe, and Dante could take Britt in. Suddenly, the man recalled that the woman in the photo had bought some coffees and a first-aid kit. Sam turned and got back into her car and drove off. Jason finished with the man and got into his own car. He got out again and discovered that he had a flat tire. "Son of a bitch!" he proclaimed.

In the barn at the nature preserve, Jason demanded to know what was wrong with Britt so that he could protect her. She told him that no one could protect her. She was sick with Huntington's disease. She noted that Faison had had it, and it was hereditary. She had a 50-50 chance of having the markers, and it was a matter of time before she would die. She admitted to not taking a test for it, but there was nothing that could be done. She'd rather not know.

Britt explained that the tremors had begun in the past few months, but they'd picked up in frequency, and she had been unable to stop the trembling. Jason thought it could be something else. Britt admitted that a test had been scheduled, but then things "got crazy." She admitted that Faison had been a "poster boy" for the other symptoms for cognitive and psychiatric disorders. Jason replied that she wouldn't become her father. "You don't know that. Neither do I," Britt replied.

Jason was overwhelmed by the news as Britt began to cry and wipe away the tears. She pointed out how she'd survived almost getting killed, the gunfire in the garage, and the run for their lives. She couldn't fight off or escape the disease. Jason thought it was time to move, but Britt said no. Jason was afraid her stop at the gas station had attracted attention, and they were over the ten-hour limit. He wasn't sure where they would go, but he'd tell her when they got there.

Jason wanted to drive, but Britt insisted, and she held the keys. They were interrupted when Sam walked in.

Curtis knocked on Jordan's office door and told her that he'd wanted to check on her. He'd heard about the rough time she'd had, although she'd been a hero with Cameron. Jordan admitted that she'd talked Cameron down, and Curtis noted that not every cop would have done the same. She asked if the brown envelope that he held was for her. He placed the envelope on the desk. Neither of them could believe the divorce was happening, and they thought it had become real. Curtis said goodbye and to take care. They were both emotional on their own sides of the door. Jordan removed her wedding rings.

At Metro Court, Trina received a phone call from Josslyn and excused herself from the table. Josslyn told Trina she'd agreed to go to PCU, and Trina was excited. She thought it would be even better if Cameron decided to attend, too, although Josslyn looked unsure. Trina asked Josslyn to room with her, and Josslyn eventually said yes. Both of the girls admitted to being eager to get out of their houses.

Portia thanked Ava for occupying Trina, and Ava commented that she hadn't known Trina to be so romantic. Portia was confused, but Ava asked if she remembered how they'd been at the same age. Portia asked about Nikolas, and Ava told her he was at a meeting. Ava mentioned the opening of the Savoy and asked if Portia would be there.

Sasha has big news

Sasha has big news

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Sasha was sitting at the Metro Court restaurant when Lucy arrived. She observed that Sasha didn't look well, and Sasha admitted that she was pregnant. A shocked Lucy began to ask questions, but Sasha shushed her, as Lucy was the first person to know. She'd wanted to meet with Lucy to ask if Deception would drop her, but Lucy exclaimed that it was the 21st century. Lucy wondered who the father was and guessed half the men in town, to Sasha's disgust.

Just then, Brando arrived, and he asked how Sasha was feeling. She reported that she was feeling much better. He was glad to hear it and related that he'd been worried about her. Gladys arrived, and Lucy shooed them away so she could continue her conversation with Sasha. Sasha informed Lucy that the father didn't know, and she wasn't yet ready for him to know. Brainstorming, Lucy thought that Deception could do a campaign for pregnant women and make it "the year of the mother." Sasha warned Lucy not to make any announcements about Sasha until she figured out what to do about the father.

Lucy urged Sasha to eat, since she was eating for two. Lucy gushed over how good her sea bass smelled and pushed it into Sasha's face. Sasha grabbed her things and ran out of the restaurant. Lucy took the opportunity to make a phone call. She told someone that she had wonderful news that she couldn't yet disclose, but she'd thought of a "fabulous idea for a new ad campaign." Instead of "the face of Deception," Lucy proposed "the face of conception."

Gladys observed how terrible Sasha had looked, and she assumed that Sasha had been using again. She reiterated that it was a bad idea for Brando to hang out with Sasha, but Brando ordered that she stop badmouthing Sasha. He admitted that he was worried about Gladys in relation to Cyrus. Gladys marveled over how good Cyrus had been to Brando, but Brando shot back that Cyrus was blackmailing him because of what Gladys had told Cyrus about Dev. He warned that, once Cyrus had no more use for Gladys, she would be done. Gladys was disappointed that he was spending the dinner, which she thought was supposed to be making up for missing Mother's Day, lecturing her, so she got up and left.

A short while later in the bathroom, Sasha made a phone call to her doctor. She asked for a prescription to help her with morning sickness. When she hung up, she splashed her face with cold water and walked out. Just then, Gladys emerged from a stall.

At Pentonville, Alexis questioned what Nikolas was doing there. He wanted to go somewhere else to talk with her, as he said it was "complicated." Alexis introduced Nikolas and Shawn, who vaguely remembered each other. Alexis explained that she was trying to get Shawn to go to his parole hearing, as he hadn't been the one to shoot Hayden. Shawn excused himself to let the two talk. Alexis wondered if Nikolas was able to be there because of Cyrus, but Nikolas disclosed that he was no longer working with Cyrus. He divulged that he was the new owner of Pentonville.

Alexis was skeptical, as inmates tended to become "products" in privately run prisons, but Nikolas assured her that he wouldn't let that happen. He confided that Cyrus had made thinly veiled threats about Spencer and Avery, so buying the prison was his solution to stop working with Cyrus but still keep Alexis safe. Alexis vowed to keep an eye on things in order to "keep you honest," and Nikolas promised to answer to her. He excused himself to go talk to the warden.

Alexis approached Shawn, who recognized the determined look on her face. He insisted that he'd made peace with things, and he didn't need her to be his "crusader." She urged him to think about T.J., and she suggested that Shawn could clear his name. Shawn finally agreed to try, as he knew that she would never stop hounding him if he didn't. Nikolas returned, and Alexis shared the good news about Shawn. Alexis decided that they would "nail" the person who'd actually shot Hayden.

Nina arrived at the Tan-O, dressed up for her dinner with Elijah, and "Mike" was impressed. She assured him that they would soon know all of Elijah's secrets. He worried that Elijah would figure out that the date was just a ruse, but Nina insisted that she could handle it. She made sure that he had everything he needed for his part in the plan, and he promised that he'd been reading up on breaking and entering. He suddenly observed that she always looked at him like she knew him, but he liked it. He advised her to be careful. She repeated the sentiment and left.

Elijah and Nina sat down on a blanket in the park for a picnic. She asked about him, as she felt like he knew a lot more about her than she knew about him. She wondered why he was in Nixon Falls for commercial real estate when the town was "trending down." He reminded her that her article in Crimson would change that, but she wasn't sure how she felt about featuring a town that had just had a violent armed robbery, in addition to other robberies and vandalism. Elijah blamed "Mike" for the sudden uptick in crime, but Nina related that it had started before "Mike" had arrived in town.

Elijah inferred that Nina liked "Mike," but she insisted that they were just friends. He commented that the two seemed "familiar," like they'd known each other in a previous life. She claimed that Phyllis' opinion went a long way with her, and Phyllis trusted "Mike." He was happy to hear her explanation, as there was "something I've wanted to do for a while," and he leaned in toward her.

"Mike," clad in all black, packed things into a backpack. He put gloves on and left the bar. A short while later, he arrived in front of the Llantano Valley Commercial Real Estate building. He spent a few minutes picking the lock, and he finally got inside. No sooner did he step inside than the security alarm went off.

Carly was offended that Jax wanted Josslyn to be nothing like Carly, but he observed that Carly seemed to have turned into Sonny. He revealed that Carly was a target instead of just collateral damage. She insisted that she was doing what was best for her family, but he thought that she'd had a choice. She disagreed, but she reminded him that Jason would be returning to take over. She did believe that she was good at it, especially after watching Sonny and Jason do business over the years, and Jax was horrified to see that she liked running the business.

Jax didn't think that Jason would be free anytime soon, so he figured if Carly's reign was going to continue indefinitely, he could at least remove Josslyn from the situation. Carly reminded him that Josslyn would soon be on her own at college, so she should get to weigh in on where she went. Jax agreed and headed upstairs.

Sam entered the barn where Jason and Britt had holed up, and they were surprised to see her. She warned them that Dante was two towns over, and he probably wasn't far behind her. She admitted that she'd stalled him by slashing his tires, but that wouldn't hold him back for long. She handed Jason a fake passport and said that she would get him across the Canadian border after they dropped Britt off at the bus station. Jason appreciated Sam getting to them, but he instructed her to go back to Port Charles and forget that she'd seen them. She explained that she just wanted to help Danny's father get out of the country, but he didn't want her to risk going back to prison and having the kids lose both of their parents.

Eventually, Sam agreed with Jason and said that she would go. She handed her own fake passport to Britt and figured it would do "in a pinch." She thanked Britt for saving Jason's life, wished them luck, and left. Britt admitted that he'd been right about the ten-hour time limit, and she promised to set a timer the next time. He responded, "Your part's done. This is where you cut out." She refused, as she would either be killed by Cyrus or arrested and sent to jail if she returned to Port Charles. Jason suggested that he have Spinelli pick Britt up and take her to another safe house or to Sonny's island. However, she also didn't want to leave him while he still had an unhealed gunshot wound.

Jason kicked himself for letting Carly convince him to break out of the hospital. Britt admitted that it had been nice to see someone order him around for once. She related that she'd stuck around because she owed him for saving her life, but she didn't think there would be much left for her. He wondered if she was sure that she wanted to continue on with him, and she replied, "I'm in this for the long haul." She wondered if he had a plan, and he only told her that he knew of a place to go in Canada. They argued over who would drive, but he finally conceded and handed her the keys.

"Mike" and Nina's caper doesn't go quite as planned

"Mike" and Nina's caper doesn't go quite as planned

Friday, May 14, 2021

Elijah told Nina that their picnicking finally gave him the chance to do something he had wanted to do for a while. He gently stroked her cheek with his thumb and leaned in to kiss her. Nina titled her head back and exclaimed that it was a beautiful night, and there was no need to rush things. Elijah chuckled slightly and listened as Nina explained that there would be plenty of time for "that," since she had decided to stay in Nixon Falls. "Time has a habit of slipping away," Elijah replied, adding that he didn't want to lose a moment with her.

Elijah received a message on his phone, alerting him to the break-in at his office. Elijah said that he had to end their evening, but a panicked Nina insisted that she wanted to go along with Elijah.

A hooded "Mike" let himself into the Llantano Valley Commercial Properties offices. He wasn't inside for more than a few seconds before the burglar alarm sounded. He opened a horizontal filing cabinet and began tossing the contents on the floor. He then took a stack of cash out of a petty cash box and slipped a USB thumb drive into a computer. The transfer from the computer to the thumb drive was only 70% complete when the police arrived outside the office.

A police officer, accompanied by Elijah and Nina, entered the office. Elijah questioned why anyone would break into his office because he kept nothing of value there. Elijah was told that he had to go to the police station to give a statement. He offered to drop Nina off, but she insisted that she would walk to get more of her 10,000 daily steps in. Elijah apologized for the abrupt end to their evening and said he looked forward to finishing the date sometime soon.

Left alone, Nina sat down at Elijah's computer and waited for a keystroke analyzing program to work its magic. It revealed Elijah's email and password -- [email protected] and ECrowe$$$ -- and eventually allowed Nina access to the computer.

Back at the Tan-O, Phyllis caught "Mike" slipping cash into a cash box behind the bar. She told "Mike" that he was "too darn generous" for his own good and insisted that he should be saving money for his future. She then questioned why Nina was out with Elijah. "Mike" wondered why Phyllis, "Elijah's biggest fan," wasn't thrilled with Nina and Elijah being on a date. It wasn't so much that Elijah was with Nina, but more so that "Mike" wasn't, she countered.

Nina phoned "Mike" from Elijah's office to tell him that their plan had worked. "Mike" urged her to get out of the office, but Nina continued to poke around the computer and print out hard copies of some of Elijah's spreadsheets. "Mike" continued to urge Nina to leave, but before she could get around to doing so, Elijah returned and asked what she was doing in his office.

Carly thanked Diane for dropping by and offered her a glass of Sonny's favorite single malt scotch. Diane declined the drink, instead turning to the topic of Jason Morgan. Diane shared that she was disappointed that two of her clients hadn't trusted her enough to get "baseless charges" dropped and instead opted for a "dangerous albeit daring criminal escape." Diane remained confident that she could clear Jason's name of the murder charges, but she wasn't so sure about any additional charges that might arise from his escape. Carly replied that Jason had done what he had thought he'd had to do. Diane chuckled at Carly's unspoken insinuation that Jason had acted alone.

Carly told Diane that the reason for their meeting was to revise Carly's will. Diane shared that in her dealings with Sonny, she'd always known what she'd wanted to know and had been very sure not to know what she hadn't wanted to know. She made the statement to make it clear that she did not want to know about Carly's "new responsibilities." The conversation was interrupted by a phone call alerting Carly to a visitor. Carly walked to the front door and happily greeted Avery and Ava. Ava explained that Avery had wanted a sleepover with sisters.

Ava saw Diane and worried that she and Avery had interrupted something. Avery told Diane that she had made a drawing for Donna, and Diane escorted the girl upstairs to give it to the baby. "One smile from Avery can melt even Diane Miller's cold heart," Ava quipped as Diana and Avery left the room. Diane popped her head around a corner and responded, "I heard that!" Carly knew that the sleepover was a ruse and asked Ava what her visit was really about.

Ava said that she wanted the truth, but Carly feigned ignorance. Ava chuckled and matter-of-factly said that while she and Nikolas had been entertaining Cyrus Renault, Jason had broken out of General Hospital. Ava doubted that it was a coincidence. "Sometimes a family dinner is just a family dinner," Carly replied. Ava shared that she'd heard about the meeting of the Five Families. When asked to cut to the chase, Ava surprised Carly by saying that she had a "new appreciation" for Carly. Ava then vowed to help Carly in any way possible to help her take down Cyrus.

After Ava left, Diane warned Carly to "proceed with caution," since Ava was a member of Carly's fan club. Carly assured the attorney that she'd be fine because she didn't need Ava's approval or help. Diane turned the conversation back to Carly wanting to revise her will. She urged Carly not to do anything to change her life that could negatively impact Avery or Donna.

In one of the restrooms at the Metro Court, Sasha called Dr. Navarro to ask for a prescription for something to help with her morning sickness. After she was told to check her email in a bit, Sasha dabbed herself with a moistened paper towel and headed back to her table. Seconds after she exited the restroom, Gladys emerged from one of the stalls. "So, Ms. Supermodel went and got herself knocked up," Gladys muttered to herself.

Lucy approached Brando to offer him a "pretty big fat apology." Brando had no idea what Lucy felt the need to apologize for, but he listened as Lucy praised Sasha as an asset that was "expanding every day now." Lucy eventually got to the apology; she said that she hadn't properly thanked Brando for saving Sasha's life. Brando humbly replied that anyone else in the same position would have done the same thing. Brando's eyes drifted past Lucy as she watched Sasha walk toward her table. Gladys returned just in time to hear Lucy state that Brando had saved Sasha's life, and Gladys pressed for more information.

Lucy claimed not to know all of the details but briefly explained that Sasha had been on a date with Cyrus when she had suffered a sudden heart attack. Brando, Lucy continued, had been there and had rushed Sasha to the hospital.

Seated at her table, Sasha was relieved to find a prescription for an anti-nausea medication in her email's inbox. As she looked down at her phone, she didn't notice that Cyrus had walked up to her table. Cyrus claimed to be concerned that Sasha did not look well. Sasha said that something was going around and that she was actually headed to the hospital to pick up a prescription. Cyrus offered to give her a ride, but Sasha declined. Sasha said that part of her recovery required her to rethink who she associated with. Cyrus proffered that there could be no better associate than the "chairman of the board of the very hospital" that had saved Sasha's life. The way Sasha remembered it, the night she had nearly died, Cyrus hadn't cared if she'd lived or died.

Gladys and Lucy watched as Sasha and Cyrus talked. Both women agreed that there was something going on between the two. "Imagine if they had kids. With her good looks and his determination?" Gladys chirped. When Sasha finally broke free from Cyrus, Lucy chased her down and asked if Cyrus was the father of Sasha's baby. Sasha vehemently denied that Cyrus was the father and asked that Lucy stop prying. Once Lucy had left, Brando walked over to Sasha to ask if they could talk. He hoped that their night together would not ruin their friendship.

Gladys, meanwhile, congratulated Cyrus on the news that he would soon be a father.

Brook Lynn searched online for various methods of childbirth. She seemed intrigued by water birth until she watched an online video. Maxie called Brook Lynn to inform her that her live-in nurse had taken her to General Hospital to meet with an OB/GYN. She asked Brook Lynn to meet her at the hospital so that she could give Brook Lynn the keys to the house in Beechers Corner where they would staying until Maxie had her baby. After Maxie hung up the phone, she turned around and was surprised to see Peter standing just a few feet away.

Peter stated that he had been notified of Maxie's appointment and wanted to be there with Maxie. Maxie told him he didn't have to join her at the hospital because her new live-in nurse, Chloe Jennings, had accompanied her. Peter and the live-in nurse exchanged pleasantries and pretended that there were meeting each other for the first time. Sharing that he was concerned that Maxie was "overtaxing" herself, Peter asked "Chloe" to keep an eye on Maxie and do "whatever is necessary." Deanna told Maxie that Dr. Navarro was finishing up with a patient and would be with her soon.

Willow dropped by the Quartermaine mansion to see Wiley before bedtime. Michael broke the news that Willow was 15 minutes late -- Wiley was already fast asleep. However, Michael was certain that even an asleep Wiley would still want a goodnight kiss from his mommy. After they'd returned downstairs from Wiley's room, Willow briefly updated Michael on Chase's condition.

Ned arrived at the mansion -- his ringing the doorbell before entering was something that Michael said he still wasn't used to -- with an update that Ned and Olivia seemed to have had a breakthrough in their relationship.

As Brook Lynn headed to the hospital, she was greeted at the front door by Valentin, who wanted to know where she was going. The two bickered over how much Brook Lynn needed to tell Valentin about her day-to-day life. Brook Lynn took a step to deescalate the situation by claiming that she was reassured that her baby had Valentin to protect it. Ned, Michael, and Willow entered the study to make sure that everything was okay. Before excusing herself to use the restroom, Brook Lynn stated that she and Valentin had been setting some new ground rules. Instead of going to the bathroom, Brook Lynn grabbed her belongings and scurried out the front door.

Back in the study, Valentin sent a text message to Yuri to see what was keeping Brook Lynn. Yuri entered the room a few moments later and revealed that he thought Brook Lynn was with Valentin. Valentin found that Brook Lynn's car was gone, and he skewered Yuri for not doing his job.

Ned told Michael and Willow that a part of him was proud of the way that Brook Lynn was not allowing Valentin to boss her around. However, as a father, he also believed that Valentin had certain rights.

At General Hospital, Brook Lynn stepped off the elevator and darted around the corner when she spotted Peter with Maxie. Maxie told Peter she didn't want or need him in the exam room. Peter and "Chloe" headed elsewhere to talk. Before Maxie and Brook Lynn could talk, Deanna pulled Maxie into an exam room. There, Maxie asked Deanna if she did any private nursing. Deanna said that she was flattered but explained that her schedule was too busy to do any private nursing.

When Deanna finally left the room, Brook Lynn raced in to see Maxie. Maxie gave her the keys, and the two went over their plan one more time. Brook Lynn would leave town first so that no one would know that they were together. Brook Lynn would get things set up before Maxie arrived. When Brook Lynn mentioned Bobbie joining them to deliver the baby, Maxie countered that they didn't need any help. Brook Lynn reluctantly agreed. Brook Lynn checked to see if anyone was around before scurrying out of the room and heading for the elevator.

Maxie, meanwhile, rubbed her stomach and apologized to her baby for what would undoubtedly be an "unorthodox" delivery. After the examination. Dr. Navarro told Maxie that everything was "right on schedule."

In a corridor somewhere else in the hospital, "Chloe" and Valentin went over their own plan. It involved the nurse gaining Maxie's trust, delivering the baby, and then ferrying Maxie and little Louise away to Pautuck, where Peter would make Maxie, the baby, and himself disappear.

Peter returned to Maxie's exam room and shared that he and Chloe had gotten a chance to talk and that he approved of her. Dr. Navarro returned to the exam room after reviewing notes that Britt had made in Maxie's file. The notes stated that Maxie was open to inducing labor, and, if that was still the case, Dr. Navarro believed that it was the right time to induce labor.

Back at the Quartermaine mansion, Brook Lynn returned, and Valentin surprised her with news that he, Charlotte, and Yuri would be moving in with her.

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