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Faith's kidney transplant surgery was a success. Chelsea confessed to poisoning Rey. Victor arranged for Chelsea to get treatment in a psychiatric facility and avoid prison. Adam decided to make amends and start over. Tara and Harrison showed up unexpectedly at Summer and Kyle's engagement party.
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Chelsea was sent to a psychiatric facility, Adam decided to make amends, and Tara and Harrison crashed Summer and Kyle's engagement party
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Victor gives Chelsea an ultimatum

Victor gives Chelsea an ultimatum

Monday, May 10, 2021

When Rey discovered that Nick and Adam were at Sharon's, Rey accused Nick of having hidden Adam. Rey recalled that Adam had previously entered Sharon's house covertly to poison him. Adam defended himself and said Chelsea was the one who'd poisoned him. Adam insisted he'd been committed to Chelsea, so she'd been jealous of Sharon for no reason. Rey confronted Adam about having kissed Sharon, and Adam apologized.

As Rey and Adam continued to bicker, Nick interrupted. Nick told Adam that Rey had agreed to allow him to undergo the transplant procedure. Adam was relieved and told Rey that he clearly loved Sharon and Faith and should focus on them. Rey wasn't persuaded and warned that as soon as Adam awoke after the surgery, he'd be arrested for attempted murder. Adam replied, "I expected nothing less."

After Moses learned that Faith would be undergoing surgery, he left campus during lunch break and went home to see Devon. Moses explained that Faith would be undergoing her transplant and that he wanted to be by her side when she awoke. Moses requested Devon phone the school and explain that he'd be absent for the remainder of his afternoon classes. After Devon phoned the school, he asked Moses how serious he was about Faith. Moses laughed and said Devon sounded like his mom. Devon said he wouldn't want to overstep, and he reminded Devon to eat before heading out and not to forget to make up his missed classwork. Moses agreed.

In her suite at the Grand Phoenix, Amanda met with Sutton Ames. Sutton told Amanda he'd enjoyed having her join the family for lunch over the weekend. Amanda said she had enjoyed meeting more members of his family. Amanda paused to correct herself and said, "Our family." Sutton explained that he'd tabled discussion of his case during the family gathering because he'd wanted Amanda to feel like she was his granddaughter and not his lawyer.

Amanda said she'd felt accepted and as if she had moved a step closer to being part of the family. Amanda reminisced about the family memories and photos Sutton had shared. Sutton gave Amanda an envelope containing some reprints of the photos. Amanda found a photo she hadn't before seen. Sutton explained that the woman in the photo was Amanda's great-great Aunt Florence, noting that his son-in-law Eric had noticed a strong resemblance between the ancestor and Amanda. Amanda studied the photo and said, "Wow. He's right."

Amanda said she was grateful Eric had been accepting of her. Sutton said he was sure that Imani would eventually come around, too, adding that he wouldn't accept anything less. Amanda carried on with business and told Sutton that Michael Baldwin had offered a plea deal that entailed a potential sentence of 20 years for second-degree homicide if Sutton pleaded guilty. Sutton declined, explaining that he wouldn't accept even if he were guilty. Amanda said she'd already declined Michael's offer, which was actually an opening gambit designed to rattle them. Sutton refused to accept any offers.

Amanda warned that Sutton should consider the evidence against him. Amanda read from her notes and said, "The state contends that you had someone tamper with Richard Nealon's brakes after he threatened to expose your involvement in a bribery scheme with Newman Enterprises. They have records of Richard's calls to your campaign office." Sutton insisted that all evidence was circumstantial and likely politically motivated to prevent him from running for reelection. Amanda asked Sutton if he'd spoken to Richard after Naya had revealed that she was pregnant. Sutton said Naya hadn't wanted Richard to know about the pregnancy, and he'd agreed it was for the best.

Amanda said her strategy would be to convince a jury that Richard had had other enemies. Sutton noted that Richard had been self-centered and ambitious. Amanda suggested Richard had attempted to exploit the information he'd gleaned for his own financial gain. Sutton claimed he hadn't been aware that Richard had been working at Newman Enterprises. Before Sutton left, Amanda thanked him for having confidence in her.

Sutton ran into Imani in the hotel lobby. Sutton said it had been bad enough that she'd blown off the lunch for Amanda, so there was no reason to antagonize her further. Sutton explained that the family should share his sense of gratitude for Amanda's help. Before Imani walked away, she said, "Maybe I'll surprise you." Devon watched the interaction from the lounge area and afterward sent a text message to Amanda to warn her about Imani's impromptu visit.

Amanda greeted Imani and said, "You just missed our grandfather." Imani said she'd run into Sutton downstairs. Imani admitted she'd been too stubborn to admit she'd been wrong about Amanda, and she apologized. Imani asked Amanda to put the past behind them and start fresh. Amanda recalled Imani's restraining order and hostility and replied, "Do you expect me to believe a word you're saying?" Amanda added that Imani had even skipped a family gathering to avoid seeing her.

Imani explained that she'd been protective, especially regarding her father's reaction to his wife's secret, but she'd been set at ease by her parents, adding that her father had been impressed with Amanda. Imani noted that her father had dismissed fears that Amanda intended to exploit the family. Imani admitted to Amanda that she'd regretted her actions and wanted to make amends. Imani offered to help Amanda, explaining that she'd completed law school, but hadn't sat for her bar exam. Amanda said she'd consider Imani's offer and would accept her apology. Imani, sensing she'd been put in her place, said she'd keep in touch.

After Imani left, Devon entered Amanda's room. Devon said he'd seen Imani talking to Sutton in the lobby. Devon said he feared the two might have been conspiring together. Amanda explained that Imani had apologized for her infantile behavior and had offered to help with Sutton's case. Amanda, sounding sarcastic, said, "Oh, yes, Imani has seen the light. She understands that my intentions were good all along, and she's ready to help me join the circle." Amanda credited Sutton with Imani's sudden turnaround, though Imani had said her parents had talked to her. Amanda added that Sutton seemed to have a hold over his family, so she intended to accept Imani's offer in order to find out what was going on. Amanda told Devon that there was definitely more of the story to uncover.

In Faith's hospital room, Sharon assured Faith that Adam wouldn't back out of the transplant. Faith was uncertain, explaining that because Adam had hurt Rey, Rey was pursuing Adam. Sharon said she'd spoken to both Adam and Rey. Rey, Sharon explained, had promised not to do anything until after the procedure. Sharon assured Faith that everyone, especially Rey, knew how important the transplant surgery was. Nate entered and announced that Adam was compatible. Sharon broke down in tears and told Faith that soon their ordeal would be over.

Sharon spoke briefly with Mariah over the phone, relaying to Faith that her sister had sent her love. Faith expressed her love for her mom and said she should have been writing letters to loved ones, expressing her feelings, instead of just lying in bed. Sharon asked Faith if she was worried that something might go wrong. Sharon assured Faith that Victor had brought in the most skilled surgeon. Nick arrived and cracked a joke to make Faith laugh. Faith remained serious and asked to speak to Adam before the surgery.

In the waiting room, Rey stood guard over Adam as he signed consent forms. Adam said he had no plans to escape and suggested Rey take a seat and relax. Adam said Rey would be achieving his personal trifecta because Faith would recover, Sharon would be happy, and Adam would be put behind bars. Adam warned that Sharon knew he wasn't guilty, so putting him through a trial would elicit her sympathy, which would "bug the crap" out of Rey. Adam suggested Rey back off and allow him to disappear into the wind. Rey replied, "Not a chance." Sharon entered and told Adam that Faith would like a word with him.

At the Newman ranch, Victor shared the news with Nikki that Adam was a suitable donor match for Faith. Victor was elated and said things would move quickly. Nikki said she wished to see Faith before she was taken to surgery. Victor said he would join Nikki. Chelsea hobbled in unannounced. Chelsea, supporting her weight with a cane, explained that the housekeeper had let her in. Chelsea demanded to speak to Victor alone, but Nikki explained that it wasn't a good time. Victor told Nikki to leave without him. Before Nikki left, she glared at Chelsea and said, "Good to see you up and around."

After Nikki walked away, Chelsea asked Victor where Connor was. Chelsea was upset and cried that Connor hadn't responded to any of her messages. Chelsea said she'd learned not to underestimate Victor like she had Adam. Victor replied, "Well, that's good to know. You're taking me seriously. But you can't honestly think that I would harm my own grandson."

Chelsea recalled that Adam had arranged to have her kidnapped and drugged. Victor said that Chelsea sought revenge and was determined to have Adam arrested. Victor asked Chelsea to consider how she'd explain to Connor why he'd missed so many years of being with his father. Chelsea said she knew Victor expected her to confess, and she insisted she never would. Victor smiled and replied, "Time will tell."

Victor warned Chelsea that if she didn't confess, she'd lose out on raising his grandson. Chelsea cried that she'd lose either way, so there was no way for her to win. Victor assured Chelsea that he could arrange for them all to win. Victor suggested he could count on Chloe to divulge evidence of what had happened, stressing the fact that Chloe had children to protect, too. Victor explained that he could either be Chelsea's ally or enemy.

Adam sat beside Faith as she thanked him for saving her after the crash, adding that he was about to save her again. Adam admitted it would never make up for what he'd put her and her parents though, beginning with him having taken her away from her parents. Sharon looked on with high emotions when Adam explained that he'd gained a deeper understanding about how what happened early in life could affect people later. Adam insisted he'd never intended to hurt Faith, so he wasn't comfortable with her thanking him for being a donor. Adam said he'd be grateful if Faith would accept his act as an apology. Faith replied, "I can do that." Sharon turned and smiled as if a weight had been lifted from her shoulders. Rey was watching through the window and noticed Sharon's reaction.

Nick was in the waiting room when Nikki arrived. Nikki was disappointed about having missed her chance to talk to Faith. Nick said Faith was tired and nervous, but she was also brave. Nick said Faith had spoken to Adam and understood that he'd chosen to be her donor for all the right reasons. Nick sat down and rubbed his injured leg. Nikki asked Nick when he'd last eaten and warned him not to neglect his health. Nick said he'd eat later. Nikki learned that Sharon was with Rey in Faith's room. Nick went to meet Phyllis in the lobby.

Nick escorted Phyllis to the waiting room, explaining that Victor had been detained, and his mom had gone to get tea. Nick said Sharon and Rey were in Faith's room. Phyllis said she'd noticed cops stationed throughout the hospital. Phyllis said, "Does this mean that Adam is gonna stick around?" Nikki interrupted when she returned with soup for Nick.

Nikki acknowledged Phyllis with a less-than-friendly greeting. Nikki took a seat at the far end of the waiting room. Phyllis asked Nick if his leg was hurting. Nick said all he could think about was Faith. Phyllis gave Nick credit for finding Adam and having him agree to the surgery. Phyllis assured Nick that Faith had received a miracle.

In Faith's room, Sharon told Rey she was glad to have him with her, though she knew he was making sure Adam didn't escape. Rey told Sharon he'd learned Adam had returned when he'd gone to her house to see her. Sharon said Nick had brought Adam to her house, so he could talk about the surgery. Rey replied, "So, you talked to him this morning?" Sharon said she'd wanted to thank Adam for helping Faith, and she thanked Rey for allowing Adam to undergo surgery. Rey said Faith's health was his top priority. Rey added that he'd be taking Adam into custody after Faith's surgery.

Sharon, clutching Faith's plush bear to her chest, looked away when Rey asked her if she'd hoped he might let Adam go. Sharon explained that before Adam had run off, she'd tried to convince him to turn himself in, so he could clear his name. Rey claimed that Sharon was unable to be objective because Adam was saving Faith's life for a second time. Sharon reminded Rey that even he'd had doubts about Adam being guilty. Rey insisted that Adam remained the prime suspect. Sharon asked Rey if he still wanted to be her husband.

Sharon and Rey's tense conversation was interrupted when Victor phoned Rey. Victor insisted he speak to Rey at the ranch. Rey explained that Faith had been taken to surgery, which would take a long time. Victor was adamant that Rey visit him in person. Victor said that something had happened with Chelsea that would change everything. After Victor hung up, Chelsea glared at him. Victor winked and smiled at Chelsea.

Chelsea confesses to Rey's poisoning

Chelsea confesses to Rey's poisoning

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Nick, Phyllis, and Nikki sat in the hospital waiting area while Adam and Faith underwent surgery. Phyllis asked Nick how he'd convinced Adam to risk his freedom and give up a kidney, but Nick refused to divulge any information because he considered it best that she didn't know. Phyllis warned that it would only make her more curious, but Nick urged her not to push it. She figured that Faith was all that mattered, and she assured him that his daughter would be fine. Nick murmured that it couldn't have all been for nothing, and the transplant had to work.

Nick wished someone would provide an update, and Nikki groaned that it felt like they'd been waiting forever. Nick prepared to step out to get some air. Phyllis offered to go with him, but he told her that he needed a minute. After Nick left, Nikki insinuated that Phyllis was needed at the Grand Phoenix, but Phyllis replied that she had people covering for her. Nikki haughtily assumed that Phyllis had more important things to do, but Phyllis asserted that nothing was more important than supporting Nick and Faith.

In Faith's hospital room, Rey told Sharon that he had something he needed to take care of, but he'd be back as soon as he could. Sharon reminded him that she'd posed a serious question about what their future looked like after Adam was arrested. Rey protested that emotions were running high, and he preferred to wait until after the surgery to talk about it. He requested that she call him when Adam and Faith made it through surgery, noting that he'd been left out of the loop recently. Sharon wondered if his request had more to do with making sure Adam didn't try to escape. Rey insisted that he cared about Faith, and Sharon promised she would call. Nick looked concerned when he saw Rey leave.

Nick entered Faith's room and inquired how Sharon was holding up. She was sure she was doing as well as he was, and he asked why Rey had taken off. Nate joined them to report that everything was going smoothly, and he indicated that Adam was out of surgery and would be in recovery soon. Nate added that Faith had received the kidney, and everyone was working hard to make sure it was working properly, so she'd be in surgery longer than Adam had been. Sharon requested that Nate let them know the second they could see Faith. Nate instructed them to take a breath, since it was almost over.

Sharon thanked Nick again for everything he'd done to get Faith a kidney, but he thought Adam deserved most of the credit for going under the knife. Sharon gushed that they owed Adam a debt of gratitude, and she wondered whether Nick had been plotting Adam's escape when he'd inquired about Rey. Nick claimed that he'd simply seen Rey leaving. Sharon warned that Rey had officers all over the hospital. Nick confirmed that he'd noticed, and Sharon pointed out that there were also undercover agents present in case Adam made a move or someone tried to help him escape.

Sharon voiced concern that Nick had given his word that he'd help Adam slip away, but the last thing Faith needed was her father in jail. Sharon recounted that Adam had trusted Nick's word that he'd help Adam disappear after the operation. Nick peered out the window to ensure no one was listening, and he shared that he had an idea that he hoped to pitch to Adam about a compromise. Nick admitted that he'd seen a different side to Adam while they'd been in the storm cellar, and he finally believed Adam had the glimmer of goodness Sharon had always seen in him.

Meanwhile, Phyllis asked Nikki how Victor was doing, since Phyllis had expected him to be there. Nikki bristled at the implication that Victor didn't care about his granddaughter, and she contended that he'd arranged for Faith to have the top surgeons in the country. Phyllis clarified that she didn't doubt Victor's love for Faith, and she told Nikki to forget she'd said anything. Phyllis checked her phone and reported that Noah had sent his love to everyone, and she mentioned that she'd been keeping him up to speed while Nick and Sharon were preoccupied. Nikki huffed that she hadn't realized Phyllis had been trying to be helpful. Phyllis accepted Nikki's hostility, knowing she'd be biting everyone's heads off if it were her child in surgery.

Phyllis stepped out as Mariah arrived. Nikki informed Mariah that there hadn't been any word on Faith, and she pointed out that the family could have contacted Mariah with updates. Mariah preferred to be there for Faith, and she expressed gratitude to Nick for dragging Adam to Genoa City. Nikki reported that Adam had returned willingly -- even after he'd had the opportunity to run when Nick had injured his leg during a tornado.

Mariah asked if Nikki needed anything, but Nikki thought she should be the one asking Mariah that, given that Mariah was carrying a child for Abby. Nikki refused to let Mariah downplay it, and Mariah found it ironic that she'd had no idea what a family was like while growing up. Mariah figured that she'd gotten a crash course over the past few years about all the good stuff, but there were also scary moments when she faced the "what ifs." Nikki clucked that the unknowns took up too much space in people's minds, and the "what ifs" were usually much worse than what really happened.

Sharon hung cards on Faith's wall. Nikki waited silently with Mariah, and Phyllis returned and wordlessly joined them. Nate approached Nick, and they joined Sharon in Faith's room. Nate reported that there had been no complications, and he applauded Victor for flying in some of the best surgeons Nate had ever seen. Nate continued that it would be a waiting game to make sure Faith's body accepted the new organ.

Nick inquired about Adam, and Nate indicated that Adam was doing fine. Nick hoped everything turned out okay after everything Adam had done for Faith. Nate expected Faith to be back in her room by the time the anesthesia wore off. Nate went to check on Adam and Faith in recovery, and Nick remarked that the ordeal was almost over. Sharon called their little girl a fighter.

Nate informed Nikki, Phyllis, and Mariah that Faith was out of surgery and that everything had gone well. The women expressed relief, and Nikki prepared to call the many people she had to tell that Faith was okay. Nikki conceded that Phyllis should be the one to call Noah. Later, Phyllis hung up from a call with Summer, and Mariah asked how Summer was doing. Phyllis reported that Summer was great, but she confided that being there had been very tough on Phyllis because it had triggered memories of waiting for good news while bargaining with God when Summer had gone into anaphylactic shock as a child.

A shaken Phyllis recalled that Summer's treatment had taken place at the same hospital, and she choked back tears. Mariah commented that motherhood was a tough gig, and Phyllis imagined that a pregnant Mariah had similar feelings about the baby she was carrying. Mariah replied that she was just the surrogate, but Phyllis anticipated that Mariah would always have protective feelings for the child. Mariah focused on counting their blessings.

Nick and Sharon sat with an unconscious Faith. Nick called to the girl and asked if she could open her eyes, but Sharon encouraged him to let Faith sleep. Sharon stepped out of the room to call Rey. She left him a voicemail to inform him that Faith and Adam were out of surgery. Nick signaled for Sharon to return to the room, and Faith groggily asked how everything had gone. Sharon assured her that the procedure couldn't have been more perfect, and Faith realized she had a new kidney. Faith asked when she could go home, but Sharon suggested they talk about it after Faith got some rest.

Nate looked in on an unconscious Adam, who began to stir. Nate welcomed him back, and Adam complained that it felt like someone had dropped a house on him. Nate offered pain medication, but Adam was more concerned about how Faith was doing. Nate shared that it would be a while before they knew if she'd accepted the kidney, but the surgery couldn't have gone better. Adam tried to sit up, but Nate advised that it would be a day or two before Adam was strong enough to leave the hospital. Adam was sure Rey had the place surrounded. Nate urged Adam to relax and not get any ideas about making a break for it.

Nate lauded Adam for doing something life-changing for his niece and possibly for himself, too. Nate respected that Adam had done the right thing, and he hoped it was a second chance for both Adam and Faith. Nate stepped out, and Nick entered a moment later. Nick suggested that Adam commit what might be Nick's last words of appreciation to memory, and he thanked Adam for saving his daughter's life. Adam asked what would happen next, and Nick replied that it depended on Adam.

Rey stopped by the Newman ranch and ordered Victor to make it quick. Chelsea was aghast that Victor had called Rey. "What the hell, Victor? What are you trying to pull now? Is this a trap?" she ranted. Chelsea questioned how Victor could have done that to her after he'd said he was on her side. She accused him of lying about there being a way out for all of them, but he assured her that he'd lied about nothing. Rey demanded that they explain what was going on.

Victor expressed regret that he'd pushed too hard for Chelsea to tell the truth. Chelsea spat that Victor had dragged a defenseless boy into it, and Victor informed Rey that he'd called a doctor. Chelsea insisted that she needed protection from Victor and Adam, not a doctor. Chelsea bellowed that Adam was back, and he hated her enough to try anything. Rey asked why Adam hated her, and Chelsea insisted that it wasn't her fault and that they couldn't blame her for it. She whimpered that she was sorry, and Rey wondered if she was trying to confess something. She glanced at Victor.

Chelsea insisted that it had been a mistake, and she hadn't known what she'd been doing. "This isn't me!" she wailed, and she questioned why Rey would want to help her after what she'd done. He asked what she had done. She threw her cane aside, stood up, and walked effortlessly toward him. She reiterated that she wasn't a bad person, and she swore that she'd been relieved when she'd found out Rey was okay because they were both just innocent victims.

Chelsea contended that she'd wanted to teach Adam and Sharon a lesson, but she hadn't wanted to hurt Rey. Chelsea hissed that she'd wanted Sharon to know what it felt like to be on the brink of losing the man she loved, but she'd been careful to make sure she hadn't administered enough poison to kill anyone. Victor nodded pointedly at Rey as Chelsea wished she could erase it all. She cried that the things she'd seen had been enough to push anyone to the edge, and she was sorry.

Chelsea swore that she really had been trapped in a wheelchair when it had started, and it had been a nightmare. She recalled that she and Adam had been planning to leave town for good with Connor to start over, but she'd gone from planning on living her best life to not being able to move, cry out, or do anything to protest when Adam had turned to Sharon. Chelsea raged about what it had been like to live with and be in love with someone who was obsessed with someone else. Chelsea condemned the way Adam and Sharon had looked at one another, their stolen kisses behind closed doors, and their tawdry affair in the bed Chelsea and Adam had once shared. Rey gulped.

Rey prompted Chelsea to tell him how she knew Adam and Sharon had slept together. Chelsea considered it obvious from the way they'd looked at one another. Victor entered with Michael and Dr. Hedges, and Michael confirmed that he and the doctor had worked on a case together before. Dr. Hedges told Chelsea he was there to help her. The doctor asked how she was feeling, and she spat that she felt ambushed and that Victor's presence there scared her. Victor wished them luck and stepped out to check in with the hospital.

Dr. Hedges asked why Chelsea felt as if people were after her, and she claimed that Victor wanted to make her disappear. Rey quietly told Michael that Chelsea had been spiraling since he'd been there, and he divulged that she'd confessed to the poisoning. Rey recognized that she wasn't in a great state psychologically, and Michael hesitated to get a statement without a lawyer present. Chelsea demanded to know why the men were looking at her and judging her, and she asked if they had any idea what she'd been through and what Adam had pushed her to do.

The doctor encouraged Chelsea to tell him about Adam, and she explained that Adam had been the fiancÚ who'd betrayed her. Chelsea called Adam a great motivator whose infidelity had inspired her to get out of her wheelchair to stop him. Dr. Hedges sympathized that Adam had caused her a lot of pain. She sobbed that she'd loved Adam with her whole heart, but it hadn't been enough, since she'd had the audacity to not be Sharon. Chelsea argued that for her own sanity, she hadn't been able to sit there in silence and let Sharon take Adam from her.

Chelsea thought the police or D.A. should give her a medal for doing what they hadn't been able to do -- put together evidence to set up Adam for attempted murder. She recounted sitting in the chair with the dream of being able to move and talk again, feeling invisible while people smiled at her but looked right through her and just walked away. She reasoned that she'd been able to keep her recovery a secret because there had been many hours when no one had been watching, and she'd slowly gotten stronger and made a plan.

Chelsea revealed that she'd waited patiently until one night when Adam had been fast asleep, and she'd sneaked out and used a rideshare app. She continued that she'd learned how to pick locks at an early age, and she'd gotten inside Sharon's home and seen the trashy figurine and tray that Adam had given Sharon years earlier. Chelsea had decided to take them and hide them in Adam's car, and she'd made her way upstairs in the dark to put thallium in Rey's body wash, hair gel, and shaving cream. Michael whispered to Rey that the information had never been made public.

Chelsea insisted that she'd only used enough thallium to make Rey sick, and it hadn't been her intention to kill him, especially since they'd both already been hurt enough. Chelsea repeated that everyone was looking at her and judging her, and she felt it was a trap. Chelsea sensed they wanted to hurt her because they couldn't see that Adam had made her do things she normally wouldn't have done. She bellowed that it wasn't who she was, and she furiously knocked over a chair. Dr. Hedges calmly stated that what had happened to her hadn't been fair, and he wanted to help by giving her something to help her get some rest. He pulled out a syringe, and Chelsea vehemently opposed being injected. Victor returned as she yelled, "Don't let him do this!"

After the doctor administered the medication, Rey asked if it had been necessary to sedate Chelsea. Dr. Hedges reasoned that she had confessed to being a danger to others, and she had been spiraling out of control. Michael recognized that the doctor needed more time to evaluate her, but he wondered if there was a preliminary diagnosis. Dr. Hedges opined that it might be post-stroke psychosis, which was rare. Rey pointed out that they had good reason to believe Chelsea was guilty of the crime she'd confessed to, and he inquired whether it was safe to take her into custody.

The doctor recommended that Chelsea be placed in his care in a psychiatric hospital, and Victor agreed that she didn't seem to be in any shape to spend time behind bars. Michael had no objection as long as an official evaluation of her mental health was provided to his office. Victor wondered if it meant the charges against Adam would be dismissed. Rey confirmed that he believed Chelsea was the guilty party, and Michael congratulated Victor on Adam being a free man.

Victor was glad that Rey had finally done the right thing by accepting the truth about who had poisoned Rey. Rey noted that all the evidence had pointed to Adam, and he'd only had Victor and Sharon's word that Adam was innocent until then. Victor called Chelsea a clever woman, and he considered it a tragedy that the mother of his grandchild had been pushed to the brink.

Dr. Hedges announced that a vacant room had opened up at the psychiatric facility, and Rey offered to arrange for Chelsea to be escorted there. Victor showed Rey out, and he returned to the room. Chelsea opened her eyes and shot a satisfied glance at Victor, who smirked.

Chelsea is committed to a psychiatric hospital

Chelsea is committed to a psychiatric hospital

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

by Nel

At the ranch, after Rey and Michael left, Chelsea stood up. Victor commented that her great performance had Michael and Rey believing she'd really had a mental breakdown. The doctor reminded both of them that he'd participated in their deception at great personal risk, and he expected to be well compensated. Victor assured him he would be. The doctor left to make arrangements for Chelsea's transport to the psychiatric hospital.

Victor told Chelsea their plan had been successful. Chelsea claimed she'd been given no choice. Victor reminded her that he hadn't forced her to do anything. Chelsea reminded him that he'd threatened to take her son away from her. Chelsea claimed that Victor had backed her into a corner by using her son against her. She said Victor had the power, money, and influence to take her son away from her forever.

Victor assured Chelsea that Connor would realize that she hadn't been herself when she'd committed the crime, and she'd avoided prison by confessing. Victor said that once charges had been brought against her, Dr. Hedges would tell the judge that Chelsea hadn't been herself when she'd committed the crime. Chelsea would be remanded to a psychiatric facility, and she would be released from the facility much sooner than she would a prison sentence. Chelsea claimed Victor got what he'd wanted -- Adam walked away unscathed and free to do as he pleased.

Victor told Chelsea that Adam deserved his freedom, since he hadn't done anything to Rey. Chelsea asked about Adam turning his back on her when she'd needed him most when she'd been trying to recover from a stroke that Adam had caused. Chelsea wanted to know what her future looked like in an asylum. Victor assured her she would be well taken care of. Once Dr. Hedges declared her sane, she would leave the facility and begin a new life. Chelsea wanted Victor's word that he would help her start over when she left the facility. Victor promised her he would help her.

Rey later returned to the ranch and informed Victor that he would personally oversee Chelsea's transfer to the psychiatric facility. Rey couldn't believe how far gone Chelsea was, and how she'd fooled everyone, including her doctors. Victor said that Chelsea knew how to cover her tracks better than anyone he'd ever known; however, the weight of her crime had been too much for her to bear. Rey appeared suspicious, and he stated how conveniently things had come to a head at the ranch in the presence of a doctor who'd been ready to administer a sedative. Victor claimed that if Rey had listened to him and Sharon, they would all have been spared Chelsea's breakdown. Rey left.

At the hospital, Adam asked what Nick had meant when Nick had said that the next move depended on Adam. Adam stated that he couldn't get out of the hospital without Nick's help. Adam reminded Nick that Nick had assured him he would help Adam escape. Nick, in turn, assured Adam he would get him out; however, there was another option. Nick said that if Adam was innocent, he needed to let things play out. Adam asked why he would risk going to prison. Nick said it would go a long way to proving that Adam was sincere in wanting to be a better man.

Adam told Nick he was tired of running and hiding, yet Nick was asking him to put his life in the hands of a man who hated him and of Michael, who had every reason to believe he was guilty. Nick stated that Rey was an honorable man who only sought the truth, and Michael only wanted to see justice served. Nick suggested that Adam tell the truth. Once Adam was cleared of the charges, he could live the life he'd planned. Adam asked why Nicked cared.

Nick told Adam he would have preferred it if Adam had left town and gotten out of their lives for good, then Nick wouldn't have to worry about the havoc and pain Adam had caused the people Nick cared about. Nick admitted it annoyed him that Sharon and Victor had a blind spot where Adam was concerned, but then Nick said he'd found Adam in that Montalvo cellar. Adam had been scared. It had seemed like Adam had been punishing himself for a crime that had happened when Adam had been a boy, and he'd been searching for penance. Nick stated it had been the first time he'd witnessed regret in Adam, and he'd realized that Adam really wanted to be a better person.

Nick said Adam hadn't left him in that cellar to bleed to death. Adam had returned for a brother Adam knew didn't like him. Nick said he wouldn't forget that Adam had risked his freedom to save Faith. Nick admitted it didn't erase the past, but it was a step to healing some of those wounds. Nick knew Adam felt no one would give him a second chance to prove he was different. Nick said he was willing to give Adam a second chance, and perhaps others would, as well.

Adam admitted to Nick that he was afraid of going to jail for something he hadn't done. Nick said that if Adam ran, he would confirm everyone's assumption that he was guilty. Adam countered that if he stayed, Rey would lock him up, and that would make Adam look worse. Nick suggested that Adam stay and fight for the life he wanted. Nick was asking him to gamble his future on the possibility that he might be vindicated. Adam claimed that winning that battle was a long shot.

Nick said that if Adam chose to stay and fight, Nick, Victor, and Sharon would stand by Adam. Adam agreed to give it some thought. Nick said he would return later for Adam's decision, but before he left, Nick asked Adam to think about the reason why Adam had stepped up to help Faith. It said a lot about the person Adam was. What Adam did next could change everything for him. Nick left.

Outside Faith's room, Phyllis told Nick that Christian was okay, and she was going to return to the hotel. Nick said Faith was doing well and that he'd paid Adam a visit. Phyllis asked how Nick had been able to convince Adam to return. Nick looked uncomfortable. Phyllis realized that Nick wasn't prepared to tell her, and she left.

In the waiting area, Sharon told Nikki that Faith was resting peacefully. Nikki said the whole family sent their love. Nikki asked if there was anything she could do for Sharon. Sharon asked Nikki to pray with her. Nikki agreed. Sharon thanked God for being guided through a difficult experience. She was thankful for Faith's successful transplant, and for bringing Adam home. Nikki prayed for Sharon and Rey to find their way back to each other and discover the happiness they deserved.

Nick joined Sharon and Nikki in the waiting area and told them he'd seen Adam. He said that Adam was humble and physically fine. Sharon asked if Nick and Adam had had a good conversation. Nikki noticed that Nick appeared uncomfortable, and she suggested that Nick and Sharon go to the cafeteria to talk. She said she would stay to keep an eye on Faith. Nick and Sharon left.

Nikki entered Faith's room and sent a text message to Victor: "Where are you? I'm getting worried." Victor entered the room and said he was there. Nikki told Victor that Faith was doing well. Faith woke up and greeted Victor and Nikki. Victor told her to go back to sleep, and he told Nikki he wanted to visit with Adam. Nikki asked what had held him up at the ranch. Victor said it was a long story, and he would update her later.

Victor entered Adam's room and thanked Adam for his unselfish act. Adam told Victor to thank Nick, since he'd been the one who had found Adam. Nick had tried to convince him to take the opportunity to prove to everyone that he wasn't evil and to surrender to the police. Adam thought it was time to turn himself in. Victor told Adam he wouldn't be arrested because Chelsea had confessed to everything. Victor explained that Chelsea had been concerned about Connor, because the guilt over what she'd done had weighed heavily on her. Victor assured Adam that Connor was okay.

Victor told Adam that when it had appeared that Chelsea had been about to have a breakdown, he'd called Michael, Rey, and a psychiatrist. Chelsea had confessed in great detail how she'd framed Adam, and she'd admitted that she'd recovered from the stroke much sooner than she'd let on. She'd confessed that she had never intended to kill Rey. Adam was happy the truth was finally out but unhappy that it had happened in such an awful way. Adam asked if Chelsea had told them what had driven her to such an extreme, but Adam realized immediately that it had been his relationship with Sharon. Victor said Chelsea had claimed Adam and Sharon had had an affair right in front of her. Adam denied it and said Chelsea had imagined it.

Adam told Victor he had a strong connection with Sharon, but there hadn't been an affair. Adam asked where Chelsea was. Victor explained that neither Michael nor Rey believed Chelsea had been in any shape to be arrested, and the psychiatrist had taken her to a psychiatric hospital. Adam said he felt terrible, betrayed, hurt, and angry, but he also felt responsible because he'd put Chelsea into that position. He claimed he should have known she had needed help.

Victor assured Adam that Chelsea was getting the help she needed. He said it was a new beginning for Adam because he was free. Adam admitted he was free because Victor had rescued him -- again. Victor stated he always would.

Sharon and Nick returned to the waiting room. Rey thanked Sharon for keeping him updated. Nick told Rey that Faith and Adam needed a few days to recover before Rey took Adam into custody. Rey explained that he'd been at the ranch, and he'd watched Chelsea unravel completely in front of him. Chelsea had confessed to poisoning him and faking her paralysis. Rey claimed Adam had been innocent all along.

Rey told Sharon and Nick that Chelsea's behavior had been erratic, and she hadn't been herself. Sharon asked if Chelsea's meltdown had been a byproduct of the stroke. Rey stated that the psychiatrist had said it was a possibility. Nick couldn't believe that Chelsea would have been capable doing anything like that. Rey admitted he had started wondering if there had been any truth to Adam's claims about Chelsea. Rey admitted that Sharon and Victor had been right about Adam. Nick left to talk to Nate.

Rey apologized to Sharon for not believing her. Sharon understood why he hadn't. She was relieved that Adam didn't have to face charges for a crime he hadn't committed. Sharon asked Rey where they stood. She hoped they could tear down the wall between them and find their way back to each other. Rey claimed he wasn't ready to have that conversation because one of the things Chelsea had said was that Sharon and Adam had been having an affair, and if that was true, there was no future for him and Sharon.

Rey told Sharon that Chelsea had claimed Sharon and Adam had had sex upstairs while Chelsea had been downstairs in her chair. Sharon denied it, but Rey said something devastating had happened that had pushed Chelsea over the edge. He wanted the truth. He believed something more than a kiss had happened between Sharon and Adam. Disappointed, Sharon said the fact that Rey had asked her that broke her heart, and she believed it was really over for them. She left to visit with Adam.

Sharon entered Adam's room and apologized that she hadn't known Victor was there. Sharon thanked Victor for arranging a surgeon for Faith. She said she and Nick had heard the shocking news about Chelsea. Adam asked to speak to Sharon alone. Victor left.

Sharon asked how Adam was doing. He said physically he was fine, but it would take time to work through everything that had happened with Chelsea and to walk out of the hospital without looking over his shoulder. Sharon asked what Adam planned to do next. Adam said he had to find a way to break the news to Connor about Chelsea, then he would decide what he and Connor would do. Adam said that Chelsea had taken out a restraining order preventing him from seeing Connor. Sharon said that under the circumstances, it would be removed.

Adam told Sharon that he and Chelsea had made plans to leave Genoa City and move closer to Connor's school. Sharon said the whole situation was tragic. Adam asked if Rey had mentioned to Sharon that Chelsea had claimed that he and Sharon had been having an affair. He was sure it would make things more difficult for Sharon and Rey. Adam was sorry, but he hoped things would work out the way Sharon hoped. Adam suggested that Sharon leave and take care of Faith.

Alone, Adam picked up his phone and looked at a photo of Chelsea.

When Phyllis arrived at the hotel, Summer said she thought Phyllis would be at the hospital. Phyllis said she hadn't been needed there. Summer was happy the surgery had gone well, and she asked if Adam would be arrested. Phyllis guessed he would be. Summer stated it was hard to hate him as much as they had previously after what he'd done for Faith. Phyllis said it was hard to think of believing and liking Adam or showing him any affinity. Phyllis told Summer it bothered her that Nick wouldn't tell her how he'd talked Adam into making such a sacrifice.

Summer told Phyllis that Nick would tell her when he was ready, but Phyllis claimed she wanted to know immediately. Summer said the important thing was that Adam had stepped up. They should be happy that Nick had been able to talk Adam into returning and helping Faith, and they should leave it at that. Phyllis wanted to know how it had happened and what Nick had said or done to Adam to convince him. It had to have been epic.

Nikki and Victor returned to the ranch. Nikki stated she was horrified by what Chelsea had done, but she did feel a little compassion for Chelsea. Nikki said Chelsea had almost destroyed Adam's life. Victor claimed Chelsea hadn't succeeded, and once Adam had recuperated, he and Adam would start their new business. Nikki asked if Victor had done something he didn't want the rest of the family to know about. Victor's cryptic comment was that he would always take care of things, and he left the room.

At Society, Rey sat at the bar with a drink, deep in thought.

At the psychiatric hospital, Chelsea had been asleep. She suddenly opened her eyes.

Adam has a nightmare and that prompts him to seek redemption

Adam has a nightmare and that prompts him to seek redemption

Thursday, May 13, 2021

by Nel

Adam was asleep in his hospital bed. He heard Sharon crying. She told Adam that Faith's body had rejected the transplant. Adam said it couldn't be. He'd been a match. The test had shown he could save Faith, and it had to work. Sharon said it wouldn't work because he was toxic and ruined everything he touched.

Adam suddenly found himself and Victor sitting at a table with a chessboard during a thunderstorm. Victor asked if Adam had forgotten the rules of the game. Adam said he hadn't; however, they'd never played by the rules. Victor insisted that Adam play by the rules because it was the most important game of Adam's life. Victor told him it was an all-or-nothing game and to move wisely.

Victor told Adam to make his move. Adam claimed he should take Victor's knight. Rey entered and said it made sense that Adam would go for the knight, the protector, the cop. Rey claimed that Adam had always wanted to be rid of him. Adam spoke of being misunderstood and of the circumstances that had shaped him, but he said the terrible things he'd done didn't represent who he was. Adam's actions told the truth. It had never mattered to Adam that Rey was a good influence on Sharon; she felt happy, safe, and in love with Rey, but Adam saw him as someone standing in the way of what Adam was determined to have. Chelsea might have been the one who had poisoned Rey and had a breakdown, but Adam had been the reason she'd done it.

Rey told Adam that Chelsea wouldn't have reached her breaking point if Adam had loved her the way she'd deserved. Adam claimed he'd tried. Rey claimed Adam couldn't do it. Chelsea had suffered because of Adam's actions. Adam claimed he'd been there for Chelsea as much as he'd been able. Rey asked why Adam had been at Rey and Sharon's wedding. Adam claimed he'd needed to see it. Rey said Adam should have been with the woman he'd claimed to love because Adam wasn't capable of the stable, solid, and forever kind of love.

Rey said Adam was broken and beyond repair, which was the reason he ran to Sharon whenever he felt irredeemable. Adam felt Sharon could save him, and she was his truest, and deepest connection. Adam had tricked Sharon into thinking the same thing. Rey said he'd been close to showing Sharon that sick obsession. Adam admitted to his obsession. Rey said Adam needed to break his hold over Sharon.

Victor told Adam it was his move. Adam said he wouldn't take Victor's knight because there was a different way to go about it. Adam moved a pawn. Rey stated that there might be hope for Adam.

Chloe commented about Adam moving the pawn. She said the pawn was so little and insignificant, it could only move one square at a time, but he should not underestimate its power because it could be the key to the whole game. Adam stated it was the piece that everyone sacrificed to serve their goals, like Chelsea had done with Chloe. Adam suspected Chloe had been Chelsea's accomplice. Chloe said that the last time Adam had been in the hospital, she had put him there. Adam claimed he'd covered for Chloe with the police. Chloe said he hadn't defended her, because he had wanted to take care of her himself, since she wasn't a wealthy or formidable rival.

Chloe told Adam that after all the times she'd tried to take him down, she'd been dismissed because she'd been perceived as the crazy, grieving woman. Billy had been the power player seeking vengeance on his daughter's behalf. Adam stated he and Billy had made their peace over Delia. Chloe said Adam had never considered all the possible ramifications of his actions. It had never occurred to him that when he'd turned off the power in the ChancComm building, Chelsea could be injured. Adam claimed he'd apologized to Chelsea for that on multiple occasions. Chloe wondered if he'd really learned from his mistakes.

Adam asked if Chloe had learned from her mistakes. Chloe said that after everything she'd done, she was in a loving and supportive relationship with the man of her dreams and two gorgeous kids. Compared to Adam, she was winning. Adam claimed she wasn't a factor in the game, but Chloe claimed that if the pawn made it to the other side of the board, it was promoted, and it could become a rook, knight, or queen. It was the only piece that grew stronger with perseverance. Chloe suggested that Adam take a look at the first move he'd made because it could be more consequential than Adam realized.

Victor told Adam that playing it safe wasn't the answer. Adam claimed that Victor never told him what to do, only what not to do. Victor claimed he'd been guiding Adam as much as he could. The choices Adam made at that moment would determine his future. He was the master of his own fate. Adam said he needed to protect his rook. Victor asked how. Adam was about to make his move when Billy stated that it would be a bad move.

Billy asked if Adam had been paying attention. He said it was Adam's last shot at redemption, which meant resurrection of the scrapyard that was Adam's soul. If Adam didn't start seeing things differently about the game, he was going to wind up with nothing. He said that, like the walls around a castle, Adam had built walls around himself and fortified them to keep the pain as far away as possible. If Adam didn't tear down the walls, he would be sheltered from magnificent things like true love, joy, and connection. Adam had cut himself off from those things for so long, he couldn't remember what they felt like.

Billy told Adam to let Victor have the rook. Adam claimed that with everything on the line, Billy was the last person he would listen to. He said Billy didn't know him at all, but Billy said he knew Adam better than anyone because Adam had become the central figure in Billy's life. Adam had invaded his dreams. They'd been united the night Delia had decided to get out of the car and Adam had sped around the curve. Adam claimed it had been an accident. Billy stated the problem had been the lengths Adam had gone to cover up the fact that he'd killed Delia.

Adam asked why it had always come down to that. Billy claimed it had been a defining moment. Their lives had been divided into the "before" and "after" that night. Parts of them had turned to dust and somehow blown together that night. The dust had turned to stone, and it had bonded them in a way neither one of them had ever wanted.

Victor told Adam there had been many repercussions because of that fateful night. Billy had made moves against Adam, and Adam had made moves to counter Billy's. Adam said he knew it had affected them both, and he asked if Victor wanted him to let it all go and forgive Billy. Billy claimed it wasn't him Adam needed to forgive. If Adam didn't tear down the walls, he didn't have a chance of winning the game.

Victor asked if Adam wanted to make that move again. Adam moved his pawn, and Victor took Adam's rook. Victor said Adam was one step closer. Victor said the bishop was the most dangerous piece on the board. It could move all the way up and threaten the king.

Phyllis claimed Adam saw her as a threat, and Adam had finally acknowledged it. Victor called Phyllis the dark shaman. Phyllis asked if the Grim Reaper had called her dark. Adam claimed he didn't want or need Phyllis' input.

Phyllis asked if Adam remembered when they'd had fun with blackmail, espionage, and hacking. Since then, Adam had become sad and miserable. Adam claimed he was trying to change his life for the better. Phyllis claimed he would never change because those who'd tried had reverted to who they'd been. Phyllis looked at Victor. Victor said, "Enough," but Phyllis spat that he didn't control her; it was Adam's game to win or lose. Adam needed to be as ruthless as Victor. Phyllis asked Adam to call her when he realized she'd been right.

When Victor had moved his pawn, Adam claimed Victor was going after his queen. Adam was about to move his knight when Nick said he was Adam's best chance to protect the queen. Nick claimed he was the white knight charging in to save Adam's sorry behind. Nick moved the knight and asked who Adam's protector was, the one person who would stand beside Adam, no matter what. Adam didn't know. Nick said everyone knew Sharon was Adam's queen. Adam claimed he'd never said anything about Sharon being his queen. Nick said that Adam played on Sharon's emotions, and it had worked.

Nick stated that Adam had gotten between Sharon and Rey. He'd convinced Sharon that there was a better man inside him, one who shouldn't be judged by his previous actions, no matter how horrendous they'd been. Adam claimed he was seeking redemption, and Nick knew that to be true because he'd poured his heart out to Nick in Kansas. Adam had asked Nick how he could change his life and when Nick would see him in a different light. Nick had made him believe it was possible.

Nick told Adam that perhaps he was as good at playing people as Adam was. Nick stated that he'd moved the chess piece to protect Sharon. Helping Adam had been an unintended consequence. Adam asked why he would make the right move if it didn't make a difference. Nick said that every time Adam had talked about changing, he'd quit before anything had happened. Victor told Nick that the point of the game was to protect those they loved, and if Nick didn't want to be part of that, he needed to leave. Victor moved his rook and took Adam's knight. Nick said he'd tried. Before Nick left, he told Adam his queen had arrived.

Sharon told Adam she shouldn't be by Adam's side. Adam asked if it was because he was toxic and destroyed everything he touched. Sharon said she'd always wanted Adam to be happy and free. She'd wanted to help him find peace, and she believed she had helped him. Adam stated that Sharon had always helped him. She'd forced him to see the truth about how they'd hurt the people they'd cared about most, how they'd damaged Sharon's relationship with Rey and Adam's with Chelsea. Sharon said they'd done it to themselves because they'd fallen into their old habits.

Sharon said she'd been Adam's crutch. It was his way of avoiding facing his demons and figuring out things for himself. Adam needed to break through that wall if he was going to make the changes he'd spoken about. Adam moved his knight. Sharon asked Victor's permission to make a move. She moved the queen and took Adam's rook. Sharon thanked Adam for saving Faith's life. She asked Adam to let her go, once and for all.

Adam told Victor the moves he'd made had left him at a disadvantage, and it had made it difficult to win the game. Victor claimed Adam could regain the upper hand with a move right in front of him. Adam claimed he'd left himself too vulnerable. There was no way to win. Adam asked if the game was to teach him a lesson. Perhaps Phyllis had been right; people didn't change. Adam stated that he'd tried to play the game differently, but the board didn't lie and had put him in his place. Adam forfeited the game because there was no way to win.

Victor said Adam hadn't meant that, but Adam claimed he was done. He asked Victor what move would have won the game. Chelsea appeared and asked Adam if she was allowed to play. Chelsea said Adam had hoped she would be locked up and the key thrown away. Adam claimed he'd never meant to hurt Chelsea. Chelsea said his actions told a different story. Chelsea claimed he'd brought Sharon in as her therapist when she'd been helpless and could only blink. Adam claimed that he and Sharon had only wanted to help Chelsea recover.

Chelsea told Adam it had brought out her rage. She asked if he had even considered what it had done to her when he'd kissed Sharon. Adam claimed it had been a mistake. He'd only wanted Chelsea to get well so they could have their life and family back. Chelsea asked if that was possible after everything that had happened. Adam claimed it was. Chelsea said that even if she was amenable, Adam had no idea how to get there. She picked up the bishop and moved it. She said she'd been his queen. He could have won and had everything he'd ever wanted, but he had thrown it all away and was all alone.

Adam told Chelsea it didn't have to end that way -- they could start over. Chelsea stated it was too late. Adam had driven her over the edge, and she'd lost her mind. It was too late to pull her back. She told him to enjoy his lonely life. After Chelsea left, Victor suggested they go for a drink. Victor left. Adam stared at the chessboard.

Victoria told Adam he'd made a mess by allowing people to push him all over the board. She asked if Adam believed he deserved a reset. She said Adam would never be a knight like Nick or Rey. Adam refused to continue the way he'd been because it had led him down a path he didn't want to travel. Victoria dripped with sarcasm and said Adam sounded "so sincere." She asked if he was buying into the crap about how he played the game. She said it was about one thing -- winning. She moved the bishop across the board and said "check." Adam claimed he had no interest in fighting with her.

Victoria told Adam it was too late for that. He'd provoked her, taunted her, and framed her, but worst of all, Adam had underestimated her. She said she should be the one he feared the most.

Adam woke up with a start in his hospital bed.

Sharon, Nick, and Nate met in the waiting room. Nate said all the tests indicated that Faith's body was accepting the transplant, and if things continued that way, Faith should make a full recovery. Adam's kidney would function like one of her own. Nick and Sharon were elated. Suddenly, they saw Adam walk by. Nick asked Nate if Adam should be up and about. Nate said transplant patients were encouraged to walk as soon as possible. He said if Adam felt ready, it was a good sign. Sharon said it appeared that Adam wanted to check on Faith. Nick went to talk to Adam.

Nick asked Adam how he felt. Adam claimed the only thing that mattered was Faith. Nick informed Adam that Faith's body had accepted his kidney. Adam said he'd done the right thing. Nick asked about Adam's plans, since he was a free man. He assumed Adam wanted to be with Connor. Adam said he'd lost the game, but it wasn't too late. He wanted to do a reset and make amends. Adam told Nick he was sorry for everything, and Adam left.

Nick told Sharon that Adam had acted a little strange and blamed it on the drugs. Nick said Adam had talked about losing some game, making amends, and resetting. He said Adam had apologized for everything. Sharon asked what that meant. Nick said he'd seen a different side to Adam in Kansas, and it appeared Adam really wanted to change.

In Adam's hospital room, Sharon asked how Adam felt. He said he was better knowing the transplant had been successful. Sharon said she would never be able to thank him enough. He said that in the grand scheme of things, it was the least he could have done. Sharon said Nick had informed her that Adam wanted to make amends. Adam said Nick probably thought he'd been rambling because of the meds, but he knew exactly what he'd said. It was like he'd woken up with new awareness and a desire to make some changes and be a better person.

From the look on Sharon's face, Adam said he understood her skepticism He said he wanted to prove to everyone he cared about that he could change. Sharon said if that was what he wanted, she believed he could do it. He said it wouldn't be easy, but his first step was to let Sharon go, finally and completely. He had to stop running to her with all his problems. He said he wouldn't complicate her life anymore. Sharon admitted that what had happened between them hadn't been one-sided.

Adam told Sharon he knew how much she and Rey loved each other, and he claimed he wouldn't get in their way anymore. He said he would help Sharon and Rey find their way back to each other. Sharon didn't think that was possible. Adam said it wasn't only possible; it would happen. He said because he was making changes in his life, he would remain relentless in making things happen. He said he was going to use his powers for good instead of evil. Sharon told him to get some rest, and she left.

Nick arrived at the Grand Phoenix and told Phyllis that Faith's body was accepting the transplant. Phyllis was ecstatic. Nick thanked Phyllis for being there for him. Nick claimed it had been great being able to depend on Phyllis, and the reliable and dependable Phyllis was a better person to be in a relationship with.

Phyllis told Nick she'd heard that Chelsea had poisoned Rey and then had a psychotic break. Nick said it might have been a moment of truth for Adam. Phyllis asked if Adam had been sincere about turning his life around. Nick said he was cautiously optimistic.

Victor stopped in to see Adam. Adam claimed that when he'd woken up, he'd felt energized and ready to move forward. Victor wanted Adam to recover completely. Adam claimed he would be ready sooner than expected, and he was ready to get back into the game with Victor. Adam vowed he wouldn't let Victor down. Victor said that since the charges against Adam had been dropped, Victor was delighted with the outcome.

At home, Victor poured himself a drink. He saw the chessboard. He looked at it and said it had been there all along. He moved the knight and said "checkmate, a new beginning."

Summer and Kyle get a surprise at their engagement party

Summer and Kyle get a surprise at their engagement party

Friday, May 14, 2021

Adam entered his penthouse and stared at Chelsea's wheelchair. Victor appeared in the doorway and offered to have the chair removed. Adam voiced surprise to see his father, and Victor admitted that he wasn't the most patient man. Victor asserted that the most important thing was that Adam was home where he belonged, so he could start another critical phase of his life by embarking upon their business venture. Before they got started, Victor wanted Adam to promise him something regarding Chelsea and Sharon.

Victor pointed out that Adam almost hadn't gotten a second chance because of Chelsea's jealousy of Sharon, and he insisted that Adam turn the corner with both women. Adam felt responsible for Chelsea's breakdown. He wanted her to get better, but he considered it best that they go their separate ways after everything that had happened. Adam continued that he hoped Sharon and Rey worked things out, and he prioritized the company and rebuilding his relationship with his family. Adam assured Victor that there was no room for another involvement in his life right then -- especially one with Sharon.

Victor envisioned a bright future ahead for Adam. Adam expressed his gratitude toward Victor for standing by him, and Victor commended Adam for having the guts to return to town and sacrifice his own health to save Faith. Adam pledged to turn his life around and put his body and soul into making their new venture a huge success. He intended to turn Cyaxares into an even bigger powerhouse than it already was -- then use it to crush Chancellor Communications and Billy Abbott into the ground. Victor crowed that it was music to his ears.

Sharon and Mariah entered the cottage, carrying bags of groceries. Sharon happily rambled about the preparations for Faith's return home from the hospital, but Mariah told her to stop. Mariah felt like she'd been on a roller coaster with everything Adam had done, but Sharon didn't want to debate about Adam on such a beautiful day. Mariah conceded that what Adam had done for Faith had been amazing, but she was afraid he would use it to his advantage. Sharon defended that it was a great day because of Adam's bravery, and she refused to stay under the dark clouds and instead focused on the silver lining.

Mariah swore that she wasn't trying to be negative, but she wanted Sharon to be happy and to have it all by reconciling with Rey. Mariah voiced concern that Adam had proven himself to be an innocent hero who was back and was there to stay after saving Faith's life twice, and she expected him to try to win Sharon back. Sharon insisted that it wouldn't happen, since she and Adam had made peace with everything the morning after the surgery. She added that Adam wasn't a threat to Rey or their marriage, and she was determined to convince Rey of that.

Sharon refused to accept that her marriage was over, but she also recognized that it would be difficult to save it. Mariah volunteered to stay with Faith while Sharon lured Rey away on an isolated romantic getaway and showed him that he couldn't be without her. Sharon loved Mariah for inspiring her to fight for the man she loved, but her first priority was getting to Faith.

At Crimson Lights, Nick greeted Rey, who curtly replied that he was on his way out. Nick asked if Rey had a minute, and Rey inquired whether they could talk someplace else. Nick looked around and wondered if Rey was trying to avoid Sharon. Rey commented about how tense things were, and Nick suggested Rey make things less tense by letting go of his anger toward Adam and trying to work things out with his wife.

Nick feared that if he didn't give Rey advice, things would only get worse. Rey figured that he could use someone who understood all the players. Nick surmised that Chelsea's accusations had really thrown Rey, but both Adam and Sharon had sworn that there had been no affair. Nick thought the only thing that made sense was that Chelsea had been convinced an affair had actually happened because the stroke had damaged her psyche. Rey pointed out that both things could be true.

Nick admitted that Adam and Sharon had a connection, but he was certain that Sharon hadn't cheated on Rey. Nick sensed that Rey also knew that, and it was why Rey was struggling with it. Nick worried that Sharon had gone through some difficult times, and losing Rey would put her in a vulnerable place. Nick implored Rey to do something about it before it was too late.

Later, Lola found Rey on the patio and announced that she had great news. Rey informed her that he did, too, since Faith was about to be released from the hospital, and her prognosis looked good. Lola hoped it meant Rey and Sharon would have time to work out their problems, but he turned the topic to Lola's good news. Lola shared that she'd been asked to be a guest chef at the biggest restaurant conglomerate in Florida to create menus for five-star restaurants all over the state.

Rey noted that it was far away, but Lola reasoned that she'd be based in Miami and close to their mom. Lola insisted that it would be a big deal for her to gain celebrity chef status, and it would only be for a little while. He realized that she really wanted it, but she felt she couldn't go anywhere without knowing he was okay. Lola recognized how deeply Rey loved, and she knew how he locked down and wouldn't let anyone in when he felt like someone had betrayed him. She knew he and Sharon loved one another, and she encouraged him to open his big heart.

Rey insisted that he would be fine, but he imagined that Lola couldn't just leave Society. Lola revealed that Abby had given her blessing, and Lola had left her recipes for her replacements to replicate. Rey said he would miss his sister, and Lola asked him to promise that he'd trust love and believe in what his heart was saying where Sharon was concerned. Rey refused to make any promises, but he swore that he'd heard her. Rey urged Lola to follow her own heart instead of worrying about him. She responded that she would always worry about him, and she assured him that she would be back.

At the hospital, Faith looked forward to getting out of there, but she cringed when she tried to sit up. Mariah urged her to take it easy, and she departed for a meeting. Sharon reported that the nurse was getting the release papers together, and Faith hoped to say goodbye to the place forever. Nick joined them and observed that his girl was getting better every day. Faith thought it was crazy that she had someone else's kidney in her body, but she was grateful it was working. Nick said he was proud of Faith for being brave through the whole thing.

Nick noticed a deck of cards and inquired whether Faith had picked up some new tricks. Faith mentioned that she'd been playing with Moses, and Nick suspiciously noted that Moses had been there a lot. Sharon considered it great that Faith and Moses had become friends, since he seemed like a nice young man.

Nick stepped out while Faith changed clothes, and he found Nikki and Moses in the waiting room. Nick said he understood Moses had been playing games with Faith, and Moses hoped to stop by later to play more. Nick sternly stated that it had been a rough day, so Faith would need some rest. Moses figured that he could visit in a few days, once Faith was stronger, and Nick replied that they'd see.

At the cottage, Sharon and Nick hovered over Faith. Nick realized that he needed to get ready for Kyle and Summer's engagement party, and Faith asked if her father had given Kyle the seal of approval yet. Sharon expected Nick to make Kyle sweat up until the wedding day, and Nick defended that he was just being a good dad. Nick departed, and Sharon stepped into the kitchen to make Faith some soup. Nikki arrived, and Faith swore that she'd never take being home for granted again.

Faith confided that Rey not being there made her worry about the problems he and her mom had been having. Faith noted that Adam had been the cause of all their arguments, but she wouldn't be there if it hadn't been for Adam. Nikki compared it to how some people had issues with Victor, even though Faith saw him as the most wonderful, caring man in the world.

Sharon returned as Faith assumed that Nikki was saying there was more to Adam than most people were willing to admit. Sharon answered a call from Rey, who asked if she could slip away so they could talk. Sharon indicated that she was with Nikki and Faith, so the timing wasn't great. Faith pushed Sharon to go, since she'd heard enough to understand that Rey wanted to meet. Nikki agreed to stay with Faith, and Sharon headed out.

Sharon joined Rey at Crimson Lights, and he thanked her for being there when he knew she hadn't wanted to leave Faith. Sharon blurted out that she couldn't handle dragging it out, and she pressed to know why he'd wanted to see her in person. He said there was something important he needed to tell her.

In the Jabot boardroom, Jack finished a call as Phyllis arrived to discuss last-minute plans before they talked to Abby. Jack thought Phyllis sounded excited about the party, and Phyllis enthused that it wasn't every day that their kids got engaged. Jack had a few ideas about the night, and he was eager to hear Phyllis' thoughts. Phyllis planned to listen to his ideas, but she anticipated that they would end up using hers. They playfully bantered as Sally watched them head out.

Over video chat, Sally griped to Shirley about Phyllis and Jack laughing as they'd left together. Shirley assumed that Sally hadn't convinced Jack to give her a second chance, and Sally blamed Phyllis for blowing up their relationship out of sheer spite. Shirley wondered what Sally had done to Phyllis to make her treat Sally that way, but Sally claimed that Phyllis had gone after her out of nowhere. Shirley suggested that Sally move on and forget about Jack and Phyllis. Sally wished she knew what Jack and Phyllis had been up to, since it had sounded like they'd been making plans for later on. Sally was determined to uncover the details.

At Society, Abby squealed to Phyllis and Jack that Summer and Kyle deserved the best party ever, and she was counting on Chance being back so they could attend the wedding together. Phyllis imagined that Mariah would be expecting around the time of the fall ceremony, and Abby gushed that she and Chance were on track to be the happiest parents ever. Phyllis dryly hoped Chance showed up sooner rather than later, and Abby went to check on the hors d'oeuvres.

Phyllis regretted that Jack would likely be flying solo for the wedding, but he recalled that she'd made it clear what she thought of Sally. Phyllis insisted that it was his opinion that mattered, and Jack recounted that he'd walked in on Sally lecturing Tara about what a great guy he was. He imagined that Sally was pulling out all the stops to win him back, and Phyllis asked if Sally had. Jack bemoaned that too much had happened, and he had no place for Sally's mean-spirited side in his life.

Phyllis found it interesting that Sally had just happened to be talking about Jack when he'd walked in, implying that Sally had set him up. Jack asserted that it didn't matter because he'd moved on, and Phyllis waited patiently for a grand gesture of gratitude. Jack ribbed that she never waited patiently for anything, and he wasn't sure why she'd gone to such trouble on his behalf. Phyllis explained that she'd felt the need to protect him after everything they'd gone through, just like he'd protected her from herself for many years.

Summer and Kyle cuddled in their hotel suite and looked at photos of the progress on their future home. Kyle hoped construction was complete by the time they got married because he wanted to carry his beautiful bride over the threshold of their new home. Summer murmured that hearing him say "married" made it feel real, and she worried about what would get in their way next. Kyle proclaimed that they'd survived a lifetime of roadblocks and setbacks, and all that was left was the wedding of their dreams. She lovingly questioned how she was supposed to wait until the fall, and he cooed that he had the perfect plan to pass the time. He leaned in and kissed her passionately.

Later, Kyle and Summer were kissing as the elevator doors opened, and they giggled as they stepped into the lobby. He protested that he'd never make it to his meeting, but she didn't want him to leave her yet. Phyllis passed by and guessed the engagement was still on. Kyle planned on seeing them at the party, and he headed out. Summer prepared to show Phyllis pictures of the new house construction, but Phyllis silently turned away. Phyllis confided that she had a nervous feeling in her stomach, and she begged Summer to honestly admit if the marriage was what she wanted.

Phyllis acknowledged that Summer and Kyle were in love and caught up in romance, but she fretted that a very large shadow had been cast over their engagement. Phyllis compared it to when Summer had been planning her last wedding to Kyle, but Summer defended that Lola was no longer an issue. Phyllis referred to another ex that was casting a shadow, but Summer denied having insecurities about Tara. Summer declared that she and Kyle were destined to be together, and she intended to get married and live a long, happy life with him.

Phyllis decided that it was the right moment to give Summer something, and she presented Summer with a jewelry box. Sally entered the hotel as Summer found a necklace inside, and Phyllis explained that it was a special alexandrite piece that she'd gotten in 2015. Summer realized that it had been a gift from Jack, and Phyllis wondered if Summer was bothered that Phyllis hadn't given her something from Nick. Summer gushed that Jack had helped deliver her and that he would be her father-in-law, and the gesture meant the world to her. Sally sourly walked out.

At Jabot, Jack, Kyle, and Mariah wrapped up a meeting. Kyle informed Jack that he'd chosen Mariah to be his best person to stand by him at the ceremony, and Jack vehemently approved. Kyle added that he and Summer needed someone to officiate, and he hoped Jack would consider getting ordained to marry them. Jack exclaimed that he would be honored. Mariah departed for another meeting.

Jack applauded Kyle for handling the nightmare with Ashland and Tara like a true Abbott. Jack mentioned that he'd been looking for the right time to do something, and he presented Kyle with a pocket watch. Kyle recognized it as the one John had given Jack, and Jack hoped it meant as much to Kyle as it had to him. Kyle read the inscription aloud: "I am the master of my fate and captain of my soul."

Kyle declared that he was honored to be Jack's son and John's grandson, and Jack planned on telling a story behind the watch at the party. Sally interrupted to retrieve a report, and Jack abruptly left. Sally noted that it had sounded like Jack and Kyle had something planned that night, and Kyle confirmed that it was his engagement party. Sally congratulated him, and Kyle warned her to stay away from Society if she'd meant what she'd said about keeping peace.

Kyle found Summer getting ready in their hotel suite. She lectured that it would be bad form to be late to their own engagement party, and he complimented her necklace. She shared that her mom had given it to her as an engagement present, and he showed her the pocket watch Jack had given to him. Summer remarked that people seemed to be falling over backwards to support them, and Kyle felt like they were on the right track. She hoped he wasn't having doubts, and he suggested that she kiss him to be sure. She obliged.

At Society, Phyllis asked if Abby needed help, but Abby insisted that everything was under control. Abby invited Mariah to join her in the kitchen to talk about the baby. Jack informed Phyllis that he'd run into Sally at the office while he'd been talking to Kyle about that night. Phyllis panicked that Sally would show up, but Jack assured her that everything would be all right. Nick arrived and asked where the happy couple was.

Jack and Phyllis enthused about the upcoming nuptials. Kyle and Summer walked in, and he groaned about how he'd tried to tell her that it would be bad form to be late. Nick pointed out that Nikki and Victor weren't even there yet, and Jack noted that Ashley and Traci were running late, too. Jack figured that it gave him time for a first toast, and he toasted to the beginning of a marvelous new Abbott-Newman union. The group sipped Champagne, but Summer suddenly looked stricken. "Oh, no," she uttered. Everyone followed her gaze to the entryway, where Tara stood with Harrison.

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