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While trapped in the Montalvo cellar during a tornado, Adam agreed to be Faith's kidney donor, and Nick offered to help Adam escape arrest. The ceiling collapsed on the brothers, and Adam returned with help for an injured Nick. Billy and Lily decided to move in together.
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Adam and Nick were trapped in a cellar during a tornado, and Victor threatened Chelsea and became suspicious of Amanda
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Nick races against time to find Adam and save Faith

Nick races against time to find Adam and save Faith

Monday, May 3, 2021

In hospital room 244, Sharon dozed fitfully in a chair at Faith's bedside. After Sharon awoke with a start, Faith acknowledged that her mother had had a bad dream because she'd been fidgeting and had called out to Adam. Sharon changed the subject and explained that Faith was receiving steroids in hopes that it might calm her immune system and stop it from attacking her kidneys. Sharon added that so far, the steroids weren't working as hoped. Faith panicked when she learned she might require a kidney transplant. Faith cried, "Will someone have to die to give me their kidney?" Sharon explained that a living donor could give up one kidney and live a normal life. Faith recalled that Summer had donated a portion of her liver to Lola.

Sharon told Faith that a family donor would be her best bet, explaining that she had a rare blood type. Sharon acknowledged that only one family member was a match. Faith first guessed it might be Noah, and then she realized it was Adam because her mother had dreamed about him. Faith remembered having yelled at Adam in front of bystanders at Crimson Lights when she'd told him he was disgusting. Faith cried that Adam wouldn't want to help her. Sharon reminded Faith that Adam had saved her by rushing her to the hospital after her accident. Faith asked about Sharon's dream.

Sharon recalled that she'd been searching for Adam. Faith replied, "And you were worried we'd never find him?" Faith said she'd also had a bad dream about being chased by a dark cloud and falling endlessly off a cliff. Sharon recalled that she'd had similar dreams during chemo. Sharon explained that the bad dreams had turned out to be nothing, so Faith shouldn't take her disturbing dream as a bad omen. Sharon assured Faith that she would get better.

Sharon met with Elena outside Faith's room. Sharon reported that Faith seemed a little improved. Elena delivered sobering news, explaining that the renal biopsy had determined that Faith's kidneys were unlikely to recover. Elena said that if the steroids failed and no donor was found, dialysis would become a real possibility. Sharon broke down in tears. Elena acknowledged the fear Sharon felt about Faith having to spend hours hooked to a machine. Elena explained that dialysis would keep Faith alive until they could find a donor, which might take years due to her rare blood type.

After Elena left, Mariah arrived. Sharon explained what was going on with Faith. Mariah was disappointed to learn that the most unreliable person was the one family member that matched Faith's blood type. Sharon began crying and asked Mariah to remain positive for Faith's sake. Mariah encouraged Sharon to expect good news despite Nick being unreachable. After Mariah left, Sharon left a message for Nick, pleading with him to call her as soon as he received her message. Sharon begged Nick to let her know when he found Adam.

Jack rushed into Crimson Lights to meet with Devon, apologizing for postponing their meeting. Jack explained that he and Kyle had narrowly averted a disaster at Jabot. Jack expressed relief that things were falling back into place. Jack said he assumed he'd been summoned to discuss Abbott-Winters Foundation business. Devon announced that the formal assessment of the drug and alcohol rehab program developed in Neil's honor had proven to be a huge success.

Devon read part of the report, which noted that musicians had especially benefited from the program's emphasis on addressing the stresses of peer pressure, working late into the night, and the overall difficulty of maintaining a healthy lifestyle during extended travel. Jack said they should move ahead with their plans to expand. Devon said he'd already expanded the program in various cities. Jack fondly remembered Neil and applauded what had been accomplished in his name.

Devon also announced the creation of a jazz label he would name "Winter's Mood" in memory of Neil. Devon added that some profits would benefit the extended programs. Jack said he'd be honored to attend an event Devon and Lily were planning in memory of Neil. Jack and Devon talked about the baby Devon had helped conceive for Abby and Chance. Devon acknowledged that it would be odd knowing his DNA would be carried by a child that wouldn't be his.

Devon recalled that he'd been close to Neil, despite not being his biological son, and felt assured that Abby's baby would feel the same way about Chance. Jack said the Abbotts, the Chancellors, and the Newmans were excited about welcoming the little one into the world. Jack asked about Moses and also learned that Devon had been dating Amanda. Devon explained that though Amanda and Hilary were twins, Amanda was her own person. Jack expressed happiness for Devon.

After Jack left, Elena entered the coffeehouse. Devon announced that he was excited about a new project. Elena seemed distracted. Devon said Moses had told him that Faith was in the hospital again. Elena cried that the family had already been through so much that it didn't seem fair that Faith was so ill. Devon told Elena he would be praying for Faith, her parents, and the doctors doing their best to help. Devon credited Elena for putting her heart and soul into helping her patients. Elena seemed touched when Devon wished her luck.

At Society, Abby left a message for Mariah, who was flying home from a business trip. Abby said she assumed Mariah would visit Faith and hoped there would be good news. Lola approached Abby and inquired about Faith. Abby said she hadn't heard anything new since Sharon had said that Faith might require a kidney transplant. Lola said Rey had been feeling helpless, so she couldn't imagine how Nick and Sharon felt. Abby said her mind had been fixated on the happy moments of raising a child, but she realized she was signing up for the worry of unexpected crises, too. Abby said Chance would be a rock during a crisis. Lola listed the baby's relatives and friends and noted that Abby's child would be surrounded with love.

Nina arrived at Society, toting a big package Chance had sent. Abby read the enclosed card from Chance, expressing his love. Chance wrote that he'd sent reminders of their honeymoon to tickle all five senses. In the box, Abby found a device that played the sound of ocean waves, a bag of piņa colada candy, a framed photo of a nighttime beach scene, mango body cream, and a scented candle. Abby cherished the gifts that she acknowledged had lifted her spirits.

After Nina and Abby returned home, Abby berated herself for moping after having received such thoughtful gifts from her loving husband. Nina assured Abby that nothing was wrong about a newlywed feeling sad and missing her husband who'd been absent for weeks. Abby said the package had made her long for Chance even more, and she wondered how much longer the separation might last. Abby said she realized she was lucky to be married to the man of her dreams and awaiting the arrival of their first child. Nina received a message requesting her assistance in rewriting a move script, so she stepped away to phone her agent.

Abby admired the beach photo Chance had sent. Abby seemed forlorn and sighed. Abby's mood improved when Mariah arrived. Mariah was sad after having learned about Faith's condition. Mariah acknowledged that Faith's condition had deteriorated to the point of requiring a transplant. The scent of Abby's burning candle worsened Mariah's nausea, so she went upstairs to shower. Later, Mariah felt better and said her uncomfortable symptoms were like a message from the baby.

Lola ran into Elena at Crimson Lights and surmised that Faith's condition was dire. Elena recalled that Lola had taken Faith under her wing. Lola replied, "Yeah, I'm the cool aunt. You know, she confides in me." Elena praised Lola for being an amazing role model. Lola remembered how beautiful Sharon and Rey's wedding had been, adding that before the wedding, Sharon had moved past her cancer ordeal. Lola recalled that Faith had been very excited about her mother and Rey being in love and getting married. Elena credited Sharon for keeping Faith upbeat as much as possible.

In the abandoned cellar of the late A.J. Montalvo's Kansas farmhouse, Adam grabbed a crowbar and ducked beneath a set of wooden stairs when he heard someone approach. Nick took a step backwards when Adam suddenly leaped out, wielding the crowbar. Adam said, "What the hell are you doing here?" Nick explained to Adam that Sharon had figured out where he might be. Nick explained that an emergency had arisen. Adam was confused when Nick said Adam was the only person who could help Faith because they shared a rare blood type. Adam laughed and said Nick was setting him up when Nick cried that Faith required a kidney transplant immediately.

Nick attempted to phone Sharon. Adam explained that they were underground, where Nick's cell phone couldn't pick up a signal. Adam became irate and yelled that if what Nick was claiming was true, Sharon would have come in person. Nick insisted that he would never lie about his child's health, explaining that Faith was in a life-and-death situation. Adam recalled that Nick had lied about Victor's health in order to manipulate him and trick him into incriminating himself.

Nick noted that he could have alerted the police if he'd wanted to ambush Adam. Nick added that he would be forever indebted to Adam for having saved Faith once already. Nick said that the good deed would be negated if Adam failed to help Faith again, adding that Sharon was counting on him. Adam doubted Nick's claim and insisted that Nick would relish hearing Sharon tell Adam to go straight to hell.

Nick cried that Sharon was worried about Faith having to face dialysis every other day. Adam still seemed unconvinced that Nick was being truthful. Nick said, "You can save Sharon's daughter's life right now. After everything you have put them through, don't you think they deserve that?" As Nick was pleading with Adam, a storm worsened and blew debris against the cellar windows.

Nick said he and Adam should leave immediately because Victor's jet was waiting at the airport. Adam refused, explaining that he couldn't risk being captured. Nick insisted he would do whatever was necessary to force Adam to return. Adam reminded Nick he was standing in the very place where he'd murdered A.J. Montalvo when he'd been a child. Adam added that he'd also managed to drive the murdered man's daughter out of her mind.

Adam called himself an irredeemable monster, claiming that it was the way Nick regarded him. Adam asked if Nick thought Adam had poisoned Rey. Nick said all that mattered was saving Faith's life. Adam pressed Nick, and he admitted that he believed Adam had poisoned Rey. Adam cried that his brother would always expect the worst from him. Nick insisted that what he thought didn't matter. Nick begged Adam to consider Sharon, the one person he couldn't turn his back on when she needed him the most. Nick cried that Adam was the only person who could save Sharon's little girl.

Adam said that if Nick believed Adam had poisoned Rey, he might turn Adam over to the police after the surgery. Nick swore he would keep Adam hidden and protected, and he would help Adam escape. Nick reminded Adam that they both were protective fathers and would do anything to help their children. Before Adam and Nick could leave the cellar, the storm became severe. Nick was unable to open the cellar door. Adam warned that it was too dangerous to leave, but Nick insisted that delaying wasn't an option. Adam added that for all he knew, the house above them had been destroyed.

Adam opens up to Nick moments before the ceiling collapses

Adam opens up to Nick moments before the ceiling collapses

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

At Chancellor Communications, Billy was on the phone, ordering a reporter to follow the lead instead of wasting time by talking to him. After he hung up, he prompted Lily to ask what the call had been about, but she jokingly preferred to wait for him to burst. He informed her that Nick had jumped on the Newman jet to an unknown destination, and he bet Nick knew where Adam was hiding. Billy hoped to post the story before the cops arrested Adam.

Billy expected the story to be a bombshell, and he wanted to have someone follow Nick's trail. Lily reasoned that Nick might have gone on a business trip, but Billy doubted Nick had boarded a private jet to deal with a crisis at New Hope. Lily speculated that Billy just wanted the trip to be about Adam. She reminded Billy that he'd promised to turn his fixation down a notch, but he argued that it wouldn't be good if someone else got the lead instead.

Lily agreed to pursue the story as long as their other pieces still moved forward. Billy proposed that they discuss it over lunch at Society, and she offered to meet him there after her conference call. She teased that he was cute when he got worked up about something, and he cooed that he only got worked up about her, so everything else was secondary. He departed, and a look of concern crossed her face.

At the hospital, Nikki found Sharon in the waiting area and declared that she was proud of Faith for being brave when facing such uncertainty. Nikki reported that Faith had challenged Victor to a chess game the next time he visited, and she said she was only a call away if Sharon needed anything. After Nikki left, Sharon forlornly sat down. Rey appeared and admitted that he hadn't been able to stay away.

Rey mentioned that he'd been on his way to check on Faith when he'd seen Sharon there, looking upset. Sharon explained that the treatment to save Faith's kidneys wasn't working, and she hated the prospect of her daughter facing dialysis for the rest of her life. Rey asked if anyone had been a match for a transplant, and Sharon indicated that they'd found someone with Faith's rare blood type who Nick was tracking down. Sharon added that there was exactly one person in the family who could help Faith -- if they got him to agree. Rey realized she meant Adam.

Rey angrily realized that Sharon and Nick had known where to find Adam but had kept it to themselves instead of telling Rey what was going on. Sharon argued that it would have risked the one shot they had at Faith getting a transplant, but Rey countered that he loved Faith, too. Rey questioned whether Sharon thought he would have stood in the way of Faith getting help, and Sharon replied that she didn't know anything when it involved her and Rey anymore. Rey hoped it all worked out, and he requested to see Faith. Sharon swore that she would never try to keep him from Faith.

Rey visited Faith, who said she'd missed Rey. He complained that he'd had no one to share his morning cinnamon bun with, and she was glad because that was their thing. He asked how she was feeling, and she reported that she felt pretty awful. Rey was confident that she'd get through it stronger than ever, and Faith murmured that he always said the right thing. He confirmed that he knew she needed a transplant and who the donor might be, and she wondered if he was angry that it was Adam.

Sharon listened from the doorway as Rey insisted that he only cared about Faith getting better. Faith flatly inquired whether Rey had moved out, since she hadn't believed her mom's claim that he'd been working late shifts. Rey swore that it wasn't important right then, but Faith insisted that it was important to her. Faith assumed he'd moved out because of something Adam had done, and Rey said it was complicated.

Rey admitted that he still loved Sharon very much, and Faith whimpered that she didn't want her mom to have to deal with everything alone. Rey assured Faith that nothing would make him happier than if things worked out, and he and Sharon were in agreement that the most important thing was Faith's health. Sharon walked away as Rey offered to have Lola talk Faith through the whole transplant process. He noted that Lola and Summer had both made it through surgery with flying colors, and he knew Faith would, too.

A short time later, Rey slipped out of Faith's room and asked if Sharon was okay. Sharon reported that she'd just received a text message from Elena, who had urged her to get away from the hospital while they ran more tests on Faith. Rey encouraged Sharon to take care of herself, so she'd be able to take care of Faith. Sharon wondered why Nick hadn't called to let her know what was going on. Rey was certain that Nick would contact her, and he volunteered to take her home in the meantime.

Rey escorted Sharon back to the cottage, and she surmised that he had to get back to work. He wanted to take care of her first, and he asked when she'd last eaten. She couldn't remember, and he stepped into the kitchen to make her something. Later, Sharon protested that Rey hadn't needed to stay, but he questioned whether she would have made herself a meal on her own. He suspected that she would have crashed on the couch until it had been time to go back to the hospital, and she mused that he knew her well.

Sharon fretted that she should have heard from Nick, and Rey asked where Nick had gone. Sharon demanded to know whether the question was from Faith's stepdad or from a detective who was desperate to find Adam. Rey realized that she thought he had an ulterior motive for taking her home, but he swore that the inquiry had been from the heart. Sharon apologized for ruining the opportunity to finally talk honestly with one another. Rey sympathized that she was tired and frightened. He proclaimed that there was something he needed to confess.

Rey shared that he'd been having doubts about Adam's guilt, and he'd sensed something off when he'd spoken to Chelsea and Chloe. He continued that his gut had told him that both women hadn't been giving him the truth, but he hadn't been able to prove it yet. He intended to keep digging for answers while he took a hard look at himself, since part of him had wanted Adam to be guilty. Rey admitted that he'd let his personal feelings influence the investigation, and he needed to look at all the facts to find the truth.

At the hospital, Moses looked in on Faith, who said she'd like some company unless he needed to get back to volunteering. He revealed that he wasn't on the schedule and was only there to see her. Moses explained that Nate had been adamant about maintaining doctor-patient confidentiality and hadn't told him anything, and he wondered if Faith's condition had to do with her accident. She divulged that she had an infection that had messed up her kidneys.

Faith bemoaned that everyone had been looking at her with chronically worried expressions in their eyes. She mentioned that her brain got foggy, and it took her a while to make out what people were trying to say. Moses inquired whether she was on a treatment plan, and Faith shared that she'd either undergo dialysis or have a transplant. She confided that she wasn't feeling very lucky those days, and she wondered if people were really telling her everything. She wailed that she didn't know what to think anymore. Moses thought he knew what to do, and he pulled out his phone.

Moses told Faith that he was doing research on her condition, since she might understand it better if they talked about it together. Faith hesitated to trust what he found online, but Moses stated that Nate had highly recommended Ask MD Now, since Nate was the spokesperson for the site. Moses pledged to learn everything he could, so Faith would have a friend to talk to if she got worried or confused about her health. Faith groaned that it was the last thing she wanted to talk about, and Moses insisted that he was also good for watching movies or helping her keep up on schoolwork. He had a feeling that she would get through it.

At Society, Victoria told Nikki that she'd canceled all her meetings that day in order to visit Faith. Nikki worried that Faith wasn't the only one having a difficult time, since no mother wanted to see her child fighting for her life. "So much for old rivalries," Victoria remarked, and Nikki figured they fell by the wayside when a child was sick. Nikki asserted that what was important was getting Faith through it, and everyone in the family had a part to play. Victoria wondered if it was realistic to think Nick could convince Adam to return to donate a kidney. Billy eavesdropped as Victoria doubted Adam would return to town and face jail time when he'd gone on the run to avoid being arrested.

Nikki shared that Nick was following a lead on Adam's location, based on something Adam had told Sharon when he'd called her, and Nick was determined to get Adam back there, voluntarily or not. Nikki added that the alterative was for Faith to be placed on the national registry to receive a kidney, and the wait might be years while Faith endured dialysis. Nikki loathed having to depend on Adam to do the right thing, but Victoria imagined that he'd use having something that everyone wanted to his advantage. Victoria envisioned Adam getting his hands on whatever he demanded and then leaving town before the surgery. Victoria groaned that there were many ways things could go wrong.

Nikki brightly pointed out that at least Adam didn't know Nick was on his way, and Victoria was grateful no one knew Nick was gone. Billy interrupted and advised the women that Nick's departure on the Newman jet wasn't as secret as they thought it was. He confessed that he'd been listening long enough to know what was going on with Adam and Faith. Billy requested to speak to Victoria alone, and Nikki departed.

Billy told Victoria that he'd been following a lead about Nick leaving on the Newman jet, and he had a journalist following Nick's trail. Victoria asserted that it was a family matter, and she warned that Billy would put Faith's life at risk by letting his reporters loose. Victoria wondered if page views were more important than her niece's life. Billy vowed not to do anything to put Faith at risk, and he announced that he was pulling the plug on the story because he was on Victoria's side.

Victoria apologized for assuming Billy would publish the story about Faith and Adam. Billy couldn't blame her for thinking the worst when he'd given her plenty of reasons to be suspicious of his intentions. Victoria was concerned that another media outlet would pick up the same lead, and Billy promised to do everything he could to throw them off the scent. Victoria thanked him and said she was sorry for overreacting. Billy sympathized that she was worried about Faith. Victoria wiped away tears as Lily walked in and spotted them together.

Trapped in the cellar of the Montalvo farmhouse in Kansas, Nick and Adam tried to force open the door leading to the kitchen, to no avail. Adam pointed out that they didn't even know if the house was still standing, but Nick was adamant that they get back to Genoa City to help Faith. Adam cautioned that the door was made of steel, and Nick would hurt himself if he kept it up. Adam warned that even if they got out, there was a twister raging outside. Nick imagined that Adam would do anything in the world to get to Connor if the boy were the one in need of a transplant. They resumed pounding against the door with a wooden plank.

Nick searched for something he could use to pry open the windows. Adam noted that the windows were covered in rusty grates that they would never be able to get off. Nick demanded that Adam find another solution, and he became incensed when Adam grabbed a bottle of wine. Adam figured he'd have some wine to pass the time until the storm subsided. Nick lectured that they needed to be sharp to get out alive and on time, and he condemned Adam for drinking when he might be donating a kidney soon. The ceiling creaked ominously overhead.

The lights flickered, and Nick vowed not to quit. He thought he felt a draft in a certain spot, and he gasped when he found a cellar door leading outside. Nick was disappointed when it wouldn't budge, and Adam suspected that it was padlocked from the other side. Adam warned that they wouldn't know what would be flying around out there once they got the doors open. Nick chided him for dragging his feet and acting like he was scared when Faith was in the hospital with her kidneys failing. Nick insisted that they be ready to move when the storm passed, and Adam joined Nick in attempting to force the door open.

Nick and Adam's efforts continued to be futile. Adam suggested that they take a break, and Nick agreed to pause for two minutes. Adam conceded that Nick had been right in that Adam would be just as driven if it were Connor who needed surgery. Adam shared that hiding out in the abandoned house had made him realize how much he missed his kid, and he recognized that being a father had been one of the most profound things that had ever happened to him. Nick swore that he'd never doubted how much Adam loved his son. Adam replied that he'd had time to ponder how much he'd screwed it up, and he contemplated whether he was as cursed as Nick had always said he was.

Adam wondered what would happen after they made it back to Genoa City and Faith received a new kidney. Nick reiterated that he'd help Adam escape, but he didn't think that was what Adam was really asking. Adam explained that being back in his hometown had given him time to think about his regrets and mistakes, and he couldn't help but wish for a pill or a magic potion to wipe away the past and all the reasons people had for wanting him to disappear. Adam imagined that even if he saved Faith, people would still be convinced he'd only done it to get something out of it.

Adam pointed out that even Nick hadn't believed him when he'd agreed to help. Adam suspected that Nick had expressed his gratitude toward Adam for saving Faith after the accident just to get his hands on Adam's kidney, and he predicted that he could never change Nick or anyone else's mind about him. Nick clucked that change took hard work, and they could talk if Adam made the effort. Adam rejoined Nick to try to force the door open, and he questioned what it would take to change everyone's opinion of him.

Nick advised Adam to stop running away from the consequences of his actions by manning up and facing the music for poisoning Rey. Adam staunchly maintained that he hadn't poisoned Rey, and Nick dryly wished him luck trying to convince everyone of that. "Have fun," Adam retorted, and he gave up trying to help. Nick continued banging on the door.

Nick questioned when Adam had given "a damn" about what Nick thought about him. Adam sensed that Nick had meant it when he'd thanked Adam for taking Faith to the hospital after the accident, and Nick confirmed that he had been sincere. Adam confided that he'd never stopped wanting Nick to see him for more than the sum of his bad decisions and mistakes, and he hoped Nick could take a minute to see Adam's side of everything that had gone on between them. Adam worried that maybe it was too much, but he believed almost anything would be a step forward.

Adam imagined that Nick wasn't responding because Adam had hurt him. Adam wished he could take that magic pill and make all the "hell" he'd put Nick through disappear. Adam added that he wasn't sure he wanted to be Nick's enemy anymore, and being in the empty house day after day had made him realize that he needed a fresh start -- if that was even possible. Adam envisioned a world where he wasn't on the run, and he could raise his son to be a decent man.

Adam guessed that his words were falling on deaf ears. Nick commended Adam for wanting to make changes, but he could only think about getting home to his daughter. "Then let's do it," Adam firmly declared, and they slammed the wooden plank against the door together. The door burst open, and the ceiling began to collapse. Nick yelled Adam's name and lunged to knock his brother out of the way of the falling debris.

Chelsea receives an ultimatum from Victor

Chelsea receives an ultimatum from Victor

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

by Nel

In the basement of the Montalvo farm, Nick regained consciousness while buried under a pile of debris. Choking, Nick called out to Adam. When he didn't receive an answer, he began removing debris, looking for Adam. Adam was on other side of the wall of debris, unconscious and also under a pile of rubble. Determined to get to Adam, Nick tried to remove the debris separating him from Adam. Talking to an unconscious Adam, Nick reminded him of his promise to help Faith, and he said Adam had to get back to Genoa City to save her.

Adam regained consciousness and called out to Nick. He asked what had happened. Nick explained that the ceiling had fallen in on them, and a section of it separated them. Adam said he had a few scrapes, his head was killing him, but his kidneys were intact. However, he was pinned under a huge tree branch. He said no one knew they were there because no one was supposed to be living at the Montalvo farm.

Nick asked if Adam could get to the door and leave for Genoa City. Nick asked Adam to use all his strength to get out of there and save Faith's life. Using a wedge to lift the branch off his leg, Adam managed to free himself. Adam didn't want to leave Nick behind. Nick suggested that Adam get to the police station and ask them for help. Adam reminded Nick that he was a wanted man and would be arrested.

Adam told Nick he had an idea, and he promised to return. Adam assured Nick that he wouldn't run or leave the country. Nick said he trusted Adam, and Adam left. Alone in the basement, Nick tried to move some debris, but he tripped and fell. The cut on his leg was bleeding badly. Nick was in a lot of pain and semiconscious. In his head, he heard Faith tell him not to trust Adam. She asked Nick to help her.

Nick grabbed a stick for support and stood up. Still in a great deal of pain, he began removing more debris; however, the pain became too much, and Nick sat down. He hallucinated that Faith was with him, and Faith said that Adam had been gone for quite a while. They needed Adam -- she asked what they would do if Adam had run away again. Nick said they would figure it out. Faith claimed Adam was the perfect match. Nick said Adam would return. Faith claimed Adam couldn't be trusted. Nick said it was different that time. She wanted to know how Nick could be so sure.

Still hallucinating, Nick told Faith that it was hard to explain, but for the first time in his life, he believed Adam. Nick said Adam had done terrible things and was a broken man, but Adam was looking for forgiveness. Faith claimed Adam had tricked Nick and everyone else before. Nick said that for the moment, he had to believe Adam. Faith asked if Nick believed Adam would donate a kidney because Nick had asked him to. Nick said Adam would do it for Sharon. Nick claimed he was really tired. Faith yelled at Nick to stay awake. Nick forced himself to stay awake and stood up once again.

Nick heard sirens and Adam telling someone where Nick was. Nick was surprised that Adam had returned. He chastised Adam for taking such a huge risk and said Adam should have gone straight to Genoa City. Adam said he'd skipped the police department. He'd gone straight to the fire station. He told Nick he'd had to give them a fake name. Nick asked what name Adam had given. Adam smiled and said, "Billy Abbott." Nick was impressed.

Adam said he'd brought an ambulance after he'd seen the gash in Nick's leg. Adam said he hadn't been able to leave because he hadn't been able to risk Nick not getting help in time. Nick thanked him. Adam told Nick not to thank him until they were on the jet, headed for Genoa City to help Faith. In that moment, they bonded and shook hands.

At the ranch, Victor told Nikki that the weather forecast had been accurate for Kansas. The tornado had touched down close to the Montalvo farm, where Adam was believed to be hiding, and Nick was on his way there. Nikki tried to assure Victor that under the circumstances, she was sure that Nick would find Adam. Nikki asked if Victor was worried that Adam wouldn't be willing to return, knowing what it would mean for Faith. Victor said that Nick would be asking Adam to risk his freedom, and the rift between Nick and Adam was so deep, it was almost insurmountable.

Nikki told Victor she understood Victor's concern that Nick might not be able to convince Adam to return to Genoa City with him. The hatred between Nick and Adam was palpable, but it didn't mean it wouldn't happen. Nikki said that even enemies could work through their differences. Victor claimed that Nick and Adam had more than just differences. Nikki claimed they had one thing in common: they were both devoted fathers who would do anything for their children. Nikki believed that Nick would be able to get through to Adam, in spite of their differences.

Victor reminded Nikki that Adam had been accused of poisoning Rey at a time when things had been beginning to fall into place for him. He stated that Chelsea had poisoned Rey, and Victor needed to lay a trap for Chelsea.

At Sharon's, Rey walked out of the kitchen and said he was after the truth about who had poisoned him. He saw Sharon had fallen asleep on the couch. Rey wrote Sharon a note, took her car keys out of her purse, and left.

When Sharon woke up, she called out for Rey. She saw the note. It read, "I didn't want to wake you, but I didn't feel I should stay any longer. Keep me posted on Faith's condition. Let me know if I can do anything. I hate that you are going through all this. Love Rey."

On the phone, Sharon was thanking someone at the hospital for the update on Faith when Nikki arrived. Sharon ended the call. She told Nikki that Rey had driven her home, and she'd fallen asleep. Nikki asked if there was anything she could get for Sharon. Sharon thanked Nikki and commented that after all their years together, it was nice that she and Nikki were on the same side. Nikki said she'd found a new respect for Sharon after she'd watched Sharon's fight with cancer and the way Sharon was there for Faith during a very difficult time. Nikki said it was very admirable. Sharon felt Nikki was brave for helping Faith by sharing Nikki's own experiences with rehab.

Nikki told Sharon their mutual admiration moment was over. Nikki informed Sharon that she hadn't heard from Nick, but she believed that Nick would bring Adam home and that Adam would help Faith. She said Sharon needed to believe that, as well. Sharon said she was trying to stay optimistic. Sharon admitted that it was great being able to talk to someone about Faith, because lately, she'd felt quite alone. Nikki was sure that Rey would be home soon. Sharon lied and claimed that Rey was working on a big case.

Sharon realized she couldn't keep up the charade. Sharon confessed to Nikki that Rey had moved out. Nikki asked if the situation was temporary. Sharon hoped they could work things out, but she was afraid it might be too late for them. Nikki understood, especially after all the separations she and Victor had been through, but they had always managed to find a way to work things out. Sharon said she was certain Nikki had been happy things hadn't worked out between Sharon and Nick. Nikki said if she'd had a choice between Sharon and Phyllis for Nick, Sharon would have won by a landslide. Sharon laughed.

At the hospital, Faith woke up and saw Moses. She told Moses she felt better just seeing him. She asked him to stay and talk to her. Moses told Faith he'd done a lot of research about kidneys and asked if she wanted to hear what he'd found. Faith refused and said she trusted what Nate told her. Faith suggested they play chess. Moses got the chess board that Victor had left for Faith.

Faith was teaching Moses how to play chess, but once they started playing, Faith became suspicious and asked if Moses was hustling her. He admitted he had been and that some guys in a New York park had taught him how to play. Suddenly, Faith took a turn for the worse, and she told Moses she didn't feel well. Moses rushed out to get a doctor.

Chelsea was about to leave the penthouse, but when she opened the door, she screamed because she saw Adam standing there. The image disappeared, and Chelsea saw that it was Chloe. Chelsea claimed she'd been going stir crazy. She'd been surprised to see Chloe because she hadn't heard from Chloe since the day Chloe had unceremoniously abandoned her. Chloe refused to apologize for her actions, claiming she'd left because she didn't want to be caught as an accomplice in Chelsea's crazy scheme. She had returned because she'd been worried about Chelsea.

Chloe understood it couldn't have been easy for Chelsea to fake a slow recovery while she was cooped up in the apartment. Chelsea agreed it hadn't been easy. Chelsea claimed she'd been jumpy and toying with the idea of breaking out. Chloe said Chelsea couldn't go out in public because everyone believed she was still working on her mobility and her speech. It was too risky. Chelsea claimed that since Chloe had returned, she could help Chelsea.

Chelsea and Chloe arrived at Society. Chelsea put on a big show, pretending to have difficulty walking, even with a cane. Rey walked out of the kitchen and saw Chelsea. Chloe immediately warned Chelsea about Rey's presence. Rey approached Chelsea and said it was good to see her out and about without a nurse. Chelsea claimed that not having a nurse had given her the incentive to work harder at her recovery. Rey told her not to push too hard. Chelsea asked if there were any leads on Adam. Rey said there weren't.

Rey informed Chelsea there had been some new developments that had pointed the case in a different direction. Chelsea asked what that meant. Rey stated that they had broadened their investigation. Chelsea said that sounded promising, and she wished him luck. After Rey Left, Chloe claimed that Rey's new direction was pointed at her and Chelsea. Chelsea warned Chloe to stop jumping to conclusions. Chelsea stated that Rey had nothing on them; as long as they stayed calm and didn't act suspicious, they would be fine.

At home, Sharon called Faith and was happy to hear that she sounded so upbeat. She said she would be with Faith soon.

Rey returned with takeout for Sharon. She was delighted to see him and thanked him for allowing her to sleep. Rey said he'd brought some of Lola's chicken tortilla soup for Sharon. He said the real reason he was there was because he'd driven Sharon's car home from the hospital, and he returned Sharon's car keys. Sharon asked if he could stay and talk a little, but Rey said he had a ride coming for him. Sharon thanked him for the food and the car. Rey said they would talk in the morning.

After Rey left, Sharon received a call from the hospital, informing her about Faith's setback. Sharon grabbed her jacket and purse and rushed out.

Chelsea and Chloe returned to the penthouse. Chloe commented that the outing had been nerve-racking. Chelsea claimed that Chloe needed to relax. As Chelsea placed her cane on the credenza, she suddenly heard Victor say, "Good evening, ladies. That cane is a nice touch, Chelsea." Chelsea asked how Victor had gotten in, because she'd changed the locks when she and Adam had moved in.

Victor told Chelsea that Adam had given him a key in case of an emergency. Chelsea asked if there was an emergency. Victor claimed there was. He asked if Chelsea and Chloe had been out celebrating Adam's destruction. Chelsea claimed they had been celebrating the progress she'd made in her recovery. Victor claimed Chelsea was the talk of the town because her recovery had been so miraculous. He said doctors would be writing about her speedy recovery.

Chelsea asked what Victor wanted from her. Victor wanted to give her an ultimatum. Chelsea claimed she was working on her recovery, and she didn't have time for his threats or intimidation tactics. Victor claimed she wouldn't get away with it. He said Adam had a chance to start a new life, and Chelsea wasn't going to stop him. He told Chelsea to go to the cops, confess to poisoning Rey, and clear Adam's name. Victor threatened to take Connor away from her if she didn't.

Chloe claimed Victor couldn't do that, and Chelsea claimed he wouldn't dare. Victor asked if she wanted to test him. He said it wouldn't be difficult to get custody of Connor. Connor's father was a fugitive, and his mother was a con artist, recovering from a stroke. Chelsea claimed those weren't grounds for taking her son away from her. Victor claimed he could bring all kinds of things to bear on his case. He told her to think wisely. He gave Chloe a sideways glance, and he left.

Victor wants answers about Amanda's connection to Sutton

Victor wants answers about Amanda's connection to Sutton

Thursday, May 6, 2021

by Nel

At Society, Summer appeared to be deep in thought when Jack arrived. Summer told Jack she was worried about Faith, and on her next visit with Faith, she would bring all her wedding books in the hope that planning a wedding would be a good distraction for Faith. Jack said Faith was lucky to have the family's support. Jack said that Sharon, Nick, and Victor would move heaven and earth to help Faith recover. Summer said she'd heard they'd found a kidney donor. Jack said Faith had a guardian angel looking after her.

Jack asked if Summer and Kyle had set a wedding date. Summer said they hadn't, but she wanted to be a fall bride. It would give her time to get Nick on board because he still wasn't comfortable about her and Kyle exchanging vows. She asked for Jack's help convincing Nick once Faith's life was back to normal. Jack said he would help because he wanted Summer and Kyle to be happily married. Summer said she wanted her wedding to be perfect and complete family unity.

Summer said she hoped Jack would find someone special to bring to the wedding. She begged him not to bring Sally. Jack said that he and Sally weren't seeing each other. He said that he had time to find someone to be his plus one, since the wedding was months away. Summer begged Jack not to let Sally get back under his skin, because she was trouble. Jack said he would take that under advisement. He claimed he had to get back to the office and left.

At the ranch, Nikki informed Sharon that Nick had found Adam, and he'd convinced Adam to help Faith. Sharon said that Faith was resting peacefully, but Sharon was anxious to get back to the hospital to give Faith the good news, since she'd been asleep when Nick had called. Victor commented that Sharon's instincts about Adam being at the Montalvo farm had been spot-on.

After Sharon left, Victor called Michael for an update on his progress about Adam's case. He also wanted to know why his name had been dragged into the Sutton Ames case, because he had nothing to do with it.

Nikki entered the room and said she was anxious for Nick and Adam to return. Victor assured her that they would be landing soon. He claimed that the recent events were a result of Chelsea framing Adam. Adam was hiding in the shadows while Chelsea walked around with her phony limp. He said that Chelsea claimed she'd only recently regained the power in her limbs. Victor felt the police should be investigating Chelsea. He wanted Adam's name cleared. Nikki said she'd overheard Victor's phone call, and she asked about Sutton Ames. Victor told her not to worry about it, but Nikki asked to be indulged.

Victor told Nikki that Sutton Ames had been accused of murdering someone who'd been employed by Newman, a murder that had happened 30 years before then. Sutton had hired Amanda to defend him. Victor felt that Amanda was trying to shift the blame from Sutton to someone at Newman, perhaps even him. Nikki asked if Amanda was going to say that Victor had conspired to commit murder. Nikki asked how Amanda had gotten involved in that case. Victor wondered the same thing, and he was going to find out.

When Mariah arrived at the Jabot boardroom, Kyle congratulated her on a successful business trip. Kyle asked about Faith. Mariah said Faith's situation was dire. Kyle believed that Faith would receive her transplant very soon. Mariah said there was reason to hope; however, that hope needed to turn into reality soon. Mariah said she needed to focus on her work because if they kept talking about Faith, Mariah would turn into a total wreck.

Mariah asked Kyle if Jabot had recovered from the damage Ashland Locke had created. She wondered what had set him off in the first place. Kyle said it was what Mariah had suspected -- Ashland had accused him of having an affair with Tara, and Ashland wanted to punish Kyle and Jabot. Ultimately, Ashland had backed off, and things had returned to normal quickly after Ashland's heart attack. It was probably the catalyst that had made him reconsider things.

Mariah asked Kyle if Ashland was still unaware that Harrison was Kyle's son. Kyle said he intended to keep it that way. He and Tara had agreed not to see each other again. Kyle showed Harrison's photo to Mariah. Mariah said that from the proud tone in Kyle's voice and the wistful look in Kyle's eyes, he might have said goodbye to Harrison; however, she didn't believe Kyle had let him go completely.

Kyle told Mariah he'd let go of the idea of getting to know his son. He admitted he hadn't fully let go, but he would. Harrison was healthy, happy, and loved by two parents who adored him. Kyle refused to disrupt Harrison's relationship with the only father he'd ever known. Kyle was excited to move forward with Summer. He told Mariah the engagement was back on, and he was looking forward to support from his friends. Mariah said that after everything Kyle had been through recently, the least she could do was give him her blessing. She was happy for him. Kyle said Mariah was truly a good friend. She'd been his rock and the only person he'd been able to talk to about everything.

Kyle asked Mariah to stand up for him at his wedding. Mariah was overjoyed to be Kyle's best person. When she found out that the wedding would be in the fall, she warned Kyle she might be as big as a house. Kyle said they would make it work. Kyle asked how she felt. Mariah said she felt great except for occasional morning sickness and sleepiness.

At Devon's, Amanda thanked Devon for the meal Devon had prepared the previous evening. Devon said he'd promised to take care of her while she was on Sutton's case. Amanda informed Devon that other than preparing for Sutton's trial, she had a meeting with Michael Baldwin. Devon said Michael was tough, but Amanda was prepared and would be more than fine.

Amanda received a call from Michael. While she was on the phone, Devon answered the door to Nate. Amanda ended her call and coolly greeted Nate. She told Devon that Michael had moved their meeting up, and she had to leave.

Nate questioned Devon about Amanda staying overnight while Moses lived with Devon. Devon explained that Amanda stayed over from time to time, but he didn't flaunt their relationship in front of Moses. Nate asked if Devon had asked how Moses felt about it. Devon hadn't. Nate said he'd wanted to pick Moses up and take him to school, because they'd both been really busy and hadn't had much time to connect. Devon said Moses had left early to visit with Faith. Nate commented that Moses and Faith appeared to have gotten very close. Nate asked if Devon was okay with that.

Devon told Nate he was okay with that because Faith needed support, and Moses was new to town and needed friends. Devon asked why Nate was questioning him. He said that if Nate had an issue, he needed to address it. Nate apologized and said he knew it wasn't rational, but he thought it had something to do with Elena. He said that Elena had risked everything with him to sleep with Devon again. He and Elena had broken up over it, while Devon had built a relationship with Amanda. Devon said it had been painful for all of them.

Devon told Nate to work things out with Elena. Nate said he cared about her, but they couldn't go back. Nate admitted that jealousy took over whenever he saw Devon and Amanda together because they had it figured out, and they were happier and stronger than they had been previously.

Devon hoped Nate would find that someone he was looking for. Nate said he hoped Devon was right, and he was happy they'd reached a point where they could talk so openly. Nate wanted to know what Devon had planned for the anniversary of Neil's passing. Devon said there would be a small event to honor Neil. Malcolm and Oliva were out of the country and couldn't attend, but he was hoping the twins would be there. Devon knew Neil would have wanted as many members of the Winters family to be there as possible. Nate agreed.

Sharon greeted Faith when she woke up. She told Faith that Nick and Adam were on their way to back to Genoa City. Faith was shocked that Adam would return to donate one of his kidneys to her. Sharon said that when Nick had found Adam, he had explained the situation to Adam, and Adam had realized he'd needed to return to help Faith. Sharon said if everything went as planned, Faith would be on the mend very soon. Faith said that Nick might have been able to get Adam on the plane, but Adam was still hiding from the police. Sharon told Faith to focus on the positive, because no one had given up on her. Sharon reminded Faith what the family and especially Victor would do to help her.

Amanda and Michael met in the lobby of the Grand Phoenix. Michael commented that criminal law was a huge leap from general counsel at ChancComm. She said that her successful defense of Billy had whet her appetite. Amanda said she'd been thankful that Michael had figured out that Billy had been framed before they'd gone to court.

Michael asked Amanda why a powerhouse like Sutton Ames would take on someone who didn't have any experience in criminal law and how that particular case had fallen into her lap. She said it wasn't any of his business. Michael claimed that Amanda's client had been charged with conspiracy to committed first degree intentional homicide as well as solicitation with the intent to commit first degree intentional homicide. He said that it appeared that Sutton was looking at spending the rest of his life in prison. She asked what Michael was offering. Michael wanted Sutton to plead guilty to second degree homicide. Amanda stated that Sutton would face the possibility of a 20-year prison sentence.

Amanda told Michael that a prosecutor with a solid case didn't offer a plea bargain. She said Michael didn't want to go to court because he didn't have a strong enough case, and his evidence was circumstantial. Michael countered that perhaps he didn't want to see an elderly gentleman spend the rest of his life behind bars. Amanda passed on his offer. Michael admired Amanda's self-assurance, but he said he wouldn't be so quick to reject his offer because she couldn't win that case. Amanda said she might not have tried a murder case, but she'd seen plenty of posturing lawyers. Michael claimed he wasn't posturing, but all the evidence pointed to Sutton. Michael asked if she wanted the facts laid out for her.

Michael told Amanda that while Richard Nealon had been working in the accounting department at Newman, he'd found payments to Sutton's campaign for "consulting work." The payments had coincided with Newman real estate project permit issues about building code violations. After the payments had been made, the permit issues had disappeared. They also had records of Richard's phone calls to Sutton's campaign office. If it had been discovered that Sutton had been accepting bribes to help Newman, it would have destroyed his political career, and he would have been sent to prison. Suddenly, Richard had died in a car accident -- the brakes had been tampered with. Sutton's political career had only begun, and he'd had everything to lose if Richard had decided to report what he'd found. Sutton had had everything to gain by having Richard silenced.

Amanda said she had a completely different version of what had transpired, but Michael had to wait for the trial to hear her version. They both stood up, and Amanda said she would see Michael in court. Victor arrived at that moment, and he assumed they had been discussing Sutton Ames. Amanda said she'd just told Michael to be prepared to lose, because her client would be cleared of all charges. Amanda knew Victor wasn't happy that his company was attached to a murder case, but she assured him it wasn't a personal attack. Michael claimed all the facts were in the prosecution's favor. Amanda excused herself to prepare her winning argument.

After Amanda left, Victor asked if Michael had arranged for Chelsea to be investigated. Michael assured him that justice would be served. He suggested that Victor's energy would be better spent on Faith. Victor said there was good news for Faith. Michael said he remembered being a kidney donor for Danny Romalotti. Michael said that after his donation, people had given him the second chance he'd desperately needed to start over.

Sharon met with Nate in the waiting room. Nate told Sharon that the latest test results indicated the kidneys hadn't responded to the steroid treatment. He said Faith was on the donor registry list for a kidney. He asked about Sharon's search for a living donor. Sharon told Nate that Nick had gone out of town to meet with a possible donor. Nate was amazed they'd found a donor so quickly, given Faith's rare blood type. Sharon didn't want to jinx things by talking about it before it became a reality. Sharon thanked Nate for everything he'd done for Faith medically and emotionally. Nate promised he would do everything he could for Faith.

Kyle and Summer met with Jack in the boardroom. Jack told them that he'd been reflecting on the journey Kyle and Summer had been on and their future. Jack wanted to throw them an engagement party. Kyle and Summer were all in.

Devon was at Society to pick up his order when Victor arrived. Devon said he was sorry to hear about Faith. Victor said that Moses had been a great comfort to Faith, and he wanted Devon to thank Moses on his behalf. Devon informed Victor that he was putting together a special event for the anniversary of Neil's passing, which would coincide with a jazz label in Neil's honor. Victor said that was perfect.

Victor asked if Devon was seeing Amanda. Devon admitted his was. Victor said she'd taken on a case involving a former employee of Newman Enterprises. Devon said he didn't believe it was anything Victor needed to be concerned about -- unless there was something Devon didn't know. Victor commented that Amanda was a corporate lawyer, and he wondered why she was representing Sutton. He wondered if Sutton had promised her a big payoff. Devon said Victor would have to ask Amanda, since she was the only one with that information. Victor said he admired Devon's discretion. Devon left.

Devon arrived at Amanda's suite. Amanda said her meeting with Michael had gone long because she'd run into Victor on her way out. Devon said everything made sense because Victor had asked why Amanda had taken on Sutton's case and if she'd been offered a payoff. Victor had wanted to know what she would get out of it. Amanda asked if Victor had been fishing for dirt on her. Devon said that was exactly what Victor had done. Devon reminded her that he'd warned her that Victor would go after anyone he felt posed a threat. Amanda realized she would need to keep her guard up because Victor would use every one of her weaknesses to try to win.

Billy and Lily decide to live together

Billy and Lily decide to live together

Friday, May 7, 2021

At Adam's penthouse, Chelsea told Chloe to stop telling her to calm down after Victor had threatened to take her child. Chelsea lamented that if she didn't confess to poisoning Rey and setting Adam up, Victor would go after custody of her son. Chloe argued that Chelsea couldn't confess because she'd end up behind bars and far away from Connor. Chelsea resolved to figure out a way to stop Victor, and she contemplated what his next move would be. She realized that Connor hadn't returned her call from earlier that day, and she panicked that Victor had already gotten to her son.

Chloe reasoned that the headmaster would have contacted Chelsea before allowing Victor to take Connor out of school, but Chelsea fretted that someone with Victor's money and power could do whatever he wanted. Chloe pointed out that there could be many reasons Connor hadn't returned Chelsea's call, and she insisted that no one would be able to take Connor without Chelsea's permission. Chelsea worried that she knew what Victor was capable of, and she refused to wait for the worst to happen.

Chloe reiterated that confessing wasn't an option, since Chelsea would stand to lose Connor forever. Chloe lectured that the decision wouldn't just affect Chelsea and Connor, since Chloe would also be outed as Chelsea's accomplice. Chloe insisted that there had to be another way to deal with it. Chelsea considered pulling Connor out of school and keeping him as far away from Victor as possible. Chloe called it a much better plan, but Chelsea questioned whether she could really outrun Victor.

Chelsea anticipated that Victor would hunt her down wherever she went -- especially if she had Connor with her. Chloe recounted that Chelsea had disappeared once before with no one being able to find her, and she was certain that Chelsea could do it again. Chloe swore she'd do whatever she could to help Chelsea cover her tracks as long as Chelsea stopped thinking about confessing.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki and Victor welcomed Nick home. Nikki imagined that having the ceiling collapse had been terrifying, and Nick admitted that there had been times when he'd thought he and Adam wouldn't make it out of there. Nick indicated that he'd be fine after having his leg stitched up, and he stressed that the important thing was that Adam had agreed to donate a kidney to Faith. Victor wondered how Nick had convinced Adam to return.

Nick explained that Adam hadn't wanted to return home, but Nick had appealed to him as a father. Nick recounted that they'd bonded over being parents, and he'd made Adam imagine what it would be like if Connor needed help. Nick added that he'd promised Adam wouldn't be arrested at the hospital, and he'd offered to help Adam escape afterward if needed. Nick figured that both he and Adam would do anything for their kids, so they'd seen eye to eye.

Nikki asked how soon Faith could get the transplant, and Victor suggested that they fly Faith and Adam to a private facility, where no one would ask any questions. Nick recognized that it would be the best thing for Adam, but it would add unnecessary risks for Faith. Victor pledged to do everything in his power to mitigate the risks, and Nikki pointed out that they didn't even know if Adam was a viable candidate yet. Victor intended to have a plan in place once they got the go-ahead, but Nick refused to take any chances with Faith's health.

Nick implored Victor to trust him, and Victor replied that the only question was whether they could trust the doctor who would be heading the operation. Nikki called Nate an excellent doctor and a good man, and she recalled that he'd been there for them in more than one family crisis. Victor wondered if Nate would be willing to cross ethical boundaries for them again. Nick grumbled that Nate had almost lost his license when he'd helped Victor to fake his death to get Adam to admit that he'd changed Victor's medication, yet Victor had let Adam off the hook and welcomed the "prodigal psychopath" back into the fold. Nick acknowledged that he needed Adam, but he had no illusions about who his brother was.

Victor had hoped Nick and Adam's recent experience together had changed Nick's mind. Nick admitted that he'd seen a different side of Adam; however, he was skeptical that Adam had changed forever, and he might never be able to say all was forgiven. Nikki stressed that it was about Faith, and Nate had been with the girl every step of the way. Nikki contended that Nate had sworn an oath to heal first and foremost, and she was confident that he wouldn't jeopardize Faith's health because Adam was a fugitive. She thought they should give Nate a chance, and Nick agreed.

Nate arrived at the ranch and informed the Newmans that he hadn't yet received the test results that would confirm whether the prospective donor was compatible. Nikki disclosed that they had a situation that they had to discuss to see if he had reservations about remaining on Faith's medical team. Victor announced that the potential donor was Adam, and Nikki recounted that Nate had put his career at risk for their family before. Nick insisted that they were desperate, and he pleaded with Nate to do it for Faith. Victor revealed that their plan was to get Adam to the hospital to do the transplant surgery and then get him out of there as soon as he could travel again without alerting the authorities.

Victor pointed out that Adam was risking a lot for Faith, and Nick added that he'd promised to help Adam avoid arrest if Adam donated a kidney. A sympathetic Nate thought he would have done the same thing in Nick's position. Nate grappled for a moment before declaring that his first duty was to his patient, and he decided to let officers of the law deal with the legalities after the fact. Nate prepared to make the arrangements in case the test results were what they were hoping for. After Nate departed, Nick worried about Nate's career and Faith's life being in the hands of his wild card of a brother.

After Nick left, Nikki inquired whether Victor really thought he could get Adam in and out of surgery without being arrested. She knew Victor wanted to rush to Adam's rescue, but she cautioned that something could go wrong. Nikki asked if Victor was considering other possibilities, and he speculated that if the person responsible for poisoning Rey confessed, they wouldn't have to jump through hoops to devise Adam's escape. Nikki doubted Chelsea would grow a conscience, but Victor thought he had a way to convince Chelsea.

Nikki questioned why Adam didn't stay and fight the charges if he was innocent. Victor pointed out that Chelsea was a con artist who had fooled everyone. Nikki realized that Adam was afraid he wouldn't be able to prove his innocence. Victor bet Connor was the only person Chelsea had ever been committed to, and Nikki was shocked at the idea that Victor would drag his grandson into it. Victor pledged to do everything he could to protect Connor, including keeping the boy out of the clutches of his unhinged mother.

At Chancellor Communications, Billy found a note from Lily, prompting him to solve a series of riddles to find a treasure that would be pure pleasure. A short time later, Billy opened the door to his hotel suite, but nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary. He entered the bathroom and emerged with another clue, and he headed out.

Billy entered Crimson Lights and approached Rey. Billy was sure that Rey had heard that Nick had taken the Newman jet to find Adam to help Faith through her health crisis. Billy anticipated that Rey's manhunt would end when the suspect fell into his lap, but Rey stated that he couldn't discuss an ongoing investigation. Billy revealed that he'd promised not to say anything to avoid messing up any chance Faith had to get the help she needed, but he felt like he could speak freely with Rey. Billy warned that Adam would use any opportunity he had to get off the hook. Rey asked what Billy was planning to do about it.

Billy intended to keep his mouth shut and do everything he could keep the story out of the public eye, but he didn't want to see Adam walk again. Billy told Rey to let him know if there was anything he or his media company could do to make sure Adam got nailed. Rey wondered what Billy's partner thought of Billy using ChancComm's resources to go after Adam, and Billy conceded that it was more his story than Lily's.

Rey recalled that Lily had "fought like hell" when Billy had been accused of shooting Chance, and she'd told Rey that Billy had let go of his past with Adam. Billy called Lily amazing, and he mentioned that she had him on a romantic treasure hunt right then. Billy reiterated that he would do anything to make sure Adam got what he deserved. Rey responded that he was highly motivated to make sure justice was done, and he advised Billy to leave Adam to the authorities.

Billy arrived at Society, where Lily applauded him for figuring out her clues. He cooed that she was the most beautiful treasure he'd ever had the pleasure of finding, and she announced that the place was theirs for the night. He asked what had inspired the night of mystery and romance, and she told him that she'd wanted to do something special in return for the New Orleans-themed evening he'd arranged. Lily wondered if he had a problem with it, and Billy questioned how he could ever have a problem with the woman who'd defended him, stood by him, and made him a better man. She turned on some music, and he invited her to dance. He pulled her into his arms, and they happily swayed.

Lily offered Billy some Champagne, and he marveled at how amazing the night was. He considered it a reminder of what was really important, and he confided that he'd been disappointed that she hadn't been in his suite when the clues had led him there. He noted that it had felt empty, and it had made him think about how empty his life would be without her in it. She assured him that she wasn't going anywhere.

Billy mused that the first thing he thought about when he woke up in the morning was being with Lily, and he'd been fantasizing about going home to her at the end of the day. He envisioned a place to sneak off to for some afternoon delight, and he wondered what she thought about getting a place of their own to call home. Lily gushed that it was one of the best ideas he'd ever had. They kissed.

Sharon entered the cottage and called out for Nick. She was stunned when Adam walked in from the kitchen. Sharon wondered what Adam would have done if Rey had walked through the door instead of her. Adam figured that he would have ducked out the back, but he'd wanted a moment alone with her before they put the plan in motion.

Adam informed Sharon that Nick was working out the details with Victor and Nikki about how to get Adam in and out of the hospital without the authorities catching on. Sharon gushed that she couldn't thank Adam enough for putting himself at risk a second time for her little girl. He swore that he was glad to do it, but he clarified that he wasn't just doing it for Faith -- he wanted to do it for Sharon.

Adam explained that when he'd been trapped with Nick, he'd had an opportunity to really think, and it had become clear to him that there were many things more important than the mess he'd found himself in. Adam asserted that Sharon was a part of him and always would be, and no matter how fast or far he ran away, she would always be right there with him. He thought the fact that he was standing there was proof of it. Sharon replied that he was there for Faith and nothing more.

Adam begged Sharon to hear him out, since he'd had a lot of time alone before Nick had found him, and Nick had only been able to find him because of Sharon's insight into Adam. Adam insisted that she'd always understood how his mind worked, and she saw him in a way that no one else was able to -- not even Chelsea. Adam swore that he didn't expect anything to ever result from it because he knew nothing could.

Adam shared his plan to disappear for good once Faith had a new kidney and he was strong enough to travel. He hoped he could count on Nick to let him get away, and Sharon guaranteed that Adam could trust Nick's word. Adam expected to be out of Sharon's life once the surgery was over, leaving her and Rey to live their lives together. Sharon forlornly looked away, and Adam assumed that Rey was upset because Adam was the only chance for Faith's survival and that Faith would be carrying around a part of Adam for the rest of her life. Sharon said she hadn't thought about it like that, but Adam was sure Rey had. Sharon focused on figuring out a plan to get Adam to the hospital, assuming he was a viable donor.

Later, Nick arrived at the cottage and asked where Adam was. Sharon reported that Adam was taking a shower, but she assured Nick that Adam was committed to undergoing the surgery. Nick relayed that Nate was on board and getting everything ready for when Adam was approved to be a donor. Nick anticipated having the procedure and eventually sneaking Adam out of the hospital without anyone knowing he'd been there.

Sharon confessed that she'd told Rey about Adam being the potential donor and about Nick going to find Adam. Sharon continued that Rey had promised not to stand in the way of the operation, but he planned on arresting Adam immediately afterward. Nick figured that they could worry about that later, and he pressed Sharon to go to the hospital to prepare Faith for what was about to happen. Sharon imagined that it hadn't been easy to convince Adam to return to town, and Nick muttered that nothing was ever easy when Adam was involved. "Especially considering you still believe he's guilty," Sharon snapped, and she headed out.

At the hospital, Sharon brightly told Faith that Nick and Adam were back in Genoa City, and everything was being prepared for surgery as soon as they got the test results back. Sharon cautioned that things might happen quickly, and she didn't want Faith to be frightened because they'd all be right there with her. Nate entered and asked how his favorite patient was doing. He sympathized that the idea of surgery was overwhelming, but he proclaimed that it was a miracle of nature how the human body worked to heal itself. Nate added that it was what had made him want to be a surgeon in the first place, and he felt a sense of awe every time he used the skills he'd learned to help people.

Faith wished Nate would be performing the surgery, but he reminded her about his hand injury. She also wished she had a donor other than Adam. Nate commended Adam for doing a wonderful thing, and he encouraged Faith to remember how much love she had around her whenever she felt afraid. He advised that the surgeon and anesthesiologist would be in shortly to talk about the procedure and medications, and he'd be back a little later to tell Faith what she'd need to do when she went home after the operation.

Nate stepped out, and Sharon stressed that Adam was doing a very good thing. Faith worried that Adam didn't do good things, and she suspected that he was tricking them. Sharon asserted that Adam had chosen to return to town to help Faith at great risk to himself. Faith guessed that he was just pretending that he wanted to help because he was playing a sick game with them, and she contemplated what would happen if Rey arrested Adam before the surgery.

Meanwhile, Nick scarfed down some aspirin. Rey arrived at the cottage, and Nick loudly greeted him and mentioned that Sharon was at the hospital. Rey said he'd heard Nick had gone after Adam, and Nick divulged that Sharon had told him that Rey knew what was going on. Rey indicated his willingness to help, given that Adam was Faith's only option as a donor. Adam listened from the stairs.

Rey noted that a transplant had saved his sister's life, so he had no intention of standing in the way. He warned Nick not to even think about helping Adam after the surgery, since it would be aiding and abetting. Nick assured Rey that there was no need to throw threats around, since he only cared about getting his daughter help, and Rey could do whatever he wanted to do afterward. Nick requested Rey's word that he wouldn't do anything until the operation was over, and Rey obliged. Rey was floored when Adam descended the stairs.

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