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Jake blamed Gabi for his breakup. Gwen told Chad that Abigail had pushed her down the stairs. Abigail begged Chad and Jack to believe her over Gwen. Rafe asked Ava out on a date. Nicole admitted she was jealous of Rafe's date because she missed Eric. Chanel asked Lani for help. Belle guessed Jan had shot Charlie, and Shawn found video evidence to support the theory. Claire told Jan she was not Jan's friend. Ava encouraged Tripp to ask out Allie. Tripp saw Allie and Chanel kiss. Susan accidentally revealed her identity to Brady. Kate escaped from a bag in Kristen's car, and Kate caused the car to swerve into Brady's car. Sami posed as Dr. Dunn, but Chloe figured out Sami's scheme.
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Shawn found video evidence that Jan shot Charlie, and an escaping Kate caused Kristen's car to crash into Brady's
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Gwen's fall leaves Chad and Jack concerned about the baby

Gwen's fall leaves Chad and Jack concerned about the baby

Monday, May 3, 2021

by Mike

Sami entered the Evans-Black townhouse and greeted Marlena, who had been pacing around the living room. "Was that Rafe's car I saw just leaving now?" Sami asked. "Yes, it was," Marlena replied. "So, what's going on? Is there some sort of update on the Charlie Dale murder case?" Sami wondered. "Yes -- they...have a witness," Marlena stammered before starting to elaborate.

"John saw Belle shoot Charlie Dale, and he's just mentioning this now? I mean, he didn't think this was important information while I was stuck in a jail cell?" Sami incredulously interjected before Marlena could finish the story. "Hey, you were stuck in a jail cell because you confessed to a murder you didn't commit," Marlena tiredly reminded Sami before continuing the story.

"Oh... I see... Well, this must be terrible for you... I just don't understand John -- [I mean], ratting out his own daughter --" Sami mused when Marlena paused to take a breath. "Oh, my gosh, he didn't intentionally 'rat her out' -- God, Sami!" Marlena snapped before finally managing to take the story to its end point. "Mom, look -- I know I haven't really been here for you since Belle got arrested, but I hope you know how much I care, and [that] I am so sorry for what you're going through," Sami stressed before giving Marlena a hug.

At the DiMera mansion, Jack rushed to Gwen's side as Chad demanded an explanation from Abigail. "It was an accident!" Abigail insisted. "Does she have a pulse?" Chad asked as Jack tried to rouse Gwen -- who released a faint groan just then, answering the question. "The baby..." Chad muttered as Jack continued trying to rouse Gwen. "Call an ambulance!" Jack finally remembered, and Chad quickly complied as Abigail stood frozen in shock.

At Titan, Philip curiously observed that Gabi, who had just wrapped up a phone conversation with a supplier, had been pretty forgiving of a mistake the person had made -- one that could delay the launch of Gabi Chic's next line of clothing. "I've seen you make suppliers cry -- more than once," Philip noted. "Maybe I've turned over a new leaf -- it happens," Gabi reasoned with a shrug. "[Or you're just in a good mood] because I told you my mom might be done with Jake," Philip countered. "That's all in your head," Gabi insisted.

At the Horton Town Square, Jake finished telling Ben about what had happened earlier. "I don't get why you would tell the woman you're with that you're jealous about your old girlfriend," Ben admitted. "Because I'm a frickin' moron," Jake clarified. "Mm-hmm," Ben agreed. "But here's the thing -- she didn't even [mention that until] I asked her if that's what the problem was, [and I just] felt like she was lying [when] she jumped on it," Jake stressed.

"There's got to be another reason -- I'm certain of it," Jake insisted. "[I don't know -- maybe] Kate's onto something; [in fact], I think Kate's probably right to be worried about you and Gabi," Ben argued. "Well, whatever I feel for Gabi doesn't matter, because I still have feelings for Kate, and I am not giving up on her -- you, of all people, should understand that," Jake countered. "Yeah...I my case..." Ben grumbled before telling Jake about what had happened with Ciara. "I'm so sorry," Jake stressed at the end of Ben's story.

"[Unlike Ciara], Kate and Gabi are both still here in Salem...and when I said that I was gonna give Ciara some space and stay away, you told me that was a mistake [and] that I needed to fight for her, so maybe it's time for you to take your own advice -- first off, decide which woman you want to be with...and then do whatever the hell it takes to make her know that she's the one for you," Ben advised Jake.

At the Brady Pub, Kristen rejected Roman's advances while still posing as Kate then rushed off -- and, a short time later, Philip and Gabi arrived. "Just missed your mother," Roman informed Philip before revealing what had just happened -- and Gabi listened intently during the tale, suppressing a smile.

"Why are you looking at that [menu]? We both know what you want -- [and it] looks like Jake's [just] been served up to you on a silver platter," Philip whispered to Gabi after Roman went to get the drinks they had ordered. "If you think I'm gonna go crawling back to Jake just because he's back on the market...well, you don't know me very well," Gabi argued. "I know you well enough to know that when an opportunity presents itself, you don't ignore it -- you wait for the timing to be right, then you go right after it," Philip countered.

Kristen entered the DiMera mansion through the front door, still disguised as Kate, and saw that a potted plant had been knocked off a table near the staircase. "Looks like there's been some action... It better not mean that someone rescued Kate..." Kristen muttered before carefully rushing off to the secret tunnels -- then shedding the disguise before entering the wine cellar.

Kristen was relieved to see that Kate was still tied to a chair. "Did you talk to Jake?" Kate wondered. "I did -- and I hate to break it to you, but when I told him that the two of you were over, he acted like he couldn't care less; [apparently], you were just a fling for him. [And] you have no friends, [and] you have alienated your kids, so I don't think [anyone] is gonna come looking for you...[which means] you have to face the facts -- you are going far, far away from Salem, [and] what's sad won't even be missed," Kristen answered.

"I don't believe one word you're saying -- because, actually, I was the reluctant one in the relationship [with Jake; he] fought really hard for it, so if he didn't react when you broke up with him, it's because he's smart enough to know something's amiss," Kate argued. "Well, he did offer up some resistance when I told him it was over..." Kristen backpedaled.

"But, fortunately, you laid the groundwork for what came next -- [you know], the list of insecurities you had as an older woman with a hot, young lover; your fear of Gabi Hernandez replacing you -- [so] I just took that [and] ran with it," Kristen explained. "The Jake I know would never believe --" Kate insisted. "Oh, my God, would you just stuff it, Kate? Ugh! [Look], you obviously have made it clear that you are not going to go without a fight, so...I am going to step out of this room, and when I return, I'm gonna [have] something that will make you a lot more cooperative and relaxed for [the] trip ahead of you," Kristen snapped before rushing off.

Jake entered the DiMera mansion through the front door and called out to Kate then picked up the potted plant that was lying on the floor -- just as Gabi emerged from an adjacent room. "I hear she dumped you," Gabi began. "News travels fast," Jake grumbled.

"Something -- or someone -- made Kate turn on me on a dime...and I'm guessing that 'someone' was you, so what the hell did you say to her to make her break up with me?" Jake snapped. "I have not talked to Kate about you -- or anything else! Maybe she just came to the realization that you're a really big jerk!" Gabi argued. "That's not what happened. You weren't there. Kate was not herself today," Jake insisted. "Maybe you're just not used to seeing her when she's coming to her senses. I mean, any woman would have to be out of her mind to want to be with you!" Gabi spat. "That must make you certifiable...[but] if you think you and me are getting back together [now], you're dreaming," Jake countered. "You think I'm still [willing] to pine away for you? No! Who told you that?" Gabi protested. "Philip," Jake clarified.

"I guess [I was 'certifiable' for a while...but] every time I'm with you, I get closer to the realization that I am way better off without you!" Gabi declared. "Oh, please -- if I told you right now that I wanted to get back with you, you'd be dragging me up those stairs to your room so fast, and we both know it," Jake predicted. "I always knew you thought you were God's gift to women. I am very happy that Kate finally put you in your place. Now, I'm gonna go upstairs to my room -- alone -- and you can go straight to hell," Gabi countered. "I'm already there..." Jake grumbled after Gabi walked away.

At the Brady Pub, Roman complained to Philip that it was difficult to understand Kate sometimes. "I gave up trying a long time ago," Philip admitted. "A lot of people around here, they think Kate's a tough cookie, but that's just a mask -- [in fact], sometimes I think that she is two entirely different women," Roman declared.

Ben entered the Weston apartment and fought back tears while staring at a framed wedding photograph -- then hurled it at a wall and began trashing the place in frustration.

At the hospital, Chad prodded Abigail for more details about Gwen's earlier fall. "You think I'm this horrible, evil person," Abigail grumbled. "I don't think that," Chad insisted. "But your tone -- you're acting like I did something wrong," Abigail argued. "Just tell me what happened," Chad requested. "I was in the bedroom, and I had just got off the phone with my mom, and Gwen knocked on the door [then] came walking in, looking for you -- [she] said it was about the baby -- [and then] we got in an argument [about] the fact that she's moving in with my mom and dad, [and then she was still] determined to find you, and I wanted to stop her, and... [Look], it was an accident -- I feel terrible about it!" Abigail summarized.

Meanwhile, Jack went to see Gwen, who had regained consciousness. "I was terrified when I saw you fall," Jack admitted. "Oh, my God -- you saw it?" Gwen repeated. "Chad and I were coming out of the living room when it happened," Jack elaborated. "I'm so relieved that you're gonna be all right. I hope the baby will be, too," Jack declared -- and Gwen didn't get a chance to respond because Snyder arrived just then.

"Why did they admit you?" Snyder began, giving Gwen a look of confusion. "My daughter fell down a flight of stairs," Jack explained for Gwen. "You didn't mention a fall..." Snyder reminded Gwen. "Well, when would she have mentioned it? It just happened! Could you please just examine her? [Look], she's pregnant -- we're worried about the baby!" Jack responded as Snyder gave Gwen another questioning look. "You'll have to step out," Snyder eventually ordered Jack, who complied after getting the green light from Gwen.

"I didn't really get a chance to tell anyone..." Gwen explained to Snyder once the coast was clear. "Would you like me to be the one to tell your father?" Snyder offered. "I don't want you to tell my father -- or anyone else," Gwen instructed Snyder after a moment of thought. "I can't," Snyder stressed.

Meanwhile, Jack approached Abigail and Chad and informed them that Gwen was going to be okay -- but the baby's fate had not yet been determined. A few minutes later, Snyder joined the trio and stressed that they were going to have to take their questions about the baby directly to Gwen. "[But I can tell you that] I ordered a CT scan to make sure she doesn't have a head injury -- I don't think she does, but I just want to make sure -- [and that] she's gonna have some pain and stiffness. But she's fine, other than that," Snyder reported before saying goodbye to the trio.

"I don't get that doctor," Jack admitted to Abigail after Snyder -- and Chad -- walked away. "Why?" Abigail wondered. "He came into Gwen's room -- hadn't even examined her [yet -- and] I got the feeling he already knew something was really wrong," Jack explained.

"I probably shouldn't bring this up right now, but...I think this all happened because you asked Gwen to move in with you -- [see], she just came charging into [my bedroom], demanding to see Chad, [and] I was too upset to deal with her properly [because of] what you did," Abigail declared. "I know you're hurting...but I couldn't let her have that baby alone -- [and, you know], the reason that she said she wanted to leave town and go to Philadelphia, where she has no one, was [that] she wanted to make sure that you didn't have to worry about running into her at the grocery store --" Jack countered before stepping aside to take a phone call from Jennifer. Abigail sneaked off while Jack, who had sent Jennifer a vague text message earlier, was elaborating on what had happened to Gwen.

Meanwhile, Chad entered Gwen's room. "I just talked to the doctor -- he wouldn't tell me anything about the baby; he said we had to talk to you," Chad began. "It's a girl...[and] I lost her," Gwen revealed while fighting back tears. "Really?" Chad stammered. "Yep," Gwen whispered.

"Our little girl is the best thing that ever happened to me, [and] now she's dead -- and it's all because of Abigail!" Gwen summarized for Chad -- just as Abigail arrived. "She lost the baby," Chad informed Abigail. "Oh, God -- I'm so sorry --" Abigail said to Gwen. "Come on -- this is exactly what you wanted to happen!" Gwen snapped at Abigail. "No, it's not -- I was trying to keep you from going downstairs, and you pulled away from me, and that's... It was an accident!" Abigail insisted. "It was not an accident!" Gwen countered.

"She pushed me down the stairs on purpose -- she killed our baby!" Gwen tearfully informed Chad while scowling at Abigail.

Kristen and Sami clash over how things are progressing

Kristen and Sami clash over how things are progressing

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

In his room at the DiMera mansion, Lucas called Sami. "I have been texting you all day!" Sami said. "I had to put my phone on vibrate because I didn't want Chloe to hear," Lucas said. Lucas explained that Chloe had been nursing him all day. Sami suggested that Chloe's instinct could work to Lucas's advantage, since nurses sometimes fell for their patients.

"Those patients in the movies are sick. What's Chloe gonna do when she finds out I'm not sick?" Lucas asked. As if on cue, Chloe entered with soup. Lucas hurriedly ended the call. Chloe told Lucas that she had convinced Dr. Dunn, the cancer specialist, to stay in town one more day. "Our appointment is early in the morning. They are going to redo all your tests. They're going to need your medical history," Chloe said.

Chloe promised to clear her schedule so that she could spend the day with Lucas. When Lucas told Chloe not to change her plans, she said she did not trust Lucas to follow through with his appointment with the doctor. Chloe told Lucas that she was headed into work to inform them about her day off. "Looks like you thought of everything," Lucas muttered.

Kristen, dressed as Susan, returned to the penthouse, and she overheard Sami yelling Lucas' name into the phone. "I hope this isn't a sign, because if [Lucas] doesn't keep Chloe away from Brady," Kristen said. "I know. You'll tell E.J.," Sami groaned. Sami told Kristen that Kristen did not need to repeatedly threaten her. Kristen told Sami that she was worried that Sami's plan relied on Lucas' charms.

"He has charms, okay!" Sami said. "I don't think Chloe is as needy and vulnerable as you are," Kristen argued. Sami informed Kristen that Chloe had dropped everything in order to wait on Lucas, hand and foot. "[Chloe] does have a subservient streak," Kristen said. Confused, Kristen asked Sami why Chloe had been waiting on Lucas. Sami reluctantly explained that Chloe believed that Lucas had a brain tumor.

"And why would she think that?" Kristen asked. "Because Lucas told her that he has a brain tumor," Sami said. Kristen argued that a brain tumor was no way to seduce a woman. Sami equated the situation to an opera. "I am gonna concede that Lucas has gotten Chloe's attention. But my brother Chad used the same stupid scheme, and it blew up in his face," Kristen noted. Kristen noted that Lucas would not be able to explain his situation when his health did not worsen.

"I'm not sure I have the faith you have in Lucas. He's not what one might call Machiavellian," Kristen said. "He has me for that," Sami countered. Lucas called back. "You are getting on my last nerve!" Sami barked at Kristen as Sami answered her phone. "Yeah, well you're not one of my favorite people right now," Lucas said. With a groan, Sami told Lucas that she had been talking to Kristen. Lucas told Sami about his appointment with the specialist.

"I thought he was going back to New York!" Sami exclaimed. Worried, Kristen muttered, "He's screwed up, hasn't he?" Sami yelled at Kristen to be quiet. Sami asked Lucas for the update. Lucas argued that he was trapped because the doctor would know Lucas was not sick. "You think of something! It's no skin off my teeth if E.J. finds out we slept together," Lucas yelled. Sami pretended that Lucas had a brilliant idea to satiate Kristen, who was listening. Sami announced that she would tell Kristen the good news. Frustrated, Lucas yelled that there was no good news. Sami ended the call. "Of all the bedrooms, in all of the world, why did I have to walk into hers," Lucas muttered.

At Basic Black, Nicole asked Brady for the sales projections. While Brady gathered the report, Nicole thought about her conversation with Ava about Rafe. "Now I see why Rafe kissing me is so objectionable for you. You want him for yourself," Ava had said. Brady called out to Nicole, and she was startled out of her daydream. "Where did you go?" Brady asked. Nicole avoided the question, and Brady asked her if she had been planning to push him toward Chloe. Nicole said she would not interfere in Brady's love life.

"Even if you are being a damn fool," Nicole muttered. As Nicole and Brady returned to their work, Chloe walked in. "Hey, stranger," Brady said. Chloe apologized for missing work that day. "A friend of mine got some really bad news," Chloe said. Chloe asked if she could take the next day off, as well. Brady gave Chloe his blessing, and he announced that he needed to head home to Rachel. Chloe reached over to her desk, and she pulled a present out of the drawer. "Give this to Rachel from me, and say, 'Happy Birthday,'" Chloe said. "You didn't have to do that," Brady said. "But it's very thoughtful of her, isn't it, Brady?" Nicole teased. Brady agreed, and he left.

"What did I miss?" Chloe asked Nicole. Nicole told Chloe about her conversation with Brady about rooting for Chloe over Kristen. "I told Brady that you are not the murderous psychopath, and [Brady] told me to butt out," Nicole explained. Chloe thanked Nicole for her support. "We should all just stick to business," Chloe added. Nicole agreed, and she said she would stay out of other people's lives. "You and Brady. Ava and Rafe," Nicole said. "Ava and Rafe? What's going on there?" Chloe asked.

Nicole told Chloe that Rafe had kissed Ava after he had learned that Hope had decided not to return to Salem. With a shrug, Chloe noted that Rafe and Ava were kind of in the same business. "This isn't funny," Nicole said. Chloe asked if Nicole had shared Nicole's concerns with Ava. "I shouldn't have said anything, because [Ava] took it the wrong way," Nicole said. Nicole noted that Ava and Rafe were both vulnerable.

"[Ava] thinks I want Rafe for myself," Nicole said. "Is she right?" Chloe asked. Nicole acted insulted. "I am amazed that you had the nerve to ask me that," Nicole said. Chloe noted that Nicole had avoided the question.

When Brady returned home to the penthouse, a disguised Kristen was still talking to Sami. "I didn't expect to see you two together," Brady said. "We were just talking about E.J.," "Susan" said. "Susan" noticed the package, and Brady explained that it was a birthday present from Chloe. "Really? That's from Chloe?" "Susan" said. Brady explained that he had run into Chloe at the office. "They were at the office together! That is just so interesting. Isn't it, Sami?" "Susan" said. "Susan" argued that Chloe was bribing Rachel to get to Brady.

"I don't know how any of this is your business, all right?" Brady said. Brady asked Sami to put "Susan" "back in her cage." After Brady left the room, an annoyed Kristen warned Sami that Sami needed to provide proof that Lucas was keeping Chloe occupied. "Or I am going to call Rome, and your marriage is going to go up in your face," Kristen growled.

Rafe returned home after work, and Ava was cleaning the kitchen as a lasagna baked in the oven. "A fella could get used to this," Rafe said as he poured two glasses of wine. Ava asked about work. Rafe told Ava that he was worried that Trask would shut down the investigation into Charlie's murder before he found the real killer. "You are a good guy, aren't you? You always want to do the right thing," Ava said. With a smirk, Rafe said he wanted to talk about the kiss.

"I just want to make sure that I wasn't taking advantage of the situation," Rafe said. Ava told Rafe not to worry about her. When Ava guessed that Rafe wanted to let her down easy because he regretted the kiss, Rafe countered that he had kissed Ava because he liked her.

"I just want you to know that what happened earlier, okay, we can just forget about it if you want to," Rafe said. "But I don't want to forget about it. It is the nicest thing that has happened to me in a very long time," Ava countered. "With that said, a lot of bad stuff has happened to you over the last few months, so the bar is really low," Rafe joked.

"I told Nicole what happened, and she did not think it was a very hot idea," Ava said. "Why would [Nicole] even care?" Rafe asked. Ava suggested that Nicole believed Ava wanted to take advantage of Rafe. "I just don't think that she thinks we're right for each other. You're a cop, mafia," Ava said as she pointed at herself. "Were Mafia," Rafe countered. Rafe wondered aloud why Nicole cared if he and Ava dated.

"[Nicole] said she thought you should be with someone else," Ava said. Rafe asked Ava if Nicole had specified someone, but Ava said no. "What we do? None of [Nicole's] damn business," Rafe said. Rafe suggested that he and Ava stop talking. "What should we do?" Ava asked with a grin. Ava and Rafe leaned forward to kiss, but Rafe's phone beeped. "I am going to have to get used to that," Ava whispered. Rafe checked his phone, and he noted that he had to go into the station. Rafe asked Ava out on a date, and Ava accepted.

In Gwen's hospital room, Chad told Abigail that Gwen had lost the baby. "I'm sorry," Abigail said. "This is exactly what you wanted to happen," Gwen growled. Abigail argued that the fall had been an accident. "It was no accident, and you know it. You pushed me down the stairs. You killed our baby!" Gwen yelled. Abigail disagreed.

"What would you call what happened then?" Gwen asked. Gwen argued that Abigail had said horrible things to her and attacked her. "That is not how it happened!" Abigail protested. Abigail called Gwen a liar. "Was it an accident when you chased after me and you grabbed my arm because I said I needed to speak to [Chad] about our baby?" Gwen asked. Gwen added that Abigail had told her that she "wished our baby didn't exist."

"That is not what I said!" Abigail argued. Gwen yelled that Abigail had everything, and Gwen had nothing. "I am genuinely so sorry about what happened to your baby," Abigail said. "You are such a liar! You asked me to abort this baby, and when I wouldn't, you decided you would do it yourself. You are a murderer!" Gwen yelled. Chad quietly urged Abigail to leave. Concerned, Abigail asked Chad if he believed Gwen. "She's losing it," Chad cautioned.

"I didn't push her, you have to know that," Abigail pleaded. "You are a liar! I know what I know. She pushed me," Gwen said. "We'll talk later," Chad whispered to Abigail. With a sigh, Abigail said, "I'm not lying." Abigail walked out. Gwen asked Chad if he believed that Gwen had lied. "You just got horrible news," Chad said. "Horrible for me, yes. Not for you," Gwen said through tears. Gwen asked Chad if the miscarriage was an answer to his prayers. Chad said no. Gwen noted that with the baby gone, the family could move on with their lives "like nothing had ever happened."

"With everything you did to this family, we were never gonna be able to just move on like nothing ever happened!" Chad barked. Chad said he was sorry for Gwen's pain, but he had not wanted the baby to die. "I was not happy. I just don't think children should be brought into this world because their mother is out for revenge, and I hate the fact that you tricked me," Chad admitted. Chad apologized for how he had reacted to the pregnancy, but he noted that it had not been an ideal situation.

"I would never, ever have let what happened to you happen to any child of mine. I would've taken care of her. I would have loved her," Chad stressed. "I'm sorry. That was a horrible thing that I just said to you," Gwen said. "You're in a lot of pain, so maybe we should just forget about the things that were said tonight. I don't want you to be alone, but I'm not the right person to be here with you," Chad said. Chad asked Gwen if there was anyone he could call for her.

"It's probably my own fault that I'm alone in this world," Gwen whispered. Chad started to tell Gwen not to blame herself, but Gwen shut him down. "I haven't forgotten what I did to you and Abigail and her family. I just thought that maybe this baby would be my way out of that. You know? That if I could love and care for somebody else and not think just about me, but about somebody else, maybe I could change, and it wouldn't be so set in stone that I would be this hateful, vindictive person that my mother created," Gwen said. Gwen confessed that she had believed that the baby could have been her chance to erase the past. "You would have been a good mother," Chad said. "Well, we'll never know," Gwen said.

At the nurse's station, Jack talked to Jennifer on the phone. Jack promised to update her on the condition of Gwen's baby. Abigail overheard Jack as she exited Gwen's room. "What's going on?" Jack asked Abigail when he saw her. "Gwen lost the baby. And she's saying that it's my fault," Abigail said. "It was an accident," Jack said. "Well, that's not what she told Chad," Abigail grumbled.

"Yes, we got in an argument. Yes, I grabbed her arm. But she pulled away, and she fell. I was not trying to hurt her or the baby, and I did not push her. Daddy, please, you have to tell me you believe me," Abigail said. Before Jack could answer, Abigail argued that Jack had believed Gwen when she had said that Laura's death had been an accident, and Jack had to believe Abigail, as well.

"You know the person I am, and you know that I would never do anything like [push a pregnant woman down the stairs]. So, please, Dad, I need you to tell me that," Abigail said. After a moment, Jack announced that he needed to speak to Gwen, and he walked away.

When Jack entered Gwen's room, Chad walked out. Jack took Gwen's hand in his, and he told her he was sorry for her loss. "I lost her. I lost my baby. She's gone," Gwen said as she broke down in tears. Jack hugged Gwen to comfort her.

Chad approached Abigail in the hospital waiting area, and he said he believed Abigail when she had said that the fall had been an accident. "You knew she was pregnant, but why were you fighting with her at the top of the stairs?" Chad said. "Are you saying that it's my fault?" Abigail asked. Chad walked away.

Belle, Shawn, and Marlena develop a theory about Jan

Belle, Shawn, and Marlena develop a theory about Jan

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

by Mike

At the Price-Grant apartment, Lani crept out of a bedroom while quietly urging the twins to stay asleep for a while -- and, just then, someone loudly knocked on the front door, causing both babies to start fussing. Lani braced for the worst-case scenario, but the visitor didn't make any additional noise right away, and the twins quickly settled down. Lani breathed a sigh of relief then grumbled about the nerve of some people before opening the front door -- and finding Chanel standing on the other side of it, preparing to knock again.

"You here to say goodbye?" Lani assumed, eyeing the suitcase that Chanel was carrying. "'Goodbye'? I'm not going anywhere!" Chanel responded. "Then what's with the luggage?" Lani wondered. "Well, since my marriage to Xavier is over --" Chanel began to explain. "Xander," Lani clarified. "Right... Anyway, since he and I are donezo, [and] I didn't walk away with any cash, [and] my mom checked out of her hotel room...[well]...I was hoping I could move in here with you," Chanel concluded. "[That] is not gonna work," Lani insisted.

"This is not a large apartment...[and] I have a husband and newborn twins -- [and besides], even if I could help you, I'm not sure that I should... [Look], you made your bed, and now you gotta --" Lani reasoned. "Please don't quote my mother to me," Chanel interjected. "I was quoting my mother, actually... [Anyway, look] -- you have a great degree, [so] I know you can find a good job --" Lani responded. "Kind of hard to go job-hunting when you don't have a roof over your head..." Chanel grumbled.

"Maybe there's a job for you at the station --" Lani suggested. "The police station? [Look], no offense -- I love [you and Eli] -- but I don't see how you do it; I could never work for the cops," Chanel protested. "Yes, there are issues that need fixing in policing, but Eli and I, we both feel really strong about working towards change within the system --" Lani explained. "It's a broken and corrupt system," Chanel insisted. "Maybe...but I get to help people -- and that's the part of the job that I love," Lani stressed.

"[Which is why] I'll be right back to work as soon as my maternity leave is over," Lani revealed. "[But] what about the babies?" Chanel wondered. "Actually...I was just about to start looking for a nanny -- maybe we could help each other out," Lani answered. "I'm not good with kids -- I wasn't even good at being a kid -- [and] I like to stay up late and sleep 'til noon... [And besides, be honest] -- you don't want me to be your nanny any more than I want to take a demeaning domestic job," Chanel protested. "Is it demeaning for me, too?" Lani snapped. "I didn't mean it that way..." Chanel backpedaled. "I'm trying to help you out, but if you're gonna shoot down everything that I suggest and insult me in the process..." Lani grumbled.

"I know I'm coming off like a spoiled brat, [and] I do want to find a job, [but] I just don't know how long it'll take if I'm sleeping on the street [and] living out of a suitcase," Chanel clarified. "Okay, look, I can't make any official offers without talking to Eli first...[but] I understand that I am the only family you have here in Salem, at least until your mother gets back, [so] can stay on the couch -- for now -- and, meanwhile, we will find you a job and figure out something long-term," Lani conceded. "You won't regret it!" Chanel promised while thanking Lani with a hug.

Xander stumbled out of the Salem Inn while shouting at someone who was still inside. "That's just rude! Of course, I'm good for the bill -- what, do I look like some kind of deadbeat or something? I promise I will pay it...tomorrow -- promise!" Xander stressed while backing away from the hotel, bumping into Claire in the process.

"Sorry, miss," Xander began after turning to face Claire. "'Miss'? It's me!" Claire responded. "Oh... So it is..." Xander conceded. "Oh, my God -- you are trashed!" Claire realized. "So?" Xander snapped. "It's, like, 9:00 a.m.!" Claire noted before wondering when Xander had started drinking. "9:00...p.m.?" Xander guessed.

"Don't you get all judgy with me -- not when your mom's just been arrested for murder!" Xander spat. "My mother didn't kill anyone!" Claire insisted. "Well, I hear otherwise -- poor Charlie..." Xander countered. "'Poor Charlie' was a rapist!" Claire stressed. "Nobody's perfect..." Xander reasoned with a dismissive shrug. "You did not just say that!" Claire snapped. "Sorry -- I'm not really thinking straight right now... You're absolutely right -- what Charlie did to Allie was horrific..." Xander backpedaled.

"Were you about to say 'but'?" Claire asked incredulously. "Well...I was gonna point out did break his heart...[and that] being shot's probably preferable to having your heart ripped out, leaving [you] a bloody, battered mess with no future, no direction, no hope..." Xander bitterly replied. "Are you sure we're still talking about me and Charlie? [Because, you know], I heard about Sarah..." Claire challenged Xander. "No doubt everyone in town is rejoicing that she left me..." Xander grumbled. "Well, I'm not, [because] I can see that you're not only drunk [but] also pretty heartbroken. [Which is why] I will forgive you for your insane defense of Charlie," Claire stressed. "The man's dead -- and, yeah, maybe I'm a little...sensitive...'cause I was falsely accused once myself --" Xander explained. "He was not 'falsely accused' --" Claire protested. "No, I get it... I just... Did he really deserve to die?" Xander argued.

"[I mean], I've made mistakes, too, but I've worked so hard to be better [and] do better --" Xander reasoned. "We're not talking about you --" Claire interjected. "But we should be! I mean, Sarah had no right to walk out on me -- just like your mom had no right to play God and end Charlie's life!" Xander argued. "Look, I know you think your whole world is over --" Claire began. "It is!" Xander maintained. "[But] have to pull yourself together and move on," Claire concluded.

"I did try to do that with Michelle..." Xander revealed. "Who's Michelle?" Claire wondered. "Wait -- that's not her name, is it? Chanel -- I tried to move on with Chanel!" Xander backpedaled. "You got with Chanel?" Claire repeated. "What, you know her?" Xander assumed. "Yeah -- she's the girl who tried to scam me!" Claire grumbled. "Of course, she did..." Xander muttered before proceeding to trade horror stories with Claire -- then getting a sudden burst of inspiration about the ring that Chanel had returned.

Claire watched with obvious confusion as Xander fished the ring out of a pants pocket then accidentally dropped it to the ground. Xander knelt down to pick up the ring then offered it to Claire while still on bended knee. "Claire Brady, how would you --" Xander began. "You have got to be freakin' kidding me! [Seriously], what the hell are you doing? You can't propose to me! We're related -- and even if we weren't, I would not consider it!" Claire protested. "I'm not proposing to you, narcissist!" Xander insisted. "Then...why --" Claire stammered. "I was gonna ask if you wanted to buy the ring! [Look], I'll give it to you for a steal -- [and it features] a finely cut blood diamond, I'll have you know!" Xander responded. "Wow, gee -- a thirdhand, unethically sourced engagement ring from a drunk serial proposer!" Claire dryly mused. "Is that a yes?" Xander wondered. "No, it's a hard pass," Claire answered.

"[But] if you're that hard up for cash, you could pawn it...[or] maybe Pop-Pop will take pity on you..." Claire suggested. "[So, basically], there are no great choices left for me," Xander grumbled. "Okay, you need to stop feeling sorry for yourself," Claire reiterated. "Well, if I don't, who's going to? I've been down before, Claire, but never like this -- and all because I tried to be a better person for the love of a woman!" Xander countered. "Something I learned in therapy -- you have to change because you want to change, not for someone else," Claire advised.

Justin and Bonnie went to the Brady Pub for breakfast -- and, in addition to other foods, they both ordered scrambled eggs, which Bonnie liked to top with hot sauce, but Justin usually ate plain. Bonnie obtained permission to add hot sauce to Justin's scrambled eggs -- then proceeded to drench them with it. "Are you sure that's not too much?" Justin asked. "You can never have 'too much' hot sauce, honey!" Bonnie replied. "Oh, I'm...pretty sure you can..." Justin argued before apprehensively tasting the scrambled eggs -- then admitting, between coughs, that they were actually quite delicious. "Told you I was gonna spice up your life!" Bonnie reminded Justin with a wink. "[And] now you have," Justin assured Bonnie with a chuckle.

Justin's cell phone chimed a few seconds later, announcing the arrival of a text message -- one that, to Bonnie's disappointment, abruptly ended the breakfast date. "Thank you for...all the spice... See you tonight," Justin said to Bonnie before rushing out of the pub. "More for me..." Bonnie decided with a shrug, claiming the rest of Justin's scrambled eggs.

Belle and Shawn rushed over to the Evans-Black townhouse after receiving a text message from Marlena -- who revealed, when they arrived, that John had just been summoned back to the police station. "He refused to answer some of Rafe's questions last night, [so] D.A. Trask threatened him with obstruction of justice," Marlena explained.

At the police station, Trask demanded cooperation from John. "You're not a suspect, Mr. Black -- therefore, you don't have legal protections against self-incrimination. If you possess information about the murder of Charlie Dale -- which, we've clearly established, you do -- you are obliged, as a responsible citizen, to share that information with law enforcement. Commissioner Hernandez may have allowed you to stonewall him last night, but I won't be so forgiving," Trask stressed. "I'm not gonna say another word without my attorney present," John insisted -- and, as if on cue, Justin arrived just then.

Marlena stopped Belle from rushing off to the police station, clarifying that John had no intention of talking to Trask without an attorney present. "He [just] wants you to stay out of this," Marlena explained, and Shawn agreed that it would be best for Belle to let Justin help John with the matter instead. "Well, I'm glad that Justin's representing Dad...[but] I just hope it's not too late," Belle admitted.

Justin declared that it had been unethical of Trask to try to interrogate John without an attorney present. "I was just giving him the opportunity to provide any exculpatory information he might have," Trask reasoned. "Yes -- I'm sure you were looking out for his best interest," Justin sarcastically agreed. "There is something I'd like to --" John interjected. "Don't say a word," Justin advised. "Seems like your client has something to say, counselor," Trask observed. "What you heard on that recording was --" John elaborated. "John!" Justin snapped.

"My client will not be testifying against his own daughter," Justin insisted. "He already admitted what he saw," Trask noted. "No respectable judge will allow that recording into evidence at trial, far as I'm concerned, it doesn't even exist," Justin countered. "And yet it does," Trask stressed. "[Look], when that recording is thrown out, the only evidence you'll have left is a single button. Your case is circumstantial at best, and we both know you can't make it stick -- otherwise, you wouldn't have dragged Mr. Black down here for a second round of questioning. [So], just let him go...and, while you're at it, save yourself the time and the embarrassment and [just] drop the charges against Isabella Brady," Justin advised. "Pull all the legal stunts that you want, but [Mrs. Brady] will have to answer for [her crime], one way or another," Trask warned.

"Are you sure that recording is not admissible?" John challenged Justin after Trask stormed off. "Yes -- I have zero doubt a judge will throw it out," Justin assured John.

Jan entered the Brady Pub and spotted Bonnie, who was reading an online article about Belle's arrest. "I thought you were in a coma," Bonnie admitted when Jan approached. "I was -- [but then] I woke up, just like I did all those years ago, after your daughter put me in a coma," Jan explained. "Well, what do ya know about that... You're like a cat -- or a cockroach..." Bonnie mused. "Speaking of is Mimi?" Jan countered. "Wonderful," Bonnie reported. "Sorry to hear that..." Jan grumbled.

"Mimi got away with what she did to me all those years ago...[but at least] Belle's going down -- for killing Charlie Dale," Jan raved before stealing a forkful of Bonnie's scrambled eggs and declaring that they needed more hot sauce. "My boyfriend, Justin Kiriakis, just happens to be [Belle's] lawyer --" Bonnie bragged. "You're dating Justin? That's...complicated..." Jan interjected. "[And Justin also] just happens to be the best lawyer around, and he said this case is a slam dunk [because] they got nuttin' but a button," Bonnie concluded.

"That's cute...but inaccurate -- [see, they also] have a recording of Belle's father admitting that he saw her shoot the bastard," Jan insisted. "And how do you know that?" Bonnie wondered. "I...heard about [it]...on the news," Jan claimed. "Huh... You know, I was just reading the news when you came in here..." Bonnie revealed before reading the article to Jan to make it clear that the recording wasn't public information yet. "[Yeah, well]...Belle is my mortal enemy, and I'll do anything to see her fry -- [including] following this case as closely as you follow the lotto [because] I need to make sure that Belle gets what she deserves. [And] you get all your fake news from the Spectator, [but] all the real news is on the dark web," Jan hesitantly clarified. "How would you know about the dark web? You've been in a coma for a decade!" Bonnie suspiciously countered. "Fast learner," Jan explained.

"No way Belle worms her way out of this one -- [and] all I have to do is sit back and watch..." Jan stressed. "Meaning you wouldn't have to kidnap someone on their wedding day and stick 'em in a cage -- or blow up half your high school class --" Bonnie summarized. "Allegedly!" Jan objected. "Right... [And] if Belle goes to prison, Shawn will be free -- [and] that's what all this is about, what it's always about... [But] even if Belle went to prison for the rest of her life, you'll never be Mrs. Jan Brady!" Bonnie concluded.

"Wait -- 'Jan Brady'? Oh, my God -- I just got that!" Bonnie mused with a chuckle. "'Jan Brady' jokes aren't new!" Jan snapped. "They're new to me! [You know], Jan, you should probably stick to your imaginary boyfriend, George Glass, 'cause Shawn will never fall for you in a million years!" Bonnie countered. "If [Shawn] could fall for Mimi, he could fall for anyone -- [and if you want me to] give you another example...Justin Kiriakis fell for you, and you're just a poor man's version of his dead wife," Jan spat.

"I didn't come here to be insulted by the likes of you," Bonnie stressed before starting to leave. "I wouldn't underestimate me if I were you," Jan advised. "And I wouldn't underestimate Belle if I were you. [Or Justin, for that matter -- he's] a great lawyer, and he's gonna --" Bonnie warned. "Justin, Justin, Justin!" Jan grumbled. "Sometimes, the jokes just write themselves," Bonnie declared with a giggle before exiting the pub. "I don't care what Bonnie Lockhart says -- by the time this is over, I am gonna be Mrs. Jan Brady," Jan muttered. "Oh, is that a fact?" Claire, who had just entered the pub, challenged Jan.

Bonnie crossed paths with Xander in the town square and was offered an opportunity to buy a beautiful ring at an amazing price. Bonnie produced a loupe and inspected the diamond, explaining to a surprised Xander that any true fan of Hardcore Pawn knew to always be prepared for such an occasion. "Let me tell Justin about it -- he might want to buy it to propose to someone special..." Bonnie assured Xander.

Belle, Shawn, and Marlena continued chatting at the Evans-Black townhouse, trying to determine how Trask had found out about the recording of John's hypnotherapy session -- and the incriminating information it contained. "In all the confusion [following that session], it never occurred to me to try to erase that recording..." Marlena apologetically admitted.

"It was only you two in the room?" Belle assumed. "No..." Marlena began to clarify before elaborating. "[Then Jan's] definitely the one that tipped off Trask," Shawn decided, remembering that Jan and Trask had been at the police station at the same time the previous day. "I think it goes even deeper [than that -- I mean], when I went off on Sami the other day, I said she was the person who hated me the most, but we all know there is someone who hates me, like, a thousand times more than her, [and] it would make perfect sense if Jan was the one who killed Charlie just so I would take the fall. [She] size and build, [and that would explain why] she was lurking around the hospital, eavesdropping on [Dad -- because] she was trying to find something she could use against me," Belle argued.

"That makes a deranged kind of way," Marlena conceded. "Except for one thing -- Jan was in a coma when Charlie was murdered, so it couldn't have been her," Shawn countered.

Chanel and Allie have an unexpected reunion

Chanel and Allie have an unexpected reunion

Thursday, May 6, 2021

by Mike

John paced around the police station while waiting for an update from Justin, who had gone to the courthouse to try to get a judge to officially declare that a recording of a hypnotherapy session was totally inadmissible as evidence. Rafe eventually approached and warned that Trask was furious with John for having refused to fully cooperate with law enforcement officials during a murder investigation. John, like Rafe, found it laughable that Trask had expected any other response from a parent who was being asked to incriminate a child. "Someone [is] hellbent on framing [Belle] for murder -- [and] I'm telling you, Rafe, we gotta find that son of a bitch and nail their ass to the wall," John insisted, and Rafe agreed.

At the Evans-Black townhouse, Shawn reminded Belle and Marlena that Charlie had been murdered at the end of February -- and that Jan had been comatose then. "[Jan woke up on] April 1 -- I'll never forget that because I got a call from her doctor, Clay Snyder, and I thought it was, like, some crazy April Fools' joke," Belle recalled.

"[But] maybe we've just been wrong about the timing all this time, and Jan actually woke up earlier than April 1. [I mean, Dr. Snyder did tell me back then] that he'd noticed a change in Jan's vital signs and brain activity 'over the last couple of weeks,' [so] what if Jan actually came out of her coma before April 1 -- and nobody knew?" Belle suggested. "Well, then, she could have been up to anything at all," Marlena conceded. "Even murder," Belle summarized. "[But that] would be very difficult, honey -- I mean, Jan was in ICU; she was being monitored 24/7 by doctors and nurses," Marlena noted. "So, she was never alone?" Shawn assumed. "Well, rarely alone," Marlena clarified. "But not 'never'? So, it is possible?" Belle translated. "Of course -- it's Jan Spears," Marlena agreed after some thought.

At the Brady Pub, Claire guessed that Jan was going to try to deny having just fantasized aloud about one day marrying Shawn. "No -- friends don't lie to each other," Jan responded, quickly recovering from the shock of Claire's arrival. "I have allowed myself to imagine a future with your dad [again] -- now that his wife is going to prison," Jan admitted. "My mother is not going to prison -- she swore to me that she didn't kill Charlie!" Claire stressed. "Of course she [killed Charlie] -- and I don't blame her! Like I've said, I think she performed a heroic act by ridding the world of that monster -- [she] gave up her freedom so women like us wouldn't have to live in fear!" Jan countered.

"[And] we can't let her sacrifice be in vain -- we have to show our gratitude by moving on and being happy!" Jan argued. "I'm not gonna 'be happy' until my mom is free!" Claire insisted. "Sweetie, that might not be for a very long time -- if ever -- need to look on the bright side," Jan advised. "What bright side?" Claire wondered. "Well, I know you don't want to be friends, but...we could be family [instead -- I mean], I'm sure your mom will want your dad to move on and be happy, as well, so...when she goes to prison, Shawn and I will be together, and I'll be your stepmother! [Actually, wait -- on second thought], that's such a ghastly word; I think you should call me your...'bonus mama'...[instead]," Jan responded.

"Okay, you need to get this through your deluded head -- my mom is not going to prison, [and] my parents are not breaking up, and my father is never going to be with you, [and] I do not want anything to do with you!" Claire stressed. "I can't believe you're doing this -- I can't believe you're shutting me out again, after everything I did for you!" Jan grumbled. "What did you do for me?" Claire wondered. "I...was...caring and compassionate...when you thought you'd lost Ciara..." Jan answered.

"I am your truest friend -- and this is the thanks I get?" Jan snapped. "We are not -- and will never be -- 'friends,'" Claire insisted. "Maybe not...but I promise you this -- when I am your bonus mama, I will be far kinder to you than you've been to me," Jan countered. "Fine, I'll admit it -- you were nice to me when we first met -- [but] you never gave a damn about me; you were just trying to use me to drive a wedge between my parents," Claire argued. "That is not true -- I adore you!" Jan protested. "You adore my dad -- [and] your whole mission in life is to get him away from my mom, but it will never work, so...give it up, get a life, and stay the hell away from my family!" Claire spat before storming off. "I killed for you once, Claire, and it was surprisingly I know I can do it again if I have to -- [if that's what it takes] to get what I want..." Jan muttered.

Nicole went to the police station to see Rafe. "I'm guilty of a very serious crime," Nicole began with a sigh. "Oh, boy..." Rafe muttered. "I violated our custody agreement," Nicole elaborated while cracking a smile. "Ah, thanks -- I missed this little guy! And I missed you, too," Rafe admitted as Nicole produced their shared teddy bear and handed it over.

Rafe guessed that there was more than one reason for Nicole's visit. "I know [Ava] told you that we kissed -- [and] she said you weren't happy about it," Rafe revealed. "What? No! Come on -- she totally misread the situation, all right? She thought I didn't think she was good enough for you, and I just simply said that I thought you were two very different people -- [and], I mean, you have to admit that's true! [But] I care about you both, and if something does happen between the two of you, I would be...happy...for you," Nicole insisted. "Okay... I guess we'll find out tonight..." Rafe responded.

Nicole was stunned to learn that Rafe was planning to take Ava out to dinner that night. "You don't seem happy about that," Rafe observed. "The truth is...I'm jealous," Nicole admitted. "Of Ava?" Rafe wondered. "No? No! [Look], what I mean is, I might be slightly jealous that the two of you are gonna spend a romantic evening together, [since] I haven't seen Eric in forever, and I miss him," Nicole responded. " home soon, [though]...right?" Rafe assumed. "Yes -- any day now!" Nicole claimed, forcing a smile. "[Well, in that case], if things work out between me and Ava [tonight]...heck, maybe we'll double date [with you and Eric soon]!" Rafe suggested. "You're kidding, right?" Nicole stammered. "Yeah, maybe that would be pushing it..." Rafe conceded.

"You know, maybe we oughta rethink this whole custody arrangement with [our bear soon]...because, you know, I don't want Eric getting the wrong idea about us [when he gets back]," Rafe joked. "Don't be silly -- I mean, Eric knows we're friends... Just friends..." Nicole protested with an awkward laugh.

"[But] I get your point about Eric -- I mean, not that he would get the wrong idea or anything, know, when he does come home, I probably won't see you as much [anymore -- so you should keep our bear from now on]," Nicole suggested. "No matter what is going on in our respective love lives, I don't want you to be a stranger," Rafe objected. "Okay..." Nicole conceded before starting to rush off -- prompting Rafe to seize a farewell hug. Nicole stiffened in Rafe's arms then quickly pulled away and left.

At the hospital, Snyder chastised Tripp again for what had happened the previous day. "Sharing an intimate moment with a patient's mother --" Snyder began to summarize. "It wasn't 'intimate' -- as I told you, the patient is my nephew, and his mother and I are friends; I was only comforting her," Tripp clarified. "Your job is not to 'comfort,' Mr. Johnson -- your job is to treat," Snyder stressed before starting to walk away. "I thought it was both..." Tripp muttered, stopping Snyder. "What was that?" Snyder snapped. "Nothing," Tripp responded.

"Keep your paws off my damn patients," Snyder warned, poking Tripp's chest with two fingers to punctuate the demand. "Why don't you keep your paws off my damn son," Ava, who had just exited a nearby elevator, advised Snyder -- and Tripp laughed awkwardly then got the introductions out of the way.

"[I hope you know] how lucky you are to have my son in your program -- not only is Tripp brilliant, but he is also kind and compassionate, not to mention an incredibly hard worker. He's going to be a wonderful doctor," Ava declared. "I see... Well, I hope that he appreciates the opportunity to complete his education, given how close he came to losing it -- [after all], most hospitals would have terminated your son the moment they found out that he was accused of rape," Snyder countered. "He was cleared -- because he's innocent," Ava stressed. "Well, we didn't know that 'til recently," Snyder argued. "Well, now you do know -- and if I find out that you are treating him any differently --" Ava snapped. "What my mother means is that we are both very grateful you were willing to take a chance on me," Tripp interjected. "Don't blow it," Snyder warned.

Ava scowled as Snyder walked away. "Oh, he has no idea who he is dealing with! Oh, back in the day -- oh, what I would do..." Ava grumbled. "He speaks to everyone that way," Tripp insisted. "Yeah? Well, maybe I should report him, [then]," Ava suggested. "Mom, no, all right? Look, Snyder's not a bad guy -- he's just...a stickler for the rules," Tripp countered. "What rule did you break?" Ava wondered. "It was just a misunderstanding, all right? He thought I was being inappropriate with a patient," Tripp responded. "'Inappropriate' how?" Ava incredulously prodded Tripp. "It's not a big deal," Tripp evasively assured Ava. "Are you kidding me? After everything that you have been through, I'm not gonna stand by and let somebody falsely accuse you of something!" Ava argued before refusing to leave the hospital until Tripp shared the details of the incident.

Tripp chuckled then gave in to Ava's demand. "[Dr. Snyder] just jumped to the wrong conclusion," Tripp summarized at the end of the tale. "You sure about that?" Ava challenged Tripp. "You're not the first one to wonder if there's something going on between me and Allie -- [I got the same question from] Dad [and] Ben Weston -- [but, like I told Ben], even if Allie and I did have...'chemistry' or whatever...nothing could ever come of it," Tripp responded. "Would you want it to?" Ava further challenged Tripp. "Doesn't matter -- given our history, Allie and I can't be together; it would just be too...weird. [And] our what it is -- there's nothing I can do to change it," Tripp insisted. "[Then] focus on the present," Ava advised.

"I mean, that's what I'm doing -- you know, starting over [with] a clean slate..." Ava stressed. "You're talking about leaving the mob," Tripp translated. "And other developments..." Ava responded before bragging about having made plans to go out to dinner with Rafe that night.

"He's a great guy -- I'm all for [this]!" Tripp raved. "Just so you know, I'm also [going to be] fine if you and Allie [do] get together," Ava declared. "Mom, I told you -- it's not happening," Tripp maintained. "Okay... I'm just saying... [Look], I'm not pushing you, [Tripp] -- I'm just encouraging you to...stay open to the possibilities [and never] let your past get in the way of what could be an amazing future. And, for what it's worth...I don't think you and Allie would be 'weird' at all, [so]...why don't you just give it a chance?" Ava countered.

Meanwhile, Snyder received an office visit from Belle and Shawn, who shared their theory that Jan had actually recovered long before April 1 and had even committed a murder during that time. "You're asking whether a patient -- at this hospital -- could have come out of a coma, run around Salem for weeks, [and] got mixed up in a murder, all without me or any of my staff knowing about it... I mean, the notion of this is absolutely ludicrous!" Snyder protested. "Okay, not that we doubt you, [but] there any way I could take a look at your security footage?" Shawn responded, flashing a badge. "I believe you need a warrant for that..." Snyder argued. "I can get one...[but] it might take a few days -- [and], in the meantime, there might be a leak to the press..." Shawn countered -- and Belle hinted that the use of such stall tactics could lead to serious questions about the hospital's level of accountability if the theory was proven to be valid.

Snyder grudgingly provided Shawn and Belle access to the surveillance footage from the security camera that was closest to Jan's room. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have patients to see..." Snyder snapped before exiting the office -- and as soon as the coast was clear, Belle and Shawn began reviewing the footage, which quickly proved to be useful.

Snyder eventually rejoined Shawn and Belle. "Well, I guess the 'notion' wasn't so 'ludicrous,' after all," Shawn triumphantly declared before showing Snyder footage of Jan sneaking around the hospital on Valentine's Day. "Our staff is incredibly dedicated and professional... For that woman to avoid being seen... She had to have gone to a great deal of trouble... [And], clearly, Ms. Spears is deranged if she'd go to such lengths... For the record, this hospital is in no way responsible for the rogue actions of some homicidal lunatic..." Snyder stressed before rushing off again.

Belle wanted to show the footage to Rafe and Trask right away, but Shawn insisted that wasn't a good idea. "It doesn't prove that [Jan] killed [Charlie, and] Trask won't accept it [because] she already has her murderer -- you -- [and] she's not interested in looking any further, [so] we need more evidence," Shawn reasoned. "How are we gonna get that?" Belle wondered. Meanwhile, at the Evans-Black townhouse, John and Marlena took turns filling each other in on everything that had happened since their previous conversation.

While passing through the town square, Ava ran into Nicole, who hesitantly agreed to help with a search for the perfect outfit to wear on a first date -- but Rafe was thinking about Nicole, not Ava, at that moment.

While passing through the park, Chanel bumped into someone -- then realized, while in the process of shamelessly blaming the person for the collision, that they actually knew each other. "Horton!" Chanel incredulously exclaimed. "DuPree!" Allie incredulously responded.

Chanel and Allie hugged each other excitedly then determined that it had been more than two years since they had last seen each other. "I missed you so much after you left London!" Allie admitted. "Honey, I was there for six months -- that's a lifetime for me; I like to keep it moving!" Chanel stressed. "You went to Africa [after that], right?" Allie recalled. "South Africa -- and it was beyond!" Chanel confirmed. "London was not the same without you -- I mean, in fact, everything actually went to hell right after you left..." Allie declared. "I'm sure it wasn't that bad --" Chanel argued. "You have no idea," Allie countered before changing the subject, wondering what Chanel was doing in Salem, of all places. "I have family here," Chanel explained. "Get out -- so do I!" Allie revealed.

Chanel and Allie headed off to Julie's Place together, wanting to continue catching up with each other over cocktails and lunch -- even though they were both supposed to be looking for a job that day. "DuPree, that is wild, even for you!" Allie declared with a laugh after Chanel vaguely admitted to having recently married -- then quickly decided to divorce -- a guy who had basically been a total stranger at the time but had seemed rich. "You're the last person -- besides myself -- I would expect to have a kid -- I mean, now, [that is], Horton!" Chanel declared with a gasp after Allie vaguely admitted to having gotten pregnant shortly after their previous encounter.

Allie showed Chanel digital photographs of Henry -- who was at the park with Roman -- then got around to telling Chanel the rest of the story. "I'm so sorry for everything you went through -- and I pray you meet someone who is the total opposite of that S.O.B.," Chanel stressed at the end of the tale. "Well, there is this one guy...but it can't go anywhere [because] it's really complicated..." Allie admitted with a sigh of frustration before elaborating.

Chanel and Allie eventually started reminiscing about all of the fun things they had done together in London. "Don't get me wrong -- I love Henry with all my heart -- [but] I miss when life was fun, [and] I would give anything to go back to that time," Allie admitted. "Me, too," Chanel agreed.

While passing through the park, Tripp ran into Roman and Henry -- and Roman quickly sensed that Tripp was hopeful that Henry's presence meant that Allie was somewhere nearby. Roman casually shared Allie's whereabouts with Tripp, who rushed off to Julie's Place -- and arrived just in time to see Allie and Chanel kiss.

Susan slips up with Brady

Susan slips up with Brady

Friday, May 7, 2021

In an examination room at the hospital, Lucas told Chloe that he did not want a second opinion about his condition. When Chloe stepped out to find the doctor, Lucas grabbed his cell phone and called Sami. Lucas left a panicked voicemail about his doctor's appointment, and his concern that exposing his lie would expose Chloe to danger from Kristen.

When Chloe returned, Lucas told her that he did not deserve to live a long life. "I have to be honest with you," Lucas started. Before Lucas could confess, Dr. Dunn walked in. "I feel I know you from somewhere," Chloe said. Lucas narrowed his eyes at the doctor. "I guess I have one of those faces," Dr. Dunn said. Lucas remembered when Sami had dressed as a man named Stan. A look of comprehension flashed across Lucas's face.

"I also feel like I already know you, Dr. Dunn," Lucas said as he shook the doctor's hand. Chloe started to leave, but Dr. Dunn told her she could stay. "The initial diagnosis was accurate. Your tumor is massive, Mr. Horton," Dr. Dunn said. "Thanks for giving it to me straight," Lucas grumbled. Chloe reminded Dr. Dunn that he had been optimistic on the phone, but Dr. Dunn said that his examination had determined that there was nothing to be done.

"How long do I have, doctor?" Lucas asked. "I would say a few months," Dr. Dunn said. Dr. Dunn urged Lucas to enjoy his last few months with someone. "Someone with whom you can be romantic. I would think that would be the most comforting for you in your final days. I assume this lovely lady is your significant other?" Dr. Dunn asked. "She was," Lucas said. Chloe added that Lucas was important to her. With a nod, Lucas told Chloe that he would meet her outside. Lucas stopped Dr. Dunn before he left.

"You're Sami, and I know it!" Lucas said. "Surprise," Dr. Dunn answered with Sami's voice. Sami removed her disguise. "Your Stan disguise? Don't you think that's a little risky?" Lucas asked. "You wanted my help. You got my help. How about a thank you for saving your ass?" Sami said. Sami told Lucas that she had canceled the appointment with the real Dr. Dunn. With a shrug, Sami noted that Kristen had been masquerading as a different person for weeks, and unlike her, Sami only had to fool Chloe.

When Lucas argued that Chloe had said that Dr. Dunn had looked familiar, Sami countered that it had been sixteen years since Chloe had seen her as Stan. "Chloe was going through her Phantom of the Opera phase because of her scars. She was worrying about her own face. She's not going to remember what Stan looked like," Sami said. Lucas reluctantly thanked Sami for her help. Sami encouraged Lucas to ask Chloe to travel the world with him for a few months.

After Lucas dressed, he met up with Chloe in the waiting area. "I'm so sorry," Chloe said as she hugged Lucas. "I think I'll take the doctor's advice and pack my bags," Lucas said. When Chloe asked where Lucas had not yet visited in the world, Lucas blurted out Antarctica. "You want to spend your final months in the freezing cold?" Chloe asked. Lucas laughed. "I love penguins," Lucas said. When Lucas asked Chloe to join him, she asked him if he was sure that he wanted to spend his last months away from his family.

"Lucas!" Sami called out as she ran down the hallway. Sami said she had seen Dr. Dunn. "Was it not good news?" Sami asked. "The same diagnosis my other doctor gave me. Inoperable brain tumor," Lucas said. A teary-eyed Sami hugged Lucas. Chloe asked Sami how she had recognized Dr. Dunn. "I saw his name tag," Sami lied. Lucas interjected that he planned to travel. Sami announced that travel was the perfect plan, and she thanked Chloe for going with Lucas.

"Don't you and the rest of his family want him to be close by?" Chloe asked. "We love him. So we want whatever he wants," Sami said. Sami offered to call a travel agent and pay for the trip. Chloe suggested that Lucas should take the night to think about whether he wanted to leave his family or not. "I've been married to him too, and I know that once Lucas makes up his mind about something, there's no changing it," Sami said. Sami stressed that Lucas should make the most out of his final months.

"Of course family is important, but so is being with someone that he can be romantic with. I think that would be the most comforting to him in his final days," Sami said. Chloe thought about how Dr. Dunn has said almost the exact thing as Sami. Chloe also thought about when she had met Stan on the docks sixteen years ago. "Oh my God," Chloe said.

Chanel and Allie drank at the bar in Julie's Place, and they reminisced about better times in London. "We were so happy then and free. I would do anything to go back to that time," Allie said. Chanel agreed. After a moment, Chanel leaned forward and kissed Allie. Tripp walked into the restaurant, and he saw Chanel and Allie kiss. Confused, Tripp backed out.

"What was that?" Allie asked. "A kiss," Chanel said. Allie told Chanel that she was not gay. "Relax, Horton. Neither am I," Chanel said with a grin. Confused, Allie asked Chanel why she had kissed her. Chanel said she had felt good when she had talked about their times in London. "It's not a big deal. It's just a kiss," Chanel said. Allie asked Chanel if she had kissed a woman before, and Chanel said she had. "So you're bi?" Allie asked. Chanel stressed that she did not like labels, just people. Chanel started to apologize, but Allie told Chanel that it did not bother her. When Allie admitted that she had not kissed a woman before, Chanel asked her if she enjoyed the kiss.

"It was nice," Allie said. Chanel teased Allie for her underwhelming response. Chanel raised a glass to toast to Allie's first kiss with a woman. When Allie failed to react, Chanel shrugged and offered to pretend that the kiss had not happened. Chanel apologized if she had crossed a line, because she did not want to mess up her friendship with Allie.

"Of course we're [still] besties! I haven't had this much fun in forever. Thank you for that," Allie said. Chanel asked Allie if she needed help with anything. "Maybe what I can do is help you with that hottie you're interested in," Chanel suggested. With a shrug, Allie said the situation was too complicated. "[Tripp's] a really good guy," Allie said.

In the square, Allie called Shawn on the phone to tell him about her run-in with Jan, but she got his voicemail. After leaving a message, Claire saw Tripp. "What's wrong?" Claire asked. Tripp stammered out that he had seen Allie kiss someone. "I thought she was into you," Claire said. "Did she say anything?" Tripp asked. Claire explained she had felt more of a vibe.

"I kind of thought we had a connection too, but I mean, it would probably go nowhere. After what I saw, that is exactly where it's going. Nowhere," Tripp said. Claire noted that Allie had not told her about a new guy. "It wasn't a guy," Tripp said. Confused, Claire asked for details. Tripp told Claire that Allie had been kissing Chanel.

"They don't even know each other!" Claire objected. "That sure as hell not how it looked," Tripp countered. Tripp confirmed that the kiss had not seemed platonic. Claire suggested that Chanel had been scamming Allie like she had scammed Claire and Tripp. "I don't know, man. It looked like she was kissing her back," Tripp said. Worried about Allie, Claire marched over to the restaurant with Tripp.

At Julie's Place, Chanel and Allie continued to drink at the bar and talk. Allie noted that Tripp was busy with his internship at the hospital. "If he can't make the time, then he's a jerk and you need to move on," Chanel advised. Allie reminded Chanel that as a mom, Allie was also busy. "Love always finds a way," Chanel said. Chanel suggested that she and Allie could look for work together.

After another toast, Allie hugged Chanel. Claire and Tripp walked into the restaurant. "Get your hands off my cousin!" Claire yelled. Surprised, Allie pulled away. Chanel saw it was Claire, and she downed the rest of her cocktail.

In the tunnels of the DiMera mansion, Kristen called Vivian and told her that Kate had dumped Jake. "Kate is now headed for a lifetime on a deserted island," Kristen said. Kristen asked Vivian to keep Susan calm because Kristen needed more time with Brady. When Kristen entered the wine cellar, a gagged Kate struggled against her restraints. Kristen removed the gag.

"You bitch!" Kate yelled. Kate threatened to kill Kristen, and she stressed that Jake would discover Kristen's plot. With a shrug, Kristen said, "My guess is [Jake] is too busy working his way into Gabi's bed since you've broken his heart." Kristen pulled out a syringe. As Kate eyed the syringe, Kristen noted that when Kate woke up, she would be on an almost deserted island.

"You don't want to do this," Kate said. As Krisen leaned over to inject Kate, Kate broke free of her restraints. Kate and Kristen struggled for control of the syringe. Kristen got the upper hand and injected Kate. Once Kate was unconscious, Kristen stuffed her in a canvas bag. Kristen pulled on her Kate mask, and she wheeled the canvas bag out the tunnels into the living room. As the door to the tunnels closed, Jake walked into the room.

"I thought you moved out last night," Jake said as he saw the bag. "I forgot a few things," "Kate" said. Jake stepped in front of Kate. "I'm not letting you walk out of my life without trying to change your mind first," Jake said. "Kate" told Jake to get out of her way. Jake refused, and he argued that Kate had been behaving strangely. Kate told Jake to move so that she did not miss her flight.

"You're leaving because you're in love with me," Jake said. "Are you stupid?" "Kate" asked. Jake accused Kate of running away from her feelings. As Jake reached for "Kate's" canvas bag, she blocked him. "I'm not letting you leave," Jake said. "Don't you dare!" Kate yelled. Kate told Jake to accept that it was over.

"With me gone, you can team up with little chic Gabi again. The two of you can run DiMera. Won't that be a match made in heaven?" Kate said. Kate dragged her canvas bag past Jake toward the front door, and she called out, "Bye, Jake!" After Kristen shoved the canvas bag in her car, she removed her Kate mask and headed for the airport. "I almost threw my back out getting you into that duffel bag. And that lovesick brother of mine has put us off schedule," Kristen complained.

At the prison, Susan paced the visitor's room, and she complained about Kristen. "I don't know how much more I can take," Susan said. "Kristen?" Brady said as he entered the room. Susan switched into her "Kristen" voice, and she greeted Brady. As "Kristen" appeared surprised to see Brady, he reminded her that Rachel's birthday was the next day. "Kristen" promised that she had not forgotten her daughter's birthday. Brady asked "Kristen" to sign Rachel's birthday girl.

"It's Rachel's favorite animal! Little duckies!" "Kristen" cooed as she looked at the card. "Kittens. Kittens are her favorite, but I couldn't find one with kittens on it," Brady said. "Kristen" covered and noted that Rachel had used to love ducks. Flustered, "Kristen" asked for a pen, and she asked about birthday plans. When Brady mentioned Sami might join the festivities, "Kristen" noted that would be nice. Startled, Brady asked "Kristen," "Since when?"

"I mean, how nice for selfish, hateful Sami to take a break from caring for my poor brother, E.J.," "Kristen" said. "Kristen" signed the card and handed it back to Brady. "My dear little Rachel, I miss my sugar plum princess so much on her special day," Brady read. "Kristen" beamed as Brady continued to read. "All my love, Susan," Brady concluded. The smile fell from "Kristen's" face. Concerned, Brady asked "Kristen" why she had signed Susan's name to the card. "Kristen" floudered for a second, then Brady stood up and backed away.

"Tell me this isn't happening," Brady said. "This isn't happening," "Kristen" responded. Brady asked if Kristen had been living with him as Susan the whole time. "It's me. It's Rachel's mama," "Kristen" stammered. Brady was not fooled. "Don't lie to me, Susan!" Brady growled. Caught, Susan wrinkled her nose and said in her normal voice, "The jig is up." Susan took out her false teeth and smiled at Brady.

"[Kristen] convinced me I had to do it for Dr. Marlena Evans and John Black," Susan said. Brady asked Susan what she meant. Susan explained that Kristen had warned her that Chloe continued to put Brady in danger, which would upset Marlena and John. "You're telling me this is all about Chloe?" Brady asked. Susan argued that Chloe would have stolen Brady away from Kristen if Susan had not agreed to switch places.

"This is nuts!" Brady yelled. Susan told Brady that Kristen loved him so much that she was willing to do anything to protect Brady. "No wonder you were so rude to Chloe. I mean you weren't. Kristen was rude," Brady said. "We both were," Susan said. Susan explained that she had not liked how Chloe had pursued Brady. Susan said that Brady was lucky that Kristen had been there to protect him from Chloe. When Susan mentioned Vivian's help, Brady raised an eyebrow.

"Vivian is in on this?" Brady asked. Susan explained that Kristen knew that Susan would need help because Susan was a bad liar. "What's in it for Vivian?" Brady asked. Frustrated, Susan yelped that she was ready to go home. "You're not going anywhere," Brady said. Brady asked Susan to help Kristen.

"If the authorities find out that [Kristen] escaped again, they are going to put her away for a long time," Brady said. Brady asked Susan to think about Rachel. Reluctantly, Susan promised to continue to pose as Kristen a little longer. "I'll do it for Rachel," Susan said. Brady handed Susan the birthday card, and he rushed out of the room.

Brady jumped in his car and drove toward Salem. "Damn it, Kristen. I know you love me. I know you love Rachel. But I don't know why you take these crazy risks. If I don't get you back to the prison before they find out, this is going to end in disaster," Brady muttered.

As Kristen drove toward the airport, Kate woke up and managed to unzip the bag she was in. Kristen reached in the backseat and swatted at Kate. While Kristen was distracted, her car weaved into the other lane, headed straight for Brady's car. Brady swerved his car to the side.

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