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Zoe's plan to surprise Carter went embarrassingly wrong, and Zoe couldn't stop puzzling over who Carter had been in bed with. Shauna took the fall for Quinn, and after the wake-up call of almost getting caught, Carter reunited with Zoe. Eric revived his marriage to Quinn.
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After nearly getting caught in bed with Quinn, Carter reevaluated his life and reunited with Zoe
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Zoe gets an earful about not trusting Quinn

Zoe gets an earful about not trusting Quinn

Monday, May 10, 2021

In the corridor at Forrester in the evening, Brooke couldn't find Quinn anywhere. Zoe had seen Quinn there earlier and said that Brooke could call if it was important. Brooke felt that it was important, not that Quinn would care. In Brooke's view, Quinn cared only about herself.

Zoe murmured that she and Quinn were friends. Brooke thought that meant Zoe knew Quinn's history and that Brooke's opinion of Quinn shouldn't surprise Zoe. Zoe offered to get a message to Quinn, but Brooke thought she had to do it herself. Brooke decided it wasn't a good idea to talk to Quinn at work because it was about Quinn's marriage and role as Eric's wife.

In the CEO's office, Eric talked with Ridge about his trip. It might not have been the best time for Eric to go, but he'd gotten Rebecca, who'd been courted by every design house on the East Coast, to work exclusively with Forrester. Eric said Steffy and Ridge had laid the groundwork for it. Ridge stated that Eric had closed the deal. With a smile, Eric affirmed it.

Zoe and Brooke entered. Zoe asked how Eric's trip had been. Eric said it had been good, but he hadn't realized his trip had been such a conversation piece. Zoe explained that Quinn had mentioned it, and Zoe was sure Quinn had been glad to be back in Eric's arms.

Brooke didn't think it was appropriate for Zoe to discuss Eric's marriage. Eric said Quinn might be comfortable with it; however, he wasn't, even if he knew Zoe's heart was in the right place.

Zoe replied that Quinn always said wonderful things about Eric, and it was really sweet how devoted Quinn was to him. As Quinn's friend, Zoe saw a side of Quinn that most didn't. Zoe knew about Quinn's past and could see why people might get a bad impression of Quinn. Zoe could relate but felt that Quinn could be the most caring and supportive person.

Brooke scoffed in amazement. Zoe said she'd been really glad that Quinn had talked to Carter for her. Ridge asked if Zoe really thought Quinn could make the case better than Zoe herself. Ridge didn't think it had been a wise choice to send Quinn. Brooke added that it was Quinn they were talking about, and there was no telling what Quinn might do.

Zoe didn't think Quinn was giving Carter a hard sales pitch. Ridge thought that was good because it wouldn't work with Carter, who knew exactly what he wanted. Zoe understood that it wasn't her at the time, but she said that, not long back, he'd wanted to marry her and had loved her. Zoe needed to remind him why. Eric asked if Zoe trusted Quinn to convey it.

Zoe believed that Quinn had been through something similar and had also eroded trust in her relationship. It was starting to sound to Brooke as if Quinn had sent Zoe there on Quinn's behalf. Zoe said Quinn didn't need anyone to talk her up. Eric stated that it was nice to know that Quinn had been kind to Zoe.

Zoe felt that Quinn had reached out to help Zoe because of the way Eric had taken Quinn back. It had meant the world to Quinn, who knew it was possible to rebuild trust in a relationship. It was probably why Quinn had agreed to help Zoe with Carter. Eric felt that it was a lot more complicated than that.

Zoe affirmed it and said Quinn had been candid about it. Zoe stated that trust had to be earned, but it was important to start somewhere and to try the way Eric had with Quinn. Zoe hoped Eric would open his heart to Quinn again. Until then, Zoe hoped Eric realized that Quinn would never do anything to jeopardize the marriage ever again.

Zoe told Eric that she loved Carter and was as committed to him as Quinn was to Eric, and Zoe wasn't giving up on Carter. Ridge said Zoe understood that she might have to someday. Zoe didn't think it was the time and figured that Quinn would have told her. Brooke noted that Zoe was putting a lot of faith in Quinn.

Zoe said Quinn had been honest with Zoe. Zoe had thought a conversation with Quinn would work, but it seemed that Carter needed more persuasion. Zoe was planning a surprise for Carter at his apartment. Ridge winced, and Brooke said that some people didn't like surprises. Zoe said that Ridge was right, and she had to put herself out there and tell Carter how she felt.

"I don't think that's what I said," Ridge replied. Zoe felt that she had to make a move while Carter wasn't seeing anyone. Ridge didn't think Carter was the type to just take up with anyone. Zoe knew that and felt lucky that he'd seen her. She knew that they were disappointed in the way she'd treated Carter, but she was confident that she could be the woman he deserved. She planned to do everything she could to regain his trust.

Ridge saw Zoe out, and once he'd closed the door, Brooke asked if Eric had known that Zoe and Quinn had become such friends. Eric hadn't. Ridge assumed Eric hadn't known that Quinn had talked to Carter. Eric revealed that he and Quinn hadn't communicated that much.

Ridge, Brooke, and Eric wondered if it was too late for Zoe and Carter. Ridge couldn't be sure that Carter wasn't seeing anyone, but Ridge knew for sure that Carter was not seeing Zoe. "And would you be supportive if he did?" Eric asked. Ridge wanted to support Carter, who'd always had Ridge's back, and Ridge said that if it made Carter happy, that was all Ridge wanted for Carter.

Brooke added that it was what they wanted for Eric, too. Eric thanked Brooke. He knew that it wasn't easy for her to say or to root for him and Quinn. Brooke said she was rooting for the conflict in his life to end. Eric said he'd had time to think while on his trip. He knew that Quinn missed their connection, and he hated that it caused her pain. Quinn was doing all she could to reestablish the connection; however, he'd been resisting, and that had to stop.

Eric decided that he had to make an effort. Brooke asserted that Quinn was the one who had to do that. Eric replied that Quinn was his wife, and despite all the things Quinn had done, her patience had shown that she'd changed. Ridge agreed, saying that the Quinn of old would have done something to make it worse. Agreeing, Eric said Quinn had been true to her word and faithful to him.

At Carter's place, Quinn and Carter broke away from the kiss. Quinn said they couldn't do it, but when she was with him, "I feel..." Carter knew and added that he felt it, too. Quinn loved Eric and didn't want to betray his trust. Carter didn't, either. He said they'd gotten carried away, and that was it. Quinn decided that she shouldn't have gone there.

Carter asked Quinn not to say that. He stated that she'd needed to talk and had known he'd be there for her. She asserted that Carter couldn't be there for her, and Eric was a good man who didn't deserve it. Quinn was afraid Eric would find out that she'd been with another man.

Carter said it had happened because Quinn had needed to feel like herself again, to be comforted and desired. Quinn replied that it was cheating. She asked why it had happened and why they couldn't stop. He replied that they hadn't known they'd end up there, but she felt that they'd known it could be possible. Every second she spent with him was dangerous.

Carter stated that they hadn't meant for it to happen, and he knew how much she loved Eric and how committed she was to Eric. Quinn didn't want to talk about Eric. She said Carter needed to be with Zoe, who was young and wanted a life with Carter. Quinn felt that Carter could relate to Zoe's mistake because he and Quinn had also made one.

Carter replied that he and Quinn had been consoling each other, sharing their loneliness and need for affection. It had brought them together. Quinn affirmed that she'd felt lonely and unwanted. She said her husband had preferred taking a business trip to making love to her.

It had made Quinn vulnerable to all of her worst impulses. The way Carter had held her, touched her, and kissed her had made her feel like a woman again. Quinn said it had been an incredible moment in time. She hadn't been thinking of her marriage or anything except the connection between her and Carter. It had been a connection that he'd needed, too.

Heading toward the door, Quinn said that every single second she was there was like playing with fire. Carter told her that she didn't have to go. She reminded him that she was married, and she'd made vows. It hadn't felt wrong to her, though. He said it hadn't to him, either.

Quinn backed up toward the door, and Carter walked forward, matching her pace. Her back brushed against the door. Along the way, she'd been telling him that he was a remarkable man, caring, handsome, and passionate. He'd made a difference in her life at a time when she hadn't thought anyone could make her feel better. She understood why Zoe didn't want to lose him.

Sultry music played, and Carter and Quinn kissed again. They kissed their way to the dark bedroom, where they threw each other down and continued making out.

Back downstairs, Zoe let herself into the loft. She called Carter's name but got no answer. Zoe headed up the spiral staircase, calling Carter's name. Outside the bedroom door, she asked if he was in there. She opened the bedroom door and gasped in shock. Carter's startled gaze fell on Zoe at the entrance of the bedroom.

Zoe catches Carter in a compromising position

Zoe catches Carter in a compromising position

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

In Carter's bedroom, Zoe was surprised to find Carter in bed. Carter was in bed alone but was jumpy and nervous. Zoe asked if he was in bed because he didn't feel well. Under the bed, Quinn watched Zoe step on Quinn's leather coat on the floor. Zoe asked if Carter needed anything, like tea or soup. She touted her takeout ordering skills but stammered when she saw a bra and some panties on the floor. She asked if there was another woman in the room.

Mortified, Zoe asked if she knew the woman. Carter wanted to talk downstairs, but she questioned why they had to go down there. Guessing that it was because the woman was there, Zoe strode to the bathroom and looked in. Closing the door, she asked what kind of woman moved in on a man who'd just called off his engagement.

Carter, who'd gotten out of bed and put on his tank top, asked Zoe to go downstairs. Crying, Zoe said she'd been hopeful that he'd give them another chance and that what they'd shared had meant something to him. She was devastated and heartbroken that he'd already slept with another woman so soon after their engagement had ended.

Zoe said she'd arrived because she wanted their relationship back. She thought he wanted it, too, and that they had something one couldn't walk away from. However, the truth was that he'd been updating his dating profiles while she'd been fighting for him. He said she knew it wasn't true, but Zoe replied that he'd invited someone into his bed.

Zoe asked how many there had been. Carter replied that it wasn't like that. Zoe asked if the woman was just special and if he loved the woman. "No," Carter uttered, and Quinn grimaced, shaking her head under the bed. Zoe asked if he'd ever loved Zoe. Carter admitted that he'd never stopped. He hated that he'd hurt Zoe that way and that she had walked in like that.

Zoe was humiliated and assumed that the other woman was somewhere in there, laughing at Zoe. Carter said he was sorry, but Zoe figured that she'd needed to see with her own eyes how easy it was for him to move on. She asked if he even cared about her. In his silence, Zoe gasped and walked toward the door. Carter said her name. "Don't," she said and strode out.

After Zoe had gone, Quinn crawled out from under the bed, and Carter and she stared at each other in guilt-ridden silence. They dressed and went downstairs. Quinn said it had been terrible to hear all the pain in Zoe's voice. He said he'd caused the pain.

Quinn was sorry, but she figured that it had been what Carter had needed. She recalled that Zoe had said she'd needed to see with her own eyes that Carter had moved on. "But you haven't! You haven't moved on," Quinn exclaimed. She said he could have told Zoe that it was over and that what he did in his bedroom was his own business, but he hadn't done that.

Quinn remarked that Carter had been very caring with Zoe. Carter affirmed that he had been. Quinn said it was because he still wanted to have a life with Zoe, and Quinn wanted her life with Eric. Quinn asserted that they'd both known it wouldn't go anywhere, and they had no excuse. She yelled that she was a married woman, and she wondered what she'd been thinking.

Carter didn't know what he'd been thinking. He respected Eric. Eric treated Carter like family. Carter shouldn't have let it happen even once, "And now Zoe knows." Quinn replied that Zoe didn't know that it had been Quinn. Quinn reminded him that it had all started because she'd been there, trying to reunite Zoe and Carter. Quinn felt that it could still happen if Carter went to Zoe. Quinn said only Shauna knew the truth, and Shauna wouldn't tell anyone.

In Carter's silence, Quinn said they'd had a brief moment in time, and they should be thankful for the connection that they'd made. They needed to know that it was in the past and would never happen again. She could be with Eric, and Carter could be with Zoe. Quinn really hoped Carter would choose that. She was adamant that she wanted her marriage.

Quinn believed that she could get Eric to trust her again. It wouldn't happen, though, if Eric knew about Carter and her. Quinn said she and Carter needed to take it to their graves, and no one else could ever know.

In the CEO's office, Ridge, Brooke, and Eric continued to work and talk about Liam and Hope's reunion. Eric just wanted the couple's happiness. Brooke said she and Ridge wanted the same for Eric. Ridge asked where Brooke was going with that. Eric said it was fine. Eric assumed that Brooke was just worried that he couldn't be happy as long as he was married to Quinn.

Brooke claimed she didn't want to overstep. "Since when?" Eric asked. She asserted that she'd do it if she had to. She wondered if Eric wanted to fix his marriage or just felt obligated to do it. Ridge wondered how much Brooke's talk had to do with her own issues with Quinn.

Eric felt that Brooke had every right to have issues with Quinn, and he noted that he had his guard up, too. Eric really wanted his marriage to work, but he hadn't done a good job of letting Quinn know that. He insisted that he had to do better. Ridge said it took time to regain trust. Agreeing, Brooke questioned whether Quinn understood it. Eric said Quinn was trying, but she missed the intimacy that he hadn't been giving her.

Eric briefly flashed back to when he'd presented Quinn with her portrait. Eric asked if Ridge and Brooke both felt that Eric should just give up on his marriage. Ridge said they'd never say that; however, he looked at Brooke and decided that she definitely would say it. Ridge's point was that it was up to Eric, not Ridge and Brooke. "Right, wife?" Ridge asked.

Brooke agreed. She said it was admirable that Eric had tried to work on his marriage, but it was perplexing to her what to do when someone had lied and manipulated as much as Quinn had. Eric had believed that they'd been over that and that the old Quinn hadn't even been there.

Brooke said Quinn had had everything she'd wanted until she'd gotten bored and decided to have some fun with her best friend in town. Brooke stated that Quinn had done everything she could to undermine Brooke's marriage. Eric replied that Quinn hurting Brooke had hurt him. He believed that Quinn had known it would and had known how he felt about Brooke.

Ridge asked why Eric had let Quinn back in the house. Eric had just felt that it had been time, but he sensed that something was wrong. He felt that he needed to make the marriage what it should be. Brooke reasoned that he could choose to listen to his gut. She stated that his instincts were telling him something: that Quinn couldn't be trusted, and he should listen to it.

Brooke claimed to be saying it out of concern and to only want the best for Eric. Ridge replied that sometimes they had to let a person make his own decision, and Ridge believed Eric was capable of that. Brooke agreed to respect Eric's choices. She said Eric's marriage was up to him, just as long as he was happy and thriving.

Eric felt the need to give Quinn a second chance. He said that he was married to a vibrant woman with needs. Eric asserted that he was Quinn's husband and should be the man to fulfill those needs. He wouldn't give up on his vows and said Quinn had honored hers to him.

"If you don't consider being honest and truthful a part of your vows," Brooke quipped. Eric said she knew what he'd meant. Brooke told him that if Quinn let him down again -- and Brooke was sure it would happen -- Brooke and Ridge would be there for Eric. Eric was grateful, but he didn't believe anything would happen. He said losing him had been a wakeup call, and Quinn wouldn't do anything else to jeopardize their marriage.

Just then, a distraught Zoe arrived. She tried to back out of the room when she saw others in it, but Ridge insisted she tell them what was wrong. Brooke said she'd thought Zoe had gone to see Carter. Zoe revealed that she had, and he had been in bed with another woman.

Shauna makes a daring move to protect Quinn and Carter

Shauna makes a daring move to protect Quinn and Carter

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

In the morning at Eric's house, Ridge and Brooke arrived as Eric was ready to leave for work. Quinn had already left before he'd gone down for breakfast. Brooke asked how things were with Quinn, and Eric wondered if the two had arrived for some well-intentioned meddling.

Ridge said they'd back off if Eric wanted. Brooke stated that Ridge could promise that, but she couldn't as long as Quinn was hurting Eric more than she already had. Eric replied that he was the one hurting Quinn by being physically and emotionally unavailable, but he'd fix that.

Eric was concerned about Zoe and wanted to check on her when he got to the office. Figuring that Eric had a lot on his plate, Ridge said he and Brooke could do it. Brooke reasoned that Zoe was probably with Paris, anyway. Eric was glad that the sisters had made up. Brooke quipped that some relationships were worth repairing and others "not so much."

Ridge had thought he and Brooke had had a long conversation about "this" in the car, and they'd decided that she'd be subtle or maybe not even say anything at all. Eric was fine with it and said they all had to learn that fairy tales didn't always have a happy ending. He sadly added that Zoe was learning that lesson as they spoke and might not bounce back easily from it.

Ridge decided that they should either go to work or change the subject. Eric said he'd take "relationships that are not in trouble for a thousand dollars." Brooke held her fist out to Ridge, saying she could think of one. Ridge bumped her fist with his. Eric said the couple could go through thousands of things in life, but they always ended up together.

Ridge said Eric could have that with Quinn. "If that's what you want," Brooke added. Eric said he wanted to check on Zoe. He hated to see someone heartbroken at that age. He wondered how Zoe would get over wanting to repair things with a man who was sleeping with another woman.

Ridge felt bad for Zoe, but he wondered about Carter. Ridge said Carter had promised to spend the rest of his life with Zoe, but "he found her with Zende -- whatever they were doing." Ridge said Carter hadn't promised to be there after that and hadn't led Zoe on. Ridge guessed that the mystery woman could be anyone. Brooke had a hunch about who it might be.

Brooke had seen Carter having coffee with Shay, the new model they'd hired, and thought it was very possible that she could be the one. "Shay, from Detroit?" Ridge asked. He announced that the model was engaged. Eric replied that Carter had been, too, not too long before.

Brooke asked if Carter had said anything to Ridge. Ridge was sure he'd remember something like that. He hoped the woman didn't have a bag of drama; that was the last thing Carter needed. "Speaking of women who bring drama into a relationship..." Brooke said.

"Here we go again," Eric replied. Brooke claimed not to intend to disparage Quinn. It was just that every time she looked at the portrait, it felt wrong. Eric asked if Stephanie should still be there and if his life should have halted. Brooke said Eric deserved love and companionship, but Brooke wasn't sure Quinn was the one to give it to him. Eric asked if Ridge felt the same way.

Ridge replied that his wife had a terrible habit of speaking her mind. It was why he loved her. He said it all came from a good place. "Quinn is Quinn," Ridge stated. As for whether Eric would ever look at Quinn the same again, Ridge didn't know. Eric conveyed that "this is what I know about Quinn: she has her faults, but she's always been faithful to me."

In the backstage area, Zoe was with Paris, discussing Zoe's embarrassment from the previous day. She told Paris that Carter was seeing another woman. Shocked, Paris said she was sorry. Zoe had never thought she'd walk in while Carter and some other woman had been making love. Paris asked Zoe to say she hadn't seen it. Zoe hadn't but said she might as well have.

Zoe felt like a fool for the way she'd gone on about Carter and her to Ridge, Brooke, and Eric. Paris asked how Zoe had gotten into the loft. Zoe conveyed that Carter hadn't asked for his key back. She recalled calling out to him. He hadn't responded, so she'd figured he hadn't been home. Zoe had gotten caught up in the memories she had there.

Zoe had gone upstairs and seen his bedroom door had been closed. She'd called out and entered the room. She'd been able to tell that someone had been in Carter's bed. At first, she'd thought Carter had been sick, but then she'd noticed women's clothing all over the floor. Her heart had broken to think of Carter with another woman. Paris asked if Zoe knew the woman. Zoe didn't know because she hadn't caught a glimpse of the woman.

Paris wondered if she could do something. Zoe didn't know what. It was obvious to Zoe that Carter had moved on, and she'd been fooling herself to think she could get him to trust her again or that Quinn could reach him when Zoe couldn't. Zoe said she had to talk to Quinn and tell her that Zoe's worst nightmare had come true.

In the CEO's office, Quinn ushered Shauna in and locked the door. Anxiously, Quinn said she and Carter had almost been "thisclose" to being discovered in bed together. Shauna couldn't believe it and said she'd thought Quinn had put a stop to that activity. Quinn said she hadn't gone over there to bed Carter but to tell him that Eric had overheard her and Shauna.

Shauna asked how it had led to Quinn and Carter being in bed together. In a mealy-mouthed whine, Quinn tried but failed to explain. She said she and Carter had been about to do it when Zoe had walked in. The wide-eyed Shauna didn't think she could help Quinn with that one.

Quinn explained that Zoe had seen Quinn's clothes on the floor but not Quinn herself. When Quinn had heard Zoe's voice in the loft, Quinn had quickly hidden. Zoe had run out of the loft, crying, and Quinn felt terrible about it.

The door to the office shook, and Carter asked if Quinn was in there. Quinn let him in, and he closed the door. Shauna said Quinn had been updating her, and Shauna felt that she could only imagine it. Carter replied that Shauna hadn't seen Zoe's face when she'd realized he'd been with someone else. He said he'd done "that" to Zoe. Quinn corrected him, saying "we" had.

Quinn exclaimed that she shouldn't have gone to the loft, and she and Carter had to fix it. Carter said Zoe couldn't unsee what she'd seen. Quinn replied that Carter could give Zoe another chance. Quinn advised him to say that the other woman had been a rebound, and he'd made a mistake. Quinn was sure they could have new chances in their relationships, but they could never slip up again.

Shauna informed Quinn and Carter that they couldn't keep saying it could never happen again, only to wind up back in bed together. She said Quinn and Carter had to mean it. They claimed they did, and Carter added that there was too much at stake. He felt like a traitor to the Forresters, who'd treated him like family. Quinn replied that she was the traitor who'd betrayed her marriage vows.

Shauna instructed Quinn and Carter to stop beating themselves up about it. She claimed that neither Quinn nor Carter had wanted it to happen, and they had just been going through something and had been in vulnerable positions. Carter replied that it didn't excuse what they'd done.

Quinn looked at a chair and saw her jacket. She gasped, realizing that Zoe might have seen it on the floor at the loft. Carter insisted that Quinn get rid of it right that instant. Just then, Zoe walked into the office. Zoe asked if she were interrupting anything, and Shauna decided to go.

Stopping Shauna, Zoe guessed that Shauna already knew. Quinn pushed the jacket down in the chair as Shauna asked what she knew. Zoe explained that she'd persuaded Quinn to help her with Carter and had been counting on Quinn. Zoe assumed that Carter had told Quinn what had happened the previous day with the other woman. Carter said he was sorry.

Quinn added that she was, too. She claimed to be upset by it and to know that Carter felt bad about hurting Zoe. Carter inserted that it had been the last thing he'd wanted. Zoe believed that, but she said she'd been the one to lose his trust and a true chance at happiness. Zoe guessed they no longer could find a way to reconcile.

Quinn said it wasn't true, and the woman meant nothing to Carter. Zoe asked if Quinn knew who the woman was. Ignoring the question, Quinn insisted that Carter still cared about Zoe. Carter affirmed it. Quinn decided that she and Shauna would give Carter and Zoe time alone.

Zoe thanked Quinn for being a trustworthy friend. Zoe hadn't wanted to believe that Carter had been with another woman. "Neither of us did," Zoe added. She didn't know if she was being selfish, but she wanted to know who that woman was and who could be taking her place in Carter's life and in his bed. She couldn't get rid of the image of what she'd seen and the clothing all over the floor.

Zoe glanced down and saw the jacket in the chair. Zoe raised her eyes to Quinn. Shauna strode forward, grabbed the jacket and put it over her arm. Zoe asked if it was Shauna's jacket. "Did you go over to Carter's? Are you the other woman in his life?" Zoe asked Shauna.

Zoe admits thinking the jacket belonged to Quinn

Zoe admits thinking the jacket belonged to Quinn

Thursday, May 13, 2021

At Eric's house, Eric accepted that Brooke had good reasons for not liking Quinn; however, he felt that Quinn had been faithful to him, which spoke to her character. Brooke noted that it was because Quinn wouldn't want to upset the life she had after she'd risen to a position never possible when she'd been scrounging for a living in Las Vegas. Brooke said that cheating would just put Quinn back on the streets, and she'd never have a chance with Eric again.

Eric assumed Brooke was saying that Quinn's faithfulness was a calculation. Brooke replied that he shouldn't open his heart up to Quinn too soon because there was no telling what Quinn would do. Brooke asked what the quiet Ridge was thinking.

Ridge wondered why Carter hadn't mentioned the woman to him. Ridge wondered why Carter would keep it a secret. Deciding it was Carter's prerogative, Ridge was just glad Carter was happy and moving on. Brooke noted that Zoe did love Carter. Ridge quipped that Zoe had loved Carter so much that she'd wanted to get with Zende behind Carter's back.

Eric was interested in knowing about Carter's mystery woman. Brooke was interested in knowing who it was, as well. Eric wondered if it was someone that they knew.

Later, Ridge didn't get why people sabotaged what they wanted. He said he and Brooke had even done it. Ridge noted that Quinn had been on her best behavior other than problems with Brooke, but he never expected those problems to go away. He said that despite them, everything had been fine and great until, out of nowhere, Quinn had tried to destroy Brooke and Ridge's marriage, knowing full well that there would be a price to pay if Eric learned of it.

Ridge moved on to Zoe, who had to try to find out if something was there for her and Zende right under Carter's nose. Ridge said she'd had to know it would be over with Carter if she did that. Brooke quipped that the idea had been to never be found out. Ridge asked how that had worked out.

Eric said to err was human, but to forgive was divine. Brooke asked if he was aiming for divinity. He felt he hadn't given his wife a fair shake. "Maybe it's the least she deserves," he decided.

Brooke didn't think Quinn deserved anything and said no one had forced Quinn to target Brooke's marriage. Brooke didn't even know why it had happened and guessed that Quinn had gotten bored one day. Eric wasn't excusing Quinn's actions, but he and Quinn had taken vows to respect and honor each other. He thought Quinn deserved to have him hear her out.

Brooke thought it was very grown up of Eric. Eric said it was time for some action. Something needed to change in his marriage, and he wondered what Ridge thought about it. Ridge didn't think it mattered what he thought. Eric said it did because he was asking.

Ridge said Quinn wasn't an easy person to love and didn't pretend to be. He figured that his father was familiar with that after living with "Mom" for decades. Ridge reasoned that it might be why Quinn had felt like home to Eric. Ridge said his mother was gone, but Eric was there. Ridge figured that if being with Quinn made Eric happy and kept him around for the family, then Eric should go and get his wife back.

Brooke agreed with Ridge for the most part -- except the comparison he'd made of Quinn to Stephanie. "Quinn is no Stephanie. She's just a watered-down version," Brooke said. Brooke believed that Stephanie had been a formidable force of nature, and Quinn paled in comparison.

Eric stated that Stephanie had been one of a kind, and no one knew it better than he. Brooke uttered that Stephanie was gone, but Brooke hoped that Quinn could fulfill him. Brooke hoped Quinn could be worthy of him, because he deserved it. Brooke just wasn't sure Quinn had changed after what she'd done to Ridge and Brooke.

Ridge said that, to be fair, Quinn had paid for what she'd done. Brooke gave him a look, and he said he wasn't condoning Shauna and Quinn's actions, but he felt that Quinn had paid the price. Quinn had lost the house, and she'd lost status, family, and money. He added that she'd lost Eric, and when she'd gotten him back, all she'd regained had been an address because Eric hadn't been there for her mentally. "Because of what she did!" Brooke asserted.

Ridge agreed but asked if Brooke didn't think Quinn was kicking herself for the mistake she'd made. Brooke gave him an shocked look. She asked why it sounded like he felt sorry for Quinn. Ridge wasn't saying that and stated that it wasn't even about Quinn. He felt that it was a human thing to put everything on the line for a stupid impulse.

Eric said that the one thing he knew about Quinn was that she'd always been faithful to him and their vows. She'd always been committed to their marriage.

In the backstage area at Forrester, Zende complimented Paris' scent. She seemed down, and he asked what was going on. Paris replied that she was worried about her sister, who was remorseful about what she'd done to Carter.

Zende felt awful about the part he'd played. He admitted that there had been a spark between them until he'd found out about Zoe and Carter. Zende swore that the spark was gone, and he was looking at his future. "Yeah?" Paris replied. He affirmed it.

Back on the topic of Carter and Zoe, Zende really believed that Zoe loved Carter. Zende wished that Carter could move past the pain and trust her again. Paris thought it might be too late. Zende asked what had happened. Paris explained that Zoe had gotten Quinn to help plead the case to Carter. Zende asked why that was.

Paris revealed that Zoe and Quinn had become friends. Paris explained that Carter had been unmovable after Quinn's talks with him, and Zoe had decided to go to his place to surprise him. From the sound of Paris' voice, Zende gleaned that Zoe had walked in on something bad. Paris said it seemed as if Carter had moved on with someone new.

In the CEO's office, Zoe recognized the red leather jacket. She'd seen it at Carter's place. She asked if it belonged to Shauna. In Carter's silence, Zoe said she knew what she'd seen. Shauna piped up, saying that they were all adults. Shauna told Zoe that she was no longer with Carter, who was single. Shauna was single, too, "so, yeah. We were together."

Zoe half sighed, unable to believe it. Zoe wondered if she'd been the last to know. She couldn't believe that Carter had completely shut her down for flirting with Zende, but he'd been sleeping with Shauna the whole time.

Shauna said that what had happened between her and Carter was just between her and Carter. Zoe was in disbelief that he'd been sleeping with another woman the whole time she'd been trying to put the relationship back together. Zoe wondered if everyone at Forrester knew about it and had been laughing behind her back. Zoe asked if Quinn had known about it the whole time. Zoe said Quinn was Zoe's friend, and Zoe asked Quinn to tell her the truth.

No one responded, so Zoe figured Quinn would protect Shauna over Zoe because Shauna had been a friend to Quinn longer. Zoe just wanted to know what had happened and if Quinn had known. Shauna responded that Quinn had found out just then. Zoe asked if it was true, and Carter affirmed that Quinn had just found out. Zoe asked how long he'd been with Shauna.

Zoe felt she had the right to know if Carter had been sleeping with someone while she'd been with him. Shauna said that it definitely hadn't been that way. Zoe was grateful for that much, but she didn't get it or how Carter and Shauna had even hooked up. Shauna said circumstances had put her and Carter in each other's orbit. Zoe asked what kind of circumstances.

Finally speaking, Carter said he was sorry that Zoe was hurting. Zoe asked where it left them and if he was in love with Shauna. Carter denied being in love. Zoe asked Shauna the same thing, and Shauna said it hadn't been that kind of relationship. Zoe gathered that it had been about sex. "Zoe, he didn't cheat on you. You're not together," Shauna said.

Zoe noted that Quinn, who seemed as pale as a ghost, was in shock. Zoe asked if Shauna really hadn't confided in Quinn. Quinn denied it. Zoe was grateful that it hadn't been serious. It meant to her that she and Carter still had a chance. Quinn and Carter exchanged looks.

Zoe hated that he'd been with another woman, but she felt she'd brought it on herself. She loved Carter and was determined to fix what she'd broken. Zoe said that when she'd seen the jacket, she'd thought it had been Quinn's. "Mine?" Quinn said.

Zoe said it had been for a split second, but Zoe knew that Quinn wouldn't sleep with the man whom Zoe loved and then smile in Zoe's face, swearing to be helping to reunite the couple. Zoe stated that Quinn was a true friend and would never do anything like that -- "Right, Quinn?"

After a close call, Carter has an epiphany about his life

After a close call, Carter has an epiphany about his life

Friday, May 14, 2021

In the backstage area, Zende was surprised that Carter had a new woman. Carter hadn't mentioned it to Zende -- not that the men talked much about things anymore. Paris revealed that Zoe had caught Carter and the woman together. Zende was shocked that Zoe had caught them in the act. Paris said it had been close enough.

Paris explained that Zoe had gone to Carter's place and found Carter in bed. Zende asked if Carter had been with someone. Paris explained that women's clothing had been all over the floor. Although Zoe hadn't seen the woman, it had been obvious what had been going on.

Zende assumed it was a casual hookup -- even though it was hard to imagine Carter doing that. Paris guessed it had been a social media app hookup, and it might ease Zoe's pain if it had been. Zende said it was still hard to see that right in front of one's face.

Paris stated that Zoe wasn't mad at Carter; Zoe was hurt and disappointed. Paris figured some people might say Zoe had it coming, but Paris thought Zoe had paid her dues and deserved happiness like the rest of them.

Zende could see how much Paris cared about her sister. Paris wanted Zoe, who'd had a rough couple of years, to feel appreciated and secure in her future. Paris wanted to see Zoe stop struggling. Paris' words made him admire Paris even more, especially because of the things Zoe had done to Paris in the past.

Paris didn't want to hold onto those things. In Paris's view, she and Zoe hadn't chosen to be sisters, but they could choose to be friends. Paris added that it wasn't as if Zoe hadn't helped Paris through hard times, too.

Zende could see how deeply Zoe felt for Carter, and Zende believed that, deep down, Carter felt the same way. Zende said that Paris would help Zoe through it if he was wrong about that, and, smiling, he added that he'd be there for Paris.

Zende and Paris were still curious about the other woman. Paris said the million-dollar question was who the other woman in Carter's life was.

In the CEO's office, Zoe was still disconcerted about Carter and Shauna. Zoe asked if it was serious between Shauna and Carter. Shauna said it wasn't. "Between me and Shauna? Uh, no, no, definitely not," Carter replied. When Zoe had seen the red leather jacket, she'd really thought it had belonged to Quinn and that Quinn might be the woman in Carter's life.

Shauna asserted that she'd been the one, and the jacket, in Shauna's opinion, wasn't Quinn's style. Zoe knew the idea was crazy because Quinn had been such a supporter of Zoe's. Zoe said Quinn would never do anything like that. "Right, Quinn?" Zoe asked.

Zoe said Quinn knew how much Zoe wanted to repair her relationship with Carter, and if it had been Quinn, Zoe's confidante and Eric's wife, it would have been unforgivable. "Yes," Quinn said and added that she felt terrible for what Zoe was going through. Shauna decided that she and Quinn should give Zoe and Carter time to talk alone.

Quinn and Shauna strode into the corridor. Quinn couldn't believe what Shauna had done and hated that Shauna had lied for her. Quinn stated that it wasn't Shauna's jacket, and Shauna hadn't been at Carter's place. Shauna asserted that, as far as Zoe was concerned, Shauna was the other woman, not Quinn. "What did I do? I cheated on my husband!" Quinn whimpered.

Shauna said she wouldn't let Quinn lose Eric. Shauna reminded Quinn that it wasn't the first time she'd done it for Quinn. Quinn thought Zoe had bought it. Shauna did, too, and hoped that no one would ever find out the truth. Hugging Shauna, Quinn didn't know how to thank her. Shauna said Quinn could do it by going home and recommitting to Eric and the marriage.

Back in the CEO's office, Zoe said she and Carter were broken up, and he didn't owe her an explanation. She was glad to know what she was dealing with. She just hadn't expected it to happen so soon or with Shauna. Carter didn't want to talk about Shauna, who meant nothing to him. He was sorry and said Zoe didn't know how bad he felt about hurting her.

Zoe figured she'd brought it upon herself. She mentioned Zende, but Carter didn't want to talk about Zende, either. Carter stated that Zoe had made mistakes, and she regretted them. He knew what that was like because he'd made big mistakes. She asked what he meant.

Pacing, Carter asked what he'd done and what he'd been thinking. "I can't. Not this way," he said. Zoe asked what he couldn't do and if he needed to sit down. Carter wasn't sure how to say what he had to say. He stated that he'd been on a path to a bad place, but he couldn't be that guy. He didn't want it to be him.

As if he were about to cry, Carter asserted that he'd worked "so hard" to be good. He stated that he was good, and he had too much integrity. Carter refused to lose himself again and said he had to be true to himself and who he was. "And I'm the best version of myself when I'm with you," he uttered and looked at Zoe in realization. "That's it. That's right. You," he said.

Carter decided that he needed Zoe, and he wanted their future. "You do?" Zoe responded. Carter wanted to make the most of his job at Forrester and to be loyal to Ridge and Eric. Carter wanted to be a good husband to Zoe. He said he needed the dream that they'd had, and they'd do it right that time. They'd get married, and then she'd move in.

Carter said he and Zoe could do it. They could forget about the hurtful things they'd done. Zoe asked about Shauna. Carter wanted to put the past behind him and focus on Zoe. Zoe asked if he was really willing to give them a chance. He said he was if she was. Zoe affirmed it, and they kissed. As they hugged, Carter fought off tears.

At Eric's house, Eric gazed at Quinn's portrait. Quinn arrived. Eric said he'd been admiring how the photographer had captured her beauty and all of her "intricacies, too." Quinn was happy to see him admiring it. She was proud to be on the wall, to be his wife, and to hold such a place of honor in the family. She never wanted to disrespect him.

Quinn was aware that she'd let Eric down a lot. She said one would think she'd learned her lesson, but she just kept making bad choices. Eric had been thinking a lot about the marriage. He said that they shouldn't be together; they were incompatible on so many levels. He couldn't believe that they'd lasted that long. "But we have, haven't we?" he asked.

Eric said that he and Quinn had persevered. He felt that he'd been unfair and that he had a problem with his unwillingness to forgive. Quinn replied that she was the one who hadn't been fair to him. She asked if he meant what he was saying.

Eric stated that Quinn had apologized enough, and she'd been patient with him and his disillusionment. He was thankful for that. She hadn't deserved it when he'd pushed her away and had made her feel undesirable. He was sorry, and he didn't want to lose her.

Crying, Quinn said she didn't want to lose him, either. She began to talk about how she'd thought she had, but he interrupted. He wanted to let it all go and said it was in the past. Eric just wanted to think about their future.

Quinn replied that he had no idea what it meant to her. His kindness, devotion, and affection meant everything to her. She needed it, and it kept her on the straight and narrow. She had bad impulses, and she'd given in to them "so much lately." She claimed it would never happen again, but she asked him to never give up on them. Quinn told him that he was the love of her life and the only man for her. "You and only you," she said and hugged him.

Later, Quinn was alone in the living room. She called Carter, but he said they shouldn't talk on the phone. She revealed that she had amazing news; she and Eric were back together. Carter replied that it was amazing, and he was back with Zoe, too.

Quinn was happy to hear it, and Carter was glad they were on the same page. He said they'd dodged a huge bullet. Quinn thanked God for Shauna. Quinn said that no one else could know, and they needed to take the secret to their graves. "To our graves," he repeated, and they ended the call.

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