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Carter and Quinn woke up in each other's arms. They swore they'd never do it again but were in each other's arms again by nightfall. Shauna counseled Eric, who was in despair about his marriage. Liam spiraled downward as the investigation into Vinny's death continued.
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Carter and Quinn regretted their night together, but soon found themselves in each other's arms again
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Carter and Quinn discuss the consequences of their actions

Carter and Quinn discuss the consequences of their actions

Monday, May 3, 2021

In the CEO's office, Thomas was working, and Douglas was drawing at the conference table. Thomas asked how Liam's first night back home had been. Douglas said it had been great, and his mommy had been really happy. Thomas quietly replied that it was great.

As Ridge entered, Douglas said Thomas had wanted them to be a family with Hope, but they'd always be a family, even if they didn't live together. Ridge called his grandson's words wise. Agreeing, Thomas said it wasn't how he'd pictured things, but he believed Liam loved Douglas. Douglas said Liam was a cool stepdad, and Thomas concluded that they were all in it together.

Douglas drew for a while then asked how big Heaven was. Thomas wasn't sure, but he assumed it was big. Douglas had thought maybe his first mommy could find Vinny. Thomas said Caroline would find Vinny and show him around. Affirming that angels were always looking out for people, Ridge said Caroline would see Thomas' sadness, and she would seek out Vinny.

Douglas hoped it would be that way. He noted that his dad missed Vinny. Thomas admitted that he missed Vinny and Caroline. It reminded Thomas that he had to love and cherish the people around him. Thomas loved and cherished Douglas more than anyone. "And Mommy?" Douglas asked. Nodding, Thomas repeated the phrase.

Later, Thomas was at the door, telling Donna, who was in the corridor, that he'd let them know she was dropping Douglas off. Thomas walked back into the office. Ridge, realizing how tough it was for Thomas to lose his friend, offered to be there if Thomas needed him.

Ridge urged Thomas to focus on the good times and asked if Thomas had sent out the tribute video. Ridge thought Vinny's family and friends would appreciate it. Sitting at a laptop, Thomas decided to do it right then. He hoped it could make everyone smile and feel less pain.

Thomas sat, thinking if he'd forgotten to send the video to anyone. Ridge was sure people would forward it. "You know who I hope sees it? The bastard who ran him down," Thomas said.

In Brooke's cabin, Liam had a cup of coffee as Hope returned inside from dropping Beth off. Hope told Liam that the first thing Beth had said to "the carpool" was that her daddy was home. Hope asked how he felt about his first night back and if he had any regrets. Liam didn't have a single regret, and he was ready for Hope, for the family, and for their future.

Later, Liam offered to make Hope an omelet. She appreciated it but didn't want him to do it unless he had the time. He claimed to always have the time for her. He intended to do all he could to show that he appreciated her. He'd been lost. His life had been chaos. Bill had been trying to help Liam, but Liam believed it was better for him to be there with Hope.

After breakfast, Hope thanked Liam for his attentiveness. He said he'd be that way every moment from then on. Hope warned that it would be a lot of moments because she planned to spend her life with him. Liam loved the way she planned and said spending the rest of their lives side by sound sounded perfect to him.

Later, Liam became horrified that Hope had dressed for work. Smiling, she said work was a necessity sometimes. He asked if it had to be then. He wondered if she'd rather stay there with him all day and shut out the world. Hope didn't know about "all day," but she offered not to leave the house right away. First, she wanted to check her emails, and he decided to do the same.

Hope's smile faded when she viewed an email about Vinny. Liam asked if the police had leads. Hope clarified that she'd received a tribute video for Vinny that Thomas had made. She asked if Liam minded watching it. She said she'd offered to support Thomas in his grief.

Liam approved it, and Hope started the tribute video. Liam watched it from over her shoulder. Flashes of Vinny on the roadside zapped through Liam's mind. He heard Vinny in his mind, saying he'd left Vinny to die. Vinny had said Liam would pay for what he'd done.

Hope turned around and was startled when she saw Liam's demeanor. He was upset, almost hyperventilating. She asked him what was wrong.

In the design office, Zoe was worried because she hadn't heard from Quinn. Paris thought it was strange that Quinn hadn't called, but Paris decided that Quinn might have wanted to talk in person or let Carter talk to Zoe first. Paris offered to call Quinn about the meeting she and Quinn had scheduled. Zoe didn't know how Paris would transition the call to the topic of Carter and decided to just handle it herself. Zoe picked up her phone to text Quinn.

Later, Zoe still hadn't heard from Quinn. Paris thought Quinn's phone might be dead, but Zoe sensed Quinn was avoiding her. Zoe wanted to know about Carter and desperately wondered where Quinn could be.

In Carter's bed, Carter said good morning to Quinn. Rolling over with a grin, she agreed that it was. Giggling, she touched his shoulder and asked if he'd gained even more muscle overnight. Referring to the previous night, he said it was called a cardio workout. She uttered that the night had been incredible, and he agreed.

Carter asked if Quinn knew how good he felt. Quinn replied that she'd needed that, and he said they'd both needed it. In each other's arms, Quinn and Carter gazed at each other, and she said she hadn't known how attention-starved she'd been. She noted the way he looked at her and the way he held her. She'd been wanting that kind of closeness, and she thought that Carter was an amazing man. He said she was amazing herself.

Carter and Quinn almost kissed, but her phone sounded, interrupting them. She read the incoming message from Zoe aloud. Zoe said she was at the office, and she wanted to know if Quinn had "taken care of" Carter for her the previous night. Suddenly finding her senses, Quinn asked what she and Carter had done. She uttered that she'd cheated on her husband.

Quinn and Carter sat upright as if in disbelief. Quinn wondered how they'd let it happen. The gravity of what they'd done sank in, and he realized that he'd slept with his boss's wife. He wondered what would happen if Eric or Ridge found out.

Quinn asserted that Eric and Ridge wouldn't find out. She said she and Carter weren't cheaters. It wasn't who they were, according to her. Carter stated that they'd just felt alone. Quinn replied that he'd been sweet to her, and she'd felt like she'd mattered. "You do," he affirmed.

For a moment, Carter and Quinn gazed at each other. Shaking his head, he declared that they'd just gotten swept up. She added that, as wonderful as it had been, it could never happen again. "But it was, though, wasn't it? It was wonderful," he uttered, his gaze finding hers again.

Quinn recalled that she was supposed to be doing a favor to help Zoe get back with Carter, but Quinn had wound up in his bed. Carter said Eric was like a father to him. "And this is what I do?" Carter asked. Carter knew how much Quinn loved Eric. Quinn did, and the months trying to reconnect with Eric had been painful for her.

Carter believed that Quinn still could reconnect with Eric, who Carter believed adored her. Carter said her picture was over the fireplace. "For now," Quinn replied. Carter insisted that it would stay there. She asked what would happen if Eric found it, but Carter saw no reason for it to come out. "Especially if you take Zoe back," Quinn replied, and he rolled his eyes.

Touching Carter's hands, Quinn told Carter that Zoe had made a regrettable mistake. Zoe cared about him, and Quinn knew that he cared about Zoe. Quinn said that no one would know what had happened between them. Nodding, Carter said that only they would know.

Quinn decided that she'd take a very cold shower and get ready for work. She turned. Carter touched her back and kissed her, igniting their sexual passion all over again. They fell back onto the bed together.

After her night and morning with Carter, Quinn faces Zoe

After her night and morning with Carter, Quinn faces Zoe

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

In Brooke's cabin, Hope played Vinny's tribute on her laptop. Liam watched over her shoulder. In his mind, the screen changed to the dream he'd had about Vinny at Bill's house. Liam looked away, but his mind flashed back to the roadway incident that fateful night.

Liam fought to catch his breath, and Hope asked what was wrong with him. He pretended to be fine, but Hope said she knew what the problem was. She knew that the video had touched Liam's nerves. She said Liam was a good person who didn't want to see harm come to anyone, but it was still hard for him to get over what Vinny had done to affect all of their lives. It was understandable to her that part of Liam couldn't forgive and forget.

Liam told Hope that she was right. He wished he could forgive and forget. He wished he could put it out of his mind. "But, Hope, the person I can't forgive is myself," he stated. Hope didn't want Liam to keep beating himself up, but he said it was different.

Hope told Liam that he couldn't let one awful night haunt him for the rest of his life. She said she'd had to come to terms with it in order to keep it from robbing them of their family. She stated that they'd lost time they couldn't get back, and she didn't want to lose any more. She reminded him that they'd agreed not to dwell in the past, and she asked if he could keep that promise. "I want to. You have no idea how much I want to," he uttered.

Hope felt that they'd taken a step forward and had a bright future ahead of them. She wanted them to embrace it and to believe that they deserved it. She said that what had happened had been devastating, and she hadn't reached a place of total forgiveness yet. She believed the day would arrive, and she wanted him to forgive himself. She wanted to put that night and the heartbreak in the past where it belonged.

Tearfully, Liam said he loved Hope and didn't want to be apart from her and the kids again. Hope told him that he wouldn't be. She said they'd make sure of it. She'd make sure of it. Hope hugged him. In his mind, he kept telling himself that he was home and blessed. The memories of Vinny's death stubbornly flashed through Liam's mind.

At Forrester, Thomas turned off the wall LED screen, and Ridge said Vinny's tribute was moving. Thomas couldn't stop thinking about Vinny's last moments. Thomas knew that Vinny had made mistakes. Thomas reasoned that he'd made mistakes, but he'd grown and changed. Thomas said Vinny hadn't even had the chance to do that, and the nameless bastard who'd taken the chance away deserved to rot in hell.

Thomas imagined that Vinny could have served his time, moved on with his life, and gotten married as he'd always wanted to do. Thomas felt that Vinny would have been a great father, but Vinny wouldn't get the chance because someone had mowed him down. Thomas wondered if they'd ever find out who'd done it.

Entering the office through its open door, Chief Baker said he might be able to answer that question. Closing the door, Baker admitted that investigations could drag along, but that didn't mean anyone had given up. In fact, that was why Baker had returned. He had a few questions about Vinny. The questions could be uncomfortable but needed answering.

Thomas was up for helping in any way that he could. Ridge asked if Baker doubted Thomas. Baker said it was hard to know what to believe. Thomas asked what that meant. Baker stated that the paternity test results had inflamed a lot of people -- Thomas' sister and her fiancé, Liam and Hope Spencer, "and you, Thomas."

Ridge asked if Baker thought Thomas had done it. Without waiting for an answer, Ridge said Baker was wasting his time and needed to go elsewhere to find Vinny's killer. Baker quipped that he had another father defending a son. Ridge didn't think Thomas needed defending and said Thomas had had nothing to do with what had happened to Vinny.

Baker indicated that he was aware of an altercation between Thomas, Dr. Finnegan, and Vinny at the lab. Thomas admitted that it had happened. Baker said it had been when Vinny had finally confessed. Thomas said it had been heated, and there had been punches; however, it was way different from murder. Baker was aware of that but said it could have been a precursor.

Having had enough, Ridge interrupted Baker. Ridge said Vinny and Thomas had known each other since they'd been "this big." Ridge felt that Vinny deserved justice, and Ridge urged Baker to find the person who'd done it to Vinny.

Later, Thomas conveyed that he hadn't had any communication with Vinny. He'd blocked Vinny on the phone and hadn't visited Vinny. Thomas had cut all ties. Baker asked what Thomas' point was. Thomas said he was being forthright and didn't want to hide anything. Baker asked if Thomas was still shocked by Vinny's paternity test crime.

Thomas yelled that he was. He thought the crime had been crazy and stupid, but it shouldn't have been a death sentence. Thomas called it a cruel and horrific death. Thomas wanted Baker to say that he was narrowing in on a suspect and had a lead.

In Carter's bed, Carter and Quinn kissed. She fell back on his purple pillow and said they needed to stop doing it. Chuckling, he replied that he had to resist temptation. She asked if that was what she was to him. He stated that there were many ways he could respond to that. She ordered him to answer. He asked what she'd do if he didn't.

Quinn contemplated telling Carter -- or showing him -- what would happen, but she was practicing restraint, something that had been a challenge for her over the years. It had cost her a lot. Touching his cheek, she said "this" would cost them a lot, too, if they didn't stop.

Carter said that Quinn belonged with Eric. Quinn stated that Carter belonged with Zoe. Carter thought the jury was still out on that, but he was insistent about her and Eric. Quinn had once believed it, too, but Eric had stopped touching her and being the man she'd needed him to be. "The man that you've been for me," she uttered, stroking Carter's chin. They agreed that, as much as they'd both needed it, it could never happen again.

Later, Quinn was telling Carter how lonely and rejected she'd felt. She knew Eric hadn't meant to make her feel that way, but she'd started to think she'd been invisible to Eric, who hadn't wanted her or needed her, especially in bed. She thought that Eric's family or Brooke's negativity had taken hold. Quinn felt that Eric had sided with Brooke, and it hurt Quinn; however, it wasn't an excuse for what she and Carter had done.

Carter knew that. He felt guilty, too. He said he respected Eric, and Ridge was a friend; however, everyone needed connection and intimacy. Carter stated that he and Quinn hadn't had it in a while. He assumed they should have fought harder, but it hadn't felt wrong. "It doesn't feel wrong," he said. Quinn replied that it had been beautiful and incredible, and he was incredible. She understood why Zoe missed him.

"But what would be wrong," Quinn decided, would be continuing to do it, knowing how much they'd hurt the people they loved. She said it had been an amazing time, but it was over. They couldn't tell anyone, and it had to be their secret.

In the design office, Zoe was still perplexed about Quinn's whereabouts. Paris had run into Donna, who hadn't heard from Quinn yet that day, and when Paris had spoken to Charlie, he'd said Quinn's car wasn't in her spot. Charlie had assumed Quinn would be in late. Zoe wondered what was making Quinn too busy to call.

Zoe decided that Quinn wasn't calling because it was bad news, and Quinn didn't want to be the one to tell Zoe that Carter was seeing someone else. Paris was sure Zoe would hear from Quinn. Paris also didn't think there was reason to believe Carter was seeing someone else. In Paris' view, Carter wasn't the type to jump in bed with random women.

Later, Zoe was alone when Quinn quietly entered and closed the office door. Zoe was loaded with questions for Quinn -- where Quinn had been, if Quinn had gotten Zoe's texts -- but Zoe cast the questions aside for more urgent inquiries about Carter. Zoe asked if Quinn had gone to see him and if he'd heard Quinn out. Zoe needed to know everything that had happened.

Before Quinn could speak, Zoe expressed her appreciation for Quinn and didn't know what she'd done to deserve a friend like Quinn. Zoe had never had someone quite like Quinn in her corner -- except for her sister. Zoe felt like Quinn had a magic touch and that Zoe's future with Carter rested in Quinn's hands.

Quinn said she didn't know about that, but she'd done her best. Moments of having sex with Carter zapped through Quinn's mind. Zoe stated that she missed Carter very much. She missed how he'd treated her and how they'd made love. Embarrassed, Zoe apologized for saying it. She stated that Carter was everything a woman could want. She figured Quinn understood because she probably felt the same way about Eric. "Right?" Zoe asked.

Shauna realizes that Quinn had an affair

Shauna realizes that Quinn had an affair

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

In his office at Spencer, Bill was on the phone with someone, bickering over some numbers that hadn't made their way to his desk. Bill was thrilled when Liam showed up in his office. "I'm impressed, son. It shows a tremendous amount of strength," Bill boasted. Liam stated that being back with his family was doing wonders for him, but he shared that it had all fallen apart when Hope had played him the tribute video that Thomas had created. "Am I going to be able to do this for the rest of my life? I don't think so," Liam said as he was unable to make eye contact with his father.

Bill reminded Liam that Vinny's death had been an accident. Liam and Bill began to argue, but both went silent when Wyatt entered the office. Wyatt demanded to know what was going on. Neither Bill nor Liam said a word. When Wyatt suggested that something was up between the two men, Bill blasted his son as "Wyatt Mister Drama Spencer." Wyatt turned his attention to Liam and asked his brother what was wrong. Liam said that he felt that he didn't deserve happiness or Hope's forgiveness. Wyatt disagreed.

At Forrester, Thomas worked on some sketches. Because he had earphones in his ears, he did not hear Hope enter the office. Hope loudly told Thomas that his drawing was "gorgeous," and he finally became aware of her presence. Thomas pulled out his earphones and downplayed his sketch. Hope told Thomas that she had been moved by the tribute video he'd made for Vinny.

Thomas changed the topic to Hope asking Liam to move back in with her. Hope was surprised that Thomas had heard the news. Thomas replied that he'd learned from Brooke, who had seemed unable to tell him the news fast enough. Thomas apologized for her mom's action. Thomas reiterated that he wanted what was best for Hope, even if Brooke did not believe that. Hope called Liam moving back home a big step, but she admitted that she wasn't sure when she would completely forgive Liam's transgressions.

Thomas noted that forgiveness had to be earned, but Hope assured Thomas that Liam was trying to do just that. She added that she and Liam were on the right path, and she hoped that she and Liam would never have to deal with anything "this devastating" ever again. Thomas explained that he had been on the receiving end of Hope's forgiveness and understood what that meant and how it felt. As they talked, Liam made an unannounced appearance. He offered to return later, but Thomas told Liam that he did not have to go.

Liam was stunned when Thomas announced that he was happy that Hope and Liam were back together and working on their marriage. "Vinny's death kind of gave me some perspective," Thomas muttered. Liam shared that in the wake of viewing the tribute video Thomas had made, he'd seen Thomas in a whole new way. "Making mistakes, desperately wanting redemption, trying to make things right? I get it," Liam said softly.

Elsewhere at Forrester, Zoe asked Quinn if she had spoken to Carter and gotten through to him. Fumbling for her words, Quinn responded that she was not sure she had "handled the situation in the, um, best way." Quinn then had visions of her night with Carter. Zoe asked Quinn what had happened and wondered if Quinn had left "some sort of impression" on Carter. Zoe pressed for more details just as Carter entered the office.

Carter said that he needed to pick up some files, and Zoe sensed that her presence was making Carter uncomfortable. Zoe apologized for "practically begging" Quinn to visit Carter at his apartment. Zoe praised Quinn as an amazing friend. She noted how much Carter admired Eric and told Carter that she just wanted to have with him what Eric had with Quinn. The remark made both Quinn and Carter fidget nervously.

Quinn told Carter and Zoe that she would give them some privacy, but before leaving, Quinn told Carter that Zoe loved him. She urged him to give Zoe the chance to prove it to him. "She's your future, Carter," Quinn said with a slight smile.

After Quinn left, Zoe apologized profusely for everything from forcing Quinn to speak to him on her behalf to breaking Carter's heart in the first place. "You're the most caring, honest, loyal person I [have] ever met," Zoe gushed. Carter denied being perfect and said that he was not in the mood to fight. Zoe insisted that she didn't want to fight, either. What she did want, however, was to be back together with Carter... and to kiss him and make love to him.

Back at the Forrester mansion, Quinn fidgeted as she stared up at her portrait above the fireplace. Moments later, Shauna entered the home and told Quinn that she'd gotten there as fast as she could. Without a segue into the conversation, Quinn began talking about her past mistakes and the people that she had hurt. Shauna had no idea what Quinn was talking about. Finally, Quinn stated that she had undermined her whole marriage.

Shauna still had no idea what her friend was talking about. Quinn said that Eric was "repulsed" by her and no longer wanted to touch her. It was that feeling that Quinn said had made her so vulnerable. "I wanted to be valued. I wanted to be desired... and heard... and touched," she vented. Shauna immediately picked up on Quinn's use of the word "touched" and realized that Quinn had slept with someone other than Eric.

Eric walks in on a scandalous conversation between friends

Eric walks in on a scandalous conversation between friends

Thursday, May 6, 2021

In the design office, Carter thought of kissing Quinn. Zoe wondered if it had really been okay to send Quinn to his place. Carter insisted that it had been fine, but Zoe sensed a change in him. She wondered if Quinn had brought it on. Zoe hoped Quinn hadn't done anything to upset him, and if Quinn had, Zoe hoped he wouldn't take it out on their relationship.

Zoe was convinced that Quinn believed in Zoe and Carter's relationship, even if Quinn was a little off-putting at times. Zoe hoped she hadn't made an even bigger mistake by asking Quinn to speak to him again. Zoe said she'd been desperate to fix what she'd broken.

"My heart?" Carter replied. Zoe felt that she'd been "such a fool, "and it was no wonder to her that he hated her. He claimed not to hate her. Zoe hated herself for hurting him when he'd only put her first. She stated that it should have been enough for her, but she'd blown it.

Zoe said that her apologies hadn't gotten her anywhere, so she'd sought Quinn's help to get through to Carter. Zoe had thought Quinn's approval would matter to him because he respected the Forresters so much, especially Ridge and Eric.

Zoe missed Carter. She missed falling asleep in his arms and starting the day by making love. She missed the way he'd loved her, and she wanted it back. Carter said it didn't work like that, not so easily. Zoe replied that none of it was easy. She'd been worried that it was unfixable, because for some reason, she couldn't move him. It was why she'd gotten Quinn to help her.

Carter didn't want to talk about Quinn, but Zoe insisted, saying Quinn had been an amazing, caring friend. Zoe asked him to hear Quinn out, even if Quinn wasn't tactful. Zoe insisted that Quinn believed in Zoe and Carter and had genuine intentions. Zoe hoped that Quinn had left an impact on Carter, not only as someone who knew Zoe's heart but as Eric's wife.

Zoe asserted to Carter that she loved him, and she would prove that she was still the woman he'd fallen in love with. She knew that his feelings hadn't just gone away. Even if the feelings were buried beneath pain, she knew they were there and that they could have it back.

Carter didn't know about that, but Zoe claimed that she did. She knew that she was the only woman for him and that he was the only man for her. Carter flashed back to bedding Quinn.

In the CEO's office, Ridge entered, excited about the energy around the place. Brooke said it was the buzz before the unveiling, something that usually turned him on. Affirming it, he replied that he was thinking of things he wanted to do to her right then.

Ridge assumed Hope was happy about the upcoming showing and having Liam home. Brooke said it was what Hope had wanted, even if Hope hadn't readily admitted it. Ridge was proud of how Thomas was handling it. Brooke thought Thomas seemed to have come a long way.

Ridge asked what Brooke meant. Brooke said she had more confidence in Thomas, but she was still protective of her daughter's relationship. Brooke wanted everything to be right for Hope and Liam. Ridge wished it would be that way for his father.

Brooke twiddled her fingers, delighting in the hint of trouble between Eric and Quinn. Ridge asked what was wrong with Brooke. Giggling, Brooke reminded him of how she felt about the horrible woman who'd tried to break them up and set him up with Shauna.

Ridge guessed Brooke would be happy to hear that Quinn was suffering the consequences.

Ridge said his father had forgiven but couldn't seem to forget, and it was causing problems in the marriage bed. "Oh, my," Brooke deliciously replied.

Eric arrived, and upon greeting his father, Ridge said he wanted to hear all about the trip. Brooke turned to greet Eric, and Eric immediately sensed that something was up with her. She tried to pretend not to know what he meant, but Eric said he knew her. Ridge admitted that it was his fault, and he said he'd told Brooke that there were problems between Eric and Quinn.

Gazing at a photo of himself and Quinn, Eric admitted that it was confusing to love Quinn so much but not want to touch his beautiful, vibrant, and sexy wife. Ridge closed the door to the office. Brooke asked if Quinn had pushed. Eric affirmed it, but he felt there was no point to it if he weren't into it. He missed the connection, but he wasn't sure he could get it back.

Ridge figured it was tough. Eric wished there was a switch he could flip. "Well, there might be -- unless you're intentionally holding yourself from her as punishment," Brooke reasoned. Eric insisted that he wasn't doing that -- at least, he didn't think he was. Brooke suggested that he set up a romantic evening. She said Eric was the master, and she advised him to do something to help him get swept away. Ridge thought it was good advice.

"Unless you're not sexually interested in Quinn anymore," Brooke reasoned. Eric was hoping that it was just a temporary setback. It was frustrating for him, and he knew that it was for Quinn, too. Eric hadn't been able to open up about it until then, and he thanked Ridge and Brooke. He especially thanked Brooke, because he believed she'd be happy to be rid of Quinn.

"Sounds like a fine outcome to me," Brooke said, shrugging. Ridge quipped that it was really classy, but Eric appreciated Brooke's refreshing honesty. Brooke stated that she could wish Quinn away until the end of time, but if Eric wanted to give his wife another chance, then what Brooke had to say didn't matter. "How I love you," Eric responded. Brooke said she loved him, too, and wanted him to be happy -- even if it was with Quinn.

Ridge assumed Eric hadn't given up on it. Eric hadn't. He said he and his wife were special to each other. They'd been magical in the beginning. He wanted it back. He said he'd try, but he wasn't sure it would happen. Brooke hoped it worked out and that Eric got what was best for him. Eric decided to go home to see if anything had changed.

After Eric had gone, Ridge felt sorry that his father was dealing with issues. Brooke thought that was just part of the territory with someone like Quinn, and Eric couldn't let his guard down. Ridge argued that Eric had already done it, and the couple had been settled for years.

Brooke said they had been until Quinn had gone after Ridge and Brooke's marriage without any regard to how Eric would feel. Quinn had tried to replace Brooke with Shauna, and Quinn was paying the price. Ridge said Eric "loves the woman."

Brooke replied that love was a privilege, not an entitlement, and it could be lost. Ridge asked if that was what Brooke hoped for. Brooke replied that, honestly, she wouldn't shed a tear if Quinn was out of Eric's life for good.

At Eric's house, Shauna assumed she had to be misunderstanding something because Eric had let Quinn return home to their marriage. Quinn clarified that it hadn't been that way entirely, and it had been frustrating to not be wanted. "So, you slept with another man? Quinn, is that what you're telling me?" Shauna asked.

Shauna couldn't believe it. She said Quinn loved Eric and had been inconsolable while separated from him. Quinn knew that and said Eric was everything to her. "Then how do you end up in another man's bed, Quinn?" Shauna questioned.

Quinn explained how heartbreaking it had been that her husband didn't want her that way anymore. "So, you slept with another man?" Shauna asked. Quinn explained that it had just happened -- unplanned. Shauna said she'd been wrong to think Quinn couldn't shock her.

Quinn told Shauna that Eric pretended to be asleep when she arrived in the bedroom, and if she was already there, he'd wait downstairs until he knew that she was asleep before going up. Quinn asked what she should have done. "Um, I don't know. Wait? You know, be true to your wedding vows?" Shauna exclaimed. Shauna was adamant that having problems in the bed didn't make it okay to jump into someone else's.

Quinn claimed she wasn't trying to justify it, and it killed her that she'd betrayed Eric again. Quinn had just wanted to be held and kissed again. She'd been starved for affection, and "this guy" had been going through the same thing. They'd each needed a connection. One thing had led to another. Quinn wouldn't lie -- it had been incredible...mind blowing.

Shauna's curiosity was piqued. She decided that she was done scolding Quinn. At that point, Shauna needed a name. She asked who the man had been. Shauna said she wouldn't judge Quinn, who was like family. Quinn said Shauna had just done it, but Shauna replied that it had been an honest reaction to Quinn cheating on Eric.

Quinn claimed she wasn't cheating. She noted that it had only been one time -- collectively. She explained that she'd been trying to reunite him with his ex-fiancée. Shauna took that to mean Quinn had known the guy, and it hadn't been random. "Of course, I know him," Quinn said, and Shauna's eyes grew wide with intrigue.

Quinn said she and the guy had been talking at the urging of his ex, who'd hoped Quinn could get through to him. Quinn said they'd had an unexpected connection. One thing had led to another, and it had been beautiful; however, they knew it could never happen again. Shauna insisted upon knowing who the man was.

Quinn told Shauna to promise never to tell anyone. "Are you kidding me right now?" Shauna asked. Quinn replied that she'd had to say it, and Shauna agreed to it. Quinn told Shauna who it was. "Carter, who works at Forrester? Ridge's best friend, Carter?" Shauna said.

Quinn was amazed by it herself. She said there had never been a spark between her and Carter, who was Ridge's best friend and an honorary Forrester. "And he's hot as hell," Shauna added. Quinn quipped that there was that -- however, she and Carter had connected on an emotional and intellectual level. It sounded like some night to Shauna.

Quinn said it had built over time into a mind-blowing experience that could never happen again. She said Carter should be with Zoe, and Quinn wanted to be with Eric. Quinn claimed there was no question about her love for her husband. Her portrait on the wall was important to her. It symbolized how far she'd gotten and that she was worthy to be loved by a man like Eric. She refused to let one night ruin her marriage and the life she'd made with Eric.

The front door slammed. Quinn and Shauna were surprised to see Eric enter the house. Eric had heard what Quinn had said. He asked her what she'd meant when she'd said she refused to let one night ruin their marriage. He asked what had happened while he'd been away that could ruin their marriage.

Eric suspects Quinn will betray him again

Eric suspects Quinn will betray him again

Friday, May 7, 2021

At Eric's house, Quinn welcomed Eric home. Shauna smiled conspicuously at him as he insisted upon knowing what the women had been discussing and what had happened while he'd been gone. Quinn kept trying to change the subject, but Eric wouldn't be deterred.

Finally, Shauna said she and Quinn had been talking about one night when Quinn had made a bad decision that could have cost Quinn her marriage. Shauna was referring to the night that she and Quinn had tried to undermine Brooke and Ridge's marriage. Claiming that she and Quinn regretted that night, Shauna asked Eric not to let one slip-up define his marriage.

Quinn thanked Shauna for reminding Quinn and Eric that their marriage was more than one night, and Quinn and Eric couldn't let it destroy what they had. Quinn said she loved Eric. It was true then more than ever. She hoped he'd believe her and take her back because he was her world. She wanted to spend her life proving her commitment to him and the life they'd created.

Later, Shauna was alone with Eric, discussing how Quinn had had to leave for work. Eric was glad Quinn, who wasn't receptive of new people easily, had Shauna as a friend. He remarked that Quinn had been lonely, and it hadn't been just during the times he'd go out of town. He asked if his wife had opened up about their marital woes.

Shauna revealed that Quinn had mentioned a bit here and there. Shauna insisted that Quinn adored Eric, and Shauna wasn't saying it merely because she was his wife's friend. She asserted that he was the only one that mattered to Quinn. Shauna had sensed the distance between Eric and Quinn. Eric acknowledged that he and Quinn had been suffering for a while.

Shauna figured all marriages had ups and downs, but Eric said he hadn't seen improvement in quite some time. He wondered if Quinn had confided in Shauna about the lack of intimacy. Shauna said Quinn was longing to be close to him again. Eric knew it, but he hadn't been able to look at Quinn the same way after what had happened with Ridge and Brooke.

Eric loved Quinn on many levels, and she still had the same qualities. Shauna said Quinn was the same woman he'd married and the same one in the portrait. Quinn had just messed up and taken it way too far. Shauna said she and Quinn both had. Eric felt that it was a betrayal, and he'd never be able to forget it. He was sad to say it, but he felt that it was only a matter of time before Quinn betrayed him again.

In the design office, Zoe was still going on about Quinn. Carter said Zoe didn't have to keep bringing Quinn up. Zoe persisted, saying she was proud to call Quinn a friend. Quinn had been "so real" with Zoe the entire time, and she'd hoped Quinn had had a positive impact upon Carter, too. She hoped Quinn had helped him see what was important in his life and what was missing. Zoe wanted to fill that void for him.

Zoe didn't want to pressure Carter. She felt that he'd been honest with her, and she wanted to be "that person" for him. She said she missed him, and it had been a long time for each of them. Just then, Paris walked in. She tried to step back out, but Carter, rushing out, told her to stay because he had a proposal to retrieve. Carter was gone like lightning.

Paris felt bad for barging in there. Zoe said it was fine, because Carter had obviously been done with the conversation and unable to get out of there fast enough. Zoe had hoped Carter would be ready to forgive her, but it was hard for her to tell what he was thinking and where his heart lay. Paris said it was with Zoe, but first, he needed to make peace with what had happened and to stop living in the past. Paris asked what Quinn had said about it.

Zoe stated that Quinn had spoken to Carter and seemed emotionally invested. Zoe felt that Quinn was putting in her best effort, even though Quinn was concerned she hadn't handled things as well as she should have. Zoe, however, was confident that Quinn had given her all.

Paris asked why Quinn had been second-guessing herself about how she'd handled Carter. Zoe guessed Quinn thought she'd say or do the wrong thing to hurt Zoe's chances with Carter. Zoe thought it was endearing and a true sign that Quinn had her back. Zoe was grateful for Quinn but said she was nothing like Zoe's little sister. Paris replied that no one could fill those shoes.

Zoe felt that she and Quinn had a lot in common. They'd both jeopardized their relationships. They'd gone behind backs. They'd made poor choices and hurt the men they loved.

In Ridge's office, Brooke was impressed with the media blasts about the showing. Flo said Katie had lined up interviews for Hope. Flo was happy to know that Liam and Hope were working things out. Brooke believed that Hope still had healing to do, but the couple had taken a positive step forward. Flo stated that she and Wyatt had been rooting for them.

Calling Flo an asset to the Logan family and to Forrester, Brooke wished everyone could be that way. Flo assumed Brooke was referring to Flo's future mother-in-law. Brooke wondered where Quinn could be. Flo asked if Quinn had done something. Brooke wondered when Quinn hadn't been a troublemaker and said Quinn had brought Eric down since day one.

Flo inquired whether Eric and Quinn were having troubles. Not wanting to divulge too much, Brooke summarized it as Eric still being unable to get past Quinn's role in Shauna's drunken wedding. Flo was sorry to hear they were having trouble.

As Carter entered, Brooke said she felt sorry for Eric for having to put up with Quinn's bad behavior. Brooke never had trusted Quinn -- especially not as Eric's wife. Brooke greeted Carter, and Flo told him that they'd just been catching up. Carter had gleaned that Brooke was concerned about Eric and Quinn's marriage. Brooke said she was no Quinn fan.

Carter added that Brooke had never dismissed what "was done" to Brooke and Ridge. Brooke said she'd almost lost Ridge. Carter recalled and said he'd had to untangle the whole Vegas debacle. "That being said, I do think Quinn is misunderstood sometimes," he stated.

Scoffing, Brooke said Quinn played the victim, and her games had caused Eric much stress over the years. Brooke said that when Quinn got caught, she just told Eric what he wanted to hear. Flo hadn't known it was that bad and said she and Wyatt had assumed things had gone back to normal for Eric and Quinn. Brooke said Eric had made every effort, but Quinn kept disappointing Eric over and over and over.

Carter felt that Brooke had a right to her opinion; however, through conversations he'd had with Quinn, who'd been interceding for Zoe with him, Carter had learned that Quinn cared about Eric very much and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. Confused, Brooke said Carter seemed to be defending Quinn. Carter said he'd gotten to know Quinn, and they'd all made mistakes and regretted things that they'd done.

Later, Brooke saw Zoe in the corridor and asked if Zoe had seen Quinn. Zoe hadn't seen Quinn in a while and didn't think she was there. Brooke wondered where Quinn could be.

At Carter's loft later, Quinn arrived. Carter was there and had gotten her text message. Quinn had wanted to meet to talk about what had happened between them and to let him know that she'd told Shauna about it. Carter grew upset, but Quinn was adamant that Shauna was her ride-or-die and wouldn't tell anyone. Shauna had actually been why Eric hadn't found out.

Quinn explained that Eric had arrived home while she'd been telling Shauna that one night wouldn't ruin her marriage. When Eric asked what that had meant, Quinn had stumbled over her words. Shauna had jumped right in and said it had been about the night they'd tricked Ridge, causing all that damage. Quinn said that if one thought about it, it had been what had started everything wrong in her marriage.

Quinn insisted Eric would never find out, and what had happened between Quinn and Carter would stay between them. Quinn stated that she wanted Eric, and Carter should be with Zoe. Carter couldn't make promises about Zoe, but he wanted Eric and Quinn to be happy.

Quinn claimed she'd just poured her heart out to Eric, but he'd looked at her with sadness. He'd shut her down. Carter didn't want her to give up. She claimed she hadn't, but she thought Eric had given up on her. Carter assumed her husband needed more time, but she said that, the more time passed, the more it felt like they'd never get it back.

Carter told Quinn not to give up. He said she was an amazing woman in ways that would be impossible for Eric or any man to forget. Carter repeated that it could never happen between them again. Quinn agreed. He said he was just making sure they were on the same page. She replied that there hadn't been any real feelings between them at all. He stated, "Nothing at all." She said it had been a one-night thing, and he agreed.

Quinn said she needed to go back to Eric, and Carter nodded. Backing away, she thanked Carter for listening. For every step she took back, he took a step forward. He uttered that they shouldn't. She told him that they couldn't. In an instant, they were in each other's arms, kissing.

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The Bold and the Beautiful's Matthew Atkinson is back
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