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Todd lost custody of Sam because the boy hadn't been in a car seat during a car accident. Dorian kidnapped Charlie, drugged him, and poured alcohol down his throat, in order to keep him from disclosing the truth about Jared to Viki. Marcie was upset that Sam called Blair 'Mommy.'
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 26, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, May 26, 2008

Due to the Memorial Day holiday, ABC opted to air an encore episode of One Life to Live. Today's repeat was a rebroadcast of One Life to Live's big "Prom Night Musical."

Regular programming will resume tomorrow, Tuesday, May 27th, and pick up where Friday, May 23rd's episode ended. Forget what happened on Friday? Click here for a recap.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Head On Collisions

At the crash site in Angel Square, Marcie and Michael rushed to the scene and split up, each checking one of the two cars. Michael tended to Adriana's wounded leg, while Marcie was shocked to discover Sam sitting unharmed in Todd's passenger side-without a baby car seat. While Todd was still unconscious, Marcie scooped "Tommy" out of the car and held her former son to her, checking him for injuries and calming him. Michael asked Adriana what she'd been doing out on the road, and Adriana flashed back to her discovery of Dorian's betrayal and said she'd just had "a really bad night." When Michael headed over to the other car and roused Todd, Todd woke to see his son back in Marcie's arms.

Outside the barn at the Buchanan mansion, Jared and Natalie enjoyed a heated make out session, which Jared forced them to stop, insisting that they had to wait for Charlie's word that he had told Viki the truth before they dropped the bombshell on the rest of the family. When they went into the barn to check on David for the night, they found his bonds untied and no David-only a note scratched into the wall of the barn: "NICE TRY-OFF TO RAT YOU OUT."

At La Boulaie, Dorian was setting up mysterious plans on her cell phone when she heard David in the foyer. Shawn dragged David (clad only in overalls from the Buchanan stables) into the drawing room, where David hurriedly told Dorian that he was on the run and needed her help. Dorian called him a clown, and David took offense: "I'm not a clown. I've done mime. There's a difference." He begged the irritated Dorian to hide him, calling her "the east to my west, the yin to my yang, the rich to my...ehhh" -perhaps even his true love. David insisted he was onto a big score, which was why he was a fugitive in Llanview. Dorian rebuffed David's advances and said she was into her own schemes without him, and David asked to be cut in. He offered up the truth about Jared, but Dorian yawned and said she already knew. Dorian warned David that she had her own ideas for that secret and told him not to spill the beans. She was thrilled when David revealed that Jared and Natalie were engaging in "the love that dare not speak its name," realizing that it would make Viki's misery even worse. David told her that Jared and Natalie were going to break the news to the family soon and Dorian realized that the timeframe for her vengeance was critical. They agreed to a "75/20" split of the profits from Dorian's master plan for Jared and the Buchanans. When Dorian got the call from the hospital about Adriana's crash, she rushed off, leaving David alone in La Boulaie.

David promptly called Jared and Natalie to taunt them about his escape. At the Buchanan estate, Jared and Natalie reunited after their frantic search for Vickers just in time to take the call. David warned them that they'd had their chance to play it his way and that he was onto something bigger than mere blackmail. As he berated the lovers for tying him to a chair wearing only a Speedo, David's tirade was interrupted by a lascivious Addie. David hung up, leaving Jared and Natalie puzzling over his location. Jared insisted that they had to wait on Charlie's confirmation before breaking the truth to the Buchanans, and Natalie got a hunch on where David might be.

At Llanfair, Viki was still reeling from Charlie's confession when Gigi entered, feeling foolish and expecting a tongue-lashing for her recent behavior at the wedding. Viki reassured Gigi, encouraging her to take comfort in having told the truth about her feelings for Rex and then suggested she move on. She asked about Brody, and Gigi said he was staying with her and that relations were strained, that Brody was not the same man he used to be. "Yeah, but at least he's Shane's dad, right?" Viki asked, and the rhetorical, implied question put Gigi on edge. Viki vented about Charlie's lie regarding Rex. She couldn't understand why Charlie would lie for Roxy, just to make her child happy. Gigi, sensing parallels to her quandary with Brody, Shane, and Rex, began to make excuses for Charlie, saying Roxy must have had her reasons and that Charlie was still a good man. Gigi explained that "people [fell] into lies," and then were unable to extricate themselves from them because too many people would be hurt. She suspected Charlie enjoyed the relationship with Rex that he was unable to have with his own son. Gigi said she knew how it was to "[try] to make things right, but everything kept stopping me."

At the Balsom loft, Charlie struggled to explain "what I am" to Rex, but Rex continued to interrupt, making quick assumptions about Charlie's topic of discussion. Charlie managed to explain that he had never had an affair with Roxy, but before he could explain that he'd never slept with Roxy at all, Rex's phone rang. Rex was shocked to hear from Adriana about the car accident, and he and Charlie rushed to Llanview Hospital to meet her there.

At the hospital, Adriana and Todd were wheeled in, bickering about who caused their crash. Todd became violent and struggled to fight his way off his gurney when he saw Marcie and Michael taking Sam off to be checked out. Later, Todd slunk out into the hospital waiting room to confront Marcie while Sam was being examined. Marcie berated Todd for leaving Sam without a car seat and told him that the judge had been wrong-he had no right to be "Tommy's" father. She stalked off to call John, and Todd collapsed to the floor in pain.

Back at La Boulaie, David was both befuddled and aroused by the "new" and flirtatious Addie. "When they take you back to the home for the bewildered, please don't tell the nuns I hit on you," David pleaded. In response, Addie planted a passionate kiss on David's lips as a "welcome home." Addie explained to David that she was sane and rational, ready to live life and make up for all her lost time, doing all the important and exciting things she'd written down on her "life list." Addie teased David about her exotic yoga practices, and David suggested they do it naked.

Rex and Charlie arrived to see Adriana at the hospital, where she was little worse for the wear despite her injured leg. Alone with her husband, Adriana covered when Rex questioned her being in Angel Square when she'd claimed she was just going around the corner for eggs. Before Adriana could make an excuse, Dorian arrived, sending Rex out of the room. Adriana told Dorian she knew about her scheme to destroy Rex and Adriana's wedding, and unloaded her fury on her, unwilling to believe her denials. When Rex and Charlie returned, Dorian was perturbed to see her co-conspirator. Adriana ignored Dorian's overtures and asked Rex to take her home. Rex complied, leaving Dorian and Charlie alone and at odds in the hospital room.

Jared headed for La Boulaie, where he argued with Shawn about gaining access to the ladies of the house so he could ascertain David's whereabouts. Shawn agreed to check the grounds. Once the bodyguard left, Jared entered the drawing room, only to find Addie and her yoga instructor bending and twisting. Addie assured Jared she'd seen no "dangerous men" on the property, while David hid behind the couch. Jared left, asking Shawn to call if he saw his quarry. Back in the drawing room, David came out from his hiding place and assumed a yoga stance alongside Addie and her attractive female instructor. Addie said that all the heated exertion had made her eager to try "number sixty-six" on her "list," and asked a gleeful David if he'd ever heard of a ménage à trois.

Back in his room at the hospital, Todd called a lackey at The Sun and made arrangements to have a baby car seat bought and planted in his wrecked vehicle immediately.

At the loft, Rex helped Adriana put her leg up. While searching her hospital belongings package for her prescription, he discovered his toothbrush amongst Adriana's things. Rex asked Adriana what she was doing with his brush, and why she was really out on the road that night.

At Llanfair, Natalie arrived to see Viki, and was disappointed to learn David hadn't doubled back to the house. Viki tearfully recounted her argument with Charlie, explaining that he'd been lying to her for months, and Natalie apologized to Viki. Viki said Natalie hadn't had anything to do with it, but Natalie sorrowfully replied, "I did."

In Adriana's hospital room, Dorian and Charlie battled it out. Charlie said that Adriana's accident had only briefly delayed his coming clean to Viki once and for all, and that Jared and Natalie had already set events into motion. Dorian warned Charlie that he wouldn't be telling anyone the whole truth, and Charlie responded by preparing to call Viki then and there. Desperate to stop him, Dorian grabbed a syringe containing a sedative off a nearby medical tray and injected Charlie with it, watching him collapse unconscious onto the bed.

In the hospital lobby, Marcie finished putting in a call to John. Michael and Marcie were pleased when Sam turned out to have suffered no injury from the crash. Marcie was thrilled to be holding her "son" again, delighted to realize that he remembered her. The worried Michael reminded her that they couldn't take him, and had to call Blair as next of kin. Marcie assured Michael that she understood. As Michael left to call Blair, Todd stormed back in, demanding that Marcie give him back his son. "No," Marcie growled.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Naked Truth:

Rex confronted Adriana after he found his toothbrush, sealed in a plastic baggy, in her purse. Adriana lied and told Rex that she had taken the toothbrush because she wanted to have a DNA test run between Rex and Charlie. Rex didn't believe her. He asked her how she intended to have a DNA test done without Charlie's DNA. Adriana didn't have an answer for Rex so she pretended to swoon, blaming the pain medication that she had recently taken. The ploy worked. Rex dropped his line of questioning and helped Adriana to bed so that she could rest.

Brody and Shane were watching a game on television, while sharing a pizza and sipping on beer, when Gigi walked in. She was stunned when she saw her 10-year-old son reach for a bottle of beer that he intended to drink. Gigi ordered Shane to put the bottle down. Shane reluctantly complied but grumbled that his mother had overreacted to few harmless sips of beer. After Shane was sent out of the room, Gigi turned her outrage on Brody. She was shocked that Brody had thought it would be appropriate to give a child alcohol. Brody defended his actions, explaining that his sister had allowed her children to have occasional sips of alcohol. Brody went on to say that he had just been trying to build some trust between Shane and himself. Gigi pointed out that trust wasn't an issue since Shane already worshiped Brody. They continued arguing; Gigi wanted Brody to pack his things and leave but Brody wanted to stay and work things out. He swore that all he wanted to do was be a good father to Shane and asked Gigi to help him be that father. Gigi relented but made it clear that there would be ground rules. She also insisted that Brody explain to Shane that it had been wrong of Brody to give him alcohol. Brody agreed and took it one step further. He talked to Shane about Gigi, in glowing terms, and then told Shane to apologize to his mother for his behavior earlier when he had talked back to her. Gigi appeared pleasantly surprised by Brody's thoughtful gesture.

Viki told Natalie about Charlie's confession. Natalie seemed on the verge of telling her mother everything but opted for a half-truth at the last moment. She told Viki that she had suspected that Charlie was not Rex's father from the beginning. Viki seemed a bit hurt that Natalie had not shared her suspicions with her earlier but had to let the matter drop when Jessica and Bree arrived for a visit. While Natalie filled Jessica in on the details about Charlie's talk with their mother, Viki took a moment to call Charlie on his cell phone. Unfortunately, she was unable to reach him.

Blair was not happy when she walked into her living room and found Addie and David in a questionable yoga position. Addie sensed that Blair was also worried about David discovering Starr's secret. She tried to reassure her daughter that David didn't know anything about Starr's pregnancy but unfortunately said enough to perk David's ears up. He asked them what they were trying to hide about Starr. Luckily, Blair managed to satisfy David's curiosity. She told him that she had just returned home with her runaway daughter. They wanted to keep the incident quiet.

Dorian was desperate to stop Charlie from calling Viki, so she reached for a hypodermic needle filled with a sedative and injected Charlie. Charlie fell unconscious almost immediately. Dorian was determined to keep Charlie from following through with his threat to return to Llanfair and reveal the truth about Jared to Viki. She made arrangements for Charlie to be moved from the hospital to La Boulaie. Dorian was just about to follow her goons upstairs to her bedroom, when Blair and David walked out of the living room and stopped her. At first, it appeared that they had seen Charlie being taken upstairs but then Blair began complaining about Addie and David's antics earlier that day. She wanted her aunt to toss David out of the house while David argued to stay. Dorian listened to them but didn't give in to either's demand. Later, when she was alone, Dorian used Charlie's cell phone to send Viki a text message. The message said that Charlie had not told Rex the truth yet and that Charlie would need some time to figure things out.

Starr opened up to Langston about the baby. She asked Langston if she thought Starr was crazy to think that she might be able to raise her baby. Langston seemed happy with Starr's decision. As they talked about the baby, Starr admitted that she had been surprised by her mother's reaction when Blair had learned about the pregnancy. Starr was grateful that Blair had not been judgmental. A few minutes later, Blair stopped by Starr's room to check on her daughter. As soon as Blair walked into the room, her cell phone rang. It was Todd; he needed Blair's help. Blair cut him off before he could say anything beyond that. She quickly ascertained that Sam was unharmed and then ended the call.

At the hospital, Todd asked Marcie to hand over his son. Marcie kept a firm hold on Sam and refused to give in to Todd's demands. She felt that Todd had recklessly endangered Sam's life and she didn't want him to have another opportunity to harm the toddler. They were soon joined by Michael and then John. Michael seemed uncomfortable when Marcie referred to Sam as "Tommy" or her son, but he kept silent. He agreed that Todd should not be allowed to leave the hospital with Sam. They told John that Sam had not been in a car seat when they arrived at the scene of the accident. Todd insisted that Michael and Marcie were lying. Unfortunately for Todd, he was proven the liar. The authorities found Todd's hired henchman in the back of Todd's car trying to install a newly purchased car seat. The man was questioned and he quickly revealed everything. A few minutes later, child services arrived at the hospital to take Sam into protective custody.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Dorian gave Charlie another shot in the arm so that he would remain asleep and not ruin her plans. She soothingly told the unconscious man that she couldn't allow him to talk and that everything would come out when it did her the most good. Walking into the bedroom, Blair recoiled in disgust when she assumed that the person lying in the bed was David. She did a quick about-face and headed downstairs.

Starr and Langston read about Todd's accident online. Markko arrived and showed the girls the summons he had received to appear in court. David answered the door and the girls were surprised when they received the same. Cole showed up with his in hand as well. Starr was irritable and had something rude to say to everyone. Langston suggested that her friend stop being "hormonal," which annoyed Starr even more, with David being within hearing distance. Blair was surprised to see David, thinking that he was upstairs in bed. Dorian appeared suddenly and mentioned how quickly he had dressed while she was in the shower. David caught on and played along, but he realized that there was someone else upstairs in Dorian's bedroom.

Viki was puzzled when she learned that Todd had spent the night. He pointed out details of his accident in the paper and suggested that it "may end up killing me." He explained that Blair had kicked him out of the house but he refused to share any details, insisting only that things had gotten out of hand and that he had made some mistakes. He asked for Viki's help in pleading his case to Blair, citing his usual excuse of being damaged from childhood experiences, but was shocked when Viki reprimanded him instead. She told him that the "inner prince" that he often referred to didn't exist and in actuality, he was really the same on the inside as he was on the outside. She added that she was finally using her brain and would not help him. She advised him of the many times she had spoken to Blair in the past, that she was sick of his horrible behavior and that she was sure he would never change. He called her selfish and told her that she, Blair, and whoever stood in his way could go to hell.

Cole denied holding a summons though Nora could see clearly that he had one, as he quickly headed out the door when Clint walked in. They rehashed his using of questionable methods to save the company, though Nora expressed her understanding of his reasons. She pointed out that issues with Lindsay being involved and the fact that he didn't tell her about it, were the reasons for her still being upset. She was also sure that Lindsay had an ulterior motive for anything that she did. Bo wandered in at that point and stated, "She did it for me. Do you have a problem with that?" He stressed that Lindsay did what she did for the company. After he left to look at some papers, Clint and Nora argued about Lindsay. Nora was angered that Clint cared about her but not enough to let her voice her concerns and morals. She was convinced that Lindsay was dangerous and destructive and murdering. He accused her of being obsessed and losing her humor and wisdom when it came to Lindsay, and said that she became irrational. Nora reminded him of the many things that Lindsay had done to her personally. Clint suggested she find a better way of dealing with Lindsay. Nora vowed to find out some secrets about Lindsay to bring her down.

At the gallery, Lindsay blew up at R.J. for telling Nora about her helping Clint. He was confused, wondering why she wasn't more upset about the jewels from Mendorra being stolen from her place of business. Livid, Lindsay explained that the jewels were business and were insured; the other involved her private life. R.J. pointed out that he could have given other secrets away. Lindsay wanted to know what it would take for him to keep his mouth shut. "Break it off with Bo," he quickly demanded. He threatened to talk to Nora if Lindsay continued to hang onto Bo. Lindsay felt that Bo was not hers to give up and they might already be history. R.J. took note that Lindsay considered Bo the most important thing in her life.

Marcie met with the child custody attorney at the diner, which piqued Michael's curiosity. He reminded her that they would not be able to get Sam back. Marcie responded that she was aware of that but was merely taking care of the baby by testifying against Todd.

Lindsay and Bo met at the diner, with Lindsay prepared to hear the worst from Bo, especially since he did not show up at home the previous evening. He explained that he didn't like dirty tactics and the fact that Lindsay worked behind his back. He also knew that she often acted before thinking but had wanted to help his family. She was elated when he admitted that he wanted a relationship as long as she had nothing else to hide. He added that if she hid something again it would be over. "Never again," she repeated. He expressed his happiness at their mutual understanding. Cris and Sarah showed up as Bo left for his meeting. Sarah explained that she had tried to call her mother but learned that her phone number was no longer in service. She felt like her mom had fallen off the face of the earth. Cris wondered if they should hire Rex to locate her.

Todd showed up at court and asked his attorney why celebrities driving with babies on their laps didn't have to appear in court. The attorney pointed out that they weren't obnoxious jerks. Michael and Marcie were the first people into the courtroom. After Todd suggested that Sam wasn't her child, Marcie swore that Sam would not be Todd's kid either. Yolanda, the child custody worker, arrived and attempted to share news of Sam's evening. She assured Todd that the boy had a comfortable night and was well taken care of. Todd did what he did best and mouthed off at the woman. All of the Llanview residents who were summoned to court began to arrive.

David tried to get information out of Dorian, wondering if the body upstairs had something to do with the "goons" he had seen leaving the house. He wondered if it was the "faux Buchanan" and asked if she knew who the real son was. Dorian firmly told David that her private life was none of his business. He thought the new scheme of hers had something to do with finances and was sure that her deal had something to do with his deal involving blackmailing Jared. She told him that the Buchanan Enterprises shareholders were scheduled to meet at their first annual get-together since Asa's death. She explained the difficulties that B.E. had been having and asked him, with a sly grin, who he thought might be responsible for those difficulties. "Little old you?" he asked. David's gaze at a departing Dorian was one of pure adoration. Charlie's phone began to ring.

Viki tried to reach Charlie, wondering why he had not returned home the night before. At La Boulaie, Dorian deleted the voice mail message. Again, David demanded to know what was going on and asked about the guy in bed. Dorian suggested he take a cold shower. Later, she made a phone call and mentioned that everything was set and she couldn't afford to have a single thing go wrong. She realized she was going to extremes. Upstairs, David tried to get into Dorian's bedroom but the door was locked. Viki arrived and asked Dorian to let her in.

The judge called the court to order, announcing that it was an informal hearing to determine the shelter of Sam. He added that there would be no questions by the attorneys. Marcie was the first called to the stand and she recounted her eyewitness account of the accident and its aftermath, including her discovery of the child in the front seat of the car without a car seat. She was followed by Markko, Langston, and Cole. They all testified to their firsthand encounters with Todd and his losing it either by beating someone up or his threats to kill. Cole believed that if it had not been for Blair, he would have been dead in Virginia Beach. Again, Todd yelled out and the judge promised to remove him. Starr prepared to take the stand next.

Nora ran into Lindsay at the diner and asked to chat for awhile. They agreed they'd never be friends but Nora was wondering if they could be civil to each other for the sake of Bo and Clint. Lindsay admitted that she would never be able to pretend and assured Nora that her previous vows to come after her were indeed promises. She accused Nora of continually trying to knock her down, but she was certain she'd keep getting up.

The Buchanan brothers were happy to see on paper that their company was alive and thriving. They were happy that Clint had been able to turn things around and thought that all of the family members would have to continue to stick together. They were sure that Asa would have been proud.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Shout ‘Em Up

At the emergency placement hearing, Starr told the judge how Todd threw her down a flight of stairs and attacked Cole in a fit of rage. After Starr's testimony, Blair hugged her daughter, and asked for permission to make a statement. Blair related to the judge that Todd had a history of violent behavior and that he had begun to unleash his anger on children. As Blair testified, Todd glared at her. Once the judge gave Todd the opportunity to speak, Todd attempted to defend himself, but did a terrible job. Todd blamed others for his actions and claimed that he was only guilty of caring too much for his children. Afterward, the judge announced his decision-Todd's custody rights were severed and Sam was to remain in the custody of Child Protective Services. When Todd began screaming at the judge and making threats against those in the courtroom, the judge threatened to have Todd arrested. A look of horror crossed the faces of both Blair and Starr as they watched Todd perform and realized that Sam would become a ward of the state once again.

After hearing the judge's decision, Marcie urged Judy to make a statement. Although Michael warned against it, Marcie was eager for Judy to speak on their behalf. Judy asked the judge to consider Michael and Marcie as temporary guardians for Sam. Upon hearing Judy's plea, Todd exploded. In a fit of hysterics, he claimed that Michael and Marcie orchestrated his demise. Todd and Marcie argued relentlessly before the judge interrupted. As Marcie smirked, the judge informed Todd that his violent actions caused his problems and that Sam could have been seriously injured as a result of his carelessness. Upset over the judge's ruling, Starr bolted from the courtroom with Cole close behind. Outside in the hall, Starr blamed herself for Todd losing custody of Sam. As Cole expressed concern for her, Starr lashed out at Cole. She told him not to worry because his baby was fine. Cole stated that he was only trying to look out for her. He was shocked when Starr implied that they would not be in the situation they were in if he had been more careful. As Cole stared at Starr in disbelief, she gave him a half-hearted apology and ran off claiming that she needed some time alone.

Back in the courtroom, the judge related that he would never consider placing Sam in Michael and Marcie's care due to the illegal measures they demonstrated to retain custody of the child in the past. As tears formed in Marcie's eyes, Todd turned towards her and gloated. Despite Judy's plea, the judge was adamant that Sam would remain in foster care. Todd interjected several times and continued to be warned by the judge. Finally, Todd settled down and muttered to himself, "The sooner I find out who gets my son, I'll know who to kill!" When the judge stated that there was no other alternative, Blair asked if she could be considered as Sam's guardian. After recounting her years in foster care, Blair stated that Sam was a member of her family and she loved him dearly. As Blair spoke, Marcie became emotional when Blair told the judge that Sam had called her "Mama" recently. Distraught, Marcie ran from the courtroom and collapsed on the floor of the women's restroom.

Michael opened the door and discovered Marcie trembling hysterically. As Michael comforted her, Marcie broke down. In tears, Marcie told Michael that she thought she had come to terms with losing Sam, but confided that holding the child in her arms had given her hope that he could be hers again. Michael consoled his wife and promised her that one day they would have a child of their own. Marcie said that all she ever wanted was a child to love. As Michael led Marcie out the door, she said that she only ran because she knew Todd would hurt Sam, but she felt terrible because Todd had hurt Starr. Seconds later, a teary-eyed Starr quietly exited a bathroom stall.

Meanwhile, the judge asked the social worker if she had any objections to Blair receiving temporary custody. The social worker's only concern was that Todd might have access to the child. After Blair assured the court that Todd would have no contact with Sam, the judge granted her temporary custody. Todd called Blair a slut and claimed she was unfit to raise a child. Todd approached Blair and warned her that she would soon lose everything-her children, home, and money.

As Jared sat in Angel Square diner, he called Natalie. When Jared stated that he hadn't located David, Natalie explained that she was outside of Jessica's home and had hopes that David had decided to pay her sister a visit. Jared assured Natalie that they would find David. When Natalie asked Jared what would happen if they didn't find David in time, Jared stated, "Everyone we care about will pay the price."

At La Boulaie, a drugged Charlie was unconscious in Dorian's bed. Meanwhile, outside of Dorian's locked bedroom door, David attempted to gain entry but was unsuccessful. Addie interrupted David's break-in attempt and asked if he needed help. David wondered what Dorian was hiding in her bedroom. Addie offered him a hairpin to pick the lock and volunteered to go downstairs and ask Dorian. In an attempt to prevent Addie from spilling the beans, David embraced her. David gave Addie a kiss that made her knees melt. Afterward, David suggested that she would receive more if she kept quiet.

Downstairs, Dorian was surprised to find Viki at the front door. When Viki asked to come in, Dorian attempted to prevent her entry, but Viki brushed past her and said that she had come to see Blair in regards to the custody case. Dorian used the opportunity to taunt Viki about her loyalty to Todd. Dorian referred to Todd and Viki as the spawns of Victor Lord. An obviously upset Viki warned Dorian not to mess with her that day of all days. Dorian was shocked by Viki's sudden outburst, but continued to harass Viki. David interrupted the altercation when he came downstairs. While David exchanged pleasantries with Viki, Dorian appeared bothered by his fondness for Viki. Viki was surprised to learn that Blair and Starr were both in court testifying against Todd. Realizing Viki was having a bad day, David expressed his sympathy. Before leaving, Viki asked David to please inform her if he encountered Charlie. Dorian had a parting word for Viki-perhaps she should search the "drunk tank." Outside of La Boulaie, Viki cried and worried about Charlie.

David asked Dorian why Charlie was in her bedroom. Sensing David was uncertain of exactly what was going on, Dorian called David's bluff and realized that David hadn't seen Charlie in her bedroom. As David continued to pressure Dorian for answers, she received a call on her cell phone. Dorian spoke cryptically and ordered the caller to arrive immediately. Before David could inquire what the call was concerning, Dorian's "other" cell phone began to ring-Charlie's cell phone. Nearby, Viki placed a call to Charlie and prayed for him to answer. Noticing Viki's name appearing as the cell phone rang, David asked Dorian about the phone again. Dorian lied and stated that both phones belonged to her. As Viki continued to call Charlie, Dorian continued to make excuses for not answering the ringing cell phone and denied holding Charlie prisoner in her bedroom. When David begged Dorian to clue him in on what was going on, she advised him, "Trust and soon we will both soon get all that we desire." After Dorian left, Addie appeared and told David she knew what she desired and threw him to the ground and smothered him with kisses. Fighting Addie off, David told her that Blair would kick him out if she caught him hitting on Addie, and ran off. Smiling to herself, Addie grabbed her to do list and in big bold letters-added "David Vickers" to the list.

Dorian entered the bedroom and stared at an unconscious Charlie. Dorian stated, "Poor Charlie. I wish I could tell you things were going to get better, but I would only be lying." She further stated that she could not risk him telling the world who he really was, and perhaps things would have gone better for him had he met her in Paris instead of Viki. With a devilish grin she sat next to Charlie and watched him sleep. Dorian looked up towards the heavens and asked God for forgiveness, but stated she had to finish what she started. Smiling, Dorian poured whiskey down Charlie's throat.

Jessica was pleased by Natalie's birthday visit to Bree. Natalie was surprised when Jessica informed her that she was pregnant. When Natalie learned that Nash hadn't been told, she sensed that something was bothering her sister. Jessica expressed her concern about possibly transmitting Hepatitis C to Nash and her unborn child, but instantly cheered up after being reminded by her sister that her viral count was practically nonexistent. Jessica told her sister that she felt blessed and the sisters and Bree headed off to the diner to celebrate Bree's birthday with Nash.

At the diner, Jared overheard Nash arguing with his investor. The investor informed Nash that his business partners were taking Nash's land away and turning it into a mall. An angered Nash begged the investor to reconsider because his family was depending on the success of the vineyard. Nash was told the only way he could save his vineyard was to come up with the capital to buy out the investors. Jared approached and offered to save Nash's vineyard with funds from Buchanan Enterprises. Initially, Nash refused Jared's offer. He reminded Jared of his past schemes. Jared told Nash that he wanted to help because they were family. Reluctantly, Nash decided to accept Jared's help. The investor warned Nash that it was the exact situation that Nash had asked for help to get out of. Jared promised to contact the investor and make arrangements to complete the buyout. Afterwards, Jared and Nash shook hands. Jessica, Natalie, and Bree entered the diner in time to see a deal being struck between Nash and Jared. When Jessica asked Nash what was going on, he stated that he dodged a bullet concerning the vineyard but received help from Jared. Nash remained secretive about the deal, stating that he didn't want to ruin Bree's birthday with talk of business.

Jared stood outside of La Boulaie and called Charlie. Jared wondered where Charlie was and begged his father to answer. Jared rang the doorbell. David answered and was shocked to find Jared standing there.

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