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Monday, May 26, 2008

While at his office, Jeffrey met with Larry from the US Attorney's Office regarding Gus's alleged corruption. Jeffrey said Gus Aitoro had been a celebrated cop, friend, and citizen. Jeffrey pleaded for special consideration in the case against Gus. Larry said that even though Gus had been a good person, he also had been a crooked cop who didn't deserve special treatment.

Jeffrey visited Mallet at the station to discuss Gus's alleged corruption. Mallet figured that Dinah had tipped Jeffrey off. Jeffrey said Mallet's uncooperativeness with the initial investigation had prevented Jeffrey from controlling the fallout. Though Gus's indiscretions had been minor, Mallet thought the US Attorney's Office would blow them out of proportion. Mallet offered to take the blame for Gus, but Jeffrey said it was too late to do that. Jeffrey promised to mitigate the situation.

Mallet visited Harley to inform her of Gus's illegal dealings on the force. Though Mallet had tried to bury the scandal, he said Harley's persistence had caused the case to get out of hand. After Harley recovered from the news, she decided to do some investigating of her own. Harley visited Olivia with flowers. When Harley began asking Olivia leading questions about Gus's involvement in Olivia's finances, Olivia sensed that Harley was insinuating that Gus had been paying Olivia's bills while she had been ill. Olivia assured Harley that Gus didn't help her financially. Olivia said it was hard on her when people came to her to be near Gus. If Harley wanted to be close to Gus, Olivia suggested that she visit Alan, who had claimed to have direct contact with Gus from beyond the grave.

Harley found Alan at Company and asked him about his dreams. Alan said he'd had three visitations from Gus. Harley wondered about Gus's demeanor in the dreams, if he asked about her or her kids, or if he felt guilty about anything. She mentioned that she was working Gus's unsolved cases and dropped names by Alan to see if he knew any of them. Alan thought her efforts were pointless until one of the names Harley recited jarred his memory. Alan picked out the name Grundy and said Fred Grundy was a defense attorney that Alan had used before. Even though it wasn't much, Harley said the name was at least a start.

At Grundy's office, Harley questioned him about his relationship to Gus's cases. She learned that most of Gus's unsolved cases involved the children of Grundy's clients. Gus released these kids from jail after they allegedly committed petty crimes such as shoplifting or minor drug possession. When Grundy turned to take a phone call, Harley glanced at a wall and saw Grundy's name on a certificate of recognition from the Heart Transplant Association. Harley seemed to have a realization, and she left the office while Grundy's back was still turned.

Meanwhile when Natalia visited Olivia at her hotel room, Olivia tried to return Gus's house to her. Since Olivia had paid down most of the mortgage, she thought that Natalia could afford to take the house back. Natalia said she refused to accept charity. After Natalia left, Harley returned to Olivia's to see what Olivia knew about Gus taking bribes in order to get Olivia moved up on the transplant list. To Harley's surprise, Olivia was shocked. Harley said Gus had really stepped up for Olivia. A teary-eyed Olivia replied, "Of course he did."

Over at Company, Rafe filled out an enrollment application for the Marine Corps. When Alan approached, Rafe said he planned to give his mother the money he'd found and then perhaps enlist in the military. He thought he could use his military experience to become a police officer like Gus. Alan hesitated and then told Rafe that he'd dreamed that Gus had warned him that Rafe would make a big mistake. Alan thought perhaps Gus had been referring to the Marines application. Rafe reluctantly stared at his application.

Later at the church, Natalia lit candles for Gus and Olivia when Jeffrey happened in. As they greeted each other, Rafe rushed in to show his mother the money he had found. Jeffrey started to leave but lingered in the doorway long enough to see Rafe's money and overhear that it had come from Gus. Jeffrey left and Natalia was speechless after hearing the 512 story.

After talking to Rafe, Natalia encountered Alan. He talked to Natalia about Rafe's plans to enter the military. Natalia said Rafe hadn't told her about those plans. Alan said it was because Rafe knew she'd disapprove just like Alan had and then she would talk him out of it. Natalia surprised Alan when she thought it was good that Rafe wanted to train to follow in his father's footsteps. She said she would be too proud of him to talk him out of it.

Some time later, Natalia encountered Olivia in the hallway at the Beacon. Olivia again asked Natalia to take the house. Since Natalia had refused to take it as a gift, Olivia asked her to buy the house from her with the money Rafe had found. Natalia quibbled about it, but Olivia talked her into it. Once inside Olivia's room, Olivia said she felt that Gus knew whenever she did wrong. Olivia realized what a wonderful gift her heart had been, and she wanted to share it with the world. Natalia slipped her arm around Olivia as they sat at the foot of the bed.

Meanwhile Rafe stood outside alone when Mallet pulled up and offered him a ride. In Mallet's parked car, Mallet told Rafe about the corruption investigation and vaguely mentioned Gus's possible involvement. Rafe became upset when he learned that Jeffrey knew about the scandal since Jeffrey had just seen him with the money. Mallet said that because Gus was Mallet's former partner, Rafe had become part of Mallet's family. Mallet swore to protect him and Natalia from the scandal.

Later Mallet visited Jeffrey at his office to say he'd informed Rafe of the investigation and had promised to protect Gus's reputation. Jeffrey said a press conference on the matter would be held that afternoon, and he showed Mallet the speech he'd prepared for it. Jeffrey said he understood the pressures Gus had been under while getting divorced, remarried, and caring for Olivia, but the US Attorney's office didn't. Jeffrey felt he needed to tell Gus's story to the media before the US Attorney's office told their version of the typical corrupt police officer.

Outside the police station, Harley filled Mallet in on what she had learned about Grundy. She said she discovered that Gus had been fixing small, petty cases. Mallet told her about the press conference and then reminded her that she had to make it to Daisy's graduation.

When Harley encountered Rafe outside the station, Rafe asked her if he could go to her house and look through Gus's things again. Harley gave him the key. Later Alan and Rafe sorted through Gus's things in Harley's basement. Alan discovered a black box containing Gus's service revolver. While loading a box into Alan's car, Rafe heard on the radio that Jeffrey O'Neill was holding a press conference concerning the police department. Rafe took off in the car, leaving Alan behind. Rafe went to the police station and overheard a cop talking on the phone about how O'Neill was planning to nail Gus later that day.

Later Alan called Natalia to tell her that Rafe had taken off abruptly and that they needed to find him. In the meantime, Rafe went to the house that Gus had bought, slipped a gun from beneath a mattress and tucked it behind his back. He went to the courthouse and approached Jeffrey as Jeffrey worked on his speech. When Jeffrey turned, Rafe pointed the gun at Jeffrey and said, "Don't do it. I will not let you do that to my dad."

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

In the courtroom Rafe pointed a gun at Jeffrey. Jeffrey asked Rafe to take it easy. Rafe said he couldn't let Jeffrey harm Gus's reputation. Jeffrey replied that he was speaking in support of Gus and not against him. When Jeffrey inched toward Rafe, Mallet entered the room. Rafe panicked and the gun went off. Jeffrey fell against a table and onto the floor. Jeffrey shouted that it was an accident and that he was okay, but Mallet told him to lie down. Jeffrey passed out. As Mallet tended to Jeffrey's side wound, Rafe fled to his house and crouched between some boxes in the bedroom.

As Natalia called Rafe and received no answer, Mallet paced the hospital with Jeffrey's blood all over his clothes. He called Ava and left her a message to come to the hospital. Afterward, he called Reva but got no answer. Mallet traveled to the boardinghouse and found Natalia headed out of her room. He told her that Rafe had shot Jeffrey because he thought Jeffrey had been about to expose Gus. He said Rafe hadn't understood that Jeffrey had been planning to protect Gus. Mallet urged her to have Rafe turn himself in since so many people were looking for him. As Natalia cried, she asked Mallet to bring Rafe in safely because he was a good boy.

Meanwhile, out in the yard, Harley took pictures of Daisy in her commencement robes. Cyrus arrived with flowers for the graduate. Frank, Coop, and Marina arrived. Cyrus took a family photo. Before they left for the ceremony, Harley received a phone call. As she listened to the person on the other end, a sense of doom enveloped her. After the call, Harley returned downstairs and told the family that Rafe had just shot Jeffrey. Daisy rushed out of the house. Harley went to the basement and discovered that Gus's gun was missing. She told Cyrus that she had let Rafe go through Gus's things in the basement.

In the meantime, Mallet returned to the hospital and Marina showed up. They waited as Jeffrey was prepped for surgery. Frustrated, Mallet walked to the lake and threw rocks. Marina peeped into the windows of the surgery room as Jeffrey lay inside surrounded by hospital attendants.

Daisy found a terrified Rafe hiding between the boxes in the house that Olivia had just returned to Natalia. He muttered that it was an accident and he said he had to leave town because it was over for him. He had just shot the DA. He said he only wanted to scare Jeffrey and make him back off his father. Daisy said Jeffrey would be fine. Rafe asked Daisy if she had seen or spoken to Jeffrey, but she hadn't. He curled in a ball, stricken with worry.

Harley figured out where Rafe had gone, and she and Cyrus showed up at the house. Upon seeing them, Daisy swore to Rafe that she hadn't tipped them off. Rafe asked Harley about Jeffrey and she said that he was being cared for at the hospital. Rafe swore that he didn't mean to hurt Jeffrey. Harley told Rafe that he was Gus's son and that made him her son as well. She hugged him and told him that she'd do anything she could to help him. Rafe clung to Harley and whimpered that he hadn't meant to shoot Jeffrey.

They took Rafe to Natalia's. As Rafe and Cyrus hid under the boardinghouse steps, Harley diverted the cops who were searching for Rafe. When the coast was clear, they took him upstairs. While Natalia fretted about what to do or whether to contact Alan, Harley was downstairs with Cyrus blaming herself for the matter. She said she had been the one who reopened those cases and she couldn't let Rafe go to jail. Cyrus hugged her.

Back upstairs, Harley told Natalia that she would protect Rafe. She asked to speak to Rafe alone to explain to him what was about to happen to him. Once alone with Rafe, Harley told him to pack whatever he needed. She would get some money together for plane tickets and he was to meet her within one hour. He wanted to say goodbye to his mother, but Harley said Natalia wouldn't agree to let Rafe go on the run. He asked her how Natalia would know he was safe, and Harley said they'd figure it out later. Harley thought she should make him come with her, but she said she'd trust him to meet her an hour later.

While Harley packed at home, Frank came in. She hid her bag and told him that she hadn't been able to find Rafe. Frank was willing to help Rafe because he considered Rafe to be a Cooper. She thanked Frank and asked him to keep looking for Rafe. Later Harley met Buzz out on a deserted road and told him that she was taking off with Rafe. She said only Buzz would understand. She asked Buzz to get her some things and then help everyone understand why she was leaving. She told Buzz that she would be back. He said he'd look after her kids.

Harley returned home. Outside Cyrus told her that Daisy was inside and wanted her mother. Harley asked him to look out for Daisy since she was so wrapped up in things with Rafe. Cyrus said Frank had taken the boys to the park. She told Cyrus that she loved him and thanked him for saving her life. She asked him to check on Daisy inside and then kissed him goodbye. Cyrus went inside and apologized to Daisy for her graduation day being ruined. Daisy said that for once it wasn't Cyrus' fault. He hugged her and she sobbed in his arms.

Harley went to the park and saw the boys. She hugged them and Frank. She met Rafe and Buzz in her garage. Buzz gave her some money. Harley watched from the windows of the closed garage door as her family performed a makeshift graduation ceremony for Daisy in the front yard. Harley's eyes met Buzz's and then she darted away from the window.

Meanwhile Natalia fixed Rafe some food, but when she brought it to him upstairs, he was gone. She found a note on the mirror in the bathroom that said, "Mom, I love you." Natalia checked his things and saw that they were gone. She began to sob.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

While Bill and Lizzie argued over who had more influence over Spaulding Enterprises' stockholders, Bill checked his messages and learned that Jeffrey had been shot. Lizzie told him to go to the hospital without her. Meanwhile, Ava and Olivia paced around Cedars as Jeffrey underwent a second surgery. Reva hadn't been located and Olivia worried that she was a terrible support system for Ava at that time. Ava said all she wanted was for Jeffrey to be okay so that he could see her newborn child. Bill arrived to comfort Ava. He took her to Company to distract her from Jeffrey's surgery; however, Bill seemed distracted himself about the stockholders meeting scheduled for that afternoon. Bill did a dance routine to make Ava laugh, and he promised her that Jeffrey would pull through.

Bill went to the mansion to work on his notes for the meeting. Meanwhile Lizzie talked to Alan about Rafe. Alan felt helpless because he didn't have the money to fix the problem. Lizzie said no money could fix what Rafe had done. She told him, though, that she knew what to do to fix their family. Later Lizzie went to Company and talked to Buzz about Rafe's situation. She also told him that she was going to a stockholders meeting where she planned to make Bill Lewis suffer. She then called Bill and asked him to meet her in his room at the Beacon.

Lizzie went to Bill's hotel room under the guise of searching for a missing earring. As she looked for it, Bill and she argued about the company. He told her that in two hours he would be voted in as CEO. Lizzie said he could choose to back away from the company, but Bill replied that he never backed away from anything in his life. Bill asked her to bet on whether or not he'd be voted in as CEO. Lizzie refused to bet, but she agreed to make a toast to their futures. She told him to get dressed for the meeting while she poured the drinks. While Bill was in the bathroom, Lizzie broke open a pill capsule and spiked his wine glass.

Bill exited the bathroom in his robe and drank white wine with Lizzie. He became dizzy but decided to have another glass. Lizzie told him to knock himself out. After the second drink, Bill attempted to put his clothes on. Disoriented, he sank down on the bed. He said he wanted to rest for just a moment and then passed out. Lizzie called him a lightweight.

In the meantime, the Coopers, Natalia, and Alan searched for Rafe. Buzz took bourbon shots at Company and seemed anxious as, unbeknownst to the others, he waited to hear word from Harley that she and Rafe had safely fled the country. When Frank and Buzz were alone, Frank asked Buzz if he had spoken to Harley. Buzz took another shot and softly said, "They're fine, Frank. Your sister did what she had to do."

Frank grew furious at Buzz for not only allowing Harley to go on the run with Rafe, but also for giving her money to do so. Frank demanded to know where they were, and Buzz said Harley would call soon. He told Frank not to tell anyone about it, and Frank yelled at Buzz about how much pain Natalia was in because her son was missing. Buzz insisted that Harley had planned to flee no matter what and he couldn't have stopped her. Some time later Buzz received a phone call. He looked relieved once he saw the number on the caller ID, and he answered the call, saying, "Tell me you both are okay."

Meanwhile Natalia told Alan that she needed to visit the hospital and apologize to Ava for what Rafe had done. Alan didn't think it was necessary, but Natalia said it was the least she could do for Rafe. When she showed up at the hospital, Olivia was rude to her and told her that she needed to go. Natalia said that after all she and Olivia had been through together, she thought Olivia would understand. Natalia decided it had been a mistake to go there and left.

Natalia went to the lake. Frank found her there and told her that Rafe was okay. Relieved, she wondered where Rafe was. Frank replied that Harley had decided to keep Rafe safe the best way she knew how: Harley had taken Rafe out of the country. Natalia grew livid that Harley had made that kind of decision about Rafe. She decided she needed to get some help and rushed off.

Meanwhile Ava returned to the hospital and Olivia told her that Natalia had been by. Olivia was angry at Natalia's nerve, but Ava seemed willing to give Rafe the benefit of the doubt, saying they didn't know the circumstances of the shooting. When Ava stepped away, Natalia returned to the hospital and asked Olivia to help her. Natalia asked Olivia to return to her the money she had given Olivia for the house because she needed money to find Rafe. Olivia refused to help her. Natalia pleaded with Olivia that they were both mothers. Olivia said it was because she was a mother that she couldn't help Natalia. Ava returned as Natalia left. When Ava asked what Natalia had wanted, Olivia said Natalia had asked for money to help Rafe.

Back at Company, Alan talked privately with Buzz about the Spaulding family and how he had wanted to keep the members close by using money or prizes. Alan then expressed deep concern for Rafe. Buzz leaned forward and uttered that Rafe was okay. Alan's brows raised and Buzz explained what Harley had done. Even though Buzz knew Harley and Rafe's whereabouts, he said he couldn't tell anyone. Gratefully Alan thanked Buzz for telling him.

Frank arrived at Company. As he and Buzz discussed how to care for Harley's boys, Alan volunteered to help. Zach was Alan's grandson and Alan needed to keep busy. Frank seemed skeptical, but Buzz said it would work.

Just then Natalia rushed into the restaurant, frantic about Rafe. She told Frank, Alan, and Buzz that she wanted to go see Rafe. Olivia entered a few moments later, saying that Natalia had told her that Rafe had fled the country. She handed Natalia an envelope, telling her that she wanted to help Rafe. Natalia thanked her and promised to pay her back. Olivia said she didn't want repayment. She only wanted to help Rafe and Natalia. After Buzz took Natalia upstairs to call Rafe as she packed, Alan thanked Olivia for helping her family.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

After successfully drugging Bill Lewis with sleeping pills in his wine, Lizzie cleaned the glasses and left Bill sleeping in his hotel room. Some time later, Bill was hazy from the drugs. He struggled out of bed and hastily dressed himself. Meanwhile in the Spaulding boardroom, the stockholders awaited Bill's arrival. Dinah made excuses for Bill, but Lizzie said Bill's absence made her wonder how serious Bill was about the merger and CEO position.

When Bill finally showed up at Spaulding, he was sloppily dressed. Dinah discovered him in the hallway and made him straighten up his clothes. She wondered if he were drunk. He said he wasn't, but his erratic behavior made Dinah think that he would blow the meeting for them. Once Bill was in the boardroom, a stockholder also asked him if he were drunk. Bill questioned Lizzie about how he had fallen asleep, and a stockholder seemed concerned that Bill had fallen asleep in the middle of the day. Lizzie told Bill that he had had several drinks that afternoon. She apologized to the stockholders for Bill's unkempt and incoherent condition, but she thought witnessing it showed everyone that Bill wasn't right for the company.

Dinah interrupted to inform the stockholders that Bill had the flu. She said he took a double dose of medication in order attend the meeting. Lizzie said Bill hadn't seemed sick earlier, but Dinah insisted that he was. As Dinah and Bill exited the meeting, Lizzie murmured, "Some people just can't handle the pressure."

Dinah took Bill to Company and plied him with coffee as she berated him for drinking with Lizzie before the meeting. She called him a moron for tossing the CEO position out the window. She said that type of behavior was what Bill had hated most about his father, Billy. Billy would get everyone's hopes up and then bail on them at the last minute. Sobering, Bill told Dinah he wanted more coffee.

At Spaulding, Dinah called stockholders. Later she told Bill that the stockholders might have believed that he had been sick, but they were still going ahead with the vote. Bill insisted that he hadn't been sick. Dinah apologized for getting angry and calling him a moron. As Bill discussed what had happened to him before the meeting, they figured out that Lizzie had spiked Bill's drink. Bill swore that wouldn't happen to him again. Later Bill found Lizzie and she admitted to drugging him. Bill thought that he could hurt Lizzie because she loved him. Smugly, Lizzie retorted that he loved her right back and then she walked away.

Back in the Spaulding boardroom, Bill held a press conference, using notes that Dinah had written. During the conference, Bill announced that Dinah Marler and he planned to help realize Gus's dream of building a children's home. Lizzie watched Bill on TV and rolled her eyes. Lizzie threw pretzels at the TV when Bill used Rafe's troubles to claim that the Spaulding family couldn't take care of one of its own; therefore, it couldn't take care of the community. He said the Spauldings had failed Rafe and the community. Where the Spauldings had failed, Bill claimed that he would succeed. Bill said he'd do it whether or not he was voted in as CEO. When he said, "Your turn, your move," Lizzie glinted and replied to the TV, "You're on."

Meanwhile Reva found out about Jeffrey's shooting and rushed to the hospital where Mallet filled her in on what had happened. She called Josh and Cassie to inform them of Jeffrey's condition. They hadn't known that Jeffrey had been shot. The two rushed to meet Reva at Cedars. When they arrived at the hospital, Josh and Cassie found Reva upset because she had no idea where Jeffrey's insurance papers were. Josh offered to help Reva to find the papers while Cassie waited at the hospital.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Bill and Dinah learned that Bill was voted in as CEO of Lewis-Spaulding Enterprises. Dinah decided that they needed to contact their family and arrange for a celebration at the park where Bill would make the official announcement.

Frank and Buzz were at Company going over the schedule to see who would be watching Harley's kids. Frank brought up Daisy and told his father that she was having a rough time of it. According to Frank, Daisy felt as if her mother had abandoned her. Suddenly, Cyrus walked in and asked where Harley was. Buzz told Cyrus that she was out of town visiting a friend. When Cyrus asked for more information, Frank told him to butt out, and left. After unsuccessfully trying to get Buzz to tell him Harley's whereabouts, Cyrus suggested that he could help take care of the boys. Buzz declined by saying that Harley asked them to do it.

Frank went to the police station and found Mallet, who was trying to locate Rafe. Mallet lamented to Frank that Rafe was all alone, and he was worried that something tragic might happen. Mallet then complained about Harley being gone since he could really use her help. Mallet vented about how strange it was for Harley to choose that moment to visit a friend.

At Cedars, Reva found out from the nurse that Jeffrey's condition was stable. Reva relayed this information to Ava and assured Ava that Jeffrey would wake up. As they talked, Ava checked her cell phone for messages and explained to Reva that she was waiting to hear about the results of the CEO vote. Ava talked about how hard Bill had worked and about his bright future.

Bill ran into Lizzie outside and gloated about being named CEO. Lizzie made it clear that she had already heard. She conceded that Bill won the first round, but stated that she would get her family's company back. After telling Lizzie that he knew that she drugged him, Bill invited her to the celebration. At that, Lizzie rolled her eyes and walked away. Bill then went to Cedars and told Ava and Reva the big news. When Ava walked off, Reva told Bill that Ava loved him and stated that they could have something special together. Reva told Bill that love did not have to be crazy and tumultuous; sometimes it could be simple. Reva suggested that Bill give Ava a shot. A little later, when Ava mentioned wanting to come to his celebration, Bill suggested that she sit it out. Bill told Ava that there would be a lot of family tension and he did not want to inflict that on her and the baby. After thanking her for supporting him, Bill suggested that they have a private celebration later.

Dinah approached Mallet at the station to inquire about getting a permit to use the park. Dinah told him about Bill being named CEO and invited Mallet to celebrate with them. Dinah seemed very pleased with herself for ousting the Spauldings. Mallet told Dinah that it would take several hours for a permit to be approved and Dinah stated that she had hoped that he would do her a favor and expedite the process. Mallet ranted that he had other things on his mind, such as searching for a teenage kid on the lam. When Dinah suggested that Mallet could use a little fun, Mallet replied that he had not had any fun since he found out how he got his job.

Cyrus went to the police station to talk to Mallet about Harley. Cyrus told Mallet that he was worried about her and the Coopers were not telling him anything. A put-upon Mallet was no help, but told Cyrus that if he heard from Harley to tell her that Mallet could really use some help finding Rafe. Cyrus then went to Company again, demanding to know where Harley was. When Cyrus tried to strong-arm Buzz, Buzz defended himself and, with his hand around Cyrus's neck, made it clear that everyone had to remain calm, otherwise Harley would be in danger. Cyrus got the message and asked if Harley was coming back for him. Buzz replied that he did not know.

Dinah returned to the police station and got her permit. Dinah again asked Mallet to come to their celebration but he still refused. Dinah told Mallet that she wanted the people she cared about to be there and argued that she made this happen for her brother and she was glad to be able to help him. Dinah added that she was just as happy to help Mallet get his job. Mallet lashed out at Dinah, telling her that her "help" ruined lives. Mallet blasted Dinah for what she did to Frank and argued that if Frank had still been in charge, Gus might not have died. Mallet told Dinah that he was going to fix things.

Mallet continued to be frustrated at work and told Frank that he was going to fix what he could actually fix. Later, Mallet approached Frank and asked why he became a cop. Frank responded that he wanted to help people and protect them. Frank admitted that the job of chief came with a lot of distractions so he often had to remind himself of why he joined up in the first place. At that point, Mallet informed Frank that he just resigned as chief. He wanted to be a cop again.

Dinah walked by a dejected Cyrus sitting on a park bench. Cyrus told her that Harley left town without telling him. Dinah assured Cyrus that Harley would be back and asked Cyrus if he would wait for her. Cyrus replied that he had to. Dinah was impressed by that answer and confided that Mallet wanted her out of his life. Dinah admitted that she had no choice but to lay low. Cyrus then went to Harley's and was greeted by Buzz. Buzz asked Cyrus if he was going to stick around. Cyrus said that he would give it a shot since Harley was worth it.

Dinah and Bill announced Bill's appointment as CEO. Despite having told the news to all of their loved ones, the only people there were the press and Lizzie, who was hiding in the background unseen.

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