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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 19, 2008 on GL
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Monday, May 19, 2008

At their hotel room, Reva showed Jeffrey a glittery paper heart that had their initials painted on it. As Jeffrey decided that they needed a classier memento, Natalia called Jeffrey from Olivia's to say that Olivia was missing and Ava was looking for her. Once Jeffrey arrived at Olivia's, Natalia called Emma's school to see if Emma was in attendance. She and Jeffrey located Olivia at the courthouse. Jeffrey discovered Emma downstairs touring the courtroom with her class. At the same time, Natalia found Olivia in the balcony of the courtroom, watching the activity below. Exhausted, Olivia explained to Natalia that she had signed up to chaperone the class field trip before her medical problems had occurred. She had called a driver to take her to the courthouse to fulfill her duty. Since she felt that she looked terrible and didn't want to scare the children, Olivia had chosen to watch them from a distance.

Natalia took Olivia back to the hotel. When Emma returned from school, she wondered if Olivia were still sick. Olivia said she was trying to get well and promised to always love Emma. After Emma exited, Olivia's phone rang. Natalia answered it and gave it to Olivia, saying that it was Frank. As it happened, Frank asked Olivia to put Natalia back on the phone. With a strange look, Olivia handed it to her. Natalia told Frank she'd call him back. As she prepared to leave Olivia's, Natalia said Frank wanted to shop for a baseball mitt for Rafe. Olivia commented that Frank was a good guy. Once Natalia left, Olivia pulled out a picture of Gus and hugged it.

Meanwhile Cyrus ate on the veranda at Company and the woman he had met at the gym approached him. She said she ran a company that imported and exported antiques, art, and jewelry. Cyrus said he knew a lot about those items and how to acquire them. The woman flashed some cash and asked, "Why do you think we're here?"

Over at the farm, Josh told Cassie that even though they had a long way to go, he wasn't angry about the affair anymore. However, when Josh later spotted Chris Boyle in the Beacon parking lot, he grew suspicious and followed him. Josh somehow learned that Boyle had checked into the hotel under a different name. Outside Boyle's room, Josh confronted Boyle about Cassie. Boyle said he didn't know what Josh was talking about. Josh tossed him against the wall and then punched him. When Cyrus rushed to break up the fight, Josh hit him, too. Cassie ran into the hallway and screamed Josh's name. Josh looked at her, boarded the elevator, and then left. Holding his bloody jaw, Cyrus told Cassie that they had a problem.

Meanwhile Harley and Daisy discussed how Harley's money was tight because she had bought a graduation dress for Daisy. Daisy said the money was wasted because she decided against attending her graduation. Harley pulled out cash and bribed Daisy to attend the ceremony. While Harley worked at the station later, Reva came by to pick up graduation tickets for her and Jeffrey. Harley gave her the tickets but forewarned Reva that Daisy might not attend the ceremony. After they speculated about Daisy's reasons for not attending, Reva met with Daisy. She told Daisy that she had made bad choices that caused her to miss graduation and not go to college. She didn't want Daisy to repeat her mistakes. Reva said that Daisy could not work on the upcoming movie unless she attended her graduation.

In the meantime, Harley left the station to answer a police call at the Beacon. Upon arrival, she discovered Cyrus and Cassie in a hallway offering Boyle a complimentary hotel stay. Boyle told Cassie to keep her crazy husband away from him. Harley asked what had happened. Cassie said Cyrus would explain and then Cassie went in search of Josh.

While Harley attended to Cyrus's wounds in his hotel room, he explained that he had broken up a fight between Josh and Cassie's alleged lover. After a shower, Cyrus climbed into his bed and asked Harley to spend the night with him. Without answering, Harley offered to get ice for his busted lip. Out in the hallway, Harley encountered one of Daisy's teachers, Mrs. Bailey. When Harley mentioned graduation, Mrs. Bailey revealed that Daisy wasn't allowed to attend graduation because she had been suspended. Devastated, Harley returned to Cyrus's room and told him that she had to attend to a family problem. Before leaving, she said she was sorry that something was always coming up. She thanked him for being so good with her friends, Josh and Cassie, earlier, and said she was proud to be with him.

Harley went home to confront Daisy, who said that she had been suspended when a kid at school got caught with one of her fake ID's. The school had sent Harley a notice, but Daisy said she had forged Harley's signature on it. When Harley asked if Daisy would even receive a diploma, Daisy began to cry. The two hugged each other.

Meanwhile Josh discovered Reva at the lake, and she asked him what happened with his hand. He didn't answer and Reva didn't pressure him. Instead she giggled and asked him if he felt better. He said he did feel better, but he realized that he couldn't go around hitting people. The incident reminded Reva of when Josh had punched out Billy for Reva. She said it had been the most romantic thing anyone had ever done for her, until his nose had started bleeding. They chuckled, deciding that the bleeding had been really yucky.

After Josh left, Reva remained by the lake reading her movie script. She watched an elderly couple stroll past her. She sighed thoughtfully as she looked at them. Once she returned to the hotel room, she found Jeffrey folding a dress sock with a sweat sock. He said that when he litigated cases, he sometimes wore mismatched socks for luck. Reva became upset that she didn't know those types of things about him. She knew they were supposed to be a casual couple, but she said that wasn't enough. Reva asked Jeffrey to marry him. Jeffrey gasped, saying that they had always been a casual "what the hell" kind of couple. He said that their "what the hell" approach had made it work up to that point. Reva became discouraged at his reply, but as he went over to a desk, he instructed her to ask him the question again. Reva asked him again to marry her. Jeffrey turned around and held up the glittery heart Reva had shown him before. On it he had written "WTH." He said, "What the hell," and agreed to marry her. They hugged and kissed.

Meanwhile, when Josh returned home, Cassie said she had thought that things had gotten better between them. Josh said they had gotten better, but then he saw Boyle. Cassie revealed that she knew Josh had hired her friends to investigate her. She felt angry about it, but Josh reminded her that she had cheated on him. Cassie wondered if he would use her affair as an excuse for everything. Josh said he had to see the man face-to-face. Josh had thought everything would be fine because he'd never see Boyle again. When Boyle had returned to Springfield, though, Josh became enraged. Josh said he was trying to trust her, but he couldn't get the images of her and that man out of his head. He asked her if Boyle were definitely the man she had cheated with. Cassie said she couldn't talk about it anymore and walked away.

Cassie visited Cyrus at his hotel room. She panicked because Josh had asked her to admit that Boyle had been the man she had slept with. She wanted to tell Josh the truth, but she didn't want to hurt Harley. Cyrus didn't think there would be anything to worry about. He said Boyle wouldn't return to a town where, "the minister kicks your ass."

Meanwhile Josh went to Boyle's hotel room to apologize for hitting him. When Josh saw Boyle coming down the hall laughing with someone, he hid behind a wall. Josh saw Boyle and another man holding hands and sneaking into Boyle's hotel room.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

At Company, Rafe ordered food from Buzz, but he couldn't afford to pay for it. Buzz suggested he work off the price of the meal by helping Buzz select a winner for Gus's scholarship. The recipient would be announced at the high school graduation. As they discussed candidates, they heard a loud commotion outside. They rushed out to discover Alan Spaulding sprawled out at the bottom of the boardinghouse stairs. Buzz ordered Rafe to call an ambulance as Alan came to. Buzz noted that a broken piece of the roof loomed over where Alan had been walking. He wondered if it had hit Alan. Once at the hospital, Alan insisted to the doctor that he had tripped on the stairs before the roof fell in.

Meanwhile Beth sported her string of two enormous pearls as she pushed Peyton's stroller through the hospital parking lot. They encountered Rick outside. Beth said she had left Peyton's blanket in Rick's car. She had come to pick it up. Rick invited Beth to his house for a meal, but Beth told him that she had other plans. When Rick began comparing himself to Alan again, Beth felt guilty and offered to let Rick spend quality time with Peyton while she went inside the hospital to speak with her mother. Some time later, Beth returned to the parking lot, but Rick and Peyton had disappeared.

Beth reentered the hospital to question the staff about Rick's whereabouts. As she did, Buzz walked through the lobby and told her that Alan was okay. Beth whipped around in time to see Rafe wheeling Alan into the lobby. Alan seemed irritated because he assumed the hospital had called Beth. When he wondered where Peyton was, Beth said that she'd be there any minute. After talking about Alan's near miss with the roof shard, Beth said someone was looking out for Alan. Beth escorted Rafe and Alan to the exit.

Back at the boardinghouse, Alan marveled at the accident site, which was roped off with yellow tape. When Buzz joined him, he asked if Alan were going to sue him. Alan said he couldn't afford lawyers. Even if he could though, Alan added that he wouldn't sue Buzz. Instead he asked Buzz to help him move the debris to prevent further incidents. Buzz wondered if Alan's bump on the head had affected him. Alan smiled over his shoulder and the two went to work. Rafe saw the two men working, came outside, and yelled, "Hey, old folks!" Giggling, he asked, "You want to wind back up in the hospital?" Alan suggested Rafe help them or get out of the way.

After the men cleaned the debris, Rafe returned inside Company to bus tables. He commented to Buzz that they should have made Alan rest. Buzz replied that they couldn't make Alan do anything. Rafe worried about Alan. He was certain something had hit Alan even though Alan insisted that it hadn't been the roof debris. Buzz asked Rafe to resume picking a scholarship winner with him. As they looked over the applications, Rafe recalled how a teacher had collapsed of a heart attack in class. Rafe said that one student, Mike Carson, who had a C average, had been the only person in class who jumped in to help the teacher. Buzz decided that Carson could be a contender for the scholarship.

Meanwhile Rick checked into the seedy motel that Alan had once lived in. He told the owner that his name was Mr. Fisher and that he and his daughter were in town for a family reunion. Once alone with Peyton, he told her that they would spend the night at the motel and then head out to see Michelle and Ed the next day. He assured Peyton that he would get her far away from Alan. Peyton cried incessantly for an hour. Rick finally quieted her when he threw her bunny across the room. Meanwhile Beth still waited in the hospital parking lot for Rick and Peyton.

Upon leaving the room for water, Rick bumped into Frank in the hallway. Frank said he was setting up police surveillance, but he wondered what Rick was doing there. Rick behaved suspiciously, but Frank seemed satisfied when Rick claimed to be on a house call with a patient who couldn't leave his room. After a while, Rick returned to the hospital parking lot with the baby. Beth wondered where they had been. Rick said he had kidnapped Peyton. Beth joked that Rick had taken her to live with the circus. Rick gravely stared at Beth and told her to get Peyton away from him.

Rick took Beth to the parking lot of the motel where he had taken Peyton. He said he had become consumed with the thought that Alan would have Peyton and Beth. That drove him to take Peyton; however, Peyton's wailing made Rick realize that Peyton knew Rick wasn't her father. Rick didn't plan to pursue Beth anymore, but he reminded her that the Bauer Barbeque was soon coming up. That was their anniversary. He said that he planned to make the best burgers and asked her to think about joining him for the party.

Meanwhile, as Natalia and Frank finished shopping for Rafe's new baseball glove, Olivia was in her hotel room, taking her medication. She attempted some light upper body exercise and then put on her shoes. Apparently dizzy, Olivia sluggishly slinked down on the bed. While Frank and Natalia talked about how Natalia wasn't going to pay Frank back for the glove, Olivia called Natalia. Breathlessly Olivia explained that she couldn't reach Ava. She told Natalia that Emma was at a sleepover. The phone number for the house was on Olivia's desk, "Just in case..." Natalia wondered what Olivia meant, but Olivia had dropped the phone and closed her eyes. Natalia hung up her phone, telling Frank that she wasn't sure if Olivia's call had been serious because Olivia was always so dramatic.

Frank and Natalia went to Company and discovered the roof shards barring the boardinghouse entrance. Natalia began to worry about Olivia, but said that Olivia didn't like it when Natalia checked up on her. Frank advised her to call regardless of Olivia's feelings about it. Frank went to call Buzz about the roof and Natalia took off for Olivia's.

Meanwhile Olivia seemed to regain some strength and staggered into the bathroom. After reviewing her scar in the mirror, she grew lethargic and sank to the bathroom floor with an open bottle of pills. When Natalia arrived, she assumed that Olivia had tried to commit suicide. She pulled Olivia to her feet and walked her around the room, chastising her for trying to take her own life. When Natalia said they were going to the ER to have Olivia's stomach pumped, Olivia jerked away and explained that she had taken her medication without eating. Doing so made her sick. Natalia wondered why the pill bottle was almost empty, and Olivia said she had spilled them on the floor but was too lazy to pick them up. She ordered Natalia to get out, but Natalia wouldn't leave without Olivia taking the pain pills first. She said that Olivia was going to live whether she liked it or not.

As the ladies bickered, Alan showed up at Olivia's to tell them that a house almost fell on him like in the Wizard of OZ. Natalia recalled the broken section of the roof she had seen at Company. Alan said it had missed him by inches. Alan said that it was more than luck that he hadn't been hit. The occurrence went against everything he had ever imagined. He said he wouldn't blame them for doubting him, but he thought they'd be the only two that wouldn't think he was crazy about what had happened to him. Natalia bid him to speak, but Olivia said not to encourage him.

Alan told them that he didn't trip down the stairs. He said he felt a hand grab him and pull him down just seconds before the roof fell. Natalia suspected Gus had done it, and Alan asked her if she had seen Gus. Olivia became upset when Alan said that Gus had spoken to him and assured him that everything would be all right. Olivia retorted that Gus and Alan never had two civil words to say to each other in life. Alan insisted that Gus would return because Gus had unfinished business. Olivia told Alan that the last piece of Gus existed inside of her and she ordered him to get out. Alan said he would leave but it wouldn't change what he saw or heard. After Alan left, Natalia wanted to hope that it could have been Gus, but Olivia told her to get out as well.

While Natalia lit candles in church, Olivia cleaned up her pills and then called Barry's bookstore for a delivery. Meanwhile Alan returned to his room and stared at a picture of Gus. He then traveled to what appeared to be the Spaulding mansion and stood on the steps.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

At the Beacon, Mallet was being a good neighbor when he helped Olivia carry a bag containing the books she had ordered the previous day into her room. He read the titles and surmised that she wished to communicate with the dead. Olivia asked him if he thought she was crazy, but Mallet felt it was natural to want to communicate with deceased loved ones. Olivia said someone very unlikely had given her reason to believe that hearing from Gus was possible. Once Mallet left, Olivia read her books and tried to hone in on Gus's spirit. After receiving minor chest cramps from Gus, she called herself a cab.

Meanwhile, Gus haunted Alan's early morning dreams. Alan awakened with a scream, and Rafe rushed into his room. Looking puzzled, Alan asked Rafe what the number 512 meant to him. Rafe knew that it was the number of homeruns Ernie Banks had hit. Banks had been Gus and Rafe's favorite Cubs player. Since five hundred or more homeruns had been a big achievement in Banks's time, Gus would often ask Rafe, "What's your 512 gonna be?" Alan told Rafe that in his dream, Gus had worn a Cubs jacket, and Gus had said he had unfinished business. In the dream, Gus had repeatedly said, "5-1-2, five hundred-twelve."

Inside Company later, Olivia strolled up to Alan and asked him to tell her more about Gus appearing out of nowhere to save him before the roof had collapsed. She admitted that she sometimes felt as if Gus were around. She thought her chest pains meant that Gus was trying to communicate with her. Alan said it wasn't like Olivia to take Alan's claims seriously. He said he'd imagined Gus and then advised her to get a grip.

Meanwhile Daisy sat in the bathroom at Harley's lighting up a joint when Rafe came over. She told him that she was grounded because of the trouble that the fake ID's had caused her. He asked Daisy for permission to search through Gus's things in the basement. Rafe located the Cubs jacket from Alan's dream. In the pocket he found an envelope filled with cash.

When Rafe left, Daisy resumed trying to light her joint. Mallet entered the basement and caught Daisy with the drugs. He had come over to talk to Harley about Gus and found the door open. He said that anyone could have walked in, including the chief of police. Mallet confiscated the drugs, telling her that they would only make matters worse. Daisy asked Mallet if he was going to smoke the joint himself. Mallet left, saying that he wasn't.

Meanwhile, Rafe went to Olivia's looking for his mother. When Olivia said she hadn't seen her, Rafe barged into Olivia's room and laid the money out in stacks on her bed. Olivia warned him that the money better not have come from the safe downstairs. He told her it was 512 twenty-dollar bills. It totaled $10,240. He told her about Alan's dream involving the Cubs jacket that Rafe was wearing and the number 512. Olivia said Alan told her that his visions weren't real. Rafe disagreed and said he believed Gus had wanted that money found. Rafe thought it was enough money for either his tuition or a down payment on a house.

Later Rafe and Alan met up in Alan's room. As Alan contemplated the cash that Rafe had laid out on the bed, Rafe told him that it was 512 just like the dream. Alan was at a loss for words. Rafe, on the other hand, seemed sure that Gus was trying to save Natalia and Rafe, just as he had saved Alan the other day.

Meanwhile, when Ava experienced pregnancy pains while having coffee with Bill at Towers, Bill tenderly held her hand. Just then Lizzie rounded the corner and spotted them. At work, Bill received a notice that he was being sued. Alan and Lizzie had challenged his right to take over the company. He asked Ava to accompany him in tracking down Lizzie, saying that he and Ava were in it together. Secretly experiencing more pain, Ava stayed at the office. Bill called her once he had located Lizzie's car. Ava told him that the baby was in trouble and she wanted him to meet her at Cedars.

Meanwhile at Towers, Lizzie sat at a table. Mallet saw how distraught she was and joined her. Lizzie sobbed about losing Bill and Sarah. She felt empty without Sarah and she wasn't sure she could do "it" without her. Mallet encouraged her that she could do it-and reminded her that she was a Spaulding. As Lizzie left Towers, Olivia spotted her. Olivia expressed sympathies about Lizzie's relationship with Bill. Lizzie said she hoped Olivia had money because Bill and Olivia's knocked-up daughter would need some once Lizzie got her family's company back. Olivia said, "Well, go, Lizzie. See? You don't need Bill." Lizzie retorted that she wasn't needy like Ava and then Lizzie left.

Later Olivia received a call that caused her to rush to the hospital. She found Ava sobbing in a hospital room. Ava cried, saying that she was spotting and cramping. She couldn't believe she had made such a huge mistake in getting herself inseminated. She felt that Bill would never want her over Lizzie. Olivia suggested that Ava tell Bill the truth about the baby and then Olivia, Emma, and Ava would all go away together. She said they could start a new life somewhere else.

While Ava slept, Bill asked Lillian if he could take Ava home. Ava awakened and asked Bill if he were still looking for Lizzie. Bill said being with Ava was more important. She said she understood that she and her pregnancy only complicated Bill's life; therefore, she had decided to leave town with Olivia. Bill asked Ava to move in with him. When Ava checked out of the hospital, she told Lillian that things happened for a reason.

After Ava was released from the hospital, she went to Olivia's to announce that she would move in with Bill. Olivia decided that if Ava weren't leaving town with her, she'd stay in Springfield as well. Ava suggested that Olivia move into Gus's house so that it wouldn't go to waste.

Meanwhile Lizzie met Alan on a bench by the lake. Alan filled her in on the pending lawsuit. He said that Bill and his dimwitted sister were no match for the Spauldings. Alan told Lizzie about the roof incident and his theory about Gus. Lizzie was glad that Alan was all right, but she seemed skeptical about Gus's role in it. Alan received a phone call and then asked Lizzie if she could take their meeting with Bill Lewis alone because something had come up. Lizzie said yes, but she warned Alan that she planned to go in swinging.

Before the meeting with Lizzie, Bill's lawyers advised him not to fall for any ploys. When Lizzie arrived, Bill interrogated her about her trip and about Sarah and Jonathan. Lizzie was vague and impersonal in her answers and then steered the conversation back to the matter at hand. Bill said the frivolous lawsuit would only lead to more misunderstandings. Lizzie assured him that she understood everything clearly.

During a break in the meeting, Bill wondered why Lizzie had come back to Springfield. She replied that she had to deal with the pending lawsuit. Bill told Lizzie that he didn't think she'd returned to Springfield without Sarah just because of the lawsuit. Lizzie admitted that she had seen Sarah, but Jonathan had become upset that Lizzie had found them. He went on the run with Sarah again. Lizzie didn't think he'd trust her anymore or that she'd see Sarah again. If Sarah ever came back, Lizzie wanted her to have something to come home to. Spaulding Enterprises was all that Lizzie had left. She wanted the company back for Sarah's legacy. Lizzie said, " The only thing I have in my future is this company. Nothing else...Right?"

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Unbeknownst to Bill, Remy helped Ava move her things into Bill's place. Meanwhile Bill and Lizzie discussed the current state of their relationship. Lizzie felt she had nothing left to hold onto but Spaulding Enterprises. Bill claimed to love her and to want to work things out, but Lizzie resented that Bill could so easily put business before their relationship. If he loved her, she believed he would set things right. Bill said he couldn't do that because he had asked Ava to move in with him. He said he needed to make tough choices. His child was real and it would need him. Lizzie said she understood and wouldn't expect him to do anything else.

When the meeting with the lawyers resumed, Bill said he understood that Lizzie and Alan were concerned that he'd taken the "Spaulding out of Spaulding." To prevent that from happening, he offered to allow Lizzie to assume a position at the company. In return, he asked that Lizzie withdraw the lawsuit. Lizzie declined because she believed that she and Alan could convince the stockholders not to vote Bill in at the next meeting.

Meanwhile Mallet received a notice that Jeffrey O'Neill planned to move ahead with his investigation of the police department. He called Dinah to say that he planned to take the blame so that Gus's reputation wouldn't be tarnished. Dinah decided that she'd talk to O'Neill even though Mallet warned her not to. When Dinah saw Rafe strolling up, she told Mallet she had to go. In talking with Rafe, she learned that he had come to the mansion to check on the property for Alan. Dinah told Rafe that the mansion was the first home she had ever owned. She talked to Rafe about her father and how she had learned that he was actually a fallible human. She said what mattered what that Ross had loved her and she hung onto that. Rafe decided to leave for school.

After Bill's meeting with Lizzie, Bill visited Dinah to discuss how it went. Bill informed her that he couldn't get Lizzie to drop the lawsuit. Dinah asked Bill if he really wanted to live with Ava. Bill thought that sometimes he just had to do what he had to do. Dinah was still optimistic that Lizzie and Bill would reconcile. She thought that after a while, Lizzie and Bill would get along again. Bill didn't think Lizzie would want to be trapped that way. Dinah noted that Ava had gotten Bill in that manner. She then realized that Ava was Jeffrey's daughter and commented that it was a small world.

Meanwhile Remy tried to talk Ava out of the move. Remy thought Ava was never happy when she was with Bill. It seemed as if she were always auditioning while with Bill. "Well, I got the part, didn't I?" Ava said. Not long after, Bill showed up in the middle of Ava's surprise move in. He mirthlessly smiled and said he would have helped had he known about it. Ava went to her old room to retrieve a closet organizer and Bill told Remy that he was free to leave. Remy retorted that he gave the situation two weeks to last. After Remy left, Bill sighed.

When Dinah visited Ava later, Bill wasn't at home. Dinah brought flowers and welcomed Ava into the family. Dinah proposed that they have a family dinner at the mansion. She even wanted Olivia to come. When Ava said that Olivia might not be up to it, Dinah readily asked her if Jeffrey would come. Dinah joked that Ava had Jeffrey wrapped around her finger. Ava said she'd ask Jeffrey. Dinah hugged her and told her that they had many things to talk about.

When Bill came back to the room, Ava told him about Dinah's invitation. Bill tensely agreed to go. He and Ava discussed living and sleeping arrangements. Ava wanted to know what side of the bed he slept on, noting, "We've slept together, but we've never slept together." He said that he slept on the right and almost said the other side was Lizzie's. Ava said it for him and then apologized that his life wasn't what he had expected it to be at the moment. Bill put on a fake smile and told her that "this" was what he wanted. Ava went to her old room to get some things. When she returned, she found a note from Bill saying he'd be back later.

Remy returned to Ava and Bill's room with burgers for Ava. She said Bill would be back later. Remy looked skeptical and wondered why Bill wasn't there helping her move in. Ava got upset, thinking that Remy didn't want her to be happy. Looking at Ava's anxious expression, Remy sarcastically said that Ava's happiness was too overwhelming. She rolled her eyes and asked him if he had gotten extra pickles. When Remy said they were in the bottom of the bag, she rendered an endearing smile.

After a while, Remy noted that Bill still hadn't returned yet. Ava lied that she didn't expect him so soon. Remy said she was a terrible liar and challenged her to lie better. Ava told him that he was a very sweet guy. Remy chuckled, saying that he knew she was lying. Ava leaned over, cupped his face in her hands, and kissed his cheek.

Meanwhile Lizzie went to Company where Dinah and she bickered about the lawsuit. Lizzie ordered Dinah to sit on her own side of the restaurant and not speak to Lizzie. Dinah still continued to mouth off. Lizzie declared that she would not drop the lawsuit, regardless of the harsh words exchanged. Dinah went to the mansion to compile her guest list for the dinner with Ava's family. In the meantime, Lizzie returned to the Spaulding boardroom but beat a hasty retreat when she discovered Bill inside drinking a beer.

Bill and Lizzie encountered each other at the river walk and each accused the other of stalking. Bill wondered why she didn't take the chance to work with him. Lizzie told him that he wasn't in the driver's seat yet. He needed to win over the stockholders first. Bill dripped with arrogance as he seemed confident he could do it. Then he would have power, money, and respect, the only things he ever wanted until Lizzie. Lizzie retorted that business was personal. He couldn't have an intimate relationship with someone and then think it was okay to try to crush her family. Bill paused thoughtfully and then like a little boy, he pouted, "Drop the lawsuit?" Lizzie rolled her eyes and walked away.

Bill chased after her, but despite him saying that losing her hurt, Lizzie said she couldn't let him have Spaulding. She said there was only so much she would allow him to take from her. "But I'm going to take it anyway," Bill murmured. Lizzie walked away. Bill called after her, but she ignored him.

Over at the police station, Mallet discovered Rafe perched by the flagpole. Rafe asked him if Harley still sat at Gus's desk. Mallet assured him that Harley took good care of the desk. Mallet and Rafe went to play catch out in a field. Afterward they discussed Gus, and Rafe told Mallet about the "512 thing." Rafe explained Alan's dream and how deciphering it led to finding the money inside Gus's jacket. Mallet asked Rafe how Gus had gotten that kind of money. Rafe said he didn't care. He told Mallet that he'd see him later.

Mallet and Dinah talked outside later. He declined her dinner invitation and warned her again to stay away from Jeffrey. He asked Dinah if she believed in ghosts and told her that Alan claimed to have had visitations from Gus in his dreams. He said those visits led to Rafe discovering money. He pondered where Gus had gotten the money. Dinah believed that perhaps Gus was watching after his son from beyond the grave. She believed love was strong and that she and Mallet had a strong love. Mallet said some people just weren't meant to be together. Dinah felt that their relationship could be strong if they just accepted that they really were meant for each other. Mallet said he had to fix Gus's life before he could concentrate on his own. Mallet thought that since he had been so wrapped up in being police chief, which was a title he hadn't earned, he hadn't been able to see that Gus had been in trouble. Mallet felt certain that Frank would have noticed the changes in Gus and reacted to them. Mallet thought he had let the guys down because he let Gus down.

Dinah grew impatient and decided that they should just call the whole "thing" off. She said he seemed trapped by her. Mallet disagreed, saying that being trapped was simple. He could just suffer through that, but it was more. When he was with Dinah, he felt hundreds of things, but he only had words for four of them: confusion, anger, excitement, and guilt. He said he felt guilty for being police chief, guilty for Frank and Gus, and guilty for whatever Dinah had done to wipe out Alan. Dinah said he must think that she made his life worse for him. With a determined tone, she told him that she would fix all of it. Once she did, he wouldn't hate himself for loving her.

Friday, May 23, 2008

by Mary

Mallet saw Cyrus at the police station. Cyrus asked how Harley was doing and Mallet brought him up to speed on all the troubles in Harley's life—including Daisy's getting into trouble for selling fake ID's.

Daisy saw Rafe sleeping on a park bench and chided that one of them was late for school. When Daisy asked Rafe what was wrong, he told her about Gus speaking to Alan in a dream. Rafe wondered why Gus did not contact him since Rafe is his son. Rafe admitted that he even slept on the floor of the house that Gus bought hoping he would dream about him. Telling him that it might help, Daisy gave Rafe a card for a psychic medium.

Harley called a member of the school board to convince her to talk to the principal about lifting Daisy's suspension and allowing her to graduate. After the woman refused, Harley met with the principal, Mrs. Sanders, herself to plead on Daisy's behalf. Harley tried to convince Mrs. Sanders that Daisy was just a mixed up kid who made a mistake but an unsympathetic Mrs. Sanders stated that Daisy was lucky that she was not in jail. Harley told Mrs. Sanders that she, as Daisy's mother, was to blame since she did not pay Daisy enough attention after her ex-husband died. Harley tried to appeal to Mrs. Sanders as a parent but the principal had enough and walked away from Harley. At that point, Harley began to have a panic attack but willed herself to keep it together since her daughter needed her. Harley then went to the police station and showed Mallet the plaque she had made up for the Gus Aitoro scholarship winner. Harley explained that she intended for it to be presented at the school but changed her mind after speaking with the principal. After suggesting that Mallet should present the award, Harley asked about Gus's cold cases. Mallet assured Harley that everything was fine; Jeffrey was looking into it.

Cyrus saw Daisy and gave her a peace offering—a charm bracelet. Daisy asked if he was trying to buy her and then wondered if he stole it. Cyrus mentioned about wanting to attend her graduation, and Daisy revealed that she was not graduating. Later, Cyrus called Harley to tell her that he heard about Daisy. Harley lamented about how Daisy tried so hard to get her life on track and that her future looked so bright until this happened. Harley admitted to Cyrus that she almost had a panic attack after her confrontation with the principal but she got it under control. Harley admitted that what she really needed was him. Cyrus suggested that they go on a bowling date but Harley declined. Later, Harley got a call about a disturbance and rushed to the scene.

Rafe visited the psychic who put him through a tarot card reading session. According to the medium the cards said that his journey would take an unexpected path. Rafe mentioned that he recently got into a lot of many when suddenly the hangman card came up. The medium stated that meant that he must make a sacrifice. Rafe assumed that she wanted him to give her his money and angrily accused her of trying to scam him. Harley arrived just as Rafe was about to be arrested and she convinced the woman not to press any charges. Rafe ran off and Harley followed. Harley told Rafe that she knew he was upset about Gus and made it clear that he was not the only one who missed him. Harley stated that she almost visited the psychic but she was not as brave as Rafe. Harley said that Rafe was brave like his father—he was not afraid to try anything. Rafe told Harley that the jacket he was wearing came from her box of Gus's things. Harley made it clear that she had no problem with him taking it and suggested that he have the entire box.

Cyrus returned to the police station and confessed to Mallet that he was behind the fake ID operation. Cyrus told Mallet that it was entirely his idea and that he blackmailed Daisy into fronting it.

Dinah approached Ashlee at WSPR and told her that she was creating a new series called "Springfield's Sexiest Bosses." Dinah stated that their first show would be on Jeffrey and she asked Ashlee to take some pictures of Jeffrey's office. When Dinah suggested that she take pictures of any doodles on Jeffrey's calendar, Ashlee responded that that sounded like spying. Dinah replied that it was research. Later, Ashlee went to work and began taking pictures despite the fact that Jeffrey was not in his office. She was quickly caught by Jeffrey. When Jeffrey asked what she was doing, Ashlee told him about Dinah's TV show. After confiscating the digital camera's chip, Jeffrey told Ashlee to have Dinah call him. Jeffrey then visited Dinah at the mansion. After Dinah told him about the dinner party she was planning for their families, Jeffrey asked if Ashlee would be there—which led Dinah to realize that Ashlee had been caught. When Dinah refused to admit that there was no TV show, Jeffrey told her that he was going to find out what she was up to. After Dinah left, Jeffrey called someone and told him that there was a situation with the Springfield Police Department and a full scale investigation needed to be done.

Mallet went to Dinah's and she told him that she believed she encouraged Jeffrey to step up his investigation. Mallet was upset since that was not what he wanted. Dinah stated that she was protecting Mallet to keep him from throwing himself on a grenade for a crooked cop. Mallet insisted that Gus was not crooked. Mallet stated that he wanted to salvage Gus's reputation for the sake of his family. Dinah warned Mallet that he could lose everything and she would not let him do that. Mallet, later, saw Rafe and stated that since Harley got the charges dropped; Rafe should do something to pay her back. He then suggested that Rafe present the Gus Aitoro scholarship award. Mallet told Rafe that Gus was a great police officer who died a man of honor.

Harley returned home and learned from Daisy that her suspension had been lifted—she could graduate. Daisy thought that Harley was responsible for her good fortune but Harley denied it. Harley suspected that Mallet was responsible and went to the station to thank him. Mallet told Harley that she had the wrong guy and told her that someone confessed to the fake ID operation. Mallet then told Harley what cell Cyrus was in. Harley let Cyrus out on bail and gave him a ticket for Daisy's graduation.

Dinah visited Jeffrey to discuss his investigation of the Springfield PD. Dinah told Jeffrey that there was a dirty cop but it was not Mallet. Jeffrey informed Dinah that he knew that Mallet withheld evidence and Dinah revealed that the dirty cop was Gus.

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