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Monday, May 19, 2008

A powerful thunderstorm hit the Port Charles area, affecting phones and electrical service. Jason was out riding his motorcycle in the foul weather and found Liz stranded beside her car, which had broken down. They found a nearby, unoccupied cabin where they could wait out the storm. A distraught Jason was devastated by the consequences of Michael's tragic shooting. Liz covered Jason with a blanket and told him to let her take care of him for a change. Jason blamed himself for Michael's condition and for taking Michael away from his biological father. Liz was very understanding and gave Jason back his own advice. She told him that he had done his best. What happened, happened, she said. She reiterated that it was better to look forward than back. Liz told Jason to quit punishing himself. She told Jason that even though he had made the decision to stay away from their son, Jake, to protect him, Jake would always be glad to know that Jason had loved him, and so would Michael, she added. He had loved both boys. He had given them up to other fathers, even when it had broken his heart. Liz told him that Michael would want Jason to remember him with joy, not sadness, and Jake would have a happy and safe life because of Jason's unselfish decision to let Lucky and Liz raise his son.

Nikolas found Claudia when she drifted to shore at Wyndemere. She was unconscious when he and Albert put her to bed after Nikolas pulled her out of the water. As Nikolas removed wet clothing, he saw a bleeding stab wound. When Nikolas applied pressure to the wound to stop the bleeding, Claudia woke up in pain. She told him her name and remembered that she had been stabbed and thrown into the harbor. Claudia did not tell Nikolas who the culprit was. In fact, she insisted that the police not be called. Because the storm interrupted power and phones at Wyndemere, Nikolas and Albert treated Claudia's wounds. Later, when Nikolas looked in on Claudia, she was feverish. As Nikolas applied cool water to her forehead, a delirious Claudia thought he was Johnny and spilled the beans about her part in Michael's shooting to a shocked Nikolas.

After attending the prestigious "Couture" party together, Jax and Kate waited in Jax's plane for the weather to clear so that they could land in Port Charles. They drank champagne and talked about Michael's terribly sad shooting and Kate's break-up with Sonny. Jax told Kate that she was too good for Sonny, and Kate told Jax that Carly and Sonny were wrong not to let him go with them and Michael to Michael's new home. Kate told Jax that she understood that he was hurting as much as Carly and Sonny because he also loved Michael, but his needs were not being considered. Jax responded with compliments to Kate for her behavior after being shot. They continued to commiserate and drink champagne until one thing led to another and they shared a tender kiss.

After saying goodbye to Michael in the aftercare facility, a grief-stricken Sonny and Carly kissed during the limo ride back to Port Charles. The kiss quickly flared to passion and they made love. Carly immediately regretted it. Sonny said no one had to know, that they had turned to each other out of mutual grief and need. Carly said that she would know and that she felt that she had betrayed everyone in her life that had ever loved her. Sonny responded that he would give anything he had to have Michael back. Carly then started talking about how important it was to keep Morgan safe. When Sonny said that he wished he could guaranteed Morgan's safety, but there was nothing he could do because he was the boy's father, Carly disagreed, and gave him papers to sign that would terminate Sonny's parental rights and give sole custody of Morgan to Carly.

Johnny and Lulu were in the gatehouse at the Zacchara compound, about to make love, when Johnny noticed Trevor watching them through a window. Trevor intruded and told Johnny to give up Lulu. Johnny told Trevor not to order him around. Trevor responded that everything that he did was to preserve Johnny's heritage because Anthony was crazy and would use Lulu to keep Johnny in control. When Lulu jumped into the discussion, Trevor attacked her verbally and accused her of pretending to love Johnny because she was being blackmailed by Anthony, who had evidence that Luke was laundering money on the Haunted Star. Trevor said that Anthony had threatened to turn Luke in to the Feds if Lulu did not follow Anthony's orders to make love to Johnny. Johnny looked stricken and Trevor continued with his venomous attack on Lulu. He did his best to convince Johnny to send Lulu away, but Lulu remained feisty, and Johnny remained unconvinced. After Trevor left, Lulu went on the offensive and told Johnny not to buy into Trevor's lies. They shared a tender hug and agreed to continue looking for evidence that would send Anthony to jail and free them to follow their love. Elsewhere, in a limo, Trevor contacted one of his henchmen and told him to give information to the feds that would guarantee Luke's arrest for money laundering.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kate and Jax pulled away from each other before kissing. They both apologized to each other. Kate explained she was feeling very hurt from Sonny's rejection. Jax was distraught over Carly and Michael, but he still wanted to try to make it work with her. Kate told him she didn't like Carly, but Jax shouldn't give up on his marriage to Carly.

Sonny thought Carly had only slept with him in order to convince Sonny he should give up custody of Morgan. Carly said it wasn't planned that way, but she thought Morgan would be safest if Sonny cut all ties with his son. Sonny dropped Carly off at home and told her he would see his son soon. Carly went inside to shower and was relieved when Jax came home soon afterwards. They got in the shower together and made love.

After Sonny dropped Carly off, he went to find Luke. Kate showed up instead, after having called his driver and finding out where Sonny was. Sonny told her she looked beautiful, and she explained she had been to a gala. Sonny told her about dropping Michael off and Carly wanting him to give up custody of Morgan. Sonny started to question his abilities as a father, and Kate tried to reassure him he needed to be there for his son.

In her delirium, Claudia told Nikolas, who she thought was Johnny, that she should never have trusted Devlin. Because of her, Michael would never wake up. Nikolas realized Claudia had hired Ian Devlin to kill Sonny, but everything blew up in her face when Devlin mistakenly shot and injured Michael. Nikolas told Alfred to continue trying to reach authorities by phone. It was too dangerous to travel over the water with the storm raging. When Claudia finally awoke, Nikolas explained where she was and that he had patched her up the best he could. They spoke of the past, when Emily had died at the party due to a mob boss's son that had been bent on revenge. Claudia asked if he thought she deserved to be stabbed. Nikolas told her to stop hiding behind her father and their mob ties. She would get her day in court where a jury would decide her just punishment-IF Sonny Corinthos didn't get to Claudia first.

Liz and Jason expressed their love for one another, but Jason was adamant they could not be a couple. He still felt responsible for Michael's injuries, despite anything Liz tried to tell him. He wouldn't know what to do if something happened to her, Cameron, or Jake. Although Liz was hurt, she told him she would never choose to go back and change the past. Before they parted, Jason reminded her to get a new tire, because she shouldn't be driving on a spare with the boys. They looked longingly at each other before Liz drove away.

At the Haunted Star, Luke told Tracy he knew she enjoyed the thrills and challenges Luke's life always brought forth. Luke closed down the Haunted Star for the night, but he told Tracy he wasn't ready to go home yet. He put on some sexy music, unaware Trevor had been making plans for the night. Trevor walked in wanting to play high stakes. The prize for Luke would be the piers, but Trevor's prize if he won would be Lulu leaving town. Tracy told Luke to take the bet. He had been on a winning streak. They cut the cards, but Luke ended up with a 2 while Trevor held a 5. Before the cards could be revealed, the police showed up to shut down the Haunted Star again. They had a warrant to search the facility, and everyone would be taken to the station for questioning. When Trevor, Tracy, and Luke arrived at the station, Alexis was already there. Luke assured her he was framed. Even if he were to do something illegal, he wouldn't be foolish enough for anyone to find the evidence. Tracy tried to arrange bail, but Mac said there would be no bail. Luke was facing federal RICO charges. Trevor told Lucky it must be difficult having a fool for a father. Lucky retorted that Ric would be the person to ask about that.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

At the police station, Mac and Ric were incredulous when Alexis let Luke go on his own recognizance after his arrest for money laundering. When Ric castigated her, she took him aside and reminded him of his connection to the Zacchara family. Ric told Alexis that he was only worried about the mayor and Scot Baldwin getting wind of her decision and making trouble for her. Alexis said that she could take care of herself.

It was gloomy at the Zacchara compound as the storm continued to rage in Port Charles. Johnny questioned Anthony about Claudia's whereabouts. Anthony denied knowledge of the missing sister. Jerry arrived, asked about Claudia, and tried to do some business. He pointed out that Trevor was a master manipulator and Ric was a self-serving opportunist. Anthony, basically said, "So what?" When Jerry tried to discuss renting space on the piers, Johnny immediately shut him up and told him to leave. When Jerry ignored Johnny, Anthony backed Johnny up. After Jerry was escorted out, Anthony again denied that he had anything to do with Claudia's disappearance. He told Johnny that he would kill anyone who hurt her. Johnny left to look for Claudia.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas confronted Claudia about her involvement in Michael's tragic shooting. When she denied everything, he told her that he would go to the cops and tell them what she had told him in her delirium. When she said no cops, Nikolas suggested he might tell Jason instead. Claudia told Nikolas that because Sonny had held Johnny hostage, without food or water, and had beaten him when Sonny thought the Zaccharas were responsible for Michael's disappearance and Kate's shooting, Claudia wanted revenge and convinced Ian Devlin to kill Sonny. Nikolas told Claudia that since he paid ten million dollars for an illegal, experimental drug, he was also guilty in Michael's shooting. When Claudia tried to assuage his guilt, Nikolas did not buy into it and instead, asked Claudia how they should be punished for their parts in Michael's shooting.

Robin was on duty at General Hospital when Patrick brought her a giant monkey for the baby. He told her that he was still nervous about being a father, but he was happy for her and wanted to participate in the who experience. Patrick worries that he would not be a good father. Robin told Patrick that she was "cautiously optimistic" and Patrick said he was "cautiously optimistic," also.

Carly walked through the storm to Jason's apartment. She poured out her troubles, without actually telling Jason that she slept with Sonny on the limo ride home from the aftercare facility. She did tell him about trying to get Sonny to sign away his parental rights. Jason could see Sonny's side, but he could also see Carly's side and the need to keep Morgan safe. Jason told Carly that if she stayed calm and logical and kept talking to Sonny instead of getting her back up and demanding, it was likely that Sonny would see her point and would give up rights to Morgan as a way to keep him safe.

After Carly left, Robin dropped by Jason's place to give him a globe, which had been left behind in Michael's room, that she was sure had been purchased by Jason. Jason had real tears in his eyes as he told Robin that she had been right all those years ago when she and Monica had warned him about the possible results of his violent lifestyle. Robin comforted him and told him that he also gave Michael the two most important things a parent could give a child: a sense of self-worth and unconditional love. Before leaving, she told him that he had to balance the bad with the good. After Robin was gone, tears rolled down Jason's face and fell to the floor.

Jerry took truffles to Alexis in her office. She kept the candy but told Jerry to go find Claudia Zacchara. Jerry accused Alexis of being jealous and told her that he had only kissed Claudia to make Alexis jealous. He gloated that he had obviously succeeded, then grabbed her and kissed her with gusto.

Lucky met Lulu on the Haunted Star to tell her that Luke had been arrested for money laundering and give her chance to say good-bye before Luke left town. Johnny showed up looking for Claudia and denied knowing anything about Luke's arrest. When Luke arrived, Johnny gave his word that he had not done anything to get Luke arrested. Luke believed him and told him to take care of Lulu. Johnny smiled at Lulu as he said he would, just as he had since he met her, before he left to continue his search for Claudia. Lulu and Lucky said their good-byes and left Luke alone on the Haunted Star.

Tracy arrived with cash as a bon voyage present, but Luke pulled out a briefcase full of Zacchara cash he had stashed behind a planter. When he said there was enough cash for a traveling companion, Tracy thought he meant Anna, but Luke quickly informed Tracy that he meant her. Luke was puzzled when Tracy walked out on him. However, she immediately came back with her packed bags and Luke was all smiles. They shared a kiss, then left the Haunted Star together.

Carly returned home and found a note on the table next to her bed. It was from Jax. It said that he loved her, but needed to go away and think about what was best for all of them.

Lulu found Johnny alone in the study at the Zacchara compound. He warned her that the "walls had ears." While they hugged, he assured her again that he had not turned in Luke. He was also sure that it had not been Claudia. Lulu believed him. That only left Anthony, but they did not understand why Anthony would turn in Luke and lose his leverage over Lulu. As the storm continued to rage, they hugged each other and pondered their next move.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

At Wyndemere, Claudia continued to recover from the stabbing. Alone in Nikolas' bedroom, Claudia took the opportunity to snoop through Nikolas' personal things. She found a jewelry box, placed near a picture of Emily and Nikolas during happier times. Inside the jewelry box was Emily's engagement ring, which Claudia quickly tried on before returning it to its rightful place. Shortly afterwards, Nikolas brought Nadine to the bedroom so that she could check Claudia's wound. Nadine began asking questions about the injury but Claudia refused to explain how it had happened. She did, however, warn Nadine to remain silent about seeing Claudia at Wyndemere. Nikolas assured Claudia that Nadine would be discreet. After Nadine left, Claudia remarked to Nikolas that she thought Nadine was romantically interested in Nikolas. He rejected the idea, explaining that Nadine knew he would never love anyone but Emily. Claudia appeared intrigued. She began asking Nikolas about his relationship with Emily. Initially, Nikolas was reluctant to discuss it but Claudia kept pushing. Eventually, Nikolas told her how he met and eventually fell in love with Emily. Claudia told him that she was confident that Nikolas would find love again but Nikolas didn't share her faith. He told her that if he ever loved again, it would pale in comparison to what he had with Emily.

Kate stopped by Carly's house to plead Sonny's case to her. Carly simmered with hostility as Kate tried to reason with her but Carly remained steadfast in her decision. She insisted that Morgan would be safer with Sonny out of his life rather than in it. Carly suggested that Kate be worried less about Morgan and more about Sonny. She cautioned Kate that one day, Sonny would move past what had happened to Michael. When that happened, Sonny would want to rid himself of all reminders of the night Michael was shot, including Kate. Before Kate could respond, Carly ordered Kate out of her house. Later, Carly asked Spinelli to stop by her house. She needed his help to track down Jax. Spinelli went to work as soon as he arrived and within a short time discovered that Jax's plane had recently landed in Rome, Italy. Carly appeared rattled by the news. She told Spinelli that she knew whom Jax had gone to see and she would not be asking him to return home.

Sonny met with Diane at his office and asked her to draw up papers that he hoped would keep his sons safe. Diane cautioned Sonny against making a rash decision. Sonny refused to listen to his counsel's advice and demanded that she have the papers drawn up immediately. Diane reluctantly agreed and left his office. On her way out of the coffee shop, Diane ran into Max. She was pleasantly surprised when he invited her to go away for the weekend. Diane happily accepted Max's invitation. Shortly after Diane left Sonny's office, Johnny was ushered in. He was looking for his sister and suspected that Sonny might have been behind her recent disappearance. Johnny was in the middle of issuing threats when his cell phone rang. It was Claudia. She wanted to let her brother know that she was safe and sound.

Kelly and Robin were chatting in the visitor's area of the hospital while Patrick lurked nearby and eavesdropped on their conversation. When Kelly mentioned how popular Robin's blog had become, Patrick decided to reveal his presence. He wanted to know what Robin had been saying about him on the blog. Robin was evasive. She said that she had only mentioned Patrick in passing and then walked away before he could question her further. Patrick didn't believe Robin so he turned to Kelly for answers. Kelly wasn't able to duck Patrick's questions as easily as Robin did. She warned Patrick that he would not like what he would see on Robin's blog, but Patrick was like a dog with a bone. He demanded to see the blog. Kelly tried her best to talk him out of it, but failed. Reluctantly, she brought up the blog on one of the hospital's computers. The video shown was of Robin ranting about Patrick's faults. Kelly turned it off before he could see the worst of the rant. Unfortunately, he saw enough that he decided to start his own video blog. Patrick went to Jake's and enlisted Coleman's help to film the first entry for his blog. Patrick intended to speak to all of the fathers who weren't ready for parenthood when they learned that they had a baby on the way, but were willing to take responsibility for their children.

Robin was filming a new blog entry when someone began knocking, rather incessantly, on her front door.

Maxie was busy working at Crimson when Spinelli stopped by for a visit. They were soon interrupted by Johnny's arrival. Johnny was looking for Lulu. Maxie had no idea where Lulu was and told Johnny so. A few moments later, Johnny received a message from Lulu. Before leaving, he asked Maxie to cover for her. Maxie flirted with Johnny and asked him what she had to gain by helping Lulu out. Johnny smiled and told her that he would owe her a debt of gratitude. Maxie was satisfied with the bargain and agreed to do the favor for Johnny, much to Spinelli's displeasure. He was even less thrilled when Maxie announced that she found Johnny attractive and entertained the idea of stealing him away from Lulu.

Kate returned to Crimson and asked Maxie where Lulu was. Maxie lied and said that Lulu had left to run errands for Crimson. Kate didn't get a chance to dig deeper because Diane stopped by for a visit and to ask Kate for a favor. They went to Kate's office where Diane told her about the weekend plans that she had made with Max. Diane wanted something special to wear and needed Kate's help finding it. Kate was happy to help her friend out but asked for a favor in return. When Kate mentioned Sonny's custody fight with Carly, Diane felt compelled to give Kate some advice. She warned Kate that if she tried to get in the middle of a fight between Carly and Sonny, she would only wind up hurt. Diane also told Kate that even though Sonny and Carly were at odds at the moment, eventually they would find their way back together because they always did.

At the Zacchara mansion, Anthony and Trevor discussed Johnny's relationship with Lulu. Anthony made it clear that he wanted his son to have whatever Johnny desired, including Lulu. When they entered Anthony's office, Lulu was waiting. She smiled as she told Anthony that her father had been arrested and forced to leave town. Since the threat no longer loomed over Luke's head, Lulu considered her deal with Anthony void. She told Anthony that she intended to end things with Johnny. Unfortunately, Lulu's attempt to play hardball with Anthony backfired. Anthony countered by threatening to have Lucky killed in the line of duty if she so much as thought about breaking up with Johnny. After Lulu left, Trevor asked Anthony why he didn't just have her eliminated. Trevor was convinced that Lulu was nothing but trouble. Anthony explained that as long as Johnny cared for Lulu and wanted her in his life, she was safe.

Johnny and Lulu met at their cabin. Lulu was quite shaken by Anthony's threat to have Lucky killed and told Johnny about it. Both realized that they needed to find enough proof to have Anthony put away before it was too late.

Carly walked into Sonny's office as he was leaving a message for Diane about the papers that he had requested earlier. Carly assumed he was referring to custody papers and warned him that she would do whatever it took to keep her children safe from the violence of Sonny's life. Sonny didn't back down. he told her that he would do the same thing and promised her that he would prove to her that he could keep his children safe.

Friday, May 23, 2008

When Robin heard knocking at her door, she assumed it was Patrick and said, "I'm busy. Go away." When Robin answered the door, she was pleasantly surprised to see her mother. Anna brought scones for teatime with Robin. Cocktails were more Anna's style, though, so Robin was curious what was going on with her mother. Anna said she was just beginning to face reality and suggested a desk job might be a good change for her new status of grandmother-to-be. Robin didn't think that was a good idea. Anna continued talking about how she couldn't go around "kung fu-ing" everyone. Meanwhile, Anna was trying to open the jar of jam. Her pregnant daughter took the jar and opened it for her when Anna couldn't. They were interrupted when Anna's phone rang. She promised her daughter she wouldn't be running off after taking the phone call, like in the past. When Anna answered, she discovered it was Chip, the manager for Eli Love. The rock star was in Rio and had two days off. He had two backstage passes for Anna and wanted her to join him. Anna thanked him for the offer, but said she couldn't go. When she said goodbye, Robin asked her what was wrong with her for not taking the incredible offer.

Coleman was holding the web cam for Patrick while he attempted to create his own blog, like Robin. Patrick talked about his fears of becoming a father and wondered what men were supposed to do with babies. Men were the hunters and gatherers, while women were the nurturers. Patrick decided the caveman days must have been easier. Love must have been invented to be the glue or concrete that held men and women together. Maybe love was the baby. Later, Coleman reminded Patrick to think before he hit send and posted his blog. Robin and Anna came into the bar, and Patrick immediately noticed something was different with Anna. He asked why the change in clothing, and she said she was trying to dress the part of grandmother. Instead of her usual martini, Anna even ordered a sherry. Anna told Robin and Patrick they didn't have to get married, and she would stay out of their decision. Marriage was a huge commitment. During the conversation, Anna noticed two men who had started fighting. Anna got up to tell them to calm down when one of the men grabbed her and put a knife to her throat. Coleman walked in and the man threatened to kill Anna if Coleman didn't empty the cash register. Anna didn't appear worried, though, and she ended up "kung fu-ing" both men. She told her daughter to call Mac to come read the criminals their rights. The fight brought back the old Anna, and she asked Coleman for a martini. She also changed her mind about going to Rio to see Eli Love. Robin offered to take her to the airport, but Anna said she would take a taxi. Before she left, Anna promised to be back in time to paint the nursery.

Later, when Patrick and Robin arrived home, she asked why he had brought his laptop to Jake's. Robin inquired if he had been hanging out with Spinelli. Patrick said no and came clean about his blog. She wanted to look at it, and Patrick and Robin soon discovered Patrick's blog was video of women shooting pool thanks to Coleman. Both Patrick and Robin agreed not to look at each other's blogs, and kissed.

When Lucky came to the door while Lulu and Johnny were passionately kissing, Lulu hid out of sight. Lucky wanted to know what was going on between Johnny and Lulu. They start arguing, so Lulu decided to come out of hiding to defend Johnny. She told her brother she would make her own choices. Lucky asked how many times she had almost died since she met Johnny. Lucky worried that Lulu was on her way to being at Shadybrook with Laura. After Lucky left, Johnny asked Lulu what she would think if Lucky was right. He offered her a chance to get out. He would send her anywhere she wanted to go. She could even finish school. Lulu said she was sticking with Johnny. Once Anthony was in prison, they would be free. Lulu said Johnny was good for her, despite what others said and they started to make love.

Nikolas and Claudia talked about Wyndemere and Spoon Island. He was curious about who stabbed her, but she said it could have been anyone. He told her she acted like death was an everyday occurrence. She said it pretty much was for her. That was part of her family. She talked about Johnny and called him her prince. Nikolas revealed his full name to Claudia, and she realized he truly was a prince. They both talked about their families, and Claudia pointed out that Helena would fit well into the Zacchara family. Alfred interrupted them to tell Nikolas his brother was coming to talk to him. Claudia left so Nikolas could have some privacy, but she eavesdropped on his conversation with Lucky when he arrived. Lucky revealed his concerns for Lulu. He thought she and Johnny were sleeping together, and Lucky worried his sister would end up in Shadybrook with their mother. Lucky wanted Nikolas to try to influence Johnny to walk away from Lulu. Nikolas agreed to try, and Lucky left. As soon as he was gone, Nikolas told Claudia she could come out of hiding. She asked if Lulu was a whacko, obviously concerned about the girl whom Claudia's brother was spending so much time.

Diane walked in on Milo and Max talking about Carly, and Max's high regard for his former employer. Max did his best to dig himself out of the hole, but he was failing miserably. Diane took pity on him and told him she knew he wasn't a smooth talker but his intentions were true.

When Jason walked in, Carly told Sonny to explain to Jason what he was going to do to make everything better. Sonny told Jason he was signing everything over to Jason except the coffee business. Carly told Jason that would suddenly make him the target. Sonny decided he wanted out of the mob business. It was the only way to keep Morgan safe. Carly left and Sonny asked Jason if he would help him. Carly had told Sonny it wouldn't work. He had been in the business for too long and wouldn't be able to walk away. Jason also tried to tell Sonny his enemies would still come after him, but Sonny didn't want to hear that from Jason. Sonny didn't want Kate to end up angry like Carly. Jason pointed out Carly was angry because Michael had been shot. Diane interrupted them when she came in with paperwork and asked if it was a bad time. Sonny said no, and revealed to Jason that he wanted Jason to sign the paperwork to take over the business. Diane warned them both that the transfer would cause more government scrutiny, and it would be almost impossible to reverse it once the process was started. Diane was lawyer to both of them, and she wanted to make sure it was something both men wanted. Diane left, and Sonny told Jason he didn't know how to run a business if Jason couldn't trust him. Sonny asked what happened to the kid who never lied. Jason had changed. Jason said he helped put Michael in that bed. He wouldn't do that to another child. It was a matter of public record who Sonny's children were. Morgan would need protection and guards. They talked about how Michael should have had guards the night of the shooting. Jason said the boys would not be able to have a normal childhood because of the business they were in. Sonny told Jason they used to be friends and begged him to take the business so Sonny would have a life.

Carly asked Jerry if he had seen Jax. Jerry had received a message from his brother. He was surprised Jax had left, and questioned Carly if she had asked him to leave. Carly told him she realized she needed Jax, but she didn't think he knew that. Jerry reassured Carly that Jax loved her. She should just give their relationship some time. Jerry left, and Carly walked over to Marty and said she needed all the money in the safe. She went home and dismissed Morgan's nanny. She had decided she needed to spend more time with Morgan. Carly started to gather her things and told Morgan they were going somewhere fun. Morgan asked if Michael would be there.

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