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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 26, 2008 on GH
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Monday, May 26, 2008

Due to the Memorial Day holiday, ABC opted to air an encore episode of General Hospital. Today's repeat was a rebroadcast of General Hospital's Metro Court hostage drama.

Regular programming will resume tomorrow, Tuesday, May 27th, and pick up where Friday, May 23rd's episode ended. Forget what happened on Friday? Click here for a recap.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sonny couldn't believe Jason wouldn't help and take over the business. Sonny just wanted to live a good life with Kate and his children. Jason told Sonny he couldn't live his life and forget about Michael laying in the bed at the hospice center. Both Jason and Sonny would pay for what they did to Michael. Diane came in shortly after Jason left, and Sonny discussed his displeasure regarding Jason's unwillingness to take over the business. Diane told him Jason had good points, though. Sonny's enemies would find him, regardless of Sonny retiring. Sonny felt Jason would be good enough at running the business and their enemies would have no need to find Sonny.

Diane left Sonny's office and ran into Max in the coffee house. She offered to make him dinner if he wanted to come over later. Max agreed, but Milo stepped in and told Max he couldn't date Diane. Milo was afraid Diane would distract his brother and cause him to loose his job. Diane and Max assured Milo they would be strictly professional during business so they would not make any critical mistakes. Diane left the coffee house, but Max promised to meet her later. As soon as she was gone, Max grabbed his brother in a choke hold.

Carly asked Spinelli for help to create new identities for herself and Morgan. She wanted to make sure no one would ever be able to find her, including Sonny. When Carly left the room, Spinelli called Jason and told him of Carly's plans. Jason promised to be over as soon as possible. While Spinelli awaited Jason's arrival, he stalled and told Carly there were small towns with little crime sprinkled all over the country. Carly didn't care where they went, but an ocean or lake would be nice. Jason arrived, but Carly had realized all along Spinelli would call him. Carly told Jason he wouldn't be able to change her mind, so he either needed to leave or help her. Jason tried to reason with Carly, but she told him he had to protect her son. Jax had made the decision to leave, so Carly and Morgan were on their own. Jason reminded Carly if she and Morgan were to go into hiding, they would have to leave Michael behind. She could not visit Michael, because Sonny would have people watching his son and would track her down. Carly felt Michael would want her to protect Morgan, but Jason didn't think running was the best thing for Morgan or Carly. Jason asked Carly if she would stay if he could convince Sonny to give up Morgan.

Spinelli left Carly's house and went to Kate's office to talk to Maxie. She was busy but forwarded the phones to try to help Spinelli. She tried to tell him Sonny, Jason, Carly, and Jax would have to figure out how to deal with the loss of Michael on their own-it was sweet of Spinelli to want to help, but he would only make things worse. Sonny came in to speak with Kate, but Spinelli tried to talk to him about Michael. Sonny threw Spinelli up against the wall, until Kate came out of her office and stopped him. Kate told Maxie to take Spinelli home, but Maxie yelled at Sonny the entire way to the elevator. She managed to get Spinelli on the elevator and back to her apartment. Maxie felt she needed to take care of Spinelli, and she wouldn't spend the night at Jason's apartment so Spinelli would have to stay with her. Maxie massaged Spinelli's shoulders and told him he was brave trying to stand up to Sonny. She told Spinelli he should be pampered, and she was his for the night. Spinelli asked if she would be sleeping with him, and Maxie told him she would. She had to keep a close eye on him to make sure he didn't have a concussion.

Kate told Sonny he had no excuse for picking on Spinelli, even though he was grieving. Sonny agreed he shouldn't have taken his frustrations out on Spinelli. He was frustrated with everyone telling him he was a bad father. Kate suggested he give Carly some space. Perhaps the best way to fight Carly was not to fight at all. Some patience might cause Carly to change her mind about taking Sonny's parental rights away.

Patrick and Robin watched Patrick's first blog entry on his laptop. Patrick was prepared for Robin to yell at him, but she surprised him instead. Robin apologized for not understanding and paying attention to Patrick's feelings. Patrick confessed he was curious about his child's looks and personality. He was looking forward to meeting his child for the first time. When Patrick commented on Anna's scones, Robin mentioned how surprised she was at her mother's swing from one end of the spectrum to the other. Patrick admitted he wasn't sure how he was going to deal with parenthood, but Robin reminded him they would deal with things as they progressed. They sat talking and eating ice cream until suddenly Robin felt the baby kick. The baby was responding to Patrick's voice. He continued talking and felt Robin's stomach until he also felt their baby kicking.

Anthony asked Trevor what they were going to do about Lulu and Johnny. Trevor gave him the latest update on Luke and the money laundering he was doing for Johnny. The police had no suspicions the Zaccharas were involved, though. Anthony told Trevor he didn't ask about Luke. He wanted to know what they were going to do about Lulu, Luke's daughter. Anthony made Logan leave the room before their conversation continued, though.

Lulu and Johnny got dressed and talked about their future. They decided to keep seeing each other and stop keeping their relationship a secret. Johnny would deal with his father as soon as he had the opportunity. Lulu reminded him he would need her help. He was trying to double-cross everyone involved, and he wouldn't be able to do it on his own. Trevor knocked on the door and interrupted them. He said Anthony needed to see his son. When Johnny opened the door, Trevor reminded him he shouldn't be seeing Lulu. She was a weakness, and Anthony would use her against his son. Johnny and Lulu weren't impressed and told Trevor they would deal with Anthony and continue their relationship. Trevor and Johnny left to meet Anthony, and Logan came into the house where Lulu still sat. He hadn't realized she was still there. Lulu tried to apologize for their past relationship and breakup, but Logan just warned her about staying with Johnny. If she really knew the Zacchara family, she would run.

Johnny met with his father and they soon sent Trevor away. Anthony warned his son Trevor could be playing him. Trevor probably saw Lulu as a weakness. Anthony told his son Lulu would be the first person to pay if Johnny tried to cross Anthony.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Spinelli woke up in bed next to Maxie. Because of the concussion he had received the night before, she had brought him home to watch over him. Spinelli, who had forgotten the reason he was there, misunderstood Maxie's explanation and jumped to the conclusion that he hoped was true-that they had made love. Mac stormed in and caught them in bed. Before Maxie could explain, Mac threw Spinelli out of the house. He blustered at Maxie, who told him that her love life was none of his business. He said it was his house and his rules. Maxie responded that it was time for her to find a place of her own, then she left for work. Mac went to the hospital to get advice from Robin. She promised to look in on Maxie after work.

At the Zacchara compound, Anthony got mad when he asked Johnny about Claudia's whereabouts and Johnny was not forthcoming. Anthony told Johnny he was asking because he was worried about her. Johnny scoffed at his concern, but told Anthony that Claudia had called, but had not explained where she was or what she was doing. Trevor arrived and urged Anthony to send Claudia back to Italy. Johnny left in a huff after defending Claudia's loyalty to the family. After Johnny was gone from the room, Trevor told Anthony that Claudia was a problem. Anthony agreed and added that he would take care of it. Later, after Trevor left the office, Ric stopped by. Anthony was not happy with Ric and his progress in getting control of Claudia. Ric said he was an attorney, not a babysitter. Anthony insisted that Ric worked for him and Ric's job was to manage Claudia. He urged Ric to befriend Claudia and get her to betray Johnny, so that Johnny would turn his loyalty to Anthony.

Jax arrived at home as Carly was about to leave. He wanted to talk; she wanted to know why he left and where he had been. He told her he was hurt when he woke up after they made love to find her gone. She said that she did not run to Sonny. He said it did not matter. What mattered was that she was treating him like an outsider and not like her husband. Carly wanted to know if that was why he flew to Rome to see Brenda. He said that he did not see Brenda, that at first he thought he needed a friend to talk to, but he realized that he should be talking to his wife so he came home. He told her they were wed for better or worse. He wanted to know which it would be. A bitter Carly told him that she had almost run away with Morgan because she was so frightened that what happened to Michael would happen to Morgan also. She said that what happened to Michael made her question every decision that she had ever made. Jax said that he could see that they both had a lot to think about, and left.

At Sonny's office, Jason told Sonny that he would take over the organization if Sonny would give up Michael and Morgan. Sonny wanted to know when Jason's loyalty to Carly had become more important that his loyalty to Sonny. Jason said it was not about loyalty but about Morgan and his safety. When Jason told Sonny that Carly was ready to run away and take Morgan with her, Sonny called Diane. When she entered the office, he signed all the papers that transferred the illegal businesses to Jason and Jason signed over the legal one to Sonny. Sonny also signed the papers that terminated his parental rights. He asked Jason to let him deliver the papers to Carly, and Jason agreed.

Sam met Lucky on the docks. She brought coffee and muffins. They talked about Cameron and, though Sam offered to teach Cameron about ships, Lucky told her that Liz was still reluctant to let her be around their children. Lucky kissed her gently before going back to work. A confused Spinelli ran into Sam and told her about his supposed sexual relationship with Maxie. He was confused, so Sam decided to help him out. Spinelli went home and Sam dropped by Maxie's office. Maxie told Sam what had happened and admitted that although she genuinely cared about Spinelli, she did not want to chance losing his friendship.

Carly opened her door to Sonny, who stood on the threshold and told her that he had signed over all his illegal businesses to Jason. Then he told her that his kids meant everything to him and said, as he handed Carly the signed papers, "That's why I did what you asked and signed away my sons." She let him in and read the papers. Sonny worried that Morgan would think Sonny did not love him, but Carly assured Sonny that the papers he signed were proof that he did. She hugged Sonny as Jax watched them trough the window.

At the docks, Jason watched as Liz, Jake, Cameron, and Lucky shared a family moment watching the boats, but did not reveal his presence.

Robin visited Maxie, who told her what had really happened with Spinelli. They share a few laugh, as Maxie assured Robin that she was not attracted to Spinelli sexually. Sam dropped by Spinelli's place and gave him the bad news-he had not had sex with Maxie. Spinelli was distraught that all the advice he had received from his male heroes was useless. Sam told him that if he wanted to do well with women, he should get advice from a woman and she was just the woman to help him.

At the Zacchara compound, Anthony, Johnny, Trevor, and Ric were discussing what to do about Sonny when Jason walked in and announced that he was now in charge of Sonny's empire.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

At Crimson, Lulu and Maxie were arguing about how to deal with a demanding model when Spinelli stopped by to visit Maxie. Lulu was taken aback when Spinelli made a passing comment about having spent the night in Maxie's bed. Before Lulu could question Spinelli about what he had said, Sam breezed in and immediately started talking up Spinelli. She asked Spinelli if he had changed anything about his appearance and then began flattering him. Lulu and Maxie wore matching expressions of stunned disbelief when Sam asked them if they thought Spinelli was hot too. Lulu was the first to recover. She asked Spinelli how he had ended up in Maxie's bed. He started to tell the tale but Maxie quickly took over. As she told Lulu about the encounter with Sonny, which had escalated into violence, it became clear that Maxie thought Spinelli was a big wimp. Spinelli tried to hide how her words had stung, but Sam noticed it. Kate's timely arrival brought an end to the little party and gave Spinelli the opportunity to retreat.

Sam and Spinelli returned to Sam's apartment. Spinelli was frustrated that Maxie saw him as weak and ineffectual by Maxie. Sam felt that Spinelli was being too hard on himself. She thought that Spinelli had potential and offered to be his personal trainer to help him build confidence and muscle. They were in the middle of a workout session when Lucky stopped by to see Sam. He was surprised to find Spinelli lying flat on his back, on her apartment floor, sans a shirt. Sam quickly explained why Spinelli was in her apartment while Spinelli pulled himself up off the floor and left. Lucky admitted that he was relieved that Spinelli was spending less time with Lulu. He didn't appreciate Spinelli's mob connections. Sam didn't think Spinelli was a bad guy. She told Lucky that Spinelli deserved to be the guy who ended up with the girl but, she confessed, she didn't think he would.

Back at Crimson, Lulu and Maxie continued to argue about Spinelli and then Johnny. Maxie taunted Lulu, suggesting that Johnny could be easily seduced away from Lulu. To prove her point, Maxie called Johnny and asked him to meet her at Crimson. Lulu was surprised to learn that Johnny quickly agreed. When Johnny arrived, he told Lulu that he had been hoping to find her at the office when he accepted Maxie's invitation. Lulu turned to Maxie with a smug smile. Maxie returned it and then gave Johnny her undivided attention. She reminded Johnny of the favor that he owed her in return for covering for Lulu at work one day. When Johnny acknowledged it, Maxie told him that she wanted him to repay her by agreeing to escort Maxie to a party in Manhattan the following week. Lulu's smile quickly disappeared.

Jason began his first day as the head of the mob organization in Port Charles. He made his intentions clear to his employees from the onset. He wanted to keep the violence to a minimum so that everyone in his organization could have a semblance of a normal life. He also intended to see to his own personal security. Much to Diane and Max's delight, he let them know that he didn't care what they did during their off hours.

Jax went to see Carly at their house. She told him that Sonny had signed papers giving up his parental rights to the boys. Jax was happy to hear that Sonny was out of their lives, but unfortunately the state of Carly and Jax's marriage remained rocky. They parted without resolving any of their problems. After Jax left, Carly went to see Jason. She was stunned when Jason told her that he had taken over Sonny's organization, which meant that he could no longer see Carly. Carly refused to consider breaking ties with Jason. She agreed that Jason needed to keep his distance from Morgan but said that she was a different matter. Carly insisted that she was an adult and the risk was hers to take. She told Jason that he had already given up his son and the woman that he loved; she would not leave Jason to live his life alone.

Jax stopped by Crimson to see Kate. He told her about Sonny's decision to relinquish his custodial rights but admitted that it might be too late to save his marriage. Kate was furious that Sonny gave in to Carly's demands. She felt that Carly was only interested in punishing Sonny for what had happened to Michael. Jax defended Carly's actions. Kate and Jax argued until Jax stormed out of Kate's office. Kate tried to follow Jax, but a work emergency waylaid her. She eventually caught up to Jax at the Metro Court Hotel. As she apologized to Jax, Carly walked in. She was furious to see Jax and Kate together. Carly told Jax that he needed to chose between her and Kate.

Liz was working at the nurse's station when a man approached and asked to see a doctor. He said that his prescribed medication was not working. Liz tried get more medical information in order to find the right doctor to see him, but the man remained evasive about his condition. When Epiphany intervened, the man reluctantly revealed that he suffered from an erectile dysfunction. Unfortunately, the admission proved to be too embarrassing for the man. He walked away before a doctor could see him. Lucky was at the hospital to pick up an accident report and had overheard part of the exchange. He asked Liz what the man's complaint had been. When she explained that it had been about faulty medication, Lucky realized that there might be a connection to the other recently reported cases. Liz agreed that the hospital appeared to have a growing trend of faulty medication.

Anthony, Ric, and Johnny were gathered in Anthony's office. Ric advised Anthony to make a move against Jason's organization while Jason was vulnerable. Johnny strongly cautioned his father against Ric's suggestion. Johnny felt that Ric had an agenda. Ric hated Jason for being more like a brother to Sonny than Ric was, and for sleeping with Liz. Just then, Trevor strolled into the room. Ric appeared to become quite uncomfortable as the focus of the discussion switched to Liz. Anthony wanted to know if she could be used against Jason. Ric was the first to answer. He told Anthony that Liz might have been useful when there had been a possibility that she had Jason's son, but the father turned out to be Lucky Spencer, a police officer.

Diane was advising Jason to draw up a new will when they were interrupted. It was Max, bearing news about a recent Morgan shipment. It had been attacked and the cargo was lost. Back at the Zacchara mansion, Anthony took responsibility for taking out Jason's shipment, much to the surprise of everyone in the room. He explained that he had always intended to make a move against Jason because he wanted to see how Jason would respond. He felt that how and when Jason made a move against him would reveal what kind of mob boss he would be.

Jason informed Max that there would be consequences for striking against his organization.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Anthony, Ric, and Trevor talked about their next plan of attack against the former Corinthos organization. Ric felt Jason would be vulnerable after just having taken over the business, but Trevor didn't think it was the right time to strike again after just having destroyed one of the Corinthos shipments. Anthony thought Ric was right, though. Jason was preoccupied, and he had always been a hard target to kill. If they could eliminate him quickly, he wouldn't be a thorn in their sides in the future. After Trevor and Ric left, Johnny came in and was upset to learn about the shipment being destroyed. Johnny felt Jason was a loose cannon, and he was the last person they should be crossing. Johnny seemed to be the only one who really understood what Jason was capable of.

Jason walked into Sonny's old office at the coffee shop and found Spinelli hunched over his laptop at Sonny's desk. Spinelli was in pain from working out with Sam and thought the customers in the coffee shop wouldn't want to hear him groaning in agony with every move. Spinelli explained he was working out in an effort to impress Maxie in the hopes she would date him. He asked Jason to not tell Sonny he had been sitting at his desk. Jason took that opportunity to tell Spinelli it was actually Jason's desk. Sonny had turned over the business to Jason. Spinelli was shocked. He didn't think Jason had ever wanted to take over the business. They were interrupted when Diane came in and asked if Jason planned on retaliating against the Zacchara family after she heard one of Jason's shipments blew up in the harbor. Max also came in to see how Jason planned on retaliating. Jason shooed everyone away and said there would be no plan for retaliation. He left and went to the Zacchara house. Alone in Anthony's office, Jason set fire to the house. Anthony was looking for Logan (or The Monkey, as he called him) when he realized the house was on fire. Trevor wheeled Anthony out of the house as the fire department arrived. Anthony sent Trevor to make sure the fire trucks didn't run over Maria's roses, and when Anthony was alone he spied Jason in the shadows of the blaze.

Much to Lulu's delight and Maxie's disappointment, Johnny turned down Maxie's offer to accompany her to a fashion party. Maxie reminded him he still owed her a favor, but he said a date was not the sort of favor he had in mind. After he left, Maxie and Lulu argued until Maxie sent Lulu off to deliver some photo proofs. Maxie had cancelled the courier service, but she told Lulu they had been too backed up to pick up the proofs for delivery. With Lulu gone, Maxie called Johnny and told him to meet her right away concerning Lulu's father. Johnny arrived at the office and sat down in a chair. Thinking Lulu was about to come through the elevator doors, Maxie straddled Johnny's lap and started kissing him. When Spinelli walked through the door, he was shocked and horrified.

Carly sent Morgan and his nanny off to Bobbie's house to spend the night. She promised him he would have a good time at Grandma Bobbie's house, and Grandma would be making macaroni and cheese with crust on top, just the way he liked it. Carly would come pick him up in the morning. Jax showed up and told him they would go to the park the next day to play t-ball, but Carly said they might not be able to play t-ball. After her son left, Jax asked about her comment. Carly told him to face the facts-their marriage was falling apart. Carly was upset he had been taking off every time they had trouble. He flew off to see Brenda, and then she caught him talking to Kate in the lobby of the hotel about Sonny giving up his parental rights. Jax realized Carly was jealous of Kate but pointed out Carly's relationship with Jason was even worse than his occasional talk with Kate. Carly made it very clear she didn't care for Kate and, as if on cue, Kate showed up. Kate wanted to ask Carly to reconsider her decision to take parental rights away from Sonny. Carly told her she was just trying to protect her only remaining son. Kate had picked up Michael without Carly's permission and taken him to the warehouse where he was shot and he was permanently disabled as a result of that. Kate was shocked Carly was blaming her for Michael's injury and decided to leave. Alone again, Carly and Jax talked about their marriage. Carly said she promised him "for better or for worse" when they got married and she still meant those vows. She asked him if he felt the same way.

Alexis showed up at Sonny's house after having heard he had given up his parental rights to Morgan. She asked him if he would do the same and give up his rights to Kristina. Sonny said he only gave up Morgan on paper. It was all a game for Carly. After having lost Michael to a permanent coma and then Morgan, Sonny was not willing to give up his daughter. Alexis was visibly upset when Ric arrived. After Alexis left, Sonny told Ric he had given up all criminal activity and Jason was taking over the business. Sonny reminded his brother he would no longer be able to protect Ric from Jason. Later, Kate showed up and tried to comfort Sonny. She said because he gave up his business and his only remaining son, he needed her to be a part of his future.

Nikolas walked into his study and thought Emily was sitting on the couch. When the woman turned her head, he realized it was Claudia sitting there in Emily's old robe. They talked briefly about Emily until their conversation turned to their childhoods. Growing up in the Zacchara family and the Cassadine family proved to be quite similar, so the two had quite a bit in common and a lot to talk about. Later, when Nikolas was gone, Alfred came in with some tea for Claudia. He mentioned Nikolas had gone out for a ride on the horses, and Claudia asked if he had a death wish because he was riding at night. Alfred mentioned he didn't think his master wanted to live after Emily's death, and Claudia decided to go look for Nikolas. She found him on the ground after he had fallen and gotten hurt. Claudia mentioned he could have been killed, and Nikolas said that might have been for the best.

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Lexi Ainsworth returns to General Hospital
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