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Passions Recaps: The week of May 26, 2008 on PS
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Monday, May 26, 2008

Little Ethan accidentally asked Ethan to save his mom after she was injured due to the earthquake. Gwen seemed confused, and Pilar alerted Little Ethan of his mistake. Gwen questioned Little Ethan about calling Gertrude his mom. Ethan also became curious. Pilar tried to answer, but Gwen insisted that Little Ethan speak for himself. Little Ethan hesitated, so Pilar stepped in and covered for him. Later on, Little Ethan apologized to Pilar for almost exposing Theresa.

Ethan stared at an unconscious Gertrude and was reminded of Theresa. Gwen caught on and asked why Ethan was staring at Gertrude. Ethan said that it was just something strange about her. Little Ethan noticed that Gertrude's wig was coming off. Suddenly, Ethan suggested moving Gertrude, but Pilar insisted that it was not a good idea. Pilar then fixed Gertrude's wig. Ethan asked Pilar if she was okay because of the way she reacted.

Ethan lifted Gertrude and brought her to a guest room. Little Ethan pointed out to Gertrude that Ethan was the one who saved her life. Gertrude stated that Ethan was her hero. Gwen rolled her eyes. Pilar suggested that Ethan and Gwen leave in order for Gertrude to get her rest.

Ethan mentioned to Gwen how broken up Little Ethan seemed over Gertrude. It made Ethan think that Theresa's death had shaken Little Ethan up so much that he thought that Gertrude was his mom. Ethan added that he was glad that he did not send Little Ethan off to boarding school, since it appeared as if he needed special attention. Gwen was sarcastic in her response to Ethan's boarding school comment regarding Little Ethan. Ethan was against firing Gertrude since she saved Little Ethan's life. Gwen did not want to back down on firing Gertrude because of her suspicions.

Ethan decided to go have a talk with Gertrude regarding Gwen's concerns. After Ethan left the room, Gwen tried to figure out why Ethan was so fascinated with Gertrude. Ethan went to Gertrude's room, but she was asleep. He curiously stared at Gertrude. Ethan thanked Gertrude for saving Little Ethan's life but was further drawn to her. He then leaned over and slightly kissed Gertrude. Gertrude called Ethan by his first name, the same way Theresa would, but she caught herself and called him Mr. Winthrop. She looked up and asked Ethan what he was doing.

Pretty was almost caught by Luis when she was trying on a fake belly in order to convince everyone that she was indeed pregnant. After Luis broke the door down, Fancy was taken aback by what Pretty had on. Pretty did not have a chance to completely put on the fake belly, so she grabbed something that looked like a drapery and threw it over herself. Luis noticed the strap that was hanging down from Pretty's fake pregnancy belly and questioned her about it.

There was an interruption by a radio announcement that Sheridan was pushed over Niagara Falls in a barrel and she was being transported to a hospital in Harmony. Luis wondered who would do such a thing. Pretty wished that she had thought of that idea. Luis decided to go to the hospital to check on Sheridan. In addition, Luis wanted Pretty to get checked out because of the earthquake. Pretty refused, citing that she did not fall. Pretty tried to figure out how to hide her fake belly from a doctor.

Sam arrested Julian for killing Alistair. Esme wanted to know for sure if Alistair was really dead. Sam confirmed, and Esme was excited. Sam didn't understand Esme's excitement since Julian was about to go off to jail. Esme questioned whether Sam would give her and Julian some alone time since she was so heightened by the site of the handcuffs. Eve remarked that Esme should give it a rest. Esme then apologized and mentioned that she had forgotten about Julian's upside down and backward "winky dink."

After all the commotion, Sam received a call stating that the bullet that shot Alistair did not come from Julian's gun since his gun was filled with blanks. Everyone wondered who could have killed Alistair. Vicki had a flashback of shooting Alistair at the same moment Julian pulled the trigger.

Esme begged Sam to put a 24-hour guard watch on Vicki. Sam said that he did not have the manpower. Ivy suggested that Esme should send Vicki off to boarding school in order to keep her out of danger. Esme was in agreement, but Vicki had a horrid look on her face after hearing "boarding school." Vicki had unpleasant thoughts about Ivy's suggestion.

Juanita arrived in Harmony, desperately searching for Pilar. The henchman gave Juanita a location based on the trace from Pilar's cell phone, but it was not Pilar's residence. The woman at the bookstore was concerned for Pilar because of the earthquake, so she gave Pilar a call. Juanita eavesdropped on the woman's conversation. Shortly afterwards, Juanita questioned the woman, Carmelita, about Pilar's exact location. Carmelita did not reveal Pilar's whereabouts; consequently, Juanita pulled a gun on her. Juanita tortured Carmelita, but Carmelita refused to reveal any information regarding Pilar. The henchman discovered that Pilar was using the bookstore as a billing address.

After trying to shake an eerie feeling, Pilar decided to return Carmelita's call, but she was shocked to hear Juanita's voice on the other end.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Gertrude asked Ethan to explain why he kissed her. Ethan replied by stating he did not understand how it happened. He backtracked and admitted to Gertrude that she reminded him of Theresa. Ethan then apologized for his behavior. Gertrude forgave Ethan and said that he was grieving. Ethan chatted with Gertrude about his memories of Theresa. In addition, Ethan mentioned to Gertrude that he fantasized about Little Ethan being his son with Theresa. Gertrude said to herself that she wished that she could tell Ethan the truth about little Ethan being his biological son. Ethan revealed to Gertrude that he lacked purpose ever since Theresa passed away and that he would never get over her.

Back in Gwen and Ethan's bedroom, Gwen complained to Rebecca about Gertrude in that Gertrude was undermining her. Moreover, Gwen confided in Rebecca that Gertrude was taking Ethan from her. Rebecca thought that it was ridiculous since Gertrude was so unattractive.

Gwen received good news and left to share it with Ethan. She arrived at the guest room to find Gertrude embracing Ethan. Gwen rolled her eyes and pretended to show concern for Gertrude. Gwen poured some wine for Ethan and Gertrude, and then she dropped the ball. She mentioned to Ethan that the date was set for their marriage renewal. Gertrude dropped her glass after hearing the news.

Ivy made plans for Viki to go to boarding school. Viki pretended to be in agreement, but she had plans for Ivy. Viki vowed to kill Ivy and said that nothing would get in her way. As soon as Esme walked away, Viki plunged a syringe in Ivy's shoulders, and Ivy collapsed to the floor.

Luis made sure that Pretty arrived at the hospital for her examination. After Pretty left for her checkup, an unconscious Sheridan was brought in on a stretcher. Luis brought his focus back on Pretty and insisted that she see a doctor. Luis managed to find a doctor for Pretty. He wanted to go in the examination room with Pretty, but Pretty refused to let Luis accompany her. As soon as Pretty got the doctor alone, she admitted to him that she was faking her pregnancy. Pretty then paid the doctor off and asked him to keep his mouth shut.

Back in Sheridan's hospital room, Chief Bennett questioned Sheridan about her attacker, but Sheridan had not completely regained consciousness. Luis vowed to make the person who pushed Sheridan over the falls pay. Sheridan regained consciousness, and she remembered everything that had happened to her. Sheridan told Sam that Vincent threw her over the falls. Moreover, Vincent mentioned to Sheridan that he had just given birth. Sam, Fancy, and Luis thought that Sheridan was losing her mind.

Eve went in a cubicle to examine a patient, but Valerie was sitting there on a bed with her son waiting for Eve. Eve questioned why Vincent was dressed as Valerie, and Valerie explained that she had to register her baby as a Crane. Since Vincent was a convicted felon, it was not the safest thing to do, so Vincent disguised himself as Valerie. Eve asked Valerie if she was the one who shot Alistair. Valerie mentioned to Eve that she and Vincent were out of town. Valerie overheard Ivy telling Eve that Sheridan was thrown over Niagara Falls in a barrel. Valerie was surprised that Sheridan survived. Valerie admitted to Eve that it was Vincent who pushed Sheridan over Niagara Falls. In addition, Valerie stated that she was going to make sure that Sheridan died. Eve asked Valerie why Vincent would want to kill Sheridan, and Valerie stated that Vincent wanted to be the new Sheridan Crane since Alistair denied him all of that luxury.

Pilar was shocked to hear Juanita's voice on the phone. A frightened Pilar grilled Juanita about her friend, Carmelita. Juanita convinced Pilar that she killed Carmelita. Pilar was horrified. Juanita threatened Pilar and informed her that her entire family would be killed. Pilar hung up on Juanita and made plans to run away from Harmony without looking back.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pilar worried that Juanita was closing in on her location, and she decided she and her family needed to leave Harmony to avoid being murdered. Meanwhile, Gwen and Ethan announced that they were planning to renew their wedding vows, much to the chagrin of Gertrude/Theresa. Theresa told Pilar that if Ethan and Gwen renewed their vows, she would never be able to break them up. She told Pilar that Ethan had been confiding in her as Gertrude. She daydreamed that Gwen and Ethan were together even as an elderly couple and they kept Theresa around to watch them enjoy their lives together. Theresa told Pilar she wanted to tell Ethan that she was still alive, but Pilar advised her against it. While Gwen was eager to make wedding plans, Ethan worried that Pilar was not comfortable with them having the ceremony so soon. Gertrude advised Ethan to wait at least a year before renewing his vows to Gwen, which angered Gwen, who reminded Gertrude not to offer her personal opinion when it was not wanted. Gwen said she and Ethan would join Paloma and Noah and Kay and Miguel's double wedding, since the church was overbooked.

Ethan asked Pilar to tell him if she wasn't okay with the ceremony, but to Theresa's dismay, Pilar gave her full blessing. Theresa was upset with Pilar because she gave Ethan her blessing. Pilar told Theresa that Juanita was close by, because she found her friend, Carmelita, and killed her. Ethan confided in Gwen that he thought it was odd that Pilar gave him her blessing. Gwen theorized that Pilar finally came around and realized her grandchildren needed a stable family. She said Ethan needed to put Theresa behind him. Theresa didn't want to believe that Juanita was closing in on them, but Pilar was convinced that her family needed to leave Harmony before it was too late. Theresa told Pilar to trust that the authorities would find Juanita and save them. While Gwen and Ethan went to get champagne to toast their plans, Pilar grabbed Theresa and told her to grab the children and go on the run. Theresa told Pilar she didn't care if she lived if it meant she would be without Ethan, but Pilar reminded her of her children.

At the hospital, Sam told Eve and Julian that Sheridan claimed Vincent drugged her and pushed her over Niagara Falls in a barrel. Julian played dumb, and Eve pretended to be surprised that Vincent could be alive. Sam questioned Eve about reports that she saw Vincent alive before she was treated for drug and alcohol addiction. Eve questioned Sheridan's sanity, pointing out that she had treated her for mental problems before. Julian wondered whether Vincent was the one who killed Alistair, but Eve said Vincent, dressed up as Valerie, told her he had nothing to do with it. Eve told Julian of Vincent's plans to become the new Sheridan. Eve and Julian wondered who really killed Alistair. Sam told Eve and Julian that Sheridan was asleep and wasn't able to give them more information about who tried to kill her.

Viki hid Ivy's body in a hospital closet while Valerie watched closely. Valerie secretly complimented Viki's misdeeds. Viki dropped her purse, and Valerie saw a gun fall out. Ivy's body fell out of the closet as Esme came around looking for her. Viki stuffed Ivy's body back in the closet just before Esme walked up. Valerie thought to herself that she could use Viki's "talents." Esme and Viki joined Sam, Luis, Eve, and Julian in the hallway. Then, Valerie walked up announcing that she had a baby boy. Sam realized Ivy was missing and went to look for her. Julian noticed blood on the floor, and Sam followed the trail of blood to the supply closet. The door was stuck when Sam tried to open it, so he gave it a good tug, and out fell Ivy's body. Eve checked for Ivy's pulse and didn't respond when Sam asked if Ivy would be all right.

Juanita and her henchman pored through the papers at the bookstore owned by Pilar's friend, Carmelita, to find Pilar's location. They didn't find anything at first, so Juanita ordered her henchman to search through Carmelita's personal things for clues to Pilar's whereabouts. Juanita found a picture of Luis in his police uniform. Juanita said with Luis' picture, she would be able to find Pilar's location.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

There was no Thursday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Friday, May 30, 2008

There was no Friday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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