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Monday, June 24, 2002

At the Candle Shop/Barn, as Rafe picks up Rebecca's candle, Rafe remembers that there is something he needs to do for the girl he keeps seeing in his vision and, as Rafe concentrates, he sees Alison holding Rebecca's candle on the day that Alison first showed Rafe Rebecca's candle and told him about her ancestor. So Rafe decides to take the candle along with him.

At Rafe and Livvie's Cabin in the Woods, Livvie is anxious to get rid of Jack - but Jack is NOT interested in leaving. Jack tries to entice Livvie into bragging about getting rid of Alison by planting Livvie's Uncle Ryan's ashes on the Barrington Estate so the Police would identify the ashes as the remains of Kevin. Jack is prepared to secretly tape Livvie's confession, but Livvie is too sly to walk into any of Jack's verbal traps.

At the Light House, Lucy looks at the sketch Kevin drew of her, but she is interrupted by a call from Kate, who told Lucy about Alison collapsing in court. Lucy rushes out.

At the Hospital, Ian diagnoses a cerebral aneurysm as Ian and Karen rush to save Alison's life.

As Jamal and Kate wait for word on Alison's condition, Amanda Barrington arrives.

Rafe says a fond farewell to the Barn and, as he contemplates his 'new' life as Livvie's husband, he remembers all the sweet, loving things that Livvie has done for him. But, Rafe suddenly has a flashback of being in the barn with Alison. As Rafe looks at the candle, he decides he knows what to do with the candle.

At the Hospital, Jamal and Kate see Amanda, and Amanda thanks Kate for keeping the family up to speed on Alison's case.

Lucy arrives at the Hospital and, when Kate and Lucy are alone, Kate told Lucy that Alison lied about killing Kevin. Kate confesses that she advised Alison to tell the court all the truth that Alison knew - about magic candles and talking portraits and angels - and Kate knew that Alison realized the truth. That if Alison got on the stand and talked about what Alison believed had REALLY happened to Kevin - the Judge and Jury would automatically presume that Alison was nuts and she would land in the loony bin. Lucy suddenly realizes that, if a Judge and Jury would automatically believe that Alison was nuts for believing in stuff like angels and magic - then everyone else who believes in those things would be judged nuts as well.

Meanwhile, back at Rafe and Livvie's Cabin, Jack dredges up Rachel's past and dares Livvie to tell the truth about passing Uncle Ryan's ashes off as Kevin's remains.

But Livvie sees Rafe coming and suddenly starts coming on to Jack and takes of her blouse, As Rafe opens the door, Livvie yells for help and pretends that Jack is attacking her. Rafe slugs Jack and knocks Jack out. As Jack falls, the tape recorder falls out of his pocket.

At the Hospital, Amanda, Jamal and others close to Alison speak of their memories of Alison. While, in the E.R., Ian declares that he has run out of options for treating Alison.

Back at the Cabin, Livvie told Rafe that Jack forced his way into the Cabin and was trying to rape her and Livvie is in a hurry to leave. Rafe insists they should call the police, but Livvie tearfully explains that she has dealt with the police enough over the disappearance of her father and all she wants to do is just get out of there before Jack regains consciousness. Rafe notices the tape recorder that Jack had in his pocket, and, when Rafe asks Livvie what it is, Livvie grabs it and destroys it.

After Rafe and Livvie split, Jack starts to come to. Realizing that Livvie has once again flown the coop, Jack vows to track Livvie down again.

At the Hospital, Lucy shows Kate the sketch Lucy found at the Light House and, when Kate turns it over, Kate notices that it is dated June 19, 2002. Lucy looks at the date and recognizes Kevin's handwriting.

As Amanda worries in the waiting room, Jamal tries to keep her spirits up by reminding her how 'spunky' ALL the Barrington women are.

In the E.R., Ian told Karen there is nothing more they can do now besides wait.

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

At the Hospital, Ian watches Alison, while, in the waiting room, Lucy and Kate puzzle over Kevin's sketch of Lucy. When Kate reminds Lucy that the police found Kevin's remains, Jack suddenly arrives and told Lucy that he believes that Livvie planted Ryan's ashes to make sure that Alison was convicted for Kevin's murder.

Livvie and Rafe check into a Roadside Motel and Rafe demands that his new wife give him some answers about why THEY are the ones who are on the run if it was Livvie's old boyfriend who attacked HER. When Rafe starts to call the police, Livvie stops him, explaining again that she has had enough to deal with from all of the police inquiries into her father's death.

Back at the Hospital, Jack is surprised to learn that Alison has suffered from an aneurysm. Ian comes out and told Lucy, Jack and Kate that there is not much brain activity and Alison might NOT recover!

As Karen rushes about her rounds and comes out of an elevator, she is surprised to run into Ricky. Ricky told Karen he has heard about Alison and Karen gets emotional about the losses of Eve, Kevin and now Alison in quick succession. Karen breaks down and cries on Ricky's shoulder.

Jack is surprised when Lucy told Jack that Alison entered a guilty plea in order to spare Lucy and Victor any further suffering from a prolonged trial. Lucy begs Jack to find Livvie and her boyfriend. Lucy promises that she has a plan for getting the truth out of Livvie - if only Livvie can be found!

At the Motel, Rafe pleads with Livvie to be honest with him about what she is running from. Livvie accuses Rafe of always looking behind and not being interested in the future. Rafe admits to Livvie that he feels that being with Livvie right now does NOT feel right.

As Ricky and Karen talk about the frailty of life, Frank sees them together and begins to worry that he will have another violent episode of jealousy.

Ian convinces Kate to go ahead and dig up proof that would clear Alison's name - the same way Kate helped clear Rebecca's name. Kate rushes off to take action.

Jack reports back to Lucy that Livvie's credit card company told Jack that Livvie had some food delivered to a Roadside Motel, and Jack has the telephone number used.

Lucy told Ian that she is going to pull a trick on Livvie that Lucy would not consider pulling even on her worst enemy - but Lucy believes it will be the only way to find out if Kevin is still alive.

In the Roadside Motel, Livvie told Rafe that she just wants to get on with their future. But Rafe does NOT understand WHY Livvie appears to be so desperate to leave the past behind in order to get on with the future. After all, surely LIVVIE would be eager for Rafe to recover his memory of the great love they shared.

Livvie told Rafe she has sacrificed her family and friends to be with Rafe.

At the Hospital, Frank spies on Karen and Ricky until Ricky leaves. Then Frank arrives to ask Karen about Alison - and then Frank invites Karen to dinner later. Karen agrees.

Jack went in to talk to the comatose Alison and Jack urges Alison to stay strong. Jack told Alison that he wishes he could bring Rafe to her, because Jack knows that Alison would hear Rafe.

In the Here After's No Man's Land, James and Ed meet and James gloats that Alison and Rafe are self-destructing. But Ed maintains his faith that Rafe and Alison WILL find their way back to each other.

In the Roadside Motel, Rafe told Livvie that he is positive that she is hiding something. As they argue, Livvie blurts out to Rafe that Livvie believes it IS all Rafe's fault that she fell in loved with him and that love turned her entire life upside down.

Just then, the phone rings and Livvie finds out it is Lucy on the other end. Lucy told Livvie that Kevin is alive and OK and that Kevin is at the Hospital. Lucy told Livvie that Kevin wants to speak to her and has asked her to meet him in the Hospital Chapel.

Upon hearing the news, Livvie passes out and Rafe rushes to give her assistance.

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

Kevin despairs over losing his connection to Lucy. He struggles to remember details of her face and when he picks up pen and paper, he is unable to draw her picture. Yet he refuses to give up. When a vision of Lucy appears before him, Kevin imagines talking to her and they dance. Lucy disappears as suddenly as she appeared. Now Kevin has the memories he needs to draw her picture once again.

Lucy went to the hospital chapel in an effort to contact Kevin from there. She too feels the pain of their lost connection and can't understand why she no longer senses the man she loves. She tries to reach out to Kevin as she told him she no longer knows what to believe. Lucy talks about the police finding his remains, though she is sure they belong to his dead twin brother Ryan. She told Kevin that she is going to trick Livvie into confessing she planted the evidence to incriminate Alison. As Lucy sits in the chapel, she feels Kevin's presence and imagines his arms around her.

As Rafe sponges cold water onto her forehead, Livvie told him about the phone call from Lucy telling her Kevin is alive. She needs to get to the hospital right away. Rafe offers to drive her, but Livvie shouts "No! You can't come to the hospital!" Rafe told her she shouldn't be alone and Livvie agrees. However, she told him, she doesn't want to be with him. She wants to be comforted by someone who actually loves her and it's obviously not him.

In Heaven, Ed and James watch the actions of those on earth. Ed is certain that Rafe will go to the hospital and find Alison, but James begs to differ. He told Ed he's seen to many Hallmark movies. James believes Olivia will prevail and convince Rafe he's in really in love with her. James told Ed to never underestimate a dark soul in a beautiful package.

Meanwhile, Rafe sits alone waiting for Livvie to return. In his mind he went over the argument he had with Livvie about uncovering his past and needing answers. Not sure whether he was right or wrong, Rafe paces the room, then went through Livvie's things where he finds her fake diary. He opens it up and begins to read.

At the hospital, a nurse watches over an unconscious Alison and comments that Alison needs a Prince Charming to kiss her awake. As she watches, Alison reaches up a finger to touch Rafe's necklace. The nurse wants to call the doctor until another nurse convinces her it was just an involuntary motion.

Thursday, June 27, 2002

Frank and Karen meet at the Recovery Room and Ricky comes in and sees them together. Karen suggests to Frank that she and Frank start their relationship over from the beginning by just being friends - and Frank is overjoyed.

In Their Roadside Motel, Rafe begins to read Livvie's journal to find out what his wife has been hiding.

At the Hospital, Alison clutches Rafe's Medallion as her spirit finds itself in a White Cloud.

While Alison's spirit soars in search of Rafe, Jack went into Alison's ICU Room and told Alison that everyone is working to clear her name - even Lucy.

In the Hospital Chapel, Lucy meets Livvie and, when Livvie breathlessly asks to see her father, Lucy told Livvie that Kevin was knocked in the head and woke up disoriented. Lucy went on to tell Livvie that Kevin needed to have some tests run and that Kevin is with Colleen. In the meantime, Lucy wants to talk to Livvie about WHY there was so much evidence that Alison murdered Kevin when, in fact, Kevin was actually alive. As Lucy asks leading questions designed to trick Livvie into admitting that she planted Kevin's bloody sweater in the trunk of Alison's car and that Livvie also planted her Uncle Ryan's ashes at the Barrington Estate to make Alison appear guilty; Livvie proves to be less than cooperative.

At the Recovery Room, Frank told Karen that he has put in for time off to take Karen on Karen's dream trip to Yosemite National Park, while a jealous Ricky overhears their plans.

Back in the Chapel, Livvie told Lucy that it sounds like Lucy has been listening to Jack.

However, Colleen comes in just then and, seeing Livvie, Colleen kindly told Livvie that she hopes that finding Kevin's remains has brought some closure to the family. When Livvie asks if Kevin is with Colleen, Colleen told Livvie that Kevin is NOT with Colleen.

Livvie calls Lucy a lying bitch and accuses Lucy of sending Jack to assault Livvie while trying to coerce a false confession out of her.

As Ricky leaves the Recovery Room, Frank and Karen are holding hands, and Ricky believes that means Frank and Karen are going to mend their fences together.

Meanwhile, back at the Roadside Motel, as Rafe reads Livvie's Journal, Rafe concludes that the only secret Livvie is keeping is how much she loves Rafe.

At the same time, in her White Cloud, Alison calls for Rafe.

As Alison calls for Rafe in her White Cloud, back in ICU, Jack takes Alison's hand and told Alison that they all love Alison and then he kisses her on the cheek and leaves.

In the Chapel, Livvie asks Lucy how Lucy could be so low as to tell Livvie a lie about Livvie's father being alive when Kevins is, in fact, dead. When Livvie continues to insist that it was Alison who murdered Kevin, Lucy told Livvie that Alison had an aneurysm and is in ICU on Life Support!

As Rafe practices drums in his apartment, Ricky is surprised when he Karen shows up at his door. Ricky is even more surprised when Karen told him that she broke it off with Frank because she could NOT get Ricky off her mind. They kiss.

Meanwhile, at a bar, Frank burns his brochure for Karen's dream vacation at Yosemite National Park.

In the Chapel, Livvie told Lucy that she never wants to see Lucy again and Livvie almost runs into Jack as Livvie storms out of the Chapel.

Back at the Roadside Motel, Rafe decides he has NOT been as fair or as understanding with Livvie as he should have been and Rafe heads out to the hospital to start a new life with Livvie and make all of his past mistakes up to her.

In her White Cloud, Alison says: "Rafe, I'm not going to give up on you. And I'm not going to give up on us. And I promise you that wherever I am and wherever you are, I'm going to find you. Because we belong together. I'm going to find you so that we can be together again.'

While, at the same time, Livvie enters Alison's room in ICU and closes all the blinds. Coming close to her rival, Livvie told Alison that Livvie feels NO pity or sympathy at all for Alison, and Livvie adds: "Look at you! So weak and helpless! It wouldn't take much to just end this misery you're in.'

Friday, June 28, 2002

At the Lighthouse Bridge, Lucy asks Ian if he thinks she should keep on believing that Kevin is alive and will return. Lucy admits that Lucy was NOT able to shake Livvie's belief that Kevin is, indeed, gone and that Alison is responsible for Kevin's death.

Meanwhile, at Their Roadside Motel, Rafe talks to the Motel manager and explains that his wife went to the Hospital to see her father and they had a fight just before she left. Rafe told the Manager that he needs to get into town to make up with his wife but is short of cash. The Motel Manager loans Rafe $20 and Rafe rushes off to find Livvie at the Hospital.

In the meantime, in Alison's room in the Intensive Care Unit at the Hospital, Livvie gloats to a comatose Alison that Livvie and Rafe are married.

Back at the Light House Bridge, Ian told Lucy that he thinks they do NOT need to make a decision tonight on whether or not to give up on the possibility that Kevin will return. They hug.

At the same time, Rafe enters the Hospital Chapel and sees Kate. As Kate and Rafe talk, Kate says that she is going to go visit her grandmother for a chat. When Kate leaves, Rafe takes Rebecca's Candle out of his backpack and, after praying for guidance, puts Rebecca's Candle beside the rest of the candles at the altar.

Meanwhile, in Alison's room, Livvie whispers to Alison that Livvie DID plant the sweater and ashes to incriminate Alison in Kevin's murder. Then Livvie promises to keep Rafe happy for the rest of her life.

Back on the Light House Bridge, Lucy told Ian she will stay outside a bit longer and Ian told Lucy that he plans to go for a drive.

After Ian leaves, Lucy pitches stones into the lake and asks for a sign from the Universe. Lucy is rewarded by a clap of thunder and a flash of lightning.

At the Hospital, Rafe looks for Livvie and learns from a nurse that Livvie is visiting a friend in ICU. But Rafe arrives in ICU after Livvie has already gone.

Ian arrives at the graveyard and catches Eve up on all that has been happening. On the way to visit her grandmother's grave, Kate stops as she listens to what Ian has to say to Eve.

Back at the Light House Bridge, Lucy asks for a sign that the Thunderclap and flash of Lighting were a sign, and she hears rustling in the bushes. Lucy is NOT impressed by rustling in the bushes as a sign - UNTIL she hears KEVIN calling for her! Kevin walks out of the mist and onto the Light House Bridge, and they hug and kiss with joy.

Back in the Chapel, Rebecca's Candle now burns brightly beside the other candles on the altar.

Livvie returns to the Roadside Motel and is upset when she can NOT find Rafe. But, when Livvie finds that her Diary is out and concludes that Rafe MUST have read her diary - Livvie is ecstatic. Livvie excitedly begins to get ready for Rafe's homecoming by picking out her prettiest negligee' and expecting Rafe to walk through the door any minute with a bouquet of pink roses just for her.

However, at the Hospital, Rafe went to Alison's room, looking for Livvie. But the Nurse on Duty told Rafe that Livvie has already gone. As the nurses clean up in Alison's room, one of them picks up Rafe's Medallion. When the nurse leaves, she bumps into Rafe and drops the Medallion. Rafe picks up the Medallion and has a Flashback of Alison. Rafe went into Alison's room to investigate. Once Rafe sees Alison, he know that he knows her but still does not remember her name. But he bends down and gives her a kiss.

Alison wakes up and says: "Rafe?'
RAFE: "You know me?'
ALISON: 'Rafe?'

As Alison speaks, Rebecca's Candle continues to burn in the Chapel.

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