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Adam offered Allie an enticing deal. Liza went through with the insemination, unaware of what she was getting herself into. Marian was locked in the Marick Mausoleum with Camille's ashes. Palmer managed to hide his paintings before Mike could discover them. Adrian's secret spy status was revealed.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of August 3, 1998 on AMC
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Monday, August 3, 1998

Stuart lay sprawled on the ground with Lee hovering menacingly over him. Lee held the blade of his knife over Stuart's chest and prepared to make a downward thrust. The blade glistened in the moonlight. It was that glistening that may have saved Stuart's life. Liza saw the shiny metallic blade as she made her way towards her car and screamed in horror. The scream caused Lee to stop what he was doing. For a brief moment it looked like he might turn and head towards Liza, but he didn't. Instead he quickly dashed off before Liza could get a look at him. Liza scampered over to the body that laid on the ground, still unaware that the victim of the attack was someone that she knew. Stuart roused a few minutes later and turned down Liza's attempts to take him to the hospital. Stuart repeatedly commented that he needed to warn Mateo and Tad that Lee was on the loose. Liza didn't know about the recent discovery that Lee might still be alive and worried that the blow to the head might have seriously injured Stuart. She agreed to take him to Wildwind so that he could talk to Mateo, but she made him promise to go to a doctor immediately afterward.

With neither one of them putting too much belief in the presence of ghosts, Mateo and Hayley decided to investigate the noise they heard coming from the mausoleum. Mateo pushed on the door, but it didn't budge. Separated by a few feet of steel and concrete, Marian had turned to a futile attempt to open the locked door with one of her keys. It didn't work. She pounded on the door hoping that someone would hear her, but the only thing she got for her effort was a pair of sore hands. Hayley urged Mateo to puss harder on the door. Mateo blinked his eyes with a bemused look on his face. He suggested that a better idea would be to head to the house and get the keys. "John" appeared out of nowhere and ordered them not to get the keys. No one took notice, but Lee was holding one hand behind his back: the hand with which he was carrying his knife. He carefully tucked the knife into his back pocket and pulled the tail of his shirt over the handle so that no one would see the weapon. He then explained that he would take care of the noise in the crypt. He confidently stated that the noise was probably caused by a wayward squirrel. The couple took Lee's explanation as Gospel and left with only one additional comment---Hayley made Lee promise that he would not harm the squirrel. When Mateo and Hayley left the scene, Lee slipped inside the crypt and carefully locked the door behind him. Marian was immediately stricken by grief. She worried that Lee had done the unthinkable and killed Stuart. Lee was furious that Marian, who he still believed to be Joy, was so concerned about Stuart. He decided that he would turn right around and go back to finish the job. Marian pleaded with Lee not to leave. Nothing she said worked until she lied and assured Lee that she was no longer interested in Stuart. She offered to write a letter to Stuart to explain to him that they were through. Lee liked the idea and after reading the letter, he was even happier. The contents of the letter were never revealed, but since Lee had approved the letter it seemed definite that the letter contained no secret codes. Marian asked Lee if they could take a drive around the countryside, but Lee refused to leave the safe haven the mausoleum provided. He told Marian that there was no way that they could leave Pine Valley. Even if she no longer had her sights set on Stuart, they still had to avenge the death of "their" daughter. "A daughter for a daughter," he said coldly. "We're not leaving here 'til Hayley's dead."

At the main house, Edmund was on the phone with some of his contacts when Stuart stumbled into the livingroom area. He asked Edmund for a bag of ice and proceeded to tell him how he'd been attacked outside The Valley Inn. Still giddy from their late night skinny-dipping, Mateo and Hayley frolicked into the room without knowing that Stuart had been attacked. When they heard the story, Mateo instantly assumed that Lee Hawkins had been behind the attack. Hayley suggested that it was possible that the attack was a random mugging. It was true that the attack could have been random, but as long as Lee Hawkins' whereabouts were not known, it was better to assume that the attack was not random. Edmund received a phone call from one of his contacts and learned that Lee Hawkins had been receiving unemployment checks at an Akron, Ohio address up until several months ago. The date was afterthe date that he supposedly died. Now everyone was certain that Lee was still alive. Stuart walked slowly to the phone to se if Marian had left a message on his answering machine. He was disappointed when he found out that she hadn't called him. While he was on the phone, Mateo realized that no one had an idea of what Lee looked like. Without a description it was possible for them to pass Lee on the street and never know it. When Stuart returned, Hayley realized that her uncle could be the person to supply them with a description. Keeping in mind that Stuart hadn't seen Lee in nearly two decades, he started to sketch a picture of what Lee used to look like. Several of the key characteristics, according to Stuart were that Lee always wore a hat, was "kinda chunky," had a full beard, was "kinda big." The most outstanding feature, however, was his "mean, hard eyes." As Stuart finished up his sketch, another of Edmund's contacts reported in: Lee Hawkins had been collecting unemployment checks at a Center City post office box. Edmund knew that all they had to do was to stake out the mailbox and wait for Lee to arrive. Stuart finished his drawing and held it out for Mateo and Hayley to peruse. Neither one of them recognized the man in the drawing. The drawing did share an uncanny resemblance to "John," but the full bear must have been enough to wipe him from the couple's minds.

Dixie was used to the power outages. She said that her Pigeon Hollow electric company goes out all the time, leading her to the conclusion that the power is generated by a hamster running around in a little wheel. Tad and Dixie sat down to have a relatively deep conversation. Tad asked Dixie about her fiancÚ, Jonas. He hadn't remembered the name and made a few wisecracks while trying to think of the man's name. She explained that things between her and Jonas hadn't worked out and that they are "just friends" now. Jonas was, according to Dixie, a really nice guy---"just not the guy." One of the things her former fiancÚ lacked most was the ability to make her laugh. Tad was forced to discuss his broken engagement to Gloria. He stated that his relationship to Gloria was "a joke" from the first day. He implied that Gloria never really wanted to be with him. The main sticking point was that Gloria didn't trust him. That was a familiar theme in Tad's broken relationships, including his relationship with Dixie. Surprisingly, though, Dixie believed in Tad and was certain that he hadn't done anything to hurt Gloria. The lights started to flicker again and Dixie headed to the desk to find some candles. She opened the drawer and gasped in horror. She pulled out a whimsical fish tie and held it out for Tad to see. The tie had apparently been given to Tad for Father's Day several years back. Tad had never worn the tie. Dixie tried to convince Tad that she was hurt that he hadn't worn the tie, but when told that she should wear the tie, Dixie remarked that she wouldn't be caught dead wearing it! She did, however, agree to put it on in exchange for a bowl of ice cream. Dixie struggled to knot the tie so Tad pitched in to help. He stood behind her and carefully folded and knotted the tie. Things were definitely heating up. The door suddenly swung open and Liza burst into the house to ask Tad for help. Tad and Dixie both swung around and thus ended any chance of re-igniting and old flame. Dixie quickly ducked out leaving Liza to apologize profusely for breaking up Tad's fun. Tad insisted that nothing had been going on between him and Dixie. Liza, however, didn't believe one word of it. They were, after all, Tad and Dixie. She reminded Tad that he and Dixie were a couple's couple and that there would always be magic between them. Tad claimed that he and Dixie had burned their bridges and that there was no future left for them---at least together, anyway. Jake arrived a few minutes later in response to a page that Tad had sent out. He wanted to get Jake and Liza together one last time to ask them to reconsider the insemination. Liza and Jake were both still very much intent on going through with the process. Tad told them that things could be hairy for them in the future, but he insisted that if they were still okay with the procedure then he would support them.

At Chandler Mansion, Adam daydreamed about having a child with Liza. In his fantasy, he helped Liza raise the baby. She fell head over heels in love with him and one day told him that she wanted to have their marriage back again. The only thing, she said, that could make her happier was if Adam was the father of her child. That's when Adam broke the news that he was, in fact, the father of the child. Liza was overjoyed and all three of them lived happily ever after. Dixie barged into the room in a snit and told Adam that she was planning on going to an attorney in the morning so that she could have his court order overturned. Adam warned her that he would tie her up in court for months---or longer. When Adam learned that Dixie had been over at Tad's, he assumed that something of a romantic nature had taken place. Dixie insisted that she'd only dropped by Tad's house so that Junior and Jamie could have a sleepover. She mentioned that Liza dropped by and Adam really seemed tickled. He enjoyed seeing Dixie work herself into a jealous frenzy over a relationship that no longer existed. Adam didn't tell Dixie how he knew that Tad and Liza's relationship was a thing of the past, he simply assured her that it was over. In defense of Adam, he did seemed genuinely pleased at the prospect of Tad and Dixie reuniting. Dixie could have cared left and stormed out of the room. Before she got out of hearing range, she called Adam a "jerk."

David told Allie that a clinic in Center City was looking for medical technicians. It wasn't exactly the type of glamorous career that Allie had wanted for herself, but it was still a job. Allie told David to buzz off, leading him to wonder how Allie planned in paying her bills. He let it be known that he knew that Liza had paid off Allie's student loans. He also said that he knew that Liza wanted to have a baby. He had yet to figure out why Allie was upset over the planned pregnancy. As he rambled on and on, he ultimately came to the reason. He laughed, not because he found it funny, but because he found it somewhat puzzling that Jake had agreed to father Liza's child. David remarked that he would have gladly made a donation to help Liza have a baby. Allie couldn't help but notice that David seemed awfully interested in Liza's situation. If Allie wanted to have Jake's child, she could always beat Liza to the punch. That wasn't likely since Liza's procedure was to take in the morning. Besides, Allie has no desire to have a child. David urged Allie to stop the procedure somehow. Again, Allie noticed that David was particularly interested in blocking the procedure. She asked David if he was interested in Liza romantically. Of course he denied the claims, but Allie was sure that she'd hit on something. "You can't love him if you don't have him," David said of Jake. Allie ordered David to scram and he agreed to leave. Allie paced around the room for several minutes before heading for the phone so that she could call Jake and tell him about what Adam had done.

Tuesday, August 4, 1998

Liza, Jake, and Tad unwittingly joined the fun of Junior and Jamie's slumber party---all three of them fell asleep in the livingroom after chowing down on some pizza. Sunlight tickled its way through the windows and roused Liza from her sleep. After complaining that her neck was stiff, she realized that she had to hurry to get ready for her appointment at the clinic. She also was instructed to take her temperature to see if she was still ovulating; a slightly elevated temperature would indicate that she was ovulating. Jake had to search the house for Liza's purse and the thermometer. Tad and Liza briefly discussed the procedure before they were interrupted by a knock on the door. Dixie had dropped by to pick up Junior and Jamie, but when she saw Liza sitting on the sofa wrapped in a blanket she probably wished that she hadn't stopped by at all. She remarked that it looked like Tad had a "hard night." Liza smiled weakly and greeted Liza. Junior dashed down the steps for a few minutes and boasted that he and Jamie had had pizza for breakfast. Dixie didn't approve of the breakfast choice and decided to take the kids to get a fruit smoothie before taking them to the hospital to see Palmer and Brooke. Jamie wondered if Liza was sick. She told the young boy that she wasn't sick and that she's "never felt better." Dixie rolled her eyes and left. Jake returned and handed Liza the thermometer. A few minutes later, the reading offered nothing but good news for Liza: She was still ovulating. Liza had little time to rejoice before she had to head to the clinic. "Three friends and a baby," that's the way that Liza referred to her current situation.

Mike visited Brooke and presented her with an odd "get well/welcome home" gift, a book called The Return of the Spy. Brooke told Mike that her brief life on the run made her learn that while she might be an excellent friend, mother, and editor, she's horrible when it comes to living in exile. She took time to thank Mike for helping her escape the country and then handed over her fake passport. Mike assured her that he'd get rid of it and then tucked it into his pocket. Both were unaware that Jack had been looking into the room through the observation window. Like a man with a mission, he walked into the room and sat down on the bed next to Brooke. He told Brooke that he was glad that she was now feeling well. Brooke tired to explain her interaction with Mike, but Mike urged her to keep her mouth closed. Jack didn't press for details. When he stated that he was going to be released soon, Brooke commented that she wanted to get out of the hospital so that she could get her trial over with and finally learn her fate. Jack warned her that she'd better not get well to quickly or she might make Judge Foster a little suspicious. While Jack didn't come right out and say anything about Brooke's illness, his subtle innuendoes made it know that he knew something was up. Behind Jack's back, Mike shrugged his shoulders and sorta made a funny little face to signal that he was just as surprised as Brooke. Jack wished Brooke a speedy recovery and vowed to get her a better book than the one that Mike had given her.

Outside the room, Mike thanked Jack for being nice to Brooke. Jack said that he wasn't pretending to be nice---he was being genuine. He explained that he and Brooke have a long history. At one point, Jack said, he had actually helped raise Jamie. The niceties were tossed aside as Mike asked if the battle for Erica was back on. Jack sighed and hinted that the game would resume once he was released from the hospital. Jack told Mike that he knew that Brooke had given him something. He made no effort to search Mike. Jack groaned that the thought of having to pat Mike down was enough to make him ill. Jack assumed that Brooke had given Mike a birthday card or a postcard. Of course, he knew that Brooke had given Mike neither of those things. He warned Mike not to get too sentimental over the items because they might fall into the wrong hands. Mike wondered why Jack was being nice to him too. He remarked that he and Jack would make a "hell of a team" if they were to ever fall on the same side. Jack replied by saying that they would never be on the same side of any battle as long as they were both in love with Erica.

At the boarding house, Allie's sleep was plagued by the sounds and visions of her fertility clinic encounter with Adam. She woke from her sleep when Myrtle entered the room. Allie immediately asked Myrtle if Jake was still at home. Myrtle broke the news that Jake's bed hadn't been slept in. Allie asked Myrtle if she believes that a person can make amends for their wrongdoings regardless of the sin. Myrtle assured her that in the end everything works out as long as one owns up to their wrongs. Allie knew that she had to come clean once and for all and dashed out the door.

Opal and Adrian paid Palmer a visit. When they entered his room, they found him struggling to pour himself a glass of water. Opal raced to her husband's side and offered to assist him. Her effort was neither wanted nor appreciated. Adrian kept quiet and Opal never told her husband that Adrian was in the room. Palmer started to throw a tantrum when Opal asked him to allow her to pour him a glass of water. Dixie entered the room when she overheard the arguing and told Palmer that he should keep his voice down because the children were outside. Opal and Adrian stepped outside of the room so that Dixie and Palmer could have a few words in private. Dixie pleaded with her uncle to help her in her fight to nullify Adam's court order for temporary custody of Adam Junior. Palmer refused to help her for reasons that one might consider selfish. He explained that he didn't want Dixie to shuffle off to Pigeon Hollow again. Junior dashed into the room to see if Palmer was okay. Palmer assured his great nephew that he was fine and that his vision would return soon. If only Palmer believed his own words. Before Opal returned to the room and ushered Junior back outside, Junior bragged about his late night pizza party with Jamie, Tad, and Liza. Palmer wondered if Dixie's grumpiness had been brought on by seeing Tad and Liza together. Dixie denied the claim. Palmer was glad that there was no chance of Dixie reuniting with Tad because he "never approved" of Tad. He suggested that Dixie and Junior moved into Cortlandt Manor so that they could spend more time together. He mused that he could build an "electrified fence" around the grounds so that Tad and Adam would be kept off the property.

In the hallway outside the room, Opal was nearly in tears. She told Adrian that she felt unable to help her husband. Adrian told Opal that she needs to let Palmer help himself because Palmer is too proud to let someone help him. When Palmer decided that he needed help, Adrian assured Opal that he would ask for it. The advice eased Opal's jangled nerves. She told Adrian that when she hired him as her driver she never expected him to become a friend. From around the corner, Belinda observed the exchange. When Opal left, Belinda stomped over to Adrian and asked him what he was up to. She informed him that she'd called the exotic dance agency and found out that he was not registered with them as a dancer. Adrian claimed that he used an alias. Belinda didn't buy it and warned Adrian that she would be watching him very carefully. Adrian told Belinda that she could do whatever she wanted. He wondered why she distrusted him so much. Perhaps someone else had hurt her. Either way, Adrian warned Belinda that she was wasting her time, not his.

Opal returned to her husband's room and waited nervously as the doctor removed Palmer's bandages. Palmer kept his eyes closed for several minutes, perhaps scared that his vision had not returned. The area around his eyes was still badly bruised. Slowly, he opened his eyes.

Brooke talked with Jamie and Junior for several minutes. Brooke asked Junior to stand by Jamie and help him through the tough times that the trial would bring. Belinda showed up a few minutes later and told Brooke that she was ready to come out fighting.

Adrian summoned Mike to Cortlandt Manor and led him to the wine cellar. He pointed to the secret vault and asked Mike to help find out how to open the door. Mike didn't really seem interested in helping Adrian and suggested that just forget about whatever Palmer had locked inside the vault. Adrian handed Mike a stack of papers and told him to start reading. A strange look crept across Mike's face. The papers, Adrian said, were Palmer's military records and they supposedly shed some light on the contents of the vault.

Liza and Jake entered the fertility clinic unaware that Adam was hidden in another cubicle. He had dropped by earlier without any explanation as to why he was there. He asked the staff never to mention that he was affiliated with the clinic. All was a go for the procedure. Allie walked through the front door and readied to spill the beans to Liza and Jake. Adam saw Allie through a crack in the door. He opened the door, grabbed Allie's arm, yanked her into the room, and closed the door behind them. It was much like a frog snapping up a fly---one fluid motion. In the room, Adam warned Allie that she'd be ruined if she told Jake and Liza what she had helped him do. In typical Adam fashion, he linked Allie to his crime so that Allie would be less likely to squeal. Not only did he remind her that she'd helped him switch the sperm specimens, but he said that he would not help Allie regain her medical license if she ratted him out. The nurse opened the door, unaware that Adam and Allie were inside. While Adam hollered at the nurse for barging in on him, Allie snuck out and headed right for Liza's cubicle. There, she begged Liza for a few minutes of her time. Liza told Allie that she'd heard enough from her and ordered her to get lost. Liza was furious with Allie and didn't even give her a chance to say a word. Allie heard Adam's voice in her head telling her that no one would believe her story because of her past history of lies. Liza asked Allie what lie she had made herself believe this time. Jake seemed supportive of Allie, but he didn't get too involved in the conversation. Allie bowed her head and apologized to Liza for wasting her time. She turned and walked away.

Tad found Adam lurking around the waiting room and asked him what he was doing. Adam played his part to the hilt. He claimed that he'd dropped by to try to talk Liza out of using Jake as the sperm donor. He claimed that he didn't want Jake to be the father of the child and suggested that an anonymous donor would be much better. He also made it known that he wanted Liza to have a child and wished her the best. At one point he even offered to pay Tad a hefty sum of money if he went to Liza on his behalf and talked her out of the process. Adam was devilishly clever. He knew that his charade with Tad would help him in the long run. It explained his presence at the clinic while keeping his ownership a secret and it made it look like he had no desire to sabotage the procedure. Tad went into the cubicle just as Allie was leaving. Allie told Adam that his secret was safe. Adam told Allie that she would not regret her decision to stay quiet. "Jerk," Allie said as she left the office. She was the second woman in just two days to make the comment.

The procedure seemed to be a success. It would be only a matter of time before Liza learned if she'd gotten pregnant. Back at Chandler Mansion, Adam toom out an expensive cigar to celebrate becoming a father again.

Wednesday, August 5, 1998

There was no questioning the authenticity of the papers that Adrian presented to Mike for they had been faxed directly to Adrian by their contact at headquarters. Mike looked at the documents in wonderment. Could it be possible, he wondered, that one of their agency's oldest cases had finally been solved. Both spies found it hard to believe that Palmer Cortlandt was the man that nearly every agent in their ranks had been searching for. Adrian, the man who had been the one to first suspect Palmer of wrongdoing, now found himself wondering if Palmer was capable of pulling off such a feat. A much younger Palmer Cortlandt had served in the United States Armed Forces during World War II. He served had been stationed in cities across Europe including Rotterdam and Berlin. Around the same time, several paintings seized by Allied Forces had been stolen from warehouses. The paintings had been captured by the Nazis during the war and the Allies were scheduled to return the paintings to their rightful owners, but the paintings disappeared. As to whether or not Palmer was capable of something so devious and calculated, Mike noted that the same man had started Cortlandt Electronics from nothing. Since the two men could not find a way to get into the vault, Mike decided that he would have to get a search warrant to prove their suspicions.

Mateo and Hayley were enjoying a romantic afternoon at Wildwind. When the doorbell rang, the couple became unusually nervous. Normally, one wouldn't be so upset by the ringing of a doorbell, but the heightened grounds security was supposed to call the house before allowing anyone on to the property. How could someone have gotten by security? Mateo carefully approached the door and looked outside. No one was in sight. On the ground outside the door was a plain-looking, brown cardboard box. Mateo picked up the box and examined it. The package was addressed to Hayley and had no return address. Hayley stated that she was not expecting a package and Mateo immediately tossed the box back into the foyer and ordered his wife to duck. When the box hit the ground, it started playing a tune: carnival music. Mateo stood still. He realized that he had heard the same music in one of his visions. Hayley knew that they were not experiencing a coincidence; this was someone's idea of a sick joke. Mateo phoned security and blasted them for not screening the people who they allowed to enter the property. The security guard informed Mateo that no one had passed by the front gate. Mateo hung up with the security guard and immediately searched for answers about the soon-to-be-arriving carnival. Hayley knew little about the carnival, but she knew of someone who was familiar with the carnie: Myrtle. Mateo phoned Myrtle at the hospital and asked her to drop by Wildwind after her volunteer shift ended. Myrtle agreed and went on her way to her work. As she rounded the corner, she walked into someone walking in the opposite direction. She was about to apologize until she looked up and realized that the man she'd bumped into was Lee. Lee was surprisingly glib for a man supposedly on his last leg. He told Myrtle that Joy had come back to him. Myrtle was taken aback and stated that she thought that Lee had told her that Joy was dead. Lee nodded and admitted that he had said that Joy was dead, adding that, "he killed her." Lee never clarified who the "he" was. Now, however, he boasted that Joy had come back to him "body and soul." When asked if she wanted to speak to Joy, Myrtle nodded her head slowly. She still had no idea how to respond to the news that Joy was still alive. Lee's smile turned to a frown. "You two-faced harpy," he snapped. He told Myrtle that while she might like to see Joy, he'll never allow the reunion because Myrtle had always been nasty to him. Lee walked off leaving Myrtle alone in the hallways shaking her head.

Elsewhere in the hospital, the doctor shined a light in Palmer's eye hoping that Palmer would be able to see something. Nothing. The doctor removed the light and Palmer gingerly rubbed his eyes. Slowly, things started to come back into focus for the millionaire. Speaking in haltingly, Palmer announced that he could see. Opal was overjoyed and thanked the doctor with a big hug. She then turned and gave her Love Bug an embrace. Palmer groused that his wife was smothering him and asked her to stop touching him. The doctor slipped out of the room while the couple talked. Opal told Palmer that she was concerned that he would never seen again. Since he was a man who enjoyed the beauty of so many things, she was thankful that he would not be robbed of one of his biggest pleasures. Palmer allowed Opal to embrace him, but while Opal hugged him tightly Palmer stared off into the distance. The doctor returned a few minutes later with a pair of sunglasses that Palmer was supposed to use when he went outside. Palmer objected to the sunglasses, saying that they made him look like some type of cheap B-movie star. The doctor informed Palmer that if all went well, he could be released later in the day. Palmer waited until the doctor left before telling Opal that he wasn't waiting to be discharged---he was leaving now

Jack was also out of the hospital, although he used the more conventional method of waiting for the doctor to sign him out first. Erica burst into the office and demanded to know why Jack had not contacted her to let her know that he'd gotten out of the hospital. Jack, who was scanning one of his law books, looked up only briefly, but it was long enough to tell Erica that he was too busy to talk to her. Erica frowned slightly and remarked that Jack must still be in pain otherwise he wouldn't be such a grouch. She tried to gently stroke Jack's injured head, but Jack pulled away and walked back to his desk. Sitting on the edge of his desk, Jack told Erica that he didn't feel the need to tell Erica that he'd been released because, in his words, they "aren't married." He also assumed that Erica would already be busy with Mike. Erica was tiring of having her feelings for Mike tossed back in her face. She asked Jack what he would do if she returned to him thirteen years after supposedly dying. Jack shrugged and commented that Erica certainly had a heck of a problem on her hands. It was a gentle transformation from a caustic conversation to one that was, well, much more relaxed. Erica told Jack that she was worried about him and that she loved him. The two agreed to dine at Erica's and then shared a kiss. Mike entered the room and cleared his throat to let the lovebirds know that someone was in the office. He snarled that it was supposed to be "business hours" not kissing hours. Jack smiled and said that Erica was taking care of business. Erica turned and cast a cold glance at Mike. She told him that she doesn't like the way he follows her around town. Mike chuckled slightly and broke the news that he was not there to see Erica---he wanted to see Jack. Erica was stunned. She looked to Jack for some type of sign that Mike was telling the truth. Jack was just as surprised as she was. Erica reluctantly left the room, but not before warning Mike that Jack had just gotten out of the hospital. Mike assured Erica that he would not make Jack work too hard. Erica shook her head and said that she wasn't worried about Jack's workload, she was worried that the two men might starting throwing things at each other. Erica didn't go far. When she left the office, she closed the door behind her---but she kept her ear pressed to the door. Inside, Mike told Jack that he needed his help in obtaining a warrant to search Palmer Cortlandt's basement. "Palmer Cortlandt's basement?" Erica gasped silently.

Getting released from the hospital appeared to be a trend. Gillian phoned Ryan to let him know that she was going to be released later in the day. When Ryan showed up, he found Gillian sitting in a wheelchair on the sun porch. She was fully dressed and even had some make-up on her face. She cooed that her body was fully recovered, perhaps a subtle hint to her husband. Ryan was worried that Gillian was pulling another of her breakouts and told her that he wanted to speak to a doctor before taking her home. Gillian complained that she had a horrible stay in the hospital. One of her biggest complaints was that no one visited her. Ryan tried to delicately break the news that Gillian wasn't exactly the most pleasant person to be around. Gillian was offended and claimed that she had oodles of people who wanted to be near her. When asked for names, Gillian came up empty. Ryan confessed that he had worried that he would lose Gillian in the explosion. Gillian was flattered, but she also used the confession to play with Ryan's emotions. The two seemed on the verge of a kiss, but they were interrupted by a representative from the accounting department. Since Gillian was uninsured, her hospital tab would have to be settled. Ryan took one look at the bill and almost passed out. He told the woman that there was no way that he could pay off Gillian's bill---not even if he saved every penny for the rest of his life. Gillian snatched the bill away and took a casually glance at the bottom line. She then told the representative that she would have no problem paying off the bill. When the woman left, Gillian unveiled her plan to regain her seat in the lap of luxury. Since she had been injured during the explosion, she could sue the owners of the restaurant to recoup her losses as well as damages for pain and suffering. Ryan broke the news that Mateo and Hayley were the restaurant owners. Gillian thought that "Axel Albert" was the new owner, but even the news that Matt and Hayley were still in charge failed to dampen her spirits. She said that since Hayley is a Chandler and therefore has access to her father's billions, it wouldn't be that big a deal to sue Hayley and Mateo. "Hello!?" Ryan shouted as he reminded Gillian that Mateo and Hayley were their friends. Friendship seemed to matter little to Gillian. She still wanted to go through with her plans. When Ryan objected, she took off one of her shoes and threatened to toss it at Ryan. When she hurled it across the room, Ryan stepped out of the way and the show flew across the room until it hit Lee in the chest. Ryan asked Ryan if he could hitch a ride with them back to Wildwind. Ryan agreed, but informed Lee that he'd have to wait until he had finished working things out with the accounting department. Ryan walked away and Lee, with a broad smile on his face, slowly walked towards Gillian.

Adrian poked around the study at Cortlandt Manor hoping to find Palmer's safe or a clue as to how to open the secret basement vault. He came across a grouping of art books on one of the bookcases. There were books on Paul Rubens, Raphael Sanzo, Pieter Brueghel, and Rembrandt---all of whose works were among the paintings. Before he could investigate, he heard the familiar bickering of Opal and Palmer coming from the doorway. Palmer quickly tore into Adrian for the way he was neglecting his duties. He ordered the chauffeur to go to the garage and polish the car. Palmer left the room and scurried downstairs to his secret vault. He thanked God for returning his sight and stared longingly at his paintings. Upstairs, Opal phoned Palmer's doctor to ask him if he had less conspicuous sunglasses. Erica burst into the house and snatched the phone away from Opal. She told the person on the other end that Opal would call them back later and then hung up the phone. Erica asked Opal why Mike's partner was dressed in a driver's uniform. Opal shook her head and asked Erica what she was talking about. Erica spelled it out for Opal---Adrian Sword was a spy! Palmer quietly listened from the doorway.

Myrtle arrived at Wildwind and was greeted at the front gate by a plethora of security. She remarked that getting into Wildwind was harder than getting into the White House. Mateo and Hayley could hardly wait to ask Myrtle questions about the carnie. Their primary concerns dealt with the hiring policies of the carnival and whether or not Myrtle knew anything about the carnival that was coming to town. Myrtle explained that every traveling carnival was a little different than the one before it. She also stated that carnivals change their names routinely to make it hard for the lawyers and authorities to track them down. Myrtle stared down at the music box in amusement. She carefully picked the item up and commented that she hadn't seen a similar item in nearly twenty years. The music box, she said, had been sold at her carnie as a souvenir. Myrtle started waxing poetically about the woman who sold the music boxes, a woman named Joy. Hayley and Mateo were stunned to learn that Myrtle's friend was none other than Joy Hawkins. Hayley wondered if Myrtle knew anything about Joy's daughter. Like Adam and Stuart, Myrtle did not know that Joy had a daughter. Myrtle did, however, know any awful lot about Joy's abusive husband. Mateo already knew that Lee had been a roustabout in the carnie and asked Myrtle if Lee had enough experience with machines that he could sabotage them. Myrtle nodded and said that she wouldn't put anything past Lee---including deliberately hurting people. Hayley sighed and asked Myrtle if she'd heard about Lee's death. Myrtle laughed and told the pair that she'd just had a conversation with Lee at the hospital.

Thursday, August 6, 1998

"My Adrian?" Opal asked after Erica broke the news that Adrian is a spy. She could hardly believe that her driver was a secret agent. Erica wondered how Opal had been introduced to Adrian in the first place. Opal spoke slowly, as though she was plotting some devious plan, and eventually mentioned that she'd been introduced to Adrian through Belinda. Erica was no longer interested in the minor details; she now needed to know why Mike wanted to search the wine cellar. She decided that the only way she would get any answers was to go straight to Mike and demand an explanation. Opal warned Erica that Mike wouldn't divulge his secrets, but Erica was determined to get the dirt. When Erica left on her mission, Opal started one of her own. She phoned Belinda and ordered her to "hightail it over to the Manor---Pronto!"

Gillian tried her best to make small talk with "John." She asked him how he liked working at Wildwind. It wasn't the best topic to bring up. Lee obviously did not think very highly of the people he worked for. He titled his head to the side and coldly asked Gillian what it feels like to be a "genuine princess." The expression on Lee's face was rather unnerving. Thankfully, Ryan returned and told Gillian that he had ironed everything out with accounting. He said that it would still be a while before Gillian's release papers were ready. Ryan apologized to Lee for taking so long. Lee smiled and said that he didn't mind waiting and then dashed off to the vending machines to get a candy bar. Only a matter of seconds after Lee left, Hayley, Mateo, and Myrtle converged on the sun porch and announced that their search for Lee Hawkins had come up empty. In the hallway, Lee listened carefully to their conversation. Gillian was stunned to learn that the man who had nearly killed her was still roaming around Pine Valley. Ryan was ready for action and decided that they should all split up and look for Lee. What he was forgetting was that Myrtle was the only one who could identify Lee. Jake walked on to the sun porch and unwittingly became a part of the hunt for Lee Hawkins. Mateo asked Jake if there was any way that he could tap into the hospital's computers and find out if Lee was a patient at the hospital. Citing the violation of the confidentiality code, Jake declined. Ryan was furious with Jake and Mateo was irritated. Myrtle stepped to Jake and pleaded with him to help them find Lee. She explained that she wouldn't ask him to breach protocol unless it were absolutely necessary. Jake became interested in the search because it involved Camille's father and agreed to help them out. Ryan, Myrtle, Mateo, and Hayley all went out to scour the hospital for Lee Hawkins. Left behind, Gillian began to sob because she believed that everyone was deserting her. David Hayward happened upon the tearful princess and asked her if he could do anything to help her. David recognized Gillian as a victim of the explosion at Holidays and said that he was glad to see that she was feeling better. He gently took her hand and checked her pulse. Gillian was enamored by the soft-spoken, sincere doctor. The two had more than a few things in common. David was able to tell that Gillian spoke with a Hungarian accent. Gillian was impressed because few people could identify her accent. David mentioned that he'd spent time in Budapest and the pair began sharing stories of their favorite places in Budapest. David left without ever introducing himself to Gillian. Gillian called out to David as he was leaving and asked him for his name, but David didn't hear her. On his way down the hall, David bumped into Jake and received a reprimand for poking around the hospital. David warned Jake not to cross him because one of his patients was a top state politician. Jake asked David if his patient knew that he had once tried to kill Adam Chandler. David was quick to note that Jake had no proof that he tried to kill Adam. He warned his colleague that he would sue him for defamation of character if he continued to hurl such wild accusations. Jake continued on to the sun porch where he told the gathering that the hospital records showed no sign of Lee ever being a patient---or anyone with the last name of Hawkins, for that matter. The search had hit a wall.

Jack told Mike that he could be of no assistance to him because he had provided no proof that Palmer had committed a crime. Mike stated that he had proven probable cause and asked Jack to reconsider. Jack agreed that it was possible that Palmer had gotten his hands on the paintings, but he wondered why Palmer would do such a thing. Jack commented that the paintings could be worth a mint if Palmer found a buyer. Why, he then asked himself, didn't Palmer try to sell the paintings a few years back when he had lost nearly all of his money and was forced to work at The Chicken Shack. Perhaps, Mike suggested, Palmer had found something he liked more than money. Erica stormed into the room and demanded to know why Mike and Jack were going after Palmer. The two men were upset that Erica had been eavesdropping, but their anger grew two-fold when Erica announced that she'd gone to Cortlandt Manor and told Opal about their plans to get a search warrant. Mike and Jack knew that Opal could not keep secrets and decided that they'd have to act fast if they wanted to get to the secret room before Palmer found out about their plans.

Growing weaker by the hour, Marian gave one last attempt to pound her way out of the mausoleum. She sat on the ground, propping herself against a sarcophagus. She wondered if Lee would keep his promise not to harm Stuart. What if he harmed Stuart even after she'd written her farewell letter. Marian regretted having to write such a cruel letter to Stuart, but she knew that it was the only way to protect him. Lee returned a short time later and told Marian that Myrtle had blown his cover. Marian hoped that a search for Lee would begin and that she would soon be free. Lee guessed that he'd have to quit his job at Wildwind and lay low for a while. Marian suggested that she and Lee leave the crypt and travel around the countryside. Lee had been rather civil up until that point, but now his anger flared. "No!" he screamed. He told "Joy" that they were not leaving until he had enacted revenge on the Chandler.

At the gallery, Stuart phoned Marian's house and begged her to call him even if she no longer wanted to see her. All Stuart wanted to know was if Marian was okay. Liza dropped by and asked Stuart if he'd heard from her mother. Both became concerned and Stuart decided that it was time to call the police. The mailman arrived and handed Stuart his mail. Liza recognized her mother's handwriting on one of the letters. She urged Stuart to open the letter, but Stuart was somewhat reluctant. Liza offered to let Stuart read the letter in peace, but Stuart told Liza that she could stay with him. Adam lurked in the shadows as Stuart read his letter. In the letter, Marian claimed that she'd run into John while on her way to dinner at the gallery. He supposedly surprised her with an offer to fly to Bermuda and Marian felt she had no option but to accept the invitation. "You're too kind for your own good," the letter continued. Marian said that she had thought of their courtship as "a game." "All the sweet nothings we exchanged were a lie. I've decided to do the right thing. No matter what we said, we're not very much alike. You said I was a Queen Bee, but I'm more like a wasp or a hornet. I'm so sorry you got stung, Stuart." Adam entered the foreground and walked slowly towards his brother. Without saying a word, he took his brother in his arms. Surprisingly, Stuart didn't appreciate his brother's gesture. He accused Adam of hiring someone to forge Marian's handwriting. Liza knew that Adam was capable of such a feat, but she also knew that the handwriting in the letter was really her mother's. Adam denied any trickery and insisted that he did not enjoy seeing Stuart hurt. That was not the case at the soiree where Adam assembled Marian's past lovers. Adam admitted that he'd gone to far, but he said that in the end Marian had proved that what he said all along was right---she was not good enough for Stuart. Stuart left the room allowing Adam and Liza a few minutes to talk amongst themselves. Liza told Adam that she wasn't buying into his "crocodile tears." Adam did his best to convince Liza that he was really concerned for his brother's feelings, but nothing he said changed Liza's mind. When Stuart returned, Liza told him that she had to get back to work. Adam spent some time with his brother and offered to take him out to a movie or a round of golf. Stuart wanted to be alone and Adam left without further aggravating the situation. Stuart knew that his conversation with Marian was legitimate and determined that it was her letter that was a lie. Stuart vowed to find Marian and set the record straight.

Belinda appeared at Cortlandt Manor and was immediately escorted into the study. There, Opal laid into Belinda and Adrian, who she had also summoned into the house. She wondered how long the two were conspiring against her. Belinda knew nothing about what Opal was talking about, but Opal didn't believe her. When Opal blurted out that Adrian was really a secret spy, Belinda's mouth hit the floor. She explained that she had thought that Adrian was an exotic dancer with little education and that she wanted him to have a decent job working for decent people. Adrian admitted that he made no effort to tell Belinda the truth, but he explained that he couldn't just announce that he was a spy. He said that he was in town to help Mike on a mission and that he never wanted to hurt Opal or Belinda. Adrian called the two women his "favorite women in Pine Valley." Belinda asked Adrian how many women he knew in Pine Valley. Opal poked Belinda and told her to keep quiet and accept the compliment. Mike and Jack arrived at the door with a search warrant. The sound of Erica's high heels tapped along behind them. Jack and Mike told Opal about their plans to investigate Palmer's secret room. Opal knew nothing of the secret room, but she was sure that her husband hadn't done anything wrong. Palmer walked confidently into the room and order everyone off of his property. Jack flashed the search warrant and told Palmer that he had every right to be there. Palmer swallowed hard and told Opal to phone his attorney. He also asked Belinda to stay put. Palmer led Jack, Mike, and Adrian to the wine cellar. Erica, who was becoming a regular Nancy Drew, asked Opal if she had any idea what Palmer could be hiding. Opal had no idea and Erica decided that she needed to see what was going on for herself. She scurried down to the wine cellar just in time to hear Palmer announce that he wanted his attorney present before allowing Jack into the room. Jack ordered him to stop stalling and Palmer reluctantly agreed to let them inside. One by one, they all filed into the secret room and found... nothing. The room was empty except for Palmer's burgundy sitting chair,

Friday, August 7, 1998

Feeling like he had no one else to turn to, Stuart showed up at Tad's door to enlist his help in tracking down Marian. He told Tad that his life depended on his help. Tad excused himself to answer a phone, which turned out to be a frantic SOS call from Opal. Opal asked her son to hurry over to Cortlandt Manor so that he could help sort out the mess that Palmer had apparently gotten himself into. Stuart showed Tad the letter he received from Marian and asked for his help in finding Marian. Tad skimmed the note and sadly informed Stuart that he didn't think that he could help him. The letter seemed definite in its intent. Stuart begged Tad to do something to help him because he couldn't live with Marian. For the first time, Stuart admitted that he was in love with Marian. Stuart was overcome with emotion at his revelation and said that he felt "tingly." Tad bowed his head and told Stuart that he was sorry for setting him up for the fall. Tad believed that had he not encouraged Stuart to chase after Marian, he never would have had to deal with the way that Marian had dumped him. Tad had forgotten that Marian could be heartless at times and said that he mistakenly believed that Marian had changed her ways. Tad remarked that Stuart deserved better than getting a "Dear John" letter in the mail. Stuart insisted that he could tell when people were lying---and Marian was lying in her letter. It pained Tad to see that Stuart was headed towards heartbreak. "She kissed me," Stuart said softly. Finally, Tad agreed to help Stuart---but not until after he handled the fiasco at Cortlandt Manor.

At the Manor, Palmer smiled pompously as he stated the obvious: there was nothing in the secret room. Palmer explained that the room was just a sitting room and nothing more. "Where are they, Palmer?" Mike asked crossly. Erica nodded along like she had some idea as to what was going on. "Yeah, where are they," she added. Adrian looked at Palmer and announced that he wanted to search the rest of the house.

Upstairs, Dixie arrived at the house and was completely unaware that she'd walked into the middle of a whirlwind of activity. She greeted Belinda with a smile before asking Opal if she could see Palmer. The glum look on Opal's face made Dixie wonder if perhaps Palmer had no gotten his eyesight back. Tad arrived and immediately asked Opal what was going on. Opal gave a very brief rundown of what was going down. Her explanation very quickly touched on two important things: a search warrant and spies. Dixie asked Opal what the secret agents could possibly want with her Uncle Palmer. "I have no idea," Palmer said confidently as he returned to the room. One by one, everyone filed back into the study. Still, no one really knew why Mike and Jack had descended upon the mansion. Mike announced that the search warrant had been issued so that he could look for "the last prisoners of war." Belinda asked to review the warrant and soon realized exactly what was going on---but she found it hard to believe. Mike told the tale of stolen Nazi treasure. Palmer wondered what the tale had to do with him. Citing Palmer's known military stationing, Mike stated that Palmer had been located in the exact location where the missing paintings had once been held. If that did provide enough proof, Mike also noted that Palmer had been a quartermaster in the army. This high-ranking position provided Palmer with everything he needed to smuggle five priceless pieces of art out of Europe. Adrian added that Palmer had a stack of books in his library that just happened to be about the artists of the missing paintings. Palmer claimed that he appreciated art and that the books were an accompaniment to his hobby. Mike unleashed the final blow, asking Palmer why his secret room was equipped with a climate control system much like those used in museums to protect paintings from cracking and chipping. The room grew silent and all eyes focused on Palmer. Palmer slowly ran his fingers through his gray hair. He appeared flustered for several minutes before lowering his arm and telling Mike and Jack that he'd tell them the truth---but only if Opal left the room. Opal refused to leave, saying that she had a right to hear what Palmer was about to say. Palmer said that he goes to the secret room to "escape the pressures of [his] marriage." He growled that he cannot tolerate hearing his wife call him "Love Bug" one more time. Opal was devastated. Her heart crumbled into a million pieces as her eyes welled with tears. She dashed out of the room and locked herself in her bedroom. She was so crushed that she wouldn't even let Erica in to see her. Palmer took great pleasure in firing Adrian on the spot, but Adrian said that he wouldn't accept being fired---and quit his post. Jack apologized for intruding and told Palmer that he wouldn't bother him any more. Mike was furious with Jack and told him not to believe Palmer's story. Jack blasted Mike for leading him on a wild goose chase. He figured that Mike had made up the bogus story in order to make him look like a fool. Jack warned Mike that he had stepped over the line and threatened to have him locked up for concocting bogus charges against Palmer. Jack and Mike left. Erica told Palmer that she was sorry for Mike's actions and said that she may be inadvertently to blame for the Mike's behavior. She was referring, of course, to Mike and Jack's battle for her love. She figured that Mike wanted to make Jack look like a fool so that she would then opt to be with him. Palmer thanked Erica for her offer to talk to Opal, but he said that he'd much rather be alone. Belinda was upset that Adrian had let her go on and on about him being a male stripper when, in fact, he was really a secret agent. She had told Opal that the she wanted to try to help Adrian, who she assumed had little education, better his life. Everyone filed out except for Tad and Dixie. Palmer motioned towards the door and told Tad that he was free to leave. "Oh, gee," Tad sneered. "Can I?" Tad said that he wasn't going to leave until he made Palmer pay for the way that he's treated Opal. Opal returned to the room, her mascara streaming down her cheek. In an extremely powerful dialogue, Opal and Palmer squared off over his public admission that she embarrasses him. Even as Opal cried, she managed to display a hurt, yet angry, side of her personality. She said that she's known that she embarrasses her husband, but stated that it was not right for him to have said "cold, heartless things" in front of their friends. Palmer shrugged indifferently and told his wife that he had asked her to leave the room. Whether she was there to hear the insults or not, Palmer had still said nasty things about Opal. Opal claimed that she was glad to have heard the truth. The thing that most hurt Opal was that she and Palmer had appeared to be on the road to recovery. He had kissed her---he had told her that he wanted to be with her. Now, that all seemed like a bitter, distant memory. Opal asked Palmer point-blank if Mike's accusations were right. Palmer snapped that Opal needed to mind her own business. "This is our house [and] our marriage," Opal replied, indicating that what was going on was her business. "You can't have your secrets and me," she said as the floodgates opened. Opal turned and started to walk out of the room. Palmer called out to Opal and asked her where she was going. "I'm keeping it a secret," Opal said caustically. "How do you like those apples?" Opal stormed for the room and headed up to her bedroom. Palmer also left the room, leaving Dixie to wonder how Opal and Palmer's marriage could have taken such a wrong turn after so many years. Tad looked at his ex-wife and told her that if anyone should know about happy marriages falling apart, it would be them.

Back at Jack's office, Mike and Jack sipped coffee together and wondered what their next course of actions should be. Jack worried that Palmer had packed up his paintings and shipped them out of the country. Mike smiled slightly and remarked that Jack gives up too easily. Erica stormed into the office and was stunned to see the two men---supposedly bitter enemies---having coffee together. Jack stated that his argument with Mike had been staged so that Palmer would think that he was off the hook. Erica turned to Mike and accused him of creating the mission about the stolen artwork. Surprisingly, Jack came to Mike's defense and informed Erica that the mission was legitimate. Erica couldn't believe what she was hearing. She was crushed that Opal had been hurt and didn't want to see her suffer any more. She threatened to go back to Cortlandt Manor and tell Palmer that Jack and Mike were still on to him. Before she could leave, the two men warned Erica that she would face time in jail if she tipped Palmer off. Erica's neck snapped back. Were the two men she loved really willing to toss her in the hokey? Erica turned and walked away, but not before she was again reminded that telling Palmer would be a bad, bad move.

In the crypt, Marian found Lee's knife on the floor. She took it carefully in her hands and slowly approached Lee from behind. She had the knife raised in the air and appeared ready to make her move, but Lee turned around and asked her what she was doing. Marian quickly came up with a lie about wanting to use the knife to cut up Lee's candy bars "just the way" he like it. Lee thought for several minutes and replied that he doesn't remember ever having his candy bars cut up. Lee bought the lie, chalking up his deteriorating memory to his illness. Marian again asked if Lee could take her away from Pine Valley. He refused, saying that he couldn't leave town until he'd taken care of the Chandlers. "You know," he said rather nonchalantly, "a daughter for a daughter." He decided that he was going to have to quit his job immediately so that no one would suspect that "John Lee" was really Lee Hawkins. Marian wanted to know what Lee was planning. She implied that their marriage made them partners in the plot. Lee, however, refused. He explained that telling her what he had planned would ruin the surprise. He did, though, hint that it had something to do with the carnival because that was the place that "he," a reference to Adam, had taken "her," a reference to Joy, away.

Back at Cortlandt Manor, Palmer returned to his secret room and asked himself what he was going to do now. He pushed a hidden button and a secret panel opened in the wall. Inside the secret room's secret compartment were all five of the missing paintings.

The troops returned to Wildwind after coming up empty in their search for Lee Hawkins. Mateo was furious that he had been unable to find Lee. Hayley tried to assure her husband that he'd done the best he could. Ryan stepped in and said that Mateo's best wasn't good enough. It was not a put-down of Mateo. He was actually siding with Mateo, agreeing that it is hard to accept the fact that Lee is still running free. Stuart rushed into the room and asked Mateo if he knew anything about John Lee. Hayley said that John was working for them. Stuart explained that John had supposedly run away with Marian, but noted that he didn't believe it. Gillian gave Stuart instructions to John's room and Stuart headed off to find the man. Lee lurked in the hall with his knife drawn. Stuart returned some time later and reported that all of John's things were still in his room. If he had gone away, hadn't taken anything with him. Stuart knew that he had to make his mStuart lay sprawled on the ground with Lee hovering menacingly over him. Lee held the blade of his knife over Stuart's chest and prepared to make a downward thrust. The blade glistened in the moonlight. It was that glistening that may have saved Stuart's life. Liza saw the shiny metallic blade as she made her way towards her car and screamed in horror. The scream caused Lee to stop what he was doing. For a brief moment it looked like he might turn and head towards Liza, but he didn't. Instead he quickly dashed off before Liza could get a look at him. Liza scampered over to the body tha

Inside the crypt, Marian carefully unscrewed Helga's name placard from the wall. After removing the fourth screw, the heavy metal nameplate fell tot he ground with a loud clunk. Marian apologized to "Helga, darling" for disturbing her final resting place, but she knew that the nameplate was her key to getting out of the mausoleum. She lugged the heavy object over to the door and tried to use it to pry the door open. It didn't work. She hurled the nameplate across the chamber in a fit of rage, now realizing that she might be trapped forever. When the placard hit the wall, a tuft of dirt drizzled into the chamber. Marian pounded on the wall and called out to Stuart to save her. She had no idea, but Stuart happened to be walking by on the outside. Stuart heard a muffled cry and managed to hear his name. He turned and slowly walked towards the mausoleum.



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