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Monday, August 3, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Evonne

In the heat of the argument between Phillip and Cole the ship capsized. Phillip was knocked unconscious. Francesca didn't want to leave him but Cole convinced her that they didn't need a jealous husband in a crisis. He tied Phillips wrist and left the cabin. Much to their bad timing Kurt was standing there with a gun. Kurt thought that Phillip was dead and decided to finish the job Phillip had started. Kurt and Cole fought. Cole knocked Kurt out. As the threesome was moving through the halls the ship lurched and Francesca was knocked out.

In the ballroom the passengers were digging themselves out. Amy was the first to notice that the room was upside down. Emily was upset because she couldn't find Bette. Father Antonio was worried about Ricardo and Gabi. Soon after Ricardo and Gabi entered the room the passengers heard Bette yelling from her perch near the ceiling. Sean quickly grabbed what looked like a curtain and the passengers made a makeshift net for Bette to drop into. Melinda was upset with the photographer because he had lost the film of Casey and Sara. Ricardo informed everyone that the Captain was probably dead and the only way out was to climb to the bottom of the ship, which was on top of the water. Some of the ship's crew convinced the passengers not to go. A very small group climbed to the next deck with Ricardo. A second explosion rocked the ship.

Meanwhile Casey and Sara woke up from their drugged drinks. They instantly noticed something was wrong with the ship. Casey said they needed to make it to safety. Sara was panicked because they were undressed. Casey put on pants and gave her his shirt. As they tried to get out of the stuck cabin door the porthole blew open and the cabin started filling with water.

Virginia woke up and discovered that Jimmy was safe and at another hospital. After waking Tyus, Virginia was shocked to learn that Michael had injected himself with Martin's Syndrome. Tyus told her that the only cure was in his medical bag and it had to be refrigerated quickly.

: Michael told Vanessa that he's never been happier than he is now. They made love.

Virginia arrived at the apartment in search of Tyus cure. A police officer would not let her in the building. When she asked about Michael and Vanessa he said that an African American couple of their descriptions had been taken out of the building, unfortunately he was talking about Virginia and Tyus. When the police officer wasn't looking she sneaked in the building and found the medical bag.

Tuesday, August 4, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Jane Johnson

The passengers in the upside-down ship discuss whether to follow Ricardo or someone from the crew. Ricardo wants everyone to get out by climbing to the hull, and the crew person thinks everyone should stay where they are. Bette, Sean and Gabby side with Ricardo. Melinda and Amy side with the crew person. When Ricardo doesn't sound too confident about plan A, Bette wants to hear plan B.

Water rushes in on Sara and Casey. The force of the water knocks Casey to the floor.

Vanessa and Michael sit in the rubble and Vanessa told him that the last time they talked, Tyus was very close to a cure for Martin's Syndrome. Michael told her that Tyus found a cure. Vanessa wants to know what else he knows. He says that he knows a lot. "There is something you should know", he says. "What went wrong?"

Virginia finds Tyus's bag with the cure in it.

Maria's mother finds a picture of Ricardo, Antonio and Maria in the rubble.

Meg and Dana enter the Cummings house and find it a mess. "Family is everything to you, isn't it?" "I don't know what I would do without them." "You were so close and so strong for each other. I have nobody." "Yes, you do, somewhere out there." Meg can't wait for her family to return so that they can meet Dana.

A patrolman stops Virginia on her way out of the building. He says that he should arrest her because she did not follow orders and entered the building. She tries to explain to him how important the vial that she got is. Virginia finds out from him that Michael and Vanessa were not brought out of the building, as she had been led to believe. Virginia heads back into the building to search for Michael.

Michael told Vanessa that Tyus needed someone to test the cure on, before he gave it to Vanessa, so he gave the disease to Michael. Vanessa gets very upset at this news.

Gabby volunteers to be the first one to climb out. Sean went second. Then, because of Sean, Amy went next. Also, Emily, Bette, Brad, Antonio and Ricardo.

Sara and Casey manage to escape and start wander around the ship, looking for a way to safety.

Melinda, who stayed behind where she thinks it is safer, says that she hopes Sara makes it out alive because , if she dies, the press will turn her into some kind of martyr. That would be bad for book sales.

There is an explosion and everyone gets knocked around, those who climbed up to another level, those who stayed behind, and Sara and Casey, who are by themselves.

Meg told Dana that Ben tried to save someone and couldn't. Dana asks who this other person was.

Ricardo's group hear screams and assume that it is those who did not go with them. Ricardo leaves to look for a way out. Amy complains.

Casey says that he and Sara should keep moving. Sara makes him wait while she bandages his arm with a piece of material that she tears from her shirt. She talks about taking medical classes, but then dropping out. She refers to herself as a quitter. Casey says that she doesn't look like a quitter now.

Dana asks who Ben couldn't save. Dana knocks over a picture of Ben and looks at it.

Virginia walks through the shattered building looking for Michael. The patrolman grabs her arm in an attempt to stop her.

Michael told Vanessa that he did the right thing. "I'm not sorry." "How can you say that? You gave yourself a death sentence." "It won't come to that. Tyus says that it will work." "You said yourself, Michael, that the cure is experimental. It could kill you before the disease does." "The things I do come out of my love for you." "What did I do to deserve someone like you?" "I love you. I can handle it because we are together."

Gabby and Antonio get edgy as they wait for Ricardo to return. Bette announces that "This broad is unsinkable." Melinda bursts in and as she lies about how she tried to save everyone, she mentions that she left the galley door open. Bad news!

Dana stars at the picture of Ben. Meg asks if anything is wrong. Dana says she was just thinking that he is handsome. They discuss how something good came out of the disaster, they have become friends.

The patrolman causes Virginia to drop the vial with the cure in it.

Casey and Sara continue to wander. Suddenly Casey looks around and says "We have gone in a circle." "We'll never get out of here." "Yes, we will."

Melinda, Amy, and Brad all want to leave before Ricardo gets back. Right then, Ricardo returns and told Gabby that things are worse than he thought. "We might not make it out of here?" Everyone stands around looking shocked.

Wednesday, August 5, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Evonne

Ricardo explains to Gabi and Antonio that he left the others behind for a reason. He didn't want to panic them about their slim chance of going to the next level. The only way out was through an area that had hot steam pouring through a pipe; the shutoff valve was too hot for him to handle. Gabi discovered a steel rod lying nearby. Ricardo used this to cut off the steam. Meanwhile Antonio set out to see if he could find any other survivors.

Phillip awoke and untied his wrist. He vowed to kill Cole.

Caitlin noticed that Cole was overly concerned about Francesca. He said they needed a way of letting people know what was happening. Francesca remembered that Phillip always carried a short-wave radio with him. Cole left to find the radio. Antonio arrived and told Caitlin and Francesca that Ricardo was leading a group of survivors off the ship. Caitlin went in search of Cole. Just when Caitlin had found Cole, Phillip arrived and a shot was fired.

The doctor told the Richards' that Trey was bleeding internally. Gregory setout to call the ship to let Caitlin know what was happening. Gregory confessed to Annie how worried he was when he thought he might lose both Trey and Olivia. Olivia almost told AJ about Trey's parentage. Annie stopped her in time. Olivia informed Annie that if anything happened to Trey, Gregory would learn all her dirty little secrets.

Meanwhile Leo decides to give blood. AJ quickly went to the blood center and talks to the nurse in charge. When Leo arrives to give blood the nurse informs him that they have enough blood donors with his type. Leo leaves and runs into Gregory. Gregory told him that he knows it was a shock when AJ told him about Cole. Leo told him he found out from Annie.

The police officer discovers Virginia in the building. As he is trying to haul her out of the building she drops the vile of Martin's Syndrome cure. Michael and Vanessa hear the noise and start shouting. The rescue team digs them out and informs them that Virginia was the reason they were saved. Virginia is elated to see them alive and well. She tells Michael about the lost cure. Virginia is visibly upset when she hears Michael telling Vanessa that cure or not they are in this together for the long haul.

Thursday, August 6, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Jane Johnson

Sara and Casey continue to search for a way out as the water flows over their legs. Casey grabs an axe and starts trying to chop his way into a locked cabinet.

Ricardo and Melinda are still in conflict about their escape. Melinda wonders what good Ricardo is. They are all going to die following him. (The viewer is tempted to hope that her prediction is right as far as she herself is concerned.) Ricardo admits that there are dangers involved in his plan to go up a shaft where a pipe could explode on them.

Francesca asks Antonio to hear her confession. "I can't die without getting something off my chest to you." Antonio promises to hear her confession after they land.

While Caitlin watches, Cole tries the radio. "Hello, hello, this is Neptune II. Do you read me?" Philip enters the area and shoots the radio. "Before I drown, I want to make sure that you go first, you and your poor replacement for my wife."

Annie asks Olivia what she is trying to say. "If Trey dies, I will not be able to keep the truth from Gregory." Olivia told Annie that everything that has happened to that little boy (Does she include the earthquake in this?) is Annie's fault. She told Annie that, if he should die, Annie will pay. Gregory walks up and blasts them for fighting while Trey is in danger. Annie told him that it is all her fault.

Ricardo told the group, including Bette, Sean, and Emily, that they have to move now before any more pressure builds up in the pipes. Ricardo says that he will remain to make sure that everyone gets out. He will need a volunteer to be first and help the others when they reach the top. Sean says he will go, and when Emily voices concern, he tells her "I hate waiting. And this is our best chance."

Cole told Philip to let Caitlin go, now that he has him where he wants him. Caitlin says "I'm not leaving you here with him." "I need you to go home to Trey. He needs his mother." "We both need you."

Philip interrupts them to ask if they know where Francesca is. He wants to have them all together to have a dying party."

Francesca says, "I'm sure that you don't feel like you owe me anything, Antonio, but I need you to do this for me." "All right. What do you have to say before God?" "I didn't care about honor or faith when I sold myself to the highest bidder. He gave me everything that I ever wanted. And since then I have had nothing but misery." "You say that getting what you wanted only made you unhappy. You only have to give yourself over to God, and ask for his forgiveness." "If I can't even forgive myself, how can I ask God to forgive me?"

Cole says I don't know where Francesca is." Philip grabs Caitlin and tries to use her to get Cole to lead him to Francesca.

At the hospital Annie says that she heard herself, but could not stop herself. She begs forgiveness for setting Olivia off. Olivia says to Annie, "Don't you think that I can see what you are doing?" Annie responds, "You probably can, and you surely agree with me that if you go too far, our family relations will be strained beyond repair." Gregory suggests that Olivia keep her distance from Annie while they wait to see what happens to Trey. Olivia answers "Trey is the only thing that matters right now. If anything happens to Trey this time, Annie will pay." Then Olivia walks away. Gregory asks Annie "This time? Can you explain what that means?" Annie responds "I wish I could."

Bette comforts Emily as she worries about Sean. Emily describes how Sean is always supportive.

Sean climbs as Ricardo watches him. Then Ricardo runs back to get the others. Gabby says that Emily and Bette are next.

Amy thinks that Antonio is dead and that the fact is being kept from them. Gabby tries to convince her that he is looking for some other passengers, but she doesn't believe her.

Emily climbs up to Sean. On the way up she looks down and looses her footing and is just hanging on by her arms. Sean helps her. She makes it up and they hug.

Bette won't take off her pumps. Ricardo told hr to keep looking up.

Melinda is next. She asks her cameraman for the film. She says "If anything happens to Sara, that film will be worth a fortune and Sara will be remembered for the slut that she was."

Francesca confesses " I haven't lived a very honorable life, Antonio. And, I can't take it back." "There is no reason that you can't change from this day forward." "Cole thinks that I chose Philip's money over him. And, I let him believe that. And, Philip never let it go." "How do you mean?" "I did everything that I did to try to act like I loved Philip, but, he knew that I loved Cole and always would. That is why we are here. That is the whole terrible reason that we are all here, Antonio. This is Philip's revenge. I just wish that my prayers could save Cole." Philip walks in holding Cole and Caitlin at gun point. "Well, darling, they can't."

Bette makes it up the ladder and joyfully joins Emily and Sean.

Bruce, the camera man, went next and, when steam hits him in the face, he looses his grip, and falls to the water below and dies. Melinda runs away shouting "We are all going to die." Ricardo wants to go after her, while the others climb.

Gregory approaches Olivia and asks her "How are you doing?" "I don't know what I will do if anything happens to Trey." "He comes from a long line of survivors. That boy is your daughter's son. He'll be fine, Olivia."

Philip trades barbs with Antonio. He says that he needs some priestly advice. Everyone loves someone, but, according to Philip, no one loves him . He calls that a sin. Then, he discusses how to decide who should die first. He decides that Cole should be the first.

Annie walks up to Gregory and Annie and says that she has found out the name of the ship that Trey's mother is on, the Neptune II.

A.J. explains to Leo that Cole blames him for deserting his mother and staying away all those years. The fact that A.J. did not know that Cole's mother was pregnant when he left town means nothing to Cole. Leo says "Why do you even bother with him, if he is not interested?"

Francesca says "Philip, let's get off this ship and try to find what we had together." "A marriage in name only-oh, I can hardly wait to revisit that."

Casey told Sara that they may need to swim out of where they are trapped, using an oxygen tank. Melinda, who has been running around the ship, runs into the space where they are and asks them to take her with them. Sara agrees, saying that they will close their eyes and pretend that she is someone else.

Ricardo says to the group that Bruce dying was awful. He cannot promise that no one else will die. But, if they do not get out, they will all die. Amy and Brad are next. They make it. Gabby doesn't want to leave Antonio. Ricardo says that he will not leave him there. Gabby and Ricardo hug and kiss.

As Gregory tries to contact the ship, news comes over the television about a tidal wave off of Sunset Beach. The newscaster says that any ship in its path appears to be doomed. And, she adds that those waters are shark infested.

Casey explains to Sara and Melinda that they now need to go to the floor below and swim, using only one air tank between the three of them. They do so.

Ricardo helps Gabby start up the stairs. Suddenly , Gabby is only holding on by her arms.

Philip says that Trey will manage when reminded that Trey needs his father. Philip fires at Cole just as Francesca runs toward the line of fire.

Friday, August 7, 1998

After Philip shoots Francesca, Cole and Philip fight, the gun went off and Philip is killed. Francesca and Caitlin are pulled to the upper level by Ricardo. As Sean throws the fire hose down to Antonio and Cole, it breaks, trapping the two men down below. Ricardo went off to find a passageway to use as an escape but finds it blocked by water. Swimming to find a way out he gets trapped under water and Gabi dives in after him. Sara, Casey and Melinda make it to the water's surface, but Melinda is attacked by a shark. Gregory and AJ set off in a helicopter to rescue their families on the cruise ship.

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