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Victoria showed up at Cole and Ashley's wedding. Victor wanted to settle with Diane out of court. Alice searched for the files that would lead her to Cassie's birth mother. Megan spied Nick and Grace at the coffeehouse.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 3, 1998 on Y&R
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Monday August 3, 1998

Thanks to Sandy Rosser for helping me out today!

PHYLLIS watches as MICHAEL paces. He is worried that Diane is going to "can" him. Phyllis suggests that he go and talk to Diane. He tells her that it may be a good sign that he hasn't heard from her. Phyllis tells him it may just mean that Diane never wants to speak to him again. Michael thanks her for her optimism. Phyllis tells him he needs to go and see her.

Michael sits in front of the phone, brooding. The fingers the keys on the dial. Michael tells Phyllis that if he loses this case is "out of the big office" and possibly out of the firm. He tells Phyllis if he hadn't followed her advice, he wouldn't be in this position. Phyllis tells him not to blame her because it's not going to change what's happened. Phyllis tells Michael either he calls Diane or she will. Michael decides he'd rather talk to Diane face to face.

JILL and JOHN SILVA meet to discuss how Jill's talk with Beatrice went. Jill tells him she handled everything beautifully. Jill tells him that Beatrice will testify and give a deposition. Beatrice is willing to cooperate fully. John makes sure that Jill got Beatrice's new address and phone number. Jill tells John that her heart went out to Beatrice because the poor woman has fallen on hard time. John asks Jill if she gave Beatrice money. Jill tells him no; she gave her a check. John tells Jill it was the worst possible thing Jill could have done.

John tells her that the money could be construed as bribery, or payment for Beatrice's testimony. He tells her to call her bank, and if that check hasn't been cashed, Jill is to put a stop payment notice on it. Jill reaches for the phone and places the call. The check has not been cashed and John is relieved that they were able to catch it in time.

After John leaves, Jill receives a call from an upset Beatrice. The bank refused to cash her check. She wants to know what kind of game Jill is playing with her. Jill, scared that Beatrice may not help her at all now, tells Beatrice that if she will come back to her office she will explain everything. Beatrice says she doesn't think she can trust Jill and isn't in the mood to listen to Jill's excuses. Then she hangs up on Jill.

VICTORIA is looking out the large windows in the living room at the ranch. NIKKI checks to see if there is anything that she can get for her. Victoria tells her no. Nikki asks her how she's doing. Victoria tells her it's not the happiest day of her life, but she'll be all right. She tells Nikki that she wishes Cole and Ashley would just be married and everything would be over with, but the reality is, she's carrying Cole's child, so the two of them are always going to be bonded.

Nikki tells Victoria that she doesn't have to put up strong "front" for her. Victoria tells her that today won't be easy, but tomorrow will be better. Victoria says that by then they will be an old married couple settled down in some little love nest. Nikki takes this opportunity to ask Victoria how she would feel about Cole using the tack room as an office until his and Ashley' s new home is renovated. Nikki reminds Victoria that she doesn't owe Cole anything. Victoria tells her that she's at the office and she Cole hardly cross paths anyway. Nikki asks her to give it a lot of thought. Nikki tells Victoria that she's going to have Miguel pack her some snacks to take with her. Victoria tells her that she can eat at the commissary. Nikki won't hear of it. "It's all a part of being a mother," Nikki tells her. This brings Victoria to tears, realizing that she is a mother already, and soon she will be caring for someone beside herself. "All a part of being a mother," Victoria murmurs. "I don't know if I'm ready for this."

COLE is putting on his tuxedo. He picks up the phone and calls ASHLEY to say "Happy Wedding Day." She is not nervous, but she is excited. As they hang up, Ashley playfully tells him not to forget the ring. JOHN ABBOTT watches his happy daughter from the background. After they hang up, there is a knock on the tack room door. From the window, you can see a scowling Victor waiting as Cole calls out, "Just a sec!"

Cole welcomes Victor in, and he tells Cole although this is Cole's wedding day, he knows what he's come to say will not be pleasant. He tells Cole he knows that Victoria is pregnant and that Cole is the father. He knows that Cole is going to marry Ashley, but he doesn't know what Cole intentions to Victoria are. Cole tells him that he and Victoria no longer love each other. Victor asks him if a child doesn't change things. Cole says, "Not everything." He tells Victor that he's not turning his back on Victoria or the baby. Victor tells Cole he thinks it's "damn insensitive for you to get married to another woman right now." He also tells Cole he's very disappointed in him.

Cole tells him not to say anything else. He tells Victor that Victoria went to great lengths to keep the pregnancy a secret from Cole and that the pregnancy was not an accident -- it was Vicki's last attempt to "save" their marriage. Victoria made sure Cole had too much to drink, and although he takes his responsibility in this matter, this pregnancy would not be an issue if Victoria had not set out to deliberately get pregnant. Cole tells Victor he will do anything to help Victoria but his future is with Ashley. Victor warns Cole not to let Victoria down anymore than he already has, "Or you'll have me to answer to," states Victor.

ESTHER answers the door to find a workman, CHUCK, who is there to measure some of the downstairs rooms. Esther is quite taken with him, so much so that Chuck has to repeat himself. Esther doesn't know anything about the measuring and Katherine is gone. Chuck offers to call the office and double-check, but Esther tells him not to bother and lets him in. It's obvious that Esther is taken with Chuck.

While Chuck works, Esther brings him some fresh-squeezed lemonade. They make small talk. Esther introduces herself. Chuck tells her that the estate is beautiful. She offers him a tour, but he's late for his next appointment. He lets himself out and says, "Thanks again, Esther. Be seeing ya." Esther smiles and replies, "I certainly hope so."

KATHERINE comes in and asks Esther whom the man was she passed on her way in. Esther tells her it was the man Katherine employed to come out and measure the rooms. Katherine doesn't know what she's talking about. Katherine then figures that it was someone from the catering company taking measurements for the party.

CHUCK calls in to talk to IAN. He wants him to know that he measurements at the Chancellor estate are completed. Ian is floored. There has been a miscommunication between the workers. Chuck wasn't supposed to do the measuring until AFTER Jill has ownership of the house. Ian is relieved to learn that Katherine wasn't at home when Chuck was there. Chuck doesn't feel like there's been any damage done. Ian hopes not because if Katherine Chancellor finds out Jill had the measurements ordered or there will be trouble.

JOHN tells Ashley that he could tell from the look on her face that it was Cole on the phone. Ashley tells John that it's his last trip. John looks confused. "Down the aisle," replies Ashley. "I got it right this time Daddy. I've never been more sure about anything than I am about marrying Cole." John embraces her.

MICHAEL nervously stands in front of Diane's door. He finally knocks and is greeted by a civil Diane. He tells her that he hasn't spoken to her since their previous conversation and that he knows Victor has spoken to her. "I don't know if you want to hear what I have to say," says Diane turning her back on him. He comes into the apartment and shuts the door quietly behind him.

Michael offers to give her another day or two to think things over and Diane says she's ready to have it now. She tells him he took advantage of her. She even guesses that Michael didn't have his license when he came to offer his representation. She tells him that she is very tempted to call and have his license taken like that, and she snaps her fingers. Michael begs her not to.

She tells Michael that he is the kind of lawyer that gives all attorneys a bad name. She tells Michael about Victor's visit. She shocks Michael by telling him that she let Victor think that Michael had made her aware of all Michael's "past" before they entered into a lawyer/client contract. But she warns Michael not to read a great deal into that. Michael wants to know why Diane hasn't fired him yet. He reminds her of all they've accomplished - especially the way they've unsettled the Great Victor Newman. He tells Diane that he's done a good job for her and begs her to let him complete it. He can win this case. "We can finish Victor Newman off," states Michael. Diane is unmoved. Michael very humbly states that he hopes that Diane will call him with a decision soon and he lets himself out.

VICTOR enters the main house after his talk with Cole and is greeted by Nikki. He tells Nikki that he wonders if his confidence in Cole was misplaced all these years. Victor informs Nikki that Victoria is pregnant with Cole's baby. Nikki tells him she's known for awhile, but Victoria swore her to secrecy. Nikki tells Victor that Victoria has already left for the office. She comments that Victoria is very much her father's daughter; burying herself in her work to keep her busy when things aren't going so well personally. Victor says that if he had known about the pregnancy sooner, perhaps Cole and Ashley wouldn't be getting married. Nikki tells Victor that Victoria doesn't want a husband who doesn't love her. He tells Nikki that he thought, at first, that the father of Victoria's baby was the new man in Victoria's life. Nikki is curious, but like Nikki, Victor abides by his daughter's wishes and doesn't tell Nikki who the young man is. They discuss Victoria: the pregnancy, how she kept it a secret, why she kept it a secret, and how very strong she is. Victor and Nikki vow to be there for Victoria in every way.

VICTORIA interrupts Neil and tells him it's time for a break. She's brought muffins from Miguel and coffee to go with them. Neil says he didn't expect to see her at the office. Victoria asks him if he thought she'd be at home hiding and crying her eyes out because her "ex" is marrying the woman of his dreams. Neil tells her it's still going to be a tough day. Victoria tells him she's okay then she makes a joke, "What should I get Cole and Ashley for their wedding present?"

When Victoria finally tells Neil she needs to go to her office and start getting some work done, she sees an invitation to the Abbott/Howard nuptials on Neil's desk. Victoria asks if Neil is going. Neil tells her no. Surprisingly, Victoria encourages him to go. "In fact, I think you should take me as your guest," she declares, an impish grin on her face. "This is certainly one wedding I don't want to miss."

Tuesday, August 4, 1998

ASHLEY is in the bride's room at the church getting ready for her wedding when Cole calls one last time to tell her that he loves her. "I'll see you in a couple of hours," he tells her as he hangs up. John comes in and tells her that it is going to be a perfect wedding.

NEIL thinks that Vicki is just kidding when she says that she wants to go to the wedding, but she tells him that she is serious. She should be there. After all, she knows both the bride and groom intimately! Neil tells her that this is a bad idea. This is Ashley and Cole's special day and he thinks that Vicki will cause a scene. Don't worry, she tells him. I'll be good. But with or without you, I am going.

JOHN thanks God that Jill stopped payment on the check in time! However, Jill says that she wasn't trying to bribe the woman; the woman was in dire straights. It was so sad to see her without any money. John knows that she gave her the money with the best of intentions, but it wouldn't look that way to the other side. He says that they need to leave for the wedding; he will go pull the car around for her. After John leaves, Beatrice calls again. She just can't get it out of her mind how insulted she was when the bank wouldn't cash the check. I didn't think you were like that, Jill. Jill begs and pleads with her to come to her office and she will explain it all to her. She promises to help as much as she can. When Beatrice stalls, Jill tells her that she has to go out for a while. She suggests that Beatrice think it over and if she should change her mind, she can call on her cell phone. Bea writes down the number but doesn't promise anything.

KATHERINE enters the living room dressed for the church. Esther tells her how good she looks. Katherine tells Esther that the caterer's helper is coming by to finish the measuring. Just then the doorbell rings and, thinking it is the caterer, Esther says that she has to freshen up before she lets him in. She hands the feather duster to Katherine and rushes out, leaving Katherine with nothing to do but answer the door herself. She talks with the man about all that she wants inside the house then tells him that she wants a tent set up outside. There has to be room for at least five hundred guests! As the caterer finishes his work, Esther finally comes in with refreshments. However, when she sees the caterer, she is disappointed that it isn't Chuck. When she mentions that he isn't the one that was here before, he says that maybe his assistant, David, came by. No, that wasn't his name, Esther says. As Esther continues to stare at the man, he becomes uncomfortable and Katherine has to explain that sometimes Esther gets a little befuddled. She tells the man to do what he needs to do and Esther will show him out; she is on her way to a wedding.

MIGUEL arrives at Veronica's door with a dress for her to wear to the wedding. He knew that she would feel self-conscious and out of place but with this dress, she will fit right in. She goes to try on the dress. When she comes out of the bedroom, she is gorgeous! No one has ever done something like this for her before, she tells him.

TRICIA is all dressed and ready for the wedding when Ryan rushes in late. He tells her that he has some bad news for her; he can't make it to the wedding. There is some business out in LA that has to be taken care of today; it is something that Vicki was supposed to take care of and didn't. Tricia is disappointed until she has a good idea; she can go with him. While he is taking care of business, she can go sightseeing; then in the evening, they can go out---or not. Ryan tells her that he will be too busy; when he finally gets back to the hotel, he will be too exhausted for anything but sleep. He would feel too guilty about depriving her of a good time. Besides, there will be other trips. Tricia is visibly disappointed but she doesn't object.

CHRIS visits Nina to tell her about her trip to Romania. When she asks what is going on with Nina, Nina tells her that absolutely nothing is happening with her. Ryan is married and living his honeymoon, Phillip is away at camp, and she is there alone with not much to keep her busy. Chris wonders if she isn't harboring unresolved feelings for Ryan. Nina says it isn't Ryan she misses, but the sharing that she had with him. Chris tells her that what she needs to do is get out and start dating again. She is determined that there is someone out there and between the two of them, they can surely find him.

Watching DIANE pace around the apartment, MARISSA decides that Diane is still upset about Michael Baldwin. "Let me ask you this," Marissa begins. "Would you have hired Mr. Baldwin if he had told you about himself sooner? Hasn't he been doing a good job for you?" Diane says that she knows how to get to the heart of a problem quickly. She answers that she trusted Michael implicitly and he let her down, but he has been doing one heck of a job for her. She just wonders how men who don't tell her the truth keep taking her in. Enough about me, she says. Tell me about yourself. Marissa appears shy about sharing anything about herself. She lives alone and does a lot of reading. Diane says that she should get out more and meet people. "With the right man, there is nothing more wonderful in the world than that feeling you get when you are in love," Diane assures her. "You still feel that way? Even after all that happened to you, you would love again?" Marissa asks. Diane tells her that she hopes that some day she will be able to open her heart to someone once again. There is a knock at the door and Marissa goes to answer it.

JACK is at the door. He has come to pick Diane up for the wedding. They still have a little time, so Diane wants to talk to him about Michael. "What has he done now?" Jack wants to know. Diane tells him that Michael confessed that he hadn't been completely honest with her in the beginning. Telling Jack the full story, Jack becomes very angry. He promises that after the wedding he will get her a lawyer just as good as Michael. Diane tells him that she hasn't fired Michael yet; she is still thinking about keeping him on. Jack wonders if she has lost her mind, but she says that there are two very good reasons to keep Michael on. For one thing, she believes that he has truly been rehabilitated. He knew he couldn't have gotten the job if he had told her in the beginning about his past, so that party is completely understandable. The second reason for keeping him is that he has been doing a hell of a job. If she didn't know that before, she knows it now. She tells Jack about Victor's visit and how he thought that after he told her about Michael, she would fire him and the two of them could settle the matter. "He has Victor running scared," Diane tells Jack. Jack says that if Michael's strategy is working and if he is keeping Victor off balance, then that is a good reason to keep him on. Meantime, they have to leave if they are going to make it to the church on time.

At the Church, the guests are beginning to arrive as the altar boy lights the candles. John welcomes Cole to the family and he tells John that he truly loves Ashley. Katherine arrives with Steve Connelly who explains that Traci and Colleen are on safari in Africa. They are having fun and she is also researching for a new book. John spies Jill as she comes in with John Silva. He goes over and speaks to them. Katherine comes up and remarks that Jill is dating her lawyer. Jill tells Katherine that she has been spending a great deal of time with him recently.

MALCOLM and Olivia arrive just as Jack and Diane arrive. Diane is greeted by the two as an old friend as Katherine looks on. Olivia leaves to attend her duties with Ashley just as Miguel comes in with Veronica; he introduces her to Mrs. Newman. Just then, Vicki and Neil arrive. Jack's jaw clenches forcefully.

Walking over to the arriving couple, Jack wants to know what Vicki is doing here, but Vicki just smiles sweetly (maybe too sweetly, since there is definitely mischief in her eyes) and makes an innocent comment. As she pushes right by Jack and goes to sit, Jack grabs Neil's arm and says that he has just made a serious error in judgment. Neil tries to tell him that Vicki said she would come with or without him and he thought it best if he were here to hold her in check. "Then you had better do it!" Jack tells him, still holding his arm. Malcolm comes over and asks if this is a wedding or a wrestling match. Jack leaves to do his best man duties. Malcolm looks at his brother and tells him that he is tempting fate---BIG TIME---by being here with Victoria. Neil leaves and joins Vicki in her pew.

ASHLEY is ready except for her wedding dress when Jack stops by. He warns her that Vicki is there with Neil. Neither Ashley nor Olivia can believe that she would show up there today. "The gall of that woman!" Ashley says. "I should go and tell her what I think!" Jack and Olivia convince her not to do anything that could ruin the day; they are both sure that Vicki won't do anything foolish. Dad comes in and gives his daughter a kiss before the ceremony.

In the church, Jack whispers to Diane and they both look at Vicki. Vicki notices but pretends that she didn't. However, she is still smiling her Cheshire Cat smile. Jack leaves and soon he and Cole enter the church and stand at the altar. Cole sees Vicki in the audience and she smiles and waves at him impishly.

As the music starts, Olivia walks down the aisle. When she reaches the altar, everyone stands as the bride and her father begins the journey down the aisle. John says that he gives Ashley in marriage to Cole; he places her hands in his and gives her a kiss. The minister begins the ceremony. As he reaches the part about if anyone has any reasons why this marriage should not take place, Neil looks at Vicki expectantly. Suddenly, Vicki grabs her stomach. "Are you all right?" whispers a concerned Neil. "What's wrong?"

Wednesday, August 5, 1998

While the horses frolic in the fields, Nikki leans against the terrace door and contemplate Vicki's situation. As Victor joins her, they begin to discuss the situation. Victor is very disappointed in Cole; he should have tried harder to make the marriage work. Vicki thinks that maybe he tried a little too hard, referring to the pregnancy. While Nikki tries to persuade Victor that Vicki could have tried to get pregnant on purpose to save her marriage, Victor is adamant that his daughter would never do such a thing. As to Cole's promise to "be there" for the child, what does that mean? A statue "is there" for goodness sake! Nikki feels that Cole means that he will find the energy to be a father to this child even though he is married to another woman. That isn't right! Victor insists. A child needs a mother and a father together in the same house.

COLE and ASHLEY exchange their vows without any interruptions despite the fact that Victoria appears to be in some kind of distress. However, it passes and even thought she doesn't answer Neil's concerned plea, she continues to sit quietly throughout the remainder of the ceremony. When the wedding is over and the bride and groom face an applauding audience, Vicki tells Neil that the baby moved.

Everyone crowds around Ashley and Cole and pictures are taken. Neil and Vicki approach. Expecting trouble, Ashley and Cole are surprised when Vicki congratulates them and tells Ashley to be good to him. Neil and Cole shake hands and Vicki and Neil leave much to the collective relief of all those present.

GRACE looks at the tickets to the Smashing Pumpkins concert and contemplates her night to come. As Tony enters the room, she quickly slips the tickets into her purse. Tony is dressed very nicely in his new uniform as Assistant Service Manager and he is looking forward to his first business meeting. However, he still has time to ask Grace if she would like to take a cruise for their honeymoon. Grace says that now would be a bad time since he just got promoted, but he tells her that it would be harder to leave later, after he has taken on more responsibilities. He encourages her to set the date for their wedding.

SHARON and NICK are enjoying a "short love break" but Nick says that that is all the time they have since there are a pile of files calling his name. They share just one more kiss, which is interrupted by a beaming Cassie. She says she likes to see them kissing; it makes her happy and it makes her feel safe. Sharon tells her that she should always feel safe where she and Nick are concerned. Nick teases her about all the boys who will be kissing on her before they know it. Making a face, Cassie tells him that she won't be kissing any boys---ugh! She then announces that there won't be any boys where she and Sharon are going tonight. She tells him about a potluck dinner they are having at the camp and right away, Nick wants to grab his coat and go with them. "You can't go, silly," Cassie laughs. It is a mother and daughter night. Well then, Nick says, I will take my toys and go play at the office! When he goes to gather up his files, Cassie wonders if he really would have gone with them. Sharon assures her that Nick would have gone with them and he would have had a good time. If it had been a father and daughter thing, he would have gone also. Winking at her, Nick says he has to go get something he left upstairs but there is more good bye kissing for his two favorite girls before he leaves.

GRACE goes to Nick's office and pulls out the tickets. "I know you so well, Nicholas," she says. "Your family's out for the evening so you'll be in here to work. Come on, Nick. Don't let me down!"

The GUESTS have all assembled for Cole and Ashley's wedding reception. The room is festive with flowers everywhere, the wedding cake is prominent and soft music is playing as Ashley and Cole stand at the entranceway. "Are you ready?" Cole asks. "I've been ready for this all of my life," Ashley answers. Everyone surrounds them with good wishes. Jack raises a glass and makes the first toast, followed directly by John Abbott as he toasts the newlyweds; He welcomes Cole into the family and makes an honorary Abbott of him. As the orchestra begins to play "Our Love is here to Stay," Cole and Ashley take the floor for their first dance as husband and wife. As the other guests begin to share the dance floor, John takes over and dances with his daughter. When Jack cuts in, John and Jill talk civilly for a change.

MALCOLM and OLIVIA discuss the gall of Victoria's showing up at the wedding and hopes she doesn't have the brass to crash the reception also. Olivia says that they have Neil to thank for keeping Vicki in line at the wedding. Malcolm says that he saw Vicki when she first came in and she was a young lady raring for a fight. "She knew damn well what she was doing when she crashed this wedding," Malcolm says.

Katherine interrupts John and Jill and the two ladies exchange a few insults. Their fun is interrupted by Jill's cell phone. When she answers, she is happy to hear from Beatrice and tells her that she will meet her in the office very soon. After saying goodbye, John and Katherine decide that this is the right time for them to dance.

COLE has a private talk with Steve Connelly and tells him that he is thinking of writing a fictionalized account of the shooting that occurred at the ranch earlier this year. He also tells him that he has found a fantastic research assistant who will free him up to do nothing but write. He wants Steve to meet Veronica, so he leaves in search of her.

MIGUEL is with Veronica. She says that she is having the best time. She wonders if Nikki and Victor will be coming, but then guesses that under the circumstances, they wouldn't be invited. Miguel says that Vicki wasn't invited, but she showed up at the wedding and "trust me," he says, "that was strange even for Victoria." Miguel then tells her that he wants to ask her once again to be his wife. Just as he asks, Cole arrives to take her to meet a real New York publisher.

When Veronica returns, she tells Miguel that Cole has so many nice things to say about her to the publisher. Miguel tells he that he was only telling the truth. He then wonders about his proposal and Veronica tells him yes. Miguel can't believe he has heard correctly. "Yes, Miguel," she repeats. "I'll marry you." However, she reminds him that since it is someone else's wedding day, she would prefer that they kept it to themselves for a while. Miguel tells her that she has made him the happiest man in the world.

The time for Ashley and Cole to leave arrives. They say goodnight to as everyone claps and waves goodbye to them. "Good luck, my beauty," John whispers to his daughter.

NEIL and VICTORIA return to her office and Neil wonders if it was worth it. "Worth it?" Vicki answers. "Yes, it was worth it. At least it shows everyone that I am a survivor." Neil says that he could have told her that, but Vicki says that maybe she needed to prove it to herself. Neil says that he admires how she handled the difficult situation; it would have been so easy to say something nasty and ruin Ashley's day, but she handled herself with total class. The phone rings and when Neil offers to get it for her, she dries her eyes and answers it herself. It is Nikki. She tells Vicki that she and Victor are coming into town for dinner and would like for Vicki to join them. After she hangs up, Vicki tells her that she has just been invited to dinner and "guess who is coming to dinner with me?"

When NICK gets to his office, Grace jumps out of the darkness and cries, "Boo!" Nick accuses her of nearly giving him a heart attack. He wonders what she is doing there and she explains that she is working. She gives him the tickets to the concert and tells him to go home and take Sharon out for some fun. Nick can't do that; she and Cassie are out for the evening, but he suggests that she take Tony. Grace says that Tony is at a business meeting tonight. Nick says that she could sell one of the tickets and go herself; it would be like going for free. Suddenly, Grace has a wonderful idea. Nick could go with her. Nick says that that wouldn't be good idea but Grace points out that they would be in a public place with lots of people. Besides, she thought he had put that entire embarrassing incident behind him; he told her to do that and she has. "What do you say, Nick?" Grace smiles temptingly.

JILL is in her office when Bea arrives. Bea is upset and angry that she had to go through such an embarrassing ordeal but Jill promises to make it up to her. She tries to explain the reasons for why she had to stop payment, but Bea still can't trust Jill any longer. Finally she hands Jill back the check but as she does so, she says that she can't figure out what is so important about this check. When Jill gets the check, she hands Beatrice an envelope. I hope this will convince you that I am sincere, Jill says. Opening, the envelope, Beatrice sees a lot of cash. She assures Jill that she can count on her whenever she needs her.

When Bea walks out of the office, Jill breathes a sigh of relief as she tears the check into two pieces. Outside the door Beatrice places the money in her purse. With a smile, she pulls a Xeroxed copy of the check out of her bag and looks at it with satisfaction.

Thursday, August 6, 1998

VICTOR and NIKKI are waiting at Yves for Vicki with long faces; they know that this has been a terrible day for their daughter but she has them to stand beside her. A cheerful Vicki shows up and says that since her parents are looking so serious, they must have been talking about her. As she sits down, the waiter comes for their drink order. Victor orders vodka for himself and tea for the ladies. Vicki tells the waiter to make her a decaf and to please set another place setting. Nikki is surprised that Vicki has invited someone to dinner just as Neil shows up. He speaks to Victoria and to Mr. and Mrs. Newman. Nikki asks him to join them; Nikki tells Vicki that they are expecting someone. "Yes, Mother," Vicki says. "My date, Neil." Nikki is totally speechless but gets over it in order to be hospitable. She does have one question of Neil; what about his marriage? Neil says that he and Dru are estranged and may never get back together. "These things happen," he says and Nikki agrees. A little later, Vicki chastises her mother for staring. Nikki asks why shouldn't she stare at such a handsome and charming man as Neil. Both Victor and Nikki are further taken aback when Vicki announces that she and Neil attended the wedding. Nikki says that her daughter has always been headstrong. After that, the evening goes smoothly until Nikki brings up Cole's request to continue using the tack room. Even though everyone, including Neil, advises her against it, she announces that there is no reason for her to make life difficult for Cole; if he wants to used the tack room, it is fine with her.

Although NICK is still reluctant, Grace manages to talk him into going to the concert with her. Just as they are leaving, the phone rings. Grace tells him not to answer, but he does anyway. It is Sharon calling to let him know that she and Cassie are about to leave. She feels so sorry for him being chained to his desk while she and Cassie are going out for fun. Without telling her that he is going to the concert, Nick wishes her a good time. Sharon tells him that his dinner is in the frig ready to be popped into the microwave.

At the ranch, CASSIE tells Sharon that Nick is really starting to like her. Sharon assures her that Nick does like her. Now, lets "blow this pop stand and head for our mother-daughter potluck!"

ALICE looks through the phone book trying to find the phone number for the law firm where Ellen Warner now works as a secretary. This is the way that she is going to find her Cassie. Millie tells her that she is making a big mistake. Cassie is happy now and has a good life; can't you leave it at that?

VERONICA can't believe how happy she is. Miguel doesn't know what he would have done if she hadn't accepted his proposal. As he begins to talk about them living at the ranch, Veronica's mind slips back to the time when Nikki came to her quarters to search it using the pretext that she needed to redecorate the room. Miguel has to call her several times before she comes back to reality. She tells him that she was thinking about living at the ranch and she doesn't think it would be a good idea. Miguel thinks it would be perfect but she tells him not to mention it to the Newmans yet; she needs to think about it some more. "Then again," she says, "It might be just the thing."

COLE and ASHLEY are toasting their new marriage with champagne and reliving the memories of their meeting and falling in love. Cole tells her that Steve gave him a little more time on his new book plus he approved him doing the mystery book of the shooting. As he goes on and on, Ashley begins to undress him. He finally gets the idea and says that he shouldn't be talking so much---actually, he shouldn't be talking at all! They begin a serious attempt to consummate their marriage.

VICTORIA arrives at her office and opens one of her desk drawers. She takes out a picture of Cole and herself and looks at it longingly. She goes to the phone and calls a number. When the GC Hotel answers, she asks for Cole Howard's room.

ASHLEY and COLE are in the midst of passion when the phone rings. Cole says not to get it, but Ashley says that she can't stand to let a phone ring. When she does answer it, she is angered to find Vicki on the other end. She has to speak with Cole but she can call back if it is too inconvenient at the moment. "What is it Victoria?" Cole asks when he takes the phone. "What is so important that it couldn't wait until tomorrow?" Vicki thought he was anxious to know about the tack room; it is okay with her if he wants to use it. "And by the way, today during your wedding ceremony, your baby kicked for the first time! Pretty remarkable, huh?"

ASHLEY is furious with Vicki but not surprised. This is typical Victoria, she says. However, they don't let the little call interrupt what is important to them. Back to the bed and the passion they go!

When VICTORIA hangs up the phone, she picks up the picture of Cole and cradles it to her chest.

NIKKI and VICTOR arrive home in a down mood. Nikki is angry that Victor has known for months that Vicki has been seeing Neil and no one has bothered to tell her. Why? Victor says that there has been so much going on, but Nikki doesn't buy that. It would only take a few minutes to tell her about Neil. Victor lets her know that if Victoria has to get mixed up with anyone, he is glad it is Neil. Nikki would rather that she weren't involved with anyone at the moment with all that is going on in her life.

MALCOLM is still at the studio when Neil stops by after dinner. He is bursting at the seams to tell his little brother all about having dinner with Vicki AND her parents. "You know what that means, don't you?" Malcolm gloats. "Soon you will be calling Mr. Victor Newman daddy-in-law." Neil doesn't want to get too far ahead of himself, but that is the way he is reading it also.

SHARON and CASSIE return from their night out very excited. Cassie says that they are planning a father/daughter night later on and she wonders if she should ask Nick to take her. Sharon thinks that he would be happy to go with her, but Cassie says that he isn't her real father. She wouldn't want him to think he HAS to take her; she could ask Tony instead. Sharon asks her to ask Nick first. "I've never been to a mother/daughter night before," Cassie says. "I've never had a real mother before. I know that I'm not everything that you want me to be, Sharon, but I want you to know that I am trying real hard." Come here, Sharon tells her. She pulls her into her arms and tells her that she is everything she could ever want in a daughter. Stay just as you are; I am so glad that we found each other!

MEGAN meets a lonely Tricia at Crimson Lights. When Tricia begins bemoaning the fact that she is on her honeymoon and all alone, Megan suggests that she get a dog. While Tricia talks, Megan notices Grace across the room and mentions that she isn't with Tony. "It is just as I figured," she says. "Tony isn't serious about her." Tricia teases her about her interest in Tony, but Megan vehemently denies any interest.

Across the room, NICK and GRACE are enjoying a coffee and rehashing the concert. When Grace orders another coffee, he tells her that he has to go home now. As he pulls out money for the coffee, Grace tells him that she isn't going to tell Tony about tonight; he would only feel bad that he had to miss the concert. She suggests that he keep it from Sharon also. "We can keep a secret between the two of us, can't we, Nick?" she asks suggestively. Without a word, Nick places the money on the table and leaves.

From across the room, Megan watches him leave.

ALICE finds the phone number she is looking for and calls. When she gets Ellen on the line, she acts real friendly---as if she is calling an old and dear friend after a long absence. Ellen is cool and asks her what she wants. Alice wants to know what happened to Ray's files. Ellen says she has no idea and hangs up on her. "There is no way I'd ever let you near those files, you tramp," Ellen says.

NICK approaches a darkened house but when he opens the door, he sees the room alit with candles and Sharon is waiting for him in a little black teddy. As she welcomes him home, she tells him that she doesn't thank him often enough for all the hard work he does for her and the children. She offers to warm up his dinner, but he says he has already eaten. He asks about the dinner and she is so aglow talking about Cassie that Nick tells her that this motherhood gig agrees with her. "I can't help it," Sharon tells him as they embrace. "Our little family is coming together and we are so safe and secure.

"I can't believe that Bitch hung up on me!" Alice shouts. "Well, I am not going to give up. There has to be another way to find those files and I am going to find it. They are the key to getting my Cassie back."

Friday, August 7, 1998

Morning dawns after a restless night for both Victor and Nikki; they both have too much on their minds to sleep. Victor tells Nikki that whatever happens, they will survive. "In the eyes of God, we are married so it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. We have children and grandchildren and who ever wants to dispute that---let them." He tells her that he is going to meet with his attorney this morning and he feels sure that he can settle this whole thing.

MICHAEL is in his office but he isn't working when Jack drops by. "Are you here to gloat?" Michael asks. Jack tells him that he has come to respect the work that Michael is doing and it doesn't matter to him about his past. He knows Victor Newman better than anyone and whatever Michael is doing is really getting to the man. He has found the ultimate loophole that has Diane in the catbird seat. She is the real Mrs. Victor Newman for as long as she likes and every day that she is Mrs. Newman, the power she has just goes up. He also doesn't believe that Diane will fire him; why should she when he has done all he promised. He is going to see Diane and get her to keep Michael on. Michael sarcastically says that his word goes go far with Diane. Jack smiles and says, "Now we are beginning to understand each other." When Michael wants to know what Jack gets out of this, Jack reminds him of the old saying, should I scratch your back . . . Michael finishes it with, there will come a time when I will scratch yours. That is a saying he can live with.

Talking with Marissa, DIANE still isn't sure if she should keep Michael Baldwin on or not. He was so effective but how can she trust him now?

CALLIE is talking with the owner of a bar when he gives her a paycheck. She looks at it and says that it isn't much but she does have a job and a room; besides, beggars can't be choosers. Rob, the owner of the bar, answers the phone. When Callie learns that the call is for her, she motions that she isn't here. After Rob gets rid of the person on the phone by saying that Callie moved on a couple of days ago, he asks if she is really afraid of this person. Callie says that he can't find her. She begs him not to tell anyone---anyone---where she is. Don't you have some friends? Rob wants to know. "I thought I did," Callie says sadly, "but I guess I was wrong."

NIKKI is caring for the cut flowers when Miguel walks in with Veronica. After an exchange of greeting, Veronica leaves for the tack house to see Cole. Nikki tells Miguel that if his smile were any bigger, it would not fit in the room. Miguel tells her that Veronica has finally accepted his proposal of marriage. Nikki gives him her sincere congratulations. She is a little troubled at first, however, when Miguel mentions that he would like to expand his living quarters so that he and Veronica can live at the ranch. Nikki assures him that that would be fine and she will talk Victor into accepting it also. Miguel tells her that he will be in her debt forever.

PAUL and CHRIS arrive at Mary's door with flowers and breakfast. They are shocked when Charlie answers the door. Paul is unable to say a word he is so shocked. He tells them that Mary is upstairs dressing and offers to get them some coffee. As he goes into the kitchen to make the coffee, Chris begins to tease Paul about his mother and Charlie. Paul doesn't think that there is anything funny about his mother and Charlie "getting it on." Mary joins them and wonders what on earth they are doing there. Paul tells her that Charlie let them in and he is in the kitchen making coffee. Mary appears embarrassed, but makes the best of the situation until Charlie comes with the coffee and hopes that he has everything right since he doesn't know his way around Mary's kitchen. "There is no reason why you should," Mary says. Paul says that they are all adults here; no need to pretend. "You didn't think . . . you two don't think . . . I didn't spend the night here, Paul. Mary and I had a date for breakfast." How could you think that of me? Mary asks. She tells Charlie that they should leave now. As they head out the door, Mary tells Paul to call next time and to lock up when they leave. As Paul rambles about the egg on his face, Chris looks at the picture of Carl. "It looks so familiar," she tells Paul. It should, Paul says, you have seen it a thousand times.

Speaking with Victor, JOHN doesn't believe that Diane has fired Michael Baldwin. If she has, she hasn't hired a replacement or he would have heard from him. Victor isn't worried about Baldwin any longer; he feels that Diane will now listen to him. He is going to meet with her again without lawyers and see if she is ready to listen to reason. John tells him that he has nothing to lose. Just keep it out of court whatever you do. If you keep it out of court you will be light years ahead of the game.

MALCOLM collects the paper just as Olivia comes out of the bedroom in a sexy red lacy teddy. She reminds him that Nate is still at his sleepover and they have the apartment to themselves.

Later, they leave the bedroom in the process of dressing. Olivia reminds him that she has double duty tonight so if he needs Julia late, she should let her know as soon as she can. After Olivia leaves, Malcolm picks up the paper and begins to go through it. Suddenly he finds an advertisement in the paper, which takes his breath away. There is a picture of Callie with a notice of live entertainment at the Crow's Nest Lounge. "She was telling the truth," Malcolm says.

DIANE wonders who is ringing her doorbell but she doesn't have to wonder for long. Opening the door, she finds Victor there. "What are you doing here?" she asks him coldly. Victor wants to come in and talk with her, but she tells him no. He begs her not to put up walls; he isn't there to cause trouble. She tells him that he is not there for her benefit; he is there for one thing and one thing only---he wants her to go away as quickly as possible. Unless he is can admit that, they have nothing to talk about. "You are right," Victor begins. "I want this madness to end. If that is selfish, then so be it." Diane lets him in at this admission. Victor begins to sweet talk Diane right away. Using his most seductive voice, he tells her that he is truly sorry for everything. "I deeply regret that you don't trust me; the situation got out of control. We can do this without lawyers. Every time the attorneys get involved, we end up taking two steps backwards. All they want to do is line their own pockets." Diane wonders what John Silva would say if he heard this statement. "I don't give a damn what John thinks or that scumbag Baldwin---if he is still your attorney." Diane tells him that it is counterproductive to bring up her attorney and he gives in. Once again he begins to seduce her with his voice as he comes closer and closer to her. "We were doing so much better without the attorneys. Let's just you and I try to solve this problem. As someone who feels responsible for you, has loved you and shared many intimate moments with you, we can work this out just between the two of us. What do you say? We can settle this with dignity and respect." When Diane tells him that she will think about it and call him later to make an appointment, he tells her that he has made several offers in the past which were turned down. He says that he wants her to tell him what it is that she wants and he will do his best to give it to her.

JOHN SILVA calls Michael and wonders if he is still representing Diane. Michael says he has someone in his office and will get back to him. "They are figuring this out, Diane," he says. "Diane, you need me now more than ever! How do I convince you of that? Both of our futures depend on my convincing you of that."

ASHLEY and COLE are continuing their honeymoon in the Tack room before she leaves for work when Veronica knocks at the door. When she sees what she has interrupted, she offers to come back later, but Ashley leaves instead. Cole begins to tell her about the new project he is going to work on. He will need a lot of research work done. It will be a psychological mystery based on reality. As he is telling her about the book, the phone rings. While he talks to his insurance agent, he gives Veronica a file to look over. Walking across the room, Veronica opens the file and can't believe her eyes. Staring back at her from the folder is a picture of herself as Sara on a wanted poster.

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