One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 3, 1998 on OLTL

Viki managed to talk Todd down from the roof. Rachel went to jail. Jessica and Will spent some time together. Cassie demanded to know the truth. Sam and Lindsay reminisced. Viki suspected that Todd had a multiple personality disorder.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 3, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday, August 3, 1998


I. i: (Kevin & Cassie's):

Bibi weeps into Kevin's arms as he holds her on the couch. Cassie coldly, silently appears. The couple parts hurriedly, panicking. Kevin blusters while Bibi babbles and tries to flee. Cassie will have none of that.

ii: (Rachel's apartment):

Rachel, sporting a braided, pig-tailed coif and sitting up in bed, contemplates time. Hank sits down next to her. She is glad he called her, since she wasn't going to be doing much sleep tonight. He tells her everything's going to be alright, and assures her that all the details will be taken care of while she's gone. The apartment will still be there, bills will be paid, etc. Fear crosses Rachel's face, and Hank soothes her. He presents her with his copy of "The Souls of Colored Folk" by W.E.B. DuBois. He tells her that he's never stopped reading it, because it's always given him strength.

iii: (Hospital Ledge):

In Todd's empty room, Sam and Viki wonder where he could be, when Dr. Lange informs them of the crises with Todd. They hurry to the roof where Todd is threatening to jump. There, it seems Todd is trying to jump, but can't. A security guard comes out yammering, but when Todd hears himself called 'Mr. Manning', he seems confused and annoyed. "Mr. Manning was my father." His eyes fill with tears as he looks at the street below, wanting it "to just be quiet."

(who else loves these GladWare commercials? it¹s the "how long will this loan be for" one. :)

II. i: (Ledge):

Viki and Sam rush out onto the roof, frightened but immediately trying to calm Todd. Dr. Lange steps out with the totally ineffectual Dr. Weise, who is the consulting psychiatrist. Eventually, however, Sam and Dr. Lange leave, while Dr. Weise (staying because the police want him to) and the security guard skulk behind some big metal thing on the roof. Quazi-alone, Viki approaches Todd, saying she can't think straight when she's scared to death. She thinks Todd makes a joke, but he touchingly says he doesn't think this is funny at all. Viki agrees. She tells him that although terrible things have been done to him, and he's done horrible things to others, he's at a point right now where things are really starting to change, and it would be a waste if he ended it. She tells him about "the good Todd", who is struggling so to get out and be free. Todd considers. "The good Todd?". Viki persuades that it's the one she and many others, Starr, Sam, Téa, etc have all seen it.

ii: (Llanfair):

Jessica walks out onto the terrace and calls for Will, who steps out from behind a tree. He had called her to meet him, at 2am, because, he says, he couldn't sleep. She chuckles. They are pretty cute together. They discuss the bizarre marriage of her dad to his mom, but quickly he notes that she doesn't look like her voice. He didn¹t expect such a .. "amazon?", Jessie suggests... no, a "goddess." Jess demurs, but enjoys the compliment. He likes her laugh too.

iii: (Rachel's):

Hank discusses how powerless he feels, and how alone he feels. Rachel teases that they are so alike, and assures him of what a strong, and wonderful father he's always been to her. She understands that the feeling that needing to make things right sets him apart, like her, making them alone. She asks him to read to her, so they settle back, with her head on his lap, and he reads a beautiful passage to her about righteousness and the search for truth.

iv: (Cassie & Kevin's):

Bibi tries to absolve Kevin of all the blame, saying that the crush was all her fault, and that when she tried to seduce him tonight, he turned her down. Kevin tries to make her stop, but the magnificent Cassie won't let him. Bibi winds up by saying that tonight after he refused her, she felt horrible, so all Cassie saw was him trying to comfort her. Cassie tells her to go now. "Where?" "Straight to hell for all I care." (woohoo!) Bibi scrams. Kevin tries getting mad at Cassie, then blaming Dorian. Cassie scoffs that her mother did not light all these candles. Though Kevin still tries to weasel, Cassie demands to know the truth about he and Barbara.

III. i: (Kevin & Cassie's):

Kevin attempts a "truth" that he is so in love with Cassie, but that only annoys her further. Next, Kevin attempts a "truth" about what happened specifically tonight, but again Cassie doesn¹t bite. He pretends not to know what he's supposed to be guilty of, then tries to put Cassie on the defensive, but the fabulous Cassie has her eyes wide open. Kevin pulls out another card, throwing the past in her face, when she was willing to leave her husband and son for him. Then he desperately asks if she still loves him. She does, but keeps insisting on the truth. I guess not wanting her to feel crazy, he finally admits it. His excuse, of course, is that they thought they were going to die. He thinks it didn't happen again after that night. (Making out isn't cheating? Since when?)

ii: (Hospital):

Sam enters with Dr. Lange, adamant that Todd has never been suicidal. Lange is beeped away, but Dorian swoops in. She reams him for letting Blair walk right into Holden's trap.

iii: (Ledge):

Todd wavers precariously on the ledge, scaring Viki. She tells him he doesn't have to hide, like when he's "Todd the bully" who hates everybody, or "the little boy" who ignores everyone by sticking his head under the covers, or the way he is now, showing no reaction but a sneer. She knows all his tricks. She also knows how liberating it can be... Todd says he wants to be free. She asks him to take her hand, promising to not let anyone hurt him, because she knows what he's hiding from. When she says she'll just wait for him, until he's ready, he slowly relents, takes her hand, and *just* when he's off the ledge, and they nearly hug, Hank bursts into the scene, which scares Todd right back out on the ledge.

IV. i: (Ledge):

Hank is heartless and unsympathetic. Dr. Weise stands placidly while Hank taunts Todd. When Todd might think of coming down if Hank leaves, Hank exits with the shrink and the officer. Again alone, Todd quietly states that he¹ll never be free. Viki points out that he isn't nearly as irredeemable as he thinks, and that if it can happen to her it can happen to him. She adds that she will not give up on him and won't let him give up on himself either.

ii: (Hospital):

Dorian accuses Sam of blatantly using the vulnerable Blair. She leaves after glaring that she seriously overestimated him.

iii: (Llanfair Grounds?):

In a park like area, Will and Jess sit on a bench and gaze at the moon. Will ruefully points out a good thing of the marriage: he won't have to be the one to deal with Lindsay's high emotional maintenance. Jess realizes that he'll be living with them, and asks if he's going to LU, but he scoffs. She points out that since Clint is at the paper, Lin and he won't be moving. Will comments that they didn't take anyone else into consideration. Will thinks Clint and Lin should be grounded for doing something so crazy and impulsive.

iv: (Cassie & Kevin's):

Cassie is in shock, realizing that the affair happened weeks ago. He admits that he doesn't know why he did it, but it made him realize how much he doesn't want to lose her. Cassie wryly notes that he didn't think about that then, but then she sarcastically repeats his excuse that everything was so intense. He wishes he could take it back, but will work for the rest of his life to make up for it. Cassie quietly looks like she's going to be sick. Finally she smashes a vase against the wall.

V. i: (Kevin & Cassie's):

Cassie angrily informs him of the guilt she felt for leaving her husband, and fumes about how low he stooped, making love to this woman he brought into this house. Cassie brings Kelly in, over Kevin's angry attempts to keep it private. Cassie berates him, noting that he's perfectly willing to humiliate her, but not himself. She then tells Kelly what Kevin admitted. Kelly is disgusted that Kevin seduced Bibi at the lodge. Cassie coldly admits that she had set him up, then she and Kelly leave to pack her things.

ii: (Llanfair Grounds?):

Will and Jess lie on their backs, side by side. Jess talks about the moon, turns her head, discovers Will's close to hers, and they kiss.

iii: (Ledge):

Viki has been where Todd is, unwilling to believe anyone could forgive her or that she could forgive herself. She discusses her alters, and how she learned how to forgive and love herself. She encourages him to think about the people who love him and would miss him. She tells him that he doesn¹t need death to control his life. Todd quietly can't believe that Starr would still love him. Viki gently, soothingly tells him of all the people who love him. She is very convincing. Slowly, Todd takes Viki's hand and comes off the ledge, pulling her near.

VI. i: (Kevin's):

Kelly coldly returns, with Cassie right behind. Kevin tries to stop Cassie, but Kelly sets him straight. Cooly, Cassie tells Kevin off one last time and leaves him. Kevin begs her to stay, calls that he loves her, but she's gone. . He bends to pick up the shards from the vase, but furiously throws them against the other wall. Barbara enters the room.

ii: (Mel? & Dorian's):

Sam arrives and asks Dorian for Blair, but she left fifteen minutes before with Max and Starr. Dorian thinks that they will either kill each other on this trip, or come back married, but either way, he's lost her.

iii: (Ledge):

Viki suggests that they walk down to his room together, though he might have to walk with Hank. When Hank enters, Todd looks *very* innocent, and mumbles that "Todd did some awful things." Viki asks him to repeat himself. This time, he says "I did some awful things." Viki looks resigned and a bit shocked as she follows them out.

Tuesday, August 4, 1998

Kevin told Barbara that Cassie knew they had slept together. Barbara still couldn't accept that Kevin didn't have any real feelings towards her. Joey arrived to see how Barbara was doing and she confessed that she was in love with Kevin. Kelly walked in and had a fit when she found Joey comforting Barbara. Joey defended Barbara to Kelly and he related Kevin and Cassie's situation to the circumstances surrounding their own breakup. Joey later offered to help Barbara move out of the Millhouse. Meanwhile, Cassie took refuge at Dorian's and told her that she had been right about Kevin and Barbara. Cassie told Dorian about how she set Kevin up and that the plan had worked like a charm. Kevin showed up and insisted on seeing Cassie and begged for her forgiveness. Kevin tried to be honest with Cassie and couldn't offer any excuses as to why he had slept with Barbara. Kevin tried to assure Cassie that he loved her, but she threw her engagement ring at him and told him to leave. Cassie broke down in Dorian's arms and cried as Dorian promised Cassie that she would never let Kevin hurt her again. Roseanne agreed to pose nude for Cristian. Cristian was still skeptical, but Roseanne assured him that she would do anything for him. As Roseanne posed, she and Cristian reminisced a little about their childhood. After Will kissed Jessica in the park, she told him about Cristian. Will and Jessica agreed to be just friends and then he showed her the photo of Roseanne that he had taken from her on the airplane. Jessica decided to bring Will to meet Cristian, but when he opened the door, they found Roseanne posing nude!

Wednesday, August 5, 1998

Sam and Lindsay

Lindsay and Sam are off in search of Will. Lindsay woke up during her wedding night and found him gone. She was suspicious because Will was a little too unruffled by her big news. She checked all the rooms in Asa's mansion, but their son was gone. Sam also was suspicious, but was hoping Lindsay's wedding night would be undisturbed. He is surprised when Lindsay says she left Clint sleeping and did not want to involve him in another night of Good Will Hunting. She is certain their son is probably laughing in his illegal beer. Sam promises that he will put an end to this behavior. Tonight is Will's last run.

A little while later Sam and Lindsay take a time out to change a tire on Sam's car and they reminisce about the old times. Sam understands that Lindsay did not mean to hurt the children, but is just taking a shot at a new life and he never thought her a bad mother. Lindsay is considering a different approach to Will- one involving locking him in Asa's mansion. She jokes that Asa already has a moat, he is bound to have a dungeon. Lindsay helps Sam with the tire and they remark how well they work together. Lindsay wonders why she divorced him. Sam says it was a minor detail, like she couldn't stand his face. Lindsay replies that that is so not true. She just couldn't deal with his holding back the part of him he reserved for Nora. Sam replies he did the best he could. Lindsay almost wishes he could have Nora now. Sam is convinced there is no hope of that. But he had another chance with Blair. He played it too cool, but he has to admit he was surprised that he had feelings for Blair. By the time he got around to telling her, she left town with Max. Lindsay tells him not to throw in the towel yet. Sam comments that cases he wins, women he loses. Lindsay says he only lost Nora. They decide to search the park for Will.

Cris' Apartment- Roseanne, Jessica, Will and Cris

Jessica and Will pay a surprise visit to Cris and find him with a naked and quickly re-robed Roseanne. Will realizes she is the girl from the airport. Cris tells Jessie he is finally making some progress. Jessie replies she can see that and she is sorry for the interruption and bolts out the door with Cris in pursuit. This leaves Will to get acquainted with Roseanne.

She immediately needles him, asking just what Mr. Prep school is doing in Angel Square. Then he tells her how he knows Jessica and that she is suddenly his sister and they spent the night commiserating about her father and his mother's marriage to each other. Roseanne says he makes it sound like a funeral. She feels lucky not to have parents around. Will does not agree. As bizarre as his parents may act, he feels lucky to have them in his life. He probes her for how rough her life must have been, but Roseanne clearly does not want to discuss it. She is more interested in "sister" Jessica and whether she is the ice princess she appears to be.

Meanwhile in the Park...

Jessica finds out that the girl posing for Cris is Roseanne, Téa's niece. She thought Roseanne was a tomboy. Cris goes on about how Roseanne is grow up, but he still sees the little girl he knew inside her and it gives him inspiration. He is not hot for her. Jessie knows he does not feel that way for his models. Jessie says she just hates that Roseanne can give him that inspiration and pose for him and not her. Cris puts her feelings down to insecurity and tells her she is blowing it way out of proportion. Jessica says that he had a certain look in his eyes. Cris changes the subject to Will (the guy in the bathing suit picture) and just what she was doing with him in the middle of the night.

Back at the apartment...

Will tells Roseanne that she is the queen of the freezer. She counters that if she is so cold, why is he so hot? She runs her hand over his cheek (got that from Tia Téa) and Will backs away and says it is a hot night and takes a beer. He says he wants to see the great artist's rendering. He goes over to the canvass and takes a look at Cris' work. He says that Cris is good, but then again he had a good subject. Roseanne, having No self esteem problems, agrees that is so true but she is more interested in the 411 on Jessica. Will says that Jessie is smart, friendly and up front. "And pretty goes without saying", Roseanne throws in. In fact, Will has himself a built in summer love to cry on his shoulder. Will counters that Roseanne and Cris looked pretty tight and that Cris is very intense. Roseanne tells him that Cris has always been intense. He is an artist. Will wants to know if Roseanne is trying to get him interested in Jessica. Am I, she replies. Will asks what is it about this naked thing? Is Roseanne doing it just for the art? "For now", Roseanne replies.

Back at the Park...

Jessica tells Cris that Will is her new step brother. He showed up in the middle of the night, they talked about Cris and went for a walk, to find him with Roseanne. Cris says she just showed up. He just wanted to get the painting down pat so he and Jessie would have a shot of going to New York together in the fall. That is what matters more than anything to him. Jessica just worries that something awful will happen. A flashlight beams into their faces. It is Officer Drew on Patrol. He warns them that there have been several muggings in the park. If Cris does not take Jessica home, Drew will have to. They just pretend to go along with him, but after he leaves, Jessie tells Cris she is not ready to go yet. She needs to know about Roseanne.

Cris says that Roseanne is just an old friend. Her mom died and her dad left her and she went to live with her grandmother in New Orleans. He tells Jessica she will get to like her. Jessica can't get past Roseanne being so exotic. Cris says that to him Roseanne is just a kid from the old neighborhood and it is Jessica who is exotic to him. He tells her she is beautiful and she will always have his heart. He will always have Jessica's heart too. That is why she is so scared.

Roseanne and Will show up at the park and Roseanne takes Jessica aside pretending to allay her fears. She says that what is happening between her and Cris is about art. She has had hundreds of letters from Cris and half of what he says is about Jessica. Still it must have been a shock for Jessica to see her half naked. Jessica just says that Cris has had a hard time getting the right model and Roseanne replies that it is the most natural thing in the world and she is glad that Jessica is behind this because it could take hours, days and even weeks for Cris to complete his work. This is not happy news to Jessica and it shows on her face even if she does not voice it.

The four teenagers gather in the park waiting for the sun to come up. They discuss preferences for sunrise or sunset. Will says he is a night person so he prefers sunset because sunrise just means the night is over. Roseanne says she agrees. She and Cris laugh about watching the sun come up so many years ago. Then Will talks about how at school they would go up on the roof...

Sam and Lindsay show up and Sam tells his son he is going home and so is Jessica. He upbraids Will for scaring Lindsay into thinking he ran away again. Will replies that he was just out for the night. Lindsay wants to know how she was to know that. Sam grabs Will and Jessica and tells Cris and Roseanne to get out of the park before they get mugged.

Cris tells Roseanne he hopes Jessica's folks don't freak. Roseanne replies that at least she and Cris will get to watch the sun rise like grown-ups.

Dorian's house- Kevin and Kelly and Drew

Kevin has show up at Dorian's front door yet again to see Cassie. Kelly thinks he has nerve. Who betrays her cousin, also betrays her. Kevin admits he made the worse mistake of his life and now it looks like he will lose Cassie, but he would rather not lose Kelly as a friend, too. Kelly replies he already has. Kevin can't understand how she can forgive Drew and not him. Kelly defends Drew for his decency and his loyalty. Kevin begs her to forgive him and give him a second chance so that Cassie can do the same. Kelly is confused by how this man she considered a hero, who saved Cassie from the burning house could be the same guy who did not stop or hesitate from jumping Barbara. He admits he does not love her. Kelly says he is just like the rest of them. He used Barbara and now he is using her. Meanwhile Cassie is destroyed. He couldn't give up a roll in the hay for someone he loved. He leaves and Kelly goes back inside.

Later Drew arrives and asks her how Cassie is doing. Kelly replies her cousin has been pacing all night. Kelly thought that Joey and her were forever and that Ian and her would be forever. Then Ian died and Drew made her feel love was possible again. He filled her with love and made her believe. Drew replies that she made him believe he had a future. Kelly tells him now she does not know what love looks like. She thought Andrew and Cassie were the ideal couple, but Cassie was miserable and left Andrew for Kevin. Now Kevin has cheated on Cassie, what does Drew think of Kevin. Drew says that Kevin is very complex. Kelly admits that it is not Kevin she is questioning, but love- does it exist and does it ever last? She asks Drew if he is over Georgie. After all she was having his baby. Drew says that Georgie and he took it too fast and that is why he is taking it so slow with her. He doesn't want to hurt Kelly ever. He just wants her to stop worrying and to trust him. Just close her beautiful blue eyes and trust him. He swears he will never hurt her ever. They hug.

Llanview Hospital-Todd, Viki, Téa, and Kevin

Todd is watching a noisy, violent horror movie. He has the end of the pillow between his teeth like a scared child and he looks so caught up in the images he is seeing like a young boy watching something on TV he has not seen before. Viki meets Téa in the corridor and Téa asks what the emergency is. Viki tells her of the suicide attempt. Todd has been sedated and is on 24 hour suicide watch. Téa asks if Viki thinks he is staging this to stay out of prison. In the room, Todd gets up for just a moment and is listening at the door. Viki wants to know if Todd ever referred to himself in the third person to Téa. Téa can't think of any occasion that might have happened. All of a sudden Todd, who is back in his bed, is screaming Stop it! Stop It! An orderly is by his side asking him to breath and not get excited. Téa and Viki are amazed when Todd says that this violence should not be on TV. Hitting like that. Viki asks him if it reminds him of how he was hit. Todd says that the movie rubs people's nose in it. He thinks they have no respect for life. He is sorry. He did not mean to make a fuss. He just hates this movie. Téa reminds him that he used to love and laugh at violent movies. Todd denies he would ever do that. There is enough suffering in the world. He would never hurt anyone like that no matter how he suffered.

Téa and Viki go outside and meet with Todd's doctor. He says that the psychiatrist Dr. Weis believes that Todd may be in a manic state after his suicide attempt. It is true he is sedated but the doctor does not think that would affect Todd's behavior like this. Téa and Viki say he is not acting like Todd. The doctor assures them that they will run a battery of tests and they should have some answers the next day.

Kevin arrives at the hospital and asks if he can speak to Viki alone. Téa walks away. Todd sees Kevin from his room and waves and smiles through the window. Kevin chooses to ignore it. He has come to tell his mom about his affair with Barbara and about Cassie moving out before she finds out from someone else. He recaps what happened in the wine cellar and how he has been blaming it on the life and death situation, but now he is not sure. Viki says he has been living every day as if it is his last. Usually that is not such a bad thing but in his case it has prompted questionable behavior. Kevin tells Viki he feels hollow and restless since he almost died in Canton and that Cassie fills him up. He just wishes she would listen to him when he tells her he loves her. Viki says that he needs to stand outside himself and look at this subjectively. What he did with Barbara says something else to Cassie and it says it a lot louder.

Téa is in the room with Todd and he silently and intently watches her every move. When she moves within reaching distance he holds her hand and she is startled by the gesture.

A few minutes later, Todd comes out in the hallway and asks Viki and Kevin where his video games are. Then he apologizes for interrupting and retreats back to his room.

Viki tells Kevin that Todd is very ill, but Kevin says he can't take it how Todd will break his mother's heart when she finds out her brother has been faking this. Viki replies that there are parts of Todd's story Kevin doesn't know. Kevin decides to fall back on his journalism skills and do what any good reporter should do- go digging into Todd's past. As for his mother she is the one who needs to be more objective and realize that Todd is a serious liar.

Dorian's House- Kelly and Kevin

Kelly answers the door in her robe. Kevin wants to see Cassie. He asks Kelly to give Cassie a message. He would like her to go to Chicago with him. He is working on a story. Cassie and he can do what they do best. Kelly agree to speak to Cassie but when she comes back to the door, it is to tell him that Cassie doesn't want to go with him anywhere. Kevin gives Kelly a letter for Cassie and leaves.

The Hospital-Todd, Téa, and Viki

Téa tells Viki there was a time she would have killed for him to hold her hand. Now she does not even know who that is in the room. Viki advises Téa to go home and get some sleep because Todd will be depending on both of them in the next few days.

Viki goes into Todd's room. She looks at the apparently sleeping Todd and shakes him gently saying, Todd, Todd. Todd are you there? When she gets no response she leaves. A moment later, when Todd is certain she is gone, He opens an eye and says, "Todd can't come out now."

Thursday, August 6, 1998

Written by: Michelle Browning

Nora goes back to her office for the first time since Georgie was killed. Bo walks her there, then offers to stay, but Nora convinces him she is alright. After Bo is gone Nora finds an old note from Georgie on the desk that reads "Thanks for dinner. You're the best. Georgie" Vividly shaken, Nora sinks into her chair.

Clint confronts Viki about her whereabouts the previous night. She tells him she was at the hospital all night with Todd. Clint informs her that at 5:30 AM Jessica and Will were found in the park by Sam and Lindsay. Jessica assures them they were only talking and then leaves to help Nora at the office. Viki tells Clint that Jessica is just as affected to his marriage to Lindsay as Will. She also tells him Kevin and Cassie have broken up. Clint says that as much as he likes Cassie, maybe Kevin just hasn't found the right woman yet. He then comments that he himself was lucky enough to find the right woman a couple of times.

Andrew arrives at Dorian's house just as Cassie is leaving. Dorian tells him about their breakup and tries to enlist his help. He says he won't get involved. Dorian says "she is the mother of your child. How can you do nothing, unless you're saying that you don't have any feelings for Cassie?" Before leaving, Andrew tells Dorian that he will always care for Cassie and if she ever truly needed him he'd be there for her.

Cassie talks to Clint and Viki and tries to resign, but they convince her to stay. Dorian arrives and learns of Cassie's change of plans and takes her anger out on Viki. She goes too far when she says Kevin isn't worth the ground Cassie walks on. Viki throws Dorian out of her office. Before leaving Dorian tells Viki they can never be friends, only enemies.

Andrew brings Cassie a rose at the Banner. She tells him she can feel everyone staring at her. He convinces her to come to River's swim class. When she says that everyone will think she is running away he tells her to stand up and they'll give the people something to really talk about. She leans close to him as they leave the office.

Bo comes to Asa's and talks to Lindsay for a while. Bo lets her know Asa has a good radar for detecting bull. She tells them she hopes they can all get along. It is obvious that Bo isn't sure he should believe her. He warns her not to hurt Clint. Clint later arrives and assumes all is well.

Will goes to a job interview after being told by Lindsay that he will get a job and not get an allowance after what happened last night. He applies for a position as Nora's intern and gets the job. Only after giving him the job does Nora learn he is Sam's son.

Barbara agreed to help Joey with the swim class. River asks her to watch how well he can swim. Later after Cassie arrives, Barbara comes in carrying River on her back. They are laughing, but the look Cassie gives Barbara quickly wipes the smile off Barbara's face.

Friday, August 7, 1998

Nora, Will, Bo and Jessica

Nora is completely shocked that Will is Sam's son, in fact she asks him several times to confirm it. Will assures her that he is, but he didn't want to tell her at first so he could get the job on his own merit, not his father's name. Nora seems so uncomfortable about the situation that Will asks her if there's a problem.

Nora tells him that it will be just fine. Will wants to explain why he didn't go work for his dad, now that Sam has an office set up in town. It's not that he doesn't get along with his father, it's just that he needs to live his own life. Nora understands completely, her daughter has said the same thing before, parents can have too high expectations for their children and vice versa. It's Will's turn to agree, he thinks that his father is "just about the best damn lawyer in this country". Of course, he may change that opinion after he's worked for Nora for a while, he sweet-talks her. Nora compliments him on his tact, he's a chip off the old block. Will doesn't seem to realize that Nora and Sam have a history together. Nora reveals that they used to work together at the same law firm back in Chicago. Will is interested to know what Sam was like back then, but quickly realizes that she's reluctant to talk about it. Jessica comes in and announces Bo's arrival. Will introduces himself and Bo throws a meaningful look at Nora, who looks sheepish and grins apologetically behind Will's back.

Bo is polite to Will and Nora quickly explains that she didn't know who he was before she hired him. "I knew you'd impress Nora", says Jessie. Bo is surprise that Jessie knows Will until she explains that he's her new step brother. After a clarification of the new family relationships, Will also mentions he just found out that his father goes way back with Nora. Bo doesn't even flinch when agreeing that this is true and Nora quickly shoos Will and Jessie out the door to go to lunch. Nora thanks Bo for taking it so well and goes over and gives him a kiss. She even offers to find Will a job somewhere else, but Bo assures her it's fine if Will works there. What Bo doesn't want is to walk in someday and find that Nora and Sam have become partners. OK, Nora promises and gives him a big hug.

Nora tells Bo that she's been thinking about Rachel all day, scared and lonely in her cell. Rachel's going to survive, Bo tells her, and once they get through all this they will be in a better place. Nora will feel better once she and Hank visit her later today. Bo notices the dart board on the wall, the one Sam gave to her. Nora doesn't know why she still has it hanging there and goes to take it down. Bo asks her if it's like the one they had in Hal's, Lindsay told him earlier that Hal's was significant to Sam and Nora. Nora sees that Lindsay has been busy "sowing her demon seeds", she can't believe that Lindsay has managed to worm her way into a permanent place in their lives, and she's already trying to charm Bo. But it didn't work, he replies. Nora proceeds to do an imitation of Lindsay trying to charm Bo, complete with batting her eyelashes. Bo laughs at her imitation and Nora joins in the laughter. "Are we really OK again", Nora asks. Bo answers her with a kiss.

Bo says after all they've survived the last year, they can survive anything, and it did bring them closer to their children. Speaking of children, Will doesn't look much like his old man, does he, says Bo. Nora thinks that Bo hates the fact that she hired him, but Bo says he can deal with it if Sam can deal with it. "You're a wonderful man", Nora tells him, kisses him and then puts her head on his shoulder. "Do you remember when our horizons were limitless, when we thought we can do anything", she says wistfully. Who says will still can't, Bo wonders. All of a sudden, Nora is struck by a thought. She looks at Bo and says they should have a child together, "let's make a baby". Bo is speechless.

Cristian, Carlotta, Roseanne, Will and Jessica

When Cristian shows up at the diner, Carlotta is not very happy with him because he did not come in for his shift and they were very busy. Chris claims he has a good excuse, he finally found the perfect model, actually he found her 19 years ago. Carlotta looks puzzled. Turn around, Cris tells her and she does, to find Roseanne standing there. Carlotta is thrilled to see her and rushes over to give her a big hug.

Carlotta marvels over how beautiful Roseanne looks, she reminds Carlotta so much of her mother. Roseanne looks uncomfortable at the mention of her mother. Carlotta has them sit down and is about to get them something to eat when all of a sudden a thought strikes her. Isn't Cristian's painting supposed to be a nude? It is, Roseanne calmly tells her and asks Carlotta if she has any frijoles.

What does Téa have to say about Roseanne's new modeling job, Carlotta wonders. Roseanne admits that Téa doesn't even know she's in town yet and it's been years since she's seen Téa. Roseanne remembers that she brought a present for Carlotta which is in her bag in Cris's apartment. She borrows the keys from Cris and leaves. Carlotta's not very happy that Cris is painting a nude of Roseanne, and what does Jessica think about it, she asks. Jessica's completely cool about it, Cris tells her. Carlotta again comments on how much Roseanne looks like her mother, she just hopes Roseanne's life isn't cursed like her mother's was.

She doesn't mean it literally, but everything always seemed to go wrong for Roseanne's mother, she always made the wrong choices, right up to the end. Cris reminds her that just because Roseanne looks like her mother, that doesn't mean she'll make the same bad choices. Carlotta obviously didn't agree with Roseanne's decision to move to New Orleans to live with her grandmother, who Carlotta refers to as "that woman". Carlotta wanted Roseanne to stay with her and wonders what damage her grandmother, Elba, did to Roseanne. None that I can see, Cris tries to reassure her. Cris promises to be a good friend to Roseanne and tells Carlotta not to worry so much. Roseanne returns with Carlotta's gift. Jessica and Will walk in and Jessica introduces Will to Carlotta. Will explains that he met Roseanne on the plane, Jessica tells them that Will got a job working for Nora and Roseanne asks Will if his mother grounded him for last night. No, nobody can stay mad at him for long, not even his mother, Will says. Roseanne has Carlotta finish opening her present, it's leather bag filled with charms to help bring her good luck. Carlotta thanks her and gives her a hug. "Magical, mysterious, just like you", Cris proclaims. Jessica doesn't look happy.

Carlotta delivers their food to the table and when Will sees Roseanne putting hot sauce all over her food, he does the same despite everyone's warnings. One bite has him rushing to Carlotta for a glass of water. Carlotta comments that Roseanne's mother, Anna Rosa was the same way, she could eat red chili peppers whole. Roseanne decides to call Téa and Carlotta gives her some change for the pay phone. As Roseanne is walking to the back of the diner, Téa walks in and sees her. "Anna Rosa? It can't be", Téa says, shocked.

Cassie, Barbara, Andrew, Joey and River

The scene is tense at the community center when Barbara comes bounding in from the pool, giving River a ride on her back and finds Cassie and Andrew standing there. Joey lifts River down and River runs over to tell his mother how well he can swim and that Barbara helped him. Barbara's about to make a quick escape, then feel compelled to turn to Cassie and say that she never meant to hurt her. Cassie asks Andrew to take River to get something to eat and asks Barbara to stay, she's got a few things she needs to say to Barbara.

The men want to prevent the confrontation, saying it's not the time or the place, but Barbara and Cassie insist, so Andrew, Joey and River leave them alone. Barbara swears that she never meant for this to happen, it was one night, they were stuck in the wine cellar and they thought they were going to die, she tries to explain. Cassie tells her that if she(Cassie) were about to die, she would probably pray and think about her family, "not jump the bones of the nearest man". Cassie thinks Barbara must have had a good laugh about poor dumb Cassie. It wasn't like that, Barbara tells her, and she did try to hand in her resignation and leave after it happened, but Cassie wouldn't let her go. Barbara gets angry and starts yelling that Kevin chose Cassie, Kevin loves Cassie and Cassie's willing to throw that all away. "So do I think you're stupid? Yes, you bet!", Barbara says.

"Love is built on trust", Cassie informs Barbara, and she can never trust Kevin again, Barbara stole that away from her. How could Cassie ever sleep with him again and not wonder who else he's been sleeping with. Cassie tells Barbara that if she wants Kevin, take him, because Cassie doesn't need him anymore. Barbara then claims that it wasn't about sex, Barbara listens to him, she tries to understand him, unlike Cassie, who she claims is only interested in what Kevin can do for her. Have you ever let Kevin forget about your guilt over leaving Andrew and River, Barbara asks. Cassie wants to know why it is that Barbara hates her so much, she's taken Kevin from her, she's hanging around River and she's already indispensable to David. "Do you want my whole life, can't stand see someone else happy?" Barbara denies it and Joey and Andrew quietly enter unnoticed. Cassie asks if Barbara wants her to feel as miserable and as alone as Barbara did after her rape. Barbara denies it again and Andrew breaks up the confrontation. Barbara goes running out of the room.

Barbara, like an idiot, is wandering around the docks in nothing but her bathing suit and a shirt, crying. She kneels down by the water and looks at her reflection in the water. Suddenly, another reflection joins her own, a face in a ski mask. The man demands she hand over her bag, which Barbara holds close to her and cowers against the wall in fear.

Viki, Todd, Téa and Sam

Viki is at the hospital again outside Todd's room. Sam steps off the elevator and Viki tells him that Todd has been reasonably quiet. He's grateful that Viki was there, Todd doesn't seem to trust him anymore. Todd doesn't seem to trust anyone anymore, says Viki, and she feels horrible that she didn't recognize the depth of his abuse before now. Suddenly a nurse comes out of Todd's room and asks them where Todd is. They rush off in search of Todd.

Meanwhile, Todd is in the sunroom putting on a puppet show for some of the children. Téa is already watching the show, along with Todd's police guard. On his left hand Todd has the "big, bad wolf" and on his right hand one of the three little pigs. (I wish I could do the voices for you, it was absolutely hysterical) Todd is telling the story of the Three Little Pigs in his own way, but not in the same cynical way he did a while ago when he read stories at the hospital. The story seems to mirror his own life in a way, with Todd being the little pig. The wolf convinces him to come outside of his house, then attacks him, but the pig wins in the end by punching out the wolf. As he is in the middle of his performance, Sam and Viki go by, notice him and come inside to watch, too. "I think that the wolf should stay asleep for a long, long, long, long time so that he doesn't hurt anyone ever again", Todd declares at the end. He stands up (wearing blue plaid pajamas!) and leaves to go back to his room, mildly objecting when the guard calls him "Mr. Manning". "You're coming too, aren't you?", he asks Téa as he passes her. With a bewildered look at Sam and Viki, Téa tags along after him.

Sam asks Viki for her thoughts on what they just saw, but Viki declines to answer until her thoughts start making sense to her. Sam goes in to see Todd, who is sitting on the bed with the wolf puppet still on his hand. "Kid's get it", he says, "that if you're doing something bad, you have to be stopped, wolf had to be stopped before he did any more damage". You wouldn't punish a wolf who did something bad just because he was scared, would you, Sam asks. He doesn't think a jury would punish a wolf like that either, but the wolf would have to explain why he was scared, Sam continues, trying to get through to Todd. "You do something bad, you get punished", Todd says, seeming very positive about that fact, "I mean, I'm going to jail, right?"

Sam comes back out of Todd's room and sits down next to Viki. Sam just doesn't understand it, Todd has done a complete turnaround and is now wallowing in his guilt, he wants to be punished. This is not the Todd he knows at all. "Maybe it's the Todd who is reacting to Peter Manning's sexual abuse". Viki suggests. Inside Todd's room, Téa is sitting by his bed. She compliments him on how good he was with the children, making them laugh. Todd thinks that's what kids should do, laugh and run around and play. Todd changes the subject abruptly, stares intently at her and tells her she has very long eyelashes. Abruptly changing again, Todd asks, "you like me, don't you". "Yes, no, I don't know", Téa replies, confused. You think I did things that were wrong to you, don't you, he asks. Todd asks her if she agrees with what Sam said earlier, that you can be forgiven for doing bad things. Téa doesn't want to discuss it and tries to leave, but Todd asks her not to run away. Todd likes Téa and if she did something bad to him, he would try to forgive her. Téa, feeling like she's being manipulated like one of Todd's puppets, gets very angry, crosses the room and takes the wolf puppet out of Todd's hands and throws it across the room. Todd is complete baffled by her attitude, but Téa yells at him to stop it. "Damn you!", she yells at him before leaving the room. Todd looks hurt and scared. After storming out of the room, Téa tells Sam and Viki that she wants out, she doesn't want anything to do with Todd anymore. "He is insane!", Téa declares.

Téa can't believe that just a year ago she was a strong, independent woman, and now look at her. Viki says she's still a strong, independent woman, she's just come up against a wall she can't move, the same wall Viki and Sam have come up against trying to help Todd. Téa is so tired of feeling manipulated, she'd finally gotten up the courage to walk away, and now this happens, he's pathetically contrite and vulnerable. He must be faking it, isn't he, Téa asks. Sam asks Téa to describe the way Todd is now and the best description she can come up with is "child-like". Exactly, Sam agrees, the Todd that's in there now is the same boy he used to coach, "that's Boomer". Téa doesn't care, she can't let her guard down and get sucked back in. Viki suggests she take a break and go get some lunch at the diner, Sam goes with her to walk her out. Viki goes into Todd's room.

Todd, sitting on the floor, looks up at Viki and asks her what's wrong. Viki gets down on the floor, looks Todd straight in the face and asks, "Where's Todd? He's not here, is he?" Instead of answering directly, Todd picks up the pig puppet and the pig tells Viki he doesn't know where Todd is. Viki asks the pig to listen very carefully, this may be a matter of life and death. Todd takes the pig puppet off, "you're scaring Mr. Piggy", he tells Viki. Viki apologizes, can Todd tell Mr. Pig that he can trust Viki. "Can he", Todd asks, sounding more like his usual self. Yes he can, and you can too. Viki says this is getting hard on her knees and asks if they can move to the bed. Todd agrees and leaps up on the bed like a little boy, sitting with his back toward Viki. "So where is Todd?", Viki asks again, "because whoever you are, you are not Todd Manning. Todd turns to look at Viki.

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