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Marley and Cindy almost ran Vicky down. Cindy began to regain her memory but lied to Grant about it. Gary refused to work on the case against his brother. Cameron admitted to Amanda that he had killed his father. Cass stopped Matt and Lila's wedding.
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Monday, August 3, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Julie Kaczor

While Lila discusses glamorous wedding plans with Matt, he fantasizes about marrying Sofia. When Matt tires of the conversation and leaves, Rachel informs Lila that there will be no fancy wedding; it will be treated like the shotgun wedding that it is. Lila defends herself to Rachel, saying she didn't force Matt to marry her, that she was ready to leave and that Matt stopped her and proposed. Rachel told her that no matter how much she tries to fool herself, they all know Matt doesn't want to marry her, but that she has made it unavoidable. But Lila won't back down from planning the wedding of her dreams. After Lila makes wedding plans, Rachel calls everyone back and cancels them.

Sofia talks to Paulina about Matt, saying that she can't wait around for Matt to marry and then divorce Lila. She says she takes marriage far too seriously to take part in that. But Paulina reminds Sofia that once Lila realizes the Corys are broke, she may not want to marry Matt.

Matt pleads with Sofia not to give up on them. He insists that they can make things work after the baby was born, but Sofia can't agree.

As Donna prepares to come forward with the truth, Jake confronts them and asks what was going on between them. While Jake and Grant bicker, Donna uses the opportunity to slip away. Jake notices that Grant was disturbed that Donna left. Donna went to Marley's house but finds her gone.

Cindy and Marley go out in the car, and when Marley appears overly upset Cindy insists on driving. She decides the first place they should go was the graveyard.

Vicky visits Michael's grave, telling him how much she misses him, and how much she blames herself for his death. She also told him how worried she was about Marley and laments the fact that he's not there to tell her what to do.

As they enter the graveyard, Marley gets more and more nervous about her plan and asks Cindy to just go home. But Cindy was determined to remember something. As Vicky walks into the path of their car, Marley and Cindy struggle with the steering wheel. Cindy was left unconscious in the car and Vicky was unconscious at the side of the road. Marley flees the scene. Cindy comes to and finds Vicky. As Cindy begs for Vicky to wake up, Vicky grabs her by the throat and declares that she was in big trouble.

Vicky was fine and holds Cindy while she calls the police. Cindy insists that it was an accident, but Vicky told her that she saw her behind the wheel. Cindy says that she never saw Vicky, that it was Marnie who grabbed the wheel. Vicky makes the connection that Marley and Marnie are the same person.

Back at home, Marley was being overwhelmed with guilt when Vicky arrives. She pretends to be asleep, but Vicky questions her about whether she was with Cindy. As Donna walks in behind Vicky, Vicky told Marley that after Marley sent her to Michael's grave, someone almost ran her down.

Tuesday, August 4, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Amber Downs

Remy told Nick that the typing tutor software was helping. The minute that Nick walks out the door Remy went online and checks her email. Nick walks back in and notices the phone line hooked to the computer. Remy plays dumb and says that she crashed the computer. Sofia walks in and was instantly uncomfortable. Sofia says that her whole life was ruined.

Cindy was arrested for trying to run Vicki down with a 4X4 in the cemetery. Cindy keeps insisting that "Marney" saw Vicki and grabbed the wheel to try and hit Vicki.

Vicki confronts Marley about what happened in the cemetery. Vicki accuses Marley of sending Cindy out to the cemetery to kill her. Donna defends Marley even though she but remembers that Marley wasn't there when Donna came by earlier. Vicki suddenly seems to have everything figured out; that Marley was actually the one that chopped up Vicki and Jake's tree and that Marley was in love with Jake.

Toni questions Cindy about hitting Marley (thinking that it was Vicki) with the car. Cindy was confused and keeps saying that she doesn't remember anything and she doesn't know who to trust. Just then Grant shows up and says that she can trust him. Cindy has another vivid memory and told Toni to get rid of Grant.

Marley angrily defends herself. Vicki says that she wants to believe Marley, but that Marley can't prove that she was at home and not at the cemetery. Donna says that she knows where Marley was when Cindy tried to hit Vicki with the 4X4.

Cindy was scared of Grant and says that he was mean to her. Cindy remembers that Grant said mean things about, and to, her and that he made the doctor give her a shot to make her forget. Grant says that he does love her and that he even hired a private detective to find her, Gary Sinclair. Cindy told Grant that Gary never found her. Grant tries to convince Cindy that Gary was a blackmailer and a generally bad person. In another of Cindy's flashbacks she remembers Grant saying, "You disgust me."

Donna lies to Vicki about where Marley was, that she was asleep on the couch around the time of the accident. Jake rushes in, frantic about Vicki. Vicki apologizes to Marley for accusing her. Donna accepts the apology for Marley. Jake acts very concerned about Marley. After Jake and Vicki leave, Donna confronts Marley about Cindy trying to run Vicki over.

Nick and Sofia are commiserating together and finding comfort in each other when Remy suddenly decides that they all need to go bowling. Nick asks Remy what she's up to now and if she even knows how to bowl. Remy says, "life was full of mystery."

Judge Jackson calls Grant. Cindy told Toni that she wants to talk to Gary and asks Toni to call him.

Marley still denies that she had anything to do with the attempt on Vicki's life. Donna was relieved. Marley says that she went for a walk. That she can't walk around in the daytime and that she was scared to tell Vicki that, because Vicki wouldn't understand because she was so beautiful. Donna finds the rental slip for the 4X4. Marley says that she hates Vicki. Vicki lies, cheats, and was selfish and has everything. Marley was a good person and all the she got from that was the scars. Marley blames her lack of love on Vicki. "Vicki took my life," says Marley. "But," continues Marley, "I don't have the guts to take Vicki's life."

Vicki explains everything to Jake outside of their house. Jake defends Marley. When Vicki says that Marley said she can't leave the house, Jake defends Marley again. Jake turns up the music and asks Vicki to dance. Vicki says, "Marley was ok. She's got to be ok." They kiss and then Vicki says, "What are we doing out here?" and they go inside.

Donna, after much explaining, finally told Marley that she was the one who hit her with the car, not Cindy.

Sofia, Remy, and Nick are at the Bowlarama. Nick says that he will show the girls how it was done. Sofia and Nick are both going on and on about what a wonderful bowler that Nick is. Finally, Remy says that she bets that he won't get a strike in the first frame. Nick loses the bet.

Grant takes Cindy back to the hospital and promises her that after she gets better that he will take her home again. Cindy has more memories, including one when Grant told her that she was pathetic. Grant leaves the room to talk to the doctor. Cindy says, to herself, that remembering hurts. Outside the room, the doctor was standing there with a very big needle assuring Grant that he will do it right this time.

Donna told Marley exactly what happened the day that Donna hit her with the car. Donna then says that Grant forced her to lie to everyone. Marley becomes very angry and starts blaming Donna for her looks changing. Donna promises to tell more lies to cover everything up if Marley won't tell the truth about Donna.

Sofia, Nick, and Remy come home from bowling. Sofia and Remy are making fun of Nick because he only got a 14. Sofia was much happier and went to bed. Nick asks Remy if her experiment worked. Nick then tell Remy to butt out of his and Sofia's relationship. Remy says that she got lucky bowling and Nick told her that a 243 isn't luck. Remy told Nick that she has to get back to her typing. Once he leaves the room, she went back online.

Cindy was paranoid. As Grant returned into the room, Cindy suddenly has more flashbacks. Grant promises Cindy that she won't go back to jail. He told her that he will love her for the rest of her life and that she will get exactly what she deserves. Cindy lies and says that she doesn't remember being married to Grant but that she wants to give Grant everything that he deserves.

Vicki has a bad dream that Marley came in the bedroom and brought an ax down on the bed. Vicki and Jake wake up. Jake reassures Vicki that she was safe.

Donna recommends therapy for her and Marley, so that Marley can get on with her life. Marley says that she will never have a life. Marley told Donna to get out of her life forever. Donna says that she will be back in the morning. After she was alone, Marley says that Donna and Vicki both owe her and that her price was Jake. Whatever it takes, she vows, she will be with Jake.

Wednesday, August 5, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Richard S. Scire

Josie told Joe that she and Cameron were working together on a case for the FBI involving Carl's shooting and Scott. She also informed Joe that she just found out that Cameron was Gary's brother. Therefore, she wants to be taken off the case. Joe disagreed. Joe was going to leak that Josie was off the case so that way Scott will think that Josie was out of his way, but she will be working undercover with Cameron. Cameron complimented Josie's ability on handling the case to Joe. Josie and Cameron made plans for dinner at the Harbor Club for that evening and discussed their next warn Amanda.

Gary gave Amanda back her money and refused to work on the case against Cameron especially since they are brothers. He told Amanda that Cameron killed someone in cold blood. Amanda was in denial. Gary tried to convince Amanda, but Amanda continued to defend Cameron. She refused Gary's advice. Cameron had walked in just as Amanda was giving Gary back the money. Cameron asked Amanda what the money was for. Amanda was honest and told him the truth. Cameron got angry. Amanda tried to explain, but Cameron didn't want to listen. Cameron and Gary argued. After Gary left, Cameron told Amanda that everything Gary said was true about the murder. She didn't believe him. Cameron warned Amanda that Scott was getting messy and more dangerous. He tried to leave, but he and Amanda began to kiss passionately. She asked him if there was something else he was not telling her. Cameron refused to tell her what it was and stormed out. Amanda then ordered information on the murder case from the research department at Cory Publishing.

Gary went to see Josie at the police station. She tried to convince Gary to make up with Cameron. He refused. She then told him about her undercover work with Cameron. Gary was very angry, but realized he had no say in this matter. Josie then made plans with Gary to have dinner at the Harbor Club.

Sofia and Matt ran into each other at the hospital. Sofia expressed her anger about Matt's marriage to Lila. Matt asked for her understanding. An angry Sofia left Matt after a heated argument.

Lila bragged to Cass about her wedding to Matt, which was to take place tomorrow. Lila made it clear she did not care about Sofia's feelings. Cass expressed his anger and disappointment in Lila. Rachel walked in on their conversation. Cass couln't understand why Rachel was turning Matt and Lila's sham of a wedding into a society wedding. Rachel said she was doing this for the baby. Rachel then asked Lila to leave her and Cass alone to discuss business.

After Lila left, Rachel informed Cass that there were papers missing from the Hutchins' file in Cass' office. The family tree that was on the piece of paper with the crest on it, which was the same crest that was on the postcard that she sent Cass while in England, was missing. Cass said the file should have been locked up. He checked his suit jacket and found that his keys had been missing. Whoever hit him over the head, did it to steel his keys.

Matt went to see Cass. Cass snapped at Matt for going through with the wedding. He apologized. Rachel informed Matt about Cass' missing keys and that she thinks it was Scott who stole them. Matt got angry and vowed to keep his family from being pushed around.

On his way out of Cass' room, he ran into Lila . She had her blood test and was glowing. Sofia watched from a distance while they exchanged words. After Matt left, Sofia approached Lila and assured her that her marriage to Matt will make the child suffer.

After Rachel left, Lila went in to see Cass again. She read him her vow to Matt. Cass was even more disgusted. Lila told Cass the reason for the vow is because everyone will know that her baby was a Cory. Cass asked Lila that if someone could love her and her baby, would she still go through with the wedding. As she wiped the tears away she said, "That person doesn't exist."

Scott was at Cory Publishing reading the family tree when Matt tried to go in the office and discovered that it was locked. He finally made his way in, with the help of an electronic code, and questioned Scott about the locked door. Scott said that he did not want to be disturbed. Matt made it clear to Scott that he was very protective of his family. Matt went back to the hospital and told Rachel about his confrontation with Scott.

Sofia came home to find a candle lit dinner for two. She thought it was Matt's doing, but she was proved wrong when Joe walked into the room. She expressed her pain.

Thursday, August 6, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Amber Downs

Cindy wakes up with a start in the hospital. Grant was standing there. Cindy asks when she can go home. Immediately after Grant leaves to talk to Dr. Nolan, Gary comes in. In the hallway, Grant was talking to Dr. Nolan.

Cindy was very happy to see Gary. Then, Grant walks in.

Remy was on the couch meditating when the computer announces that she has mail. She runs over to check it and reads aloud, "go to the next level." Nick knocks on the door. After Remy unhooks the computer from the phone line she lets him in. Remy hugs Nick telling him that he was the best friend that she's ever had and that she will miss him.

Lila finds her way into Rachel's room with the wedding dress. Lila announces herself to "Mother Cory," who isn't in the room at the time. The wedding was scheduled for later today.

Rachel was visiting Cass in the hospital. They are reading the announcement that Lila had put in the paper letting everyone know about her marriage to Matt. Rachel was going on and on about that there has to be a way to stop the wedding. Tyrone comes in with legal books to look for existing precedents.

Sofia went to Matt's office, obviously expecting him not to be there. Sofia hands Matt a legal paper to sign that will give her their music company. Matt argues that the company needs both of them to survive. Sofia counters that this way they will both get what they want. Sofia will get a healthy company and Matt will get a healthy baby. Sofia then says that she wants the company because it was her baby.

Josie and Toni are talking about the FBI case that Josie and Cameron were working on. Josie said that was was no wonder that Gary couldn't turn anything up on Cameron since the Feds had wiped Cameron's records clean. Toni says that she has an idea of who helped Cindy escape from the hospital, but that if that person were a friend's husband then she would have to turn them in and doesn't want to do that.

Gary covered well with Grant about being in Cindy's room. Grant threatens Gary that if he finds out that Gary was the one that "kidnapped" Cindy then Gary and Josie will pay. Cindy pretends not to know Gary and then "remembers" all that Grant told her about what a bad man Gary is. Grant hugs Cindy as Gary slips out. Dr. Nolan comes in and takes Grant out into the hallway to talk to him. Dr. Nolan says that he was ready to give Cindy the shot and that this time he won't mess up. Grant says that he was not going to give Cindy the shot now, he wants to make sure that she doesn't remember to the wrong people. Gary, dressed in scrubs, complete with facemask, sneaks back into Cindy's room. Cindy was relieved to see him.

Tyrone and Cass are looking for a loophole so that Matt won't have to marry Lila. Rachel leaves to get home because she was the matron-of-honor. Cass told Tyrone to look for Rivers vs. Rivers because they need to save her. Tyrone calls Cass on this slip.

Lila, in Rachel's room, has her something blue (a garter) and starts looking for something borrowed. She comes across Rachel's diamond necklace and decides to borrow it without asking.

Remy told Nick that she was leaving because Felicia will learn that she can't type and so she will lose that job and with Carlino's closed for repairs she will have no money coming in. Nick says that he will miss her then asks about Sofia. Nick says Sofia needs a friend and he was willing to be her friend.

Sofia asks Matt to give her the business so that she can keep her dignity. Matt says that when he listens to "their" music he hears the hope that they both have for their future. Sofia says that they don't have a future anymore. Matt says that he was sorry that he keeps hurting her. Sofia asks Matt again to sign the papers and then told him congratulations. Matt asks what for and Sofia says, with tears in her eyes, "isn't that what you are supposed to tell the groom?"

Rachel walks in on Lila wearing the diamond necklace. Lila rattles on and on about the wedding and the guests and everything, then says that she will leave so that Rachel can change. Rachel says that she isn't going to change, that what she was wearing seems appropriate, it seems bloody. Lila grabs Rachel to help Lila get her wedding dress on.

Cass says that he doesn't want Lila to marry Matt because he was the wrong person for her. Tyrone and Cass continue looking for precedents for paternal rights.

Lila looks absolutely beautiful in her dress. Lila was telling Rachel what a gorgeous day it was and Rachel says, "Yes, nice day for a hanging." Lila talks about how this wedding was so important to her because her wedding to Shane wasn't elaborate enough. Rachel says that she thought that getting Matt was what was so important to Lila, not the wedding itself. Rachel told Lila that she married Mac for two reasons, because she loved him and he loved her and that she married Carl for the same two reasons. Rachel and Lila walk into the chapel and Lila was absolutely stunned. There are no guests, no flowers, and no music. Rachel cancelled everything! Rachel told Lila that she was offered a ring and a marriage certificate. Lila looks to Matt for support, but he agrees with his mom. Rachel told Lila that all that she was really offered was a name for the baby. Lila told Matt that because she didn't get what she wants then he doesn't get what he wants. The wedding was off!

Matt told Rachel to give Lila what she wants so "we can get this thing over with now." Lila orders Rachel to get the flowers, the string quartet, and the guests, and to have one of the servants call her when everything was ready.

Cindy told Gary that her memory was coming back and that she hasn't told Grant, but that she did tell Grant that she thinks that once she gets home that all of her memories will come back. Gary asks Cindy what the cowboy wallpaper means and if anymore memories have come back. Cindy was still blank on that. Gary told Cindy to call him if she remembers anything or gets scared again. Grant, in the hallway, sees the new "doctor" (Gary in disguise) and sends a nurse in to check on him. Apparently this was the same doctor that came to see Cindy a few weeks ago, the exact day that Cindy disappeared in fact. Grant places a call to Toni.

Josie told Toni that Cameron isn't all that bad. Toni says that she understands how Gary feels. That it would be hard being a cop and having a brother that breaks the law. Josie says that Gary and Cameron need each other and that she will help them discover that. Josie told Toni that she arraigned for all three of them to have dinner together.

Toni was told about a phone call. It's Grant, he was giving Toni a chance to redeem herself for letting Cindy get kidnapped under her nose. Toni can redeem herself by arresting the person that kidnapped Cindy, Gary Sinclair.

Remy has all of her stuff packed and was ready to leave. She thanks Nick for taking her to the train station. Sofia comes in and Nick says that he'll be back to talk to Sofia after he takes Remy to the train station. Remy told Sofia that she was moving on to somewhere where unskilled labor was in large demand. Sofia offers to loan her money until Carlino's opens in two to three weeks. Remy declines the offer and says that she has plans. Remy went to say goodbye to her plants, then trips and fakes a sprained ankle. Nick carries her out the door to the hospital with Remy wondering all the way, "What if I miss the train?"

Gary was ready to leave Cindy's room when Grant walks in and rips the mask off of Gary's face. Grant accuses of trying to kidnap Cindy again.

Cindy thanks Grant for protecting her. Gary leaves the room. Grant told Cindy that he got permission to take her home. He assures her that she will have 24 hour a day care and that he will watch her.

Toni and Josie show up at the hospital. Grant accuses Gary of kidnapping Cindy and told Toni to arrest Gary. Grant threatens Josie, that if he ever finds out that she knew about Gary hiding Cindy, then she will be up on charges also.

Sofia, in the loft alone, starts imagining that she was seeing Matt. Sofia told Matt to go away and leave her alone. He doesn't listen. She told him to get out of her thoughts and he says that he can't, she loves him too much. Sofia picks up the paper and sees the article about Matt and Lila's wedding and she gets mad.

Rachel has everything ready for the wedding. The flowers are arranged, the string quartet was playing, and the guests are seated. Lila was back in Rachel's bedroom, gloating over how easy it was to get her way.

Tyrone has given up on trying to find a precedent. Cass was still looking. Suddenly Cass says that he has found something!

Friday, August 7, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Julie Kaczor

Joe told Gary he can't just let matters drop, except that Grant's evidence against him was very flimsy. The only thing that could really put him away was if Josie knows anything about his harboring Cindy. When Joe questions Josie about whether she knew anything about Gary harboring Cindy, she lies for her husband and says no. Gary was grateful, but Josie was furious because she had to lie to her boss and put her career

on the line for Gary. Josie compares Gary's obsession with catching Grant with his alcoholism and says she was tired of enabling him. She also told him that he and Cameron are more alike than they think.

At the dinner Josie arranged with Gary and Cameron, the tension between the brothers was thick. Eventually, they nearly come to blows. Cameron leaves the dinner in anger. He runs into Amanda and they leave for home together. At home, Cameron admits to Amanda that the person he killed was his father.

Cass sends a reluctant Felicia to stop Matt and Lila's wedding until Tyrone can get there.

Matt fantasizes about Sofia during his vows to Lila at their wedding. Then Felicia bursts in and interrupts the ceremony.

Tyrone was stuck in traffic, he won't make it to the wedding on time. So Cass leaves the hospital to go there himself. Cass arrives at the last second to stop the wedding. He reads from a precedent where an unwed father can retain all parental rights as long as he meets the financial obligations of the child. Upon hearing this news, Matt calls off the wedding. He runs to Sofia's apartment to tell her, but she was out with Joe.

Lila, upset, tries to leave, but Cass presents her with a court order that she must stay in touch with Matt until the baby was born. Lila was furious with Cass. She feels sorry for herself and Cass tries to explain that you can't earn love and respect by manipulating people. He tells her she deserves to be loved. Lila swears she will never forgive Cass. He wants to comfort her, but she won't let him.

Scott was getting frustrated by Carl's puzzles, and displays a show of anger in front of Amanda. He explains it away, but after she leaves, he vows that as soon as he finds the money, she'll never see him again.

Scott finally cracks Carl's code and finds where the money was being kept. He tries to reallocate the funds, but the account was in the names of Carl's children, and the bank told Scott that the children will have to be present in order to move the funds.

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