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Tad uncovered more information about Zach's past that linked him to Erin and Simone's murders. Ryan walked in on Kendall and Josh arguing about Annie and Ryan's right to know the truth about Emma's paternity. Bianca was shocked when Zarf arrived for their New Year's Eve date dressed as a woman.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of December 25, 2006 on AMC
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Monday, December 25, 2006

Due to the Christmas holiday, today's episodes of all your favorite soaps were pre-empted for various holiday programming. This pre-emption was anticipated and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result. Programming will resume on Tuesday, December 26th.

On behalf of everyone involved in Soap Central, I'd like to take the time to wish you and your family a very happy and healthy Christmas holiday. For our friends of other faiths and in other countries, we invite you share in the spirit of the holiday season as your celebrate holidays and festivals of your own.

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Zach and Ryan went head-to-head over control of the toy train set but Kendall separated them and took some pictures. After opening a few gifts, Kendall got a replica of the chapel they were locked in last Christmas. Ryan found a gift for Spike from Erin; it was a lucky penny shirt. Kendall invited Ryan to join them for Christmas Eve, but he said he was spending the evening with Jonathan. Annie and Emma stopped by and asked Ryan and Jonathan if they wanted to go to Christmas Eve service. They said that they did. Later, at church, Emma held tight to Ryan and Jonathan.

Erica showed Myrtle her "Twelve Days of Christmas" gifts. Myrtle told Erica that there were 12 drummers outside and she was going to bring them in to beat some sense into her. Erica said that if Jack really loved her he should tell her to her face. Sean went to New Beginnings to see Erica and told her that Jack missed her like crazy and wanted her to come home. He then gave her another gift and left. Josh also stopped by and he and Erica went to Jack's. Jack opened the door and Erica and Jack immediately reunited. Sean and Colby were thrilled.

Julia and Jamie went out in the snow to buy gifts for Jim and Linda, when they came upon Julia's friends in a terrible car accident. The ambulance arrived and took them to the hospital. Just then, they heard something in the back seat and found a four-year-old girl.

Krystal was just about to confess to Adam when Babe came and told Adam that Little A was waiting to open more presents. Dixie asked Krystal if she was really going to tell Adam the truth about the baby. Krystal nodded and confirmed that she was going to tell Adam that the baby was Tad's child. Krystal asked Dixie if she really wanted to ruin everything. Dixie told Krystal that she wouldn't ruin her holiday by telling Adam or Tad.

Father Clarence found Tad with a sprained ankle. Tad wondered how he got to the chapel, but Father told him that he was about to find his way. He helped a reluctant Tad into the chapel and asked him if he would help repair the manger. Father Clarence asked Tad why he wasn't with his family and Tad said his family was better off without him. Just then, Tad had an attack of guilt and told him he had to go, but Father Clarence told him that we were all sinners and God forgives. From the chapel, Tad heard the sirens at the car wreck. As he left the chapel, he saw the star and made a wish.

Babe gave J.R. an Eiffel Tower ornament for the tree and he gave her a painting that he had bought in France. Dixie went outside and wished on a star asking what she should do about Tad.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Bianca and Josh were walking through the park. Bianca congratulated Josh on surviving Christmas with the Kane and Montgomery families. Then, Bianca wanted to stop for hot chocolate, but Josh insisted they had somewhere to be. Meanwhile, Zarf was at the hotel bar and he was telling all of the patrons about true love. Then, Babe came in and they sat down together. Babe said she could only stay for a short time because Little Adam was waiting at home. Zarf said she had to stay because if Babe had the strength to find her destiny then he would also. Then, Josh and Bianca walked in. Babe did not look happy as Josh and Bianca went to the bar to get a drink. Babe then approached Josh and began yelling at him, so Bianca went to sit with Zarf. Babe called Josh arrogant for setting her up to meet him. Josh called Babe too scared to be seen with him because of JR, but Babe said she would stay to prove him wrong. Meanwhile, Bianca asked why Zarf and Josh set this up. Zarf explained that people should not hide from their destiny and their true selves. Zarf believed if Babe found her destiny then he would too. Then, Zarf asked Bianca to celebrate New Year's with him and she accepted. Meanwhile, Josh and Babe were still arguing. Babe insisted that she wanted to be with JR, but Josh insisted Babe still loved him. Babe was frustrated and went to leave. Josh tried to follow her, but her security guard stopped him. Then, the security guard realized he lost Babe and Josh looked worried.

Colby and Sean were at the park making a snowman. Colby said she wanted Sean to grovel more because she got Erica and Jack together. Sean asked how she knew what to do. Colby admitted she did not know, but covered like she actually knew something about love. Sean was impressed. Meanwhile, Jack and Erica were in bed together. Jack said he loved Erica. Erica asked Jack not to say it, but to show it and they kissed. Then, Colby and Sean walked into Jack's house. They saw Jack and Erica. Erica was wearing the diamond pin on her shirt. Erica asked Jack if he noticed the pin, but he was confused. So, Sean and Colby tried to distract them from the pin. Then, Erica told Jack to thank Sean for being such a good matchmaker. Erica explained that she was home because of Sean and that she believed he may be behind all of the gifts. Jack was still confused, so Sean rushed Jack and Erica out of the house. Then, Jack and Erica went to the park. Jack asked Erica to go to the Christmas concert with him later on. Erica confessed Jeff already invited her. Jack said they had a lot to talk about, but did not want to discuss it then. Jack stated he loved his wife and only wanted to spend the holiday with her. They kissed and hugged. Meanwhile, Sean and Colby were playing video games. Colby declared she would never let anyone hurt JR again. Then, Sean stated that if you do not fall in love then you do not fall out of love.

JR, Adam and Krystal were in the living room with Little Adam and his gifts. Dixie watched them and then Tad came in. Tad looked happy and apologized for standing Dixie up the night before. Then, Tad began to describe his wonderful night. Krystal saw Tad and Dixie talking and announced Tad was there to everyone else. Krystal and Adam expressed their wishes for Kate to return. Then, Tad and Dixie went into another room to talk. Tad told Dixie about the priest and Dixie said she met him too. Tad was happy because this meant his night was real and his newfound hope was real. Tad further explained that the old Tad was back and that he truly believed they would find Kate. Then, Adam came in and said he had to discus the baby with them. So, everyone reconvened in the living room. Then, Adam asked Tad and Dixie to be his new daughter's godparents. Tad and Dixie looked stunned and had no response. JR urged them to answer and they accepted. Krystal then hugged Dixie and Dixie promised not to tell Krystal's secret.

Julia and Jamie were at the hospital with the little girl, Cathy. Cathy was asleep and Julia was crying. Then, Jeff told Julia that Jim had died. Jeff further explained that Linda would need more surgery after she was stabilized. He asked if Cathy had any family. Julia said Linda's parents were dead and she knew nothing about Jim's parents. So, Jamie and Julia decided they would ask Cathy. When Cathy woke up, she realized Julia was her mom's friend. Then, Jamie and Julia took Cathy outside to make a snowman. Julia asked if Cathy had aunts or uncles. Cathy explained that her mom said Julia was her aunt. Then, Julia got a page saying Linda woke up. Back at the hospital, Jeff said there was a 50% chance that Linda would survive. Then, Julia went into Linda's room. Linda asked about Cathy and Julia assured her the girl was perfect. Meanwhile, Jamie was with Cathy. Tad walked up to them and asked who the little girl was.

Babe was alone in a parking structure. She dropped her purse and everything spilled out. As Babe picked up her belongings, she heard footsteps!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Kendall and Spike meet up with Papa Ryan at the boathouse, as Kendall thought it would be nice if the three of them had a picnic together. Ryan is appreciative of the gesture, but is stopped from settling down with his lunch dates by Emma, who comes flying around the corner to fling her arms around Ryan's leg. Moments later, with Spike snuggled back in his stroller, Ryan helps Emma with her first foray into ice skating. After they go, Kendall asks Annie if she is still falling for Ryan. Annie admits as much, and then notes that she will not be deterred just because she looks like Greenlee. After some brief small talk, Annie brings up the subject of how Greenlee and Kendall were close. Kendall tells her that isn't why she showed Annie the picture, and Annie tells her that she is perfectly aware that Kendall is trying to spare Ryan any more pain, and says that she wants the same thing. Kendall is glad that they are on the same page, and Annie goes on to point out that now, with Greenlee and Erin gone, Ryan needs someone. She notes that while Kendall has Zach and Spike and Fusion, Ryan is really at a loss as to what to do. She tells Kendall that she thought about all of the things that she said, and came to the conclusion that she wouldn't be a very good person if she walked away from Ryan now after all that he did for her. She says that she wants to be there for Ryan whenever he reaches out, and Kendall tries to swallow the fact that Ryan wanted comfort from someone either than her. She manages to squeeze out that she is happy for her and Emma, and Annie notes that they will just have to wait and see what happens. Taking in the look on her face, Annie then tells Kendall that Emma understands that Ryan is her friend and nothing more. Kendall tries to play it off, but Annie tells her that she didn't want Kendall to think that he was regarding Emma as a stand-in for Spike. Kendall pretends that the comment doesn't hit as close to home as it actually did.

At the new house, Zach once again heads out to the balcony and is haunted by the memory of the mystery woman, and her screams as she falls over the ledge. As he shakes himself from the disturbing reverie, he sees a young woman with dark hair join him on the balcony, with her back towards him. She turns, and Zach realizes that it is Bianca. Although she assures him that her bodyguard is inside and that she is perfectly safe, Zach flips out, noting that she should not be walking around alone. Bianca demands an explanation - saying that his behavior has to be connected to the murders because this is not the first time that she has seen him act in this manner. Zach tries to deflect her requests for the truth by focusing on how it seems that she and Kendall are walking around without care or worry, but Bianca reminds him that they have their guards and that they are safer than either Simone or Erin. She asks him why he is so worked up, as he is the one in their little clan that usually can keep his cool. Zach reminds her that everyone has their breaking point, and Bianca begs to know what triggered his. Zach finally acquiesces and says that he has the same dream every night - a woman needs to be saved, and although he tries, he's never successful. Bianca thinks that his nightmares are due to stress, and tells him that he needs to accept that as an adult, Kendall will make her own decisions. Zach replies that he has come close to losing Kendall before and he won't do it again. She then asks him why he is blaming himself for the crimes of another, and Zach tells her that he believes he is the only one that can stop them. He tells her that the dream can't be connected because he had it before Simone died, but he thinks that if he can interpret it, he can be of some help. Bianca tells him that he is not at fault, but Zach can't let go of the idea that he is mixed up in the reason why the two women died. Bianca hugs him and tells him that he needs to let it go.

At the hospital, Tad tries to figure out who Kathy is, but the little girl is only able to tell him that she is her mommy's little girl.

In Linda's hospital room, Julia assures the broken woman that while her little girl was unharmed in the accident, her husband had not survived. Julia tells her that she will take care of Kathy while she recuperates, and asks if there is anyone she should call. Linda tells her that with her folks dead and not knowing Jim's parents, there is no one to call. Julia then asks if she wants to see her daughter and Linda anxiously agrees. She goes out into the hall and retrieves Kathy, allowing Jamie time to catch his father up on her story. Unbeknownst to Tad, Father Clarence enters the waiting area and watches as he notes that sometimes it's hard to tell why tragic things happen. As mother and daughter reconnect, father and son do the same. Jamie asks what happened, as the last time he saw his father, he was downtrodden. He hopes that it is news about Kate, but Tad tells him that he just has a better outlook on life. He has come to understand that it's not about each of them as individuals, but rather they are all a part of a greater plan. He is resigned to the fact that wherever Kate is, she is happy and loved and will be okay. He notes that if it's meant for him to find Kate, it will happen when it is supposed to. In the meantime, he'll just keep looking. Buoyed by his positive spirit, Jamie promises that everyone who cares about Tad as well as Kate will be right beside him, supporting him.

Linda soothes Kathy by telling her that they lucked out having Aunt Julia be a nurse, and promises her that everything will be okay. While she is getting better, Linda tells her daughter that she gets to stay at Julia's house, and the little girl quickly asks if her daddy can stay with them as well. Painfully, she and Julia lock eyes, confused as to what to say next. Julia lifts the young girl into the bed, and Linda tells her that daddy is sick, and that she has to settle in at Aunt Julia's before she can see him. She leads Kathy out of the room, and tells the boys that there will be a new resident at Wildwind. Tad and Jamie are quite excited, but all are surprised when Kathy announces that she would like Tad to join them in getting her settled in. Jamie tells her that she has good taste since Tad makes the best fudge sundaes, and the crew takes off together, under Father Clarence's gleaming watchful eye.

JR tries to reach Babe on her cell phone but is unsuccessful.

Babe is frightened by approaching footsteps in the parking garage, so she quickly picks up the things she dumped out of her purse. She runs to hide, finding a dumpster in the process. She searches frantically, finds a pipe and then positions herself so that she can best use it against the unknown. Before she can spring into action, George and Josh find her. She warns them that there is someone in the area, so while George holds her back, Josh goes to see who incited Babe's panic. Josh returns a few moments later and reports that he swept the place and spotted no one. He then turns his attention to Babe, as her face had turned pale and her pulse had become rapid. She tries to play it off as a reaction to the excitement and not having eaten, but Dr. Madden was quickly able to ascertain that it had more to do with her blood pressure. He urged her to be checked out and said that he would not let her out of his site until she did. She tries to protest but Josh asks if George wants Babe falling down on his watch. Babe gives in, and after she directs George to grab her purse, they head back upstairs. Once gone, Zarf appears and watches their departure.

Sean keeps Colby company as she fires up the hidden camera in Josh's room. He sarcastically notes that catching Babe cheating will help JR get back on his feet quickly. Colby reacts dismissively, saying that it would be better if she found out for JR, and that this would allow JR to have all of the power. The duo in question approach in the hallway, with Babe still trying to protest her way out of entering Josh's room. Josh tells her that he is just being cautious. They come into view of the camera, and Colby notes her disappointment at what she sees. Sean is confused, since this is what she has been waiting for. She explains that what she wants is for her brother to be happy. They watch as Babe lies down on the bed, and wait to see their next move. In the room, Babe says that she is okay, and tries to stand up and leave. She immediately collapses, saved only from a complete fall by Josh's quick reflexes. As he picks her up and puts her back on the bed, Colby is dismayed that whatever happened knocked her camera on the floor. Meanwhile, Josh takes Babe's blood pressure, and George apologizes for his role in her collapse. He tells her that he understands if JR wants to fire him, but Babe tells him that it isn't his fault and that JR doesn't have to know that any of this ever happened. She then asks George to give her a moment alone with Josh, and he gratefully obliges. Once it's just the two of them, Josh mildly berates her for ditching her bodyguard, and tells her that she always needs to be with someone who will keep her safe. Caustically, she asks what he would think if the person she feels safest with is JR. Back at Casa Montgomery, Colby decides that she needs to head over to the hotel, disguise herself as a maid and set the camera up in its previous location. Sean stops her, assuring her that she will get caught, making that her second breaking and entering charge. He tells her that combined with her record, it's almost certain that Josh will send her to jail. She takes off her coat, and Sean assures her that once things are said and done, Josh will wonder what time it is, and put the clock back on the nightstand. Once he does that, she can get proof the next time Josh and Babe rendezvous. Colby belatedly asks if she is doing the right thing in her efforts to try to protect JR, since it would be better to find out sooner rather than later that your spouse is cheating on you. Sean relays that his mother has the "rip the Band-Aid off quickly" approach, but finding out such things still hurts just as badly. Colby admits that she wants to have the footage because when JR and Babe break up (and she is certain that they will) the Chandlers will have the ammo they need to make sure that JR retains full custody. She then switches gears, thanking Sean for keeping her somewhat sane, and says they make a great team. She then reminds him that he still owes her a night out on the town for New Year's Eve, and runs down her lists of must-haves.

Back in the room, Josh reluctantly asks if things are going okay for her with JR. Babe tells him that although it's not what he wants to hear, things are fine. Josh then says that the night he went to the roof of Fusion and found Erin, he had decided that since he couldn't bear to be without her, he needed to leave Pine Valley. She tells him that he needs to do what is right for him, and starts to go. She stops at the door and sees a small gift, still wrapped. She asks if it's a belated gift for Erica, and he responds with a question in turn: is she looking for a reason to stay? She realizes that in his noncommittal answer, he revealed the truth - the present is for her. He tells her that the gift was to show her how much he loves her, and also served as a reminder that if she ever got down or needed someone - she could call him. She asks what it is and he hands it over to her, surprising her. She slowly opens the box and finds a compact mirror inside with a plate engraved with "You Are Loved". He tells her that it's to the point, but anonymous enough that she can carry it with her. He points out that every time she uses it, she will be looking at the woman he will always love. She tries to apologize for the pain that she has caused him, but he tells her that he wouldn't trade a moment that he'd spent with her. She thanks him, and then asks if he was really leaving town. He tells her that leaving will have to wait, as he can't go in good conscience without knowing that she is completely safe. Satisfied, Babe rises and leaves the room. Josh flinches painfully as he hears the door click shut, but is unable to wallow in the moment as the phone rings. He rises from the place he had kneeled to find out who is on the other end of the line.

Ryan and Emma return to the boathouse and Ryan helps Annie lace up her skates so that she can join them. She thinks this is a bad idea, but is willing to try it, especially when her daughter sweetly offers to take care of her. Ryan looks over his shoulder and tells Kendall that next time, he'll bring a sled so that she and Spike can accompany them. The trio takes off, and Kendall's phone rings. She answers the phone, as her brother is on the other end. He tells her that the test results came back and he has the answers to Emma's family tree. A short time later, Josh shows up and tells her that Emma is indeed Ryan's daughter.

A door opens in the foyer and JR assumes that his wife has finally returned home. He starts to say as much and then stops when he realizes that the person coming in is Zarf, not Babe. Zarf approaches the bed mutely, mildly freaking JR out. He tries to grab JR's hand but the young mogul yanks it away. Zarf finally speaks, asking if he really believes that Babe belongs with him. As he waits for an answer, he helps himself to a drink. His actions - mostly his question about whether he and Babe should be together - enrage JR and he falls on his old habits and tries to rip Zarf down as a person. Zarf stands his ground and notes that what does or doesn't happen to him in the future should be of no concern to JR. He then points out that the anger rolls off of JR in waves and asks why. JR tells him that it is because he is stuck in bed, having to listen to someone spout off things about his wife. Zarf lists off things that JR can actually be possessive about - mansion, car, yacht - and then tells him that he can't ever own Babe. He continues on by asking JR what kind of woman he really wants to be with that would make his soul blossom. JR refuses to discuss his marriage with Zarf, but the singer is undeterred. He continues to try to chip away at the surface, but JR deflects the blows. Zarf then tells JR that he knows what Babe needs, and he is trying to figure out how that plays into the hold that JR has on her. JR tries to hasten Zarf's exit by saying that their bond is their marriage and son. Zarf asks why JR doesn't use any of his power to make Babe happy, and JR tells him that he has no right to butt into their lives. Zarf says that he doesn't need an invitation - and JR asks if now, Zarf is hitting on his wife. This causes the singer to burst into laughter. He tells JR that Babe is not his type, and asks what demons JR is hiding from. Still refusing to let anyone in, JR asks if Zarf thinks he is demon-free. Zarf tells him that he will tame his demons so he no longer has to hide from them. He then asks what JR is hiding from, and JR demands that Zarf leave his house at once. When he refuses, JR calls out for anyone's help in ousting Zarf from the premises. Babe finally returns home and gets Zarf to join her in the foyer. She tells him that JR isn't well, something that Zarf seems to have become clear on long ago. He asks her to find her destiny at the same time he finds his, but she tells him that her destiny is with JR. Zarf thinks that she is just afraid of change, and tells her that he is done with hiding. He tells her that tomorrow, he will risk everything to achieve what he is meant to be.

Friday, December 29, 2006

At Fusion, Kendall consoles Bianca after Maggie tells her she does not want to repair their relationship over the telephone. Kendall tells Bianca that if Maggie can't see what a wonderful person she is, then she is better off without her. Bianca says she is not surprised by Maggie's reaction, which prompted her to accept a date from Zarf. Kendall says that Zarf is a lunatic, but Bianca tells her sister that she and Zarf share a special connection. Bianca tells Kendall she does not understand how she can be attracted to Zarf because he is a man. When Kendall asks her if she is bisexual, Bianca says that is not the case, but the thought of being with Zarf excites her.

At Wildwind, Di jokes that she hopes her dress will lure the killer out while she works at Fusion. Aidan tells Di not to make a mockery of the murders because he cares about her. Aidan tells Di he will be keeping an eye on her the entire time at Fusion. Amanda comes down yelling at Dell for taking the hinges off her bedroom door, although Dell claims he just wanted to fix them because her door kept squeaking. After Amanda storms off, Di asks Aidan to teach her some self-defense moves. Julia and the little girl, Kathy, come down to play and collect presents from Amanda, Di and Aidan. Julia tells Jamie that Linda is not recovering very well and fears for Kathy's future if she loses her mother. Everyone gathers around the Christmas tree to celebrate the holiday and make it special for Kathy.

Zach brings Tad to the boathouse to find out what Tad has discovered about him. Tad says he came up empty-handed and does not know who killed Simone and Erin yet. Tad starts listing all of the schemes Zach has done to give him more than enough enemies, but Zach does not think any of those people are the killer. Tad demands that Zach explain what he should be looking for, or else he is off the case. Zach says it is not his job to tell Tad what to investigate. Jonathan walks into the boathouse and overhears Tad ask Zach how his past is connected to the murders. Zach tells Jonathan he and Tad are looking at leads for the murders, but do not have anything solid. When Jonathan walks off, Zach asks Tad to meet him tomorrow. Tad receives a phone call and claims he knows the connection between Zach and the murders.

Ryan thanks Josh for protecting Kendall and the other girls at Fusion, while Annie, Emma and Spike play at the table. Ryan tells Josh that he and Annie have started dating and paying attention to Spike helps keep his mind off Erin's death. Jonathan goes to the restaurant and gets invited to a Christmas celebration with Ryan and Annie.

Josh goes to Fusion with dinner for Bianca and Kendall. Kendall blurts out about Bianca's date with Zarf, but to her dismay, Josh is supportive. After Bianca leaves, Josh realizes Kendall is not going to tell Ryan he is Emma's biological father. Kendall says that Ryan does not need another bomb dropped into his lap right now since he is mourning Erin. Josh tells Kendall that after what their family went through with Greg's secrets, he doesn't want to keep the truth from Ryan. Ryan walks in and asks Josh and Kendall why they are yelling about Annie.

Bianca gets dazzled up for her date with Zarf, but when she answers the door, Zarf is dressed in women's clothing.



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