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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of December 25, 2006 on GL
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Monday, December 25, 2006

Due to the Christmas holiday, today's episodes of all your favorite soaps were pre-empted for various holiday programming. This pre-emption was anticipated and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result. Programming will resume on Tuesday, December 26th.

On behalf of everyone involved in Soap Central, I'd like to take the time to wish you and your family a very happy and healthy Christmas holiday. For our friends of other faiths and in other countries, we invite you share in the spirit of the holiday season as your celebrate holidays and festivals of your own.

Dan J Kroll
Founder, Soap Central

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Jonathan calls Tammy to see if she found his wedding ring. He makes plans to meet her later that day as Lizzie watches him from the window. He goes inside and Lizzie questions him about the call. He makes up a story about a problem with the plumbing at Outskirts. Lizzie asks him if he knows what Tammy is doing today, telling him she knows Cassie and Josh took RJ skiing. He reaches for a present and Lizzie asks him about his wedding ring.

Beth visits Alan in his cell before they take him to Ravenwood. She tells him she agrees with Lizzie's plan to put him away and she won't help him get out. She has Rick come check him out and if he passes his examination, he may be able to get out - for a while.

Buzz asks the jeweler if he can return Olivia's engagement ring. He runs into Marina and has a conversation about her being single on Christmas. They're going to Harley's later and agree to meet there. The family is at Gus and Harley's exchanging gifts and in walks Jeffrey to discuss his strategy for Sydney's hearing. Olivia joins the party and is upset to see Jeffrey. Buzz is next to join the party and Olivia rushes to him. Buzz takes her outside. Olivia is convinced Buzz is taking her outside to break up with her. He gets down on bended knee and proposes. She exclaims "Yes!" They go back into the party and share the good news. Everyone is shocked and speechless. Gus welcomes Olivia to the family. Frank congratulates them and welcomes Olivia to the family as well. Jeffrey offers his congratulations, and is walking out the door, when Coop bursts in asking if they've seen Ava. Coop asks Jeffrey if he said something to Ava at the airport. Olivia overhears Coop talking to Jeffrey.

Beth drops off presents for Sarah. She let's Lizzie know she's okay with what is happening with Alan. Lizzie leaves to feed Sara and Beth gives Jonathan his wedding ring. Jonathan calls Beth's bluff knowing she won't upset Lizzie by telling her where she found his ring. Lizzie walks in during the conversation and Beth tells her she found his ring on the bar at Outskirts.

Tammy is sitting at the bar at Outskirts waiting for Jonathan. She turns around to find Beth. Beth tells Tammy about Alan being locked up and how Lizzie did it. She tells her how Alan believes she and Jonathan are still together. Beth plays like she is on Tammy's side. Beth tells her she knows she wouldn't come between Lizzie and Jonathan. She lays a guilt trip on Tammy that she knows Tammy wouldn't want Sarah to end up in foster care. There's another woman at the opposite end of the bar who joins Tammy and commiserates. She, too, is waiting for a married man. Jonathan walks into Outskirts and Tammy jumps into his arms.

Buzz reads the story of the first Christmas. Ava is at Outskirts and Jeffrey walks in. Alan is pacing in his cell as he watches Beth give Rick a Christmas present. Lizzie is happily rocking Sarah, believing Jonathan went to address the plumbing problem. Jonathan lies in bed with Tammy...

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Inside the Light: Untitled

Still at the airport, Ava sullenly pulls a lighthouse post card from a rack in the gift shop. It reads: Springfield...Where Everyone is Family. She purchases the card and checks her cell phone to find a missed call from Alan-Michael. Ava calls him back. Cynical Alan-Michael thinks that Ava is avoiding him because she was insulted by his job offer. Ava knows nothing of a job offer. He explains that his assistant left the proposal with someone while she showered. Ava abruptly ends the call and stares suspiciously at Coop who is seated just outside the shop with his back to her. She sits down in a row of chairs beside her, poises to write on the post card, and gives Coop one more miserable look.

Down on a dark, holiday lit Main Street, Ava marvels at a gold star atop a Christmas tree in the center of the décor. "O Christmas Tree" sung by a cathedral choir plays as Ava remembers herself as a child placing a homemade star on a very small and bare tree. The memory is empty except for the tree with a spotlight on it. The blonde adoptive mother sits on the floor beside the meek tree and apologizes to Ava for its lackluster. Little Ava declares that it's beautiful as her mother cradles her in her arms. She wonders what little Ava asked Santa for this year. Little Ava unfolds her list and her mother remarks that Santa might not be able to handle a list that big. However, she tells her that they already have the best gift. They are together. Family is everything. Never let it go.

Outside the Aituro home, Ava glances in as Harley, Rick and the boys make cookies. Rick comes outside as Ava walks away. He asks her why she isn't on the way to England. Ava pensively explains that she has a lot going on, learning about her parentage. Rick kindly advises her to take her time. She looks in on the family scene inside and remarks on how nice it is. Rick agrees. Everything begins and ends with family. Sometimes people don't know that until they've lost it. Ava declines his invitation to come inside, wishes him a Merry Christmas and strolls back to Main Street.

Amid the blue and red glowing trees, she finds herself again drawn to the big tree in the center. Morose with tears, she touches a red glitter star ornament. A glowing figure manifests behind her in the distance. Ava senses it and calls out, "Mom?" Meanwhile, at the airport, Frantic Coop paces. Ava does not answer his calls. Holding the post card, he wonders aloud where Ava is.

The next day, Christmas day, Ava again peeps in on the Aituro family as they celebrate the holiday with family and friends. She unlatches the gate to the backyard and hides behind it as Buzz and Olivia skitter outside. She watches with a smile as Buzz proposes to her mother, Olivia. Ava appears happy for them as Olivia accepts.

Down at Outskirts, festive Ava wants a drink to match her mood. A man (the Closed Caption says his name is Duke) instantly homes in on her. As she receives her drink, he asks her why she isn't with family. Ava jovially responds that it's complicated. Duke claims he has nowhere to go. Ava orders him a double drink because that's what it's going to take to tolerate her tale. Duke is drunk and fakes sympathy for her rambling tale about her family. When she says her boyfriend invited her on a trip, he points out that she didn't go. He moves in on her, explaining that he asked Santa for a beautiful girl this year and now here she is.

Spotting his ring, Ava asks does his wife know he asked for a beautiful girl or is he too drunk to remember he's married. Duke defends that his wife doesn't understand him. Ava doesn't have time for this man to play with her life. He retorts that it wasn't her life he planned to play with. Ava finds herself in a situation akin Olivia's as a teen when Duke manhandles her out of her bar stool. She tousles with him, exclaiming not to touch her. Suddenly Jeffrey strides across the bar and yanks at the man, demanding that he back off.

Outside, Ava closes her coat around her. Jeffrey walks out with her, explaining that her disappearance has caused the whole Cooper clan to launch a search. He wonders if she is okay and why she isn't in England. Ava snaps that she changed her mind. Someone should let Coop know, Jeffrey thinks. Ava tells him she will handle it just as she would have handled that man inside the bar. She doesn't need Jeffrey. He replies that men like Duke only understand one thing. He would know, Ava retorts. Jeffrey fumbles with the gift in his pocket as Ava tries to leave. He stops her but doesn't quite know what to say to her. If she's going to leave, he decides, then he can call her a cab. Coop appears, saying that she can walk with him.

Ava gives him a hug and says she's sorry. He angrily asks her what the hell happened. Jeffrey calls her name. She yells at him to just go. He turns to go back into the bar. Frustrated Ava calls him name and forces herself to wish him a merry Christmas. Same to her, he says and goes inside. Coop tears into her again about what happened, feeling he's owed some answers. "Oh, really?" Ava spouts, her neck rolling in anger. She thinks that he seems to be the only one who happens to have all of her answers lately.

Meanwhile inside the bar, Duke is still drinking. Now he targets Jeffrey, mouthing off that Ava wasn't worth all the drama. He wants to know who she is to Jeffrey. Jeffrey tosses back a shot and tells him to mind his own business. A piece of trash like that isn't worth Duke's time anyway. Jeffrey swivels off his stool, walks around to Duke, and asks him to repeat himself. Duke squares off with him, and asks why a slut like that is worth his time. That's it, Jeffrey decides, and grabs the man's lapels. Two other men from the side of the bar jump into the scuffle.

Back in Ava's room at the Beacon, Coop and Ava sort out what happened to make her leave the airport. She asks him why he didn't just leave without her. Coop believes this trip was their chance to start a new life. He doesn't understand what happened. Ava reveals that Alan-Michael offered her a great job. Coop innocently asks if that's what all this is about. Ava points out that she never got the papers about it. Coop explains it was because she was in the shower. He got them, read them and threw them in the trash where they belonged. He goes on to say that they both know Alan-Michael was just trying to get her to stay in town and knew she would have if she thought he needed her. Ava sarcastically thanks Coop for his faith in her and their relationship. Coop defends his right to protect them, their relationship and her. He won't let anyone or anything step in the way of them. Ava yells what about what she wants. He tells her that she wants to go away with him. Springfield will be here when they get back, but he wants to show her so many new places and things. Coop pressures her to go with him. He begs her to repack her bags while he changes the tickets and takes care of everything. He continuously professes his love for her, breaking her down with his pleases until she says she knows how much he loves her. He assumes that means she's going. He tells her to repack the bags and he'll be right back.

Ava begrudgingly obeys. Alone, she tosses the suitcase on the bed. Just then, the phone rings. It's Frank calling about her father. Jeffrey's been hurt badly and he urges Ava to come to Cedars. Ava rushes into the emergency room and finds Frank waiting. He shows her to the green cubicles where bruised Jeffrey sleeps on the narrow bed. Ava tells Frank that she just saw him and he was fine. She wants to know has anyone else been to see him. Frank didn't know whom else to call. Ava strolls into the room and sits on the side of his bed. Jeffrey's eyes peel open. He stretches in pain, asking her what she's doing there. "You sure know how to find trouble, don't you?" she bites. Further, she meanly hopes he doesn't need money for bail or anything because she doesn't a job right now. Jeffrey chuckles painfully and tells her to go. Ava rephrases herself. She is offering to help if he needs it. He doesn't want her there. He tells her to go. Ava rolls her eyes and stalks out.

In the hallway she attacks Frank for calling her down there in the first place. Frank repeats that there was no one else to call. He found a gift to her in Jeffrey's belongings. Ava wonders if he asked for her. Frank says no but hands her the small gift box. Ava doesn't understand what the gift means. He has made it clear that he doesn't want her as his daughter. Frank confides that Buzz abandoned him for nearly twenty years. It took a long time for Buzz to win him back over, but he did. Frank doesn't regret opening up to his father's love.

A nurse wheels Duke through emergency and comments to Ava that her boyfriend should be sorry he messed with him. Frank orders the nurse to get him out of there. Ava asks Frank if Jeffrey got hurt defending her. Four against one, Frank tells her. She attempts to return to his bedside, but Frank utters that Jeffrey took a bad beating and needs rest.

On Main Street, Ava holds the gift in her hands. She recalls her younger self talking to a girl. The girl says that her father reads her bedtime stories. If Ava doesn't have a dad, who reads to her? Ava settles down on the blue bench in front of CO2 and reads the gift card. It wishes her a great time in Jolly Old England and is signed Jeffrey O'Neill. Ava's look seems to convey that she's let down by message but at the same time, not sure if she could have handled more. She opens the box to reveal a pair of earrings with dangling sea green colored stones. She holds them up and tearfully says, " birthstone."

Back at the hotel, Coop awaits her. He admonishes her for leaving without telling him. She apologizes. He says it's fine and wants to know if she's packed. Ava half jokingly replies that she assumed he'd do it for her. Spotting the gift she set on the table, Coop asks if she is seeing someone behind his back now. Ava explains it's from Jeffrey who got beat up defending her at Outskirts earlier. Coop asks her if she is okay. Ava admits that she is confused. Jeffrey gets her a gift, gets hurt defending her, but then asks her to leave when she comes to visit. With her confused doe-like eyes, she asks Coop why Jeffrey would buy her a gift and not give it to her. Squatting before her as she sits on the bed, Coop replies that he told Jeffrey not to.

Ava's stares at him incredulously as he explains that Jeffrey came to the airport to see her and give her the present, but Coop decided it wasn't a good idea. Ava crosses her arms and comes to her feet. Coop rises, further explaining that he overheard Jeffrey and Olivia fighting over her. At the airport he asked O'Neill if he could step up to be a father, but Jeffrey just left without an answer. Coop decided he didn't deserve to be her father. Ava retorts that it wasn't his call to make. This is her life. Jeffrey's not his father; he's her father. Coop only wants to protect her. Ava doesn't want his protection. Maybe she wants to make her own choices. What does he really know about her. Coop affirms that he knows her pretty well. He doesn't, Ava tells him. He makes choices for her while disregarding that she might have her own opinion on what's good for her. Ava recites a litany of choices Coop has made for her: Hiding her adoption, hiding the job offer, and turning away Jeffrey. After each one, he defends his reasons. He adds that Jeffrey made his own choice. He could have stayed at the airport but didn't, proving Coop right.

It's not about right and wrong; it's about her life, she explains. A life that they are sharing, Coop responds. He doesn't even know what they are fighting about. They should be on a plane, watching a movie and eating popcorn with her head on his shoulder. Because Coop has everything all figured out, Ava says. Coop does everything he does, overbearing or not, because he loves her. Ava has so much happening in her life right now that she can't even think. Coop wants to help her think. He wants to do whatever they need to do to get on track. Ava tells him that she wants a break. She needs a break. She wants to take some time to herself.

A knock comes to the door. Angered, Ava tears it open. Olivia stands outside the door, stammering her words as she tries to interpret the heated scene. She wants to talk and Ava invites her in. Olivia announces her engagement. The air is thick in the room as Ava tries to smile and says Buzz really loves her. Coop stands there until Olivia asks him to give them time to talk alone. He goes to make a call. Before he leaves, he tells Ava not to go anywhere.

Olivia doesn't ask what's happening between them. Instead, she says that they are all going to be one big happy family. She wants Ava to understand that there are not many men like Coop and Buzz in the world. They don't want to change you or run your life or manipulate you. They just want to love you. Ava sarcastically agrees. Olivia is glad Ava found Coop at a young age. She feels assured that her daughter will not make the same mistakes as she did. She asks Ava if they can give it a shot. Sure, why not, Ava sardonically shrugs her shoulders. Coop comes back as Olivia opens the door. She wishes him a happy holiday and leaves.

Coop wishes they could start over without her crazy parents. He misses having her all to himself. He doesn't trust Olivia, Jeffrey or Alan-Michael. She asks if he trusts her. He does. Then Ava feels that he must trust her when she says they need time apart before they can continue as a couple. Coop will not give up without a fight. Exasperated, she says he doesn't have to fight for her. Voice trembling, he feels that he does. Ava explains how quickly they became a couple. What about him and Oxford and his writing, she asks him. That's his dream, not hers. She can do whatever she wants, he says. She asks if she can work for Spaulding. He reminds her that Alan-Michael only wants one thing. But that's not what she wants. She kisses him and leaves to get some air.

Ava knocks on Alan-Michael's door, interrupting his evening with a sultry blonde named Donia. He introduces Ava to Donia as the friend he was talking about. After she leaves, Ava finds it hard not to smile as she asks Alan-Michael to tell her about the job. He gives her the highlights. She asks if she's under him or Alexandra. He says that she'll be under him. How he answers the next questions will depend on her answer. Alan-Michael promises to answer carefully. She asks if she is qualified for the job. He says no, but he has faith in her. She asks if he created the job in hopes of sleeping with her. He says yes, but he's not dumb enough to risk his company. Ava chuckles that he's the first person to be honest with her. Her answer is yes. To sleeping with him or to accepting the job, Alan-Michael wonders. She advises him to grow up. She thanks him for having faith in her. She will see him bright and early in the morning.

Marina finds Coop on Main Street, drinking beer at CO2. She tells him that everything will be okay. Ava will come back to him. Frank and Buzz show up and Coop feels it's no coincidence. They are all family, there to lend their support, Buzz says to him. Marina advises him to embrace the love.

A song plays over the ending scenes. In her hotel room, Ava spies an airline stub discarded on the floor. The lyrics to the song playing sing, "I'd shout out a thousand loves to hold you close to me. I'd shield you, I'd hold you, help you reach your every dream. Just don't be so hard on yourself. You're only human...can't be everything to everyone all the time..." She smiles at her earrings from her father, goes to the mirror and puts them in. "It's bigger than us, and no matter what we say, what we do, it's what we hear in the rush of silence that leads us through to love..." She strolls out onto her balcony, and she folds her arms on the stone railing. Her head balances on her wrists as she stares out into the night. The song sings, "It's time to come in from the dark to love..."

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Joshua and Cassie return from their ski trip. He is greeted at the airport by Reva. She wants to meet with Atticus, the Lewises' attorney, along with Josh. Atticus lets Josh know Sheila had been in Oklahoma and met with him. She asked to see old photos and family papers. He tells Josh and Reva the only thing he shared with her was a small box. Reva reminisces over a picture of her and Josh in the box. Josh becomes uncomfortable and Reva enjoys seeing his reaction. They also come across Billy's will - leaving everything to his "wife." Reva rushes out to stop Sheila from getting that job. They go to talk with Sheila and find Billy's door open. Sheila is inside going through Billy's things. Reva pushes her against the wall with her hands wrapped around her neck.

Coop is waiting outside Ava's door with a cup of coffee and wishes for a good day at her new job. She is not happy - she wants space. Coop goes to work at CO2 and is very unhappy about his situation with Ava. He tells Buzz all about his shenanigan's to protect Ava from Alan Michael and Jeffrey. Buzz tells him he needs to apologize. Coop doesn't agree - doesn't feel he did anything wrong. Buzz tells him if he loves her and can't live without her, he has to fight for her. He goes to Alan Michael's. Coop lets Alan Michael know he's not going to let him win.

Ava shows up at Alan Michael's for her first day. Alan Michael asks her if her and Coop's relationship is over. Ava avoids the discussion - she just wants to work. She tells Alan Michael she has something she has to take care of and rushes out. She goes to visit with Jeffrey at the hospital. Ava lets him know she knows he was at the airport and why he got beat up. While they're talking, Olivia walks in - surprised to see Ava. Ava walks out telling them she's not going to get mixed up between the two of them.

Olivia confronts Jeffrey about his intentions with Ava. He tells her he has no plans to leave Springfield. She tells him she wants to slap him, but he's hurt and it would be no fun. She straightens his covers for Buzz watches from the hallway.

Ava goes back to her room at the Beacon to find an envelope outside her door addressed to her. It's her plane ticket to England and a note from Coop - "I know we'll get there soon."

Jonathan offers to watch Sarah so Lizzie can go out and enjoy herself for the day. Lizzie is barely out the door before Jonathan calls Tammy to set up their next rendezvous.

Cassie meets Tammy at the movies for their post-Christmas tradition of a chick flick and popcorn with lots of butter, but Tammy has to cancel. Tammy lets Cassie know she spent Christmas waiting for Jonathan at Outskirts. She tells Cassie Jonathan told her she's leaving Lizzie. Cassie plays the doubting Thomas and tells Tammy she doesn't believe Jonathan will live up to his promises. Tammy asks her to be happy for her and leaves to meet Jonathan.

At the Beacon, Tammy lights a fire, puts on a pink teddy, lays out chocolate, whipped cream and cherries, and waits for Jonathan.

Lizzie calls Beth to enlist her help to make Lizzie a "real wife" to Jonathan. Beth has a flashback about her conversation with Jonathan and her finding his ring in the barn. Lizzie advises Beth her marriage isn't quite complete - Lizzie and Jonathan aren't sleeping together. Lizzie comes up with a plan and shares it with Beth. Lizzie calls Jonathan and tells him it's an emergency and he should meet her at Outskirts. He gets there and she informs him the Spaulding jet is fueled and ready to take them away on their honeymoon. Jonathan is in shock. It's going to be the three of them. Jonathan tries to argue his way out of the trip, but he is not successful. Lizzie drags him out of the bar and he comes back in upset. He makes an excuse to get Lizzie to give him a couple minutes to let him take care of some things at the bar. He make a phone call to Tammy and gets her voice mail - where he apologizes for not being about to meet her and tells her about the trip Lizzie arranged.

Lizzie, Sarah and Jonathan arrive on the island. She pushes Jonathan to make it a real honeymoon. She throws herself at Jonathan and he doesn't buy into it. He leaves the house for a little while on his own - to call Tammy again. He turns around and Tammy's standing there. They start taking off each other's clothes and Lizzie walks through the door and sees them.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Due to CBS Sports coverage of college football, Guiding Light did not air today. This pre-emption had been planned for and it will not result in the loss of any episodes. Regular broadcasting will resume on Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007.

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