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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of December 25, 2006 on ATWT
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Monday, December 25, 2006

Due to the Christmas holiday, today's episodes of all your favorite soaps were pre-empted for various holiday programming. This pre-emption was anticipated and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result. Programming will resume on Tuesday, December 26th.

On behalf of everyone involved in Soap Central, I'd like to take the time to wish you and your family a very happy and healthy Christmas holiday. For our friends of other faiths and in other countries, we invite you share in the spirit of the holiday season as your celebrate holidays and festivals of your own.

Dan J Kroll
Founder, Soap Central

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Gwen and Will pick up a Christmas present for Adam. While Gwen waits outside, Iris comes up, playing Mom. Gwen tells her to give it up. Gwen tells her mother nothing is going on with her and Adam. Iris continued to taunt Gwen with little insinuating comments to Will.

Emily goes to visit Dusty offering him her help. Emily tells him she will tell a judge they (Dusty and Emily) were in on it together - she was trying to get even, he wanted custody. She will tell the DA he threatened Craig with a gun loaded with blanks - no intention to really harm Craig. They will turn in Paul as being the one responsible for Craig being shot. Dusty is unsure of Emily's motives. Dusty thinks she won't be able to go through with it. Emily tries to sway Dusty to blame both Paul and Craig.

Barbara goes to see Dusty and tells him about Paul's accident. She tells him she believes Craig is responsible for the accident. She tells him they're concerned Paul may have suffered brain damage.

Holden finds Faith hesitant to get back on her horse, skipping her lesson. He persuades her to attend his dance lesson instead, allowing her to meet the "other woman," trying to reassure her things are ok between him and her mom. Lily is at the dance studio waiting for Holden and Faith. Holden drags Faith into the dance studio to introduce her to Taya. Faith watches Taya's smooth moves versus Lily's clumsiness - making Faith have even less faith in the state of her parent's marriage. While they're dancing, Faith sneaks out of the studio. Lucinda comes in with Faith - they had gone shopping. Lucinda tries to get Lily and Holden to see Faith is troubled by something. Meanwhile, Faith talks with Taya and expresses her image is dancers - and her poor self image. Lily comes in to talk with Faith and notices the way Faith is looking at the other dancers.

Paul awakes in ICU to see Craig by his bedside. Meg finds him in the room and makes him leave. Paul tells Meg she saved him. He's confused - is he dead? Meg tries to assure him he's alive. Paul tells her about his experience when he died. He apologizes for not making Meg happy. Now he knows what it means to really love someone. Paul tells her he will make her happy. Meg tells him she still cannot be with him.

Craig comes across Barbara at the nurses' station. She accuses him of tampering with Paul's car. Craig tells her he had nothing to do with Paul's accident. He then ventures over to Meg to invite her to dinner and she declines. He continues to make passes at Meg. Craig sneaks into Paul's room to ask him what Meg's favorite food is - so he can order her dinner during their evening together.

Adam invites Jade to spend New Year's Eve with him, giving her a new evening dress (or an invitation to go purchase one on him). Iris comes across Jade and tells her she went out to LA. She told Jade she saw Gwen and Adam kiss. The jealousy game has now reversed! Jade leaves upset - and Iris has a big grin on her face. Jade rushes to find Gwen to confront her about what happened between her and Adam. Jade tells her to stay away from Adam. Gwen tells her nothing is going on between them. Gwen runs into Will. He witnessed Jade storming off and asks Gwen what happened. Gwen tells him Jade called her a hypocrite - and she tells Will about what happened between her and Adam in LA.

Emily goes back to Meg to try to win her over to help her get Dusty out of trouble. Meanwhile, Paul awakes, tears his oxygen off and tries to get out of bed. A nurse stops him, he grabs her arm, stares of into the distance and he collapses while seeing the bright light.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

At the hospital, Emily continues to tell Meg about her plan to blame Paul for Craig's shooting so that Dusty can be free. After hearing about Emily's idea, Meg tells her about Paul's accident and as the two are discussing Paul's condition we see Paul having some sort of convulsion in his hospital room. As Paul's attack goes on he grabs the nurse's arm that is with him and he has a premonition of a nurse mixing up medications. As he tries to tell her what he has seen he goes back into cardiac arrest. Susan saves Paul's life and after Paul is stable she insists that Meg goes home. The nurse explains to Susan what Paul was saying about the mixing up medications and Susan tells her not to worry, that she will take care of the drugs. She gives Paul his pills and again Paul tries to tell them something is wrong. After giving Paul his prescription Susan goes out into the hall and catches a nurse about to give the wrong medication to a patient. Susan realizes that Paul was right, but doesn't know how he could have known about the mix-up. When Paul wakes up he remembers what he knew about the medicine mistake and Susan questions how he knew it would happen. He just tells her he saw it.

After being sent home Meg talks to Emily in the hall and the two go back to the farm. At first, Emily is upset at the sight of the place she lost her daughter, but after she gets over the rush of bad memories, the two talk over what has happened to Paul. Emily tells Meg with everything that Paul has been through she doesn't think she can now go to the DA and blame Craig's shooting on Paul. The two agree they have to do something to help Dusty get out of jail and stop Paul, Craig, and Dusty before they destroy each other. Emily tells Meg that she may have a way to get Dusty out of jail with her help and put an end to everything. Later we see Meg call Craig to meet her per her unknown plan with Emily.

In downtown Oakdale, Gwen tells Will about Adam kissing her in Los Angeles. Will is angry and questions Gwen about why she chose to tell him now. Gwen admits to Will that Iris saw her and Adam kiss and then told Jade about what happened. Will is even more upset that the only reason Gwen told him was because she was afraid Jade would out her secret. Gwen says the kiss meant nothing and she tries to explain how the kiss actually happened. Will says that if the kiss meant nothing she would have told him right away. Gwen explains that she would have never told him if Jade and Iris didn't know because it didn't mean anything. She assures Will that she only wants him, but Will is insecure that he isn't good enough for her. Gwen tells him she needs to go and make things right.

Jade finds Adam at Crash and questions him about his time in Los Angeles with Gwen. Jade hints around that she may know about the kiss between Adam and Gwen, but Adam doesn't pay her much attention and she leaves after the two discuss their plans for New Years Eve. After Jade has left, Gwen arrives and tells Adams she quits and that she has told Will about what happened in Los Angeles. Adam is angry with Gwen for telling Will and when she questions him about why he kissed her he tells her he wasted his time on someone who got married before she grew up and then leaves in a huff. As he leaves, Jade walks in and sees Gwen. Gwen tells Jade that she told Will about the kiss and that she is no longer working with Adam. Jade lays into Gwen about kissing Adam and tells her she hopes Will is not forgiving towards her. Meanwhile, Adam has found Will and confronts him because he believes Will made Gwen quit singing because he is threatened by her success. Will lets Adam know that he may be a great producer, but that he is still a creep for coming onto his brother's wife.

At the Lakeview, Mike finds Katie and returns an earring she lost during the fight with Vienna at the Snyder Farm. Mike tells Katie he is angry with her and again Katie apologizes for everything that she has done. Mike tells Katie he knows she is sorry and then she explains why she has acted the way she has over the past few days. She tries to clarify to Mike that she didn't mean to get Carly involved in the jewel theft indictments, but that she just thought that if Simon was in jail then she and Mike could get back together. After her apology, Mike informs Katie that with everything that has happened he thinks they should start the paperwork on their divorce. Mike explains to Katie that her sleeping with Simon isn't the reason for the divorce, but that Katie's manipulating and scheming is what has really caused their problems. As the two continue their discussion Kim and Bob come in and ask if they will be attending their party, but they tell them they can't and then leave. Kim and Bob sit down and Bob shows Kim a box and when he opens it the stolen diamond is inside. Bob tells Kim the diamond was found in a hospital biohazard bin and that he has it with him to put in Lisa's safe and as he holds the diamond up to show Kim; Katie, who returned for her phone, sees the diamond and realizes it maybe the stolen one.

As Carly waits for Sage outside her dance class she thinks back on the good times she had with Simon and just as she says goodbye to him she turns and is face to face with Simon. Carly is shocked to see Simon and tells him he has to leave. Simon lets Carly know that he still has the tickets for Hawaii and he knows, just by the look she gave him, that she still wants to be with him. Simon takes Carly into the dance studio and then kisses her. Carly pushes him away and tells him not to and that they have to be over, but Simon tells her he loves her and tearfully Carly tells him she loves him too and they kiss. Simon tries to convince her to find away to make them work and she explains that if she chooses him she will loose her children. Sage runs in and interrupts their talk and after she leaves Carly tells Simon that if he really cares for her and her children he will leave town and never come back. When Sage returns Simon kisses Carly goodbye and leaves.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Out at Emma's, Emily and Meg put together their plan to frame Craig. Craig pulled up unexpectedly quick and Emily sneaked out to Fairwinds. Craig came in and Meg scolded him about his visits to Paul's hospital room.

Emily broke into Fairwinds with a box of blanks to plant. Craig and Meg showed up so he could change. Meg tried to buy some time. Craig asked her why she wanted to spend New Year's with him. She said no girl wanted to be alone on such a special night. Emily hid in a dark corner listening. Craig went to change. Emily and Meg decided they needed more time. Emily left to get Tom. Craig came back. Meg stalled some more. She said she didn't want to go to the party. Craig suggested they stay in. He almost found the planted blanks, but Meg stopped him. He became somewhat suspicious, but midnight struck and Meg kissed him.

Out on the street Adam asked Will if he was mad at him for kissing Gwen. Will was. Adam said they just got carried away and asked why he made Gwen quit. Will said he didn't. Adam apologized, and Will left. Jade came up and asked Adam about the kiss. He told her it meant nothing and he had no feelings for Gwen. They kissed, but Adam needed to find Gwen to talk her out of it.

At Crash, Gwen told Maddie she quit music. Maddie asked why. Gwen said it was school. Maddie didn't buy it. Gwen confessed about the kiss and told her it didn't mean anything. Will came in and Maddie left. Will tried to talk Gwen back into pursuing her music. Gwen agreed. Adam and Jade arrived. Adam wanted to make sure everything was OK. It was. Gwen went to sing. Casey showed up and told Adam he didn't tell their parents about his gambling. Adam let him off the hook. After Gwen sang, midnight rang in. All the couples kissed. As Adam and Jade were leaving, Gwen and Adam shared a lingering glance.

In the Lakeview lobby Katie saw the diamond Dr. Bob and Kim were looking at. Katie rushed over and convinced Bob to let her have it. He gave it to her until midnight. The Hughes went into their party. Henry popped in and Katie told him about finding the stone and that she needed to talk to Jack. Henry tried to get her to forget about it. Katie remained diligent.

In the dining room Simon tried to get a table at the party. Jack and Carly walked in with Parker. Then the Snyder's arrived. Lily went over to Simon and asked him to not cause a scene. Simon said he wouldn't and wished her a happy new year. Simon watched. Lily and Holden danced for everyone, showing off their new skills. A few commented to Faith about the wonderful relationship her parents have, but she didn't seem sure. Jack and Carly danced. Jack got a call. It was Katie and she told him to meet her in the lobby. Jack left. Carly got a call. It was Simon from across the room. He asked her to meet him in his room.

Carly went to Simon's room. They kissed. Carly went over how she must protect her family. Simon thought Jack was just jealous and there was no proof of their crime since the diamond was gone. Carly said it seemed to keep showing up. They kissed again and clothes fell to the floor. In the lobby a beautiful woman came over to meet Henry. She, who turned out to be Simon's jeweler, asked what Henry had for her. Henry showed her the diamond. She asked how he got it from Simon and that it was one of the crown jewels. Jack and Katie overheard all this. Jack arrested her. The jeweler cried that she had been set-up.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Due to CBS Sports coverage of college football, As the World Turns did not air today. This pre-emption had been planned for and it will not result in the loss of any episodes. Regular broadcasting will resume on Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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