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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 25, 2006 on Y&R
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Monday, December 25, 2006

Due to the Christmas holiday, today's episodes of all your favorite soaps were pre-empted for various holiday programming. This pre-emption was anticipated and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result. Programming will resume on Tuesday, December 26th.

On behalf of everyone involved in Soap Central, I'd like to take the time to wish you and your family a very happy and healthy Christmas holiday. For our friends of other faiths and in other countries, we invite you share in the spirit of the holiday season as your celebrate holidays and festivals of your own.

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Colleen feels she can't handle being around Korbel after what happened, so she decides to drop his class. Korbel says it's too late and she would get a failing grade on her transcript. She eventually agrees to keep the class, but says that she will find a replacement assistant for him. Victor tells Nikki that he feels he owes Jack for saving their new granddaughter's life. As a gesture of thanks, Victor and Nikki establish a scholarship fund in John Abbott's name for a business student at G.C.U. Paul brings Lauren coffee, hoping to learn information about Michael's case through her, but she says that Michael doesn't talk about his cases at home. Michael informs Dru, Neil and Devon that he's requested DNA testing from Jack, Brad and Kevin in order to create reasonable doubt that anyone could have killed Carmen, not just Devon. Later, Devon finds a parking ticket from the Newman garage. Dru admits it's hers as she was planning on confronting Carmen. Devon rips it up before Neil can see it. William, Sullivan, and a lab tech come to Brad's house to get a cheek swab for his DNA test. Michael tells Victor that Brad never had a brother, and Victor says that he wants to find out more information on Brad and his mother immediately, and wants to have them and Victoria constantly followed. Paul calls Brad and tells him that someone has been snooping around Cleveland looking for anything associated with the Carlton name. Brad wonders if they should just tell Victor the truth about his past.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

William Bardwell and Jill ran into each other at the club. She could tell he was under a lot of stress, and William admitted that he was tired of being portrayed as someone who was tormenting Devon. Although Jill thought all the evidence against Devon was circumstantial, Bardwell said there was also scientific evidence. He promised Jill that when all of this was over, he was going to let her give him the pedicure she'd offered.

Michael went over Devon's murder case with Devon and Neil. Devon said he didn't want suspicion to be diverted to Dru just to spare him. Michael said there were other suspects, like Jack and Brad. He didn't want Devon to testify on his own behalf unless it was absolutely necessary. Michael was afraid that Devon's previous conviction of assault on behalf of his mother Yolanda might give Bardwell ammunition to use against Devon.

Gloria called the show in L.A. and told them she was free and her use of the name Mrs. John Abbott had been cleared up. Joanna belittled Gloria's efforts to get on TV. But when Gloria agreed with Joanna and said she was going to cancel her appearance on the TV show and move back in to help take care of Fen, Joanna left Lauren a note and said she was leaving. She didn't want Lauren to be under any more stress. Michael came home to find Lauren ecstatic and Gloria reverting to her old style of dress. Gloria said that everyone, including William Bardwell, was going to have to accept her for who she was. Later, after Gloria left, Michael and Lauren began getting romantic. But at that point, Bardwell called. There was another DNA match on Carmen's earring: Jack Abbott.

Jack had scheduled a date with Sharon, then Ji Min called him and needed to go over some business papers. Jack talked Ashley into taking Sharon shopping. When the two women came back, Sharon said she needed to rush home to help Noah with a school project. Jack offered to go, too, and help her and Noah put Noah's project together. After Sharon left, Ashley scolded Jack for lying to Sharon as well as to Victor and Nikki. Ashley was beginning to be afraid that Jack could no longer distinguish between a lie and the truth.

Victor heard out Victoria, Brad, and Rebecca as they explained about Rebecca's past, the murder of most of the Kaplan family, and why everyone had been lying to him. Victor was interested in Rebecca's work, but seemed convinced that Brad was telling the truth. Later, Victor drank and thought things over, while Victoria expressed her regret to Brad that they couldn't tell her father the whole truth, which would include the deaths of the two men who'd kidnapped Sharon. Brad reminded her that was a story neither Victor nor anyone else could know.

Colleen and Lily exchanged calls all day to talk about Professor Korbel. Lily noted that Colleen's behavior was immature, and if she kept it up, she was going to lose J.T. for good. Colleen said she couldn't help feeling attracted to Adrian, but she was hoping the infatuation would go away. She was determined to make things work out with J.T.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Brad tells Victoria that he has a gut feeling that his secret isn't safe anymore. Brad decides to call Nick, Sharon, Paul, and J.T. to inform them that they told Victor the truth, all but the fact that Brad murderer the two men. J.T. isn't pleased that Brad decided to tell Victor without discussing it with them first. What if Victor decided to investigate the story further?

Victor tells Michael to call off the investigation of Brad. Michael informs Victor that he will be losing out on some money for stopping short. Victor says that's trivial, this is his family he has to protect. Victor encourages Michael to investigate Jack further and drop the case against Brad. Michael says that he can't do that; he needs to investigate all subjects to for Devon. Michael tries to get Paul to tell him more about Brad's story. Paul continues to avoid Michael's queries. Michael tries to follow Paul in his car, but Paul outruns him. Paul comes to an old warehouse with a barred room. He drops off something for a Phyllis look-alike Sheila.

Nick goes to his parents and apologizes for keeping the truth about Sharon's kidnapping a secret. When Victor discusses Brad's story with Nikki, he gets upset that Brad's situation has put his daughter in danger. Victor wonders if he knows the whole truth.

Jack buys an outfit for Phyllis' baby Summer. Phyllis and Jack decide to try to be friends again. Phyllis gets upset with Nick when he tells her the truth about Brad. Phyllis is surprised that Nick would keep such a secret from her.

At the Boutique, Jack is surprised to see Sharon buying a special something for later in that night. When he sees Sharon looking worried, she mentions that she is worried about Jack, didn't he just have a DNA test today? Jack blows it off as nothing. When Michael shows up at the coffeehouse, Jack comments that it was nice to get tested on Christmas. Michael wonders if Jack knows that his DNA was found on Carmen's earrings.

J.T. interrupts Colleen's fantasy about Korbel with a cup of coffee at Crimson Lights. He compliments her on her hair, mentioning that something is different about her. Colleen mentions that maybe it's her new dress. J.T. comments that the dress was wasted the other night on Korbel.

Colleen decides to attend one of Adrian's lectures. She gets annoyed when Amber continues to flirt with Adrian. After the lecture, Korbel walks Amber to her car.

Amber happily gushes to Lily about Korbel. When she sees Lily's cell phone ringing, she views Colleen's text message about A.K. driving her nuts!

J.T. informs Colleen that Brad told Victor the truth. As Colleen and J.T. prepare to go home, Colleen gets a text from Korbel wishing she didn't have to be alone studying.

Friday, December 29, 2006

On New Year's Eve in Genoa City, there were gatherings at Crimson Lights and Katherine's party at the Colonnade Room. Michael had planned for Lauren and Fen to go with him and Gloria to see Kevin and Jana at Crimson Lights. Lauren insisted that the baby needed to stay in, and she urged Michael to go without her. But when Nick and Phyllis called to invite the Baldwins over for New Year's Eve, Michael accepted their invitation. He then told Lauren she could get Fen ready while he went by the coffee house with Gloria then took his mother to Katherine's party. After Michael was gone, Lauren called and told Nick they were canceling their plans because Fen had finally fallen asleep after a cranky day.

Phyllis was still upset that Nick hadn't told her the truth about what happened when Sharon was kidnapped. Nick said he'd had to make a judgment call and had gone along with what everyone else thought was best. He insisted that he hadn't distrusted Phyllis. But she'd been pregnant and he hadn't wanted to upset her. Phyllis finally said she wasn't mad at him, only hurt. But she was willing to put it behind them and move on.

Michael and Gloria went by Crimson Lights. Jana had hired Feather, a Tarot card reader, to be part of the night's entertainment. Jana wondered about Gloria going back to her old look; did it mean she was giving up on William Bardwell? Gloria said no, but he'd have to accept her for who she was. Jana said she'd do anything she could to help Gloria snag the district attorney. After sharing happy new year wishes, Michael and Gloria left.

Colleen and Adrian thought they'd be spending new year's eve in different places, so they wished each other a happy new year's at Crimson Lights. Adrian was a little concerned that Victoria had opted out of the museum benefit; was it because of something Colleen had told her family? Colleen assured him that she wouldn't ever say anything about what had happened between them. After Colleen left, Adrian and Amber firmed up their plans to go to the club for dinner. But once Amber found out from Jana that Katherine had hired Il Divo to play at her party, she told Adrian she'd meet him later; she had an errand to run.

Jana had obviously done her homework on the Chancellor family and told Amber how to get information about Katherine from the Internet. Later, Amber got a reading from Feather for "a friend." The Tarot cards indicated that there was great pain in Amber's friend's past. A child was involved. But there could also be great joy in the future. Amber decided she'd share all that with Katherine, who might understand what it meant.

When Jana and Kevin got a Tarot reading, Feather said it looked like there was some upheaval ahead for them. She also got the devil in their cards. Kevin said the qualities Feather identified with the devil might have been part of his past, but he'd changed. Jana said she thought the reading was about the murder. Furthermore, she thought the devil on the card looked like Professor Korbel.

Victor and Nikki talked about Brad and Victoria before they left for the party. Nikki discouraged him from asking more questions about Brad's past. Maybe it was time to let it go. Nikki was considering getting her hair cut to donate it to people with hair loss from cancer treatments. Victor said it might be exciting to see Nikki with short hair. After they got to the party, Katherine told Nikki she was just as mystified about her past as before she'd consulted with Sylvia Brown. Although Jill urged Katherine to look forward to the new year instead of backward, Katherine was still haunted by vague memories she didn't understand.

When Lauren wouldn't come to their place, Nick and Phyllis bundled up Summer and took her to the Baldwins' apartment. Michael was surprised when he arrived home to find that their plans had changed. Phyllis became aware that Lauren wasn't acting normally, and she tried to talk to Michael about it. But Michael insisted that Lauren was just tired. Phyllis watched Lauren with skepticism, sensing that Lauren was not doing well emotionally. Lauren also didn't want anyone else to hold Fen.

Paul went to a secret location where a cell had been built in an empty building and was being used to imprison a woman. It was Sheila Carter, who'd had extensive plastic surgery to look like Phyllis Abbott. She'd returned to Genoa City and built the cell, intending to imprison Lauren and her baby there. But Paul had caught Sheila before Halloween and had kept her trapped for months. Sheila tried to persuade him to release her, but Paul had no intention of doing so. He left her some food then went to the party at the Colonnade Room. As he and J.T. stood together, Victor walked up to them. Victor remarked that he and Paul had once trusted each other; what had changed that? Paul and J.T. were uncomfortable because Victor was upset with them about Brad's secret.

Amber got an invitation for herself and Professor Korbel to Katherine's party. Adrian and Colleen were surprised to see each other there. They spoke briefly, but as the crowd counted down to midnight, Colleen was in J.T.'s arms and Adrian was with Amber. Jill and William were together, ready to kiss in the New Year, but Jill got a phone call from Hong Kong. She excitedly went to the phone, thinking it was Billy. On the other end of the phone, Jana smiled triumphantly and put the phone down as she went to ring in the New Year with Kevin. As a result of Jana's scheme against Jill, Gloria was there to kiss William. But when Jill came back, bewildered by the lost phone connection, William pulled her into his arms to show her what she'd missed, and Gloria looked on with jealousy.

As the clock struck midnight after Il Divo's performance, Katherine stared at it. She suddenly began flashing back to memories of one woman handing over a baby to another woman. With a look of shock, she said that she remembered what she'd done.

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