One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 25, 2006 on OLTL

John tried to strangle Spencer. Todd shared his feelings with Blair. Clint wanted answers from Viki. Dorian vowed to fight Viki for Clint. Jack made his way to Spencer's room and told him off. John refused to take his medication and argued with Natalie. Evangeline sang at Capricorn. Everyone shared a kiss at midnight except for Dorian.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 25, 2006 on OLTL
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Monday, December 25, 2006

Due to the Christmas holiday, today's episodes of all your favorite soaps were pre-empted for various holiday programming. This pre-emption was anticipated and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result. Programming will resume on Tuesday, December 26th.

On behalf of everyone involved in Soap Central, I'd like to take the time to wish you and your family a very happy and healthy Christmas holiday. For our friends of other faiths and in other countries, we invite you share in the spirit of the holiday season as your celebrate holidays and festivals of your own.

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Starr tries to be strong for Todd as they sit vigil at the hospital. Todd fears the loss of the baby will be too much for Blair to handle. Evangeline comes to see Todd, who voices his desire to kill Spencer. Blair wakes up and Todd is forced to tell her that their baby died in the accident. Spencer wants Marty to corroborate his story and turn Todd over to the police in order to get rid of him once and for all. Marty begins to reconsider her assessment of Spencer's mental state. Starr and Cole run into each other at the hospital. Jessica displays some of Tess' characteristics as she bluntly tells Cristian he needs to find a new way to express his art and begins destroying the canvases he had been working on. Clint and Viki share a close moment. Adriana and Dorian take steps towards mending their relationship. Dorian heads out to see Viki after Rex inadvertently mentions Viki played a role in Adriana reaching out to Dorian. Dorian warns Viki that she is prepared to fight her for Clint.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Viki and Dorian have a war of words revolving around Dorian's opinion that Viki is jealous of her and trying to get Clint back. Viki insists that they have their own busy lives. Taken aback when Dorian calls her a slut, Viki reminds her that she's the one who had the one-night stand with Clint. He's not in love with Viki nor passionate about her, Dorian continues triumphantly. On the other hand, she's mysterious and unpredictable. Viki calls her a liar and notes that she has more ammo against Dorian and will make sure that Clint doesn't end up with her. She holds the trump card as she flaunts her Christmas gift from Clint. She's been too busy with Blair to celebrate the holiday, stutters Dorian.

Dorian returns home and finds Adriana and Rex waiting for her. Little does she know that up until just prior to her return, the two were unclothed and making love on her living room floor. They allude to that in their conversation but she doesn't catch on. She tries to get rid of Rex to no avail and asks that they all go to visit Blair. Dorian admits that having Adriana back in her life is her best gift. Adriana informs her that she still doesn't trust her.

There are major happenings at the hospital, with all of the local residents either being patients or visiting some. Michael is extremely angry with John; after all the strings he pulled to have John transferred, his brother is not being very co-operative. He's not taking his pain meds, which are very important, and is not behaving. He could get an infection or worse and Michael's name is on the line. Plus, he can't lose him again. John insists that he can't take his medicine until Spencer is "down for the count." He learns that Blair lost her baby thanks to Spencer, as he pulled her off the roof. John is ready to go after Spencer. Marty refuses to divulge any information to Bo on Spencer other than that he blames Todd for all that has happened. Evangeline feels that Spencer should pay for his crimes, not hide out in a mental institution. Marty reminds her that Wingdale will be no picnic and she will continue to stick to her opinion regarding Spencer's mental state. She would never lie, even because of Todd. Evangeline just wants to see the case back in court. Marty receives a phone call and agrees to take on another patient. Bo feels that the truth is somewhere in-between the two men's stories. Bo informs Spencer that John would have killed him while Todd didn't. Spencer continues to threaten Asa but Bo is interested in what happened at the warehouse. Spencer tells him that Todd tried to kill Blair after hearing that she was carrying Spencer's baby, but Bo is skeptical. As far as he knows, Todd didn't even know about the baby at that time. He notes that all of Spencer's monitors are showing normal rates so he hardly appears to be having a meltdown. Spencer will see Todd go to the death chamber for killing his baby and attempting to kill Blair and himself, he gloats. Bo retorts that he really is insane after all. Todd blames himself for the baby's death. Blair asks him to leave her alone; he calls Viki and breaks down. Evangeline finds an emotional Todd and tries to comfort him. All he does is hurt the innocent people who are so important to him, he tells her tearfully, pounding the walls and sinking to the floor. Viki arrives and they lift him up, offering their help. Todd hugs his sister, telling her he loves her. He cries on her shoulder that he's cursed. Marty visits John, her new patient, but he catches on and knows immediately that she's a shrink. He plays word games with her and basically refuses to answer her questions. He just wants his discharge papers. He wants to go home and solve the case. Marty can tell that John has seen a therapist before and with the difficult time he's giving her, she can't believe that people actually find him charming. Shortly after, John learns that he'll never leave the hospital if he doesn't pass the test with the psych. Dorian, Rex and Adriana arrive and learn about the baby. Adriana pulls Rex aside, frantic that they should tell Todd about his other baby. Not now, Rex hushes her. He sees Bo who admits that Todd is looking pretty guilty. There's a concern that Blair will get Todd in trouble because of what happened with the baby. Evangeline stops by Spencer's room to tell him that he will pay, just as Hugh would have wanted, which infuriates Spencer. If the law doesn't get him, then someone else will. Dorian and Adriana go into see Blair; Viki convinces Todd to go back into the room but Blair doesn't want anything to do with him. She just needs some time, Viki reassures him. "To hate me more," he replies.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Marcie and Michael videoed Tommy having his first bagel. Rex and Adriana saw the happy couple and Rex was committed to his decision to keep Tommy's true identity a secret. Adriana wished they didn't know the truth about Tommy.

Starr sat by Blair's bedside in the hospital while Viki tried to comfort Todd. Starr panicked when she lost Jack. Meanwhile, Jack had found his way into Spencer's room and asked him if he had tried to kill "my mom and dad." Spencer reminded Jack that he had promised not to hurt his mom. Jack didn't believe him and told Spencer off. Starr and the security guard found Jack and they took him out of Spencer's room. Jack returned to his mom. Blair explained what a new year's resolution was and suggested he make one, "so next year will be better." Blair reminded her son that they had to be better than him. (Him being Spencer). Blair whispered that she was so sorry about everything.

Viki was horrified when Todd said he had killed two of his sons now. Viki reminded him not to give up on himself because Starr and Jack hadn't. Viki said that everything that is good in him is in them. Viki told Todd to stop vowing to go after Spencer. Starr assured her dad that the miscarriage was an accident. "We can't lose everything because of Spencer Truman," she declared.

Starr asked Bo not to arrest her father. Bo replied that he didn't want to but added that he couldn't just look the other way.

Paige paid Bo a visit. He gave her a huge kiss. Paige asked if it was okay for her to visit Spencer. Bo said fine. Paige showed Spencer a piece of paper and hoped it wasn't true. It was a photo of Hugh's headstone. Paige reminded Spencer that he'd never be getting out of the hospital. Paige told Spencer she didn't have a son in life or in death and then stormed out. Paige returned to Bo's arms and said she just wanted her son back.

John kept refusing to take his medication. Natalie played the tough nurse and reminded him to follow the doctors orders. John told her that he had already taken some pain killers. Natalie reminded him that he's not all that tough. John admitted he wanted to hurt Spencer. Marty overheard this as she was eavesdropping by his door. Natalie and John began arguing. John sent Natalie off to make plans for new years as he'd probably be out cold. Natalie left and saw Marty in the lobby, near John's room. "Dr. Saybrooke, what are you doing here?" Natalie told her off a bit and went off with the nurse. Marty returned to John's room. Marty explained she wasn't the staff shrink. John said his mood was "generally pissed off." Marty then asked him about Spencer Truman. John wondered what Truman was to her. Marty apologized for asking him and left. Marty said she was not working for Truman and then left. She returned to find John's bed empty. "Oh John," she said, "What have you done."

Friday, December 29, 2006

Spencer woke up to see John at his door. Marty asked the nurse if she knew where John was. Spencer said John wasn't on his guest list, and yelled for the guard. John began strangling Spencer with the belt from his robe. Marty broke it up. John headed up the stairs vowing to get Spencer, no matter what. Marty told him she was Marty Saybrooke. John grabbed her, saying, "You let Truman walk. Why didn't you tell me who you were? You are a quack." John collapsed on the stairs. Marty got John back to his room. Natalie arrived at John's room all dressed up with champagne and two flutes.

The Buchanans Clint, Viki, Natalie, Antonio and Jessica toasted the New Year. Natalie then headed to the hospital. Viki told Clint that she and Dorian had declared war over him. Clint asked Viki go on an adventure with him. They almost kissed but they were interrupted by Bree (via baby monitor).

Todd apologized to Blair. She avoided looking at him. Todd admitted that he never stopped loving her. Todd talked about letting go of his anger and pain, but he couldn't let go of her. He remembered that two years ago he was with Margaret he heard Blair's voice on the television and that saved his life. He said he didn't deserve her forgiveness. Bo came in to question Blair about what exactly happened on the roof. Blair's comments took Todd off the hook. Todd returned and reminded Blair that they still have a great deal together their kids, and each other. Todd brought in a bottle of champagne.

At Capricorn, Nash and Dorian saw a drunken Claudia in the corner. Adriana and Layla welcomed their dates, Rex and Nash, and were exited about the debut of their lingerie collection. Cris began taking pictures for another magazine (not Dorian's Craze). This upset Dorian a great deal. Dorian was upset that Craze couldn't cover the event, but then said, "I couldn't be more proud." Layla was concerned that the photographers were only getting the bra straps. Jessica immediately took off her shirt and showed her sparkly, fringed bra, much to the delight of Antonio and Nash. Rex told Antonio that Nash had stepped up to the plate in Claudia's absence and that Claudia was home. Claudia wasn't there to sing, but Evangeline was and became a disco queen for a song.

Starr ran into Langston in the school gym. The two friends made up. Starr wasn't that interested in a party. Before the two could leave, Cole showed up. Quiet filled the gym. Cole told Starr that he felt bad about letting the team down. Starr gave Cole a pep talk and reminded him to forgive himself. The two held hands.

When the clock struck midnight, everyone kissed someone...except Dorian.

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