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Monday, May 24, 2010

Erica cried out Jack's name as her jet crash-landed. Once the smoke cleared, a stranger crawled through the wreckage to look for survivors. He quickly ascertained that Erica was unharmed, except for a few bruises and scrapes, so he moved to the cockpit to check on the pilot. Moments later, the man emerged from the cockpit with the unconscious pilot draped over his shoulder. Erica remained trapped inside the wreckage as the man rushed the pilot out of the jet. She called out for the stranger to help her, but he didn't acknowledge her in any way.

Erica struggled to free herself, but she was unsuccessful. Eventually, the man returned to help Erica. She was startled when he suddenly scooped her up and then carried her to safety. Erica immediately asked how the pilot was doing, but the mountain man ignored her as he sifted through the debris. Erica made several attempts to get some answers from her rescuer, but he refused to respond. Frustrated, Erica demanded to know what was so important about the jet's wreckage that he couldn't answer any of her questions.

The man stood up and informed Erica that the wreckage contained everything that he had owned. Erica was stunned to learn that her jet had crashed into the mountain man's home. Erica's guilt immediately turned to horror when he mentioned that Jim had perished in the crash. She breathed a sigh of relief when Jim turned out to be a bottle of whiskey; however, she was annoyed that he had led her to believe that someone had died. The mountain man revealed that, if it were any consolation to her, his dog had run away just before the crash.

Erica felt terrible, so she offered to help him find the dog. She asked the man what his dog's name was. "Dog," he responded. Erica began calling for Dog until the man told her to keep her voice down. He didn't think that Dog would return while she was screaming. Erica suggested that the man could take comfort in knowing that his house had probably saved her life because it had "cushioned the fall." The man sarcastically confessed that he was glad that his home could be of help to her.

Erica seized the opportunity to inquire again after the pilot. The mountain man revealed that he had borrowed an ATV and then transported the pilot to a nearby hospital. He assured Erica that the pilot would recover. Erica wondered when someone would arrive to take her to town. She was stunned when he informed her that he didn't want a bunch of people poking around the mountain, so no one would be rescuing her.

AMC Recap Photo 100524 1 Erica was outraged; she demanded to know how he proposed that she make it off of the mountain. The man seemed unconcerned about Erica's plight. He returned to sifting through the wreckage for his belongings. Erica was livid; she informed him that she was Erica Kane. The mountain man was completely unimpressed; he had no idea why Erica Kane should matter to him.

Erica explained that she was an important person in the civilized world, so it was imperative that she get off of the mountain. Erica's screeching annoyed the man, so he prepared to pack up and then head to his other cabin. Erica decided that she would join him, since no one would be rescuing her. The mountain man made it clear that she hadn't been invited; he squeaked a toy duck at her for emphasis. Erica's jaw dropped.

Erica insisted that money wasn't a problem. She promised to rebuild his home if he helped her. She then tried to tempt him by pointing out that the story of her rescue could earn him a hefty sum if he decided to sell the story to the papers. The mountain man didn't seem to care. Erica's temper flared when he continued to refer to her as "Dorothy." Erica made it clear that she didn't appreciate it.

The mountain man insisted that, since she had landed on his house, he could call her anything that he wanted. He seriously considered referring to her as Toto because she continually yapped like a little dog. Erica ignored the insult as she suggested that the man would not leave her stranded on the mountain in the middle of the night. When that failed to elicit a satisfactory response, Erica demanded to know what he wanted from her. She pointed out that she had been polite, generous, and apologetic, all to no avail.

The mountain man suggested that she try being real. Erica readily agreed, but she warned him that the gloves would be off, so he would have to deal with the real Erica Kane. She vowed to make him miserable if he didn't take her with him. The man agreed she could spend the night in his cabin; however, he refused to fetch her luggage for her. Erica returned to the jet to retrieve her belongings. As she grumbled under her breath, the man let her know that he could hear her. Erica returned to the man with her luggage and then asked him to carry the bags for her.

The mountain man picked up her suitcase and overnight bag and then tossed them down the mountain. Erica was furious. She informed him that she had a couture gown in her suitcase that had been worth a small fortune. The man didn't care; he collected his things and then walked away. Erica had no choice but to follow him.

At Wildwind, David was furious when he learned that Erica's jet had taken off without a preflight safety check. David was forced to cut the call short when Greenlee entered the room. Greenlee was curious what the phone call had been about. David lied; he told her that there had been some trouble with medical negligence at the hospital. David insisted that he needed to get to the hospital to straighten things out. Greenlee offered to go with him, but David insisted that it wasn't necessary. Greenlee let the matter drop, but she admitted that she was a bit concerned because she hadn't heard from Erica yet.

At the casino, Jesse revealed that he had questions for Ryan about the scandal involving the Miranda line. Ryan asked Madison to excuse him while he spoke privately to Jesse. After Madison left, Ryan demanded to know why he was a suspect. Jesse pointed out that Ryan had worked with Erica when the Miranda line had been launched. Ryan insisted that Erica hadn't done anything wrong; he was confident that she would return to Pine Valley to defend herself.

At Fusion, Madison told Greenlee that Jesse suspected that Ryan might be involved in the scandal. Greenlee appeared stunned. She quickly sent Madison on an errand and then picked up the phone to call Jesse.

At the casino, Jesse explained that he was trying to gather all of the facts to determine if the allegations against Erica were true and if anyone else had been involved. Greenlee called moments later to let Jesse know that he could have full access to the accounting books. When Jesse mentioned that he was with Ryan, Greenlee confessed that her accountants had reviewed the books. She claimed that they hadn't found any irregularities during the time that Ryan had been working at Fusion.

Greenlee decided to call David after she ended the call with Jesse. She was surprised to learn that David had not gone to the hospital. At Wildwind, David tried to find out what had happened to Erica. He was furious that Erica had been allowed to take off in a jet that hadn't been checked. David was forced to put his henchman on hold when he received an incoming call. It was Greenlee. Greenlee wanted to know where David was.

David lied; he told Greenlee that he was at the hospital and that he would be tied up for a while. After David ended the call with Greenlee, he resumed talking to his henchman. David groaned when Greenlee suddenly appeared in the doorway. David quickly ended the call and then faced his angry wife. Greenlee demanded to know what was going on. David admitted that he had arranged for Erica to be delayed by having someone tamper with her jet.

David insisted that his intention had been to strand Erica at the airport, but Erica had insisted on taking off without a preflight check. Greenlee couldn't believe that David would try to blame everything on Erica. She informed him that she had never wanted Erica to die. David rushed to assure her that they didn't have any evidence that Erica had died. He suggested that Erica had intentionally disappeared, in order to figure things out.

Greenlee was worried that Erica's jet had crashed and that Erica needed help. She decided to alert the authorities, but David insisted that Greenlee couldn't make the call. He reminded her that they would be prime suspects if it were revealed that Erica's jet had been tampered with. David assured Greenlee that he had someone looking for Erica. He begged Greenlee to trust him; he wanted time to sort things out, so that he could protect Greenlee.

Ryan showed up on their doorstep moments later. Greenlee appeared nervous when Ryan explained that he was there to talk to her about Erica.

In the bedroom, Marissa and JR kissed, but JR pulled away when thoughts of Annie intruded. Marissa worried that it had been too soon to be intimate with JR. JR quickly assured his wife that he loved her, but Marissa sensed that there was someone else in the room with them. JR realized that Marissa was referring to Annie. Marissa wondered if JR missed how Annie had made him feel. "Never," JR assured Marissa.

In the parlor, Scott decided to tell Annie about the nanotechnology that Palmer had discovered. Scott revealed that the new computer would revolutionize the computer industry and change the world. Annie's eyes lit up as she realized that Scott had a goldmine in his hands. She urged Scott to use the plans to show the world that he was someone special who deserved to make the big decisions. As Annie talked, she had moved very close to Scott. The sexual tension quickly flared between them, but Annie stepped back before either could act on it.

Annie promised that she hadn't been working him. Scott seemed equally reluctant to rekindle things with Annie because a lot had changed. Annie agreed; she pointed out that she was no longer married to Adam. Scott observed that she continued to wear her wedding ring. Annie glanced down and then pulled off the ring. She decided that it was time to accept that her marriage was over and to move forward.

Annie then turned the subject back to Scott. She claimed that she was impressed with Scott. She was confident that he had what it took to beat JR. Annie insisted that she wanted to stand on the sidelines to watch as Scott showed everyone what he was capable of. As she talked, Annie once again drew close to Scott. JR cleared his throat when he entered the room. Annie stepped away from Scott, thanked him for sharing his news with her, and then left.

Marissa called out to Annie when she spotted Annie leaving the parlor. Marissa apologized for not welcoming Annie back sooner. Annie was immediately suspicious, but Marissa forged ahead as if nothing were wrong. Marissa insisted on having a little chat with Annie in a more private setting. Annie tried to decline the invitation, but Marissa grabbed Annie's hand and dragged her away.

At BJ's, Marissa and Annie sat down. Marissa realized that she and Annie were very different. Marissa was a serious person who was determined to be a lawyer while Annie used sex and manipulation to get what she wanted. Annie didn't appreciate the unflattering comments. Marissa ignored Annie's complaint as she observed that Annie was impulsive. Marissa demanded that Annie take a moment to ask herself if she were in it for the long haul the next time that Annie decided to go after something. Marissa also advised Annie to question if it were worth ruining lives over.

Annie decided to be honest. Marissa wondered if that were even possible. "Ouch," Annie conceded. Annie realized that she had hurt Marissa, and for that she was sorry, but Annie insisted that she was not the problem in Marissa and JR's marriage. Annie left Marissa to ponder those words.

At the Chandler mansion, JR and Scott met with a business associate. JR was not on board with the direction that Scott wanted to take the company. Scott pointed out that he, not JR, controlled fifty-one percent of the corporate stock. JR argued that he, not Scott, was the real Chandler, "One hundred percent." JR was certain that Scott would bankrupt the company because he had no idea what he was doing. Scott revealed that he had something that was guaranteed to earn them a fortune. "What? A magic bean?" JR quipped.

Scott pulled out the folder detailing the nanotechnology plans. JR and the business associate reviewed the documents while Scott smiled with satisfaction. Scott gloated that a person didn't have to be a Chandler to successfully run the company after all. As Scott touted the potential of the nanotechnology design, JR questioned how Scott had discovered it. Scott credited hard work and diligence, "while you had been..." "What? Dying?" JR finished for Scott. Scott confessed that he was going to say, "cheating on your wife."

Later, Scott stood before one of Stuart's paintings as he promised his father that he could do great things with the company. Scott argued that JR would be the kind of leader that Adam had been -- or worse.

Annie found JR alone in the parlor. She wasn't surprised that Scott had shown JR the plans. JR realized that Scott and Annie had been discussing Scott's idea when JR found them together in the parlor earlier that day. JR accused Annie of being interested in Scott because of greed. Annie vehemently denied it. JR smiled as he concluded that Annie must have hoped to make him jealous by showing an interest in Scott.

Annie informed JR that there was a third option: she and Scott shared a connection. JR scoffed at the idea. He demanded to know what Annie wanted. Annie suggested that the better question was, "What do you want?" Annie confided that they both knew the answer to that question. Annie smiled knowingly as she turned on her heel and then sauntered out of the parlor. JR and Annie were unaware that Marissa had been watching them as she lurked in the shadows.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

On a long trek through the woods that night, the mountaineer spotted bear tracks and told a griping Erica that her perfume stench would cause a bear to eat her for lunch. She touted that she wore a scent from her own perfume line, but he didn't seem impressed. When he walked away, she washed the fragrance off with her bottled water and hurried after him.

Upon reaching their destination, Erica complained about the desolate cabin. The man handed her an axe, and she balked at his audacious suggestion that she chop wood. She shouted that she'd repeatedly asked him to get her to civilization, but he'd only ignored and insulted her. When the man still ignored her, she pointed the axe at him and said that he should have carefully considered handing her a weapon. He offered her a rusty can of beans, and she stomped off.

As they ate later, Erica asked the man to take her down the mountain in the morning. He refused, because he planned to stay at the cabin for a few days. With determination, Erica grabbed her makeup bag and marched outside. Glancing at the dense woods, she declared, "I can do this. I'm Erica Kane." She walked only a few steps before she tripped and howled in pain.

Erica ripped her blouse sleeve and wrapped it around the gash on her ankle. She returned to the cabin and rasped at the mountaineer to be more careful about where he left his axe. "Whatever, Dorothy," he replied. Erica insisted that he recognize her as Erica Kane, and he quipped that she said it as if she were the Mona Lisa, or something. "I'm three-dimensional, and I'm much better looking," Erica responded.

The mountaineer settled down to sleep on the only sofa in the cabin. Miffed, Erica went outside and shouted that she saw a bear. He went to check it out, and she slipped inside to steal his bed. "Nice move," he said upon returning inside. Erica asked what his name was, and he told her that it was Caleb. "Well, not Mona Lisa, but not bad," Erica said and went to sleep.

In Pine Valley, Ryan arrived at Wildwind to discuss the Fusion scandal, and Greenlee stated that Ryan wasn't guilty of anything since the crime had occurred after he'd left Fusion. Ryan conjectured about who'd benefit from Erica's downfall, and David took offense to the Ryan's insinuations. Greenlee wondered why Erica had disappeared, if she were innocent.

Ryan asked if Greenlee were behind the scandal, and David barked at Ryan to get out. Figuring that Ryan wouldn't be satisfied without an answer, she insisted that she'd had nothing to do with Erica's "latest predicament." Greenlee asked what Emma wanted for her birthday, but Ryan just stared in reply. Greenlee added that she was still going to Emma's party, and Ryan silently left.

Ryan met Jackson at the casino, and the men worried about why Erica was M.I.A. at a time like that. Jackson shared that he'd received a text message from Erica that was vague and just as strange as her disappearance. It had only said that she was okay.

After talking to Jackson, Ryan saw Madison, who'd arrived early for her shift. She'd sought to escape the press circus at Fusion; however, a journalist rushed up to bombard her with questions. As she backed away, the journalist tried to take her by the arm. Madison shuddered, and Ryan ordered the journalist off the premises.

Back at Wildwind, Greenlee wished that she and David had never pulled their stunt, but David was sure that Erica was fine. He'd hacked into Erica's PDA and sent a text message to Jackson, which conveyed the same sentiment. Greenlee huffed that they'd gone too far. David assured her that he'd figure out what had happened to Erica; however, Greenlee had to trust him and play it safe. He advised her to skip Emma's party, and a frustrated Greenlee stormed out.

Later, Jack arrived and openly accused David of having something to do with Erica's troubles. David claimed that he'd been too busy at the hospital to set Erica up. "If you hurt the people that I love, you'll have to answer to me, son," Jack warned.

Greenlee went to Fusion, where a frazzled Randi exclaimed that the place was a madhouse. Greenlee decided to broadcast on their website a videotaped statement about the rumors of impropriety. During the taping, Greenlee said that Fusion would postpone the new product launches and make every effort to handle the financial questions honestly.

Jackson arrived and lauded Greenlee's efforts. He asked if she'd heard from Erica, and Greenlee responded that Erica, who loved to make an entrance, would be back the moment that the drama peaked. As Greenlee left, Jack called to leave Erica a concerned message. He pulled a ring box from his pocket and stated that he had an important question for her.

When Greenlee returned home, David congratulated her on the webcast. He stated that she was obviously back on top. A deflated Greenlee wondered where that left Erica. He assured her that the resourceful Erica would be fine. As he retrieved some champagne, Greenlee opened the front door and released a tense sigh.

At the mansion that evening, Liza arrived with an application for an internship at K.C. Charles, Colby's favorite New York designer. Colby figured that Liza wanted to get her daughter away from Damon, and another argument ensued. Colby yelled that she wasn't her mother and wouldn't make her mother's mistakes.

The mother and daughter wished that they could stop fighting. Liza said that it was natural for her to want to make Colby's choices, but she knew that Colby didn't need it anymore. Colby agreed that she no longer needed that, but she still needed her mother. Colby asked Liza to trust her, and Liza said that she was trying.

At the Martin house with Tad, Damon said that he had job interviews lined up, but he didn't have gas money to drive to them. Tad offered a wad of cash, and Damon took off. Krystal entered and joked that Tad's visit with his son had just cost him 80 bucks. She said that if Damon bled Tad dry, then Tad could always get a free meal at BJ's. Tad replied that he didn't know the owner. "You do now," she said, whipping out a sign that said "Krystal's."

Though Krystal was BJ's proud new owner, she needed money to fix it up. She figured that she could manage it, if Tad bought her half of the Martin house. He hoped that she didn't intend to move. Krystal planned to stay and pay rent, but she said that they couldn't live together forever. Tad offered to give her the money, but she wanted to finance the project herself. He agreed to her initial request, if she'd give him the best tables for their family reunions.

Just then, Liza arrived, saying that she didn't know where else to turn. Krystal made herself scarce, and Liza expressed her amazement at the break-through that she'd just had with Colby. Tad was still angry with Liza for humiliating Damon by saying that he didn't deserve to be a father. Liza apologized for that, but said that the progress she'd made with Colby that evening wouldn't matter as long as Damon was around.

Liza once again compared her and Tad to Colby and Damon, and Tad roared that Damon was not Tad and wouldn't make Tad's mistakes with Colby. Liza insisted that Damon was a mess, and she didn't want Colby to wind up that way, too. Tad asked Liza to leave.

Back at the mansion, Damon arrived, and Colby told him about the internship. The two agreed that Liza didn't know when to quit. Colby wanted the opportunity, but she didn't want to leave town. He decided that he could go with her. At first, she didn't dream that it was possible, but Damon remarked that his probation would end in a few weeks. He figured that he'd get a job, and by the time the internship began, he'd have enough cash to find a place in New York. Her eyes glittered at the possibilities, and she said she knew where he could work.

At the Yacht Club later, Damon nervously donned a suit and prepared himself to interview with Renee, the manager. Colby left them to talk at a table, and Liza entered in time to hear Damon discussing taking on a summer job to pay for a trip to New York with Colby. Liza approached and offered to give him a recommendation, since she'd been his lawyer during his court hearings. Liza elaborated on Damon's misdeeds, and Renee decided that the Yacht Club was fully staffed.

"Thanks for nothing," Damon told Liza. She accused him of flirting with Renee, and he concluded that Liza must be jealous. Colby returned and got upset with Liza for interfering. Colby said that Liza had ruined the progress that they'd made in their relationship that night; however, thanks to Liza, Damon and Colby would have a "kick ass" summer in New York.

Later, Krystal took Tad to her new restaurant, and he solicited her opinion about Damon. Tad worried that Damon was too much like his father, but Krystal reasoned that it was a good thing. Tad quipped that the last thing the world needed was another Tad.

Damon and Colby joined Krystal and Tad. When Krystal heard that Damon had bad luck on a job interview, she agreed to hire him at the restaurant. The foursome laughed and toasted to Krystal. Liza stood on the curb and stared at them through the window.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

At the Chandler mansion, a soaked Annie complained to Scott about a pipe leak in the gatehouse. He said he'd take care of it after his press interview about Chandler's new product, and she dissuaded him from feeling bad about swiping Palmer's technology.

JR and Marissa barged into the room to rant that reporters were at the gate, because someone had leaked to the press that one of Adam's own had betrayed him. Colby entered raging about the same thing, and JR accused Annie of doing it. Scott decided to minimize the rumor during his interview with Stephanie, the reporter.

Colby, Marissa, and JR exited, and Scott asked Annie if she'd leaked the story to the press. Annie replied that she was too invested to hurt the Chandlers. In the foyer, Marissa suggested that she and JR go to breakfast, but JR refused to leave the lying and manipulative Annie with Scott and the reporter. Marissa stormed out of the house.

Later, Marissa went to Krystal's restaurant, and Krystal noticed that her daughter was upset. Marissa stated that JR loved her, but he loved hating Annie even more. With Annie constantly flaunting her affair with JR, Marissa felt like an outsider in her own home. Krystal urged Marissa to fight for her family, and Krystal offered backup to Marissa up, if need be.

Back at the mansion, JR changed into a suit and returned to the parlor, where Scott confirmed that Annie did indeed intend to be at the interview. The men bickered about Annie until Colby entered to tell them to pull it together for the interview.

When Stephanie arrived, JR and Scott boasted about their family bonds. Annie entered, fretting that the pipe leak had left her with nowhere to host Emma's party. When Scott offered the main house, Annie slyly asked if JR would mind. Suppressing his disdain, JR stated that the child deserved a memorable day. She touched JR's hand and said everyone's support was nice.

During the interview, Scott discussed the new nano technology, but Stephanie zeroed in on the rumors about someone betraying Adam. JR and Scott tried to dismiss the rumor, but Annie intervened to say that she couldn't take the lying and covering anymore. She revealed that she'd been the one to betray Adam. Over JR's protests, Annie continued to say that she'd fallen for Scott Chandler.

Annie stated that she and Scott had developed an attraction for each other, but they'd never acted upon it, because Scott had too much respect for Adam. Annie lauded Scott's business acumen and said she was lucky to have him in her life. "This interview's over," JR interrupted. Colby showed Stephanie out, and once the ladies had gone, JR lit into Annie for making them the laughing stocks of the business world.

Annie thought that JR ought to be kissing her feet for saving his butt, and Scott agreed, because the press would have kept digging for the truth. Scott predicted that, if Annie hadn't spun that story, the press would have destroyed what was left of JR's marriage. Marissa, who been listening in the foyer, flung open the doors and charged into the room.

Annie and Scott left Marissa and JR alone, and JR fumed over Annie's statement to the press about her and Scott. Marissa asserted that JR was just jealous to see Annie turning to Scott. JR vehemently denied it and offered to take Marissa to the Yacht Club. She was too frustrated to deal with it, and she strode out through the terrace.

In the foyer, Annie told Scott that her statement had been brilliant. He agreed, and to repay her for it, he decided to move her back into the mansion. He told a grateful Annie that he'd handle JR and the court order. Annie claimed she'd meant the things that she'd said about Scott in the interview, and she wondered how he felt about her. Scott gazed longingly at her, and then he kissed her. JR opened the parlor doors in time to see them embracing.

At Krystal's, Liza entered to talk to Krystal about Tad, but Krystal wondered if they could do something more pleasant, like pour hot coffee on their laps. Liza tried to play nice to glean information out of Krystal about her and Tad, but the ladies wound up discussing Damon's bad influence on Colby. Krystal urged Liza to just trust Colby, but Liza figured that, given Krystal and Tad's relationship, Tad would listen to Krystal's opinions about Damon.

Krystal said that she wouldn't badmouth Damon, and there was nothing between her and Tad. Liza suggested that it was a little weird for them to live together when they weren't really "together." Krystal claimed that she and Tad had an understanding, but Liza stated that Krystal shouldn't stand for being in limbo with Tad.

At Jake's apartment, a wedding and honeymoon planning session between Amanda and Jake turned into making love on the sofa. Cuddling together afterward, they bragged that they'd found the secret to true love. Amanda guessed that she'd need 10 months to plan the wedding, but Jake asked her to shave the time down by nine months and two weeks. She was aghast until he said that it was because he wanted them to remarry on their one-year anniversary.

The couple went to Krystal's, where they saw Liza eating alone. Jake was still perturbed at Liza for representing David in the hospital takeover. Amanda recalled that Liza and Tad had once had something good going, and desiring to spread the wedding romance, Amanda lugged Jake over to Liza's table to invite Liza to the wedding. Liza politely declined, but Amanda insisted that Liza had to attend, because she'd be in the wedding party.

At the Martin house, Tad told Damon that the DNA test results had proved that Damon wasn't Stuart's father. Damon was cavalier about it, but Tad stated that it'd hurt him deeply if he suddenly learned that he wasn't Damon's father. Tad offered to let Damon move back to the house, and Damon negotiated for no curfew and access to a car. Tad agreed, only if Damon spent time with the family and attended Jake's wedding. Damon scowled and said weddings weren't for him. "If you want that car, you'll be there," Tad leveraged.

Tad went to Krystal's restaurant with a gift-wrapped box of cereal for Krystal. Seeing Jake and Amanda kissing, Tad wondered how long the couple had been having each other for lunch. Tad suggested throwing a party for Damon at the restaurant, and Tad remarked that he and Krystal made a good team. Krystal agreed, but she told him that he acted as if they were "together-together," and that got confusing at times. Tad apologized for giving her mixed messages, but he stated that he did care about her.

Amanda and Jake noticed Tad at the bar, and Jake guessed that she wanted him to spread the wedding romance Tad's way, too. Amanda left, and Jake and Tad sat together to discuss Tad's dilemmas with Krystal and Liza. Jake got down on one knee and asked Tad to be the best man at the wedding. Tad agreed, and Jake requested Tad's help with a surprise for Amanda.

Amanda drove to Fusion for work, but no one was there. She discovered a dress rack with a note on it from Jake. The note asked her to pick a gown for their anniversary wedding. As she sorted through the dresses, Jake arrived with a gift-wrapped spring dress and a photographer. He took his family and the photographer to the park to take family photos.

Liza went to Colby's room at the Chandler mansion and heard someone in the bathroom. Assuming that it was Colby, Liza apologized for their arguments and suggested that they go shopping. "That would be great!" Damon beamed as he exited the bathroom. He offered to go with her to a car dealership. To Damon's surprise, Liza whipped out her checkbook and said that she'd give him $2,000 toward a car, if he'd use it to get out of town and away from Colby.

Damon reached for the check, but Liza snatched it back. She instructed Damon to let Colby down gently before he left. As Damon agreed, Colby arrived. Liza said she'd wanted to talk about how she and Colby had left things the other day, but Damon suggested that he and Colby leave. Colby curtly excused herself, and Liza once again instructed Damon to be gentle when he broke up with Colby. He thanked Liza for the check and left.

Later, Liza went to Amanda's apartment to say that she really couldn't be in the wedding party. Tad was there with roses that Jake had asked him to get for Amanda. Tad and Liza each conveyed that they were in the wedding party, and Liza asked Tad to let Amanda know that Liza couldn't do it. Tad thought that Liza should tell Amanda herself.

Before Liza exited, Tad wished that Liza would cut Damon some slack. An irritated Liza was tired of having that conversation with Tad. She declared that she didn't like Damon; she didn't like him with Colby, and she didn't like how he'd affected her relationship with Tad.

In the park, Damon told Colby about Liza's bribery offer. Colby was shocked that Damon had taken the check, but he explained that he wouldn't actually leave Colby. Instead, he'd use the money for their trip. Colby replied that he should have asked for more money then, because she was sure that Liza would have forked it over.

Damon shared the news about Stuart's paternity and about moving back to Tad's house. Damon asked her to attend the wedding with him, and they kissed. He told her that he'd stopped before they'd had sex the other day, because he wanted her to be sure. Colby readily stated that she wanted him, and they decided to make the night of the wedding their night.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Due to ABC News coverage of a Presidential Press Conference, today's episode of All My Children did not air. The episode originally slated to air today will now air on Friday, May 28. There will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the preemption.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Angie and Jesse found themselves buried in work while sitting at Krystal's, despite having gone there as an escape. They commiserated with each other over the trouble David caused in their jobs. Angie said that she refused to let David ruin Pine Valley Hospital, and just needed a few weeks. Jesse didn't think the war with David would be over so quickly. Jesse suggested that Angie try to be nice to David. Angie noted that she would need a lot of spiritual guidance before that could happen.

JR suggested that he and Marissa take AJ to the park. Marissa reminded her husband that Annie was having Emma's birthday party. JR thought that by leaving, they could avoid appearing supportive. Marissa agreed shortly before they heard their son's laughter. Marissa and JR walked into the living room and saw Annie placing a party hat on AJ's head, in preparation for the party.

Marissa sent AJ off with his father to wrap Emma's gift. Once alone with Annie, Marissa called Annie out on the validity of the party. Marissa said that Annie was using Emma to gain forced photo opportunities. Annie played the victim and said that she'd hoped everyone could all get along for the sake of her daughter.

Marissa asserted that the party was really about Annie, not Emma. Marissa said that despite what Scott had said, Annie would move back to the gatehouse as soon as the leak was fixed. Annie acted shocked over Marissa's outburst. Annie said that she was surprised Marissa hadn't been able to put her bitterness aside for the sake of the party.

In the foyer, AJ asked his father why he and Marissa didn't smile much anymore. JR explained that the house felt very empty without Adam, and nothing was happening the way it should. AJ asked how long it would take to get back to normal. JR wasn't sure, but said that regardless of what happened, AJ would always be taken care of.

Out of the corner of his eye, JR noticed Scott on the stairs. JR took the opportunity to spin a tale to his son about the legacy of Chandler. JR insisted that the only true Chandlers were born into the family, and that made them a unique group. Much to Scott's dismay, JR made it clear to Scott that JR considered him an outsider.

JR sent his son off to find the wrapping paper. Scott congratulated JR on instilling the "us vs. them" attitude in his son early. JR said that it was important to know the enemy. Scott said that he wasn't JR's enemy, but JR regarded Scott's support of Annie in much the same way. JR said that if Scott continued to be Annie's hero, there would be consequences.

At the Yacht Club, Ryan told Emma that she couldn't have dessert because there would be a large birthday cake at her party. Ryan went to the counter to pay the bill. When he turned back, he saw Emma holding Madison's hand. Emma insisted that Madison be invited to the party. Madison thought that it sounded like a family affair, but Emma said friends were invited as well. Emma noted that Madison could sit next to Greenlee.

Ryan asked Emma to take a tip to their server so that he could talk to Madison alone. Once the little girl had run off, Madison said that she could think of an excuse not to come. Ryan said it wasn't necessary, and that Madison was more than welcome. Madison was certain that with Greenlee in attendance, the situation would be awkward. Ryan conceded that he was nervous about what Annie had planned.

At Fusion, Greenlee put the finishing touches on Emma's gift. She caught sight of a picture of Erica. Greenlee talked to the picture as if Erica were there, and insisted that she'd done nothing wrong. David showed up, and realized his arrival had caught Greenlee off-guard. David asked what she'd been thinking. Greenlee admitted that she felt she should be dressed for a funeral instead of a party.

David said that he'd looked through the papers and hadn't seen mention of a plane crash. Greenlee said she hadn't found anything when she looked online. David thought that no news was good news, but Greenlee wasn't convinced. David was certain that Erica was still alive and plotting her next move against Greenlee. He suggested that their best move would be to go home and figure out how best to protect themselves.

Greenlee refused to disappoint Emma by not showing up at the party. David thought that Ryan would understand. Greenlee became more combative and assumed David didn't want her to attend the party because of Ryan. David said that he was more concerned with Greenlee's well-being. Greenlee said she would be fine, and told David to go to work. David tried to kiss her goodbye, but Greenlee turned a cold cheek.

Angie arrived at the hospital and found out from her son that David had made cuts to the staff on every shift. This enraged Angie because it meant fewer people to care for the patients. Angie said that she would fight David every step of the way if she had to. Frankie looked up and saw that David had heard the last part of his mother's impassioned speech. David sarcastically said that every hospital needed a good pep talk, and offered to set up the intercom for Angie's use.

A short while later, Angie submitted some reports for David's review. She asked if David cared how the staff felt about their work environment. David said that his only job was to make sure that the staff got the patients in and out as quickly as possible. Angie pointed out that David was creating an environment of fear.

Angie acknowledged that trying to be nice to each other wouldn't happen without work from both sides. She told David that they needed to find some common ground if they were going to have a successful working relationship. She suggested that they go to dinner together. Slightly stunned, but intrigued, David agreed. When David was out of earshot, Angie wondered aloud what she'd gotten herself into.

Jesse went to Fusion and overheard Madison on the phone. After she ended the call, Jesse remarked how deftly Madison had deflected an inquiry about Erica's financial scandal. Madison balked, as if Jesse had accused her of doing something untoward. Jesse assured Madison that he was there in peace.

Jesse said that he wanted to check on Madison after David tried to blackmail her. Madison told Jesse that she'd never mentioned the Hubbard family in her dealings with David. Madison noted that David's actual motive was to keep Ryan and Greenlee apart. Jesse remarked that David's chance at success was not very good.

Jesse asked if Greenlee was available to answer a few questions. Madison told him that Greenlee would be out for a few hours. Jesse thought that Madison might be able to help in Greenlee's place. Madison wasn't certain that her position in the company offered her any perspective that could be helpful. All Madison knew was that after the news of Erica's scandal hit, Greenlee did a wonderful job assuring all clients, the media, and the staff that Fusion would continue to be strong.

Before Jesse could attempt to extract any additional information from Madison, Frankie showed up. The two Hubbards embraced briefly, and then Frankie told his father that he'd seen Angie at the hospital. Frankie said that Angie had been ready to do battle. Jesse was amused, and revealed Angie's tentative plan to be nice to David. Frankie thought the odds were low of a civil conversation occurring between Angie and David. Jesse said that if he didn't despise David, he would feel sorry for him.

Jesse went to the hospital to check on Angie. Angie said that things with David had been going okay, but that she had something to share. Jesse was worried that he wouldn't like what Angie had to say. Angie told Jesse she'd invited David and Greenlee to dinner, and said that she needed Jesse to be there. Jesse wasn't keen on spending time with David, but said that he would attend out of respect for his wife.

Jesse and Angie talked a bit more about what they wanted to happen at the dinner. Before they could get details confirmed, emergency technicians took in a young boy named Ramon who'd fallen and was banged up. Angie listened to some of the things Ramon had to say, and then ordered her team into action. Once they had Ramon in a room, Angie realized that the young boy wasn't breathing. Without gloves or a mask, she took steps to intubate the young boy and save his life.

Before Frankie left Fusion, Madison asked if he had any ideas about a good birthday present for a seven-year-old girl. Frankie knew that Madison wanted to get something for Emma, but didn't have any helpful experience to draw from. Madison was certain that she could figure something out, so Frankie took his leave. Madison did a search and was excited when she found a great idea.

As she reached for something to write with, she spilled a drink on herself. She looked around, and once she was sure no one could see her, she pulled a yellow top out of a bag and rushed off to change. After she returned, Madison worked her way through some ads in the paper. She took a break when the phone rang. When the call ended, she realized that the Fusion hospitality suite would be available for her use that night.

Scott and JR's conversation was cut short when the doorbell rang. Annie dashed out of the living room and flung the front door wide to welcome her daughter. Ryan tried to tell Annie something, but she ignored him. Annie showered her daughter with love and said that many surprises were in store. Ryan tried to interrupt again, but Annie blew him off. The doorbell rang again, and Annie gleefully ran over to let the newest visitor in. Annie was disheartened when she saw Greenlee on the other side.

Annie realized that Emma had invited Greenlee, and was forced to keep her true feelings under wraps. Ryan told Annie that Greenlee wasn't concerned with her, and that she just needed to enjoy the party. Ryan went into the living room, and left Annie to decompress. Scott comforted Annie, and encouraged her not to let her time with Emma be ruined. Annie realized that Scott was right, and went into the living room.

Annie watched her daughter interact with the adults in attendance. She started to become unglued at the thought that other people could become more important to Emma than Annie. Scott continued to push Annie to maintain control. Annie took Scott's advice and asked Emma what she wanted to do first. Emma wanted to open presents, which delighted Annie. However, when Emma said that she wanted to open Greenlee's first, Annie had to leave the room.

JR went upstairs to get away from the party. In his room, he looked at himself in the mirror and tried to convince himself that Annie would freak out soon enough. He opened his bedroom door just as Annie walked by. JR demanded to know why Annie had gone upstairs. Annie said that she needed to get away from Greenlee.

Annie decided to antagonize JR and asked why her presence in his bedroom made him uncomfortable. JR said that it was only a matter of time before Scott realized he was better off without Annie. Annie asserted that JR probably fantasized about Annie every time he looked at Marissa. The rounds of insults and insinuations were disrupted when AJ called out for his father. JR told his son he would return shortly. He then told Annie that she might want to spend more time with her daughter.

Ryan told Greenlee that she'd made Emma's day by showing up. Greenlee said the feeling was mutual, and that she needed a party to brighten her mood. Ryan asked if David was okay with Greenlee attending the party. Greenlee made it clear that she made her own decisions. Greenlee rejoined the birthday girl on the couch and asked if she had any wishes. Emma whispered that she wished Erica was there, because after Greenlee, Erica gave the best presents.

Emma wanted to open more presents, but the next two were from Annie and AJ. Everyone knew that Annie and JR didn't want to miss that moment. Marissa offered to go upstairs and find them. In the foyer, Marissa found out from one of the housekeepers, Polly, that Annie's move back into the Chandler house had been unnecessary. Marissa was horrified when Polly told her that the leak in the gatehouse had been fixed two weeks prior.

Marissa pulled Scott out of the party and told him that Annie had lied about the leak. Scott said that he couldn't be so easily played. Marissa realized that Scott had extended a permanent invitation for Annie to stay in the main house. Scott told Marissa that she needed to stop worrying so much about Annie, and worry more about JR. Scott also said that Annie was a fact of life that Marissa would have to get used to.

Scott went back into the living room just as the doorbell rang. Marissa answered it and found a gift-laden David on the other side. Marissa reluctantly let him in, moments before AJ led his father down the stairs. David said that he wanted to wish Emma a happy birthday, and asked AJ to show him where the party was. JR asked Marissa how she was feeling, but her anger and frustration was written all over her face.

In the living room, David dodged all of the inquiries about why he'd shown up, and made a beeline for Emma. He told Emma that one of the presents was from him, and one had been sitting out front. Emma looked at the card attached to the mystery present, and then exclaimed that the box was from Erica. Everyone assumed that Erica was back in town, and Ryan said that he would call Jesse to update him. Greenlee overrode that decision and said that she would make the call.

Greenlee said that she didn't want Jesse to feel as though Fusion had been withholding information. David tried to go with Greenlee but she told him that she could handle the call on her own. Marissa took the opportunity to steal her father's attention. David wanted to go after Greenlee, but after Marissa called him Dad and asked for help, David's attention refocused on his sole surviving child.

Marissa said that she needed to get rid of Annie, but didn't know how to fight dirty the way Annie did. Marissa asked David to teach her what he knew, so that she could get Annie out of their lives, and save her marriage. David said that he would be willing to help Marissa whenever she was ready.

David stepped away to find Greenlee. He found his panic-stricken wife in the foyer. Greenlee blasted David for leading everyone to believe that Erica was okay. Greenlee thought that things were spinning out of control, but David was certain that everything was okay. Greenlee started to talk about how to make things easier, and David wondered if Greenlee wanted to go to the authorities. Greenlee didn't think it was a bad idea, but David pointed out that everyone they could go to had a grudge against them.

In the living room, Emma asked where Greenlee had gone. When Ryan didn't have a concrete answer, Emma asked her father to find Greenlee. While Ryan was gone, Annie thanked Scott for allowing her to have Emma's party at the house. Scott made sure that Annie was okay after dealing with Greenlee's presence. Across the room, JR tried to find out why Marissa had caved in and talked to David. Marissa said that nothing much had come of the conversation. JR asked Marissa how he could help her feel better. Marissa said that JR ousting Annie from their lives permanently would do wonders.

David told Greenlee that he couldn't stop her desire to tell people what happened to Erica's plane. All David could ask was for Greenlee to trust him. At that moment, Ryan joined them in the foyer and asked if everything was all right.

David jumped in and said that he supported Greenlee's decision to call Jesse, but said that they need to talk to Fusion's attorney before they placed the call. Ryan asked Greenlee if she wanted to say goodbye to Emma before she left. Greenlee asked Ryan to extend her apologies, and said that she would make it up to Emma at a later date.



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