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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 24, 2010 on GH
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Monday, May 24, 2010

Carly caught up to Brook Lynn in the park and put her plan for revenge against Dante and Lulu in motion. She questioned Brook Lynn, who had just run a scam on a hot dog vendor, about her relationship to the Falconeri family and Dante in particular. When Brook Lynn told Carly that their families had been very close and that she had been closest to Dante, Carly said she would not tell Brook Lynn's family about what she had done in the park.

Carly also offered to pay off all Brook Lynn's debts, put her up at the Metro Court, and give her a job if she could get Dante to sleep with her. When Brook Lynn wanted to know why, Carly told her that Dante was Sonny's son. She said she did not trust him and wanted to get him away from her cousin, Lulu.

Brook Lynn recognized her valuable bargaining position and told Carly that she was not a prostitute and would not sleep with Dante for the money alone. She told Carly that she was a singer and did not want to work as a clerk. Carly agreed to have a cabaret night in the hotel lounge and give her a tryout as well as buy all her clothes if Brook Lynn would pursue Dante. Brook Lynn agreed.

Johnny burst into Sonny's home and demanded that he call Bernie. Sonny made the call and was irate when he found out that his allies, the Trujillos, had made a deal with Johnny and abandoned him. Sonny immediately pulled out his gun and threatened Johnny, who continued to taunt him. Before Sonny could pull the trigger, Claire and Ethan forced their way past Max and into the room.

Johnny accused Sonny of attempted murder and demanded that Clair arrest him. Sonny took advantage of the confusion and reholstered the gun, which only Johnny had seen. Sonny denied Johnny's accusations and called Johnny a liar.

Sonny told Max to escort the unwelcome guests out of his house. Claire said that because of Johnny's accusations, she had probable cause to search the house. Sonny told the others to leave. After Max showed Johnny and Ethan out, Sonny told Claire she was welcome to search as soon as her warrant arrived.

Sonny said he could not wait around. He told Claire that he was going to Pentonville to visit his brain-damaged son who had been sent there because she could not catch Sonny. Sonny slammed out the door without waiting for a reply.

At the Crimson offices, Dante sensed that Lulu was troubled. When he asked what was wrong, Lulu said it was work. Dante worried about Michael, and Lulu told him to stop blaming himself. She told him that everything that had happened was the result of a secret.

Lulu said that sometimes you had to wait for the right time to tell a secret because every choice had consequences. Lulu seemed to be about to tell Dante her secret when his phone rang. It was Claire asking him to go to Sonny's to execute a search warrant.

Lucky ran into Maya at General Hospital when he went to pick up Cam and Jake from daycare. He had just learned that Liz had already picked them up. Maya told him that Liz had left with the boys a half hour earlier. Lucky expressed surprise because he had made plans with Liz to pick up the boys for an overnight at his place.

At home, Liz was having a hard time coping with a headache and two very noisy children. She was sitting down, holding her head, when Nikolas knocked at the door and wanted to know why she had missed her sonogram appointment. She told him that she had forgotten. He wanted to know if she had just blown it off because it would be the first time that he would have a chance to see his child and she did not care.

Liz told Nikolas that she was just tired and he was making a big deal over a minor error. At that moment, Lucky arrived to pick up the kids. He quickly put on their coats and left with them as Liz apologized profusely for forgetting that they were supposed to spend the night at his place.

After Lucky left with Cam and Jake, Nikolas suggested that Liz was working too hard. He said that she was overwhelmed and exhausted because she was trying to take care of two active boys while being pregnant and working full time. Nikolas suggested that Liz did not have work because she had other options.

Nikolas asked her to move to Wyndemere where she could have staff to help out with the boys. Liz got very angry and said that she hated Wyndemere. Nikolas shot back that she did not seem to hate the turret room when they had made love in it. Liz got even angrier and said that she hated that she had slept with Nikolas and that she hated that he was the father of her baby. Nikolas sputtered as Liz walked to the door and indicated that he should leave.

Nikolas did as she commanded, but as he stood on the threshold, he told her that he had every right to decide what was best for his baby and he would.

Johnny and Ethan went to Jake's. They ordered drinks and gloated about putting one over on Sonny. Coleman told them to watch out because it did not usually work out well for people who crossed Sonny.

As Ethan gestured wildly, he bumped Maya, who spilled a drink on her blouse. When Ethan offered to buy her another one, or at least pay for dry cleaning, she wanted to know whom he was stealing from. He told her that he had happened on a very lucrative job.

At another table, Maxie had a drink with Matt. She was surprised to find that they both loved the city of Milan and its history, and had a lot more in common than she realized. Maxie laughed and seemed to be enjoying Matt's company when she spied Johnny.

Maxie excused herself and went to talk to Johnny. She told him that Spinelli was burying himself in the penthouse because he was so upset about Jason going to jail. Johnny said that he would not tell Spinelli that she was out with someone else.

Maxie told Johnny that she wanted him to tell because she was just pretending to flirt with Matt so that Spinelli would get jealous and snap out of his funk. Matt overheard Maxie. He told her that she would have to find someone else to make Spinelli jealous, and left the bar in a huff.

Dante met Claire at Sonny's but told her that if Sonny gave her permission to search, there was probably nothing to find. Claire accused Dante of not wanting to search because he was protecting Sonny again. Dante said that he was not. He said that no one was more motivated than he.

When Claire confronted him about being shot, Dante admitted that he had lied. He told Claire that if he had not been so arrogant and had not lied about Sonny shooting him, then Sonny, not Michael would be in jail. He offered to accuse Sonny, but Claire said it was too late.

A guard escorted Jason to Michael's cell in Pentonville. Michael, apparently traumatized, was sitting on the floor. His face showed signs of bruising. It was obvious that he had suffered a beating and perhaps worse.

Jason noticed Michael's condition but did not address it directly. Instead, he started talking about Carly and how strong she said Michael had been on the day he was sentenced. He praised Michael for being strong. Then Jason started talking about the beach on the island that had always been Michael's private beach.

As Jason talked about the beach, tears streamed down Michael's cheeks. Jason finally got a verbal response when he said that the managers wanted to put a dock on it. Michael told Jason no to let them do it.

Michael broke down and started blaming himself for not listening to Jason and keeping his mouth shut about Claudia's death. Jason told Michael not to blame himself because the blame was on Jason for the bad choices he had made, including deciding to cover up the crime.

The tone lightened and they talked about Michael's siblings who sent their support and love through Jason. Michael wanted to know about Carly. Jason was honest when he told Michael that Carly was angry and would make someone pay for what had happened.

Jason admitted that he did hate Dante because he had betrayed Michael. Jason told Michael that Dante was a liar and a user and that he would never forgive him. Michael told Jason that he did not want to talk about the beating or tell anyone about it. Jason said he understood how it felt to not be able to express yourself sometimes. He told Michael that he would keep his confidences.

A guard took Michael to the visitors' room, where Sonny was waiting. He went ballistic when he saw Michael's bruises. He wanted to know all the details. Michael said he was not as weak as Sonny thought he was, and he did not want to make matters worse by getting Sonny involved.

Sonny told Michael that he loved him and just wanted to help. He told Michael that he was working hard to get him released. He urged Michael to stay close to Jason, do what Jason said, and refrain from trying to impress anyone. Michael told Sonny that he would follow his advice.

The warden stopped by Jason's cell to tell him that he did not approve of the special treatment Jason had been given and not to expect any more. Jason said that he understood and would follow all the rules. The warden said that if he did not, he would end up in solitary and Michael would be unprotected.

Michael was returned to the cell, but a guard took him away immediately. A second guard escorted Jason to the visitors' area where Sonny was waiting and fuming. He wanted to know what had happened to Michael. Jason said the beating took place before he arrived. Sonny demanded payback, but Jason said that taking action would make it harder on Michael.

Sonny told Jason to take care of Michael and Jason agreed that he would. Sonny then told Jason about his conflict with Johnny earlier in the day. He said he would have killed Johnny, but Claire walked in. Jason told Sonny that they needed to keep a low profile for Michael's sake. Jason said that they could not risk a war or hurting Johnny.

Sonny told Jason that he was not going to hurt Johnny; he was going to crush him like a bug once and for all.

A guard stood with Michael in the prison infirmary as he was given a shot.

A frantic Liz pounded on Lucky's door. When he answered, she told him that Nikolas had ordered her to move to Wyndemere with the boys.

Carly caught up with Lulu before she left Crimson to meet Dante at Jake's. Carly told Lulu that she had rethought her earlier advice and had changed her mind. Carly told Lulu that it would be better if she kept the truth of her abortion from Dante. Carly told Lulu that she was sure that Dante's feelings for Lulu would change if he knew that she had chosen to have an abortion when she was a pregnant, unwed teen.

Outside Jake's, Dante heard a familiar voice singing "When You Wish Upon a Star." When he entered the bar, Dante caught sight of Brook Lynn as she sang. They smiled at each other.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

At Pentonville, Michael returned to his jail cell. As Michael sat down, Jason asked if Michael were okay. Michael insisted that he was fine, but it was clear that Michael remained troubled. Michael was curious what Jason and Sonny had discussed. Jason revealed that Sonny was working hard to get Michael released. Michael wondered how his injuries had been explained to Sonny.

Jason assured Michael that he had respected Michael's wishes by remaining quiet about the assault. However, Sonny had assumed that the bruises were a result of a guard attacking Michael. Michael seemed satisfied with the answer, but he wondered if Jason and Sonny had talked about anything else. Jason quietly confessed that they had discussed business. Michael realized how much Jason had sacrificed to protect him in prison. Jason assured Michael that he didn't regret his decision; he believed it was where he had to be.

Jason changed the subject by asking what he could expect from prison life. Michael gave Jason a rundown of the prison's daily routine, including the various job assignments like laundry and scrubbing bathrooms. Jason was curious when they would have some free time. Michael grew still as he quietly revealed that the cell doors were left open after dinner, so that prisoners could mingle. Michael's voice cracked as he explained that no one was supposed to get in once they were locked in their cells for the night.

Jason watched Michael closely. He regretted that he had never taught Michael how to properly defend himself. Jason offered to teach Michael what he needed to know in the morning. When Michael questioned the timing, Jason pointed out that Michael was in a situation where it was a matter of survival. As Michael and Jason settled down for the night, Jason assured Michael that everyone was working to get Michael released. He promised that Michael wouldn't have to remain in jail for long.

At Crimson, Carly suggested that Lulu's abortion could be a deal breaker for Dante. Carly was afraid that Dante might not understand that it had been the right choice for Lulu at that time. Lulu admitted that Carly was saying what Lulu had already been thinking. However, Lulu felt that she had to tell Dante the truth because she didn't want to have any secrets between them. Carly conceded that it was a tough call to make because Dante was a "rule-follower."

Lulu sensed that Carly was trying to advise her not to tell Dante about the abortion. Carly made it clear that it was Lulu's call to make, but she suggested that if Dante never learned about the abortion then it would be one less thing for Lulu and Dante to have to deal with. Lulu had to rush off to meet Dante, but she promised to play it by ear.

At Jake's, Dante smiled while Brook serenaded everyone with her rendition of "When You Wish Upon A Star." When the song ended, Brook ran into Dante's arms. Johnny was curious who the mystery woman was. Nearby, Maxie pulled Dante away from Brook when she spotted them hugging. Dante explained to Maxie that Brook was a friend from Bensonhurst.

Maxie revealed that she already knew Brook Lynn Ashton. Johnny and Ethan walked up while Maxie explained that Brook had once lived in Port Charles. Maya quickly introduced herself to her cousin when she overheard Maxie mention that Brook was a Quartermaine. Moments later, Lulu entered the bar. Lulu was startled when she recognized Brook standing next to Dante.

Lulu realized that she should have guessed that Dante had known Brook because the Cerullos and Falconeris were from the same neighborhood in New York City. Brook was surprised to learn that Dante and Lulu were in a relationship with each other. She was curious how Lulu and Dante had met. Lulu explained that Dante had saved her life on two occasions. Brook was eager to hear the details, but Dante decided to change the subject by letting Brook know that he had discovered that Sonny was his father.

Brook was shocked by the news, but she recovered quickly as Dante credited Lulu for helping him deal with the ramifications of having a criminal for a father. Brook observed that Lulu had "come a long way from trying to steal Dillon away from Georgie." Dante seemed oblivious to the sudden tension between Lulu and Brook. He joked that he wasn't the only person that Brook had dirt on. Lulu explained that she and Dante had plans and then dragged Dante away.

Nearby, Maxie grumbled to Johnny, Ethan, and Maya that she had never liked Brook. Maxie's opinion hadn't changed. Maxie found it curious that Brook had suddenly turned up in Jake's and then promptly headed to the microphone to sing. Johnny suggested that Maxie lighten up; he didn't think that there was anything wrong with Brook. Johnny excused himself when he noticed Brook order a drink at the bar.

Olivia entered Jake's just as Johnny offered to buy Brook a beer. When Olivia joined Johnny, she made a point of draping her arm over Johnny's shoulder. Olivia plastered on a smile as she asked what Brook was doing in Jake's. Olivia's possessiveness didn't escape Johnny or Brook's notice, but neither commented on it. Brook chatted about some of the people that she and Olivia knew in Bensonhurst. Olivia chuckled until Brook mentioned someone who was dating a man "half her age." Olivia immediately sobered as Brook rushed to clarify that she didn't have a problem with older women dating younger men.

Olivia relaxed when Maxie asked to speak to Brook privately. Maxie claimed that she wanted to catch up with Brook. Brook took the opportunity to question Maxie about Lulu and Dante's relationship. Maxie made it clear that Lulu and Dante were in love.

At a nearby table, May a questioned why Ethan was involved with the mob. Ethan admitted that it paid really well, but the real reason was because he liked to live on the edge. Maya had been down that road before, so she wasn't interested in "that game." She wished Ethan well and then left.

Lulu and Dante returned to the loft. Dante confessed that seeing Brook had made him realize how little he knew about Lulu's past. Lulu's silence worried him. He sensed that something had been bothering her for some time. Lulu confessed that she had to tell him something, but she was reluctant to discuss it because she didn't want him to see her in a different light. Dante assured Lulu that she could tell him anything; nothing would change how he felt about her.

Lulu's eyes filled with tears as she revealed that she had once been obsessed with Dillon, the guy that Brook had mentioned. She confided that Dillon had been her first and that after they had sex, she had discovered that she was pregnant. Dante was quiet as Lulu tearfully confessed that she had been terrified at the prospect of raising a child, so she had made the only choice that had made sense to her. Lulu admitted that she had an abortion.

Dante surprised Lulu by assuring her that he loved and respected her all the more for having made a difficult choice. Dante knew Lulu's heart, so he was confident that Lulu had done what she had thought was best. Dante promised that he loved her and that nothing would ever change that. Lulu smiled with relief as Dante hugged her.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Claire let Jax know that Jason had been transferred to Pentonville. Jax confessed that he was happy that Jason was on hand to help Michael. Claire wondered how things were going on Jax's end. Jax grumbled that no one was eager to help him secure Michael's release. However, he had been told that if Sonny were convicted of a crime then it would pave the way for Michael to be paroled.

Shortly after Claire left, Carly strolled into the restaurant. Jax told her about his meeting with Claire. Carly realized that she would have to get used to the idea that Jason was in jail with Michael. Jax told her that he was sorry for all of it, but Carly didn't want to dwell on it. She wanted to know if the paperwork was ready for Jax to adopt Morgan. Jax assured her that everything was going according to plan. "Good," Carly responded. She admitted that she was ready to get it over with.

"Then what?" Jax wondered. Carly made it clear that she fully intended to go through with the divorce, even though Jax would be Morgan's legal father. After Jax left, Brook met up with Carly. Brook revealed that she had reunited with Dante, but there had been a snag. Brook warned Carly that Dante wasn't the type to stray from the woman he loved.

Carly wasn't interested in hearing Brook's excuses. She offered to pay Brook a fifty thousand dollar bonus if Brook were able to secure video footage of Dante cheating on Lulu.

In Lucky's apartment, Liz confessed that she needed Lucky's help. Liz explained that Nikolas had changed; he made her feel as if she were nothing more than an incubator. Lucky was sympathetic, but he didn't want to get involved. He reminded her that Nikolas was her baby's father, so it was up to her to work things out with Nikolas. Liz wondered if Lucky truly wouldn't care if she moved to Wyndemere with the boys.

Lucky insisted that it was her decision to make. Liz clarified that she didn't have any intention of moving in with Nikolas. Lucky assured her that if she changed her mind, he wouldn't object. According to Lucky, Wyndemere was just a short boat ride away. After Liz left, Claire stopped by to talk to Lucky.

Claire once again apologized for her meltdown in the park, but Lucky assured her that it wasn't necessary. Claire appreciated Lucky's kindness. She then shifted gears to let him know that she had paid him a visit for a reason. Claire revealed that she remained determined to send Sonny to jail. She was curious if Lucky wanted to work with her. She was delighted when Lucky expressed an interest in helping her, but she wondered why Lucky had occasionally cited a conflict of interest while investigating Sonny.

Lucky made it clear that it was a personal matter that he didn't wish to discuss. He assured her that it would not stop him from going after Sonny. However, he was concerned that she might become obsessed with convicting Sonny. Lucky explained that many people had gone after Sonny, only to become so fixated on taking him down that they had lost themselves. Claire was confident that she wouldn't cross the line, but she trusted Lucky to reel her in if she went "Captain Ahab" on him.

Liz arrived home to find Nikolas waiting in her living room. She warned Nikolas that he didn't have the right to enter her home whenever he liked. Nikolas explained that he had been concerned after he had learned that a patient had kicked her. Liz clarified that the patient had been having a seizure and that she hadn't been injured. Nikolas didn't think that Liz was taking proper care of herself. He suggested that she secretly wanted the pregnancy to go away.

Liz was outraged by the suggestion. She demanded to know "what the hell" was wrong with Nikolas that he would think that she'd harm her baby. She made it clear that she loved her child and always would. Nikolas argued that she resented the baby because he was the father. Liz reminded Nikolas that she had hated Cam's father, but she deeply loved her son. Liz had hoped that she and Nikolas could somehow salvage their friendship, but she found it difficult to look at him, so she told him to leave. As Nikolas stormed out of the house, he warned her that the days of her ordering him around were over.

Skye entered the Haunted Star looking for Luke. She had news about Tracy. Skye revealed that Tracy wasn't in Fiji. Edward had grown suspicious when Tracy had failed to show for an ELQ board meeting, so he had made some inquiries. Skye explained that someone had registered in the Fiji hotel under Tracy's name and that the person had used Tracy's credit card; however, it had been confirmed that the person hadn't been Tracy. Luke realized that his wife had been kidnapped.

Luke was certain that only one person could have been responsible for Tracy's disappearance. He couldn't believe that he had missed the signs, especially after Helena had suddenly disappeared. Skye pointed out that it had always been "standard procedure" for Tracy to take off during one of Tracy and Luke's fights. Luke continued to blame himself. He claimed that he had been having too much fun flirting with Skye to pay attention to what was going on. Skye could see how concerned Luke was for Tracy. She found it touching that he loved his wife so much.

Tracy remained locked in Helena's dungeon. Helena confessed that Tracy was a disappointing hostage. Helena had hoped that Luke would search for Tracy sooner. Tracy wasn't concerned about Luke tracking her down, but she was annoyed that Helena had stuck her in a dungeon. Tracy warned Helena that Luke wouldn't be pleased if she didn't move Tracy to more hospitable accommodations.

Helena was shocked that Tracy wasn't happy. According to Helena, the rats seemed quite content with their damp surroundings, so she had thought that Tracy would fit right in. Tracy snidely suggested that Helena was about to be a great-great-great grandmother. Tracy smiled with satisfaction when Helena glared back at her.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lucky bumped into Helena on the piers. He admitted that he had been hoping that her body would wash up on shore. Helena smiled indulgently as she explained that she had been in Europe on business. Lucky narrowed his eyes as he tried to figure out what continued to draw Helena back to town. Helena accused Lucky of being paranoid, just as Nikolas walked up. Nikolas resented Lucky questioning Helena; he insisted that her whereabouts weren't any of Lucky's business.

Lucky made it clear that Helena was his concern if there were a possibility that Liz might move to Wyndemere with his sons. Nikolas suggested that Liz was using Lucky to keep Nikolas at arm's length. Lucky argued that he didn't want his sons near Helena. Lucky had visions of Helena handing them a sippy cup with one hand while holding a dagger in the other hand. "That's absurd," Helena interjected. "We have servants to feed the children."

Nikolas explained that he wanted to help Liz because it was clear to him that she was struggling. Lucky didn't think isolating Liz on Spoon Island was the solution. Nikolas clarified that he didn't intend to kidnap Liz or hold her prisoner; however, Nikolas advised Lucky to get used to the idea that Liz was bearing his child. Lucky found it hard to believe that Nikolas had betrayed him; however, he suspected that Nikolas wasn't even sorry.

At Wyndemere, Helena talked about her plans for the nursery. Nikolas warned Helena that he was fully aware of her attempt to manipulate him. He let her know, in no uncertain terms, that he would do what he thought was best for his child.

At the hospital, Liz pulled Robin aside to ask for her help with Nikolas. Liz explained that Nikolas had become extremely controlling since he had learned that she was pregnant with his child. Liz explained that Nikolas was trying to pressure her to move in with him, but she refused to expose her children to Helena. Robin promised to talk to Nikolas as soon as possible. A short time later, Robin went to Wyndemere.

Nikolas complained to Robin that Liz saw him differently since their affair had ended. Nikolas didn't appreciate that Liz put all of the blame for the affair on him. He acknowledged that Liz had always been remorseful after they had slept together, but he insisted that she had been a willing participant. Robin recalled that Nikolas and Liz had deeply regretted betraying Lucky. Robin suggested that Liz's new view of things was proof of how destructive guilt could be.

Nikolas was certain that Liz wanted to paint him as the bad guy, so that she could pretend that Lucky was the baby's father. Robin urged Nikolas to back off because it wasn't helping matters. Nikolas stubbornly refused to consider it. He insisted that he had an obligation to his child, so if that meant he had to pressure Liz to meet it, "so be it."

At the nurses' station, Lisa made certain that Patrick was paying attention when she approached Steve. Lisa thanked Steve for the guitar lesson and then flirtatiously invited him out to dinner. Steve happily agreed to go out with Lisa. Nearby, Patrick snatched up some paperwork and then walked up to Steve to inform the chief of staff that some heart monitors had been delivered to the wrong department. Steve dashed off to straighten things out. Lisa smiled knowingly as she informed Patrick that he hadn't been subtle. Patrick let Lisa know that she hadn't been subtle either.

Lisa insisted that Patrick was busted. She recalled seeing the same move numerous times in the past when Patrick wanted to get rid of the competition. Patrick brushed it off as playful practice, but Lisa didn't appear to believe him. Later, Patrick and Lisa returned to the nurses' station after examining a patient. Lisa casually invited Patrick to lunch at a sushi place. Patrick tentatively agreed, but he wanted to make certain that Robin was free to join them.

Patrick was curious if Liz knew where Robin was. Liz glanced up from her chart to let him know that Robin had gone to Wyndemere to talk to Nikolas on her behalf. She promised Patrick that Robin would be back soon. Patrick decided to pass on lunch with Lisa. Lisa suggested that Patrick could leave a message asking Robin to join them, but Patrick didn't think it was a good idea.

Lisa smiled and then turned around to ask Steve out to lunch. Steve readily accepted, so the two headed to the elevator. As Patrick watched them, Liz asked Patrick to tell his friend to be nice to Steve. Liz explained that Steve didn't need a broken heart. Patrick assured Liz that Steve's heart was safe. Patrick steered the conversation away from Steve and Lisa by admitting that he hoped Robin was successful with Nikolas. Liz agreed; she refused to raise her baby like a Cassadine.

In Greece, Luke posed as Dr. Scheemerman, in an effort to gain entrance to Helena's compound. In a heavy Germanic accent, Luke explained that Helena had sent for him because her guest, Tracy Quartermaine, was mentally unstable. Luke claimed that he had flown in from Zurich, so he was eager to see the patient. When the guard turned his back on Luke to check out the story, Luke pulled out a gun and then slowly approached the man from behind. Unfortunately for Luke, Thor emerged from the bushes with a gun pointed directly at Luke.

Luke was escorted to the dungeon where Tracy sat alone in the dark. "What the hell took so long?" Tracy demanded when she saw her husband. Luke was thrown into the cell with Tracy. He immediately became concerned when he noticed that Tracy didn't look well. Tracy scowled at Luke and then hurled a tin cup at him.

At the loft, Lulu woke up in Dante's arms. She smiled brightly when Dante confessed that he loved being in love with her. Lulu admitted that nothing had ever felt so right to her. She confided that she had been terrified to tell him about the abortion because she had feared that his feelings for her would change. Dante assured her that he respected her for making a difficult choice.

Lulu reminded Dante that he had praised Olivia for not taking the easy way out. Dante explained that he loved and admired his mother, but he was in love with Lulu. Dante didn't think that he had the right to be self-righteous. Later, Lulu finished dressing and then prepared to leave. She revealed that she had to go home to change before she headed to work. Dante thought that she looked fine in what she was wearing.

Lulu insisted that she couldn't wear the same outfit two days in a row. According to Lulu, Kate and Maxie remembered what she had worn on a Thursday in September, so they would notice. Lulu wondered if Dante planned to go to work. Dante nodded his head and then began talking about Michael. Lulu was curious when Dante would stop blaming himself for Michael incarceration. Dante promised to stop feeling responsible once Michael was released and Sonny was sent to jail.

After Lulu left, Claire stopped by to talk to Dante. Claire informed him that she had every intention of building a new case against Sonny and then sending him to jail. She was certain that once Sonny was convicted, people would be willing to work on Michael's release. Claire pointed out that, with Jason out of the way, things were heating up between Johnny and Sonny. Claire wanted to capitalize on the situation. Dante realized that Sonny would be forced to do his own dirty work. He was confident that they would be able to build a case against Sonny for attempted murder when he went after Johnny.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Brook met with Carly. Brook was curious why Carly had put her up in Metro Court instead of the Cosmopolitan. Carly reminded Brook that they were supposed to be secretly working together. Carly then took the opportunity to find out if Brook had made any progress with Dante. Brook warned Carly that Dante was more into Lulu than Carly had led her to believe, so it wouldn't be easy to seduce him.

Carly wasn't interested in Brook's excuses; however, she was worried that Dante might grow suspicious. Brook assured Carly that Dante believed that Brook was in town to visit her family and friends. Brook then shifted gears to admit that Lulu was gorgeous. Brook recalled Lulu being awkward. Carly acknowledged that she could say the same thing about Brook, which was why Carly had hired her to seduce Dante.

Brook wanted Carly to understand that it might take longer than anticipated to get Dante into her bed. Carly glanced up to see Olivia step off of the elevator. Carly smiled as she promised to hand Brook a shortcut. Olivia approached the table moments later. Olivia hadn't realized that Carly and Brook knew each other. Carly explained that Michael and Brook were cousins.

Brook claimed that she had heard that Olivia worked at Metro Court, so Brook had decided to check out the restaurant. Olivia bragged about what a great boss Carly was, until Johnny walked up. Johnny wanted to talk to Olivia about their plans for that evening. Carly noticed how Brook watched Johnny as he walked away with Olivia. She warned Brook that Johnny was not part of the deal.

Brook assured Carly that she was perfectly capable of multi-tasking, but Carly wasn't amused. Carly wanted things done her way, or Brook would be out of a job. Carly walked away from the table moments later. Olivia called out to Carly to ask her about a seafood restaurant that she and Johnny were considering going to. Carly recommended the place and then changed the subject to let Olivia know that Olivia's dinner with Sonny the previous night had been on the house.

After Carly walked away, Johnny made it clear that he didn't appreciate Olivia seeking him out at Jake's after she had dinner with Sonny. He accused her of treating him like a "booty call." Olivia vehemently denied it, but Johnny didn't believe her. Nearby, Brook watched Olivia and Johnny argue. Carly rejoined Brook to let her know that Dante might like to know that his mother needed his support. Brook promised to call Dante when the argument reached "critical mass." A short time later, Brook called Dante.

After Johnny stormed off, Olivia confronted Carly. She demanded to know what Carly had been thinking when she had mentioned that Olivia and Sonny had dinner together. Carly was all innocence as she confessed that she hadn't meant any harm; she thought that Olivia and Johnny had an open relationship. Olivia warned Carly not to do it again because Johnny was unreasonable whenever Sonny's name was mentioned. Carly suggested that they continue their conversation in Carly's office.

Dante arrived moments after Olivia and Carly left the restaurant. Brook ushered Dante to a table and then advised him to sit down because she had to tell him a few things.

At Crimson, Lulu was in an upbeat mood. Maxie was curious what had changed since the last time that she had seen Lulu. Lulu revealed that she had told Dante the truth about the abortion. Lulu was thrilled because Dante had proven to her that he loved her. "Three times," Lulu added with a bold grin. Maxie was happy for Lulu, but Lulu warned her that they weren't completely trouble-free because she and Dante weren't popular with quite a few people because of the situation with Michael. However, Lulu was confident that she and Dante could weather anything because they trusted each other.

On the piers, Lucky demanded to know what was going on with Johnny and Sonny. Johnny promised to hand Sonny over to the cops on a silver platter, but he didn't elaborate beyond that.

At Greystone Manor, Bernie urged Sonny to find a solution to the problem that Johnny posed. Bernie realized that Sonny was in a vulnerable position because he was trying to secure Michael's release, but Bernie was concerned that Johnny would steal away more of their suppliers. Bernie explained that Johnny could afford to undercut Sonny because Johnny wasn't trying to make a profit. According to Bernie, Johnny's sole purpose was to piss off Sonny. Sonny admitted that he would love to bury Johnny, but he had to find a way to deal with Johnny without getting his hands dirty.

Bernie pointed out that Johnny couldn't be bought. Their meeting was cut short when Sonny noticed Kristina standing in the doorway. Kristina glared at her father while Bernie left the room. Sonny didn't appreciate Kristina's rudeness, but she ignored him. She wanted to know why Sonny wasn't working on Michael's release. Sonny explained that he was doing everything possible to get Michael out of jail, but Kristina didn't believe him.

Kristina was certain that Jason had joined Michael in jail because Sonny didn't think that Michael would be home any time soon. Sonny insisted that she trust him, but she tearfully admitted that she couldn't. Sonny tried to talk to Kristina about the problems in their relationship; however, Kristina didn't want hear Sonny blame Alexis for everything. Sonny insisted that he wanted Kristina to know who he was, not the lies that Johnny and others told about him.

"Who are you?" Kristina asked. Sonny admitted that he liked to swim, so he enjoyed going out on the water and to his island. He was also a good cook, which was why he loved spending time in the kitchen. Sonny offered to teach Kristina how to cook, but that upset Kristina. She hated when he built her up for a father-daughter bonding moment that would never happen.

Frustrated, Sonny demanded to know what she wanted from him. Kristina cried that she needed to know that her brother would be okay. Kristina was desperate to be assured that Michael wouldn't emerge from prison a changed person. Sonny claimed that everything had started with Claudia. Kristina argued that the difference between them was that she could hate someone without wanting the person dead.

Sonny insisted that he loved his children with all of his heart. Kristina pointed out that everyone, especially Michael, seemed to get hurt around Sonny. He always apologized and then promised to fix things, but it only made matters worse. After Kristina left, Sonny called Claire. Claire arrived a short time later. She made it clear that she wanted him to get straight to the point.

Sonny asked Claire to hear his side of the story. He explained that he had married Claudia for the wrong reasons. Sonny realized almost immediately that Claudia was a sick person. Claire suggested that he should have divorced her. Sonny revealed that he couldn't; however, he swore to Claire that he had never hit Claudia. Claire pointed out that Johnny had claimed otherwise.

Sonny insisted that Johnny had lied. Sonny confided that his stepfather had abused him and his mother, so Sonny had vowed at a young age that he would never raise his hand to a woman or child. Claire didn't understand what any of that had to do with her. Sonny explained that Johnny was trying to provoke a war because he knew that it would keep Michael from being released from jail. Sonny implored Claire to focus her attention on Johnny, not him, if she wanted peace.

Sonny offered to help Claire bust Johnny for attempted murder. Claire's interest was piqued, so she invited Sonny to continue.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

In the dungeon in Greece, Luke complained that Tracy could have hurt him when she hurled the tin cup at him. "Good," Tracy responded with satisfaction. Tracy demanded to know what had taken him so long to find her. She was curious if he had even noticed that she wasn't around for their anniversary. "Of course," Luke insisted. Their wedding day had been the happiest day of his life, so he had been eager to celebrate their anniversary.

Tracy was furious that she had been chloroformed and then kidnapped. Luke realized that Helena had targeted Tracy because she was the only thing that made Luke happy. Tracy confirmed that Helena considered her a pawn. She suggested that if Luke had taken his eyes off of Skye, he might have realized sooner that Tracy had been kidnapped.

Tracy noticed the expression of guilt on Luke's face. She immediately jumped to the conclusion that Luke had slept with Skye. Luke denied the accusation, but Tracy didn't believe him. Luke promised that Tracy had ruined him for others. "Liar," Tracy insisted. Luke was adamant that he was a different man, but Tracy refused to soften towards him. Tracy feared that Helena had been right; Luke needed Helena around to define him.

On the piers, Lucky was offended by Johnny's vague accusations. Johnny shrugged as he pointed out that Sonny had been an uncle figure to Lucky while Lucky had been growing up. Lulu had told Johnny all about Lucky's history with Sonny. Johnny knew that Sonny had taken Lucky under his wing when Lucky had left home around the age of fifteen. Johnny was also aware that Lucky had lived with Jason for a time.

Lucky suggested that one of the problems with overanalyzing things was that it led to conspiracy theories, which made reality easier to live with. Johnny admitted that he was lost. Lucky decided to use Claudia as an example. He reminded Johnny that Claudia had been responsible for a kid getting shot in the head, but Johnny had practically canonized Claudia since her death.

Lucky pointed out that Claudia was the reason for everything that Johnny did, so Johnny had turned her into a victim. However, Lucky suspected that the truth was more complicated than that. Johnny tensed up. Lucky didn't have a problem telling Johnny the truth. Johnny and Sonny were mobsters; if Johnny went to war with Sonny to avenge Claudia, then Lucky vowed to go after both of them.

Lucky recognized that Johnny had daddy and sister issues and that he was borderline suicidal. However, he didn't appreciate Johnny pulling Ethan into the war with Sonny. Johnny insisted that he had been upfront with Ethan. Lucky refused to allow Johnny to turn Port Charles into a war zone. He also wouldn't stand by while Johnny destroyed Ethan's life.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny admitted that he had his "ass handed to" him. He had thought that Dante would choose family over the badge. He regretted that Michael had paid the price for the mistake. Sonny realized that Claire was on the fast track with her career, so she might be humoring him. Claire conceded that Sonny had a valid point, so she was curious why he would trust her. "Michael," Sonny answered. Sonny was desperate to find a way for his son to get out of jail.

Sonny confessed that he had never seen himself as a father; it had "scared the hell out of" him. Claire found it difficult to imagine Sonny being afraid of anything. Sonny explained that it had been a combination of the responsibility of parenthood and the volatility of his lifestyle that had made him hesitate to become a father. However, Sonny never had a choice once Michael had entered his life. Sonny wondered if Claire had ever thought about having children.

Claire gave him the impression that children were in the distant future for her. She claimed that she wanted to focus on her career. Sonny hoped that she experienced parenthood one day, but he didn't want her to have to feel the agony of watching her son being hauled off to jail or to live with not knowing how her child fared in prison. Claire was sorry for her role in sending Michael to jail. Sonny acknowledged her apology, but he pointed out that many were suffering as a result of Michael's prison sentence.

Sonny insisted that Michael was the only thing that mattered to him. It was the reason that Sonny couldn't allow Johnny to continue playing games. Sonny wanted to work with Claire to make certain that Johnny was neutralized. Claire agreed to help Sonny take Johnny out of the equation. However, she suggested that the next time Sonny asked for assistance that he leave all the "Father of the Year stuff" out of it because it didn't fly with her.

After Claire left, Sonny called Max into the room to let him know that he had made a deal with Claire. Sonny explained that they needed to provoke Johnny into going after Sonny. Max didn't think that Claire could be trusted, but Sonny disagreed. However, Sonny decided that there might be a way to find out if she were truly on board. A short time later, Max and Milo intercepted Johnny on a street corner. Sonny stepped out of the limo and then smiled with malice as he promised to make Johnny beg for mercy.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Skye joined Jax at the bar. She was curious how things were going with Michael's release. Jax revealed that if Sonny were convicted of a crime then the door would be open for Michael to leave prison. Skye realized that the news must have made Jax's day. Jax smiled in response. He loved the boys as his own, but he considered Sonny to be a menace to the children. Skye understood that Jax hated Sonny, but she pointed out that Jax had tried to send Sonny to jail before, with disastrous results.

At Pentonville, Jason tried to teach Michael self-defense techniques in the weight room. Jason advised Michael that he had to shut down his emotions, so that Michael could think with his head instead of his heart when he faced an adversary. Jason suggested that Michael had an advantage because he was young and didn't look as if he could fight. Michael didn't appreciate being called a victim. He didn't think that Jason had any idea how hard he had fought back.

Jason watched Michael walk away. He understood that Michael had been referring to the recent attack. Jason glanced to the doorway to see that Frank had been watching them. Moments later, Jason approached Michael. He credited Michael with surviving things that would have crushed most people.

Jason revealed that he had needed to learn how to fight and defend himself when he had first gone to work for Sonny. Many had underestimated Jason because they only saw a young kid. Jason had used that to his advantage. Michael realized that Jason had been trying to help him earlier by pointing out one of the weapons in Michael's arsenal. Jason and Michael talked for a while until Michael decided to get something from the vending machine.

Jason offered to go with Michael, but Michael didn't think that it was necessary since it was within eyesight. Frank approached Jason after Michael walked away. Frank let Jason know that he had seen Jason's "fight class." Frank warned Jason not to cause any trouble, or Jason would end up in solitary confinement. Jason assured Frank that he just wanted the name of the person who had assaulted Michael.

Frank insisted that it hadn't happened on his watch. Michael was furious when he overheard their conversation, so he ordered Jason to leave it alone.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Brook and Dante sat down at a table. Dante joked that half of their neighborhood in Bensonhurst had relocated to Port Charles. Brook was surprised to learn that Ronnie Domestico was working in Port Charles. Dante changed the subject to find out why she had called him. Brook confessed that she had been concerned after she had witnessed an argument between Olivia and Johnny. Dante was silent after she revealed what she had overheard.

Brook wondered if Dante was okay. He explained that Olivia had kept her secret for a long time, but Sonny was trying to use her to get to Dante. Dante assured Brook that most of the time Olivia saw Sonny for the "piece of garbage" that he was. Brook was startled by the vehemence in Dante's tone. Dante accused Sonny of being an "egomaniacal murderer." He personified everything that Dante abhorred.

Dante was curious if Brook recalled Lieutenant Poletti. Brook nodded her head; she remembered the police officer well. Brook was shocked when Dante revealed that Sonny had been responsible for Poletti's murder. She admitted that it sounded like a cosmic joke. "Tell me about it," Dante agreed. Lulu entered the restaurant moments later to pick up Kate's lunch. She was surprised to see Dante and Brook. Brook greeted Lulu and then quickly excused herself. Lulu sat down and offered to grant Dante a wish. Dante smiled as he admitted that there was something that he'd like.

At the police station, Ronnie approached Dante to find out if Dante's search of Sonny's place had yielded anything. Dante claimed that nothing useful had been discovered. Ronnie grumbled that Claire should have called him instead of Dante. Dante resented Ronnie's insinuation that he hadn't done his job. Dante clarified that he was completely motivated to send Sonny to jail because it would it was the only way to get Michael out of Pentonville. Dante was determined to right his wrong.

Lucky arrived a short time later. Lucky mentioned that he had encountered Johnny on the piers. Lucky was worried about what Johnny planned to do. Dante insisted that they had to keep their eye on the prize; Sonny was their priority. After Dante left, Claire found Lucky reviewing some paperwork. She confided that Sonny had offered to help her send Johnny to jail. Lucky was curious if she had agreed.

"He thinks so," Claire admitted. Claire confessed that she wouldn't rest until Sonny was sent to prison. Lucky advised Claire to proceed with caution. He didn't think that she'd want her name added to the list of female officers of the court who had gone after Sonny only to end up with more than they had bargained for. "List?" Claire asked. "Hannah Scott, Reese Marshall, and Alexis Davis," Lucky supplied. He revealed that each woman had eventually succumbed to Sonny's charms. Lucky suggested that Claire be careful that the hunter didn't get captured by the game.

Brook bumped into Lulu on the street. Lulu was juggling bags filled with groceries. Lulu explained that she had offered Dante one wish, so he had asked her to go shopping for him. Brook confessed that it seemed like an odd request. However, she offered to help Lulu carry some of the bags. Lulu appreciated the help, but she insisted that it wasn't necessary. Brook ignored Lulu as she took one of the bags.

Brook instantly fell in love with Dante's loft when she and Lulu arrived to drop off the groceries. As they chatted, Brook was able to discover that Lulu worked long hours and didn't live with Dante. Brook wondered if Lulu was as in love with Dante as he seemed to be with her. Lulu smiled as she answered, "Yes." Brook claimed that she was happy for Dante and then changed the subject.

Brook had heard that Lulu had a close relationship with Carly, so Brook was curious if Lulu would do her a favor. Before Brook could explain, Dante arrived home. Lulu jumped up to greet Dante and then turned back to Brook to invite her to continue. Brook confessed that she needed a job, so she hoped that Lulu would talk to Carly about hiring Brook as a singer in the lounge. Dante thought that it was a great idea; he offered to vouch for Brook's talent as a singer.

At the nurses' station, Lisa scheduled an operating room for a victim of a motorcycle accident. Patrick walked up as Epiphany stepped away. Lisa told Patrick about her patient, who had numerous injuries. Patrick thought that the man would be a good candidate for them to operate on. Lisa explained that she had asked Steve to scrub in with her. Patrick was stunned. He didn't think that Lisa should allow her personal life to dictate a patient's treatment.

Lisa was offended by the suggestion that she would endanger her patient's life to further a personal agenda. They both fell silent when Steve approached them. Steve wanted to go over a few things before the surgery, so Lisa left with Steve to review the patient's file. Robin noticed her husband's surly mood when she joined him at the nurses' station.

Patrick accused Steve of stealing his surgery. Robin raised an eyebrow as she suggested that Patrick felt threatened by the competition. Patrick denied that it was about his ego, but Robin didn't believe him. She argued that Steve was every bit as good of a trauma surgeon as Patrick was a neurosurgeon. Robin insisted that Steve wasn't "snaking" Patrick's surgeries. "Yes he is." Patrick shot back.

Patrick complained that Steve was scrubbing in with Lisa. Robin was curious if Lisa had complained or objected to Steve assisting her. "No," Patrick was forced to admit. Robin couldn't understand why Patrick was so upset. Patrick wondered how Robin would feel if Lisa had started taking things away from her. Robin appeared a bit taken aback by the question. Patrick didn't seem to notice; he thought it was easy for Robin to joke around about his ego because she didn't have any competition.

Robin was insulted by Patrick's dismissive attitude. Robin informed Patrick that she had experience with doctors trying to look good at her expense. However, she didn't think that Steve was competing with Patrick any more than Lisa was competing with Robin. Patrick belligerently responded, "Let's say for the sake of argument that you're wrong." Robin insisted that, until Steve began performing neurosurgery, he wasn't threatening Patrick's position.

Lisa and Steve returned to the nurses' station after the surgery. Lisa bragged about what a great team she and Steve had made. Steve announced that he and Lisa were headed to Jake's to celebrate; he invited Patrick and Robin to join them. Patrick scowled as he turned away.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Olivia demanded to know what was going on when she spotted Max and Milo restraining Johnny. Sonny suggested that it wasn't Olivia's business, so he advised her to walk away. Olivia pointed out that Sonny couldn't afford trouble if he hoped to gain Michael's release. She warned Sonny that Dante would be obligated to investigate if anything happened to Johnny. Olivia informed Sonny's bodyguards that she intended to walk away with Johnny.

Sonny smirked as he commented, "Go ahead Johnny-boy, let your girlfriend save your ass." Sonny observed that Johnny had a habit of hiding behind women, including Claudia. Johnny wondered why Jason, not Sonny, was in jail trying to protect Michael. Sonny and Johnny continued to antagonize each other until Olivia was fed up. She warned both men that she was tired of their constant bickering and then stormed off.

Johnny confessed that he had always thought that he had it bad because his father was Anthony Zacchara; however, Johnny realized that it was Michael who truly had it worse. Sonny was confident that Johnny would never beat him because Johnny was out of his league. Johnny returned Sonny's saccharine smile as he suggested that Sonny had a good run, but all things must end. "Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock," Johnny taunted as he walked way.

At the loft, Dante praised Brook's vocal skills as he fetched three beers from the refrigerator. Lulu recalled that Brook had issues in the past with singing for money. Brook assured Lulu that she was over that. Dante thought it was a great idea for Lulu to talk to Carly about hiring Brook to sing in the lounge. Lulu was hesitant to impose on Carly after what had happened with Michael.

Dante and Lulu explained how Michael had killed Claudia. Lulu revealed that Carly had been furious when Lulu had kept quiet about where Dante had stashed Michael. Dante admitted that he had stepped forward with the truth because he had sincerely believed that Michael would have been received probation. Lulu admitted that Carly had recently forgiven them, but things remained a bit strained between them. "Now it makes sense," Brook mumbled to herself when she realized what had motivated Carly to break up Dante and Lulu.

"What makes sense?" Lulu wondered. Brook quickly covered the slip by claiming that she understood Lulu's hesitation to talk to Carly. Dante suggested that it would benefit Carly to hire Brook, so he thought that Lulu should talk to her cousin. Brook insisted that it wasn't necessary, since she wasn't certain how long she would remain in Port Charles. Lulu insisted that she didn't mind asking Carly to consider giving Brook a job. However, Lulu warned Brook not to get her hopes up, since Carly could say no.

Brook thanked Lulu and then decided to leave, but Dante invited Brook to stay for dinner. Brook accepted the offer. As she settled back down on the sofa, Brook and Dante began to reminisce about Bensonhurst. Moments later, Lulu received a text message from Kate demanding that Lulu get to the office. Dante walked Lulu to the door and then kissed her goodbye. After Lulu left, Dante turned to Brook to ask her what she planned to cook.

A short time later, Sonny entered the loft. Brook stayed in the kitchen while Dante spoke to Sonny. Sonny warned Dante that Johnny was trying to start a war; he feared that Olivia would end up being dragged down with Johnny. Sonny believed that Olivia deserved better than someone like Johnny Zacchara. After Sonny left, Dante joined Brook in the kitchen.

Brook admitted that she had known Sonny for a long time because Sonny and her mother, Lois, had grown up together. Brook realized that Dante might not like to hear it, but Sonny had always been really nice to her and her mother. Dante changed the subject by commenting on how impressed he was that she knew her way around a kitchen. Brook remarked that she had heard that Sonny was an excellent cook. Dante confirmed that Sonny was practically a professional chef. He conceded that he had gotten to know a different side of Sonny while working undercover.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny gave orders for Johnny's garage to be searched. Seconds later, Olivia marched into Sonny's parlor unannounced. She demanded that Sonny stop what he was doing or he would end up regretting it. Sonny pointed out to Olivia that Johnny was trying to provoke a war. Olivia warned Sonny that Dante would be forced to go after Sonny if anything happened to Johnny.

Sonny suggested that Dante would go after him regardless, so it didn't matter. Sonny felt that he had a right to defend himself if Johnny kept going after him. Sonny vowed that, sooner or later, he would see Johnny dead.

Shirley commandeered the hospital's public announcement system, in order to let everyone know that she would be selling her jewelry in her hospital room. Epiphany snatched the phone out of Shirley's hand as Liz approached the nurses' station. Liz bit back a smile as she helped Shirley into a wheelchair. Shirley refused to apologize; she had vowed to never again sit around and let her life happen. A few minutes later, Liz settled Shirley into bed and then ordered Shirley to stay put.

Liz mentioned that she had an ultrasound appointment; she admitted that it had been rescheduled because she had missed the first appointment. Liz grumbled about Nikolas' reaction and then revealed that he had asked her to move to Wyndemere with him. Shirley was stunned that Liz had been invited to live in a castle complete with legions of servants. To Liz's surprise, Shirley urged Liz to consider it. Liz insisted that she didn't want to even look at Nikolas, much less live with him. Liz also didn't want her kids anywhere near his insane grandmother.

Shirley agreed that Liz had a point. However, Shirley had noticed that Liz seemed to be trying to push all of the blame for the affair on Nikolas. Liz contended that it if hadn't been for Nikolas, she would still be with Lucky. "But you aren't," Shirley pointed out. Shirley added that it was her understanding that it was unlikely that Lucky would be back.

Shirley advised Liz open herself up to something new. She didn't think that Liz should waste time punishing herself for sleeping with Nikolas. Shirley suggested that Liz should be grateful that she had a healthy baby.

Kristina went to Wyndemere. She hoped to go riding with Spencer. Nikolas thought it was a wonderful idea. He was certain that Spencer would be eager to show off what he had learned. Kristina confessed that she couldn't stop thinking about Michael. Nikolas felt bad that he couldn't help with Michael's situation, but he promised that he had made some progress with the Bauers.

Kristina realized that Nikolas had resorted to threats to get the Bauers to back off. Nikolas didn't have any regrets; he would do whatever was necessary to protect his family. To underscore his point, he revealed that he had asked Liz and her children to move in with him. Nikolas claimed that he had been concerned because Liz worked too hard. Nearby, Helena eavesdropped on the conversation.

Kristina bumped into Sam on the street. Kristina wondered if her sister would take her to see Michael. Sam was hesitant to agree because she didn't think it would be a good idea to for Kristina to go to Pentonville. Kristina was desperate to talk to Michael, so Sam eventually capitulated. However, Sam warned Kristina that Pentonville was not a pretty place.

In Pentonville, Michael was furious because Jason had disregarded Michael's request to stop asking questions about the assault. Jason assured Michael that he respected him, but Jason didn't think that he could properly protect Michael without knowing what was going on. Michael insisted that it was an isolated incident. Jason dropped the matter, but he decided to test Michael's reflexes. Michael passed when he successfully blocked Jason unexpected move.

Carly arrived at Pentonville to visit Michael. Carly took one look at her son's face and then asked, "Oh, my God, what happened to you?" Michael tried to brush it off, but Carly fired several questions at him until Michael ordered her to leave it alone. He explained that things happened in prison. Carly insisted that Michael shouldn't be there. Michael assured her that Jason had been helping him. Carly insisted that she didn't want Michael to forget that Dante was responsible for Michael's predicament.

Next, Carly visited Jason. She immediately demanded to know what had happened to Michael. Jason revealed that the attack had happened before Jason arrived, so he didn't know the details. However, Jason assured Carly that he had been teaching Michael some self-defense techniques. Carly wanted Jason's reassurance that Michael would be able to get on with his life after he left prison, but Jason couldn't make any promises.

Carly argued that it was unfair that Jason and Michael had to spend time in a hellhole while Dante and Lulu were free to go about their lives. Jason asked Carly to leave Dante alone because Sonny might turn on her to protect his son. Carly seemed unconcerned by the prospect. Jason also wanted Carly to be careful with Lulu. Carly was stunned; she reminded Jason that Lulu had betrayed her family without any remorse. Jason feared that he wouldn't be around to help if Carly got herself into trouble.

After Carly left, Sam arrived to visit Jason. Sam admitted that she had bad news. Sam had been denied conjugal visits with Jason because they weren't married.

Michael was surprised to find that Kristina was waiting for him. Kristina confessed that Sonny should be in jail instead of Michael. Michael changed the subject by advising his sister not to take anything for granted. He revealed that he missed being outdoors and going to Kelly's. He urged Kristina to enjoy every day.

Kristina wished that she and Michael were sitting on her back deck and sipping lemonade. Michael smiled as he promised to picture himself there when he closed his eyes that night. Michael then mentioned that he had received Molly's poem. He wanted Kristina to let Molly know that he would read everything she sent to him. Michael also asked Kristina to assure Morgan that everything was okay.

Lulu was delighted when she bumped into Carly on the street. She took the opportunity to ask if Carly would consider hiring Brook.

At the police station, Lucky warned Claire that Sonny was using her to get rid of a rival mobster. Claire didn't have any doubt that Sonny was trying to help himself, not her, but she insisted that she was in Port Charles to put Sonny in jail. Claire hoped to use the deal that she had made with Sonny to her advantage. According to Lucky, Sonny knew Claire's vulnerability. Lucky was certain that Sonny hoped to capitalize on Claire's desire for redemption by ridding himself of an enemy under the guise of her helping Michael.

Claire didn't understand why she couldn't send Sonny and Johnny away. She thought that Sonny must suspect that she intended to double-cross him. Lucky confessed that he knew of only two women who could stand up to Sonny. The first woman was his cousin, Carly. Lucky clarified that Carly had endured years of pain and four failed marriage to Sonny to be able to make that claim. The other woman was Diane Miller, who seemed immune to Sonny's charms.

Lucky explained that there was good in Sonny, therefore women thought that they could save him. Claire recalled how Sonny had been during the trial. She confided that he had been a narcissistic thug who needed to be shut down. Claire was concerned that Lucky's personal knowledge of Sonny might lead Lucky to cite a conflict of interest. Lucky assured her that he didn't have a problem building a case against Sonny as long as they went by the book. However, he wanted Claire to be careful.

Claire surprised Lucky by inviting him out for drinks to continue their discussion later. Lucky quickly accepted. Claire returned Lucky's smile as she suggested that they go to the park to watch the kids play. The moment was ruined when Helena marched up to the desk. Helena asked Lucky to send his secretary back to work because Helena needed his full attention. Claire walked away without comment.

Helena demanded to know why he wouldn't allow Liz to move to Wyndemere. Lucky made it clear that it wasn't his decision to make; his responsibility was to Cameron and Jake. Helena accused Lucky of being jealous because the baby wasn't his. Helena warned Lucky that it would be his fault if Liz were to miscarry.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas confirmed with Dr. Lee that Liz had arrived on time for the ultrasound appointment. Nikolas requested pictures of the baby and then ended the call. Lucky strolled in seconds later. Lucky revealed that Helena had stopped by the police station because she thought he was responsible for Liz's decision not to move to Wyndemere. "Aren't you?" Nikolas wondered. Nikolas suggested that Lucky's "passive-aggressive way" had kept Liz from accepting the offer.

Lucky reminded Nikolas that Wyndemere held bad memories, such as Emily's murder, for everyone. It was also where everything fell apart for Liz. Lucky pointed out that Liz worked at the hospital, so she would have a considerable daily commute, which wouldn't be good for her or the baby. Nikolas insisted that Liz wouldn't have to work for the rest of her pregnancy if she moved in with him. Nikolas argued that Liz was under the impression that if she drove Nikolas away then Lucky would go back to her.

Lucky wondered what had happened to Nikolas. Lucky claimed that Nikolas had changed after Emily's death. Nikolas refused to allow Lucky to drag Emily into their argument. Nikolas explained that he and Liz simply had an affair. Nikolas admitted that it shouldn't have happened, but it wasn't uncommon. Nikolas recalled that Lucky had an affair with Maxie. Nikolas was tired of apologizing for sleeping with Liz because the bottom line was that there was a child on the way.

Nikolas fully intended to provide for his child. Nikolas didn't care how mad Lucky was, as long as he stayed out of the way. Nikolas reached the conclusion that he would never be fully accepted by the Spencers, even their mother. Nikolas was tired of deferring to Lucky's family and settling for second place. Lucky suspected that a part of Nikolas had always hated him. Nikolas assured his brother that he had loved him once.

Lucky believed that had changed when Nikolas had slept with Liz. Nikolas argued that Lucky's relationship was in trouble before Nikolas had slept with Liz. Nikolas claimed that Liz had reservations about marrying Lucky. Lucky resented Nikolas for not telling him. "You didn't want to know," Nikolas shouted in frustration. Nikolas accused Lucky of manipulating Liz by playing on her guilt and loyalty.

Nikolas insisted that Lucky had refused to see what had been staring him right in his "damn" face. Lucky agreed that he had ignored the signs. The brothers traded bitter words until Lucky mentioned Nikolas' father, Stavros. Nikolas quickly reminded Lucky that Luke had raped Laura, so Lucky didn't have any room to judge. Lucky refused to go down the same road that Luke had gone with the Cassadines. Lucky had never thought that he and Nikolas would have reached the point that they were at. Lucky turned and then walked away.

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