One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 24, 2010 on OLTL

Rex and Gigi were led to letters written by Rex's parents. Brody and Natalie decided to remain quiet about their night together. John thought that he and Natalie belonged together. Ford was rushed to the hospital. Markko was arrested for attacking Ford. Blair accompanied Téa to her first radiation treatment. Todd searched for Hannah.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 24, 2010 on OLTL
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Monday, May 24, 2010

In their holding cell, Rex and Gigi nearly kissed as Otto's daughter walked in. Penny pulled out the box that Rex had wanted because she knew he needed it. She wanted to help Rex find his parents and she said that she was going to have the charges against Rex and Gigi dropped. Penny confessed that her father had no idea she had the box because he was asleep. The cop walked in and thought Penny was an accomplice. However, she reminded the cop that she owned fifty percent of the shop.

Collectively, Rex, Gigi, and Penny explained how, if the case even went to court, Penny could create reasonable doubt because she knew that Rex and Gigi hadn't stolen anything from the shop. Convinced, the cop left to fill out the necessary paperwork. Rex thanked Penny, but she said to thank her after he found his parents. The cop let the pair out of their cell and told them that they weren't allowed to step foot in Otto's shop ever again. They agreed and the cop warned them to stay out of trouble.

Penny took the key for the box out of her pocket as Rex and Gigi held hands. Rex thanked Gigi for being there for him, but Gigi assured him that there was nowhere else she'd rather be. Penny took a picture of a cabin with a mountain in the background out of the box. She didn't recognize the cabin, but said that she had grown up near the mountain. It was about an hour away. Rex and Gigi decided to continue their road trip.

The doorbell rang at Llanfair. Viki answered the door to Clint who wondered if Jessica was there. Clint explained that he had heard Jessica arguing with Brody. Wanting to make sure she was all right, he went to check on her in her room. Her phone was there, but she wasn't. Clint asked Viki to check upstairs for Jessica. After checking, Viki informed Clint that neither of their daughters was there. Clint got his phone out to call Bo as Viki said she'd call Brody.

An upset Brody heard a knock on his door and was surprised to see a crying Jessica when he answered it. "I remember," she told him. After Brody asked several questions at once, Jessica recited everything she knew about Brody to convince him. They shared a kiss and Brody asked when it happened. She explained that it had just happened and that she had gone straight to Brody's. She began to recall all of the people she had hurt, including Cristian, Layla, Natalie, and even Bree. Brody assured her that they would all forgive her eventually. He asked what had jumpstarted her memory. She had a flashback of being in Ford's bed when Brody's ringing phone interrupted her thoughts. "It's your mom," Brody told her.

Jessica spoke to her mother and told her the good news. After hanging up, Viki shared the news with Clint, who asked a few excited questions. Just as Viki told Clint that she didn't know any details, Jessica and Brody arrived at Llanfair. Jessica hugged her parents and said how wonderful she felt to be back to normal. Bree entered, wondering why it was so loud. Jessica asked her if she had a good time in London. Bree did, but she had missed her mother a lot. Jessica told her daughter that she, Bree, and Brody had a lot of adventures to catch up on.

Clint asked Jessica what triggered her memories to come back. Jessica said that Brody had mentioned Mitch, then she found one of Brody's medals and it all came rushing back. Changing the subject, Jessica asked Bree if she could wake Natalie up so she could have a heart-to-heart. As Brody flashed back to his night with Natalie, Viki told Jessica that Natalie wasn't there. Jessica said that it would give her time to figure out an apology.

As Jessica got distracted by Bree and Brody, Viki asked Clint whether or not he thought it was strange that it was Brody's medal that triggered Jessica's memories to return. Clint didn't know or care because all that he cared about was that they had their daughter back.

At the airport, John asked if there were any more flights to London. The attendant said there weren't, but informed John that Natalie had never shown up for her flight to London. As John walked away, he saw Natalie. "Sorry I'm late," he said to her. She wondered what he was late for, and asked if he was going to London. He wasn't, and he said that she wasn't going to anyway. Natalie explained that she already had the ticket, a passport, and plans, but John told her to change her plans. He clarified that he was there looking for her, but she walked past him to book a seat on the next plane out.

John told her not to go, but she said that she had no reason to hang around. He stopped her by revealing that he had read her letter. He had something to say, so she could either get on the plane or hear him out. He reasoned that he showed up to Rodi's after Natalie had already left because the letter had gotten misplaced and he got held up. Natalie said that the only reason she missed her flight was because Roxy had convinced her to wait longer and to go find John at the station. She had seen John kiss Marty and left. John told her that it was a goodbye kiss.

John tried to tell Natalie that what she saw was part of a bigger conversation -- John and Marty had decided that they were only together because of the baby. They cared a lot about each other, but not enough. He told Natalie that it took a lot of guts to write that letter, but it was his turn. "You belong with me," he said. A surprised Natalie got choked up as John kissed her, and the people surrounding the couple clapped.

John wondered why Natalie was so late to her flight. She thought about her one-night stand with Brody and lied that she went out for more drinks. John was glad she had missed her flight, as was Natalie. John suggested that he drop her off at home since Marty would probably still be at his place. Natalie concurred, saying that she should sleep off all the drinks she had. Agreeing that they would figure things out in the morning, they walked out of the airport hand in hand.

At the diner, Cristian and Layla packed food for their road trip to Maryland. As they discussed how much they would need, Markko entered the diner with all of his stuff. They asked if Langston had sent him, but Markko spat that he couldn't care less if she starved. Markko explained that he needed a place to stay and that he would be out before the diner opened in the morning. The couple wondered why he wasn't at the Palace with Langston. Markko said he didn't know where Langston was, but she was probably at their apartment sleeping with Ford.

Markko explained that Langston had been cheating on him for months with Ford. Getting more and more upset, he told them about how he would have to get an STD test the next day and tell his parents that they had been right about Langston. He pushed a pile of pots, pans, and dishes on the floor and immediately kneeled down to clean it up, and offered to pay for it all. Cristian insisted that Carlotta would understand.

As the guys cleaned the floor up, Markko talked through how Ford left him a million hints and loved rubbing it in his face without Markko realizing it. He hated Ford. As Layla tried to help clean up, Markko told them to go ahead on their trip and that he could use the time alone. Layla said that they wouldn't be long and that they would check on him the second they got back to Llanview.

Out of Markko's earshot, Layla said that they had to skip their trip and kick Ford out of their apartment that night because her mother could wait, but Ford couldn't. Cristian reasoned that they might find Langston, and he didn't want to make things any worse than they already were. Layla agreed but warned Cristian that the next day, "Ford is mine."

Markko, lying on a cot in the back of the diner, thought about every conversation he had with Ford about the girl Ford was seeing. He angrily got off the cot and stormed out of the diner.

Langston entered her apartment and looked at pictures of herself and Markko. Starr emerged from her room and wondered why Langston wasn't at the Palace with Markko. She told Starr that they didn't go. Starr explained how Dorian got Cole released from jail that night so they could be at the prom together. Starr asked where Markko was, and Langston said that she had lost him because they had a big fight after the prom. Langston thought that Markko hated her because he had found out about Ford through Destiny. As Starr tried to comfort her, Langston confessed that things had never been over between her and Ford.

Starr demanded to know if Ford had threatened her, but Langston admitted that she had never stopped seeing him. A furious Starr reminded Langston that she had sworn on their friendship that it was over. Langston knew she messed up, but didn't want Starr to turn her back on her. Starr yelled that she would have to tell Cole, and the pair would somehow have to tell Markko that they had known all along. Langston knew she had been selfish and that she shouldn't have kept believing Ford's lies, but she had been too scared to come clean with Markko. Langston informed Starr that Markko had packed up his stuff and moved out, but that she wanted to be the one to leave. Starr asked if she was going to live with Ford. Langston had forgotten to tell her friend that "Ford doesn't want me either."

Langston explained that she was through with Ford for real this time. She caught Starr up on her eventful night of overhearing Cristian and Layla talking about Ford and Karen, and then going to Ford's apartment to find Ford with Karen. She confided that Ford told her more lies and she let him kiss her just as Markko walked in. Langston apologized and regretted losing Starr and Cole as friends. Starr reassured her that they weren't lost, but it would take time to forgive Langston. As Langston told Starr that it was sick that Ford could wake up and do the same thing the next day, Ford was in his bed covered in blood.

Markko furiously washed his hands in a sink filled with reddened water.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

John walked into his apartment to find Marty packing her things. She apologized that she wasn't out already and asked if he had caught up with Natalie. She thought better of her question and said that John didn't owe her anything. John apologized for the way things had turned out, but Marty reasoned that things were better that way. She finished packing and confessed that she would always be sorry that they didn't have their child. John offered to help her carry her stuff, but Marty wanted something else from him.

Marty asked John to keep an eye on Cole, but John said he would have done that regardless. He cared about Cole and Marty and just wanted her to be happy. Marty handed John the key to the apartment as John's phone rang. She urged him to take it, so he did. He had to leave for a case, but when he turned to tell Marty, she was gone.

At the hospital, Téa and Blair got out of the elevator as Blair reminded Téa that she would be very tired after the treatment. Téa said that she was going to the courthouse, anyway, because it was her most important job to get Todd out of serving time in jail. Blair vowed that she was going to tag along with Téa the entire day to make sure that she was all right.

Down the hall, Markko was having a doctor look at his wrist. The doctor asked when and how he had hurt it. Markko claimed that he must have walked into a wall. "How's the other guy?" asked the doctor. The doctor explained that it was probably a fracture, and he would give Markko a splint. Because of his job at the diner, Markko wondered whether or not he would be able to use his hand. The doctor said he would still be able to work, but he would have to be careful. When the doctor left to get Markko's splint, Markko thought about punching Ford the night before.

On the phone with Jessica, Brody wondered if he had dreamed what happened the night before. Jessica jokingly asked who he was, but Brody said it was too soon to make memory jokes. She explained how great it had been to tuck Bree into bed. Jessica suggested that she and Brody go out to breakfast before he had to go to work. He said he'd be there soon and hung up. Natalie walked out and Jessica hugged her, explaining that she had remembered everything the night before.

Jessica apologized for being so awful to her sister. Natalie understood, and mentioned that Jessica wasn't the only one who got something back that they had lost. Natalie filled Jessica in on what had happened with John. Natalie was delighted to hear that Jessica was happy for her. Natalie felt guilty as she thought about her night with Brody. Brody entered and was surprised to see Natalie. Natalie explained that her life wasn't the only one that changed when she had left Brody's the night before. "You were with Brody last night?" Jessica asked.

Natalie clarified that she had stopped by Brody's to say goodbye before she was going to leave for London. She explained to Brody what had happened with John. Brody then nudged Jessica that they would have to leave if they wanted breakfast before he had to work. When Jessica went to get her purse, Brody and Natalie agreed that they couldn't tell Jessica what happened. Just then, Brody's phone rang. It was John who wanted to meet him at Ford's apartment. Jessica returned and told him to call her when he was off-duty, and he left. Jessica realized she was lucky that Brody still wanted her after how horribly she had treated him. She asked Natalie about her and Brody.

Jessica knew that the two had leaned on each other a lot in the past few weeks and was glad that they had each other. She realized that most guys would have just moved on to another woman with the way Jessica had treated him. Natalie reminded her sister that Brody adored her and there was no one else for him. Natalie wondered what had triggered Jessica's memory to return. As Jessica thought about what had happened with Ford, she lied that her memory had come back suddenly.

Jessica, thankful the whole thing was over, wanted to talk about Natalie. Jessica wanted to know every single detail of Natalie's entire night. Natalie thought about her night with Brody as she explained that it was a long story.

Cristian and Layla returned to their apartment after deciding to turn back in the middle of their trip to Maryland. Layla chose to deal with Ford before telling Jessica of the engagement. Knocking on Ford's bedroom door, Layla yelled that she needed to talk to him. When he doesn't answer, Layla entered the room and was shocked to find Ford in his bed covered in blood. Cristian called 9-1-1 for an ambulance as Layla shouted that Ford looked dead.

The EMTs arrived and found that Ford still had a pulse. As Ford was being taken out of the apartment, Layla reasoned that she was angry with Ford, but she wouldn't wish that on anyone. As pictures were being taken of the scene of the crime, John investigated. He pulled back the covers of the bed to reveal one of Ford's trophies, completely bloodied.

As the doctor explained to Markko how to take care of his wrist, Ford was wheeled into the hospital. The EMTs marveled at how Ford was alive. As Markko watched the doctor try to save Ford, he flashed back to when he was washing his bloodied hands. The doctor said that Ford needed to be moved to surgery. As Ford was wheeled out, Markko stopped a nurse and asked if Ford was going to make it.

At her apartment, Langton deleted a picture of Ford off her phone. She heard a knock at the door and hoped it was Markko. She answered the door to Dorian, who wanted to hear all about the prom. Langston explained that it was a nightmare because she got into a fight with Markko and they broke up. As she cried, she lamented breaking his heart and just wished she could make him understand.

Langston explained to Dorian how she cheated on Markko, but Dorian thought it was understandable since Langston was young, and Markko was her first serious relationship. She was sure that Markko would understand because the affair was meaningless. Langston admitted that she thought it had meaning and she thought she was in love, but the guy was just using her.

Dorian wanted to know who the boy was, but Langston confessed that it was a man. Dorian yelled about how he should know better and be responsible for his actions of taking advantage of a child. Langston described how Ford lied. Dorian said Ford was a dead man. Langston said there was no point in talking to him because she was never going to see him again. Dorian said that he was a predator and that he should be held accountable. Langston explained that she could have stopped it and that no one had forced her to cheat. She hadn't been listening to anyone, including herself. Dorian claimed to know what she was doing and left to talk to Ford.

At the courthouse, Todd apologized to Starr for the toll that the trial was taking on her and Cole, and for the fact that Cole couldn't go to the prom the night before. Starr told Todd that he should just focus on proving his innocence, and on finding out who really pushed Marty. Both thought that Hannah was the one who pushed Marty. Todd wondered where Téa was so he could tell her. Starr reminded Todd that she had accused Hannah to her face, and Hannah still denied it. Starr wanted to find a way to prove that Hannah was lying, which Todd said he was working on.

Todd was surprised to see Blair enter the courthouse with Téa, but Blair assured him that she wasn't there for him. She was there for Starr. Starr pulled Blair aside and wondered when she and Téa had turned into best friends. Blair denied it, and changed the subject to the prom. She thanked her daughter for showing Dani a good time and asked how her night was. Starr replied that there were a few great moments during the night. Blair reminded Starr that she loved her.

A visibly tired Téa believed that the claim against Hannah was a long shot, but her suicide attempt could help to discredit her testimony. Todd told Téa that she had better not fall asleep in front of the judge, but Téa assured him that there was no one more motivated than she was.

Téa got up to tell Blair that she was fine, and that Blair could go. Blair protested until she got a call from Langston. Langston needed Blair to go over because she was the only one who would understand. At the urging of Téa, Blair left. Téa told Todd that the judge would be there soon so they had to get ready. Marty entered the courthouse, to Todd's dismay. Starr wished her dad luck and left to talk to Marty. Téa warned Todd not to screw up his plea because she needed him free. Todd wondered why. Téa replied by showing him a picture of Dani and saying that they couldn't have any kind of relationship with him behind bars.

Starr thanked Marty for helping to get Cole out of jail for the prom the night before. Starr then reminded Marty that Todd would be charged with murder unless Marty told the court that Hannah had lied. Marty explained that Hannah saw who pushed her, but Starr countered that Hannah only said that Todd pushed Marty to make Starr and Cole choose different sides.

Marty said that there was other evidence, but Starr wasn't convinced that a few threads could prove that her father pushed Marty. Starr knew that her dad loved to get revenge, but she didn't believe that he could push a pregnant woman down the stairs. She said she knew that Hannah was the one who did it and begged Marty to consider the possibility.

Langston read a text message from Ford that said he loved her and threw her phone. When Blair arrived at the apartment, Langston was crying that she made of mess of things and didn't know what to do. Blair told her to calm down, but Langston claimed to have done something terrible the night before.

John began to ask Cristian and Layla questions as he gave the bagged trophy to Brody. John ruled out a robbery because there was no forced entry. He thought that whoever hurt Ford wanted him dead. John asked if Ford had any enemies. Feeling guilty, Cristian hesitantly gave Markko's name because Ford had been fooling around with Markko's girlfriend. However, both Cristian and Layla didn't think that Markko would do something like that.

As John thanked Cristian and Layla for their help, Brody informed the pair that Jessica finally remembered everything. Happy for Brody, Cristian shook Brody's hand and walked out of the apartment. More pictures were being taken of the scene as Brody walked in the room and asked if there were any fingerprints yet. John said that evidence was still being collected, but whoever did it definitely wanted Ford dead.

John wanted to talk to Markko and Langston, as he believed that Langston had been on the scene. He wanted to get a timeline together. Just then, Dorian walked in claiming that she was the mayor and she needed to speak with Ford. John told her that it wasn't possible because someone had tried to kill him the night before.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

In New Mexico, Rex and Gigi arrived at the cabin Penny had directed them to. When no one answered the doorbell, Gigi feared they'd have to break and enter again, but Rex pushed the unlocked door open. The cabin was abandoned, all the furniture draped in sheets. Examining the living room, Rex and Gigi discovered a baby's bed, with the Native American carving they'd seen at Otto's shop carved into the wooden frame.

Investigating the room further, they discovered a bundle of letters tied together with ribbon. Tearing the envelopes open, Rex and Gigi found a series of love letters from "Rick" to "Lili." As Rex began to read the letters one by one, Rick and Lili's story unfolded in flashbacks, with Rex and Gigi taking the roles of the bygone lovers: looking for a quick buck, Rick had journeyed to the Southwest, but instead he'd found love when he'd stopped into Otto's shop and met Lili, the shopgirl behind the counter. The young Otto was smitten with Lili, but from the moment she met Rick, Lili only had eyes for him. Equally entranced, Rick told Lili he'd entered the shop in search of "something beautiful and unique," and Lili offered him the fateful two-part necklace, which embodied "the constant heart," full of unwavering love.

As Rex and Gigi read on, Rick's testimony continued; he told Lili that his love for her was as constant and unwavering as the necklace, and pleaded for her to "wait for me." Gigi didn't understand why Lili had needed to wait for Rick, so Rex moved onto another letter. Rick recounted in flashback the happy times he and Lili had shared in their cabin, and told Lili that he lived in his memories, desperate to return to her. Gigi marveled at the love Rick and Lili had clearly shared, but Rex was troubled by their separation. Struck by the parallel to his own life, he told Gigi that Rick and Lili shouldn't have let foolish complications get in the way of their love.

The letters continued, and Rick recalled "the worst day of my life," as he flashed back to a conversation he'd had with Lili. Rick told Lili that he had to leave for Atlantic City in order to save his family; his father had gotten deep in debt, and would be killed unless Rick agreed to work the debt off at the new casinos being built on the strip. Taking Lili in his arms, he swore to return soon, and promised they'd both be looking at the same sky every night. "I'll be back," he vowed. "Wait for me." Swallowing her tears, Lili snapped the "constant heart" necklace into its twin pieces and gave one half to Rick, and kept the other with her.

Back in the present, Gigi, desperate to know if Rick had made it home, was on the edge of her seat. Rex wasn't sure, but was stunned when he discovered a pressed flower amidst the pages of the letter, the same flower Rick had pinned in Lili's hair decades before. As they read on, so did Lili in the past, excitedly tearing open another letter from Rick. In it, Rick told her he'd be home on July Fourth to cast away all the misery of Atlantic City to embrace his future with her.

Gigi was encouraged by Rick's vow, but her spirits plummeted when they reached Rick's last letter, just as it had been read by Lili in the past. Rick told Lili that he wasn't going to be there on the Fourth of July, and would never be there; he'd met someone else, his feelings had changed, and he was getting married. As Lili's eyes filled with tears, Rick's words rang across time, and he told Lili it was his final letter.

Back in 2010, Gigi was baffled; she couldn't believe Rick had just dumped Lili. His letter was cryptic, and as far as she was concerned, it didn't make any sense. "There has to be more to this, Balsom," she concluded.

In Llanview, Nora rushed into the courthouse just in time for the beginning of Todd's hearing, with Téa once again on the opposite side of the aisle and Starr as Todd's lone supporter in the gallery. The lady lawyers quickly began sparring before the judge, with Nora anxious to go to trial for murder and attempted murder, and Téa filing a motion to drop the charges due to a lack of concrete evidence that Todd was responsible for Marty's fall. Téa pointed out Nora's "personal vendetta" against Todd, and said that the coat fibers found on the scene at the hospital were extremely common and could've belonged to anyone, at any time. She told the judge that Todd had become "Llanview's favorite scapegoat" for any unsolved crime, but he was innocent. Nora begged to differ, and told the court that the Commonwealth had an eyewitness to Todd pushing Marty: Hannah O'Connor.

Téa dismissed Hannah as a troubled girl making up a story in order to break up Todd's daughter and Marty's son, a theory Starr vigorously supported by leaping to her feet and screaming about Hannah's guilt. After the judge ordered Starr to her seat, Téa continued her counter by explaining that Hannah had a history of mental illness, including a suicide attempt. Nora was taken aback, but insisted that the question of Hannah's credibility could be put before a jury. "There's no time for a trial!" Téa snapped, suddenly consumed by a migraine. As both Nora and Todd looked upon her with concern, Téa struggled to regain her bearings, and said that the case would be a waste of taxpayer's money, with no solid evidence and the sole testimony of a mentally ill young woman with an ulterior motive.

As the judge called a recess to deliberate, Téa sank into her seat beside Todd. Todd asked her if she was all right, and she dismissed his concerns, and insisted it was only a headache. Marshaling her strength, she reminded him that "this is for you and Dani." Struck by her devotion, Todd asked her if she could see a future for the three of them instead. Lost in her thoughts, Téa had no answer.

When the hearing resumed, the judge announced that the case would go to trial. Téa and Nora squabbled over bail, but the judge agreed to set Todd's bail for two million dollars, and dismissed the court. As the room emptied, Nora said a worried goodbye to Téa, then told Todd that she'd see him in a cage at Statesville.

Approaching the counsel table, Starr and Todd congratulated the shaky Téa on a job well done. Worried about her rattled state, Todd assured his ex the trial would be soon, and they'd get it over with. "I hope so," Téa murmured. She told Todd to make bail, and said her goodbyes.

After Téa left, Todd put in a call regarding Hannah to his private investigator, but neither he nor Starr liked what he heard: Hannah had disappeared.

At Llanfair, Jessica continued to press Natalie for the details of her surprise reunion with John the previous evening. Plagued by visions of her tryst with Brody, Natalie was loath to elaborate on her wild night, but her reticence made Jessica fear the worst. Jessica immediately blamed herself for the awkwardness in their relationship, and apologized profusely for how much of a terror she'd been during her bout with amnesia. She told Natalie she could understand if Natalie hated her because of her behavior, and recalled with embarrassment how she'd accused her sister of "stealing her man," a phrase that made Natalie even more queasy. Natalie told Jessica she had nothing to apologize for, and Jessica renewed her request for the whole story of Natalie and John's reconnection.

Just then, Roxy burst in, delighted to find Natalie still a citizen of the United States. She was thrilled that John and Natalie had gotten back together, and told Natalie she was even more pleased her foster daughter hadn't done anything impulsive and foolish after seeing John and Marty's goodbye kiss. Roxy was uneasy around Jessica until Natalie explained that Jess had recovered her memories, and attempted to shift the subject to Brody and Jessica's own reunion. Jessica refused to be put off, and begged her sister for the whole story.

Before Natalie could get a word in edgewise, Roxy offered an unsolicited synopsis of the evening's events, and recalled how she'd encouraged Natalie to write her fateful letter, and how Natalie had then walked in on John and Marty and headed to Rodi's to get plastered. She was relieved that the misunderstanding hadn't led to Natalie making any other mistakes, and opined that "I woulda jumped into bed with the first thing that had broad shoulders and chest hair!" Taking the reins of the tale, Natalie briefly mentioned stopping by Brody's to say goodbye, and said she'd left straight for the airport, where John had found her.

Jessica and Roxy were full of curiosity about how long Natalie had hung around the airport after missing her flight, but Natalie rebuffed their logistical queries and asked Jessica what had triggered the return of her memories. Suddenly, Jessica was the one on the spot, as she flashed back to her violent meltdown in Ford's bed. Jessica hedged on the details, simply saying that there were parts of the night she wanted to forget. She said she was lucky she hadn't lost Brody, and Roxy agreed: "At least he kept it in his pants."

Jessica said Brody would've had every right to dump her; she was ashamed of her actions at the prom, as well as towards Cristian and Layla. She knew she owned them a huge apology. Natalie suggested she go to their apartment and speak to them in person. Remembering Ford, Jessica reacted badly: "No! I can't!" She covered and claimed that she was the last person Cris or Layla wanted to see - instead, she'd spend a day in the park with Bree.

As Jessica returned to the drawing room to check on the weather, Roxy cozied up to Natalie in the foyer, sure something was amiss. Natalie said she was fine, just hung over and reeling from all the changes in her life over the previous twenty-four hours. Roxy told her not to worry; she'd gotten her sister and her man back, so it was all good. Natalie agreed, but her face remained troubled.

In the drawing room, Jessica turned on the television to check the weather report, but was blindsided by a news bulletin about Ford's hospitalization following his vicious beating.

At Ford's apartment, John was irritated because Dorian barged into the crime scene. He asked her why she was there, then inquired if she wanted to discuss Langston's involvement with Ford. Dorian was outraged by John's "insinuation," but John informed her that Langston had been sleeping with Ford behind Markko's back. Feigning shock and disbelief, Dorian announced to the room full of detectives and forensic technicians that she wouldn't stand for slander of her family, and that they were all on notice to keep their mouths shut about any such allegations.

John dismissed the other officers and turned to Dorian to speak one-on-one; he told her they both knew it was true about Ford and Langston, and that was why she was there. Flashing back to her conversation with Langston, Dorian played dumb, but John told her they already had statements confirming the affair, and that he needed to question Langston. Dorian refused, and said that others were sure to have wanted a lowlife like Ford dead. She pleaded with John to leave her daughter alone, but John promised he'd be discreet. Dorian warned him to tread very carefully, and stalked out of the apartment.

John huddled with one of his detectives, who asked if Dorian had visited the scene because she thought Langston had assaulted Ford. John suspected Dorian hadn't known about the attack, only the affair, and added that Langston wasn't the number one suspect, Markko was - he'd had motive and opportunity. He told his colleague that he was heading for the hospital to check on Ford's status, as "we might be looking at a murder."

At the teens' apartment, Blair consoled the hysterical Langston, and asked her what she'd done that was so terrible. Weeping, Langton said she'd been stupid; she'd promised to stay away from Ford, but she'd been pathetic enough to give in and believe his lies, when all along, "he was sleeping with the pizza girl!" Even then, she'd accepted his excuses, and kissed him just in time for Markko to walk in. Langston collapsed into Blair's arms as she recounted her confrontations with Markko and Ford, and how Ford had dumped her after all his platitudes and promises of a romantic future. "I hate him," she hissed. "I hope he's in hell."

Blair said that the only thing Langston could do was attempt to forgive herself, and make amends to Markko and others. She told Langston she'd been taken in by a player just like many other young women, and that she would be able to repair her relationship with Markko, while Ford would eventually get what he deserved. "He already has," Langston replied cryptically.

Just then, Dorian arrived, and told Langston she'd been to see Ford. She explained that Ford was in the intensive care unit at the hospital, because he'd been savagely beaten. Langston seemed horrified by the news.

After Blair left, Dorian sat Langston down for a mother-daughter chat, and told her she wanted the truth. Langston was stunned to realize Dorian believed she might have attacked Ford. "Did you?" Dorian replied.

At Llanview Hospital, Markko, anxious for news on Ford, grabbed a passing nurse. He asked if Ford would make it, but the nurse said he was going into surgery and it was too soon to tell; "someone really wanted him dead."

In the reception area, Markko found Cristian. Cris explained that he was there to handle Ford's paperwork, since his roommate had no family in the area. He said he was sorry about everything that had gone down with Markko, Ford, and Langston. He asked Markko why he was there, and Markko claimed he was getting his hand bandaged after a kitchen accident at the restaurant.

Cristian was skeptical, and told Markko that he and Layla had given statements to the police; they'd had to tell the cops about Markko's anger towards Ford. He asked if Markko had gone back to the apartment to see Ford after they'd left. Outraged, Markko asked if Cristian thought he'd beaten Ford. Cristian reminded him that he had plenty of motive, and warned him that even if he was innocent, he needed to get a lawyer. He urged Markko to get out of the hospital, get home, and call Téa for representation.

Taking Cristian's advice, Markko boarded the elevator to leave. When he got to the ground floor, however, the doors opened to reveal John waiting for him.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Jessica watched the news on television at Llanfair and learned that Ford had been attacked. "Oh my God. What did I do?" she said to herself as she flashed back to her night in bed with Ford. Just then, Viki walked in and Jessica snapped off the television. Viki sensed that her daughter was upset but Jessica attributed it to the fact that she was concerned about the terrible things she had done to people and all that she had to do to make it up to them. Viki assured her that she didn't have to do anything because Jessica had been through a lot and everyone understood that it wasn't Jessica's fault.

Jessica thought there had been awful moments with Cristian and Layla but Viki thought they had just been awkward moments. She emphasized that Jessica hadn't hurt anyone and everyone had survived. She noted that Cristian and Layla were happy and every person was thrilled that Jessica had returned to them. Jessica felt guilty about how she had treated Bree but Viki promised that Bree was fine and had known that her mom had been ill. The little girl knew that her mother was back and feeling better. Jessica insisted that she couldn't pretend that nothing bad had happened but Viki maintained that nothing bad had occurred.

Jessica was appreciative of her mother's claims but she couldn't accept them. Viki pointed out that Jessica had been protecting herself because she had wanted to forget what had happened with Mitch. Jessica again flashed back to the time she spent with Ford in his bed but she shook it off. Viki stressed that everyone understood Jessica's behavior. Viki left to make a phone call and Jessica made one of her own. She attempted to get information from the hospital on Ford's condition but she was unsuccessful.

Todd walked into his office at the Sun and was surprised to see Kelly sitting at his desk. He ordered her out of his chair but Kelly reminded him that it was her desk and she was sure he remembered. Todd wondered why Shaun was standing outside and Kelly explained that he was her bodyguard. She was equally surprised to see Todd who informed her he was out on bail. Kelly agreed to give up her seat at the desk for a one time celebration of Todd's release. Todd was happy that he had an alibi and had been in jail during the time that Ford was attacked.

He also disclosed that Hannah was missing and he thought that pointed to his own innocence. Kelly thought maybe the cops were holding Hannah for her own protection but Todd disagreed. He had a source in the police department who had revealed that the police were searching for Hannah also. Todd wanted to find her first so that he could convince her to tell the truth about Marty's fall. Kelly suggested that Hannah was hiding because she found out about Todd's release from jail. Todd was happy to note that the cops didn't have a case without Hannah.

Kelly inquired if Todd would try to get rid of Hannah but Todd indignantly stated no. He only wanted to speak to her. Just then a bouquet of flowers was delivered and Todd grabbed the card before Kelly could get to it. They were from Reed and Todd wanted more information. Kelly explained that Reed was a friend from London and Todd teased that he must be more than a friend to purchase such "pricey" flowers.

Kelly enlightened Todd on her trip to New York City with Reed and Todd was surprised to hear she had a date. Kelly wanted to know if Todd were jealous but Todd denied it. He merely thought that Reed was the wrong guy for Kelly for choosing such a "cheap" card and flowers. A confused Kelly reminded him that he had just called the flowers "pricey." Todd muttered it was about the context and just thought that Kelly deserved better. He made fun of Reed's name and ordered her to get rid of the flowers as they smelled up the office.

Kelly received a phone call and advised Todd that she was heading to the hospital to work on her story about Ford. She thought that Todd should let the cops worry about Hannah's whereabouts. Kelly was shocked when Todd agreed with her. She assured him that Reed was "terrific." After she was gone, Todd made a phone call and asked the person on the other end if they had found the "little bitch."

At Langston's apartment, Dorian tried to get Langston to tell the truth about what happened with Ford. "Did you attack Ford last night?" Dorian asked her daughter. She explained that she couldn't help Langston without the truth and she wanted Langston to trust her. She assured Langston that she was hurt if Langston was and she realized that Ford hadn't treated Langston properly. She thought that Langston was a special person.

Langston wondered how she could have messed up so badly if she were special like Dorian claimed. Dorian just thought that Ford shouldn't have hurt Langston the way he did but he deserved whatever happened to him. At that moment, John's colleague, Detective Price, walked into the apartment. He announced that he was searching for Markko.

Dorian gave the detective a difficult time when he began to ask Langston questions and she advised Langston not to provide any answers. Langston blurted out that nothing was Markko's fault but Dorian cut her off before Langston could say anything else. Dorian wanted Langston to wait until she had a lawyer. Dorian dismissed Price and told her daughter that it wasn't a good idea to say anything but she would always stand up for Langston.

Langston divulged the events that occurred in Ford's apartment after Markko had walked in. Ford then dumped her and she had left. Dorian asked Langston if Ford was okay when she left and if she had been "angry enough to bash his head in." Langston assured her mother she hadn't hurt Ford but Dorian wondered if that was the last time that Langston had seen Ford. Langston admitted that she had returned to Ford's apartment later that night because she couldn't believe what Ford had done to her. She never made it though because she realized he would only tell her the same thing again. He had been using her, Langston stated as she walked out of the apartment. Dorian grabbed her cell phone and made a call. She told the person on the other end that she wanted to see them.

Shortly after, Elijah walked in and Dorian told him that Langston had a relationship with Ford. Elijah asked what kind and Dorian told him "the worst kind." Langston returned to the apartment and accused Dorian of not believing her.

John ran into Markko as John stepped off of the elevator at the hospital. He wanted to know what had happened to Markko's hand and Markko reluctantly told him that he had sprained it when he banged it on a wall. When the doctor walked by and asked what time Markko had hurt his hand the previous evening, John perked up. The doctor related that Markko most likely hurt his hand in a fight and the pain had been delayed. After the doctor walked off, John pressed Markko for more information. Finally, Markko confessed that he had hit Ford.

John asked more questions but Markko was pretty certain that John already knew the details of what had happened. He explained that Langston and Ford were sleeping together and he had learned about it at the prom. He went to Ford's place and hit him but Langston had separated the men after that. He left because he thought it was pretty clear that Langston wanted to be with Ford.

Detective Price arrived, pulled John aside and told him he had seen Langston but she "lawyered up." Dorian had been there and wouldn't let Langston talk. John admitted that he believed Markko's story but he wondered when Langston had left Ford's apartment. John returned to Markko for more questioning. Markko explained that he had gone to the diner and that Layla and Cristian could vouch for him.

John asked what happened after the couple left the diner and Markko declared that he had gone to sleep there, not leaving until the morning when his hand began to ache. Price asked if Markko had left at all during the night but Markko insisted he hadn't. John appeared skeptical as Markko remembered washing what looked like blood off of his hands. Out loud, he repeated that he had not left the diner. John thanked Markko for his help and requested that Markko call him if he had anything else to tell him.

As Markko stepped onto the elevator, both John and Price agreed that Markko had been lying. John would pursue a warrant for the diner and he vowed to find the person who had landed Ford in the hospital. He urged Price to get a statement from the doctor who had looked at Markko. Jessica arrived and stood around the corner from the men sight unseen as she listened to their comments.

In New Mexico, Gigi was hard-pressed to believe that Rick had merely dumped Lili thirty years in the past and she was positive that they were missing some important details. She handed Rex another letter written in Lili's hand that stated, "I'm having your baby."

In Atlantic City thirty years ago, another man read that letter from Lili as he stood in his office. When Rick walked into the office, the man, Pete, was angry and accused Rick of breaking up with his daughter to date the "Indian whore." Rick assured Pete that he had paid off his parent's debt and he was finished with Pete and the casino. Pete retorted that Rick would have his debt paid off when Pete decided it was paid off. He then stood over Rick and demanded that he write a break-up letter to Lili. Rick refused but Pete threatened Rick's father's life. Rick had no choice and wrote as Pete dictated. He told Lili that he was with someone else, had never loved Lili and he didn't want her to contact him again.

Lili cried as she read the letter and a young Otto urged her to forget about Rick. Back to present day and Gigi was certain that they didn't know the entire story. Just then, Otto walked into the cabin. He knew that he would find Rex and Gigi there and he was livid. Rex suggested that Otto have Rex arrested but he wanted Gigi left out of it. Rex apologized for being in the cabin but he was unaware that anyone lived there. Otto told him he had no right to be there reading the letters they had found. He ordered Rex and Gigi to leave because he didn't care about their questions.

Gigi accused him of lying. She knew he really cared and she told him all they had learned from reading the letters. Rex believed that Otto knew the entire story and finally but reluctantly, Otto spoke up. He admitted that Rick and Lili were Rex's parents but "I destroyed them," he confessed. He was ashamed and told them about a phone call he had answered for Lili when Rick had called. Rick had sworn he'd be back for Lili but Otto had lied to her and told her Rick had merely called to make sure Lili had understood his last letter telling her to forget him. Otto had been young and jealous and he loved Lili himself. Rick did return eventually but the couple never got back together, Otto told them.

Lili knew that Rick would have wanted to see their son even though Otto tried to convince her otherwise. Things changed after the baby was born and one week later, Lili was gone, Otto continued. She fled to Atlantic City and tried to see Rick but Pete was there and told her Rick was dead and that he had killed him for cheating on Pete's daughter. He stated that Lili wasn't the first "tramp" Rick had gotten pregnant and he had cheated many times. Lili asked to see Rick's grave but Pete assured her he had dumped Rick's body in the Pine Barrens. He ordered her out of his office. After she was gone, Rick emerged from another room but Pete didn't tell him that Lili had been there.

Otto continued with his story and explained that Rick had returned to Santa Fe but in the meantime, Lili had dropped her baby off at the hospital and tucked her necklace into his blanket. Rex wanted to know if Rick had tried to find Lili and what had happened when Rick returned. Time flashed back to 1980 Atlantic City where Pete tried to prevent Rick from leaving. He pointed out that Rick's wedding would be happening soon. Rick advised Pete that when his parents heard that they had a grandchild they told Rick not to worry about them. Even Pete's daughter threatened Pete and told him to leave Rick alone along with everyone who Rick cared about.

Otto sighed that Rick and Lili never saw each other again. By the time Rick returned to Santa Fe, Otto took him to Lili's gravesite. Lili had given up and had died of a broken heart. She wasn't interested in Otto. Rex wondered what happened to Rick's son but Otto assured him that Rick had returned without the baby. He tried to look for him but the baby was probably dead. As Otto, Rex and Gigi stood at Lili's grave, Rex proclaimed that he wasn't dead, but was standing there.

Otto made it clear that Rick left Santa Fe and he never heard from him again. He apologized for not knowing the end of the story. Gigi stated that at least they knew that Lili had taken Rex to the hospital for safety and had left her necklace for him. Rex pulled the necklace from his pocket and placed it on Lili's grave. He was ready to return to Llanview.

Friday, May 28, 2010

At the jail, Starr told Cole, who was still in his cell, that Hope was staying with "Aunt Dorian." After Cole and Starr commented about their wonderful time at the prom, Cole regretted that he had not spent more time hanging out with Markko, because Markko had been "too busy tearing up the town with Langston." Starr slyly remarked, "That's one way to put it." Cole indicated that when everything calmed down, he wanted to spend more time with Markko.

Cole then revealed that he was aware that Todd had been released on bail. Cole expressed his hope that Todd would have taken a plea or would have admitted to his wrongdoing for once, but Starr asked why her father should have to take a plea for something that he did not do. When Cole reminded Starr that Todd had pushed Marty down the stairs, and that Hannah had witnessed it, Starr insisted that even though Cole trusted Hannah, she did not. Starr realized that Cole was angry and frustrated about what had happened to his mother, but stressed that he still should not have beaten up her father.

Starr told Cole that she had been unable to get him released from jail, as much as she had tried. Cole asked Starr why she was at the jail, and Starr claimed that she wanted to apologize to Cole. Starr revealed that even though Langston had told her that she had stopped seeing Ford, Langston never had. Cole wondered if it was really over between Langston and Ford, and Starr said that it was. Cole stated that was good, because then Langston would know how it felt.

Cole stated that he knew how Markko would feel about Langston and Ford, once Markko found out. Starr informed Cole that Markko already knew about them. Starr felt what had happened had been her fault, because she had convinced Cole not to tell Markko. Starr insisted that she was disappointed in Langston, since Langston had sworn on their friendship that she was done with Ford. Cole sadly stated, "You can't always believe people." After Cole reminded Starr of Todd's past lies, he warned, "If you can be wrong about your best friend, you can be wrong about your father."

At the Sun, Todd cleared everyone out of his office, as he saw two of his goons carry in a burlap bag. When he saw that the bag contained Hannah, he declared, "Well, boys, you made me very happy." After Todd removed the gag from Hannah's mouth, she spit on him. As Hannah screamed for help, Todd informed her that the place was empty, and that no one would hear her.

Todd threatened Hannah and reminded her that according to Hannah, he had pushed Marty down the stairs. However, Todd believed that Hannah was covering for someone else, so that "the real baby killer could get away." Todd asked, "Who stands to gain from Marty falling down the stairs? You. You, Hannah, right? You pushed Marty down the stairs, and then you tried to pin it on me." As Hannah continued to glare at him, Todd realized that Hannah had done her homework and saw that if something happened to Marty, Todd could be blamed.

At the police station, a fellow police officer handed John the results of a test and related that somebody had stepped in the victim's blood and left a partial print. John hoped to find the owner and the shoe of the print. He remarked that once he received the warrant, he would search Markko's apartment. After the police officer escorted Karen into the lobby, John escorted the officer into the hall and asked him to call the judge to push a rush on the search warrant. When John reentered the lobby, he told Karen that she looked tense. Yet, John stated that he needed to question her on "your best customer."

John handed Karen the pizza receipts for Ford and showed her Ford's picture. He then asked her if she had delivered pizza to Ford the previous night. When Karen evaded the question, John speculated that she had not only delivered pizza to Ford the previous night but had slept with him too. Karen admitted that she and Ford were friends with benefits but insisted that their relationship was not a crime. John decreed, "It is if he ends up nearly bludgeoned to death with a blunt object." Karen cried, "I did not want him dead...but I know somebody who did." John called Brody to inform him that he received the search warrant for Marrko's apartment.

In the hospital, Jessica asked the orderly for information on a patient, as Brody entered the lobby. As Brody asked Jessica why she was at the hospital, a mysterious cameraman reviewed the pictures that he had just taken of Ford's bloody face. Jessica explained to Brody that she was at the hospital for a follow-up session with Marty. Jessica asked for an update on Ford's condition and questioned Brody on why someone would attack Ford and who it might have been. Just as Jessica revealed that she had something to tell Brody, Cristian strolled into the lobby and asked how she was doing. Cristian informed Jessica and Brody that Ford was still in the O.R. and asserted that Ford liked to take advantage of younger women. Cristian guessed that someone probably snagged Ford and gave him what he deserved. Brody's cell phone rang.

After Brody finished speaking to John, Jessica questioned him on what would happen to the person who attacked Ford, and Brody answered that, if Ford died, the person would be charged with a capital offense. Brody asked Jessica what she had wanted to tell him earlier, but she covered and stated that she would never let anyone take her away from Brody and Bree ever, ever again. Brody left for the police station.

Todd told Hannah that she would never leave the office, until she admitted to pushing Marty down the stairs. Todd then demanded that Hannah sign a hand-written confession, but Hannah refused and stated that the police would never accept a coerced confession. When the mysterious cameraman entered the room, Hannah begged him for help.

After Brody left the hospital, Jessica apologized to Cristian and then revealed all of her pranks to win Cristian back from Layla. Jessica hoped that Layla would forgive her. Cristian informed Jessica that he had proposed to Layla on prom night, and Jessica was happy for them. Jessica then admitted that she had witnessed the proposal. As Cristian was leaving, he maintained that he was just happy that Jessica had her memories again, and Jessica asked him to please tell Layla that she was very happy for her. Cristian gave Jessica a kiss on the cheek. As Cristian started to leave, he stopped and revealed that Jessica had flunked art. Jessica laughed and exclaimed, "Nuts!"

At Langston's apartment, Langston felt that Dorian still did not believe that Langston was innocent of the attack on Ford. Langston questioned why, if Dorian did believe her as she claimed, Dorian had her attorney, Eli, accompany her to Langston's apartment. When Dorian insisted Eli was at the apartment for protection, Langston exclaimed that she did not need protecting, because she had not done anything wrong. Dorian claimed that she would not blame Langston even if she had attached Ford, after what Ford had done to Langston. However, Eli suspected that the police would still consider Langston a suspect.

Eli asked Langston what she had told the police, but Dorian recounted that Langston did not have a chance to tell the police anything, because she had stopped her daughter. However, Eli believed that Langston should give a voluntary statement to the police, and Langston understood that giving a statement voluntarily would help her. Eli believed that the police had no hard evidence against Langston, and Langston agreed, "It's my life, and I have nothing to hide."

After Hannah begged the mysterious cameraman for help, he stated that it was not his problem. Once the two goons left, he handed Todd the pictures. Todd gave the cameraman the money for the pictures of Ford's bloody face and demanded that the picture taker get out. Todd showed Hannah the pictures of Ford, and once he saw her shocked reaction, asked if she knew Ford. Hannah yelled, "No!"

At the police station, Karen insisted that she and Ford were only fooling around at Ford's apartment and had been there for no more than a half hour, when Langston had walked in on them. Karen asserted that John should talk to Langston about the crime, as Langston, Eli, and Dorian walked into the lobby.

Eli informed John that Langston was prepared to give a statement. After John prepared his tape recorder, he told Langston to start talking. Langston admitted that she had seen Ford at his apartment, but then Markko had shown up, which had caused a commotion. Langston claimed that Markko had left Ford's place, and then she had left. She reflected that she had arrived back at her apartment to find Markko there. After Langston related that she and Markko had fought, Eli cut her off and reported that was all that Langston had to say. As Eli, Langston, and Dorian stood up to leave, Eli maintained to John that they would cooperate with the investigation. John called Brody. Brody returned to the police station, and handed John a diagram that resembled a floor plan. John stated that he knew what the police had to do next.

Back at Langston's apartment, Dorian looked at the mess that the police had left from the search and shrieked that the police had violated Langston's rights. However, Eli felt that thanks to the mess and the search, it was obvious that the police still had no evidence that Langston was connected to a crime, or else "they'd be here with a search warrant." Dorian invited Langston to return to La Boulaie with her, but Langston refused.

As Eli started to leave, he told Langston that she knew where to find him, if she needed him. Langston thanked Eli and Dorian for all of their help. Before Dorian left, she pleaded with Langston to call her first thing, if anything else were to happen. Dorian hugged Langston, and she and Eli left the apartment. Langston picked up a photo album and, after she turned to a picture of her and Markko in their happier times, she smiled in a sad, regretful way.

In the Buenas Dias Café kitchen, as Markko cleaned out the kitchen sink, he envisioned blood going down the drain. A waitress startled Markko and declared that he must have gotten out the spot in the sink - from the beets that had spilled earlier. She then announced that Markko had a visitor waiting in the café. Markko walked in and found Téa at a table.

Téa inquired about his injured hand and asked if Markko was okay. Markko exclaimed that things were only going to get worse. Markko explained that Cristian had told Markko to call Téa, because he had felt that Markko would need a lawyer. Téa regretted that she had too much on her plate but stated that she could recommend another lawyer, once Markko told her the problem. Markko stated, "The police are after me." Téa asked, "Why?" Markko explained, "They think I tried to kill someone."

Téa accepted the offer of being Markko's attorney and asked him for the details of the incident on prom night. Markko admitted that he had discovered that Langston had cheated on him with Ford, and that he had found them together at Ford's place. Markko remembered that he had punched Ford, and the punch had been what had hurt his hand. But Markko insisted that when he left, Ford had been fine and had even stood up. When Téa inquired about Markko's statement to the police, Markko explained that he had told the police everything that he had just told her, but that he had lied to them. Téa proclaimed that she would handle the police, and Markko revealed that his lie was that he had actually returned to Ford's apartment that night.

Markko cried that he could not understand how he had never known what was going on between Langston and Ford and declared that Ford had stolen all of Markko's memories. Téa asked what Markko had done after he had arrived back at Ford's that night, just as Langston walked into the café. Langston begged Markko to listen to her, as Brody strolled in and announced that he was at the café to make an arrest.

At the hospital, Jessica, who pretended to be a Sun reporter, called a nurse in an attempt to get information regarding Ford's condition. Later, as Jessica eavesdropped, John, who was still at the police station, called the intake nurse for an update to Ford's condition. The nurse informed John that she had just received an update.

Back at the café, Téa informed Brody that she was representing Markko. When Téa asked about the evidence against Markko, Brody replied that the police had found a bloody shoeprint at the scene. When Téa expressed that she would not allow the police the opportunity to get Markko's shoes from his apartment, Brody declared that he already had Markko's shoes. When Markko and Téa asked Brody where he had retrieved the shoes, Brody exclaimed, "The dumpster out back." A police officer placed handcuffs on Markko's hands, as he read Markko his Miranda rights.

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