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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 24, 2010 on ATWT
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Monday, May 24, 2010

Gabriel amazed Margo and Craig, along with Lily and Lucinda, by saying that Craig had threatened him just before the fire. Craig vehemently denied that, as Lucinda looked smug. Gabriel accused Craig again of hitting him and leaving him to die in the fire, and soon he and Craig were shouting back and forth. Gabriel began coughing and choking, so Margo threw Craig out of the room as a nurse arrived to help the patient. As soon as Gabriel could get some air, he croaked at Craig in the hall, "We're not done."

Lily suggested to the nurse that perhaps she could ask Craig to leave Gabriel alone, but the nurse said she could not override a patient's request about visitors. Margo told Gabriel to repeat his story, so the boy quoted Craig as saying that Gabriel would not get out alive, and then he saw Craig reach for something on his desk. Gabriel turned his back, and everything went black. "That never happened," muttered Craig. Gabriel claimed that Craig wanted to shut him up because the boy knew that Craig was stealing from Parker's trust fund and lying to Carly.

Lucinda spoke up and mentioned that Craig had threatened her as well, and Margo went ballistic. Craig pushed Margo into Lily and Lucinda and shoved them all out the door. He then barricaded the door with a chair, as Lucinda began laughing. Craig wanted to know why Gabriel had turned on him, but the boy denied that he was Craig's son. In the hall, Margo asked Lily and her mother to try to get Craig to open the door before she had to call in the heavy power. Lily shouted through the door, but Craig was questioning Gabriel about all the lies the boy had told. Craig explained that he had no idea that Lydia had been pregnant with Gabriel, and he told the boy to blame the Walsh women.

Margo led in a uniformed officer and ordered him to use a crow bar to pry open the door. Craig pleaded with Gabriel to make things right, but the boy mumbled that it was too late. The door flew open, and the police arrested Craig, who called out, "Fix this, Gabriel!" The officer escorted Craig outside, as Lily and Lucinda walked in to see the boy. Gabriel began another bout of coughing, and it frightened Lily, so she left to find the doctor. Lucinda closed the door and complimented Gabriel on his fake cough. She smiled broadly and said his lies were worthy of his father, who was a lie expert.

Lily returned with the doctor, who asked the women to leave. Lucinda wanted the two of them to go home, but Lily refused. Her mother gave Lily a hug and told her to stop feeling so guilty. After Lucinda left and the doctor had pronounced Gabriel all right, Lily went back inside and said that she and Lucinda were just as responsible for what Gabriel had been through as Craig was. Lily admitted that she and Lucinda had kept the secret from Craig all the years at Lydia's request. Gabriel was unconvinced, however, and he was sure that his mother had really died of a broken heart, not cancer. Gabriel swore he would always blame Craig for that.

Lily said she was willing to help the boy if he could swallow his pride. Gabriel said he did not need charity or pity, but Lily reminded him that he had nowhere to live when the doctors released him. She said he had been paying for his room at the Lakeview with stolen money, but "that well" had "dried up." Lily invited Gabriel to stay with her and her family indefinitely. Gabriel seemed shocked and asked why Lily was helping him, and her answer was that it was the right thing to do.

At the police station, Carly reassured Parker that he was going home with her, but the boy was more realistic about his chances for freedom. Carly took a call from Liberty, who was looking for Parker, so Carly passed her phone to her son. Parker said he was at the police station, so Liberty promised to be right there and that she had a surprise for him. "I have one for you, too," said Parker sadly. He was upset that Liberty would see him in police custody, particularly since she looked upon Gabriel as some sort of wounded animal that needed her help. Carly, however, urged Parker to let the girl help him.

Liberty arrived at the station and asked Parker to go have coffee with her, but Carly intervened and said that the boy had to wait at the station for his dad. Carly walked out to give the teens some privacy, and Liberty hugged Parker and called him her best friend who was always there for her. She produced two hard-to-get concert tickets and announced that since she was feeling so much better, the two of them could finally celebrate. Parker said that Liberty needed to find someone else to go with her to the concert because he couldn't go.

Parker flung open the doors to the interview room and tried to make a break for it, but the duty officer caught him. The officer warned Parker to behave or he would have to cuff him, and then Parker had to tell Liberty that he had been booked on assault charges for hitting Gabriel and leaving him injured in the Monte Carlo offices. Liberty was astonished at Parker's confession

Jack waited at the diner to hear from his lawyer for help with Parker, and Janet tried to calm him. Jack said he'd hoped to talk to Liberty about Parker in person, but she wasn't there. Janet could not understand why Parker had not told Jack the truth from the beginning, so Jack explained that "someone" had instructed the boy not to. Janet couldn't believe that anyone would do that. Carly walked in and asked where Parker's lawyer was. She also mentioned that Liberty was at the police station with Parker, and she and Jack began to trade nasty barbs.

Suddenly Janet caught on that it had been Carly who had counseled Parker not to tell his father that he had fought with Gabriel. "Only you," said Janet, "could make a bad situation worse for your own kid." Carly demanded that Janet mind her own business, and that precipitated a shouting catfight. Jack then took a call from Margo telling him that Gabriel had awakened and was claiming that Craig had hit him and left him for dead. Jack told Carly and Janet, and Carly beamed and said that meant her son was going home.

At the station, Jack and Janet rushed into the interview room, and Jack said that Gabriel was awake and had proclaimed that Craig was responsible for knocking him out and leaving him to die in the fire. Parker realized that meant that he could go home, and he was greatly relieved. He asked everyone to clear the room so that he could talk more with Liberty.

When the teens were alone, Liberty acted hurt, and she scolded Parker for lying about what had happened. She was crushed that he had not trusted her with the truth in the first place. Carly interrupted and asked Parker to ride home with them, but he said he preferred to ride his bike. He ran out and took off.

In the squad car, Craig tried to convince Margo that Gabriel hated him so much that he had made up the whole damning tale. Margo said she was through making excuses for a brother who had left a kid to die in a fire he had set. She could think of no reason for Gabriel to lie, but Craig suggested that the boy was hurt and angry about how Craig had treated his mother. Craig said he had to talk to Gabriel again, and he asked Margo to drive him back to the hospital. "God help you, Craig," said Margo. "You're on your own."

They arrived at the station, and Jack immediately accused Craig of manipulating Parker and worrying them all for no reason. Jack said terrible things about Craig, calling him an "S.O.B" and threatening to kill him. An officer separated the two men, as Craig begged Jack not to throw him to the wolves. In desperation, Craig cried out that he would never hurt Parker by framing him, for the most obvious reason in the world: Craig loved Parker's mother. Margo rushed Craig away, and she told Jack to back off because he was still off the case.

Parker rode home, followed soon after by his parents. He was still stunned that Gabriel had fingered Craig instead of him. Carly offered to make the boy's favorite dinner, mac and cheese, skirt steak, and garlic bread, and he went upstairs to take a shower. Jack opted to return to the station rather than stay for the meal, however. Parker cleaned up and rejoined his mother. He asked her if she wasn't freaked out that she had been about to marry a man who was just arrested for trying to murder his own son.

Liberty and Janet went to Java, and the girl was hurt that her best friend had kept such an important secret from her. Janet defended Parker, however, as Liberty said she wanted to visit Gabriel since he was awake. Janet said that was a bad idea, and she reminded Liberty that Gabriel had been blackmailing his own father. Liberty said she was the only one Gabriel had on his side.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Katie called Chris to tell him that she wasn't pleased with how their scenes for Lisa's 50th Anniversary show had turned out. She was making a DVD for Lisa, and she really wanted to reshoot most of that scene. Chris agreed to go to the television studio when he finished his shift at Memorial. Katie watched their kissing scene in her office, but it made her uncomfortable.

Alison yelled at a new monitor in a hospital room because it was not working properly. Casey heard her swearing, so he offered to take a look. He couldn't get it to work either, but Alison would not let him give it a good thump. Alison apologized again for butting into Casey's relationship with Vienna, but Casey called it more of a "casual thing" than a relationship. Then he asked Alison why she was so sure that he shouldn't trust Vienna, and her answer was that Vienna was committed to Henry, and sooner or later, she would go back with him.

Casey claimed he was not looking for a lifetime commitment, and he walked out. Alison tried the monitor again but was unsuccessful. Chris walked in, and he gave the monitor a sharp poke, and it began to work perfectly. Alison suggested that they see a new horror movie on their scheduled date, and Chris readily agreed. They decided to meet at WOAK when they were both off work.

Vienna did another home pregnancy test, but it, too, was negative. Vienna was a bit nervous since she had already announced her pregnancy to Henry, and then someone knocked on her door. She stashed the used test kit in the waste basket and opened the door to Henry. He was delivering her crackers and other snacks to soothe her "morning sickness," but Vienna said that what she needed was not in his bag. She planted a huge kiss on Henry's lips and walked him backwards towards the bed. They tumbled on the bed, but Henry suddenly put on the brakes.

Henry said that he was worried that they might hurt the baby, but Vienna wasn't buying it. Someone else knocked on the door, and Henry hustled to open it. The visitor was Barbara, who asked that meaningful question, if it was "a bad time." Henry let her in, and Barbara handed Vienna the wedding gown she had started for her. She announced that she was "out of the wedding dress business" forever, and Vienna would have to find someone else to finish it. Vienna was rude and threw the dress on the bed and declared haughtily that she was going "in a different direction" anyway.

Barbara stormed out, and Vienna grabbed Henry again, but he began to argue. Henry scolded Vienna for the way she spoke to Barbara, and he picked up the dress and said he was returning it to her. Vienna's phone rang and she listened to a message from Casey, who said he was thinking of her and the storage closet in the hospital where they had sex the other day. Vienna picked up her purse and dashed out.

Henry went to Barbara's hotel room, but she was not there. A maid walked out carrying the dance trophy that Barbara and Henry had won at Metro. Henry was shocked that Barbara had meant to throw it out, so he told the maid that he would hold on to it. He even pointed out his name engraved on the trophy. Henry flashed back to the night they had won it, and he became sad. He reconsidered and dumped the trophy into the trash again and also stuffed in the wedding dress. He returned to Vienna's room, but she wasn't there, so he went in. He found a note that said she had gone to a prenatal exam, and he also spotted a book of baby names on her desk. Henry sat down in a gloomy mood.

Vienna found Casey in the hospital, and she said she had reconsidered and still wanted to have fun and sex with him. Casey said he felt "used," and Vienna flipped out. She tore out of the room and said that she would find someone who appreciated what she had to offer. Casey hunted up Chris and asked where his grandfather was, and Chris said Bob was tied up in a board meeting all afternoon. Chris then volunteered the information that he and Alison were going to a movie later, and he wanted to make sure Casey was all right with that. Casey said he was fine with that, and he was already seeing somebody else.

Vienna returned to the Lakeview and was surprised when a few minutes later Casey knocked on her door. The two began kissing and rolling around on the bed, as Casey declared that he made a wonderful "boy toy." Meanwhile, Chris finished up at the hospital and took off for WOAK to meet with Katie and then Alison. He asked Katie candidly if it was okay with her if he dated Alison, but the makeup man arrived and carted him off to prepare for his shoot. After the scene, Alison showed up, and Katie sent them off on their date.

Henry, in panic mode, dashed to WOAK to ask Katie for help. He said that Vienna was pregnant, and Katie was delighted, but she asked why Henry looked as if he wanted to jump off a cliff. Henry said that Vienna was not acting like her old self, but he didn't know how to help her. Katie, the matchmaker, advised him to propose "the old fashioned way," down on his knees, and with plenty of romance.

Not long afterwards. Henry, accompanied by two other people, appeared outside Vienna's door. The woman held a box of white rose petals, and the man was obviously going to serenade Vienna when the time was right. Henry gave them final instructions on how the proposal was to go.

Katie knew where Chris and Alison were having a bite to eat, and she was irresistibly drawn there. She stopped across the street and could see her friends through the front window of the restaurant. Katie was in a No Standing zone, and a policeman approached her and asked her to move. Katie, however, was distracted while she watched Chris and Alison in her side mirror as they left the restaurant and crossed behind her. The cop spoke to Katie again, so she jammed the car in gear and hit the gas. Unfortunately she was in reverse, and the car shot backwards and knocked down Chris.

At the farm, Emma and Meg spoke with a Mr. Prager, an attorney, and Meg explained how Emily had left baby Eliza in her car while she went chasing after a dangerous criminal. Prager said that incident would adversely affect Mr. Ryan's case, but he added that Meg still had issues of her own. Prager said he needed conclusive evidence to present to the judge, but Emma admitted that they hadn't gathered any. The lawyer left, and Emma was upset, but Meg had a plan.

Emma warned her daughter to be careful and not give the judge any reason to doubt her. Meg said she would begin by getting her job back at Memorial, but Emma was concerned about Meg's ability to pass the psychiatric evaluation required of all employees. Meg said she wasn't going to take the evaluation; instead she was going to ask Bob Hughes, who set the hospital policy, to waive it for her.

At Fairwinds, Emily held little Eliza and told her they were going to the pediatrician for a little vaccination, and then they would take a trip to the zoo. Paul walked in and was reluctant to let Emily take the little girl by herself. Emily apologized for her former transgression with Eliza and promised never to scare Paul like that again. Paul, however, was more worried that the incident played right into Meg's hands. Emily swore that she would prove to the judge that she was the best mother for Eliza, and she took the baby for her appointment.

As Emily and Eliza were exiting the doctor's office, they ran into Meg. Meg was shocked that neither of Eliza's birth parents was present at her vaccination, and she berated Emily and made cruel remarks about her leaving Eliza alone in the car. Meg reminded Emily that she was the baby's mother, and Emily retorted that she was also "a nut case who didn't have custody." Meg got overwrought, but a nurse calmed her down and told her that Dr. Hughes, whom Meg wanted to see, was busy in a board meeting all day. She suggested Meg make an appointment and return another time, so Meg left. At that time, a nurse also discovered that some drugs were missing from the hospital supply room.

Barbara walked out of Fashions and ran into Emma Snyder. They talked about Eliza, and Barbara suggested that, as the little girl's grandmothers, they should take care of Eliza's christening together. Emma agreed, but she was discouraged with Barbara's suggestion that they all meet face-to-face at Fairwinds. When Barbara looked confused, Emma said that was because of "the incident." Barbara was befuddled, but Emma explained how Emily had "lost" the baby through her carelessness.

Barbara drove directly to Fairwinds and confronted Paul for not telling her what Emily had done. They argued loudly, and Barbara went ballistic when she learned that Emily had driven the baby to her doctor's appointment. She next proclaimed that she and Emma were going to have a christening. Paul was furious that his mother was doing things for him, as Emily walked in with the baby. Meg and Emma followed, so Emily asked Paul what was going on.

Emily served tea, and Barbara set things in motion by saying that they were all agreed that it was time to christen Eliza. Everyone but Paul was in agreement, but he got outvoted. Then Emma and Paul argued about whether it should take place at Fairwinds or the Snyder farm. Meg and Emily went at it about who should hold the baby during the ceremony. Paul finally stood up and whispered to his little girl, "I'm going to get you out of here before you're scarred for life."

Emma continued the discussion in the living room until Meg stood up and declared that she heard Eliza crying hysterically. No one else heard the baby, however, and soon Meg was hysterical herself. Paul walked back in with a perfectly calm little girl in his arms, but Meg could not settle down. Emma hustled her out, as Barbara explained that Meg had suffered an "episode," but Emily described her as having gone "loony." Paul took the baby upstairs, and Barbara and Emily continued to spar. At home on the farm, Meg could not describe to her mother what she was feeling, but she was shaky and cold.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Katie gunned her car backwards and hit Chris, who fell to the street. Alison ran to him and warned Chris not to move until she had checked him out. He complained about pain in his back, and the he hollered at the "idiot driver" who had hit him. The cop ordered Katie out of her car, and he marched her back to Chris. Chris was astonished to see who the driver was, as Katie denied that she had hit him on purpose. Alison vouched that they all were friends, and Katie explained that she had gotten flustered and had rammed the gear into reverse instead of drive. Chris declined to file a report, and he stood up gingerly to prove he was all right.

The officer left after warning Katie to be more careful, as Chris hobbled around. Alison suggested that they go to Memorial and get an x-ray, but Chris was afraid his peers would tease him unmercifully. He compromised by agreeing to lie on Katie's couch until he felt better. Alison drove them all to Katie's, and the women helped Chris into the house. He sat on the couch, and Alison decided to call her mother and have her call in a prescription for painkillers for Chris, and she offered to pick it up. Alison left to pick up the drugs, and Chris began teasing Katie about spying on him and Alison in the restaurant.

Katie got an ice pack for Chris's back, but she denied that she'd been spying. Chris said the date was going well until Katie had run him over, but he was curious as to why Katie was in such a hurry to drive away. Katie mumbled a bit, but then she answered that she had not wanted to interrupt their kiss. Chris explained that he had not been about to kiss Alison; he was wiping tomato sauce off her face from the pizza. Katie did admit that if Chris had kissed Alison, Katie would not have liked it. She said she wasn't exactly jealous, but she did react when she saw what she imagined to be a kiss in the making.

Both of them acknowledged that there were feelings going on between them, but then Katie's doorbell rang. It was Alison with the painkillers, and she said that Susan had suggested that Chris continue to lie down until he felt better. The women hustled Chris into Katie's bed, and Alison went back to work. Chris fell asleep almost immediately, so Katie covered him with a blanket and sat with him. When he awakened later, he asked Katie to continue to stay with him. Katie then glanced at Brad's photo on her bedside table, and she asked Chris to leave when he felt better because she had to tend to Jacob.

At the Snyder farm, Molly opened the Fashions box that contained the red lacy teddy that Silas Whitman had sent her. She grabbed it out of the box and stuffed the lingerie into her purse just as Holden walked in. He saw the box and asked what Molly was hiding. He grabbed her purse, ran around the kitchen with it, and pulled out the teddy. Molly apologized profusely and said she had tried to get rid of it earlier, but Holden completely misunderstood. He thought Molly was giving him the teddy as a present for her to wear, so it was easier for her to just go along with it. Molly called the lingerie "overkill," but Holden smiled and said he was in the mood for some of that.

Holden kissed Molly, who lamented that living together on the farm made it almost impossible for them to make love there. Holden suggested a "date night" at the Lakeview that evening, and Molly agreed. He promised to make a reservation at the hotel and said he would pick her up after work. Then Holden drove to Old Town and entered Fashions. He was picking out earrings for Molly when Silas Whitman walked up behind him and called him "Farmer." Holden said he thought Silas had left town, but the former Congressman wanted to make sure his "little gift to Molly" had been properly delivered. Holden did not understand until Whiman described the red lingerie, and then Holden grabbed him by his lapels and warned him to stay away from Molly.

At WOAK, Molly tore up a file folder on Silas Whitman, and an angry Holden walked in and closed the door. "You lied to me, Molly," accused Holden, and he explained that Whitman had bumped into him in Fashions. Holden was hurt that Molly had not told the truth about the teddy, but Molly swore that she had told the man to "stay the hell" out of her life. Molly had not mentioned Silas's gift because she was afraid that Holden would go after him, and she swore that it was not another ploy to make Holden jealous. She affirmed that if Holden stayed with her, she would make sure that Silas was never an issue between them again. Holden asked what her plan was.

Molly set up a meeting with Silas at Metro, and Holden sat at a dark table across the room. When Whitman arrived, Molly made it clear there was absolutely no future for the two of them, and she ordered him to go away. Across the room, Holden watched and listened, and Molly continued to say that she wanted no contact with Whitman whatsoever. Silas walked out, and Molly joined Holden, and they hugged. They went to a room at the Lakeview and were enjoying their privacy when Molly's phone dinged with a text message. It was from Silas, and it asked what Molly was thinking of while she kissed Holden.

In Vienna's room in the Lakeview, she and Casey were just about to have sex again when she heard voices outside the door. Henry's "flower girl" had dropped her rose petals, so they stopped to pick them up. Henry went over the plan again, and Henry used his card key to open the door. The security chain was fastened on the door, so it only opened a couple of inches. Vienna called out that she couldn't answer the door because she was not dressed, and she asked Henry to return later. Henry shouted that the "marriage proposal" of her dreams was about to occur, and he told her to throw on a robe and answer the door.

Vienna put on a robe and walked to the door and peeked out. She refused to take off the chain, and she asked Henry to go downstairs and wait for her in the lounge. She promised she would be there in ten minutes, so Henry took his entourage to the lounge. Vienna turned around and scowled at Casey to "get dressed and get out." Casey wanted some answers and dawdled finding his clothes. As he dressed, Casey asked Vienna why she was sleeping with him when she was committed to Henry. Vienna said she had never understood the American "thing" about only having one partner at a time. She said her body wanted Casey, but the rest of her wanted Henry. Vienna warned Casey to get dressed and not to leave anything behind.

Henry went to the lobby and ran into Barbara. He asked her about the broken dance trophy that she had dumped in the trash, and she explained that she hadn't wanted it, so she had thrown it away. Henry sadly agreed that it was just cheap plastic, but he admitted that it meant something to him. Just then his "flower girl" and troubadour walked up and assumed that Barbara was the blushing bride. They went into their shtick until Henry shouted that Barbara was "not the right woman." That hurt Barbara, who said she was on her way to talk to the hotel caterer to arrange a christening party for Eliza. Henry said he hoped he was invited, and he argued that he couldn't dump all his feelings for her similar to cleaning his hard drive.

Henry griped that the silly plastic trophy had meant something to him, and Barbara admitted it was the same with her. The talked about the contest and admired each other's "footwork." Barbara left the lobby, as Vienna stepped off the elevator. Henry ran to get his troupe, and they went into their routine. Vienna walked over to Henry, who was in the bar, and Barbara was horrified to be stuck in the bar for the proposal. Vienna was thrilled that the proposal was shaping up just as she had dreamed, until Henry forgot the actual part about asking her to marry him. Vienna reminded him, and Henry said he would rather do that someplace more private. He said maintenance men were working in his room, so he suggested they retire to Vienna's room.

Vienna was worried that Casey might not have vacated her room yet, but then Henry had to play his actors, so Vienna went over and stood with Barbara. Vienna sweetly suggested that since her family was so far away in Sweden, perhaps Barbara could be the "sweet, old granny" at the wedding for them. Barbara was livid, but she held her tongue.

In Vienna's room, Casey was reaching for his shoes when he found a large paper bag under the bed. It contained multiple pregnancy tests, and he was stupefied until he heard voices in the hall. He threw the bag under the bed again and ducked into the closet. Vienna opened the door and scanned it quickly, but she saw no sign of Casey. Henry got down on one knew and began his speech, but then Vienna spotted Casey's feet peeking out from the closet. While Henry was kissing her, Vienna waved Casey out of the room, but when he heard Henry's discussing a baby on the way, Casey began to put it all together.

Vienna asked Henry to go downstairs and order her a huge steak because she was ravenous. She promised to join him shortly, and after Henry left, Vienna scolded Casey for almost ruining everything. Casey looked her right in the eyes and asked, "Is it mine?" Vienna lied and said she had gotten pregnant by Henry before she had started sleeping with Casey, but the young man couldn't figure out why Vienna would sleep with him while she was pregnant with Henry's child. Vienna blamed it on her hormones, and she assured him that her doctor had told her if was perfectly safe to continue to have sex.

Casey, who worked at the hospital, asked the name of Vienna's doctor. She fumbled for a minute and then said, "Dr. Gravid." Casey had never heard of the name, but if he had gone to Oakdale Latin, he might have recognized that the name is Latin for "pregnant." Vienna hustled Casey out the door, and he returned to Memorial where he accessed the directory. There was no "Dr. Gravid" listed.

Barbara concluded her arrangements for the christening, and Henry ran to her and apologized for including her in his marriage proposal to Vienna. Barbara sadly said that it made her realize that she needed to make a "clean break," and she was moving out of the Lakeview. She thought it was time for a change, and besides, Henry and Vienna lived there, and it too painful for her to keep running into them. Henry said it was hard for him, as well, as Barbara said she was moving into Fairwinds with Paul and his little family. Vienna showed up and plucked Henry away, while Barbara called Paul and told him she hoped he would keep an open mind if she asked him something.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gabriel awoke in his hospital bed, clutching his mother's pearls, and he found Liberty sitting beside him. He thanked her for putting the pearls in his hands while he was in the coma. Lily walked in and told Gabriel that the doctors would release him as soon as he had someone to look after him. Gabriel was stubborn, however, and declared he could take care of himself. Liberty reminded him how serious his injuries had been, and Lily said her offer was still open for him to stay with her. The boy wondered "why in the hell" he would want to live with people who had denied his existence his entire life.

Lily apologized again for her part in keeping the secret, and she referred to Craig as the boy's father. Gabriel said he hated Craig, but Liberty tried to convince him to listen to Lily's side of the story. Gabriel grudgingly told Lily to talk if it made her feel better, so Lily said that when Gabriel was born, his mother, Lydia, was adamant that Craig never find out about the baby. She made everyone who knew promise not to tell him. Lily said all she could do after the fact was to help Gabriel by giving him a safe place to live.

Liberty asked to speak with Gabriel privately, so Lily stepped outside. The girl attempted to convince him that Craig had not abandoned him any more than Brad had neglected her; their fathers just hadn't known their children existed. Liberty also suggested that Gabriel take Lily up on her offer, so when Lily joined them again, Gabriel said he would live with her. He warned her, however, that as far as he was concerned, his father did not exist.

At the Snyder farm, Molly and Holden's romantic interlude took a dive when Molly received a nasty text message from Silas Whitman. She told Holden that she needed a drink of water, so she went downstairs. She walked out on the porch, and Silas grabbed her from behind. Molly called him a "creep" and declared that he made her "sick," but Silas was not deterred in the least. Molly threatened to take a shotgun to him, and then Holden called out to Molly from inside. Whitman decided to retreat, and Holden joined Molly. She explained that she had needed a breath of fresh air, but Holden said he had heard voices.

Molly went along with it and said she had heard voices, too, but she wanted to go back upstairs to their room. Holden, however, was no longer in the mood for romance. Molly said that the voices were probably just some teenagers fooling around, but that set Holden to worrying that Faith might be hanging around with a bad crowd again. Molly, who did not want Faith blamed for her own problems, said that Faith had earned their respect, and she asked Holden to "let this one go."

Faith, meanwhile, was knocking on Parker's door. Sage greeted her, but Faith brushed off her younger cousin by asking to speak with Parker. Parker joined them, and Sage disappeared into the kitchen. Faith asked Parker about his release from jail, and the boy explained how Craig had actually been the last one to see Gabriel before the fire. He also said that his mother's way of handling bad news conflicted with his dad's, so his parents still had some things to work out. He admitted that the "kid of a cop" always had to do the right thing, and that was difficult. Faith then took a call from her father, and Holden ordered the girl home immediately.

When Faith arrived at the farm, Holden said that he and Molly thought they had heard some of the girl's friends sneaking around the farm. Faith gave a bitter laugh and claimed she had no friends, so Holden changed the word to "customers." Faith was shocked that her father was accusing her again of dealing drugs, and she got very angry. She stormed out, and Holden felt that he had totally mishandled the whole incident. Molly said he had just jumped to conclusions because of her comments about Faith's friends skulking around. She tried to tell Holden something important, but he would not let her continue. Finally she suggested that he go to Lily's house and let her help him make up with their daughter. After Holden left, Molly grabbed her purse and also left.

Lily and Liberty took Gabriel to Lily's house, and she invited the boy to make himself at home. She fixed him some homemade chicken soup, as Liberty left to catch up on her schoolwork. After Gabriel ate the soup, he asked Lily to back off because she was hovering. He said he wanted to walk outside and check out the "estate," but Lily said it was just a "yard." When he opened the door to go out, Faith walked in and glumly asked her mother what Gabriel was doing in their house. Lily explained that the boy was staying with them until he was back on his feet. Faith was hurt that her mother had kicked her out of the house but let a thief move in. They argued about Faith's assessment of the situation, as Holden arrived.

Faith took one look at her father and declared that she'd had enough of a lecture from him for one day, and she walked out. Lily questioned Holden about their daughter's attitude, so he told her about hearing voices at the farm. Then he, too, asked why Gabriel was there and said he thought the boy had been "nothing but trouble since he got to town." Lily said if Holden did not support her, then he could at least stay out of her way. They argued about Gabriel's influence on the younger children, as Holden was convinced that any child of Craig's was a spawn of the devil. Lily asked if he felt the same way about Luke, since he was Damian's natural child, but Holden said that was entirely different. Finally, Holden said he admired Lily for sticking to her altruistic ways.

Outside the house, Gabriel and Faith ran into each other, and Faith came up with a solution to both their problems. She told Gabriel that her mother kept the keys to her car in the glove compartment, and she suggested that the boy "borrow" the car and head out of town. He took Faith up on her offer and drove Lily's car into town. He spotted Liberty on the sidewalk, so he pulled over and honked at her. She got in the car, and Gabriel explained that Lily had been all over him, and he needed a change of scene. Liberty defended Lily, but Gabriel only wanted to get out of town -- with Liberty. The girl was shocked when Gabriel said he thought Liberty could teach him how to be a better person.

Liberty said if Gabriel wanted to be a better person, he should return Lily's car and stay with her. Suddenly a cop appeared at the driver's window and asked Gabriel if he knew he had a broken taillight. Then the officer asked for his driver's license and registration, but when Gabriel mouthed off, the cop ordered both teens out of the vehicle.

Carly went to the police station and found Jack looking through photos of the Monte Carlo fire. She pointed out that their son was no longer in trouble, so it was a perfect time to have a family dinner with all their favorites. Jack was less than enthusiastic, and he remarked that after what they had gone through, a pot roast wouldn't make everything better. He was concerned that, once again, lies from Carly were their problem. Carly begged Jack to join them for dinner, but she refused to apologize for doing whatever she could to keep their boy safe. Jack was upset that Carly hadn't trusted him with the truth, and he didn't know if they could get past the lies. Jack finally agreed to go home with her after he returned the photos to forensics.

While Carly waited for Jack, an officer led in Craig wearing handcuffs. Craig asked to say hello to Carly, so he approached her and began talking. Jack returned and sent Craig and the officer on their way to the courthouse. Craig left, still protesting loudly that there was no way he would try to kill his own son.

Carly's family dinner was a success, and Sage got right to the point and asked when Jack was moving back in. That created a black hole of silence at the Snyder dinner table, until Jack said he was staying at the farm until he and Carly had figured some things out. Carly then suggested that Parker take his sister to a movie she wanted to see, and she threw in an additional bribe of a hot fudge sundae at Al's. The kids left, and Carly remarked to Jack that it was just the two of them.

Carly did the dishes and talked with Jack about their problems. He reminded her that her last lie was that she wanted Jack to move out so that he would be more accessible to Janet and the new baby, when, in reality, Carly was afraid if Jack and Parker were under the same roof, Jack would find out about the boy's fight with Gabriel. Carly got honest and admitted that she resented Janet and hated when she needed Jack and he wasn't there. Carly was tired of sharing Jack, and she wanted him to be home with her. Jack hugged her and said it was time to face the fact that they were meant to be together. He asked that they try more for the "better" than the "worse." They kissed, and Jack asked how long the kids would be gone. "It's good to be home," he said.

At Al's, Parker and Sage enjoyed their sundaes, and Faith joined them. She declined their invitation to the movies and said her parents didn't even know she was gone. She said that Holden was upset about her non-existent friends who were supposedly buying drugs from her at the farm. She also complained that Lily had invited a criminal to stay in her house, but she said if they were lucky, Gabriel was already out of town in Lily's car. Parker and Sage looked at each other and took off for the movies.

Molly finally located Silas in the Lakeview bar, and she yelled at him to "stay the hell away" from her. Whitman was smug and said he knew she would be looking for him. Molly told Silas to deal with his own messy life and stop harassing her. He was angry that Molly had broadcast the details of their affair on the network news, but she countered that people had a right to know when their elected officials were sleazeballs. Molly tried to leave, but Whitman grabbed her and threatened revenge. She broke away, drove back to the farm, and called Holden. He was still at Lily's but said he would be home soon, and Molly said she would be waiting.

At the police station, the cop took in Liberty and Gabriel, but Gabriel asked him to let Liberty go because she had just stopped to talk to him. The cop then escorted Gabriel to the holding cells and told him they would be calling the owner of the car. The officer put Gabriel into a cell with one other occupant, Craig Montgomery, who was astonished to see his son.

Friday, May 28, 2010

On Lily's porch, Luke gave Lucinda a positive update on Noah's progression. Lily approached, looking for Gabriel. To Lucinda's irritation, Lily explained Gabriel's situation to Luke. The women bickered about Gabriel and Craig, and Luke discovered that Lily's car was missing. At Lily's request, Luke left to check for Gabriel and the car at the Lakeview.

Lucinda warned that Lily's guilt over Gabriel would put them in danger, but Lily insisted that she owed Craig and Gabriel her compassion. Lucinda doubted that Lily would find absolution, and Lucinda reasoned that if Craig had been a responsible father, they wouldn't have kept the secret for 20 years. As the women debated, the police called Lily about her car, and Lucinda wondered if her daughter would finally listen to reason about Gabriel.

At the hospital, Reid discharged Noah, who was frustrated that his sight hadn't fully recovered. Reid couldn't promise anything, but he was optimistic about it. Reid assumed that Noah would call Luke for a ride, but Noah decided to ask his friend, Richard, for assistance. Richard entered, and Reid left. Richard asked who the hot doctor was. Noah shrugged, saying that he'd had no idea that Reid was "hot." Noah wondered why Luke hadn't mentioned it.

A nurse administered Noah's eye drops and left. Noah's eyes started burning, and when he went to the sink, he looked into the mirror to discover that his vision had completely returned. Noah's first reaction was to call Luke, and Richard noted that Noah still loved Luke. Noah admitted it and asked Richard to let Noah announce the vision development on his own.

At the Lakeview, Luke encountered Reid, who mentioned Noah's release. Luke assumed that Noah hadn't called because he didn't want Luke around. Reid replied that Noah hadn't wanted to be a bother. Luke refused to get upset about it and said he was looking for Gabriel, a possible car thief. Reid offered to help Luke catch the thief.

As the men searched Old Town, Reid remarked that Gabriel had probably blown that dump of a town. Glancing at Luke, Reid softly admitted that the place had its attractions. Luke received a text message from Lily that Gabriel was at the police station. Reid decided to make a house call to check on Gabriel. Reid invited Luke to go-unless Luke wanted to find Noah. Luke replied that Noah must have had his reasons for not turning to Luke, and the men took off.

Luke and Reid went to Lily's house, but Gabriel hadn't arrived yet. Reid decided to leave, but catching Reid's arm, Luke asked Reid to keep him company. Reid suggested that they play chess, and Luke suspected that he might get hustled.

After Reid won a round, he revealed that he'd learned to play chess for fun, but quit when his parents had entered him into championships. Luke wanted to know more about Reid, but Reid shied away from the "heart on your sleeve" stuff. Reid said he felt like he was experiencing a high school crush. Luke moved in to kiss the nervously babbling Reid. On the walkway outside the window, Noah glanced in and saw them.

In Dusty's hotel room, Johnny was acting out after learning about Craig's arrest. Janet arrived, and as she and Dusty discussed the problem, a distressed Liberty called to say that she needed Janet at the police station.

Janet called Jack, who was busily undressing Carly at home. Janet explained that the police had caught Gabriel and Liberty with a stolen car, and Janet implored Jack to meet her at the police station. As Jack prepared to leave his house, Carly was leery of Jack getting involved with Craig's son. Jack responded that Liberty needed him, and Carly decided to go, too.

When everyone gathered at the police station, Jack found out that Liberty wouldn't be charged with anything. Though Liberty wanted to stay to support Gabriel, Janet pressed Liberty to leave. Lily arrived and lied to Jack that she'd given Gabriel permission to use her car. As Jack orchestrated Gabriel's release, Lucinda pulled an officer aside to ask for a favor.

In the holding cells, Gabriel pleaded with the guards to remove him from Craig's cell. Craig said he was family, and he offered to help with Gabriel's arrest. Gabriel retorted that Craig had been jailed by his own sister, and if Gabriel even wanted a father, he wouldn't choose Craig.

Craig asked why Gabriel hadn't revealed his identity. Gabriel said that he'd wanted to see the real Craig. Craig made up excuses for the embezzlement and the fire, and he cited that a blackmailing Gabriel wasn't innocent, either. Gabriel claimed that he hadn't blackmailed Craig for the money, and Craig figured that Gabriel had just wanted to watch Craig squirm. "You said it, not me, Dad," Gabriel quipped.

Craig was willing to take the blame for mistreating Lydia, but Craig wouldn't go down for something that he hadn't done. Gabriel asserted that Craig had been there before the fire, because Gabriel had said that it was so. Gabriel asserted that he'd won, but Craig warned that Gabriel wouldn't like the outcome, if he insisted upon taking Craig on.

Lucinda entered the holding area with an officer. Gabriel took note of them and quickly dragged his father's hands to his throat. Gabriel fell back on the bed and pretended that Craig was choking him. The officer pulled the prisoners apart, and Gabriel claimed that Craig was trying to prevent Gabriel was testifying.

After the officer removed Gabriel from the holding cells, Lucinda snickered to Craig that he'd never be a father to that young man. Craig was glad that Lucinda had enjoyed the show that she'd bribed the officer into letting her see. Craig asserted that Lucinda owed him for the lies that she'd kept, and he insisted that she help him out of there. She scoffed at his audacity, and Jack arrived to say that she shouldn't be there.

Lucinda left, and Craig stopped Jack to say that Jack was Craig's only chance. Jack saw no reason to help Craig, but Craig stated that Jack knew that Gabriel was lying. Craig told a silent Jack that Craig could only appeal to Jack's repugnant sense of fairness. Before Jack could leave, Craig asked Jack to do something that wouldn't cost a thing.

Alone in the interrogation room with Carly, Gabriel said he was sorry for taking Parker's money. Gabriel promised to give back what he hadn't spent. Carly stated that she only cared about keeping Parker clear of the whole mess. Lily entered to take Gabriel home. Gabriel said that he'd leave with her, but that didn't mean that he'd stay on at her house.

Lily, Lucinda, and Gabriel went to the Lakeview. Lily convinced Gabriel to stay at her house; however, when Lily went to her office, Lucinda offered Gabriel money to testify against Craig and then get out of town. Gabriel admitted feeling sorry for Craig, but Lucinda stated that pity was how Craig sucked in his victims. Lily returned, and Lucinda and Gabriel pretended not to be talking about anything significant.

Back in Dusty's room, Dusty suggested that Johnny draw Craig a card, but an angry Johnny scribbled dark, messy lines all over the page. As Dusty tried to console Johnny, Janet and Liberty arrived. Dusty advised Janet to let Johnny have his meltdown, but Janet told Johnny that she didn't blame him for being angry. Johnny suddenly threw his arms around Janet.

Johnny cheered up when everyone admired his other drawings. As Liberty and Johnny drew something else, Dusty thanked Janet for her help. He figured that he needed to become Johnny's legal guardian before Craig's situation worsened. She remarked that Johnny was lucky to have a father like Dusty. Dusty replied that the boy was lucky to have a mother like her.

Janet was caught off-guard by the statement, and Dusty said there was no pressure. The baby kicked, and Janet let Johnny feel it. Dusty hinted that their family would be just like that, if she did decide to marry him. Just then, Jack called to ask Dusty to let Craig see Johnny. Dusty refused, but Jack urged Dusty to do it Johnny's sake.

Dusty and Johnny left, and Janet asked Liberty for the truth about the drive with Gabriel. Liberty said that Gabriel wanted to run away, and Janet worried about Liberty's future. Liberty felt as if she could be Gabriel's friend and concentrate on her future at the same time. Janet asked if her daughter had feelings for Gabriel, and a stammering Liberty admitted that she did.

Later, Dusty arrived at the police station with Johnny, and Craig convinced an officer to remove the cuffs for the visit. Dusty advised Craig to reassure Johnny. When Johnny entered, he hugged Craig, and Craig promised that he'd be home soon. He asked Johnny to get to know Gabriel and to let Gabriel know how much Johnny wanted to have Craig at home.

When Carly and Jack got home, Jack revealed his belief that Gabriel was lying about the incident before the fire. Carly told Jack to just leave it alone. She felt that, with Parker free, they could get their life back-if Jack still wanted it. He said that he wanted it more than anything.

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