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Monday, May 24, 2010

In the Forrester Creations parking lot, Brio and Brooke helped Stephen to his feet after Brio had hit him with her car. Stephen claimed that it was his fault, but he was fine. He gripped his shoulder, but instead of seeking medical attention, he requested to go to Katie's house.

Later, Brooke settled Stephen on Katie's sofa, and Katie, Brooke, and Bill urged Stephen to see a doctor. Stephen, however, only focused on Beth's final vow to protect their daughters from Stephanie and her "crazy sister." Stephen felt that, since Stephanie had killed Beth, it was up to him to fulfill that vow.

Stephen decided to go home to think. His daughters tried to dissuade him, but he insisted that he'd check in with them later. Holding Beth's ring, Stephen said that he'd never gotten to put it on Beth's finger, and he'd been too weak to defend his family. He promised that, for Beth's sake, he'd defend his girls from there on out.

Stephen assured Brooke, Katie, and Bill that they needn't worry about him, and he left. Brooke and Katie worried about him anyway, and Bill explained that Stephen was experiencing what all men did when they felt as if they'd let their families down.

In the CEO's office, Pam fretted that she was too dressed up for her date with Jarrett. Stephanie said Pam was just nervous, but Pam cited that she hadn't been on a date in ages. She was sure he'd only agreed to the date out of politeness to Stephanie. Jarrett, who'd just separated from his wife, entered with flowers, and Stephanie giggled as Pam and he left for their date.

At Insomnia, Jarrett and Pam splurged on "full-fat" cappuccinos. He noticed her pearl necklace, and she said that they were her trademark. Pam's mother had given them to her for her college graduation. Jarrett commented that it was hard to lose someone, and Pam mentioned that his wife had left him. After an awkward pause, they changed the subject.

While discussing dessert, Jarrett stated that the portions at that restaurant were "tiny," and Pam grew emotional over her late dog, Tiny. Jarrett admitted that he wasn't much of a pet person. He explained that he traveled too much to have one. Pam remarked that she wasn't well-traveled. As they talked, Jarrett received a call about an exclusive on a story. He didn't want to be rude to Pam, but she hinted, "We're kinda finished here, don't you think?"

Before leaving, he kissed her hand and said that she was one in a million. Once alone, Pam looked sad and remarked, "Just not the one for you." Upon calling Stephanie, Pam explained that she and Jarrett had nothing in common. Stephanie decided to meet Pam at Insomnia.

At the bar, Stephen saw Pam across the room. In his mind, he recalled how Pam had trapped Donna in the exterminator's truck. He strode to Pam's table and told her to let Stephanie know that he wouldn't allow Stephanie to hurt his daughters again. "She's cruel and dangerous, and you are her pawn," Stephen asserted.

Pam offered her condolences about Beth's death, but politely stated that Stephanie hadn't caused it. Stephen assumed that Stephanie was proud of Pam perpetuating the legacy of hate, and he presumed that they'd teach it to Steffy. He exclaimed that "Hate the Logans! Hate the Logans! Hate the Logans!" was the Forrester family mantra.

Stephanie arrived and refused to let Stephen intimidate Pam. He stated that he hadn't even begun to go after Stephanie, but Stephanie warned him to back off for his own good. She declared that he wouldn't go after her, because he didn't have the guts to put the blame for Beth's accident where it truly belonged. Pam meekly advised Stephanie not to place blame, but Stephanie insisted that the accusations against her cease.

Stephen vowed to fulfill Beth's final wish by protecting his family from Stephanie and Pam. Stephanie suggested that he get some rest. As the sisters left, Stephen warned them to stay away from his family. He retrieved Beth's ring from his pocket and stared at it.

At Oliver's place, Hope and Oliver kissed and gazed longingly at each other. To commemorate the moment that they'd fallen in love, Oliver set up a camera to take photos of them as a couple. Afterward, they reviewed the photos on his laptop. "Worth a thousand words," Oliver softly said when they found one that they liked. He pulled Hope in for a long kiss.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

by Pam

At Bill and Katie's, Bill, Justin, and Katie encouraged Donna to fight for her share of Forrester Creations in a divorce settlement. Justin had drawn up papers for Donna to sign, and she asked Bill if he had a personal interest in acquiring her shares of Forrester. She asked if Bill would pressure her to purchase the shares.

Katie stepped in and said that Bill wanted to get back at the Forresters. She added that it was important to the Logan family. Bill agreed. He admitted that he wanted to regain ownership of the company. He added that Donna had the power to regain honor and respect for the Logan name.

Bill told Donna that Stephen was going crazy worrying about how he would defend his daughters. Katie and Bill worried that if Donna didn't do something to regain control of the company, Stephen might take things into his own hands.

Bill said that Donna's mother should be sitting on their front porch and enjoying the sunshine. Bill reminded Donna that it was Stephanie's fault that Beth was no longer alive, and that Donna had to make the Forresters pay. Donna signed the agreement and said that everyone would know what she expected from Eric for herself and her family.

At Insomnia, Stephen flashed back to all the horrible things that Pam had done to Donna. Pam walked in and looked for Stephen. She begged him not to make a scene, and she tried to convince him that he had been wrong about her and her sister.

Pam expressed her sympathy for Beth's death, but she tried to persuade Stephen that Stephanie never meant to hurt Beth. She caressed Stephen's hands. Stephen told Pam that she and Stephanie had done terrible things to his daughters. Pam defended their actions and said that Donna and Brooke had stolen Stephanie's husband. Pam said that his daughters were far from innocent in taking Eric from Stephanie.

Stephen disagreed. He said that Eric had always been weak. Stephen demanded that Pam and Stephanie had to stop hurting his family. Pam looked sorrowful, and Stephen assumed that Pam would have done anything for Stephanie. Pam agreed. She told Stephen that Stephanie had always taken care of her when she was young. But Stephen reminded Pam that she was the one who got stuck taking care of their mother in Chicago.

While Pam was stuck in Chicago, Stephen said, Stephanie was living the good life in Los Angeles. Stephen asked if Pam had ever had any boyfriends or gone traveling. Pam looked thoughtful and said that her mother had not wanted to travel with her. Stephen pointed out that Pam was an attractive woman who appeared to have no friends.

Stephen wondered if Pam had ever been with man. Pam snickered and asked if he meant sex. Stephen said that it was not a dirty word, contrary to what Stephanie might have told her. Pam said that her mother had told her that classical music was better than sex.

Stephen said that Pam had been robbed of a life. Stephen told her that thanks to Stephanie, Pam had spent her entire life trapped in an apartment in Chicago with her mother. Pam said that her mother had told her that she was too shy and delicate to be out in the world.

Stephen was surprised. Pam admitted that she had some problems and that she was often confused. She said that she was fine as long as she took her pills, but she had trouble whenever she went off her medication. Stephen reminded her that she had never really lived while her sister had experienced fame and glory. He wondered how Pam could have allowed Stephanie to take everything from her.

Pam looked thoughtful. She said that she had to leave, but she looked very interested in Stephen. She shook his hand and left. Stephen looked hopeful. He told himself that Pam could be his key for revenge. He wondered if he could get rid of both Pam and Stephanie.

At Jackie M, Owen told Jackie that he needed to talk to her. Owen came clean that he and Bridget had sex the night that Aggie lost the baby. He said that he had wanted to tell Jackie about it for months, but he couldn't do it. She asked why he chose to suddenly tell her, but she answered her own question. She surmised that Owen had discovered that the baby that Bridget was carrying belonged to him and not to Nick.

Jackie admitted that she had encouraged Bridget to keep the paternity a secret because she wasn't sure the baby would ever be born because of Bridget's history of miscarriages. Owen and Jackie told one another that they had kept their respective secrets to preserve their marriage.

Owen confessed that his night with Bridget was a night of meaningless sex. At the same time, he refused to call it a total mistake because a child had been created. He knew that they could all preserve their marriages and love the baby that resulted from his tryst with Bridget.

Owen believed that it was fate that Bridget was pregnant. He admitted that he was not glad that it had happened, but he couldn't change it. Jackie refused to allow Owen or anyone to tell Nick that Owen was the father. She said that Nick was happy, and she didn't want to change that.

Jackie whined that the truth could rip apart two marriages. Owen disagreed. He told Jackie that she was everything that he had ever wanted. He admitted that he had slipped up once and that it would never happen again. He apologized and begged Jackie to forgive him. She hugged him and Owen called her the most amazing woman ever. They kissed.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

by Pam

At Bill and Katie's, Justin tried to convince Donna that once Eric received the divorce papers, Eric would get in contact with her. Donna disagreed. Justin wondered what Donna would do if Eric did offer to reunite with her. Donna said that, at one time, she and Eric shared everything, but Eric didn't seem to understand that Donna could not live with his support of Stephanie. Donna was convinced that Stephanie was responsible for Beth's death.

At Forrester Creations, a messenger delivered the divorce papers, and Steffy took them into her grandfather. Eric noted that the envelope was from Bill Spencer's office, and he surmised that it included the divorce papers. As he read them aloud, he realized that Donna was not going to back down on wanting half of Eric's shares in Forrester.

Steffy freaked out at the thought that Donna or Bill would get back into Forrester. Steffy begged her grandfather not to relinquish shares of the company to the Logans, but Eric warned her that he would not support her vendetta against the Logans. He told her that the Logans were a part of his family.

Steffy urged Eric to give Donna property, real estate, or cash, but to preserve the shares and keep them in the family. Eric said that he would negotiate with Donna, and he planned to be fair in his settlement. Eric called Donna, to Donna's surprise, and he suggested that they meet to go over the settlement.

Donna refused to meet with Eric. She told Eric that she was entitled to half of his shares, and she wanted them for her family. She told Eric that her sisters had worked very hard at Forrester and had nothing to show for it. She wanted a portion of the company for them. Eric said that they had always been able to talk about anything, but Donna interrupted and said that she would not allow her family to be dismissed.

Donna hung up the phone, and Justin told her that he would never let her go if she had been married to him. Donna smiled and thanked Justin for his support. Justin said that he would be happy to be more supportive if she would let him. Donna said that it was too soon. Justin agreed, but said that he would never let another moment pass by without telling Donna what he thought. He had missed a lifetime with her because they hadn't talked as teens. He promised that it would never happen again.

At Forrester, Steffy worried that Donna and the Logans would regain a portion of Forrester shares, but Eric said that he had other ideas. He said that he was planning a formal dinner at the Forrester house. He told Steffy to invite the family -- just family -- to the event, and he wanted everyone in formal wear.

At Brooke's house, Brooke and her dad were having lunch by the pool. Stephen asked Brooke about Pam, and Brooke filled her dad in on what a nutcase Pam had been. Brooke said that she didn't really think Pam was out to get Donna from the beginning. Instead, she believed that Pam was the messenger for Stephanie. She thought of Pam as Stephanie's bulldog. Brooke added that Pam had a lot of mental problems and seemed better when she was on her medication, but Brooke said that Pam was unstable no matter what. Brooke warned her father to stay away from Pam.

At Pam's house, Stephanie arrived at home, and Pam had the chain guard on the door. Stephanie wondered if Pam was afraid of something. Pam told her sister that a woman living alone could never be too careful. Stephanie wondered if Pam's fears were related to her conversations with Stephen Logan.

Pam denied it, and said that she was concerned that Stephanie was trying to fix her up with strange men. Stephanie said that Jarrett was hardly a stranger. Pam lamented that that she had never had much of a life, but she didn't want Stephanie to be setting up dates for her.

Pam was busy cooking lemon bars, and Stephanie could see that Pam was distraught. Stephanie asked Pam to go to lunch, but Pam said that she was busy baking because it relaxed her. Stephanie then suggested that they get dressed up and later, after work, go out for dinner to a new restaurant . Pam didn't seem excited, but she agreed to go.

Stephanie wondered why Pam was so glum, but Pam didn't offer any reasons. Pam said that she had spent most of her life in solitude and didn't want Stephanie or anyone else to change her. Stephanie mockingly told Pam that Pam would have to forgive Stephanie for running off and having a life and family.

Stephanie said that she understood Pam must feel lonely and miss their mother. Pam disagreed. She told Stephanie that she often felt guilty because she had wished that their mother had died many times while Pam was taking care of her in Chicago. Pam warned Stephanie not to lecture her. Stephanie told Pam that their mother loved them in her own way.

Back at Forrester, Stephanie entered Eric's office, and Steffy left. Eric told Stephanie about the formal dinner party he had planned for the evening for the family. Stephanie told him that she had already made plans with Pam for dinner, but Eric suggested that she invite Pam as well. Eric handed Stephanie a garment bag, and suggested that she wear the contents. Stephanie laughed and said that it had been many years since Eric had told Stephanie what to wear. Eric smiled and kissed her.

Outside Eric's office, Pam, Steffy and Thorne gathered. Steffy said that she was convinced that Eric and Stephanie were going to get back together at the dinner party. Thorne was beside himself with glee that his parents were getting back together. They all rejoiced in the fact that the Forrester family would be reunited.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

At home, Brooke discovered her father still lingering on the deck. He'd been recalling Brooke's opinion about Pam's instability, but when Brooke asked what was on his mind, he answered that he was just thinking of her mother. He knew that he had to accept Beth's death, and he felt that it was up to him to protect his daughters from Stephanie and "her lunatic sister."

Brooke received a call informing her that Ridge was at a big family gathering. Stephen wondered why Brooke wasn't there, and she said that she hadn't been invited. "You haven't been invited to your husband's family gathering?" Stephen asked.

Brooke remarked that she hadn't set foot in that house since Beth's death; however, Brooke did wonder what the gathering was about. Stephen raged about Stephanie being invited there over Brooke. Brooke wasn't worried about Stephanie as much as about Pam, who Brooke thought was capable of murder. "Yes, she is," Stephen thoughtfully replied.

Later, Brooke and Hope soaked in the hot tub together, and Brooke said that Stephen had gone for a walk. On the phone, Hope made plans with Oliver and then showed Brooke the necklace that he'd given Hope. As they chatted, Hope wondered why Stephen had yet to return.

When Stephanie arrived home, Pam said she'd heard about the change in plans from Steffy. Pam advised Stephanie to pack an overnight bag, but Stephanie asserted that she wouldn't spend the night with Eric. Stephanie asked if Pam was disappointed about their canceled plans, but Pam chuckled that it wasn't the first time that her sister had canceled on her. Stephanie asked Pam to throw something on and accompany her sister to the party.

Pam was awed at the thought of it, but decided that if Eric wanted her there, he would have invited her. Pam called Stephanie the queen of the ball and said that Stephanie would reclaim her throne. As the sisters hugged, Pam seemed troubled.

Pam remarked that she'd taken care of their mother while Stephanie had lived in Camelot. Stephanie looked concerned by the comment, but Pam dismissed it. Pam felt that she was too old for regrets-or dating. Pam jovially sent Stephanie off to prepare for the night, but her smile faded when Stephanie left the room.

Later, Pam heard a knock at the door, and she was surprised to find Stephen on the threshold when she answered it. Glancing around, Stephen noticed the shrine to Tiny near the door. Pam said that Tiny had been murdered, but she didn't want to go into it. Stephen stated that he perfectly understood. Pam showed him a picture of her deceased mother, and he noted that they'd shared a lot of tragedy.

Stephen asked if Pam lived alone, and she explained that Stephanie had been staying there. Pam had started packing Stephanie's things, because Pam had a feeling that Stephanie would soon leave. He asked if a friend would move in, but Pam said she had no friends. Stephen figured that Stephanie had made all the friends, while Pam had cared for their mother.

Pam hoped that Stephen wasn't there to talk "stink" about her sister. He said that he wanted to spend time with her, unless she wanted to be alone. Stephen assisted Pam with the packing, and when he commented upon living in Paris, she imagined that it had been beautiful. He urged her to go there one day. Pam looked doubtful, but he insisted that she was still youthful enough to travel. She went to get him a lemon bar, and he slipped a photograph of Stephanie and Pam into his pocket.

At home, Eric deemed the fancy preparations for his family party perfect. A curious Ridge arrived in his tuxedo, and Eric remarked that it'd be just another quiet family evening. Thorne, Thomas, and Steffy arrived. They drank champagne and listened to a string quartette that Eric had hired. Thorne pressed his father to reveal the reason behind the celebration, but Eric would only say that it might be their biggest family celebration of all.

While talking about family with Ridge, Steffy hoped that she wouldn't lose touch with her roots. Ridge called her the "Next Generation Stephanie Forrester." Later, Thorne and Ridge watched Eric primp in the mirror. They joked that he looked like a kid on prom night. The brothers hoped that the evening would be about their parents reuniting.

Eric received a page indicating that the limo he'd sent for Stephanie had arrived. Her glowing family smiled as she entered. The family socialized, and Steffy carried in a bouquet of roses that Felicia and Kristen had sent for their mother. Eric toasted to the evening and to the woman who'd made it possible. He stated that the family would always be together.

In conversation, Steffy told her father, uncle, and brother that Eric had gotten his divorce papers earlier. Ridge remarked that it might really be over. "Or just beginning," Steffy corrected.

Across the room, Stephanie spotted the piano and recalled the moments that she and Eric had shared around it. Eric gathered everyone together to laud his family's achievements. He also wanted to acknowledge all that Stephanie had given to them. Eric called Stephanie his true soul mate, and he said that he wanted to ask her for something that he felt that he didn't even deserve.

Stephanie looked surprised as he approached her. "I want you to come back to this house. I want you to come back to our life together. Come back to me, Stephanie," Eric uttered with urgency. Stephanie became emotional as she stared at him.

Friday, May 28, 2010

At the mansion, Eric explained that he'd wanted the family to witness him admitting his mistakes and attempting to rectify them. After some deep introspection, he'd concluded that he wanted only one person for the rest of his life, and that was Stephanie. He asked her to return to him, and she joked that he didn't have to go through such much fanfare to make his point.

Stephanie stated that, in truth, the fanfare had made her feel like a queen. She'd always known that she and Eric were destined to be together, and nothing would make her happier than to return to their house and their family. "And to you," she added, and they kissed.

Steffy got on the phone to spread the news to her aunts, and Ridge made a toast to the family and his parents. After Eric and Stephanie danced, the men left for the kitchen. Stephanie praised Steffy for fighting to get the company back. Steffy said that the night was a culmination of everything that she'd strived for. Stephanie thought that they still had many battles ahead, but they'd prevail. The two hugged each other.

Later, the family discussed memories, and Eric said that he'd been given a second chance at happiness. Stephanie declared that they'd always remember that night, because it was the night that the family had found itself again. She proclaimed that they were Forresters, and no one would ever take them down again.

While on her deck, Brooke left a message for her father. Hope revealed that she and Oliver had expressed their love for each other, and Brooke was thrilled for her daughter. Oliver arrived, and to herself, Brooke wondered where her father could be.

Oliver and Hope showed Brooke the photos that they'd taken on their sex-free outing and at Oliver's house. Hope blatant hinted that Brooke should go inside, and after Brooke left, the couple took a dip in the pool. Oliver called Hope beautiful, and she asked if she were worth waiting for. He said he felt like a kid on Christmas Eve, and they kissed.

At Pam's house, Stephen grimaced as he forced himself to eat a lemon bar. In a napkin, he hid pieces that he'd spit out. When Pam entered with more pictures, she was astonished that he'd eaten all the treats. She offered him more, but he said he needed to watch his waistline.

Stephen's phone rang, but he ignored it to concentrate on Pam. He asked why Stephanie hadn't taken Pam to the party. Pam said that Stephanie had offered to, but Pam hadn't felt comfortable going, because Eric hadn't invited her. Stephen asked what the party was about, and Pam said that Eric obviously wanted Stephanie back.

The conversation turned to how Pam had cared for Ann. Stephen understood such sacrifice, because he'd done it for Beth without complaint. He cited that he and Pam had a lot in common, including being destined to be alone.

Pam excused herself to the bathroom, and Stephen called Brooke to say that Stephanie might be moving back into Eric's house. Stephen fumed about Eric latching onto Stephanie so soon after Donna had left. As Brooke tried to calm Stephen down, she heard a woman in the background. Brooke asked who it was, and Stephen abruptly clicked off the line.

Pam showed Stephen a crocheted bikini and remarked that making them kept her busy. He stated that it was good to have hobbies when one spent so much time alone. He claimed to need a hobby and suggested that she teach him to cook. Pam was surprised that he'd like that. "If it meant spending time with you..." he considered.

Stephen told a blushing Pam that it was easy to be around her. He called her beautiful, and she demurely replied that no one had said that to her before. In his mind, Stephen uttered, "Forgive me, Beth," and then he kissed Pam on the lips.

As Pam reeled from the kiss, Stephen thought to himself that Pam was desperate and easily manipulated. He figured that if he could just get her under his power, it would be the perfect crime. He imagined Pam wielding a gun and shooting Stephanie.

Pam offered Stephen another lemon bar. He said that they were good, but "not nearly as good as..." Stephen kissed her again, and she called him a little devil. "That I am," he responded.

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